November 1, 2011: WAKE UP CALL to the Danish Government/World: Stop acting and start work on the New World Order!


Summary of the script today

29th October: The spirit of my mother is now a flower inside of the dark side of the spirit of my father

  • Dreaming that Michael Jackson gave up to bring his message of love to the world, which I did not, the spirit of my mother is now a flower inside of the dark side of the spirit of my father converting this to light and I will do my best to keep this darkness from exploding, a camera to approve people entering our New World is not of the best quality, I have an insurance providing me with energy from the old world and my sister may have decided to not see me again?

30th October: The meditation circle helped the final part of creation and Niclas is a divine victim of the darkness

  • Dreaming of playing and losing a game against the darkness, I cannot see out, the strongest darkness is emptying me for energy with the goal to kill me – because of my sister (?), the darkness is disguised as light because of Poul-Erik, which may be because he was kind to me on the surface without showing his true self to me (?), I received very strong declarations of love from the spirit of my mother to the spirit of my father, “we are trying to avoid the aeroplane (“of the world”) from burning when landing”, one of “the greatest icons” has vanished from the top of the tree of creation – where there is no spirit of my father, I heard a very uncomfortable scream making me think of the deaths of individual souls of this place, darkness of Karen, Denis and Sidsel has an impact on these difficulties too, I was offered to recreate the spirit of my father – including all souls – of this place, which will only make the end of my journey even worse and my answer was of course yes because the goal is still 100% no matter what (!) and this work started straight away “energised” by sacrifices of the Universe and finally I had a new dream where Paris Hilton on board “the ship of the Universe” symbolising the spirit of my mother and all energy of the Universe waits on a “fashion show” to start, which was almost cancelled, which we will now do everything to be carried out as planned, which is about “making all people survive”, and the ship of the Universe can first start when “the man standing behind all of it” will attend, which is me as my previous self and I have decided that I will indeed attend.
  • At the meditation circle, the Council was with me again, including the spirit of Karen – Mary Magdalena – and my previous self, the soul of Jesus. The souls we have started rescuing (the information from the night) are souls “we did not know about”, and it was not the spirit of my father, who was lacking at “the top of the tree”, it was the soul of my previous self now being everything of our New World, which was corrected with the help of the light of this circle today. China is the birth place of Buddha.
  • Several people of the meditation circle had had sleeping difficulties during the night, which was because of my sleeping difficulties when doing a new battle against the darkness, which Søren confirmed was also his experience.
  • Niclas is the KINDEST man with the BIGGEST heart imaginable, and he loves the spiritual voice speaking as part of him more than anything, and I felt very much with him when I was shown that he is speaking strongly the words of darkness disguised as light – this is the nature of darkness (!) – and MUCH of what he said was NONSENCE, but still he told “the truth” as he received it without knowing that it was the darkness the same as I have experienced myself so many times. I told him about this truth, but his voice of darkness told him that there is no such thing as darkness, and the voice told him to be quiet – this is the nature of darkness NOT to communicate (!) – and when I told him that THIS IS WRONG meaning that his voice is wrong, this is what he received confirmation of through his spiritual voice also when saying that he speaks “red” and I speak “blue”, which simply means “the darkness” and “the truth”! Niclas you have been a good-hearted victim of the darkness, but you are still made of divine material, and today you helped humanity by helping me to defeat the last darkness before we will open our New World of only light, and you will understand how a true world will be without darkness, which is without war, crime, hate, poor behaviour and all “negativity” without exception, which is what defines the darkness! This is also about the transition process of Niclas, who will gradually understand that he was a victim speaking the words of darkness and by doing so, the light will take over and he will be a true “special friend” of mine helping the world :-).

31st October: WAKE UP CALL to the Danish Government/World: Stop acting and start work on the New World Order!

  • Dreaming of heading towards the land of joy and happiness, will I see my sister again despite of the fact that she is stressed (?), it is even more important for me to be friends with family and people around me now than to fight the darkness, almost everything of the old world has now been moved to our New World, I insist that 100% of everything which has ever been will be included of the light and in the process the sexual sufferings given by the darkness to destruct me and the world is being reversed, I wish to bring money to poor people of Kenya, who are receiving a new foundation of life with the removal of unfaithfulness, friends etc. are still afraid of contacting me because of what they believe is my craziness and when I will send out my wake-up call to the Danish Government and the world, it will create more energy (and personal sufferings) helping me on the last part of my road.
  • At IKU I was given a strong symbol of Karin – the job counsellor “helping” me the other day – bringing darkness to me because of her behaviour, when I spilled coffee, i.e. “warm feelings”, “all over”, which she cleaned up. I worked all day to improve and send my “application” to the Labour Market Board, which also was sent to and is my WAKE UP CALL to the Danish Government and the world to say that I am “now” waking up as the Son of God asking the world to stop acting – they know about who I am – to stop the Old World Order and to start work on the New World Order.
  • After ”work”, my bicycle broke down (five spokes of the back wheel broke off), which was a symbol given to say that the spirit of my mother cannot exit ”complete darkness” without help, which later was also symbolised by the light of the computer room of the library, where I was working, continued to switch on and off – the spirit of my mother is almost giving up, but we will make sure you will come out safely from there. I was COMPLETELY worn out and broken down today because of extreme exhaustion and tiredness, but I did it!

1st November: A very large number of souls celebrate while I continue my journey to save the last part of the old world

  • Dreaming of saving everyone from the “crime” of the darkness, a very large number of souls of our New World are celebrating while I am continuing my suffering train journey to save the last part of the old world too, the spirits of my father and mother meet again with immensely deep feelings, sufferings of the Universe continues to help me WAKE UP, the nature of our New World is of the “absolutely finest quality” and I still have to “control myself” not to let the strong, negative voice of darkness take me over.
  • The spirit of my mother was “all the way out where there is no life, but still there was life” to be saved.
  • David was kind to update me on both the “crazy” situation in Kenya and that all team members are okay.
  • I was catching up on my scripts at IKU – and finding the next job to search for: As a journalist with Helsingør Dagblad (!) giving them my story to promote to the world! Sarah was visiting my website for the first time today and shortly thereafter she was visibly nervous when speaking to me – she has changed towards me not because I have changed, but because of herself, and I encouraged her to find “work practise” for me at a MP at the Danish Parliament if any wants me to work for free for them that is?
  • I received news from Meshack. His wife and children are out of hospital, but he is suffering much because of debts and a deteriorating health with failing sight. FAITH and WILL POWER is making him come through the same way as I :-).


29th October: The spirit of my mother is now a flower inside of the dark side of the spirit of my father

Dreaming of the spirit of my mother being a flower inside of the dark side of the spirit of my father

I had a new night at the same level making me feel “almost alright” from the beginning of the day but extremely tired in the afternoons at the moment. Some dreams:

