November 23, 2011: The Commune WRONGLY feared and whistled to the police that I am a potential mass murderer as Breivik!!!


Summary of the script today

21st November: Life as it was originally intended at the creation will be the foundation of our New World

  • Dreaming that life as it was originally intended at the creation will be the foundation of our New World, I miss a girlfriend VERY much, the spirit of my mother is proud that I am going through “immense sufferings”, the dark side of the world is ending and Obama does not like darkness, my old friend Preben is starting to believe in me, I am preparing and doing well for the final battle against the dark side of me bringing this side back to light, my mother will feel like “drowning in a river of tears”, when she will start reading and understanding “my sufferings” and I now need less energy to finalise all of my work.
  • The Liberal Party of Denmark with its leaders smile and laugh about their own actions almost bringing my mother and I to a fall – speaking about “the fall of the king” and “the sacrifice of the queen” – what a game!

22nd November: The Commune WRONGLY feared and whistled to the police that I am a potential mass murderer as Breivik!!!

  • Dreaming that I have entered the absolute centre of darkness symbolised by a German concentration camp to release/dismantle it and the darkness throws all of its sexual torments at me, as the light of God trapped inside of the darkness, I am still able to “score” to enter our New World and also to create even though I don’t have the tool to create (!), my old class “friends” from school in Espergærde show “poor behaviour” when not speaking to me and inside the deepest darkness I meet the Trinity suffering as the people of Dadaab is suffering, and I am going to release both to bring everyone a “normal life”.
  • At my meeting with Helsingør Commune, I was told that my applications “disqualifies” me from getting a job, and that I know about it (!), and the Commune believes that if I continue being so “negative and provoking”, they will remove my cash help (!!!) not understanding that I am NOT the problem, but EVERYONE else has the problem that they are “not able” to READ and UNDERSTAND my TRUE message of love and to HELP all people, which includes to do my absolutely best work if I should become hired. The Commune now wants to “dig dirt on me” through previous journals and ORDERED me to write three applications for jobs way below my skills and they want to be “the judge” (!) evaluating if I “disqualify” myself, and my only answer was: NOBODY IS GOING TO BE THE JUDGE OVER WHAT I DECIDE TO WRITE OR NOT, so I will simply continue doing what I do all the way to the end going directly at the throat of the Devil! This is THE GREATEST PARADOX IN THE WORLD – the official system threatening to remove my cash help and kill me (!) without understanding that I work better than others and do my best to help people! Lisbeth had “read” my Doomsday Scenario and some of “my sufferings” focusing on the “kill, kill, kill” command and in her twisted mind this made me a potential mass murderer as Breivik in Norway (!!!), and this is what she tested me for during the meeting and also what you reported to the police without even having to meet and understand me, Lisbeth? THIS IS A TOTAL DISGRACE OF LISBETH AND MANKIND – HOW CAN YOU ACT, WORK AND DECIDE SO POORLY, how “difficult” is it to understand that I am only doing my best to help you and that I have saved all of your lives because if it wasn’t for me, you would not be alive today – is this your “thanks” to me, trying to bring me down removing my cash help and whistling to the police about me so I can become a “national security risk” to the country maybe deciding to blow up the Danish Parliament, where I tried to get in to do “work practise” to help them getting the New World Order started – and you will become surprised about what the Government and “others” know about me, but because they don’t tell, in the twisted mind of the official system, I become a “potential mass murderer” – isn’t life fantastic (?) and that is in our New World because this is a disgrace! At the end of the meeting we had become ”good friends” now smiling and laughing and she started “opening up”
  • When I came home from the meeting with the Commune, I was surprised to see that the National Police “co-incidentally” visited my website searching for “Breivik” to evaluate if I am a potential mass murderer (!) and the question is if the police will be as “slow understanding” as everyone else also deciding to tap my phone and read my emails against my will – or when will you break down and admit that there is NOTHING you can do, and then to let your “manager”, my old friend Jakob as the manager of the Police’s Intelligence Service tell the world that “I am sorry that I could not bring myself to tell the world about you”, which brought my much sufferings, Jakob :-).
  • I ended my day going to a free concert at LO-skolen next to me – the beautiful conference centre of ”red” unions in Denmark – to hear Carsten Bo Jensen from “MEN IN BLUE” playing with the message being that the next task is to spread BLUE all over the world, which is to make everyone become part of my resurrected self as Jesus when I will open up my eyes as my new self.

23rd November: My mother has started reading about “my sufferings” herewith starting my process of awakening

  • Dreaming of doing my absolutely best work being chased by the darkness wanting me to explode “the bomb”, I have gone through much suffering and now need to change clothes, which is to become my new self, my close family (my mother) fearing to read about my sufferings, the house of the old world is breaking down and I only hang on to it doing my best until I will finalise my work, I have removed the darkness soaking out my energy, the news of our New World has been spread spiritually to the world, the antenna of spiritual communication has been switched off to protect ourselves and now on again, the final code of the Council will be developed when I will be spread around the world, I love my sister and nephew much but cannot take the darkness of them and I am seeing the absolute core of the darkness in front of me as my final target.
  • I worked hard to complete my scripts of mainly yesterday and the police and the Commune visited me again today still fearing me (?), but the number of visits was less so maybe they are starting to understand that I am not dangerous (?) – what a disgusting and degrading behaviour, my lady and gentlemen!
  • My mother started reading about “my sufferings” caused by the family and even though it is only little she read, she has started my process of awakening.


21st November: Life as it was originally intended at the creation will be the foundation of our New World

I was my most tired ever and playing a “high game” deciding to finalise all of my work without breaking down

Yesterday afternoon and evening I was my “most tired ever” – now for a few days – at the same level as a couple of months ago in Lyngby and so much that it is “totally impossible” to stay awake with water running from my eyes and an incredible warm feeling all over my body, and yes “close to become unconscious” as the dream said , and I had to tell the darkness of me “don’t explode” and instead I received even more pressure now also with suffocation feelings and I was kept on my extreme edge again feeling that I am playing a “high game” not to post my sufferings memo to Scribd and send my email to the family and Karen including the memo, but I have decided to do all of my work first, and this is how it has to be and yes to get the absolutely best result, this is how it is connected and of course without breaking down as I feel I can do almost at any second now, but after 19.00, the darkness started to become less making it “easier” to come through, and yes I was glad I decided NOT to tell my mother about the development at IKU, my meeting with the Commune on Tuesday – even though it is wrong – and not to comment on Chalottes posting and not either to Eligaels new video doing his best “searching for the message of the Jerusalem UFO” despite of already having received it through me (!), and yes this would have generated a dose of darkness I would not have been able to take, therefore, and yes the darkness also tried the old “kill” command and now “kill me, kill me, kill me”, which is about the darkness wanting to kill “my self” and here disguised as John as another part of the spirit of my father and do you see how simple it is my friends, both the story to understand and the nature of the darkness, which is “pure destruction” – and this darkness is in many respects the absolutely strongest ever – but the answer is “no, no, no”!

Dreaming that life as it was originally intended at the creation will be the foundation of our New World

I did not sleep “normally” but I may feel somewhat better compared to yesterday morning, which included a “very difficult day working” as you may understand, and we will see what I will be able to do today where I believe the tiredness will come creeping this afternoon, but first some work and here are a few dreams:

  • I see an old and original plan of the Tivoli gardens being put on the Town Hall Square of Copenhagen.
    • Spreading life as it was originally intended in our New World.
  • I am one of extremely many people in a sleeping hall, I wish to have a girlfriend very much and I cannot sleep.
    • This is the truth, I do miss a girlfriend VERY much.
  • I woke up to the song “proud Mary” by Tina Turner and the lyrics “rolling on the river”, which of course is the spirit of my mother being proud that I am still working despite of the immense sufferings I am going through.

Another fantastic song and performance by Tina Turner making my mother and I proud :-).

  •  am at a meeting together with Morten J. in the White House together with Obama. Morten J. is going to stop in 14 days and we are equal as leaders. Obama does not remember me even though we have seen each other twice before as I tell him. Obama is now a guest with Jørgen de Mylius – the most famous Danish radio host ever – and “Mylle” plays Danish country rock for Obama to hear, but he does not like it, and he reads a paper of the Danish party New Alliance, which he does not like too.
    • A dream of CONFUSION here because Morten J. is now stopping to work again, which means “the destruction of the world” and let us here say that it means the end of the old world – fortunately we have a new – and is this about Obama not seeing the dark side of me, and does not like the music of the dark side (?) or does this have another meaning, and I really don’t know.

