October 9, 2011: Elijah’s faith in me is required for me to wake up my eyes as my previous self, the soul of Jesus


Summary of the script today

6th October: The spirit of my father brought the energy of our New World and the spirit of my mother formed it

  • Dreaming of what I first thought was the Union HK, which will contact me in relation to my Falck memo but later I was told that it is 100% positive feedback from the world about our New World, the spirit of my father cleaning up the New World after the damage Søren F.J. caused, reaching the other side without the necessary faith in me using will power/sufferings as my tool and the threat of darkness terminating souls in the process of transferring the spirit of my father including all individual souls to me seems to have vanished now.
  • After the spirit of my father yesterday moved over to the other side, “no explosions of atomic bombs can happen from this side” and “there is a road leading us all the way home to our New World from here”. I will get some time in Helsingør to recover and get into shape before meeting the world. The spirit of my father as the creator brought the energy of our New World and it was the spirit of my mother forming it.

7th October: I will become myself through darkness and meet the world who will know per instinct who I am

  • Dreaming of the world would have gone under because of human technology if people of other civilizations had not saved it, I am given much stress including my old nightmare not being able to finish all work before I will move, a meeting between six versions of Kim from Fair and my new previous self – his BEAUTIFUL view symbolises our perfect New World, I will become myself through darkness thereafter meeting the world who will know per instinct who I am, I am receiving the old world which will continue being fuelled until I finish my work, my old nightmare would be carried out now because of the strength of the darkness if I had not decided that I will NEVER accept this, individual souls were “almost killed” when transferred from the spirit of my father to my new previous self, more energy is required to bring forward all of my previous self, which the spirit of my mother and sacrifices of the Universe will help with and there is more “impossible” work to do before we have finished the road of my journey and I will wake up as my new previous self.
  • Whenever I have had diarrhoea, it has also been a symbol of “destructions to the world”, but still I have had no pain to my right angle meaning that this is not irreparably (no terminations), and the sacrifices of the Universe is like the young handball player dying 1-2 weeks ago with the spirit of a being accepting to sacrifice by giving his or her life as a physical person, but NOT to terminate.

8th October: Elijah’s faith in me is required for me to wake up my eyes as my previous self, the soul of Jesus

  • Dreaming about a large number of people who will market my scripts, Elijah going through suffering with a big temper, slow page but still with energy and faith in me, which is required for me to wake up my eyes and an “impossible plane to fly” and “boiling cake” about the difficulties navigating our New World.
  • In his fight against the impostor Rael claiming to be Son of God (!), everything related with UFO’s and crop circles have to be fake to fit with Jiro’s – the Devil’s advocate – agenda to “prove” that Raels claims for the connection between mankind and UFO’s are wrong (!), and he does not like me telling him the truth. Jiro finally discovered who I am instantly making me an impostor/charlatan too (!), but he knows that I do my work carefully both on the Jerusalem UFO, crop circles and myself, but he REFUSES to listen – this is how to wake up the Devil of the world!
  • The darkness of Jiro and his followers reading our “dialogue” was so strong that it gave me without comparison the biggest pain ever in my right angle – the sign of destructions to the Universe (!) – at the same time as I was shown an orange colour of the spirit of my father. This was necessary destruction because of the “impossible to fly plane”. Despite of this, the Universe has only received a small bump in the head, which I however would have liked to avoid.

9th October: The entire world is suffering because of darkness before everything will be reset to its original foundation

  • Dreaming of the energy of the darkness reducing and I will become the new “manager” of energy, the entire world is suffering because of darkness before everything will be reset to its original foundation (when all darkness is converted to light), I am on my way home reducing my sufferings, nice music is playing between the spirits of my mother and father after the spirit of my father moved inside of me as the creation with much pain, strong darkness of Søren H. chasing money and power is still opposing me and darkness of Paul not believing in me is also brought to me, which is fuel leading us to a very rare wine of the best quality of my favourite wine region.
  • I received “spiritual confirmation” through a posting on Facebook from Elijah telling me that he is a “close friend” of mine even though he has not yet accepted my invitation to become friends in this “Universe” 1-2 weeks ago, which actually makes me sad too.


6th October: The spirit of my father brought the energy of our New World and the spirit of my mother formed it

Dreaming of reaching the other side without the necessary faith in me using will power/sufferings as my tool

I had a pretty good sleep at least on the surface because I am still TIRED today, and I am suffering to see in the mirror just how fat I have become, which is truly NOT me (!), and I do look forward to receive more energy and to start running again in Helsingør – on my old route, which I used to run when I lived on Ndr. Strandvej 4 500 metres away from 1986-88. Some dreams:

  • My old friend Martin closes the door to his office; he is going to receive a report from the Union HK about pension. I have changed office now sitting in the middle with Søren F.J. to the left of me and another old colleague from Fair to the right, and I let them know that I like them much. It is a mess around my computer with boxes of drawing pins etc. lying on the table, and I am about to clean this up, which will not take a long time.
    • I wonder if Martin is me and if the Union HK is the old threat from Falck in relation to my memo on them, which they may still like me to remove, but the answer is NO, my friends. Søren F.J. is one of my very clear “opponents” probably with a big mouth in relation to me, and I am here the spirit of my father cleaning up the New World because of the mess he caused (in relation to Paul too).
    • Later in the day, I was told directly that the Union of HK is not what I thought it was – a threat – but feedback of the world in relation to “pension”, which is our New World and the feedback is “100 points” for “perfect work”, see the last bullet point of the script today.
  • I am taking the train from Snekkersten for one stop to Espergærde, I don’t have a ticket. The man in front of me puts his wallet and newspaper under the seat, which is rolling towards me, and I push it back.
    • I was told that driving the train without a ticket is to reach the other side without having faith in me – using will power/sufferings as the “tool” – and the newspaper is the old symbol of termination and wallet is money standing for “energy”, which is to say that people of the darkness has much energy – they stole mine, remember (?) – and this energy is used to commit sins, which is what the newspaper also will have to be about.
  • I am driving the bus brining three plastic bags of groceries. The Foreign Agency enters the buss at a border, who are Kasper K. (from Excellent) and Charlotte (from GEFI), and they look for “illegal foreigners” and one points at a Danish man saying that “he is from Pakistan”, which everyone clearly could see that he is not. When they clean the buss, they leave my three bags outside, which I remember to get before the bus keeps on going, but later when I leave the bus, I forget to bring the bags, and I think that I will call the Foreign Agency to ask them about my bags. On my way to the DFM office, I meet Kim S. holding with his Volvo Estate wagon in queue on St. Kongensgade (“Great Kings Road”), and I am almost afraid of crossing him and saying hello to him because I fear becoming dismissed when I don’t sell, but only work as a supporter at the office, but I also think that he has probable accepted me doing this role.
    • The bus is still my old symbol of making love, which here may be the still ongoing process doing the last bit of creation of our New World, the Foreign Agency may be the darkness trying to remove souls of our world – I feel EXTREMELY BAD of this threat just writing this dream – the three bags will have to be “normal life” brought to the world by the Trinity, my fear of becoming dismissed is to be “terminated” – the threat of removing souls – but I do hope that this dream says that this threat is now over with.
    • I woke up to “Bridge over troubled water” by Simon & Garfunkel, which we are passing once again, and we know feeling more exhausted by work than ever before and still TIRED and NO ENERGY. And here is one of the most symbolic of all songs, which I have received many times during my journey over “troubled water”:

The spirit of my father brought the energy of our New World and the spirit of my mother formed it

Yesterday evening after publishing my script and after the spirit of my father had moved over the other side being together with the spirit of my mother, I was also told by the spirit of my father that “no explosions of atomic bombs can happen from this side”, and I was inspired to look at Gl. Hellebækvej on Google maps, which is the road to my new address Hellebo Park in Helsingør, and really because I thought that the road was blind, but I followed the amazing invention of street view understanding that the road indeed goes all the way through to Hellebæk, which was a symbol given to me to say that “there is a road leading us all the way home to our New World from here”.

I was inspired to listen to Bruce Springsteen today and yes another of those fantastic of his songs was as if “sent from Heaven”, Bruce :-), and of course it was “Mary’s place”, which is where we meet – the spirit of my father after arriving – and we know we will probably have some pictures of Buddha here including prophets and angels :-), and yes BRUCE you are truly a divine artist too and let me sing with you “Meet me at Mary’s place, we’re gonna have a party”, and this may also be a song people will sing to celebrate our beautiful New World :-).

Yesterday evening I was also given a déjà vue that after a “hard journey” I will get some time to get into shape in order to meet the world, which is what will come at my new location in Helsingør.

This morning I heard the spirit of my father telling the spirit of my mother “this is how you remove darkness” and also “this is how the sky looks like”, which gave me the understanding that the creator brings energy and that it is the spirit of my mother forming our creation of the New World :-).

The other day I was told “Flyvholm”, which I understood as “fly holm” or “Fly Dragholm” and when looking, it might also be a reference to one of the first rescue stations in Denmark, see here, and today I understood that this was about landing the plane with all souls of the world safely.

I was also told that hereafter the remaining darkness will “automatically” been transferred to us to be absorbed, and that the spirit of my father for the first time will see how it is to receive this darkness, and I imagine a “ball of darkness of the old world” automatically and gradually reducing when we absorb what is released from it, and I was told that if I should “lose it” now, it will not terminate souls but still have big consequences to the Universe, and we know I have NO plans to give up now!

Later I was told that this means that EVERYONE will receive “first parquet” to the Source and the origin of life.

