October 5, 2011: The BIGGEST Devil is entering me and inside of this darkness is the revived soul of my previous self


Summary of the script today

2nd October: Niclas speaks with the same spiritual voice as I, which decided to be “all quiet” because he was quiet!

  • Dreaming of “suffering” of rich people who will hand over their wealth to poor people of the world, I only have 30-40% of the “normal energy” of others, the spirit of my father found a way to take a picture of the whole world and to enter me his creation and dreams showing the remaining darkness attached to the spirits of my mother and father as sexual sufferings and Paul and Jais as examples of people bringing darkness to me.
  • A little bit late I tell the story about the no. two man of the Social Democratic Party of Denmark, Henrik Sass Larsen, who could not receive a “security clearance” from the Danish Intelligence Service to become minister (!), and this is about darkness sent from my old colleague/”friend” Jacob because of his constant ridicule of the opposition, which brought down Henrik Sass (!) and that is because Jacob is no “mr. nobody” making his darkness “strong”.
  • At the meditation circle in Helsingør I met a Danish lady living next to the Opera House in Sydney, Australia, having had a hotel in the BLUE MOUNTAINS outside Australia and a father on the HAMLET old age home in Helsingør – all symbols of me, my survival and the new man of “normal life” of our New World. I received not the same very warm welcome by Niclas and Jimmy this time, and Chalotte had decided not to be here at all, and I received symbols telling me of their sceptical attitude towards me after seeing my postings of scripts on Facebook meaning that they are also now sending darkness to me at the same time as they have started their changing process when they gradually will understand who I am. Niclas speaks with the same spiritual voice as I (!), which I give examples of in the script when his voice decided to become “all quiet” because he did not speak to me (!) and also with a reference to the funniest man ever in Denmark, Dirch Passer, because of his voice – the spirits of my mother and father – being in a very good mood because of what we have accomplished by now.
  • I visited my mother after the meditation and when we watched Søs Fenger singing on the TV-show ”Toppen af poppen”, I was given the amazingly beautiful song “Du er” (“you are”) and tears running down to tell me that this is how my mother will become when she will understand the suffering I took on me to save her life and as much suffering as possible. We had chicken symbolising CREATION, and I spoke of AUTHENTIC chicken being “very different” to “industry made”, which was to say that “original people” of the future will be “very different” to people of today.

3rd October: Immensely strong darkness is killing me but that don’t impress me much!

  • Dreaming of immensely strong darkness killing me but that don’t impress me much (!), the U.S. press opposing Obama trying to save the economy of the old world is also darkness brought to me potentially exploding as “atomic bombs” if I cannot absorb it, my mother will help bringing faith to the few LTO family members not believing in me and to remove your sufferings, I have written a proposal of many wines of our New World, I need self confidence in relation to my sufferings memo when it comes to the reactions of my closest family, which will bring me pain but lead to my new “comfortable” self, and the non-belief of Søren H. and also Anders M. in me almost killed them when my train passed them on my journey.
  • The “kill, kill, kill” command of the darkness the other day was aimed at the souls now being transferred to my previous new self together with the spirit of my father – but I will NEVER accept the termination of any people.
  • Has the Intelligence Service decided not to kill me but continue to take “photographic pictures” of me (?), and Putin thinks that I am not “completely crazy” :-).

4th October: “One-night stands” will end and sexual relations will develop on basis of TRUE feelings

  • Dreaming of friends following me on Facebook without reacting, happy feelings of the spiritual world and looking forward to receiving “normal sleep”, “one-night stands” will be removed in our future world where sexual relations between people will develop on basis of feelings after a “reasonable” time to be sure that the feelings are true, the setup of our New World is the “best restaurant” bringing “normal life” with celebration to everyone, people of the world are waiting on the train platform to start their journey to show a clean heart to reach the other side of our New World.
  • I continued work on the second last chapter of my sufferings memo, which is both “impossible” – because I feel very poorly – and easy to do!
  • The darkness started being stronger than I, so I had to once again decide that my will underneath the words is stronger than the darkness and that I will NEVER do evil and “kill”, which is still what this darkness wants and let me say “uncomfortable beyond description” to go through still fearing of the consequences if I should not be strong enough doing my final work these days.

5th October: The BIGGEST Devil is entering me and inside of this darkness is the revived soul of my previous self

  • Dreaming of the BIGGEST Devil entering me and inside of this darkness is the revived soul of my previous self, my new home includes a high performance engine, i.e. my new self, the darkness threatens to cut down trees of our creation, our New World automatically sends out love to people, I have received more energy – even though I feel I have NO energy – from the Universe sacrificing for me and my sister is the Source of darkness removing my energy.
  • I did MUCH work again today on my sufferings memo now almost finishing the second last chapter, and I was told during the day that the reason why I received GIANT darkness yesterday and the dreams making me scared this night, was to move the spirit of my father over to the right side together with the spirit of my mother. Everything should be alright making me “very relieved”.


