November 29, 2011: Latvia acknowledges and looks forward to my coming as Denmark acknowledged Latvia in 1991


Summary of the script today

27th November: Latvia acknowledges and looks forward to my coming as Denmark acknowledged Latvia in 1991

  • Dreaming of the Danish Foreign Minister trying to “protect” his old way of life, politicians being contrary/reluctant to my Basic Working Rules, the original code of light wrapped up by darkness but doors are opening and removing the code of darkness, my sister’s husband also received sexual sufferings as the curse of his life, Karen is still fond of me despite of saying the opposite and being with other men, a lot of light and “exciting things” are inside of the light now being released, my father was a “Romeo” also when meeting his wife Kirsten, whom he was not supposed to be with and this behaviour also brought me my sexual sufferings, my old school friend Stone is both a believer and non-believer in me, my old friend Jack was also close to kill me and the world, going through a difficult road through temptations towards the last “cinema” bringing everything to our New World, continuing my work despite of STRONG darkness, expanding the distribution channels of my work, having problems to keep the old world running but it is kept up because I decide to “never give up” at the same time as I work my best and fastest to bring us towards the New World.
  • The spirit of my mother has started opening my handcuffs and the final “big ship” of a task, which is to free every single being trapped inside the dark side of the spirit of my father – me (!) – and bring everyone of this side too with us to the New World.
  • I had a new “unofficial official visit” to my website from a government, this time from Latvia – thank you very much for making me HAPPY 🙂 – with the message being that they acknowledge and look forward to my coming as one of the first countries in the world the same way as Denmark acknowledged the freedom of Latvia in 1991 as one of the first, and I show you how I can see that this indeed is a visit by the Latvian Government – it is “easy” to see – and also how it looks like when governments access my website in secrecy without being “detected”.
  • Steffen Brandt from TV2 was inspired on live radio together with the hosts when speaking about our coming freedom and first about the threat of darkness killing the last part of darkness, and the TV programme “Spise med Price” was also inspired when creating the best quality of the traditional “Sun over God Home” sandwich and new versions using fantasy, which was about the quality, fantasy and creation of our New World where everyone will become creators.

28th November: I went through the hurricane of darkness herewith saving my mother’s husband John “and others”

  • Dreaming of two out of three lights being saved entirely with the last part of the light of the spirit of my father lacking, more of my old nightmare, I am ending all of my work at school with a “play”, my father used not to believe in me but he is starting to believe too because of my aunt, most living beings inside of the light of the dark side of the spirit of my father have now been saved, starting to work at the Council with defect but working computers, if I should decide to “give up” now, there would be no explosion and all data of everything has been saved and I receive very little energy when continuing to work in the old world.
  • Jimmy from Selvet and the meditation group decided to ask his Facebook if he “walks the talk”, which he does not simply because he does not communicate with nor read me but instead has faith to Niclas, who is the reason why Jimmy and the group don’t believe in me because Niclas simply loves the voice of “God inside of the darkness”.
  • Chalotte Clarissa has decided NOT to meet me more than once and NOT to read my scripts in order to understand me, and her lack of faith in me and WRONG BEHAVIOUR brought her spiritual deceptions of darkness too including physical sufferings making her believe that she is to build a temple with the truth being that she is to help me spread our New World to the world :-). I was brought to her and the meditation group at her location for them to help me OPEN the Source, which was not with love and understanding, but with wrong behaviour and lack of faith in me bringing me much darkness and sufferings required as “fuel” to dismantle the darkness itself.
  • I was told that because I decided to continue working and not giving up to the hurricane of darkness meeting me yesterday including a very strong “kill, kill, kill” command of the darkness, which I did not understand, that this is what saved John – the darkness did not “kil, kill, kill” him because I took enough sufferings on me to avoid it, and with him, the big brothers of my old school friends Allan and Fuggi – Gert and Keld – were saved too, and yes all in all as good day, and this was necessary to go through because politicians and media of the world has “classified” information of my reappearance because they don’t have the courage to tell the world (!), and my dear friends out there, do you have any idea of how much pain you put me through because of your wrong doings? Why is it so “difficult” for you to do what is right?

29th November: Open letter to my meditation group: You brought me sufferings because of your “spiritual deceptions”

  • Dreaming of my old friend Lisbeth being selfish and attracted to me and working at Danske Bank to receive more energy and everywhere I look I see darkness around me but also much energy of our New World coming.
  • I decided to write an open letter to my meditation group in Helsingør, which I have taken a break from because of the extreme darkness and sufferings they bring me. The letter is in Danish with these headlines:
    • I hold a break from the group because of “unbearable sufferings”, which you very directly bring me because of your darkness
    • I met you at “CLARISSA” to bring eternal life to the Universe by returning to the divine Source.
    • Chalotte’s lack of faith in me brought her “spiritual deceptions”, physical sufferings and “megalomania”
    • Niclas is a divine victim of the darkness disguised as “spiritual love”, which deceived you against me even though he knows that I speak the truth
    • Jimmy was the darkness closest to the Source, which brought me sufferings to finalize the creation of our New World 🙂
    • I showed you the TRUE way to God and our New World but only met “loud silence” and poor behaviour
    • Jonathan did not like me and I took on his health without understanding that if was he and the group, which stole my energy
    • You were smothered in and lulled to sleep by darkness disguised as “spiritual love” the same way as users of Selvet!
    • You rejected God self in his appearance as an ordinary man, but you are yourselves God’s TRUE servants, who will enlighten the world
  • Read also about new inspired messages of people, will Denmark use me as an example of a poor man because of their own negligence being too lazy and selfish to read, understand and help me (?), and will the MP Mogens Lykketoft speak the truth about me and my New World Order or “be silent”?


27th November: Latvia acknowledges and looks forward to my coming as Denmark acknowledged Latvia in 1991

Dreaming of the attitude of my father as a “Romeo”, also brought me the worst sexual sufferings

I did not have the best night again but a night as what I had for a VERY long time in 2010 for example when I was working from the library or at Brede Park and yes making me “tired”, which is NOT a nice feeling so I can only thank Nønne, Stone and others reacting to me – also to my publish of “my sufferings” and yes “many people reading the headline alone” reacting to this (!) – and sending me your concerned/wrong/negative feelings, and yes far too much information in dreams again – to give me much work in order to absorb all of the “lovely” darkness coming at me – but okay, here we go:

