November 13, 2011: Preparations have been made to switch on my new self and PERFECT New World without darkness


Summary of the script of today

10th November: Adiba could not control her feelings/misunderstandings after I had published her channelled message

  • Dreaming of drawing roads to the city, to “set me free and let me out this misery” and I will live a “good life” as Kim and Pernille S. and my “demanding” spirit of my mother (!) is happy with my communication/presentation and says that I will train others to do my teachings too.
  • I was very sad to see that Adiba decided to be WEAK and not STRONG not being able to control her negative feelings when she saw that I had shared her channelled message with the world and she believes – without having read my writings on her message at all but only seeing the headline on Facebook (!!!) – that I have condemned her in the public room and I repeat without having read my script (!!!) and through this she was shown “exactly who you are”, and the only problem is that her conclusion as everyone else is based on ignorance, laziness to read/understand and a strong voice giving her misunderstandings and really because she is convinced that she is the truth, that I am not and that she only tries to help me and now I have “offended” her and again this is a story of the “opposite world” where I am helping her and she is bringing me more “lovely darkness” as fuel to finish my work :-).

11th November: Working at the innermost darkness to remove the code trying to destruct creation self

  • Dreaming of “dancing into the fire” as the theme of the night, working at the “absolutely innermost darkness of all” to remove its code stealing much energy of the world, this is darkness at the centre of the Source trying to imitate and destruct creation itself and the code of this has now been dismantled when hanging up the cupboard of God at its centre, plots will be free as a natural resource of our New World – but work on it can be sold, politicians and civil servants are “negotiating” about my arrival and “wake up call”, the recovered dark side of the spirit of my father is handicapped because of the darkness hurting him and the finest dinner symbolising normal life of our New World has been prepared by my mother as a condition of life coming directly from “the bartender”, who is the Creator of life :-).
  • At IKU I finalised and sent my “application” to the Danish Railways, which included the solution to how they will be able to solve “impossible business problems”, which I am however not sure about they will understand the first time they read it! Adiba decided to stay away again today, but I could see that she read my website of “my sufferings” from home, and the question is for how long she will decide to be weak and avoid me.

12th November: The old world is dissolving while I am finishing my work of writing

  • Dreaming of the old world dissolving while I am finishing my work of writing, I am on my way to put out the next fire, which goes even deeper and will remove the handicap of the spirit of my father when releasing the next part trapped inside darkness,
  • Most of the evening, I received extreme disgusting and throw up feelings thinking about the meditation meeting tomorrow because of “uncontrollable feelings” and sceptical attitude of some of the participants in relation to me. I was on my edge all evening because of these “light people” sending me the worst darkness!

13th November: Preparations have been made to switch on my new self and PERFECT New World without darkness

  • Dreaming of being free of guards but attacked by a man, but I was stronger than him and when I woke up, I felt the arm of this man – the dark side of the spirit of my father – physically for seconds even though it was not there giving me a shock (!), having difficulties to receive my luggage when landing with the plane – i.e. to receive the absolutely final part of the dark side of the spirit of my father, the light is celebrating and the darkness is still trying to say that I will potentially be killed going through the final part of my journey.
  • Because of extreme darkness of people of the meditation circle, I was kept awake receiving MUCH spiritual information during the night, which was used as energy to resurrect parts of the spirit of my father including this: DIRTY PLAY of the previous government, which could have cost Helle Thorning-Schmidt her “political life” through its Tax Minister has been revealed, the same extreme darkness of mankind creating the Nazis also created the darkness of China, preparations to switch on the New World and I are being made including love of God and energy to all news creators to create New Worlds, removing attraction to money from man, the darkness is being closed and brought to museum – but still biting me until the end, the “cake of creation” is finished and about to be packed but I insist not to pack it yet because we are not quite finished yet (!), I was shown our New World as the B&W Nautilus speakers, which are the BEST speakers in the worlds symbolising that it is PERFECT J, the green colour coming to me these days is the colour of the Trinity with Orange being my father, yellow my mother and blue myself, and underneath the Trinity is the crown of my new self, my father brought me VERY much darkness too, the part of the spirit of my father, which was resurrected going through the darkness of the night is hurting much – it is a PAIN to return to life from “nothing”, the cables of the darkness to the world are being unplugged, bureaucracy will not exist in our New World, I continue my “gold drive” of creation with difficulties because I hardly have energy to do more, FREEDOM is coming and my old friend Rene will speak the love message of God to the world.
  • I was met with sceptical attitudes of some and warmth of others at the meditation circle today, and Niclas received through “spiritual inspiration” a RED heart in his forehead to say that he does not believe in me help to remove his dark voice (!), and Jimmy spoke of using the toilet and had difficulties to get the Ghettoblaster to work, which were symbols of MUCH darkness because of his own sceptical attitude towards me. Because of these “people of light” being sceptical and negative towards me, I received the WORST darkness imaginable almost making me give up and lie down on the floor in despair (!), but I decided to overcome the pain, absorb it and convert it into light. There is now only “light red” darkness surrounding the Source and we are “this close” to start my new self and perfect New World. It took “people of light “ to bring me the worst darkness imaginable!
  • I received Adibas “personal comments” to my email the other day asking me to recognise her truth as she receives it and where she tells me that she is very critical to make sure that she does not receive messages of the darkness. She believes I am ridiculing and degrading her (!) and it is not my job to “liberate” her (!), and also not my decision to publish her “personal comments”. She believes that I condemn people thinking different to me! In my answer I tell her that I write the truth directly and openly not to condemn anyone but to help everyone to receive a perfect New World without darkness, and that God through me has the freedom of speech to publish what I decide to publish with the aim to convert darkness to light as the foundation of our New World – and I ask her to start reading and understanding me and to stop her misunderstandings and uncontrollable feelings as you can see in her as “almost all people here” and that is a sign of darkness!


10th November: Adiba could not control her feelings/misunderstandings after I had published her channelled message

Dreaming that my “demanding” spirit of my mother is happy with my presentation and communication

I had again an alright night after the circumstances and not many dreams:

  • Something about having laboriously drawn roads leading to the city into the map.
  • I am visiting all leading insurance brokers in Denmark and none of them impress me with their “professionalism” also including Michael from Dahlberg having started a new brokerage with two others having two bottles of good spirits.
    • I am really showing the road my friends ….. 🙂
  • I am with Pernille and Kim after having done a presentation assisted by a young employee, and Pernille says that the next time, the employee has to take courage and start saying something too in between my words, which I agree with – it gives a good variation for the audience – and I tell Kim and Pernille that I have always liked that they watch quality movies and I get the feeling that I will do the same from now on, and Pernille tells me to do a sliding transition to my colleagues also doing presentations, and I tell her that I agree, that it will be better after having tried five times and after 20 times “it will sit in the cupboard” (as we say in Danish!) and I am happy to see that for the first time ever, she shows confidence in me, my presentation and communication skills.
    • Quality movies will be “quality normal life” and presentations are about presenting my teachings to the world, and Pernille is my “critical/demanding” mother really requiring the best from me before she will become happy and now after having delivered the first version of my sufferings memo – making me suffer much to write – she is starting to become happy, and I will teach others to help me teaching the world and we know “teach the teacher” principle from General Electric, which I like :-).

I started working at 08.00 this morning and I have become “addicted” to the exercise I get through my daily bicycling and I was told that this is also the key to success – to bring energy to the other side doing what I was certainly not capable of doing when I started bicycling again.

At IKU, I noticed that Adiba was not here today and I wonder if she has decided to be weak even though I advised her yesterday to decide to be strong.

Besides from writing on my script, I used most of the time at IKU to do an “application” to become the CEO of the Danish railways, who are “always in trouble” – financial and with projects not working and trains not running on time (!) – and I understood that this would be a good application to send not only to the head hunter but also the board and the transport minister and his permanent secretary to help the government “sweat” even more not knowing what to do, which should not be very difficult (?) and what about starting with telling the truth and to drop the acting?

I will finish and send the application tomorrow, and I was told that this is a symbol to say that I am now driving home the train and showing you where the cupboard is to stand :-).

I spoke a few minutes to Sarah again – she likes to speak to me as a mentor and is truly looking forward to reading for example my Falck memo, but she is very busy having to do an exam paper before the end of the month, and I have decided to say that she is ”excused” because of this.

Hjemme læse og skrive Adibas messave, which did not take as long and was not as bad as expected and by 16.40 I had uploaded my previous four days of scripts catching up really after spending many resources on my sufferings memo, and yes “let’s continue” and there is NO holding me back and so it is.