My favourite track from the Discovery album for more than 30 years, “a part of me” 🙂

  • Preben calls me and says that I have sent him a telegram for his birthday asking him to reserve plenty of time, which he lets me know that he has now – which I do not myself – and I tell him “please read a link, which raised me up and a new book” .
    • And yes, what is this about? – That Preben will or is starting to believe in me?
  • I meet my old school friend, Tina, from EFG school, and I let her know that it is incredible “cosy” to see her again after all these years. We are inside a gymnastics hall throwing spear, and I have thrown 10 myself with an average length of 48 metres, which is much longer than I thought I could and it gives me a “bonus”, and Tina explains that the floor we are using, which the spears land on, is not a “real floor” – but something put over – and there will come a new match with a real floor.
    • A night of “difficult to understand” dreams, so what is this about? Is it an individual sport – only fighting myself – where I am practising to the final event to “soak” my “negative” side back to my “positive” side, and that I am doing well? This is what I believe it is. I was told in the connection with this dream that “they have imprisoned the murderer”, which is the dark side of me.
  • I woke up to the “river of tears” by Eric Clapton and the lyrics “I’m drowning in the river of tears”, and I am given this song because my mother appreciated hearing Eric Clapton the other day from one of my many “soft cd’s”, and here I was told that “this is how it will feel like for my mother” when reading and hopefully starting to understand “my sufferings”, and yes I wonder if I am going to take on the sum of my family’s incredible sufferings coming (?) and we will see.
    • Half asleep I heard “48,000 DKK has to be paid to cover the debt in all houses”, which is about the amount of energy, which is now less, I need to bring to finish my work.

The Commune is preparing for our meeting focusing on “my sufferings”, which may mean “insanity” to them?

I started working at 09.20 today and noticed that the Commune today used 22 minutes to “read” 7 of my websites with the weight put on “my sufferings” and I wonder if this is enough to make them “in doubt” about me or just confirming to them that “he is truly a wacko”, which is what “my sufferings” may be a “proof” of if you decide to misunderstand instead of understand me, and we will see when meeting them tomorrow and yes I have prepared myself mentally for the worst case scenario, which is that they will declare me for disabled without a shed of “documentation” or if they are “in doubt” that they may demand me to visit doctors or psychiatrists or both and we will see what is coming, and should they decide to ask me questions about my true self and my sufferings, my answer will be “no thank you, please read my website and when you start believing in me, I will be happy to do so but not before that”. And also thinking that it could be so FUNNY if this lady of the Commune is looking for proof of my “insanity” at my website and that she may start to believe in me in the process of “reading” however little she “reads”.

After writing the script so far today I continued doing the final edit to my website including clairvoyant readings on me, donations, the Vitruvian Man and afterwards the Media and Politicians page, which was a “nightmare” to come through because of just how tired I felt at this stage and “how long” the page was compared to how badly I feel, and we know only small, but still important amendments to these pages “updating” them really, and during this work I was told by the spirit of my mother that “you have brought us safely to Egypt without a doubt simply by continuing to work” and when I had done the edit of the Media and Politicians page by 14.45 – now really not feeling very good – I was told that it will become easier for Karen to come through accepting my writings now because she has already accepted my previous writings with the same message, which will be the same with my sister and mother too, and I was also told that the chapter of “my sufferings” should lead my mother and sister to speaking together with my sister admitting that she has starting believing in me, which will make my mother believing in me fully too and this is really intended to be the last piece of the big puzzle, and yes TIRED is the name of the game today, and we know outlasting the darkness really.

By 15.30 I felt so uncomfortable that I decided to stop working for today, and at the moment it feels like my energy is becoming less every day, but I will probably have enough to soon finish all of my work and who knows, maybe before the end of this week – or the next (?), we will see.

The Liberal Party of Denmark laugh about their actions almost bringing me to a fall – and a minister working for the Devil too

Yesterday at the country meeting of the liberal party of Denmark, the chairman Lars Løkke and vice chairman Christian Jensen were acting as “superstars” receiving “personal” questions from the audience, and when Lars was asked what he is reading at the moment and his answer was that “I feel asleep to the fall of the King several times” , which made the audience laugh because everyone could see the symbolic of Lars “falling” as the Prime Minister recently, but you did not understand that Lars was also about to make me and all of us fall because of his lack of actions in relations to me and Christian was inspired directly to speak about “the sacrifice of the Queen”, which is another book and again the laughs were big because “of course” this would be about “sacrificing” the Queen, the new Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt, but what you did not know was that your “lack of doing what was right” in relation to me was also about to bring the Holy Spirit of my mother down – and “quite a good game”, don’t you think?

You can also listen to the Trade Minister Ole Sohn being interviewed this evening on TV – I believe it was DR1 – where he “could not help” saying that he “stood on goal” no less than four times (!) and he meant it in relation to the old story about the Communist Party, which he was leading, and the money they received from the Soviet Union, but here – as old readers will know – to “stand on goal” is a symbol of the Devil blocking me from scoring, and yes Ole Sohn is another of “the old world of Danish MP’s” who is not doing what he should in order to help me and the New World Order to get started – and my dear “politicians” at Christiansborg: WHEN WILL YOU GET STARTED TO HELP and you may remember that your selfish and wrong actions have cost sacrifices of the Universe in order for me to bring all of us all the way home, and yes “murderers” are essentially what you are because of your WRONG actions, but when you “cannot” understand, it is of course “difficult” to do what is right, isn’t it (?) and let me say that I love all of you too – and yes just like Michael Jackson!

  • I was told that the Commune can move me to match group 3 – people they believe are not able to work or even to take on “activation” (as I did in Falck and the park) – simply because of their “evaluation”, and this may be what they will do, and will they also “try” to get “documentation” of my “crazyness” by sending me to “doctors” in order to get “documentation” (?) or will they be able to see that they themselves are on a slippery slope, which they at least will eventually. When the darkness is at its strongest, it is making my feelings towards the meeting with the Commune tomorrow nothing less than “the absolutely most disgusting/discomforting”, and when the darkness is weaker, I am able to “relax” also saying to myself that “I will just get this meeting over with and write about the misunderstandings and humiliation I meet to teach the world”, and that is basically it.
  • I received “very strong” – however not as strong as yesterday – darkness until 18.30 making my life “a living Hell” again with the darkness still giving me the worst threats imaginable and trying to “confuse” me by sometimes making me my new self seeing my old self coming to me or vice versa and trying to “complicate everything” and yes with very MUCH strength, but I cut through this too saying to myself and the darkness “keep it simple – this is about turning minus to plus and nothing else” and thinking of Shu-bi-dua here again, and of course that is. And I was told that it is our New World also pulling my old self, and I feel the spirit of my mother as the surface of me as the New World and I am told this because I am almost finished with my work as an “added bonus” because of “good work”, which is how most of my true messages have come about.
  • I was happy to receive a positive email from my old landlord Poul-Erik today, who has done the final cleaning of the apartment and found some of my things, which he would like to give me. THANK YOU POUL-ERIK FOR BEING POSITIVE and I am sorry if I have misunderstood your intentions during the way.
  • For some time I have been given a déjà vue about not eating meet, which will come to us one day, when our food will be made by other sources than meet.
  • The military of Egypt and new riots to bring freedom is another symbol of the strongest darkness here at the absolute end of my journey.
  • A few days ago, I decided to invite Nønne from Selvet to become my friend on Facebook, but apparently she has “difficulties” to accept me as a friend, and yes SAD is what you make me too, Nønne, and you never “came back to me” (?) – and I do like the “subscriptions” function of Facebook making it possible for me to follow and also comment on Nønne’s postings, and isn’t it funny, that I am also subscribed to Søren Pind but that I am not able to comment his postings, which is a function “removed” from me.


22nd November: The Commune WRONGLY feared and whistled to the police that I am a potential mass murderer as Breivik!!!

Dreaming of meeting and releasing the Trinity suffering much when trapped inside of the deepest darkness

