December 5, 2011: My mother/family is laying the last piece of the puzzle showing me as the face of the Son of God


Summary of the script today

3rd December: My mother/family is laying the last piece of the puzzle showing me as the face of the Son of God 🙂

  • Dreaming of the meditation group removing my energy and killing me with other members being ready to support me, Peter A. is still opposing me without reading/knowing, Sanna’s and Hans’ dogs of darkness are dying and because of the faith of my sister, it is easier for me to pass my sufferings and finish the last part of my “school course”, i.e. my journey.
  • The “tax-case” of the Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning Schmidt, which was brought by the devilish newspaper B.T. last year to cut down Helle Thorning Schmidt, who despite of this became Prime Minister in 2011, is developing now showing the first evidence of the previous government standing behind trying to use abuse of power to have the tax authorities follow their “political desires”. This is to show the Devil trying to cut down the light in 2010 and it is now being revealed to the world with the message: PUT FORWARD ALL INFORMATION OF ALL TIMES PUBLICALLY TO THE WORLD.
  • Live TV spoke about “the key matched the key hole perfectly”, “the piece of the puzzle matches” and “there is no smoking gun”, which I understood as “coded messages” about my mother and family about to put the last piece of the puzzle together to see the face of the Son of God in me – because these are symbols given to me for weeks/months and now they fit after having “prepared” my sister with the memo of “my sufferings”, which she might understand.
  • The darkness of the meditation group was so strong yesterday evening that it cut my TV-connection while showing one of the absolutely best singers of Denmark, Sanne Salomonsen, to symbolise the lack of “warm feelings” of the group towards me, and this morning I understood the reason why, which is that Maj threatened to do everything she can to remove my “insulting” writings on her – not understanding that I am only showing herself and the feelings she brings me – and it was underlines when the group decided to move on in their “loving spiritual deceptions” when declaring that there is no such thing as darkness, which also included Niclas, who decided to be with his friends without revealing that he knows I am in control of his spiritual voice misguiding him – what a shame, Niclas that you did not have the “mind” and courage to support me, but decided to take the part of the Devil!

4th December: The faith of my sister is removing the darkness of my mother while I am close to dying as my “old self”

  • Dreaming of God still bringing me words when writing my scripts, Real Madrid is now leading the Spanish Primera Division ahead of Barcelona with the help of God as Michael Laudrup years ago first won the championship with Barcelona and then he did the “impossible” to win the championship with Real Madrid the following year – with the help of God :-), the Commune is ready to “grill” me (remove my cash help) but when they ask the manager, I am freed, a vision given to me about the possible destruction of the last part of me, which however would require my approval, which I will NEVER give, my energy is now half of what it was “before”, “Jesus bleibet meine freunde”, I am going through so much suffering that I am as my “old self” very close to drown/die (to wake up as my new self), the faith of my sister is curing my mother’s dog of darkness while I am suffering and I am driving quickly through difficult traffic with the help of my sister and now also John.
  • I continued working with throwing up feelings and darkness pressuring me down all day writing and sending the three applications, which the Commune ordered me to do – and my first draft of a long email to the Commune.
  • Eligael – the king’s evidence of the Jerusalem UFO – interviewed and brought a video of a witness of the Jerusalem UFO, which the media easily could have done if it was not suppressed by the Israeli Government, and he is “desperately” searching for the message of the UFO, which I have already given him months ago, which he does not believe in when not believing in me simply because he does not read carefully to understand – funny isn’t it?

5th December: Asking the Commune to STOP HARASSING ME and accept my FREEDOM to do my own SERIOUS work!

  • Dreaming of being ahead on points before I will start my blind game with the Commune, who may give up because they do not have the staying power as I, Russia is both supporting me and still putting me under surveillance against my clear rejection (!), a sign of Prince dying but maybe only the dark side of him (?), difficulties for the teacher to keep my class (“journey”) open, my old friend Angela would like to understand me, the Commune both have cold and warm feelings of me and I will go through rough times when fighting them, and I am almost destroying the “old system” but we are still transferring information from the old to the new me, I have difficulties to complete the last part of my work and I may get additional energy to do this.
  • David told me that floods in Kenya are now claiming people’s lives, and Kenya is speaking about itself and its own elections and war in Somalia – but still not much about the world around you (?), and you have to experience OPENNESS before you will understand what you are missing of information, my dear Kenyans. Davis is sharing his little portion of my cash help with his family, which would be an unthinkable situation for rich people to be in but as long as they do well themselves, they simply don’t care in reality about David and his fellow countrymen.
  • I finalised and sent my LONG email to Lisbeth from the Commune and decided to sent it to the management of Helsingør Commune and IKU too with the message: UNDERSTAND WHO I AM – STOP TREATING ME WRONGLY AND INDECENTLY – and stop threatening to remove my cash help because if you want to fight me, I will give you a fight, and there is NOTHING you can do to win because I fulfil every single one of your CRAZY rules. Will they finally decide to give up now and accept that I can do my own work, which I have asked the system to do for two years now (!), thus no longer being forced against my will?


3rd December: My mother/family is laying the last piece of the puzzle showing me as the face of the Son of God

Dreaming that my sister’s faith makes it easier for me to pass the sufferings of the final part of my journey

I did not have a good sleep but better than yesterday making me feel somewhat better today, but not better than especially my right eye has “decided” to be all red today to say that I may be a little bit exhausted – making it difficult to see too also because of my eyes being wet – but who cares when we have more work to do, so here we go again today – almost putting the meditation group behind me, now about to face the Commune with how many people against me (?) next week – with more dreams:

  • A bus is chasing me in the inner city of Helsingør, but I drive on my bicycle quickly away from it up to the motorway, which now is a railway, where I check my fine coat hanging in the locker room together with other coats, and when I open the door, I see a purse falling out from a jacket down upon the floor, it feels like a misunderstanding, and I feel that it is me and I see myself being run down by a car and killed, and two others look in horror what is happening, which makes them think that they better have to tell the police what they know because they can see the misunderstanding, and the police has now arrived trying to reconstruct what happened, and I am there too stepping into a bath to show him what happened, which makes the police officer sitting right next to me and who is in a good shape receive an inner reaction of his body giving him a heart failure, and he is pulled out from the building as quickly as possible – people know that this is what is giving him the heart failure – and he is gasping for his breath.
    • This is about the meditation group too, who has sent the bus after me because of their wrong doings, and “bus” in relation to me means “sexual sufferings” too, but I am riding on my bicycle of suffering quickly enough to escape this darkness from bringing me down, and how do I do that (?) and yes simply by being stronger than all darkness sent to me – this morning I was told that I also receive the darkness of the Danish Parliament because of their “rumblings” in relation to me and that is on top of everything else – and at the same time continuing my work to bring the last part of my self through this the worst darkness into security of the New World – not difficult to understand is it (?) – and here the dream says that their misunderstandings are making me lose my purse, i.e. energy, and their car, i.e. “them”, is killing me, which is to kill my old self – the old God you know – but two others can see their misunderstandings from the touchline and they decide to interfere, and this may be other people of the group, who are “able” to understand and I look forward to seeing you to start helping me against the total deafness and resistance by Maj and others, and I have really been wondering how many of you are starting to believe in me without having said a word yet because you are “scared” and do you think this is “good behaviour” (?) and NO it is not (!), and what about you, Niclas – do you want to go over in history as the man who did not have the courage to stand forward to protect God but prioritized your own selfish interests (?) and just wondering I am.
    • I woke up to the beautiful song “All I want for Christmas is you” by Mariah Carey – a truly beautiful voice 🙂 – and also “Christmas is here” from another song, but here is Mariah from our “dream castle” of the New World :-).

  • I am playing golf with Peter A., and I have received a new golf bag, where I am learning where to put all the irons, and I have to remember balls to play with too.
    • Another “special friend” continuing to oppose me, and how difficult is it for you to read and understand me, Peter (?), but maybe “you know better too” so you don’t have to read to learn?
  • I am sitting at the end of Sanna’s and Hans’ bed, and I am searching after their old dog, Dusty, which I cannot find, and I understand that if it was not for an accidental shot by Hans, it would have survived, but I am now stroking their old dog, Cas. I have received all Danish hit songs on CD and because of this, I am driving a sport car fast through the rain towards Køge and even though it the steering wheel plays somewhat to the left, I drive it without any problems, and I am on my way to hand over a letter, and when I arrive at an educational institute, I am considering to enrol in a course, which however would require that I should “cheat” by not telling someone about my plan, who would resist me and that is in order to get in, but then I am told that they never received my first application for my 1st priority course and now I understand that I don’t have to take the other course instead. Also at this place I meet Thomas (Tommas) and Kasper from Excellent, who are checking me out for being Jesus, and I see how this simple information about who I am makes people think with complete darkness.
    • The dogs are “dying” with my sister and her husband, which is darkness dismantling, and while writing this dream, I was told that this is also about changing and improving your life – to show a clean heart, see my website – which is why I am still stroking another of their old dogs symbolising their darkness and very soon “poor habits” when all darkness is dismantled. The Danish hits songs on CD is about love of my sister and her husband in relation to me and isn’t this funny that I write this after my long bath this morning where I “coincidently” felt like listening to Danish hit songs on the new in Denmark music stream service Spotify (a sign of what is coming with FREE culture of our New World, but PLEASE improve the quality MUCH my friends both in sound and search options etc. – but still this is the “best” of its kind today, but NOT good enough) and that is not thinking about the dream and this is just to show you the “magic” of the spiritual world over me, and with this love and faith of my sister, it is now easier than before to continue driving through the rain of my sufferings towards Køge, and yes “Køge/ølby” is an OLD symbol of darkness all the way back from book 1 – did I write about it back then (?) – and this is what it means to have my sister with me, and with her help I can now take the dream course of the last part of my school instead of “cheating” with the risk to be discovered and yes the world is opening, and that will have to be the absolutely last part of it before we permanently move in to the New World.

The meditation group threatened to remove my writings and decided to continue their “spiritual deceptions of love”!

I had absolutely no desire to see any possible reactions to my posting on the Facebook wall of the meditation group yesterday – I felt disgusted just thinking about “deaf” people and their “uncontrollable feelings” – but at 20.20 in the evening while I was watching “here is your life” with the AMAZING singer and LOVING person Sanna Salomonsen – one of the best singers in the world according to fellow artists Björn Skifts and Chris Minh Doky and also according to me 🙂 – suddenly the signal was “unplugged” and yes “almost unplugged” and I know you would like to emphasize her fantastic album “In a New York minute” with Chris Doky and the story of some of the best jazz musicians in the world being “speechless” because of her voice, which is “just about” what some of the members of the meditation group are too as I am told here and yes in amazement with some believing and some disbelieving in me, and here the signal of Sanna was switched off, i.e. no “warm feelings”, and I was told that this was due to “reactions” from the meditation group to my new script, and I have really had it up to here with people misunderstanding and opposing me and this is what they believe they have had of me too (in all of their misunderstandings), and these uncontrollable feelings of people removed my signal for more than one hour before it was back on again, and in the mean time I heard some of the good old songs from when she was part of Sneakers, the greatest Danish band of the 1980’s and one of the best ever, and you can listen to this song as an example of just how great she and the band was – and yes while watching Sanne I could not help thinking about MANY opf the absolutely best musicians of Denmark being servants of God as I have been told, for example Sanne, Kim Larsen, Michael Bundesen, Peter A.G., Anne Linnet, Steffen Brandt, Annisette Koppel and also Medina and Rasmus Seebach from the next generation and who else?