Adiba could not control her feelings/misunderstandings after I had published her channelled message

When I returned home, I read, wrote and commented the channelled message of Adiba in my script of yesterday, and I decided to do this and to publish this because this information is not private information but important to tell the world, and I deliberately gave the script of yesterday the headline Adiba’s spiritual voice claims to be Jesus and tells her to write the book I have already written!”, which was also visible through my posting on Facebook and really for her to see, and I was excited how she would decide to react on this, to be strong as recommended or weak.

And I received the answer this evening when I was unhappy to see that Adiba had decided to be WEAK and not STRONG and we know “uncontrollable feelings” when being told the truth and is this a theme, you may remember from my scripts and now Adiba belongs to this group to as “most of the world” of today and SAD isn’t it and yes because she believes that she is the truth, that I am not and that she only tries to help me and now I have “offended” her and once again this is a story of the “opposite world” not wanting to understand the truth, but this is how you will be woken up Adiba and by the way, all of the “lovely” darkness and direct sufferings you send to me gives me some more fuel to continue and finalise my work, and isn’t this/she lovely, Stevie, and yes BLIND is what many “enlightened” people are but still “lovely” of course.

Here is her email and misunderstandings:

Kære Stig.

I tillid gav jeg dig en personlig kanalisering. En kanalisering hvis vigtigste budskab var, at Kristus benytter sig af mange tjenere, der hver har deres specifikke opgaver. Mange bøger er blevet skrevet i tidens løb med specifikke budskaber for at hjælpe menneskene i deres udvikling. Din bog er derfor ej heller den eneste, der rummer et sådant formål og ej heller den sidste.

For 15 år siden fik jeg første gang en besked om at skrive en af tre bøger. Når jeg er klar, vil dette arbejde blive gjort.

Jeg var meget i tvivl om, hvorvidt jeg skulle vise dig den kanalisering, da jeg blot ved sjældne lejligheder viser disse frem for mine aller nærmeste venner. Dog blev jeg bedt om at gøre dette, af en bestemt årsag: Det ville vise mig, hvem du var. Du valgte at fordømme mig i det offentlige rum – og viste mig derved præcis hvem du er.

Med kærlighed

And here is the reply I wrote to her after coming home from a “lovely” “Morten’s evening” as it is called here at my mother and John including the family and I received MUCH darkness because of you Adiba through the behaviour of my “rich family” only thinking about themselves, holidays and new material items to buy without having a care for poor people dying and in practise me too not being able to go on holiday and live the lives they have continued to decide to live and yes this was my family and it makes me sick to see this behaviour of rich people all over the world (!) – and here is my reply:

Kære Adiba,

Jeg forstår dine følelser og dit udtryk, og jeg er ikke overrasket over din reaktion, som er bevidst fremkaldt!

Måske du vil blive overrasket, når jeg fortæller dig, at dette hænger sammen med mit budskab til dig om at vælge at være “stærk” og ikke “svag”, som jeg fortalte dig, for dette er den valgmulighed, du har, og at dette var årsagen til, at jeg gav dig netop denne besked.

Mit valg om offentliggørelse er således en bevidst hjælp til at vække dig (!) – og fordi din information til mig er vigtig for verden omkring os og således ikke “privat” eller “hemmelig” på grund af forkerte følelser (!) – og budskabet om denne vækkelse er netop givet til dig i din besked, om at tro på det sande i det, som kan synes at være usandt eller ligefrem at vække “anstød”, og at netop dette er “den rette kilde til vækkelse” – og dette er for både dig og mig, som jeg her fortælles – og du ved det ovenikøbet :-).

Jeg håber, at du vil vælge at være stærk, og vælge kommunikationen i stedet for tavsheden og derfor fastholde vores aftale på søndag. Det handler om at rense dig for “mørke forklædt som lys” (!) og forkerte beskeder, som du modtager, uden at du er bevidst om det eller vil tro på det netop fordi, du tror, at du modtager “rent” og kun “kærlighed”. Jeg er midlet til at vække dig – og jo, Adiba, jeg er den jeg giver udtryk for. Læs “My sufferings” på min hjemmeside – en ny side – (og de andre sider, som du ikke havde “tid” til at læse, som imidlertid var en forudsætning for dig for at kunne forstå mig!) og du vil forstå de “ulidelige lidelser” jeg har gennemgået for at komme til den anden side medbringende verden selv, og du er selv en del af de sidste lidelser på min vej og dette via din tro og “gode hjerte” om at hjælpe, hvor sandheden er det modsatte – jeg hjælper dig og du bringer mig lidelser, og du tror – på grund af mørket – at det er den omvendte situation, som er selve indbegrebet af mørkets natur og dette ved at udnytte din egen menneskelige svaghed (“ikke tid til at forstå”) og skepsis.

Husk venligst ikke at træffe for hurtige og forkerte konklusioner, som var netop det, jeg rådede dig mod. Det handler om at forstå, og din egen meddelelse fortalte dig sandheden, om hvem jeg er, hvis du vælger virkelig at læse og forstå den, og den fortalte dig usandheder om din egen mission, som du vil komme til at forstå.

Jeg giver dig al min kærlighed i dit hjerte, og ser frem til din forståelse og tro, som vil give dig fornyet styrke. Jeg har givet dig nøglen til at forstå – den går via at læse og kommunikere, og der bør være intet for dig, som er mere vigtigt end af læse mig! Hvis du virkelig troede på mig fra starten, ville du straks have gjort dette og ikke givet op hurtigt, men når du “vejledes” af mørket, mister du troen og dermed kræfterne til at læse, og det er forkert, for jeg er selve vejen for dig og din egen endelige vækkelse! Vi står lige foran verden, som “meget snart” vil blive åbnet for os, og du er en af mine sande tjenere :-).

Du har nu set, hvem jeg virkelig er – og jeg har ikke fordømt dig på nogen måde. Jeg har blot fortalt sandheden, og sandheden er din vej, Adiba. Alt andet er dine egne misforståelser og svaghed.

Indtil vi ses igen, ønsker jeg dig alt det bedste :-). Vores veje er krydset og de vil aldrig adskilles igen.

Kærlige hilsener fra

When I checked the visitors to my website, I had received NO visits by Adiba (!) and isn’t it funny that she could react so strongly without having the “courage” to read and understand my script (?) and we know hypersensitive and weak people is what many “enlightened” people are – sadly!.

And later I saw that she had also decided to exclude me as a friend on Facebook (!), and yes isn’t it amazing what misunderstandings can do – after we have become ”good friends” at IKU – and I have truly ”offended” her for telling the truth, which she simply cannot bear and ”impossible” to understand and that is when you do not do what is necessary to understand.


11th November: Working at the innermost darkness to remove the code trying to destruct creation self

Working at the innermost darkness to remove the code stealing energy and trying to destruct creation self

I had one of those “surprise-nights” where there was “unpleasant” work to be done making me tired this morning but still we MUST carry on because this is what I say and here are the dreams/experiences:

  • I woke up to “a view to a kill” by Duran Duran – still remembering Vivian that we danced to this song in 1985 (?) – and the lyrics “dance into the fire”, which is what we were going to do again this night.
  • I am at the innermost of the central box of USA installing the finest but now almost too old salmon. In here is the absolutely closest surveillance you can imagine, and just by standing up can be a risk because of the attention of armed guards with guns pointing at you. The man I am with tells me that the photo copier is the most dangerous to use, this is what is producing the money, and I see it producing an endless amount of paper with some of it being coloured and before it vanishes I take samples of the coloured paper, which is telling me that the world has used far more energy than what it tells.
    • The central box of USA is the “absolutely the innermost and worst darkness of all” – this is the “dance into the fire” where we are working to remove the code of darkness stealing energy of the world.
    • When I woke up I was told that “this will take four days until Friday” and since it is Friday today, this message was truly not very clear?
  • I was shown busses arriving with 250,000 tons of energy, an “incomprehensible amount” and I was told that “from the earliest times we did not believe that we had to fight this battle in here” and from here I started hearing “let’s hang on to what we got” by Frankie Valli and I was told that “this is where Jesus was created” and I saw that it was red (medium darkness) and I was told “at the innermost we have poems”, which I understood as “codes” and when writing this down I had the voice of darkness still wanting to destroy pressuring me “pretty much” and I had to be firm deciding to keep on saying for maybe 30 to 45 minutes here that “I only want light”, and I was told “we can also transfer to your mother” and then we were three in there and it continued with “we have prepared lunch”, and later “it is not as if we cannot create the motorway, however in the beginning, our jobs were not accepted, but it is solved now” and I still heard Frankie Valli and now “got a lot of love between us” (love of my mother and me making this work possible), and I was told “this was a confusing code, which we could not see before now, which is creating your present negative voice” and I understood that this will now be dismantled. “It created a hole in the light, which will never happen again”, “this is also where the dark side of Karen was created”, “lot of love between us” again, “this will first come into force the 1st May or January next year depending on the reactions of the world”, and I was shown first a saxophone and then a liquorice pipe created in the same shape as the saxophone and told “it tried to imitate the creation of the world with its destruction” – and finally I received one of Billy Joel’s many FANTASTIC songs “Movin’ out” and the lyrics “Anthony works in the grocery store” and “At night, he becomes a bartender” and the grocery store is to provide “normal life” to the world coming directly from “the bartender”, who is the spirit of my father inside of me :-).
    • Let me tell you that this was ALSO not very easy to go through laying in bed without being able to sleep, having to take more notes when only wanting to sleep and still fearing that the voice of darkness would take me over and the possible consequences of this, which according to the game are “severe” and in practise it would mean a sudden use of much energy to remove remaining darkness and wake me up, but oh no, not yet because I am NOT finished with my work so continuing to do my best and we know “a long week” is truly how I feel and looking forward to my long bath to relax tomorrow morning.
  • I am hanging up a cupboard using “thin screws” at my old room in Snekkersten, where I have moved into again and my old class friend Allan is visiting me an early morning and I ask him if he remembers that this room is exactly where I lived as a teenager, which he does.
    • This is the clear symbol of darkness and I am hanging up the cupboard of God in there and I use “thin screws”, which is really a story about receiving a lamp for my hall by my mother and John a little more than a week ago and I need to buy some very thin screws to be able to hang it up and also to prioritize doing it, which I have not done yet and this – and also to adjust an old FM antenna also giving by John – is among the last work to my apartment in order for it to become “perfect”, and I have really decided to do the last part of my work full time and when my mother and John visited me with the family, she almost became “negative” that I had not hang up this lamp yet (!) and this is really just to show how much she has been a “Big Brother is watching you” and how critical she has been during this process, which started in Lyngby in 2009!
  • I am attending a political negotiation at the office of a Permanent Secretary – who believes he is “better than everyone else” (!) – I am wearing a suit and decide to hang my robe. During the negotiations, the lady answering the phone receive many calls to me from real estate agents, who want to sell me plots, but I am busy and cannot speak to them. I find what seems to be the last few pieces of paper and a pen to take notes on during the negotiation, and next to me is standing another man with the same need and I manage to find a few pieces more and I also give him a pen, and when I look at his hand, I see that it is not normal with a few fingers shorter than they should be, and the man also speaks “not normal” and says that he would like a special pen fitting to him. During the negotiations I receive a note that my old friend Lars G. Has called and that it is “very urgent” for me to call back as quickly as possible and I think that I cannot do this when I am busy in this meeting. There are several people serving us, and they are very friendly and I am very friendly to them. After ending our talk, I see that a new set of people, now young politicians from around the world, will have to do their “negotiations” on the same subject as us, and we will sit next to the table to see how they do.
    • The calls from real estate agents wanting to sell plots is because this is one of my last tasks to my website, where I have decided to add to the New World Order that the earth is NOT a commodity for sale, it is a natural resource, which I encourage you to share the best way possible making everyone satisfied and only if you have done “something” to the plot for example building a house, planting a garden or laying a terrace etc., you will be able to sell this.
    • The negotiations may simply be to say that there are “activities” in the Danish Parliament about my arrival and recent “wake up call”, and Lars G. is the symbol of the spirit of my father telling me that I don’t have much time left to do my work before I will be woken up, and we know I still have the date of the 15th December in my head if necessary and if there is enough energy, and I don’t know how long it will take to do the final edit of my website and the last work on my Signs III and IV pages, and maybe 14 days (?) and we will see when I will get started.
    • The handicapped man next to me may be the remaining of the dark side of the spirit of my father after the darkness has been removed giving him these hurtings, and we know Stig the message is “save all life without any exclusions” and “whenever you experience loss of life, you are to receive the code of it and recreate EVERYTHING” and that goes with what is missing from the recovered dark side of the spirit of my father too and that is if it is possible for you to do of course :-).
    • The 12th November I was told that the young politicians of this dream are the murdered youth politicians of Utøja, Norway, herewith saying that “we are still alive and kicking” – and I receive these words while writing :-).
  • I see a restaurant belonging to the darkness being moved and I hear the song “Animal Nitra” by Suede – another favourite 🙂 – and the lyrics “now your animal’s gone”, which was a confirmation that the darkness (you worked on) has gone and not the worst message to receive.
  • My mother has prepared dinner, and she is now presenting it very nicely, and she has almost cleaned up the kitchen, and I see another kitchen with another group from Danske Bank where a female chef has also prepared a fine dinner.
    • Dinner is “money” so “sharing the resources of the world through normal life”, and the dream says that

Sending my application to the Danish Railways – and Adiba has decided to be weak and avoid me!

After standing up, I was told that the darkness we are removing corresponds to “the last content of a pimple and again, which gave me some relief because it was not an easy night to come through, but where there is or has been life, it is to be saved.

I decided to do a normal working day again today despite of the night and I started working at 08.05 and when arriving at IKU I continued working on the script of today and details of the script of yesterday until 11.15, from which moment on I read and did the final edit of my “application” to the Danish railways as you can see here:

And again I made an error, which I am VERY unhappy with, which I first saw after sending the application and that was because I had forgotten to include the link to the application itself on my Scribd site, which I corrected afterwards so it is now included and we know Stig I did not think thoroughly enough and it makes me annoyed every single time this happens!

At 11.11 on this day the 11.11.11 (!) I closed my eyes sending out the message to “everyone on this line” that “we will all receive a better New World, I am already here but mankind has not been able to understand me” and I appreciated the energy of many people of the world using this special moment to raise the energy of the world.

I was sad to see that Adiba had decided not to come again today and we know “not very strong” that is – why do people so often not listen to and follow my recommendations (?) – but I noticed a visitor from Ballerup to “my sufferings” website and the reason why I noticed this is because I was surprised to see that my TOP counter told me that my own visit from my new private Internet connection was coming from Ballerup and not Helsingør (!) and I was thinking that Adiba also lives in Helsingør, and this may simply be her hopefully reading “my sufferings” and starting to understand that I am REALLY the one and herewith also the darkness cheating her.

New people talked much today and they were inspired to speak primitively about sex – it was a “lady” speaking (!) – which was simply to bring me darkness making it difficult to work for me because it took away concentration and made me annoyed to listen to, and the worst “social talker” of them all, a man by the name of Kåre, returned today and again he was speaking so much that it made me annoyed and he has been away for approx. one week because of lung inflammation (!) and we know he was the man I asked politely to be silent, which he was not “able” to do because of the IKU culture wrongly allowing him to speak as he please and we know this was darkness he received from me.

“The communication expert” Jonathan was not able to communicate because he does not have “sympathy for me”!

This morning, the ”communication expert” Jonathan from the meditation circle made me SAD once again, when he was not able to ”communicate” (!) and that is to understand my positive message to him because of my direct way of communication as you can see from his email below and my reply and we know this is the prototype of HYPERSENSITIVE people not being able to listen to and understand the truth when it is told directly to them, and WRONG that is and “darkness disguised as light”, which I have now given you some examples of, do you see (?) and “yes” is the answer my friends!

Here is his email:

Hej Stig,

Jeg har læst din mail og bryder mig ikke om den. Den har bestemt ikke givet mig sympati for dig.

Jeg vil hilse på dig, ved at give din hånd, når jeg møder dig, men jeg ønsker INGEN form for kontakt med dig.


And here is my reply and how ”crazy” will you become, Jonathan (?), when you will understand that I have decided to bring our ”private correspondence” here (?) and yes more darkness given to you it was.

Hej Jonathan,

Det gør mig ondt, at du ikke ønsker at gøre et forsøg på at forstå det positive budskab, som jeg giver dig, fordi du ikke “evner” at læse og forstå det virkelige indhold af det, jeg skriver, fordi “formen” virker forkert på dig, og det er forkert.


And isn’t it funny that Søren after our last meditation meeting, which “took on” Jonathan because of me (!), told me that “it is an enrichment for us to have you” and I wonder Jonathan if I am your problem or if the answer simply is yourself and “wrong behaviour/habits”.