2nd October: Niclas speaks with the same spiritual voice as I, which decided to be “all quiet” because he was quiet

Dreaming that I only have approx. 30-40% of the “normal energy” of other people

The darkness was extremely strong yesterday evening as usual trying to take me over and these days including the old “kill, kill, kill” command and giving me extreme feelings to become afraid – this is its nature – but I decided that “now I have had enough of it”, this is only a play and even though the darkness is strong now, I am NOT afraid of it – you have to imagine that it keeps coming as a constant physical pressure controlling your feelings and thoughts and that is at least doing it with much more strength than my own strength, but NO – and when I decide to be even stronger, the darkness fell down and we know this is also the name of the game – and I had an “almost alright” sleep with these dreams:

  • I am working together with Kim S. A very rich man has unloaded MANY of his bicycles, which he wants us to inspect, and he has given another business the same number of bicycles. I am sick and tell Kim that I am not able to work, I only have 30-40% or normal energy, but somehow I get started and work anyway, and I tell Kim that we need professional assistance to be able to give the bicycles an inspection. The rich man is a bad guy and impudent, I see him at a giant hotel in Arabia as one of three business people. I have succeeded taking a picture from ground floor all the way up to the top 82 floors up waiting for a rare moment with no disturbances in the air, and I am told that this picture is now used as decoration on the wall of the chairman.
    • Bicycle is an old symbol of “suffering” and here a rich impudent man deliver many bicycles, which should be a sign of “much suffering” and maybe to other people (?) – I don’t know more today, and maybe this will become his “suffering” because he will have to hand over his money to poor people of the world – but the symbol of my difficulties working with low energy is clear enough, the dreams with “double events” may be to say that we have a New World and a New World II (?), and the large house in Arabia may symbolise the world (?) and here taking a picture of the whole house which is hanging with the chairman, may be to say that the spirit of my father has found a way “inside” of me to make sure that everyone will be part of our New World without losing anyone (?) and as you know another dream not entirely clear to understand.
  • A man is smoking cigar on top of a loft in an old house in London, he looks down the street next to the river where many prostitutes stand, and he find all of them unattractive and will have none of them.
    • This is the remaining darkness attached to the spirit of my father but still inside London as “his” home.
  • I am playing table tennis and am not among the 20 best. Camilla and I want to make love and go to the bathroom, but a craftsman is there repairing it, and I decide to give up our plans. Outside I see Paul, who is making a play and Jais instructs him to remember one line. We go to a table with approx. 10 others to have breakfast, and I think that I don’t have a credit card and cannot pay what is normal for the others to do at their holiday, which is the feeling here.
    • More table tennis against the darkness, which also brings threats of my old nightmare – this dream is really to say what is part of my everyday with speech, visions and feelings sometimes stronger than at other times and at the moment “not the worst” – and here darkness is brought by Paul and Jais as examples and I have “no money”, which is true both in reality and also as the symbol “not much energy”.

The no. two of the Danish Social Democratic Party could not become a minister because “darkness” broke him down

As part of establishing a new government foundation, Helle Thorning Schmidt has had negotiations with primarily two other political parties, which will become part of the new Danish government, and Thursday last week, the news broke that the no. 2 man of the Social Democratic Party, Henrik Sass Larsen, who was mentioned as the new Finance Minister, could NOT receive a security clearance to become a minister (!) from the Intelligence Service PET – now you again, Jacob Scharf (?) – because he has had relations to motorcycle gang members, and you may remember that I had a dream about my old colleague Jacob shortly before this eating an ICECREAM – i.e. suffering – because of me and here you have the answer below, when Jacob Thursday last week – when the story of Henrik Sass leaked – decided to bring his posting on Facebook where he said “considering a Vanilla Ice cream for desert …” and the ice cream is you know to confirm his suffering because of me – “inspiration” you know – and “Vanilla” here is a reference to the “Vanilla café” in the city of Køge, where Henrik Sass met with gang members, and what this is truly about is that my old colleague/friend Jacob CONTINUOUSLY has ridiculed the opposition with “everything and nothing” almost making me throw up because of the “bad taste” of this, and he might think that he is funny the same as all “politicians” and MOST PEOPLE doing the same (!), but it is VERY WRONG to do and infect as a disease to everyone so at the end this becomes the “accepted” way of behaviour, but WRONG and TASTELESS is what it is, and here I was told that this darkness of Jacob is simply what threw down Henrik Sass from becoming one of the most important ministers of the new Government – because Jacob is no “mr. nobody” but placed highly in the Hierarchy – and Henrik, you might be disappointed because of this (also DEVELOPING you!), but I can tell you that “you have not been placed where you are because of an incident” and isn’t it incredible that “someone like you” – not the biggest oratorical talent on Earth – made it all the way to the top of the Danish community (?) and that is “only almost” Henrik (!) and yes by the way, I worked together with your sister Charlotte in Aon from 1995-97, which I am sure that she will remember (!) and you can ask her if you want to know more about me, and let me tell you, Helle Thorning and not least PET: PLEASE ALWAYS TELL THE TRUTH 100% ACCURATELY and that is for you PET to tell what was the precise reason why you believed Henrik was not able to become a minister (?), what was so “terrible” that he could not become a minister?

David does almost have nothing but still he shares what he has – and he is a TRUE friend of mine 🙂

Today I was HAPPY again for David being KIND to send me the following email where I especially notice that David does almost not have anything, and still he shares what he has, which is sadly not how people of this part of the world are – and THANK YOU SO MUCH David for letting me know how you are – still difficult – and also about the situation in your country. You are a TRUE friend of mine :-). All my best for all of your dear ones, David and maybe you will let the others know that if they would like to share a message with me and the world before I will stop writing two weeks from now, it is TIME to do it now – before I will wake up as my previous self as my new self.

Dear Stig,

I am fine this morning. I am sorry I was not able to write yesterday as I had anticipated. How are you today? i hope that you are fine.