  • Villy Søvndal – the Danish Foreign Minister – has discovered that what he tried 52 years ago, to put crumbs on the floor for him to create the crust of his cheese, is the right thing for him to do and then he does not care about what otherwise is considered right to do including how to produce cheese. I see him annoyed for not reaching the edges and I ask him if we should we ask them to redo it or to clean op all of the timber down there in the “lakes”, and I see several lakes next to each other looking like the opal lake on Bornholm with a couple of them including much floating timber, and to my surprise I see one man jumping from the edge into the water with two other men just about to do the same, and I hold back because I think about whether or not the water is clean or has stood still without being replaced, which make me stand on the ground in moist clay.
    • So Villy, are you thinking of me since you continue to appear in my dreams (?) and what is this about (?) and can it be that “crumbs” are to protect what is inside of him (?) and cheese is condensed milk, and I cannot remember what “milk” is a symbol of to me, but it is an old symbol – I remember “years ago” meeting Karen at the top of the mountain with both coffee and milk, I believe (?) – so is “milk” also about being “unfaithful” and yes “just guessing” I am, and when it is condensed, it may be to say that this is what the condensed darkness is made of, people being unfaithful, and timber in the water can only be about “darkness cutting down life and making it suffer” for example the light inside of the skeleton of darkness and yes we will see later if this is what this dream was about, but this may be just what it is about, and yes Villy, I do look forward to meeting you too and you did not like to reply to my email to you or to talk about it with others (?) and just wondering I am.
  • I was told half awake that “the truth is that politicians have been contrary/reluctant to 10 projects”, which I understood were my Basic Working Rules and all I can say is that you will understand the value of these in our New World and the happiness they will bring to all, and you may understand that “willing to change” is not only a “challenge” in relation to the population when you make “changes” to the old world, but also to yourself when I introduce the New World Order, which you should have created yourself – together with the world – A LONG TIME AGO and that is if you were TRULY responsible, my friends :-).
  • Poor notes here but something about looking at a video at my website now working perfectly picture after picture and then “Which now inckydes the rigt føde a large Porahw and not just a small engineering whixh could mor drive” (?) – I was TIRED during the night (!) – followed by me saying “I would like to keep all codes in a ring binder”, but someone has wrapped them up and a cafeteria man saying “welcome” and speaking to my girl friend without being angry with me.
    • Yes, really “not certain” about this dream, neither the description of it nor the meaning, which will have to be about the original code of light being wrapped up by darkness and …?
  • I heard “light my fire” by the Doors and the lyrics “light my fire, try to set the night on fire” and the feeling of this being “wrong” and a couple of minutes later I was told that “the door with this code has now been replaced” and also that membrane of darkness is almost not existing anymore meaning that there is almost free access to the inside, and while I was told this, I still felt how the darkness was “this close” to overtake me when waking up during nights and how I received these very painful pains inside of my fingers and feet, but from the moment when I decided that “I am the strongest and I don’t want to be afraid of anything”, the darkness was “piece of cake” to handle, and yes this is the difference – and I thought that it seemed to help removing the membrane of darkness after publishing “my sufferings” to Scribd yesterday.
  • I am sleeping in a bed with Hans – my sister’s husband – and notice that his computer shows a page of “sexual desire”, and I feel that this is how he is feeling strongly, and I decide to stand up because I cannot sleep, and I walk into the living room – it feels like the house of Camilla’s parents in Hareskoven – and inside the living room, I see Karen, Denis and another man sleeping on sofa’s, and she is speaking in her sleep, and I am able to caress her bag also when she wakes up without resistance as she used to have, and I have her small dog on my knees, and I feel it is Karen too and it turns around towards me giving me the feeling that highly placed ancient Egyptians accept me.
    • Hans seems to be a man hit by the same curse as I and other servants of the light, which is “sexual sufferings”, and this is what also makes it impossible for me to sleep – I am the sum of people (!) – and the sofa of Karen, Denis and other men is about her desire for several men, and still she is fond of me even though she says that she is not, and it seems that she is the key for me too in relation to becoming myself and being accepted as the one I am.
  • Half awake I was told “the lacking maniac from new goods here at the hotel, which is as if nothing happens”.
  • I was shown the known, centre of London, and the whole large city around it with “a lot of lights and exciting things happening”, which may be about the content of this unknown part of the light now being released.
  • Half awake I was given information about my father not supposed to be together with his wife Kirsten (!) and then I heard Sebastian’s song “Romeo og Julie” and the lyrics “W.C. Fields” and “Romeo”, which can only be about my father acting as a Romeo in relation to ladies, and this brought me what the meaning of “WC” (“toilet”) is about, which is my “old nightmare” and yes the worst sexual sufferings, and just receiving and giving explanations to the reason of some of my sufferings.
  • I have found a very small stone next to one of the main roads of Copenhagen and I am encouraged to enlarge it by blowing it up, which I do and I see the face of the Devil as well as a normal man inside of it and think that it is incredible how much potential life, which exists. I am at a bar in Hørsholm, where I meet my old friend René and first he pretends as if he doesn’t see me, and I tell him “you can say hello”, which makes him give me a friendly push in my back and he says “it is good to see you again”. I am together with Jack, and he gets food for us at the bar while I write on my brochure using my laptop, and I don’t have the stone I blew up as a balloon and think that I will have to do this again, and when Jack returns with the food, he spills ketchup on the table, which almost hits my laptop, and when he tried to take napkins from the box on the table, he keeps spilling on all of the napkins, so I cannot clean the table and what was “almost” hitting the computer.
    • The stone is in continuation of my old school friend Stone starting to find “interest” in understanding me – he is now “following” me on Scribd too after having opened and “read” my sufferings memo yesterday – and here it says that he has two faces in relation to me – the same as what everything of the old world has – which is a face of light and darkness, which may be “belief” and “non-belief” at the same time.
    • The bar in Hørsholm means “God inside of the darkness”, where I meet old friends of mine, and Jack helped me much at one stage, but this dream says that he was also very close to killing me and the world, i.e. the ketchup almost “drowning” my laptop, so this is what “the system” made you do, Jack?
  • I am in Copenhagen – feels like Gl. Kongevej (“the old King’s road”!) – where I am on my way towards the cinema, and it goes through the use of an elevator, which first pulls me horizontal through a long room before it lifts me up to the 5th floor, and I am happy to see that here is a large public room offering free breakfast – which I think is exactly the place I have always been looking for – and there is the best breakfast everywhere in this room, and I see my old friend Britt eating in there, but she does not see me, and I am sad that I don’t have the time to enjoy the breakfast because I am on my way to the cinema, so I leave from the other side of the room, which however was not where the cinema was, so I walk down and start the journey over again with the elevator, and when I come to the room with the breakfast, I first see several rolls of gift paper, but the breakfast is now over, and something about getting “clothes to be used for being terrified of flying” and I have now forgotten about which direction leads to the cinema.
    • The plentiful breakfast is about “normal life” or what may be beyond it, which is tempting but still not for me – I will send money to LTO – but for my old friend, Britt, who deserted me as one of the first in 2010 but still has not forgotten about me (?), and this dream shows the difficulties to find the cinema at the end with cinema being a symbol of our New World, so is this to bring the last part of the light with us (?), and the clothes may be “much confidence/strength” required to fly this last flight with what is coming against me – did you notice the storm/hurricane in Denmark today as a symbol (?) – and yes I will find that cinema no matter what!
  • The MP Mogens Lykketoft arrives goal-oriented at the elevator, and we drive together up to the head quarter of the Social Democratic Party, and up there I say that people can enter from the other side, and we find stairs to use, and when I call, it is my mother – through Lykketoft – who says that I was not at all sick and that it was nothing else than concerns for me. I see myself now smoking next to the stairways together with two nurses, and I understand that the Social Democratic Party previously had a nurse working for them.
    • It seems that Mogens is one of the MP’s believing in me, and because of his belief, it helps my mother to believe in me too – she is the world, therefore – and that I was never sick.
    • I woke up to Neil Diamond’s song “I’m a believer” , which I like VERY much, also strengthening the message of the faith of Mogens in me. Please say hello to Helle, Frank and everyone else, Mogens :-).
  • I am working at my computer and I hear the worst swearing and songs with sexual lyrics, but still I connect a printer to the computer, and I consider buying a cheap TV, which is attached to another printer – I see it as good offers in different radio/tv stores – and I think that using this offer may be the easiest way to expand the network, because my old printer cannot be expanded.
    • This is about my difficulties continue working – my scripts are not the easiest to write and publish these days because of the length of them and how I feel – and to expand the network may be about having different “distribution channels”, for example my website, Scribd, my library at Mediafire and what other people out there may decide to do.
  • I am holding a meeting with my IT-supporter (the man helping me to develop the “Noa” system when I worked for Aon, I cannot remember your name), at a side road to Nørrebrogade in Copenhagen, and the problem is that I cannot see video on the computer anymore, and it is now 13.50 and I tell him that I have to make a call to Morten J., whom I feel is at Kongens Nytorv (“the King’s New Square”) and I am in a hurry because I have an agreement to meet him at 14.00 and Morten is also going to have a meeting with the IT-supporter, but the supporter does not have time today. It is Morten’s last day at the company, and I am sad that he stops because I truly like him, and we are now together with clients, which we are about to entertain, and I see that we are walking at a very good looking pedestrian street with the most fantastic restaurants located one after the other, and Morten brings us inside of one, which makes the finest marzipan cakes, but we are looking to get lunch, so we leave again, and I tell about a restaurant called “Sevig”, which I have read has a very good balance between price and quality, which we then decide to look for, and we drive on a horse wagon, which drives so incredible fast that I ask “is this the new Tarok”, and when it stops, we see “strange looking” Swedish priests with one of them singing, and I am back because I don’t feel well where Morten is very outgoing, and I believe he has good “skills” entertaining people.
    • Morten J. is the symbol of the old world, which is “very close” to closing down, which can happen “at any moment” – also because my laptop symbolising the same is having problems working – and I am in a hurry to meet Morten J. before it is too late and this is what the dream says but this is NOT what I have decided to be in real life working with the same attitude as always (!), and it seems that we are on our way from the old to the New World having marzipan cakes on our way, which is about “keep on and on and on” and “never giver up”, with good restaurants everywhere in our future “pedestrian street”, and the fast running horse was brown, which is about my old self doing “my best” to do all of my work, and yes my work yesterday was “not among the worst I have ever done”, Morten but the opposite :-).

Working when not feeling well and with very little energy – and my computer having a “serious system error”

I started working at 09.35 this morning not feeling “very well” – but TIRED, a heavy head and “very little energy” today – and at 11.00 I had uploaded the previous three days of scripts, and I continued writing the script of today so far crossing several pain limits on my way without giving up making me think of but I think of Bjarne Riis and his attitude to pain when cycling the Tour de France and how were your words (?) and mine are something like this: “I love pain” and yes, this attitude makes it easier for me to accept the pain and come through it and really the same attitude as during the night, when you decide to be strong, it is MUCH easier than when being weak, do you remember Adiba (?) – and by 14.40 I had also written my script of today – and by 16.20 I had done the cleaning too.

After a few hours, I had to restart the computer because I received a “serious system error”, which I have not received for some time, but this is really not news because I had it all of the time when living in Lyngby, but mainly when closing down the pc when I think carefully and yes almost not happened before that I had to restart it because of a system error “just happening” and we know when my small program “Gyldendals Røde Ordbøger” (Danish-English dictionary) suddenly jammed and we know it has worked “very slowly” this program for some weeks and not because anything is wrong with it, but because of darkness coming my way – the same way as my notes application on my smart phone also makes trouble almost every single time I use it, when it becomes “grey” when trying to open it in writing mode and yes most often I have to open and close 3-4 times and yes many small examples there are ….

The spirit of my mother is opening my handcuffs and transferring ALL beings inside of the dark side of the spirit of my father

In my morning bath I was shown a vision of the spirit of my mother opening the handcuffs of my hands tightened to my back and I received the feeling “I am the remaining darkness myself” and it seems that my mother now has the key to “soak” all of me into the New World.

Later in the day I was told that “there is now only one ship left, which is very big, and it requires the full faith of your mother in you”, and we will see how this will occur and yes I have delivered the fuel through the publish of “my sufferings” – which is “very difficult” for people to read apparently because it only receives few visitors, and yes people feel like “throwing up” and “have had enough” because of me (?) – and I will deliver even more if required for example through my last personal email as my old self to my family and Karen sending them “my sufferings” directly and I am thinking to do this before the end of next week – or the week following – and that is if required and fitting with finishing my work.

I was told much, but decided to only bring a few things here – much will be said in the future – and the voice of the part of the spirit of my father trapped inside the darkness told me that “I first started with sexual sufferings later” and we know having to play the Devil when being light with the aim to make people suffer and destroy the world is not “very funny” as you might understand (?) and “he” told me that “I could do nothing else” and I could have written many words down, but this is how it was, the Source was created as both light and darkness and could do nothing else than work as both light and darkness.

The game these days is still about what will happen if I should “lose it” or stop working? Will I risk a big loss and even termination of this part of the spirit of my father; “he” has been speaking to me very directly and shown himself as an outline inside of me also visually and really to say that “he” is the one I am “gambling” with and the question is if this will happen in the worst case scenario – “to be or not to be” – or will energy of the world been used to open up and soak everything in – with the Universe bleeding – because this is what I have asked for “just in case” and that is truly the question and we know this game is STILL not very funny to do but somebody has to do it and that is my job and no matter what, I have decided to finish my work and refuse to give up as a matter of principle and that is really what is holding me up and also making me come all the way through until the last dot has been set, and thinking of Victor Borge here – looking forward to that smile, but not yet!

I received a couple of signs through live television, which I did not write down, but one of them was about the weather forecast on DR1 I believe speaking of “green light”, which was “very interesting” to the host to reflect on (!), and to me this was confirmation saying that “we are in control” and that is of “everything”.

At the end of the evening I was told that the “big ship”, which is left is about receiving every single being trapped inside of the spirit of my father – the part on the dark side – with us to the New World too, and I felt my inner body being deeply penetrated in order to “soak” all of these people out too.

Latvia acknowledges and looks forward to my coming as Denmark acknowledged Latvia in 1991

This evening I was HAPPY to receive one of these “unofficial official visits” from a government, which may be the best way to call them – and I am feeling the taste of FISH writing this, which you know is the symbol about me as the Son of God and here awakening 🙂 – and this time around it was from LATVIA as you can see below, and the first things I thought of when seeing this was to offer me support because of my situation being “trapped” by the official system of Denmark, and to me Latvia is about freedom from suppression, hence their history receiving freedom from the Soviet Union in 1991 and yes “what did Uffe Ellemann (the Danish Foreign Minister at the time) do for us in our freedom process is what we are doing to you”, these are the words given to me and Uffe was BRAVE to be one of the first to acknowledge the Baltic States in 1991 after having played a key role in their struggle for freedom and the reason was that the world “did not have the courage” because they were scared of the Big Brother in Moscow (!), and yes “we have not forgotten about you” are the words also coming to me here and yes because of Uffe they now return this “favour”, and thank you my friends over there, but this is not something I will become “Rig a” (“rich from” in Danish) :-), but alright I will wait to receive a normal life for my LTO friends and myself until the world will give it to me

And yes my dear friends let me say that your action MADE ME VERY HAPPY but as you know I would become even happier to receive an email from someone out there representing “the official world” but neither the Australian nor any other government was “able” to do this – because you were “scared” (?) – but LATVIA thank you very much indeed, – SAY HELLO TO EVERYONE OVER THERE and LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING YOU :-).

