November 5, 2011: Preparing to reverse the dark side of the spirit of my father and open our New World


Summary of the script today

2nd November: I have been freed from the crisis caused by the darkness of the old world

  • Dreaming of the spirit of my father being afraid of the dark side, the spirit of my mother asked for help by changing Karen, which I could not actively approve, I have – hopefully – been freed from the crisis caused by the darkness of the old world, which is what the spirit of my mother has been thinking about continuously to free me from physically suffering and it was impossible to use the code of light to change the code of darkness.
  • I heard from Mary from Ghana again, she is still suffering and still humiliated when looking for money, and my answer was as before: I cannot send you money.
  • I used most of the day at IKU to catch up on and publish the last four days of scripts and my book of October – I did it (!) – and at home I did the final edit of the next two chapters on my sufferings memo, and was receiving the “cake production unit” because of my attitude that “this is piece of cake” :-).

3rd November: “Dragholm is God in miniature, which was the only way I could defeat the Devil”

  • Dreaming of “5,000 people” having a special password to a “restricted area”, which may include several of the Danish politicians receiving my letter the other day, I am not allowed to speak, which may be to politicians of “the old world”, the military is hiding the true content of their work, which is removing my energy and making me suffer much, I am cleaning the old world in a “constant high pace” and still considered by many to be mentally retarded, the remains of the old world has moved to protect us from the darkness, Sanna and Hans help bringing me the “wine” (life) inside of the darkness, the nature of the darkness was to protect people of darkness from suffering (!) and it has still not given up and is still trying to make me start destruction with the rest of its power, Hillary Clinton is a politician of the old world bringing Obama and I much darkness, which is both making us suffer and “fuel” for our New World, receiving more energy than what is produced and my mother wants me to lose weight and my “diet” will be when I will enter the light at the end of my journey.
  • “Dragholm is God in miniature, which was the only way I could defeat the Devil” – because the Devil of mankind was potentially much stronger than the light, which would have led to the end of the world if God had shown his true self through me.
  • At IKU I worked on my script and almost finalised my application to become a journalist on Helsingør Dagblad and also delivering “the greatest news in world history” to them, which they may decide to write about to open up the world for me (?) and we will see, I will send it tomorrow.

4th November: Sending “the greatest news in world history” to the local newspaper in Helsingør

  • Dreaming of saying goodbye to Brede Park, remembering the feeling of the darkness killing everything around us, meeting the spirit of my father symbolised by Jeff Lynne, who has waited to receive me all of his life, I have the absolutely best and strongest New World inside of me, but I am going through the most unpleasant and narrow tunnel here at the end, I am surrounded by darkness and the spirit of my mother, who is healing our wounds, I am doing the most amazing golf strike ever because I don’t give up, “it is about being in control of the speech”, which is about the very strong voice of darkness not to take me over and a part of the original creator is damaged because of the darkness, but I will accept nothing less than 100% to be saved.
  • At IKU I finalised my “application” and “the greatest news in world history” (my arrival and the opening of our New World) for Helsingør Dagblad and sent it today. Will they now be able to understand and to bring the truth as a story in the paper?
  • I have now only the dark side of the spirit of my father left to free, whom I met directly this evening and he played the game still fighting me with the best he got still able to bring me incredible uncomfortable cold sweat because what if … (?) and that is he would be stronger than I and if he would be able to bring the darkness back – but essentially it was to say that I have received the code by the spirit of my mother to lift the blockade of the dark side of the spirit of my father blocking for the light of the spirit of my father.

5th November: Preparing to reverse the dark side of the spirit of my father and open our New World

  • Dreaming of being the darkness and that the fight is not over yet, which was DISGUSTING, handing over the light and the New World to the spirit of my mother, the energy of the old world is very limited now making work difficult, the darkness still wants to fight me releasing indecent sexual behaviour to the world and also my old nightmare, the darkness knows who has destroyed the house of darkness – me :-), the darkness is still cheating and sending me “stormy weather” and the spirit of my mother is bringing me the code to complete the system of our New World.
  • “I don’t care, we have to move on” – with work and the same pace that is and today with the final edit of the second last chapter of my sufferings memo.
  • We are preparing to reverse the dark side of the spirit of my father, which will become the opening of our New World. The positive and negative side of the spirit of my father are two sides of the same, and the dark side is sending darkness to the light to distribute to the world through the spirit of my mother, which is also the explanation to why the darkness did not know about who I am.


2nd November: I have been freed from the crisis caused by the darkness of the old world

Dreaming that I have been freed from the crisis caused by the darkness of the old world

I had a very poor night to say the least both in terms of lack of sleep and the messages I received – but Never give up – so here we go:

