December 15, 2011: I found the treasure of our New World together with my mother and I now declare it open


Summary of the script today

12th December: Liberating the original Source trapped inside of darkness and receiving his key and deepest love

  • Dreaming of negative writings of me on the Internet bringing me the WORST sufferings, the reward for not giving up is to locate and free the original part of the Source trapped inside of darkness, I have now received my dismissal as my old self (death sentence), sufferings but faith of my sister and mother brings life to and opens our New World, the previously dangerous bear of my sister is now the most loving of all animals, my sister tries to “educate” her husband about me and I received the deepest love of all of the original source inside of darkness telling me “I am now handing over the key to my Universe too”.
  • I received much pain but also love from my selfish meditation group, who are soaking out my life energy making me suffer/die while they feel are truly ENJOYING this “surplus of energy” making them feel fantastic, which is really about “misunderstandings” and “selfishness” of mankind also killing me.
  • I decided to inform Myrna’s Facebook group about my writings on them, which made them ban me from the group and report me to the authorities and “take some other actions” – these people hurt me dreadfully because of their deafness and disgusting behaviour.
  • I decided to TAKE TIME to write to my family including Karen/Denis to let them know about my writings of “my sufferings” including information on them and also telling them that I love them all – and I hope that this (better late than never) will help to transfer EVERYTHING of the original Source to our New World using feelings/growing faith of my family as foundation without the need of extrapolation – we will see.
  • I started doing what should be an “easy” edit of my Signs IV page of the Jerusalem UFO but first I had to improve the code (HTML-code here) of all text in bullets, which had moved together and 2-3 tabulator stops to the right, which really did NOT look good, so I used time to key in new code all of these places, and later I understood that this work symbolises improvements to the code of the original Source trapped inside of darkness. Later I saw that the video 6 of the Jerusalem UFO had been removed from the Internet and was impossible to find, so I had to upload it myself and to write what it was about both for YouTube and a longer version for my website, which took “much more from me” than anticipated, but I was told that this very action is the symbol of having removed darkness from the “strange” monk of the video, who is the part of God inside of me originally trapped inside of darkness. This is the message to the world that I will “now” become my new self and start our New World.

13th December: The final verdict of the official system: You are crazy, we don’t want to listen, which led to the end of the old world

  • Dreaming of doing my best work (playing my absolutely best football), but the Devil will not let me in (to obtain even more code of the original light), my LTO friends in Kenya “cannot” communicate, which is darkness bringing me more sufferings, I cannot access my computer when people hold meetings behind closed doors (about the City Council of Helsingør deciding behind closed doors that I am crazy without communicating with me!), I am driving “perfectly” as my “old self” but the entrance to darkness is becoming invisible – time is running out and a part of Christ is about to be crucified as the absolutely last option if it truly is “impossible” to bring out more code of the light from the skeleton of darkness, but we are still trying (and is this really the truth or only because of my own “fear” of this happening?).
  • I continued doing the final edit of my Signs IV page today including the final edit to my Google Map of Jerusalem UFO witnesses, but when editing the map in the Firefox browser, it did not show the special icons I have included as visible signs to the video 1-6 etc., but when I decided to look after, I found them in Google Chrome and decided to keep them (!) instead of using new standard coding, which is also about finding and locating more code of the original light inside of darkness. And instead of giving up believing that it is now “impossible” to get the last piece of “everything” out of the darkness, this shows that when there is a will to do everything “perfect”, we continued to bring “the last piece” with us.
  • On my way to the meeting with the Commune I was told that the “closed meeting” from the dream of the night was the City Council holding a closed meeting about me yesterday deciding that it would “not be nice” to have a “story” in the local newspaper about how the Commune harassed me giving me a potential death sentence by removing my cash help, so instead you decided to interfere with the case work of the Commune (?) and to agree with your “friends” at our local newspaper not to bring my story but to “help” me with my “craziness” (?) – and my old “friend” Jacob was present as the “important chairman of the liberal party” locally not speaking out about his TRUE feelings of me – so just showing you the ROTTEN CULTURE of the liberal party – thus the entire population (almost) of Denmark – treating me like DIRT and doing the same wrong doings as the government centrally.
  • Finally, I had the new meeting with Lisbeth from the Commune, who had read my medical journal from mental hospital in 2008 (!) and had “decided” to move me to match group 3 of 3 declaring me completely incapable to work (!!!) and to first get a medical check-up by my doctor, and if this is fine, also a meeting with a psychologist! This is the final verdict of the official system of Denmark: “You are crazy and not capable to work” (!) even though I have shown the system that I work better than anyone else and have good relations with all! This is what POOR WORK, IGNORANCE AND KNOW-ALL ATTITUDE CAN DO – the system was not “able” to understand the SIMPLE LOGIC I wrote even though they liked me as a person and when I spoke of my writings, it was “easy” to understand the logic, but because they don’t read the details of my applications/enclosures/scripts, I am not “humble” but “uncompromising” in their eyes, thus crazy – I am NOT to come and tell them to change their ways, and this DEAFNESS/STUBBORNESS and wrong doings is what ended the old world and now killing my old self – maybe you will start to understand me when I will present my new self for you removing all of your doubts just when seeing me.

