October 12, 2011: The “original darkness” tried to stop our creation, but it was dissected and started being dissolved too


Summary of the script today

10th October: Continuing to work at the old world with my ”old nightmare” continuing to attack me

  • Dreaming of working at the old world with my ”old nightmare” continuing to attack me, love, lack of a will to share and lack of energy, I might end my work in approx. one week from now (or two!), I am with Sidsel longing much for her but I tell her that I cannot be together with her for one reason only (she is “another part of my mother”!), which is about my suffering missing love extremely and my “old nightmare” being pressured on me more and more strongly.

11th October: Jiro’s group is bringing me STRONG darkness and Rael is an impostor also influenced by darkness

  • Dreaming of “the performance of my life” on its way to be included in history books, two previous Prime Ministers of Denmark – Lars Løkke Rasmussen and Anders Fogh Rasmussen – not being friends anymore, my ideal man is the combination of Anders and Lars (!), I am still working fine despite of not having much strength, Karen loves me to want her, the freedom fight of Syria is also symbolising my fight against the darkness, people have started to reject the darkness and listen to the story of our New World, looking in the atlas of our New World including darkness symbolised by a beautiful Japanese lady, previous colleagues of mine will confirm my professional competences, the access to previous Universes is closed as a protection against darkness and Japanese snipers shooting at me in the Freeport almost killing me, which is about strong darkness of Jiro’s group coming at me and a reference to the impostor Rael and his Japanese connection, which is based on darkness too, see below.
  • The Devil’s advocate, Jiro, was inspired to post three postings on Facebook about Rael – the imposter claiming to be Son of God (!) – including a picture from the movies “Aliens”, which to me is the strongest and most disgusting symbol of darkness, which is what Jiro’s group is now transferring to me (!), and the postings include quotes from Rael about his Japanese connection, which is to say that he was influenced by the darkness too when writing – because of the reference to my dreams of darkness of Japanese of the night.
  • I decided to write to Jane and Tine from the Commune informing them about my move and thanking them for this time giving them and their colleagues all of my best regards.
  • My mother was VERY kind to help me packing, and she will help me the next days too, because she would do anything to help me, but still I would have been even happier if she and the family had been able to read and understand me.
  • Denmark won 2 to 1 over Portugal in football herewith qualifying for the European Championships next year. Symbols were given with the messages “the big question is what is inside of you after the creation” – this is my previous self as the soul of Jesus after becoming the twin God after the renewed creation some weeks ago – and also that the spirit of my father is weak going through immense sufferings fighting the darkness of the first creation, the strongest of all.

12th October: The “original darkness” tried to stop our creation, but it was dissected and started being dissolved too 🙂

  • Dreaming that the spirit of my father inside of me – thus me – is not doing well because of immense darkness, “Starwars” in “modern times” including Russia and “aspirations to be the leader in space” risking the existence of the Universe itself, love of my mother and John of a very special character and I am monitored in connection with “a development program” of my father and will go through pain when transforming into my previous self.
  • During the night I found myself to my surprise awake fighting the darkness of the original creation – the strongest of all – trying everything to stop creation itself and I had to be my strongest deciding not to break down, not to give in for the “demands” to destruct and to change the rules of our creation a few weeks ago to exclude darkness. During this fight, the darkness was dissected, its rules and “being” was understood and it started to being dissolved as part of the rule of the creation to remove all darkness. There is now no “potential killer of the world” by the name of Stig Dragholm. “We are now ready for the absolutely final phase, which is to stop time”.
  • After this I continued dreaming and now (the light) of AG Copenhagen won comfortably in handball, a Japanese Prime Minister (of darkness) lost the election with a large margin, my scripts are being marketed and read by a “large number of people” in “secrecy” (!), I am doing my absolutely best work despite of having no energy doing it, the darkness leaves me a great attraction for beautiful ladies and I have decided to complete my work with my best quality under the circumstances knowing of the expenses (of the Universe) doing this also because I don’t receive direct support from governments, who are still “quiet”!


10th October: Continuing to work at the old world with my ”old nightmare” continuing to attack me

Still the same sufferings but now even stronger than even forcing me to be even stronger deciding to be in charge!