All is well with me despite the falling value of the shilling and consequent increase in prices. my family is fine and I am constantly updated about their lives. I share whatever I could with them and keep tight to avoid starving myself.

I am in close touch with all the team members. Who are all well.

On the country level, there has been numerous disasters in Kenya such as fire disasters. One claimed close to 100 lives. The Somali border has also been volatile with kidnappings and intermittent fighting.

We look forward to rains later this month and this may bring respite to pastoralists in Northern and Rift Valley provinces.

I have some strength this month to keep on, affording the little I can and praying for a better life.

I look forward to writing more and more and to skype to you whenever I can access the service.

Thank you and have a good day.


Niclas speaks with the same spiritual voice as I, which decided to be “all quiet” because he was quiet!

The other day I decided to go to the meditation in Helsingør again today and on my way in the train I was shown the spirit of my father lowering down on a steel pipe bringing his bear and also all souls of the world, which now are becoming part of me/us.

I had been wondering if I should attend again today both because of lack of time before I will move and also because of possible negative reactions from the people here who have seen my postings of new scripts on Facebook and maybe even my website, but instead of being afraid of their reactions, I decided to go and not speak about my true self as usual if they should ask and being sceptical at the same time, and I thought that if anyone is “afraid”, it will be them in relation to me because of their own “compulsive” thoughts – but none decided to speak about me and my scripts/website.

When arriving Klaus as an example was very nice giving me the same warm reception as the first time 14 days ago but is it true Niclas and Jimmy when I sensed “reservations” in your welcome of me today (?) compared to your VERY warm reception of me the first time, where you did now know who I am – and at least this is how their “lack of commitment” felt when we hugged today compared to the first time.

Klaus had brought his two sisters, and one of them, Jytte, decided to come over to speak to me before the meditation, which I was happy to, and soon I discovered that she has been “planted” here too as a symbol to say that we are on right track (!) and the reason being that she lives and has lived in Sydney, Australia for 45 years close to the Opera House of course, she has had a HOTEL in the BLUE MONTAINS outside Sydney for many years – with HOTEL being my “last” waiting hall before I will wake up as “BLUE EYES” of my previous self 🙂 – where her husband was a chef, and she was a receptionist/sandwich maker – the “face to the world” with her husband preparing the content, which was a picture of the roles between the spirits of my mother and father being the Holy Spirit and the creator of the world – and I received the words aimed for the government of Australia that “when you don’t want to come to me, this is my messenger for you” and she spoke of her 99 years old father at the residential home of HAMLET in Helsingør – symbolising me as you will know by now (?) – and also that he was as close to dying last year that he said there was “no more nails left”, but due to a miracle (!), he regained health, which you know is because I was “this close” to dying last year in order to become “nothing”, which was needed to go through the worst hell reconnect with the Source and by now we feel much better and that is just underneath this last darkness of course, and yes Jytte I do look forward to visiting you in Australia and thank you very much for asking 🙂 – and I received the understanding that Jørn Utzon created the most fantastic new building of this Opera House symbolising the New World and the content of the New World first comes with me, which is the reason why Jørn Utzon was not allowed to finish his “visions” of this “world” also at its inside; it was too early at the time.

And we know part of this “game” today was to speak normally with people as I did with Jytte in the beginning for maybe 10-15 minutes for Niclas and Jimmy – Chalotte CLARISSA had decided NOT to be here today – to see that I am in fact a completely normal person, which is what they saw the first time, but you know that now their views on me has changed – with me however still being the same (!) – and then my experience is that people suddenly changes from one day to the next about me from being “absolutely normal” to “completely crazy” and isn’t it funny that this has happened “I don’t know” how MANY times with the Commune as the best and most visible example. And I noticed how Jimmy was following my conversation with Jytte for example when I told her that Australians to me symbolise the combination of the best of people of the poor world – humanity – and people of the rich world – material wealth – and I wonder what Jimmy, Niclas and also Chalotte Clarissa and maybe some of the others are thinking of me also after the meeting today?

As the first time, I did not take notes during the meditation, but one of the first things I was shown was the opening of the Source of the spirit of my father but he showed it to me blocked by darkness at the entrance and only as a symbol of what is waiting when this last darkness has been converted to light, and Jimmy also did a little guided meditation today where he was inspired to say many times that “your heart is growing” and I could not help smiling when I was given spiritual help through his speech when he asked us to imagine zooming out further and further away from Earth, and then he asked us to imagine being 100,000 kilometres away looking down on Earth as a small “table tennis ball” (!), which gave me the clear answer that he is bringing me darkness too – I had also been shown him as the “red Nykredit commercial” saying that he brought me darkness through this meditation – and you do remember that table tennis is the game between light and darkness and darkness through Jimmy is easily because of his sceptical attitude towards me; this is what these symbols showed me.