Here is the TV show from yesterday and after 54 minutes you can hear how she sounds today in a beautiful balled, and even though her voice is not the same as it used to be, she is still “the good old Rock Mama” of Denmark – and the world too (?), and what do you say, “world”, about her, and yes “even though the road was long, I have come home” Sanne, and yes I know about the feeling 🙂 – and let me say that Sui Sui and other of her songs give me shivers of enjoy and “VERY deep feelings”.

The meditation group threatens to remove my “disgusting” writings without being able to look in the mirror

This morning, I decided to see which reactions had come to my posting, and not surprisingly (!), Maj now feels offended/insulted by me for telling the truth directly about her on my website, and as so many others, she would like to have these “disgusting” writings removed and she “starts” by asking me to remove it implying that if I do not, she will take things into her own hands, and I wonder what you will do about it, Maj (?) and also if you will decide to be open keeping me posted about your possible actions (?) as you can read everything about me and what I do here – so what will you do now, Maj (?), will you write to WordPress to ask them to remove the scripts in question and maybe to close down my entire site while you are at it (?), and what you do not know is that I have WordPress behind me understanding me and what I am doing, so if this is what you want to do, please be my guest at this my last supper killing my old self – and your actions shall be revealed to the world, and I wonder if you have considered at all that you have decided to fight God self because you “hate” to see the truth about yourself being exposed to the world and yes is it really “totally impossible” for you to understand and react positively to reasoning?

A little bit later, Lene from the group was inspired to bring this message, which may help Maj to ”calm down”, which is what I was told by the spirit of my mother and also showing how the group has had enough of me (!), or is it really Maj and yourselves you have had enough of?

And later, Tild was inspired to bring this posting as a reply to me too to say that “Everything is good. The forces of darkness manifested as ego does not exist in reality”. Peace be with us all. It is a choice each of us has to make” and yes THIS IS REALLY WHAT SHE WROTE (!!!) and I repeat “ego does not exist in reality”, and if this is true, I don’t know what it is you see of the world today (???) and YOURSELVES TOO (?) but when you don’t want to believe in the existence of darkness because this is the most “convenient” for you, this is what you receive spiritually when I am not there to stop the darkness speaking to you, and yes Niclas, my friend, is not easy to convert to the truth of my side because there is “of course” no darkness, or is there, Niclas (?) and yes I wonder how you can judge me too knowing what you know about me, but this does not matter because you prefer to be loved by your friends believing in you (?) and it would not be nice for you if they are to “discover” the truth I have told about your voice being under my control when we are together?

And with this, I hope this is the end of this story, and we know Selvet and these people were some of the absolutely worst to pass, and just so you know my friends – and of course I love you too.

Evidence emerging to reveal the devilish actions of the previous Danish government: REVEAL EVERYTHING TO THE WORLD!

As I state in Danish above: Please remember that I only show you my emotional feelings because of how humans decide to communicate and treat me, and had Maj and the others done right, they would have made me happy, which is then what I would have written in my scripts – as I for example do when LTO makes me happy, as my sister and David did yesterday and “UFO politics” too, who works and behaves well (at least what I have seen) – but because of the very wrong behaviour of people of this group, they made me SAD and this is really the only thing I am showing you to teach you what not to do in the future and to separate light and darkness, but since this is impossible for Maj and others to understand, in their minds I have now become the one defaming them, and I am really only using my universal freedom of speech bringing what was already public and as usual it is the darkness not liking to be exposed.

The “tax-case” of the Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning Schmidt, which was brought by the devilish newspaper B.T. last year and tried again “just before” the election this year (!) has now developed showing the first evidence of the previous Tax Minister Troels Lund Poulsen and his “back land” trying to interfere the tax decision of authorities in 2010 writing the desired outcome of the decision and asking it to be carried out, which the authorities however cleverly decided NOT to do (!) and this was to cut down his political “opponent” Helle Thorning Schmidt – and this question will now be “investigated for years in a commission” (!!!) – and this is both to show you the ROTTEN system of Denmark with POOR and UNACCEPTABLE behaviour of the “old system” as it is to say that this was another example to show you just how close the old system was to cut down the New World emerging, because how did you truly feel, Helle, with the prospect to become Prime Minister of a country not being afraid of destroying your personal life (?), and yes this is also about the old government deciding not to support me publically but to play their own vicious play, and HOW COULD YOU DO THIS, Troels etc. (?) and how are your ”relations” with the newspaper B.T. by the way?

So this is about a story starting to be revealed to the world – the light showing the vicious game of the darkness (!) – and the question is really how much of your vicious affairs, which has never been “revealed” (?) and yes my ladies and gentlemen, I ask you to reveal everything to the public and that is EVERYTHING from EVERYWHERE of ANY GIVEN TIME (!) including every single document – please remember that all of your files are also on files in the spiritual world to be published if necessary – and then to speak the truth, because you do NOT need to have an investigation commission taking years to find out what is the truth, and take Troels Lund as example when he was asked by a journalist today if he clearly could confirm that he did not interfere in this matter to which he said “I have nothing to hide” instead of confirming (!) and if you cannot answer this question otherwise, it can only mean that you do have something to hide, Troels (?) and does this go all the way up to the leaders of the previous Danish government – Claus Hjort Frederiksen, Lars Løkke etc. (?) – and does this show just how WRONG you are thinking and working and we speak of the morale of what should be role models for the whole country (!!!), and yes let me recommend you all to START telling the TRUTH – would you like to start, Troels (?) – and put forward ALL documents/emails etc. to HELP bringing the TRUTH to the world and not to “cover up” your “interests” because the ONLY interest you have from hereafter is to tell the truth and nothing but the truth, do you remember?

The newspaper of Politiken writing about the “sensation” of the previous government abusing power when it tried to cut down the now present Prime Minister Helle Thorning Schmidt

And I am thinking about Troels and the previous government (and the new too?): Were you not “able” to see what is right and wrong to do (?) after having become the “rats of the system” because this is how the system of today is and this is “accepted behaviour” of the system today, and tell me if you think this is a life worth living my friends (?), or if you would like to become FREE like I very soon will become as I am here told, and still I don’t really know for sure if I will become my new self in December or not – thought that many times in 2009/10 mainly – but this time it should be for real.

My mother/family is laying the last piece of the puzzle showing me as the face of the Son of God 🙂

This evening on DR2 television I saw a few minutes of three journalists from different newspapers being interviewed about this “case”, and the journalist Niels Krause-Kjær from Politiken was one of them, which is the man on front of the newspaper in the chapter above, and I noticed him saying something like “the key matched the key hole perfectly” and they continued speaking about “the piece of the puzzle matches” and “there is no smoking gun” (of the Devil – and please notice that I did not take notes word by word, but this is what they said), and all of this is the key of the spirit of my mother to unlock everything of the remaining part of the spirit of my father inside of darkness and that is also when laying the last piece of the puzzle, which should be to get my family including my mother to understand the puzzle I have given them and to see the TRUE face of the man I am becoming: The Son of God, which is what you also can see as a message given by people of other civilizations drawing this face of me in a crop circle of Chilbolton in 2001:

The Chilbolton crop circle from 2001 made by people
of other civilizations showing my face as the Son of God

You can see a little “foretaste” of crop circles here – there is MUCH more information “out there”:

This morning I also received the message “bulls eye”, and later today I heard someone on TV saying these exact words – this is happening regularly here that I am told about what I will experience later – and this was really to say that I have hit the “bulls eye” going through all of my journey without breaking down.

Answering an email from France about the Jerusalem UFO and the meaning of the red dots in the sky

Yesterday I received a nice email from Steve in France asking about the Jerusalem UFO, which I decided to answer as follows also herewith giving you the answer to why I did not include the meaning of the red lights of the UFO on my Jerusalem UFO page, and I wonder why the YouTube user decided to remove these videos and I am sad that I did not save the videos before they were removed.

Here is my answer and his email below:

Dear Steve,

Thank you very much indeed for your kind email and video link, which I was happy to watch. They are becoming even clearer and more beautiful to watch :-).

I had planned to look more carefully into the red lights of the Jerusalem UFO this month and to consider also bringing the story of them on my website, and for this purpose I had an old note of two videos mapping the pattern, but when looking today inspired by your email, I can see that these videos have been removed by the user on YouTube, and they are not to be found elsewhere. But these were the original comments of the user to the two videos including their former locations:

This is an explanation of the video of the UFO over the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, Israel.

What is most interesting is the red dots that are at the end of this video.

The dots always appear in pairs. They allow me to cancel the camera movement. If a dot pair disappears for a moment, then it means next figure.

When connecting the red dots they form signs that I then traced for better viewing.

So what I did is: I canceled out the camera movement and drew the lines between the dots.

Explanation of the drawings.

What you see is the finger of God drawing on the invisible cloak of the firmament!

So God writes from behind the firmament on the firmament.
In the end of the video, he even signs the drawings. It is signed in mirror image in roman letters. You see that he writes in mirror image because He writes on top of the firmament and you look up from below.

What he writes symbolically is: I measured you, and I measured and I measured again to my divine standards (1st figure). Look how the geometric lineup of the fold is almost perfect and it is complete.
He repeats the first figure three times perfectly. He goes over it again and again, like repeating the word. That is what inspired me to say mene mene mene.

Then continues God in the same figure he says: I measured outside my area with another measure and another measure.
Then the next figure says: This is how you look. You do not fit in my measurement area and the figure is not consistent. That inspired me to say tekel.

Then the last figure says: I will disperse you to the ends of the earth and you will not be found any more. That is what inspired me to write upharsin

And then he wrote a hook (what does that mean?) and signed with letters JC in mirror:

Finally I think He pushed his whole face against the firmament on the last blob. In this video this moment is only three frames long. So I think that you can even see His face!

Here I try to show how traced figures are extracted from the original video. So you can see by yourself that these shapes really come from this video. I did not make them up
They are real.

This comes in two parts. This is the first part.
Probably Jesus Christ signs these drawings in the end.

The Jerusalem UFO and the pattern of Creation on its underside was as REAL as your own existence as the world will come to see “very soon”. The messages of the UFO are to be found on my website, and that is not only on the page containing information on the UFO, but on all of my pages, which I herewith invite you to read for you to understand the beauty of the New World, which mankind is about to enter “very soon”.

Kind regards from

Den 02-12-2011 15:53, Steve Lawrie skrev:

Dear Stig,

I was happy to see your excellent article on the underside of the Jerusalem UFO and how it matches the Barbury crop circle. My wife and I immediately recognised the pattern as soon as we saw this incredible new video.

Now, what do you think about the play of red lights flickering in the sky after the UFO rocketed upwards and away? I’m certain there is lots of info here!! Do you know if anyone has mapped the pattern these lights are making and then interpreted it?

Also, (you probably have seen this) please watch this from 06.22

and see the same sort of lights.

Last thing: what probability do you reckon we have that somebody made a CGI of the Jerusalem video (and put the crop circle texture on the bottom of it)???

thanks for your thoughts,

best regards
Steve L.

I am missing the fantastic Danish singer, the later Flemming Bamse Jørgensen

I also decided to listen to Flemming Bamse Jørgensen, the fantastic Danish singer unfortunately dying the 1st January 2011 “taking on darkness” to help the world – and I am crazy (!) about the song “alting har sin pris” (“everthing has a price”), which he made on his last album in 2010, and when I listened to it today, I became very emotional because of its immense beauty and performance, and I decided to find it on YouTube, which I did as you can see below and I also decided to write this comment:

And I wondered if ”everything has its price” was an inspired message to me indicating that the Devil is destroying parts of the spirit of my father trapped inside of its skeleton, which I believe I have received indications of, which however may be the darkness self giving me wrong messages of what it would like to do, and no matter what I can only tell you what I have already said before which is that I will settle for no less than 100,00% of everything and if needed, I kindly ask you to bring every single code of light of all times with you to recreate everything in our New World.