  • The spirit of my father is pulled in from the balcony, he is afraid of the dark side of him and the spirit of my mother. He is going to bath and wonder how positive and positive can become negative, which he does not believe is possible. I see a power socket in the hall, which is being tested.
    • This is about suffering and being afraid, and I cannot “take” being afraid anymore, I am too tired to be that!
  • I am at a mansion where a person is being taught nursing drive by Ambulance, which the lady teaching says is really needed, and I am told that it is a condition that Karen receives some medicine against her will, which puts me in an awkward decision because I don’t see Karen, and this will force me to see her and to give her this without her knowledge, which makes my mother – the teacher here – say “in this case you should not do it”.
    • When I woke up, this is put to me as a question with my answer being “I will never accept methods like this” and I did not know what the consequences would be because I got the feeling that it was serious, but this is NOT how to solve a crisis and on the other hand I told you “do what is necessary to do if necessary, but I will not actively give you this approval” and so it is.
  • I was kept awake for some minutes and told “there was sold out on all shelves but only if you knew it” and “we were about to close the connection and what would then have happened” (?) – i.e. no energy to carry on our journey moving the rest of the old world to the new – and my answer was “we would open the New World” with the feeling however given to me of a risk of terminating the world, and again I received this extremely unpleasant “cold sweat”, which I did not believe was possible to receive at this stage, but I told myself again that I have decided not to be afraid, so this is what I decided to do and we know this is about “all or nothing” and what do you do if you “only” have 99.7% with you (?) and “that is the question” really – “to be or not to be”.
  • I am stopping work at DanskeBank-Pension, I wear my finest business suit and cotton coat, and say goodbye to two colleagues “see you” and a special goodbye to my old friend Lars. I am driving my old BMW 520, which was my company car, and I have received an “offer” from the car dealer – Meyer from “the house on Christianshavn” 🙂 – saying that the car is worth 120,000 DKK, and I understand that it is ransom because there is no more debt in it, and this makes me hope that I continue driving in it without the company requiring it back.
    • Stopping work at DanskeBank-Pension is to stop work at the old world, which we are about to do, but before doing that I have the last part of my work to do and here the dream says that the spirit of my mother have bought my car, i.e. myself, free from the “old world” of the Devil, and even though this particular model from 1988 does not have much motor power, this is what we have and what I will use to finalise my work. Thank you VM for doing your best :-). I was told by here that “there was a hole in the roof and it hailed and stormed through the hole” and this is really why this has been some very tough days as you will understand?
  • I woke up to “there is a reason” and “let your love flow” from the song by the Bellamy Brothers and I understood that LOVE is what brought us through.
    • I also woke up to “Black tie, white noise” by David Bowie – talk about art and a man having the courage to experiment, fantastic music and come back in 1993 🙂 – and here the meaning was that darkness of the tie is disturbing our “confidence” and making “noise” or suffering to the light, and the spirit of my mother told me that she has only been thinking about how to solve this crisis without making me physically hurt as the outcome if she did not (to accept less than 100%).
  • I am in a combined living and business house, and take the elevator down, which however first did not come, then it stopped one floor too short and did not print out something which it was supposed to print out. But I have come down, and attend a class together with maybe 20-30 people, there are two teachers, one is having a very modern video camera, which he points towards people, which makes me leave the visible picture of it by going to my left. I am standing next to Paul, I sit on the table and offer him to sit too, which he does, which makes the room on the table limited and I decide to sit in the chair next to it instead. The teacher says that he is a teacher of two 7th grade classes, and his Danish-English dictionary says that the teacher of this had six 7th grade classes at the same time, and he said that it was possible also to use the Danish-English dictionary as an English-Danish dictionary, but in practise this showed out to be impossible. Afterwards I see my self preparing three fish filets, which are now cold, which I am starting to eat.
    • Taking the elevator down is to reduce sufferings with some problems because of the darkness as you can tell, and it seems that the code of “one side” – of the light – was impossible to use at the “other side” – of the darkness – to convert it, which is what caused this extreme difficulties as it was and let me say that “exhaustion” and tiredness is not quite covering the feeling I have when writing this because this is what I am, much!

This morning I could start working again at 07.45 before leaving for IKU on bicycle at 08.30.

Hearing from Mary from Ghana again, she is still suffering and still humiliated when looking for money

This morning I was happy to hearing from my old friend Mary from Ghana again, when she wrote the following to me:

how are you doing?anyway Happy Birthday in advance and i have really missed talking with you is everything okay with you?

Knowing Mary from before and her sufferings, I knew that this was still about poverty and lack of money, and I decided to write this to her:

I am glad to be hearing from you after all this time. Everything is fine here, I am still short on money and at the moment preparing the last part of my journey/writings as you can see from I am still thinking of visiting you when I am finished with this work, but I kindly ask you to still be patient, please. I hope your brother and mother are doing fine? And how are you doing yourself? Are you working or is life still very difficult?

And as sure as Hell here (!), this is what it was about and again she had to humiliate herself because of the WRONG WORLD ORDER (!) trying to find money:

Stig is good to hear from you as well,life is difficult not easy to live in here Ghana stig the government make things so difficult for us and even our room now we all live in one room Stig please if you can get at least $100 for food i will be glad with that stig and how is everything there?


And my answer was as before:

Mary, I understand your situation, and I am sad to say that my message to you is the same as before. I cannot send you any money and that is not because I do not want to, but simply because I do not have any to send you. I can only say that the world will become a better place, which eventually also will come to you. All my best to your family, take care all of you. Kind regards, Stig

Catching up and publishing my scripts/book and continuing work on my sufferings memo

When arriving at IKU and seeing its building from the outside, I was also shown the exact same building as a vision inside of me – “I have been here before” is the feeling but really the strongest déjà vue so far – and when working inside during the day, I saw a vision of my self and Sarah exactly in the positions we were working and just saying that this road has been planned too :-).

