November 17, 2011: I will take on increasing and unbearable sufferings from the “fire of Hell” until it soon will burn out


Summary of the script today

14th November: The Danish Foreign Minister brings me darkness because of his wrong attitude in relation to me

  • Dreaming of preferring more suffering and work instead of opening our New World becoming free of sufferings, I now receive more energy again after a new “bank” has opened, I am working inside the old world, which is controlled by the darkness and dissolving, my old friend Henning W. also has access to the same toolbox of God as I do and the Danish Foreign Minister is an example of politicians also bringing me darkness and my “old nightmare” because of his wrong attitude in relation to me.
  • At IKU I wrote a couple of “applications” to live up to the “crazy rules” of being “available for the job market”, and also work on my website, and I met with Kim, another consultant, who will help me to get “work practise” at the Danish Parliament, Christiansborg, which was “impossible” to do for Sarah because the darkness made her decide to take the easy decision to “give up” instead of helping me by doing her best as I did when I wrote my reference to her, which made her “extremely happy” and yes instead of also making me happy, she made me very sad!
  • The core at the innermost of darkness is a “treasure chest” of light – a part of the original spirit of my father – where the darkness can never enter. The light inside of this is co-operating with the spirit of my mother on the other side of some darkness to remove this the absolutely last darkness.

15th November: I will take on increasing and unbearable sufferings from the “fire of Hell” until it soon will burn out

  • Dreaming about the coming deriding of me by my mother and sister (“extreme feelings” in relation to my chapters on them in “my sufferings”), my sister will decide to stop seeing me again because of this (!) – and this is making me VERY sad in forehand (!!!), receiving the programme to clean mankind as part of our New World to make everything grow again, my mother will accept my writings on her in “my sufferings” because she will understand that I love her more than anything, I will continue working and “burning” through the flames of Hell until it cannot burn anymore, I am continuing my work even though the New World is finished – but I am not (!), the darkness has included almost invisible codes bringing me sexual sufferings, which will be disinfected when I will throw away all of my old clothes, which is when my old self will be replaced with my new self, all people of the world will go through the same disinfection when becoming part of our New World, the Council is still with me and lack of faith and support of Fuggi is another source of darkness giving me sexual sufferings.
  • At IKU I forwarded my presention to Kim about how I can work as a ”trainee” at the Danish Parliament for him to help me inside there, I did an amendment to my reference on Sarah reflecting that she did not do her best job trying to ”help” me, and I had to work until lunch to finalise my script of today with far ”too much information” given to me during the night.

16th November: I am told that “Normal Life” will come to my LTO friends in Kenya and I within 3-6 months

  • Dreaming of people not believing in me when they don’t read me, will my mother and John be “able” to put together the puzzle soon (?), the importance of teaching children on good behaviour from an early age, I hope that “normal life” will come to LTO and me within 3-6 months, I am driving my tiny car of the old world but it is now again driving fine and I am not yet formally responsible for the New World.
  • At IKU I had “problems” to lock on to my website with my normal password – I was not “allowed” by “darkness” – and I understood that it was because Helsingør Commune have not “received information” about my website, so what will they do about it (?), remove my cash help or believe that I am disabled – or maybe believing in me?. A symbol of many people of this community not believing in God/Jesus and not having it in their heart to take me in, because “faith” is NOT well seen by a LARGE group of people here, and strange really.

17th November: Danish members of Parliament wrongly “stick to their seats” and the old world order

  • Dreaming of my sister who will admit that she was responsible for darkness being send to me because “it was my fault, I was too long to say”, being arrested by the Police, i.e. the Job course “informing” about me to the Commune, who will now start “investigations” on me, Danish members of Parliament wrongly “sticking to their seats” and the old world order (!), I am working inside pure darkness, which would like me to develop new systems, which I will not, I have been sent out in the cold to suffer (by IKU), Fuggi has decided not to share his faith in me with others, which is also an action of darkness and I am leaving the “game” of my school/journey bringing the other side of the spirit of my father with me.
  • I did not have much motivation to go to IKU again today because of the development, but I still have discipline and strength, so I went, and I met people on the surface continuing to be nice to me, but also a symbol of losing a coffee cup saying “lack of warm feelings”. I continued working on my script of today and my final edit of my website all day long – it is going well :-).


14th November: The Danish Foreign Minister brings me darkness because of his wrong attitude in relation to me

Dreaming that the Danish Foreign Minister also brings me darkness because of his wrong attitude in relation to me

Before going to bed yesterday evening, I received extreme darkness – people of the meditation circle thinking negatively/sceptically about me – including the usual negative speech and now also a strong headache and physical and unpleasant pain to the right side of my face, where I simply felt “darkness pressuring” and it was so unpleasant that I was on my edge again – which is very much above my “old edge” years ago because of the pain barriers I have gone through on my journey – and again I had to decide if I wanted to give in or to continue, and in this company, we don’t give up, so I continued, and I could also be afraid of going to bed not knowing what to expect during the night, but I have decided not to be afraid and “that’s really life” here Blue Eyes 🙂 – and some dreams too:

  • Something about being in Spain, print of money and return of rental, travelling home with my mother and sister and moving. I have closed my account with a little bank, and opened a new account with a more “real bank”, which gives more for the money even though I can only transfer money from home and not pay directly into my account with cash. I meet Henning W’s brother, who is very happy.
    • Spain is a “good” country and here I return to continue my work including sufferings – this is what I decide to do – and it seems as if I have received a new bank, i.e. new energy after surpassing the worst problems of the darkness emptying us for energy.
  • And another dream where it is almost impossible to read the notes because the phone uses other words if I key in wrongly during the night, which I did much here because I was truly VERY tired when writing down the notes – but it is something about Henning W. living in a handsome apartment in the harbour, which is controlled by USA, and others doing something illegal, which gives them a fine, but water is free of this. One is reporting about living in this decayed area, Henning’s wife Benedicte shows around and divides the number of halls into five where the windows can open, which may cost 2,000 DKK. Henning has exactly the same shelves in his living room as I. I receive many bottle of old whisky, which has almost become too old. Something about catching the train next morning and Henning W. is unstoppable and others are too old and one will die soon.
    • There was many “errors” in the notes of this dream, but essentially it is about Henning W. – my old best friend – also using the toolbox of God, i.e. the shelves, and the harbour is our “Safe Haven”, which is controlled by the darkness of the USA and is decaying, which is to say that we are working inside the old world, which is dissolving but also that we are safe, and we are bringing out more “old whisky”, which is life or information inside of the darkness, and we will continue doing this journey until we are completely through, and we know the pain is getting bigger working inside of here, but I will NOT give up before we are done with everything!
  • Villy Søvndal – the new Danish Foreign Minister, who can only speak a little English 🙂 – receives many gifts, and when he opens the package of one, it reveals two bottles of wine and I say “I wonder what is inside it”, and when he does this, two pretty good looking ladies look at me, and also move over to sit next to me in the class, which I am part of.
    • This is to say that Villy is bringing me darkness too including my “old nightmare”, and that is not only the meditation group – but yes still my family and friends too as I was told too.

