October 24, 2011: An incredible number of souls are being liberated these days when dismantling the darkness


Summary of the script today

21st October: The dark side of my mother recognised defeat and started working on the dark side of my father

  • Dreaming of essentially being finished but still working with darkness, I am playing football, setting the rules and score as I please against the darkness, I am riding on a reserve locomotive going extremely fast because of the speed of my work and my mother helped me coming in place at my new home, which cleaned darkness too.
  • The dark side of the spirit of my mother recognised defeat starting working directly on the dark side of the spirit of my father

22nd October: The “new” spirit of my mother entered the darkness of the spirit of my father to release him

  • Dreaming of the dark side of the spirit of my father who cannot find the dark side of the spirit of my mother, Sidsel being sad about my writings on her, the dark side of the spirit of my mother is not dead but alive and kicking and she has now gone after the dark side of her husband releasing him as he did with her, the darkness had created a “genius plan” on how to destroy the world and each individual, this original darkness is a “small area worthy of preservation” when converted into light, the spirit of my mother is suffering when going through this journey, the sensational and commercial press is controlled by this darkness, the darkness did not know who I am or when I would arrive, the darkness has driven mankind to killings with the purpose to kill me and life itself, the spirit of my mother set a time watch for when everything negative of this darkness will be converted to light, the workshop of the architect is returning to light and in this darkness was also the decline of Russia, converting this original darkness to light is “like receiving a whole new world”, “the bodies, which the Devil took, lie here there and everywhere, and the ones we preserved are with us”, “at the end, to merge the Trinity will be the most difficult of all we have done”, all of my family/friends etc. misunderstanding me were led by this darkness to “shoot and kill me”, thorough reading is done to understand the code of darkness of the spirit of my father, Søren H. is not helping me with money but bringing me a new challenge and finally the dark side of the spirit of my father would like to return to life himself too!
  • The converted dark side of the spirit of my mother is located in front of our eternal energy Source to identify the content of the “black balls” of the darkness still blocking most of the entrance – they will be removed with the energy I will continue bringing through my work and exercise. The dark side of the spirit of my father is starting to realise his defeat.

23rd October: Bringing Israel two different doors they can enter to solve the crisis with Palestine

  • Dreaming of being under surveillance and playing a new game with the darkness and to bring Israel two different doors they can enter to solve the crisis with Palestine.
  • I continued working on ”the final details” of my apartment most of the day to make it more perfect than any home I have had before symbolising our New World.
  • David was very kind sending me a new email about the continuing hunger of Kenya, Somalia in war with Kenya (!), inflation and the situation in Libya. Thank you :-).
  • I was shown the dark side of the spirit of my father being forced by darkness against his will to destroy the world, which was his ultimate goal, which he could not escape from before now, when he is going to be released from his “long time” prison. Eveything else than the eyes of the previous dark side of the spirit of my mother – inside of the spirit of my father removing “black balls” blocking the Source – is darkness making her suffer much. And these days I am given a slight stuttering and not being able to find the right words making me suffer when I cannot speak as desired.

24th October: An incredible number of souls are being liberated these days when dismantling the darkness

  • An incredible number of souls are being liberated these days when dismantling the darkness, if I would not be able to liberate all, I would have decided to either terminate the world waiting for the next world to liberate all or to accept a new world not being the final, receiving praise from the spirit of my father for bringing “new friends”, who will also enjoy normal life in our New World, UFO’s will land and appear to people of Earth when I will finish my work, which I am still completing in “rocket speed” and some people of darkness on Earth are still opposing UFO’s and the goodness they bring, which is the same as opposing me!
  • I started the job search course in Helsingør, which of course was a complete waste of time for me with the true purpose being that this brings more darkness/energy for us to finalise the work of removing the remaining darkness in front of the Source. I was told all of their rules removing the FREEDOM also from RESPONSIBLE people making me very unhappy again, and I had an individual meeting with a young female employee, whom I told about my background etc., which gave her the most positive impression of a person as you can get – this is how it is before people will show me the opposite when discovering just how “crazy” I am even though I was making much sense to them (!) – and I asked her to read my CV and an application to find out why it is totally impossible for me to get a job even though I am “one of the best”, and the question is if I will be granted freedom to do my own important work when she and her colleagues will understand or if they will force me to waste my time – we will see :-).
  • Dark ball no. 2 in front of the Source was removed today, the darkness is incredible strong at the moment when being dismantled and the “worst” is now approaching, and the dark side of the spirit of my father told me “screams of dead cuts through into your soul”, and I felt that it was the victims of Nazi’s he used as an example, and I was shown diodes of the darkness on his back being removed. He is in the process of being liberated opening up the Source for our New World.


21st October: The dark side of my mother recognised defeat and started working on the dark side of my father

Dreaming of playing football, setting the rules and score as I please against the darkness

I had a pretty good night under the circumstances with these dreams:

  • Something about essentially being finished but deciding to walk out with a group including two beautiful ladies, a Chinese door and to avoid Chinese attacks using stones.
    • Still more darkness in the presence of beautiful ladies and here Chinese too.
  • I am playing indoor football and score as I like.
    • I had a very strong dream of sexual nature also telling that darkness is strong.
  • I am playing football, we are teams of three and I am with my old school friend Henrik T. H. and a third also good player, and we are playing against the team of our other school friend, Christian, and the ball is a pancake on a plate and the field is on ice, and since no one has said that it is not allowed to remove the pancake from the plate, I do and soon I have scored three goals and Christian decides to give up – and something about my glasses almost being taken off, and afterwards pieces of white chocolate is thrown from above down to us trying to hit our mouths, and I first catch the chocolate in the second attempt where others get it in their first.
    • Still playing against the darkness and when I decide the rules, it is impossible for the darkness to do anything else than giving up and this is still the original darkness of the spirit of my mother and we still have the original darkness of the spirit of my father to clean and also my previous self now (?) and we will see.
  • I change bus in Copenhagen, but first I enter the local library, and I see three beautiful ladies, whom I am attracted to, and when a man notices this, I leave, and from here I see myself on a reserve train where a lady from the railway says that they have put an old locomotive in front of it, which makes it drive extremely fast even though it looks like it will not, and then it drives as fast as she said.
    • This is about the darkness still using beautiful ladies as the temptation for me, and this train I am driving to the other side is a “newly discovered one, which is why we are taking this road too” as I am told here, and better do it with our normal speed instead of starting to relax, which easily could become a poor habit here because of how I feel and we know as long as there is work to do I will STILL carry on.
  • I am with my mother moving and after first having bought one pick-up for this purpose, I have now bought a Mercedes Tornado in stead, but I am using the train from the south to reach the city and from there we will move north.
    • Tornado is the cleaner from Ajax, which my mother and I also used yesterday, and after this, our car has improved.
  • I woke up hearing “Never gonna give it up” from the song “Never givin up” by Al Jarreau and just saying that this is my attitude and I am enjoying this song and his greatest hits VERY much because of the incredible feel, singing and rhythm of his songs.
    • I was told “to lift up ourselves using a hot air balloon is not the easiest we have done, which is now what is waiting on us”.
  • I woke up hearing “let it shine” by Take That – and also for a long time a bass riff from a fantastic and well known song, but I was not given enough of the melody to recognise it, which made me annoyed.