  • Michael Jackson cannot get his songs published and decide to boycott them, where I do what I can to get them out.
    • This will have to be both the songs of Michael Jackson in real life, and here also that he could not get his message of love through to the world making him give up, which I decided not to do myself.
  • A scientist has made a GIANT flower so big because of an uncontrollable growth so it is filling the entire laboratory. An unknown man enters the lab without seeing the flower from wall to wall and floor to ceiling until a giant flower of it surround the man and the question is whether or not the flower will eat the man.
    • This is a symbol showing that the spirit of my mother as the flower is inside the darkness of the spirit of my father transforming it into light and the question is if the light or darkness will be the strongest – and from here I will say that I WILL NEVER ALLOW THE DARKNESS TO DESTROY so come on “VM“ as I call you in my notes – short for Virgin Mary – give me the best you got and I will keep this darkness away from “exploding” and to me – only internal of course – “VM“ is also an abbreviation of “world champion” and so it is :-).
  • I am one of 3-4 guests visiting Hans – my sister’s husband – and I say that I will collect my camera from the car, and one says that it is parked in Norway, but it is here, it is cold, and when I get my camera, I see that it is an old camera working fine, however not of the best quality, and one asks me if it is good and I say that I am afraid that it will break down.
    • The camera is to approve people to enter our New World, and here someone says that it is inside of the darkness, i.e. the car as “myself” in Norway as the darkness, but the car is not in darkness, but in cold, which is that I am still suffering. Somehow the camera is not of the best quality and fearing that it will break down after coming out of this darkness (?) and yes my friends, I cannot explain this dream any better, is this how the previous dark sides of the spirits of my mother and father are feeling?
    • I woke up to one of the well known Motown songs with the lyrics “mashed potatoes”, which may be to say that what is coming out of this the last darkness – the converted dark sides of the spirits of my mother and father – is influenced much by the darkness trying to destroy.
  • Sanna tells Hans about an insurance which covers death both because of accidents and sicknesses, and I say that this is the kind of insurance I have, which is why I am covered by Danske Bank. Sanna says that one insurance I took out did not cover “early death”, so she has now surrendered the insurance, which hardly had any cash value.
    • When dreaming of death, it has to do with “losing contact” to people and here it first says that I have an insurance, which is giving me “energy” from the old world, i.e. “Danske Bank”, and I wonder if the insurance, Sanna surrenders, is about her and I not seeing each other, and I truly don’t know if she wants to see me or not – our mother has tried to find a time for us all to meet at my new home, so I better send her an email inviting her and the family – before I will publish my sufferings memo – to find out what is up and down on this story.
  • I woke up to “Magaluf” by Orup, which really was to say that “almost every little part of this Island” of Mallorca is covered by me because I drove it thin when I visited it in 2007!

After my long Saturday bath, I started working at 10.00 finishing the script of today and the last part of yesterday by 11.00, and from the morning, I noticed that my eyes were “completely red” giving me a blurred vision when working, which is not the best when I will continue reading and editing my sufferings memo later in the day as you will understand (?) – and thereafter I went to the library to publish the previous four days of scripts – and also to borrow some more DVD’s as evening entertainment here and let me say that it is not everything I borrow that I like.

I returned from the library and a little shopping before 14.00, and finally I could continue doing the last part of my work on my sufferings memo, and I don’t have words for how TIRED I am of this work, of the negative voices about it, which I STILL need to surpass and simply how poorly I feel physically – tired from the inside and out – but we know it has to be done, and “not long from now” – maybe a week (?) – I will close this work behind me and continue doing the absolutely last work to a few of my websites. I kept on working until 17.20 with “pretty much darkness” with pain to my left foot and my heart “jumping”, which are these “small heart attacks” you know, and I am now on good way to finalise this work after having done the first 56 pages of the final edit meaning that less than 100 remains!

Ending the day with these short stories::

  • Again this afternoon I was extremely tired – falling asleep without falling asleep because I don’t want to change my day rhythm (!) – and with so strong darkness and today headache and again this “wrong” physical feeling all over that it was unbearable and I was fearing to “lose it” once again, as I am every single day. For MANY times I have been thinking that I could beg for mercy asking for less darkness and pain, which would be the normal human reaction for most people to your executioner, but that would to me be the same as giving up and you know I am the last one as the security, there is no one standing behind me to cover and how would it look like if God started to beg the Devil for mercy, and we know “not good”!
  • One of the things my mother gave me when moving in was a new weight, and today I decided to stand up on it to receive the “shock” and I am today weighing 115 kilos where I believe I weighed less than 85 kilos when I returned from Kenya in September 2009 and we know DARKNESS is what this is called and even when I was doing the most exercise in 2010 in Lyngby – bodybiking and running – I was gaining weight, and this has NEVER happened before as strongly as this in my life, I have NEVER weighed this much before and we know my ideal weight is around 88 kilos, so we will see how and when I will lose these approx. 25 to 30 kilos.


30th October: The meditation circle helped the final part of creation and Niclas is a divine victim of the darkness

Dreaming and receiving information that the light and all souls of part of the Universe were terminated and are now being recreated

I wish I could say that I had a good night but I truly did not, the night was poor in respect of sleep and I was sad to understand about the suffering of the Universe as you can tell from these dreams and speech of the night:

  • I have agreed to play football with Fuggi every Sunday at 10.00, but I am late every time even though my clock radio constantly rings and I believe this is “too poor” myself.
    • Football is still the old game between light and darkness and here Fuggi is symbolising darkness (the rest part of him), and I am late every time making the darkness win this game.
  • The Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt is selling vegetables from her car on the roof of a church. Her car is full of mud, and she calls it a “mud car” but she is also confident that it will become clean again. I am working in practise at the church, and as other places they are very happy with me, and my mother asks me sceptically how things are going and she is under estimating me.
    • The “mud car” is about the sufferings of the Danish Prime Minister knowing about who she is – another part of the spirit of my mother – and she is standing on the church where I work, which is about “faith” and the spirit of my mother being the surface of me, and the work practise is about the “policy” of Helsingør Commune where they will try to get me in work practise when I finish my job search course in three weeks from now and yes isn’t it funny to see who I will learn how to work this time (?) and if it is possible to avoid this and of course not, because these are the rules, you know, and CRAZY isn’t it?
  • I am spending the night at an office in Copenhagen but cannot sleep, and when I wake up I try to separate the curtains, but they cannot be separated. My mother enters and I pretend that I am sleeping and she is putting my duvet back on.
    • I cannot see out …?
  • My sister drives me to her company and parks at the top of the building. I follow someone to a cafeteria, I see the police as bank robbers emptying the bank for cash. I finish eating while witnessing the robbery and understand that they want to kill me. I drive up the escalator, which is broken at one side making it difficult to use. Outside I see the police keeping an eye with an aeroplane in Helsingør, which includes their one ton of loot.
    • This is about the strongest darkness of the car and work of my sister – I wrote her yesterday and we will see if she will see me or not and if she will not, this may explain this darkness – and the cafeteria is to say that my economy is better than expected, the police is an old symbol of darkness and when they are robbing a bank symbolising energy, it means that the darkness is removing my/our energy, which is why I am extremely tired during the days at the moment and the plan of the darkness is to use this to kill me, and this darkness is included with the Universe, which we are about to land in our New World of Helsingør.
    • I woke up to the Bee Gees song “to love somebody” with the lyrics “you don’t know what it’s like to love (“lose” as it was also said) somebody the way I love you” and “jive talking”, which were used because my mother simply loved seeing Bee Gees on DVD here the other day and I wondered what this “loss” was truly about.
  • The business in Copenhagen receives a visit from the rubbers again, they check the oven, which does not look fine and they shoot two people, and afterwards they come back disguised as H.C. Andersen having a jet pistol shooting a killing liquid, and somehow I gets this pistol and it shoots both forwards and backwards and I have to be careful not to get hit by the liquid myself.
    • This darkness seems to come from Poul-Erik after checking the oven at his apartment in Lyngby, which really did not look as I would have liked it to look, and I offered him to come back to finish the work on it, but maybe he became “mad” with me instead and decided to ignore me without answering my email because of this (?) and this is at least what the dream says, and H.C. Andersen is the world famous Danish author of fairytales and it seems that the darkness is disguised as light, which I have to be careful about and is this the true attitude of Poul-Erik behind his “kind” façade?