By the way, LATVIA in Danish is “Letland” and I have always smiled when seeing you play Icehockey – and when playing against Denmark – because it should be quite “easy” to defeat “Easy Land”, which “Letland” means directly transferred into English – but in practise it is not because you play very well – and what is also means to me is that the world may believe that it was “easy” for me to do my work because “he just kept on working until the end”, but let me tell you that it was both the easiest and the absolutely worst and most difficult I have ever done and both are the truth.

From the following you can see the visits from four different computers in different cities of Latvia visiting the same site within a few minutes (!), which to me is “almost impossible” to do in real life unless it is planned to show me, thus an “unofficial official visit” of the Latvian Government as I explain further below.

The “unofficial official visit” of Lavia to my website to acknowledge me, when I will receive FREEDOM as my new self, as Denmark acknowledged and gave Latvia freedom in 1991

And to bring more information on this, I can tell that I “hardly ever” receive a visit from Latvia, and from my TIP counter going back to the 16th November – I cannot see further back because I don’t have a paid subscription – I have had no other visits from Latvia than these four IP-addresses (!) and what are the “chances” then to receive four visits within a few minutes (?) – and the next question is where do they know about my page (?) and someone out there may decide to believe – without knowing of course – that “of course these people have clicked a link probably from a Latvian website” and yes this would be the “normal” way of explaining it, but if you look at the statistical information my WordPress gives me, you can see that “yesterday” (which is the 27th November, because the picture is from the 28th when this is written) I only had people being “referred” from Google when finding my website through different “search engine terms” – and here I am asked “you can see NO other links than Google” with the meaning “look at the Google links”, and yes now I can see four links from Latvia, namely “”, which is telling me that someone found my site through searching for images at Google in Latvia (!), and what did they search for (?) and let us see the “search engine terms” to find the answer on this, and yes “scripts of stig dragholm pictures” may be one, and “wisemen bring gifts to child Jesus” may be another – even though I cannot “find” my script of the 4th June when searching with these strings (!) – because my script of the 4th June 2011 among others includes the story of “The three “wise” men of Top Gear presenting their gifts not to the baby Jesus but to THE STIG” and other important stories of this script is “As part of the creation, my mother brought feminine values of love and care to the new world” and “The Jerusalem UFO told the world about my return, a new CREATION and Era of ETERNAL NOW coming”, which may be your way to declare your faith in me?

The visitors from Latvia came through Google in Latvia ( after searching my website for pictures (“imgres”) and NOT through a link from a website or email!

They used some of the search strings mentioned above – and I “hardly” ever get visitors from Latvia, and NEVER to the same site within a “few minutes” only – what a “co-incidence” 🙂

As you see I don’t understand everything as a normal human being, but this is how it is. Four different computers in Latvia “decided” to visit the same website of mine within “a few minutes” and normally I “hardly” get any visits from Latvia, and yes there is NO link from any Latvian website or email to my site, which I would also have been shown as a referrer in the statistical information from WordPress – and really because this is what the Google Webmaster tools tells me as you can see from the following pictures where “links til dit websted” in Danish is “links to your website”, with 1.834 coming from, which is from myself (!), is a site collecting information from Blogs but in Denmark (!), is my own links, the same and then there is a site called “” as you can see, but there is NO links to my script of the 4th June and no links from websites or emails in Latvia.

It is only I and a Danish website collecting information from Blogs, which today are linking to my website – no website or email from Latvia!

And where does this “” link to (?), and yes as you can see below it has 9 – like that number 🙂 – links to my script of the 26th May about Barack Obama:

However there is one “strange” looking site linking to one of my scripts, but ….

But when you click one of these links, you are brought to a “strange” site selling different kind of products and when searching these sites to find the link to my site, there are NO results – also when searching for “stig” on this domain – and I am simply wondering if this is an example of a “hidden entrance” to my site for people not wanting to reveal their presence (?) – is this showing the “difficulties” for the “secret government” out there to remain “invisible” as you would like to remain (?) – and I have seen the same MANY times with “strange looking referrers” shown in my daily WordPress statistical information, and there is only one thing I can tell you: PLEASE COME OUT OF THE CLOSET and this is both to the world, and what the world is telling me as I am here told: “GOD, PLEASE SHOW US YOUR PRESENCE” and yes, smiling I am, I will and that is when I have finished my work, which I am now “this close” to being, and we will see if it will take a week or maybe even two, but it is in this neighbourhood we speak of and yes around Helsingør :-).

This “strange” website is “linking” to my script without having a visible link (!!!) – is this an example of a hidden entrance of the secret government to read me without being detected?

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I liked very much hearing Steffen Brandt from the Danish “superband” TV2 on P7 today when he was interviewed for two hours live, which included much inspiration for example when he received the question if he has thought a song to be a big hit, which it did not become, and when he answered that “Sommer” is an example of this, and if you listen to the “uncontrollable” ENTHUSIASTIC reaction from the radio host, who simply LOVES this song, you will understand that he was given this reaction because this is the enthusiasm of the spiritual world about our New World – and he spoke of the song being about children, summer and “be free”, which was about my freedom coming, which I am looking forward to as you may understand (?) – and you might also notice Steffen’s fantastic humour, communication skills and “play” with the Danish language and excitement about Bornholm, which is really because it is a symbol of our New World, Steffen :-). Listen also to how they spoke ironically of listener questions being “the most crude questions he has ever received” with Steffen saying “like an interrogation”, which is about the darkness tormenting me, which continued when the host said “we have received many questions we have planned to get answered even if it will cost our life” and the other host saying “I hope it will not bring a lethal exist but that we will survive”, which is about the difficulties to get “everything” with us, but yes Stig, 100,00% is how it has to be.
  • Steffen Brandt was also given the voice of Peter Schrøder – a Danish actor most famous for saying “det fandme uhyggeligt, du” (“it is scary as hell”) – when saying a few sentences, and later I understood what this was about when Stone decided to bring the following posting, and yes Stone “is it scary” (as hell) that “den skøre mand” (“the crazy man”) might be the one I “claim to be” and so much that your scariness is bringing me darkness too– and yes so it is :-). And when you watch the video of Peter, you will notice that the tax authorities took most of his money, which here is the same as “energy” and yes “it is (indeed) scary as hell” and that goes both to Stone and Peter Schrøder.

  • And the reason why I have included Rikke too, is because she was “coincidently” inspired to post a message about the tax authorities making mistakes, which made her start the Christmas shopping, and we know just saying that the Devil is not strong enough to keep me away from being born and to bring EVERYTHING with me inside of the New World, do you see and also understand (?) and yes, yes, yes is the answer also from what used to be the reluctant Devil as I here was given a vision of.
  • And they keep coming, these inspired messages, and here you have another one from Søren Pind who can’t stop loving the King as he says, which here is Elvis Presly and me too, yes, and as a bright man says below “Don’t believe the King would have liked the policy of the present government” and that is true, and neither the previous government (!), and yes “how difficult” is it for people to “start loving the King” when he tells them to improve because what they did was wrong (?), and yes Søren it is not very easy, is it? – And isn’t it funny that I have waited for years to receive spiritual communication that Elvis indeed was yet another part of me, and I have only received “weak signals” about this also as now and least when it comes to spiritual speech (not being said very clearly/strongly), but I remember in 2006 when I was shown a vision of Elvis on the cross as me, which should be confirmation enough, and we know he truly was the greatest singer and performer in my mind – and as a normal human being, I believe I can say it (and if needed also if others should not say it!), which you can see below in a fantastic clip with “him”.

  • Yesterday evening I watched the “Spise med Price” (“eat with the brothers Price”) TV show on DR1, and the programme from Bornholm, and yes they did EVERYTHING they could to produce the most fantastic versions of the traditional “Sol over Gudhjem” (“Sun over God Home”) open sandwich, which is about our New World and VARIATIONS OF THE BEST QUALITY 🙂 and it is indeed a “king’s dish” as you said in the programme, and yes I LOVED seeing the brothers making their very creative and fantastic versions of the dish, and yes also ice cream made of smoked herring (?) and feeling MONTY PYTHON here asking and yes because isn’t this silly (?), but it worked and I love FANTASY and CREATION of new Earth, Wind & Fire very much, which this also symbolises – everyone will become CREATORS of our New World – and isn’t this song AMAZING, George I, II and III (Michael, Harrison and Clooney)?

“Spise med Price” on DR1 TV was inspired to make the BEST “Sun over God Home” sandwiches including new fantastic versions symbolising QUALITY, FANTASTY and CREATION of our New World 🙂 🙂 🙂

Often, the lenght of a script is telling you about the level of my sufferings, which the hurricane of Denmark today also did – “one of the worst in 10 years”, and this is how it is here, “I love it” and that is the pain, but the truth is that I would like to do without but this is about doing the RIGHT thing and also thinking of Niclas from the meditation group here and that “he knows” and isn’t it wonderful that he cannot bring himself to tell it to the others?