14th December: MAGIC will happen when the light of our New World will shine through

  • Dreaming that MAGIC will happen when the light of our New World will shine through (remove all sicknesses and handicaps etc.?), Helsingør Commune did the same as the previous government did – to interfere in case work (this time mine) and to stop the news from spreading, which is the same power leading mankind to war in space and a ferocious battle in Russia over me, which almost terminated us all, I am continuing my work these last two days to bring EVERYTHING with us to our New World, my old friend Christian E. is starting to believe in me too, there will be NO loss of life due to the transition from our old to our New World and I have the key to enter it myself as the last one with the shelves of the old world now emptying.
  • I received two emails from Karen today, the first one telling me that I am egocentric only thinking of myself – the opposite world with Karen not understanding that through my scripts I saved everyone (!) – and the second one offering me to be her “personal assistant” helping to sort out both her working and private life (!) and also to move with her and her daughter abroad, but she cannot offer me neither salary nor sex (!), and this was only to tell that she is blinded by darkness when it comes to sex and selfishness, but her TRUE feelings of love to me are intact after all we went through – she still wants us to stay together, Al (!) and yes that is what you can still call me ♥♥♥.

15th December: I found the treasure of our New World together with my mother and I now declare it open 🙂

  • Dreaming of driving in my best quality car with only little motor power – continuing to do my work all the way to the end with very little energy – and more life saved through new creation and also signs about losing life bringing tears of creation, which I do hope is darkness telling lies, and Karen “is a river” bringing me much suffering but she is also “the spirit of creation” bringing more life through this suffering.
  • My mother was very nice to invite me for lunch and to go seeing the TinTin movie this afternoon and even though it was against my Action Plan, I decided to accept it, and I learned that the film about the Unicorn, the three hidden messages hidden inside three ships (of the Trinity) and when united revealing the location of the treasure are symbols given to the writer Hergé told the world about my battle with the darkness and journey to find this treasure finding the SECRET MESSAGES on my road, which I did, and with this, I will now declare the end of the old world and the opening of our New World, which will be FOREVER and EVER 🙂 🙂 :-). This is it – the end of my journey and scripts.


12th December: Liberating the original Source trapped inside of darkness and receiving his key and deepest love

Dreaming of liberating the original Source trapped inside of darkness and receiving his key and deepest love

Another night at the same level as yesterday, and now with these dreams:

  • I am writing about my experiences, my partner has to decided to go to sleep, a little bit later I am pulled hard in my necklace with the feeling that it is because of my writings on the Internet and people saying critically/negatively “what is this about”.
    • This dream and feeling was so strong so you will have to take the absolutely worst feeling you know and multiply it by 100, which was my exact feeling when waking up – and thinking here of the Myrna group and the other websites laughing of me, which has now spread to a US forum as well, and here it helps to bring out my deepest inner self, which has been hidden from me as you will see from the following.
  • I am driving in a car with Michael Bolton and his Danish girlfriend sitting in the back. We are heading towards Denmark, and Michael is INCREDIBLE rich and he asks me about pension savings, and I recommend him to do more savings, and also to consider doing it for his girlfriend, and he decides to do the first, but he does not believe there is a “need” to do the last, and he speaks about doing nothing (no work) living in the western US.
    • Yesterday evening after publishing my script I was shown myself looking into the mirror and through this I could see the next level of myself looking into the mirror, which continued for maybe 10 levels, and I was told that we are now working to bring the last piece of the puzzle back, which is the original part of the Source self, which was overtaken by darkness.
    • This is what this dream is about because the enormous wealth of Michael Bolton is both a symbol of “much energy” coming from the original Source (just as we saved the original source on the other side some months ago) as well as darkness because of his selfishness not even sharing with his own girlfriend – and even less others – and he does not find it necessary to work, but still he would like to do more pension savings, which is to put more energy into our New World, which this is about when releasing EVERYTHING of the original source trapped inside darkness.
    • I was told when writing down the notes of this dream that all other darkness would not have existed without the code of this original darkness.
    • Yesterday evening I was given thoughts about extrapolating the missing codes of the original source, but this morning at bath I was told that this will not be necessary to do when I continue (and end) my work, and that is also to NEVER GIVE IN to darkness and its temptations.
  • My mother picks up the telephone and understands that I have now been dismissed for the second time from GE Financial Insurance (GEFI) because I was too expensive, and my thoughts were “they did not use my skills properly”.
    • About dying as my “old self” – I am now being dismissed so “a few more days” (?) and I will be not “me” but my “new me”.
  • My mother is walking up the stairway to Sanna’s apartment, which may be on 4th floor, she is not walking quickly, so I overtake her. Later, in the apartment my mother is preparing sandwiches with eggs, which she has peeled.
    • Another suffering of my mother’s has been that with age she has started walking “quite slowly” and I always have to slow down when walking with her. The higher up, the bigger sufferings, but it is up there through the faith of my sister, that my mother helps to bring life to and open our New World.
  • Sanna and Hans has a house with the most beautiful garden reaching down to a small stream, and I see donkeys, different deer wanting to butt each other however without doing it, dogs and a new non-dangerous but the loveliest “not very big” dark bear, which loves me more than anything and lays itself on its bag enjoying much to be stroked by me, and it takes special education to wash this bear and Sanna tries to show Hans how by putting something into the dish washer, but it is difficult to make “rye bread, which will attach”, and every Friday for three hours the pastor arrives to preach for the bear.
    • These are some of what used to be “dangerous animals” with my sister and her husband because of their lack of faith and strong opposition to me, but now it is very beautiful here and I feel that the loving bear is my sister also loving to receive praise and nice words from me, and it seems that my sister has started to “educate” her husband about me, which seems not to be easy since the bread – “creation” – does not stick easily.
    • I woke up to Eric Clapton’s “I feel wonderful tonight” with the feeling that this is about the original Source inside of darkness about to being released and it was followed by one of the most beautiful love songs EVER (which Eric’s song is too), namely “I’m not in love” by 10CC and the lyrics “big boys don’t cry”, which are his feelings after being found and now about to be released and I was told when receiving these songs that it is because “I am now handing over the key to my Universe too”.
  • I had a short dream where I brought a polar teddy bear with my dismissal from GEFI inside and handed it over to Pernille S. to make a copy.
    • This is about the lack of faith of Pernille in me influencing her husband Kim against me, which is also killing my old self, which made it necessary to do a copy of me as my new self.

Receiving pain and love from my meditation group soaking out my life energy making them feel “fantastic”

Yesterday afternoon and evening after publishing my script, I first felt Adiba strongly for some time followed by Chalotte and then at the end Jimmy with the feeling of Niclas inside of him, and their feelings were very strong and first they were given to me as “the worst sufferings” for hours, but then also as “much love” and as a result, it made my website “mess up” with “blue everywhere”, which may be a symbol saying that I am entering them because of the mess up of their feelings in relation to me:

The “messed up” feelings of my meditation group made my website “mess up”, but this is bringing in the BLUE of me everywhere 🙂

And here you can see the feedback of people attending the meditation meeting yesterday, which includes quotes like “let us spread the fantastic love, which we were part of today” and “it was “completely wild” how much I can feel that energy!!! Had to stop just to enjoy it” and if you don’t know how this energy feels like, my reader, you will have to imagine being inside light receiving energy directly lifting you up and making you feel “wonderful” (tonight), and what this is showing is the “addiction” of so called enlightened people to the light self not realising that they are soaking out my life energy killing my old self, and yes I do love these people very much too, but I am truly sad that they “cannot” listen and understand and also not control their negative feelings towards me, who is bringing them this energy, so “thank you for killing me”, my (selfish) friends.