And I might add that “Vimmersvej” by Bamse from my childhood made an everlasting impression on me as one of the strongest songs of my entire life – it was a MASSIVE hit in Denmark in the 1970’s and just maybe the best ever version in history of this song?

Update the 4th December: As a new “secret message” because of good work done, I was told that “the price” of this song simply symbolises the price I am paying because of the meditation group treating me wrongly, which is that I am dying as my old self – mankind managed to kill both the old world and now also me as the “old God”, I am almost not existing anymore, but I am happy to say that I made a new me to take over before I died as my old self :-).

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Yesterday evening as an example I was shown a typical Swedish cottage house (derelict farm) through water, and I saw it clearly and it was to say that as my old self, I can see the New World through the last part of my road of water, i.e. sufferings. It continued this morning when I was shown almost all of a Viking Ship having entered a small island and that it is only the absolutely last part of this ship, which is on its way in, and this ship is the ship of the spirit of my father because everything else is inside of the New World.
  • Yesterday evening I received the “kill, kill, kill” command again and the face of my father was put on this request, and I could only say “no, you are NOT allowed to do that NO MATTER WHAT”, which I should also have said about John really, but I was “fooled” but now it does not matter when not giving up, and I wonder if the dream this morning of the almost dying police officer may be the darkness of my father, i.e. the darkness of the policeman , almost dying, and yes I WILL NOT ACCEPT DEATH AS AN OPTION (!) –EVERYTHING EVER IS TO COME WITH US TO OUR NEW WORLD and my father as a physical person has to survive this too, and I was told that this was the strength of the darkness yesterday evening and we know “uncontrollable feelings” of the meditation group.
  • In the bath this morning I was given the feeling that it is energy from our New World which is making me survive and this may be because of what I have decided to have as an option months ago however difficult it may be to do. Instead of being afraid to die as my old self and become my new self, I have decided to think of my old self as the first channel of 100 channels on a remote control with the 99 others inside of me too but not switched on to my conscious self and when there is nothing left of my old self on channel one, this will automatically become the New World as all the other channels, which will automatically and without pain I hope make me open up my eyes to a “dream world” in reality, and yes which will become better and better over time.
  • I was told that “practical matters” and at the moment, the Commune threatening to remove my cash help is holding back the “faith” of my mother – “you have to do as they tell you” – and yes my mother truly does not like what I write about her (the truth) as she has let me know, but still, mother you know that I love you more than anyone else and neither you nor I will risk losing our connection again, and this is the love, which is keeping us together, and I wonder when you and Sanna will put the last puzzle together making you “understand” that I am simply “me”, which is your new Son about to being born because of the faith of you and the world in me :-). And today, my mother read my script of yesterday and we know “is Stig difficult” (?), hence the stories of the Commune and the meditation group opposing me, or is Stig really the one because Sanna is supporting him now (?) and we know “difficult” questions for my mother to answer, but at least my TIP counter shows that she has moved back from “Langeskov” (a long forest down there) to Helsingør 🙂 – and as a matter of good sake let me say that I do NOT like the mere thought of my mother becoming sad to read my scripts, which may be what she was again today, but this is part of the process and “help” as I am told to come through the darkness bringing all home.
  • This evening Nønne was inspired to post the following today about “we are living in one of the world’s darkest countries this time a year” and then she talks about having a nice and “normal life” to come through – yes, wouldn’t it be good (?) – and “don’t take the small pleasures from us Vikings”, and you may remember my vision from this morning about the rest of the Viking ship coming in, and do you believe Nønne is the light or dark part of it (?), and yes you are right, this is the darkest period of the year and Nønne herself is contributing to it but believing that she is spreading “love and joy not fear and guilt”, and yes your WRONG voice is STRONG, Nønne!

  • In my email to my LTO friends yesterday forwarding my script, I wrote: “I am still thinking of you and your families, and know you do not have much, but you do have much better smiles, human warmth and closer/better relations than here 🙂” and I am only thinking of the meditation group here and also the Commune and the Parliament and most of my family/friends etc. still not understanding me or at least supporting me and the Church and ….
  • I started working at 10.45 today, and even though I was feeling better today, I was still handicapped by poor sight and much exhaustion after the previous days and I felt that I worked slower than usual not finishing my script of today before 16.20, and feeling too tired to start the edit of my website.
  • My mother called at 18.45 very concerned that I had not come for dinner at 18.30 and I did hear her say Sunday, but did she say Saturday or Sunday (?), and just showing her deep concerns about me, and I rushed downhill on my bicycle, which I was inspired to say – its all going downhill from here – and we had a very nice evening with John not saying much the first half before he “woke” up during the evening, and yes “not easy” for them to read, understand and absorb my scripts. And now they are going on a “cheap“ holiday to Egypt, which is really also my destination you know :-). When coming home, I was given a sign that the darkness is peeled off me at the moment.


4th December: The faith of my sister is removing the darkness of my mother while I am close to dying as my “old self”

Dreaming that the faith of my sister is curing my mother’s dog of darkness and I am close to dying from my sufferings

I had a night like the previous and more dreams:

  • Every time I publish a script, Michael Laudrup instantly sends me an email with his 11-12 comments, which I use to amend my script, and I notice that he also sends me an email every time, which I have not noticed before now, and in his latest he writes that he is going to play “national international match” in a new secret football uniform, which is not meant to come out to the press, and this is even though I can see that Michael’s email to me is public and my reply, which I am thinking about sending, is also public. This is his last year playing as an active together with the stars of Real Madrid, which also includes a player having the greatest spiritual gifts, which is why they are leading the table now.
    • I felt Michael Laudrup – the best player of Denmark ever and one of the greatest ever of the world (?) – symbolising God in this dream helping me to write my scripts with the words I keep on receiving when writing, and the dream explains why Real Madrid is now ahead of Barcelona this season and I was told when waking up that it was also God helping Laudrup to win the Spanish championship first with Barcelona and then again the following season after having done the unthinkable to change to the “rival” Real Madrid, and just showing you the power of God.
  • I am at a grill bar at Østerport station in Copenhagen next to Istedgade (!!!), and I have dinner including French fries and bearnaise sauce, and I sit opposite a lady, who introduces herself as being the producer of a TV program recording guests at this exact place I am sitting to be broadcast on TV and when she starts to speak, I hardly say anything, which makes her almost give up speaking to me and then I tell her that I am so tired that it feels like not having slept for several nights in a row and others may be better victims to use than me, and I see her leave into the backroom and hear the man in charge at the control room saying that I cannot be used.
    • This may be about the Commune misunderstanding me (?) and bringing me sexual sufferings too because of the near location to the “sex street” of Copenhagen, Istedgade, and here the dream includes “misunderstandings” saying that I have become thick because I eat fat and the truth as an example is that when living in Helsingør for now 1½ months, I have had French fries twice and bearnaise sauce once (it is NOT the food but the darkness giving me extra weight here) – normally I have potatoes or rice with some meet and normally without vegetables because they are too expensive, and here it may be Lisbeth from the Commune who is the reporter believing that I don’t speak much because I am a loner, this is what she heard from IKU and the journal says, and then she cannot “remember” how strong and outgoing I was at our meeting, which she did not include in her journal anywhere (!), but still it says that she will decide not to use me in the TV program after speaking to her manager in the control room, which I understand that she will not remove my cash help – and that is on condition that I will pull myself together also writing and sending her the applications, which I have on my Action Plan to do today, so I better do that even though I don’t feel “terrific” as you may understand because the part of the dream about how tired I am, is really the truth …..
  • Half awake I felt “both sides of me” almost giving up, and I was shown a very small part of myself tied up in chains and thrown up on a ship heading for destruction, which I have to approve myself and NO is the answer, and I don’t even want to see this again (!), but probably given to me to make my readers understand – and I am still thinking that if I should give up, I will NEVER accept destruction of anything/anyone from the old world, which would require energy from elsewhere to make everything come through, which is basically my old decision as you may remember my friends?
  • I have started working at the company where Henning W. is also working at a cheap address west of Copenhagen. I only receive half the salary as I used to have when working for the roller coaster in Tivoli, where people often broke their bones. At this company I see old fashioned products with outdated brochures, and I meet the marketing manager and one of his employees, and they let me know that most of the turn over of the company is generated through telemarketing, which they have outsourced, but they do not follow up or get involved in the telemarketing themselves, which makes me surprised and I tell them that if you did, your turnover could be doubled. At this job I am to work mostly from home selling insurance and pension plans to people through telephone. During the afternoon, Henning receives morning bread for his apartment.
    • An old company out of date can only be the remaining part of me not transferred to the New World yet, which is to say that I don’t have much energy left. Some telemarketing companies out there may remember the way I decided to follow up on business compared to what their other clients did to help improving sales and quality, which also may be to say that the spiritual communication of the old world is not living up to its potential.
    • I woke up to “På den grønne gren” (“on the green branch”) by Sneakers including the lyrics “traffic, traffic” and really saying that we are still “driving”/working to include everything of the GREEN branch of the Trinity.
  • I am told that on the back side of a big picture is to be monks disguised as Bach of the 18th century, and I see four people including Lars Hjortshøj being tied to a mill, which is standing in the beginning of the sea and turning its wheel, so the outer part of each wing including the person tied to it goes under the water, and once it remains for a long time under water, which makes the person give a sign that he needs to be pulled up, which he then becomes – they won with a small margin and receive a reward in the train.
    • When I think of Bach, I think of BEAUTIFUL music and firstly on “Jesus bleibet meine Freude”, which is one of the most beautiful classical pieces I know of

    • The mill in the sea may be to say that we are going through much pain, but Lars Hjortshøj still symbolises SMILE for what we have done.
  • I am at my mother’s apartment, where Sanna has brought the sick dog with her, and she brings it back happy and well again, while I am in the shower and have not had time to clean up the coffee cups etc. at the sofa table.
    • The faith of Sanna is helping to cure the darkness of the dog so it becomes happy and well again, which is what I hope and understand that my sister is bringing to my mother – but not easy to tell other than these dreams etc. because I am not communicating about this with my sister or mother – and the shower is because of the pain and sufferings my “unknowing” mother brings me because of her unnecessary concerns, and the coffee is my love for my mother and John too.
    • I woke up to “like a prayer” by Madonna and the lyrics “I close my eyes”, which I understood is what my mother is doing in relation to me and who I am.
  • I have an agreement to meet my sister at 18.00, and when looking at the clock, I believe I am too late, which I later however understand that I am not, and when driving on the motorway, I am overtaking other cars with 130 km/h, and suddenly I see oncoming traffic in the lane I am driving, and in time I succeed to pull in, and I wonder why I was not told about road work at the other side of the road since they have moved the traffic to this side of the road. I call Sanna on my way and she tells me that she receives guests so she cannot see me this evening, and I tell her that it’s alright ♥ (found the shortcut to produce hearts for “love”), and that we will be seeing each other at Park Hotel at noon tomorrow in Helsingør, where our mother will hold a party – and not at her home as I thought – and I understand that it has first now been decided that I will dance with Josephine, who is the girlfriend of Tobias (not her name in real life, but Mia), and at the end of my drive, I am now in Copenhagen and exit the car, and I now see that Sanna is driving the car and it feels like John is there too.
    • I am still driving quickly – despite of having an ENORMOUS desire to stop working now because “I am all finished” (“jeg er helt færdig”!) and that is the feeling but you know in another sense than being finished with the work – and here it says that I will meet the family at the hotel, which still is the “waiting hall” for my “special friends”, and it is Sanna driving my car because of her faith, and John is in there too so I wonder if this is also why John was as silent as he was yesterday, and can it be that “poor conscience” for not being “able” to understand me is spreading?