28th November: I went through the hurricane of darkness herewith saving my mother’s husband John “and others”

Dreaming of my father turning from a non-believer now starting to believe because of my aunt

After starting work today at 09.00, I can finally start the script of today at 11.30 after working with “the last part” of the script of yesterday – and the spirit of my father inside the darkness too – and TIRED is what I still am and UNCOMFORTABLE BEYOND DESCRIPTION is what this still is, but some more dreams and yes let us have a look at them:

  • I am a guest at a dinner for four in Copenhagen, and I am amazed by the cat being “intelligent” and speaking to me; it speaks of the smileys it wears, which are two and I don’t wear any. One of the female guests knows that it is “now or never” if she wants to get sex with a male guest, who is about to leave, and I sit in the sofa with someone pulling my fingers very uncomfortably.
    • The cat is the opposite of the dog here meaning “light” and the two lights of the cat are from the Holy Spirit and the Son, but we still need to get the third one too from the Creator you know, and even though the female is very interested in getting sex here and now with another male guest, this may be disguised as me in order for me to write it, because I keep many of dreams like this away from my scripts, but here is one of them, and yes the pain I receive from time to time at inside of my fingers – really the whole hand – and feet is “killing” me too, but this is how to work when we want EVERYTHING WHICH HAS EVEN BEEN CREATED including “every single thought ever”.
  • I am at school writing about a traditional play, which is the last I will get time to do at school, the teacher by the name of Lars will not tell me about the name of the play. At the second last day “I leave the floor above me” (?), which has an even better view to a large fleet of UFO’s on the sky, and when I ask my father to look up, the fleet has vanished when he looks, and then I see a GIANT UFO and am told “this is how big they are” and when I ask another man to look up, this UFO is vanishing after having turned into a large cloud, but it was time enough for the man to see that I spoke the truth, and it makes him give a sigh and tell the others to look too.
    • The “time” of my school is “running out” – Jeff and Neil 🙂 – because I am almost done with all of my work, and the story of the UFO’s may be to tell about the development of my father first not believing in me, which is the reason why he could not see the first fleet of UFOs, because he has to believe to see them with me, and the other man may simply be my father too now starting to believe me when seeing only “a little” of the giant UFO, and I wonder if this is what my aunt was meant to do, to bring faith in me to my father through her reading of my scripts, which my father not bothered doing when he only listened to his own, wrong voice.
  • At the technical school most students come out after their exam with most having passed when receiving approx. 1,000 points. But I see one who has not passed, and I see a plough with a net, which is ploughing up the last ones for a new exam, and I am surprised to see that a car is driving over the net, which it should not do. We are on our way to Café Victor in Copenhagen and something about a lady taking the chocolate from my Cappuccino and “informed hooligans, who want to roll her and a man saying no thank you”.
    • This will have to be about the last task of the “big ship” to “soak out” all beings inside the light of the dark side of the spirit of my father, which seems to go fine but we are still working to get the last ones with us, and we are on our way to my favourite café of all, Café Victor, – in Denmark at least and yes I wonder why Denmark does not have the same café culture as in Paris with THOUSANDS of fantastic cafes with the truth being that I can only find a handful of cafés here, which I like you know “very much” – and chocolate is still about thinking of your own “needs” and is this what darkness will do to a lady I know, which may be my mother or maybe even Karen (?) and we will see.
  • I have started working at a Council united at tables in a round circle, and I soon get very good relations with people, and I see that they work in small groups, and one man older than me will receive a new employee and he practises on me as a manager, and I tell him that he is pressing too much, which is uncomfortable, and another man is able to see that all computers are infected with a virus, and that mine is infected by two, but still the computers keep working.
    • This is about the Council, which I will start working for when I will become my new self, which you know is my previous self, and the computers may be about our “old world” having difficulties to keep running.
  • I am inside a building suddenly discovering that the battery my mobile phone will explode in one minute, and I don’t know what to do, to remove the threat of this here or now, or to take on my pants first – because I don’t wear any – and I decide to take on my pants first, and then I run with my phone to the next room, where I disconnect the battery only to discover that there was no danger, it did not explode, and someone tells me that I have lost no data because all data was saved on a common drive.
    • This will have to be about the potential explosion, which would have caused a Big Band not that many months ago, which today would be a “dud” if I should allow it to happen, and I decide to take on my pants first, which is to remove the threat of my worst nightmare, and it says that ALL DATA – i.e. “everything” is “saved”, so I will probably not have to worry about a thing and that is even though both the world and I still live in INCOGNITO :-).
  • My old friend Paul and I are redirecting public traffic in Copenhagen including not to stop at different stops anymore, and somehow he is working for another company giving him much more money than I, which is confirmed when we are riding the bus.
    • Is this also about the difficulties of keeping up the old world – now containing the spirit of my father and that is still me you know – symbolised by Copenhagen (?), and at least it says that Paul receives much more energy, i.e. money, than what I do and it would be a shame to call me “fresh” and “vibrant” because the truth is that I am breaking apart not being able to do the work I do, but that is a detail when there is a will to do it.
    • Later: First this afternoon I understood that this dream was also about my bicycle becoming damaged again yesterday evening in the storm – see later – with spokes of the back wheel being broken off, which forced me to take the small train from Højstrup to Helsingør and yes the other day, they decided to cancel every second stop at Højstrup station, that’s why.

Jimmy does not “walk the talk” when not trying to understand me but believing in the deceitful “spiritual love” of Niclas

Jimmy from Selvet and the meditation group, which I decided NOT to visit yesterday because I was TIRED and did not like to continue meeting sceptical, opposing, lazy and not-communicating people, decided to be “open” asking his friends if he “walk the talk” and that is because he is good to TALK TALK but what about the walk (?), and here you can see what some of his friends including me decided to tell him, and does this help on your understanding, Jimmy (?) or is it still “impossible” when you decide to shut your mouth as an oyster not communicating with me – or even responding to my invitation for you to visit me – thus bringing me sufferings including my “old nightmare” of sexual sufferings?

Jimmy does not ”walk the talk” because he prefers to TALK TALK rather than communicating with and reading me in order to understand that I am the road he needs to go

But it is easier for you to have faith in your “old friend” Niclas, isn’t it, Jimmy, because his words “sound as love” to you contrary to mine?

Niclas is the reason why Jimmy and the group don’t believe in me because he loves the voice of “God inside of the darkness”

And the reason for Jimmy’s “difficulties” is also the ”unconditional love” with the darkness disguised as light as you can see from Niclas’ posting below speaking with the voice of God, and who would like to give this “beautiful love” just because some “weird” person tells him that he is the Son of God (?) and yes if you have decided to truly LISTEN and READ, Niclas, you would have understood my message a long time ago, but instead you have continued showing and bringing me darkness because of the influence you have over the group not questioning the deceitful spiritual “light”, which you receive, and yes this love is marked as “God inside of the darkness”.

The reason for Jimmy’s wrong path is also to be found in Niclas bringing the voice of “God inside of the darkness”, i.e. the darkness bringing him deceptions disguised as “spiritual love”

Chalotte Clarissa and the meditation group helped me OPEN the Source through their lack of faith and WRONG behaviour

The next example of spiritual darkness is given to Chalotte Clarissa, and I have still only seen you once, Chalotte, and is that because your own voice is drowning mine (?) and I know that you see the postings of my scripts on Facebook but you don’t have the “time” to read them (?), and yes this is the simple reason why you have now received “spiritual deceptions” telling you to do something else, which is NOT your true mission because your true mission is to follow me helping to spread our New World to the world (!), but here as you write below, you were spiritually told to “create your own temple on Earth” for you to set your “trace in the sand”, and this is about your own aspirations to become “someone big” – just think about “how wonderful” it is to have more than 1,000 friends on Facebook as you have (!) – which is what is misguiding you, i.e. your own WRONG desires and misunderstandings, and the “trace in the sand” simply means that you are brought sufferings too because the sand is as an old symbol of mine meaning “sufferings”, and as you have written about some times on Facebook and also in your posting below of the 25th November, you are truly going through sufferings with “3-6 weeks of strong pain, lack of breathing and interrupted short sleeping” – I don’t get much sleep myself, you know – and the only reason for this, Chalotte, is because you decided to believe in your own wrong and ignorant voice instead of TRULY listening to and understanding me and the message I brought to you when we met –receiving a spiritual message about your name CLARISSA in 2006 and now five years later meeting you – which is for you and this meditation group to help me bringing energy to OPEN up the Source, to free it from darkness, and that is NOT done through your understanding in me, but DISBELIEF and WRONG BEHAVIOUR, which is bringing me all of the darkness (including sufferings), i.e. fuel/energy, to do this work, and you contributed yourself through your own sufferings – several people of the group was about to “throw up” because of me (!) – and yes only brought to you because of your lack of faith in me, and isn’t life (almost) a wonderful thing, baby?

Spiritual deceptions brought to Chalotte by darkness because of her own personal ambitions and lack of faith in me

Sufferings – pain and lack of sleep – brought to Chalotte by darkness because of her lack of faith in me

And I am happy that I did not “jump to conclusions” and decided to RUSH in order to send the meditation group a message already Saturday or Sunday when I did not have the time to write a message of quality, and here I received additional information because I decided to have PATIENCE – take that in this potential “stress” to finish (!) – which I will use when I will write a message to the wall of these more than 100 members of this group following the publish of this script with these chapters on Jimmy, Niclas and Chalotte designed to help you understand me, and “how difficult can it be” because you have received ALL information in order to do this but you own “limitations” and selfishness blocked you, and yes this will be the story to the world and “this is not fair because this is not how we are” and are you sure about this (?) because this is what I have just shown the world!

I went through the hurricane of darkness without breaking down herewith saving my mother’s husband John etc.

I decided to continue working until 14.30 today and instead of continuing to work, I decided to go to town to do a little shopping and a cup of cappuccino, which I did not make Friday last week, and yes being too tired to start work on my website also today and hoping that tomorrow will be the day when I can continue doing this work, and I thought I would cycle, but when I came down, my bicycle was not there (!!!), and was it stolen (?) and no, I thought that just maybe it had fallen yesterday evening because of the hurricane and someone just maybe would have been kind to put it into “safety” of the cycling basement, and yes when looking there it was, and this was – as I learned a couple of hours later – because a symbol saying that my mother’s husband John was “this close” to fall down with a heart failure, this is what the hurricane yesterday was about, but because I decided not to start giving up, but to be even stronger than what I here will call “much darkness”, he was put inside in safety and yes saved by me.

But the bicycle had suffered with four more spokes of the back wheel breaking when falling down, so I took the small train – “the pig train” as we call it 🙂 – and went to the repair shop and yes was it the same spokes breaking as a few weeks ago (?) and no, the expert could tell that it was not, and also that it looked as if the lock of the cycle had damaged the spokes, and yes I did not have to tell him first but when I told him it had fallen in the storm, it made sense to him, and we know I will get it tomorrow and continue riding my cycle and yes to finish this journey of mine – NO ONE IS GOING TO STOP ME no matter how much darkness they bring me!

And I was really first given this information later downtown – going through the worst density of darkness still but deciding that this pain is “piece of cake” and that my pain limit is MUCH higher than this (!), and the information came when I was told “life annuity and not death annuity” (yearly insurance to be paid alive and not as life insurance because of someone else’s death) later followed by “we have almost gone so far that John will not die” and when I was told this, it made sense to me why I received a very strong “kill, kill, kill” command much of yesterday evening, which I did not write down because I did not understand it yesterday, and that was of course that if I “broke down” during this hurricane of darkness sent to me, which is what it was – family/friends etc. because of my memo, the meditation group, IKU and the Council – the darkness would have killed John to achieve what we have been told, which is 100,00% of everything and yes my friends this is how it is here, and I was also shown a vision of trains riding extremely fast with me standing firm at the side with an egg not moving at all as a symbol of extreme darkness of people riding towards the other side with much speed because of my actions and I was shown the trains suddenly stopping very quickly at Helsingør Station (the end station of light), and also told that if I had broken down, I would have been shown an egg cracking and this as a symbol of destroying parts of the creation, which would be an alternative way for me to bring energy, but we did not have to do this :-).

I was told that this was also because I have decided to continue working on both my scripts – “far too much information” – and website, when I can and also because I decided to post “my sufferings” not only to Facebook but also to Linkedin, and I was specifically mentioned Sidsel as an example reading this on Linkedin where we are still connected, which we are not anymore on Facebook and yes because her faith is also of importance when being “another part of my mother”, you see?