And as a matter of good sake let me say that the darkness yesterday evening was “stronger than me” and I had to “go under” its speech and decide that it will NEVER overtake my decisions no matter how strongly it influences my thoughts, and it included more “kill kill kill” commands and the only thing which this darkness now can kill is parts of itself, and I will NOT allow this to happen, because EVERYTHING is to come out of there with us to our New World and yes by doing magic if so required – also thinking that potential darkness of my father and Karen including a following growing faith (?) has not been included in this work because I was “too busy/tired” and really because I did not prioritize doing it also being fooled by darkness telling me that it was not necessary.

Informing Myrna’s group about my writings on them, which made them ban me and report me to the authorities!!!

This morning I started working at 08.45 and for days I have been giving direct thoughts about my decision not to send an email to Karen and my father (my sister and mother already knows) about my memo “my sufferings” including them, which I really should have done when thinking of it because a general principle of mine has been to let people know about my writings on them, but I have not come around doing this to Karen and my father, and I might do it later today or tomorrow if I decide to prioritize it also having other work to complete, but because of this principle, I decided to bring this posting to Myrna’s Facebook group thinking that “the number of influences” also will help people to obtain faith in me, which is what also helps this process of releasing the last part of the original source inside darkness and we will see about my father and Karen, and maybe later today, but here is the posting to Myrna’s group:

When writing this chapter – and many times also the previous days – I am receiving this very unpleasant physical pain this time inside of my left hand and it feels like pain to my bones itself and is truly not a nice feeling.

During the day, my “aggressive” (?) message proved to be too much for these people to take – Androuilla from Egypt and Durdica from Croatia – and the first decided to ban me from the group (!), which I was (but I can still access it as a non-member), and Durdica is so overpowered by negativity about me – receiving it from the “worst Devil” self – so he decided to “take some other actions against me” in relation to contacting authorities in Denmark (!) and what else, Durdica (?) maybe also WordPress asking them to remove my writings on you, or maybe indeed all of my writings because I am clearly “crazy”, and yes DO YOU SEE HOW THIS MAN WAS AFFECTED WITH CRAZINESS AND AN IGNORANT BUT STILL BETTER-KNOWING VOICE, which he could not escape from?

These people gave me MUCH disgusting feelings and sadness – I could not reach through to them at all, they were DEAF and showed the WORST behaviour (!) – and I wrote these comments when I received the messages:

These were the exact negative feelings I spoke about – a man seeing “ghosts” not being able to see that my comments are really only in relation to the wrong doings he did and if he had decided to be nice and meet me with the same friendly attitude as I, this is what I would have written about him, so now I am crazy and “dangerous” in his mind, and everything is made up by his own demons and do you see how this game is because when he acts like this, we can lift the stone (got it, Stone?) to see and “no life inside here too” and so it is.

But later I was told that it helped us to locate and improve the code of the life we have already found.

Later again, this “communication” my post above and their answers below) was simply deleted by Androuilla, because apparently this was “nothing” to show the world, but you can of course read it from my script.

I decided not to write any more comments, since it is “completely impossible” to make these will deaf people understand, and I do not arrive as you want me to arrive or believe I “should” arrive when you read the old scriptures (?) and my dear friends, it would not harm if you only followed my kind encouragements to READ and UNDERSTAND, this is all I asked you to do, but you could not ….

And if I was afraid of the threats of the Myrna group (?), yes a little bit is the truth, but I knew the only right answer, which was to confront the darkness directly taking it by the throat believing that the light would be strong enough to “save me”, which included thoughts about WordPress protecting my website if they should receive a request from a CRAZY Croat to have my writings removed (!), and yes did you watch Denmark win over Croatia in handball the other day and we know a symbol of this victory too, and we know “don’t become weak of give up” but ATTACK the darkness, this is basically the recipe to bring LOVE only to the world :-).

Finally writing to my family including Karen/Denis to inform about my memo of “my sufferings” including writings on them

After writing my script so far today still having work to do on my Signs III and IV pages, which I don’t have much time to do, I decided to take the time to write this email to my family, which I really should have done in the first place, but better later than never (!), and this is also with the wish for my inner self to please search once more “inside of me” after I have sent this email and please use the tools I give you through the feelings and “growing faith” of my family including Karen as foundations, and YES YES YES we will and also to keep going until you (I) cannot anymore and YES YES YES.

