November 9, 2011: A desperate Devil is living his last life, not able to recreate himself and wanting to kill me


Summary of the script today

6th November: The economy of the world is a mess because of the darkness, which is throwing out its tools

  • Dreaming of sacrifices of the Universe knowing about our eternal survival, Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune believes that I am untraditional and it is now easier for them to receive “warm feelings” about me, Dahlberg is still telling lies about me, my sister has brought me darkness too as fuel and the car of darkness can almost not drive anymore, the economy of the world is a mess because of the darkness and the darkness is throwing out its tools for example on my “old nightmare”.
  • I continued to work on my scripts etc. with extreme darkness today – because of the “sceptical” minds of the family visiting me today – almost making me lay down in despair.
  • I was very happy for my family to visit me, we had a good afternoon and symbols of my amplifier scratching much when turning the volume up and down because of the darkness they brought and the elevator not working to symbolise that it is almost impossible to keep the old world going, which I however have decided to do because we need to make sure that we will get 100% of everything with us – and I was shown that I am my self the remaining darkness living in a very small room with the New World all around me, and also that our New World is a true 100 point on my scale symbolised by “Nessun Dorma” and Luciano Pavarotti :-).

7th November: A desperate Devil is living his last life, not able to recreate himself and wanting to kill me

  • Dreaming of my decision that it was easy to write my scripts even though it was also impossible, a desperate Devil wants to kill me because he cannot recreate himself and knows that he is now living his last life, and I am hired and underestimated by Peter A. who is symbolising the remaining old world, and is Peter A. the same man as Noah telling me of the difficulties to save all?
  • At IKU I worked on my script and gave Sarah my objective reference through LinkedIn – she is a true and coming star 🙂 – and I was happy to hear that Adiba has started reading my website even though her understanding of Jesus does not correspond to what I write!
  • An “enlightened astrologer” was “too busy” to read and understand me, and therefore rejected to analyse my horoscope to bring important messages to the world!

8th November: The spirits of my mother and father create more energy through much suffering of the Universe

  • Dreaming of hurting much because Karen makes love to other men and not me as her “intended husband”, the spirits of my mother and father are creating more energy for me to finalise my work, which is given through much suffering and killings of the Universe, NONE of my old school friends have decided to support me going through my journey, there is MUCH suffering now with the darkness still wanting to carry out my old nightmare and the energy is POURING out fast giving me “some” pressure to finalise my work – but not anymore that I have decided that I will NOT change my way of working.
  • At IKU I did my script and the final edit to the chapters on my sister and father of my sufferings memo, which will go live this week on my website (!), and I had to encourage Sarah to help me find “working practise” at the Danish Parliament, which she was sceptical to do!

9th November: Adiba’s spiritual voice claims to be Jesus and tells her to write the book I have already written!

  • Dreaming of the darkness starting to realise that it has received much energy wrongly, the spirits of my mother and father wanting to set up “normal life” for the world through me, Adiba knew about my coming arrival and is helping me to “sort the GREEN stones”, another man was supposed to become the reincarnation of Jesus, but something happened and it became me instead (which may be the darkness speaking because Adida does not believe in me!), I have almost no endurance to keep on working but I still do good results and I am asking the world to STOP SINNING and to SHOW A CLEAN HEART including an improvement of your (sexual) behaviour and work.
  • At IKU I was given one of my old “small heart attacks” – not very nice (!) – because of the darkness of Sarah as I was told and she started “trying” to find a “working practise” for me at the Danish Parliament, but until now without result. Adiba was “nice” to “help me” by giving me a “channelled spiritual message”
  • Adiba gave me a channelled message from her spiritual voice identifying himself as her “beloved brother”. The message told her that I am telling the truth, that we are both working with the same voice and that her task is to write the book continuing the work of Jesus and with the spiritual voice of Jesus, which will lead man to eternal life, and the only “problem” is that I have written this book, because today I am this man also telling that this voice, which Adiba knows so well is NOT the voice of Jesus and that she has been fooled by the Devil disguised as light too, which is “so difficult” to understand and acknowledge. More will come when I will meet Adiba on Sunday and in the future.
  • I received a rejection from Jonathan of the meditation circle in Helsingør to become Facebook friends, because he thought that I taxed on the health of Niclas and him too (!) without understanding that this is God helping Niclas and the group and their resistance is the resistance of darkness taxing on my health!
  • FINALLY, I HAVE UPLOADED MY SUFFERINGS MEMO, which made the darkness much weaker 🙂 🙂 :-).


6th November: The economy of the world is a mess because of the darkness, which is throwing out its tools

Dreaming that the economy of the world is a mess because of the darkness, which is throwing out its tools

I had an alright night after the circumstances – but am tired this morning – and some dreams too:

  • I am working in a radio store where I have set up a new scheme, and Helle Aa. comes to me after having done a sale saying that I will now receive commission, and I heard her also selling unemployment insurance because of the extra monthly expense the buy of the customer means.
    • This is about “spiritual communication” and receiving money, i.e. energy in return, which may be from the sacrifices of the Universe, who will know that they receive an insurance of eternal survival even when going into their physical deaths as I understand it.
  • I have taken over a seat from a member of Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune, who has given up the seat, and I call him to let him know as a matter of good sake, and it leads to a meeting, where we meet the supplier of drinking machines to the Commune, which charge too much, and the supplier is Dirch Passer, who is doing “silly walks” and the man from the Commune says about Dirch that “he is untraditional”, and instead of the Commune automatic charging the maximum, they will now try a new solution, which can charge less.
    • This may be a coffee machine, i.e. warm feelings, and to make it work you need to put in much money, i.e. energy, which is what I did to make the Commune positively understand about me (!) and I may be Dirch in this dream, which is about being in a “good mood” because it will now take less to make the Commune feel good – and is this because I am not living there anymore or because they are starting to open up their eyes to my “untraditional solutions” and here thinking of the Falck memo and my memos to create the best labour market in the world as they know about.
  • Something about being called to Dahlberg, who cannot open something and now they try a typewriter which is not typing clean – and is this to say that they are still telling lies about me?
  • My sister has brought me to Danske Bank, Espergærde, to drink beers with my old colleagues. I ask her where the car, she brought me, is parked and she has big difficulties explaining, and I try to find it alone and eventually find it next to where my sister now stands. It is a Porsche Boxer, which is a nice car, but the helmet is curled after an accident, and when I have to hold back because a car next to me is broken down, I can almost not start the engine afterwards, and I see how all other owners of Porsche complains about poor quality and problems.
    • This is to say that my sister has brought me darkness too as fuel, which is what the bank and beers are about, and I am driving her car, which is basically of good quality but here it is almost destroyed, which is about the state of the darkness, which is almost not existing anymore.
  • I am living in a shared house with the refrigerator being a mess, and I hear two tough ladies telling people off, and clean up the refrigerator throwing out whole sausages and other food, which was not used and now is too old. A man living in the house should have received money today to buy food for us to eat this evening, but he says that he did not get the money today and tomorrow he will be leaving for Crete, and I see a drawer full of napkins and stearin candles, and I say that “this looks much better than in my place”.
    • Food is normally about “money/income” and here it may be the economical situation of the world, and the sausages being thrown out, are “tools” of the darkness and here referring to my old nightmare too, which was not used, and I don’t receive much income myself but yesterday I felt that it was needed for me to buy need candle lights and napkins because my sister/Hans, Tobias and my mother/John will come for coffee and cake (of my mothers) this afternoon, and I was thinking that “I am spending too much money and need to save to help LTO”!