Continuing to work feeling like throwing up, writing and sending the three applications, which the Commune ordered me to do

I started working at 08.35 almost throwing up of having to do more work and all of the “planned obstacles”, which I did not know about (the meditation group as the latest), delaying my work but still right on time according to my “guides” 🙂 – and I was told that my mother has kept on being a “lobster” when she has decided to be against me.

I finished the script so far at 10.30 both feeling somewhat better than yesterday where it was “totally impossible” to work and today it is only “impossible”, but I was given half an hour of “totally impossible” pain and sufferings from the darkness doing everything to make me give up, and even though it was “close”, I will NEVER give up, so let us go through the next work also, which is to produce the three applications for jobs WAY BELOW my competences, which the Commune only because of negative misunderstandings has ordered me to do against my will, and how much motivation do you think this gives me (?) and also when you try to imagine that I am really not doing that well (?), but on the other hand, this is still “piece of cake”, so first a Christmas bun from yesterday on sale and some coffee, and yes to see if I can do this in a couple of hours maybe and then an email to the Commune, and just maybe I will finally start the absolutely final part of the edit of my website, which I may be able to concentrate on and finalise next week (?) and we will see …

At 12.15 I had written the chapter on Eligael below – now receiving one of these “heart attacks” when writing this, and I still receive these often and here it was because of Eligael disbelief in me – and also the draft to the first application, and after starting this work, I have decided to do “my best” under the circumstances and that my goal today is only to write and send these applications including an email to the Commune, and yes then I will have to say that it was yet another good day, and just being told here that we have kept an eye on Cæcilie Norby since the concert and my email to her in May 2011 I believe, and I was told “so quickly that I did not need to receive the words” (!) that she has received “visions” of me since and this is an example that all people crossing my road have received “special information” about me, but not “easy” to understand when you don’t try to understand your dreams and “more” for some?

I was VERY discouraged by the fact that one of the three jobs I was ordered to apply was to CPH CALL where my old colleague Klaus K. from Fair works, and even though I like Klaus as a person, some people might understand why I feel it is a total humiliation of me to search a job with Klaus’ call centre because of how he used to work and still work compared to mine as you can read more of in the application, which I will bring in my script tomorrow.

I continued working all afternoon until 17.30 sending all three applications and doing the first draft of a long email to Lisbeth from the Commune, and yes not easy and not nice to do, but I decided that I had to do it, and to do my best under the circumstances and yes “how did I do it”, and I don’t know because I did not feel able to do it.

Eligael brings forward a witness of the Jerusalem UFO, which the media EASILIY could have done too, if it WANTED to

I decided to send my thank yous and regards to Eligael – the king’s evidence of the Jerusalem UFO – for posting a new video doing what the media should have done in the first place if they had not been kept down by the government/Intelligence service as you can see below and my message to him is the same as to almost everyone else: Read and understand my website, and you will understand, and the “funny” part is here that Eligael is “desperately” searching for the message, which I have already given him months ago, and yes Eligael “welcome to the club” and that is opposing instead of supporting me, and I really thought I had your faith in the beginning, but you decided to turn your back on me too and why was that (?) and yes because you could not do the right thing to overcome your own obstacles – and “fear” (?) – to read and understand me, but better late than never, so you are still welcome to give it a go and will you decide now to send me even more darkness through negative thoughts about me after sending you this message, or will you start using your resources to REALLY understand me, and I have already guesses the outcome of this, and we know more darkness ….

I receive a “like” from Eligael’s brother to my post but nothing from Eligael himself other than “silence” and yes I have heard that before, which are the words I receive together with the vision of Eligael and “silence” is what I have experienced so often myself from people who simply “cannot” understand and not because of me but because of themselves – and yes a BIG paradox, Eligael, isn’t it?

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Today I had a visitor from Aussonne in France, which is 20 kilometres from Toulose, reading MANY of my main webpages so I guess that Steve was inspired to read my website after reading my email to him, and maybe “a little bit surprised”, Steve (?) and now so much that you did not even want to send me a “thank you” reply, and yes I have a tendency to bring out the worst in “scared” people.
  • Ninna from the meditation group was “inspired” to bring this message to the Facebook group – and to me too, Ninna (?) – which you will understand is also NOT true when you see how people affect me as an example, but it fits with your “wish” so therefore it is convenient and nice for you to bring and to believe in, instead of me?

  • The previous Danish Primie Minister, Lars Løkke, and the chairman of the Liberal Party decided to inform the public abouth Troels Lund Poulsen now deciding to go on leave, and he states very clearly that Troels did nothing wrong, and the Liberal Party fully support an investigation commission to bring full clearness over the case, and I decided to write a comment: “Are you sure that this is the wisest to do” and what about putting forward the ENTIRE truth without washing your hands and trying to escape from your responsibility, and yes just wondering I am.
  • Addition written the 6th December: When I write “you” above, it is not directed to Lars, but to the Liberal Party and really “whomever may be included in this story”, and I have NO information that Lars should know about or being involved in this scandal, and as a normal human being, I have faith in Lars when he says that he is “clean” – but I don’t know, and the true meaning behind my comment below is that instead of using months/years on a commission, it would be so much easier and “wiser” for everyone simply to get out of the closet and tell the truth and only the truth to the world. This is it really.

  • Jerry Vano became a Facebook friend of mine after I included some of his fine work in the decoding of the Barbary Crop circle thus also the Jerusalem UFO on my website, and today he published the information below, which “coincidently” also includes information of Jesus in relation to the Chilbolton crop circle, which I was inspired to write about yesterday, so I wonder if there is a “connection” here 🙂 – and also he decides to read some of my scripts and unfortunately I don’t read his not because I don’t want to but because I don’t have energy and resources to do it. You can read his article here.

  • I was told today that the last part of the spirit of my father trapped inside darkness is his mind and for days I have felt a complete 3-dimensional opening in the room around me into the presence and mind of the spirit of my father at the dark side, and I was given the feeling of agents (of the dark side) in the Matrix movies, but also a STRONG feeling of love, and it is the love and mind we will bring with us NO MATTER WHAT. And I understood that we have started peeling the layer of darkness off the spirit of my father because of the growing faith of my mother in me and yes through my sister too.
  • I was also told that we have also recreated all previous parts of the spirit of my father and the Trinity from previous Universes trapped inside darkness and I was shown that we are pulling EVERYTHING out of the container to bring with us including fish waste, which was not meant to be.
  • For approx. half an hour I felt a big hand inside of my body around my heart, which was very uncomfortable and I felt that it was the remaining of darkness, but I tried to tell myself that I don’t care because I have decided not to be afraid, and later I was told by that the spirit of my father inside of darkness that he knew what he did when bringing me sexual torments earlier in my life, and I got the feeling that he could do nothing else because of the darkness.
  • Suddenly I felt a spirit of people of other civilizations – I have to be near the New World then – and told that spirits of ALL civilizations have been around me as Stig, which is how I have influenced the entire Universe, and yes “feeling more than I can bear because I am only human”, but accepting that this is how it is.
  • I was told that the Pope has sent out information about me to “more than 100 people” was the feeling, but nothing to me (!), and I felt that it is also about your feelings, Benedict, and whether or not I am sympathetic or not (?), and let me tell you that what you see in my writings, is NOT what you see in me as a person – even though I can also SPEAK the truth very directly and “cut through” if necessary – and I am only writing the feelings, which people bring me so my writings reflect mankind and is this difficult to understand (?), and in real life, you will see me as a person, who is liked by all people, and why don’t you send me just a tiny little email to say that you are with me (?), and if anyone, the pope should be able to do this (?), but not you, Benedicte who will go over in the history as the pope who decided not to support Stig directly during his journey, and just wondering I am – but I hope you do well in your “big castle” and what about selling your church in Vatican and bring the money to the poor people of the world (?), and again just wondering I am.
  • I was told that the reason why I was fooled to believe that my sister did not read my scripts was because otherwise I could have decided to hold back on my writings about the family, and that this was also to prepare my sister mentally for my then coming memo on “my sufferings”.
  • I was given one of these sudden big pains this time to my left foot – symbolising the spiritual world – and inside of this was only light and I understood that it will be through an opening of my left foot, that the New World will shine through, and all I could hope for is that it will not bring me tremendous pain to open.


5th December: Asking the Commune to STOP HARASSING ME and accept my FREEDOM to do my own SERIOUS work!

Dreaming of the Commune having both cold and warm feelings of me and I will go through rough times when fighting them

Another night at the same level still making me tired today, and still having a long working day ahead of me together with more pain, discomfort and work, which I am really not happy to do – and if you knew the pain I am living in and felt it for a few minutes, you would have had enough of it and I am not sure you would be “able” to do any work – but here we go, the dream machine still works:

  • I am playing badminton and it is going well, I am ahead on points, I am now standing on the back of a Russian player, which brings my head up to a walking bridge with children watching us play, and I am being “childish” with them and say “let us play 100 metres of chess for blind people”, and I encourage them to start using a bishop (in Danish, the bishop piece in chess is called a “runner”), which is good to use when running, and I see two pairs of two people playing chess, and they cannot read, which is why they receive a trial subscription to two newspapers.
    • This will have to be about my upcoming chess game with the Commune, and the best “runner” may be the winner of the game, and yes I have decided NEVER to give up, but maybe the Commune will decide to “give up” because it is “far too much” both in content and length what I write about them, and instead of figting me, they may simply decide to put down their weapons and let me be me, which is also what Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune really did – they “could” not take me anymore – so is this also what Helsingør will do, or do you really want to fight me at the end, and yes this is the blind game for me because I don’t know what they will do and they will probably not be as open as I to tell me, but we will see – and you might remember who is “strong” and “weak” even before this game starts and hopefully ends quickly too because I’m a lover, not a fighter, you know :-).
    • I woke up to “jeg holder øje med dig” by Søs Fenger (another special friend?) and the same lyrics meaning “I am keeping an eye on you” and also “sne på min rude” (“snow on my window”), and I felt RUSSIA as in the dream and yes I am standing on your back because of your support, thank you, but will you please follow my request NOT to “keep an eye on me”, which is to put me under surveillance without my knowledge and approval, because if you haven’t understood by now, this is WRONG to do and will soon be “game over” with the end of the old world order.
  • I saw a beautiful bird saying goodbye to me on the sky over Lyngby, and I was given the feeling of Prince and also “he is placed highly in the hierarchy”, and it made me afraid that he is dying, and if this is the case, I can only tell you that I don’t want you do this with a “special friend” of mine because this is part of my rules, so come on, Prince, UP AND GO and thinking of Dirch Passer here and his brilliant sketch, and I wonder if you are faithful, Prince (?) and can this also be to say goodbye to darkness since this was happening in Lyngby (?) and we know but NOT to waste anything but to convert EVERYTHING to light and yes we still know Stig :-).
  • I am arriving late for class, and the teacher is saying that people coming late will not be allowed to enter anymore, and inside the class I meet my old friend Angela, who tells me that she would like to read my scripts now.
    • This is the teacher saying that he cannot open the class for me to continue my journey if I am not disciplined, and I say that I understand but also that I am the one taking the decisions and normally we find a good way of co-operating because it is really a mix of what I decide and what is possible to do, so we will see for how long the class will continue to be open, and yes I keep bleeding after my old friend Angela – as one of several – decided to leave me as a friend on Facebook in 2010 because of her own ignorance and strong, wrong voice, but maybe she is still thinking of me and would like to understand me?
  • A lift at a hotel is bringing up the luggage of a general but by mistake the general self is not brought along. A new lift arrives and I ride up together with the Danish musian Kasper Winding, who is nicely dressed including cowboy boots and something about something being wrong and pulling for the edge and I grip to hold on, and I come out unharmed.
    • The lift is bringing me up to more sufferings, and the cowboy of Kasper Winding – another “special friend” of mine 🙂 – is symbolising the Commune (really both darkness with cold feelings and warmth because of the music, because I like Lisbeth and she likes me too, I believe) and yes I will survive the darkness they will bring me too, but it will not be nice, but tried that and been there before, so what is new?