Hereafter I was kept awake for some time – discomforting as usual when all I wanted was to sleep, and this is what I was told:

  • “He regrets the crisis created by the great album of the time” and this was from the spirit of my father.
  • I heard the song by Bee Gees again “to love somebody the way that I love you” with the feeling that this was from the spirit of my mother to the spirit of my father and I was wondering what happened to the spirit of my father since I received this declaration of love.
  • I was told that “we are trying to avoid the aeroplane from burning when landing”, which is to make sure that the whole world and all souls will land safely at our New World and again it did not make me feel good to hear about these difficulties.
  • I was shown a white car and told that “Shu-bi-dua is questioning if one of the greatest icons of time is gone”, which I was very unhappy to hear because was this part of the spirit of my father and maybe the original creator, who may now be gone (?), and here it is also telling about the “sickness” of the front singer Michael Bundesen and his experiences/thoughts about me, which you may like to share with the world, Michael?
  • I was told “12 ladies now hold a break” and “something went wrong high up in the tree” with the 12 ladies probably being different spirits of my mother from different universes (?) and the tree being creation itself through the spirit of my father.
  • I was shown a car at a petrol tank and told “there is no pixy putting fuel on”, which is about the lack of a presence of the spirit of my father at the top of this tree.
  • I was shown myself packing a dark sail for Karen and Denis, and I wondered if Karen and Denis are sailing on the dark ship also being responsible for these difficulties?
  • I heard a very uncomfortable scream, which did not make me feel any better – was this part of the Holy Spirit of my mother screaming when losing to the darkness at the top of the tree (?) and again I was thinking about “all or nothing” as my old saying and all I could think of and decide was “we have to continue, I don’t know any other road”.
  • I was told “fortunately I can convince most people that I mean what I say” and I was given examples of people of the job course in Helsingør believing in me, which is also of importance to this work.
  • I was asked “do you wish to recreate him, it will only make it even worse for you” and the only answer I could give was “yes, everything is to be 100%, please do the absolutely best you can”, and this requires more energy, which will make it even more difficult for me to complete my work, but there is no way out, 100% is the goal “no matter what” and we know I regret that I was not able to do 100% myself for example with the oven in the apartment in Lyngby, and I was thinking that I do hope that “the daily save function” works perfectly meaning that things can never become worse than the new higher level for every single day and also that the goal is 100% no matter what will happen and that is even if I should lose it, and this is at least my decisions, so hoping this is what is also possible through the use of energy/sacrifices of the Universe as the last fuel we can use and that is of course unless you can withdraw energy from the Source.
  • I was told “we found this (“code”) at the innermost where we did not know what to find” and I understood that it was damage created by the darkness because of sex and my “old nightmare”.
  • I was told that “one of the problems is that the code, which is needed to see if record companies have hit the target, has been deleted”, which I understand is about the spirit of my mother not being able to see if her cancellation of the code of darkness replacing it with the love of light works.
  • I was told that “there are so many spectators for this Christmas lunch” and something about a shoehorn being forced out from the darkness surrounding it, which I understood is the tool needed to (re-)create the shoes of the souls included in this darkness to make them survive.
  • I was told about a movie called “sexual healing” and “you are one of the lucky ones”, which I understood was a message to a soul surviving – “the shoe horn in use” – and I was shown Sidsel in the kitchen and told that these difficulties are also connected with her, and here it is about removing the sexual suffering and destructive power of the darkness.
  • I heard the song “hvor længe vil du ydmyge dig” (“how long do you want to humiliate yourself”) by Danser med Drenge, thank you Morten & Co. 🙂 – and this was connected with the humiliation I go through at the job search course and we know “bring it on” (!) is my answer, and I was told “we will live from blood roasted tomatoes next week”, which is about sufferings of the Universe to come through this darkness and I also know because I was given a new pain of people of other civilizations to my right angle exactly when writing this, and I am sorry my friends out there for having to go through this, but 100% is the goal, and THANK YOU for helping all of us :-).
  • I was told that “a giant model of humanity was about to vanish but not when you don’t give up”.
  • I was told “many have had wrong conditions to stay under, which we will now change”, which made me happy to hear and I understood this as “conditions of life”.
  • And finally I received “how deep is your love” by Bee Gees, which is my mother’s and my favourite song from when we went to Sicily on holiday in 1978.
  • A new dream: I am on what feels like a very large luxury cruise liner and “hotel” in Copenhagen. Paris Hilton has arrived as part of her tour to different countries and the plan is to watch a fashion show, which however is uncertain if it will be carried out because of a misunderstanding of the arranger, which makes Paris say that “Moldavia was the only place without a fashion show” on her tour, and I understand that the arrangers will do everything they can to make the fashion show run as planned. People want to have more cola, but the slot machine does almost not work. The toilets have a Ferrari badge at the bottom, which makes all people clean the toilets even in darkness. Hillary Clinton is a special guest on the ship because of the visit of Paris, and she is becoming impatient because we are waiting on a third guest to arrive before the cruise can start, and I understand that the man standing behind all of it has now decided to attend himself.
    • The ship is symbolising the world, Paris Hilton is “very rich”, which is about “energy”, which may be a symbol of the spirit of my mother as the Holy Spirit of the world being all energy, which is, the fashion show is about “dressing people” and here to make all souls survive, which is the plan that we continue to work for. The Ferrari badge is to show the true strength of our New World, which will clean itself – never been better – and the third guest we are waiting for is myself when I will open up the eyes of my previous self – and we know “what a night” but we will come through this one too even thought I again received the feeling of “hopelessness” and “cold sweat” too, which truly is not very nice, but I praise myself lucky for knowing that the Universe can do magic, which I did not believe was possible and we know strengthening my faith in 100% as the goal “no matter what”.

I started working at 08.40 this morning writing the script and we know “more tired” than for a long time and still with the attitude “I will HAVE to go through this too”, but truly not very easy “for any of us”, which is what I feel the spirit of my mother telling me, but this is how it is and by 10.35 I had completed the script so far, and I wonder if I will be able to do any final editing of my sufferings memo today as I had planned because I have also decided to go the meditation circle at noon also after having invited the lady sitting next to me at the job search course and we know I will have to do a chapter on this too, and we will see how much or little I will do today, and thinking of doing at least 1-2 hours per day over the next week of this work, which I hope and should be able to do unless anything unexpected should turn up.

The meditation circle helped the final part of creation and Niclas is a divine victim of the darkness

And we know Stig, it became one of these days where my own action plan was overruled by “the plan of my manager” and that was because I went to a new meeting at the meditation group at 12.00, and first left at 16.00 because I truly liked to be together with the approx. 15 others today.

First of all I was unhappy that the lady next to me at the job search course, Adiba did not show up as agreed and we know normally you will come to a meeting and if you are “excused”, you will normally communicate, and was she really excused (?) and did she communicate (?) and the difference compared to me 14 days ago was that I was “excused” because I simply could not get transport to make it on time and because I did not have any communication means, do you see?

But today I was happy coming back, and the day of event started with colours, which was given to me first when Kate arrived – “the soul mate” of Niclas, I have never seen two people “so much into each other”, which I like to see 🙂 – and she sang “I feel good” and yes James Brown was the man singing this fantastic song, and BROWN was the colour to tell me that the Council is with me, you do remember that brown is their colour (?), and yes “again” Stig – and somehow we could not follow you into all of the darkness – and it was followed by a lady speaking of “purple”, and you do remember that purple to me is the colour of the spirit of Karen or Mary Magdalena as she was called in her previous life, and then a man entered the room and another was INSPIRED to ask him “have you risen from the dead” and another man was inspired to lift the BLUE door (!) to the place of this man, and yes BLUE is the colour of my previous self, the soul of Jesus now finalising the resurrection from not only the dead but from “nothing” after “his” termination 2,000 years ago to become part of the original Source, and to everyone “channelling” information from Jesus I can only say what I am told here, which is that “this is what you believe you are doing” but you are (were) not (!) because Jesus has not been alive for 2,000 years (!), but today “he” was with us through this meditation.

During the meditation all of my left eyebrow pulsated and it was given to me as a picture in comparison to the size of my physical body to show me the size of the souls compared to the total world, who we started rescuing with my decision during the night – which made me somewhat relieved to hear – and then I was shown a large statue carved into the front of the Town Hall of Copenhagen filling half of the height of this and I was told that this is the size of the sacrifices of the Universe – the relation between the statue and the total size of the Town Hall – to save the souls in question from termination and I was also told that if I was to give in to the darkness now, this statue would become 30 times bigger.