Continuing to work on my scripts etc. with extreme darkness today almost making me lay down in despair

I started working at 08.40 this morning and I tell you that I am looking VERY much forward to stopping my work – but maybe I will also miss it because I am used to working as I do and we will see.

By 10.15 I had written the script and also prepared the setup of the last four days of scripts to be published, and after I had done some cleaning up of my apartment to prepare for the visit this afternoon, I went to the library in town to publish the script.

During the morning and afternoon, the darkness changed between giving me the feeling that this is the decisive showdown and if I will not be able to defeat the darkness, there will come no light to our New World and consequently we will not survive and let me say that this is given to me “pretty strongly” and the other way around asking me to “have mercy” (!) showing me a vision of the darkness being left out and forgotten and giving me the feeling of Jiro symbolising the Devil and my answer was of course “don’t be afraid because EVERYTHING will become light, and you will feel so much better”.

The darkness was truly EXTREME most of the day – the last darkness is really “tough” – almost preventing me from work giving me the urge just to lay down in despair doing nothing, but that would be no where to go really, so I kept on all day, and I was told that this was about the darkness of the family with my sister fighting her unwillingness to see me and my mother her concern about how it would go, and I was also told that despite of all having a sceptical mind – darkness – of meeting, love of the family made us do it and furthermore I received a déjà vue about this exact situation, and yes this darkness was the worst of a long time!

I was very happy seeing the family – “blue eyes” is the remaining darkness in a small room with the New World all around me

By 15.00 I was happy to receive visit by Sanna/Hans, Tobias and his “new” girlfriend Mia and my mother/John and we had a very good afternoon together with my mother bringing the cakes, and as we spoke about, now I only need to set up light in my hall and to have my HERSTAL floor lamp with 7 pendants to work – it has “decided” not to work for the last week or so and we know symbolising “strong darkness” and nothing else but of course my mother and John believe that something is WRONG with it and the answer is that there is absolutely nothing wrong with it except from the darkness the family brings me (!), and the same happened with the “show” of my amplifier when I had to turn up and down the volume between different CD’s/DVD’s we listened to and we know it was scratching much as usual and playing sometimes EXTREMELY loud in the right channel, and after it was better earlier today, it only became worse and worse during their visit and we know because of the darkness they brought, but suddenly during this visit, I was shown the New World around me being “everything” and “blue eyes” was the symbol – we saw Frankie live in concert on DVD – and that is because he does not give any more concerts Tobias because that would be difficult for him because he “lives” in a very small 1-room apartment today (he is dead) – but not entirely gone my friends 🙂 – and yes I was shown myself being the remaining darkness living in a very small room with the New World all around me and “blue eyes” is you know my nick name too so there you have it, and when they were leaving, the elevator “decided” to “malfunction”, when it “could” not close its doors, so they had to go down the stairs instead – and I was given the understanding that this symbolised that it is almost impossible to keep the old world working and that we are “this close” to turn on the new world, but “we are forced to play the game”, which is what I am still going through to get everything with us – and yes Stig, I promised to play the two most beautiful opera arias to Tobias girlfriend and you will get both of them here with the first one being the most beautiful aria ever made for a female singer – in my mind – and the other the most beautiful aria ever made for a male singer and of course sung by Luciano Pavarotti, and please listen to the final of Nessun Dorma below and we know I said “exactly this moment is some of the most beautiful ever in music history with this particular singer – it is a clear 100 point” and the symbol of the words I was given was that this is what our New World is – a true 100 point – and yes Stig I have decided to take as much pain on me because I know that this is a “one time only chance” to get ALL information with us and because I remember a déjà vue from when I was “half sleeping” as a boy on Karenvej and really of the importance to be as strong as possible not to leave behind any information and yes I have seen the road in forehand and experiencing part of it through the déjà vues I have been given throughout the road and so it is here.

Here is my favourite version by far of the beautiful O Mio Babbino Caro by Maria Callas followed by the exact version of Nessun Dorma with Luciano Pavarotti, which we saw and I could not help smiling seeing the comment ”He is the King, He is the god, He is… Pavarotti” here.

Later I had dinner at my mother’s and John’s home, and I saw a bulb turning off, and I was told that this was another symbol of the difficulties keeping the old world going, and I smiled when my mother touched the lamp making the bulb switch on and off a few times.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • After meeting the family today seeing “normal life” in action I got again an incredible desire to start living a normal life myself – both in terms of no sufferings and material matter because my family keeps buying this and that and “that must have been expensive” etc. …. – and I knew in the evening that this is where I need to be strong and disciplined again knowing that my sufferings will continue and to accept pain for maybe a couple of weeks more and even to the 15th December where I will become my true self (?) and that is if it has not happened before, and we will see.
  • A couple of times approx. 14 days ago I was shown clearly that if I was to accept negative words – the strength of it is powerful you know – it would be the same as accepting my “old nightmare” meaning destruction, there was NO doubt about it, and it made me decide that I want this link to be broken, and today I got the feeling that this is what has happened, but I cannot tell you for sure because the game is still ongoing but this was the feeling I received. I have also confirmed to the darkness again and again that I want nothing to explode, and this is really a matter if I can take it all – knowing that the Universe is contributing with sacrifices – or if I will give up and in the last case, it will make the Universe burn/suffer – the words given to me – even more, but let us see if I am not strong enough to go all the way through, there is not much left now. And if I did not write it before, I have decided that no matter what happens, we will need to get 100% of everything with us to the New World (!) – and I was shown the real Buddha being driven forward around the corner and I was told that “the real Buddha is namely you” and I was shown how flames of the fire are transformed into light.
  • I was told yesterday I believe that it is “impossible” for the light to come to the darkness, which the code of darkness has prevented the light from doing, and when you read about my sufferings, you will understand that this is the cost to enter and to remove darkness and still the world is suffering too to add on my sufferings.
  • My amplifier was again easier to handle this evening – after the (darkness of) the family had left.
  • This morning I bought a new toilet brush, which I understood was a symbol to remove “my old nightmare”.


7th November: A desperate Devil is living his last life, not able to recreate himself and wanting to kill me

Dreaming of a desperate Devil living his last life not being able to recreate himself and wanting to kill me

I had an alright night after the conditions with these dreams:

  • I meet my old friend Lars G. and give him a USB-key, where he sees my book in Helsingør and how easy it was to do, and he tells me that I forgot that it went both ways, that it was both easy and impossible to do.
    • I decided to write my scripts as first priority, which is what made it “easy” and here the dream says that I left out the “negativity” making it “impossible” to write, which was as powerful.
  • I had a long dream where I don’t have all the details, but it was Jesper H. (from Acta) playing the Devil, who kept on reproducing himself over and over and over again to improve and become “perfect”, and he misused me to create his “car”, which makes the police questioning me, but I have changed the code of him and his followers, so they cannot any longer recreate, and – I tell them which direction to go, which is through Vesterbro in Copenhagen to reach the department stores – and they want to destroy me in order to be able to recreate. Two friends and I are kept as hostages at a petrol station, but I see how all personal suddenly leaves chasing others, which makes my two friends and I escape chased by the Devil of Jesper H. and his followers, and they are truly mean, and they see how I hide behind a truck, which starts spinning around but instead of destroying me, it is dissolving. At the end we are kept as hostages in a room where they threaten to kill us all because they have tried some times to recreate themselves, but after short lives, it is impossible for them to keep on living and they dissolve, and they know now that the live they have now is their last life, which is making them truly desperate.
    • The story of how the Devil became stronger and stronger misusing the light of me, and now is desperate knowing that his life as darkness will cease to exist and I was told that this is because of my work – “let’s work” – which it could not resist. The petrol station is “energy”, which it tried to take from me, and it wants to kill me as you can see, but no way, my friend inside of me (!), you are becoming light as everything else.
  • Fair Insurance is stopping business, and I am the last employee who needs new work, and Søren H. would like to hire me for his new company, but he tells me that it did not work out when negotiating with a manager, who said that “Stig knows much” and then I was instead hired by Peter A.’s new company “Jack and Jones”. Hereafter I see that I am now a female, who has been hired as a “bimbo” – for please the manager – and he tells me that he needs to employ someone who can think individually, which he does not believe I am capable of doing. To my surprise I see that Peter A. has produced a draft for a new brochure for the company, which is now called “Pullitzer Insurance” on the front of the brochure and “mail-me insurance” as the marketing name on the back-side, and I show it to my mother saying that I am surprised to see these good ideas of Peter.
    • Fair is the darkness of the old world, and I am continuing to work at a new small “old world” now with Peter A. – who is bringing me more darkness these days than Søren H. (?) – who knows that I have much business knowledge, but still he believes that I am not able to think myself (!), which you do believe you are better doing Peter when having less knowledge (?) – but still, you do get good ideas for example within marketing because of your professional knowledge of marketing (however the two names are causing misunderstandings, which you know is not good!), and this brochure is named “Pullitzer”, which you know was a famous newspaper publisher so this brochure is about Peter advocating the old world (!) – not being on my side – and the dream is also to say that the surface of me is the spirit of my mother, and that it is truly unsatisfactory to be hired because of good looks and to be underestimated by your manager as a “bimbo”, which I am sure you will not do in the future.
    • A few minutes later I was told something about Noah and difficulties to save all and I heard a well known song by Take That with the special lyrics “close your eyes, count to ten”, which led me to “a new tomorrow” by “A friend in London”, and I am wondering if Peter A. is the same man as Noah?

I started working at 07.45 this morning, and I felt less darkness – but still very much there (!) – than yesterday, which simply is because of less darkness of my family brought to me, and I was given the word “Eureka”, which I did not know what meant, but according to Wikipedia I can see that it is an ancient Greek word used to “celebrate a discovery”, which simply may be the forthcoming end of darkness.

IKU: Writing a reference to Sarah and Abiba has started reading my website

At IKU I continued working on my script – finalising yesterday and today – until 10.15 and from here I started writing the promised and truthful reference for Sarah through Linkedin, which turned out like this:

Jeg har skrevet denne reference så objektivt som muligt efter nogle få timers personlig samtale og daglig observering af Sarahs arbejde i to uger velvidende, at jeg endnu ikke kender hendes kompetencer og udviklingsområder fuldt ud.

Sarah besidder en UTROLIG sjælden udstråling – en usædvanlig stor varme, glæde, positivt livssyn, udadvendthed og overbevisende fremtræden – som man kun ser hos ganske få mennesker (vi taler promiller!), som baseres på en indre kraft, som giver hende et enormt engagement til – uselvisk – at ville hjælpe andre mennesker ganske enkelt fordi, at det gør hende glad at hjælpe, som er en egenskab, jeg holder meget af at se hos mennesker.

Hun har en autentisk aura omkring sig og en åbenhed og ærlighed, som ikke er blevet ”ødelagt” af en kultur, som ellers udvikler en facade, som reducerer menneskers personlige udtryk, kommunikation, glæde og følelser for at ”beskytte” sig mod negative reaktioner fra andre. Sarah er virkelig et menneske, som gør verden gladere på grund af hendes smittende, positive udstråling og i denne henseende er hun en rolle-model for andre at følge!

Hun giver et stærkt, personligt indtryk og evner via sin styrke og medmenneskelighed at nå ind til mennesker, som kun ganske få, og dette er, hvis du ellers giver hende lov og hvis du selv evner at forstå hendes oprigtighed med fraværet af en ”skjult dagsorden”. Hun har en beundringsværdig idealisme om en bedre og mere bæredygtig verden baseret på ægte værdier og god adfærd, som er en anden drivkraft i hende. Hun ønsker kun godt for alt og alle.

Qua hendes personlighed, veltalenhed, salgserfaring og indflydelse på mennesker er hun en ”top sælger”, som jeg for eksempel overværede via en af de bedste salgssamtaler, jeg nogensinde har hørt (!), da hun telefonisk informerede og lykkedes at overbevise en virksomhed om at modtage en praktikant, og dette selvom virksomheden normalt ikke modtager praktikanter – de blev kun overbevist via hendes personlige mellemværende. Bedre reference fås ikke med baggrund i min egen store erfaring i telesalg.

Udover at være en dygtig sælger/taler, er hun også en dygtig coach på grund af hendes naturlige interesse i mennesker, hun har en stor fysisk energi, er bevidst om egne udviklingsområder og besidder åbenhed til at lære og at udvikle sig yderligere.

Hun skal passe på ikke at blive ”presset” og ”stresset” for meget af sine omgivelser, så hun bliver vænnet til ikke at lytte ordentligt (det er vigtigt at stille spørgsmål og lytte tålmodigt), ikke at gøre en opgave færdig til tiden og ikke at arbejde med den kvalitet, som hun gerne vil arbejde med, som desværre gælder for alt for mange virksomheder og mennesker i dag.

Hun har et stort udviklingspotentiale, og har brug for den rigtige virksomhed/mentor, som via rigtig adfærd, tålmodighed, viden og ressourcer evner at udvikle hende, så hun realiserer sit sande potentiale. Alt andet vil være synd, for Sarah er en kommende stjerne i de rigtige omgivelser :-).

When I was writing the reference, I felt that Sarah is “someone special”, who truly is a “coming star”, but I don’t know today who she really is :-). And later when she had read it, I was met with the greatest smiles and hug too from her and you really have yourself to thank, Sarah, I only contributed to help the world to help understanding and realising your potential, which is absolutely not certain that the world would otherwise have done and isn’t this funny that this is in a company called “Institute for Career Development”?

I found the two next jobs to apply for later in the week – now not as important anymore (!) – and I started the final edit of the final chapter of my sufferings memo, which may take a few days to do.

Adiba told me that she has read some of my website – she expressed an interest to do so the other day after asking me “what are you writing on” when she could see that I am writing much – and she told me that “people may relate to their own truth” and also that “I have an understanding of this person myself”, which I understood made it difficult for her to believe in me (!), and I told her that after reading my main approx. 15 websites using maybe 4-8 hours doing so, she will have a better foundation to conclude on, and I was happy to see her starting to read my front page and the page of clairvoyant readings on me in a greater detail, and I was told that this is what is starting the “visions of green” as you can see from the first bullet point of my stories ending this script of today, and I was also told that the truth about Jesus as I explain on my website does not correspond with “the truth” of many “clairvoyants”, who have believed to receive spiritual communication from Jesus over the years, which of course have been difficult when “he/I” has not been existing (!) and I was told “can it really be that I have provided the whole world with all spiritual communication with jesus” (?) and I felt the dark side of me and this is what it truly is about.

When I came home, I continued working on my sufferings memo until 16.00 finishing the chapter on Karen and now only the chapters on my sister, father and mother remain, and we know “this week” this memo will be finished and yes I could have made it better but this is the balance I decided for and “the best I could do under the circumstances” really.

An “enlightened astrologer” was “too busy” and therefore rejected to analyse my horoscope!