Sarah made me sad not doing her best to “help” me, but now Kim will try to get me “work practise” at the Danish Parliament

I started this week being exhausted and even though I like the people from the meditation circle much, which I really do, it would be a shame to say that they bring me positive energy, but life has to go on and at 07.45 I continued working and instead of starting with my script this morning, I decided to start continuing the work setting up “my sufferings” on my website, which was a bigger work than expected, which I would like to finish as quickly and as good as possible, therefore.

At 08.30 I drove on my bicycle again towards IKU thinking that going there is really disturbing my work and this morning also with “the headache” about what Adiba would decide to do, if she would be strong and come or if she would be weak and stay away, and guess what happened (?) and yes she decided to be weak and stay away because of her misunderstood negativity about me (!) and isn’t life wonderful, Adiba, that you are simply not capable to take the right decisions to face life and face me, but run away like a scared rabbit, and yes she gives me much darkness because of a wrong attitude I would never show myself, which is truly not making me very happy but then again, this is my road so this is the road I follow.

At IKU I could not find more jobs, which I “had” to apply, but still I have decided to send two applications per week, and I owe one – not good (!) – so I will send three this week, and today I was “inspired” to send my application to RvH, which is one of the absolutely best – if not the best – baker in Copenhagen, and we know simply a symbol of having made the absolutely best cake – our New World – which is and you can see the application here. I also did a new “application” to become a partner with a “professional headhunter”, and they may look twice at this “application” and we know “før eller siden” (“sooner or later”) :-),

I continued working on setting up “my sufferings” on my website for a couple of hours making me happy to almost finish this work.

At the end of the day, another IKU consultant asked to see me, which came as a surprise to me because I believed that Sarah was “helping” me – also to get “work practise” – but he told me that it was his job to get me this work practise, and I told him my story and was really not very keen on helping this process much but wanted to “play the game”, but half way through I decided to cut through and say “forget everything else we have spoken about, I want to start at Christiansborg”, which he accepted and we agreed that I will provide a list to him tomorrow morning with name and telephone numbers of people to speak to – political secretariats is what I think – which I will do and we know “more stress” and that is normally than what I/people can handle but no giving up here NO MATTER WHAT and yes because the voice of the spirit of my mother tells me that she will help me through no matter what and yes but this will NOT make me start accepting the extreme negative voice of the last part of the Devil to come through and that is NEVER (!) and believe me, it takes “absolutely nothing” to “roll over” from the positive to the negative side “just accepting the move of the voice” and I am feeling this strongly now, because this is the information you are receiving when it happened originally a “VERY long time” ago, which is meaning that we are right now at “the birth of darkness of the world” and still living, dismantling it, receiving information and NO EXPLOSIONS are allowed and so it is.

This surprising development to me was also a confirmation of the darkness of Sarah, who really did NOT do her best really trying to help me – as I did my best to help her writing the objectively true reference using much time doing this (!) – and she would really “rather not” do this, because it was “not pleasant” for her to do and instead of following my advise to prepare a script, to take a follow up meeting with me to receive more input and to show her TRUE outgoing self when telephoning, it really just ran out in the sand, didn’t it Sarah (?) and you are now another example of a person, who should have helped me where it was turned around and I helped you instead (!) and so much that it made you “extremely happy”, but still you “could” not do your best to help me, which truly made me sad, and this is essentially what I wrote in my reference to her that she should be “careful” about – not to work without the quality she would like to work with – and if she continues to be truly not careful, she will become used to working way below her potential too, and then she will not become the star which she can with the reason being that the culture wrongly drags her down when focusing on quantity instead of quality AND efficiency as it happens with “almost all people”!

When I came home, I continued working to set up “my sufferings” and to improve the setup of “Signs and Miracles” to my website, which is what I thought was the most important to do now, and we know continuing the website edit tomorrow and who knows, maybe for 1-2 weeks (?) and we will see.

I continued working to approx. 19.00 and I also did one extra hour of work in the evening – despite of having absolutely NO energy to do this – which was to prepare my presentation to Kim at IKU tomorrow morning as promised about what I can do at the Danish Parliament, why they should take me and who to contact and that is the managers of the secretariats of all 8 parties at the Parliament, and I wonder if one of these 8 does not have the “key” to accept me, and we will see – and let me say that I did NOT like to write what I wrote thinking of this is how the old work is working, but if I am to have a chance to enter, this is how to do it – and we know, this was “quickly” done, but it will have to be “good enough” as most of the work I do on my journey really often being tired and stressed “above my limit”.

The core at the innermost of darkness is a “treasure chest” of light co-operating with the spirit of my mother to remove darkness

While I was working, I was asked if I would like to know if there was a risk of not only being terminated in this Universe with a new Big Bang to occur but simply to vanish totally and NEVER to come back, and this has really been one of my great fears throughout much of 2010 especially, and I was told that the risk would have been that we would have “coughed” much – like an ashtray – but we would never have been terminated for good, and this is information kept at the innermost darkness and also that the darkness knew of this, but still carried on, and I was shown a treasure chest with gold at the bottom of the sea (light surrounded by darkness) and told “there is nothing he can do to enter it, we have secured ourselves”.

I was also told that there is an inner belief at the inner core of darkness for it to return to light because this is where the darkness cannot enter and this is where we are now coming.

Later in the evening I was both feeling and seeing dense darkness, and I felt the risk of dying if I accepted to receive this darkness, and again I thought “this is the game of darkness” and “there are no changes to my rules, so bring it on”, and later I was told that this is about removing the last part of darkness, which is giving me negative voices and sexual torments/temptations and inside of this is the treasure chest – a part of the original spirit of my father, and I felt him and the spirit of my mother working on both sides of some darkness and I was told “co-operation is made on the other side” and I was given reassurance that there is no risk, and I felt the process of wires of the darkness being removed.