I was also told that the souls in question are souls, which “we did not know about” and that they belong to a previous civilisation as I understood it, and after one hour, I was told and shown that “this last piece is now not only white and yellow, but also blue” and I understood that it was not the spirit of my father missing at this place at the top of the tree, it was my previous self as the result of the creation now being “everything”, and that this has now been corrected with the help of this meditation circle bringing much light today – THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU, Niclas, Kate, Jimmy, Søren, Kenneth and what you are called (Chalotte was not here) :-).

I was shown a long row of Chinese soldiers lowering their weapons and the path between these led to the “centre of China” and I was told that this is the birth place of Buddha – this is where we are headed.

I was also shown a chandelier being prepared and told that a “special light” will be given to every single one of this meditation group and when I told this to the others afterwards, Jimmy was nice to say that he was happy that I told this – thank you for the feedback, Jimmy 🙂 – and he asked us if we had had difficulties sleeping during the night, which Søren confirmed that he had and he said that to him it was about the battle between light and darkness, and I confirmed that this was exactly what it was to me too when I was woken up and could not fall asleep again and that was because I am now doing the last battle against the darkness – please read the beginning of the script today to understand what this was about – and Jimmy told me that he and his daughter had the same experiences during the night both of them.

This was at the same time the “keyword” to get Niclas starting to speak with his spiritual voice, which he has not done the last three times as another said – glad that you understood from my previous script, Niclas 🙂 – and he spoke for a long time about a civilisation from outer space coming to Earth 500 million years ago to change our DNA because they needed it themselves and he could explain in detail what all of this meant in relation to what we are now facing, and when he said all of this, I received absolutely NO INFORMATION or confirmation spiritually myself, but I thought that “just maybe this could be the truth”, but then I was shown true darkness surrounding him and when he said that there is no darkness when you decide to be clean – yes this is truly what the voice WRONGLY made him say (!!!) – I was given the feeling of the red side – not completely dark anymore – of the spirit of my mother speaking through him even though he thought it was his “7 billion years old self” speaking (he also had the spirit of Karen or Mary Magdalena with him in the beginning and later on other spirits too), and I truly felt with Niclas, because he is the absolutely kindest man you can imagine with a VERY good heart in relation to others, and he has simply been cheated by the true nature of the darkness taking advantage of good-hearted and “simple minded” people believing in everything spiritual they receive as the “most clean” imaginable, and here again and that is to you Niclas, please read my dream of the night with the darkness speaking in disguise through H.C. Andersen and the real reason why I received this was to tell you that the darkness speaks strongly through you – the colour “red” to me is the colour of darkness somewhat lighter than the darkest, which simply is dark – and of course you don’t want to believe this because this voice is “so nice” to you that you love it more than anything else.

I was thinking if I should tell Niclas about this or not, and I decided to tell him – with the others listening – that in a world of both light and darkness, “open people” like he and I are also victims of the darkness when it takes advantage of good-hearted people believing in everything what they are told spiritually and that the darkness is disguised as light and I used the example of MANY spiritual channellings of people being the work of darkness – you can take the famous channelings of Matthew as an example – which several of the others understood when they said that it is true that many events never happens as predicted, and I told him that it can be completely impossible to separate the darkness from light when you receive it in disguise, and also that I do not receive the same type of information as he does – with all of these stories of “aliens”, DNA and much more that is – but when he told the others with his spiritual voice that we are now going to see what will look like “destruction”, which it however is not, I told him that this does not correspond with the information I receive because the worst darkness is over now – please read and understand my entire website, which is about the battle between light and darkness to save the world (!) – and furthermore I told him that this dialogue is difficult when we receive different spiritual information about the same because essentially we are both telling the truth, which simply is what we receive spiritually, and I quickly discovered just how “impossible” it is, because for Niclas it is “simply” impossible to believe that the “nicest voice in the world” speaking to him can be darkness, which does not exist as he is told (!), and because of this, I told him and the others that it would be the best for us to speak about this in private because it would be “very difficult” to communicate and understand each other because we receive different spiritual information, and it was here that Niclas said to me that what he receives may be “red” and what I receive may be “blue”, and I told you CLEARLY, Niclas, to remember these exact words because this was a special message to you, and the message is simply that RED is the colour of darkness speaking through you without your knowledge and BLUE is the colour of truth, which is me and that is my previous and now NEW soul inside of me -the soul of Jesus – and that is PURE LIGHT, and when this darkness speaks through you, Niclas, and faces me, it can hardly do anything else than to “agree” with me when I speak – this is the strength of the immense light of the New World and the weakness of the almost no remaining darkness – and when you are told by the dark side of the spirit of my mother – the previous Virgin Mary you know – that there is no darkness, it is to misuse your “good heart” because simple logic will tell you that war, crime, greed, hate, unfaithfulness, lies, poor behaviour etc. are tools of the darkness, and when your “nice voice” directly told you to be quiet and not to talk about what is true and wrong it was the voice of darkness too, and when I corrected you and your voice saying that communication is ALWAYS of the good and that I want people to understand instead of misunderstanding each other, which leads to divorces and people separating as friends, it made your voice tell you – as in other examples – that “this is right” and yes Niclas your voice confirmed to you that it was the darkness speaking, and it only did this because I am the only one having the strength to correct and eliminate the darkness, do you see?

At the end of our meeting today, I also felt yellow inside of Niclas, which is the good side of the spirit of my mother and I was told that she is now back again after having been away for some time, and it was followed by a feeling that she was covering Niclas on the surface of him and that Niclas inside of him is made of “divine material” too, and I was told that he received the darkness of today from the place of darkness I am at – see my experiences of the night – and then suddenly and very powerful, I received the strong light of the soul of Niclas inside of me and I was told that what Niclas did today was to help humanity, but maybe not in the way you thought, Niclas, but this is what you did and I would like to thank you very much for doing so – and also to encourage you to TRULY read and understand my website (my front page, New World Order, Normal Life, behaviour and work, the Signs I-IV pages etc.), my coming memo about my sufferings (I expect it to be published in November) and my scripts of course, which will become your TRANSITION PROCESS to replace your voice of darkness to a TRUE voice of light, and yes Niclas, I am TRULY the one, and that is for you to discover by READING and UNDERSTANDING me the same way as the world will do, there is no shortcut (!), this is what is required meaning that if you don’t read, you will not understand and yes Niclas also said during one of his speeches that Jesus has been hiding and is still hiding but “not as much as before” referring to me – very clever and nicely put 🙂 – and I sent you smiles Niclas because I am the man now finally returning home and this work we are doing now will open up my ENERGY SOURCE and that is for all of our New World as you can read from my website.

There was also much other inspired speech today, which I have decided not to include here, but a few examples are a reference to Sebastian, the Danish musician, who wrote “stille før storm”, which was about your TRANSITION PROCESS, Niclas, truly starting with me and this script, and “computer” was mentioned by Niclas I believe a couple of times, and “computer” is simply my symbol of “the program designing and maintaining the world” and here the New World and without this program, we would all be nothing but with it, we are now “everything” – and also “den ligger godt i maven”, which is the slogan of Daloon spring roles and really as a prediction because without knowing it I was destined to go to the Kvickly supermarket afterwards to find Daloon spring roles on sale for 20 DKK per kilo – very cheap (!) – which I could not help buying, you see?

Michael Jackson was also with us when people spoke of “love” in general and written here because I thought you would like to know.

Thank you to everyone of the meditation circle and especially to you, Niclas because you decided to speak out. You will become one of my important servants too or “special friends” as I have decided to call them ´:-).