I told you the other day that I asked an “enlightened astrologer” – Kenneth from Kentaurnet – if he would analyse my horoscope and today he informed me that he is “too busy” doing this and here you can see what I wrote and his replies:

Kære Kenneth,

Jeg har ved flere lejligheder været glad for at bruge din hjemmeside som opslagsværk/reference, og tænkte, at jeg i forbindelsen med overgangen til en Ny Verden vil tilbyde dig som den første at se nærmere på mit horoskop, se vedlagte, for at se, hvad du kan få ud af det – hvis du måtte ønske at gøre det, naturligvis.

Jeg kan ikke tilbyde dig betaling, men blot anføre, at du her får muligheden for et “sjældent horoskop” samt desuden at blive “optaget i et nyt univers af uendelig lys og skønhed”.

Du vil via min hjemmeside kunne forstå, hvorfor mit horoskop er unikt, og måske også forstå, hvorfor der foreløbig kun er få, som “tror” på mig, som dog vil ændre sig over den kommende tid i forbindelse med åbningen af vores Ny Verden via min mellemkomst.

Mange tak for din opmærksomhed og held og lykke med din “virksomhed” og kommende “tjeneste”.

Venlige hilsener fra

Here was his first answer:

Hej Stig

Det har jeg desværre ikke tid til har alt for travlt.

And I thought that this was based on him being “too busy”, so I wrote this to him:

Hej Kenneth,

Dette er et “tilbud”, som du kun vil modtage én gang i dit liv. Hvis du vælger at læse min hjemmeside – på trods af din travlhed – vil du forstå vigtigheden af min forespørgsel for at formidle vigtig information til verden. Måske du vil se på vedhæftede billede, åbne min hjemmeside og overveje igen, om du måske har tid …?

Kærlig hilsen


Only to receive this dismissal:

Hej Stig Jeg takker nej tak 🙂

And if this message from this “enlightened” man made me SAD (?) and yes Kenneth, this is what you did, and besides from sadness, you brought me darkness too, but you will come around one day too and yes these are the words you received about me, but it was the darkness speaking to you and these are the words of the light now given from me to you, do you see?

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Yesterday I started receiving visions of seeing “green”, which continued today and I don’t know what it is yet, but I understand that it is connected to the “discovery” of the morning, and is it about the true nature of Buddha hidden inside of the darkness of me (?) and those are the words I receive, so green for me will have to be the colour of Buddha.
  • I feel the light of the spirit of my mother coming more and more through and the darkness is now just around my skin – but dense – and light all around it.
  • I was told that people know I have arrived but they don’t communicate about it, and I was given Chalotte Clarissa as an example, who should have received a spiritual experience about me as I was told.
  • The darkness has for a long time tried to make me gloat over my coming victory and ALL KIND of negative feelings and WRONG is still my feedback, but exhausting to keep on doing because it is easier to slip by every single time, but I have decided always to stop it.
  • My new Internet and TV line from Telia opened today and even though there is “hole through”, I cannot get the Internet connection to work on my PC and I am thinking about updating the Operation System from a “polluted” Windows XP, which may cause the problems, to a newer programme and we will see, but first I will finish my sufferings memo! – And I went twice this afternoon on bicycle to town to get a scart-plug and to transfer Telia software from CD to my USB at the library because my PC CD-player does not work, and so it is here, and this is designed to give me even more work and stress, but no worries here, and we know the other day – for some days – I felt like my head was exploding with information and sometimes stress too, and this is what “very easily” could have made me so impatient that I would lose my temper, thus losing the world, but no this is not how we OPERATE here and we know the new Operation System may be another symbol of the New World and we will see when I can do this too.
  • My local newspaper, Helsingør Dagblad, has apparently not yet had “time” to read my website as I encouraged them to do using patience, and we know it looks like the same syndrome as with Kenneth from Kentaurnet and yes A STRONG AND IGNORANT BUT STILL BETTER-KNOWING VOICE telling people that “he is crazy and not to be taken seriously” and this is really the Devil in a “nutcase”! I am also thinking that when Kenneth and the newspaper – and many others – will understand that they were WRONG, they will become TRUE supporters of mine, but it would truly have been nice to receive support from you before that and simply for you to follow my encouragements to READ and UNDERSTAND and how difficult can it be?


8th November: The spirits of my mother and father create more energy through much suffering of the Universe

Dreaming of the spirits of my mother and father creating more energy through much suffering and killings of the Universe

Again an alright night after the circumstances and some dreams too:

  • I am in a cottage house together with Karen and her “loverboy” and a Swedish lady and German man. Karen does not look at me or speak to me, and it makes me hurt very much also knowing that she is making love to another man. I look at the Suede, who is doing Yoga exercises or a “yoga calendar”, which the German is drawing up according to her very fine movements, and he sends it out with a rocket, and when I look at it, I smile and I tell them that it is because they cannot see themselves when working how amusing they look. I also tell the Suede off because she has a boy friend using my weakness.
    • This dream is after I finalised the final edit of my chapter in my sufferings memo about Karen yesterday, and this is how it feels like to know that Karen and I are destined to be together, but darkness makes her be together with other men – and the Suede and German are the spirits of my mother and father and the Yoga is to produce energy to make me end my work, which is still with smiles despite of the difficulties, and I wonder if the boy friend of the Suede is again about my “old nightmare”. And the fight to keep up the energy for me to finalise my work gives me some pressure as you may understand, but I have decided to continue working with my normal quality and to keep on until the end and that is of work or of energy and ideally both, which will be the end of all darkness herewith opening up for our New World of light and basically this is “easy” you know and thinking of the work I have left, which should be reflected in the difficulties of work for my spiritual side.
    • I woke up to what I recall as the theme of the movie Pulp Fiction, and if this is through, it is to say “many deaths”, which is about sacrifices of the Universe, and yesterday I was shown a big pole cutting through the Universe destroying on its way, which was truly NOT a nice view, but there is nothing I can do about it because this is how mankind have decided it to be because of the unwillingness of politicians/governments/media to communicate and yes KILLERS are what you are!
  • I am driving a large bus with my old school class from Espergærde, who hardly want to give me as much as a look. I am about to be taught how to drive a bus – it is a very large bus – and I cannot start it because someone has pulled the hand brake.
    • This is the attitude of my old school class and is it exactly as when I was hospitalised with possible meningitis in 1979, I believe, when NONE of my school friends decided to visit me on hospital, and it was a “warning” about what was to come when NONE of my old school friends would “visit” me going through my journey and publishing my scripts on the way, and we know I am “friends” with some of you through Facebook and a couple of you decided to leave me as “friends” and of course as everyone else “just like that” without telling me! The bus is about “making love”.
  • I am on tent holiday together with six others, it has been raining all of the time making it wet all over – except from the mattress where I sleep, a couple decides to make love and asks my mother to leave while I am still present.
    • The rain is MUCH suffering here at the end, and the darkness would like to carry out my old nightmare, but NO is the answer!
  • I am working for a company, which has made a HUGE sum of money by selling polar bears, and a profit of more than 1 billion DKK for three years in a row, and I meet Søren – the old IT-manager from Aon -, I am not wearing clothes, try to hide from people seeing me and put a winter jacket on me, and Søren points on my behind, smiles and says that he is happy that I have decided to share.
    • Symbols of darkness only – and yes Søren, I do remember your old saying of “time the estimated project development time by Pi, and you have a better estimate” and either this is because you are working or planning wrongly and really as the darkness has made me do throughout my journey however I am following the “hidden deadline” of the light underneath as you may understand (?) – and this dream is about MUCH money, which is MUCH energy, which is pouring out from the old world, which is really why the spirit of my mother is doing Yoga to create more energy.