I understand these days that this work is also to reduce the pain of the resurrected parts of the spirit of my father, and I received EXTREME pain all evening and we know including a “physical pressure” put on me from the air surrounding me, a head ache and the usual strong pressure of a negative voice, which I have to reject and not to take me over and also sexual torments/temptations and not easy to say the least at this strength, and it gives me the feeling that I might give up at any day now, but I do my best biting my teeth together continuing to say “I will NEVER give up” and also that “I will finish my work until I am satisfied and NO ONE is going to pressure me to do anything less, and it will take the time, it will take” and so it is here, and we will see who will be the strongest.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I am given a déjà vue these days that more and more people are believing in me but no one has the “courage” to tell me simply by communicating the truth and we know “wimps” is what this is called and really because there is NOTHING to be afraid of by telling me and supporting me.
  • I was told that inside the darkness now is information about how to secure the survival of species and also that this information has not been used since World War II, where the darkness used it in his attempt to destroy the world. This is also the information, which the darkness would have used to terminate the life of people not believing in God with the logics being that people believing in “nothing” simply will become “nothing”, but oh no, we will save everything, which is really the general idea of my work.
  • I was told that it has always been a fight to save the world from breaking down because of the darkness, and that the killing of Jesus 2,000 years ago put us much behind.


15th November: I will take on increasing and unbearable sufferings from the “fire of Hell” until it soon will burn out

Dreaming that I will take on increasing and unbearable sufferings from the “fire of Hell” until it will burn out

I did not have the best night making me tired with “too much information” again – a truly great song by the way, my favourite genre 🙂 – and not what I truly had hoped for and is motivated to do because I have my website to finish (!) but here we go:

  • Sanna, Hans and my mother ask me questions, derides me and declares me in need of a guardian, and I take a pound of butter and tear it apart and melt it to symbolise what they are doing.
    • This may be the coming reactions of my “dearly beloved family”, who once again will not be able to control their negative feelings for me writing the truth about them even more visibly than before, but hopefully they will focus on my love to them and start to understand the TRUE sufferings, they have brought me.
    • When I woke up, I received “kill” and “sleep” commands all over me understanding that this is the constant code of the Devil influencing the world negatively.
  • A lady called Kristine, 38 years old and “red” of darkness is run down by a car and dragged on its right side towards Rundetårn (“the Round Tower”) in Copenhagen, and she hits the tower, dies by the impact and remains hanging there.
    • My sister works right opposite the Round Tower in Copenhagen, and she is the lady of darkness who will “die” and here meaning that she will decide once again not to see me because of my publish of “my sufferings” and the chapters on her and the family, and yes this is what we will have to go through, and how “nice” do you think it is for me to write this about their misunderstandings, errors and extreme sufferings they have given me and yes difficult it is for them and I take on the sum of their sufferings.
    • I am already SAD to think about losing contact with my sister and maybe also my mother and John once again (?) and I do hope that my mother this time will decide to be strong and to keep seeing me.
  • Something about being prisoners, and I receive a “wheel of plastic”, which fits with the washing machine, and it includes washing instructions for the machine to wash, and I am told that we can sit and follow it to learn it, and that this is about movies with Tom Hanks.
    • This is a new programme to “clean” mankind, which apparently will be written as it washes, and this is a “game” too or here a “play” – and that is of the VERY good kind because this is about fantastic movies symbolising our New World – and I understood that Tom Hanks has been given a divine gift also including messages to mankind (?), and we know I am first thinking of the BRILLIANT movie Cast Away here with Tom alone on the island and also Forrest Gump and The Terminal, which are all outstanding movies, and there are still many of your movies, I have not seen yet, Tom.
  • When I woke up I was given the song “Kloden drejer” (“The planet is spinning”) and the lyrics “everything grows again”, which it will when everyone will become cleaned.
    • My mother buys a concert DVD by SAGA including her favourite songs, and something about three songs, where I don’t appear, and it surprises me much that she likes this up tempo rock music and she offers to burn a copy for me. I have a player and a separate burner, because the burner of the player is broken. I receive one of U2’s classic songs as a single, and when I open it and lift it up in the air, I see that it includes a small plastic dagger, and the single opens in such a way that it plays like a live show and it includes flames of fire, and I wonder if this is real fire, and it keeps burning until the end when it simply burns out, and I say that “now it is possible to understand the fascination of people in U2”. I am now at a SAGA concert together with three members of SAGA themselves – they are spectators watching themselves (!) – and we arrive at a kiosk, where plastic containers stand on top of a cupboard including pens of many bands, and they want to steal their own pen, however they cannot find it, but I can and I take it; it is 25 DKK and when I want to pay, I see that I don’t have enough money, and the coins which I know I have just paid as part of the payment are now gone, but then I see that they are in the hands of Lars G., who received them, and I find the rest in the long coat I wear. Lars G. is on his way out on town together with a lady, and he notices my fine dressing (suit, tie, coat). I am playing from several albums of SAGA, however I don’t have all and I look forward to hearing all of them. They now have 30 years anniversary and I see that the first song they play at their concert, is their hit from 1994 (“You were never alone”), and I want to hear if I can play it through a separate DVD.
    • SAGA is favourite music to me, and here it is both about my WARMEST FEELINGS and to give a LOUD MESSAGE and to my surprise, my mother likes it – except from three songs, which may be about the Trinity – and according to this, my mother will accept my writings because she will truly understand that I love her higher than anyone in the world, which my writings of the truth will NEVER change.
    • And BURNING favourite music and music, which is burning, will have to be about going through this final fire of Hell until it simply burns out as the U2 single shows, and we know I am burning very much now, and how will it feel like when extreme feelings of my family will enter me once again and this time maybe the strongest of all (?) and yes I know this is the right road, but I am NOT looking forward to it.
    • SAGA wants to steal their own music and here it is from the light bringing music, which is about the agenda of darkness, but they don’t know how, and instead I bring the music of “warm feelings” with me and the spirit of my father helps bringing me the last energy required, i.e. money of Lars G. symbolising him, to go through this road – and the separate player and recorder may be to say that I bring my love to the world, but I cannot get “love” from the world so I am getting this from “another Source”?
    • I woke up to my favourite song by SAGA “What do I know” and the lyrics “What did you change for, No one could give you more”, “I can’t stop thinking about you” and also “You were once my vice, Now you’re just like ice” and much about “no one could give you more” and what is this about (?), is this the darkness complaining that I have decided to be light and only light or …?
    • I love the music of SAGA, but I “forgot” about them in the end of the 1980’s and that is at least to follow their new albums – not their old – and it is first within recent years that I have started listening to some of their many “new” albums and there are still more than a handful I “need” to get to learn and we know do I hear the library calling (?) and yes “London Calling” – a TRUE 100 point song, one of the best of all time 🙂 – because this is the final Clash isn’t it (?) and I see and hear someone here asking and a very small child now mostly light looking up hoping to see an ice cream (symbol of darkness) and also wanting to bring me “nice ladies”, and I did receive two “not that very good looking” ladies sitting in my sofa in this dream too as “temptations”, which is to say that the sexual sufferings of the darkness is reducing.
  • I am driving around in a taxi every day on the bottom of a layer cake, which is turned upside down.
    • The cake is ready, but I am NOT finished with my work yet, and I will NEVER agree to finalise work before I am truly done, so patience please my ladies and gentlemen and I was told by the spirit of my father that he will not come alive too before I decide to “switch us on” and for days I have been told that the whole Universe is waiting, and we know Stig, I know and feel the old déjà vue about this, which is that “I am finished when I am finished” and that is not yet, but “soon” :-).
  • I am driving in my Ford Mondeo on Kongens Nytorv (“the King’s New Square”) – led by sexual temptations (!) – and I try to drive the car sitting at the right side, but I quickly decide to change to the left side, where they wheel etc. are placed, but I am stopped by a man in another car – now at the beginning of Gothersgade – and he tells me that he noticed “by chance” that coli bacteria are included almost invisible in my clothes, and I will now be put in quarantine, he takes me to the laboratory and tells me to destruct all of my old clothes before I can return to work, and I understand it but it annoys me because I still have work to do at Fair Insurance for maybe one more week, and I cannot afford to buy new clothes, and then I am told that I may keep some clothes in the sun, which will keep the bacteria from spreading. At the laboratory I receive one delicious cake after the other to eat, and I keep asking questions about what I am to do about the bacteria as no one else does, which annoys the lady working there and makes her upset also when I ask to receive written advice, which they don’t have, and the reason is really that I am working professionally to be sure that I understand. The car of the manager of the lab – the man who stopped me – is an Alfa Romeo, and I see that it is full of measuring equipment. And I hear that all people are to be disinfected when they will be sent to a workshop by plane, and their dogs are to be sent over the border to Sweden.
    • The car is “me” and the sexual temptations are given to me because of the almost invisible code of the darkness as part of me, which the clothes here says, and yes for the first time, I now understand that “clothes” is simply “me as a living being” more or less the same as the car – and the better car and finer clothes, the better the being is and the more confident he is – and here the coli bacteria is to say that this is creating my diarrhoea, which is the symbol of my “old nightmare” and destruction given to me as a physical being, and this is what will be removed when my old self simply will be “destructed” and that is to be replaced by my “new self” and this is the same, which will happen for all people of the world, when they will be replaced with their new selves of the New World and yes the souls of the old world have already ceased to exist months ago with the exception of the spirits of my mother and father now being “everyone” until everyone will show a clean heart and enter our New World to be reconnected with their new soul, and yes these new souls are cleaned from darkness and that includes “coli bacteria” too 🙂 – and I wonder what will happen to all people of the world when I will become my new self, if people automatically will feel only goodness and yes without darkness but still with “old wrong habits” and this is what we will see not that long from now. And yes, I will NOT “destruct my clothes” before I will have finished my work and so it is here.
    • I woke up to “Funny, funny” by Sweet and the lyrics “and its so funny funny what you do honey honey what you do, what you mean to me” and I was told that I am not disturbed by students in the laboratory.
  • I was shown a lady, who is made by a totem pole, which she however is hiding behind her dress.
    • This is about “original people” and a symbol of the Council, so I wonder who this may be of the female members of this.
  • I am visiting Fuggi’s parents with Fuggi, and at 22.00 he puts on his roller skates because he has decided to leave, and I tell him that it is strange that he does not ask when I am leaving and ask him if he does not want to push me, and when he answers, he uses loan words, which he has learned from his education and he tells me “read also this”, which has nothing to do with it, and it makes me go peeing at a toilet on Kongens Nytorv.
    • Fuggi is one of my “loyal” readers, but still you are not quite with me, Fuggi (?) and that is not to “support” me by pushing me forward and instead of believing me, you believe in “other teachings”, which are wrong and this lack of faith is what is feeding the darkness also making me go to the toilet, which is about the coli bacteria, i.e. to bring me strong sexual sufferings “killing” me, but if you knew about the consequences of your actions, you would of course have done differently, wouldn’t you?
  • I enter a large parking place and see that only 1-2 cars remain on places, which are reserved for disinfection.