At IKU I decided to work on my script of yesterday with the last stories and finally at 10.45 I succeeded to publish the four previous days of scripts, and we know “certainly not one of the easiest to do” this one, but I did it! And I continued finishing my book for October uploading this as well at 12.00, and then lunch and the rest of the script of today so far and we know by 12.40 I was TIRED and still thinking constantly “how in the world will I be able to finalise the last part of my work with this amount of work and almost no energy” at the same time as I know that it is “easy” to do and we know I do hope that the code of the darkness will not cause of any more difficulties, but I should not be surprised that there are more surprises in stock, but life must go on, this is my attitude and my goal is still 100% no matter what and that is BOTH really :-).

When I came home, I continued working on my sufferings memo and while doing this at 16.00 I was shown that I was receiving the “cake production unit” itself – this will be the Lord self and “his wife” 🙂 – because I am now believing that it is “piece of cake” to finish my suffering memo from here because of the quality I have given it when writing it and editing it the first time (most places, but not all), and I was told that “when you decide to continue working until the end, the darkness is forced to give out its code, which is happening now”, which is really “not the worst thing that could happen” – do you remember your “Jutlandic”, Morten J. 🙂 – and I continued above my limit until 17.45 doing two more chapters and now I am more than half way through the memo with the view to being able to continue working on it also tomorrow.


3rd November: “Dragholm is God in miniature, which was the only way I could defeat the Devil”

Dreaming of the military hiding the true content of their work, which is removing my energy and making me suffer

At 21.00 I simply had to go to bed – TIRED (!) – and I slept alright under the circumstances and once again, new dreams:

  • Something about 5,000 people having received a special password to a “restricted area” delivered by Google.
    • This will have to be about so called “VIPs” being able to browse the Internet – and other systems (?) – without being traced, and I wonder how many of the politicians etc. I sent my WAKE UP CALL to, who are using this “secure code” instead of just showing yourself as I encourage you to do. There is NO need to play “hide and seek” because I have found you :-).
  • I am at HiFi-klubben, there are many people and an assistant promises to call some customers to be served by me, but they never come, and after some hours I leave, and notice that the other assistants are testing stereo equipments, which does not truly have the best quality yet.
    • Normally the dreams say that the better I work, the better the HiFi-system I play on – or the better the New World is – but here I am not even allowed to play/speak (?), and why is that (?), is this because of the old world of Danish politicians or ….?
  • I collect all of my shoes and go home. I will visit Jack at the military, and I hear that the young people there live at the top of the highest buildings to avoid pollution. A man there is interviewed and he tells the truth that the more they can hide the content of their work – I see how they are cheating with their work – the more they will get out of it. I am at Jack’s home at the military a Sunday afternoon bringing my shoes, but I decide that I would rather see him tomorrow, but before leaving I see him with some of his friends and he sees me too and tells me “I don’t want to be your friend anymore” and he gives me my mail, which includes a letter from a collection firm, and another from another collection firm because Niklas, my sister’s oldest son, has handed over his claim on me to be collected and also a third collection because of a customer of a bank, who went bankrupt, and now they want to collect the money from me.
    • My shoes are “our existence”, the young people at the top may be because of the sufferings they go through at the bottom of this system, the man is telling the truth, by accident, of the rotten moral of the military when they hide and cheat – also about me (?) – and is the dream to be understood that Jack had to chose between the military and me, and he chose the military (?), and because of the darkness the military brings to me (part of the total darkness), I am met by many “collections” wanting money I don’t have, and just saying that it is the darkness of people resisting me, which is removing my energy and is causing the crisis we are/were going through here, and just thought that you would know, but this is not enough for you to change your WRONG attitude?
  • I woke up to a fantastic dance song including the words “Still I miss you”, and is this parts of the spirits of my mother and father not reaching home yet or maybe about my new self?
  • At Danske Bank, Free port, a new colleague of mine is cleaning the room everywhere in a constant high pace, and I tell him that “this is how to make a career”, and I can tell that he is considered to be a mentally retarded person. My old colleague Jan G. (3153) enters the door, he does not bother speaking to me after all these years, but my colleague Benta meets him with big smiles and they speak together, and he leaves without wanting to speak to me. Something about an English man asking Benta for road directions and giving coffee. The bank branch has been moved from its previous location and now to a new location closer to the harbour of Langelinie.
    • This colleague of mine is myself, who is cleaning the old world and considered to be mentally retarded by many people because they don’t want to speak to – or read – me. This is from here I receive my energy, and the location of this has been changed obviously to protect us against the “hail and stormy weather” of the darkness.
  • Sanna and Hans arrive with a 1969 Burgundy wine from Santenay, and when I pour it I am afraid that it may have become too old, but the colour looks fine to me still with a red nuance, but the others say that it has turned brown. I see Tobias as a baby running and playing. Something about foreigners who are not allowed to speak, but they don’t speak against me. I go through my things with mother and John and we agree on the content of three boxes, and Sanna says “you have a strange view on this” to which I reply “no, we also agree on this, so let us go through it, nothing will happen to you”.
    • Sanna and Hans represent darkness and inside of the darkness is a “wine of pretty good quality”, and when pouring it, it looks fine to me and the life of it is really changing from “red” of the darkness to brown of “the light of the Council”. And the spirits of my father and mother agree about the content of the Trinity and Sanna believes I have a strange view on things – did you read my “applications” to the Psyciatric Fund and Arbejdsmarkedsstyrelsen (?) – and this may be to say that my mother and John understands better what I do because we communicate, and that my sister does not because of her “knowledge of the old school”.
  • On the King’s Road in Hørsholm, Hans has become new chairman for a cooperative housing association, and they speak of letting people stay longer at apartments on the King’s Road instead of on the Beach Road, and he wants to continue as chairman because he wants to “use” the external waiting list.
    • Hans and Hørsholm are about darkness, who want to protect people of darkness for suffering, this is what the dream says and what you see all over the world in practise (!), and Hans wants to get a house of his own by jumping over people on the waiting list, which is to say that the remaining darkness has not given up the fight yet, and we know “a tough opponent” is truly the right word to use about this, I have NEVER seen anything of its kind before in my life!
  • I am driving on the train together with Sanna and Hans, and change seat passing first Hans and then Sanna, who reads in different newspapers and offers me to read one of them.
    • The train of Gold towards the light with the darkness still reading the newspapers of destruction, which it wants to share with me, but no thank you :-).
  • I am visiting USA and drive together with Hillary Clinton in a large limousine, and she tells me that she makes 1,5 times the income of Obama, and she asks the driver where we are heading, and I believe that we are going to her palace, but instead we go to a baker, and inside of it I say that to me this is typical American, Hillary gives my friend a GIANT bread, which he comes inside of his shirt, and I notice that the Nutella chocolate spread is as expensive as in Denmark, and I see empty cold counters with posters on it of the most delicious salmons and herrings, which people are recommended for people to order, and it is not standard products of the store because people buy it only a few times every month.
    • The large limousine of Hillary may be about her “very positive self-concept” and what the dream says is that she has much more energy than Obama – he is suffering because of lack of energy as I am too, but not quite as much – and Hillary is “the old world” bringing me much darkness, which is bringing me “sexual sufferings”, my old nightmare you know as the bread symbolises, and also “fuel”, the chocolate is the selfishness of the simple minds of Americans – far too many of you (!!!) –and I am recommending people to have faith in me, which is what the fish are about but far too few of them today.
  • I see a cycling race at the track of Forum in Copenhagen, the racing cyclists change clothes on the other side in a hall, which is under rebuilding and looks like a mess. I meet Bjarne Riis together with a couple of his racing cyclists, and the talk is about working less than one hour for every hour and still to receive a salary for one hour, and one of the cyclists is on the national team too but now not as a star anymore, and he wants to climb me because he gay and attracted to me.
    • Cycling is about suffering, the talk is about receiving more energy than what is produced.
  • My mother is ordering food for herself at a counter and oil for me with the feeling that it is for French Fries, but the assistant asks for what the oil is to be used for and my mother says “salt meat”, which makes the assistant choose another oil instead.
    • I believe this is about my mother believing that I have become fat because of French Fries – which simply are potatoes I have cut myself and baked in the oven with oil – and instead of being fat, my mother wants me to lose weight, which I will do when I will get in contact with the “salt”, i.e. “everything” and yes the light will be my “diet”, do you see and YES is the answer :-).
  • Before standing up, I heard “it is rare that I enter into agreements further into the future, but it happens”, which I understood as confirmation that the spirits of my father and mother have a pretty good idea of how our future will look.