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I had less darkness the rest of the day after the meditation circle because of the light I was given, and it made at least periods of the day almost bearable, which is not what I am used to.¨
  • I visited my mother and John again this evening, and I received a lamp they had in surplus to use at my hall – thank you – and a FM-antenna for my radio given to me by John who found it in their basement on the request of my mother – another symbol you know – and there is almost nothing they would not do to help me and the only thing is of course TRULY to understand me (!) and an example came this evening when my mother continued 10 times – again and again and again (!) – to ask me to think about myself instead of sending money to LTO, because “they are only taking advantage of you” (where do you know about this mother other than the sceptical voice of the family (?) and this is since you have not “heard” the truth of my explanation as I have told you MANY times) and we know mother I told you 10 times again this evening that “I understand you fully, will you please understand me too” and also “it does not help if you continue saying this tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, I will still do the same trying to find the right balance” and yes it was truly impossible for her to stop, which made me SUFFER very much to be taught because of a TRUE misunderstanding (!) and herself too because “of course she only wants to help” so I will not live on what she believes is “next to nothing”, but when will you ever learn my mother that to me it is more valuable to help people who have almost nothing to survive on and yes my friends this is how it is – misunderstandings are truly what is making people suffer the worst and there are nothing they can do about it as you see and that is despite of their “good heart”! – And I “had” to tell this story mother, which you will understand does not mean that I love you any less?
  • I was told spiritually again about the things my mother does NOT speak of in relation to me – “you will be surprised” – and that is about “who I am” with the voice speaking through me and yes this evening I spoke of the moral decline in general, which you can see from every single business revealed for example by the consumer program “Kontanten” on DR1 and you cannot find one single business manager, who has nothing to hide (!) and it goes all the way to the top – you too Sass-Larsen (!) – of people and politicians (you too, Lars Løkke!) doing what they know is wrong, but accept to do because this is what has become the accepted way of living (!) and that is VERY WRONG, my friends!!!
  • When I returned home, I met Emanuela now cleaning Jan’s apartment and the other day I met her with Knud also on this floor and yes she is the light helping to remove darkness of some men obsessed by darkness and we know my neighbour Preben decided to ring my door the other day just to be sure that it did not annoy me when he fell asleep with his radio on, which it does not, and we know all of these three men have some kind of “mental problems” and I am looking very much forward to seeing their true light too :-).
  • The spirit of my mother told me that she is now also for example a gang member – I was imagining CRIMINAL gang members of the worst kind – and she told me that “this also helps me to understand” in the absence of the spiritual being of people (already located at our New World) and I understood in relation to showing a clean heart entering our New World.
  • For some time I have encouraged my LTO friends Meshack, John and Elijah to communicate – asking them if they have a poor conscience or are too weak to communicate etc. – and today I received the first sign of life for several months from John, which made me happy however short it was through his posting on my Facebook wall: “Am glad that we are mutual friends and we have a lot in common, Its true that the devil has stolen so many souls and we have to get them back soon. Regards”


31st October: WAKE UP CALL to the Danish Government/World: Stop acting and start work on the New World Order!

Dreaming that everything of the old world has now been moved to our New World and continuing until we reach 100%

I was fearing to have to go through a night of the same level as the night before – it is TRULY not nice to go through experiences like that – but except from wakening too early before 06.00, I did not have the same experiences, and I do feel somewhat better physically but still not very good you see, and here are the dreams:

  • Something about giving away everything of the company to Søren from Dahlberg and someone else, and we are heading towards Sweden.
    • I don’t know what we are giving away, but we are still heading towards our land of joy and happiness and that is with 100,00% of all life and information EVER and that’s all!
  • I am on the top of the parking roof in a Volkswagen Transit together with my sister, and a car is blocking the exit and I say that I don’t believe she can come through this car, but then I see that there is a lot of space and she drives out and onto the streets, however she drives very fast and too fast for me, and I ask her to slow down and not stress that much, which makes her talk about the time when I drove very quickly and suddenly pulled the wheel.
    • This is about seeing my sister again, and I do hope that she is positive in this respect even though I have STILL not received an answer from her and is that because she is busy and don’t know what to write (?) and we will see.
  • I am playing a friendly match against Chelsea, I feel that I am a new player and I wear rubber shoes where others wear football boots, and I tell them that this game is more important than playing a true match against Manchester United.
    • A game to be friends with family and people around me having their positive feelings to help us through the last part?
  • We have moved the embassy of Kenya from Copenhagen to Sweden, and have left a few items on the floor, and I see poor people from other countries trying to steal these items, but I tell them not to. The carpet was made of badminton clothes and I told Jack, who helped me to move the carpet, that he should have seen how nervous I was when I bought the clothes when I was a bank trainee together with my colleague Steen because I did not know how to use it, and I tell him that the underpants are to be reversed when being removed.
    • The embassy is here symbolising the world and let us say of “original people” because yesterday at the meditation circle when I was looking at Søren – much darkness around him as I was shown – I was told that “this is not how man was supposed to become at all” and that we are returning to the concept of “original people” as it was planned in the original creation, and it says that we have almost moved everything now, there is hardly any work left, and instead of having this “work” (souls) stolen by the darkness, I am insisting that the light will become 100% of everything, which has ever been, and my old friend Jack helped me to become born through his work – looking forward to hearing about that Jack – and the carpet is the foundation and in the old world this foundation included the plans of sexual sufferings of the darkness to destruct me and creation, i.e. the underpants, and these are the pants, which we are reversing from “negative” to “positive” again, you see?
  • I am visiting a village in Kenya, they don’t have much and I would like to give them food. I see that they have an old truck, which have been sold and is now painted green, but through the colour it is possible to see that it used to be a milk wagon belonging to a dairywork.
    • Giving them food is to give them money, and the truck is the symbol of the world, which is changing from “sexual suffering”, which milk is about (faithfulness is truly not a strong side of MANY Kenyans), to GREEN, which to me is a FOREST and NEW CREATION really and we know the foundation of everything to come.
  • I have emptied the mailbox of the person living above me and the most exciting news is that he has moved.
  • I woke up to an old and true favourite song of mine – very much (!) – which was “movie star” by Harpo, and the lyrics “you are a movie star”, the opposite of the lyrics of the song, and I also heard Finn & Jacob in “vi er på vejen igen” and the lyrics “I am on the road again, and I can hardly wait” and that was really to say that this is the ending of the road and to give me SMILES of these gifted comedians too.
  • A large office is divided into two separate parts, I am working alone in my part and people on the other side don’t want to disturb me. A man named “Mølholm” – who is Torsten H., the previous CEO of GE Capital Bank in Denmark – visits me, I am lying under the duvet without underpants, he is working in the bank and we are going to follow up on which interest and conversion rate to use when converting a gross amount to net using my IT system to do pension calculations, and we have seen some “experts” arguing why they use the values as they do, but they still use different values, and I ask Mølholm if the bank still uses circulars, and Mølholm confirms that they do and he shows me the IT-system of the bank and tells me that there is a skilled journalist I have to speak to about this to publish an electronic circular to all departments of the bank, and while he says this I see that I am surrounded by class friends where Lars Hjortshøj is sitting at the back row together with my old class friend Søren D. N. and a third one, and they are painted in their heads as clowns and I tell them that “you would have been expelled in the old days when behaving like this”.
    • “Mølholm” is a private hospital of Denmark and the two departments of this business are the two departments of our New World with one “looking like the old world” where all people are today fearing to come over to me to the other side – showing a clean heart – and also a symbol of friends fearing to contact me because of what many still believe is my “craziness”, which may be “painful” for them if they contact me!
    • No underpants are about my sexual suffering and “old nightmare”, which is not quite over yet, the IT-system is about the world, the bank is energy to create the world and here I was told that this is also about sending our my “application” to Arbejdsmarkedsstyrelsen and really my wake-up call to the Danish Government and the world encouraging them to start building ONE system, which will create energy in itself – bringing me more sufferings (!) – helping me the last part of my road (!), and my class friends painted as clowns are to say that they were not the “brightest” in the class when not understanding me, that they belong to darkness and also that smiles are on the way.
  • Finally, I woke up to “you came” by Kim Wilde – we were crazy about the Kids in America 🙂 – and the lyrics “you came and changed the way I feel”, which is about the feelings of the spirit of my mother in relation to my previous self coming.

WAKE UP CALL to the Danish Government and World: Stop acting and start work on the New World Order!

I started working at 07.50 this morning writing the dreams, and I was told that the spirit of my mother cannot exit from the darkness again without our help, and I understood that she has now done her work inside of there, and I am looking forward for you and the entire world to escape the sufferings you are going through now.