I did not have the best night but something like the night yesterday

  • I am standing outside a German concentration camp – outside of it is poor behaviour, which was removed inside – and I approach the guards of the entrance to the camp as the leader of a large group also including Jews, who wear badges telling that they are Jews, and I say in poor German to the guards, “Wir sind Deutche”, and we are allowed to enter, and we look at the camp and decide to leave it again, and when we do, the Germans throw all the bread they have against us, and I see that the Jews I brought are being used as bait, they have transformed into sausages, and we try to save all of them.
    • This is what I have done and am doing, going straight into the heart of the deepest darkness to release/dismantle it, and the darkness is giving me all of the bread, i.e. sexual torments trying to hit me, and I have brought people to protect myself, whom we are doing our best to save – and I wonder if this is about continuous sacrifices of the Universe?
  • I am driving on my bicycle passing tennis courts and coming to a football field, where I play with good friends, I am the goal keeper and I let three goals in and receive criticism by my friends, and I tell them that I have not played for 20 years – I need a little time to play my best – and then I hit the ball the first time in a volley all the way from my goal to the other goal, and I score an amazing goal, and I do almost the same once again, but this ball is over the fence and lands on the other side next to the railway tracks, and I see 3-4 of them playing guitar and one of them is playing too even though the belt of strings on his guitar looks like it is attached “in a strange way” and somehow it is connected to his big stomach and I heard “it is a mystery of how he can perform because he does not have anything to play on”.
    • Bicycle is still suffering, and this is a friendly game in football where I am able to score, i.e. “enter the New World” – even though I have not played for a very long time, and I am also able to play guitar against all odds – it is me with the big stomach – even though it surprises my friends, and guitar is still “creation” and here I am the light of the man trapped inside of the darkness – and we know easier to understand than the dreams of yesterday.
  • I am walking and meet my old classmate Søren D-N, and I say with a low voice “hello” but he does not say hello to me and afterwards he says that it was because I mumbled, and I say that I only did this because he does not speak, and this is really showing the poor behaviour of my old class “friends”.
  • I have been hired as Account Manager for a dusty Falck company feeling like the 1970s, which is selling very expensive cupboards, which are too expensive, but of good quality. I am shown around, and I can almost not keep from hovering. I am going to relieve the only other Account Manager there, and I am surprised to see how he decides to share his customers with me, which is only because of what suits him the best. I tell the employees including the manager that I will do my own archive system, which they try to speak me from and the secretary and manager shows me a large cupboard only partly used, which includes all files of both existing and previous clients kept at the same shelf and the manager says that this will make it easier to receive old clients back even though they have done achieved this, and I insist and say that I will create my own system, and I am very surprised to see how much room is free on the cupboards. My old friend Lisbeth has been hired here too recently, she is much more outgoing than the others, they are all going to a company party at a ferry, but it is too late to get a ticket for me, and she has bought cheap ice cream but of good quality, which is transported in cardboard boxes on transport belts running through the company. We stand outside the company, they are about to go for the party and I am about to take my car to drive home, but then I am run down by another car and am attached to the front window of this while it continues to drive, and this is changed into my own car following the car, which ran me down, and I follow it up a side road, which is completely vertical – 90 degrees steep – which I have to use two attempts in order to drive all the way up of this and at the top, it now goes down in the same completely vertical “slope”, which makes me fly down, and now I see myself in another world, where I first meet what looks like very aggressive tigers wanting to stop and eat me, but I hit them easily and am then met by also very aggressive bears but again it is easy to hit and pass them and finally I come to a bar with three people standing behind it, and they are people just like me, and deep inside of them they want me to pass their obstacle course and I can tell that they want to eat me too because they receive nothing to eat, I see how their cows almost look like dust, but also that they know that they are not supposed to and the question is if they will be able to resist this.
    • When waking up I heard something about that I am looking for the size of equipment and rims to my car (which is about “confidence” to pass this obstacle road) and also “from here I had to take the famous cage home” and “the cage” is not about you Nicolas (!) but about releasing not only one but three people trapped inside of the darkness, so this can only be to say that it is not only a part of the spirit of my father being trapped inside of the darkness, but all of the Trinity, which you know is both the spirits of my mother and father and also my previous self as Jesus, and yes isn’t life fantastic (?) and yes thinking that they are living as people in Dadaab do as you can tell by the cows, which are “as close to dissolving” as you can tell and yes a symbol of Buddha and “original creation” too, and yes I HAVE COME TO BRING ALL OF YOU HOME TO OUR NEW WORLD and this is what I mean by saving 100,00% of all of the old world: WE HAVE TO HAVE THE OTHER SIDE OF OURSELVES WITH US TOO :-).
    • This is inside of the “dusty darkness” symbolised by Falck, and here are “many cupboards” too with many of them being unused and cupboards are “the tools of God” and we are going to have ALL clients with us, but present and previous and yes RE-CREATION of live if necessary (!), and all of this place is full of “sufferings”, hence the ice creams, and people are on their way to celebrate, which is about our New World, which I cannot do now because I am chasing the darkness all the way back to day one to release everything trapped inside of it and that is still “without exception”!

I started working at 08.40 this morning and ended the last part of the script of yesterday and the script of today by 10.20 from which moment on I decided to continue doing the final edit of my website now working on the New World Order, which I was “close” to finalise before I had to go after lunch for my meeting with the Commune.

HELSINGØR COMMUNE wanted to remove my cash help and saw me as a potential mass murderer as Breivik !!!

Finally, I arrived at the meeting with Lisbeth V. from Helsingør Commune and I had received quite strong darkness on my way cycling there – uphill (!) because this is how the landscape is going UP HILL towards the Commune a few kilometres out of town (!) and also because of what was waiting for me at this meeting and afterwards (!) – and I also received the feeling before the meeting that “we feel sorry for him” – a feeling of the Commune too because of my apparent “craziness” (!) – but I decided to take this meeting too starting at 13.00 despite of the discomfort it brought me and yes exactly the same as all of my meetings with Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune.

Have I fulfilled the rules of “availability” or can the Commune remove my cash help because I am “not presentable”?

Lisbeth started the meeting by reading up loud the written feedback from Rune from IKU to the Commune about me – based on his and his employees’ misunderstandings of me (!) – saying among others that “Stig is quiet” (I work concentrated at work and speak in private as I later told Lisbeth), that I did not accept to receive “advice” on my applications and that it therefore was “impossible” for them to “help” me get a job (!) and also that my purpose of my applications was to “bring about the New World Order” as I had told Sarah – which of course sounded “completely crazy” to them, when they did (almost) NOTHING to understand me (!) – and this was also about TWISTED minds thinking that they are “so much better than I” to be able to help me (!) and then she started reading up the couple of lines to Annette Sadolin included in my DSB application, and she concluded that this disqualifies myself from getting a job, and that I knew about it!

And if there is one thing I don’t like, it is people concluding WRONGLY on my behalf (!), so very early in the meeting I decided to depart from what I had decided for before the meeting, which was to start the meeting by listening and asking questions to be able to understand her fully, and I interrupted her deliberately because this was CLEARLY a misunderstanding I did not want attached to me, so I took the word saying first of all that “THIS IS ABOUT UNDERSTANDING OR MISUNDERSTANDING” – and nothing else (!) – which I repeated to her SEVERAL times during the meeting, because this was TRULY the main subject of the meeting, and NOT what she “thought” it was about (!), and then I started speaking about the subject “it is not me, but people not reading and understanding me, who are the problem, because if only people read and believed in me, EVERYONE would be happy to employ me” (!) but instead people do what you did too, Lisbeth – including IKU etc. – which is only to read me on the surface and “twist” my words to fit to your own “wrong belief of reality” (!) – seeing the top of the iceberg of the iceberg only without understanding the full and true content – and then to judge me wrongly also because you feel “negative and provoked” by my very direct language included in my applications (and my scripts too!), and as I told her, what I am doing is simply to show you that all people believe they are able to understand, but almost all are NOT truly able to understand because of their poor work and uncontrollable feelings; they believe I am “extremely negative” when I am exactly the opposite (!), this is what this exercise is for, and should anyone like to hire me as I told her, I would of course accept the job and do my absolutely best as I also did for Falck and Brede Park making people enthusiastic about my work and like me as a person, but you are right: It is completely impossible for me to get a job today, but the reason is as mentioned NOT because of me, but because of people who “cannot” understand me and my motives and wish to help, and that goes with my CV too – “who is he to say that he is the most skilled, it is up to us to decide and it makes us throw up to listen to you”, remember, Karin (?) – and not least my website.

I also told her that it was simply not the truth that I don’t listen to people as the Karine at IKU wrongly had understood – also thinking that she of course was the “expert” and I had to learn from her (!) with the truth being that it was vice versa (!), and that what she accuses me for is what is the truth about her self (!) – and that I indeed had listen to her recommendation to write more about my “heavy management and professional background” in my application for the Danish Psychiatric Fund, which inspired me to do exactly this, but when communication does not work, it is very easy to misunderstand because of your own negative view as she and IKU did, and here she could have decided to tell me about her “understanding” of me, which could have helped me to show her the final application as she inspired me to do – also explaining what is the TRUE cause of psychiatric sufferings as you can see from the application here – and if Sarah had followed my recommendation from my email to her of the 26th October – see below – she could have told Karin what she inspired me to do, but instead Karin decided to speak negatively and wrongly about me behind my back to Rune and the others too (?) – while she was smiling at me when meeting me (!) – and Rune decided to send his misunderstood “evaluation” of me to the Commune without sending it to me or without telling me the FULL truth of what you had written, Rune (!) and yes POOR BEHAVIOUR, MISUNDERSTANDINGS and WRONG ACTIONS is what this is about and “almost as usual” and just showing you what to avoid doing in the future.

In my email to Sarah from the 26th October I wrote among others: ”Du kan nedenfor se min endelige ansøgning til PsykiatriFonden efter, at jeg blev inspireret af Karin i går til at bryde jeres “tossede regel” i jeres lærebog om, at en ansøgning kun må fylde én side! Jeg er sikker på, at du vil synes, at indholdet af ansøgningen er interessant også i forlængelse af vores møde mandag om “esoteriske emner”, og du er velkommen til også at sende den til Karin, så hun kan se, hvad hun inspirerede mig til at gøre.”