“Dragholm is God in miniature, which was the only way I could defeat the Devil” – because of the STRONG Devil

When I was taking a shower this morning, I was first told about this and that person of old colleagues, who will eventually stand forward confirming that “yes, Stig was the most skilled person we have ever worked together with” and it continued when I was told “Dragholm is God in miniature, which was the only way I could defeat the Devil”, which was about the spirit of my father working inside of me and meaning that only by being undiscovered by the darkness, I was able to win and simply because all of the power of the darkness would be so much stronger than the light if it was activated (!), which would make it defeat me easily leading to the end of the world and you may remember my old dream about all of the unused fighter planes of the darkness standing in the hangar (?) and this is really the picture of it. God could not show his true self and power through me because of the potential strength of the darkness, but when there is no more darkness, God will show his true nature through me to the world.

During the morning, I was given the song ”I know you’ll miss me blind” by Culture Club and since I have decided that we are to save 100% of everything of all times, this cannot be about termination, but I am given pain again to my right angle when writing this, which may be to say that physical people will miss each other because of the continuing sufferings of the Universe and we know until “new life” will be created on basis of the spiritual beings, who will not cease to exist.

I almost finished my “application” to become a journalist on our local newspaper Helsingør Dagblad

On my way cycling to IKU, I was given the voice of a strong Devil trying to convince me to give sufferings to Danish politicians and others – and we know a STRONG voice means “stronger than I” (!) – and my decision stands clear: I will not actively permit this, but please follow my general, few rules and “do what you have to do”, which I said also knowing that sufferings are about absorbing darkness and developing people spiritually too, but I will NOT play the game of the darkness actively deciding that this or that person now has to suffer like this and that and this is the “delicate balance” I have decided for, which will make Gold and not dust!

At IKU, I still needed 1-2 hours to find my rhythm – still very difficult to get started every single day – and I noticed how people still TALK TALK AND TALK so much that it is going directly into my nervous system annoying me “far beyond what everybody else experiences” and we know people cannot see that this is wrong to do because “it is truly so nice to talk and laugh” but my friends NOT WHEN WORKING (!!!) – save that for your spare time, where it is VERY GOOD to do :-), and it is still a “gang of 6-7 people” torturing the remaining maybe 15-20 people and I felt the voice of the spirit of my mother speaking through some “ladies” and the voice of the spirit of my father speaking through some “gentlemen” and yes “SIMPLE MINDED” ladies and gentlemen, whom I could call “ill-mannered people” instead.