Providing Kim at IKU with information for him to ”help” me inside the Danish Parliament of Christiansborg

I started writing the final part of the script of yesterday at 07.50 and I continued writing the script of today at IKU, and yes far ”too much information” but this is how it is here and at lunch I had completed this work – and before this I had emailed my presentation to Kim to what I can work with at Christiansborg, which you can see here, if you are interested – please remember that these are only ”internal notes” really and far from ”my best work” – and I also decided to update my reference to Sarah today – on basis of events yesterday – including this new last chapter and I had to shorten the rest of the reference a little because of character limitations:

I wrote an email to her updating her on what I did and why I did it, which is to say that it is important to remember communication, which she did not when she did not give me feedback on her ”efforts” to help me and that she had ”given up” handing the task over to Kim.

Hej Sarah,

Til din orientering har jeg opdateret min reference om dig. Det er vigtigt, at man kommunikerer, og altid gør sit allerbedste arbejde for at glæde andre, og også for at hjælpe med at udvikle sig selv igennem hele livet til at opnå sit fulde potentiale, som er dét, opdateringen reflekterer. Jeg håber, du forstår positivt/objektivt, at dette er ment som en hjælp til dig – jeg ønsker kun at skrive sandheden.

And here is the reference update:

Update efter 1 uge: Jeg gjorde mit bedste for at hjælpe Sarah og hendes jobsituation ved at skrive denne objektive reference, men Sarah havde desværre ikke tid/vilje/motivation til at gøre sit absolut bedste, da hun skulle hjælpe mig med en praktikplads. Hun røg i ”fælden” uden at vise sit sande potentiale, og dét var nøjagtigt dette, jeg bad hende passe på med.

And isn’t it funny that Sarah is now starting to deliberately avoid looking at me, which may also bet hat she today decided to briefly look at ”my sufferings”, Jesus in Nairobi and the Doomsday Scenario at my website, and yes not very easy to have ”someone like me” attending your class, Sarah, helping you without you helping me?