After publishing my script yesterday, I was TIRED but decided to do two quick mandatory applications too – sales leader at Elgiganten and Store Manager for Telenor (!) – and I had an evening potentially destructing me more than almost ever where I for example had my eyes clothes fully enjoying listening to A New World Record by Electric Light Orchestra at the same time as I was given strong feelings and visions of spiritual and even physical beings coming to me from the hall to my right, and it was so strong that it was a fight for how long I could keep my eyes clothes without being “forced” to looking because of the uncomfortable feeling of people around you – the feeling is as clear as real people around me (!) – and you know I received even more talk of destruction, other negativity including sexual temptations etc. the strongest when I am the weakest and vice versa – I need to decide being strong, which is not easy with this strength of darkness – and still the feeling that I might break down at any moment and nothing new in this, the only new is that the feeling keeps getting stronger but oh no not me (!), so therefore WE MUST COME HOME and I MUST FINISH AND PUBLISH MY SUFFERINGS MEMO despite of just how awful this it – at the same time as I twice this evening or maybe even three times was told that this is the Joker playing with the other side immensely beautiful and other symbols too that I am almost there, but not yet and my “fear” is until the last moment if I will “lose it” making the rest of the darkness explode, which I would not be happy about, so I will do my best to go all the way and so it is.

I also started packing the first 7 moving boxes this evening, not because I had energy to do it but because I would like to get started packing, and I was COMPLETELY without energy and my back hurt.

Dreaming of working at the old world with my ”old nightmare” continuing to attack me

Despite of the high degree of suffering during the days, I had a pretty good night almost as a refuge giving me some time to “breath” with these dreams:

  • I have started new work, which I feel is about investments in securities (!), it is Sunday and I have to prepare my new work plan to the manager and present it tomorrow, which I am not sure that I will be able to make. I played Bowling this morning and my trousers are now very dirty. I am with Preben and I believe Even from Acta, we enter a joint meeting with what feels like Fair Insurance, the coffee is of very poor quality and I don’t want to spill, I decide to go home to Hørsholm to change my trousers because this meeting is a waste of time, and Preben understands that I cannot work with the other trousers, I meet two from Danske Bank on my way out to my car, which is parked without a parking ticket, and I have coffee of poor quality to pour out, and I go to a lunch restaurant standing outside the entrance door with the waiter arriving on the other side, I don’t come in but the waiter loses his food of good quality on the other side because of me. I will have to make it back to work in the afternoon to meet with Kim S.
    • This dream clearly says that I working in the old world – investments and Fair Insurance – and that my old nightmare as part of the game is attacking me strongly every day, i.e. the dirty trousers, there is not much love in this old world, i.e. the poor coffee, the people of Danske Bank brings me more energy and because I am not done with my work yet, I am risking that “lack of love” risks some normal life, i.e. the poor coffee and the restaurant.
  • Inside the “special grocer” in Hørsholm, which has all kinds of delicacies in chocolate and cookies, my mother and John decides to buy the cheapest cookies of 20 DKK as a gift for Elijah’s birthday, and I decide to buy two management courses for him, which is more than I really can afford.
    • Something about love, lack of a will to share and lack of energy.
  • I am in Kenya without money to fly home to Denmark, but I borrow money and order a preliminary ticket for one week from now. I call home and speak to my mother’s husband John, he says that my mother has a flue and I tell him that this is exactly what I dreamt that she had, I tell him that I plan to come home in one week but that it is not entirely sure yet. John and David is coming to Denmark in November and I hope they will bring warm clothes because it is cold here at this season, and I see them standing in front of Nørreport Station. I tell my mother with tears in my eyes that I don’t do my work because it is funny because it is infinite difficult, and she says that she will go on a wine tour to Alsace, France, and it is as I have given her the tour.
    • This is about when I will finish my “not easy” work and it says in one week from now, which may be the case and it may be in two weeks, we will see – also depending on for how long I can bear this darkness. And John and David from LTO will receive suffering, i.e. coldness, when I am done.
  • I am standing next to a table with Sidsel and her mother at a restaurant, and when I unbutton my shirt, they look on me with attraction. Later I sit with her in bed caressing her arms and back, and I tell her that “I am frustrated that I cannot to be with you and I will later tell you the one reason why I cannot”.
    • This is the “selfish Sidsel” going on holiday many times every year and the next time to Kenya on Safari (!), but it is also the Sidsel I got to learn in Excellent maybe 6-7 years ago as a beautiful and bright/intelligent lady – more than Karen (!) – always with “something in the air” between us, and the Sidsel who told me in 2009 when we met – not very directly, but still this was her message – that she would like to be with me having a family in mind and I had to turn her down simply because of one reason and that is because I have been told that she is “another part of my mother” and in this sense she was the “temptation” laid out for me after returning home to Denmark from Kenya in 2009, and had I had a normal life as a normal man, the chance of Sidsel and I ending up together would not have been small (!) – and do I have to tell you that I miss love and support from a girlfriend not only “much” but “extremely”?