“I order you to seek work of the lowest denominator and I will be the judge deciding if what you write is acceptable”

And this was the start for Lisbeth to understand that I am not a “completely normal man” as I told her (!) and for her to gradually understand that I simply am what I show – nothing more or less (!) – but still, this was the beginning of the meeting and she started speaking about a “soap circular” as it is popularly called – this is about CLEANING the world and yes another symbol and TRUST ME, you will get to understand this too 🙂 – and she explained that this gives the Commune the right to stop the cash help to “people who are not presentable” as she said – for example people who are dirty or alcoholics and others – and I could only ask her if she believed I was “not presentable”, which made her say “no, you are indeed very presentable” (!) and then she said no more about this circular (!) and I wondered what this was about and should have followed up with a question, but I did not because we had now moved on – which Lisbeth had too, see my following chapter on the police, A-ha (!) – to the next subject and were now talking about three “hot jobs”, which she had found and ORDERED me to seek (!!!) and yes giving me throw-up feelings because this is NOT how to treat RESPONSIBLE people (!) and she said that “this is well below your competences, but they are hot jobs” meaning that they should be easier to get – two jobs working as sales-phoners at call centres and one as a salesman – and I told her the truth that I can become “the best phoner of all” and that I am not particular about the jobs I do – also telling her about my work at Brede Park where I did hard and dirty job as no one else before or after me (!) – and also that I could lead both telemarketing companies if they would like me to, and then I told her that I started Income Protection Insurance in Denmark in 2002/03, and that I had more than 100 people – maybe twice that many – working at 2-3 call centres selling these insurance products and that I was responsible of everything – both the product and sales – and yes was this “embarrassing” for you, Lisbeth, when you started understanding that I could do “a little bit more”, and yes doctor Hook is what you are too!

And then she ordered me to present my applications to her, and she will look at my formulations as she said (!), and this is where I understood – without her telling me directly – that if she believes they are not ”appropriate”, she will remove my cash help (!!!) – and also that this had to be related to the circular – but she said that she will promise first to give me a ”warning” before removing it (!), and I only had one reaction to give her:

“NOBODY IS GOING TO BE THE JUDGE OVER WHAT I DECIDE TO WRITE OR NOT” (!!!) and really because this is another violation of the official system against my FREEDOM OF SPEECH (!) and I told her again that I AM NOT THE PROBLEM, THE PROBLEM IS PEOPLE NOT READING AND UNDERSTANDING THAT I ONLY WRITE THE TRUTH – read my Falck memo as example (!!!) – AND THAT MY ONLY MOTIVE IS TO HELP PEOPLE, and yes Lisbeth, you are another person on the Galion trying to bring me down, and all I ask of you is to read and understand that I only do my best to help you, and because you do not, almost everyone rejects me and shows me their misunderstood negative feelings and that is again not because of me but solely because of their own misunderstandings. Will you please understand that I am right, and all of you are WRONG and yes “this is of course impossible” you say (?) but no, this is what I am showing you in my scripts, you are the problem, I am NOT going to change into becoming you, I am changing all of you to become as I!!! This is the message, and this is what you have the most severe “problems” doing because of your own strong, wrong and selfish voices and extremely sensitive feelings betraying you.

I would become “the best leader/employee of all” if you “allowed” me (!) but all of you believe that I am “crazy” writing to you in my applications (and scripts) as I do, so come on: WAKE UP AND START TO UNDERSTAND (!) – this is what is coming to you, and this sickness is also strong with Lisbeth, because she concluded from the beginning that I of course had been applying jobs, which were “totally impossible” for me to get (!), and the question, Lisbeth, is if the future will believe that you – together with all employers and head hunters – were right when you “judged” me as a loser (?), or if people of the future will shake their heads and say “was this really how poorly people behaved, communicated and decided” and they will understand that in order to win, I had to humiliate myself meeting all of you “devils” on my way believing you were smarter than me and telling me what to do with the true game being that I am “smarter than all of you” using you in my game to come through the absolutely worst darkness in order to remove all darkness and bring an eternal future of joy and happiness for all, and NONE of you were able to “understand” during my road because of your own “sickness” including your STRONG VOICES/FEELINGS betraying you making it “totally impossible” for you to understand and that is also because of your “poor work” not reading and understanding my website and scripts – so my friends, please tell me about “who did not understand who”?

So I will do these three applications and send them to her and I will write them exactly as I decide (!) and I will write the truth that it was the Commune ordering me to do them and also that I will potentially be the best salesman they have ever had – and that I can do so much more for them, which I will explain too for them to get the best foundation to decide on, of course (!) – and the outcome is given in forehand, NOBODY wants to hire me and that is STILL not because of me but because of them because I am only writing the truth, which is what is “scaring” people so much when they cannot understand the TRUE content, and then it will be up to you, Lisbeth, if you want to remove my cash help for not being “presentable” (?) – sending me out to starve and freeze on Stengade, the main shopping street of Helsingør – and yes “I am not an easy case” (!) as I told you and the truth is that if you merely understood me, you would do as I have suggested you to do all along, which is for you to approve me to do my own work without forcing me against my will, but this was “totally impossible” for the Commune to do as she told me (!) because a board has decided that the authorities need to CONTROL the meeting times and number of hours work done of people receiving cash help in order to approve an “activation project” and this is “impossible” to do when working at home (!!!), and then it did not “help” that I told her what was “simple logic”, which is that everyone very easily from week to week can see the amount of work I do on my website (and calculate the working hours from the number of pages I write!) and my message was that “this should really be enough for you” but no, the decision of the board “of course” means that you HAVE to meet up physically for someone else to control that you come and leave on time – but it is “perfectly alright” to do NOTHING while you are there WASTING your time (!) – and yes I could only tell her one thing as my answer, which is: BUREAUCRACY (!) and I might add: THIS IS THE ABSOLUTELY WORST KIND OF DARKNESS, WHICH IS and it is made by the Devil inside of people (!) and if you only had a TRUE will, and that includes faith in me, Lisbeth, it would truly be VERY easy for you to accept my work, but because I am crazy in your mind, it is truly impossible to do, isn’t it (?) and when you will understand that I write the truth also about who I am (!) – my “old and present self” is simply God and my “new and coming self” and “everything of the New World is the resurrected soul of Jesus, and that should be EASY for you to understand, shouldn’t it (???) – you will look in the back mirror and say “I was a complete fool and brainwashed by the CRAZY system”, do you see? You live life forwards, but understand it backwards and yes this isn’t a “kirkegaard” but it could very easily have been because of the STRENGHT of the darkness because of the POOR WORK AND BEHAVIOUR of mankind, which this is ANOTHER example of.

And Lisbeth was also “very kind” (!) to suggest the same as one of the “nice” ladies at Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune did, which was for me to take a “bread job” working the number of hours per week to give me the income I need in order to take care of myself, and the only thing I could tell her here – still in the beginning of the meeting, and this was provoking her much (!) – was that this is ALSO completely wrong and crazy to do and that is in my situation at least, but of course it was certainly not in her mind because I truly “have” to provide for myself, which is her “simple logic” but my starting point is that I do have work – I don’t need any more work, and maybe some people will believe it is better that I continue my own work instead of starting as a sales phoner as example (?) – and the only reason why I am in this system is because my family/friends etc. and the world today STILL does not send donations to me for me to receive a normal life – they are the ones to blame not to bring me the income I have “earned” – and this is what will come and until then I only need to received “survival help” from the Commune, but when you don’t believe in me – and tell yourself that you will NEVER do because you don’t believe – you believe that my actions are wrong, and again, you take WRONG decisions when you don’t understand and I can only repeat myself from the past, which is that the only way to help people is when you understand people!

And should Lisbeth WRONGLY decide to remove my cash help I will simply accept it because NOBODY is going to censor me (!) and here I talk about ignorant and better-knowing people than me, but I will ALWAYS be happy to truly listen to and learn from a mentor being on a higher level than I and that is because I LOVE TO LEARN NEW THINGS EVERY DAY. But I don’t believe you have the courage to do this when it comes to the point, Lisbeth (?) and I might add that I have no other income to live from as an alternative, so if you remove my cash help it is the same as sentencing me to death and that ALSO includes my dear LTO friends and families in Kenya, whom I help to survive by sending them 2,800 DKK every month and do you want to kill them too, Lisbeth, because of your WRONG and NEGATIVE approach and misunderstandings?