Ending the day with these short stories::

  • After the course at 14.00 I drove to town and I was VERY tired after a hard week, so I decided to take a cup of Cappuccino at Café Chaplin, which I like much.
  • Today I received another déjà vue, which did not come into force, and that was “the world turned out to be stronger than God” and that would have been the case if I had decided to give up to the immense pressure sometimes during my road – and we know I am simply the human being of God, but you have figured this out haven’t you (?) – and I still have this desire, which is to give up, also these days and we know I have activated much resistance to me, which is bringing me all of this “lovely darkness” – also thinking that there is life to be saved inside of it J – and during the day I still receive periods of maybe 1-2 hours here and there, where it is “almost impossible” to keep on going and being on my extreme edge – thus also today with my energy and resistance being very low because of extreme exhaustion making it “difficult” – and when I am “this close” to giving up, I am shown clearly the “build in system” that I will start accepting destruction directly, which is connected to my old nightmare too and this build-in system is also to say that I will do my outmost to avoid this and then it is better to “bite the teeth together” and go through my sufferings instead, which is the better choice of these, and we know for some time there has been the “invisible solution” too, which is that if I gave up, energy of the Universe would save me and all inside of the darkness with the cost of (much) more sacrifices, which I have also said that I want to reduce as much as possible and therefore there is only one “wise” solution and that is to “bite the teeth together” and continue working until I am finished and this is what I am about to do within the next days or maybe couple of weeks, and we will see what will happen from here, and also if I will be send out in working practice and to see if anyone at the Danish Parliament want to take on “somebody like me” for free.


12th November: The old world is dissolving while I am finishing my work of writing

Dreaming that the old world is dissolving while I am finishing my work of writing

I had a poorer night feeling that my sleep was not very good – with these dreams:

  • I am at a country house together with Jack and his mother, and I am setting the clock radio to wake me up tomorrow morning and I set it one hour later than what I really would like, and I am blind typing on the chair next to me, which has buttons, which have jumped out because of the springs holding them have jumped out also sending out the typewriter, which used to stand on the chair, thus not making me write, and I see a BMW arriving.
    • This is really to say that I am in the New World of the country house working at the chair here symbolising the dissolving old world because I am finalising my writing work, and the BMW is my new self arriving.
  • I meet Bjørn and Benny from Abba in London together with Lars G. We speak about disco sound.
  • Sidsel is putting out fire in Stockholm and her manager is Tommas who tells her about me that “someone there has an edge”. We are on our way to the south of Zealand to put out a fire and people are coming from far away, there is hardly any more food in the canteen, but I get some of the last beef and potatoes, and employees have made the best bacon, which I cut to make it present as delicious as possible as part of a sandwich. At the office Charlotte (from GEFI) and another girl have slowed down their working and walking pace, I am holding a break when they leave down the stairs, but my break is only short because out on the street I pass them again with high speed, and they don’t know how much power they have left. I know we will be going to put out a fire tomorrow, and I know that we first have to meet at work tomorrow morning before I can call in employees with a short notice only. A girl calls his man, whom she calls “bull” on the fire engine, he has been away for days. We have poor communication at the office where my colleagues don’t understand my sense of humour, which makes me restrain myself, and the manager is calling a colleague from Danske Bank.
    • The fire here may be “problems” of Sidsel both in real life and here also as the other side of the spirit of my mother who is working inside of the Source to put out the fire of the darkness there, and there is more to come and here both in relation to Michael Falch, who I believe is living on South Zealand (?), and also in relation to the darkness at the Source, which the spirit of my mother is still working on to remove, which is not very easy but on the other hand, there cannot be much left now judged on the progress of my work :-).
    • My break was because of my cappuccino yesterday and bath this morning – I started working at 10.25 and from here it will be the same speed as usual until I finish.
  • Half awake I was told “it will be somewhat different this time”, which I connected with the next level of darkness to be dismantled and I was asked “what will it take to save me now” (from the spirit of my father) and I received two songs at the same time – this is an “old exercise” really, which may be the first time I write about it – and here “one more beautiful than the other” and first “that’s what it takes” by George & Jeff and “save me now” by Jeff – here we are at a straight 100 point for both (!) – and later “I am what I am” by Gloria Gaynor, which was a message from the remaining trapped part of the spirit of my father inside darkness and I understood that this is to save the last part of him to remove his handicap as the dream of yesterday (?) said, which takes to “put out fire” of this darkness – “it is still going you know” and that is the “darkness remover” J – and I was told “if the two ladies have the courage”, which they do because I do (!), and I also heard “river deep mountain high” by Tina Turner – still an absolutely amazing performance J – and the lyrics “and it gets deeper”, which is about the level of the darkness we are now meeting – we are at the absolutely innermost here and that is the original first thin layer of ice of darkness surrounding the Source (!) – and I saw MANY golden coins being poured into a very large container, which is about CREATION, so also “good work to do”. And I received pretty strong pain to both my right and left angles, which is to say that we are still working with this darkness, which is potentially destructing us.
  • The wife of James Bellamy from Upstairs Downstairs tells him about “happy events”, which he understands is about she expecting a child.
    • The other day I mentioned this BRILLIANT TV-series – I cannot remember in which connection – and is the child simply me and the parents are the spirits of my mother and father.

When I started working today, I was given a blurred vision again making it “very difficult” to see what I write on the screen maybe half a metre from me, which did not make it easier, but I decided to keep working anyway.

After lunch I started the work of doing the final edit of my website, and I decided to use the rest of the day until 18.00 to upload almost all chapters of my sufferings memo to my website, so I now have a front page including the summary of the memo and subpages including every chapter and we know making it easier to overview and get access too really, and I did it despite of feeling extremely exhausted because of much darkness pressuring me down these days.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I was happy when looking for UFO’s, which I have not done for some time, to have one flying in front of me showing some red on front and all light behind this darkness, which is what it symbolised, and we know Stig the view from here – when the full moon is shining in the sea – is the most beautiful view I have ever seen (!), and the day when I can take a picture technically showing this to you, I will.
  • Most of the evening, I received extreme disgusting and throw up feelings thinking about the meditation meeting tomorrow because of “uncontrollable feelings” and sceptical attitude of some of the participants going there, and it was truly a test of my extreme feelings again because of the feelings they send to me and “on the edge” is really the best word of how I felt all evening and if it is making me happy or sad (?) and yes have a guess, I was suffering the worst (!) and it was truly at its worst because of the darkness these people believing they are light only (!),is sending to me, and yes I am receiving a déjà vue about this exact situation, I know this from inside of me. And I am wondering if Jonathan and Adiba – and also Niclas – will decide to come tomorrow if they will be weak and stay awake because of me!
  • When I was sitting in the sofa and so tired this evening that I closed my eyes and was “this close” to sleep, the darkness showed me destruction and tried to misuse my extreme lack of resistance to get approval of this almost without sensing what it was about, but NO, I woke up and gave you this answer, not with my direct approval! And for some days the darkness has tried to make me play a “funny game” with the spirit of my mother smiling/laughing/playing that “now I send you some darkness, ha ha ha” and NO is the answer – using my utmost to decide instead of just letting it “pass by” (!) – and so SILLY that I had really decided not to bring it here, but here it was anyway.
  • The negative speech and sex temptations/visions were at its worst again this evening and WRONG, WRONG, WRONG is still what I say approx. every other second to defend me against darkness, and not very funny to do when you are completely exhausted. And it also included feelings of suffocation and physical pain too, and I was told that this is not only about Adiba and Jonathan, but also Niclas and Jimmy of the meditation circle, and under normal conditions this should make me give up, but I have learned to tolerate EXTREME pain and still saying “come on all of you, the entire gang” and yes just like Nemo really and we know Neo it is :-).
  • I was also shown a green button and told “isn’t it you who will start all of it” (?) and I was shown a giant stamp and told “it is also him with the stamp” and then I could only think that this is the colour of the TRUE spirit of my father approaching these days, and I felt him coming from the outside and entering me through my left angle, this is physically how it was.
  • I was told that “when time will stop, it will feel like there has never been time” and I have been given some examples of what happened “two years ago” etc., which will all feel like happening “now”.