This morning at IKU, I noticed that the lady next to me, Adiba, did not come today because of sickness and I am wondering if it is the darkness inside of me, which is giving it to here, and if this is the case, she of course has a valid reason for not coming to the meditation circle yesterday.

When I checked my Linkedin profile this morning, I could not help smiling when the website in the box at the upper right “People you may know” – which changes content with every visit – suggested that I may know Marie Hansen, the director of Arbejdsmarkedsstyrelsen (“the labour market board”), and yes I do and the “funny” part here is that she does not use her profile, which only has one connection, but still it showed up today and yes with the reason being that I am about to send her my “application” to day and a little bit of magic …. :-).

My Linkedin website suggested today “magically” that I may know Marie Hansen, the director of the Labour Market Board

This morning the group on “the island” behind me kept talking talking and talking and I am given extreme annoyance of people disturbing me, which meant that their continuous talk and laughter was as arrows hitting me giving me much suffering when it was “almost impossible” to leave out their noise from my concentration, and it became so much that I decided to send this email to Sarah also thinking that if I was the manager at this place, this would NOT occur and we know this is like a school class where the teacher is “powerless” and at the end accepts social talking however wrong and annoying it is to others.

Hej Sarah,

Prøv at lyt til den KONSTANTE støj, som er i lokalet. For en person som jeg, som gerne vil koncentrere mig, er det næsten umuligt. Det fjerner en stor grad af min koncentration og går mig næsten på nerverne, og det værste er, at I i praksis har accepteret støj som en del af hverdagen i stedet for RO til at arbejde. Folk, der har behov for at “snakke” burde gå ind i et andet lokale – om det er privat eller arbejde – så det ikke er en ulempe for folk som mig at være her – og i stedet for at skrive ansøgninger, som alligevel ikke bærer frugt, burde jeg færdiggøre mit RIGTIGE arbejde med at skrive den sidste del af et notat på ca. 140 sider om mine “lidelser”, som folk over hele verden venter på!


During the morning, I put on coffee for the first time here and became distracted when I first poured on water without having put on filter and coffee and discovering that the machine was “on” and started brewing without the coffee filter in place, and therefore I hurried more than what is good and quickly poured up the coffee and installed the coffee filter, and 5 or 10 minutes later when I returned to what I thought would be ready made coffee, I met Karin – the counsellor from the other day “helping” me – and she was cleaning up “all over” because it showed out that I had not installed the coffee filter correctly making water and coffee spill all over and we know coffee is the symbol of “warm feelings”, which I am now spilling all over and the reason is simply because of her “reactions” towards me – not outspoken to me (!) – which is darkness feeding this “spill of coffee” and in other words “energy” enabling us to work on this last part of “very dense” darkness. And instead of saying nothing, I decided to tell her the truth – the right thing to do you know – that it was me doing this and I offered her to take over the clean up, but she was smiling and telling me that she was now already done and might as well do the last part too and yes there is nothing much left now to spill, and thank you Karin :-).

After a couple of hours the worst annoyance had gone – I had come into my ”rhythm” – and I could continue working more concentrated and I decided to work most of the day to improve my ”application” to Arbejdsmarkedsstyrelsen – the Labour Market Board – MANY times before I finally sent it to Marie Hansen as the director of the Board including her manager, the Permanent Secretary of the Employment Ministry, other key Permanent Secretaries, key Ministers of the Government including the Prime Minister, the chairmen of all political parties and also Mogens Lykketoft and Søren Pind (!) – asking all of these to share my WAKE UP CALL with the entire Danish Government/Parliament and the world, because a WAKE UP CALL it truly is to say that I am “now” becoming my true self, the resurrected soul of Jesus, and I am asking the world to skip acting because they do know about me (!), omit the Old World Order and to start work on the New World Order, which this is about as you can read from my “application” here:

Furthermore, this is the following email I sent:

This is what I was able to do today, and I was very happy to decide not sending the application Friday last week, but to improve the quality of it today giving me an extra chance of thinking really.

The spirit of my mother and my physical self was completely worn out and broken down today

After “work” I drove on my bicycle to Helsingør because I had decided to pay my rent today, to transfer money to Kenya (despite of my mother) and to go to the library to return borrowed materials and also do some work on my scripts, which I was now coming behind on because of my priority to do my best “application” to the Danish Government!

When I was 100 metres from the main shopping street of Helsingør, suddenly the back wheel of my bicycle gave a loud noise from it, and when I looked approx. 5 spokes had broken off the wheel making it in practise impossible to continue cycling, and we know cycling is another symbol of “suffering” and here it is a symbol showing that the spirit of my mother cannot exit from the darkness without our help, and fortunately there was a cycle repair shop only 100 metres from where I broke down, so there was nothing to think twice about – because I NEED this bicycle – and therefore I handed it over for repair, and the nice assistants told me that it could be approx. 270 DKK or even more if the rim also needs replacement, but I have decided that we of course will continue “cycling” without stopping here!

From here I paid my rent in Jyske Bank, which in the future will be paid through direct debit automatically, I went to the kiosk of Axeltorv, the main square in Helsingør, to transfer money to the LTO team – I have decided to continue sending the same amount as for several months, DKK 2,800 gross, knowing that this is not enough to cover all of their needs but “better than nothing”.

And then I went to the library to send an email to David with the payment instructions, and I decided to continue working on my script of yesterday editing the chapter of the meditation circle and writing a summary of it and let me say that this work today was among the most difficult of all of the scripts I have worked on because I was truly immensely exhausted feeling “very warm” all over my body, having strong throw-up feelings and the absolute worst disgust to continue writing but I still decided to continue writing until 16.30 today and we know of course not to let these feelings make me start accepting negative speech, which you may understand would be “quite easily” to do because of these extreme feelings given to me? I was COMPLETELY destroyed and simply could not continue working on the chapters of my script today excl. the dreams, which I had already written.

Yesterday at my mother and John’s home, all of their light in the apartment was “actively” blinking very clearly for all of us to see, but I decided not to tell the truth that it was the spirit of my mother doing it because of her pain going through this immensely strong darkness at the end, and while working at the library, the light kept on switching off for 5 to 10 minutes, on for 5 to 10 minutes and so on, and later I was told that this was with the same explanation and also that the energy of the Danish Government and politicians/civil servants receiving my email of today is going to bring energy to help the spirit of my mother out of this place where there is “completely dark”, where she is almost breaking down, which this shows :-).

Later in the evening I was told that when the spirit of my mother comes through opening the door to the Source inside of me, this is the moment when I will open up the eyes of my new & previous self and when the New World will start with me as the first physcial being entering it.

I was exhausted and tired beyond description this evening, and suffering much, but nothing new in this really, it is only the degree of suffering whihc changes from day to day.

My sister finally wrote to me today – what is the real answer to why it took you so long (?) – confirming that she and Hans will come and visit me on Sunday, and the boys and their girlfriends will not come this time because they are “busy with work and studies” – I wonder if they were asked at all (?) – and yes the feeling I get is that the family “protects” them against me (!), and I know that my mother and sister speaks about my mother “helping” me and we know giving me the feeling of “humiliation” more than anything and we know “as if I need help because I cannot take care of myself” and that is not to say that I am not grateful because I am, but this is what you are both doing my dear mother and sister and again because of your misunderstandings but still showing all of your good hearts to the world.