IKU: Writing on my script and suffering memo and convincing Sarah to help me find “working practise” at the Parliament

I started working at 08.00 this morning, and when arriving at IKU at 09.00, I continued working on my script until 09.45 and from here I decided to continue work on my sufferings memo still overcoming “disgusting feelings” to do this work and really because “I am eager to finalise it” but not anymore that I will continue working with my usual best quality under the circumstances, and in this memo, I do believe that I have succeeded to remove most typing and spelling errors, but there are some paragraphs here and there, which I know will cause native English speakers some difficulties to understand but I am sure that you will work it out, and get the message, which is that “I have suffered more than any man in history” and yes this is what it takes to make the world understand because how in the world would the world be able to understand this message, which is included in my approx. 3,500 pages of scripts, which of course is “totally impossible to overview” or is it really (?) and just asking I am.

I was sad to see that Adiba did not show today, and is she sick again (?) or was my “medicine” to wake her up – which we spoke shortly about yesterday and agreed to continue doing when meeting before or after the meditation on Sunday – too much for her and her “nerves” to meet me again?

Sarah was nice to invite me to a lesson on “clarification of competences” together with everyone else starting the last couple of weeks, and she added “which is not necessary for you of course”, and when I understood that it was not mandatory to attend, I said “no thank you, but thank you for asking”.

Later, she followed up on the email I sent her the other day with a few links to show that political parties of Denmark are seeking “trainees” and I could tell that she was sceptical about what I will tell them if starting to work for them – she was also considering my website and my very direct language in my “applications” (even though she has NEVER heard me speak as “negatively” as she also thinks and we know “crossing barriers” I am and I am simply writing the truth and she has NEVER heard me speak like this!) – and I told her that I will do my best work as always doing what they ask me to do and get good relations with everyone as I always do, and I will not speak about my website unless people would like to talk about it as you did yourself, and yes “I am sometimes met by companies who would like trainees to call themselves” as she said and yes “difficulties” for her to help me inside of the Parliament (!), but I told her that “I would like to play the game as it is, which is for you to find me a place” and I asked her “will you please do your absolutely best as you also did the other day” (when she was a fantastic seller on the telephone getting a place for another) and also “will you do at least 2-3 calls” and yes this is then what she promised to do and also asking me which party to call and I told her “any” and when she asked me again, I said “maybe Liberal Alliance”, and she wondered if it is possible to “create an entirely new political party” and yes it is, Sarah, “please read my New World Order” to see and I wonder when she will find the “time” to truly read and understand me?

I did the final edits to both the sub-chapters on Sanna and my father, and now I “only” need to do the final chapter on my mother and yes this week, this memo will go live (!) – and I felt how the darkness inside of me became even weaker today because of the work I did.

After IKU, I did some shopping, and started the final edit of the chapter on my mother, which may take the day tomorrow to finalise.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I was given the “active thought” – this is when I know and feel the spirit of the voice giving me the thought – that the spirit of my mother is coming to me from the outside and I am surrounded by what is now a thin but dense coat of darkness of the spirit of my father, who wants the spirit of my mother to make love to the core of light inside of me – which would destruct some of this creation – and yes the thought was that I am now my previous self as the core of me, which is really the old soul of Jesus, who now is also “everything which is as the result of creation”, and we know some “logical” difficulties to understand this because where is then the spirit of my father (?) and how can you come from the outside, when “everything” is on the inside of me and maybe because you are going through “nothing” to become everything at the middle and maybe even a part of you “outside” and another part “inside” and yes it gives me truly a “little wonder” but one day I will understand “every little thing”, which is :-).
  • After work today, I decided to see if my new TV connection – through the new Internet box – would work, which I thought it would also thinking that it was my computer having “problems” and not the Internet connection, but when I plugged it to the TV and switched it on, it could not start the separate TV box and we know I had done everything I could trying to solve the “problem” myself, and at the end there was only one solution left, I needed help and when I called the technical support of the provider Telia and just before coming through, suddenly there was hole through (!) and then I understood – what I had also suspected as an option – that it was “spiritual intervention” (which held my Internet connection back yesterday where I tried MANY ways to get it work, but every time there was no connection or “almost no connection” that is because there was connection a few seconds here and there!) and I was told that I had to try everything else in order to come through and that was to tell the darkness that I have decided to come through no matter what and a symbol, you see? This development made me change my decision, so I will complete all of my work before I will think about updating the operative system of my computer.
  • Today was “the writing on the wall” for Berluscuni – finally – and we know another symbol of the Devil falling and here the worst of them all – except from dictators/war criminals – because I am defeating the worst Devil of them all myself these days when finishing my “worst” job ever, my sufferings memo, which is the tool to remove the most inner and dense darkness of all and as Ulla Therkildsen on Danish TV2 news said – I like her – “to read the writing on the wall even though it stands with flame script”, and the flame script is really to tell you about this darkness causing flames on the Universe in order to come through and so it is.
  • I was told that “repetition created life” – a constant desire to live – and it was repetition removing the darkness and changing the foundation of life as we have done now through all of the repetitions and desire to live as I have expressed through my journey.
  • I was shown that I am now living in an incredible tiny room and everything around me was creaking physically – this is and has continued to be a part of my everyday life, which I normally don’t write about – and even louder than it normally does, and I was given a strong diarrhoea.
  • And I was giving the understanding that the reason why I the other day have started seeing myself as the New World with the remaining old world coming to me is because the painful process of reversing the dark side of the spirit of my father surrounding me has started.


9th November: Adiba’s spiritual voice claims to be Jesus and tells her to write the book I have already written!

Dreaming that another man was intended to become the reincarnation of Jesus, but something happened and I was selected instead

Again an alright night after the conditions and even more dreams:

  • Something about hanging unique jewelleries on the wall and holding Camilla in the hand.
    • I did not catch all of this dream, but I did catch that I am IMMENSELY tired of being woken up in the night and writing down dreams – I am TRULY looking forward for this nightmare in itself to stop.
  • My mother is not at home over the night, she is out partying with a man. I don’t want to see an episode of “the house on Christianshavn” on TV where Clausen is wearing a hat and where an investment manager has received a large sum of money believing they are from Clausen and that Clausen is to receive a yearly yield but Clausen lets him know that it is the other way around, that he is to pay a yearly contribution, which makes the manager understand that he must have misunderstood when taking the money. At the house I am suddenly thinking where our old dog Cas is and if it is with my mother because I have not seen it for a while, and out from the hall a new happy dog arrives, which came yesterday and it has not been fed yet. I have an incredible desire to fly high outdoors this evening, and I am thinking of wearing my bathrobe.
    • Celebration of our New World while continuing work and both the Investment Manager and Clausen are of darkness, and they are transporting much energy symbolised by the money, and the darkness seems to start understanding that it has received all of this energy wrongly, and one dog of darkness is gone but replaced by a new dog, and we know the darkness was supposed not to be able to recreate itself, or did it manage to get new life, which will only last for a short time (?) – and flying high is about the work I do – doing my best and as I please.
  • I am out on town and have no luck with girls, none wants to sleep with me. I visit my old friend Paul, who has received a technique, which makes him able to collect magnetic material in the most beautiful patterns on cards, and a lady from Cuba is working for him to put different kinds of stones together – I see her working with a green stone and another one – which makes it possible for Paul to show these stones incredible beautiful. She shows me four figures of people, which she has made, and I am supposed to do a clairvoyant reading on her, and I see that one of these figures are called “Jan Lange” and is 42 years old, and I tell her that he was intended to be the reincarnation of Jesus, but something happened and then it became me instead.
    • This may also be about new spiritual gifts of Paul, and when I woke up, I was told that the lady with the green stones is Adiba from the job search course and also that “she knew about my coming arrival but now where, when and how” and I wonder what the story is about that someone else than me was supposed to be the new Jesus – was there another one before me, and first when I was a boy, I was appointed as the one (?) and is this the truth or is it a story giving to me from the darkness because Adiba may not entirely believe in me when not having read my entire website as I recommended her to do before concluding (!) and we will see what this story is about and for now I will not give it a headline, until I know more myself.
    • First the 10th November, I noticed on Facebook that Adiba’s sir name is “Lange”, which you know is the reason of the name “Jan Lange” as the new Jesus and really that she is not believing in me, but believing that Jesus is someone else, which is how I interpret this dream.
  • I pass a small place where it is possible to buy cheap meat, and when I ask the lady standing there, she says that it is only possible to buy a whole pig at the time, and later I see her working with a see through plastic bag, which she fills with salmon and this is part of a package followed by meat, and she says that she should have started taking time before filling the salmon in the bag and not afterwards, and I see how cold she becomes when she puts her hand in the bag with the salmon and ice. Her husband asks me and the man I am with – a craftsman – about who we are, and my partner says that we are writers from the Danish television DR, and my partner says that he would like to buy 1 kilo of meat, which is alright with the man, and the man shows us a poster of the finest possible pig, which makes my partner motivated to buy even more, and he calls his bank to hear the balance of his account, and even though it is not high, he can afford buying instead of accepting a credit, which the man offers him where he will have to pay a high interest. I cannot really afford myself to buy anything or only a little that is. Afterwards I see myself parked in a pick-up together with several other vehicles of craftsmen, and I decide to drive my pick-up through the door of an apartment house and to drive out on the other side, which I do almost without problems.
    • To me “meat” is about money, or “income” and fish is about me – suffering because of the ice – and the lady and man may be the spirits of my mother and father, who wants to set up “normal life” for the world through me, and the dream says that because of lack of energy, i.e. money of the dream (!), I cannot receive “income” and we know but this is how the dream was. And the DR television may simply be to say that my television started working yesterday – I have 12 channels and not the “usual” 40-50 or even “hundreds” as most have here and approx. half of my channels are from DR and we know an old symbol of darkness, and I have to be careful not to be tempted to relax instead of working approx. 8 hours per day and “no worry” really because this is only a matter of decision and discipline.
  • I am together with Fuggi at a large sport summon, where I attend the first exercise, which is about running, and Fuggi runs 100 metres in approx. 15 seconds and I am also doing well, which makes me say that my goal is to become among the best half and maybe even among the best third of all attendants, which he believes sounds realistic. However, I miss the second exercise because I don’t have the program with starting times.
    • Sport is normally about the battle between light and darkness, but this is also normally symbolised by team sports like football, handball etc., so is this also the case for individual sport, and here I am thinking that it may be about my own endurance – thinking back on OLD dreams many years ago never written down for example going through a difficult obstacle course (!) – and the truth is that I have NO energy to continue working as I do, and my work is simply carried up by will power and with this, I am still doing good results compared to what people having normal energy do.
  • I am flying with Fuggi on our way to San Francisco, it is a long flight and my back is hurting, and I tell the pilot who has come to speak to us that the seats are not the best, and he tells me that he has designed the seats himself as if they were to be used with a writing desk. When we arrive, we walk in the city, it is warm considering the season, around 20 degrees Celcius, and we see how the city is pouring sand from the beach all the way up to squares at the city centre. We keep walking and go inside a very large hall, which is full of “erotic games” at very large screens all over the wall – I also see a UFO shortly there – which I don’t like to see and I would like to leave but I see that it gets the attention of Fuggi, and I am about to tell him that we will have to separate because I would like to see the town including the Fisherman’s warf, but when we finally leave, it has become dark outside, which makes me sad because I would also have liked to go to the beach.
    • The plane is carrying people of the world into our New World and here it is going through USA – a country of much darkness and temptation – and so much that it makes people suffering, hence the sand in the city centre, and it is really an encouragement to the world to STOP SINNING – including WRONG sexual conduct – and to show a clean heart, which includes an improvement of your (sexual) behaviour and work.

Adiba’s spiritual voice claims to be Jesus and tells her to write the book I have already written bringing man eternal life!

I started working at 08.00 this morning being tired – I only “slept” from 23.00 to 07.15 (!) – and continued working on my script etc. until 12.00 at IKU, and a few minutes after arriving at IKU, I was given a “strong heart attack” – one of those thousands of “small heart attacks” I have received since 1998 – and I was told that “this is because of the darkness of Sarah”, so I wonder Sarah if this is about you keeping your promise this time or if you are you too sceptical about me because you did not come around to read my website as you said you would (?), thus not believing in whom I am after all (?), which is one of your “development areas” you know – and if this is the case, I may decide to include information about this in my reference on you because I truly like to have people doing what they promise to do and also to speak directly so you are understood, and we will see what happens from here.

During the day, Sarah started calling political parties at Christiansborg and the first one was Liberal Alliance, and I could not hear what she said because she spoke very quietly and very differently to the other day when she spoke out loud with much confidence and we know “I have not tried this before, so I am a little bit cautious” and we know my reply was that “as a football team you have to play on your strengths and not on the opponent’s, otherwise you will not win” and really to say that THIS IS ABOUT CONFIDENCE and after this call, she started speaking of me working for “the union of alternative therapists” and we know trying to find “excuses” of doing something else than calling Christiansborg, and often it is like this: If you don’t believe you can win, you will not win, so it really will become exciting to see what she will achieve and what she will not.

Adiba was nice to tell me today that she has started thinking and also writing down information and as she said she has received channelled information for 15 years and know that some information is darkness, but she has developed a method, which she is confident about secures only information of light coming through – and I wonder really, but we will see – and we have decided to meet on Sunday before the meditation circle and we will see what kind of information will come forward, and as I told her “for people not recognizing the existence of darkness, it is very difficult to understand each other and the spiritual information given, and my starting point is for people to understand each other and when we understand, it will be possible to correct the spiritual information to only receive information from the light.”

At the end of the day at IKU, Adiba decided to hand over a “channelled message”, which she had received as her “presentation” to talk about on Sunday, when we will meet (!). She said that she knows about people losing contact to their family and friends, which she has read on the front page of my website, and I thought that this was only based on her reading of my front page and the page of clairvoyant messages on me, her own voice from the beginning NOT believing in me (!) and not my approx. 15 web pages as I encouraged her to read carefully using some hours before concluding, and we know I decided NOT to start reading her written message today but to continue working on and finalising my suffering memo because I realised that if her writings are messages of the darkness as I expect it to be – with Adiba “only wanting to help me” of course believing she is right and I am a “nutcase” or “fooled” by the spirits, which she “of course” is not herself because of her “good heart”, which is REALLY the opposite feeling making me feel “bad” (!!!) – it would make me very sad and give me very strong feelings, which could make it very difficult to complete my sufferings memo, and this was really it, and we will see if I will get time to read this today or first tomorrow, because I have really decided first to finalise and upload my memo, which may also help to convince Adiba about the truth of my experiences and sufferings.