“Come home again” by another inspired Danish artist and favourite of mine – and this we will do 🙂

  • At Fair Insurance, two female employees have delivered a new IT-system and a new calculation system will follow next week, but they are resigning today, which is Friday. I am also resigning and enter the office of Peter A., who decides to go out buying me a gift – something about a device for the computer mouse/keyboard to avoid writing cramp – and he will stop too and become the top advisor for the company, which Lars Barfoed – the chairman of the Conservative Party – was the head of, and they will now receive the first part of a set, which will return in three days.
    • Still work is ongoing to develop the old system of me to keep me going all the way, and both Peter A. and also the chairman of the Conservative Party are thinking of me?
  • By the way, I am not the one making the arrows as bullet points, but I have now stopped changing them (in my PDF document, not on the website).
  • It is now the last day at Fair, and I am saying goodbye to Peter A., and he does not encourage us to see each other again and I ask him “was this it” because I would like to see him again, and he tells me “no”. I am seeing a special screen standing on the window frame and I am almost overturning it, and I see that Paul is about to transfer the content of the old system to a new, but the system includes a virus which makes it impossible to transfer the content when using the same code as to open it, and I ask him what to do about it, and he tells me that he may try another way to transfer it. I am finalising my absolutely last work here at the end of my last working day, it is to settle the accounts of foreign cheques and I see that the lady on the other side of the table of me also have more work to do, and we are moving away from our places, which are now taken over by “cheap young ladies not wearing much clothes”, who have also brought many small bottles of spirits – and I decide to pack down my work in my attaché case and Paul suggests me to visit “Østerbro Bank” to use their setup, which I know is a branch of Danske Bank, and I am told that I will receive help on Tuesday to do the last part of my work.
    • We are VERY close to close down the old part of me, and Peter A. is one bringing me darkness too, and even though I am almost overturning the screen of the old system, we are still transferring information from my old to my new self. I am having difficulties to complete the final part of my work in this dream as I am with my website in reality, but I have decided that I will go through this working approx. 8 hours per day – but to do it 7 days instead of 5 days per week – because this is the maximum level I have decided to do to avoid breaking down. And you may understand that there is a TRUE difference between wearing little clothes with style or being cheap (?) and I believe I have written this before, but remove the “unreal glamour” and keep the “elegance and good style/taste” and it is “all in your mind” (!), and is Paul on my side again (?) and here he is telling me that I might get help with additional input of energy to do my final work, which I should be able to start today, and concentrate on during the week, unless something else should happen, but we are by now in a situation, where I might cut through to cut down on my scripts to concentrate on my website, and really because the middle of December is approaching, which is the date I have inside of my mind.

I started working at 08.00 today writing the last part of the script yesterday and by 10.30, I had written the script so far today, and I am so mentally and physically tired and exhausted that words cannot describe it, and now I will face yet another new battle of people not being “able” to understand and this time the Commune, which will probably point all of their big canons towards me because I am the “worst” case/man they have ever had (!) – without understanding that I am merely showing themselves to the world, and if I look forward to this (?), and of course not, it makes me feel disgusted, but someone has to take on sufferings and that is my job and really because I don’t like my mother or others to take on more than what they already do.

Floods in Kenya are now claiming people’s lives – and David shares his little portion of my cash help with his family

I was also happy once again for David to be kind and disciplined to keep writing even though he is also going through rough times and he has been the man showing me the most discipline of my old LTO friends, and I wonder if Meshack, Elijah and John couldn’t write to me at least once a month if they really wanted to (?) and yes my friends could you (?) and will you be “able” to answer this question and yes I do know that you are going through the “worst” times, but what do you believe I am doing (?), and I am still working hard as you see.

It seems that the drought of Kenya is over (?), and is that all over Kenya including all of the African Horn (?) and I really don’t know because I have not seen it mentioned on TV here or in the newspapers, and yes the Africa Horn and Dadaab are now again “low priority stories” because people “have had enough here” and yes it is “annoying” to see and hear about all of this suffering, when people would much rather have BIG dinners, laugh and talk about their new television, car, kitchen or house and yes SUCH A SHAME is what it still is, and what is the world doing about it and NOTHING in reality and can you see just how ROTTEN and CRAZY this world is and why we need to improve?

Thank you very much for updating me on the situation also in Somalia, and yes I do believe that if I asked David to help updating our old Somalia memo, he would do it despite of the difficulties he goes through, and did you read my dear rich reader that he is sharing my little cash help with his family and what do you think about that (?) and oh, that is right, you simply don’t care (!) and this is what is ROTTEN in the state of Denmark and the world too!

Thank you once again, David both for writing and for your support and ALL OF MY BEST TO EVERYONE :-).

Here is his email:

Habari Brother Stig

Dear Stig,

I am fine this morning. I was not able to write over the weekend, am sorry. It is very rainy here in Kenya. Indeed floods are claiming people’s lives. There have been rampant cases of death from floods or drowning in bursting rivers in parts of the country. Then the elections period is around the corner. As a result, our local televisions are filled with talk about the politics and of course the war in Somalia. Our soldiers are working closely with the transitional federal government of Somalia in a bid to flush out Al-Shabaab. hopefully, the war will be won. The international community, UN, IGAD and several other bodies have supported the war. And as you may know, the Obama administration supports the war as well. This promotes the possibility of near truce in Somalia.

My family is well but still recovering from the drought that had hit Kenya. I have been able to share with them my part of the cash help and I hope that they will pull through Christmas. It has been long since I was home for Christmas and God granting me life, I can only sit back and see what happens this season.

All the team members are okay. I hope that everyone is able to write to you.

I wish you a good day as we reflect on how the year has been and thank God for life and victory.

Good day and God bless,

Thank you

Asking the Commune to STOP HARASING ME and accept my FREEDOM to do my own work!

I continued working on my email to the Commune hereafter as you can see below after I had decided to edit and improve it several times and also to send it as a copy to the management and employees of Helsingør Commune and IKU, and during this process, I realised that it would take the rest of the day to do my best, and I only do this by being confident and decide to tell people instead of letting people telling me, this is basically my role when teaching you how to improve, which is the role I have to DECIDE to take on me as a normal human being going against what everyone (would) tell me, which therefore is not always the easiest to do, but when I first take on this role, I feel an inner calm because this is the man I am and then I am in no doubt about what is right to do, so I first finalised this work at 17.30 and you can see the email below, which I sent today, and it all started with the three “simple” applications – here, here, and here – which I should do “quickly” in order to be “able” to finalise my website before “time will run out”, but you know the lesson is DON’T RUSH TO DO POOR WORK WHEN YOU CAN TAKE TIME TO DO YOUR BEST WORK!

Til Helsingør Kommune: Stop med at chikanere mig og accepter min FRIHED til at udføre mit eget SERIØSE arbejde!

Kære Lisbeth (og alle, der modtager denne mail i kopi),

Efter at have gennemgået fire ugers helt og aldeles UNØDVENDIG tvangsindlæggelse på et ”jobsøgningskursus” hos IKU i Helsingør, og have stiftet bekendtskab med dårlig rådgivning (særligt overfor mig, som VIRKELIG ikke havde behov for ”hjælp”!) og endnu værre, de værst tænkelige misforståelser, ”frygt” og en udpræget negativ vinkel i forhold til mig, som teamlederen valgte at rapportere bag min ryg til Helsingør Kommune – i stedet for at kommunikere positivt/objektivt med mig, som havde været det anstændige at gøre (!) – så valgte du, Lisbeth, som fagkonsulent for Jobcentret hos Helsingør Kommune at videreføre IKU’s misforståelser, negativitet og helt unødvendige ”angst”, som alene er fremkaldt på grund af menneskers egne begrænsninger og manglende ”evne” til at kommunikere, udføre ordentligt arbejde og at forstå mig og min hjemmeside (!), og ved vores møde den 13. december valgte du derfor at true med at give mig min dødsdom ved ULOVLIGT at fjerne min kontanthjælp med henvisning til at jeg ikke er ”seriøs”, når jeg søger arbejde (!!!), at beordre og ydmyge mig til BETYDELIGT under mine kompetencer at søge job efter allerlaveste fællesnævner og samtidig – uden overhovedet at fortælle mig om det (!) – at indberette mig til Rigspolitiet som en ”potentiel massemorder” a la Breivik helt og aldeles grundløst (!!!) og i direkte modsætning til mit SANDE og meget seriøse jeg samt mit glædesbudskab om at hjælpe alle til at få et BETYDELIGT bedre liv, arbejde og samfund, som er dét, vi alle er på vej mod i vores kommende Ny Verden – læs denne mail og min hjemmeside, og alle, som ikke allerede ved og forstår mig, vil være i stand til at forstå!

Dette er, hvad denne bevidst lange mail til dig handler om, og du har ret i, at jeg har ”national interesse” – samt international (!) – så derfor er denne mail også offentliggjort i mit manuskript i dag på min hjemmeside her under afsnittet ”Asking the Commune to STOP HARASING ME and accept my FREEDOM to do my own SERIOUS work!” samt sendt direkte i kopi til følgende personer, og Hans, du vil måske være behjælpelig med at sprede min mail til dine øvrige kollegaer i Folketinget, som nok også er ”ivrige” efter at se mit nye tiltag mod det RÅDNE nuværende system, som I har bygget op, for der er vel efterhånden ikke mange af jer derinde på ”Borgen”, som IKKE tror på mig?

Hos Helsingør Kommune Hos IKU
ByrådetBorgmester Johannes Hecht-Nielsen
MF og byrådsmedlem Hans Andersen
1. viceborgmester Christian Saggau
2. viceborgmester Malene Carmel
Byrådsmedlem Henrik Møller
Byrådsmedlem Per Tærsbøl
Byrådsmedlem Jan Ryberg
Byrådsmedlem Ib Kirkegaard
Byrådsmedlem Allan Berg Mortensen


Kommunaldirektør Bjarne Pedersen
Direktør Anders Mørk Hansen
Direktør Laila Kildesgaard
Centerchef Mette Gregersen
Ydelsescenterleder Annelise Matthiasen
Jobcenterleder Jan Henriksen
Jobcenterleder Waled Al-Gailany
Jobcenterleder Tine Bülow Hansen

LedelseAdm. direktør Lars Kjelder
Regionsdirektør Lars Mazzorolli

Helsingør Afdeling

Teamleder Rune Bech
Konsulent Kim ?
Konsulent Sarah Jensen

Hos Helsingør Dagblad

Chefredaktør Klaus Dalgas
Redaktionschef Mads Birch
Politisk redaktør Jesper Munch Nielsen
Journalist Jørgen Sørensen

(Og til Johannes og Per: JO, jeg har også skrevet om ”kuppet i Helsingør” i et manuskript ved seneste kommunal valg, og SHAME ON YOU, Johannes (!), og Per, jeg er også en af dine gamle ”fans” helt tilbage fra min tid i Espergærde i 1970/80’erne!).