1st November: A very large number of souls celebrate while I continue my journey to save the last part of the old world

Dreaming that a very large number of souls celebrate while I continue my journey to save the last part of the old world

I had an alright sleep under the circumstances with these dreams:

  • I am a researcher in business crime, I check business addresses and several business constructions and something about fighting about what each company has written about themselves (I believe, but my notes are of poor quality and I cannot remember the dream). As the owner I use a telephone and headphones, which several Danes living abroad also use, but to my disappointment, no conversations have been saved, but I see a sweater on the floor with a large sweat mark, which has been saved.
    • I am the owner of these “businesses” and fight to save them from the crime of darkness, and when no conversations have been saved, it may mean that these “businesses” have been “terminated” and that we are resurrecting them using the formula of the first creator. I was given the feeling of my old colleague Christina F-H from GEFI as an example of Danes living abroad speaking on my phone.
    • The sweat mark on the sweater is to say that I have received sweat marks on many of my T-shirts, which I will try to remove today when washing following my mother’s advice from the other day when I asked her how to remove these and we know this is “decline”, which is not good to become perfect, and whatever I don’t do perfectly myself, can be saved by true will-power as part of the “big equation”.
  • I am at a festive get together at a large business group consisting of a large number of companies and I am told that DSB (the Danish Railways) are always late – I did not know they were part of this group of companies – and I see a picture being cut thoroughly out of the frame.
    • The companies are all a part of our New World and I am on my way as the last using DSB – my suffering journey – and a picture is about being approved at the New World and when it is removed here, it may mean “someone not existing” and if this is the case, this is why we are “late” to make sure that everyone and that is 100,00% will make it through including being resurrected when needed. I am still working with the 15th December as the latest to become my true self as my deadline, and just so you know of course.
  • I am on my way running to a company together with someone else and I meet Rikke H. in front of the company, and when we see each other, we both feel very strongly how much we have missed each other and we just want to hold. At the door it is almost impossible to enter, but Søren from Dahlberg opens the door and let me enter at the same time as I discover that I do have the keys to open the door myself. Inside I see that the temperature in France, where one of our companies is located, will become warmer over the coming days, and I am asked if I will write about the temperature of each company, but I say that I will write about the accounts of every company. I am told that the company will now reduce in size, it feel like Danske Bank, and Søren suggests that I buy myself a “sneezer” through the Internet, and when he shows it to me, I see that there is also a picture of pyramid formed speakers looking very much like my own, but these have even more units than mine, and I can see that these speakers are everywhere I look.
    • The strong feelings of Rikke and myself here are really the feelings of the spirits of my father and mother meeting each other again and they have missed each other much – and remember that as my “old self” I am still both of these inside of me – at the same time as this is also my “old nightmare” because as my new self as we are forming, this is not what I want, do you see (and YES is the answer also to this one :-)). This company is still the old world becoming smaller all of the time, and the dream says that my sufferings will decrease over the next days and the “sneezer” is about “sufferings of the Universe” at the same time as I understood it also as the “snooze” function of a clock radio and really that it is time to WAKE UP. These speakers are even better than my “state of the art” speakers, which are about the true quality and nature of our New World.
  • I was again given the song “sanctify yourself” by Simple Minds and the lyrics “Control yourself , love is all you need, control yourself, Sanctify yourself” and more really and yes I will control myself not to let the negative voices take me over, which would not be good to the spirit of my mother and the world and yes difficult it still is when it often is on the edge of invisibly taking me over, but not impossible – and just keeping up the page working is somewhat difficult these days giving me only a little margin, but I don’t want to come behind so this is what I am securing through my work today.
  • I was also given the song “comedians” by Roy Orbison – because my mother TRULY loves him (!) – and the words “I have been preparing strong comedians”, which can only be SMILES here.

The spirit of my mother was “all the way out where there is no life, but still there was life” to be saved

This morning the spirit of my mother told the spirit of my father that they would not meet again without the good will of me and that is because I have continued to INSIST that there is FULL and FREE ACCESS to me from the outside despite of the strong darkness trying to do everything for months to restrict access and for the sufferings this has meant to me – and also as I am told that “I don’t care, we have to do this 100% no matter what” also knowing that the negative words etc. giving to me is hurting the spirit of my mother directly.

I was also told that the spirit of my mother was “all the way out where there is no life, but still there was life” (!) and that was at the top of a forest you know, where we needed to bring the CURE of course and here with some of the ABSOLUTELY BEST SONGS BY THIS ONE OF MY ABSOLUTELY FAVOURITE BANDS and we know expressing ALL OF MY LOVE and here it is from and to the Trinity to save these souls and you have to imagine that behind most of the words I write, I am in contact with the Trinity and here receiving exactly so much LOVE for doing this and that is not to give up at any point no matter how difficult it is JJJ.

David was kind to update me on both the “crazy” situation in Kenya and that all team members are okay

Today I was happy for David again to be disciplined and kind to send me the email below, to update me on the “crazy” situation in Kenya (!) – I like to be updated, please continue – and I was happy to receive information that “all team members are okay” and do you know how it is not to receive information, my friends, about how you are doing and yes you are making me suffer when not communicating with me and that is giving me more darkness, you see?

Dear brother Stig,

Jambo. I take this opportunity to thank you for the cash help. It came at a time when I was indeed in much need and now I am able to sort a few of these needs.

Kenya is a bit quiet. Last week we had a series of grenade attacks by Al-Shabaab operatives in Nairobi. Security has been stemmed up now.

The war in Somalia goes on. Various countries and regional bodies are supporting the Kenyan adventure and hopefully all is going to be better soon.

All the team members are okay and were equally grateful. I shall write a more detailed mail, later on within the week.

Thank you,

Catching up on my scripts at IKU – and finding the next job to search for: As a journalist with Helsingør Dagblad!

This morning I had to leave already at 07.50 because I had to use public transport, which takes much longer than to drive on bicycle (!), also meaning that I did not start writing my script this morning, which could truly have started given me much stress, and when I arrived at IKU, I decided to use some time to find the next job I will “apply” for, which will be as a journalist of the local paper here, Helsingør Daglblad, at the same time giving them the opportunity to bring my story to open up the world for me (!) and I have been told for a couple of days to search for a position like this and this was the only one it could be, therefore!

Hereafter I had an “excuse” (!) if one of the “controlling counsellors” should decide to follow up on me while I would use the day to finish writing my scripts of yesterday and today to prepare them for publishing, and I did indeed use all of the day to catch up, and the counsellor Frank here, who has developed into a CONTROL FIGURE OF THE VERY WRONG SYSTEM sat down together with a new lady next to me, and he looked at me asking his control question “is there anything I can help you with” and we know I told him the truth “no thank you, but thank you for asking” and also that “I have a good dialogue with Sarah and have found the next two jobs I will search for” and yes this was then good enough for him and he decided not to “bother” me and yes a “helping thought” is what it is about and right now when writing this he is doing a hiccup, which is to say that “we are in control of everyone” and that includes you Frank and that is because “you are not you” right now because your job will be to find your true and new self inside of our New World, you see?