And you do remember my information from the other day that John is “another part of the spirit of my father” meaning that he is God too (!), the same way as my mother’s ex-husband, the later Ole, and my father Peer.

I arrived home at 17.30 and was happy to see a UFO in good mood making jokes when it “blinked” to me at its place on the sky in such a way that it looked like a second hand on a watch and it said “one, two and the stop”, which is about time stopping soon, and it continued and again I thought with a smile “what a strange plane, I wonder if people are looking” and then it completely stopped blinking, it was not “gone” but I knew that it was still there, and yes this was humour here, which made me smile :-).

And when I entered my door, I was told with a smile “we have regards from Gert too”, which you know is Allan’s big brother and I understood that Allan and Keld, Fuggi’s big brother, would have died too together with my mother’s husband, John, but now you are saved too :-).

Later in the evening I was told that the threat is now for John – or my mother – to receive a “serious disease”, but not deadly and again if I should decide not to continue.

Did I write that I for a couple of days have received the feeling “he is not sick” in connection with my mother thinking of me, and yes isn’t life marvellous?

I have also been told that Karen has continued receiving “special feelings” about me and really because I have kept thinking of her intimately, and yes this means that everyone is covered – my father through my aunt – and maybe this also means that it will not be necessary to send the email to my family after all and we will see.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I was told that the quote “let us forget about it” as I received so many times is the same if I should say “forget about the rest of my work” if I should decide to be too tired/exhausted to do the rest, but when I continue to work – with difficulties – we will not forget about a thing, but bring everything with us – and let me say that I felt “very poor” today with much tiredness and impatience making it almost impossible to continue writing and I had to be STRONG to decide to continue knowing that some kind of rhythm would eventually come after a couple of hours, which it did and the task today again was also to overcome the temptations of doing my script as quickly as possible – hoping for it to take only 1-2 hours so I could continue the final work to my website (!) but accepting to do it “as good as possible under the circumstance”, and yes “very difficult” to do feeling as I do, but I did it again!
  • During the evening while watching TV, I could not help smiling again, because suddenly I was shown a UFO appearing as a totally new form and we know not very many metres away from my window, and it showed a big red stabile blinking red light at the back and two quickly blinking, smaller lights in front – one green and one white – and I understood that the red is the remaining darkness of me being pulled forward quickly by the light via the Trinity, i.e. the white and green light. And it was so quickly that it would have been impossible to stand up and open the door to have a closer look because by then it would have be gone.
  • I could not help smiling when receiving this “inspired” visit to my website from the “Trinity Information Services”, which may be a confirmation to say that EVERYTHING of ALL TIMES and that is EVER of the Trinity will be united in our New World, and what could go wrong now (?) and nothing I believe, but I am still not finished with my work, Curt and Roland :-).

  • Søren Pind continues to be inspired too and here writing about Elvis being “such a great artist” because of “this shut in energy …. Wild”, which will create a “Happy day, children” for all and that is by “God bless”, and yes Søren you are about getting it and Jens below thinks this is “royal” and FANTASTIC is what it is as the spirit of my mother here says as Britt from “crazy about dance” and yes “he was crazy in our minds, but we did not know he was sane and we were the insane” and isn’t this marvellous?

  • And Søren continued to be inspired – where do you get it form, Søren (?) – because in the posting below he speaks about the “God free me for a poison mixer” (!) of the new team of Danish TV2 and “Good I am not in government” and yes “fearing them he is”, and what this is about Søren, is that you as a prototype politician behaving VERY WRONGLY together with the media BEHAVING VERY WRONGLY is the poison cocktail polluting the world and God with pesticides so much that it was leading directly to the end of the world – are you proud of yourselves out there (?) – and these days for not revealing my reappearance to the world because I am “classified” information, this is what this is about including Søren’s comments of the media playing football, and yes the man you are playing against and poisoning is me – the politicians and the media are combined the worst Devil of all (!!!) – and because you have decided AGAINT my wish to classify information about me, you were very close to killing my mother’s husband, John, who you by now should know is another part of the spirit of my father or God if you will, and yes my question to you all is if you feel proud of yourself for being wimps (?) and just asking I am.

  • Nønne inspired to use the same words as Søren Pind did yesterday when bringing the song by Elvis, which is “can’t stop loving you” – this is how “inspiration” works – and then she brings the beautiful song “please forgive me” by Bryan Adams, and yes she does not know that she has returned home by finding me and when she will find out, she will simply say “please forgive me” as so many others also will do and add “I was a fool for not understanding and loving you” and yes this is how it will go.

  • Today I also received the official rejection from the Employment Ministry to my “application” to become a regional manager of the Labour Market Board and yes, they could not use me (!) and Edith B. A. from “Beskæftigelsesministeriets Center for HR og Personale” told me that “Vi må desværre meddele dig, at du ikke er kommet i betragtning til den ledige stilling” and we know a standard rejection, which I really DON’T like ….!
  • And I was happy seeing that Paul visited my website – my previous script – for the first time in months, so you have not completely forgotten about me, Paul? – And ending the day at 18.35 herewith starting to relax, whew!


29th November: Open letter to my meditation group: You brought me sufferings because of your “spiritual deceptions”

Dreaming of working to receive more energy with darkness all around me – and much energy of our New World

I thought I had a pretty alright night, but I am TIRED with a heavy head – still about to faint – which truly makes it difficult to continue working day after day after day without taking a break and today I felt just how small the margins are between continuing and giving up because giving up is what I should have done months and years ago and that is if I did not decide to continue day after day after day, so therefore I take one more while we are at it, but not with difficulties, but still somewhere in there, it is not very difficult but on the surface, I am breaking down, but who cares (?) – no one tells me (except from LTO on rare occasions) – so here we go and yes happy to see only two dreams, which is at least what I wrote down knowing that there probably were more:

  • My old friend Lisbeth is made of chocolate and made as delicious as possible. She starts a sexual act but I turn her down because she has a boy friend.
    • This is truly about my old friend, made by chocolate spending her time golfing, shopping and being “happy” without helping me or my LTO friends, and Lisbeth is not my cup of tea as a potential girlfriend.
  • I have started working at DanskeBank-Pension again, and I am disappointed to see that they don’t work with an action plan and that nothing happens. I am surprised to find my old work on “remaining debt insurance” still there, which I decide to continue working on, and I am surprised to see that I don’t receive any telephone calls any longer. I have ordered a new car costing 700,000 DKK, and I see a customer having ordered a new Mercedes of 1.3 million DKK. Bjarne has started new work, and Michael W. tells me that nothing has happened here and we look at one of my action plans where he notice an advanced project including coins, which he is somewhat sceptical about. Michael P.N. visits “KSK” at Ford in Avedøre. I try to convince Michael P.N. about the need to improve basics of the business by people doing their best work, but he does not believe in me because all he thinks of is to sell in order to get a bonus, and I tell him that I will consider asking Jens Ove and Kresten in stead, and Michael tells me that it may not be a good time because I am not popular with them, and I consider going to their managers to get someone to understand the need of improving. I don’t have much work to do, Michael P.N. is focusing on the smallest details when it comes to his own pension investments, and he gives full attention to a married couple coming to receive his advice on their pensions investments.
    • Working to receive more energy, and what do I meet (?), darkness everywhere I look, which is what this dream symbolises except from the expensive new cars, which will be about our New World bringing much energy.

I started working at 09.10 today being very close to skip work when feeling just how poorly I feel, but I will NOT accept this exit to my work because I have decided to outlast the darkness until I have transferred everything myself to the New World, and by 09.55 I had finished the script of today and some of yesterday, which gave me time to write my email to the meditation group of Helsingør, which will take some time because I have taken many notes over a few days to be inspired from, and yes to make sure that I do my best for them to be “able” to understand.

Open letter to my meditation group: You brought me unbearable sufferings because of “spiritual deceptions”, which you decided to believe in, instead of the TRUE words of God I gave you

Because it has been “impossible” to communicate with the so called “enlightened people” of my meditation group in Helsingør – they don’t respond when I speak the truth to them when meeting the group, when sending individual emails and when replying to their Facebook postings (!) – I have decided to bring my “open letter” to the group in my script of today and link to it through a posting on the wall of their Facebook group, which by today includes 117 members:

The open letter includes the following headlines translated into English:

  • I hold a break from the group because of “unbearable sufferings”, which you very directly bring me because of your darkness
  • I met you at “CLARISSA” to bring eternal life to the Universe by returning to the divine Source.
  • Chalotte’s lack of faith in me brought her “spiritual deceptions”, physical sufferings and “megalomania”
  • Niclas is a divine victim of the darkness disguised as “spiritual love”, which deceived you against me even though he knows that I speak the truth
  • Jimmy was the darkness closest to the Source, which brought me sufferings to finalize the creation of our New World 🙂
  • I showed you the TRUE way to God and our New World but only met “loud silence” and poor behaviour
  • Jonathan did not like me and I took on his health without understanding that if was he and the group, which stole my energy
  • You were smothered in and lulled to sleep by darkness disguised as “spiritual love” the same way as users of Selvet!
  • You rejected God self in his appearance as an ordinary man, but you are yourselves God’s TRUE servants, who will enlighten the world

Here is my “open letter” – in Danish:

Kære alle i meditationsgruppen ”Prayer and goodwill for Mother Earth”,

Jeg har besøgt jer nogle gange i meditationsgruppen siden september, og været oprigtigt glad for at møde jer og lære nogle af jeres gode sider at kende – ”kærlighed og varme” m.v. – som er tydelige for enhver at se, men som jeg desværre har konstateret kun gælder så længe, at I bliver ”strøget med hårene”, og nogle gange er det altså nødvendigt at hjælpe sine venner ikke ved at være en blåøjet ja-siger for at modtage jeres ”kærlighed”, men ved at fortælle sandheden utvetydigt og direkte for at hjælpe folk ud af deres (selv-) bedrag og lidelser, som er den tilstand, I rent faktisk befinder jer i, og som I kan læse om i dette åbne brev.

Jeg holder pause fra gruppen på grund af ”ulidelige lidelser”, som I meget direkte har påført mig via jeres mørke

Jeg har nu valgt at holde en pause fra gruppen efter i oktober at have fortalt jer sandheden om det spirituelle bedrag, som I modtager i gruppen, som førte til, at jeg desværre så jeres dårlige sider – forkert opførsel og uvenlighed – som meget direkte har bragt mig ”uudholdelige lidelser”, som det er mit lod at modtage, når mennesker opfører sig forkert i forhold til mig, og dette selvom, at jeg medbragte den største kærlighed til jer, som tænkes kan, i mit forsøg på at hjælpe jer med at fjerne dette bedrag/mørke fra gruppen. Mine lidelser gjorde, at det var stort set umuligt for mig at møde frem fysisk hos jer i søndags, og jeg havde desuden ikke ”lyst” til at blive konfronteret med de mørke sider i jer, og det på trods af, at jeg elsker jeres lyse sider højt.

