December 8, 2011: Fear of my mother is TRULY killing my “old self” but her faith brings MUCH new life to be saved


Summary of the script today

6th December: Knocking out darkness lethally, starting to release all life inside of darkness and merging of two Sources

  • After receiving one dream, where I knocked out an aggressive bear (symbolising Lisbeth from the Commune) hurting it lethally (because of my email yesterday, which was required to do to hopefully make Lisbeth and the Commune decide to give up on me), I was kept awake and received information about now being on the top of my sufferings with the risk to “lose many lives”, but also that the merger between two light sources has now started, which are the light of the side of the light and the other source of light “trapped” inside of the darkness, and I was told that inside of here is all of the life, which has never lived and was not meant to live or be discovered by us, but because I have decided to include EVERYTHING without exceptions in our New World, this is the life we are now starting to transfer, which will require that the Commune will give up on me and that I will not become hired by an employer even when doing “my best”. The weight scale to separate the sheep from the goats and “the judgment” was also included inside of this skeleton of darkness, but I will accept NO loss of life, which is what we are looking at as the potential outcome of this “game”; it will take “next week” to transfer all light and life inside of there and to build a New World III for all of these.
  • The number of visits to my Scribd documents sky rocketed to 205 yesterday, the highest number ever, with 174 visiting my Falck memo and labour memos with the only explanation being that the light here shows me the true number of visits of governments etc. normally hiding behind “shelter”.
  • Later, during a short “sleep” I was dreaming of travelling home now with the newfound faith of Paul in me, my mother is cleaning up as never before inside of the last room of darkness because of her faith in me, while I am deadbeat and cannot do anything today (tired and exhausted) and the faith of Niclas in me is also helping to bring out new cars in new books through a new publisher, which is life never existed before.
  • Some days ago I was encouraged to send “my sufferings” to Pastor Leif from Lyngby Church, whom I met in 2009/10 and like much, so this is what I decided to do today as well – to bring more darkness and faith (!) – when I asked him to be patient and start reading my memo, and when he has faith in me, to share “his discovery” of me with the Danish Church.

7th December: I will “explode” soon to become my new self and also come on the front page of Ekstra Bladet

  • Dreaming of having received energy from “others” without having to “pay” for it myself (because of their sufferings), I am calculating my absolutely last vouchers to see if I have given enough energy to get EVERYTHING with us to our New World before I will close down my “old self” as the last action and I will “explode” soon becoming my TRUE new self and Ekstra Bladet has prepared articles and the front page about me to inform the world?
  • I worked on the absolutely last details to finalize my work at the same time LIBERATING people from the darkness, which is really not the worst prize to receive :-).
  • Last week a fisherman here caught a SUNfish and after one week at the local aquarium in Helsingør, today it was driven 500 kilometres to its New World at the Nordsøen Ocenarium in Hirtshals with the truck breaking down on the way removing the heat supply of the fish, but it was still alive and kicking when arriving herewith symbolising my dangerous tour to bring all life with me to our New World including life inside of the skeleton of darkness.
  • Inspired messages on Facebook told about the COLD climate of the Commune towards me and my answer to NEVER GIVE IN inspired by Churchill, and I will do as Churchill used to do so often when I will finish my journey as the Sailor bringing the old ship to harbour of our New World, which is to celebrate in the finest Champagne, which just may become the Winston Churchill cuvee of Pol Roger :-).

8th December: Fear of my mother is TRULY killing my “old self” but her faith brings MUCH new life to be saved 🙂

  • I had a TERRIBLE night because of fear of my mother about who we are – also bringing me “severe heart attacks” yesterday evening (!), and as a consequence I was dreaming of meeting the baker and wanting to buy bread (i.e. “sexual desire/sufferings”), I am avoiding potential deaths, the transferral of life from my old to my new self has temporarily been closed down because of “lack of love” of my mother (!), a dream including a sexual act, which is more about my “old nightmare”, the injection of darkness of my mother to me may risk the lives of not yet transferred light/life, but only if I break down, which I have NO plans to do, the Commune has decided that they will not accept my own work as “activation work”, “Norway slipped in Sweden” which is about the my mother sliding when understanding that I am the truth (“darkness sliding in light”), the faith of my mother brings a HUGE crowd of people with us to our New World, my mother’s reactions would bring me down if it was not because of faith of other people in me with Bettina being one example, my mother is arriving with darkness wanting to destruct but her faith also brings MUCH life with us, Søren H. is starting to believe in me too but is still bringing me much suffering because of his WRONG sexual behaviour, I ask man to plant and keep more trees to restore energy of Earth, my mother will become fine again “soon” because of my sister and my mother brought me sticky sexual sufferings to fight, but all in all: “NICE DARKNESS” to absorb to bring MUCH new life with us :-).
  • This attack of darkness of my mother is also a “lethal attack” killing my old self, and can I keep it going until the 15th December (or even longer if required) without giving in (?), and this is at least the plan giving me time until I can look up from my computer screen and tell you that I have finished all of my work and herewith my journey.
  • I continued working feeling the worst and without motivation but with discipline all day on my script, website and also updating “my sufferings” memo in a new 6th version now also including a chapter on my meditation group working as parasites soaking out my energy also killing my old self.


6th December: Knocking out darkness lethally, starting to release all life inside of darkness and merging of two Sources

Knocking out darkness lethally, starting to release all life inside of darkness and merging of two Sources

It came as a surprise but not a big surprise that I was already this night not “allowed” to continue sleeping after waking up at 00.30 after approx. 1½ hours of “sleep”, because I first sent my email to the 19 people at the Commune, IKU and our local paper at 21.11 yesterday evening, and how many read their work emails this late and in private in the evenings (?), and a few probably did – but maybe MANY MORE of the Danish government (and others) decided to read my website including this email, which may have caused the TRUE reaction this evening (?) and I don’t really know and am not told here, but look at the chapter of visitors to Scribd “exploding” below, which will give you a hint …. – and instead of sleeping, I understood that now was the time to receive more information, take more notes and yes to write this before sleeping, which ideally is the best to do, and if there was one thing I was not motivated to do, this was it – because I am quite TIRED as you may understand and the darkness is STILL a pain/killer every minute – but it was also with the attitude that if there is truly something important, I will write it, and there was, so this is now at 03.40 what I have decided to write and yes I could decide to wait doing it after sleep, but better to get it over with now:

First, when sleeping, I was given this dream:

  • I am playing golf together with a couple of others, and we know there is an aggressive polar bear lose on the course, but when we walk towards the next hole, we see it heading in another direction, but after the next hole again when standing next to a building on the course, we see it approaching us, and there is FULL of people – families with children – sitting on the course, and they run to escape the bear, and I am afraid of it too, but it comes straight against me and I am now standing behind a large pillar of the building waiting to see if it will come to the left or right side of me, and I think that I will be able to hide from it, but it approaches me, and instead of hiding, I decide to attack it immediately, and I hit it once, twice and the third time with a VERY heavy bag before it realises that it has to defend itself in order to survive, and it shows me with its last of its strength a small gnashing of its teeth, but it is too late, the bear has received lethal strokes and will not survive. After this I see that the cars, which used to be able to start, cannot start anymore and these are cars belonging to millionaires.
    • This is obviously about my fight with the Commune and instead of “accepting what they say” as my mother told me – to lay down and let Foreman hit me again and again and again and win (!) – I decided to fight my absolutely best because I will NEVER accept such harassment by the Commune abusing their power, and here the Commune is represented by Lisbeth, who is the “lady in charge” for “people like me”, and when I give her this punch, it will make her so groggy as the polar bear that she should not be able to continue her chasing on me, and yes I am SAD about what this will do to her, but this was necessary to do, Lisbeth, because you decided NOT to give up chasing me after our meeting, and why was that (?), was that because you did not believe in me (?) and maybe it will start to improve now, and yes, first I bring you entirely down, and then the only way is up and that goes for you too 🙂 – and if you do not continue fighting me, who wants to take over in the Commune also realising that I will continue fighting you with everything I got and that you will be working with the attention of the management and media of the city also including the Parliament?