I also did some more work to “my sufferings”.

And Adiba decided once again NOT to come today, and yesterday I was given a symbol saying that she has given a “poor explanation” to why she does not come, and do you believe this is light or darkness working like this, Adiba (?) and why did you decide to be weak instead of strong (?), because of “poor habits”?

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I had coffee with my mother this afternoon, who was also kind to give me a new pair of cheap but good gloves, trousers (now I have two I can fit!) and she had made dinner for two days for me to bring home, and yes there is “almost” nothing my mother would not do to help me, and what more can you ask for (?) – maybe full understanding and support? – And I am wondering if I will have to wear my old and worn out clothes at Christiansborg, if I make it in there (t-shirts with some of them having small holes and/or spots) and I cannot fit all of my shirts too except from 2 or 3) and maybe they will understand that I cannot afford buying new clothes? I was told that to continue “playing the game” towards my mother not understanding the nature of my TRUE unbearable sufferings, which I still have every single second, is of importance to continue and to end this journey of mine.
  • Someone from IKU – Sarah or maybe Kim clicking a link on my CV (?) – read MANY of my web pages this afternoon with the focus on “my sufferings”, and after this, I had less sufferings than the EXTREME sufferings I have had for days, which was the climax of what was build up over some time and really some of the worst I have ever had.
  • Sunday I told Jimmy that he was at the core of the Source, which made him VERY interested to speak to hear more, and I told him that I would write an email, which I did the same day encouraging him to read my script, but I cannot see that he did and apparently he did not have the “time” to do this or to answer me, but he had much time to send out “love messages” via Facebook, and what about your true “love” and understanding to me, Jimmy?
  • I was given the feeling and shown my self being “only gold” just beneath the surface of my skin, so it looks alright really :-).
  • Did you notice the “sensational story” on the cover of Helsingør Dagblad – the local newspaper – today about the Danish national team in football (they have training camp here in Helsingør before national play-offs) and when seeing the “sensational headline”, one would think that “something serious” like a fight or something has been going on involving national players, but no, it was nothing else than a “duck” as we say here, and it was planted as I was told for this newspaper to say that it does exactly the same as “all others”, which is to focus on sensations and not to do their job properly, and if you had just followed my recommendation to read and understand, you could have written “the greatest story ever in history”, but you “could” not believe in me – and that is when you are not “used” to do your best research work to produce a story.
  • Today the MF Søren Pind and several of his followers were “outraged” by the Socialist People’s Party seeking a trainee and not paying salary for the trainee as you can see examples of below, and I wonder if this is planted to say that this is exactly what the Parliament will decide to do about me, to accept me giving my best work without having to pay salaries, which of course is “very convenient” for them, but probably you will agree that it is not “very right” to do (?) and that is if you use your “simple logic”, which however may have been set off course because of the culture also at the Parliament, and do you see and YES YES YES as the Devil here says with temper, and behind this is the true and nice “part of myself” speaking gentle and yes through the “filter of the darkness”, which is the same “filter” as in the heads of people twisting around the truth to make up their own truth and YES WE DO SEE ALL OF US NOW :-).


16th November: I am told that “Normal Life” will come to my LTO friends in Kenya and I within 3-6 months

Dreaming that “normal life” (hopefully) will come to LTO and me within 3-6 months

I did not have “normal sleep” – I don’t in general – but I had a much better night than for some days and here are some dreams too and less tonight because the darkness has decreased:

  • I am together with my old class from Espergærde, and everyone is asked about their sexual conviction – to write it down on notes – and Tine says that she is for both women and men. Jais asks me about what kind of nonsense me being Jesus, and I ask him in he will be able to understand a movie of 3-4 hours if he has only watched 45 seconds. On my nose I have a bubble including liquid and I am annoyed for not seeing it myself or anyone telling me, and someone says “we will have a great camping”.
    • Tine is an old symbol of my “old nightmare” and otherwise it is simply saying that people don’t believe in me when they don’t read, but still they have a pretty clear conviction about me as Jais here.
  • Morten J. and Henning W. are together at the office, I will meet my mother and John at the airport, and on my way, Søren H. and another one asks if they can get a ride, which I accept. And something about running below very small bridges together with many, where we have to bend down.
    • Nothing much to go on, but meeting mother and John in the airport may be when they will be “able” to lay the final puzzle about me for example when seeing “my sufferings”.
  • Something about being with Elijah and his son, and his son is RUDE towards me, and I tell the son clearly how rude he is and his father will teach him if he does not stop, and I tell Elijah that I suppose that he will agree with me.
    • When I was in Kenya, Elijah’s son often showed a poor behaviour, which his parents were not able to change. His daughter was always polite, which may be about “culture” with friends/at school and also about what the parents decide to do or not – and really the importance to teach children from an early age about good behaviour and to show discipline if needed to address wrong behaviour issues.
  • I am together with three of my LTO friends locked up inside a camp, and they are surviving on my money. I have asked them to prepare a budget, which to my surprise includes expenses for Hansi Hinterseer for their wives to buy dance lessons from, which I understand is necessary to include. I tell them that I want to get our of this prison within 3 or at least 6 months.
    • Money is normally “energy”, and this dream may say that the scripts I send to my LTO friends bring them faith in me and in a better future at the same time as it also is to say that normal life in terms of income will come within 3 to 6 months (?), which is what I hope for. After moving to Helsingør, I have used more money than I did in Lyngby-Taarbæk both because I was ”stressed” with many things on my mind – trying not to be stressed – and because I need to shop more because I don’t have a large freezer, which makes me use more money as anticipated and I have to be careful not to use too much so I will not be able to make them come through too. And there are something about those Germans, and Hansi is one of the stars on the German music heaven.
  • I am driving the smallest Japanese car on the motorway, but I find the 5th gear, and I drive quicker than the others but I have to slow down a little because of traffic slowing me down.
    • This is to say that I have come over some of my worst days ever, which is what the “loving people at the meditation circle” including Adiba brought me, and it is like being in a tiny room where the walls keep on pressuring you giving you the feeling that you may break down not being able to keep the pressure from you, and to a point where you only need less than half maybe to keep the walls away from crushing you – this is exactly the feeling and the walls here are the pressure of the voice of the Devil constantly keeping on and on and on at its highest level and where I fight to keep my thoughts and speech from running and if I did not, it would be the “worst”.
    • The tiny car is still my car of the old world I am driving.
  • I am working with insurance but not being the legal representative even though I do all the work, and something about Søren from Dahlberg and a “lawyer package” and also advice from Kim S. on right of inheritance, which sends contributions to LTO.
    • Insurance is our New World and it seems that “I” am not yet the formal responsible person – as I for example was not for Accent, which Søren H. was and who did all the work and knew about it better than you, Søren (?) – and what is the rest about?