Efter mit første møde med jer – og senere – blev jeg ”venner” med Chalotte, Niclas, Jimmy, Søren, Kate, Klaus, Kenneth, Lene og Signe på Facebook, som alle har haft muligheden for at læse mine nye skrifter via min hjemmeside – og selve hjemmesiden – som jeg har offentliggjort hver 3./4. dag, som imidlertid kun har tiltrukket få af jer uden ”lyst” til at læse og forstå mine budskaber ”sådan rigtigt”, og det gør mig oprigtigt talt ondt at konstatere, at ingen i praksis har gjort et alvorligt forsøg på at forstå mit sande jeg og kærlighedsbudskab.

Jeg mødte jer hos ”CLARISSA” for at bringe Universet ”uendeligt liv” ved at returnere til den ”guddommelige kilde”

Ved mit første møde hos jer den 18. september – se mit referat her – fortalte jeg, at jeg i 2006 var blevet givet navnet CLARISSA igennem en Engelsk clairvoyant veninde, som var årsagen til, at jeg nu i 2011 blev ført til Chalotte Clarissa og jeres gruppe, og jeg fortalte at mit formål var ”at returnere til den guddommelige kilde – en reference til Chalotte’s navn ”Energikilden & Guldnetværket” (som også betyder ”Gud og skabelse”) – for at bringe uendeligt liv til universet” for dette er mit formål: At åbne for kildens uendelige lys og energi efter at have fjernet alt mørke omkring den, og at bringe kilden til at oplyse vores Ny Verden, som er blevet skabt gennem Guds virke i mig i 2011, efter at jeg som den første returnerede til kilden i sommeren 2010, og som vil åbne for de første fra 2012.

Chalottes manglende tro på mig gav hende ”spirituelt bedrag”, fysiske lidelser og ”storhedsvanvid”

Jeg havde håbet, at Chalotte og gruppen ville forstå betydningen af mit komme til jer og det at ”returnere til kilden”, men siden ingen i praksis har haft ”lyst” til at kommunikere eller at læse min hjemmeside for at lære mere, så gik mit budskab ”tabt”, og i stedet har jeg mødt en voksende skepsis, ”larmende tavshed” og direkte uvenlighed fra nogle af jer – og de af jer, som ikke har vidst om mig har fortsat med at være ”venlige” som ved vores første møde.

Chalotte valgte ikke at komme tilbage efter mit første besøg, og jeg har således kun set dig én gang, og i stedet har du ”fortsat” dit virke, men på grund af din manglende tro på mig og forkerte adfærd, har du fået tilført mørke, som har forværret dit helbred og søvn i en periode (jeg her i årevis selv været frataget en stor del af min søvn på grund af mørke, som du og meditationsgruppen på det seneste også har oplevet, se for eksempel mit skrift af den 30. oktober), og ”spirituelt bedrag”, som får dig til at tro, at du skal opføre et tempel a la Højstrupgård, som alene bygger på dine egne, forkerte personlige ambitioner, som er ophøjet til ”storhedsvanvid” for at give dig den selvsamme følelse, som du fejlagtigt tror om mig (se også TV-avisen’s udsendelse kl. 18.30 i aften om Breivik og hans ”storhedsvanvid” og du vil forstå, at tilsvarende mørke, som kommer fra dig – og mange andre – er dét, som drev ham, og som kunne have fået mig til at udløse verdens undergang, hvis ikke jeg havde været stærk nok).

Du var ramt af mørket, som du imidlertid valgte at tro på, også da du som eksempel den 20.9. på Facebook fortalte om et kommende ”paradigmeskifte, hvor vi stopper med at være bange for mørket….”, som fremgår af det følgende inklusive sandheden via mit svar, men i stedet for at kommunikere, reflektere/lytte og at læse min hjemmeside, valgte Chalotte simpelthen at ”blive væk” og møde mig med larmende tavshed – og det var efter, at du havde været så venlig at tilbyde mig at komme ”gratis” til dine møder, da vi mødtes første gang, og jeg kan passende spørge dig, om dette stadig gælder, eller om du helst ønsker at ”undgå” mig?. Du valgte mørket i stedet for lyset i mig, og at blive væk i stedet for at supportere mig. Jeg var dit svar, men du valgte i praksis at afvise mig efter at have skiftet holdning om mig, og den eneste, som forandrede sig, var dig, for jeg vedblev med at være den samme, som du mødte første gang.

Niclas er et guddommeligt offer for mørket forklædt som ”spirituel kærlighed”, som bedrog jer imod mig, selvom han ved, at jeg taler sandheden

Ved vores møde den 30. oktober – se mit referat her (I brød jer ikke om mine referater og at blive ”udleveret” til offentligheden (?), selvom jeg kun fortalte sandheden om det, jeg så) – blev jeg vist mørke omslutte Niclas, og da han fortalte at ”der er ikke noget mørke, når man beslutter sig for at være ren” – som jeg gennem egen renhed ved er usandt ganske enkelt fordi, at jeg hvert eneste sekund i flere år har modtaget menneskehedens synder som mine uendelige lidelser og kun ved at overkomme disse har jeg kunnet redde verden, genskabe forbindelsen til kilden i 2010 (!) og skabe en Ny Verden i 2011 via guds virke i mig (!) – da så jeg den mørke side af min mors ånd – tidligere kendt som Jomfru Maria, men i dag Lona, men altså den mørke side – tale gennem ham, hvor han selv troede, at det var hans eget ”7 milliarder år gamle selv”, som talte. Der er ingen tvivl om, at Niclas er den rareste og varmeste mand, man kan forestille sig, men hans ”naivitet” har været udnyttet af mørket selv, som har snydt ham og dermed gruppen på grund af jeres ”ophøjede tillid” til ham via ”spirituelt bedrag og kærlighed”, som han har modtaget og formidlet til jer, og som I har valgt at ”slubre” i jer uden at forstå, at mørkets mål var at passivere jer – og andre spirituelle kredse – for at mørket kunne udføre sit arbejde ”uforstyrret” for jer med formålet at destruere verden, som vi var ”ualmindelig tæt” på indtil for få måneder siden.

Dette er sandheden, og da jeg valgte ”forsigtigt” at fortælle det til Niclas og jer andre, var dette naturligvis ”fuldstændigt umuligt” for jer at forstå, og dette selvom, at I alle kunne forstå og var enige i mit eksempel, at mange kanaliseringer indeholder forkerte spirituelle budskaber – sendt fra mørket forklædt som ”spirituel kærlighed” (!) – men ingen af jer ønsker at forstå, at det er dette ”spirituelle bedrag af kærlighed”, som også sendes til Niclas/jer, og dette ganske enkelt fordi, at I ”elsker” det og er ”afhængige” af det som et andet narkotikum, og jeg blev fortalt, at det var først denne dag, at den lyse side of min mors ånd returnerede til Niclas for første gang i lang tid.

Når den spirituelle stemme, som taler direkte igennem Niclas for eksempel siger, at ”mørket eksisterer ikke, når man er ren”, så er dette både ønsketænkning for jer og direkte forkert og fortalt af mørket selv, som ikke ønsker at blive opdaget på samme måde som det meste af Niclas snak om andre civilisationer, ”16 dimensioner” m.v. er forkert og bygger på hans egen fascination, som mørket udnytter, men jeg beder jer venligst huske, at det ikke er Niclas selv, der taler usandt, men mørket, som han har været kanal for uden at vide at det er mørket selv, der var forklædt som ”kærlighed”. Niclas har med andre ord fortalt ”sandheden, som han modtog den” og er ikke at bebrejde for at være blevet udnyttet på det groveste.

Niclas ved, at jeg taler sandheden og at jeg har startet hans udviklingsproces, som jeg gav ham i oktober med sangen ”stille før storm”, og måske bemærkede I stormen komme til os meget virkeligt i søndags (?), hvor jeg ikke deltog i jeres meditation, og hvor I selv var en væsentlig årsag til stormen på grund af jeres forkerte opførsel i forhold til mig (!), og Niclas ved, at jeg har ”magten” over hans spirituelle stemme, som han oplevede for eksempel, da han blev fortalt af sin mørke stemme, som var tvunget til at tale sandhed på grund af min tilstedeværelse, at han taler med en ”rød” stemme og jeg med en ”blå”, hvor ”rød” er mit gamle symbol på mørket og hvor ”blå” er symbolet på mit nye selv, den genopstandne Jesus. Da hans stemme bad ham om at være ”stille”, fordi den ikke ville tale om, hvad der er spirituelt rigtigt og forkert, og jeg fortalte direkte henvendt til hans stemme, at ”stilhed” – manglende kommunikation – er FORKERT, og at kommunikation er RIGTIGT, så fortalte Niclas’ stemme ham, at ”det er rigtigt” (!), for det var de ord, som stemmen talte med igennem hans mund.

Niclas sidder med andre ord inde med sandheden omkring, hvem jeg er – han ved det igennem min magt over hans spirituelle stemme, som han mærker meget direkte og umiddelbart, når jeg irettesætter hans stemme (!) – men for at han kan fortælle det til jer, så kræver det, at han også siger, at det er rigtigt, at han selv talte med mørkets stemme, og dette er hans sande udfordring og udviklingsproces, som ikke er ”rar” for ham, men det er ingen skam at gøre sig denne erkendelse – jeg ved det selv, for jeg har selv været pålagt at tale med mørkets stemme med lyset gemt inde i mørket på samme måde som Niclas – og derfor kan jeg kun opfordre dig til at gøre det, Niclas, for hermed hjælper du ikke bare dig selv og gruppen men også mit komme til hele verden. Tror du, at du kan påtage sig denne opgave og også at kommunikere med mig, når du har gjort det (?), for du ved, at ”LARMENDE TAVSHED” er forkert, og jeg bemærker også her, at du valgte fuldstændigt at ignorere min mail til dig af 2. november, hvor jeg tilbød, at vi kunne tale sammen via telefon eller møde – at kommunikere for at forstå hinanden – og også, at du kun ”skimmede” min hjemmeside uden virkeligt at læse og forstå rigtigt.

Forstå mig ret: Niclas er gjort af det reneste guld som jeg, og han har været et uskyldigt og guddommeligt offer for mørket uden at vide det, men nu ved han det, og jeg beder ham opgive den falske spirituelle stemme, som bringer ham ”spirituelt bedrag” og en følelse af at være den reneste kærlighed uden at være det. Dette er opgaven, Niclas – jeg glæder mig til at høre fra dig :-).