After the meditation, where I was also shown an angel flying away from a clock tower symbolising the end of time and the start of our New World with no time but an eternal now and not least FOUR dimensions, I stayed for approx. 1 hour speaking with the others, and I was happy to see that Niclas gave a few examples of the spiritual English voice (!) speaking directly through him, where he was first given laughter and smiles from his voice – because this is how we feel at this stage – and then his voice spoke of “nothing and everything”, angels and nothing less than 14 (!) dimensions and then it told him “not now” (not to speak more now) and that he had to be “quiet” and it repeated “all quiet”, which I understood was a message to me, where “all quiet” to me clearly (!) meant the famous Swedish expression Får jag be om största möjliga tystnad (“may I ask for the greatest possible silence”) from Circus Scott and I understood the message that this is what the voice asks him to be because CIRCUS to me is an old symbol of darkness and darkness is what he started giving when he also questioned me – this is how he was “revealed” – and furthermore “all quiet” was easily a reference to one of the most funny men ever in history (!), the late Danish comedian Dirch Passer, in his FANTASTIC sketch “Op å då” (“baby language” for “stand up”) where he speaks of his parents starting to snort as gee-gee horses, which makes him as the baby start jumping and here it then comes after 07:40 in the video below “så bliver der HELT STILLE” (“then it becomes ALL QUIET”), and also “then I become ALL QUIET too” and what this was about is really to say when people CANNOT COMMUNICATE as Niclas could not make himself do in relation to me, his voice decided to be ALL QUIET too (!) and when his voice did not want to speak, I decided that I did not want to speak to him about spirituality too, so Niclas this was simply about you and your WRONG attitude/communication skills in relation to me, and the voice speaking through you was the voice, which you love so much and here it is the same voice as speaking through me, which is the combination of the spirits of my mother and father – as the sketch with Dirch Passer also was a reference to – which we could have spoken about if you had decided to be open (!), and furthermore as the third reference it was also connected to the beautiful song “Stille før storm” (“quiet before storm”) by Lis Sørensen, which is to say that Niclas – and others – have started going through a “storm”, which is “a process of change” when the full understanding about who I am will gradually come to them and I was thinking that this will be helped by my release of my sufferings memo, which I of course will post on my Facebook site also for them to see, so here is first Dirch Passer in Danish – listen especially from 7:00 minutes also including the symbol that this is how two “horses” create the “white horse” of the New World, which is me symbolised by Dirch Passer in this role 🙂 – followed by “Stille før storm” by Lis Sørensen.

When I was leaving, I told Niclas that “nothing is indeed everything”, and his reaction was “I know that, I know everything” (!), which is WRONG attitude, Niclas, which you ought to change (!), and “before thinking of 14 dimensions, you may like to start with the fourth, which is about the angels I also received in the meditation” (he had been speaking of these angels, which IS about the soon coming FOURTH dimension as I was told in my meditation), and I told him that “helt stille” (“all quiet”) is about “Stille før storm” by Lis Sørensen – also expression VERY WARM FEELINGS – to say that a “change process” will start, but there was “nothing” I could tell Niclas, because he “knew everything” as he told me clearly (!), and did you really, Niclas (?) and are you starting to believe in who I am after seeing me “completely normal” today (?) – this is also what makes people believe in me because “when he behaves normally, maybe he is indeed the one” (!) and not only here but at the Jerusalem UFO forum and by “other people” too (!) – and maybe also when receiving these words by me (?) and here is what Niclas afterwards decided to share on Facebook telling about the love to the one you are searching for, Niclas (?) and my comment also to tell you that you have now found the “homeless boy”:

And here is this beautiful song, he linked to:

I also like several of the others of the circle – I still have to get to learn you – and not least the new man Per today, who really brought a good spirit (!), warmth and smiles into the circle, and the circle decided as their reply to tell him “you speak to much”, which made him become silent and we know THIS IS HOW PEOPLE ACT WRONGLY because he only brought warmth and he was met with “hostility” when people repeated this message to him several times and we know Per, you were he symbol of me because this is how several of these people think about me and the headache you received was simply because of people opposing you the same way as some of these “very nice” people sent me darkness too, do you see?

AUTENTIC people of our New World will become “very different” to people of the world today 🙂

Afterwards I visited my mother and John again – which was a PLEASURE as usual – and I will only write that we simply LOVE the “toppen af poppen” (“the top of the pop”) TV-show on TV2, which we watched together, and when we watched the very talented Søs Fenger singing today, I could not hold my tears back, which was both inspired by several of these artists on this show not being able to hold back their tears when other artists sing their songs in new versions – I simply love that (!) – and here I was told that my tears were because my mother was sitting next to me “feeling alright” and these are the tears she will get when she will understand the pain I decided to take on to save her life and from as much suffering as possible and “she will be proud” and I told my mother that Søs Fenger is the one singing the amazingly beautiful song “Du er” (“you are”), which was a reference to say, mother, that “you are” – i.e. “the world is” – because I decided to protect you giving simply everything I had, and here is this song by Søs with her previous band News, and this is one of the most beautiful of all Danish songs ever made:

I stayed for dinner, where we had CHICKEN symbolising CREATION and I was inspired for example to speak about French authentic Bresse chickens, which I have tasted only once – do you remember Henriette (?) – and how differently ORIGINAL chickens taste instead of “industry chickens” as they are produced in Denmark, which has nothing to do with AUTHENTIC chickens but this is how people believe they truly taste (!) and this was a symbol about ORIGINAL people of the future being very different than people of the world today!