Today Selvet was also inspired to bring this story of the “birth of an Elephant” and besides from the on Bali, it is also the “elephant of me”, which is the revival of my old previous self as Jesus and now not only as the spirit of my father, but as God self symbolised by this elephant.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I started at “approx. 9.00” this morning working on the script until 10.50, and afterwards I decided to clean up the apartment because I had agreed with my mother and John to come for lunch together with moving boxes at 12.00, and I only did this cleaning up because of our agreement – otherwise I would have waited until after removing my furniture next week – and at 11.45 my mother called, which was somewhat difficult to answer via my computer, because I had removed the screen and keyboard (!), but I managed to answer and yes she had now decided not to come anyway, and John was now on his way out of the door (!), and this may simply be because I did not tell them that I would give the lunch, which I should have done (!!!) – I’m not perfect – which may have given my mother the thought that she should bring the food and when she did not like to tell me, this lack of communication broke our agreement, and I lost time, which I could have used for my suffering memo, but “that’s life, blue eyes” 🙂 – and I could easily have given lunch because I both had bread, salads, herrings, meat balls etc. even though “I don’t have much”.
  • And the vacuum pipe of my cleaner broke (!) almost making it impossible to vacuum clean now and we know a (used) freezer, a used computer screen for TV – I will use web-tv to save money the new place instead of cable and I have an old Samsung 17 screen, which would be “good” to replace but not “need to have”, a small writing desk, two chairs, an underlay for my work chair not to destroy the floor etc. is on my shopping list, which I need to prioritize in relation to sending money to LTO, and we know I will only buy what I believe will be the most necessary and send as much as possible to LTO, and so it is.
  • One of the greatest business visionaries of all times, Steve Jobs from Apple died from cancer yesterday, and yes from cancer and we know I liked Apple’s design as the best ever (!), but not the “commercial philosophy” of the company removing “free competition” (!), and I wonder if this attitude of mine is a reason for the cancer killing him – the same way as I have always not liked Nokia saying for fun that I have had “nok af” (“enough of”) them and they are losing market shares when they did not enter the “smart phone train” as cleverly as others – but let me tell you that you did much good for the world, Steve – but I truly did not like the commercial part of Apple and your high prices/profits including exploitation of “business partners”!
  • I continued working until 19.00 today editing and adding on my chapter of Karen almost completing this, which I was also satisfied with doing, and the work was not as difficult today – but still fighting some darkness given to me – and I will yet again than the spirit of my mother and the Universe for helping me to come through doing this “not very easy work” after all, and I was told that “your light sword can be seen 800 million light years away” but I cannot see them, and I was thinking that “the Universe is quite large” to say the least.
  • I was happy when the real estate agent confirmed that I can have the key for the new apartment and move in as planned the 13th October – everything has now fallen into place 🙂 – and a symbol was given to me when I received my contact no. 100 on LinkedIn, when Anne-Grete Lysgaard decided to invite me as one of several of her email contacts, and she was one of the “head hunters” I sent my CV to in October 2009, and we know “LIGHT FARM” is what her sir name means in English – farm is another symbol of “my home” and of “light” it is – and we know just saying that our New World truly will become 100% perfect as desired and yes “your wish, our pleasure”, this is basically how it was.
  • This evening I did a few changes to the right column of my website changing the width of lines and also my address, and I have been annoyed for a long time that my right column – also the general look of fonts (!) – of my website looks different in Microsoft Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox and especially the font and font size of the chapters “Pages of my website” and “Recent scripts”, which looks almost alright in Google and Firefox, but not in Microsoft, and I have given up (!) trying to find out why – also trying to find out WordPress, which changes font or even colour of the right column due to an “internal logic” which is beyond me (!), and what I ended up with is not perfect but the best compromise of the day.
  • When working on my sufferings memo I have received the déjà vue that I will not remember my sufferings as my new previous self and that this is also why I have to write as detailed as possible, but still there is information of how he darkness works inside of me just being here, there and everywhere inside and outside my body moving around, which I cannot tell you better than this.
  • I started receiving the beginning of a déjà vue of my LTO friends being helped to receive a normal life, which I look very much forward to – and also to the day when I can show you the world and we can have a nice dinner together, but please some more patience, my friends.


7th October: I will become myself through darkness and meet the world who will know per instinct who I am

Dreaming that I will become myself through darkness and meet the world who will know per instinct who I am

Another day and yet again fighting on my extreme edge with tiredness and extreme exhaustion and “disgust” from writing – hope it will get better during the day as it has previous days – so new dreams too:

  • I am flying with my old friend Angela out to the edge of the sea where water is flooding in over the cars of the road, which however keeps driving, and I ask her if she believes in UFO research, which she says that she does, and I tell her that the world would have gone under due to mankind if it was not for UFO’s.
    • This is about a thread reference from the Jerusalem UFO forum from yesterday, which I don’t have time to read/watch, but “it IS however about one of THE most important UFO and ‘alien’ contacts known–the one that happened in a Zimbabwi school in front of 62 children, and where some of them received telepathic messages that human technology and the way it is being used, is destroying planet Earth!! You can see it here.
  • I am together with an incredible beautiful lady, who draws massive attention when going out, and I have work, which is impossible to finish on time. I now feel I am in a cottage house together with a few others, where I have an important task to work on this evening because Sten A. did not carry it out as promised, but I am asked to do another task instead, which is impossible to do because I need to do it before the end of the week.
    • The game is that I will not be able to finish all my work before moving to Helsingør and here is my old nightmare again in the form of this lady as a threat, but I don’t care, I will not speed up things, I will finish my work with the quality I have decided for working approx. 8 hours per day and that is even after moving to Helsingør, which gives me extra “stress” because here I also have to unpack and setup all things and my family will have attention on me achieving this, and we know the energy is getting lower each day, this is at least the understanding I am receiving, but so far – despite of difficulties – I manage, and I will find a way as usual out of this, and this is my plan, it cannot be different.
  • I have been out dining with six different versions of my old colleague Kim P. from Fair. I have a bucket on my right foot and I go to the edge of the water on the beach to rinse my toes clean from sand – Sidsel sits next to smiling – and I am told that there was also six versions of me dining , and I get the impression that this was impossible to do logistically.
    • This is six versions of Kim – remember that we revived previous Universes and souls on our way (?) – and six versions of my new previous self (all versions to be united in one future person) witnessed by the spirit of my mother as Sidsel, I am removing sand from my feet, which is “suffering”.
    • This dream is because I felt that Kim is also hurting because of my Facebook postings, and because he the 30th September was inspired to show his BEAUTIFUL VIEW from the Insurance High School in Rungsted, where he works, which truly is a BEAUTIFUL PLACE – remember that insurance/pension symbolises our New World, therefore (!) – and his view and inspiration is the same symbol as my new beautiful view from Helsingør, which is about our perfect New World – and here you can see his view:

Another BEAUTIFUL view here from the Insurance High School
symbolising our perfect and beautiful New World

  • I am having breakfast in our old row house in Snekkersten after I have woken up as my new previous self. A man asks me about me and my book, and I tell him that I have done all of my work writing to come to this stage becoming myself. From here I walk out in the world, and I enter caves, where I see new people being created from out of nothing, and I tell them that faithfulness is a decisive condition, and they know per instinct who I am.
    • This is my new previous self wakening up through darkness, i.e. Snekkersten, which may include pain I suspect, and when I am awake as my new self, I will start my journey meeting the world, who will instantly know who I am when meeting me.
    • I woke up to the song “please don’t go” – in my ears the best version by far is with K.W.S. – and the lyrics “please don’t go, I begging you to stay”.
  • I am at a large petrol station and repair shop, which also feels like Falck, on the KING’s ROAD in Kokkedal. A man is delivering his old, truck dragging two large units, it can hold 209 tonnes, which however is much less than new trucks. He is very glad of the truck, but now he needs to sell it, it is old and needs replacement. I am testing it under guidance from Nete – wasn’t that the name of the assistant in Rio Flowers in Espergærde, who taught me discipline and how to work too, a very good teacher (!), I worked there as a delivery boy after school when I was teenager – who asks me to drive up a ramp almost in vertical position, which could scare some to do but not me, but when I pull the hand break, it is not strong enough to hold the truck even though I try a few times, and instead – on my overtime – Nete decides to set up an obstacle race in the large living room on 1st floor, where she asks me to jump from one sofa to the other, but I refuse to take part of this game. I see a rabbit on the open yard teasing a cat and it leaves, but it makes the cat want to play with the rabbit, but instead the cat gets occupied with a large rat, which it tries to kill and eat, and almost succeeds, but the rat manages to escape and then changes into a dachshund. I try to get a telephone working to get away from here and to go to Helsingør, but when I try it, I receive the automatic voice mail of Falck, which however is picked up after some time by Lars at Falck, but I don’t speak to him, and finally I get to speak to a vehicle in Helsingør, which will return and go back to Helsingør, where I can get a lift, which however costs 50 DKK, which I don’t have. I am told that my mother and John was at the Falck station here Sunday, where I was not working, where they asked questions about me, which disappoints me much because they go behind my back.
    • The old, large truck, which is not working anymore, is our old world, which will receive fuel as long as needed – I have to finish my work (!) – the flowers are true love from my mother, the obstacle race in the living room is a new threat of my old nightmare, sofa is a symbol of making love, and I have said that I will NEVER accept this to be carried out, which is the reason why it is not carried out, therefore – this is the strength of the darkness now – the rabbit is attraction to beautiful ladies, the cat is the goodness of me, the rat is “food for the cat”, however it is not a rat, but souls of the Source transferred to the creation of my new previous self, and all souls survived despite of much darkness almost killing (some of) them.
  • I am in Norway following a tram on bicycle, it is snowing and at one point, I have lost the tram and don’t know which direction it went, but finally I find my destination, which is a sports centre, where I meet colleagues from Nordic Countries of GEFI, we first stand at the barrier boards looking at the icehockey rink, I don’t have all my luggage with me and my clothes is curled, and I am told that I can use an iron for 100 DKK, which is very expensive, I cannot afford it and I don’t have a credit card but somehow I feel that I have my mother with me, who will help me. We enter a conference room, and Morten J. sits on one side of the large table, and I decide to sit opposite him on the other side of the table, Helge and another one from Norway are sitting at the corner in control of the music, which is too loud and we ask them to turn down the volume. Marianne is the facilitator and she has handed out a bundle of commercial cards from different businesses, and our task is to guess what the next card will say based upon what the previous said, which I feel is “almost impossible” to do, but instead of facing away from Marianne with my feet up, I decide to turn around and it feels like we answer the “impossible” questions, which feels like a condition to do in order to continue.
