October 16, 2011: Dismantling darkness: Darkness was created as a “joke” out of control creating its own life of negativity


Summary of the script today

13th October: “Tra-la-la, nobody is to die because we are now in control of the Devil” – this is what my move also means

  • Dreaming of my old school smoking, which is about the spirit of my father entering, a HR memo I did in 2000, which was not read (!) can improve production, efficiency and happiness, the spirit of my father and my previous self will become separated, when I will leave him to be my previous self, and afterwards he will become part of me as the creation, the Devil has killed and killed but “we are now in control of the Devil” after dissecting it.
  • I moved today from Lyngby to Helsingør with almost no physical energy – I was told and felt clearly (!) that I have only ¼ of the moving people – and the carefulness of this move is the carefulness, which was used when the spirit of my father with my previous self was moved to the New World too. My long 3 person sofa was the symbol of this move, and it was difficult to bring down from Lyngby, but “impossible” to bring up the stairs to the 4th floor in Helsingør, where there truly was no space available for it to pass, but since we NEVER give up, we did it (!), which was the same happening to the spirit of my father moving together with my previous self.
  • The spirit of my father will get a life after darkness has been forced upon him, and my previous self took on darkness too to help out.
  • “Tra-la-la, nobody is to die because we are now in control of the Devil” – we can live here forever without a “time limit”, which is also what the move to Helsingør means.

14th October: The original code of darkness is being dismantled using energy I don’t have when working

  • Dreaming of being desperately out of energy as I was today, the military is censoring Jack in everything concerning with me, which however is no problem because all plans are on track, a monument for people of the Universe sacrificing for us, the spirit of my mother as the Holy Spirit of our New World and New World II and seeing a UFO in daylight over the city to make many people discover that I told them the truth.
  • I did not have energy to unpack today but I did it anyhow – it was a matter of critically dismantling darkness through work or an explosion, and despite of a very difficult day working, it was still “laughing all over”.

15th October: Dismantling darkness: Darkness was created as a “joke” out of control creating its own life of negativity

  • Dreaming of the power of the darkness these days when being dismantled is very strong making work almost impossible, my “old nightmare” is still hunting me, the darkness is doing “much below potential”, the party to celebrate our New World is much closer than what I believe, the 4th dimension – our Golden Age of an eternal now – will come together with normal life, the routines of the darkness will stop soon, working hard to finish all my work and now also setting up a new home and leaving the train at the end station called “the other side” is almost impossible to do at the same time dismantling the darkness.
  • I am dismantling the darkness through energy I bring via the work I do, my floor lamp “decided” to start working again today for the first time in three days symbolising EXTREME DARKNESS these days and I wrote the last couple of days of scripts almost being updated on this work.
  • During the process of dismantling darkness starting with the spirit of my mother – coming to the spirit of my father later – I was told that it was the spirits of my mother and father, who sadly created darkness themselves as a joke of irony, which got out of control creating its own life of negativity, the spirits of my mother and father could not correct the error creating darkness, which is why I was created – the light could not read the code of darkness and vice versa, when all “codes of darkness” have been replaced by “codes of light”, everything will become much stronger and more beautiful.

16th October: The darkness works as a parasite soaking out life of the Source and fed by people committing sins

  • Dreaming of the darkness working as a parasite soaking out life of the Source, the darkness is fed by people committing sins, my Holfi Sunair speakers are playing “beautiful music” again after resuming work on my scripts, the Jobcentre of Helsingør Commune will also play a game of darkness with me after receiving files on me from Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune telling that I am working better than others but also that I am crazy (!), I am critically in need of energy, the darkness is meeting the light for the first time “in school” and I have been excluded from cash help from Lyngby-Taarbæk and not yet enrolled in the same scheme of Helsingør, which I will first visit tomorrow.
  • I continued working to set up my apartment this afternoon – because I did not make it to the meditation group of Helsingør – and it is starting to look like a home now. Before the end of next week, it will be “perfect” at least for now. A symbol was given that the end of Titanic when it went under was another symbol of the end of the world approaching.
  • The darkness asked to receive the code of light and my answer was of course NO!


13th October: “Tra-la-la, nobody is to die because we are now in control of the Devil”, this is what my move also means

Dreaming that “we are now in control of the Devil” after dissecting it 🙂

This script is first written the 15th October after my move to Helsingør – on basis of my notes of the 13th – when the computer is up and running again, so here follows some dreams to start with and that is if I can read the notes, which may be a challenge as far as I can see:

  • I am on my old school in Espergærde, something about Søren hurry up, the ceiling is smoking and someone chasing Søren, which I don’t want to look at so I stop him and ask him to control his temper.
    • The smoke will have to be the spirit of my father on his way in.
  • I worked for a company for free 1 to 2 years ago where I did a written proposal, but nothing happened, but now a new manager has read and understood it and it is about a new synthesizer, which sounds much better than the old, and as a by-product, it delivers free chocolate skim and also Cappuccino for the entire school. I test it but is put in a large queue made by Anders M. (my old GEFI Nordic Manager), and I tell him that it is very poor that nothing happens – he was the one not reading and doing anything about my memo because for him, only billion-businesses count.
    • This memo, which Anders did not read was from approx. 2000 where I did a long memo on how to treat employees from a HR-perspective – how to identify and develop skills and much other – and the funny part is that he never “got time” to read it (!) and probably because it was “impossible” for you to read so many pages (?) and because it looked very “dull” (?), and it is really only for you to start in order to understand that it is not dull, and the effects from treating employees the best way possible, is what is creating “much better music” including chocolate – a better material life – and coffee, which is “with love”.
    • I woke up to Shu-Bi-Dua’s “sikke en sommer, there is a string orchestra”, which is one of the fantastic and “traditional” Shu-Bi-Dua songs and here also a reference to the Council.
  • I am driving on the German motorways with my old friend Lars G. where the brakes of the car almost does not work, which almost makes us hit the car in front of us but nothing happens. I leave the Volkswagen Transporter including my luggage and I collect up some coins from the ground, but Lars did not make it out, he was speaking on the phone with his father and he only got his left sock on, and it was impossible to take on the right too, so we continue driving in two cars and I fear that we will not meet again. A mate says that he took out insurance on the highest possible sum, but forgot the insurance certificate. Later my car is driving into a picnic area and drives directly into a lake full of ice, and later Lars arrives – to my surprise, but we have agreed to meet here – and he now wants to change over to my car.
    • Lars is here a symbol of the spirit of my father, and it seems that we will become separated for a period of time, when I will leave him to be my previous self, and afterwards he will come back to my “car” and become part of me as the creation, and it is done with suffering – of course – i.e. the ice of the lake.
    • When I woke up I was told “Calamity Jane”.
  • I saw Michael Douglas arriving to a party as the Devil with horns in his forehead and a large part of his skin red-spotted.
    • The dream was very “vivid” and I was told “we are now in control of the Devil”, “you have killed and killed because of a small mechanical mistake”, which is a reference to the first creation making darkness a theoretical opportunity, and it obviously took until meeting the first darkness before it was possible to dissect the secrets of the darkness in order to dismantle it. I was also told “there is nothing worse than being forced to be the Devil without being able to dismantle it; the code is almost the opposite of the expected – this is the best way we can tell you”.

I moved from Lyngby to Helsingør and the spirit of my father with my previous self moved to the New World too 🙂

I was up at 07.00 to do the last part of packing before the moving company would arrive at 09.00, and when I lifted a box, I was “deliberately” given a crack to my back by the darkness and I was told that I will only be able to lift ¼ of what the moving men can do, this is still how weaken I am.

After working most of this time, the moving company with two men arrived, and they were both friendly and effective, which I liked much to see, and I was told that the carefulness of this move is the carefulness, which will be used when the spirit of my father and my previous self will move into the New World, and I was happy that my mother helped me pack the kitchen using papers to wrap my service and glasses, and I believe I was careful with most of my other contents except from a couple of lose items, which was not packed into boxes.

When they saw my very long three person sofa, they told me that it would be almost impossible to get it down without receiving scratches, and I could only say that we got it up as it is – without wrapping plastic – and that they could only do their best, and I understood spiritually that this sofa was the symbol of the spirit of my father and my previous self moving into the New World, and I was happy to see that these two young men was not only effective but also very reliable and careful when working and they succeeded to bring the sofa and everything else down without damage.

On our way to Helsingør, I was told “the world is now moving home”, and I received a bit of a burned feeling to my throat, however not much, symbolising the difficulties of this move and damages to the world doing it, and afterwards it was covered with yellow of the spirit of my mother, who told me “you are all heartfelt welcome home” and I understood that it is first now that all spirits are coming home with the spirit of my father to the New World – do you see that this was part of a game earlier on?

When we arrived at Helsingør, the darkness told me “so it is here you have thought about winning”, which was after a night where I was also played a song about “only when I lose”, which is about the darkness losing.

At the new place in Helsingør everything went smoothly when bringing up my contents to the 4th floor using the lift, but the driver, Jesper, told me that it would be impossible to get my long sofa up with the elevator, and the first staircase was also too small to use (especially the exit on 4th floor), and then I thought that there had to be a back staircase, which there was, and when they brought the sofa there, it was very clear that the staircase was truly “not very big” and furthermore there is a big pipe running down the middle of it making it even more difficult to twist around the sofa, and Jesper was “almost” certain that it would be impossible to lift up the sofa – all the way to the 4th floor (!) – but I asked them to try, and when they moved in the sofa in one direction, it was impossible, when they moved it in in another direction, it was also impossible, but in this company we/they never give up (I had almost imagined the sofa standing on the ground not knowing what to do with it!), and of course these difficulties we were facing were the same difficulties spiritually when “receiving the spirit of my father and my previous self” into our New World, so I asked them to turn around the sofa and try once more, and there was truly no way that it could get around a lamp on the wall too, but I asked them to “push” and “bend” if necessary and they did, and somehow they got it around the lamp and also the pipe, and as the other nice man said, when they first reached beyond this point, there was no turning back – it would be impossible to bring it out again (!) – and hereafter it was “only” a matter of lifting it all the way up to the 4th floor, where there again was hardly any space available at each floor, and I followed with a blanket to put under the sofa at every half floor to make sure that the leather would not receive scratches when they put it down on the concrete (it was heavy!), and they only got it around each floor when the legs of the sofa scratched against the wall, so my dear friends the marks you can see on the wall is from my sofa and on my order, and of course there was no danger to make the building fall down, but we did receive a few surface scratches and this is to the New World after moving the “sofa” of the spirit of my father and my previous self, and when we – mostly they – did this job, I received the very clear déjà vue that this exact move of this sofa is the symbol of moving the spirit of my father and my previous self into the New World, which happened at the same time as we did this which is why it was important that they did not give up, and we know I would never have made it without their help for example using my nephews as help.