    • This morning on Facebook I saw that Sidsel late yesterday evening had posted a comment confirming her love to me – I know that her attraction to me was because she saw me as “strong, smart and witty” (!) – as you can see below and the two guys Ben & Jerry as she is referring to be in love with is ice cream – of course the most expensive (!) – and you do know that “ice cream” is a symbol of suffering, so she is suffering because she could not get “someone like me” – and at the same time it is showing you a part of the nature of this “nightmare” given to me, because I have already this morning received the first “temptations” of my old nightmare with the spirit of my mother acting as Sidsel as the disguise, and my answer is still NEVER (!), and this will probably continue until I am done with all of my work, and of course stronger than ever making it “disgusting” and “impossible” to take, and do you see how it is (?), because I have to say no with everything I got thousands of times to the darkness pressuring this nightmare more and more strongly on me – and how long can I resist it, all the way to the end (?) – and at the same time it is to say no to what I long for the most, this is how the “game” is designed.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I started working at 08.40 this morning – nice to start somewhat earlier – and because at 09.45 I had finished the beginning of the script and because I started packing yesterday, I decided that I could continue writing the chapter of my mother of my sufferings memo today.
  • A couple of weeks ago I was told that the new ministers of the new Danish Government would be told about me, and today that the minister of education Christine Antorini is one who has now received this message, and yes Christine we have also been in the same room in one of your election meetings back in 2005 where I was together with Henriette – and later in the TV news I heard that she has decided to remove the rankings between all schools of Denmark, and Christine WELCOME TO THE REAL WOLD and let me say that this policy of yours and colleagues all over the world is WRONG – don’t give people the possibility to hide in the system, which only deteriorates the system making people lazy and ignorant (!), do the opposite and do the ranking MUCH better and more detailed :-).
  • I thought about the GIANT fireworks explosion in November 2004 in Seest, Jutland, Denmark after the “small” explosion the other day and also that I have been told several times without writing it – because of disgust – that Henriette was also “another part of my mother” and yesterday I could not remember when this was and as reply I was told that it was the same time when I was together with Henriette, which was from this time and for half a year, and we know also including a déjà vue here about “destructions of the Universe, which Earth does not know about”, and this was a big one of them and the reason was that I chose Henriette instead of Irina, whom I should have chosen at the time, both now a part of New World II too as I understand it.
  • I have received the déjà vue for days that people reading my postings are simply waiting for me to become my previous self – what I experience now is an old feeling coming to me now when I experience it in real life!
  • For days I have been told “diskette” and today that “we are running on the last diskette of the old world” and that is for me to do my final work and also that the spirit of my mother has been close to “open up for the light” for me to wake up as her beloved son.
  • When doing the final part of the chapter about my mother – forcing myself to do the work – I was told that “we pack up all of your sufferings together with the finalisation of that memo” and this is at least how it was supposed to match, but maybe I am moving too quickly to Helsingør or took longer to finish the memo, because I will only finish the deep edit of the memo before moving, and I have decided that I NEED one more edit before I am truly finished with it, and I still have to go through my website too and also the Signs III and IV pages, so be patient!
  • I continued until 17.35 expanding the number of pages from 7 to 13 of this chapter – and 142 in total – which is what I did with most in this phase 1½ – neither 1 or 2 – which is why I need one more round/edit before I am all done with it.
  • During the evening I started receiving STRONG pain to my stomach/breast and spinal column again after drinking coffee and now also wine (!) and we know Tine from the Commune “promised” to follow up on me before the 1st November, so just maybe my file is on her desk making it “somewhat difficult” for you Tine to decide what to do with me because how is it possible to declare a completely normal functioning person working his best for “insane” and to put him on permanent disability pension (?), and maybe this was the “worst” case in your life/career not knowing what to do (?) and what about following my advice to start reading and understanding me, it should not take many hours to do and my advice may be the only thing you have not “tried” yet (?) and yes “a strong voice”, Tine and that goes to all of your colleagues too – and if you made me in pain again this evening, and yes you bet, so much that I could not sit down next to my computer but had to lie straight on my sofa to keep down the pain.