Kære mor/John, far/Kirsten, Sanna/Hans, Niklas/Tobias, (Inge/Ove) og Karen/Denis,

Jeg har skrevet vedlagte notat på ca. 160 sider – med et 15 siders resume – omkring ”mine lidelser”, som jeg har gennemgået (særligt over de senere år, men i virkeligheden over hele mit liv) og som er inkluderet på min hjemmeside – og andre sider – med det eneste formål at hjælpe alle med at forstå, at jeg skriver sandheden om både mig selv og også om jer, som inkluderer hvem vi i virkeligheden er (vores indre spirituelle jeg, som ikke rigtigt er åbnet for jer endnu), og som fremgår af højre kolonne på min hjemmeside under overskriften ”The Council”.

Hovedoverskrifterne i mit notat er som følger, som I kan læse via min hjemmeside ved at trykke direkte på et af de følgende links eller alternativt via det vedlagte notat.

My Sufferings


Until 2004/06: Controlling people made me in-going

The Devil TORMENTED me to destruct the world

I had NO energy and was TIRED as a living dead

The world gave me the WORST sexual sufferings

My family/friends abandoned me leaving me to die

The official system treated me as a slave and lunatic

I was physically dissolving and feared termination

Uncontrollable feelings of my family/Karen broke me down

o Karen broke my heart and opened me spiritually

o Misunderstandings of my sister made me a “Zombie”

o My father only understood his own STRONG voice

o My mother brought me sufferings to save the world

Jeg håber, at I vil læse notatet ord for ord – alternativt resumeet til at starte med – for objektivt at forstå indholdet og hermed sandheden inklusive de uendelige lidelser, jeg har gennemgået, som er givet mig meget direkte – uden at jeg har kunnet undgå det – på grund af misforståelser og ukontrollable, negative følelser af ”mine nærmeste” i forhold til mig, og det vil primært sige af jer :-).

Dette er, hvad I vil kunne forstå, hvis I vælger at læse notatet ord for ord i stedet for at fokusere på indholdet om jer selv, og I vil herunder forstå, at de lidelser, som jeg har ”bragt” jer alene skyldes jeres egne misforståelser og uvilje mod, at jeg skriver sandheden om os på internettet. Sandheden er, at jeres lidelser var store – som jeg fuldt ud både forstår og også “føler” – men alligevel ”ingenting” i forhold til mine, som ”var” (fordi jeg nu slutter dette kapitel af mit liv, og starter et nyt) summen af jeres og alle andre, som jeg har mødt på min vej.

Jeg ELSKER jer overalt, som I vil kunne forstå via mit notat (?), og dette er og har hele tiden været sandheden om mine følelser for jer ALLE (!), og jeg håber, at I vil forstå, at jeg ikke skriver for at ”genere” nogen, men som en hjælp for at åbne alles øjne, som min søster og mor (sammen med MANGE andre) nu er ved at gøre også efter at have set dette afsnit på min hjemmeside.

Desværre har jeres negative følelser ved at læse sandheden om jer selv og deciderede uvilje/kvalme mod at prøve at “forstå, hvem jeg er”, indtil nu overskygget jeres ”evne” til at læse og forstå mit virkelige kærlighedsbudskab til alle, som er inkluderet på min hjemmeside: En fremtid uden lidelser, men med uendelig lykke og glæde for alle mennesker, hvor vores ”fortid” – vi har alle vores ”synder” og ”ofre” – vil være helt uden betydning. Det handler altså om at kunne løfte sig op over sine egne begrænsninger, og ”evne” at forstå, acceptere og angre egne og tilgive andres fejl og synder, og at fokusere på vores fælles, lykkelige fremtid.

Jeg vil således blive meget ked af at modtage nye ”angreb” og negative følelser som reaktion på denne mail og mine skriverier, når sandheden er, at jeg udelukkende skriver med hele mit hjerte, fordi dette er det eneste rigtige at gøre for os alle. I vil “snart” forstå, at alternativet til at gøre dette ville have været “intet liv” for alle! Jeg kan derfor kun anbefale jer at læse uden forudfattede holdninger, fordomme og at gøre jeres bedste for at forstå sandheden objektivt. Jeg beder ikke om hverken sympati/medfølelse, bedrøvelse, vrede el. lign. i forhold til mig men alene om jeres objektive forståelse af og tro på sandheden.