And the turning point is if Lisbeth wants to “kill” a man, she is starting to like as she did during the meeting (!) and this was my main task, to overcome “extreme resistance” to me as a “potential mass murderer” – see later – inside the mind of a “sick” person (!) and that was an impression of me even before meeting and to start understanding and also liking me (!), and when you like people and understand their situation, you will do your best not to risk my cash help being removed (?) and this is at least what I understood during the meeting, that she was pulling her threats back – at least somewhat (?) – and we will see if she has “an iron will” trying to resist me also after our meeting, and yes what if he indeed is Jesus (?), do you want to be the person sending me out to die on the street, Lisbeth (?) – and let this be a lesson to you and everyone else: COMMUNICATE AND UNDERSTAND PEOPLE OBJECTIVELY/POSITIVELY instead of the opposite, which you also did – and yes I did not say much at IKU, which made it “difficult” for them to understand just how out-going and positive I am when I am not working concentrated, and Sarah was the only one knowing from my meetings with her and she was truly ENTUSIASTIC and THRILLED about me as NO ONE before in her life (!), but you did not do your best to speak out honestly and directly, Sarah, when your colleagues “brought you down” and WRONGLY changed your belief in me and that is because this is how “you slide through” – on the expense of God (!) – but don’t worry, this was part of the Master Plan too.

The Commune “digging dirt on me” and threatening to remove my cash help is THE GREATEST PARADOX IN THE WORLD!

Also in the beginning of the meeting, Lisbeth asked for my approval for her to receive my journal from Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune and I was surprised that she needed my signature to approve this, but she did and I decided to give it to her – to be open as I told her – and I understood that this was what the prediction weeks ago was about that Helsingør Commune would decide to ask for my old journals but I did not know that it was planned to happen this way, and when I asked her of the purpose to receive these journals, it was simply impossible to receive a clear answer even though I asked more than once (!) – but in a situation as hers, it is not normally to find “positive” stories of me, but to “find dirt on me” and that is “even more” (?) – and then I decided to tell her directly that Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune thought I was a “lunatic” (but also that I was completely normal (!), which I however did not tell Lisbeth) but still that we had fine relations as I do with all people (!), and I decided to ask her directly – and yes, I am using the same old “strategy”, which is to go directly at the throat of the Devil, no one is going to COMMAND with me (!) – if she has thought about moving me to match group two or three and even to give me early retirement pension or let us call it as it is DISABILITY pension as it is, and she told me that she has certainly not (!), and especially not when it comes to disability pension (!), but maybe match group 2 or 3 (the Commune’s evaluation of me having less or much less than a normal working capacity) is not that far away in her mind as one solution because of my “clear obstructions” to get a job (?) , which may become strengthened when she will receive the journals seeing that Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune thought about giving me disability pension?

She also “tried” to receive approval of contacting my old employers because she wanted to “hear the reason for your resignations in order to better understand my competences to help you”, and yes this is truly what she said (!), which I could not find the logics in, but decided to ignore simply because of her gross negligence and “wrong agenda”.

This made me tell her the truth, that this is THE GREATEST PARADOX IN THE WORLD (!) that she is thinking of removing my cash help – and what may be worse (!) – because the truth is that I work “the best of people”, which Brede Park and Falck as examples can confirm, and that I have very good relations with all people and only want to help people with all of my heart “doing my best” as my “applications” reflect, but this is what the “official system” is not able to understand when it is “sleeping” not seeing what I see and here it is what I am told also in relation to our New World coming “very soon” to all MAKING it possible for everyone EASILY to understand, which it also was in the old world if you only “bothered”, which people almost always did not!

And I asked her if she would like to share the “report” on me from IKU as I had been open to her too, and she replied that “I can see no harm in this”, and she promised to send me this report via email, so now I am really looking forward to receiving this report, which I will bring here – if she will keep her promise (?) – and I could also have decided to get all of my journal from Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune and also the beginning of the journal from Helsingør Commune, but this I have decided for the world to do because you have my general power of attorney to receive all information on me as you desire and then you can compare the “understandings” of the Communes about our meetings and me compared to the notes of my scripts, and then it will be up to you to decide who understood and misunderstood each other.

In Lisbeth’s twisted mind I was a potential mass murderer as Breivik, she tested me and whistled about me to the police too?

At one point of our meeting we were speaking about “understanding” and I told Lisbeth with these exact words “I recommend you to read and understand my website” and this is when Lisbeth truly had decided to test me by showing a WRONG and DISGUSTING behaviour trying to “trick” me and to see my potential reactions and yes to evaluate whether or not I would be “dangerous” to people (!) and yes with the reason being “we want to make sure you are not another Breivik” as she told me directly (!) – yes HOW SICK AND TWISTED CAN YOU BECOME (?) and that is not me, but Lisbeth here “imagining” the absolutely worst without reading and understanding me (!) and yes she has read my Doomsday Scenario and some of my sufferings as she said (she had printed it out and used “more than half an hour” and it is “funny” that you decided to focus on these exact pages where you believed you could find “dirt on me” and not my other pages) – and it was truly because she said that she had read about my voices and also the “kill, kill, kill” command and yes WHEN YOU DON’T READ CAREFULLY AND WHEN YOU FOCUS NEGATIVELY, YOU ARE SURE TO MAKE MISUNDERSTANDINGS and Lisbeth, you have made the BIGGEST MISUNDERSTANDING IN THE WORLD BELIEVING THAT JESUS/STIG COULD BECOME A MASS MURDERER WHEN ALL I CONTAIN IS LOVE TO THE WORLD and yes I told you that I had gone through the worst darkness of all and if you truly had READ and UNDERSTOOD my website including MY SUFFERINGS, you would have understood the big picture and the truth that I passed the worst Hell of all to save the world (!), but when you are “scared” and do POOR WORK, this is how it becomes and yes a DISGRACE is what this is and just saying it objectively of course (!) and coming back to her test on me where I recommended her to read and understand my website, her answer was “you can recommend me to read, but you cannot recommend me to understand” and yes this is TRULY what she said (!!!), and at this exact moment I received “a clear go” from the spirit of my mother including smiles, which made me tell Lisbeth with an inspired voice that “you are joking with me” because just how CRAZY can you become, because EVERYONE would under normal circumstances understand what I meant, but oh no not Lisbeth when testing me (!), and therefore she decided to go to the extreme playing this game now becoming indignant for me telling her that she was joking with me (!), and then I had to explain to her carefully that the only thing I can do is to recommend people to READ my website and then for them to decide whether or not they understand it and believe in me, and I told her that she was a hairsplitter – which she TRULY was and I saw the exact same and WRONG behaviour in her as I have seen in Fuggi too (!) – and I told her that “I understand you clearly but do you also understand me” but all I received was “silence”, so Lisbeth, was it easy for you to understand me, but difficult to accept that I was right and even more difficult to admit it to me (?) – what you did here was VERY WRONG, you understood me clearly, but “pretended” that you did not and that I could not “make” you belief, and yes the is what CRAZINESS is made of, and that goes to you and the world, and not me, and isn’t this marvellous?

I also took one of the papers she had printed out with a call centre searching for phoners and I told her that you have the free choice to read this or not to read this, and I showed her the blank side telling her that if you decide to NOT to read, you will NEVER be able to understand, and then I turned the paper and said that if you decide to read this carefully, you will be able to understand it and tell me what it is about, and this is OF COURSE the same principle in relation to my website, and yes you can ONLY understand if you read carefully and HOW CLEARLY IS THIS FOR YOU TO UNDERSTAND, LISBETH (?) and yes “simple logic” is what this is about but “impossible” to understand if you decide to object to me?

Furthermore, Lisbeth also asked me “can you understand that some people may feel intimidated because of you”, and yes Lisbeth, I had NO problems understanding you – but do you understand me (?) – and my answer was that “it is all inside of your minds, because if you decide not to believe in me and believe that I am dangerous, you will become scared, but I am all about helping people and doing good, and my personal strength and power of penetration as stated in my CV, which you now see an example of, is to make you feel safe and secure” and yes this is how scared people can feel in relation to me, but it is all misunderstandings included in the twisted minds of people themselves! You have nothing to fear from me, but much to look forward to and thank me for, this is what I ask you to TRULY understand!

All of this was a COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME because of WRONG “imagination” and “fear” and in the twisted mind of Lisbeth, she saw the “risk” that “if people will not be “able” to understand him, he may decide to kill people” (!!!) and simply based on the IKU report and her POOR WORK not reading and understanding the TRUE meaning of the “kill, kill, kill” command I received from the darkness, which was about pressing the button of the Doomsday weapon making the world explode in a new Big Bang, and had I not been able to withstand this FAR STRONGER DARKNESS than what Breivik received (!), you and the entire world would have been wiped out today, and that is eliminated, terminated and yes becoming “nothing” and yes with a new Big Bang as the result and NOTHING ELSE, Lisbeth (!!!), but maybe this is “too difficult” for you to understand and believe in (?), and all I can do is to recommend you to TRULY READ in order for you to OBJECTIVELY UNDERSTAND the truth instead of distorting it (!) – and this is really another example of “far too poor work” from you, because if you had only taken the time to read all of my 15-20 main pages carefully, you would have been able to understand what this is about and that I am of course no treat to the community, but only the opposite. This was your negative misunderstandings build on top of other’s misunderstandings.