11th October: Jiro’s group is bringing me STRONG darkness and Rael is an impostor also influenced by darkness

Dreaming of STRONG darkness of Jiro’s group hitting me and Rael the impostor was also influenced by darkness

I had a pretty good night compared to the circumstances with these dreams:

  • I have written an article about the New Theatre, which is included in a encyclopaedia, which I read while standing in line, and while waiting someone shout to watch out for our knees because there is a large step up of maybe one metre, and I hear the queen at the end of the line emphasizing a quote from my article. I see my self sitting at the entrance to the theatre together with my mother, who has an article about the theatre which uses my name and one of my quotes to emphasize a “fantastic performance”, but they have made a mistake when including my quote with a few words missing.
    • This may be about “the performance of my life” – or the “game” or “play” as I have called my journey – which is now on its way into the history books because the show is ending, and this may be the message that the spirit of my mother is telling me and that is also to give me comfort to say that “it’s over” – one of my favourite songs from Out of the Blue 🙂 – very soon because the darkness right now is the most dense and disgusting of all.
  • I am together with what feels like Anders Fogh Rasmussen and we meet Lars Løkke Rasmussen – now two previous Prime Minister’s of Denmark – and Anders and Lars are now not friends anymore, which has “leaked” to the press, and Lars says on his way up with the lift, that he regrets that the story leaked, and if feels as if Fogh is now a different person and I say that “if you believe you have sleep problems, it is nothing compared to mine”. Later something about that I cannot work at Anders’ office because he is at a meeting all evening long.
    • Is this dream literally what it tells almost without symbols, which is that the two previous Prime Minister’s of the Liberal Party of Denmark was the “best friends” when they used to be no. 1 and 2 of the party, and after Anders became General Secretary of NATO, they are not friends anymore (?) and maybe it was difficult for you Lars to accept the style and discipline of Anders Fogh (?) and let me tell you that a combination between the two of you is looking like the ideal person inside of my head, and that is to work as Anders and to be in private as Lars, and just so you know of course :-).
    • And let me say that I like both of you very much, also you Lars, and that I believe you communicate fine, however it is rarely that I agree with you. And also that it was VERY WRONG of the press to persecute you with all of those vouchers a few years ago, and yes this has been on my mind to tell you for a long time, so now this is done too :-).
    • This dream is inspired by the previous Prime Minister Poul Schlüter, who in “Søndags-avisen” said that you don’t get friends in politics and that he is lonely today as a 82 year old, which is sad – but you did a great job, Poul, despite of all!
  • I am flying up at a wide path next to Vapnagaard in Helsingør, and I say “this is my favourite road”, however I am not flying very high, which makes it possible for Fuggi to reach me.
    • Flying is still to work and it is going fine even though I am not flying high, which is that I am not working with much strength.
  • I am having a party in my car at Rungstedvej in Hørsholm, it is open all hours of the day, and Karen is with me and we are making love, and for the first time she is happy with me in this sense too, and I see how she also goes to another party at another address on Rungstedvej, and also how a large yellow car drives around us.
    • The question is really if this is the spirit of Karen telling me that she is looking forward as her physical self to see me again and really because I know that the Council is with me again, or if this is a part of my old nightmare with the spirit of my mother acting as Karen, and really because the yellow car is the spirit of my mother, and I do hope that it is the first and that the spirit of my mother is all around us.
    • I woke up to the beautiful song by Lobo “Baby, I’d love you to want me”, which is how Karen was in the dream, which is perfectly fine behaviour between a couple in the future (!), and I still remember this song with much joy and that my sister had it as a single when I was a boy, and just because of this, this song is special to me.
  • I was told half awake that “Syria is still there, where tennis is open”, which is also to say that the fight of Syria symbolises my fight of the light against darkness and we do like FREEDOM here, so hoping this is coming to you too, my friends and I felt Obama here too :-).
  • I am arriving at the train station, where I see paper girls and boys handing out newspapers, but they have more papers than people even though there is a crowd, and I see a lady on the platform recommending others to take out Income Protection insurance, and I have now seen this lady doing this several times. Inside the train looking out, I see my old colleague Jens from Danske Bank (investment counsellor at Østerbro), and J. Prip is calling him on his phone, and I would very much like to speak to Prip again after all these years, but the train is leaving and I ask Jens to give Prip my regards. At the train I see someone who has forgot an atlas from the publishing house of Politiken, it is the biggest atlas there is, and when I open it I also see a flattened pipe and Red Orlik tobacco and also the picture of a beautiful Japanese lady.
    • The idea is for people symbolically to reject the papers (originally meaning termination) and to accept to take out insurance (become a “member” of our New World), which a lady is helping me to “market”. I still miss my old good colleagues and friends Jens and Prip from Danske Bank in the end of the 1980’s – together with Jan G. and Henning W. and also “kløkker klokker” of course – and look forward to seeing you again and we know “special friends” they are. I am looking at the atlas of our New World and it is not possible to smoke from the pipe (of darkness) anymore, and Red Orlik was the brand Jack and I smoked – do you remember, Jack (?) – and “by chance” this was the brand “smoked by shrewd judges” and isn’t this funny too (?) – and I found out this morning that the Japanese Lady (of darkness too) is related to a posting by Jiro, see the next chapter.
  • I am together with my old colleague Michael from DanskeBank-Pension – not “P. N.” but the other – on our way to work, and he tells me that “you are almost our most important employee” and I tell him that “this is the opposite pyramid”. We are in Copenhagen at a square on Amager, where he buys soda water for me, and I tell him that the corner shop is a very special antiquarian record shop, and when Michael tries to enter, he is told that access is closed, and I feel people inside of the shop.
    • Michael may be one of several of my old colleagues from different companies, who will confirm that professionally I was “simply the best” – a song I dedicated to “God” in 2006 🙂 – and the antiquarian record shop is the shop including previous Universes, and I understand that access is closed to protect from the darkness.
    • I woke up to “Sanctify yourself” by Simple Minds and the lyrics “control yourself” and “Sanctify yourself”, and the control part will have to be that I have the remaining darkness inside of me and when I control myself, I am protecting the world, which was the feeling I received – and yesterday evening I felt myself as the monk of the Jerusalem UFO, who is “the man of darkness” carrying the now remaining part of darkness, which was released when closing the Source of darkness in May.
  • I am at a company having MANY beautiful ladies, and I see that Sidsel has a boyfriend, and I say that “if I was interested, I could have had her”.
    • Which may be both spiritually and in real life.
  • I am at the Freeport of Copenhagen, and even though I heard in the morning that Japanese people had threatened to start shooting, I am surprised to see when I and someone else leave a building in the afternoon that we are met by three aggressive Japanese snipers shooting people to kill and also very close to hit us, we have to throw us self down on the ground, and then I see five snipers very close to me and I decide to follow just behind one of them when walking into a restaurant – I think that he will not return to where he has been and that this is the safest place to be – and I see him shooting guests at the restaurant and I decide to hide between the guests.
    • This dream is both about the Devil’s advocate Jiro and the impostor Rael claiming to be Son of God (!), whom he is fighting, see below, and also the strategy the spiritual world has decided to follow, which is that it is “just next to the darkness”.