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I arrived home at 20.00, and had to do two applications, which I had done by 21.30 – Country Manager of a management/recruiting company “challenging them” on their own vision (!) and to become a director of Hørsholm Commune saying that the director’s most important job will be to SET THEM FREE (!) by making them unemployed and we know WHAT DO YOU WANT TO SAY ABOUT THIS ONE ANYWAY (?) and probably NEGATIVE to start with almost as usual you know.
  • Before going to bed I was shown the horn of a unicorn being installed – the Unicorn is an old important symbol of mine standing for purity and grace – and I was given a reference to the grave of the Egyptian Pharao Tutankhamun.
  • I was happy to receive a “positive” reply by my sister today saying that they will be in South Africa when I will move, but noticeable it is that John one week ago received a new keyboard from Hans to me, this time he received moving boxes delivered by Hans to John – not directly to me (!) – and my mother today was “happy” to say that she will hold Christmas Evening at home with me and John’s daughters, but Sanna and Hans will hold Christmas at their cottage in Sweden (!) and also that my sister in her reply today did not comment on my invitation for them to visit me (!) and also not to comment on my wish to let the boys help me move – and a coincidence or the darkness speaking through her (?), and the last it is, which is NOT to tell the truth about how she feels and we know she is “positive” on the surface, but still we don’t see each other (!) and we know “something is wrong” and is this both about your true attitude and what you think about me and that is all the way to the end (?) and just thinking we are, and we know I received another symbol through my mother making me understand that they still speak negatively about my writings behind my back because when I told my mother the other day – right after she had spoken to my sister – that I was sad about the apartment company making an error when writing the first lease contract, “which is only what I write about in my scripts”, she lost her temper becoming negative on me (!) which simply was because this is what they still are with my writings and we know AMAZING is what it is! – Addition: I was also told that a reason for you to decide writing “positively” to me is because of your thought that “he just may be the one” after my continuous bombardments of you via my postings on Facebook and Scribd.
  • And finally I was thinking that I am NOT happy about publishing my suffering memo because of the suffering I know it will bring my family, but suffering is the only way to make them come through too.


3rd October: Immensely strong darkness is killing me but that don’t impress me much!

Dreaming of immensely strong darkness killing me but that don’t impress me much!

On the surface I had a “pretty good night” but I was TIRED when I woke – making work even more uncomfortable – which I can only relate to feelings of my “dear friends” of the meditation circle yesterday and these are some of the dreams of the night:

  • I am at a museum where I encourage people to get out, because “human robots” are killing people, and I see that I have designed the museum myself with an exit not leading anywhere, but I decide that it has to lead to FREEDOM, but just before closing time, I see a new large group entering the museum with me standing outside, and from the outside I can see on the physical signals of the buildings that there is an incredible large power inside the museum to kill. Later I am in a room where a female servant again and again attacks me the most brutal way imaginable trying to kill me and she keeps saying “Lady”, which is the name of her “master”, and something about me protecting my master, who is the “Lord” until the last person of the museum and the “most fantastic tough” was the right.
    • I woke up hearing “this was going through record breaking grounds”, and it is a dream telling you of the INCREDIBLE strength of this the last remaining darkness, which merely is because of the decisions of mankind being evil!
    • The new group is my new meditation circle in Helsingør, and I have decided to save all and continue doing my work until the end and I tell you that each day is a great challenge to come through and just to keep working 8 hours per day requires my strongest will power because of you know it tiredness, negative voices, feelings and very little energy and the female servant attacking me is because of the darkness of people still killing me, but since I don’t want that, we are still living.
    • I woke up to the song “That Don’t Impress Me Much” by Shania Twain because despite of the strong dream and the feelings it gave me because of the immensely strong darkness trying to “kill” me, I have simply decided that I am not impressed (!), because even though the darkness is strong, there is not enough of it to kill me and as easily as that!
  • I am in a large city in USA where I see atomic bombs being launched from the streets fed by an aggressive press in relation to the focus on the economy by President Obama. I see the remaining of the bombs land as empty metal cases on fields very close to desperate people having absolutely nothing.
    • The threat of the atomic bombs of the remaining darkness is not over before I have continued doing the final part of my work – and still taking it day by day because of the immense mountain I am climbing – and this dream says that much darkness is coming from the US press opposing Obama and his attempts to save the economy using the “rules of the old world”, and the darkness they bring is also darkness given to the poor world because of how the US economy is effecting the world.
  • I am with a local African family fighting for its survival, I am now only able to give the whole family 100 Kenyan Shillings per day, the children have now skipped lunches but they are still genuinely smiling, I see how the mattresses of the family are all soaked, and finally my mother arrives for her self seeing how amiable they are. The mother of the family is afraid and uncertain what has happened to three of her children, who were collected by white Christians, and I tell her that “they are usually nice”. I see my mother and that the blanks of pictures of people in front of the cabin are being filled out and that they receive new dry beds. My sister Sanna is there too, and she decides to lie down to receive sunshine as if it was a holiday, and she asked for tea but it is uneven.
    • My money for LTO becomes less and less worth making it more and more difficult for my friends to feed their families, which of course is making them suffer, i.e. the soaked mattresses. My mother arriving is to say that she will help people showing a clean heart to enter our New World, which is what the pictures are about – and here to bring faith to some but not many people not believing in me down there (!) – and also to remove your sufferings.
  • At DanskeBank-Pension I have made a written proposal to Kresten with many pages of wine, and I ask him to use 1-2 days to read it through carefully. A branch manager at the desk helps giving me a positive reference in order for the HR department to get to understand my true competences and to send me to the right place. At the large wine storage, my sister is the manager, who will not sell her own wine but the wines made of others, and I see how other people aggressively kick cardboard boxes to receive 30% discount.
    • My proposal may be the “catalogue of our New World” and my sister is about being connected to the same Source (of wine) as I, and I did not like the aggressive kicks.
  • I am at home collecting a tie, which I will wear when I will be together with my mother, Sanna and Hans for eight hours. My right back pocket on my trousers has receive a small hole, which needs to be fixed and the same with the underneath of my right shoe. Hans drives me to Hørsholm in a Citroen C6.
    • The tie is my “self confidence” – to publish my sufferings memo maybe – which will have an impact on my closest family, which will give me more sufferings potentially threatening me, i.e. the trousers and shoe, and I have been given a reference to Citroen for days, and here it is about this review made by Jeremy from Top Gear on Citroen C6 driving around a horse track (!) to show just how comfortable this car is to drive despite of the many bumps, which may be a symbol about what I am heading towards as my new car, i.e. my new self meaning that “no bumps” will be able to “shake” me as my new self.
  • I see Søren H. and Anders M. (my old GEFI Nordic Manager) jump from the tracks at the absolutely last moment before the coming train runs them down, and I see Søren ordering sausages. At the station I meet two dogs of the cleaning lady, which simply love me and something about snow on the station and I don’t know where to sleep.
    • I have known for a long time that Søren H. is a strong non-believer in me, which Anders M. obviously is too, which almost killed them because my train had to go through them. Sausages are also symbols of sex, which Søren is “chasing”.


Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I started working at 09.10 being TIRED and first by 13.45 I had finished the script of the last three chapters of yesterday and the script of today – which was NOT planned to take that long, but I have decided that I will continue working with the same quality as “ever”, and I will be finished when I will be finished, and should I not be able to finish all work the 15th October, I will continue until I am done and first publish my sufferings memo, when I am done with everything, which really is the most important here.
  • I continued working until 16.45 today, which was truly difficult to do finishing the deep edit of the first third of the next chapter on my sufferings memo “other sufferings” and I hope that the script tomorrow will be short so I will be able to finish the last two thirds of this chapter.
  • I was told that the “kill, kill, kill” command was aimed at the souls now being transferred to my previous self together with the spirit of my father, and I both became nervous of the consequences again if I should lose it – I truly don’t have much energy to continue this work and still fight darkness you know – but also “no problem”, I will NEVER accept anyone to become terminated, and right here I was given a déjà vue, because this is “encoded” into me!
  • I was shown two new constant lights of UFO’s on the sky approaching me – not always that I write about these – and one of them gave me a vision of it being a tank with a canon pointing it but it does not aim at me and then I was told “instead they take pictures” and “they” are the Intelligence Service, and I do hope you get me SMILING (?) – but please STOP your continuous surveillance and cover-up activities as I am told here because you do know that the old world including everything you do is “breaking” down? The other UFO light showed itself like a traditional Russian male dancing while bending in his knees and I was told “urgh, urgh,, you are not completely crazy”, which was about Putin’s thoughts of me and “urgh, urgh” is nothing negative here but expressions of Indians symbolising the Council giving me this message.
  • I was given “FANTASTIC VOYAGE” by David Bowie to say that this is what my voyage has been, “fantastic”, so here is this song, which you know is another breathtaking beautiful song by David also sung as nobody else can sing.


4th October: “One-night stands” will end and sexual relations will develop on basis of TRUE feelings

Dreaming that “one-night stands” will end and sexual relations will develop on basis of TRUE feelings

Another night making me feel TIRED today and we know another of those days steep uphill, but I can soon look forward to ending my work – however I may stick to my old plan to continue until the end of October and that is “until I am satisfied” with the work I have done and I will not be able to make this before I will move, which now looks like being the 13th October and yes I am using a BLACK MOVING COMPANY not reporting this turnover to the tax authorities – making the price 480 DKK per hour for one truck and two men compared to normally between 700-900 DKK – and just as a symbol that I don’t like a community paying taxes to a very bureaucratic State (!) and also because I don’t have much money as you may understand (?) – and here are a few dreams too:

  • In the Brøndby Sports Centre I meet Helle Må. – my old colleagues at DFM – and “Torben Flensted” (on one by that name in real life) and they talk about “this is how it was to attend”, I feel ABBA and HAPPY feelings in the dream and something about spending the night and that it will be my turn the next time.
    • This is about two friends on Facebook who will talk later about how it was to attend as one of the “chosen few” to be my friends on Facebook following my postings without reacting (!) and “Flensted” is the name of a company producing French fries, which is to say that I have made many French fries in the oven here – normally cut them from potatoes my self – and that I need to give the apartment and especially the oven cleaning before I move or at least to come back and to it before the 1st November, this is also about STRESS being put on me, but my attitude has to be “I work 8 hours per day making what I can make and then I will be finished with the move and my work, when I am finished” (!) – and I am looking forward to SLEEPING NORMALLY as you may understand?
  • I am sitting in the sofa with a beautiful lady, who I think will be interested in me too, but instead she decides to dance on the dance floor together with Peter A.G. Nielsen – the famous Danish musician – and I notice that not only are the dancing, they are concealed making love, which makes me sad because I feel that the lady deceives me.
    • This is to say what I don’t believe I have written before, but what I have been told is a LOGICAL consequence of my basic rules when it comes to sexual relations between people and really also what Henriette showed me in practise when meeting her, which is that I do believe people should get to learn each other before they will start becoming sexual partners, which I believe took maybe one month with Henriette and I – to be sure that the feelings were right – and this is to remove all of these “one night stands of lust” – what they call “meat market” here (!) – and heartbreak(er)s, which has nothing to do with love and this is what is “encoded” in people of our New World, and I do believe this will make sense to the world too?
    • And this dream is also to say that Peter A. G. Nielsen has a VERY special place in my heart both because of his wonderful music and also because I like him VERY much as a person, and yesterday he was on Aftenshowet on DR1 TV playing an acoustic version of his old hit “Vilde kaniner”, which you can see here, and of course it was FANTASTIC so see him and this song in a new version and INSPIRED is what he is – and yes “my mother is an Indian”, which is so true, Peter, URGH, URGH :-).
  • I am at my old apartment in the beautiful house on Ndr. Strandvej 4 in Helsingør (1986-88), where I am surprised to see that it is now a restaurant with me standing in the kitchen and Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear gives me the feedback that “the food is exquisite” and later I hear “same procedure as last year” from the classic “Dinner for One- The 90th Birthday”.
    • This is my setup to bring “normal life” to the world – I could not do it any better – which will make the world celebrate, which the classic “Dinner for One” is about and yes they show it here in Denmark as a tradition EVERY SINGLE NEW YEARS EVE, which is basically “same procedure as last year”.
  • I am at Rungsted Station waiting on the train with VERY many people on the platform. I meet one of my old friends from Banking School who asks me where I am employed today and I tell him that I am not at Danske Bank anymore, but a new place, which I cannot remember the name of. He goes further up the platform, and I follow him but I remember that I forgot my jacket, which I run back to get. I see that the Danish railways has set up a very long dining table, which is almost complete except from a cheap ashtray, which people use. I sit at the table in my pants only and I see Vivian sitting further up, she knows that I am here but she does not say hello. I see the train coming and it is so long that it is even longer than the platform.
    • I woke up seeing a brochure of boats with the crews leaving, which I understood that this is about souls being “set free”. This train station may symbolize the world, which is going on their journey to reach the other side showing a clean heart to enter our New World. The friend from bank school is the one who drove our car in the middle of the 1980’s to Helsingør, where he had far too much to drink, but the alcometre of the police did not show too much (!), the same as the alcometre of the police in Barcelona did not show too much when I blew in it after probably having had too much wine on a restaurant with Camilla in year 2000 I believe, and yes “small wonders” and of course WRONG what my bank school friend and also I did. The pants is to say that I decided to buy 4 pants the other day on sales for 12 DKK each, but I am VERY careful what I use money for because I will have to pay for food for LTO too.
    • I woke up to the beautiful song SHE by Chales Aznavour – a TRUE classic 🙂 – and the lyrics “she maybe the reason I survive” – about the spirit of my mother and the lyrics can be understood two ways depending on my actions you know – and also “Blip-båt” by Kim Larsen and the lyrics “Når jeg står ved min maskine på min dejlige fabric, så er jeg glad for at leve, det’ da klart er det ik’” and of course “blip-båt og gud hvor går det godt”

Continuing work on the second last chapter of my sufferings memo, which is both “impossible” and easy to do!

I started working at 09.20 today and by 10.50 I could continue on my sufferings memo giving me more time as wished on the deep edit of the second last edit of my sufferings memo and do I have to tell you that this work is giving me “throw up” feelings but it is no solution NOT to do it, there is only one way and that is to do it, so better get started with it again today and we now will I be able to work until 17.20 today to make 8 hours and we will see.

Later: I decided to work until 17.05 after doing the deep edit of five pages – I did three yesterday – and I did not complete the chapter “other sufferings” in two days as I had hoped; it will also take tomorrow to do this before I will be able to do the edit of the last chapter on my family, which may take 2-3 days to do too, and we know it takes longer than anticipated to do this work, and I feel so poorly that it is indeed a great pain doing it being on my extreme edge of giving up at the same time as it is still “piece of cake” doing and yes my old self and new self underneath, this is how it is.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I still have food in my freezer in Lyngby and I will get no freezer in Helsingør, so part of the “planned stress” given to me – it is not that much and of course on condition that I work 8 hours per day, otherwise I would quickly become stressed here – is also to prioritize using time and a little money to buy a cheap used freezer and I am thinking that I will save money not buying much food this month but of course only if I can “save” the food I have in my freezer, and also thinking that this will save me money in Helsingør as well as time so I don’t need to shop on a daily basis.
  • I received the new lease contract today, this time it was without errors – which the last was not, which together with the negativity of my mother brought through my sister was the attempt of the darkness to stop me from moving (!) – and I returned it with my signature, and also asking John to transfer the deposit of a total of 23,000 DKK – thank you John for helping me out :-).
  • For days I have been told that people of the world have been told that I am now doing the last part of my work and journey.
  • I received a deja vue about how ”almost impossible” it is to finish the last part of my work at the end because of darkness, which is the time I am going through now and this evening the darkness started speaking to me being stronger than I, so I had to once again decide that my will underneath the words is stronger than the darkness and that I will NEVER do evil and “kill”, which is still what this darkness wants and let me say “uncomfortable beyond description” to go through still fearing of the consequences if I should not be strong enough doing my final work these days.
  • My suffering memo will also probably look “good” to people but the truth is that it could be much better structured, better formulated and include even more sufferings and better descriptions than what it does, so yet again this will become my absolutely best work according to the conditions, and in this sense I am satisfied with what I have done also because it is good enough to deliver clear and strong messages about my suffering, which should be possible for people to understand, and I am only able to do this when I do “my best”, but you know “still it could have been much better”.
  • I was told that “Pegasus is also ready” and Pegasus is the  winged divine horse. “Pegasus allows the hero to ride him to defeat a monster”, which is what I hope I will be able to do all the way as my old self, because I would not like to lose any sets to the darkness here at the end.
  • I saw my old friend Christian E. on “Kontanten” on DR1 TV this evening here and Christian lives in Monaco today – but is frequently in Denmark – and his company, an internet auction website, was revealed to deceive people from money – simple but hidden fraud – and I was told that “he became rich by cheating”, and this is not nice, but still Christian is one of many people I miss seeing simply because I like him very much.
  • I was VERY happy after having sent an email to Poul-Erik informing him about my move to receevied a very positive answer from him, where he told me “hjertelig tillykke med din nye lejlighed. Det glæder mig oprigtigt meget at høre, at du har fundet en ny bolig. At det så falder sammen med, at lejekontrakten udløber er kun et stort plus.”. Thank you, Poul-Erik for showing me your positive side :-).