Jimmy var mørket ”tættest på kilden”, som bragte mig lidelser for at færdiggøre skabelsen af vores Ny Verden 🙂

Ved vores møde den 2. oktober – se mit referat her – mærkede jeg ”reservation” hos Jimmy i forhold til mig – og også hos andre – set i forhold til den meget ”varme” velkomst, som jeg modtog i september, og svaret blev givet mig i meditationen, hvor symboler viste mig, at Jimmy optrådte som ”forklædt mørke” (”rød”) og spillede et spil – hans mørke mod mit lys – på grund af hans skepsis og manglende tro på mig, og jeg kan tilføje, at ”spille et spil” er, hvad jeg har gjort i flere år, hvor spillet har været ”lysets kamp mod mørket” og spillet har været, om jorden ville gå under eller om vi ville overleve Dommedag ved, at jeg var stærk nok til at påtage mig verdens synder som mine lidelser og skabe en ny verden ved at konvertere mørke til lys – dette er selve skabelsesprocessen – og den har Jimmy og gruppen altså bidraget til som den sidste del af min rejse ved at give mig meget mørke, som var meget tæt på at knække mig, men ikke helt (!), og det på trods af, at Jimmy tydeligvis også er en meget ”kærlig og varm” mand.

Ved mødet den 13. november – se mit referat her – var Jimmy direkte inspireret til at opfordre folk til at gå på toilettet før meditationen startede, og han blev selv ”tvunget” på toilettet under meditationen, og han kunne ikke rigtigt ”forstå” dette – det havde han ikke gjort sådan før, som han sagde – og sandheden er, at dette er et symbol på mit ”gamle mareridt” – de værste seksuelle lidelser via visioner og spirituel tale, som tænkes kan (!) – som bliver mig påført direkte fra mørket med dets formål om at destruere (!), og dette skete direkte under meditationen, som I kan læse om via ovenstående link, som var tæt på at knække mig fuldstændig (!), og det altså på grund af det mørke, som Jimmy og gruppen påførte mig meget direkte på grund af jeres skepsis og forkerte opførsel, og som jeg ene mand skulle bekæmpe, selvom I var ”meget stærkere” end mig (jeg kan tilføje, at jeg også modtog mørke fra andre kilder end jer samtidig).

Det er samme type mørke, som ville have betydet jordens undergang, hvis jeg var bukket under for det indtil ”for få måneder siden”, hvor der var betydeligt mere mørke tilbage end nu, hvor det ”blot” er det allersidste og også det værste, som resterer (og som også ville have medført ”destruktion”, hvis jeg var bukket under, men nu ”betydeligt mindre” end undergang) , men jeg har besluttet mig til at være stærkere end menneskehedens mørke, og de ”ulidelige lidelser”, som jeg påføres og som samtidig betyder, at mørket via Guds virke i mig konverteres til lys og dermed er det ”materiale”, som er blevet brugt som byggesten for vores Ny Verden. Dette er, hvad I ”oplyste mennesker” har givet mig; det absolut værste mørke af alt, som er dét, der er tættest på kilden og dette som forudsætning for, at jeg kunne færdiggøre mit arbejde med skabelsen af den Ny Verden via Guds kraft og min vilje som almindeligt menneske, og jeg beder både Jimmy og gruppen forstå, at når dette arbejde ”meget snart” er tilendebragt, så vil I være blandt ”Guds nærmeste tjenere”, som vil hjælpe mig med at oplyse verden og bringe alle til at opfylde kriterierne for at modtage adgang til den Ny Verden.

Andre symboler på mørke ved mødet den 13. november var ”megen uro under meditationen”, som I nok husker (?), og Jimmy, som ikke kunne få sin musik til at spille, som er mit symbol for ”manglende varme følelser i forhold til mig”, og disse symboler, som jeg omtaler, fremgår ”mange gange” af mine ca. 3.500 siders skrifter, så jeg kender dem ”rimeligt godt” efterhånden.

Senere samme dag den 13. november valgte jeg at skrive følgende mail til Jimmy med opfordring til kommunikation – jeg kan godt lide, at folk FORSTÅR hinanden og er GLADE i stedet for at de klapper i, misforstår og bringer hinanden lidelser (!) – men svaret var (” ”), som betyder nøjagtigt dette, ”ingenting”, og ja, Jimmy, du kunne ikke få dig selv til at sende mig et svar og endnu mindre at tage imod min invitation om at besøge og tale med mig?

Kære Jimmy,

Mange tak for i dag og for gode arrangementer.

Der var et formål med dit toilet-besøg, og den generelle uro i dag. Du har været helt tæt på den inderste del af kilden/skabelsen i dag, som jeg nævnte overfor dig, som du kan læse om i mit nye skrift nedenfor. Det kræver, at du LÆSER og FORSTÅR for herunder at forstå, hvorfor du var helt herinde, og også for at forstå mit budskab om vores nye verden og mig selv for at forstå din egen fremtid. Det kræver en ny åbenhed, indsigt og erkendelse af mørke, som “ingen” lys-tjenere rigtigt ønsker at tro på, men som er sandheden.

Take care – jeg glæder mig til at ses igen, og hvis du ønsker at snakke, er du MEGET velkommen til en “formiddabel udsigt” her – også til en PERFEKT ny verden 🙂.


Den 21. november skrev Jimmy på Facebook følgende besked, som kunne være rettet til mig og som umiddelbart kan synes som et ”smukt” budskab, men sandheden er, at det er forkert, hvis man vel at mærke opfører sig forkert og uansvarligt, som I gør, når I ikke vil lytte til Gud’s ord til jer via mig, når I vælger at lukke i som østers, følger gamle, dårlige vaner og er ”reserverede” og direkte uvenlige, og derfor valgte jeg at skrive sandheden til dig i mit svar, Jimmy, som du imidlertid også valgte at forbigå i ”larmende tavshed” uden at have lyst til at kommentere/kommunikere (?), og jeg undrer mig over, hvad jeg egentlig har gjort dig, siden du har valgt så gennemført at ignorere mig?

Endelig stillede du følgende ”åbne” spørgsmål på Facebook den 28. november, som jeg også valgte at besvare, og ja, jeg er ved at blive vant til, at du/I ikke ønsker at svare og ikke engang at sætte et hak i, at du ”synes godt om” mit indlæg (?), som den anden Stig efter mig dog var venlig at gøre.

Jeg viste jer den SANDE vej til Gud og vores Ny Verden, men mødte kun ”larmende tavshed” og dårlig opførsel

Dette er sandheden, Jimmy. Jeg har vist dig/jer vejen, jeg er kommet til dig/jer, men i stedet for VIRKELIG at gøre jeres bedste for at forstå og at vise mig SAND kærlighed, valgte I at møde mig med skepsis og modstand. Giver det jer overvejelser om at forandre jeres adfærd (?), for eksempel ved at starte med at kommunikere åbent og ærligt, at læse og forstå min hjemmeside og at ophøre med at tale negativt/forkert om mig bag min ryg, og i stedet at supportere mig, når jeg nu ”meget snart” som den første vågner op som ”mit nye jeg” som en del af den Ny Verden, hvor I ikke vil kunne undgå at både se og høre, hvem jer er: Mit eget genskabte jeg, som ”mit gamle jeg” – Gud og Helligånden i live som et almindelig menneske – har vækket til live fra ”ingenting”, efter at Jesus blev tilintetgjort for 2.000 år siden. Jesus og vores Ny Verden er hermed blevet (gen-) skabt på samme måde som den oprindelige skabelse af livet selv blev til på grund af en ”uhensigtsmæssighed i mørket” (en naturlig kraft inde i ”ingenting”) på samme måde som ”et fremmedlegeme i en østers” skaber den smukkeste perle.

Jeg har talt til jer med den største kærlighed for at hjælpe jer med at forstå og at udvikles, og jeg har talt til jer direkte, ærligt og objektivt, som er Guds sande natur, men fordi mit budskab var ”ubelejligt” for jer, fordi min ”form” for nogle var uvant eller direkte ”forkert”, og fordi I ikke var glade for at høre sandheden, som I valgte ikke at tro på uden at gøre et alvorligt forsøg på at forstå, så afviste I mig. I viste mig selviskhed, at I har nok i jer selv og jeres egen ”spirituelle bedrag” (!), og I viste mig ekstrem overfølsomhed, ukontrollable negative følelser, elendig kommunikation via ”larmende tavshed” og dårlig opførsel, og nogle af jer var oven i købet næsten ved at ”kaste op” over mig uden at forstå, at I selv var kilden til jeres ubehag, og at I sendte mig summen af jeres alles lidelser, ubehag og forkerte opførsel til mig som mine lidelser.

Jonathan ”brød sig ikke om mig” – jeg ”tærede” på ham uden at forstå, at det var han og gruppen, som ”stjal” min energi

Jonathan er et godt eksempel at bringe her på ”misforståelser og dårlig opførsel”, fordi han valgte at vise sine ”negative og ukontrollable følelser” – som ”ramte” flere af jer – da jeg inviterede ham til at blive ven på Facebook, som I kan se nedenfor, og dette fordi, at sandheden og min direkte kommunikation var for ”stærk tobak” for dig? Er det ikke morsomt, Jonathan, at den mand, som du ”hadede”, var ingen anden end Gud selv, som var kommet for at hjælpe dig og gruppen i sin menneskelige skikkelse, og at det var dine egne begrænsninger og dårlige vaner, som gjorde, at du ikke ”evnede” at lukke mig ind i dit hjerte ved at lytte og forstå sandheden om mit kærlige budskab, og også, at det var dig og gruppen, som totalt drænede mig for energi, som I ”stjal” og som blev overført til jer for at dække jeres eget ”tab” (?) – og altså ikke omvendt.

Jeg har valgt at bringe vores ”kommunikation” og dine misforståelser, fordi Gud elsker åbenhed og kommunikation – ikke det modsatte – og samtidig for at bringe en lektion til verden om ikke at gøre som dig og gruppen, som hjælper til at oplyse hele verden, Jonathan, og din ”skæbne” er, som de øvrige, at hjælpe mig i dette arbejde ved at fortælle verden om dine egne ”misforståelser” og ”begrænsninger”, som gjorde, at du ikke var i stand til at vise et rent hjerte overfor Gud.

I var sovset ind og lullet i søvn af mørke forklædt som ”spirituel kærlighed” på samme måde som brugere af Selvet!