I was hereafter kept awake for some time taking down the notes of the following:

  • First I received the song “toppen af et højhus“ (“the top of the high-rise block” by Sneakers and the lyrics “Itsy bitsy hun skal tælle til 10” (“she has to count to 10”), which may be to say that I am standing on top of the high house, i.e. on the top of my sufferings and I still need to count to 10, which can only be to continue showing patience.
  • I was hereafter told and also shown in a vision that “the risk is now for an incredible number of plates in the kitchen breaking”, and a plate can only be the same as an individual being.
  • I was shown a weight scale leaning entirely to one side and told “we did not get usage for this, which was also in there” (“to separate the sheep from the goats”) and this is the room, we are now opening and yes there was more than an empty container left, and I have learned the game so well that I will NOT take for granted to start relaxing just because I am told that we are “almost there” and “nothing can go wrong now” and yes it is a matter of principle not to give up or break down, and this night revealed the true content of this “large room”.
  • I was told that “a campaign is collected from the new office” and I felt two sources of light now starting to merge – the light of the light side, and the light, which was trapped inside of the darkness and now is almost freed.
  • For a couple of days I have received dreams and speech too about my mother and I becoming married, and my reaction has been NEVER in my life (!) – this is the old symbol of the darkness, but it kept me in doubt because could this be the meaning of my mother becoming the layer of me in our New World (?), but I decided to say NEVER (!), and if this was wrong, it would be up to the light and only the light to do what is necessary to do, and now I was told “until the end, mother wanted to marry you” followed by “is it not just a New World, which is inside of there, this is just what we are telling you” and also “they have never had any life inside of there, which is what we are now giving them” and I understood that this was life included in the part of the light, which originally was overtaken by darkness.
  • At this point of the night, I started receiving VERY strongly that Lars Løkke Rasmussen is standing behind the wrong doings of “his” former minister Troels Lund Poulsen and his “advisers”, but I could only keep rejecting this and say “I know nothing about this” and I am not told about it, and all I can say is that to me, it looks like Lars is telling the truth that he did not know about or encourage to doing these wrong doings. And shortly thereafter I was told “this is because your road goes through Lars, but no irreparable damage is done” and I understood that Lars is the light inside of darkness (too) – another part of the spirit of my father – and I was told “he is dark and you have not grown together yet”, and this is what I was told, and I cannot tell you yet if this was a message from the light or darkness, but I decided to clarify my comment about Lars after all in case this was the light speaking.
    • This was the reason why I decided to expand my comments to my script of the 4th December – please read this – where I asked Lars on Facebook if a commission is the wisest thing to do, and just to tell him that I have NO information indicating that he is not telling the truth, and the meaning of my comment was for “you” – being “whomever” of the Liberal Party – to step forward to speak the truth and ONLY the truth to avoid the need of a commission, which basically was the meaning of my comment in the first place.
  • I was told “the text, and to get you judged – we almost did not dare to think the thought about a death sentence of life on this side”, and I understood the connection about the Commune potentially giving me a death sentence removing my cash help, which would eliminate the original life trapped inside of the light inside of darkness, and all I could say here yet again is “even though the Commune should remove my cash help, I will NOT accept any loss of life” and the question would in this case be if this would be possible to do then and I was also told “this is what we knew was hidden inside the fight with the Commune, which we waited for you on and did not dare telling you” implying that if I did not have the strength to pull this through, we would lose all of this life hidden in here.
  • I kept on hearing the song by Sneakers now including the lyrics “langt at gå ….” from a different song, which I cannot find but know so well (!!), but I did not receive anymore and could not remember the rest of the text, and this song was given to me SO OFTEN AND SO LOUD that it was darkness trying to get me so annoyed that I would lose it (!) – the skeleton of darkness is obviously also “active” – but I have told myself that when I have not lost it at any point so far, I cannot see myself starting to “lose it” now, which is at least my goal, and just how “strong” can this darkness coming now be?
  • I was told “it will take most of next week to empty” – which may be “this week” – and I felt yellow together with a darker colour and the strong feeling of “rotten”, and I was surprised to feel yellow because this would indicate the spirit of my mother and I received information some time ago that she had been totally released from the darkness.
  • I was told “we will have a meeting tomorrow with a real estate broker at 10.00” and “if they will employ me, it will also have importance to the story”.
  • I was shown a large dark bird – with the feeling of the spirit of my mother – walking through a door and entering light on the other side, and the bird said “can you calm down, it will only happen if he will pull it off”, which was a message to all “potential life” trapped inside darkness that it will only be released and come to life if I will make it through, and I was told that this was the spirit of my mother trapped inside of darkness speaking, so the message about the spirit of my mother and maybe also the Son being released some days ago will then have to be a deception of the darkness.
  • I was told “is time not running out, and if it had, this would also have been impossible to do” meaning that time is really running out but is continuing as long as I continue.
  • I was shown big bowls of steel on dark shelves and told that “we will first have to remove these after having gone through kilometres of paths to reach the innermost of darkness”, and the big bowls are the structure of darkness, which has to be removed first.
  • I was told and shown “we also have to create a pathway and a New World for them”, and since not knowing why a New World should be needed, I included as Stig that “if this is the best solution, it is fine by me, otherwise let the light chose the best solution”. And I was shown an elephant walking upstairs and I heard “it is myself who will become the king for it”.
    • Addition at 10.25: I thought about this and came to the conclusion that since I was first told that the merger between the two light sources has started, it has to be untrue about creating a New World III, unless of course there is one main source and then parts of this in different worlds, but for the time being I will go for one Source merging meaning one World but still with the New World II on top of this after the second creation a few months ago.
  • I was back at the thought about one of the remaining two call centres considering to employ me, and I decided that if they will offer me an interview or maybe even a job, I will tell them directly about my website – as I also did with a head hunter some months ago – which will probably make them think twice and withdraw their offer, and yes I will also be totally open about it towards the Commune, because this is the person they are employing and if they will not, it will not be because of me, but because of themselves, and after deciding this, I was shown that the first group of “not yet existing beings” being chosen for transferral.
  • Again, I heard Sneakers and the song from before and now I was given the lyrics “langt at gå før regnbuen ender” (“a long way to go before the rainbow ends”), which is about locating “more gold” here at the absolute end of our journey, and I listened to three albums by Sneakers without finding the song, and no lyrics database on the Internet seems to include it.
    • At 14.30 I had finally found the song after having heard MUCH Sneakers today – which is really also what the loud songs of the band coming to me during night told me about – and the song is “Den Sidste Café”, no. 7 of the Rou’let album and the lyrics is “there, where the rainbow ends” – I LIKE IT VERY MUCH 🙂 – and we know more coffee to that lady singing and to everyone about to be released from the end of the rainbow at a “pretty difficult place to find gold”, but we did it!
  • I was shown a BIG hot dog in a path/corridor (symbol of sexual sufferings) and told “this is what we were not supposed to see, they were not meant to live but because of your decision to include EVERYTHING without exceptions, we found this treasure chest” and also “with code help from the original creator, we will get this in place too”.
  • I was shown an egg and told “because it took a part of our egg to invent this sickening thing” and this is the darkness, which made IKU and the Commune to think the absolutely worst of me in the attempt of the darkness to destruct me, and this is the darkness, which gives me my sexual sufferings and also the indecent sexual behaviour of the world, which is about destruction and not creation. I was told that “the judgment” is also located in there.
  • I was told that this also requires “no doctors”, which is about the Commune believing in me that it will be “impossible” to get doctors to put a diagnosis on me and really for them “to give up” and in practise to give me my freedom.
  • Finally, I was shown a large circle of people partying and dancing in a village (as in Asterix) and I was told and shown “this is because the dark mountain itself is dismantling” and I saw blocks of it being removed – and also that this can only be done because of the faith of my sister and mother in me – and I was shown Niclas and Elijah and yes everyone believing in me.

The beginning of the script today was written in the night and early morning – being tired ….

I continued writing this and the next chapter until 06.25 this morning – now being very tired indeed – and I was told that writing this down helps to manifest what we have already seen coming, which I understood as “happiness when freeing EVERYONE trapped inside of the dark side too”, and yes which was the name of the game in Helsingør, when you mind was set up to believe that now you had come home, but you decided “wisely” to keep on working as long as there is work to do, and yes there is still more to do, and we know working approx. 8 hours per day, and we will see when I will come back to the keyboard, which will probably be sometime during the afternoon.

And when finishing this work before going back to bed, I was told about the thought I have had for days that logically the darkness should become weaker when the structure of it is dismantling with light streaming out, which is what I hope will happen, but who knows (?), because on the other hand I may only receive darkness as long as I am my “old self” in order to convert this into light (?), which may be even more logical when thinking of it really, so still carrying on I am …

The number of visits to my Scribd documents sky rocketed now also showing “secret visits” by governments?