5th October: The BIGGEST Devil is entering me and inside of this darkness is the revived soul of my previous self

Dreaming of the BIGGEST Devil entering me and inside of this darkness is the revived soul of my previous self

Not the best night to say the least – the darkness is becoming stronger and stronger by the day and here night also making me doubt that I will be able to finish all work as planned, but we know I will NOT give up so I will not speed up the process, I will be done when I am done (!) – and here are a few dreams:

  • Before falling asleep I was shown the BIGGEST Devil/darkness on its way inside of me and I was told that this includes the revived soul of my previous self.
    • This sight including the STRONG darkness yesterday evening made me wonder if I will break down because of it, how I can finish my work with this pressure now coming to me and how I will be able to pack down all of my things, move and pack up all of my things with no visible energy but MUCH darkness, we will see.
  • I am in London about to end something and I see a department store called Cosworth. I am cooking chicken in the oven and add water. It is about to get too much, and when I pet the dog, I am afraid to kill it.
    • London is still “my home”, the department store also to bring normal life to the world and Cosworth is a high performance engineering company, which will be my new self – but the engine of my old and present self is nothing else than “puff-puff”, one step at a time.
  • I am at a house with avenues of old trees, a man arrives and tells me that he is to prune the trees according to agreement, and I find it strange that I don’t know in forehand, and he tells me that as a professional he is much better than me as a private to do the pruning, and I see him start, but he is a disaster making LARGE chumps fall down, and I tell a man “stop him” and we follow him, and eventually I reach and stop the man, and afterwards there will be a hearing about who said and did what.
    • The man is darkness trying to not only prune but cut down trees of our creation, which I will NOT allow.
  • I woke up to “Popmusikerens vise” by TV2 and the lyrics “Som ung musikant blev jeg af mor spændt fast til et blankpoleret skolebord”.
  • Something about a device which automatically is sending out music to different devices of people, and a bank assistant being interview after withdrawing 2,000 DKK.
    • The device will be “love of our New World”, and the money is to say that the Universe has given more sacrifices to give me energy.
  • I am at a inn at the coast of West Jutland where a boy maybe 10 years old – my sister’s son – knocks on the window and enter. He wants to arrange a wedding and wants to see the kitchen, which he does and the kitchen looks perfectly, the boys pours out ketchup and will not stop, and when I ask him to leave the kitchen, he wants to have his daily allowance of 240 DKK.
    • The boy is of darkness, the wedding is my “old nightmare”, the kitchen is normal life looking perfectly, which he is still trying to sabotage here by pouring out ketchup, which is an old symbol of mine often scratching the top of my head when I have it to tell me that LTO is without money, and here it means that I have no energy, and my sister is the reason why.

Day: Work!

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I started working at 09.35 today and soon thereafter continued the work on my sufferings memo, which today until 18.00 included the deep edits – and additions – to the subchapters about my journey to Kenya in 2009, losing/gaining weight, living an economically poor life, the world being too lazy to read and understand my website, negative and better-knowing comments of ignorant people to me from the Internet and the spiritual forum of Selvet, and I almost completed this chapter on “other sufferings” today not realizing that it would become 19 pages in total – it was 6 pages when I started (!) – and now the memo is a total of 116 pages and we know it will probably become approx. 125 pages long before I will “soon” finish it, and maybe this week, and we will see.
  • During the day I was first told – in continuation of the GIANT darkness coming to me yesterday evening and the dreams of the night making me afraid once again of the consequences if I should “lose it” – that the giant darkness will fist come to me when I am done with my work and this is why we take a part of the darkness at a time, otherwise I would break down, and later I felt the spirit of my father having moved over to the right side of the spirit of my mother, and I understood that it was necessary to give me much darkness for me to become afraid again in order for me to produce energy for this “operation”, and I was “very relieved” when I was told this, because I was TRULY afraid of what would happen, this is STILL what the darkness can do to me.
  • I have decided that I will keep writing if I can after moving to Helsingør, because I like to COMMUNICATE, so we will see how things will turn out also after becoming my new previous self.
  • Finally at 18.40 I had published the last four days of scripts. Another good day, and even “above average” today WRITING much – and just before publishing I was told that “a whole world is waiting for me to become my true self”, and nice to know that you are there, but none of you decided to make me happy by sending me an email, which would have helped me and the Universe much, you know?



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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