Jeg glæder mig MEGET til at se jer alle igen og at lægge vores lidelser og “unødvendige stridigheder” bag os – og dette er med ønsket om en GLÆDELIG JUL og LYKKELIGT NYT ÅR til alle ♥♥♥.

Kærlige hilsener fra

I uploaded video 6 of the Jerusalem UFO symbolising that I will “now” become my new self and start our New World

I continued my work on my website and first did a few updates to the decoding of the mother of all crop circles page, before I decided to look at the Signs IV page on the Jerusalem UFO, which should be “easy” to do because when I left it the last time, it was really in a condition, which was “perfectly alright” to be published as is to the world and I thought that I might add a little bit here and there, but first I was surprised to see that many paragraphs with text in bullets had moved together and 2-3 tabulator stops to the right, which really did NOT look good, so I used some time to key in new code all of these places, and later I understood that this work symbolises improvements to the code of the original Source trapped inside of darkness, and yes the Signs IV page was the ONLY website of mine “messing up” the code to symbolise what the darkness had done to the original code of light.

A part of this work was to control that all videos on the page are still on-line, and I was surprised to see that the video 6 had been removed, and this is now the second time I see this, because when I last edited this page, it was Eligael, who had removed the video and I thought about uploading it back then – I had taken a copy of it originally for this exact reason if necessary as I did with all videos on all of my main sites (however not all on Signs III) – but I found another one on YouTube, which I linked to instead and now this video was removed too, and I could not find the FULL video 6 elsewhere, so there was really only one thing to do and it was to upload the video myself, and when I started doing this work, I was told that this exact action, which was “impossible” for me to reach, is the symbol showing that I have now removed darkness from this side of me (the monk in the video), which was the dark side of me (God trapped inside of darkness) trying to bring down the world simply by showing himself in such a way that it would make it “impossible” for the world to understand this event, and this was also with the purpose of darkness to terminate the world itself, and with this upload today, it says that I was stronger and capable of removing darkness from this man, who is now being freed from darkness.

I was shown a vision showing light inside of darkness removing the shell of the monk around him and also the hat and glasses of the motorcycle driver with “thanks for loan, but no thanks”, because we are NOW ONE again only waiting for you to set the final dot of your scripts and we know “around the middle of December”, which is what we thought wasn’t it, and I felt true joy but as I normally say “it is too soon to start celebrating”.

Here is the video again:

And it started by receiving very negative comments and “thumbs down” too from ignorant but know-all people (!), but I was happy for my “old friend”, Ufopolitics to support me as you can see below, which was also smiles sent to me spiritually.

I decided to include this text to the video on YouTube:

This is the full video 6 of the Jerusalem UFO of January 28, 2011, originally uploaded by the key witness, Eligael, and removed again because of his “lack of faith” influenced negatively by non-believers and “ignorant people” believing that the “strange” monk in the beginning of the video “clearly” made it and the entire event a hoax, which it certainly was not.

The monk was “the dark side of God” bringing all darkness to the world after the UFO had opened the centre of the Universe and brought all light to the world at this exact location in Jerusalem, the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount.

This was the arrival of the final showdown of the end times, which either would lead to eternal survival or termination (a new Big Bang) of mankind and the entire world, which mankind however “could not” understand also because the monk “helped” to remove the attention of the world from the UFO and the diagram on its underside (the “mother of all crop circles”) informing mankind of the creation of a New World, if I — God alive as a normal human being — would be stronger than the darkness taking on “unbearable sufferings” herewith converting darkness to the light of our New World.

My upload of this video symbolises the end of my fight with light being victorious. I will now become my “new self” and open our New World, which you can read more of from my website and from the long version of this text included at my Jerusalem UFO website, which brings you the truth and the full story of this UFO event as the only website on the Internet!

Take care :-).