I started working at 07.55 at home and continued working on my script and finalising the last part of the script of yesterday, from 09.00 until 11.00 at IKU, before I could continue working on my “application” as a journalist for Helsingør Dagblad, and we know I have decided NOT to be tempted to speed up my pace and decrease my quality just to finish as quickly as possible – I will continue with the quality I have decided for all the way to the end and that is NO matter how much I may suffer, and yes “come on all of you, who me what you got” and as long as you cannot make me decide to be negative, I am dismantling the code of darkness thanks to “SOM” and “SOF”, which you know are my abbreviations when writing my notes including the names of the spirits of my father and mother.

I worked on the application – including the delivery of “the greatest news in world history” – to them until the end of the day at 14.00 almost finishing it, and I will send it tomorrow.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • When I came home, I did some cleaning up and continued working on the final edit of my sufferings memo until 16.45 finishing a new chapter, and now only the last two large chapters remain and it looks as if it should be possible to upload this to my website next week and from here, we are “close” to be home.
  • I was told that my mother is helping me much also because she knows about me – she also wants to look good.
  • TDC will have to wait receiving more money from my until I will get a normal life – LTO and myself is more important now.
  • I was happy to hear when my sister wrote me that Tobias and his girlfriend will also come here on Sunday to visit me and I may have received so much darkness that I am believing that it is “everywhere” and here also with my sister who I thought the other day would not invite her boys to come to protect them from me, and also today at IKU when I saw that Abida had actually written an email to me when she was not able to meet us Sunday at the meditation circle because of her sickness, and yes this may also be the case about the counsellor Karin and the IKU manager Rune too and we know darkness itself telling me about darkness, which is not there and “clever it is, but not for much longer” :-).
  • A part of the ““cake production unit” came to me this evening with the female parts of the spirit of my mother, I had to decide clearly “no love between mother and son” (!) and I was told that the spirit of my father arrives right after, which is why they are missing each other, and I cannot keep track of all of these arrivals, but simply write what I am told. I was told that this is the spirit of my mother who has travelled all the way through and is now meeting the Source inside of me. I also heard “you have to pay a ransom to pass” and right after I was given diarrhoea, which to me was “immediate payment” and because of a code of darkness.
  • I was told that it is the deepest darkness we are now facing, which is what made “the old word” launch schemes to overtake the minds of mankind to follow their vicious plans of controlling the world due to industrial and military “interests” – DISGUSTING times one billion my “friends” (!) – and that this will lift with the lifting of this darkness.


4th November: Sending “the greatest news in world history” to the local newspaper in Helsingør

Dreaming of having the strongest New World inside of me, but going through the most unpleasant and narrow tunnel now

I had an “alright” night – nothing more – with good dreams and the opposite and here we go once more:

  • I am at Brede Park to say goodbye, I meet Tom and something about not being able to find out and it is connected with a date in relation to my old school friend Niels from Commercial School and Niels from Strandgade it is.
    • Eeeeehhhh?
  • Something about “refreshing when the darkness stormed in and killed us” and I remember the feeling that everything was killed around us – and more of this will probably be told later.
  • I am at a hotel in Denmark and move in from the patio into the café, where I order a cappuccino, and sit next to a man, whom I believe is Jeff Lynne, and when I come close I can tell that it is him, he is writing a letter to his musical girlfriend, I present myself and he tells me that he has been expecting me all of his life, that he receives spiritual visions and also that until half a year ago he has been wanting to write classical music, but decided not to because this would be about destruction and he asks me to tell him if everything is alright now, and I tell him that it is, and we hug with deep feelings and I tell him if he does music in “a moment like this” and smiles because this was the answer because this song was made in a “moment in Paradise”. He wants to share some of his stocks with me. He decides to say goodnight and we drive with the elevator to the 7th floor together with two friends and the love of one friend and also minced meat, and I tell Jeff that we will meet again the next day, but he tells me that he does not know and I am surprised that he does not ask of my contact information and I think of my cappuccino, which I did not drink.
    • Hotel is still “waiting hall”, I cannot remember who Jeff Lynne symbolises but let us say that it is probably me and maybe even the spirit of my father who thought about termination until half a year ago. Sharing stocks will be about money, i.e. “energy”, and when driving up again, it is saying “more suffering”, and meat is a symbol of money, and no drinking of cappuccino, i.e. “warm feelings” and no agreement to meeting again and is this because this is also from the dark side of the spirit of my father, and some dreams are easier to understand than others, and this was not one of them.
  • I am in the amusement park of Bakken North of Copenhagen, and see that it is possible to try a number of the world’s absolutely fastest Formula 1 cars only today, and I try one of them and am briefly instructed in how the three gears and break work, and then I am let go, but I cannot change the gear, does not drive nearly as fast as the car can and the lane is 2,500 metres long, extremely narrow, dark and unpleasant and finally I make it through.
    • This is a good dream to show you just how unpleasant these days are at the moment – I am having the absolutely best and strongest racing car inside of me, i.e. my new self but am going through much sufferings at the absolutely end to make it 100% – and I could decide to be weak and let the extreme darkness and every second of sufferings make me weak and do nothing, but I have decided to follow my old decision to work approx. 8 hours per day, which is truly not easy in situations like this – just to get started in the morning with the constant “unpleasant feeling coming to me through the air holding me down and making me feel very uncomfortable” (this is exactly how it is), but “old habits die hard” as you know making it difficult for the stones here to roll so to say …. :-).
  • I woke up hearing “black tie, white noise” with David Bowie again underlining the word “LEMON” as I was given again and again when I heard it the last time, and is a lemon the same as an orange, i.e. the creator, and maybe a symbol of the spirit of my mother as I am told here, and so it is now.
  • I arrive in a bus, I am dressed fine with shirt and tie, but wearing a yellow wind jacket where I believe I should be wearing a blazer, which fits better to my clothes. A man tells me not to be smoking in the bus, and that Unions don’t bring people competences, and also about additional income insurance. I look at a Swedish lady and go to dinner with my old friend Lars G. and a lady with someone collecting iodine.
    • The bus and the cigarette is still about “love making” and darkness = my “old nightmare”, but I am surrounded by yellow of the spirit of my mother, so it will work out no matter what and the blazer may be blue, which is the colour of me I am waiting to receive. And the iodine will have to be about healing our wounds going through this final, battle.
  • I see a golf player about to do an impossible golf strike around a corner, and he decides to lift up the golf ball on his golf iron and to swing and release the ball very precisely so it almost magically comes around the corner and lies directly next to the hole.
    • This is about what we are doing here because of one thing only: I WILL NEVER GIVE UP!
  • I am about to start working together with Søren F-J doing investment counselling, and I tell him to be careful about the advice he gives so it will be in accordance with the law and he says that he has made a script of how to advise on investments in cars when it comes to interest, so we will not say the wrong things.
    • When I woke up I heard that “it is about being in control of the speech”, which is about the very strong voice of darkness not to take me over, which it is close to at the moment, but still I am stronger deep inside of me so no matter what I will only decide to do good – and should you be in doubt, Søren F-J and investments are about darkness and here it may be the final code of it, which is not easy to dismantle.
  • I am at the end of Bredgade towards Esplanaden in Copenhagen, and my mother’s husband John comes to me wearing the tooth of Buddha inside of his closed hand. He has been sent by my mother to give it to me because I am on the way to meet Ole, who is going to keep it as the husband of my mother. I understand from John that my mother lost the tooth so it is now broken in two pieces, and I ask John to collect the box to contain it, which makes him lose it, so fluid from inside of the tooth is running out and only with difficulties I manage to get the tooth and the fluid inside of the box – and when doing this I meet an alcoholic who ask me if I have 500 DKK to give him, which I do not, and the box is transported on a wagon pulled by a dark horse, which is steeping.
    • I saw a BBC documentary on DVD yesterday about 80 treasures of the world yesterday including the tooth of Buddha on Sri Lanka, which this dream is inspired of, and here it says that a part of the original Buddha/creator is broken with the risk of losing information and this is the work of darkness, i.e. the alcoholic and dark horse, and it did NOT make me feel good, and the only thing I can do is to never give up also knowing that I have “magicians” working spiritually who are able to recreate what once was so this is my aim still, I will accept nothing less than 100% my friends :-).

Shortly after standing up, I was giving the AMAZING song “Never let me down” by David Bowie – from what otherwise may be your “weakest” album (?) – and when watching this on video the other day, the spirit of my father suggested that this song could be exactly what it says, which is to “never let me down” and that is for me never to let the spirit of my father down, so this is what it is about and what I will never do, my father, and he told me that others feeling like he does, would be dead – it is the negative words I receive from the darkness, which is killing – but we are not dead, we will never give up!

I started working at 08.00 today and half an hour later, I was given the words “can you hear me Major Tom” from “Space Oddity” by David Bowie, which was repeated when I drove to IKU and I understood that this was from the spirit of my mother to my father and I also heard “I am proud of you”, which I was glad to hear and it was the feeling because I have decided not to give up here at the end and we know just to keep writing the scripts is not the easiest nor the nicest task I have ever done.

Sending my “application” and “the greatest news in world history” to the local newspaper in Helsingør

At IKU I continued working on my script until 10.30, and from here I gave my “application” and “the greatest news in world history” (my arrival and the opening of our New World) for Helsingør Dagblad a final edit before I uploaded it to Scribd as you can see below and sent it to four senior managers of the newspaper and yes it will be “interesting” to see what they will decide to do and if they will have the “ability” to understand me and yes to bring a story of me (?) and will it be positive/objective or negative/subjective (?) and we know Stig, there are some feelings, which the darkness tries to give me, which I really have decided not to write about because “this is too silly” (!) and “feelings of being afraid to send this application and to be mentioned in the paper” is one example, but here I wrote it after all 🙂 – and also “extra darkness given to me with my left foot hurting as example trying to scare me off from sending the application and really because the darkness knows that this may be of importance for the world to “discover” me, but sent it was because I have decided to do what is right and that is no matter what.

Here is my “application”:

Here is the following email I sent:

And it did not take more than a few minutes before I received the first visit from a computer from Helsingør Dagblad and firstly only one visit to my front page, and what will they decide to do now when knowing that I “claim” to be the Son of God (?), will they dismiss me without further reading, or is my letter/”application” good enough to make them start reading and understanding (?) and we will see.

NB: I tried to do this application with my best quality, and I am happy with it (even though I did not do a 40-hour memo!), but extremely disappointed that I forgot to change my address in my following email (!!!), which is because my Internet is not working in private yet and my sender information is not included automatically when using Google via the Internet instead of my mail program at my own computer ….!

I also did a “quick” application to become a BDM with Schantz A/S in order to reach two applications per week for the last two weeks and nothing else, really. And Sarah was nice to tell me that she would like to work for me some day and she is still speaking about an organisation :-).