At the end of the day – a little after 14.00 – I checked my TIP counter for visitors to my website and saw that Sarah now for the first time actually was visiting my website today as you can see below and I know from the IP-address as you can see that this is from IKU in Helsingør where I am located and not in Aalsgaarde (a few kilometres north of Helsingør) as it claims, which is the same city as the counter also informs me about as my location when it checks my IP-address when locking in, and the time for the first visit of Sarah below says 02.51 PM, which actually is 01.51 and we know “summertime, the living is easy” but when it is no longer summertime as now, living is not that easy anymore for this system :-), and I thought that just maybe Sarah would not be strong enough to continue speaking to me with her new knowledge about me, but I was proud of her when she actually came down to speak to me again and she was now for the first time visibly nervous, which I could see and also tell from her shivering voice – but still “fighting” she was 🙂 – and the reason was that after clicking in on the New World Order (using the link from my “application” of yesterday, which I sent to her too), only skimming this, she decided to open the “Jesus in Nairobi” page and we know Sarah, you did not expect to find me “hidden” as Jesus inside of here (?), but this is what you did and what you also believe in when still taking me seriously (?) as she did, and that may be what we have gone through the first week building up your faith in me (!), and she told me that she believed that I write “too directly” in my applications, and I told her that I fully understand her reaction but FOR ME this is right to do – not for others (!) – with the ONLY purpose to make the world understand me and I do this deliberately with this purpose only and that is because of the world and not because of me (!), and furthermore she asked me for a list of companies where I would like to start in “work practise” after these four weeks – mandatory in this Commune (!) – and yes she did not want to waste my competences as she said but thought of sending me out to teach companies about spirituality, which she has thought about doing herself as part of an organisation – I did not tell her that the organisation she was thinking about and will work for will become God’s only organisation, which is still LTO, my dear friends in Kenya (!) – and I told her that she can send me out to do anything, I am not particular and when she continued asking for me to help her because she is busy, I told her that I could become the Managing Director of IKU (!), or the director of the Jobcentre in Helsingør, a cleaning lady (!), “what is the easiest for you and your colleagues to find” and also “send me to Christiansborg (the Danish Parliament) to work for a politician, for example Helle Thorning-Schmidt or Søren Pind!” and that came after I this morning was inspired to search for “available jobs” at the Parliament, where I noticed that a number of MP’s are searching for “trainees”, which however is not “one like me” but a student from more advanced studies, and I might follow up on this tomorrow sending her this list encouraging her to investigate if any MP’s wants somebody like me to work for free for them, and yes isn’t this exciting and how many of the “old world” politicians working for their own agenda would like me to help them get started with the New World Order (?) and just wondering I am of course. At the end of our conversation, I encouraged Sarah to start reading my main 10-15 webpages and the best is to read all of it and at least to read and understand the summaries using a few hours on this, and then afterwards to go in detail of course and yes this is what she said she will do, so I am looking forward to seeing you in there when you will do this, because of course you will? I also told her that I should really work on my sufferings memo of 140 pages because the world is waiting on it – I have told her “the more sufferings of a person, the more spiritually gifted a person”, which she understands – and she told me “please do this” and we know so now we have created an understanding where I will do two applications per week, I will receive help from Sarah only – I believe, and from here I should soon get more time to finalise this memo, and we know there is the application for the newspaper Helsingør Dagblad, which will take some time but from here, I do hope and believe that I can drive “safely home”.

Sarah was visiting my website for the first time today and shortly thereafter she was visibly nervous when speaking to me – she has changed towards me not because I have changed, but because of herself

Meshack’s wife and children are out of hospital, but he is suffering much because of debts and failing sight

Hi there to you too Meshack,

First of all THANK YOU very much for deciding to communicate however difficult it may be – this is about a decision to “still carry on” the same as I my friend and that is to surpass “big difficulties” as I also do here – and I LOVE TO RECEIVE NEWS from you and the team and am always unhappy when I do not hear from you, which goes to you Elijah and also John much of the time, and first of all, I am happy that your wife and daughter are out of hospital, and I SMILED when I read the meaning of the name of your second daughter J.

Thank you for updating me and that is also to do it frankly and objectively when it comes to your sufferings both in financial and health terms, and as usual FAITH as you say and WILL POWER makes it easier for you to come through – NEVER GIVE UP when crossing the “bridge over troubled water”. What you have all done is admirable, thank you for being my friends and that goes to all of you, but will you please remember to communicate in order for us to stay friends, and you will remember that this is what I have kept on encouraging you to do all along, which is not difficult to do when you just take a decision, and that is to follow in the footsteps of David, really.

Please send all of my best – and kisses from the spirit of my mother as she says here – to your wife and children :-).

And here is his email:

Hi there, i am still breathing well but my health had been falling for the last five weeks but first my wife and my daughter are out of hospital and the baby is named Kelly Keli meaning in our mother tongue a second daughter. I had alot of difficulties paying the hospital bill and up to today i still have not paid back from those i had borrowed from but i thank God both mother and child are in good shape.

My sight has been falling with alarming late and even as i am writing to you i am forced to take some time off the computer so that i can see well again and this has been contributed by the stressfull life i have bee living.

The christmas is around the corner and i and my wife are wondering how we shall spend it during this difficult times but God is with us and we shall overcome all these challenges when we shall cross over the bridge with you as right now we are criss crossing the ridges in difficulties and we are in a wildness where there are dangerous animals ready to devour the weak in faith.

May you find good and uplifting friends in your new dwelling.


Ending the days with these short stories:

  • Søren Pind, the member of the Danish Parliament, and a “special friend” of mine also included on my email list of my WAKE UP letter yesterday, has also been “inspired” when writing on his Facebook wall and at the first message below you can see that he simply despises people anonymously degrading other people on the Internet, which I totally agree with you in, and he says that this is done by people having “antisocial personality disorder” and I am just wondering, Søren, if you will believe this about me too even though I am not writing anonymously (?) – and in his second posting, he says “God free me too” and yes Søren, the TRUE message of this posting of yours is that I don’t like your “typical WRONG political behaviour” fighting others instead of understanding and to do this with all of your power, but I do like that you speak directly and honest – you just need to change your behaviour, my “friend” and yes I have now sent maybe 3-4 requests to become friends with you on Facebook but is it you rejecting me or a game by the darkness keeping us apart?
  • And there was also a third posting, where he was INSPIRED to use the words “mashed potatoes” as I also did the other day and here to say that Søren is truly a “servant” of mine, but “in love” with the system of the old world herewith bringing me darkness and yes Søren when you posted this message, you had received my email and what did you decide to do with it (?), and just wondering I am. 
  • I had physical pain in my behind today, which was annoying but however not as much as it did for a couple of days a few days ago where I was on my limit and we know another symbol meaning my “old nightmare” really.
  • I walked from IKU to the centre of Helsingør – maybe 3 kilometres – and found that my bicycle was already finished today, one day ahead of time, and it was 250 DKK only and it works perfectly, now better than before, and we know “we are on the road again” to get the spirit of my mother out of “nothing”.
  • For a couple of days I have said that I don’t want any darkness to leave me, and today I understood that if I should “lose it”, I will be saved by the light fulfilling this wish.
  • I was told that “we have now started building the bridge of light” and I was shown the spirit of my mother on her way to cross this bridge towards the light of the Source inside of me together with the “impossible to reach last part of life” of the old world.
  • I ended the day at 17.40 being dizzy because of exhaustion, and the script will be published tomorrow morning at IKU.
  • I have had a déjà vue sending my WAKE UP call to politicians etc., and this evening the voice of darkness was probably the worst ever really taking me over without succeeding – it was disgusting – and I was told that this is the reaction of the Danish political system of the old World and “not nice” to receive the verdict from the Son of God that you have failed when all you want to do is “help”, but heard about that one before you have.
  • I was shown the spirit of my mother receiving a new blue hood on symbolising me and she told me that “the new Triumph is intact, and the old is suffering”, which is to say that the necessary sufferings of the Universe to go through this last phase has been carried out by previous Universes, and we will probably hear more of this story too and we know the message from here is “I don’t want to see any terminations at all”.
  • This evening I decided to send out my thank yous to “hele banden – rub og stub” as I say in Danish with a smile (“all of the gang”) and that is to all creators and all living of all time in all Universes to create me as you have and to help me go through this journey, which I thought was impossible to do.
  • This evening I watched the Best of David Bowie on DVD – all of his videos – and I was given the clear feeling of resemblance between him and Michael Jackson in facial expressions and the same ground elements in dancing as I for example noticed in “Boys keep swinging”, which at the same time is “pure art” (!) – see some of his videos from 1995-97 too to see fantastic art – and that is also to say that both David and Michael do keep swinging because both are made of the same material you know :-).
  • I noticed that the Ministry of Employment today “read” my front webpage and the New World Order taking “ a couple of minutes” and yes “they” were also on my email list when sending the WAKE UP call to the Government, and if I am sad of how they ignore me without communicating (?) and yes “you bet” (!) and that goes to Helle and all of you, and by the way, Helle, how are you doing (?) and “difficult” to find out and decide what to do (?) and “dangerous to speak about me” (?) and just wondering I am.
  • Today, Signe from our meditation group and my new Facebook friend was INSPIRED to share the following link confirming that the rules of the Danish unemployment system of 23.675 pages (!!!) are the BIGGEST bureaucracy in the world and we know a “killing bureaucracy” as I wrote to the Government, and can you see it or will you decide to look away from what you know is the case?



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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