Ordering a new Internet line and publishing scripts

I started working a little late, at 09.50 today, and after writing the script so far, I decided to drive on bicycle the 2-3 kilometres to the centre of Helsingør to visit the library at the Cultural Yard to publish the last four days of scripts and to check offers on Internet and to order my line, and after using some time controlling different offers, I decided for the best offer at the price, which was Telia offering a quick Internet line together with IP telephony, a small package of 12 TV channels and also 6 months free mobile surfing at 239 DKK per month, and I could quickly have used 2-3 times this amount without blinking as most people of this country do! The line will be installed the 7th November, and until then I will have to rely on public Internet. I published the previous four days of scripts, and “strange” how the functioning of WordPress is different compared to which browser and operative system a computer is using, and just look at the lacking space between bullet points in my two last previous scripts, which is not because of me but because of the system or maybe even because of a “spiritual pixy”?

The dark side of the spirit of my mother recognised defeat and starting working on the dark side of the spirit of my father

After shopping I returned home in the afternoon, and by the way I will manage with the small freezer box inside of my refrigerator and save buying a new one, and from here I vacuumed after having bored holes in the wall the past days and I will settle with my broken vacuum cleaner too after buying wide tape and taping the broken pipe, and from here I continued doing the last part of fastening wires to the wall and now my light is 100% perfect as I wished for, which is NOT the easiest solution, and I continued doing small improvements, which I will continue doing in the weekend before I can say that the apartment is finished, but this evening everything is now in place and the apartment looks completely perfect giving me a very good feeling and it is only here and there I need to do a little cleaning or change the order of content in cupboards etc.

I was EXTREMELY tired doing this work and had to manage coming out of the sofa which my body and eyes closing down did not like, but when I first got started, I found my old rhythm and continued until 18.15, and of course I received negative speech on my edge still being afraid of “losing it” – part of the game – and my patience is running out, I really need to focus to keep it with the metal fatigue inside my body, but still my will is driving me: I am NOT done with my work, but I am coming closer every day, and I wonder how much time I will get at the job search course to work on my scripts and my final work, and maybe I will use a week or so to go through their text books as I also did with A2B in Lyngby/Gladsaxe in the beginning of 2010 and we know I was hoping to finalise all work before the end of October, but just maybe this course will delay me 1-2 weeks (?) and we will see.

In the evening the dark side of the spirit of my mother said “I believe it is on time to recognise one’s defeat”, which came because I looked at my apartment with the sincere feeling “this is perfect – I have never had it this perfect before”, and with this feeling physically, this is the same feeling spiritually, therefore. And I was thinking that I am building this apartment for Karen and I to be undisturbed in the future, this is what I would like to think will happen. The good side of the spirit of my mother told me that receiving her other side is giving her the same feeling of strength as MacLeod said in Highlander “there can be only one” with the exception that here we don’t kill each other.

The last couple of days, I have had severe pressuring feelings on my right angle telling me that an explosion would be my alternative if I gave up on this – trust me the margins are not very big here and it is difficult to continue working but let us say “helpful” in the process of not losing it, because if I don’t work hard, the darkness given to me increases much making it even more difficult/impossible to come through – and this has been very uncomfortable but still I have not written about it before now, because all of my attitude is that I will NOT give up but continue until I am done with all work, therefore!

This evening I felt the bottom of my head scratching more than ever before, which is an indication of how my LTO friends are doing and “no money”, and I will send more money to you the 1st November, and are your difficulties so serious that you cannot write me (?) and I am MISSING very much to hear from John and Meshack – I don’t even know if your wife and child are back home from hospital – and also Elijah, who has now finally approved me as a contact on linkedin, but still not as a friend on Facebook, and David is the only one keeping communication, and do you remember that communication is as important as eating (?), and yes my friends I am wondering ….!

During the evening I was told that we have directly started working to dismantle the darkness of the original spirit of my father, and I was given so much darkness that it was dragging me down, but not more than what I could bear of course!

Even though I was not happy to hear that Gaddafi was killed – despite of what he did as a dictator, death is never a desired way and I am still sad to see people celebrating the death of another man – I was told that the end of Gaddafi is the symbol of the end of darkness to the world!