Til Lisbeth vil jeg indledningsvist sige, at denne mail er skrevet i et meget direkte sprog til dig, og at det er din skæbne at blive ”trukket igennem denne mølle”, og jeg beder dig om at forstå, at du også er elsket ligesom alle andre af ”ham dér, du ved nok” – ikke ”deroppe” men rettere ”herinde” i mig – som du ikke sådan rigtigt ”tror” på, og at du nok skal komme igennem denne ”vej” også. Her følger så min historie og lektie til jer alle med vægten lagt på den uanstændige behandling, jeg har modtaget efter at være flyttet til Helsingør Kommune i oktober 2011 – efter at have været udsat for stort set samme gennemført, uanstændige og umenneskelige behandling i Lyngby-Taarbæk Kommune i 2 år forinden – samt den udtrykkelige og HELT forkerte ordre, som Lisbeth gav mig på vores møde den 13. december, som i virkeligheden er skabt på grundlag af IKU’s katastrofale arbejde og misforståede ”opfattelse” af mig i ugen forinden, så det er nu tid til selvransagelse og ÆGTE forståelse hos alle, mine damer og herrer, og jeg har inkluderet links undervejs i min mail til manuskripter med flere ”interessante” oplysninger, og til IKU kan jeg særskilt oplyse, at jeg dagligt i min ”tvangsindlæggelse” hos jer i oktober-november 2011 har skrevet et kortere afsnit om mine oplevelser hos jer, som I kan finde på min hjemmeside, og jeg kan helt kort sige: IKKE GODKENDT – I kan gøre det så meget bedre!!!

Det er UMULIGT for mig at få et job, selvom ”jeg er den bedste” (!) – ikke på grund af mig men på grund af menneskers manglende ”evne” til at kommunikere, at forstå, passe sit arbejde og opføre sig ORDENTLIGT!

Jeg vedlægger mine tre ”påtvungne” ansøgninger, som jeg i går har fremsendt via mail til call centrene CPH CALL, SCT TELESALG og iMentor på din udtrykkelige ordre, Lisbeth, hvor jeg har skrevet SANDHEDEN om mine kompetencer, og hvordan jeg bedst muligt kan hjælpe, som også er indholdet af det, jeg fortalte dig ved vores møde den 13. november, og selvom du har tvunget mig ned på absolut laveste fællesnævner mod mit ønske – som du vil forstå, når du læser ansøgningerne – så er sandheden, at hvis en af de nævnte virksomheder ønsker at ansætte mig, vil jeg acceptere og gøre mit ALLERBEDSTE arbejde, som jeg for eksempel OGSÅ gjorde, da Lyngby-Taarbæk kommune på samme måde som jer tvang mig mod mit frie ønske til at arbejde efter laveste fællesnævner som ”kuli på kontor” (!) hos Falck i Lyngby i 5 måneder i 2011, hvor jeg i stedet udviklede hele virksomheden (!) – se mit notat herom her – og som gartner (!) i 6 måneder i Brede Park i 2009/10, hvor jeg udførte ”det hårdest tænkelige arbejde”, som ingen andre gad eller ”kunne” udføre (!) og begge steder fik jeg den højeste ros og anerkendelse, som man kan forestille sig, fordi jeg arbejdede bedre end alle andre og havde gode personlige relationer med alle.

Men sandheden er, at INGEN i praksis ønsker at ansætte mig uanset hvilken stilling, jeg søger, og dette selvom, at jeg udelukkende skriver sandheden, som er, at jeg rent faktisk arbejder som ”den bedste” (!) – som får nogle til at ”kaste op” (!) – og også selvom, at jeg vil være ”den billigste” af alle, og dette har som nævnt ved vores møde INTET at gøre med mig, men udelukkende om, at folk ikke FORSTÅR (!) det faktiske indhold af det, jeg skriver, som blot er et ønske om at hjælpe folk og at gøre mit ALLERBEDSTE arbejde. Dette er, hvad jeg har tilbudt alle og dette er, hvad jeg viser i praksis, men når ingen ønsker at ansætte mig, så har det altså udelukkende med deres egne misforståelser og manglende ”evne” til at læse og at forstå på nøjagtigt samme måde som du selv. Folk ”gætter” forkert uden VIRKELIGT at forholde sig til indholdet af dét, jeg skriver i et direkte sprog, og som altså er det MODSATTE af det, du/folk ”tror”, for sandheden er som nævnt, at jeg meget gerne arbejder og gør mit allerbedste, men når ingen i praksis har ønsket at ansætte mig, så har jeg i stedet arbejdet på fuld tid som forfatter, og det er der vel ingen, der kan have ondt af, eller er der?

Du kan prøve VIRKELIG at tænke igennem ”seriøst” (!), om du tror de pågældende tre virksomheder, som jeg nu har sendt ansøgninger til, vil ansætte en ”betydeligt overkvalificeret” kandidat som mig (?), og måske de ligefrem vil tænke, at jeg er en ”wiseguy”, som imidlertid IKKE vil være på grund af mig og min attitude om at hjælpe og at gøre mit allerbedste arbejde, men på grund af deres egen negative attitude og ”du skal ikke tro, at du er noget” (!)”, som også ofte inkluderer en uvilje til at tale om og erkende egne udviklingsområder samt at lære fra ”sådan en som mig”, fordi de allerede ”ved alt selv” i forvejen (!), og sådan vil det givetvis også gå her, selvom jeg altså blot gør mit bedste, og er det mit problem, at jeg skriver sandheden i mine ansøgninger og udviser min bedste vilje (?), og også at jeg viser sandheden på min hjemmeside for at vise menneskers forkerte måde at tænke og agere på (?) som en lektion om, hvad man IKKE skal gøre i fremtiden, som fører til spørgsmålet, om I virkelig ønsker at fjerne kontanthjælpen fra mig som mit eksistensgrundlag og måske ligefrem vil overveje at censurere mine manuskripter, ”hvis det kan lade sig gøre” (?), og hvis dette er tilfældet, så lad mig her fortælle jer, at ytringsfrihed både er en grundlovssikret rettighed samt et universelt princip, og at jeg har skrevet mere end 3.500 sider om ”sådan nogle som jer” – ønsker I også af fjerne alle disse sider, som intet har med jer at gøre (?) – og at jeg har taget mine forholdsregler ved at offentliggøre mine manuskripter flere steder, ligesom de downloades og deles på Internettet, som er FRIT i den forstand, at når først mine manuskripter er ”sluppet løs”, så er der INTET I kan gøre for at fjerne dem (!), og det, som I i givet fald måtte ønske at fjerne, er altså blot sandheden om jer selv, og dette vil så blot være jeres egne indre dæmoner, som arbejder igen, så derfor: Accepter, at jeg skriver sandheden både i mine ansøgninger og om jeres handlinger, som ikke er at være negativ og ”blokere”, men at være POSITIV for at HJÆLPE (!), som jeg vil gøre igen på nøjagtig samme måde efter vores møde den 13. december, som også betyder, at hvis du, Lisbeth, vælger at acceptere mig og gøre mig glad på mødet ved at ”forstå” og behandle mig både menneskeligt og ordentligt (!), så er det dét, jeg vil skrive, og hvis du vælger fortsat at arbejde imod mig, så er det dét, jeg vil skrive i et direkte sprog til verden med formålet at undgå misforståelser, så på denne måde bestemmer du i virkeligheden selv indholdet af dét, jeg vil skrive baseret på, om du ”evner” at forstå og på din egen adfærd.

Du kan prøve at overveje, hvad du ville gøre, hvis Barack Obama kom ind på dit kontor som ledig i din forstand, selvom han arbejdede som forfatter på fuld tid – ville du så have behandlet ham på samme måde som mig? Dette er i praksis, hvad du valgte at gøre på grund af din manglende ”evne” til at forstå, og du vil senere TYDELIGT forstå den fulde mening af dette billede, som jeg her giver dig, for Obama og jeg har samme ”ophav”.

Lisbeth, sandheden er, at du har ydmyget mig groft på samme måde som Lyngby-Taarbæk Kommune også gjorde ved at tvinge mig til handlinger, som jeg ALDRIG ville have gjort frivilligt selv, og jeg ved godt, at I gør det med loven i hånden, men alligevel, det er ikke forbudt at tænke og arbejde ordentligt ….. Tror du, at nogle i praksis vil ansætte mig betydeligt under mine kompetencer som mødebooker i et call center (?), hvilket du helt enkelt burde være i stand til at ”forstå” selv (!), og dette er på samme måde, som hvis jeg blev beordret til at arbejde som opvasker eller lignende, som Lyngby-Taarbæk kommune faktisk gjorde en enkelt gang, hvor jeg NATURLIGVIS fik et afslag da jeg søgte som ”køkkenhjælp” på et hotel. Hvem vil dog have mig til at gøre et arbejde betydeligt under mine kompetencer (?), og dette selvom, at jeg bestemt ikke er ”for fin” til at udføre et sådant arbejde, som jeg beviste via de 11 måneders slavearbejde (!), som jeg udførte fuldstændigt unødvendigt for Lyngby-Taarbæk Kommune hos Falck og Brede Park, hvor jeg INTET lærte, men hvor mine omgivelser lærte meget af mig (!), og jeg fik det første svar i dag, da Klaus Kristoffersen fra CPH CALL ringede til mig, og helt som forventet fortalte mig ”jamen, Stig, du er jo alt for overkvalificeret”, og derfor gav mig et afslag, og det vidste jeg jo godt, og det burde du også helt enkelt vide, Lisbeth, hvis du VIRKELIG havde læst og forstået mit CV (!), men i stedet har du nu tvunget mig til at spilde min tid og arbejdsgivere til at gøre det samme, som det sker MILLIONER af gange hvert år, fordi systemet HELT forkert arbejder efter laveste fællesnævner og med TVANG og KRAV TIL VOLUMEN som grundlag i stedet for KVALITET og ægte FRIHED under ANSVAR, som ingen sådan rigtigt forstår i virkelighedens verden!

Er dette hvad I forstår ved ”opkvalificering” og det ”rigtige” for mig for ikke at ”nasse” på kommunens pengetank (?) – og som jeg nævnte for dig, så har jeg (også) valgt at være i dette system for at overleve, indtil folk begynder at forstå det SANDE indhold om min hjemmeside og hvem jeg er, og mon ikke, at der så er nogen, der får ”hovedpine” over ikke at have hjulpet mig (ud af jeres rædselsfulde kløer) og gerne vil supportere mig til at få et ”normalt liv” – og for de, der måtte være interesseret, så kan I her og her se, hvordan I burde have etableret ”verdens bedste arbejdsmarked”, så hvorfor valgte I i stedet at etablere det værst tænkelige (?) – og dette spørgsmål går jo så mere generelt til de, der igennem tiden har ansvaret for at have bygget den ene katastrofe oven i den anden i stedet for VIRKELIGT at bygge på kvalitet og princippet ”frihed under ansvar”.