After sending my email yesterday evening at 21.11, I did not have many visits coming to my website because of this and really only one new visitor from Helsingør so far but more will probably come tomorrow, but I was surprised to see that I for the full day of yesterday received an “explosion” to the number of visits to my Scribd documents and mainly my Falck memo and my two memos on how to create the best labour market on Scribd – receiving a total number of 205 visits yesterday, hereof 99 to my Falck memo and 75 to my two memos on the labour market, where the highest numbers of visitors one day until yesterday was a total of 110 visits the 11th August – and even though I linked to these memos in my email yesterday evening to the Commune including a total of 19 people, in practise it would be IMPOSSIBLE for them within such short time (from 21.11 to midnight) to visit my Scribd memos that many times and even to decide to click at these links to start with instead of the more logical thing to do, which is to start looking at my website (!) – so I am thinking that Scribd just maybe was “allowed” by the light of my own inner self inside of darkness as I am told here to show the TRUE number of visits to these memos on Scribd (including what normally is “hidden visits” by governments “hiding” behind “shelter”), and yes some politicians etc. out there may be interested to read about my Falck memo explaining my Basic Working Rules of our New World in practise and also our coming new labour market and yes I CAN SEE NO OTHER EXPLANATIONS TO THIS, and I might add that my two memos on the labour market “officially” have only been read by a total of 245 people from the publish date the 19th August until yesterday including 75 visits of yesterday alone (and my Falck memo a total of 690 since August 5 including 99 yesterday!), and yes what are the statistical odds of this happening (?) and “almost impossible” you say (?) and yes this is what I also believed, thus this conclusion.

The number of visits to my Scribd documents sky rocketed to 205 yesterday, the highest number ever, with 174 visiting my Falck memo and labour memos with the only explanation being that the light here shows me the true number of visits

Dreaming of the faith of Paul, my mother and Niclas helping me home and releasing life never lived before

I was “allowed” to sleep from 07.00 to 08.15 and start working again at 10.35 being let us say “exhausted” and I don’t know if you can call it sleep because for the first time ever I was cold even though lying beneath two duvets, which I really never have experienced before, and I had to also take on a thick sweater to keep “warm”, and just saying that COLD is what COLD FEELINGS of people receiving my email has made me – elemental really because I told you so didn’t I, which is also to Lisbeth about writing on our meeting in my script and I wonder if she has the “courage” even to read it, and I have asked this to be taken into consideration in my case and if she will not do it, who will in the Commune and yes will this make the management decide to “give up” on me as the dream said the other day (?) and we will see – and I have decided that even if they should not, I will NEVER accept loss of life and if will power is needed and more sufferings to bring EVERYTHING with me, this is what I will do and what I will ask you to lay on the world too if necessary, because we are going to take every little thing with us, Jeff 🙂 – and I was told “what would I do if I had saved everything, but not life trapped inside of darkness – would I have decided to eliminate this or to ask for the entire New World to end with a Big Bang waiting for the next time around to bring everything with us” and I do believe the answer would be the first, but I don’t know and I/we will never come in such a situation now.

During my “sleep” I was also given these dreams, so not much sleep at all:

  • I am on my way home late in the evening from Bredgade in Copenhagen, I am tired and would like to go straight home, but I remember that I will have to take the train from Østerport to Allerød first to get my car, which I put there yesterday.
    • This is to walk home using my car parked in Allerød, where Paul lives, so his newfound faith in me is what is also bringing me home, and yes he did also read my latest script.
  • I am at home where my mother REALLY is cleaning encouraging me to give her a hand and also to prepare dinner this evening, but I tell her “not today, I am dead beat”, and I hear people talking on TV about a song, which may be of Michael Jackson and a cover of this and they say “both are crazy”, and while watching this a young man from my meditation group asks my mother to switch over to the TV news on the other channel, which she does, which annoys me somewhat because I liked seeing what I saw. Afterwards I am alone at my room surfing the Internet and I don’t feel like doing anything, but I have guests in the house together with my mother and I know that I will have to go out and entertain them.
    • This is the faith of my mother helping to clean up the last room inside of the darkness, and dead meat is really what I feel like today, and people around me – for example “many” of the people receiving my email yesterday believe I am a nutcase but if I can get just one or two to start believing in me, they are helping me on this journey too the same way as with the meditation group, and the people in the house are simply people believing in me.
  • I was told that my mother was about to overtake me on her motorcycle when I cut through in relation to the Commune, which was “more than she could take” almost bringing me entirely down, and I was also told that it is the darkness of my mother we are peeling off the mountain or skeleton of darkness using her own faith as propellant.
  • I am in London and a young man feeling like Niclas from the meditation group has published a fine new book on a brand new publisher; the book includes beautiful images of female models and fine cars never used before and he has succeeded to place it in the finest glass case of all at the centre of London where it stands on exhibition together with a few other books, and it says “morning” and when seeing it, I say “it may be too morning”. On my way home I am almost driven down by the smartest small sport cars, which I only escape in the last moment, and when arriving at home I know that I have a very smart system making me enter the door of the house after exiting horizontally from my BMW car without touching ground, but I can see myself that I look clumsy when doing it.
    • The centre of London is one of the strongest symbols of the centre of God, and this is where Niclas is publishing a new book with new cars from a new publisher – everything is new – which is about his faith in me helping me to release life at light inside of darkness, but something is not right here, because I don’t expect to see lightly dressed female models in public hitting the eyes of everyone without a possibility to avoid it – but to look actively for “models” if wished – and this may be to say that inside of him, Niclas knows who I am, but he gives a wrong impression to the meditation group. All of these new cars are almost driving me down too – crowded here apparently – and even though I drive a fine car, it is heavy and I am clumsy, but doing my best to continue working to come through.

Encouraging Pastor Leif to read “my sufferings” and to share “his discovery” of me with the Danish Church

Some days ago I was also encouraged to send “my sufferings” to Pastor Leif from Lyngby Church, whom I met in 2009/10 and like much, so this is what I decided to do today as well – to bring more darkness and faith (!) – when I sent this email to him and his colleagues:

Mit notat om “mine lidelser” som grundlag for at skabe forståelse og TRO 🙂

Kære Leif (og også Julie, Jørgen og Karen Marie, som får denne mail som “cc”),

Jeg syntes, at jeg ville holde dig og kirken opdateret ganske enkelt fordi, at jeg holder meget af jer og også savner jeres smil og gode humør, selvom at jeg dog kunne ønske, at I havde gjort en ENDNU større indsats for at forstå, at jeg blot skriver sandheden om mig selv, som vil blive åbenbaret for verden i 2012, som er et “skelsættende” år, hvor tiden vil stoppe og en Ny Verden starte, som måske også er information, der er kommet for dine ører, Leif (?) – og denne Ny Verden er, hvad du kan læse om på min væsentligt opdaterede hjemmeside – se mit link nederst –  som i øvrigt vil indgå som grundlag for dit fremtidige tjeneste-arbejde :-).

Jeg vedlægger til din orientering mit notat på ca. 150 sider om “mine usynlige lidelser”, som er de største lidelser nogen mand har gennemgået i historien, hvor jeg påtog mig menneskehedens synder for at redde verden fra undergang, som vi har været i overhængende fare for at opleve indtil for få måneder siden, hvis ikke jeg kunne klare mine “ulidelige lidelser”, og måske du har “lyst” til at starte med at læse dette som forsmag på mine ca. 30 hovedsider på min hjemmeside og min underskov af daglige manuskripter, som består af ca. 3.500 sider (som er et nyt “skrift” til erstatning for ikke blot ét men mange gamle skrifter – “One God, One People”!), og jeg håber, at dette vil “fange din interesse” (!) og at du hermed for alvor vil begynde at forstå, herunder at “ikke engang kirken kunne kende mig”, da jeg viste mig for jer i 2009/10!