13th November: Preparations to switch on my new self and PERFECT New World without darkness are being made

Dreaming of being attacked by the remaining dark side of my father, but I am the strongest of us

I can thank the darkness of these “light people” (!) for having a very poor night including “too much information” to my likings and that is truly a clear sign of darkness, but still much “good information” as you can see here. First some dreams:

  • I am inside the camp, which I have escaped from before and there are no guards, so I can go freely, but then someone touches me from behind and from here, he tries to overpower me physically with me on my knees and him on my back with his arms over me, but when I reach out for his left arm, the overpowering stops, and I wake up from the dream, and I feel the arm of the man as physical in my hands as if it was indeed a physical arm, but I saw with my own eyes that there was no arm, and this lasted for some seconds where after the very real and physical feeling of the arm vanished.
    • You may understand that this was quite a shock to experience (?), and this was the remaining dark side of the spirit of my father “greeting” me, but there is nothing he can do. All of him will become light.
  • I have landed at the airport and arrive together with the others of the plane to machines, which will deliver our luggage, and when I stand in line, I see my old friend Lisbeth, who is broken-hearted because she has lost her umbrella. The others receive their luggage, but when it is my turn, the machine refuses to deliver mine because it says that it looks like I have checked in the luggage to late according to the rules, and it puts a metal stick into my credit card, which I used to bring out the luggage, which means that I cannot use this card again, but the truth is that I was allowed to fly by the airliner because it was delayed, and now I am thinking of going to the desk to ask for my luggage. I felt that we had come from USA, and that my sister was with us visiting our mother there fore the first time after she has given birth to a son.
    • The luggage is the world and here it may be the absolutely final part of it, which I am collecting and yes before it is too late to do – because we have a schedule to follow transferring all of the old world before it is too late – and yes I have decided to continue doing this work until there we have EVERYTHING with us and there should be more time, so I think I will go to the desk to claim my luggage :-).
    • My mother has now given birth to her son – my previous self Jesus – after going through darkness, and apparently I am now alive and kicking just underneath the front of me, which is still the old world until I finish my work, and yes then it is supposed to be my new self, when there is nothing left of the old world, and isn’t this “Smart” Stig, and yes this is how small the old world of you is.
  • I have been together with Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik of Denmark on official and representative jobs several times, and am now drinking a glass of Champagne with both of them, and my mother and John are also there and they have been discussing the four of them the design of a new “drinking set”, which they now have agreed on. I ask the prince if many people don’t speak him after the mouth, and then he tells me a story about someone, who speaks very directly and honestly to him, which he appreciates. Later I see that my mother has packed my suitcase, it includes some clothes and a ghettoblaster but I cannot bring my homemade CD’s. I am going on a dangerous journey to the jungle – potentially lethal – and I really don’t feel much like going, but I have to.
    • A dream among other showing the contradictive messages of the light – celebration – and darkness still wanting to kill me (!), which the last weeks have been much about, and the truth is that I will bring the ghetto blaster to play the absolutely most popular hits on it to show my love to the world and this is inspired by the TV program on DR called “landeplagen”, which is about the greatest hits of Denmark, and I saw it the other day and was happily surprised to see that it was TV2 with “Bag duggede ruder”, who came in at no. 1 and FANTASTIC song it truly is, but I thought that it would have been Gasolin or Shu-Bi-Dua, who would have won with for example Kvindemin or Den Røde Tråd – have you ever seen the same kind of people singing together (?) – and they could also have won with 10 other songs of course!

Preparations have been made to switch on my new self and PERFECT New World without darkness

From here I was kept awake from the next approx. 1½ hours, and here are some of the messages I received:

  • “From the stage it is first remarkable when the Tax Minister suffers yet another defeat”.
    • This is about the previous Danish Tax Minister, Troels Lund Poulsen – the man who also could not see that it was WRONG to receive a very expensive watch as a gift from an Arabic Sheik (!) – and these days his Permanent Secretary has been revealed trying to lead the pen in the tax decision, which “almost” was about to cost Helle Thorning Schmidt the victory to become Prime Minister of Denmark and yes TROELS – DIRTY PLAY AND DIRTY MIND and yes FULL OF DARKNESS and easy to see (?) and no, because “I am just playing the political game” and yes darkness, Troels and VERY WRONG!!!
  • I was shown that I am visiting many different supermarkets in Helsingør and all of them are looking very fine.
    • Our coming normal life.
  • I heard the fantastic entertainment song “Jeg holder med Kina” (“I am on the side of China”) and the made up lyrics “I Kina har de ikke noget at grine af” (“In China, they don’t have anything to laugh about”).
  • I was shown a projector switching on its light and told that this is a preparation to switch me on.
  • I was told that “the darkness tried to become one being, but has not yet succeeded” and I might add “will not succeed”.
  • I was shown myself arriving with train at Hillerød Station one morning, where people go on work and I am going to the castle, Frederiksborg Slot (as beautiful as Kronborg, but a different style).
  • I am setting up CD’s in my cupboard, which already includes many laptop batteries.
    • The “toolbox of God” is being setup with music of love and energy to “new worlds”, which the batteries are really about and we know to be made by all people as new creators.
  • I see a ship, which went down and I was told “we are now returning to former strength”, which is about recreating the last part of the spirit of my father.
  • “It is all about eating, which we will also change”, and “eating” is the symbol of people thinking of money only.
  • I was told “everything has to become 100% without a risk for anyone to dies in the process, which then is our foundation” and we know I don’t want anyone to die (terminate) as a risk when doing this last part of work recreating parts of the spirit of my father.
  • I was told about someone arriving “you are reasonable close in a family close on us”, which was about the resurrection.
  • I was shown poor Africans smiling with joy when playing with a football in the streets, and again I was thinking that JOY is what God has brought poor people, and misery is what the Devil has brought rich people.
  • I receive a big CD box of all remastered hits by Ray Dee Ohh, and we know one of the amazing approx. 10 Danish bands of the 1980’s making “perfect pop music” and RADIO is my spiritual self being set up and it is with LOVE as the music is about.
  • I am shown a dog inside a box standing at the middle of the floor at a museum, and the dog is becoming fish instead and is about to be closed, but it is still a little open and biting somewhat all the way to the end, and yes the end of darkness, which is to be replaced by my light.
  • I am shown a beauty contest of very skinny girls and told “make them eat normally”.
  • I see a finished layer cake about to be packed but there are still chickens running on the top of it; the cake does not want to be packed just yet (creation is still ongoing to the absolutely last moment) and I hear here “we cannot express just how proud we are” and yes my behind is hurting much when writing this, and just saying that I am receiving “much fuel” when I am still working.
  • I see a plane with the wings made by B&W Nautilus speakers, and when it tries to lift off, it cannot.
    • The plane of the world has landed in our New World and cannot lift, and these are the best speakers of the world – as I know at least – and here to say that our New World does not get any better than this, it is PERFECT :-).

B&W Nautilus is as the best speaker of the world symbolising
our perfect New World 🙂
–doesn’t it look incredible?