    • Norway is an old symbol of darkness, snowing and icehockey is suffering, I don’t have all my luggage with me, which is to say that there is still more “information” in the darkness and as I understand it, it is the darkness of nothing which is used as fuel to revive my old previous self when converted to light and this is the still on-going process, and the money is that it takes more energy to get “my clothes in order”, i.e. my previous self, which is energy I don’t have, but the spirit of my mother together with sacrifices of the Universe will help me (also hoping that light transferred from our New World will be able doing this herewith reducing/removing sacrifices of the Universe), Morten J. is a symbol really of the New World, loud music is annoying and the opposite of nice music, which is people opposing me, which just may be my old Nordic colleagues of GEFI, which is bringing us the darkness needed and it seems there is more “impossible” work to do before we have finished the road of my journey and I will wake up as my new previous self.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I started working at 09.30 and at 11.15 I could continue on my sufferings memo – which is truly “not nice” work to continue doing feeling as I do, but I have to do it, to relax is not an alternative however tempting it is – and by 12.50, I had completed the last additions to my chapter on Karen also including the first sub-chapter and the “let’s stay together” part, which is the BEAUTIFUL song I will ALWAYS relate to her and the “special feelings” she gave me.
  • For a long time I have thought that it was an error of mine that I decided not to invite more friends and contacts to Facebook and Linkedin, who could be “influenced” after publishing my scripts. I should have done this, but “thank God it’s Friday” today and “thank him that we are still alive, Stig, and yes this story will be told to the world too” as I am here told and I feel darkness around the spirit of my mother telling me this “seriously” in a tone, I only rarely here during this process.
  • The spirit of my father continued speaking to the spirit of my mother for example “oh, this is how smartly you included this tax deduction” and the spirit of my mother telling him how I almost balanced up the imbalance of the world herewith saving destructions.
  • By 17.30 – after biting my teeth together again today deciding to show will power to be able to work (!) – I had finished the chapter on my sister and now only the chapters on my father and mother lacks, and to read through all of these maybe 125 pages once more and to set up the new website, and time is running fast, but I am still YOUNG and full of gold :-), so I will probably first publish this after moving to Helsingør asking for energy to complete my work and I will NOT sign off everything, UB40 (enjoyed your show in Basel on TV!), before I am happy with my work, and also “fearing” how the jobcentre in Helsingør will receive me and if we have to start the game all over and that is at least until I wake up :-).
  • I also did approx. one hour of work this evening uploading and replacing videos included on my Signs IV page, which people have taken down, and we know “it felt good” to remove this pressure/stress (one of many tasks), which is put on me and “much stronger” than what people normally experience.
  • I received STRONG darkness too including MUCH disgust and constant encouragements to accept destruction and to be negative, and when you don’t have much energy, it is not always easy to resist, but NEVER (!) is my answer and so it is. I could do my sufferings memo better, but trust me, I have NOTHING more to give than what I do!
  • I would very much like to visit the Jobcentre, Brede Park and also Falck before I move to say goodbye (before they will see me again in my new role), and I don’t have much time, so I don’t know what I will be able to make – if any – but unfortunately I will not visit my FRIENDS at Falck, this is still how I feel, and not because of me but because of them and “I might not be very welcome there at the moment” or am I wrong ….?
  • Much inspiration at “Crazy about dance” again this evening, and mostly when the judge Britt told the other judge Jens something like this “it is CRAZY, over there with canapes and Champagne”, which was about celebration of our New World and followed by another saying “bloody Hell”, which could have been “Bloody Mary” for reaching our beautiful New World after the Universe bleeding. And Jens was “appropriately” called Burger KING, and he showed a leaf from a tree and talked about how “easy and effortless” a pair had danced, which was the symbol of how “easy” I have done my work and at least on the surface because it has truly not been easy, but on the other side, it was also not difficult but BOTH really :-). And they spoke of “tiramisu and Champagne”, and a dancer had not been able to dance much during the week because of diarrhoea (!) and wasn’t there also someone speaking of “energy” (?), which I apparently did not write a note of, and I thought that they are given symbols of me too here.
  • I was told this evening that whenever I have had diarrhoea, it has also been a symbol of “destructions to the world”, but still I have had no pain to my right angle meaning that this is not irreparably (no terminations), and also that the sacrifices of the Universe is like the young handball player dying 1-2 weeks ago with the spirit of a being accepting to sacrifice by giving his or her life as a physical person, but NOT to terminate.