22nd October: The “new” spirit of my mother entered the darkness of the spirit of my father to release him

Dreaming of the “new” spirit of my mother entering the darkness of the spirit of my father to release him

I had a poor night with much speech and many dreams, which was about energy required now starting the work to dismantle the original darkness of the spirit of my father – so here we go with the experiences of the night:

  • My mother’s husband John is out walking with my old dog Don, who is anxiously looking after the other dog Cas, who is not there. I am standing in the opening of the house through the garden door looking out, and I see a very heavy black/grey/white cloud pressuring down until an altitude of 2 metres, and my feeling is that it is almost making me give up, I remove a cup and a dice, Sidsel is walking past my garden and say “how could you do it” and I reply “communication is a good thing”, I have previously received two large cakes from her, which however sticks and I throw them out, and again I see my dog Don looking anxiously after Cas.
    • When I woke up I was told “it is my other voice, which is gone” and here in relation to the missing dog, and this may be the dark side of the spirit of my father telling me that the voice of the dark side of the spirit of my mother is not with him anymore. The physical and dense cloud is to tell you how I feel the “spiritual air” and really that I have cut through an “impossible” density of darkness as dense as in the physical world and this is the resistance of the darkness – my family/friends etc. (!) – to me, which was “much stronger” than me but when there is a will, there is a way ….!
  • I saw that a person in Sweden searched for “Sidsel” on my website, however without clicking on the results, and this may be Sidsel herself working for the company “3” on a business travel to Sweden (?), and did Kasper or Tommas let you know about my writings on you, and do you think I was too hard on you too, which you have “not deserved” (?) and just writing the truth here as I see it. And the removal of the cakes is to remove my old nightmare.
    • Half awake I see a lady dressed in stage clothes from the 1920’s having a wand in her hands, which is a magic wand, and suddenly she changes to Russian dance and I was told that the dark side of the spirit of my mother is not dead but alive and kicking and she has now gone after the dark side of her husband releasing him as he did with her.
  • This is about the converted dark side of the spirit of my mother now entering the dark side of the spirit of my father to dismantle the darkness of him and converting him to light too.
  • From here I was kept awake for some time receiving this information among others:
    • I saw the spirit of Paul – the previous pope – fastened to the wall just as ”little brother” in Lars von Triers ”Riget” and told ”this is how it is to see you two without being able to help”.
    • “Advice to Gretel from Hansel on how to build up a new house before she went”, which is about changing the adventure, which turned evil into good and advice given from the good side of the spirit of my father.
    • “Do you have a national disaster plan no. 2 in case the car manufacturer wants it” and I felt “disaster” as a threat and the only reply I have to this darkness is “come on, show me what you got – and we will convert you into light”.
    • I was told “it takes love over gold doing this”, which is about the love of the spirit of my mother to the spirit of my father driving her to enter the dark side of him, and here using one of the best songs by Dire Straits from their MAGNIFICENT album LOVE OVER GOLD :-).
    • I was told it is “Holte lamp bar inside of here, it is not just a free choice of who we pick, but a mean plan created by my negative me, it is genius but only to dismantle the world and yes we will remove all lamps and pay afterwards” and also “everything, which has ever lived, is inside of here, just with a negative sign”, which is about the light of each individual of the world, which the darkness had created plans on how to destroy and I was told that it is as difficult to repair this damage as it is to repair a dent in a car, where you have to “soak out” the dent to become plain again.
    • “The National Heather Hill” is a small area, which is worthy of preservation I ask” (?) and I said that I would like the darkness to be understood in the future but NEVER to be able to repeat, which is how I have been thinking for days where we have had a game if what I write down is the only information on darkness, which will be kept for the future and here is the answer – and this area I believe is how it looks like as light, and it is a reference to the Heather Hill in Rågeleje, where my father used to have a cottage house, which is a beautiful, small area.
    • I was shown the frame of my bed removing, and told “here stands how with a far bigger and more radical effect than what you might believe”, which I connected with the plans of the darkness on how to reach the judgment terminating the world.
    • I was told “here are train channels too, and a cow, and Søren H., and I wonder what he will say when I dismantle him, here are also all extinct races and animals too” and trains are to reach the other side meeting the darkness, the cow is more of “my original self” captured inside the darkness, and it is here where the dark side of Søren H. as an example is controlled and from here we can shut down all negativity of the world.
    • I was shown a person, which has to be the spirit of my mother, walking in rainwear carrying a fishing rod and I saw her walking next to the small railway of Helsingør to Gilleleje towards Højstrup, which is the closest station to me, and she said “this is the radio news of the press I have with me” and I was told as an example that “it is a sensation to see the picture of a dead Gaddafi, which sells”, which is coming from the darkness to the world, and this vision shows that the spirit of my mother is suffering much going through this journey, which is also about “cashing a fish, i.e. for me to open up my eyes.
    • I was told “there are no writings on who Stig is”, which is to say that the darkness did not know that I am the Son of God to be – and a hybrid of the spirits of my mother and father as my “old self” – and I saw mankind killing and I was told “you have killed with one purpose, which is to kill me without knowing when I would arrive”, which is to say that the darkness killed man to kill me and life itself, but that the darkness did not know when I was to arrive.
    • I saw the spirit of my mother placing a time watch for when everything negative will become converted to positive and I heard “you cannot mean this” as the reply, and “then it is out of here” as a question for me and I received more questions, which was the defence act of this darkness and all I could say is that the light will decide for themselves, I will not take these decisions because I don’t know what is right to do and I don’t want to run the risk of taking wrong decisions.
    • I was told that the spirits of my mother and father were not inseparable, which is also why they were separated in this physical life, when my mother and father divorced when I was about four years old.
    • I was asked and shown “can the spirit of my mother as a king’s witness walk around sunny Kronborg Castle”, and I replied “yes of course” and the next I felt was the spirit of my mother walking inside of my head – this is exactly how it was (!) – which I was told is “the workshop of the architect returning to light”, and I was told that in here was also the decline of Russia with tanks and “the world over steer”.
    • I heard Toto “you better watch out there’s a stranger in town” and “don’t make a sound”.
    • I was shown a large white trailer for a lorry in Helsingør and I was told that “this is like receiving a whole new world” and I was shown a person whistling and in a good mood when raising overturned shelves and setting up lamps on these, which is about the process of converting this darkness to light too.
    • I was shown the mayor of Fredensborg (a city close to here meaning “the castle of PEACE”) and his wife as outgoing people speaking to me and my mother, and they said that they lost their daughter Heidi to cancer 1½ years ago, and I was told that “the bodies, which the Devil took, lie here there and everywhere, and the ones we preserved are with us”.
    • I was told that “at the end, to merge the Trinity will be the most difficult of all we have done”.