Og når jeg søger lederstillinger på højt niveau, som bedre svarer til mine sande kompetencer, og tager fat i ”problemet” hos alle virksomheder – forkert indstilling og arbejdsmoral, mangelfuld kommunikation m.v. – så bliver jeg mødt af ”tavshed” hos bedrevidende ledelser, som egentlig godt ved, at dette nøjagtigt er problemet også i deres virksomhed, som de dog ikke selv har ”evnet” at gøre noget ved, men jeg skal absolut ikke komme og fortælle dem på min direkte måde, for det virker ”forkert” på dem! Dette handler altså om FORKERT modstand og uvilje til at ”forstå”/erkende dét, som alle ved er selve problemet hos alle virksomheder, og som ganske enkelt kan løses ved, at man ændrer indstilling og starter med at gøre sit ALLERBEDSTE arbejde, som i virkeligheden er at følge mine anvisninger. Dette er altså mennesker, som ”blokerer” og siger, at ”det kan vi da ikke gøre noget ved”, selvom de ved, at det er hovedproblemet hos alle i denne ”kultur” af stædige, forkælede og ensidige mennesker (!), og jo, det kan man helt enkelt gøre, hvis man vælger at lytte til, læse og forstå hvad jeg siger – så ENKELT er det (!!!), og jeg gør naturligvis dette udelukkende for at hjælpe og intet som helst andet!

Så selvom jeg i virkeligheden er den bedste kandidat til de stillinger, som jeg søger – høj som lav – så er der ingen, der vil ansætte mig, selvom jeg skriver sandheden og intet andet end sandheden, og hertil kommer, at mit CV og min hjemmeside risikerer, at gøre mennesker ”bange” for mig, som er en helt og aldeles FORKERT reaktion, som INTET har med mig at gøre (!), men udelukkende dem selv og deres egne dæmoner, for også her skriver jeg sandheden og kun sandheden, som ”ingen” i praksis ønsker at gøre noget for VIRKELIG at forstå, for ”enhver kan da sige sig selv, at han er tosset”, og så behøver folk ikke VIRKELIG at læse omhyggeligt, objektivt og uden fordomme for at forstå – og det kræver altså en helt anden indstilling, når man læser end den negative vinkel, som du viste i din jagt på beviser mod mig (!), og formentlig det meste af en weekend for at ”komme igennem” mine ca. 30 hovedsider, som er indledningen til mine ca. 3.500 sider, som du da også skal læse omhyggeligt, Lisbeth, skal du ikke?

Med andre ord, jeg skriver og fortæller udelukkende sandheden og yder til stadighed mit bedste arbejde, så derfor:

Jeg står FULDT ud til rådighed for arbejdsmarkedet ved at opfylde enhver af jeres ”sindssyge” regler (!), og der er absolut INTET, du kan gøre ved det for at forandre denne sandhed!

Det er således ikke mig, der er problemet, men i praksis ”alle” mennesker som dig, som ikke ”evner” at forstå sandheden! Hvis de gjorde det, så ville alle uden undtagelse ansætte mig straks på stedet, for hvem ville være så ”tosset” at sige nej til ham, der arbejder bedre end alle andre og som alle kan lide? Kan du se, at jeg blot viser VERDENS STØRSTE PARADOKS, som er baseret på menneskets egen mangelfulde kommunikation og indre, forkerte stemme, som misleder dem til at misforstå det, som burde være usædvanligt enkelt for enhver at forstå?

Jeg gør ALTID mit bedste arbejde og også mit ”bedste efter omstændighederne”, når jeg søger arbejde. Læs venligst omhyggeligt for at forstå det faktiske indhold af mine ansøgninger for at forstå sandheden om mit positive budskab, for der står INTET negativt og der er absolut intet ønske fra min side om ”bevist at optræde useriøst” (!!!), som er en helt igennem USAND og misforstået påstand fra din side alene baseret på din egen uvilje til at forstå den virkelige sandhed. Det er ikke svært, Lisbeth – du kan blot følge mine anbefalinger i stedet for at ”stritte imod”, for jo mere du arbejder imod mig, jo mere vil du lide, og dette er IKKE mit formål. Jeg ønsker IKKE en kamp mod dig og kommunen, men hvis I ikke ønsker at forstå og vedbliver med at behandle mig forkert, groft og uanstændigt, så skal I få den, og igen: DER ER ABSOLUT INTET I KAN GØRE (!!!), så derfor vil min anbefaling være: Lad mig nu blot være mig selv og lad mig gøre mit arbejde færdigt uden at blive generet af jer, og ønsker I, at jeg skal blive ved med at sende ansøgninger for at stå til rådighed, så vil jeg gøre dette, men det nemmeste vil i virkeligheden være, at I blot godkender mit eget arbejde som ”aktiveringsarbejde”, som i dag er ”helt umuligt” for jer at gøre, men prøv at forestil dig, at jeg i virkeligheden er NØJAGTIG den person, som jeg ”hævder” at være; vil du så gerne fremstå som den person, der forsøgte at blokere Gud fra at færdiggøre hans arbejde, hvor nu blot fødslen af hans egen søn tilbagestår (?), og hvis du havde troet på mig, tror du så ikke, at det alligevel havde været muligt at finde en løsning i systemet for at acceptere mit eget arbejde (?) – som nogle rundt omkring i verden (for eksempel samtlige verdens regeringer, som ikke kan få sig selv til at formidle budskabet om mig til verden, fordi de er nogle tøsedrenge!) nok synes er mere vigtigt end at blive tvunget i arbejde som mødebooker på et call center (!) – og hertil kan jeg tilføje, at jeg godt kan hjælpe dig med en metode, hvor du kan ”kontrollere”, at jeg arbejder 50-60 timer i gennemsnit pr. uge, som i virkeligheden blot er at følge udviklingen af nye tekster på min hjemmeside uge for uge, for du vil måske forstå via denne mail, at jeg evner at skrive, og at det nok ikke er ”løgn”, at jeg har skrevet ca. 3.500 sider gennem de sidste ca. 2½ år (?), og hertil kommer, at som et ANSVARLIGT menneske har jeg absolut IKKE brug for at blive kontrolleret af et system, som arbejder efter laveste fællesnævner på et langt lavere niveau end jeg selv (!?), og tror I, at I har tid og ressourcer til at ”bekæmpe” sådan en som mig (?) – for jeg vil give jer kamp til stregen (!) – eller måske vil det være ”nemmere” for jer blot at give op, for så sparer I jo også en masse tid, eller hvad? – Og hvis du kan mærke ”ubehag” komme, når du læser dette, Lisbeth, så kommer det fra dig selv, når du vælger at reagere negativt i stedet for blot at forstå, at det, jeg siger og skriver til dig, er sandheden, og der er INGEN grund til at være negativ eller ligefrem ”føle sig dårlig” over dette, for DETTE ER SANDHEDEN (!), hvor svært er det egentlig at forstå?

Dit journalnotat er fyldt med fejl, mangler og misforståelser – lad være med at træffe forkerte beslutninger på et ufuldstændigt og forkert grundlag og hold op med at behandle mig uanstændigt – giv mig min FRIHED til at gøre mit eget SERIØSE arbejde!

Jeg takker for det fremsendte journalnotat om mig (som er indeholdt i mit manuskript her), som desværre TYDELIGT dokumenterer, hvad jeg har sagt og nu også skrevet til dig. Hvis man ikke VIL forstå, ikke gør sit arbejde ordentligt og samtidig ser spøgelser, hvor man alene burde se verdens største kærlighedsbudskab, så gør man nøjagtigt som Lyngby-Taarbæk Kommune også gjorde, indtil de var ved at give op efter, at jeg havde ”slidt” flere medarbejdere ned (!), som IKU også gjorde ved at ”give op” og andre, og nu er det dig og Helsingør Kommune, som udsættes for det samme – som blot er at se jer selv i spejlet (!) – og det er, at man træffer meget FORKERTE beslutninger, når man har et ufuldstændigt grundlag og bruger sine negative følelser som beslutningsgrundlag (!), eller med andre ord, dit journalnotat er fyldt med fejl, misforståelser og mangler, som alene tjener kommunens/dine ”interesser” og forudfattede holdning om mig uden objektivt at vise sandheden om sandheden selv (!), og derfor kan jeg kun anbefale dig at læse mit fyldige referat af vores møde den 22. november, som er indeholdt i mit manuskript af den 23. november med titlen ”The Commune WRONGLY feared and whistled to the police that I am a potential mass murderer as Breivik!!!”, og jeg kan blot kort her sige, at den måde, som først IKU og derefter du behandlede mig på, er den værste adfærd, jeg nogensinde har set (!!!) og som også berettiger til udsagnet VERDENS STØRSTE PARADOKS! Jeg mødte IKU og dig med venlighed, åbenhed og et ønske om at forstå og blive forstået, men jeg blev mødt af mennesker, som så spøgelser og handlede negativt uden at fortælle mig om deres reelle VANVITTIGE handlinger! Hvad havde jeg gjort dig/jer for at fortjene dette? Din opførsel, Lisbeth, var ganske enkelt både UANSTÆNDIG og UACCEPTABEL, og dette er sandheden, som jeg helt enkelt skriver her og også på min hjemmeside, hvor denne mail naturligvis er inkluderet i mit nye manuskripts af i dag, og dette er altså ikke for at nedgøre dig, men for at fortælle den utvetydige sandhed til verden om IKKE at gøre som IKU og dig som eksempler!

Mit mødereferat i linket ovenfor indeholder sandheden om indholdet af vores møde, og jeg beder dig derfor venligst om at udskrive det, læse det OMHYGGELIGT for at forstå dine egne fejl, fortielser og ”spøgelser” – som du godt kan, hvis blot du ”vil” (!) – og også at lade det indgå som mit ”partsindlæg” som en del af journalen. Lad være med at træffe forkerte beslutninger på et ufuldstændigt og forkert grundlag og hold op med at behandle mig uanstændigt (!) – dette er blot mit ønske, som vel ikke er for meget forlangt (?) eller er det for langt ude på landet, eller hva´?

Dit journalnotat kan bedst karakteriseres som et ”forberedende forsøg på ULOVLIGT at fjerne min kontanthjælp”, og da jeg læste det, blev jeg både forfærdet og ked af det – på grund af dit gennemført, elendige arbejde (!) – og det fik mig til at korrigere indholdet af dine misforståelser m.v. i afsnittet ”The journal from Helsingør Commune shows gross misunderstandings believing I am “unserious” and “crazy”! (se under den 1. december). På samme måde som før beder jeg dig venligst læse dette OMHYGGELIGT og at lade det indgå som mit ”partsindlæg” som en del af min journal – og jeg kan tilføje, at hvis du VIRKELIG vil forstå (!), så skal du ikke læse Lyngby-Taarbæk Kommunes journal om mig, som givetvis er fyldt med lige så mange fejl som din – jeg har ikke selv læst den – men derimod starte med at læse min side ”The official system treated me as a slave and lunatic”, som er en introduktion til mine daglige beskrivelser af mine oplevelser med det RÅDNE kontanthjælpssystem i Lyngby-Taarbæk Kommune i 2 år, som har været en væsentlig del af de LIDELSER, jeg har gennemgået (!), og hvem tror du var ”bedst” til at skrive SANDHEDEN – Lyngby-Taarbæk kommune, som arbejdede lige så dårligt som dig (?) eller mig, fordi ”jeg er den bedste” (?), og det samme gælder for journalen på Helsingør Hospital, hvor du kan læse SANDHEDEN her, og jeg kunne blive ved, for sådan er det ALLE steder (!!!), Lisbeth, hvor mennesker ikke ”evner” at forstå, men forfølger sine egne ”indskrænkede” interesser/overbevisninger uden at ”evne” eller gide gøre sit arbejde ordentligt og desuden heller ikke at opføre sig rigtigt/anstændigt – se blot parodien på ”Borgen” i øjeblikket! Dette er blot det, jeg skriver om for at lære verden, og du er nu selv et af de bedste eksempler. Du gjorde ikke dit arbejde godt nok, var helt unødvendigt ”bange” og traf FORKERTE beslutninger, som jeg nu hjælper dig med at rette!