  • “We have decided to continue “all of the budget bubble”, which Greece is part of, because you are not finished”.
  • I see a large table with groceries put very beautifully, it is packed with see through plastic, which is about to be removed, and there is lot of green vegetables among, but the depth of groceries is not yet as not big yet.
    • The green of the spirit of my father – or “God” as you know him – and we are waiting on all of the groceries of the world to be put on this table to be divided equally between all as part of normal life.
  • I see an office receiving additional cleaning, which makes the finest orange possible.
    • And we know Stig, when thinking (!), the fruit and the colour ORANGE has always symbolised the Source and we know the yellow is the spirit of my mother and blue is me, and we know “I’m not perfect”, so this is to tell me that the green is none of us, and then the only answer is that the green is the combined colour of all of us, and that will have to be the Trinity then, and I will go with this, unless you will correct me again 🙂 – and we know “green” is “access – drive right ahead” too.
  • I am waiting on a train at the central station of Copenhagen, but instead I see myself driving with a bus after a “cross drive” has been established.
    • The “cross drive” is a reference to my last sentence to Adiba in my email the other day “Vores veje er krydset og de vil aldrig adskilles igen” (“our roads have crossed and they will never become separated again”), and here the bus means that Adiba was also attracted to me and who should have known that?
  • I see large quantities of Champagne and a lady standing next to it and I tell her “try a new view, this will not change the Champagne”, which may be a message to Adiba to see clearly now, just as Jimmy Cliff :-).
  • I see three people and I am getting a big desire to plait the hair of the three together, which I then see and underneath it the crown of a king become visible.
  • I see an Uniformed Nazi officer surrendering his cap, and I see Chinese also being included by this power of evil, and again I hear Eddie Skoller playing “Jeg holder med Kina” and now with the lyrics “In China they are full of …” and yes evilness because of the sins of mankind feeding the Devil.
  • I see a large pillow at my father’s bed, he is sleeping but then I see a very large dog jumping out of it and running towards me, and this is to say that because I have not been in contact with my father, I don’t know what his actions have meant to me, but here is the answer – he has brought me MUCH darkness too, just as my mother did.
  • I was told “the message has now been forwarded” and I was shown a giant cow falling down on the ground quite violently, and I was told that the reason is because I do these writings – and this is to say that it is truly NOT nice to say the least to receive all of these messages during the night, to write notes on my smart phone and afterwards to write them down in this script – it was PAIN of its worst kind feeling as I do – but this is what was required in order to receive this part of the cow, and yes a part of Buddha as the cow symbolises, and “hurting” is what this part of my father is, hence the pace of the cow falling down.
  • I was shown the cut off head of a horse in a bed – the old symbol of “death” of the Mafia – and was told “this is how it feels like to return” and that is from “out of nothing” and yes using the recipe of the first creator, and we know a lost part of him and I was told that this means that I will get a view both before and after creation from both sides – the light and darkness – and see what happened.
  • I heard Rugsted & Kreutzfeldt, the song “Spring forbi” and the lyrics “hooked på dig”, which is really symbolising “the hook” of the pirate of darkness (!) trying to carry out my old nightmare.
  • I was shown a network of cables behind a television being unplugged, which is the network of darkness to the Universe.
  • heard “only you” by the Platters – one of the true great classics J – and the lyrics “Only you can make this world seem right”
  • I am walking with what feels like my mother on a plot and see a dense line of trees in front of me, which makes me believe that this is the end of the road, but then I see that it is possible to enter and that there is a railway behind the trees and a beach behind the railway, which is saying that “we have saved some darkness for you for the end of the road”.
  • I am at batch almost sleeping when my mother returns, she has presents with and asks me if I am not happy for bureaucracy to disappear, and we know 🙂 🙂 :-).
  • I am playing Ludo and cannot hardly get my brick out, and I ask what Ludo is called in English and asks if it is called “gold drive”, and here the brick is me having used “everything” I have but there is still a little “gold drive” left to finalise my journey making it “perfect” as I have predicted all along.
  • I heard Eddie Skoller and “En enkelt sang om frihed” and the lyrics “Kom og syng en enkelsang om frihed” (”come and sing a song of freedom”) and we know WORLD CLASS is what this entertainer is about and FREEDOM is what is coming to us with the New World – and I also heard the song with the lyrics “come, let us look at the Chinese Wall” and given the understanding that the darkness started in China MANY years ago.
  • And the final vision I was given – all of the above since “From here I was kept awake ….” were NOT dreams but words and visions given to me while awake – was to see my old friend René walking up an escalator bringing a stereo and I was told “he will become the stereo I will play on” meaning that he is one of my close “special friends”, who will speak the love message of God to the world, and we know a man today fully rejecting everything else than himself having NO faith at all.

It took “people of light” to bring me the WORST darkness and sufferings to convert the innermost darkness to light!

I was tired after not having slept much and with much work to do – and you know about how it feels like when you don’t have energy to do it – and I started working at 09.25 and continued until I left towards the meditation circle not knowing what to expect, if I would be received positively with people starting to believe in me or if they would (think of) sending me away.

And I met Niclas, Kate, Jonathan and Lene as the first ones standing outside the door waiting on Jimmy to arrive with the key and it was noticeable that Niclas and Kate – who are very close – met me with “not the same warmth” as I have seen before, and Jonathan gave me the handshake, he had promised – no hugs (!) – but Lene, who has nothing against me (!), met me with a warm hug.

Jimmy and the others arrived, and we were maybe 15-20 people to do the meditation, and first of all Jimmy was inspired to say before the meditation – which he normally does not (!) – that if people were to go on the toilet during the meditation they should pass Jonathan lying on the floor, and we know “toilet” is my old symbol of my “old nightmare”, which is the darkness, which for years now have tried to force “sexual torments” of the absolutely worst kind on me to destruct me, and this was what Jimmy spoke of, and others around him spoke briefly of “Zirkus Nemo”, and you will know that “Circus” is another of my old symbols of darkness, and isn’t it funny that I received the word “Nemo” during the night (see the chapter above) and yes the people speaking of Nemo here today are people bringing me darkness, but of course you don’t believe in this when you don’t believe in the existence of darkness (?) and yes IT IS TRULY FUNNY this Danish Zirkus and yes another VERY gifted and humorous waiting to be discovered by the world – and in the link above, he is “Baker Jørgen”, who is not too bright when “creating his cake” J – and FUNNY, FUNNY is also to say that this is what we will become when all of us will become “sweet” without darkness.

Kenneth was inspired to put a red heart on the front head of Niclas and a blue on Kate, and again, Niclas has not left his “loving voice”, which is bringing him darkness and that is because it is truly very difficult to believe that I am telling you the truth, Niclas (?) and that is even though you know what I know, which is that your voice 14 days ago “acknowledged” me and admitted to be wrong when speaking to you.

At the beginning of the meditation, Jimmy was to change music on the GHETTOBLASTER, but he could not get it to work (!) and yes Jimmy, this was spiritual powers working to give me the symbol of “lack of love”, which it is when there is no music and here I was told that it was because of your sceptical attitude towards me, and the GHETTOBLASTER was also given to me as a dream during the night, which my mother had packed in my luggage because I had to go for a “dangerous journey”, which I really did not want to do, and here my mother is the spirit of my mother who is the Holy Spirit of the world and she was used to be known as Virgin Mary – but today Lona because of the name of my “not woken up yet” physical mother – so this was prepared too Jimmy, and the danger was the darkness, which you and the others of the group being sceptical and even negative on me, which is transferred directly to me as the WORST sufferings you can imagine – please read “my sufferings” at my website and you will understand – and here it was given to me EXTREMELY in the first 15 to 30 minutes of the meditation, where I was shown the strongest sexual temptations/torments of darkness and receiving negative voices almost overtaking me, and it was so strong that I was “this close” to give up and simply to lie down on the floor accepting the darkness to take me maybe “less than one minute” (!) until it would be over, but I decided to absorb it instead and yes the story is that light is created from darkness or in other words everything is created from nothing and it was in this respect Jimmy that you were placed directly next to the Source at the most innermost of all, and when you yourself (!) had to go on the toilet after maybe 30 minutes, it was again the symbol saying that you brought me much darkness, Jimmy, because of your sceptical attitude, but I was also told that you are a true “special friend/servant” of mine, which will “soon” come to you – we are VERY close to the opening of our New World – and it was not only Jimmy, who was uneasy today, which MANY was and the reason was simply the darkness you have created yourself because of your reception of me having difficulties to understand and accept my way of direct communication of the truth (!) and for being the one I am because “how can this be truth” and yes my friends, the task is for you to READ and UNDERSTAND my website and scripts, and there is nothing, which should be more important for you but none of you have had the “time” to do this yet?

During the meditation I was told that the spirits of my mother and father will become Unisex beings, and I was shown the biggest and clearest lamps of light being blocked by shutters of darkness and told “you will decide when we will remove these” and yes the answer is “when I am done with my work, which may be within 1-2 weeks”.

I was also shown that light blue energy was sent out, which was TRULY the first energy of my new self, the resurrected soul of Jesus, which was sent out to the world and the simple reason being that I was terminated 2,000 years ago and have only just been resurrected to life from “nothing” and started my mission of our New World.

At the end of the meditation, I was told that the darkness surrounding the Source is now “light red” because of Jimmy – and the others too opposing me – meaning that I absorbed and converted the darkness given to me into light, and “very little” now remains before we are truly finished.

After the meditation people wanted to ask why there was so much uneasiness today, and Jimmy said “ask Niclas – he is the man to ask” and isn’t if funny that people here has great confidence in Niclas as he has too not knowing that he is often speaking the “loving but wrong words of the darkness disguised as light”, and he said that it is because we are leaving from something old to something new, which was a TRUE message :-), but he did not say that the true reason was because of the darkness working inside people of the meditation circle themselves (!) and he spoke of “parallel Universes” and “many dimensions” too and Niclas, please let me tell you that there is today One Universe, and that first a few months ago, the beginning of a New World II has been initiated and in the future we will receive many Universes – all connected – but it is NOT true that there are parallel Universes and more than 3, and soon 4, dimensions – everything else is “truths according to the Devil in disguise” and really because people would like to believe in it.

Niclas decided not to ask me today when commenting to the circle as he did 14 days ago, and he did not mention at all the email I sent to him 14 days ago where I offered him to call me or to meet me in private today to speak more “if he would like to”, and apparently his answer was “no, I do not like to speak to you” (“and I do not even want to tell you”!)  and yes, Niclas, the voice of the Devil is misleading you, but it truly feels as “love” doesn’t it (?) and this is what has lulled you into sleep the same way as Adiba (see below) and “many other people of light” all over the world, who “simply cannot believe” that the spiritual voice of “love” often has been the voice of the Devil in disguise!

I decided to say nothing today and the reason being that people would not have believed in the truth if I told them.