At one point, she also told me “I do believe that you believe you are Jesus, that this is your reality”, which is the same as saying “I do not believe in you because you are clearly crazy believing in what you do”, but at the same time you also said “you are clearly not psychotic” because this is what I showed you – I normally do NOT speak about my true spiritual self and my website and that is when people don’t believe in me, but when they do, I will gladly speak about it (!) – and yes what do you truly believe in Lisbeth (?), am I truly crazy or “maybe” I am indeed Jesus, and yes that is the question for you to decide on, and the only way you will be able to “understand” is to read my website carefully!

The decisive moment for her to start relaxing and leave her misunderstandings in me being potentially dangerous was when I told her about my “worried sister” – Lisbeth said she was also “worried” about me, and by now, I have had it with ignorant and “worried” people, you make me sick (!), and yes please remember to READ and UNDERSTAND, will you 🙂 – receiving my book no. 1 in 2008 leading to talks with “doctors”, who thought I was a complete wacko, and because of this I was “sentenced” to jail inside of the closed mental hospital in Hillerød, and after “good behaviour” for a couple of weeks – non of the “patients” understood why I was there because I was completely normal (!) – I was moved to the open department of Helsingør giving me the chance to read the law, and when I understood that it was based on “either being dangerous to others or to yourself” it was piece of cake to write to the doctors telling them that I am neither (!), which is APPARENT to everyone (!!!) and yes then they set me FREE (!), and yes Lisbeth, all of this information is ALSO available on the Internet (at my library), and had you decided to do your work properly, you would NEVER had humiliated me as much as you did (!), and yes this is what made you “calm” because you understood what I told you and laughed when I did the same because of the story of involving MANY doctors in Helsingør (was it 15 or 20, I cannot remember), who simply could not find out what was the matter with me and yes they put me through “observations for this and that” but there was NO diagnosis to be set because of the simple answer that I am not crazy (!) – but you are, when you show your negative misunderstandings and paranoia in relation to me (!) – which basically was the conclusion also of a psychiatrist on the hospital of Helsingør before I was “released”.

All of this is for you, Lisbeth, to read about in my journal, but as I told you, the journal of the Commune and Hospital is NOT the best way to understand me – they are FULL of misunderstandings (!) – because the ONLY way to understand me is to read my website and scripts carefully, and yes it would have taken you approx. a weekend to read my main 15-20 webpages, but you were “not able” to do this in order to “receive the best foundation to decide on” as I told you, and instead you were in far too great a hurry, and what do you do when you truly believe that here is a nutcase and potential mass murderer (?) – and yes, you will of course tell the police about me in order to “investigate” and to avoid the Breivik event in Norway to happen in Denmark too (?) – is this what you did, Lisbeth, and “of course” you could not dream about telling this to me (?) – and yes it was “strengthened” because IKU told you that I would like to start “work practise” at the Danish Parliament of Christiansborg, wasn’t it (?) and yes “the worst case scenario” would be that I would start killing the Danish top politicians because they “cannot” understand me (?), and yes the TRUE wonderful thing here it that the Danish politicians DO understand me, but they are too scared to talk about me, because “talking about Jesus is a taboo in this community” (!) – with the risk for them to look “insane” to people (!) – and yes this is the simply truth and nothing else and had I gone to Christiansborg, I could have helped to “uncover” their “difficulties” and to start the New World Order together with them, but because of scared people – IKU too and yes “don’t send a nutcase like him to Christiansborg, because of what he may do” (!!!) – I was refused access in practise, and yes, Lisbeth, is this just about how it was (?), and yes if you have something you would like to add to this story, you are welcome to send me an email and I will bring it in my script, but NO ONE is going to censor me (!!!) and that goes with you and Helsingør Commune too because NO ONE can remove my writings from the Internet, and trust me people have tried, but I have taken my precautions, this script will also ALWAYS remain publically for EVERYONE to read and there is NOTHING you can do about it – you cannot “control” the Internet and my freedom of speech as you would like to. IT IS TIME FOR YOU TO WAKE UP and this was also a message to me, because you have NOT seen Jesus yet (!) and when you will, you will be in NO doubt about who I am, and just so you know, my friends :-).

And again, this was truly uncomfortable, and all of this was made because of your “twisted minds” – first IKU and then Lisbeth blowing it completely out of proportions (!) – and instead of understanding and supporting me, you humiliated me and was ready to throw me out on the street starving and dying and hand me over to the police to “hold me down”. Do you now see what you did, and that everything was because of your negative approach, poor work and WRONG decisions?

I told Lisbeth that I would write about our meeting not to bring her down – but to teach the world not to do what she did!

I also told Lisbeth that I will write about our meeting today in my script not with the purpose to put down people – but to tell the objective truth of what happened and this is exactly what I do, Lisbeth and I put it very directly and honestly forward to the world in order for everyone to understand (!) – also including the words THE GREATEST PARADOX IN THE WORLD, and this made her “nervous” when thinking negatively about what I would write and if I would use this as “blackmail” maybe, Lisbeth (?), and the truth is that I am writing about you and your WRONG thoughts, poor work and decisions to tell the world of what NOT to repeat in the future. You have herewith become the main character of a teaching, which will go out to the entire world – not only earth (!) – involving BILLIONS of people, and this should make you proud and not the opposite, it is all about understanding and to focus objectively/positively and not the opposite.

At the end of our meeting, she had now become “nice” when telling me “please remember to confirm you are job seeking once a week (through their website) and also to meet at our new meeting the 13th December (which she asked me to come to)” and this was an example given to both her and me where I could decide to understand or misunderstand what she said, and what did she really mean by this (?) and yes either this could be in a “good meaning” to truly help me or it could be the opposite if she was negative and threatening me to remove my cash help if I only missed one of these, and therefore I asked her “is this a threat to remove my cash help if I do not” (normally you can make 3-4 “mistakes” I believe before anything happens) and she told me that it was not, and then it was truly just an example to show the world NOT to be negative but to communicate and UNDERSTAND and the question Lisbeth is whether or not you will be “able” to understand that I mean absolutely nothing negatively about you when writing about our meeting, because I LIKE you very much as a person as I told you – your smile and direct communication when we spoke of bureaucracy, which made me smile and laugh and you the same 🙂 – and the ONLY reason why I write this it as mentioned to teach the world of what NOT to do in the future, and NOT to bring you down.

At the end of the meeting we had become ”good friends” now smiling and laughing and she started “opening up” 🙂

At the end of the meeting, we were now speaking so well together also on private matters – about my life in Helsingør and her life in Espergærde and previously Hillerød, and yes does this indicate a lady still being afraid of me (?) – that we could have continued speaking for hours, and in the beginning of the meeting when I the first time told her that “when you will read my website carefully, you will be able to understand”, her ignorant and better-knowing reaction was “no, I will NEVER be able to understand because I don’t believe in God, but in Darwin’s evolution theory” and when I asked her “who created you” (?), her answer was “my parents” (!) and when I continued asking her, we came all the way back to the Big Bang, and when I asked her “who was responsible for this” (?), she was not able to answer (!) and yes is it most likely that “this just happens co-incidentally”, Lisbeth (?), or isn’t it easier to believe that a CREATOR, i.e. God, made the Universe and is the creator of you too (?), but NO, in the beginning of the meeting, she was “as a principle” against me, but at the end of the meeting, we were now “friends” and she pointed at her board on the wall where an angel was hanging and now she told me that “it is not true that I am completely without faith, because I believe in angels” (!) and yes I told her about clairvoyants working with GOOD spiritual feelings, visions (dreaming when you are awake) and speech too and I gave her the thought to work on that “all of your thoughts are brought to your spiritually” and I might add feelings too – and you can guess from whom (!) – and as a human being, it is up to you to decide what you want to do on basis of your free will, and yes isn’t it fantastic that here we have a non-believer in God, but she understood at least some of this and yes because she believes in “more between heaven and earth” and also in a spiritual world, and do you see Lisbeth, that you truly does not have a long way to go before you will UNDERSTAND and believe in me and all you have to do is to carefully READ my website and then my scripts afterwards, and yes ALL approx. 3,500 pages are waiting on you (!) and one of the requirements for you to enter our New World of light only is to READ all of these pages and that is CAREFULLY :-).

And I was about to tell her that “it was uphill cycling here, but now it will be downhill leaving”, which you know is about how the landscape is here, and it is also to say that these were the “dangerous tigers and bears” of my dream the other day and yes to become friends with “my enemies” and that is at least what they decided to be and yes they did not even have to speak to me in order to understand just how crazy and dangerous I am, and do you still believe this after the meeting, Lisbeth (?), and let me tell you that if you have reminiscences of this, you have now started the process of becoming one of my true and loyal servants too, who will help teaching the world, and what better way to do it than to teach about your own misunderstandings and wrong doings?