I had to be very patient while being very impatient only wanting to sleep, when I received the above – a new difficult test – and eventually I fell asleep again, and for the rest of the night I was very thirsty and dry in my mouth when wakening, which I also was much the first days here and I was told that it means that I am about to suffocate. Dreams from this moment on:

  • A whole class is again me, the hair of a lady is burning and we put here under the tap to put it out, I am leading the class, who are shooting me, I speak to my mother about what she wants to put on, which is something bourdeaux, I speak to Martin and tell him that we used to be the best friends and now you are leading the attacks on me, which is only based on your misunderstandings, when I wrote the truth about you without writing much of what I liked, which I will change. Hereafter I am outside the class room and the farm, and an electrical car is dragging me through water and even though it does not have much power, it pulls me back to the class.
    • I woke up hearing “they have all been fed from here”, which is about my family/friends etc. misunderstanding me, who have all been led by darkness not being strong enough to resist it (!), and the lady with the burning hair may be the spirit of my mother when going through this darkness.
  • I heard “tilfældigvis forbi” by Rugsted & Kreutzfeldt.
  • I had a vague dream about an insurance man, who decided to lock himself up reading a law until he understood it.
    • This is about understanding the code of darkness of the spirit of my father.
  • I did not go with Søren H. to dine with him at “Bamboo” restaurant, but a new challenge is the mayor and a business speaking, and I am told “bring two speech owners, and the man bringing the best of these and also having the best relations with the mayor and the business man will win”.
    • I don’t know what this is about but Søren is not bringing me dinner, which is “no money”, but a new challenge is coming from him somehow and I only felt that it was WRONG to decide on basis on personal relations to people.
  • I am playing table tennis with Fuggi and leading both 10 and 15 to 0, but still he continues serving each time – and later I was shown Fuggi as the symbol of “original people”.
  • It is the birthday of Sanna, she calls me and would like to become friends again, my father wears a nice tie, which Kirsten has told him is not to be a very wide tie, and I am about taking my tie on. Niklas also made a “quiet” call to me. Sanna says that she has asked father to clean up on Sunday, and she does not know how he will react to this, and I ask her if this is the only task she could give him or to free him and I am thinking that he does not have much energy.
    • I wonder if Sanna here is a symbol of the dark side of the spirit of my father here telling me that he would like to return to life himself (!) at the same time as the dream says that my sister and Niklas would like to see me again, the ties are about “confidence” and also that we are working on very little energy remaining.
    • I woke up hearing “deeply deep” and “all my love” by Right Said Fred and really a very HAPPY song of love, which always makes me smile and in a good mood.

The ”new” spirit of my mother is identifying and removing the “black balls” of darkness blocking the entrance to the Source

Because it was Saturday, I took a long bath at the tub and I decided not to be disturbed but heard “let us see what these black balls are made of”, which are the balls blocking the access to the Source, and I heard about one of many disgusting negative voices given to me by the darkness that “I thought this would work but it has not worked even once (?)”, which was one of the voices I have absorbed thousands of times, which are now being dismantled, and later the dark side of the spirit of my father asked me “am I about to lose too” and I told him “yes you are” and that is because he knows that this is what the dark side of the spirit of my mother did, and I was also asked if the darkness is allowed to see when I am working, and I said “no, only when you have been converted to light” because as darkness you are truly not to be trusted, therefore.

During the day I was told that the black balls will break down by energy for example when continuing to work, set up my apartment and also cycling and maybe some day soon also running and that is if I get the time (!) and I was shown a trench in a door opening, and only the top right of the trench has broken down yet, so there is still much to remove to free the eternal energy source of the future!

I was told that the Devil could not find me among others because I did not speak his language of negativity despite of the code he laid out for me to “make me” (!), and it made me think that the two sides of the spirits of my mother and father could only think and speak positively for the light side and negatively for the dark side without knowing what went on on the other side, which is really also how “the game” was carried out!

The converted dark side of the spirit of my mother told me that she is staying in the opening to the Source of the spirit of my father until I will arrive, and the darkness said “kill, kill, kill”, which made me decide that my new spirit of my mother is protected exactly as I and that no matter what happens, she is to be saved like me, and I received the brown colour of the Council and was told that this new spirit of my mother was the only one who could enter the dark side of the spirit of my father, which is really inside of me because his code of darkness was transferred to me too as I was told.

I was VERY TIRED but kept working on my apartment, which is looking “more and more perfect” for every day

I started writing the last two chapters of the script yesterday and the script so far of today, and by 13.10, I had done this, which was longer than expected, but this is how life is, and from here I took lunch and continued the rest of the day – with a break of 45 minutes where I was SO TIRED that I was almost falling asleep with my eyes clothes, but I decided to continue even though my body told me to relax – until approx. 17.50 and a little of the evening to clean up all of my clothes, wash and store it perfectly, and to clean the final details of content and nicely setting up of wires of the small kitchen, and the apartment is getting “more and more perfect” for every day with these small improvements, which just needs to be done.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I have felt my old colleague Susan from Danske Bank, Espergærde, MANY times for some time, and the same with Jesper from Acta.
  • My floor lamp decided not to work again today – much darkness.
  • I was told 1-2 days ago that the gold of creation is bigger than ever before.
  • I was told this evening that a whole world is waiting on me, and to this I can only say that I am not finished with my work yet, and first when I can declare that my new home symbolising our New World and my work is “perfect” – under the conditions – I will be ready to open up the eyes of my new previous self and that is because I have decided not to give in to the darkness before that and really because there is information and potentially life in there, which I will NOT give up on!
  • Since moving I have received very BIG help from my mother, which I truly appreciate, and I only write this as a matter of interest because the darkness have every day tried to oppose everything about my mother, which I constantly have had to absorb/deflect, and when I have cleaned up in the kitchen and my clothes as example after my mother did it first some days ago, the darkness tried to make me think and that is “to decide believing” (!) that she did a poor job, that she could have done much better with the logics to send negativity (which can include physical suffering) to her (!), but this is NOT how the piano is playing here!
  • I received some less negative speech this evening – but still sexual speech/encouragements/temptations – and should I be “weak” to this constant annoying pressure and decide to “give up” by saying “alright bring it on”, we would stop the game right here, which is what I have been told when I have been “on the edge”, and the threat now is that this would mean “the end” of the new converted spirit of my mother, and I don’t know if this is the truth, but I have no plans to give in now, even though I am often kept on my edge not making it very easy.
  • I was told about the Egyptian Pyramids: “Does it say anything my birth and name” and given the answer “yes”.
  • These evenings without Internet and television, I am watching some movies on DVD, which I borrowed by my mother/John, and I am not happy about the poor service of Stofa, which delayed my new Internet and TV connection by 9 days, and I do believe their order/information system could improve even though it was probably mentioned somewhere that I needed to have cable TV, but it should be INTEGRATED much better in their order and follow up process to avoid mistakes like this!