Another symbol given was that many “felt” the wish to get a new meeting place in Copenhagen instead, and Jimmy asked them correctly to take “good energy of the place as here” into account, and we know people would like to leave “the energy of me”, which is about the feeling today, and I wonder if this also will be your “feeling” in the future soon to come, if you would like to leave this place with the energy of Chalotte, many people and myself included?

Today most people left early – there was NOT the same “good feeling” as the last time when we COMMUNICATED (!) – and I left myself maybe at 14.30.

This was some of the WORST darkness I had to go through of all of my journey and the darkness needed to bring energy to convert the most inner and dense of all darkness, and the “energy” to do this was to come by people of the light not understanding the nature of darkness deceiving them and yes, this is truly what is the “funny” part here – and my dear readers, please understand that when I write “funny”, it is because the spirits of my mother and father – God and the Holy Spirit – are in good moods because of the perfect New World being very close to opening and also because you have HELPED to convert the last part of darkness into light and not via good behaviour and understanding but the opposite, and it took “people like you” to generate this much darkness, do you see J.

Adibe believes I am condemning people without understanding that I show the world the darkness to convert it to light 🙂

And it took the meditation circle to bring this darkness, and they did not do it alone, because the misunderstandings and stubbornness of Adiba “helped” very much too – thank you for the “lovely sufferings”, Adiba and “completely unnecessary” of course as with most people appearing in my scripts suffering because of their misunderstandings and not because of me writing the truth, and I had expected Adiba to take the “easy choice” NOT to see me as agreed today at a café and NOT to come to the meditation circle, so instead of helping yourself, you are now prolonging your pain and yes, this is what my mother, sister, father and SO MANY OTHERS also did when they simply could not do the RIGHT thing, which was as easy as to follow my recommendations and yes to READ and UNDERSTAND my message of love and our PERFECT New World coming, and yes I write the truth directly and objectively and without wanting to “hang out” people but simply to show the world as it is and this is what I can do because of the one I am, and this is why I have decided to bring Adiba’s “personal comments” to me, which she sent to me yesterday and my answer too and yes because I know that her wish to remain her privacy is the darkness working inside of her, and I know that the LIGHT of her does not mind to help my mission to show the darkness in my scripts in order to remove it (!) – but let me say is “eager” to soon show all of the light of our New World and thank you here to the spirit of my mother and did you get the meaning of this (?) J – and this is how it is, and yes I cannot recommend anyone to do what I do here, but this is the reason why, I have decided to bring it, and of course because this “emotional shock” also will help Adiba to wake up as the true light being she is, and of course this is “almost impossible” for anyone to understand today, but it will be easy for both Adiba and everyone else in the future, and yes this is following exactly the same “recipe” as publishing my first scripts, which the darkness of Elijah tried to stop me from doing because of my TRUE stories of him, but it was right of me to do to teach the world and to prepare him to be woken up.

Here is first her “personal comments” to me of yesterday:

Kære Stig

Jeg vedhæfter mine personlige kommentarer til din mail. Jeg ønsker dig alt det bedste i fremtiden. Jeg er sikker på, du vil nå de, der har kongruens til den energi, der er af dig, og give dem den hjælp, de har brug for i be-

stræbelserne på at udvikle sig som mennesker.

Med kærlighed

Kære Stig

Jeg fornægter ikke din sandhed, dog den nødvendigvis ikke er min. Vi har en ”God given right” til at skabe os selv i det billede vi ønsker, hvad enten det er ubevidst eller bevidst. Jeg må nødvendigvis leve den sandhed der er min, og ligeledes må du. Jeg definerer min sandhed ud fra den virkelighed, jeg bekender mig til, og da jeg er den, der går i mine sko, må jeg nødvendigvis også være den, der bedst kender den sandhed, der er min. Den er ikke for dig at definere.

Min ”åbning” kom, da jeg fyldte 40, og jeg har kanaliseret lige siden. Jeg er om nogen bevidst omkring, at det jeg modtager skal igennem sindet, hvorfor jeg er yderst kritisk omkring det, jeg skriver. Min personlighed kan være ”farvet” af ubevidste (skjulte) ønsker, dog jeg ikke ser eventuelle ”fejlagtige” informationer som mørkets indblanding, dog udelukkende at jeg endnu ikke er tilstrækkelig neutral som kanal. Jeg vurderer selv, hvad jeg finder er sandt eller falskt. Det er min opgave, og min alene.

Jeg ser mørket som det i mig, jeg endnu ikke har accept på. Min dybeste frygt o.s.v. Mørket er for mig ”erfaringsriget”, hvor det mørke broderskab hersker suverænt, og jeg vil ikke være det foruden. Det er igennem erfaringsriget jeg bevidstgøres, og det er ligeledes herigennem jeg vågner til erkendelsen om præcis, hvem og hvad jeg er. Det er derfor ej heller din opgave at ”rense mig for mørke forklædt som lys” – måske er det netop ”dette mørke” jeg har brug for, for at gøre mig de erfaringer, der er for mig at gøre. Hvem er du, at du stiller dig som dommer overfor mig????

Alt er i mig – der er intet udenfor mig. Jeg frygter derfor intet, thi jeg er elsket af alt, der er.

Det er derfor ikke din opgave gennem latterliggørelse eller fornedrelse af andre at bringe dem til vækkelse. Den vækkelse er allerede deres, tilgivelsen er deres, thi der findes ingen synd. Din sandhed er derfor ej heller den endegyldige sandhed – at tro andet er hovmod. Jeg har ikke bedt dig om at være en hjælper for mig, dog du har følt, at dette var din opgave. ”Nøglen til at forstå” den skulle gå gennem dig, ved at læse dine skrifter – det er ikke min sandhed. ”Nøglen til at forstå” er for mig livet selv. At se mig selv i andre og lære gennem det at tage ansvar for alt, der kommer til mig, thi jeg har egenhændigt valgt og skabt det hele.

At sige nej til det, du tilbyder mig er ikke svaghed. Tværtimod. Som Dalai Lama sagde til den kinesiske besættelsesmagt, da de bekendtgjorde, at de kom for at gøre tibetanerne fri: ”You can not liberate me – I can only liberate myself. Det er min sandhed – og jeg afgør, hvorledes vejen til befrielse er for mig. Ingen anden skal afgøre dette.

Uanset hvad der siges i en kanalisering, skrevet af mig/gennem mig, da er det suverænt mit frie valg, der er afgørende for, hvorvidt jeg accepterer det, der foreslås. Og sådan skal det være. De der er igennem, er ikke ”større” end jeg, dog er vi ligeværdige samarbejdspartnere. Det er dog ligeledes min erfaring, at mine åndelige samarbejdspartnere ofte giver mig meddelelser, der kan synes at være endegyldige sandheder, dog som oftest blot er udtryk for en sandhed, der kan ”gradbøjes” – d.v.s. hvor jeg altid har et frit valg til at bruge min skelneevne, og måske ville noget andet. Ansvaret er dog ganske mit.

Hvorvidt de informationer givet dig via min kanalisering er at se som privat eller offentlig er min afgørelse og min alene. Det er ikke for dig at beslutte. Jeg gav dig disse informationer som et fundament for videre samtale – ikke til brug for andre, thi sandhedsværdien i kanaliseringen kan diskuteres.

Jeg har læst så meget af dine skrifter, som det har været muligt, og dette er ej vejen for mig. Jeg oplever en fordømmelse af anderledes tænkende, som jeg har vanskeligt ved at forene med det, du siger, du er. En hel religion fordømmer du, på trods af at selv samme rummer de smukkeste tekster om medfølelse, tilgivelse og kærlighed. En bevidsthed om enhedsprincippet i ordene ”Dræber du et menneske, dræber du hele menneskeheden” kan ikke formuleres mere præcist. At imamer fordrejer teksten for egen vinding ses indenfor alle religioner, kristendommen ingen undtagelse.

Vis menneskene vejen gennem ubetinget kærlighed, medfølelse og visdom og jeg vil gå vejen med dig. Indtil da går jeg vejen alene.

Med kærlighed

And here is the answer I sent her this evening, which wasquickly written down and “much inspired” by the words of the spirits of my mother and father, and some of the decisions of myself deciding to be strong and not weak J.

Kære Adiba,

Tak for din mail og kommentarer.

Jeg er altid glad for kommunikation, men havde været endnu gladere for at se dig i dag til en god snak og kop kaffe på Cafe Chaplin (!) med formålet at forstå hinanden – det er altid mit formål – og sammen at smile i gensidig forståelse på vej til meditationsgruppen, hvor du kunne starte for alvor med at etablere en god kontakt til et nyt netværk, og ikke blot blive væk, fordi du er misforstået negativ på mig.