I also noticed very briefly that Adiba was emailing with Jimmy from our meditation group, which I simply noticed and thought that she has not met him yet and I led them together and wondered if she asked him about me and his “belief” in order to “help” me or if this was simply about “other issues than me” – I don’t know – and I noticed when my eye as a reflection less than a second looked at her computer screen, before I noticed what it was deciding to immediately look away instead of immediately following my “curiosity” to see what it was about, if it truly was about me, and I could have done this if I wanted to, because Adiba left her place to speak to one of the councellors, but I decided that it was WRONG of me to look at her computer screen and read her email without her knowledge.

Finally, I read her “message”, and it is now “tomorrow” – the 10th November in the afternoon – because I did not have time to read it before this, and again it seems that I have become so scared for the darkness that I am seeing it everywhere, and here there was not much to worry about – however there was “some darkness” – and yes I will read it again while writing the message here manually because I only received it on paper and yes Adiba I decided to include it here because it is of importance not only to you and I but also my readers, which is the world you know:

Kære Stig,

Jeg valgte at stille et spørgsmål vedr. dig. Af personlige grunde. Ikke for at anfægte din sandhed snarere for at få klarhed omkring min egen. Jeg har valgt at give dig de meddelelser, jeg modtog, og jeg håber, du vil læse med et lige så åbent sind som jeg har læst dine skrifter.

Lad os tale på søndag.

Kærlig hilsen


7. november 2011

– Vedr. Stig.

Vedkend dit slægtskab med mig og du vil vide, hvem jeg er. Dersom du er i mørket, da vil du ikke kende mig. Vid derfor ej at gøre dig tanker omkring andres sandheder, dog erkend deres fri vilje til at skabe, hvad de end ønsker og virke i en hvilken som helst energi, de ønsker. Gør dig ej tanker om hvilken illusion andre binder sig til, da du har din egen at erfare og gøre dig fri af. Jeg er i dig og omkring dig – det har jeg altid været, thi du er den søster, der har min kærlighed og som skal give det videre, jeg påbegyndte. Dette står fast, og dersom den Kilde der nærer Jer alle giver vidnesbyrd om min tilsynekomst i et fysisk legeme, da er det ej for dig at betvivle dette. Lad dig ej vildlede, thi min kærlighed hviler i de mange og er ej blot for de få udvalgte. Jeg er iboende enhver sjæl, levendegjort af vor Fader, og du skal udelukkende bruge energi som tanke på den opgave, der er din og yde den tjeneste, der er for dig. Derfor er det væsentligt, at du har tillid til den tjeneste, der er din og udvikler dig i henhold til netop den hensigt, der bragte dig i inkarnation. Der hviler i dig en hensigt om at vække de mange, og med den vilje skal du levendegøre den nye tid og gøre den bæredygtige gennem ordet. Du vil hæve vibrationen i menneskene som på planeten og gøre fyldest det profeti, der levendegør det ypperste potentiale i enhver levende sjæl på denne fysiske klode. Du, Adiba, skal skrive den bog, der leder mennesket på den vej, der altid har været for dem at betræde, og dette bud der nu er mit om enhed på dette plan er for dig at virkeliggøre sammen med de mennesker, vi vil lede i din retning. Tvivl på din hensigt og du tvivler på det, Jeg er. Vi er et, og jeg deler det, der er mig med andre end du – dette ved du.

Sanser du ej mig i ham, da er det dig, der er vildledt, thi jeg er i alle. Forstå dette og du vil forstå alt.

Stig er en budbringer. Han er en tjener for den sandhed, der kan åbne op, dersom han forstår, at han blot er en tjener for de mange. Hans budskab er sandhed, og jeg taler gennem ham, som jeg taler gennem dig. Som du ved, gives der en læring i denne proces at skulle overgive sig til tjeneste og denne proces er endnu ej tilendebragt for Stigs vedkommende og ej heller for dit. Derfor er det væsentligt, at I blot støtter hinanden i bestræbelserne på at åbne for den nye energi, og ej vurderer, om en given sandhed er berettiget eller ej for Jer. Han tjener det højeste princip, som du gør det. I vælger forskellige veje og har en forskellig energi, dog den ene er ej bedre end den anden. I tjener det, Jeg er, og I gør det ud fra en dyb kærlighed til alt, hvad jeg repræsenterer. Det er, som det skal være.

Vær varsom med at dømme hverandre. Fornægt ej hinandens sandheder om end de kan divergere og synes modsætningsfyldte, thi vejene er forskellige, og I må nødvendigvis være sande mod det, I føler det rette for Jer hver især.

Der givers mange måder at vække mennesker på, Og du ved, at netop det der vække anstød kan vise sig at være præcis den rette kilde til vækkelse og erkendelse. Vær derfor vis og hæv dig op over egoets begrænsede verden. Åben dit hjerte for selv det, der kan synes umuligt, og forstå at jeg arbejder gennem selv kanaler, der for andre kan synes uegnede, men I ser ikke, hvad Jeg ser, og derfor er I ej tilstrækkeligt vidende omkring min hensigt.

Du er højt elsket, Adiba, og som du ved, er din tjeneste klarlagt dog betinget af, at du vælger livet. Jeg er i dit legeme og virker gennem dig, hvorfor du tjener den kærlighed, der rummer alt. Du må derfor nødvendigvis arbejde ud fra de selv samme kriterier for at kunne være en budbringer for det, Jeg er. Då må derfor rumme alt, også den sandhed der kan synes usand. Det er ikke for dig at dømme. Erkend andres sandheder som sande og lev din sandhed ud i det liv, der er dit. Dette er for dig, som det er for alle.

Bogen skal skrives, og den skal skrives af dig. Når du har erkendt hvem du er og lever dette ud, da vil vi være klar til at være de samarbejdspartnere, der med dig skal levendegøre de ord, der leder de mange til den kilde, der giver evigt liv. Således står det skrevet – således er det.

Din elsker broder.

And we know Stig, what does it really say, and let us take it one paragraph after the other trying to understand what this is about:

First her “voice” asks her not to judge “other’s truth” but to respect it as is, and then it says that “I am in you and around you – which I have always been because you are the sister, who has my love and is to bring forward what I started” , and I get the impression that this voice says it is the voice of Jesus speaking – also because Adiba told me that she had “personal experiences” with Jesus – and if this is true, I can only say that this is darkness, because as you will know, the soul of Jesus has only just been resurrected from “nothing” and in this case, this is an example of the voice of Jesus apparently speaking to clairvoyants around the world – ongoing for years – without being the voice of Jesus!

It also says that “if the Source feeding everyone gives evidence about my appearance in a physical body, it is not for you to question” and also “my love rests in the many and is not only for the few chosen. I live in any soul, made alive by our Father” and it asks her to focus on her own service to “wake the many” and “make the new age come alive” through “raising the vibration in human beings as on the planet”.

And then it says: “You, Adiba, will write the book, which will lead man on the way, which always has been for them to enter” and then the voice tells her “doubt your intention and you will doubt what I am. We are one and I share what is me with others than you – you know this”.

About me, her voice says: ”Stig is a messenger. He is a servant for the truth, which can open up if he will understand that he is merely a servant for the many. His message is truth, and I speak through him as I speak through you. As you know, a teaching is given in this process to surrender for service and this process has not been brought to an end for Stig nor for you” and “he serves the highest principle as you do too”.

It continues saying, which may be about my very direct and conscious way of writing: “People are given many ways to wake up. And you know that what can bring offence can be exactly the right source for revival and recognition”.

And her voice finishes the message telling her: ”The book will be written and it will be written by you. When you have acknowledged who you are and lives this, we will be ready to be the collaborators, who together with you will make the words come alive, which will lead the many to the Source giving eternal life. Thus it is written – thus it is.” . It finishes by saying “Your beloved brother”.