8th October: Elijah’s faith in me is required for me to wake up my eyes as my previous self, the soul of Jesus

Dreaming about the faith of Elijah in me, which is required for me to wake up my eyes

I was “allowed” to sleep until 09.30 today, which however was too long (!), and because it is Saturday, I decided to take my weekly long bath, and first by 12.40, after lunch, I started working today, but this is how it is, and here are some dreams:

  • A large number of people are walking in procession with streamers around their angles, towards Gentofte Stadium, it is not normal that this is used for campaigns. Inside I see people breaking up and loads of sweets – my old colleague Nicolaj has incredible big Ragusa Chocolate bars and something about a mother, pictures and child.
    • People walking towards the stadium where the fight between the light and darkness was played, and campaigns is about marketing my scripts, which is what these people may do. Chocolate bars are about selfishness and sweets was an old symbol in relation to children.
    • To me Gentofte Stadium means the concert with Prince around 1990 (?), thus “warm feelings of love”.
  • Finn from Brede Park is at a toilet and when there are no signs of life, I break in the door and ask him if he is alright, and I see him sitting there lifeless. Later I am playing a tennis match with a concrete pillar standing almost on the back line disturbing me much, but I still win the macth.
    • Another symbol of “wrong sex” and death is symbolising a person I have lost contact to, but not dead.
  • I see Elijah as a professional sportsman playing tennis and later swimming with young men where it is about swimming as fast as possible and to dive from one edge to the other, which gives him problems coming through. Someone in his house says that “he is crazy”, and Elijah shows his big temper. A lady has been awarded four compensations because of his temper. I am driven around in a car visiting people where I have been before. I have to return home from Kenya, someone gets attacked, Elijah has enough money to pay his family 10 USD for housekeeping, I am afraid that I cannot afford the air ticket, and John tries to borrow money for me through a friend. I drive at the head road in Kenya, where they say “look out for attacks”, Elijah takes his time writing down when driving, and then he enters a new road, where it is not allowed to write down when driving, which he however continues doing, which creates a long queue behind his car. We reach the main street of the centre of town with many shops, it is a nice place, however Elijah is now walking quicker than what I would like in order to see the shops, I am only wearing a bathrobe, and we read a place where I see Danish business people working and I think I could work there too. I see Elijah ordering a plane and I receive fuel on it.
    • This may be about Elijah helping me all the way to the end for the last part of my revival and for me to open up the eyes as my previous self, the soul of Jesus. He goes through suffering himself, i.e. the swimming, he has enough energy, i.e. the money, and it seems that I am getting energy for my aeroplane also from the LTO team, i.e. for the world and myself. Elijah’s car is himself, and still it takes too long for Elijah, but when coming to the centre of town, he speeds up (?), and Elijah’s ordering a plane will have to be about his faith in me, which is making me come through – thank you Elijah :-).
  • Short dreams of Jeremy from Top Gear flying a self flying plane using “one of these arm spring devices which you use much arm power to push together”, which no one really has power to do, and later the plane will have a pilot – and later I see myself eating a large cake, which has been heated up so it is boiling.
    • I wonder if this is the plane and cake of our New World as symbols saying that it is not very easy to get me started up?
    • Later I was told that the “impossible” part is to do the rest of my work because of just how incredible TIRED I feel of working also receiving EXTREME disgust doing the last part, but you know someone has to do it, so better that I do it :-).

The Devil’s advocate finally discovered who I am and he made me an impostor too – this is how to wake up the world!

In his fight against the impostor Rael claiming to be Son of God (!), everything related with UFO’s and crop circles have to be fake to fit with Jiro’s agenda, and he does not like me telling him the truth as you can see above.

Since I have become “friends” with Jiro – the Devil’s advocate – on Facebook, I have seen how he almost daily “attacks” an impostor claiming to be the Son of God – isn’t this funny 🙂 – by the name of Ra El as you can see here and that is after Jiro was “fooled” by this impostor as a follower for many years (!), and because Ra El believes in a connection between mankind and UFO’s, it also means that Jiro will do everything he can to prove that UFO’s are hoaxes even when they are not, and you can say that his view has been totally destroyed making it “totally impossible” for him to understand, and today he decided to bring the WRONG conclusion that crop circles are (almost) nothing else than manmade circles as you can see from our “dialogue” – some of them are as part of cover up of the U.K. government (!) – and I thought, alright I will show him the truth once again as you can see the beginning of here where you also can see how he “manages” to avoid information not fitting into his “wrong agenda”.

Jiro finally discovered who I am instantly making me an impostor/charlatan too (!), but he knows that I do my work carefully both on the Jerusalem UFO, crop circles and myself, but he REFUSES to listen – this is how to wake up the Devil of the world!

In the continuous “dialogue” above, I was inspired to encourage him to forget about Rael and to read the TRUTH on my website, which he then used “a couple of minutes” to do (!) – of course without listening to my recommendation to read carefully and objectively and we know he is totally “possessed” by the darkness this man (!) – and on basis of this he concluded again wrongly that I am also an impersonator (!) – without knowing of course when not reading – and that someone else than he eventually might “bother to expose little charlatans like you” (!) and isn’t this funny that this man now receives information from the true Son of God through my postings, which he can see too, which may also start to torn him up from the inside – to remove the darkness of Jiro and the world (!) – because he should know by now that I am “smarter” than him and tell the truth both about the Jerusalem UFO, crop circles and therefore also my self, but he REFUSES to listen because the truth does not fit him well – and you can see one of Jiro’s followers also laughing and degrading me and the link he brings for his “vote goes to this Jesus”, is for Rael here – and I decided to send a friend request also to him, and he may be surprised to see the true Son of God and isn’t this hysterically funny – also thinking that this man may be misled by spiritual voices but probably with some truth in what he is saying.

Three short visits is what it took the Devil’s advocate to quickly decide that I am also an impostor and not the Son of God!

The darkness caused the biggest destruction of the Universe yet because of the “impossible to fly plane”

But not everything was truly only funny this evening because our dialogue was read by several of Jiro’s followers too bringing me much darkness and not that long after this “dialogue”, I was asked spiritually if it is true that I have accepted killings of people of the Universe, and I said “yes, but only in emergency cases” and no terminations (!) – i.e. if the darkness is too strong for me to absorb and there are no other options – and two minutes hereafter I received the absolutely biggest pain even in my right angle making me scream out loud in pain – the sign of destructions to the Universe (!) – at the same time as I was shown an orange colour of the spirit of my father and a vision of a duck being roasted – the same type of symbol as the boiling cake and the “impossible to fly plane” – and this is how it obviously was needed to remove much darkness, which also made me sad and yes I am still thinking of selfish and scared world politicians not supporting me publically forcing the darkness on the Universe like this.

Later I was told by the spirit of my mother that she and the Universe has only received a small bump in the head, but I would have liked to do without this, but it required what was “obviously” totally impossible for “responsible” politicians and media of the world to do – and SAD is what you are making me!

To symbolise this action, a warehouse of illegal fireworks exploded and killed two in Andst, Jutland, Denmarktoday as you for example can read here.