Afterwards I joked with the moving men asking them with a smile also to try using the other staircase (!) and that I had regretted also asking them to bring down the sofa again :-), but no, the sofa came all the way up, and the “soft parts” of it, the leather, did not suffer any damages, and as I told the moving men, it was truly WORLD CLASS what they did and I understood that this was the toughest challenge they have ever met (!) – it took them maybe 30 to 45 minutes to move the sofa up – and at least the most difficult sofa to handle, but they have also tried moving another sofa, which was easier to handle inside a staircase, but that was all the way up to the 16th floor at Tuborg, but that is another story as we also say here.

Afterwards I fell over a box including books making it tear apart but nothing happened to the books, and I was told that this was “instant pay” after moving the sofa/the spirit of my father and my previous self, and I understood that nothing happened to the books, i.e. the information of the world doing this “not without danger” operation.

The moving company worked from 08.45 to 13.15 for 480 DKK per hour and 200 DKK for diesel, which gave a total bill of 2.360 DKK, which was the best way to bring the contents to Helsingør almost at half price of normal tariff, and if I had done it alone for example with the help of Niklas and Tobias, I could maybe have rented a car for 500-750 DKK + diesel, but I am not sure we would have gotten everything with us, because I truly felt how little physical energy I have after I did my best helping the moving men to move – also to reduce the bill – and I was COMPLETELY EXHAUSTED with sweat all over telling Jesper that “I would like to have more strength than what I have” – they took all of the big and heavy items – so this was the best compromise I could find, and I say this because I am still thinking of sending money to LTO the 1st November, and from the 1st December, I don’t believe I can send any – or only little – but I should be finished with my work before 1st November (!), and maybe and hopefully we will all be able to see the New World around the 1st December (?) and we know I am following the road of God, and he has never let me down, when I have never let him down, so I don’t worry because this is still how we are playing the game!

When we arrived in Helsingør, I was VERY HAPPY that my mother and John was there, and they will simply do anything practical, which they can help me with, and they brought in some things from the elevator to the apartment, and during the afternoon my mother helped setting up the items of my kitchen and my clothes at the cupboards too, and that was truly very nice of them to do – including bringing a new flower, something to drink and she had also done lunch, and what more can you ask from a mother and family, and only that they will understand me of course (!), and even though I TRULY appreciate my mother/family helping me with practical tasks, it is nothing compared to if they had been “able” to read and understand me! I used the afternoon my self to assemble the shelves of my living room

Most of the afternoon, I received MUCH voices of the darkness still making work a hell to come through, and my mother kept on speaking “impulsively” about this and that, which “came to her”, and the darkness did everything it could to make me in-going, not motivated to speak and generally negative, and also tried its best to send darkness to my mother, because it constantly removed my concentration from working, and also to move around my furniture to several different positions to find the best position they could stand. It was actually a very big pain in practice making me unfit for working, but I have decided that I have to go through this too. I have not come here to start giving up now!

The spirit of my father will get a life after darkness has been forced upon him, and my previous self took on darkness too

The spirit of my father told me that this is about getting a life for him after darkness has been forced upon him, and I was told that my previous self has also chosen to take on darkness to help out, and also that we are still running on the diskette of the old world but it is now also possible to give life-saving to Earth from the New World.

“Tra-la-la, nobody is to die because we are now in control of the Devil” – we can live here forever without a “time limit”

At 18.00, I was COMPLETELY DESTROYED without any energy, but still my mother was so kind to invite me for dinner at their home at 19.00, and I had decided to walk (without energy!), which took me 20 minutes to do, and I was VERY happy when I saw MY “STAR” being switched on and UFO’s appearing with one of them singing “tra-la-la, nobody is to die because we are now in control of the Devil” and it is as my mother told me that I can be happy being able to live at the new apartment without a time limit – on contrary to Lyngby, were I could only “live” for a maximum of two years (!) – which is really to give the final verdict: NOBODY WILL DIE – EVERYONE OF THE WORLD WILL SURVIVE THE JUDGMENT, which really was our “goal”, this is what this move to Helsingør also means – and my mother kept saying “THIS IS PERFECT” all day long, and this is what it will become for all us. On my walk, I was also happy to see another light switching on next to the full moon and I was told “I am here too” and this was the light of my mother.

We had a very good evening and very good lasagne, and my mother and John – and also the moving people earlier – told me that I would sleep good tonight (because of the physical energy used today), but I was not that sure!