Jiro’s group is bringing me STRONG darkness and Rael is an impostor also influenced by darkness

I understood this morning when checking Facebook that the reference to Japan and darkness in two of my dreams of the night was “supported” by the darkness of the Devil’s Advocate, Jiro, in his constant fight against Rael the impostor when he had posted the following three postings on Facebook all referring to Rael and Rael referring to Japan, and in the first, Jiro decided to include a picture of the worst of all symbols of darkness, which I believe I have only written about once because it disgusts me, and it is from the Science Fiction films “Aliens”, and this is because this is how Jiro sees the connection between Rael and Aliens – as something evil – and let me here say that all I know today is that Jiro symbolises darkness and this is the STRONG darkness Jiro’s group is now giving to me to absorb as part of the final part of my journey, and you can read about Rael’s Japanese connection from his postings and because Japan clearly was “darkness” in my dreams, it says that darkness is what was also given to Rael when writing his books, but still there is of course a connection to people of other civilizations and that is that I am “everything” and that is a little bit human being of Earth and a little bit of each people of all civilisations, and I am sure that MUCH MORE is to come about this also for Rael – and Jiro – and not least when all of civilisations will come for “an unexpected visit for (Gevalia) coffee” :-).

Jiro fighting the impostor Rael showing the most disgusting symbol of darkness from the movie “Aliens” symbolising “strong darkness” sent to my by Jiro, and Rael writing about his Japanese connection, which was darkness given to him too according to my dreams of the night

This is the beautiful Japanese lady of my dream symbolising darkness too

More on the Japanese connection of Rael and darkness given to him

Later I was told that Jiro’s group also brings me energy and without them, we would not be able to go through this.

My mother was VERY kind to help me packing, because she would do anything to help me …. 🙂

My mother arrived for lunch today and to help me pack down the kitchen not because I needed it but because she had been very kind offering her help, and she will help me unpack on Thursday, prepare lunch and dinner for me on Thursday and also drive me to the Commune in Helsingør on Friday to register. This is my mother in a nut shell, she will do everything she can to help because she has a good heart, but still you might understand that I would have been even happier if she and the family had been able to read and understand me.

We had a very nice afternoon together, and I was told that with the love of my mother – to compensate for the immense darkness brought by the spirit of my father – we would not make this through either.

My mother was inspired to speak to me about the song “raindrops keep falling on my head”, and first I thought it was Gene Kelly’s “Singing in the Rain”, she was talking about where Gene doesn’t care about the rain but decides to be HAPPY, but it was truly the first song she thought about, and this is about more suffering to come with the question being, will I be happy or not?

Saying goodbye to the Commune giving them my best regards

This morning I felt potentially more breast pain coming to me but still I decided to drink more coffee, which normally is NOT good when receiving this pain – symbol that “I am not liked” by the Commune (!) – and I was told “write if you want to reduce your pain”, and therefore I decided to write the following email to Jane from the Commune – and later also to Tine when I remembered that I had her email address too – and I would have written this anyhow before moving:

Kære Jane,

Det er blevet tid til at sige tak for denne gang. Jeg flytter til Helsingør på torsdag og vil melde mig på jobcentret der på fredag.

Jeg vil gerne sige dig og jer alle tak for alt, og det er på trods af alt! Jeg beder jer huske, at jeg holder af jer alle som personer, selvom vi var “fagligt” uenige. Jeg ved ikke, om jeg får tid til at komme op og sige farvel, og hvis ikke beder jeg dig venligst give mine bedste hilsener til “høj som lav” – Tine, Jens Erik, Arnaud (!) og hvad de nu hedder allesammen, som jeg kender i jobcentret/kommunen.