And it made me wonder if I did the right thing or if it would have been better not to start this “dialogue” to create this darkness, which was “too much” to handle, and time will tell.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I was told that when I a few times only have had the “superior” and “meant funny” thought “you can just destroy me if you can”, which I remember having only a few times, this has not been carried out not because the darkness could not do it but because of my old, small rule “if I don’t really mean it with my heart, you are not allowed to do it”, so this was really a “small rule”, which was “not that crazy too” :-).
  • When working on my sufferings memo on the chapter on my father, it was truly impossible to concentrate the first two hours, where I felt very poorly and disgusted and also shown an elephant almost about to have diarrhoea if I would accept it, which I would not – causing damage to the Universe, which I want to reduce by finishing my sufferings memo and the effect this will have on my family/friends etc., thus the world, and finally I came into a rhythm doing this work too, and now I “only” need to edit/re-write the last chapter on my mother, and after my move to do the last read through with “minor” edits only, which may take approx. 3 days if I only have a script and this to do, but I also have to use time to set up my new apartment, so we will see when I will be able to finish it and in my mind, the end of October as my old deadline to finish all work is what I am hoping and working for now.


9th October: The entire world is suffering because of darkness before everything will be reset to its original foundation

Dreaming that the entire world is suffering because of darkness before everything will be reset to its original foundation

Another night and “one day closer to the goal”, which is the only thing holding me up because I am beyond tired times 1,000 to continue doing my job and of course physically tired with no energy is part of it, and once again, more dreams:

  • I see on Facebook that Hans – my sisters husband – is responsible for the department of economy for the secretariat of Gymnasiums, and he is forced down in pay and he says ironic that he at least is happy to pay less taxes. This makes my sister and him only being able to afford to go on holiday to Bornholm. People on Facebook encourage me to become the new manager of the economy department and I see Sidsel, Fuggi, and my nephews supporting me and Duran Duran is the biggest fan.
    • The department of economy will have to be for “energy”, i.e. that energy is controlled by the darkness but that their power decreases, and I will take over when there is no more darkness and when the energy of the Source can distribute freely to the Universe, which will be with love, i.e. the music of Duran Duran – still placed highly on my list too.
    • I received the understanding that Hans is “suffering” because of my postings on Facebook these days including my dialogue with Jiro, uploads of Jerusalem UFO videos and the Maria, Maria song as follows with the missing two words of my comment being “my mother”.