Helsingør Commune have received message about my website and visited it – what will they do about it?

This morning, I started working at 07.55, and I was “happy” to feel better – but still far from good (!) – and also to have less writings to do on my script today giving me more time to work on my website, and I was surprised to see that my Internet – and my TV – did not work in the beginning, but after five minutes I was “allowed” to get it to work again and we know DARKNESS PRESSURING ME, which this is another sign of and yes my floor lamp is still not working because of darkness.

Yesterday at IKU an attendant was asking Frank – or “Frankie” as I like to call him and I don’t know, if you use “Grease”, Frankie (?) – who is really the daily leader here, because the leader, Rune is almost always not present in connection with us (he probably has “more important” things to do … ?) – and he was asked the exact amount of necessary applications to seek per week (according to the crazy rules), and he said that in this Commune it was previously four but now “you need to apply every week”, which the attendant figured our was “at least one application per week” and yes isn’t this amazing that Rune at my first day – the leader – gave me WRONG information making me decide to write two applications and we know stealing time from my TRUE work and I am feeling “the Devil’s advocate” here also inside of Rune ….!

This means that I will NOT make any more applications when being here, thus making it possible to concentrate on my own work today.

And there is indeed much darkness, because when trying to lock into my WordPress site today, the site “claimed” that I had keyed in wrong password, which I did not (!) and it may be connected to Sarah or Kim “reading” and reacting to my website and also because this is a house belonging to darkness of the old world, and I have really every single day here had “problems” with my Scribd and Linkedin websites to work, where I am constantly being logged out by “someone messing with my computer”, and yes the work of the Devil and annoying it is.

A little bit later, I understood what this darkness is about because it might even being Rune – the leader – who is now involved and behind my back, he is reporting about me to Helsingør Commune, who now “suddenly” have found my website and what are you talking about behind my back (?), is it Sarah who could not “handle the pressure” of me (?) or is it Kim, who decided to go to Rune and yes you will probably have a “good story” to tell about me and that is to the world too?

Helsingør Commune have now also “decided” to visit my website after listening to a “report from IKU” – what will they do about it, think that I am crazy or indeed the one?

And again, my view may have become used to people reacting negatively on me and I wonder if these people are now thinking that I am really the one I am, also thinking that I started feeling better yesterday AFTER IKU had started surfing on my website, and yes, will they or will they not try their best to get me inside the Parliament, and we will see – but no matter what, the (possible) reactions of people are still making me feel very uncomfortable, and I could have hoped people simply would become happy and positive, but I have almost only seen the opposite reactions making me feel very sad, lonely and truly uncomfortable.

When I switched to another computer, this one had “decided” to lock me in using the same password as above, which is the password I (always) almost use, which has something to do with the best Champagne from the best vintage ever and my dear friends, can you guess it?

During the day, the man sitting was inspired to say out loud “Jesus Kristus!” (“Jesus Christ”), when he was annoyed about something – what an expression to use in this situation (!) – and the man sitting next to him asked “Do you know him” and they laughed and the first man said “I don’t come in his house, and he does not come in mine, and I have thought keeping it this way”, and who was the man speaking through him and yes “only a man of BLUE”, and isn’t it funny how people simply cannot take God/Jesus into their lives” and here it is almost like it is a shame to admit if you are a believer, and do you see just how strongly the darkness is here as it is all over this community?

Despite of some problems given to me by darkness where I thought about going home to work instead – a message that the people here “knowing” about me would like me to leave (?) – I managed to stay and work all day long doing my final edit to my website on my sufferings and Signs & Miracles, and yes my friends it does take time to do things properly and if I was tired and exhausted from the last days and weeks (?) and yes you bet!

When I came home, I continued working until 17.00 also getting the access to my Mediafire library work again after they had made some changes without telling me, which meant that the public access suddenly was gone, and only “by chance” I discovered it, but I was happy with their fast and good customer service through email helping me sort this out when I could not find the solution myself.

I have not received my “home security” from the Commune yet – agree on and keep sevice levels!

I tried calling Helsingør Commune today to hear about my application for “home security” – I have heard nothing yet and wonder if I will receive my new, higher amount the next 1st – but it was impossible to come through, and after “work” today I went personally to the Commune but the nice man there could not see anything in the system and could not get through himself using the telephone and yes I wonder if they have “succeeded” to merge together my application and my rental contract, which they first received later due to their own error, and yes I could get an email-address (!) so after coming home, I sent an email asking for answer and yes HOW MUCH TIME DO YOU THINK IS USED IN THE WORLD OF TODAY FOLLOWING UP ON WORK WHICH IS DELAYED (?) and yes MUCH (!) and the solution is to provide SERVICE LEVELS and ALWAYS TO KEEP THEM (!) and action plans with deadlines too.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • This evening I was shown a UFO on the sky giving me these fast and irregular blinking lights, and in periods it completely switched off its light for 10 or 20 seconds before blinking irregularly again, so only I almost knew it was there because I was told that this was the light of the spirit of my father and ”I know exactly which radar screens I am on all of the time, and here they do nothing”, so Hello my old friends at the Danish military, you have accepted the UFO’s and don’t try to shoot them down (?) but you don’t want to tell the public about them (?) and why is that really (?) and eeehhhh BIG BROTHER is watching us, and yes the “ugly Americans” and yes yes yes but soon no more!
  • For days and maybe weeks I have been given the characteristic voice of famous people through a few seconds of speech of others – with the feeling of a smiling spirit of my mother changing their voices slightly and giving me feelings to hear and understand it – and today it was Simon Spies – the TRAVEL KING (!) – Monrad, who could not “open it”, but we did it anyway, the Source that is, and Preben Kristensen, the Linie 3 comedian speaking about EGGGGYPT.
  • Let me say that the Internet Browser Firefox TRULY is the best browser – also when uploading my scripts making it easier/possible to put spaces between bulletpoints etc. – so I am returning to this browser, and now making it lighter because all of these add on programs make it very slow, and there has to be a better way in the future not to let this happen?
  • I was told that the spirit of my father has extended the darkness through a “new solution” because I had not finished my work also meaning that there is still life and information left in the old world to get with us, and because all of the energy of the old world was used up by darkness. I felt very strongly above my head the colour blue and was told that “we still have to come down over you”.
  • Listen to DAD interviewed this evening on Danish TV2 and hear them speak inspired of an Alien and howl like a dog – their dark sides – and their sudden interest in FOOD, which is about “normal life” coming to make “everything glows” really – amazing songs of this band, also their ballads.
  • All evening I received MANY new ideas of what I could include in my sufferings memo, but NO it is finished now, and the rest you will have to find in my scripts, and there are even sufferings, which I never came around to write down, but let me say that 99% is there!
  • I still receive pain to my angles, either the sudden high frequent pain, which really hurts – also mentally knowing that they are about destruction – and “constant” pain for minutes or hours at a time like a rope being wrapped around my angles, which gives me “some constant anxiety”.
  • I was told by the part of the spirit of my father inside of the darkness that he has felt for some time the darkness around him becoming weaker making him think “will they now come and get me” and yes this is exactly what we did and also that “there is only one man who can enter through the darkness” and that is me and I was told because the work I continue doing – feeling as I do with much resistance of darkness trying to block me – can only be done by me because of my expanded pain barriers and will power. :-).
  • The MP Søren Pind decided to post this on Facebook today and you may understand that he was inspired to use these words from the movie “Die hard” to say that I went through much darkness risking to go through my “old nightmare” – and destruction of parts of the world – to end my journey and that is ALSO because of you and your colleagues at the Parliament, Søren, not welcoming or communicating with me at all, but pretending that I am not there and continuing your old life and poor habits.