Misforstå mig ikke, for du husker måske, at jeg fortalte dig ved vores møde, at jeg holder MEGET af dig som person – som også er mit SANDE budskab til dig – og at mine kommentarer her og i mine manuskripter alene er min reaktion, når jeg fortæller omverdenen om dine fejl og den grove forseelse, du har begået mod mig (!), for hvis du i stedet havde MØDT MIG, LÆST og FORSTÅET mig objektivt/positivt og truffet de rigtige beslutninger, så havde jeg helt enkelt skrevet dette til verden. Hvis du tror, at dette er en ”ond” handling, så er dette blot en ny negativ tanke, som kommer til dig og som du vælger at gå ind, for sandheden er, at jeg nu også bruger dig som eksempel på, hvordan verden fremover IKKE skal reagere og arbejde, og på denne måde kommer du til at tjene verden ved at være indholdet af en lektion, som MANGE mennesker kommer til at læse og at forstå (sådan cirka hele verden!), og du vil selv være en af dem, og så kan du jo prøve at gætte på, hvem det er, der bringer denne lektion til verden, og hvis du skal forstå dette, så kræver det, at du får en fornyet tro på Gud, for ellers vil du jo ikke være ”i stand” til at forstå, hvem det er, der skriver dette, eller hvad?

Dette handler om forståelse og misforståelse, som var mine første ord til dig, Lisbeth, og de gælder stadig. Tør du tro på, at jeg er sandheden selv, og holder uendeligt meget af dig, som jeg holder af alle mennesker (?), at du nu er en del af vejen til at hjælpe alle til at få et bedre liv (?) og at jeg kun skriver på denne meget direkte måde for at trænge igennem det lag af panser hos mennesker, som gør det ”umuligt” for dem at forstå, for hvis ikke de havde dette lag, så ville jeg ikke skrive som jeg gør – tror du, at du vil prøve at ”forstå” dette?

Fortæl mig, hvad du nu vil gøre? Vil du blive ved med at forfølge mig – og nærmere ”overveje” om du kan fjerne min kontanthjælp eller måske ligefrem erklære mig for ”officiel uarbejdsdygtig/tosset” (?) og svaret til begge spørgsmål er, at det kan du IKKE, for jeg overholder ENHVER af jeres tossede regler (!), og hvis du er i tvivl, så kan du selvfølgelig vælge at inkludere din chef og måske hele ledelsen for Helsingør Kommune, som jeg nu allerede har gjort på dine vegne, på samme måde, som Helsingør Hospital involverede alle deres læger mod mig i 2008 for at vurdere, om jeg var ”tosset” (!), og også de måtte give op, for der er ikke én eneste læge, der med ramme alvor kan stille en ”diagnose” på mig (!!!) – og når jeg ikke kan få et arbejde i praksis på grund af andre menneskers forkerte opførsel, så har du i virkeligheden kun ÉN rigtig ting at gøre, og det er helt enkelt at give mig ”overlevelseshjælp”, indtil jeg selv begynder at få en indkomst, og jo, Lisbeth, du kan godt ”fortolke” reglerne fra styrelsen således, at du kan godkende mit arbejde som ”aktivering” og hermed give mig FRIHED til at gøre mit eget SERIØSE arbejde, som en hel verden venter på, at jeg færdiggør!

Det handler alene om at udvise GOD VILJE i stedet for at blive ved med at yde mig forkert modstand. Og skulle du beslutte dig fortsat at behandle mig med modstand, så vil jeg blive ved med at bruge enhver mulighed i systemet, indtil hele systemet forstår, at I får ikke ram på mig (!), for det er ikke jer, der kommer til at forandre mig (til ”ingenting”!), men mig, der forandrer jer og hele systemet! Dette er et råddent system, Lisbeth, som jeg bruger for at lære hele verden (!), og du er selv blevet en del af det ved at blive hjernevasket til at tro, at systemet gør ”rigtigt”, når helt almindelig simpel logik tilsiger, at SÅDAN BEHANDLER MAN IKKE MENNESKER (!!!), men det var sådan, at systemet og mennesker, som ikke evnede at arbejde/tænke ordentligt valgte at behandle mig! Kan du se, hvor det bærer hen ad (?) – imod en forståelse af, at jeg er nøjagtigt den, jeg siger, at jeg er, men du kunne ikke ”forstå” min hjemmeside, fordi du ikke ”tror”, som også var en løgn, Lisbeth, for du tror jo på ”noget”, ikke (?), og dette ”noget” er ”dét”, du sad overfor ved vores møde, for hvis jeg ikke eksisterede, så var du og verden nu ophørt med at eksistere (så var I blevet ”ingenting” sammen med mig!) – og ja, ingen Darwin uden mig (!), og her må du forestille dig, at dette er den spirituelle del af mig, som taler, for som et helt almindeligt menneske kan jeg ikke mere end du, men når jeg medtager min spirituelle eksistens, som taler igennem disse skrevne ord, så er jeg hele verden inklusive dig selv, og er dette ikke en rar tanke (?), og du tror da på eksistensen af en spirituel verden, gør du ikke?

Så spørgsmålet er, om du nu ønsker at gå videre med dine ”planer” (!) om, at jeg skal sulte og blive smidt ud af min lejlighed, som svarer til at give mig en dødsdom på grund af din egen forsømmelighed og manglende ”evner” til at forstå – og er din følelse, at ”ingen skal behandle dig, som jeg gør” (?), som måske også har betydning, når du vil vedblive med at bruge negative følelser til at afgøre sager, som du godt kan se er HELT forkert, kan du ikke?

Prøv at forstå sandheden og vågn op til virkeligheden, Lisbeth! (Jeg bruger musik for at vise min kærlighed til alle mennesker og således også her). Indtil nu har du ikke opnået andet end at ydmyge mig på det groveste, og at stille dig selv i et dårligt lys overfor hele verden, som får at se, hvor ”svært” det var for dig at forstå og at træffe de rigtige beslutninger. Jeg fortalte dig sandheden ved vores møde, som er, at jeg ikke er ”nem” at have med at gøre (!), men dette gælder kun så længe, at du beslutter dig for, at du ikke VIL forstå mig, for når du forstår, så vil du forstå, at den eneste person, som var årsagen til ”genstridighederne” var dig selv og ingen som helst anden 🙂 – og det skulle da lige være IKU, som du valgte at tro på i stedet for mig!

Dette var det hele, Lisbeth. Jeg beder dig venligst forstå det positive og sande i, hvad jeg skriver til dig – som primært er, at jeg holder meget af dig som menneske, at jeg nu lærer dig at forbedre dig og at mere POSITIVT vil komme til dig senere, når Gud vil tale til dig igennem ”en anden kanal”, som er min indre kanal (!) – og så glæder jeg mig til at se dig igen til vores møde den 13. december, hvis du tør (?), og der vil du igen se mit positive jeg på samme måde som ved vores første møde, for det er dét, jeg er – og ikke en morder, ”enspænder” eller noget som helst andet (!) – for det kan du da ikke være i tvivl om, kan du?

Og så kan jeg kun anbefale dig og alle andre – for der er intet andet, jeg kan gøre (!) – at læse min hjemmeside omhyggeligt for at være i stand til at forstå, for det siger sig selv, at hvis man ikke læser, så er det umuligt at forstå, gør det ikke? Og du vil først ”evne” at forstå, når du starter med at læse uden dine egne forudfattede og negative holdninger og frygt, for det er ikke sådan, at verden er skabt og heller sådan, at den Ny Verden er, som vi nu er på vej ind i, og som også sker takket være dig, og alle de misforståelser og kolde følelser, som du (IKU og andre) nu vil sende mig, som jeg bruger for at gennemtrænge det sidste lag af ”panser” på mine egne, indre linjer før den Ny Verden bliver åbnet, og du lagde måske mærke til, at den første sne kom til Helsingør i dag, og tror du på, at der kan være ”skabt” en sammenhæng af en mand, som ikke skaber sig her, men som er skaberen selv (?) – og ja Lisbeth, den sad lige i skabet, gjorde den ikke?

Jeg ønsker dig kun alt det bedste og dette af hele mit hjerte, og dette gælder også for alle hos IKU og Helsingør Kommune – take care :-).

De venligste hilsener fra


Ending the day with these short stories:

  • The newspaper Politiken was inspired to bring these headlines on their website this morning including an encouragement to the top of the Liberal Party to clean up in their “rottenness”, which are exactly my words , and it is brought together with Jan Pytlick, the coach of the Danish female national team in handball, saying that he was feeling as a Zombie, and yes the attitude of the ROTTEN STATE OF DENMARK also made me feel like a Zombie – a living dead for a long time now – but still we are fulfilling a big wish of the crowd of the Roskilde Festival, another old symbol of my home, which is really to bring a much better and happier New World :-).

  • This morning I was told that “the letter says that we were not meant to know what went wrong and why at the creation” and this letter is among the last information inside of the container.
  • Ninna from my Facebook meditation group is obviously still thinking about my “complaining” – not understanding the help it was – and she was inspired to bring this posting which is basically saying that either you will agree with people or leave them, which is also what the Buddhists WRONGLY say, and how difficult is it to understand that the ONLY right thing to do is to help people and the whole mankind to behave, communicate and work properly on basis of a set of basic rules (when they act WRONGLY), which should be easily understood and accepted by all (?), and yes everything else is MADNESS (!) and that goes both to you Ninna, to Eckhart Tolle, to Buddhists and all mankind practising this WRONG principle!

  • Today was the day where HEAVY SNOW – at least for a short period – came to Helsingør for the first time this winter, and today was the day where I sent my long email to the Commune, and yes do you believe there is a connection, and yes I do because these words are given to me with the explanation being that the Commune will now send all of their cold feelings to me, and yes isn’t life wonderful, because all I have to do is to absorb this immense sufferings, I will probably received to continue peeling off the coat of darkness around me.
  • Finally today I was told that “we would have liked to cut our hand off to do what you do” with the feeling of what we achieve as the result, and this has come after some days, where I often have received praise, which I however have decided to push from me, because this is simply my job and what is expected from me, and if I cannot go through this, who can (?) and this is basically it.
  • Today and yesterday when publishing my scripts, the link to update my Windows Live profile automatically with a message of my posting from WordPress was lost, as I experienced exactly this happening MANY times especially in 2010 and much less in 2011, and I was told yesterday that this is to show lack of faith of my aunt, Inge, who is in practise the only one seeing these postings on Windows Live, which she uses to call her son, Jan, on Madeira, and yes Inge, am I “too aggressive” at the moment making you lose faith (?), and to this I can only say that I am still the same “loving Stig” as always, but when I meet people fighting me, I give them a fight they will NEVER forget and that is because I have decided that I will NEVER give up, but this is once in a lifetime, until these “talking heads” will START to undertstand and obtain FAITH in me!
  • I decided to keep on working until I published this script at 19.15 with a very heavy head – meaning “almost fainting” – and sending my email to the Commune at 21.15 after dinner.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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