Notatet – som også er at finde på min hjemmeside – indeholder følgende hovedafsnit:

  • Until 2004/06: Controlling people made me in-going
  • The Devil TORMENTED me to destruct the world
  • I had NO energy and was TIRED as a living dead
  • The world gave me the WORST sexual sufferings
  • My family/friends abandoned me leaving me to die
  • The official system treated me as a slave and lunatic
  • I was physically dissolving and feared termination
  • Uncontrollable feelings of my family/Karen broke me down

Bemærk venligst, at jeg er et ganske almindeligt menneske på overfladen, men mit indre, spirituelle jeg er skaberen selv sammen med Jomfru Marias hellige ånd – og mit kommende “nye jeg” er en vis herre, der ikke blot døde, men blev “helt udryddet” for 2.000 år siden, og som nu er blevet genoplivet ud af “ingenting” på samme måde som den oprindelige skabelse selv, og denne “herre” venter “blot” på at blive min nye “sjæl” indenfor kort tid, når jeg færdiggør mit arbejde med at skrive, som vil medføre, at jeg bliver åbnet op for “ALTING” og så tydeligt markeret af lys, at INGEN vil undgå at kunne forstå, hvem jeg er blot ved at se på mig – og jeg kan tilføje, at de handlinger jeg har begået som almindeligt menneske, er de handlinger, som har været afgørende for vores overlevelse af “dommen”. Vi er nu på vej ind i en Ny Verden af uendelig lykke og glæde uden “mørke” (al “negativet” er fjernet fra skabelsen selv), som vil omfatte ALT liv uden undtagelse – efter man har vist et “rent hjerte”, som det fremgår af min hjemmeside – som bestemt ikke var givet, men som blev konklusionen på mit arbejde, da jeg nægtede at give op til mørkets destruktive kræfter og “besluttede” at være stærkere uden at acceptere noget som helst tab af liv.

Måske du vil orientere hele den danske kirke om “din opdagelse” af mig, når du “tror” (?) – det burde ikke være så svært, hvis du denne gang vælger at være disciplineret, og blot beslutter at starte med at læse, som vil være din værste “hurdle”, for når du først er startet med at læse – side for side og ord for ord – så vil du blive “grebet” af mine manuskripter på samme måde som Kirkegaard m.fl., men mit sprog er anderledes end du “forventer”, for jeg har besluttet at skrive MEGET DIREKTE som den eneste måde, hvorpå jeg kan skære igennem menneskers “panser” af misforstået bedreviden, som i praksis præger alle mennesker inklusive dig selv, Leif, for hvad var egentlig årsagen til, at du ikke “evnede” at forstå og derfor afviste mig i 2010 – var det ikke “mangel på tålmodighed”? Det er denne tålmodighed, som du skal finde, og når du finder den, så finder du din skaber selv og dit fremtidige kald. Der burde ikke være noget, som holder dig tilbage. Læs med åbenhed, uden forudfattede holdninger og glem “det gamle manuskript”, og så vil du være godt på vej.

Jeg er flyttet til Helsingør, som du kan se af min adresse nedenfor, og jeg vil glæde mig til igen at se dig og dine kollegaer, som jeg vil se frem til med det største smil – og til Karen-Marie har jeg lyst til at sige “ja, jeg er den mand, som du mødte ikke i supermarkedet, men i din egen kirke, og dét, som er mit budskab til verden af i dag, hvis du stadig er “nysgerrig”, kan du læse om på min hjemmeside og også forstå, hvis også du vælger at åbne dig for mig”.

De venligste hilsener fra

Four hours later, Leif was ”nice” to send this reply, and I wonder what you will do now to ”read” (so far he did not “bother” to open my website before replying) and also ”keep contact” as you write – and I am thinking that this is also what happened to several people at the Commune in Lyngby and now Helsingør, our local newspaper, which is that it is “impossible” to believe in, but the more influences, the “easier” it will become to believe, and just maybe this is a preparation for what is to become – and yes I was thinking of sending an email to Jan and others at the Theosophical Fellowship and also an email with “my sufferings” to my father and Karen, but this will have to be it, tomorrow I have decided that NO MATTER WHAT, I will start the end of all of my work and I am just hoping to get some sleep.

Kære Stig

Tak for din hilsen!

Det er vigtigt at holde kontakten.

De venligste hilsener

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I had a few visits to my website from Helsingør Commune – I don’t know whom because I sent my email to many people at the Commune – and also our local newspaper, Helsingør Dagblad, who found it “interesting” to read about the Jerusalem UFO? – But I did not receive “much interest” and at least not today, which may change over the coming period of time?
  • I continued working until 12.40 on this script and also to prepare and upload my email to the Commune to my Scribd documents and also my library at Mediafire, so now this email is saved “several places on the Internet” and people can start downloading and share it. And I continued working hereafter until 14.00 to write my email to Lyngby Church as you can see above.
  • The last couple of weeks the bottom of my head has started scratching “like crazy” and I mean so much that it is “almost impossible” not to continue scratching after combing my hair as an example, and I know it is a sign of increasing difficulties with lack of food of my LTO friends and their families, and I feel for you my friends and looking forward to sharing normal life with you in our coming New World.
  • I was told when working this morning that Jimmy from my meditation group receives information on me from Niclas, and also “isn’t if funny that Michael – the non-believer from Selvet – is hysterical” put forward as a question to Jimmy, which is what I wrote in the Forum of Selvet in 2010 and repeated in my open letter to my meditation group recently, and a few minutes after I was told this, I checked my Facebook wall and saw this inspired message by Søren Pind writing about the “hysterical cows of Børsen (a newspaper) sitting comfortably in the merry-go-round of opinions” and in other words, this means that Jimmy is causing a “hysterical” reaction at Selvet when speaking of me and receiving “different opinions about me” (?), and Selvet is ALSO a place of darkness, i.e. the newspaper (!), where Jimmy is working too, and are you and Selvet starting to understand just how wrongly you treated me (?), and yes “not very nice” for you starting to realize (?) and what about me (?) and just asking of course. And this darkness they bring me is releasing the last part of the “cow” of me – my original self – and I might say that “jeg ved alt hvad Jimmi er” (“I know everything that Jimmi is”) to take the words of one of the best songs of Sneakers (which is not to find free on the Internet!!!) and yes much about this amazing band and its singer at the moment, where I am about to put on the sneakers of my new self – and I wonder if it is true what they say about Jimmy, which is “de siger han er en løgner, der holder mig for nar” (“they say he is a liar making a fool out of me”) to take other lyrics of this song, and is this what you are doing or rather “were” doing?

  • I decided NOT to sleep during the day evening though I was even more tired today than on my worst days, if possible, and feeling ”rotten” and I thought that this is what other people “help” me to become, but there is no other way out than this – and after work today I was told that we have discovered more “rooms of people” hidden by darkness, so apparently it is “here, there and everywhere”, and yes as long as you the key, it is good and the key is really the fuel I decide to deliver, and “alright” was also the message today, Jeff :-).
  • I thought about today that my mother yesterday on the phone asked me if I have started running, and we know I would have liked to do that but I have concentrated all of my energy on work and then to bicycle when necessary and even though I could run a little, I am really feeling far too poorly to do this and my mother may not quite understand the serious nature of my sufferings feeling like fainting all of the time, constantly having to deal with the darkness and feeling like fainting most of the time – as if I don’t receive oxygen to my brain – which is “more dead than alive” and yes my mother it would sure be the nicest of everything, if you had decided to help me by understanding me but on the other hand, this would have made it impossible to dig out the content of the skeleton of darkness and we know it is light converted to darkness, and now we are transforming everything of this part too to light and funny isn’t it, and yes this evening I started receiving VERY HAPPY messages indicating that the Commune is about to “give up” on me, and I sure hope this is a message of the light and we will see – and really because I am pulled down with extreme low messages much of the day having to say “I don’t care – I play my own game and will not take that into account”, which I have learned is far the best way to play, and this positive message may be part of the game too or the truth and who knows when working with the worst darkness? But I was given VERY HAPPY visions, feelings and speech of LIGHT being released and the next portion is ready too :-).
  • During the evening I was given the feeling of Leif from the church several times and the darkness he brought to me and yes Leif “can Stig really be the one” and isn’t it funny that you will go over in history as one of the few Pastors not being “able” to recognize me? I also felt Sarah from IKU and was told that her faith in me is now almost restored.
  • Let me write what I am not sure I have written before: Especially the last 2-3 years, whenever I have been sitting down and been on my way up to start doing something, I have received RESISTANCE from the darkness knowing that this action would make me hurt and sometimes hurt so much (negative speech etc.) that it was almost “impossible” to do, but not even once did I allow the darkness to win such a battle, which would probably only strengthen it and make it worse, and let me also say that ALWAYS in my childhood and as an adult until 2004/06 when sitting down I felt the on-going battle inside of me of whether to keep sitting in the sofa or for example to stand up and wash the dishes, and I could sit down literally feeling this battle inside of me often making me decide to keep sitting, and again and again and again where my legs almost was about to stand up, and I believe this exercise also taught me the right thing to do when it really mattered, which is to “just do it” instead of keep sitting really.
  • While I am at it, I saw the profile of my old GEFI-colleague Solveig from Norway on LinkedIn some days ago, and because we have always had very good relations, I invited her as a contact and gave her a personal message too about a wonderful dinner we had together in Hornbæk probably back in 2002 as the last time I saw her, but no, I have heard NOTHING from her and I wonder if the message about me being “insane” has reached her too from some of my old GEFI colleagues in Norway who are contacts of mine on Linkedin? And I am really treated as “dirt” by people who are “afraid” of me – COMPLETELY unnecessary as you will understand?
  • I was shown a “creative” UFO this evening showing me all kinds of shapes, and one was a jellyfish and another a water slide and I was told that this apply for the whole Commune, i.e. that they are suffering because of my email but you are “too afraid” to answer me (?), and they bring me sufferings and they are suffering and this is really how we together peel off the skeleton of darkness – by taking on sufferings.
  • By the way, I also sent my email to Helsingør Commune to my old colleague from Acta and “friend” Jacob, who was made the chairman of the Liberal Party in Helsingør also with good relations to the Danish Parliament for this exact reason: To receive my email on Helsingør Kommune, and I wonder what you will do about it and also if you are “afraid” of me too because you really could easily visit me living only a few kilometres from me in Hellebæk and I might as well bring my email to him here:

Kære Jacob,

Nedenstående bliver formentlig en “politisk varm kartoffel” i vores kommune på samme måde, som jeg allerede er det “hemmeligt” på Christiansborg, og som måske vil have din interesse på grund af din politiske interesse og karriere.

Må jeg samtidig anbefale, at du læser mine manuskripter både omhyggeligt og regelmæssigt og interesserer dig mere for mig end “populære” beskeder fra Søren Pind m.fl., for jeg fortæller blot sandheden om mig selv og vores kommende Ny Verden, som flere og flere erfarer, og som snart vil blive åbenbaret til hele verden.

Jeg håber, du har det godt, og du og gerne din familie er ALTID hjertelig velkommen her, hvis du/I har lyst til at kigge forbi Hellebo Park til en kop kaffe og den skønneste panoramaudsigt over Øresund, og bare rolig, Jacob, jeg er NØJAGTIG den samme mand, som du kan huske – det er kun inde i hovederne på “bange” mennesker, at jeg har “forandret” mig, i virkeligheden har jeg overhovedet ikke forandret mig.

Jeg håber, at vi ses :-).


7th December: I will soon “explode” to become my new self and also come on the front page of Ekstra Bladet

Dreaming that I will soon “explode” to become my new self and also come on the front page of Ekstra Bladet

Let me say that TIRED does not cover how I felt last night when going to bed (!) and for some minutes I received the worst darkness lying in bed – speculations given to me whether or not I would be allowed to sleep or “had” to take new notes, which I however refused no matter what – and it “almost” made me happy to sleep at least better than for days and maybe even for weeks (which is the energy I was told about I would receive to help me do my last work), and since I could not remember most dreams when waking up, it will give me time to start doing the absolutely final part of my work of my journey today, and we know I “just” had to overcome the “impossible” meditation group and IKU/Helsingør Commune hindrances – and here are the few dreams I did remember:

  • I am returning to a petrol station to pay after I one hour ago filled up my car, which is still standing at the station, and when I give the assistant my credit card, first she print out a voucher of 0 DKK to sign – and I see that I have written down instructions on a piece of paper to my father about how the video player etc. works.
    • The petrol station is about “energy”, and my car was filled up “some time ago”, which I never paid for, and when I try to pay now, I am not to pay, and this will have to be energy provided by other “sources”, which may be sufferings of other people and even sacrifices of the Universe, and the video player is connected to a TV, which is about darkness and again a video player is “old fashioned” technology, so is this to say that we are bringing energy to liberate “original darkness” of previous Universes (?), and this is what I understand it is.
  • I am working together with two colleagues assisting me at a fine desk placed in the back of a fine office, and I am about to calculate the sum of the last vouchers and first I misunderstand how the electronic calculator works, but when I try again, I get the total amount of the vouchers, and in comparison to me I see just how slowly my two colleagues work. I receive an email from my friend Kirsten, who surprisingly says “oh, have you really done all of this work” and she sees how I have cleaned all of the work, which was lying on her desk.
    • The calculator will be to calculate if I have given enough energy and taken on enough sufferings myself and given enough to others to completely empty “everything” of the old world at the same time as I am now about to finish all of my work this and maybe some of next week too (?) – will it match, or should I have sent an email with “my sufferings” to my father and Karen too (?) – and we will see, and according to Kirsten, I have done all work, so this better be it as I am here told. – And normally the spiritual world adjusts their work to the work I do, so my best “guess” is that we really got the balance right, Dave, Martin and Andy – and thank you for your “advice” by the way :-).
  • Half awake I was told “(the newspaper of) Ekstra Bladet will soon explode, they have cleared their front page”, which may be what the newspaper already have done when preparing your articles and front page about me (?) – I am thinking of a connection between Helsingør Dagblad and Ekstra Bladet here also because the story of the “trouble” of the Danish national team in football, which Helsingør Dagblad brought some weeks ago, was “picked up” by Ekstra Bladet the day after, and is the truth that I have prepared you through my emails to Helsingør Dagblad for you to read and prepare articles about me to be published when I will “explode” (?) and become my TRUE new self (?) and I will be happy if this is the case, but I wonder why you did not dare when all others were silent (?) because this is what you say you do, but not in my case?
  • I woke up to the fantastic song “I samma bil” by the OUTSTANDING Bo Kaspers Orkester from Sweden – there is NO other music like this anywhere in the world (!) – and this is what we are “we are sitting in the same car” and the car is “me” as everything in the world, and yes I will NOT explode before we have 100,00% with us and that is NO MATTER WHAT the Commune may decide about me, and yes will they decide to be as “cold” as to complete their “death sentence” of me or have they “had enough” also “fearing” me because of whom I am, and yes meeting them in six days from now, and it would be “nice” to receive their final “verdict” of me as maybe the last message of my writings (?) and we will see.

The OUTSTANDING Bo Kaspers Orkester saying that we are all sitting in the same car, and the car is “me” as “everything” 🙂

Working on the absolutely last details to finalize my work at the same time LIBERATING people from the darkness

I started working this morning at 08.25 and I was told in the bath before this that “this was about your father and NOT to repeat history to let him die” and I was thinking of first the risk of John dying, which made me think and decide clearly “I will NOT allow you to let my father die” when we reached this the next stage (the other day) and that is because my rule is that NO ”special friends” of mine are to die, but I really have a top rule above everything else, which is ”the light is allowed to do whatever it takes to make this work” and by now I mean to get 100,00% of everything with us to the new World as the final result, and that may mean if required even to let my father die, but of course NOT to terminate, but ONLY if this is the absolutely last way out to save ”many lives”, which otherwise could not be saved, and this morning – as yesterday evening too – I was constantly encouraged to send my sufferings memo to my father and Karen too (my sister and mother has seen it) and the play is “whether or not this is required to do”, but my “best guess” is that it is not, and now I will concentrate on doing and finishing my last work before I will “explode”, and I sure hope that nothing will explode and that the battery is simply completely empty of energy, so it will just give a “sigh” and nothing else.

I continued working the rest of the day until 17.00 doing the final edit to “my sufferings”, and Signs I and II on my website including small things here and there, and again I was happy with what I did, and tomorrow I will have some more small things here and there including a final edit of the right column to my website, and if I have more time, I may decide to do the absolutely last part of my work, which is the final edit of my Signs III and IV pages – “impossible to reach” they were, but not when there is a will – and this may also first be in two days, we will see, and I don’t know if it will only take one day, 3 or maybe 5 days to do these two sites, and we will see when I get there.

A couple of examples of experiences from the day:

When working on “my sufferings” this morning, I was shown a vision of a man searching for something and told “what are you looking for”? with the answer being “the Oscar I am going to give him” with SMILES included, this is how it is here.

Later I felt a constant stream of “people” passing me on their way out of darkness – when I at the same time was given the feeling of Hitler including STRONG darkness trying to avoid this from happening making it “difficult” for me – and I heard these people saying in relation to me “is he the one making this happen” and I do believe and understand that this skeleton of darkness now FINALLY being re-converted to light is producing MANY new individual beings who are now also becoming part of our New World, and this is not the worst prize to get, Morten J., after having worked hard, and yes I like you very much too and look forward also to seeing you again, and do you think that you and also you, Jørgen S., will accept to become my contacts on LinkedIn, which you could not a few years ago, and maybe even friends both on Facebook and in real life too, or will this still be “too much” for you?