17th November: Danish members of Parliament wrongly “stick to their seats” and the old world order

Dreaming about Danish members of Parliament wrongly “sticking to their seats” and the old world order

I had another night, which was really not good when I had “problems” sleeping receiving information to write down and I was “this close” not to be “able” to stand up and get to IKU today and that was because of tiredness, but I decided to stand up even though I would have loved to continue “sleeping” – and here is the information of the night:

  • First I woke up to Rasmus Seebach’s song “lidt i fem” and the lyrics “det var min fejl, jeg var lidt for længe om at sige” “(“it was my fault, I was too long to say”) and judging on the lyrics of the song, it could be about my “old nightmare” but I do believe this is about my sister – relating this artist to her now – who will say these exact words because this is what she did not in relation to me.
  • On the finest street of London, I see one Ferrari bicycle after the other – a long line – which at the same time are formula 1 cars.
    • In the dream I had two feelings, one of disbelief and of belief in this, and I decide for the belief of light and saying that this is the energy of our perfect New World.
  • I see all famous Danish politicians being at a party with the Socialist People’s Party, and everyone is smeared into wallpaper glue´, and they are now leaving on foot towards the Town Hall Square, and I have to walk my uttermost to be able to keep up their pace, and I feel that they will become my friends. The Town Hall Square is full of people demonstrating and Union leaders speaking, and my old friend Allan buys me a beer and schnaps. I am arrested for fighting, I believe, and I am revealed by the signals of my mobile phone, which was not switched off. I am about to get interrogated by the Police and I see a piece of paper with a report to the Royal Castle about people having received honours – I have received the knight cross – who have violated the law, and I see that my name appears twice on the list, and when I tell this, I am told that this was a mistake because my name only had to be once on the list, and I receive the feeling that “this list is a good story for the media”. When interrogated, the Police plays a football anthem, which they seriously claim is a call in for troubles, and I tell them “you have to be joking with me”, and somehow this is also connected to a Danish team, who wants to overtake the football club Leeds United, which moved down to the second division, but now are in the lead of the table, together with Dundee United, with a goal score of 11 to 1.
    • When I woke up, I heard Rasmus Seebach again and the same lyrics as before – “it was my fault, I was too long to say” – and half awake I was told “this is about the job course, who will collect white bread, you will have to hope for a good week to come” and also “this corresponds to smoking Manitou cigarettes without any harmful additives” (this is about receiving “original people” without becoming harmed) and I was told “they have knowledge to love but don’t use it” and I heard the amazing Danish MEGA hit “kald det kærlighed” by Lars Lilholt Band (which Danske Bank by the way was inspired to use as a theme song at one Sport Rally I attended), and this is partly about being “revealed” by IKU gossiping about me to the Commune, and apparently they don’t have the details right, i.e. the report to the Royal Castle, and the Danish team wanting to overtake the old symbol of darkness, Leeds United, will have to be the Commune, and this may simply reflect the fight between darkness and light on the other side – the inner side of me – with darkness revealing the light, hence the mobile phone, and now the Commune will probably need to “investigate” more about me and think about what you want to do with me, and I wonder what you will reach and also what this will mean in relation to IKU’s efforts to get me inside of Christiansborg (?) and we will see.
    • The glue of politicians will have to be about all politicians wanting to stick to their seats without wanting to change to our New World Order, and all of the people of the Sqaure demonstrate FOR the old order (!), and yes my old friend Allan brings me darkness too through the beer and suffering through the moisture of the schnaps glass (inspired by a demonstration on TV the other day) and I was told that “it is the whole New World Order, they are against”.
  • I am visiting the offices of Acta, I am alone to start with and I am surprised to see that after dismissing me, they are still using my analyses and systems, and I see a paper by a new employee who wants to have me helping them to create new systems, and I meet Peter A., who is the manager here, and I tell him thank you for our last time together, which was cosy, and he asks me to be careful about this employee – he can be “too much” as he says – and I see that Søren F-J and Paul H. also work here, and they are returning an envelope to the Insurance Supervision.
    • Again, this is inside of pure darkness and people working for them, and also to say that the darkness would like me to develop new systems, but oh no, I am only a creator of light and not darkness as I have been before.