I valgte at gøre det samme, som de fleste mennesker har gjort på min rejse gennem mørket mod kilden, og som andre såkaldte ”oplyste mennesker” også gjorde via Selvet i Marts 2010, da de viste mig nøjagtig den samme, dårlige opførsel som jer i min tråd ”Jesus genkomst er virkelighed – Dommedag i 2012”, hvor jeg fortalte om mig selv, som de ”hypersensitive” brugere imidlertid ikke kunne ”forstå”, fordi de på samme måde som jer var blevet sovset ind og lullet i søvn af mørket forklædt som ”spirituel kærlighed”, som accepterer alt og som ”aldrig kunne finde på at opdrage os, fordi vi er skønne, som vi er”, og mine damer og herrer, sandheden er, at det er I ikke – se på verden omkring jer og jeres egen opførsel og fortæl mig, om I synes, at det er en perfekt verden, som I ser (?) og som I VIRKELIG tror, at Gud ville acceptere uden at blinke, fordi han er ”kærligheden selv”? Sandheden er, at menneskeheden inklusive jer selv var ”utroligt tæt” på at udrydde os alle, og I vil blive overrasket over at lære, at vi kun overlevede balancerende på det yderste af et knivsæg på den yderste del af et hår! Jeg var den første, som returnerede til kilden i sommeren 2010, og jeg har nu via mit arbejde bragt hele verden med mig til evigt liv via kilden ved at tage menneskehedens synder på mig!

Sandheden og min ”direkte kommunikation” var også for ”hård kost” for disse såkaldte ”oplyste mennesker” hos Selvet at blive fortalt – der skulle ”ingenting” til for at deres verden ”brød sammen”, da de var ”svage” og ikke ”stærke” – og de valgte derfor også at misforstå mig ved at fordreje mine ord på det groveste uden virkelig at prøve at forstå (!), og til sidst blev jeg ligefrem smidt ud af en ikke troende mand, webmasteren Michael sammen med ejeren Jens, som stod bag ham, for de kunne heller ikke ” holde mig ud” af selvsamme årsager som Selvets brugere og jer (!), og mit sidste indlæg blev oven i købet censureret bort af mørkets arbejde via Michael, som ikke kunne ”holde ud” at se sandheden omkring sig selv som værende ”hysterisk”, som man altså ikke kan læse der, men i mit skrift af den 15. marts 2010, som han heller ikke er ”begejstret” for, og han optræder her på samme måde, som nogle af jer nu også gør: For at give verden en lektion om, hvad man IKKE skal gøre – kan I se det?

I afviste Gud selv i hans fremkomst som almindeligt menneske, men I er selv Guds SANDE tjenere, som vil oplyse verden

Som ”oplyste folk” kunne I ikke genkende Gud selv, da han i sin fremkomst som almindeligt menneske kom jeres vej forbi, og I afviste hermed Gud selv ved at optræde som det mørke, som (nogle af jer) fornægter eksistensen af, og andre næsten ”forherliger” og som er dét, der at tættest på selve kilden. Dette var jeres egentlige formål ved mit besøg, som I opfyldte ”over al forventning”, og om ikke lang tid vil jeg vende returnere medbringende kilden, som I vil modtage jeres del af via jeres vækkelse og opvågning til vores Ny Verden, hvor I vil forstå den fulde betydning af min gave og kærlighedsbudskab til Universet/menneskeheden om en ny og meget bedre verden, som VIRKELIG vil bringe uendelig glæde og lykke til alle (læs min hjemmeside), og I vil herunder forstå jeres egen nye tjeneste som Guds sande tjenere, som vil hjælpe med at oplyse verden og sikre, at alle vil få adgang til vores Ny Verden inden udgangen af 2016.

Indtil da, opfordrer jeg jer til omhyggeligt at læse og forstå min hjemmeside, og jeg glæder mig til at høre fra jer, når I har besluttet ”sådan rigtigt”, at jeg er velkommen tilbage, som vil være, når I forstår sandheden om mig, hvor I så vil vælge at acceptere mig og kun vise mig jeres gode sider og intet andet?

Og dette kan tænkes at komme ”meget snart” for mens disse linjer skrives er mørket aldeles uudholdeligt, og dette kan tænkes at være min sidste handling – eller en af de sidste, hvis jeg kan udholde mere smerte – før jeg vækkes som mit ”nye jeg” eventuelt via en mindre ”udladning” af den sidste mørke, som i givet fald vil påføre nogen smerte, som jeg dog vil gøre alt jeg kan for at undgå.

Take care – jeg glæder mig meget til at se jer igen, og dette er det ÆGTE budskab for jeg holder meget af jer :-).

Kærlige hilsener til alle fra

PS: Jeg anbefaler jer at læse og forstå min hjemmeside og det ”store billede” og ikke gøre som de fleste fejlagtigt gør, som er at fokusere på sig selv uden at forstå sammenhængen, som også i sig selv er udtryk for selviskhed.

While writing the last part of this chapter, I received unpleasant sour eructations and I understood that this is what several people of the group received in relation to me, and I can only ask you about what you decided to talk about in relation to me when I was not (?), and also if you decided to follow or break the golden rule to “treat me as you would like to be treated yourself” (?), and just wondering I am about your WRONG behaviour.

And it was symbolised when Jimmy was nice to invite the group for “Christmas comfort” after the next meeting the 11th December, which made Hekla tell him that she can not come this day because it is the Devil’s birthday – this is what it is called in Denmark being the day where homeowners pay their mortgages – and she adds a “Ti hi”, which often is how ladies here expresses themselves when they flirt with men, and this is really then another symbol of Jimmy bringing me darkness, which brings me sexual sufferings, which you now may be able to understand? This is how inspiration works, and if you are interested, Jimmy, you can scroll through – and preferably read – my scripts of the last weeks where I have brought some of your INSPIRED Facebook postings and an explanation what they mean.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I have been told all along that Jiro, the Devil’s advocate, has continued sending me darkness too simply because of seeing my postings on Facebook, and today I noticed that he was “inspired” too when he speaks about “zombies to all the work” and you might remember from “my sufferings” that I was – and still am – working as a living dead, i.e. a Zombie, to “do all the work” I have done. This is “inspiration” – the spiritual world speaking through people – my friends, which I have now given you hundreds of examples of so you are able to understand it by now?

  • And we take one more “inspired” posting by Nønne passing on a message about Berlusconi coming to Denmark to help the IC4 disaster trains, which Italy delivered to Denmark with the “greatest problems in the world” being many years delayed and still they cannot drive satisfactory symbolising the difficulties to reach the other side of light – this is what this “little story” is about (!) – and yes because this was the work of the Devil obstructing the light symbolised by the “biggest” of them all, Berlusconi, and here it is also to say that Nønne’s WRONG behaviour in relation to me brings me much sexual sufferings too from the darkness continuing to tempt and trying to overtake me, which I continuously have to reject, and you can see it from the two last comments below, where “friends” say that the Danish Prime Minister, Helle Thorning Schmidt, will not have to have him chasing “her behind” and you may remember that Helle is “another part of the spirit of my mother” and this is the one the Devil has chased to bring out my “old nightmare” with the purpose to destruct the world, and this is what is shown about Berlusconi here, and he is “probably” also sent from Heaven coming through the darkness, and we will see about that.

  • Nønne has still not accepted my Facebook friends request, so she has probably decided to ignore it the same as Jens Kirk – the owner of Selvet – did, so “not nice to have somebody like me as your friends” (?), and Jan Monrad did the same, the Danish comedian, who I invited some days ago and probably because he does not know me (yet), which he however will not that long from now.
  • The next Facebook posting is from “my old friend”, Jacob, writing about an “inspired” example of what it means to be poor in material terms in Denmark, and a politician found an example of a mother and a son having approx. 166 DKK per day for food, clothes etc. for the two persons – which also included 500 DKK per month for cigarettes, expenses for a dog etc. – and I could not help writing that I have had 40 DKK per day myself to cover the same and maybe I can be used as an example of a poor man in Denmark SOLELY because nobody bothered to read, understand and help me the same way as rich people TRULY don’t bother to understand the TRUE poverty of the world and to TRULY help – and a handful of Jacob’s friends decided to visit my website, but this did not change it either and “crazy” is what you believe I am after visiting a few seconds only? – And Søren Pind was also today inspired to write a blog article in the Danish “serious” newspaper Berlingske Tidende, which I saw at 02.30 in the night leading to the 30th November and by then I was too tired to read and extract what may be inspired messages of this article, but you may try yourself by reading it here.

  • Then, I was also inspired to write a comment to my favourite Social Democratic politician, Mogens Lykketoft – since Svend Auken is not around anymore – and Mogens has been “almost everything” inside of the Danish Parliament and today, he is the chairman of the Parliament, and he wrote about having had a visit by the Czech Foreign Minister, and having discussed about the economical crisis in the EU, and I could not help (almost “falling in love with me”, which is the spirit of my mother being happy about me not breaking down but continuing to work again today) writing that it will probably take a New World Order to remove the problems from the old world and I asked him if he knows someone having a “bid” on this and encouraged him to answer truthfully, but this is also for you, Mogens, “totally impossible” to do (?) and just wondering I am and yes also about the sufferings you bring me for NOT communicating to me or about me publically.

  • Finally, I was told that my next task is to spread my previous self everywhere including to wake me up, and for this, we need the true faith of my mother in me – to put together the puzzle – which is what should be possible for her to do these day – and when I had almost finished writing my “letter” to the meditation group doing “my best” and overcoming MUCH darkness, I was told that my mother would have received a thrombosis, where she and the family would believe that she would be floating between life and death, but when there is no reason to bring her these sufferings, we might as well avoid it and yes I can take on the sufferings myself and even though today was truly “not very easy” to come through, I do it with less sufferings compared to what my mother would have received, and by the way, I don’t like to be on hospitals, which I have NEVER done!

And you may understand that the length of my scripts often tells you about the degree of my sufferings as you can also see from the last three days of scripts.

I decided to work until 19.15 this evening hoping that I could finish my open letter to the meditation group and to publish my script, but when I was about to do the third edit of it, I decided that I will do the rest tomorrow morning, and to publish everything here, and yes come on darkness, show my what you got, and I will absorb you, and yes the prospect of my coming days, and can it get any worse than this (?), and probably it can, we will see and yes I WILL NEVER GIVE UP, I WILL OUTLAST THIS!!!

Later, I was so tired as when I am the absolutely most tired, but still I was woken up at approx. 01.00, and I understood that it would be a good idea to finish my work and publish my LONGEST script ever, I believe, if I was to have more sleep this night, which I then did at 03.45, and yes a strong answer by the darkness has to be met by a strong answer by light, and yes it was my mother bringing it as a dream said, which you may be able to read from my next script if I’m still standing, and Elton, you have been far too little in my scripts compared to your musical importance :-).

I can add that the darkness has kept on tempting me much also to give me a sudden and very strong “all inclusive” diarrhoea, which also would make me feel “good” in a matter of seconds, but NO, NO and NO keeps on being my answer, I AM NOT FINISHED (!) and I will do everything I can from making other people hurt, and I was told that this darkness would be strong enough to make people die on my request, if they are not “special friends”, but NO, I WILL NEVER DO THAT – not a direct order!!!

And I wonder the size of the load of darkness, which the meditation group now will bring me and to see if I will be able to take (this) on me too and continue to say as my old self: A-ha, I told you so.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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