The “game” today was what would happen if I should “give in” and that is whether or not “magic” would happen and that sufferings of my mother, or maybe Obama or even Lars Løkke (!) would be able to take over completing everything 100% or if I was the “last bastion”, which is the lesson I learned as a young 22-23 year old bank assistant (and not head clerk because of you, Kresten and Jens Ove!!!) working at DanskeBank-Pension where I was surprised to see that there was no one behind me to take the responsibility if I did not do my best on behalf of all branches of the bank in certain questions on pension saving, and this comes to me over and over again, and you will have to imagine that the darkness is still so strong that my fear still is to start accepting “negativity” and “destruction” with the risk being many lives within the skeleton of darkness lost, and what is true and not true (?), and I don’t know but instead of speculating and becoming weak (!), I have decided that I DON’T CARE because I will NOT break down or start becoming negative and that is not even once, and really because this is the easiest way to come through 100%, so this is then what I do.

I was given an example today of negative thoughts coming to me in relation to Søren from the meditation group – not the “negative group”, which were the words I was given and I wonder what they will say of my when I am not there on Sunday when they will have their planned “CHRISTMAS comfort” without me, and will it become too tempting to speak wrongly and negatively about me behind my back because of your misunderstandings (?) – and the “thoughts” or let me say “the flow of information coming to me from the outside” because this is how it is, were about “because Søren has send me darkness/sufferings, I want him to suffer too”, which you know is another characteristic of the darkness, which I have been fighting many times daily and again it was “almost” about to take me over, and then I was shown the spirit of my mother and told that if I had actively accepted sufferings to be given to people, she would have showed herself asking me what parts of her I would like to destroy – being the Holy Spirit of the world – but I never received this question, because I decided not to give in to the negativity of darkness once and still thinking of the instance of the spirit of my mother appearing in front of me in 2010 crying and asking for her life when the darkness had cheated me, so yes, it happened once when I was fooled to almost accept hurtings to my mother which I of course did not mean, and yes I was reminded today when reading “my sufferings” again – the summary – and this experience still brings forward my tears, and I was thinking that when people will read this summary of “my sufferings” once, they may become emotionally touched believing they understand the kind of sufferings I went through, but they will only have seen the top of the iceberg at this point and first when they read all of the 158 pages of the memo they will better understand just how awful it was, and first when they have read all of my more than 3,500 pages, they will truly understand that I went through the WORST sufferings in history, and yes my friends this is what is hidden for you to discover inside of my scripts, and yes my dear mankind, it was your sins bringing me these sufferings and just so you know of course, but I STILL LOVE YOU WITH ALL OF MY HEART and that is of course I do 🙂 – what else?

And the horizontal lines in the right column of my website, which were IMPOSSIBLE to get straight a few months ago – they were driving me “crazy” (another example of spiritual resistance from darkness!) – now seems to be “perfect” and that is in Firefox at least, but not necessarily when working on an Apple Macintosh computer – which I have tried a little on the local library having the most fantastic design, which I really “dig” – because this computer showed me another “layout” of my website with “new errors” I had not seen before (!) and yes, I will try to get my website look as nicely as possible on all platforms, but why don’t you just make ONE FANTASTIC NEW SYSTEM – with all of the flexibility and add on’s you can wish for – and to combine the best of two worlds, and I know that the design of Macinstosh is superiour and I do believe in FREE and OPEN source of programs and sharing, which Apple does not and yes to bring FREEDOM, CREATIVITY AND DEVELOPMENT TO PEOPLE :-).

The new SUNfish of Denmark survived after a dangerous tour as life inside of darkness does too 🙂

Last week a fisherman in Vedbæk – between Copenhagen and Helsingør – caught “the catch of his life” when he discovered a 20 kilo heavy Sunfish in the net, which is not very common to catch around here, and these fish can grow to 1,000 kilos or more making them the heaviest bone fish in the world, and after having been for some days at the aquarium here in Helsingør, this night it was transported to the larger Nordsøen Ocenarium in Hirtshals 500 kilometres from here but as you can see from their website here, the truck had a motor break down on the way, and instead the breakdown service of Dansk Autohjælp drove the fish all the way to Hirtshals, which was a potential lethal trip for the fish not receiving heat from the engine of the old truck as I understood it, but after a delay of four hours, the people of the Ocenarium was anxious to see if it had survived, and indeed it had, it was still living, and yes this was a symbol about my dangerous journey all the way to the end, but I will not die as my old self before completely the entire journey and that is NO MATTER WHAT (!!!), which is really what made this fish survive, and yes you may remember the fire of this Ocenarium in 2003, which was simply another symbol of the old world ending.

The SUNfish still alive and kicking here coming home to its New World after a dangerous tour on the motorway with the truck breaking down symbolising my dangerous journey all the way to the end to bring everything with us to our New World

I will celebrate in the finest Champagne when I have brought all of the old ship to harbour of our New World 🙂

Today, it was Marianne’s (from Fair) turn to write an inspired message on Facebook really telling about the climate of people at the Commune towards me – COLD (!) – (and Nigel wrote “cold cold cold” in another posting) and Søren Pind was inspired to give my answer, which is to “never give in” with a reference to Churchill and I would probably have said “never give up”, but that is NOT to separate us because this is what is bringing 100% of everything with us and yes NO SEPARATION OF SHEEPS FROM GOATS (!!!) and I think I will do the same as Churchill so often did when I am all done with this journey as the Sailor of the old ship bringing it to harbour of our New World and that is to take a glass of Champagne, and I will share it with my LTO friends having supported me all the way (mostly that is ….) and of course everyone else too for having made it and for the sufferings you went through too – and yes Pol Roger, I love your finest cuvee too, and I have only had it once together with my good friend Lars and others in a private Champagne tasting at my home approx. in 2002/03, where I had swapped two bottles of Bollinger R.D. 1985 to yours Winston Churchill cuvee 1988 on Lars’ recommendation and that was done as a symbol of this exact moment of time as I am told here.

As the sailor, I decided to ”never give in” when it was COLD outside herewith bringing EVERYTHING of the old ship to harbour of our New World, which calls for “the finest Champagne” to celebrate as Churchill would have done 🙂

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Yesterday I had 106 visits to Scribd, which is still approx. double as many as normal and with 38 to my Falck memo and 43 to my two labour market memos, which “suddenly” have become “incredible popular” – but our Dadaab newsletter “had died out” with almost no visits.
  • I thought this evening that the coming decision of the Commune in relation to me ”probably” is without any meaning because as long as I don’t break down and continue my work until there is no more darkness, I will succeed anyhow, and when all darkness is converted to light – when I will finish my work in a matter of “some days” – there should be no more darkness of the world, and only “poor habits”, and if a decision should go against me, it can be explained with “poor habits” and of course “darkness influencing now” as I am told and yes that is right, darkness is influencing them now when deciding (!) and the worst of its kind, and is my email to them “strong enough” to break down this darkness herewith releasing all life inside of it, and yes this is the true meaning of it and it has to be also thinking that there is much other darkness we are working “with”, my mother/family, the meditation group, church etc. – and later I was told “otherwise I will do it taking on necessary sufferings” and yes this is also for you Jools and the entire Holland too … :-).
  • I was given a “4-5 double heart attack” this evening, where my heart again and again jumped up and down, in and out forcing me to bend over – and believe I would die if it was not because I have tried this THOUSANDS of times since 1998 (!) – but this was one of the most serious of its kind, and I was told that this is about the reactions of my mother thinking “WHY” in her process of finally realising who we are and the pain she has given me all of my life, see “my sufferings”, without realising it. Not easy that is and “feels like throwing up” is what I am told and I know that feeling, you know!
    • Already at dinner time, I was given the spiritual taste of gorgonzola cheese, which I was told about the 8th December, when this is written, and of course this is about “strong cheese of condensed milk”, which you know is also about my “old nightmare” and you may remember my dream about Villy Søvndal recently with cheese playing a role there too?
  • I was told that “we have spoken to several, but no one is reacting” and that is to family/friends etc. and I understood that it happens during nights, where people are not that attentive.
  • I have received NO reactions from the Commune, politicians and journalists to my email to Helsingør Commune the other day, and it is about harassment, so one should think that people will take this seriously and react on this, but no (!), and why is that (?) and oh, is it because you are “afraid” some of you, and others just thinking that “he must be crazy”, which you don’t want to waste your time with?
  • I was given an example with MUCH darkness given to me, and I felt how it radiated out from me and also that when this happens, “there is no one there to be hit” – the life inside darkness is invisible to the darkness – and when the darkness self is converted to light, it is instantly transferred to our New World and “gone it is” and yes we will take EVERYTHING with us. I was also given an example where I for a short while felt the INCREDIBLE strength of this darkness, and the I got the feeling around me of “people having faith in me”, which is what is making this task possible, otherwise it would be completely impossible for me to be here doing this job.