Hereafter I was kept awake between 04.00 to 05.15 receiving this information:

  • I was told about the Socialist People’s Party that “we do understand the background, but from this to acceptance …”, which is about my arrival and New World Order.
  • “There has to be a purpose of this day, there is a spark around you” and I was shown that the Rosenborg Castle of Copenhagen is only open until 12.00 today, but I make it before that and see people inside of the castle watching the crown jewels.
  • I heard Sebastian’s wonderful song “du er ikke alene” and the lyrics “Du er ikke alene, der er en der følger dig” (“you are not alone, someone is following you”) together with the feeling “når lyset bryder frem” (“when the light breaks through”), and this is really because I saw the DR concert on TV the other day by the same name and when seeing Sebastian playing, I thought that this is yet another Danish MEGA star to be discovered by the world, and also that I was “sure” that I would receive the second VERY BEAUTIFUL AND SYMBOLIC SONG, but I was “cheated” and received another of his many fine songs, and then “just” the feeling that “I am not alone” but “someone” will help me switching on the light and then we will all be HAPPY :-).
  • I was told that a decision from the city court of Helsingør will come, and this will be from the Commune in relation to me.
  • I was shown the Opal Lake of Bornholm as a symbol of my sufferings, and I visited this lake in the end of the 1980’s together with my family – and I ran around it every day for a week – and I was told yesterday evening that UFO’s had placed information for me to “collect” at this place.
  • Something about being at school with two lamps around my body and fighting over a ball and I don’t see the result.
  • I have lived with a family inside of their home, but now they are treating me exceptionally poorly, and I am forced to stay overnight outside in their garden in the cold inside of a very large care tire – and something about having borrowed a pack of maybe 8 DVD movies by Peter A.
    • This family may be IKU speaking behind my back, which throws me out in new coldness, i.e. suffering, and Peter A. brings a symbol of his darkness.
  • I am together with Fuggi and someone else, he is reading the newspaper and I see a full page add about wine, which I bring to his notice, but he decides to place something over the add to hide it, which makes me angry because it means that the man sitting next to him, does not see it as I would like him to, and I leave him because of this.
    • This may be about faith of Fuggi in me, which he has decided to share with no others, and when this is the case, it is not easy to say the least to spread the rings in the water about me to reach the world, and yes isn’t it amusing that people act as if they wear a muzzle and just like “dogs biting” and this is ALSO darkness of people, when they DO NOT SPREAD THE WORD OF ME!
  • I am walking in the basement of my old school Mørdrupskolen in Espergærde, and I am surprised to see that it contains a brand new sport hall, and from the outside I see pupils entering the dressing room and I decide to walk up the stairs to ground level and I am surprised to see how steep they are, but they are not a problem really, and at the top I meet a man in some kind of wheel chair having problems to get over an “impossible step”, and I help him to get over.
    • This is the last part of my school – or journey – and I am leaving the “game” and the man in the wheel chair may be the man inside of darkness, the other side of the spirit of my father.
    • I woke up to “Jeg i live” by Sanne Salomonsen – another one to be discovered and yes the ROCK MAMA here – and the lyrics “jeg i live, du ved jeg star og venter” (“I am alive, you know that I am standing and waiting”, which simply may be a referral to the other side of the spirit of my father.

Continuing my own work at IKU where people on the surface are still “nice” and smiling

I was up at 07.25 and not 07.00 as I normally do at the moment – because of much tiredness – and I started writing my script at 08.05 not being very happy to have more information to write than yesterday, but this is how it is here, and I was not very happy about the prospect of having to spend two more days with IKU speaking behind my back, but I decided to go anyway and yes to be strong once again because I know that this is always the right answer.

When arriving at IKU, I was happy to see Sarah smiling at me when I said good morning – and Frank too – and Rune and another consultant were also smiling, so apparently on the surface everything is fine (!), but I really do not like people/businesses ”reporting” about others without letting these know about the content of their reportings and that is simply to COMMUNICATE also to avoid misunderstandings – and again we have a situation here where people speak behind my back involving the Commune about me and what are understandings and what are misunderstandings (?) – and I simply don’t like it.

I continued working until 11.00 on my script so far, and I was surprised that I did not receive even more darkness trying to misuse my feelings because of IKU to break me down – as it normally does over and over and over again – and we know I received some on my way on bicycle this morning, but when arriving I received more light and good spiritual feelings than the opposite, and this is truly a RARE situation my friends.

Hereafter I continued doing a few improvements to the front page of my website – good ideas I have written down because I decided they would be good to include – and I was told when starting this ”has he decided to do EVERYTHING” and yes this is what I have done, and I will first deliver my work, when I am entirely done and ”feel good” about it, James and also to you the Council :-).

I did receive one symbol when a man was nice to pour coffee to me at the kitchen, when suddenly one of the nice young ladies of IKU also at the kitchen decided to leave just behind me, which almost made me move the cup and the man to spill coffee, but we held it and instead a third man – because of the moves of this lady – lost a coffee cup on the floor, and yes the symbol of ”losing warm feelings” of IKU towards me, and still you can tell that some of these nice looking ladies – there are three of them here – have a ”good eye” to me too and not nice in this connection to think that all people at the present are made up but the spirits of my mother and father ”acting” as these people.

Ending the days with these short stories

  • I was told that the way the spirit of my father created more energy for me – and the old world – to end my journey was to “re-generate” some of my mothers energy.
  • I am now facing one of these situations where I don’t know what will happen from here, will I really go to the Danish Parliament also to continue writing my scripts about my experiences there as I was told the other day, or was this darkness speaking with the truth being that I will now get my freedom and yes “unknowing” in the degree I have received through my journey is truly not nice, and we will see what happens from here.
  • I was also told that not even work as a slave at Russian Gulag working camps was harder than the work I have done writing my scripts and everything around it.
  • I continued working until 15.30 where I uploaded the previous four days of scripts, and YES I was tired and YES this was one of the tough days, which all of them truly are, but “a little bit more” today, and that is also because of you doctor Karen!
  • Helsingør Commune continued this afternoon to use 11 minutes to “read” 19 of my websites (!), and in this pace, they can only reach one verdict, which is “crazy” (!), and I wonder how long it will take them to call me in for a meeting to find out “what kind of man I really am” and we know to evaluate if I am “capable of working” or maybe they have already taken a “desk decision” without needing to speak to or know about me, and that may be because of your report, Rune (?) – also not knowing about me (!), and yes Rune was also “very kind” smiling to me again today – and my last day with IKU will be tomorrow and exciting isn’t it (?), and yes just following the road creating more darkness to absorb to clean up EVERYTHING.
  • For weeks I have often received severe physical pain inside of my fingers or toes when the darkness has been “rough” needing more than a negative voice, sexual torments etc., thus also today and also when writing the script, and I was told “if you do not write this, no one will know in the future”, because the pain I go through now will be “forgotten” by my future self because this is darkness, which we will “cut out” as you will understand.
  • For days I have been told over and over again the world “fuglesang fra oven” (“bird singing from above”), which is from the INSPIRED song “Hvis din far gir dig lov”, which you know is about my mother and father bringing me to the forest of my new home, where harmonies and freedom of birds are already singing and that is in the spiritual world, which we will “now” spread to the physical world too.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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