Finally, I left at 14.30 after a meeting of 1½ hours and we could have continued, but now the Commune had closed, so I had to go ….

And yes, Lisbeth, I do also understand that “this is the worst you have ever gone through” (?) and that it was “hard for you”, but please remember that it was entirely based on your own misunderstandings and “poor work” – and also that I take on the sufferings and wrong doings of all people on my road, which includes you, IKU and the police as some of the last ones. And I wonder what you decided to write in your journal about me today and how many misunderstandings you have decided to include?

And yes, IKU and Rune, this was the darkness you started, which has made my last couple of days the worst TORTURE to go through, and all of this because of you being scared (!) and the only thing you had to be scared about was your owns errors, poor work/decisions and lack of humanity (!) – and this was the darkness I also had to go through here at the absolute end of my journey where the darkness is at its strongest.

I was home at 16.00 after doing some shopping, and from here I decided deliberately to take the rest of the day off instead of starting to write too much and also instead of commenting on Jimmy’s and Chalotte’s misunderstood postings on Facebook, which I have been “this close” to doing – I have written my first “draft” – and may or may not decide to do one of the next days, we will see and first of all: My work is first priority and this will be “additional” on top of my main work.

I was also told that “this is what the dream of scoring against me before I score a “beautiful goal” is about”, and isn’t it amazing what “small misunderstandings” can lead to and yes just wondering I am – and of course COME ALL OF YOU WHO DECIDE TO FIGHT ME, there is NOTHING you can do and I will defeat you all and yes my friends YOU HAVE ALL BEEN “WORKING” FOR THE DARKNESS WITHOUT KNOWING IT.

The National Police “co-incidentally” visited my website searching for “Breivik” to evaluate if I am a potential mass murderer

When I came home from the Commune and as a matter of routine checked visitors to my website through my TIP counter, I was surprised to see that the NATIONAL POLICE OF DENMARK had started visiting and “reading” my website – “digging for dirt” too (?) – including some of your IP addresses searching on “Breivik” on my website and “reading” MANY of my pages (!), and they started as a matter of co-incidence (?) at the same time as I had the meeting with Lisbeth – or maybe because you were glad to receive a “report about the suspicion of Helsingør Commune” (?) – so now I am coming in the search LIGHT of being a “national security threat” because of your misunderstandings (?), and the only thing I can tell you is that it was sceptical and wrong behaviour of the world together with lack of humanity towards suffering people starving and dying directly in front of your eyes, which was the reason why darkness “hit” Breivik, and he only received “very little” of the darkness I received, and I could have made the world go under if I gave up to this darkness, which I did not because I decided to save the world (!), but you may like to know that this is now a chapter, which is over with.

Let me also say that it is NOT nice to be negatively misunderstood and overviewed by both the police and the Commune, but now the Commune may decide to tell the police that they believe they have nothing to fear from me (?) and yes I would be HAPPY for people to start COMMUNICATING DIRECLTY AND 100% HONESTLY and that includes you too, Lisbeth (!!!) – and yes what a paradox, I have saved all of you, and you fear that I am a national security risk, and can you see it yourself or do I have to spell it for you?

The National Police of Denmark is now “investigating” if I am a “national security risk” and potential mass murderer as Breivik because of the Commune whistling on me with the paradox being that I saved the world and all of you 🙂

So the question is if the Police will be as slow to understand as everyone else, and you may decide to start surveillance on me and to tap my phone, read my emails etc. without my approval (?) and just for you of course to be sure about me (?) and if this is the case, let me recommend you to do ONE thing only, which is to READ and OBJECTIVELY UNDERSTAND my website and you can start with my main 15-20 pages taking you maybe a weekend, and afterwards you can start to read my approx. 3,500 pages, and we know Breivik only had 1,500 pages, I believe, so this is “of course” completely impossible for you to do (?) and to this I can say that if you read 10 pages per day, it will take you one year to read and if you read 100 pages per day, it will take you a little more than a month to do so it is really also a matter for you to DECIDE on what is the right thing to do – where there is a will, there is a way – and to teach you to do things properly instead of just skimming the writing and believe you understand, no I ask you to read EVERYTHING and to do it CAREFULLY, and to the Police. YOU BETTER GET STARTED RIGHT AWAY and yes, who will you report to about me (?), and yes Jakob Scharf, my “old friend” of the Police’s Intelligence Service, here you are again, and yes having two caps on in relation to me and for how long do you think you will be able to keep “your secret” about me (?), and let me be the one telling you: STOP ALL OF YOUR SECRECIES AND PUT FORWARD ALL OF YOUR MATERIAL TO THE WORLD and that is not only about me but EVERYTHING (!!!), and yes YOU BETTER GET STARTED TOO BECAUSE THIS IS INCLUDED IN MY NEW WORLD ORDER, WHICH IS OUR NEW WORLD ORDER – do you see :-).

Someone from the Police/Intelligence Service continuing his “search” on me in the evening from his private home as an example of several “strange visits” today

To IKU, Lisbeth and the police: If you had any kind of idea of what your WRONG actions have meant of sufferings to me during the last days, you would NEVER have done as you did – read my scripts and you will better understand and combine this with the content of “my sufferings” and you will understand that all of your WRONG actions have been directly transferred to me as MUCH DARKNESS making my life a true hell the last days too and here at the highest level. Thank you for what you did – and this has two meanings :-).

”MEN IN BLUE” symbolises that everyone will become part of me as the resurrected Jesus

Already last week I had noticed when visiting the website of the beautiful LO-school – my neighbour, which is a conference hotel for the “red” unions of Denmark – that Carsten Bo Jensen, a former Social Democratic MP and rock musician, would play today, and I understood that it was possible to come and visit, and after calling the LO-school receiving confirmation of this, I went to a free concert this evening, and the purpose of this is to say that we will all very soon become “MÆND I BLÅT” or “MEN IN BLUE” as his band was called in the 1980’s and this was simply a symbol saying that the next task is to spread BLUE all over the world, which is to make everyone become part of my resurrected self as Jesus, which is the last and “most difficult” task to do, and this was the inspiration that Carsten and his band received, to be called “men in blue”, and today was when we were supposed to meet, and I truly liked his concert very much with the absolutely high point being his very fine song SHANGI-LA, which to me is about paradise and as his lyrics say “because a beautiful tree becomes old, it does not have to be cut down” and here the TREE being “the eternal Source of life”, and yes we survived and I bring you my Son and that is my self to the world :-).

His song Shangi-la is not publically available on the Internet today with himself as an artist, but here it is by Kirsten Kofoed and Jesper Jespersen:

And here you have one of the old hits by MÆND I BLÅT and as I thought during this concert “my day was really not so bad” or “det var i grunden ikke så galt” coming through this too :-).

I liked several of Carsten’s stories in between his singing and guitar-playing, and one of them was a story about the late Prime Minister of Sweden, Oluf Palme, who said in front of 300,000 people at a concert in Sweden also including Kim Larsen, Mikael Wiehe, Björn Afzelius and himself, that “I don’t fear people, only bombs”, which is what the authorities fear so much in relation to me that I am now one of the potential dangerous people on their.

Carsten has had contact to all Prime Ministers of the Social Democracy for many years including the governments, other ministers and MP’s, and he told a story about one from his band – after having had too much to drink – asking the Prime Minister of the 1970’s “Anker Jørgensen, “have you spoken to Jesus”, which made Anker lose his temper shouting that he had spoken to Knud Heinesen – one of his cabinet ministers – and this was brought to my attention as a symbol saying that the Prime Minister, government and parliament of Denmark do know about me, but it is a taboo to speak about me, and that is WRONG my friends :-).

And let me tell you Carsten, that I TRULY don’t like to hear how awfully you speak about your political “opponents” the same way as I don’t like how my “old friend” Jacob or Søren Pind as examples speak negatively about their “opponents” – this is truly disgusting behaviour, and it made me sick to listen to and so much that I was almost leaving because of this alone!

Finally, inspired by Carsten’s song Shangri-La, let me here bring you Shangi-La by Electric Light Orchestra, which is one of my absolute favourite songs of this my favourite band, and after going through difficulties, we finally “return to my Shangri-La” at the end, which is what you also can hear from the music and lyrics, and when you listen to the last approx. 1½ minutes of this wonderful song (from the album A New World Record), you listen to how I imagine Paradise of our New World, which is the absolutely most beautiful (music) of all (music) that I know of – thank you very much, Jeff and that goes to all members of the band too – and also for the man producing the video below with beautiful pictures.