23rd October: Bringing Israel two different doors they can enter to solve the crisis with Palestine

Dreaming of bringing Israel two different doors they can enter to solve the crisis with Palestine

I was happy to receive a much better night with few dreams only and feeling “much more” energy from the morning compared to yesterday, but still “lower than normal energy”, and here are the few dreams:

  • At work, my stomach hurts, something about my manager coming too, also in pain, at the bathroom, where I change clothes, and Prince is surveilling me, I am hearing my favourite songs of his from the beginning of the 1990’s, and Prince and I are starting to play a game, where we need to move glasses on the ground using a straw only, and I win even though I am not practised, and I ask Prince if he is a good sport man or if he hates losing, and he says the last.
    • Surveilling is normally what the Intelligence Service – and the secret network of the world – does, and is Prince here really a symbol of darkness (?), and is this because of his “too much playing on sex” in his shows and songs (?), which might be it, and even though he should be a better player than I, I am winning, and only the darkness hates to lose, do you get it (feeling “antennas” here).
  • I am living in Palestine to mediate with Israel, I have made two doors for Israel to use, which I give to a local lady, which she can open tomorrow. Another lady with four children arrives and she receives much help by her children. I am together with a friend, and he is not pushy as other people are here, which makes people tired, and because of this attitude of people, it makes it even more difficult for my friend to penetrate. I cannot afford to travel home from Palestine, and my friends in Kenya know that I am here because “I am supposed to”.
    • This is about the Palestine/Israel conflict, which I as the physical Stig do not know much about, and I feel Obama here just saying that this is part of his job, and all I can say from here is to “meet in reconciliation”, decide to be friends, LISTEN and UNDERSTAND and also “focus on the New World coming” my friends and then it should be easy for you to let bygones of the past be bygones.
    • I still remember being in Marmaris, Turkey, on holiday with Camilla in the 1990’s, where people standing in front of restaurants and shops were “far too pushy” when trying to bring you into their business, and it was quite simply a terrible experience – you can do better than that and simply by using the golden rule.

Making my apartment the most “perfect home” ever symbolising our New World

I started working at 10.10 today with a good conscience because of all of the work I have done to my new apartment, which (almost) brings me mental calm so I can start focusing on the new job course tomorrow, and find out when and how I will be able to finalise my sufferings memo and work on my website – will it take approx. 2 weeks from now (?), and we will see – and I was told that the immense stress I was given when moving and all of the time really, was a try from the darkness to make my work so overwhelming and “mentally impossible” to do that I would give up, and there was only one way out of this, and that was to work efficiently every single day, otherwise the tasks would accumulate and I would not make it – but this is not how the piano plays here and feeling that this is to raise the soon previous dark side of the spirit of my father!

Besides the script, I was doing the last few details to the kitchen, to sort the wires behind the shelves nicely, clean up drawers and cupboards of the shelves and also to clean up in my personal papers, which I continued doing until 17.45, and the only thing, which needs to be cleaned now in my apartment is my toilet brush! It has never been as tidy as this before and I still need to do a little cleaning up in my basement room and to do improvements to the apartment when I will be able to afford buying a few new (or used) things.

David: We are still starving and Kenya is at war with Somalia

Again I was happy to receive an email from David – the most regular LTO friend to write and keep in touch, are the others of you in such a terrible condition that you cannot or will not communicate with me any longer, or is “bad conscience” also a part of the game with you (?) – and first of all, I am very sad to hear about the continuing hunger meaning that what people here takes for granted is still a very serious issue for MANY Africans and still people here continue to think about themselves and their selfish needs, and when I tell them – as with Sidsel – they become annoyed/angry/sad because what in the world gives me the right to expose them to the world (?) and my dear friends BECAUSE ALMOST EVERYONE OF THE RICH WORLD ACT AS SIDSEL and they are to blame for the victims of Africa and other places.

Thank you so much, David, for keeping contact and also updating me on the situation in Kenya/Somalia, and it seems that the world is becoming worse, but that is only until we open up for “Tivoli” of our new world also coming to you, David.

And here is his email:

Sasa brother

Dear Stig,

Greetings. I have missed writing to you.  Am fine though I have been having a slow month. It has been raining, partly and people have been planting in the country side. This means that family members have been asking for planting seeds, and of course the hunger is there still. Iam in touch with the team members and they are moving on.

On the country level, there has been major developments in Dadaab and Somalia. To begin with, Al-Shabaab fighters have been coming into Kenya and getting away with tourists into Somalia. They even went to Dadaab and assaulted 2 aid workers. This has led the Kenyan government to order troops to invade Al Shabaab positions in Somalia. This means we are at war.

On their part, the Al-Shabaab terrorists have sworn to attack Kenyan interests. The atmosphere has changed, tight security everywhere.

Then the prices! the Kenyan shillings has been one of the worst performing currencies in the world. We have to be strong anyway.

Then Gaddafi died. It may be joy to Libyans but that does not mean that it is the end. His son is at large and his top military officerAl-Sanusi. There may be counter insurgency and revenge. I hope that things will change in the Arab World.

Thank you and have a good day.


The dark side of the spirit of my father was forced to destroy the world and the spirit of my mother is suffering much too

Some of the things I was shown during the day included a dark king coming to me – my previous self – saying “… and then me at the end”, which is the process we have now started: Dismantling the darkness to open up for my previous self wakening inside of my physical self.