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I was given CLEAR deja vues about Dorte – a class mate from EFG in Helsingør in 1980/81 being a “servant” of mine – and also that people had to believe that I had lost my mind, and finally I was shown a nest including two eggs and the third egg on the way in, and I was told that “you will not arrive before we will become big”, which is about me waking up as my previous self, and we know I first need to finish my work and to see the effects of this.
  • Now I live in Helsingør, and whenever I look out the window, my breath is taken away because of the beautiful view and that is to be able to see the 180 degrees of a “full horizon” in front of me also having birds flying outside my window, I have never had a view as beautiful as this before.
  • I saw on the TV news that Sirte in Libya has now been FREED too as a symbol of my FREEDOM coming when moving to Helsingør, and by the way Michael Falk, the birds of pray flying so beautifully around you the other day was a sign of my FREEDOM coming, and Lisa T. from Fair, the father will not harm you as he hurt his own Son, and you brought a message on Facebook about this too, and this is about the Son MUCH hurting going through this liberation process.


15th October: The original code of darkness is being dismantled using energy I don’t have when working

Dreaming of being desperately out of energy and monument for people of the Universe sacrificing for us

As expected I did not sleep well and that is not at all making me very tired today and a little bit was because of “new noises” of a new place and it beats me that manufacturers cannot make a completely silent refrigerator and mine is now one metre from my ear (!), and as usual some dreams:

  • Ferrari is having a meeting for potential investors, because the company is in desperate need of more capital, and they do still hope that by the end of the year, they will come out with an accumulated profit, and despite of delays, the company still delivers. At the backroom, the company has made small stands for investors to visit, and a number of drivers make small teddy bears for fans.
    • This is a dream telling you how I was today, completely dead meat (!) with no energy, i.e. money and that is because of lack of sleep and doing physically yesterday much more than I was able to do.
  • Jack and Fuggi arrives, and everything is very fine with Fuggi, but Jack has received a letter saying that all mail to his father is to be forwarded to the military, and afterwards at his room he shows me a music album I don’t know of and when he plays it, it annoys me because the lyrics are dirty.
    • I wonder if this is simply to say that everything Jack does concerning me as his “father” is censored by the military, and if this is the case, it was truly time for you to wake up to discover that THIS IS NOT HOW TO WORK AND TO BEHAVE and that is in our New World and I do hope that all of you would like to join me (?), so why not put down all of your facades and obstacles and we know “old and poor habits”!
  • Something about weather people running around in Europe with the weather forecast including the Irish twins from the Eurovision Song Contest 2011. Jack is at a special school with me and something about telling him “this is no problem” and his telephone not working anymore. “All shops work fine”.
    • Is the weather forecast about sun as in happiness or rain as in suffering coming (?), and despite of what the military may have done to Jack, we are still on right track and “all shops working” is about “normal life” being on track.
  • My old top manager from Aon, Niels de B., talks at work without doing anything, and I send him a reminder through the computer for a task, I walk through the old beautiful neighbourhood of Copenhagen, and lose my finest jacket, but I get it back on, and I notice on my way through the entrance of a cemetery a very large obelisk as a monument.
    • What is this dream about, the computer is our New World and is this about implementing something in Niels, or is he a symbol of the spirit of my father too and we will see someday when I will be able to tell exactly the meaning of these dreams, and I know that a tie is “confidence”, that trousers are about my sexual life, my shoes is about “living/surviving” and making it to our New World – or something like that – but I have never found out what a jacket means, which will probably come some day to me, and normally “dead” means someone who I am in no contact with anymore, but is this monument to honour people of the Universe sacrificing for our survival, which it may be – thank you, I don’t know who you are and how many you are, but thank you and “it takes a lot of courage” is what I receive here with a reference to the Japanese kamikaze pilots during World War II and we know, which also could mean “darkness” coming to me here, and we will see.
  • I am very proud to see that my mother is the master chef of two restaurants of very fine quality, one is Spanish “El Tapas” and the other is a concept restaurant. She used to be very famous and is now receiving rehabilitation with these appointments, and I wonder if she will be able to make both. And something about a café inside the restaurant, ice water, a sock, find the other café and writing.
    • The two restaurants here will have to be the New World and New World II, which the spirit of my mother is the Holy Spirit(s) of – one for each world and I have normally seen restaurants as a symbol of “normal life”, but it just may mean “all there is”, which then is up to mankind to share equally.
    • When I woke up I receive a big pain to my right angle, not as big as some days ago, but “quite big” meaning new sacrifices to bring me energy.
  • I saw my self surrounded by light as in the video of David Bowie singing “heroes”, and I felt like three people.
    • A sign of the Trinity at the New World.
  • I also remember being in the city with many people seeing a UFO in daylight at 100 to 200 metres altitude where I told people “can you see that I was telling you the truth”, and another dream seeing Uffe Ellemann standing alone on the Town Square hall of Copenhagen in rain surrounded by TV camera crews, and I was wondering to do over to speak to him, but decided not to.

The original code of darkness is being dismantled using energy I don’t have when working

Because of how I felt today – COMPLETELY without energy and much darkness still – I did not have energy to continue unpacking and coming in order, I was disabled again today and that is even more than yesterday (!), but I decided to do it anyhow continuing from the morning maybe from 8.30, and most of the day I was told “now this and that has been dismantled”, which is about dissolving the darkness because we know the code of it and because we have decided that everything is to be “the code of love”, therefore.