Og husk det vigtigste af alt: Et godt smil, og også en dejlig kop kaffe, som jeg holder meget af :-). Nu bliver der en hovedpine mindre i kommunen :-).

Take care.

Jane was very kind to send me this reply also with her “loving regards”, which I was happy to receive – thank you, Jane :-).

Kære Stig,

Jeg har videregivet din hilsen til mine kolleger – og de beder mig om at hilse dig og ønske dig det bedste i fremtiden ..

Og du har ret – så længe man har en god kop kaffe, så kan det ikke gå helt galt – håber det bliver godt i Helsingør – det er en hyggelig by.

Kh Jane

The spirit of my father is weak going through immense sufferings fighting the darkness of the first creation

This evening was the decisive football match for Denmark against Portugal with the qualification for the European Championships at stake, and I was happy to see that Denmark played good most of the game – trying to play something like Barcelona – and only after a few minutes Denmark wrongly (?) had a goal overruled by the referee and I was told in this connection that “the big question is what is inside of you after the creation”, and this is my previous self as the soul of Jesus after becoming the twin God after the renewed creation some weeks ago.

“Weak referees” was a theme for the Danish commentators several times during the match, they overruled the goal, did mistakes in relation to on or off side verdicts, and they spoke of the referee as the “Italian originator” as the direct reference to the creator, which you know is the spirit of my father, and this is to say that the spirit of my father is “not well” going through extreme sufferings doing the final work fighting with the first darkness, and you may understand that this is what I do as a physical being too, and this move “home” to Helsingør is meant to cause me much stress to underline this, but I do believe we will work it out :-).

The commentators kept using the word “being dissected” – maybe 5 or 10 times – and I understood that it had a meaning, but it was first with the dreams of the night to follow that I understood that the meaning of this was “to dissect the content of the original darkness” – please see the dreams of the 12th October.

When Denmark scored to 1 to 0, they celebrated as Brian Laudrup did when scoring against Brazil in 1998, and I was given Brian as a reference earlier in the day, therefore, and when Denmark scored to 2 to 0, the commentators spoke of “the three unique” of the Danish team – Bendtner, Rommedal and Eriksen – who did this goal in collaboration as a sign of the Trinity doing the creation in collaboration and also “how can we allow to pick them out of the collective”, which is the thought I have had previously about the Trinity in relation to all individuals of the world as a collective.

The result became 2 to 1 to Denmark making Denmark qualify for the European Championships after Ronaldo did an amazing goal for Portugal, and there was some inspired talk just before the goal giving me an understanding that he was now symbolising me – one of the finest players of all.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I started working at 09.30 and by 12.00 I had finished the script so far – hereafter preparing for my mother’s visit at 12.30 and starting to do more packing, which is truly required now :-).
  • I received a déjà vue – and old feeling – that it is me who is raising my parents in this life and not vice versa.
  • I received STRONG “demands” from darkness to destroy and to change my old rules all evening, and I felt that the spirit of my father is still on his way in also bringing my previous self all the way from the original creation. I was shown an old bottle of beer dissolving and told that this is now the darkness of the first creation we are going through and first with this we can see what originally went wrong.


12th October: The “original darkness” tried to stop our creation, but it was dissected and started being dissolved too 🙂

Dreaming that the spirit of my father inside of me – thus me – is not doing well because of immense darkness

I was caught by surprise – this is how it usually is – when I had a very poor night with strong dreams of darkness including new severe challenges once again making me fear if we would survive, and this feeling is so unpleasant, that it makes me feel extremely poor, and I do hope that we will soon be over this – and here follows the dreams and experiences of the night, and we know Stig MANY dreams including chapters on my mother and football of yesterday being TIRED and still with much to do packing here at my final day in Lyngby, and so much that it very easily could make me give up, but I started at 08.25 doing the two chapters of yesterday, it is now 09.10 and let us see if it will take one or two hours writing the dreams – and we know I will also publish the last three days of scripts this evening before moving, and Jiro will see it and I am not looking forward to receiving even more darkness from him, but I will take it too, and here we go:

  • I am in the cinema, it is 22.15 and Fuggi arrives with a video film, but I have seen all movies and I decide to leave as a consequence, and I wonder why I have seen them all. Fuggi walks with me to my car, which has hold in the inner Copenhagen for a couple of days, and I am sad to see that the two wheels on the right side are punctured so I cannot drive home to Amager – and something about the car becoming a bicycle, which Fuggi would like to patch – and I see a bottle of Coca Cola standing in the snow next to the car. I see a young Motor cyclist speaking an ugly language going through a policec control, paying a ticket and enter.
    • I wonder if these are movies of the old world, which is the reason why I leave the cinema. The puncturing is to say that the spirit of my father inside of me is not doing well with the reason being strong darkness symbolised both by the cola, the snow and not least the motorcycle and police.
  • After a concert in Helsingør Friday evening, I understand that Russia has attacked another country because they have seen a “foreign body” inside the circle around a planet of the solar system, which somehow makes me worry about our survival once more. My mother and John has a record store in Helsingør including special imports, and when I enter their shop early Saturday morning, they have not yet met at work.
    • Is this about “Starwars” in “modern times” including Russia and “aspirations to be the leader in space” risking the existence of the Universe itself (?), and the record store of my mother and John is simply “love of a very special character”.
  • I am hospitalised and included in experiments where everything is monitored in connection with a development program of my father, which I participate in. Later I am buckled to a chair by Denis, who is a mad developer and he says that he remembers that I sent 10 or more television units including renewable motor insurance, which most people decided to use, and something about a transformation, which I will not like.
    • This is about extreme darkness influencing me and again it looks like we will go through pain as the last part of the journey when I will transform into my new previous self.
  • The absolutely last airport authority uses “Pulp Fiction” with a manager so clever that he can predict answers from the users. I am free at 16.00 but “maybe you cannot at this time because of the time alone” and something about the manager saying “oh” and pushing a button, which makes a small girl be the trigger, which kills my mother.
    • This appears to be the last gateway of the aeroplane, i.e. the world , to go through, which is potentially immensely violent, i.e. the movie “Pulp Fiction”, and the manager is the darkness, which it seems is “difficult” to outmanoeuvre with the risk of killing my mother, i.e. destroying part of the Universe, as the result, which I will do what I can do to avoid simply by continuing to do my work to follow the “best possible road” through these challenges, and do I need to tell you just how unpleasant this night was becoming?
    • I woke up to the song “Mania” by Michael Sembello and the lyrics “She’s a maniac, Maniac on the floor, And she’s dancing, Like she’s never danced before”, which is about the spirit of my mother in the “danger zone” doing everything she can to avoid being “killed” by the darkness.

The “original darkness” tried everything to stop our creation, but it was dissected and started being dissolved too 🙂

In the middle of the night, I was kept up maybe half an hour to an hour, where I was told that the darkness attached to the spirit of my father is doing everything it can to stop creation itself, which is why the spirit of my father is not doing well and it continued when this darkness started being dissected – this was the reference of the football commentators yesterday evening speaking about “being dissected” – and there was much speech of low volume I could not hear or understand, but I heard “these are the rules to defeat the democracy – we dissolve them too”, “it is the original creator’s wish to be released, which also saves us now” and I was shown and told “large boxes of dark balls blocks the original creation, which we move now” and also that “it is the new creation including the rule that there is not to be any darkness, which we are carrying out now”. I was shown how the darkness was followed all the way to its creation, I was shown a “cave” inside a aquarium as a symbol and told that the darkness was in principle with us from the first day and that it made us kill ourselves by turning us inwards (not outwards) and I was shown a cat having a mouse in its mouth also as a reference to the dream of the other day (where the mouse was a rat). While this was going on I continued receiving STRONG “demands” to destruct and also to change the original creation to include darkness, and it was really on my “extreme edge” again where I had to decide not breaking down and to keep the creation, which we did a few weeks ago including only light and removing all darkness. I heard “focus on every single shadow in the matrix, which has to be removed”, “we are the leading company and until less than one day ago we were put under administration”, “what this means is not to give up in order to do it perfectly”, “therefore “Forbrydelsen” (“the crime”)”, which was a Danish TV series in 2009, where the murderer was a character called “Stig Dragsholm” (!), which you may understand was a very direct symbol of me potentially killing the world (my name is as rare as you can imagine and not a “coincidence” to be used in this series!), and that is if we were not stronger than this darkness and I was told “there is no longer any Stig Dragholm, who can destroy everything, I have now stopped that” and “this means that we are now ready for the absolutely final phase, which is to stop time”. Finally I saw an agreement being signed (an agreement of only light, no darkness) and I heard “here is a man of extreme feelings, who deals with strength” (me) and I was shown a small cap and told “we now know its inner being and we are in control”.