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Søren Pind wrote on Facebook “PS: Hvad er det med de radikale og dødedans….” (“what it is about the Danish Social Liberal Party and dance of death”?) which was after I felt the leader of this party, Margrethe Vestager, and darkness coming to me from her (she was on my email list the other day), and have you discovered who I am by now, Margrethe (?), and my connection to your “soldier” Hans L. from your Hørsholm department (my sister’s husband) and also that we were “strangers when we met” in Hørsholm a few years ago when I told you to get a new chairman for your party, and yes I am glad that it became you, “my friend” …. :-). And with Bowie, I send you and all of our “coming soldiers of light” all of my love.
  • I sent my horoscope to Kenneth at encouraging him to look at it to see what he can get out of this “rare horoscope.”
  • During the beginning of the evening, the spirit of my mother was nice to cheer me up, and in between I still had to say “WRONG” to the darkness hundreds of times – do that still daily you know – and to reject encouragements of negativity, and for a long time it is been much about the darkness trying to limit the freedom for the spirit of my mother coming from the outside, and I have said also hundreds of times that I want FULL FREEDOM for everyone to come through.
  • Later in the evening I was told that “now there is only dear Hitler back and my direct showdown against my alter ego” – the dark side of the spirit of my father – and I was told that “if you are stronger than all people, you will win and if you are not …” and I understood that the words which would have come would be “the darkness will win” and I understood this in relation to my coming suffering memo – how will my family and others react to this (?) – and for the next minutes, I saw Hitler clearly and I was told “this is the final showdown if the world wants me or not” and I could only say “I don’t believe in you, you are now about to be set free as the last one” but still the words hit me, because what if … (?) and that is if I will hear nothing from the Danish Government and if Helsingør Dagblad – and others – will not bring my story to become known around the world. And I was told “this is only about you and me without the spirit of my mother” and the words were put in my mouth as if this was how it was just like that and I said “no, the spirit of my mother has the freedom to do what she wants” and also “the Trinity is unbreakable”, and later I was shown a person locked up in a very small room and again the thought was that I have now come to free the dark side of the spirit of my father, and I felt the colour brown and told that the Council are also here to help me if I should need it. Finally, I was told that “he is also the one who created diarrhoea”, and two seconds afterwards I received a strong diarrhoea and this is how it works here, and I received cold sweat again because I thought about what would happen if he should be stronger than I and if he will be able to use me to change the creation and create more darkness, and I did remember that the Source of darkness stopped producing more darkness in May 2011 and that 99.7% or something like that is now light, but still, what if … (?) and that thought was strong enough to bring me this incredible disgusting cold sweat again – and again, this is possible because NO ONE has decided to send me an email saying “yes Stig, we support you and wish you all the best on your journey to make this a better world” – except from LTO in Kenya – and we know POOR COMMUNICATION and “sissies” are what much of my scripts are about and yes this goes to governments/politicians and media of the world really. Finally I was told that it is “I who is blocking me” – the dark side of the spirit of my father blocking for the Source of the light of the spirit of my father – and I was told that I have now received the code to lift this blockade by the spirit of my mother and “this is how it works”.


5th November: Preparing to reverse the dark side of the spirit of my father and open our New World

Dreaming of handing over the light and the New World to the Holy Spirit of my mother

I truly don’t have the best dreams here at the end of the old world, which is difficult to keep running to enable me to do my final work as you can tell and here they are:

  • Something about me being a pirate and Spaniards being rough to a woman and a contract being signed. All of our Mercedes cars don’t work and we should not have been caught by the world, the UK and Spain should have hold together against the world.
    • I had an INCREDIBLE disgusting feeling through this dream that nothing has been settled in the “game” between the darkness and light, and here it was the darkness giving me this dream and NOT NICE and the feeling here was truly “cold sweat” again, and I received “I’ll survive” by David Bowie giving me some comfort and also “you little wonder, little wonder you” with smiles.
  • Michael P.N. has packed down, and I know that it should have been set up differently, and I try to find it, which is with great problems, but finally I find it and I give it together with a laptop PC as a present to a lady.
    • This will be the darkness hiding the light, which I however find and together with the computer, i.e. the New World, I give it so the Holy Spirit of my mother.
  • Three people are employed by a company, the battery of a computer only lasts 1.5 hours and I try to copy the manual of the computer from the HR manager, but I drop it on the floor, and run before the manager will come back and I crawl on the floor through a school.
    • This is about the remaining energy of the old world, which is decreasing and making me be “completely out” between 21.00 to 22.00 at the moment making me start to go earlier to bed and sleep longer, which is about 9-10 hours at the moment.
  • I tell Hans that I may not be able to limit the spread of porn to a TV channel and he tells me that it is not my problem and that people will take this up with the provider.
    • Again I felt extremely poorly because of the feelings of this dream, and we know I can only say I DON’T WANT ANY DARKNESS TO ESCAPE LIKE THIS, we will absorb everything here and only when needed with the help of my old rules.
  • Karen and I are trying to get our relation to work, which is to try becoming better lovers, I am sleeping in a sleeping back on the floor with a lot of teenagers all over.
    • Darkness trying to use Karen as the cover of the spirit of my mother.
  • I meet my old class mate Søren D.N. at Espergærde Station, and Pernille is there too and Fuggi is arriving too, and Søren says that he know the man who destroyed my sisters house at a party, and I see her dog being thirsty, and someone walks by with a tiger, which is not genuine.
    • Destroying my sister’s house may be about “removing darkness of the world” and I am the one doing it.
  • Søren H. is our manager in GEFI, and after he has allowed people to spend money on the company’s expense account, he has now been told by the head office to save as much as possible, which makes him go back on what he told to the employees before, and he now says that “the kingdom has no money and it was Stig who made me do it” – blaming me for being responsible for using money not taking responsibility himself – and something about London where I can see a bus route, and it is truly a bus route, and Søren says that Stig only expected this to last until Monday – and I felt “stormy weather”.
    • More dreams of the darkness as Søren H. symbolises, and because of the darkness using too much money, i.e. energy, we are now saving much on energy and new threats of the darkness with “stormy weather”.
  • I am working at DanskeBank-Pension and has decided to stay there instead of starting new work, and I am glad about this because I am glad to work together with Bjarne. I have made a proposal to use the output of Bjarne’s system to be used as input to my system and part of the output of this, which will generate better text and understanding than Bjarnes system, and I go through it with Bjarne, who likes what he sees. We feel Kresten coming to the wash behind us and washing his hands, but we cannot see him, we are blind. My system is based upon a report by a lady, who has suggested that in busyness, four roadways will be collected as three, which however is rejected by a female judge who also tells her that otherwise the lady has passed the law with her fine report, and I tell her that they could have agreed to test her proposal for a period of time at Amager, which she agrees with me in. She and a large procession are at DanskeBank-Pension and I speak to her, she has her focus to me, and finally she and the procession leaves out the door to King’s New Square, and at this exact moment another employee from Danske Bank arrives with a megaphone shouting “what does this mean”, which briefly makes the lady come back and he says that he did not know that she had left, and I smile and say “hold back the bus too”.
    • The lady with the report is the spirit of my mother bringing me the code to complete our system of the world, and when she is leaving the old world, it also makes the “bus” of my old nightmare disappear.
    • I woke up to Bonnie Tyler’s “total eclipse of the heart” and the lyrics “together we can take it to the end of the line”..