8th December: Fear of my mother is TRULY killing my “old self” but her faith brings MUCH new life to be saved

Dreaming of fear of my mother is TRULY killing my “old self“ but her faith brings MUCH new life to be saved 🙂

I was given a TERRIBLE night and also the explanation, which simply is the reactions of my mother realising who we are, which is not “very nice” to think of as you might understand and yes when you just want to be yourself living in quiet, but this is how life is, and there we succeeded to “persuade” even more “nice darkness” (sufferings) for us to convert to NEW LIFE – and here follows the dreams of this disgusting night – and “give in” (?), no NEVER, Churchill!

  • It is Saturday morning at 10.00, I meet the baker after not “really” having slept, he still has the same five “æbleskiver” (“apple slices” – a kind of donut) for sale, and I decide to buy some bread or a cake, but before me is another customer buying three pieces of bread for the price of one.
    • The baker is the Devil self wanting to sell me bread, which here is my “old nightmare” – and I should be surprised to see “buy 3 for the price of 1” in our New World.
  • I am in the sport hall together with the national coach in handball and two ladies. The coach has promised to call four male players today and he would like to also call 2 ladies and I tell him in fun that he can also call me today because “am I not as important as they are” and one is asking me if 400 grams of ketchup of 9 DKK is cheap, which I confirm it is, but he still does not want to buy it.
    • I wonder if these players are on my team or the darkness and at least I connect ketchup with potential deaths, which we don’t want any of here.
  • Half awake I was told “the system don’t require openness of branches but love, and everyone else has received food and we now have to get sausage because the door has now been closed due to an accident”.
    • The branches of the tree is open, but “lack of love” of my mother today because of negative feelings is closing down the doors (to transfer life from my old to my new self) and bringing in more of my “old nightmare” and I do hope she will feel better tomorrow.
  • I was given two Sneakers songs at “full music” as we say here, the one with “trafik, trafik” and also the one with “på den grønne gren” and yes this is what I was told the other night, MUCH Sneakers you know, which could easily annoy me much but not when I am in control of my feelings, which you of course understand that I am when reading my scripts, don’t you? – And I can see that you have started with the “only way is up arrows” again, and yes nice to see and of course only in my PDF document at Scribd and my library, and I do nothing other than seeing this happening.
  • At this time of the night, I was told that these dreams are given to me because of the reactions of my mother.
  • I had a short dream of being together with a “not nice looking” lady in a house, where she was not supposed to be, and she does a sexual act on me – and we know my “old nightmare” but I don’t want anything to be destroyed and at least for you to re-create everything using the right code if necessary.
  • I see children on their way to receive a vaccination – I feel I am these children – in order to give vaccination to others, and I see just how awful it is what they inject, and MANY boxes of maize follows “if he can eat it”.
    • This is inspired from a lady I saw on TV yesterday receiving Botox, which is injected in the face as “beauty treatment” despite of being very poisonous, and when reading shortly about it, I see that it was used to be called “sausage poisoning” and then we are back to my “old nightmare” and we know these messages from in a “creative” way.
    • And it may also be to say that the injection of darkness from my mother to be can be so lethal that I bring it to others too if I cannot absorb it herewith risking the lives of not yet transferred light/life to our New World, but NO I will NOT accept this scenario.
  • I received yet another Sneakers song and as usual I cannot find it on any lyrics database, but it should be on the Katbeat album – my close favourite of theirs – so I will just listen to this once again to find it and herewith the precise lyrics and yes I received something like “når jeg kigger tilbage på det jeg forlod, har jeg intet at beklage, nærmest tværtimod” and I do believe these are lyrics by the Danish poet and musican C.V. Jørgensen, and yes I will come back later when I find it (!) and I do believe that this is just to say that when I inside of our New World will be looking back on what we left, I have nothing to regret, and that is nice to think about from where I am now, you know.
    • So now it is later, and do you think that I (almost) got it right (?), and yes YOU BET 🙂 because I found the song on the Katbeat album, and it is “mens vi venter på i morgen” with the lyrics “Når jeg TÆNKER tilbage på det jeg forlod, har jeg intet at beklage, nærmest tværtimod” (typical lyrics of C. V. Jørgensen, which I love much and yes another inspired Danish top musician), which is truly a GREAT song, Morten J. (!), and just turning things around here at our New World, which we will wait for until “tomorrow”.
  • Half awake I was told “9 to 4, cannot give a job in the board”, which I understood as a message about the Commune believing that they cannot approve my own work because of the decision of the board, which is included in the Commune’s journal note on me – and had it helped if I had showed you explicitly the precise number of pages I write and tell you that one page may take one hour to do (is this about it or do I use more time than this?) and then you can really multiply the number of pages each month of my scripts, memos and applications (which takes longer) and if I have written 200 pages, I have at least worked 200 hours this month, and how difficult can that be to figure out (?) and oh, that is right, if you don’t think carefully about this and don’t see for yourself on my website the amount of work I do, it is “easy” for you to take the WRONG decision (?) and that is because you do believe that you MUST control me to arrive physically at a place you decide because otherwise I am “not activated” and yes it is not forbidden to think logically, my ladies and gentlemen!
  • Also half awake I told “the fact is that Norway slipped in Sweden and we have to wait”, which is about my mother deciding to be negative/weak instead of positive/strong making us stop the transfer of life temporarily.
  • I was tired and did not get the notes of the beginning of this dream right, but it was something about me writing a card to someone’s girlfriend and hand it over to my old friend Martin, and maybe “research and being furious”. And a lady not hearing that a small cinema has been stolen from my new car belonging to the new company I work for with Kim S. as the manager after I recently stopped working for Fair, and I see a completely FULL King’s Square in Copenhagen – as full as “sild i en tønde” (“herrings in a barrel”) as we say here with people coming from the train down under and it is completely IMPOSSIBLE to move forwards or back because of the crowd of people, but still I see Bette Midler walking quickly through the crowd, and something about coming through, drinking and I am biting myself in the tongue.
    • This will have to be connected with my mother’s reactions again, and the cinema is about our New World, which the new company replacing the old world of Fair is also about, and the lady is temporarily removing this New World because of her attitude, and still Bette Midler to me is a WONDERFUL lady singing beautifully and here symbolising my mother being able to “cut through” here where it is otherwise impossible to cut through – and all of these people on the King’s Square will have to be all the life of people my mother brings with her faith – and I can only believe that my mother’s reactions are expected and part of the plan, and when I can absorb it, we bring all of this life home at our New World too.
  • Half awake I was told something about “publishing part of the English President election” and is this about England or USA (?) and is this about one of these governments having “published” information about me at least to “some people”?
  • Bettina – John’s eldest daughter – is playing on the National team in football, but she does not have the courage to shoot, and she asks a man she has faith in – another man than the coach – if it is alright for her to shoot, and he says “don’t ask for permission, just do it”, which now makes her shoot 4-5 times at each match, and I see how she become a private secretary for a leader and “be careful about how the board is looking upon you”. Something about a man fighting because the father of another man died and I believe he is now dying himself because of having received “3907 lethal”, and the private secretary protects the leader by returning bombs to Korea, who is about to bomb us.
    • The national team will have to be my team and Bettina – who lives with Søren in the apartment below my mother and John also here in Helsingør – has started shooting to score after receiving advice from maybe a clairvoyant about me (?) and if I understand the dream correctly, Bettina has received the truth about me, thus also faith in me, and the board here may simply be the Trinity and the lethal drug I have received here is coming from my mother, who is the one finishing me all off with her faith (!) and yes herewith also giving me the answer, that I receive all of the darkness needed to get everything with me as long as I absorb it all, and yes I have NO other plans than this of course, and the faith of Bettina is also helping to keep me alive in here saving me from explode just yet – and I wonder if the North Koreans are still as crazy as ever threatening the world and also really planning to bomb the world, but maybe not for that long anymore, because it is the 8th December today, and just wondering if I will die as my old self and become my new self before or on the 15th December (?) and we will see.
  • I am working at a hotel in Sweden, and I see first a small light of a Finish submarine sailing into the small harbour in front of the hotel, and I don’t understand why no one is checking the sea for secret visitors, but eventually the submarine arrives at dock and unload a huge amount of boxes of meat, which is to be used for a coming wedding, and we are two who have to take out what is already stored in the store room in order to stack it better also to get room for all of the new meat arriving. During night when I sleep, more people including Søren H. arrive and they ask me about extreme limits of behaviour in town, which is accepted, and I see him and a friend fishing in rough sea, and I see many people.
    • The hotel in Sweden is our “waiting hall of the New World” where my mother is arriving with her submarine, which is another old symbol of darkness as the wedding also is (which I decided to keep here to show you, and there will be NO wedding between my mother and I, which is what the darkness wanted, you know), but the point is that she is arriving and with her faith, she brings many new boxes of meat, which will have to be the same as “plates”, which is “life”, which we are now “sorting” in order to get room for everyone at our New World – and it seems that Søren H. is also arriving at this place (because of Paul influencing him positively about me?) – but still his WRONG sexual behaviour is what you see here, which is also what is bringing me poor sleep and with this behaviour he is still fishing, however not to support me as the rough water indicates but to bring me down, and yes more “nice darkness” to absorb and so it is.
  • Half awake I was told that “the globe lacks trees” and I saw myself and another briefly leaving the car and hanging up two 500 DKK notes on a device at a traffic corner, which is about Earth lacking energy because of man cutting down forests, and here is more money, i.e. energy, for you to plant more trees to restore the energy of Earth.
  • Half awake I was shown Sanna saying “I believe it will become fine during the night to today because USA has offered another arrangement” and I felt that USA, i.e. darkness, was about my mother and somehow the communication between my sister and mother is helping my mother and their reactions are helping me to bring EVERYTHING with us to our New World and simply by using their expected reactions.
  • I was shown my own head door to my apartment having received a big a disgusting bug, and I felt the pupa of an insect on my right cheek and my face sticking because of its tour around my face, but the pupa is empty now.
    • Insects are an old disgusting symbol of darkness also somehow related with sexual sufferings, which I remember most clearly when visiting my old friend Lisbeth maybe five years ago, where I felt insects all over me and yes because of her attraction to me – and here it is darkness of my mother coming to me this way.