And the darkness was still very strong wanting me to cut down trees, and I received marks “cut” around both my right and left angle – symbolising the physical respectively the spiritual Universe – and the feeling is that someone has cut a ring of a few millimetres around my angles, and they were not there all of the time, but some of the time, and at other times, I received a little pain of “potential darkness”, and I was told that the alternative to me working was to explode this darkness away – and I received many feelings of Jiro, the Devil’s advocate and this is your fate, Jiro, and also that he is “someone special” himself too!

I had agreed with my mother to collect me at 15.00 to drive to the large Kvickly supermarket outside the city to shop – I had to buy something to eat – and we were away for more than 1½ hour, where I was completely down because of absolutely no energy, but I had to buy food for morning, lunch and evening

I decided – on John’s recommendation – to buy a cheap “start package” for my mobile phone, it was not sim-locked, enabling my mother and John in first hand to call me both because my new Internet connection, thus Skype too, is not up and running yet, and because it is easier to use until telephone through Internet technology has become the standard everywhere, and I have decided to share this telephone number only with family/friends etc. – and by the way the provider of this service is called “Lebara” and in Danish that is close to “laugh only”, and this is what we are still doing: LAUGHING ALL OVER JJJ.

I tried opening the trunk of my mother’s and John’s car but even though it should be open, it was hermetic closed for me (!), and when my mother later tried to open it, it was still “very closed” but the “spiritual lock” was eventually removed from it when she was doing it.

When I returned home, I was let us say “more than tired” and I had to sit down maybe half an hour – a challenge not to fall asleep it was – and afterwards I continued unpacking etc. until 20.00 also receiving a déjà vue that the suits I have now, are the suits I will wear when meeting the world – and I felt Obama telling me “me too” 🙂 – and I wonder how this will come about because I am too thick to fit them now, but maybe I will be able to run myself into shape receiving more and more energy, otherwise I can only hope for a miracle to take place.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • The spirit of my mother told me that she feels the spirits of the world part of her too now when we are gathering as the Trinity, and I was told that the spirit of my mother will be the surface of me as the sum of all.
  • I felt skeletons as the victims of Nazis and told “we first see now why this was the only road he could go” and “he” is the Devil here and that is after his code was dissected the other day.
  • An old story first written now: Because I decided to stand firm on my few rules “no matter what” – especially to avoid my “old nightmare” to be carried out a couple of months ago, the New World has been created without free will in “absolute emergency situations”, where I can overrule inappropriate events, and I was told in connection with especially that one episode where my “old nightmare“ would have been carried out unless I rejected it that “we proved that we were still stronger than the Devil because we created the Universe”.
  • This evening I was shown a UFO on the “big sky” in front of me, which “blinked in” like a car, and I saw it continuing in the direction towards the light of my mother with a tale of “smoke” behind it because of the damages of the Universe when we were united, and I was shown another UFO, which “in no time” created another tale of smoke some hundreds metres from its location towards me and it was quite fascinating to see just like firemen watching fires and here it was to say this was “no false alarm”.
  • For days I have been told about ”Kenn” – Camilla’s father’s brother – as an example of a person who has now received a ”revelation” including information about who I am, and others that know that the Son of God is living in Helsingør now.
  • I also received a déjà vue about having a “hotel room” as my base, which is how my new apartment feels like, and we know as a “suite” really, and how much would Hotel Marienlyst charge per day for a “room” like mine? And I do like the feeling of living here, it is simple, easy to overview and clean.
  • Finally, I was thinking about starting to run this evening – and inspired to do it by my voice (!) – so we will see when I will decide to use some of my time on this.


15th October: Dismantling darkness: Darkness was created as a “joke” out of control creating its own life of negativity

Dreaming that the party to celebrate our New World is much closer than what I believe (2012 is coming 🙂)

I had a somewhat better night, however with too many dreams and too many times being awakened to write these down if you ask me, but I am feeling better today, which however is still not “normal” – and here are the dreams:

  • I have seen the last performance of Robbie Williams, I am bitten very uncomfortable in my fingers by small dogs, which also creates sexual suffering, I fly from there very close to the ground followed by “figures”, and I cannot help but looking back in fear.
    • The power of the darkness these days when it is being dismantled is truly very strong and uncomfortable almost making it impossible to work, i.e. to fly.
    • I was told when being awake that “powers have started healing also serious cases of diseases”, which I understood was because of the dismantling of darkness.
  • Sidsel and I are bus drivers in two buses towards Odsherred on Zealand. She is attracting men including me, and there is something special between us at the end of the motorway, she says goodbye and I read Berlingske Tidende in a crossroad, and my fingers are very close to being run down by a crossing car.
    • Busses are again about “making love”, which is my old nightmare still hunting me here, and it says that I read “the paper of the Devil”, which is almost driving me down, and we know I don’t fully agree in this other than what I have told you, it is almost impossible to keep out what I don’t like to watch even though I do my best, which may be the explanation to this.
  • In a food programme of Carlsberg they speak about telling the truth about two food producers, who do much below their potential. We visit the back yard where rubbish is smelling poorly.
    • Carlsberg is a beer and here a symbol of darkness not working their best and I wonder who the two producers of darkness are not doing their best?
  • I am at the Central Station of Copenhagen, it is 18.00 and everyone is going to a party, and I think that it is first by 21.00 that I need to return, but “by chance” I am there at 18.05 where Fuggi tap me at my shoulder saying “I am sorry about that, I love your dreams etc., but this is too bad”.
    • As I understand the dream, the party to celebrate our survival and New World is much closer now than what I think, and here Fuggi tells me that he is sad about my misunderstanding of this, and also that Fuggi has started reading and understanding my dreams, which I did not believe you “bothered” doing, Fuggi (?), and there is really “much faith” to obtain by reading and following my dreams!
  • My old colleague Nina from DFM – was that your name (?) – has made an electric cooker, which changes form so it ends up looking like a big and special watch.
    • I was told that the 4th dimension – our Golden Age of an eternal now – will come together with normal life, so it looks like it is a gradual process coming over the next five years or for how long it may take to spread normal life to the world.
  • I fight for fun with my old class friend Kim B., he is strong and tough but I tell him that he is a wimp not being able to control his feelings. I see an actress and her daughter arriving having identical faces, and something about “too late, other routines will stop soon”.
    • Kim B. is the famous actor from our class, and as so many others he looks strong on the surface, but according to the dream is weak inside of him, and is it the routines of the darkness, which will stop soon?
  • I am working very hard on my work, and I tell Kim S. that I am still not finished, but it will not take many days from here. He tells me that other consultants work as little as 22 hours per week and they have decided not to go under this limit because they know the rules that if they do, they can become fired. I speak to a customer about increasing his pension contribution, and he swears, and I tell him “it will not become as bad as that”. I see myself wearing my shirt outside my trousers.
    • Kim. S. is still the symbol of the spirit of my father, and I am still working hard to finish my work, and moving and setting up a new home in between with only little energy, and still writing my scripts, don’t make it easier, but nothing is impossible here, and therefore I will do this too because I have decided to finish all of my work and this is how it is! And when my jacket or shirt as here is not in order, it may be about myself “coming into shape”.
  • I am working in a part of London, where I in my breaks keep going to an Australian shopping centre, and I leave by train, where it is almost impossible to exit, because I am too thick and I am also trapped in the door by my clothes, but finally I leave. I am moving and will work another place in London, where I will use some of the big and classical English department stores.
    • London is our New World where I am working and the Australian shopping centre is to work on normal life combining humanity and material prosperity for all, and after this I will concentrate on another part of our New World. Leaving the train at the end station called “the other side” is almost impossible to do at the same time dismantling the darkness.

I am dismantling the darkness through energy I bring via the work I do

Since it was Saturday today, I started the day by taking a long bath – there is a bath tub also here, but somewhat smaller – and I started working at 10.45 feeling physically better than yesterday and receiving less negativity than yesterday from the morning, which kept most of the day, however it does not mean that the day was easy to go through because the “physical pressure” is still around me – I feel the air around pressuring on me pushed by darkness (!) – and I am still receiving “hurting” to my right and sometimes left angle.

I finished working on the script of the 13th at 13.20, I continued unpacking and setting up hereafter until 16.00 and I was told that by continuing to work – despite of much darkness not making this an easy task because the truth is that it is so much that it is disabling me – and maybe also running but that will wait at least some days until the home is in place, that I am dismantling the Devil including the words “I am proud of you” :-).

My floor lamp – the one which has switched off hundreds of times in Lyngby – decided simply not to work the 12th October, the day before my move, and I thought by this time that something had happened to the plug, and I have tried it since also here in Helsingør, and I thought that now it was not working anymore, but then “by chance” I switched it on again today and yes it was working, and later I was told that this is a symbol of EXTREME DARKNESS these days, and we know it has never been as powerful as now, which is also why I have never had so many “hurting” or direct pain to my right angle as I do now meaning that the Universe is helping us coming through via sacrifices.

I continued doing the script of the 14th until 17.20 and a large part of the script from 18.00 to 19.20.

Dismantling darkness: Darkness was created as a “joke” out of control creating its own life of negativity

During the evening I was given this information:

  • “First at the absolutely end, we will know how to get out of his grasp” with “his” being the Devil.
  • “If you want to be negative, this is your last chance” as a response to my continued difficulties keeping the darkness from me.
  • “We have just received the sad news that it was ourselves, who created the darkness”.
  • “We created darkness for each – the spirits of my mother and father – making the whole world as this”.
  • I was shown a large ship with two chimneys with the first one being dismantled and I was told that this is darkness of the spirit of my mother, which we have started dismantling and that we have not come to the spirit of my father yet – and I was thinking that when we reach that point, it will probably be with even more pain and this may be what my sufferings memo will help to bring when it is finished and I will publish it.
  • “It was our deepest wish to correct the error creating darkness, however we could not do it ourselves; it required someone from the outside, and then we created you”.
  • “Sexual sufferings came much later, because it was thought to be a joke, which became stronger over time and created its own life” and I understood that this was “irony” getting out of control becoming evil of nature instead of good.
  • “The Devil’s last attack was with Hitler because he knew very well that the good became stronger with time”, which followed a message I received earlier today, which was that I could not give up when going through my journey, and here I felt the spirit of my mother’s mother Petra arriving and saying “thank you”.
  • Earlier today I was told that my mother died for a very short period of time and here I was told that in this “short second”, the secret of the Devil was transferred to me.
  • Nothing is part of every little thing meaning that the code of everything consists both of “something” and “nothing”, and when “nothing” will be replaced with “something”, everything will become stronger, more beautiful, clearer and more tasty – and it also remove the desire to guess without knowing, loss of memory, laziness and all other negativity.
  • I was asked a riddle about what is going on these days when the spirit of my father and my previous self are transferred to the New World and now the dismantling of darkness and the only logical explanation I could give is that this is the last part of the spirits of my mother and father arriving from the old world with the last remaining darkness being converted into light and my knowledge is that my previous self is and has been part of the New World all along (!), so energy from darkness is helping me to wake up and open my eyes inside the New World.
  • “There is no inertia at the farther end, there is only you, which is the moment we are longing for”.
  • “The Devil wanted to dissolve my previous self but could not because he could not read our code” and I was told that one used the other – the world is/was a mixture of “plusses” of the light and “minuses” of the darkness being build on top of each other – which is why I as an example received EXTREME stress by the darkness together with good advices from the light, which was at its highest when I was in Kenya.
  • In other words, plusses and minuses of the light and darkness are two sides of the same being, but one could not see the code of the other. Minuses were created by mistake by the plusses, which originated from “nothing” itself. This is how the spirits of my mother and father worked both as the light and the darkness receiving input from the choices of the world without being able to dismantle the darkness themselves when they could not read the code of the darkness at “the other side”, but finally “we found a solution, and that solution was at the end a man called Stig”.
  • I was also told that the next will be to tell me why it is no good to share your sexual life and gender publically and in movies/magazines etc., which I am looking forward to hearing myself because so far I don’t really know as Stig, other than it is wrong to do.


16th October: The darkness works as a parasite soaking out life of the Source and fed by people committing sins

Dreaming of the darkness working as a parasite soaking out life of the Source and fed by people committing sins

I had a night as the previous with too many dreams but I am not as tired as the day before yesterday but feeling “better” and still looking very much forward to the day when I – and the world (!) – will become free of darkness, which is really what working on this script is helping with too and for this I will give you a :-). The dreams:

  • I was shown someone creating an opening receiving blood directly from the Source.
    • This someone is “darkness” working as a parasite soaking out life of its host.
  • Lisbeth has overtaken a customer from Preben, and they are searching for photos of the parasites above. I see that the distance from the end of the motorway until the first cross including Jan G. (from Danske Bank, Danica etc.) has been completely removed.
    • I understand that people of darkness committing sins are the parasites working, but what is the removed road about and is it to say that this is part of this world, which now is the foundation of the New World II (?) and also that at the end of my road, I need to create a new road myself?
  • We are a couple of colleagues arriving at work one morning, where we notice that Lennart (from Aon, Skinnerup, AP Pension etc.) is presenting HiFi equipment of VERY good quality especially compared to the reasonable price, and he asks me what kind of travel company I have set up, and I tell him that it is “exotic travels to exotic destination”. Later I am with Helle from DanskeBank-Pension (the one working together with Michael P.N.) and I see a new department of HiFi-klubben selling my Holfi Sunair speaker at a reduced price of 59,000 DKK, which I show Helle, and they are incredible beautiful in a new special type of wood, and I understand that the reduced price is because they have overtaken the concept from Holfi and they can produce at a cheaper price.
    • When my Holfi Sunair speakers were removed from Lyngby, I told the moving men that there was only one thing I asked them to be very careful with, and that was these irreplaceable speakers, and when they had removed them safely, I was put the words “now I can tell you that they cost DKK 110,000” on my tongue – VERY directly, this is how inspired speech works, it comes through the voice as a “foreign body” inside of me (!) – but as Stig, I decided not to tell him because I thought it was wrong to emphasize the price of the speakers, and here I understand the music of Lennart as “warm feelings” as I have with him too and probably a “future servant” in him, and receiving this dream with an improved and cheaper version of my fantastic speakers is also to say that we are still on the right track and this is after I became updated on my scripts again yesterday, this is why, and alright, I will tell it, I agreed to buy these speakers for 30,000 DKK in instalments directly from the previous manager of Holfi maybe in 2003/04, and when I stopped the payments after having given him 24,000 DKK, which was WRONG of me to do but this is how my old life was with economy (!), he understandable became angry with me also paying many visits to my old home in Hørsholm trying to collect the money. I am sorry, Lars, I should have paid you the last sum too, but probably this was a part of “the game” too.
  • The Commune wants me to stay with my sister, because she has one room too much and because of this, the rules say that she is required to let me stay at the room, however she tells me that this is not good because of Hans, who is sick and she fears losing him. The Commune is very proud of my work, they congratulate me and want me to become the absolutely best of everyone, and I see that Pete Sampras is now an experienced player of the Commune attending veteran tournaments almost doing as good when he was at his top as younger. My old colleague Klaus H. from DanskeBank-Pension now works for the Commune, he is visiting me, I am crying because of the decision of the Commune, but I will not tell him when he tells me that he cannot keep my information confidential, but I tell him that it is because of sickness of my family. I see people of the Commune discussing health information on me, which they have received from my doctor, which says that my health is critically poor and that I may have to become hospitalised. A potential employer has been interested in employing me but he is retreating because of my disease, it is Wednesday today and the last chance of being employed with him is tomorrow, and instead I see him dancing with my mother being 20 years younger than she is today.
    • Is this what is waiting me when registering with the Jobcentre of Helsingør Commune tomorrow (?), which is that they will keep me in darkness, i.e. to stay with my sister, which the darkness does not want me to do, i.e. Hans dying in the dream, and this is really the second time I receive the feeling that Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune is “helping” Helsingør Commune – they know about my move to Helsingør through my emails to Jane/Tine (!) – by sending their files on me, which according to the dream both says that I am doing very fine work – better than others – but also that I am sick and not physically as the dream says, but mentally (!), and this is the reason why they “could” not find new work for me in Lyngby, and this was after they “danced with the Devil” and that is the minus side of the spirit of my mother and we know I cannot see it differently today, and the question is of course it the dream is telling the truth?
  • I have discovered a balance of several hundred of thousands of DKK, and a company sends 3-4 managers to clear the balance, but they cannot find the reason.
    • This may be another dream of “serious lack of energy”.
  • I am in school and Johannes Møllehave is our teacher speaking of not having the energy to work after 16.30. The class is tasting both whisky and red wine, and there are beautiful and tempting ladies of the class.
    • Lack of energy too and here darkness is meeting light for the first time (!), i.e. whisky and red wine, and I had beautiful ladies in more dreams of the night brought by the darkness to tempt me.
  • Something about a long queue to the bank to take out cash help, I am wearing short trousers, I am smoking, a crazy lady, a voucher and no money, and I did not get time to send a cheque to someone yesterday as I should have.
    • Is this about difficulties to get my cash help from Helsingør Commune to fall in place and paid out at the end of the month?
  • I am at a very large room and in our department, we have not had food for a long time, which they have on the other side of the other department, and now I see that our department has received food again but also that the whole department is closed because the food has been disinfected.
    • Food is money, and it may be to say that my cash help has been stopped from Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune and I will first visit Helsingør Commune tomorrow asking them to take over.