Dreaming of victory of the light and defeat of the darkness with a large margin

After this surprising and very uncomfortable experience of the night fearing termination yet again because of the strength of the darkness (!), which also made me impatient because of the additional work I knew it meant to my script, because it made me tired and also because I knew that I did not have much time left today to do the last of my packing, the dreams continued:

  • I see AG Copenhagen winning in handball with a large margin, and I hear a Japanese Prime Minister saying “it is now your responsibility” after having lost the election with a large margin.
    • This is victory of the light and defeat of the darkness symbolised by the Japanese Prime Minister referring to the story of yesterday about darkness of Rael and his “Japanese connection”.
  • I am at an exhibition where I meet my old friend Martin I. – I am happy to seeing him again – I see him speaking to the Danish supermodel Helene Christensen who is an old friend of his going back to childhood, and I am about to tell Martin that he is to hear my fantastic stereo system, I decide to fly, which is almost impossible for me to do only “flying” one centimetre above the ground, which Martin finds “mysterious” and I see that he is not motivated by this, on the contrary. At lunch at this large exhibition hall, I noticed that a table of approx. 8 where Martin sits is full, but I am allowed to sit at the end of the table, which I reserve, but when I come back with my lunch, I see that a person of darkness has taken my seat, and I ask him if he has finished, which he has, and I overtake his place, and also some of the nice bread, which he leaves.
    • The large exhibition is about “marketing of my scripts in a greater scale”, which is to say HELLO TO THE WORLD following me “in secrecy” and again DO YOU REALLY THINK THIS IS NECESSARY TO DO (?), the stereo is to say that I am still doing my absolutely best even though I have no energy to both work on my scripts, to move tomorrow, to register with Helsingør Commune, get new Internet to work, find a freezer etc. and not least to unpack, set up and also finish and publish all of my work and that is with the energy remaining of the “diskette of the old world” and on top of this even more suffering as I understand it.
    • I am removing the darkness from my seat (!), and it leaves behind more bread, which is an extreme desire given to me with Helene Chistensen as the symbol saying that it is of “beautiful ladies”, but I am keeping my rules to the point also saying that I cannot avoid seeing “WRONG glamour” on the Internet because it is there, which is “too much” for me and again I like to see “natural and elegant people” not posing sexually but naturally – because of the desires I receive and the lack of a girlfriend – and you can really read what I wrote about this earlier in 2011 in my scripts and also my website – and if a website shows something I don’t like to see, I leave it immediately or simply close my eyes for the parts I don’t want to see and trust me I have developed a very good skill for this in 2010 when it was “totally impossible” for me to look at any beautiful girls at all!
  • Henrik R., my old manager from Fair after Søren H., has decided to run a telemarketing campaign to sell Income Protection Insurance only focusing on the income without thinking of the expenses, and he says to my colleague that it will be up to England to evaluate the expenses, and I am trying to get his attention, but he does not listen to me, and I wanted to tell him – because he lacks the experience I have – which is that normal procedures is to do a profit/loss calculation to send to England in order to receive their approval of the campaign.
    • This may be about my decision to complete my work with my normal quality no matter what even though we don’t have the energy to do it, and I have learned all throughout this game that there is only one right answer and that is to do my best, and I will NOT finish my work without doing my “best under the circumstance”, which is the compromise I decided for, and this might take a couple of weeks my friends, where we have to find energy, and again I WILL NEVER GIVE UP and so it is, and I wonder if England in the dream is not only referring to the head quarter of GEFI, which “strangely” was the feeling of the dream (!), but also to the attitude of the government in England towards me and at least a part of you (?) and just wondering I am here, because I am not told much clearer than this, and we know when they don’t support me publically, it brings “expenses” or let us say “sacrifices” to the world, but still you are silent?

Ending the script so far at 11.10 – and two hours was what I expected it would take, but hoping that it would only be one hour.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • From the night, I continued receiving the words “I don’t want anyone to die and no destruction” to protect the Universe from danger and I added that I only want you to do this if it is absolutely necessary as your last way out!
  • As “thank you for doing this work writing my script” I was told that we have started directly on the task to stop the time of the world.
  • I don’t know for sure when I will post the next script, but Sunday or Monday is my best guess today.
  • Before starting to pack today, I received MUCH and STRONG darkness, and I went to town to buy some large plastic bags, which still makes me completely exhausted doing – and EXHAUSTED is what I mean, and when I started packing the rest during the afternoon, the darkness started lifting, so I am hoping that just to arrive home to Helsingør will remove some of this extreme suffering, and maybe the rest when I will finish my work? I ended 98% of the packing at 16.30 and I tell you that I was MORE THAN TIRED after the night.
  • A couple of answers: The old symbol of “accountant” – as many people think about too when seeing me – means “controlling the energy”, i.e. the Source, as easy as that, and “what do I know”, my favourite song by SAGA, means what I have been thinking daily also when writing these scripts, which is really “what do I know” and that is my TRUE feeling – I don’t know that much!
  • At 17.10 today, I managed to publish my scripts with the computer being the last electronic device working here.
  • Tomorrow morning I will move to this place on the fourth floor in the high building with the most beautiful view over the sea 🙂 – and did I mention that I was recommended a moving company by Kirsten costing 480 DKK per hour for one truck and two men (?) and yes “black work” without paying taxes because you will not pay taxes in our New World :-).



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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