I was shown myself as the dark side of the spirit of my father – a part of my old self you know – with crossbows attached to my arms and UNWILLINGLY tightened all around my body and I felt “this is not me at all”, but what the darkness forces “me” to do.

Later the spirit of my father said “you are all welcome in my world” and I felt “but not yet” – we still have some more work to do – and I also felt that this is the world of the spirit of my father, and that afterwards I will be able to say the same when I am my previous self as the new Twin God after the update of the original creation now a couple of months ago? – And just thinking that as my “old self” I have seen myself as my previous self, this is what my mind is focussed at. For a couple of days,

I have been given a vision seeing my self at the beginning of the Nirvana path in Espergærde, where I used to walk to and from school when we lived on Karenvej from 1976-78, and Nirvana means being free from suffering and the union with the supreme being.

I was also shown the converted dark side of the spirit of my mother together with brown to say that she is assisted by the Council in her work to remove the “black balls” in front of the Source, and I felt her inside of me and I was shown her eyes as light and saw and was told that “everything else is darkness”, which she is bringing to my “light-converter”, which is why I am myself receiving much suffering being on the edge of “losing it” much of the time, and during the evening – when I was visiting my mother and John for dinner again – I was given a couple of heartburns telling about her suffering at that place, and my mother and John asked me if I noticed the firemen at Hellebo Park the other day and indeed I did, I saw three fire engines leaving from here without knowing what it was about (I don’t have access to news at the moment) and they told me that it was a resident who had decided to burn papers at his patio, which made the neighbour send a fire alarm, and when they told me this, I was told spiritually that this is a symbol given to me about this new side of the spirit of my mother burning while working, which is only occurring because I decided before moving from Lyngby that I would take EVERYTHING – both light and remaining darkness – with me to Helsingør, and again today I received strong feelings to speed up my work to help the spirit of my mother as quickly as possible, and again I have decided to say that this is WRONG, because I know that only by doing my best job and being patient, she will be able to do the same to release us from the darkness and save life and information inside of it.

For some days I have had difficulties speaking and that is to find and say the words, I would like to say and I have been stuttering over many words trying to say them without being able doing this, which is a truly annoying feeling also because communication is normally one of my strong sides, and on the other hand, this is how most of my life has been, where I have been given “a little” of this “stuttering” or “not finding the words”, which has been a constant suffer of mine making it not only difficult to speak, but also – at least part of my life – making me afraid of taking the word when being together with others, and I believe this happened mostly until approx. 2000 and again because others kept me down. And I have been given this feeling these days because I watched the old TV Christmas Calendar “CWC World” on DVD the other day, where one of the characters have this “speaking disorder”, and whenever I have had this myself these days, I am given him as a vision, and it is truly “knaldhamrende” annoying, which you will come to understand …. :-).

Ending the day with these short stories::

  • On my way home on bicycle from my mother and John, I received diarrhoea again, which was very annoying when I could almost make it home but not quite (!), and as you know this is a symbol about the suffering of the spirit of my mother with the darkness trying to force her to carry out our old nightmare and the only thing keeping it away is because I have said that no matter what, this will NOT be carried out, and we know the light is stronger than darkness because I say it is and because I set the rules!
  • Again this evening I was happy for speaking well with my mother and John but very sad to speak about “superficial subjects” for example not being able in practice to talk about the time, which was stopped for maybe half a second the other day, and I wonder if the world noticed this (?), and if this helped you to understand me even better and yes this is the power of God, and we “only” need to remove the last blocking dark balls in front of the Source before we are fully ready …. :-).
  • I thought today that I receive so much negative speech and so incredible provoking insults by the darkness, which would make human beings fight as the natural reaction of people of today, and just thinking about what the fantastic football player Zidane was told in the World Cup final in football against Italy in 2006, which he would not tolerate therefore head-butting the Italian offender in the chest, which sent him off as the result and when I say that insults like this is what I experience on a daily basis from the darkness you may understand even better and of course I have to control myself because if I reacted as Zidane, I would have been sent off too leading to the end of the world!
  • For a long time I have been exhausted by doing hardly anything, for example when bending down to hammer a nail to the wall or even to put on my shoes (!), which is why a working day on approx. 8 hours has been tough, and even though it is also “tough” to start cycling again, it is truly a good thing to start coming into a better shape again, and from tomorrow, I may have 3-4 kilometres to cycle each way to the job search course, and better to do a little than nothing.
  • The best handball JUDGE in the world and more, Jan Boye, died today after receiving a cerebral thrombosis, I believe, a couple of weeks ago, which is another sign showing you the strength of this the last remaining darkness surrounding the Source.


24th October: An incredible number of souls are being liberated these days when dismantling the darkness

Dreaming of an incredible number of souls being liberated these days when dismantling the darkness

I had an “alright after the conditions” – a new phrase I believe – night with these few dreams:

  • Finansforbundet (the Union of the financial sector) is now part of our business, they have an incredible amount of customers, and need more than the two employees they are to service the customers and in practise they are using me much of the time to update all subscriptions and delivering new bags at the same time as I new more people for my own department, and I was told that “Friday last week was completely full of customers, but you were not there”.
    • The Union is a symbol of darkness, and this dream says what I believed was already achieved but had to be a message by darkness (!), which is to liberate all souls of the world, but apparently it was not possible to liberate the souls “possessed” by darkness before dismantling the darkness self, and now I better understand what I was told some days ago, which was about “all or nothing” and I would have been given this question to decide on if I was not stronger than the darkness – including the crucial day in Lyngby where the darkness FORCED my old nightmare on me, which was only avoided because of my strongest will power yet: “Do you want to continue creating the New World even though not all souls will survive”, and I have been told that I would decide “no, it is all of nothing” – and you may understand that this would have been an easy decision to make for me as the human Stig (?) – meaning that we would have to wait for the next time, if this was a message by the light, which it just may have been because this is what I have had closest to my heart all along since the beginning of the journey as I am here told here by a preoccupied spirit of my father and we know putting “never giving up” in perspective.
  • And when writing this, I am “of course” (!) given another story too, which is that we could also have created a new world, which however would not have been the final therefore later requiring a new battle with darkness and process of creation, and do you understand now why all of these conflicting stories make me both confused and suffering and that is “all of the time” for receiving different stories of both the light and darkness not knowing what is the truth.
    • And it seems that the work of transferring these souls to the light requires everything of not only the spirits of my mother and father but also my previous self even though I am busy working on my own “department”, which may be our New World II.
  • I meet a man in Roskilde, and “it is all about food and new friends”, he speaks about motive power and a favourite music album. The signatures of four German ladies almost destroys the computer, which is making in “lose”.
    • The man from Roskilde is “praise from the Source” and he speaks about our new friends being liberated and also receiving “normal life”, and also that my “old nightmare” of the darkness is making this work difficult to do.
  • I am in a large city where I see UFO’s appearing as rockets landing and I hurry to see one of them and am met by people of other civilizations standing on the street outside the UFO. I present myself saying “I am Stig”, which makes these people give me hugs and a very warm welcome, and I see that they have a device inside their craft, which automatically translates languages so they will be able to understand mankind of Earth and vice versa. I walk around the town to see others of the landed UFO’s, and I meet many other people of other civilizations looking differently – higher – and I see them surrounded by men of this planet with guns in theirs hands ready to fire, and I ask them not to shoot and for permission to speech, and I am brought up to one of the crafts, which has a device installed, which loads all people of Earth with goodness, which some people of Earth are fighting against and trying to avoid.
    • The rocket shape of the UFO’s are simply to give me the same symbol as the other day, which is that I am approaching the end of my work with “rocket speed” – thinking of how I am and the resistance I meet of darkness – which will make UFO’s land and appear to Earth (!), and also that these people know about me and the fear of some people of darkness on Earth, who is still fighting to keep their old and evil world order, and we know: WHEN WILL YOU EVER LEARN, which is that you have lost the battle and it is time for EVERYONE to give in and to disarm the world in every kind of sense!
  • I woke up to the song “Mandy” by Barry Manilow – he is truly a gifted artist too performing fantastically – and the lyrics “Mandy oh I will send her away”, which is about the dismantling of my old nightmare.

The “job search course” – will they be able to see that this is a waste of my time and grant me freedom to do my own work?

This morning I started writing my script from 08.00 and at 08.30 I drove on bicycle towards the Institut for karriereudvikling (IKU) – “Institute for career development” – in Helsingør, which took me 20 minutes making me in good time before the start at 09.00, and I was met with a view of people and setup looking much as A2B did in Lyngby/Gladsaxe in 2010, and it started – not by 09.00, but approx. 09.10 (!) – when approx. 8-10 of the new “unemployed” people was giving an introduction by Rune, the daily leader, who told people everything they are obliged to do and not to do and the control they are under limiting the FREEDOM also of RESPONSIBLE people as myself (!) – but this is not new as you will remember (?) – and I was put together with “people with a very different background than mine” – working at another level – and essentially this was a total waste of time for me and a new humiliation given to my by the system, this is how I strongly felt, and I was thinking if I would be allowed in practise to do my own work here as I did with A2B, and when Rune said that no private work/surfing is accepted, I became sad – because of my special situation (!) – for receiving this sentence of a total of 100 hours of “community service”, which is what I will call this new imprisoning of me – and by the way, Rune was inspired to say the words “the work of the Devil”, which this system truly is, and he recommended people to become member of an unemployment fund, because the rules are not as tight as when you are not – on cash help as I – and I found it “quite amusing” that a man of the system working with the rules of the system is recommending people to avoid the worst of the system (!), and we know he was inspired to talk about work as a “Chef” at a “restaurant” in Hornbæk – still normal life coming to the world, and also with your help, Rune (?) – and I asked if two applications per week is also the minimum requirement to do here, and he said that for members of unemployment funds, it is (!), but for people on cash help, there are no such rule – here (!!!) – and in practise he said that you need to “make far more applications than this” and he recommended to do two per day – totally against my advice because they have been made sick because of the system of the Devil (!) – and we know which made me see myself making all of these completely unnecessary applications at the same time as some people will understand that I have far more important work to do myself than to do what the darkness orders me to do (?), and I was told spiritually that “it is Rune, which it will go through” and that is the feedback on me from how I do on this course (!) to the Commune, and is this when Helsingør Commune will ask Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune to send the files on me to find out whether or not I am “crazy” (?) and we know WE WILL SEE as usual and again also a symbol of my previous self wakening up because of this process and you do remember that darkness is creating energy, which we are absorbing and really converting into light and yes yes yes, this final process started today and I am here told and shown an act telling the darkness that this is what is going on!

After the introduction, I thought “alright, what will I do now” and since I had received no text book yet to go through, I decided to read IKU’s entire homepage from start to end to understand what kind of company I was at (!), and from here to look at available jobs, and somehow I came to see that PsykiatriFonden – the Psychiatry Fond – was looking for a new managing director leading their 75 employees and “bringing knowledge about psychiatric diseases to the public” (which is probably wrong information from misleading text books”!), and I decided to do my best “job application of the old world/text book” according to the advice on the website of IKU (!), and by 12.00, I had both read their website thoroughly and written the application, which was at the same time as Sarah – a 27 year old consultant with much enthusiasm and idealism, which I like to see – asked me for an individual meeting, which we started at 12.30 after her lunch.

At this meeting I took on my outgoing and confident self when telling her about my background etc. – and also when listening to and learning about her without prejudices, which she clearly “felt” was my attitude, which she told me that many men don’t do here when they undervalue her as a “young, ignorant woman” – which normally gives people a positive impression of me, which was also the case with Sarah and her natural reaction was “I cannot learn you anything, because in comparison with you, I am merely …..” and let me tell you the truth, which is that there was NO LIMIT to her positive attitude and enthusiasm about my person – both the professional and human side of me – and I told her the truth that even though I am “one of the best”, which people can see when reading my CV and applications (!) – because of my attitude of work not because I am better than others – it is “completely impossible” for me to get a job, and I asked her to read my application for PsykiatriFonden and my CV OBJECTIVELY as a potential employer would do for her to discover the answer of this contradiction herself and I told her that if employers would understand and not misunderstand me, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM would hire me instantly (!!!), and again she was “amazed” just looking at my CV and that is even though it was printed out in black and white.