“I don’t care, we have to move on” – with work and the same pace that is

After my long Saturday bath, I started working at 10.25 still saying “Jeg er fuldstændig ligeglad, vi skal videre” (“I don’t care, we have to move on”), which is what I say because of a decision to keep on working no matter what with the same pace all the way to the end and we know if I look forward to finishing all of my work and yes, you bet (!), IT IS A NIGHTMARE TO CONTINUE WORKING LIKE THIS (!!!), and the first half hour when working today – with the last part of the script of yesterday – it was impossible to work because my sight was spiritually annoyed making it impossible to see and write – I had a double vision mostly on my left eye, both the normal vision and then this special vision on the surface of my eye pulsating with pictures and we know a preparation of my future vision is what it is still about.

After the script so far, I did the final edit of the next chapter of my sufferings memo and now I only need to do the long, last chapter and to upload the memo and then I am done with this work, which is truly the most important of what lacks, and will I have maybe 1-2 weeks of work to do afterwards fitting with the last two weeks of the job search course (?) and this is what it looks like today.

Preparing to reverse the dark side of the spirit of my father, which will become the opening of our New World

During the day and evening I was shown the coffin of a king inside the fire of a crematorium with the coffin coming out from there and I was told that “the fire will end with him”, and I was told that “we now know that the dark side also tried to limit darkness being sent out” and later I felt “complete darkness” inside of me and I was told that “this is what we will reverse using the reactions to my sufferings memo, and with the end of this, it will also be the end of indecent sexual behaviour of the world and the opening of our New World” and “on time to make you the 9th member of the Council”.

I was told that “we felt stabbed in the back” and also that it will be “God who will help me out”, which I understood as the spirit of my father helping the dark side of the spirit of my father out.

For a period of time I have not only felt the exact feeling of my father through the spirit of my father but also his exact voice speaking through me when I open my mouth in private.

I had 1-2 hours this evening, which was “completely impossible” to bear – strong negative voice very close to taking me over as usual – and then less the rest of the evening, and this is still how it is daily, up and down in strength but always unpleasant to unbearable, which is also to say that we are still receiving and converting darkness into light.

This evening, I was giving the understanding that the positive and negative side of the spirit of my father are two sides of the same, and that the dark side is sending darkness to the light to distribute to the world through the spirit of my mother, which should also be the explanation to why the darkness did not know about who I am.

Later I was told “now I know what you will do, this is genius” and I was told that “the dark king will be lifted up and underneath is a switch, which can be turned off”.


Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I don’t know if this is a true déjà vue, but I have seen my self at Christiansborg – the Danish Parliament – working and politicians discovering that I have arrived at their place, and is this what will happen (?) and yesterday I was inspired to offer Sarah to help her if needed with a reference – she will next week be told if she will be offered permanent work after her contract will expire – and she would indeed like to receive a reference through Linkedin as she said, which I will then do on Monday and I said that I will write it objectively and I thought that this will not be needed in the future the same way as today when the TRUE competences of people will be brought out in light so to say, but on the other hand, I do like to receive feedback from people on people – and I was thinking that just maybe this is what will motivate Sarah to help finding me “work practice” at the Parliament, and we will see – I sent her a couple of links with parties seeking “trainees”, which are mainly students, but just maybe they also have “room” for me?
  • For days I have received the feeling of Keld, Fuggi’s big brother, and Christoffer, who is Mette’s teenage son and Mette is of course the daughter of John, my mother’s husband.




About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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