So this was the summary, and what did it really say (?) and yes let us read it again. The voice says that it is living in all souls and made alive by our father, thus saying that it is Jesus speaking and as I mentioned before, until recently, this was simply impossible because Jesus was not living as we know it!

And the voice says that Adiba is his sister and it signs by “your beloved brother”, and I don’t know about a sister of Jesus, so we will have to see what this is about when I will meet and speak to Adiba and what will come later on when we will wake up. The voice tells her that it is indeed working through my physical body for the highest principle, but also that it “rests in the many and is not only for the few chosen” and we know “not easy to be Adiba” because the voice tells her that my message is truth at the same time as I am only “a servant for the many” and we know this is not wrong, but how will Adiba understand this because how can I be telling the truth “claiming” to be the Son of God at the same time as I am only one servant of many, and we know “this is an exercise about understanding” and I am deciphering the message in order to understand it, and one thing may be what the message says – that I tell the truth – and another thing is whether or not Adiba will be able to accept that I am the one, and it looks like her road will be to accept that the book, which she is asked to write, has already been written and that is by me, which in this case is a message by the darkness for her and we know you are very welcome to write all the books you will together with all spiritual helpers but the book leading man and the world to eternal life of the Source is already written.

And we know – who is this voice speaking to her, and I am not given much here, but is it really what used to be the dark side of the spirit of my mother, who is about to wake up too as part of the “plus side of the spirit of my mother and this is what I am told here – and darkness it can be too you know (!) – but probably what may be the truth also thinking that the darkness is becoming weaker here – and yes maybe a special relation in real life between Adiba and I (?) and that was the first thought I was given and yes “a sister” and I wonder how she can be a physical sister to me because she is born in 1957 – but we will see what the truth will bring us.

A member of the meditation group thought I was taxing on Niclas’ and his health but the truth is exactly the opposite!

Yesterday, I was surprised to receive a rejection on my invitation to become friends on Facebook from Jonathan, who is one of the attendants of the meditation group in Helsingør, and when I read his mail to me, which he was kind to send instead of just declining without communicating, I understood the background of his rejection, which is because he believed I crossed what is meant to be information kept in private and because he believed that I ”taxed on his health” (!) and the ”funny” part is here again that the darkness of Niclas, others of the group and Jonathan self is what is ”taxing my health” and once again you have the ”opposite world” with people believing and misunderstanding that I am treating them wrongly with the truth being that this is what they do to me – there is darkness in this group too (!) – and I wonder if anyone from this group at any moment will ask me to leave the group, or if they will be ”open enough” to keep me coming.

Here is the email I received.

Hej Stig,

Du har anmodet om et FB-venskab.

Det er ikke noget som jeg umiddelbart har et ‘ja’ til.

Jeg synes ikke du respekterede Niclas opfordringer til dig. Han opfordrede dig først en gang og så en gang til.

Det tærede på ham, tolker jeg, og det tærede på mig.

Det er ham og Jimmy der er værter for den gruppe, derfor synes JEG at vi andre som ‘gæster’, skal indrette os efter det.

Håber dette giver mening.


And here is the email I decided to send him today, and we know he will probably not be ”able” to understand and yes he ALSO made me very sad, but this is not the first time you have heard this (?) and the reactions from these people reminds me of the reactions of the ”hypersensitive, enlightened people” of Selvet in the beginning of 2010 – Jimmy is part of the editorial staff of Selvet, which may give you something to think and talk with the others about, Jimmy (?) – and of Buddhists at Lama Yönten later in 2010 and maybe even 2011 (?) and we know ”good people believing they have the ”key” of good behaviour without understanding how the darkness has worked inside of them and we know ”darkness disguised as light” making people unable to communicate clearly and directly in order to help, which this is another example showing and if I am VERY tired of people misunderstanding me (?) and yes you bet!

Hej Jonathan,

Mange tak for din mail, som jeg værdsætter, at du tog dig tid til at skrive i stedet for blot at afvise mig, som mange andre ville have gjort i dit sted, HVIS de havde samme opfattelse af mig som dig.

Jeg valgte min form for kommunikation efter omhyggelig overvejelse med det eneste formål at hjælpe Niclas ved at fortælle ham sandheden, og ikke det modsatte! Jeg talte direkte til den spirituelle stemme, som han talte med – som jeg selv kender vældigt godt – og det var ikke Niclas, men hans stemme, som blev ”tavs” og ganske enkelt for, at jeg er den eneste, som har kraften til at ”korrigere” hans stemme, som jeg blev vist drives af ”mørke forklædt som lys”, som Niclas i øvrigt fik bekræftet via hans stemmes reaktion. Jeg talte direkte til hans stemme, og Niclas vidste det!

Du kan vælge at læse den fulde historie fra vores meditationsmøde via mit manuskript nedenfor, og når du forstår dette og min hjemmeside i øvrigt, vil du også blive glad for at blive venner med mig, men det vil udfordre dig, og du risikerer selv at blive misledt af mørke til at misforstå i stedet for at forstå.

Dette er en udviklingsproces ikke alene for Niclas, men nu også for dig, Jonathan, og processen kommer direkte fra Gud som en hjælp, som jeg håber, at du vil forstå – og sandheden er, at det ikke er mig, der ”tærer” på Niclas eller dig, men at jeres misforståelse skaber præcis den modsatte situation. Det handler om at forstå, og det har du nu muligheden for, hvis du ønsker det.

Take care – jeg glæder mig til at se dig igen 🙂.

De venligste hilsener fra

And by the way, Jonathan has ”saved” two others from the course as they said and that was in connection with a young lady, Signe, who had asked the group for collective feedback on personal issues on her, which she did not mind to received while others heard – but on the contrary asked to receive as a “collective reading” – which made Niclas, I and others give her feedback but not Jonathan because as he said ”I would like to give this to you in private” and then he gave her his business card (!) – he is a clairvoyant too – and isn’t this funny that it was the limitations of Jonathan and not Signe, and not Niclas too but his dark voice, which set the limitations and also for Jonathan self given to him as a ”thought” and this was also a man, whom the others said was an ”expert in communication” (!) and yes it is very often the Devil requiring privacy, because very often – if not always in our future world – you will have the feeling of having nothing to hide also on your private life and really because this is characterising the light, but of course an ”enlightened” man like Jonathan does not believe in that, and a collective reading would really give the best result with input from all …. :-).


When I returned home, I continued working goal oriented on my sufferings memo and even though I had much to finish, I had decided to upload the first version today allowing myself to improve over the coming days, and because of this, I continued working until 19.00 where I succeeded to upload this information at my new site called and first as the last action before I will finish all of my work, I will upload my memo to my site at for my family to read too, which I expect will start a “big reaction” and we know the family is not reading my website, therefore (!)

This felt like a great day, seeing live what I have been working on for now such a long time and with so much sufferings. It felt like coming a great step ahead, and the spirit of my mother told me that it was good that I did this because “it would not have been good to explode our way forward” as she said.

After publishing this, I now feel red around me and not complete darkness anymore. This has already lifted much darkness, which isstill there but now almost without aggressiveness and extreme negativity – it seems that the code of the spirit of my mother really has lifted much of it away, and I do hope for good and we will see what happens over the coming days and weeks.

Ending the day with this short story:

  • I do believe that my mother has started visiting my website again – looking at photos and my script of the 5th November – and so far not “My sufferings” and we will see if and when she will be inspired to start looking at this, or if it will first come when I will publish it to Scribd and my family through Sanna will “discover” it.



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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