We continued the meeting until 14.00 – I decided to use much time – and we spoke about may things for example also of care of suffering animals of the world killing and exploiting them to make money, and I told her of humans of the Horn of Africa suffering much worse than what people here think because of the selfish rich world not doing what it should to help, and I understood from her that she has a good heart for people and animals in need, she has read about esoteric subjects and has faith in God, and I told her that “you will be surprised and will ask yourself the question about me, can this really be the truth”, and when we spoke at the meeting, there was absolutely no doubt about her faith in me and “difficult for her to understand” what this surprise would be about, and maybe she will soon understand both the surprise and with some luck “you may be the first in the system to know, which depends on how deeply you will dig”, and I let her know that it was a complete waste of my time being here but that I will fulfil their requirements to the point, but as I told her “if you will get the understanding why it is impossible for me to find a job, you may decide to allow me to do my own important work when being here” and her reply was that she was already positive of this today – which was help from her understanding that this is about how to improve yourself as a person, to improve your work and the community system to make this a better world for all and also that my writings are related with esoteric and Buddhist philosophies – and she even let me know that I could get one day off per week “to go out and find a job” and that is at least officially, and for how long will this keep when she will read the words that I am the Son of God?

At the end of the meeting, her “old school” came to her asking me to start writing down the names of companies, I would like to work for (!) – quickly forgetting that it is “impossible” for me to find a job (!!!) – and to do more about my Linkedin profile, which I had told her that I have only included headlines about myself at, and I told her “please read my material – and click on the links to my Falck memo, Basic Working Rules and website – which may change your mind, and I do hope we will still be able to have a follow up meeting equally as positive as this”, which may be tomorrow and also telling her that “you may change your view on me, but I will still be the same man you were very positive about today” and she was so positive that I felt her attraction to me too, which generally is how ladies feel when I show this side of me but you know it is still “impossible” for me to meet a girlfriend but this is also an old story.

She said that she would also involve her colleagues including Rune about me – this is what I have seen in the past too, when systems “don’t really know what to do with me” (!) – and we will see if Sarah will receive the destiny that she will be “closer to understand me” than her colleagues because of her background and because she listened to and understood me today, which her colleagues did not and for them it may be as easy as for most others to reject me as an “imposter” and “crazy man” and then “the game” can really start!

The question is: Will Sarah decide to ask me to work on applications for 25 hours per week following her ”old school” or will she and IKU accept that I will do my own work and maybe two applications per week as the “compromise” (?) and we will see.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I was told that we would never have come to this point if I had not been stronger than the darkness a few months ago in Lyngby when the spirit of my mother had been forced to carry out our old nightmare so seen in retroperspective, I made a good decision to stand firm.
  • I checked my Facebook friends, and noticed that both Tobias best friend, Emil, has left me as a friend, and also and who else than Sidsel – and both of course without a word – and “not easy” for Sidsel to accept me explaining to the world about her selfishness and attraction to me and “no more of that” and then you have a “broken friendship”, which under other circumstances could be “simply the best” – the spirit of my mother is here also speaking to the spirit of my father inside of me as you will understand (?) – and I was told that it would not have been possible for the spirit of my mother to enter the dark side of the spirit of my father without extreme feelings of the spirit of my mother through the other side of her living inside of Sidsel – do you see, and she does not yet, but will come to this point too.
  • I also checked Tommas, and a few days after he asked to become Facebook friends, he has decided to leave too, and was it too much for you too Tommas what I wrote about Sidsel, which she did not deserve (?) and suddenly you are no longer my friend, but she is still, and have you considered if you are right excluding me as your friend and to stick to Sidsel (?) – and this came after he wrote these nice words to me the other day: “Håber du har lyst til at holde forbindelsen lidt ved lige via Facebook. Håber også at du har det godt i dit liv? :-)”.
  • I was told the other day that Rael “the imposter” as I called him – the “Son of God”, who Jiro has devoted his life to fight – was also for me to make the same mistake as most did on me, which was to call him an imposter without reading and understanding as people did with me and I understood that he is yet “another part of me”, and the difference is that I was open for some of his writings to be the truth and other to be spiritual deception because of darkness and also the fact that I don’t have time or resources to read him, which cannot be said about practically all of my family/friends etc., who could read and understood me if they just decided to do so.
  • I did some shopping on my way home – meeting the same grocer at “Spar” at Lappen as I remember from living here in 1986-88, and I was happy seeing him again and by the way, my mother has not been in this store for 25 years because she had a quarrel with the wife of the grocer and do you see the pain of “misunderstandings” and “poor communication” (?) – and I wrote the rest of the script of today and prepared the publishing of it until 18.45, publish I will from the Jobcentre tomorrow.
  • The spirit of my father came to me this evening telling me that “no one would ask you to go through all this, but this is what we asked you to do and why we are you and nobody else”.
  • Again, the darkness was VERY strong parts of this evening making me on the edge of losing it again – still very uncomfortable to say the least – and I was asked “you have decided to go through this without sacrifices from others” , which I of course answered with a yes – which may be “without more than necessary sacrifices” – and I told myself that if the negative voice becomes stronger than me, which is the edge I am on, I have decided that it will not change my will and actions no matter what, and it truly has to be strong because by repeating myself thousands of times to defend myself from the darkness, I have made myself “incredible strong” and this defence is now part of my “automatic reactions”.
  • I felt, was shown and also told that “incredible darkness is on its way in” and also “this is the whole publishing press” and I felt LOTS of German Nazi’s on their way in to give up the game, and I was told that “screams of dead cuts through into your soul”, which was the dark side of the spirit of my father speaking and I felt that it was the victims of Nazi’s he used as an example, and I was shown diodes of the darkness on his back being removed.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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