Continuing setting up my apartment – receiving the end of Titanic as a symbol

I started writing at 09.20 today and by 11.30 I had finished the last part of the script of yesterday and the script of today so far, and hereafter I had decided – and also registered – to go to the meditation group in the city of Helsingør, and I had also planned to pump the bicycle I received from John – this is what I have done before knowing that it will keep the air for maybe a day – but today when I pumped it, it was the valve itself, which could not keep the air, and the tire punctured immediately and by now it was too late to walk down to the city and to make it by 12.00, and this is really one of the “excusable” situations where you are kept from meeting your agreement, and the only thing I can do hereafter is to send them my apology for not attending as planned, which I will do when I will get some time on the Internet again.

Instead it gave me more time to continue setting up my new home, which I continued doing until 16.45 – CD shelves, lamps and paintings – but I could not finish what I started (!) because I need to have some bigger and stronger screws to hold up my CD shelves, which I will buy tomorrow and better to do it right than to hurry, and when I hang up the painting over my sofa and was just about to release it, it fell a few centimetres down in my hands again – instead of on the floor, which it easily could have done if I was not careful – and right in that moment when the picture was falling, I was given a vision of Titanic going under and also the understanding that this magnificent ship was “doomed” to go under as a symbol of the end of the world approaching. Eventually my home is starting to look like a home and during next week I will have finished everything making it as “perfect” as I can now and instead I can concentrate to finish my work – and I hope not to work for free for Helsingør Commune too but we will see.

The darkness asked to receive the code of light and my answer was of course NO!

During my work this afternoon I was told that the darkness has been waiting to be attacked by the light since I went to kindergarten without knowing who I am, but now when the attack to the inner source of the original darkness has started, it knows who I am, which also means that we have broken through to the other side enabling us to gradually release more energy from the Source. When working I was asked if the darkness was allowed to know the code of the light too as the light knows the code of the darkness and it was followed by automatic “yes, yes” words put in my mouth, but I decided to say no just to be sure, information will only go one way and that is from darkness to light, there will be NO information from light to darkness.

This evening I was again invited for dinner by my mother and John and as usual it was very nice, and when I left, I took the small train – “the pig” – from the small station Marienlyst in front of their home, and as usual I was met by UFO’s, three of them, and when my mother wave at me from the window I pointed at one of the UFO’s thinking that they are here, there and everywhere and also for her to see because I do believe she believes in them too – and strange that we are so close and yet so long away from each other and that is the UFO’s and I, and when I reached the next station, Højstrup, I stood off and had 6 minutes through the forest and again more UFO’s to say hello and even saying that the US and Russia was looking too and yes my friends it was you I was waving at, and when will you decide to write me a short email (?) and still wondering I am.

My sister called my mother when I was there; they have now returned from South Africa, and I was happy to hear that they would like to visit me to see the new place – all of them including my mother/John and also the boys and their girlfriends – and I will send them an email following up.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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