Ending the day with these short stories:

  • These days, the MP Søren Pind is leading as the HUNTING DOG a campaign against the Trade Minister Ole Sohn because of his past as the leader of the Communist Party around 1990 before it closed down and the question about what the party and he did receive or not receive of “financial support” from Moscow, and the media is doing what they can to bring Ole Sohn down (!) and it makes me SAD to see and all I can say that this is WRONG to do, and ALWAYS TELL AND BRING THE TRUTH OBJECTIVELY and not to fight as hunting dogs bringing people down because you want yourself to look good and get back to power!

  • I was happy to see several UFO’s flying this evening, and one was showing me as a BIG UFO with light at one end and the other and I was told that it was a MOTHERSHIP sending out other flying entities – and yes my friends a mothership in front of my apartment in Helsingør, and what does the Danish military and Government do about it (?) and I am sorry, I could not hear what you said (?) and oh, you decided not to tell, and why was that (?), because of your own “selfish interests” and because you are scared (?) and yes my friends, WRONG – there is NOTHING to be scared about!


23rd November: My mother has started reading about “my sufferings” herewith starting my process of awakening

Dreaming that the news of our New World has been spread spiritually around the world

I was “happy” to be able to “sleep” – with interruptions – to after 09.00 this morning almost removing the incredible tiredness I have suffered from the previous days – and here are the dreams:

  • I am changing my car to a super sport car, which includes a bomb and I am chased and being shot at. Somehow I am also driving in a Ford Mondeo being chased by a Ferrari, but my Mondeo is said to swing better than the Ferrari.
    • You may be able to guess who the chasers are (?) and not being very surprised to learn that this includes the Commune and the Police – and also the Government etc. (!) – and they all “want” me to push the button of the bomb to blow the remaining darkness, which is now “only very little”, but my answer it as always: NEVER!
    • And I am both the sport car doing my absolutely best and also the Ford Mondeo, and eeeehhh, I do not quite get that, but someday I will :-).
  • I see cyclists who have been driving through the worst rain weather without new clothes, which they now need, and I become no. 2 in a race on my bicycle just behind an old Mercedes.
    • Cycling and rain is STILL much suffering, and we now need new sets of clothes, which is to become our new selves.
  • I am reading up the TV news through my computer on the Internet and something about not having the courage to open my computer and not wanting to have me as the host.
    • Someone fearing to receive “my news”, which may be my closest family in relation to the darkness making me suffer (?) and my mother has started visiting my website a few times lately focusing primarily on my photos, and when will she return and also read about “my sufferings” and about the family and herself as part of this (?) and how will she react to it (?), and yes this is what she may fear doing.
  • Something about going through “strong sex” and not around it. I am on the first floor in a house and when I reach the corner of it, it is about breaking down and only by hanging on to two bars, I am able to pull myself back into the house, and it is almost impossible to do.
    • This is about being at the “ultimate limit” of the old world without breaking down and having the greatest difficulties to continue, and we know Stig, I AM NOT FINISHED WITH MY WORK YET, so let’s hang on to what we got, Frankie and everyone else :-).
  • I have worked to change the code of my computer, and finally I succeeded and I can now see a visit from DanskeBank-Pension to my website and I see Kim S. too.
    • This is about the code of the “old world” removing the wasting bonds of the darkness removing energy, which is what is bringing me more energy, and yes this is exactly how I feel today after coming through the worst darkness the previous days making me EXTREMELY tired.
  • I see myself eating a Danish pastry bar and I have read up news in the radio.
    • The news is about our New World, i.e. the pastry bar, which has been told spiritually to people around the world.
  • Half awake I heard that “we have only managed to come through because I switched off the antenna” and later that “now it is on again” – and the antenna will have to be “transmission of spiritual messages”, which has been closed down for the world for some time?
  • Half awake I heard “when my mother and I will meet, the final code of the orchestra will be developed” and this is about when I as the BLUE will be spread around the world, which will also bring the final code of the orchestra, and this is not about the remaining of Electric Light Orchestra part II but the symbol of the Council and their “final outcome” :-).
  • Tobias is playing the last Metallica album on his stereo, and Sanna is turning the volume up and I am surprised that I like the music even though I normally do not.
    • This is my feelings of Metallica as a band – I don’t like your music but there is something inside of it that I do like – and this is the same when it comes to my nephew and sister because I LOVE them very much but I don’t like the dark side of them, and yes Stig, there is light and darkness included in everything and not always easy to separate as you will understand, my reader when reading my scripts and website?
  • I am in Somalia, which is the most beautiful country and nature, and I am passing through forests and a narrow path on the hill side with a beautiful view, however it is dizzy, and I come through a very big house on the hill belonging to rich people, where I meet a black servant who ask me to pass the behind and not in front of the house as I do, and I can see my final destination in front of me, where I see many white people spending their holiday at hotels with swimming pools.
    • Something is not right here, because I am at the New World – symbolised by the beautiful Somalia here – but the view is dizzy, which is to say that this is what it has been here in Helsingør very much now for weeks, which is “strange weather” because of the last darkness we are fighting and this is the darkness I go through now seeing the end of my journey in front of me – the absolute inner core of darkness – and yes symbolised by rich people spending their holidays around poor suffering, starving and dying black people, and can you find any more wicked than this and yes with white people laughing and having drinks while fellow human beings are dying close by?

Working hard to complete my scripts – and the police and the Commune visited me again today still fearing me?

I started working at 10.00 today and continuing until 19.00 finalising both the LONG script of yesterday and the short script of today, and yes it took out much “mental strength” to do a new long script, which I had not “planned” myself when thinking that I would concentrate on my finalising my website, and we know I decided simply to “keep on and then at one stage you will finish” so this is what I did and yes happy about doing this too, and yes still receiving threats from the darkness to carry out my “old nightmare” (!) if I did not, and let me say that I was not tired today – not much anyway – saying that the worst darkness has gone.

I had a few more visits this morning from what looks like the police, but maybe you are able to see that I am not dangerous when you are simply seeing my positive messages (?) and I also had a visit by Lisbeth from the Commune still focusing on the part of “my sufferings” on the Devil tormenting me to destruct the world and afterwards my script of the 9th November about a desperate Devil wanting to kill me, and is it still difficult to get inside of your head what this is about, Lisbeth (?) and why don’t you start following my recommendation to TRULY start reading my website, which is the ONLY way for you to understand me the same way as I showed you with the blank paper, and by the way, you have not yet decided to send the promised IKU note about me, and we will see if you will remember to follow up on this promise of yours.

My mother has started reading about “my sufferings” caused by the family herewith starting my awakening

Today I noticed two “suspicious” visits to my website coming from the originally same IP-address as you can see below – first at 01:16 pm and then at 06:45 pm, which is still one hour later than the real time – and I noticed that the IP-address keeps changing for every visit, which I have only noticed happening for visits from the computer of my mother and John, and that the Internet service provider is Telia Stofa, which is strong in Helsingør, but only very few visitors to my site has this provider and also that this computer has visited my site 46 times since January 2011 and again, I only have very few visitors returning this many times – and my TIP counter does not count my mother’s visits to photos on my site, which my WordPress site does and she has been very active yesterday and some days ago looking at old photos – and I also notice that this is a visitor going – as the only one yet – directly to read about the chapter “uncontrollable feelings of my family/Karen brought me down” included at “my sufferings” and when I combine this with the dream of the night about “someone” not having the courage to open my computer to read the news about “my sufferings”, i.e. the darkness of TV bringing me suffering, I can only conclude that this is about my mother, who saw the other day on the front page of my website about my new chapter, but did not have the courage before today to start “reading” the chapter, and I say “reading” because she has only so far read the summary page about the family and not the detailed pages of her and Karen, Sanna and my father Peer. And I can only conclude this despite of this visitor according to the picture below is coming from the city of Langeskov, which is far away from Helsingør, and you may remember that I have shown you visits from Helsingør being shown as Ålsgårde and when Adiba visited my site, it was also showing another city than Helsingør, and yes this is it, and also just saying that I have experienced “small drop-outs” of a few seconds to my internet and TV connection, and yes the strength of my mother is great, therefore 🙂 – so now “the game” to bring myself alive as my new self has started with my mother being the key pin.

My mother’s first visit from Helsingør “disguised” by darkness as Langeskov but revealed by the changing IP-address …

… and the apparent interest to my new page of uncontrollable feelings of my family bringing me down ….

…. and also the number of visits to my website because I only have very few visitors returning this many times etc.

This script is first uploaded late in the night between the 23rd and 24th November at 05.05 and let me tell you that the reason is because of the extreme darkness, i.e. “fuel”, which “the uncontrollable feelings” of my mother brings me, which you can read about in my next script, and she did not call me the 23rd as promised and I wonder if we will see each other the 24th where we had agreed to visit Helsingborg in Sweden on the other side of the narrow sound here and also on Friday for dinner, and we will see.


Ending the day with this short story:

  • I was told that “it was important for you to show your best at your sister’s 50 years birthday in 2009, because it made it more difficult for your sister to convince her friends about your insanity making it increasingly difficult for the Devil to destruct the world”.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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