My TERRIBLE night was because of FEAR of my mother, which also was given to me as a “spiritual knife” trying to separate me

I started working this morning at 08.25 feeling even more than yesterday as a Zombie – that is really “not good” my friends – and I was told that FEAR of my mother about who I am and who she will become herself is the name of the game, and I was given a couple of “smaller heart attacks” again this morning showing more fear but less than yesterday evening, and when I had completed most of the script so far of today – and the last of yesterday – at 11.20, I was told that “your mother feels better now, so we will now continue the transfer of life to our New World” and instantly I felt the light of this starting once again, and I understood that the reason of this is because I decided to keep working as if nothing had happened herewith bringing energy to my mother helping her to feel better, and when her love of me is restored, this is what we use to do this “operation”.

After lunch I continued working on my website and also updated my sufferings memo in a new version 6 – part of the impossible road to do – now including a chapter called “My meditation group were parasites soaking out the rest of my life energy, and when I told them about their spiritual deceptions, I was met by hostility and crude attacks killing my “old self””, and when I started writing this chapter, I really did not “feel like” writing it and I felt a knife vertically inside of my throat wanting to separate me and I was given the strong feeling of my mother – this is STRONG darkness (!) – but I kept my faith and calm and decided to tell myself “I am STRONGER than this”, and this is how we decided to continue and yes NO ONE is going to be separated ending up in the eternal nothing – I WANT EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING TO COME WITH US and this is how it will be!!!

When completing this work before 17.00, I felt the orange of new life being released and I was told “thank you, I was one of the bowls too” (the bowls on the dark shelves as I was shown the other day).

Will the Commune be pedantic telling me that I cannot advertise with “salary contribution”?

Today I received this “inspired” message from a lady working at the Jobindex website telling me that she by “coincident” found my recent application to Imentor – one of the three, which the Commune ORDERED me to do – and she told me what I did not know and no one has told me (from Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune that is, Jane!) and that is that it is “not allowed” to advertise with “salary contribution” (from the Commune) for a job notice, and I wonder if the Commune is so pedantic that they will make a fuss about this telling me at our next meeting (?), and for you to be able to follow the full story, I bring her email too and my reply here:

Here is her email:

Hej Stig

Jeg skriver til dig fordi jeg under min google-søgning, så at din ansøgning til iMentor dukkede op:

Det er muligvis med fuldt overlæg at du har lagt den ud på nettet, men måske vidste du alligevel ikke at man kunne søge den frem. Så nu ved du det. Jeg ville personligt helst ikke have mine ansøgninger offentligt tilgængelige på nettet. Min google-søgning var: “Simon Klug imentor” – og din dukkede op som nr. 7 på listen.

En lille sidenote … Du reklamerer med at iMentor kan få dig med løntilskud og det må man ikke i en opslået stilling. Det er der selvfølgelig aldrig nogen der vil opdage … Med mindre at den altså ligger offentligt tilgængeligt på nettet 🙂

Med venlig hilsen og god jul
Amalie V.

And here is my reply:

Hej Amalie,

Mange tak for din venlige mail og for at bringe mig ny information, men jeg vil nu nok vælge at tage chancen alligevel :-)-.

Også tak for at have læst mit CV, og nogle få sider på min hjemmeside – jeg håber, at du får lyst til at læse mere og opdage “en velsignet kilde af information”, som du nok vil kunne lide.

Og hils Kaare mange gange og sig tak for et godt site :-).

Også god jul til dig og dine nærmeste – julen er jo “et kommende kærlighedsbudskab til menneskeheden” :-).

Venlige hilsener fra

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Yesterday, the number of visits to my Scribd profile was down to a more normal level of 28 visits in total (mainly to my request to the media and my email to Helsingør Commune!) and isn’t it funny that after the many visits the two previous days (“full and half screw”) apparently I had 0 visits to my Falck memo, and 0 to my two labour market memos yesterday – and that is Z E R O (!!!) – and do you believe this is a co-incidence or that “God was tampering with the counter the same way as mankind” (?) and yes I will recommend you to believe in the last answer, which is what I am told, and just maybe “mankind” will decide to release a list showing exactly how many visits I have received to both my website and other of my sites on the Internet and also who visited me and when (?), and yes it would be “nice” for the world to know the exact size of your BLUFF NUMBER and do you play “poker” by the way (?) when you continue speaking of the old world order and doing your “best” to save the European Union as an example, Sarkozy and Merkel (?) and yes I AM WONDERING why you decided not to be BRAVE to simply publish information about my arrival to the world (?) but you “thought” it would be better to wait for me to become my true new self (?) without listening to my advice to TRULY HELP ME AND THE WORLD FROM SUFFERING/SACRIFICING and yes SHAME ON YOU (!), but still I love you too 🙂 – and this was also an inspired message about the mayor of Helsingør having a question mark in relation to me as I am here shown and yes he does not know about me, but he would have if the “secret governments” of the world had told about me, and the faith of this mayor and the world would have HELPED us much on the last part of my journey, but you did not “truly understand” (?), and I do hope you have “good answers” to tell the world about your WRONG doings and what about telling the truth and ONLY THE TRUTH and the FULL part of it, (?) and that goes to you Sarkozy as an example because you are the one I am feeling here.
  • I have been waiting with much patience for one year to repeat the wine tasting of TRUE quality wine at Otto Suensson wine store in Copenhagen, which I went to last year and REALLY have been looking forward to for months and counting down the days, and the tasting was today, but I decided not to use energy to go because I am not finished with my work and don’t have much energy to “waste” and yes there will come a new wine tasting in our New World I can go to :-).
  • Uploading the last three days of scripts at 17.35 and yes “hard work” when my “top floor” and all of my mortal frame is almost not working anymore.
  • Yesterday when working on my Signs II page, I was motivated to bring a couple of extra dreams of me and to give my short comments to two of them, and this is the first of two (brought on my Signs II page), which today developed into this:

Do you believe in MANY people around the world having received the same message about my coming in dreams (?) and I wonder why many of my family/friends etc. “could not” react to similar dreams about me being the King?


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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