En stor del af mine manuskripter viser, når mennesker ikke ”evner” at forstå eller at kontrollere sine negative følelser, som skaber ulykke og sorg i stedet for lykke og glæde, og kun ved at vise eksempler fra min hverdag kan jeg få verden til at forstå mit budskab om, at dette er hvad man skal undgå for at skabe lykke og glæde i fremtiden.

Dette er helt enkelt, Adiba, en væsentlig del af indholdet – for misforståelse gør MANGE folk ondt (!) – og når man kun læser mig overfladisk og med en ”negativ synsvinkel”, som langt de fleste i den rige verden gør – i modsætning til i den fattige (!) –  så misforstår man mit kærlighedsbudskab og tror, at jeg er ”negativ”, når jeg fortæller sandheden direkte for at få folk til at forstå. Man evner ganske enkelt ikke at forstå den umådelige kærlighed, som er indeholdt i mine skrifter, og dette fordi man ikke læser omhyggeligt og fordi man beslutter sig på et for spinkelt og forkert grundlag ofte baseret på hvad man ”tror” uden at ”vide”.

Dette er nu også sket for dig, som det er sket for mange andre, og det har ikke med mig at gøre, men med dig selv på samme måde som de fleste i dette samfund, og det har givet dig så mange ”ukontrollerede følelser” i forhold til mig, som i virkeligheden som nævnt har det formål at forberede både din og min endelige opvågning (!), og samtidig har det skabt mørke i forhold til mig, som Gud har omdannet til lys som den allersidste del af færdiggørelsen af vores ”nye verden” uden mørke (!), som ”åbner” ganske snart i forbindelse med, at jeg færdiggør mit arbejde over de kommende uger.

Havde du valgt at følge mine anbefalinger om ikke at konkludere for tidligt, at læse og at være stærk, så havde du ikke stået i denne situation. Så havde du ikke fået negative og forkerte følelser i forhold til mig, så havde du ikke givet dig selv lidelser, og ladet mørket give mig meget direkte lidelser, når det ”torturerer” mig, som er en del af skabelsesprocessen selv. Så havde du nu smilet, og vi ville fortsat have været ”gode venner” uden at miste kontakten uden et sige ord på Facebook (!) som eksempel, og du havde ikke blevet væk fra mødet i dag. Så havde du været stærk, Adiba, men dit valg var forudset, og selvom dette forkerte valg synes at være forkert, så er dette alligevel det rigtige (!) i forhold til den endelige spirituelle opvågning til vores ”nye selv” med uendelig lys og helt uden lidelser :-).

Læs om vores Nye Verden, Normal Life for hele verden (!) og ordentlig opførsel/moral/arbejde m.v. på min hjemmeside, og så vil du begynde at forstå budskabet af mine ca. 3.500 sider: AT VI ALLE FÅR EN LANGT BEDRE NY VERDEN AF LYS – alternativet havde været, at vi alle havde været udslettet nu sammen med tilintetgørelsen af verden (!), hvis jeg ikke havde været stærk nok til at konvertere ”ulidelig mørke” i den rejse, som jeg har gennemgået hele livet, og som særligt de seneste år har været ”ulidelig”, hvor vi konstant har været på den ekstreme grænse af tilintetgørelse. Dette er nogle af de ting, som alt dette handler om, og som du ikke har ”tid” til at læse og forstå, Adiba, fordi dine misforståede, negative følelser misleder i stedet for vejleder dig.

Jeg har valgt at skrive disse ord til dig både POSITIVT og DIREKTE, som er hele mit væsen – som du vil komme til at forstå OGSÅ gælder for min skriftlige kommunikation – for at hjælpe dig med at forstå. Du har naturligvis din frie vilje og ret til at beslutte, hvad du mener er rigtigt for dig, men det gør mig ked af det, når du bliver misledt og ikke evner at se, når du fravælger kommunikation og ikke læser og forstår min hjemmeside, som er vejen for dig, som det er vejen for hele verden. Her står visionen om vores PERFEKTE NY VERDEN, som ”ganske snart” bliver til virkelighed.

Jeg selv modtager konstant spirituelle budskaber, som også er del af denne tekst til dig, fordi min spirituelle far og mor – som andre kalder for Gud og helligånden – overskygger mig 24 timer i døgnet, så det betyder, at de ord, som jeg giver dig kommer direkte fra begge, og det er disse ord, som er de ”rene”, som du indtil nu har valgt at afskrive på grund af dine egne misforståelser. Jeg skriver sandheden DIREKTE for at få folk til at forstå deres fejl og mangler, og dette er ikke at nedgøre eller latterliggøre folk, som alene er din misforståede tolkning, men at HJÆLPE. Man hjælper ikke folk ved at lefle for dem, når de skal opdrages til at opføre sig rigtigt i vores fremtidige, nye verden. Dette er måden, som Gud vækker verden på for at få verden til at forstå, og sandheden finder du selv den dag, hvor du starter med at læse og forstå mig omhyggeligt.

Jeg kan forsikre dig for, at INGEN mennesker – heller ikke jeg – har nogen ”metode”, der kan sikre mod forkerte spirituelle budskaber fra mørket. Min metode har været at vise ”ekstrem styrke” i årevis for ikke at blive overtaget og tilintetgjort af mørket – mørket kommer fra forkert menneskelig adfærd, herunder også fra misforståelser og tavshed  (!) –  som har betydet, at i stedet har jeg (stort set) udryddet mørket som forudsætning for åbningen af vores nye verden af lys. Dette og meget mere kan du læse om på min hjemmeside.

Dette er vejen, Adiba, og jeg GLÆDER mig til at se og høre fra dig, når du kommer ind på denne vej. Alt andet vil være ”tosset” og spild af både din og min tid og unødvendige bekymringer.

Og endelig: Min vej til at udrydde mørket i denne verden går via mine offentlige skrifter, og jeg skriver objektivt om alle de oplevelser, som jeg vælger at inkludere, og dette gælder også vores oplevelser og kommunikation, fordi dette er Gud’s ønske som vigtig information til verden (!) – Gud har ”ytringsfrihed” til at bringe, hvad han/jeg ønsker (!) – fordi det hjælper yderligere med at åbne både dig og mig, og fordi det ikke er lyset men mørket, som ”holder dig tilbage” og ønsker vores kommunikation bevaret som ”personlig og privat”. Tværtimod ønsker lyset i dig at være stærk og gøre de rigtige ting, at kommunikere åbent og direkte, og også at give dig den rigtige følelse, som er, at ”jeg har intet at skjule”, og det er denne følelse, som vil komme til dig, når du møder det ”rigtige” lys og ikke længere bliver misledt.

Du bestemmer helt selv, når du er ”parat” til mig. Det handler ikke om mig, men om din egen forståelse, når du evner at se sandheden og kærligheden i mine skrifter, og ikke som i dag din ”stemmer”, som giver dig en misforstået sandhed om, at jeg fordømmer folk, som jeg bestemt ikke gør. Jeg ELSKER mennesker, som fremgår, når man læser og forstår, og nærmere: Jeg elsker lyset i folk, og jeg kan ikke lide mørket – dette er hvad du kan læse, dette er hvad jeg har separeret via mine skrifter/oplevelser som vejen til at skabe en ny verden af lys uden mørke.

Jeg kender ikke din præcise spirituelle opgave for fremtiden – det er ikke blevet mig fortalt, men ”hvis vi nu havde kommunikeret ordentligt sammen, var det formentlig kommet til mig”, som jeg får fortalt her, men jeg ved, at jeg blev bedt om at sidde ved siden af dig, da jeg kom til IKU (!), at du har en vigtig opgave at gøre sammen med mig og andre, som ganske enkelt er at hjælpe verden med at forstå mit kærlighedsbudskab, som jeg her fortælles, og ja så kom det alligevel. Dette er din opgave, Adiba. Dette er din sande mission for livet, og når du møder den, så kan du ikke genkende den på grund af den ”spirituelle søvn af fløde” samt ”dårlige vaner”, som du er blevet lullet ind i, og som jeg bringer dig ud af via mine handlinger, om du vil det eller ej :-).

Take care – jeg glæder mig til at ses, og forhåbentlig vælger du at være stærk og komme til IKU i hele næste uge, for du har da ikke tænkt dig at blive væk på grund af mig, har du?

De venligste hilsener fra

I decided to keep on working until 19.30 this evening doing the last part of my script and also publishing the four last days of scripts, and we know “not the easiest I have done” but I decided to do it, because I will make all of my work before I finish and really because I am the type, who does not give up!



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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