  • I am user on an Internet forum, which David from Kenya finds interesting, and I am happy to see him participating and communicating with people of the world as not many Kenyans do. I have been at bath bringing a frozen red sausage. I am the manager of the company and speak on telephone, and then I see that all monitors of the employees are red and I ask why everyone is on the same website, and I am told that this is a teaching about Pakistan, and that everyone is on www.journal.dk, and I see a streamer with prices for employees including me to teach.
    • The Internet is the world, the red screens are “darkness all over” – the last – and whenever I or a “special friend” needs energy, it costs, but eventually all computers (individuals of the world) will centrally be reset to what they were originally (!), which is what the website www.journal.dk says – I did not know this site before the dream – because it says: “Gennem journal.dk kan arbejdsstationer nultilles til udgangspunktet.” And I was told that the colour is red because of selfishness, which some world politicians out there will understand, but “oh no not me” was the saying of all of you?
    • I woke up to the beautiful song “Son of a preacher man” originally by Dusty Springfield – 100 points within this genre if you ask me (!) – but here by Joss Stone because I saw her together with David Stewart on German ZDF TV yesterday, and you can watch the host of this show speaking two words in English when an Australian man was jumping from one ball to another, and really because I was thinking “he wears very expensive clothes and watch”, which he could use much better on poor people of the world and we know darkness here there and everywhere.
    • I was also given “what a wonderful world” by Louis Armstrong – a TRUE 100 point too and one of the most wonderful songs in history 🙂 – and the lyrics from the beginning of the song “I see trees of green, red roses too” and I felt that it was the spirit of my father given it to me and you can really take them all because this is how beautiful our New World will be.
  • I am in Norway on my way down the mountain full of snow, and I see a polar bear, which we fear will attack us but it feels like we have a polar bear ourselves. We arrive at a farm and ask for permission to sleep at the hayloft, which we get, and even though it is difficult to get up there through a narrow hatch in the loft, we succeed.
    • Still suffering and I am a polar bear myself including the remaining darkness of the world, and we are on our way home from here.
  • I am with my “girlfriend” outside stadium where Electric Light Orchestra part II are supposed to play a concert, but smoke is rising up from the entire stadium, and first I believe it will be cancelled, but the smoke is removed and we are first in line when we are told that the concert will be played. My “girlfriend” asks me to take her rubber boots back to the car, which I do and even though I have difficulties finding the car, I find it, and I put them into her bag into the car, which is difficult to find and there is no code on it to open it, which surprises me. Back at the stadium Electric Light Orchestra part two was not recognized by someone, and something about being a little bit surprised for them to play together for the first time in 6 years.
    • I had several dreams of pretty ladies and other symbols of my “old nightmare”, which I have decided not to include, and this is about the after effects of moving the spirit of my father inside of the creation of me including all souls of the world, which however was done with love, i.e. the music and here Electric Light Orchestra part II – without Jeff Lynne and therefore without my attention – but it is also to say that I for days have been told about Bev Bevan, the old drummer of Electric Light Orchestra and my recent new friend on Facebook, who are reading my postings of scripts, music videos etc. on Facebook and yes “not quite normal he is” is what he may think of me. The rubber boots will be to remove suffering from the spirit of my mother and place it at her “toolbox”, i.e. bag, and there was something with a café also in the dream in relation to her bag, so not a bag of the darkness but a bag of her love to the world – and the part of the band playing together for the first time in 6 years gave me the feeling that the spirits of my mother and father are together again for the first time in six years, which truly is new information for me.
  • Søren H. is starting up company in Denmark after he could not continue in Sweden. I am driving his train together with his employees because I believe I am still hired by him, and the train leads us to a cell with only one door of a double door open and I open the other to make room for the train to enter. Søren is there and I tell him “you will have to say if you don’t want me to follow”, which he allows me to, and the truth is that it is extremely humiliating for me to work with him because he only respects people with money. His company still sells Income Protection insurances, but they have started asking questions of which unions their customers are members of because he wants to start up a new union later to make even more money. He asks me to start working at 09.00, and on my way to his work, I go down St. Kongensgade and on the corner to Frederiksgade – at the entrance to the old DFM-office – I see a small market with the absolutely best butcher, who now also works together with a vegetable market selling nice vegetables, and there are a crowd of customers here, but at the next stand selling both meat and fish – including the head of a shark among the fish – there are no people. Just before reaching Søren’s company, I meet one man on the street, who looks like the brother of Glistrup after he just walked out from a restaurant, and together with what may be his father, they are craftsmen and they tell me that they have qualified for the final in a song show after 250 teams participated from the beginning.
    • Søren is darkness here, which has been forced out from Sweden – our New World of joy and happiness – and still he is bringing me darkness, which is “imprisoning” me. Søren may be inspired by his client Johnny Nimb from the Union “Det Faglige Hus” – whom I also met in a business meeting years ago – and he may have told Søren about “how easy” it is to make money through a Union, which “no one controls” (?) and we know darkness grows more darkness and Søren is the victim of darkness through money and sex tempting him over this ability.
    • Glistrup and song is about happiness of what we do going through this last phase too.
  • I see Paul arriving in Copenhagen in a white car, which I first believe is the same model as my Mercedes C200 from 2007, but then I see it is an old Fiat sports car. A beautiful lady sprawls around me, we walk for lunch now without Paul, I am together with two men and this lady, and we get a very fine lunch made of plenty of pork of the best quality together with a glass of white wine from Burgundy made on the grape Semillon, which one man speaks knowingly about, and we agree that this will be the only white wine of Burgundy made on this grape, and I tell him that I visited the producer – a beautiful place – 7-8 years ago.
    • When I was a child, Fiat in Denmark had the slogan “Jeg er Fiat fan, hvad fan’ er du” (“I am Fiat fan, what the Hell are you”) with “fan” in Danish meaning both “fan” and “Hell” and this is the car Paul is driving when not reading and believing in me, which is also bringing me darkness including my “old nightmare”. And this is the “fuel” you know, which is bringing a very rare wine of my favourite wine region Burgundy, which will have to be the pearl of our New World, thank you here to the spirit of Karen speaking to me because of the ear rings of pearls I gave her some years ago, which she still walks with and still makes her think of me as my music CD’s do too …. :-).

Elijah is still a “close friend” of mine even though he has not accepted my invitation to become friends on Facebook

This morning when checking Facebook, I was surprised to se a posting by Elijah and it told me that he is a ”close friend”, and I thought that this will have to mean that he has finally accepted me as a friend on Facebook – after sending him the invitation is it 1-2 weeks ago now (?) – and I opened his wall, and was surprised to see that he actually has not, so this was “a little bit of magic too to let me know that he is a close friend even though he has “not been able” to accept me as a friend here, but still I can see that he communicates with others on Facebook, so he is a “close friend” but cannot find out to accept me as a friend and to communicate with me (!) and is “poor conscience” simply the answer (?), which is making both him and me suffer, and more than you can imagine, Elijah, because you are and will always remain my friend (!) and also because I know that I need his faith to open up my eyes as my previous self, the soul of Jesus, and especially today when editing/writing the chapter of my mother in my sufferings memo I could use his support simply by accepting me as a friend in this “Universe” too (!), because this chapter is supposedly the most difficult to write of all in this memo because of how poorly I feel, and we know I am truly TIRED of people often doing what is wrong instead of what is right, but still I am happy to receive “spiritual confirmation” that Elijah is after all a true friend – but I would also be happy if he would truly start being my friend communicating regularly, and by the way I can see that he uses his mobile phone to go on the Internet, so the money was not too tight to buy a new telephone?

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I started working by 09.35 this morning and by 12.20 I had completed the last part of the script of yesterday and the script of today, and after lunch I continued the last part of my sufferings memo with the chapter on my mother, which I will probably first finish tomorrow, where I also have to start packing my things because I will move on Thursday next week – and even though I had much darkness just behind me and still much impatience and disgust doing this work, I have never questioned how to do this work and that is right until the end, which is that I will not go on compromise to my plan – doing the best under the circumstances – and then I will finish, when I finish and NOT before!
  • I decided to take a break from writing my memo to publish the last four days of scripts by 16.45.
  • I also brought this posting on Facebook after publishing my script: 



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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