Kind regards from

This work took much longer and much more out of me than anticipated – especially to write the long text to the video, which I edited MANY times – and I also uploaded it to my Facebook wall and the Facebook group of the Jerusalem UFO, which did not bring any comments other than one lady “liking” it – “noising silence” again – and finally, at 19.I had done this too, which was far the most important of all work remaining (!), which I did not know about before starting, and now I only have to do a little here and there on Signs IV and maybe Signs III, which however is NOT important to bring. THIS WAS IT, this was the TRUE KEY of the world of the light inside of darkness.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • For days I have felt disgusted about the coming new meeting with the Commune on Tuesday, which is VERY MUCH strengthened by darkness giving me these feelings, and these meeting with the Commune here and the previous are truly among the worst of my experiences. I feel ROTTEN about being treated as they do without understanding me, and will she symbolically give me my “death sentence” of the old world removing my cash help – or decide that I am crazy starting up the process of giving me permanent disability pension (?) or maybe to “release” me (?) and we will see, and yes TERRIBLE work to meet her and to write about our meeting afterwards, this is how it is, and I have to tell myself “put away all of your feelings and be completely careless about what she will do and focus only on writing the story” and this is how I try to get over this too.
  • In the handball world cup of women, Denmark met Japan in the 1/8 finals this evening and a few minutes before time, they were behind by 16-19 and really “had lost”, but I thought because of my too late email to my family on “my sufferings” that this might be a symbol showing loss of code of the original part of God trapped inside of darkness (thinking that I needed even more darkness coming to me to get all of the code out), but also that “better late than never” could mean that Denmark would actually come from behind and win this match, which really was lost, and yes so be it, and when time had run out, Denmark was behind by 18-19 and has a penalty throw, which they scored on (!), so 2 times 5 minutes extra it was, which ended up with Denmark winning “this impossible match” by 23-22 saving a throw by Japan in the exact last second and we know “what drama and tremendous finish” and several comments was about Denmark “kept searching for a way” to defeat these quick running Japanese women, for example when the Danish coach said “there are many feelings, whew(!), one searches for the things”, which really was to say that we have be sent out to search for even more code using the extra tools you gave us, and so it is – and I felt a new side inside of the light as “we truly want so much, but it depends on you”.
  • I felt extreme darkness coming this evening with speech again stronger than I, which came together with the feeling of Karen, and I saw and felt the darkness strongly and a vision of Karen doing a red cross on a signal to a train crossing saying “you will not cross me” – what will she do about it (?) – and I also felt my father and also warm feelings/love inside of this darkness, and I was shown the queen limping and told “we will also just have to get your mother with us” meaning that she will return from Egypt tomorrow and see my email, which will probably send even more darkness to me and will she still see me on Wednesday for dinner as we have agreed after this (?), and I hope so.
  • The Board of DSB, the Danish Railways, decided to pick Jesper T. Lok – coming from Maersk as the top manager of 4,500 people – as their new Managing Director and as the chairman of the Board Peter Schütze said: “Netop erfaring i at lede en større virksomhed med transport, drift og materiel har været afgørende for valget af Jesper T. Lok” (“It is exactly experience in leading a large company withing transport, operations and materials has been decisive in the choice of Jesper T. Lok”), and I am wondering why the top manager needs to have these exact qualifications, Peter (?) and is that because DSB has shown in practise that they are not able to do this, which is really to run the basics of their company (?) and when you START to think carefully if these qualifications of a top manager are more important than to change the whole culture of the company, which is what I offered you to do, what will be your NEW answer (?) and we know the idea is really to have EVERYONE doing their job “according to their potential” and when they do this, you don’t need a top manager to do their job, but this was “completely impossible” for you and other board members and “head hunter”, who received my email, to see (?) and you did not find it “in your interests” to present my “application” for the entire board (?), and will you please repeat in my ear why this was (?) and eeeehhhhh because you decided NOT to read in order to understand and really because “that man is crazy” (!) and do you see it by now? (and the last part is also a message to me about my mother starting to realise this by now when this is written the 14th December after speaking to her on the phone …..). And this new director of DSB will receive a pay cheque of 4.5 million DKK per year (!!!), where you could have received me including salary contribution from the Commune, thus not costing you many thousand DKK per month and only thinking I am …..


13th December: The verdict of the system: You are crazy, we don’t want to listen, which led to the end of the old world

Dreaming that I am doing my absolutely best work but it is now “impossible” to save all light inside of darkness

Another night at the same level as yesterday and let me say that EXHAUSTION does not cover my feeling this morning, but I will try to keep on working until the end, now bringing these dreams too:

  • I am walking through an exhibition where I see the flag of the Danish queen being hoist at several flagpoles, and I enter an exhibition box where two elderly ladies sit and they tell me that she was here, and I see an advent wreath and ask if the queen lid it, which they say that she did not, and from here I move to the box on the other side meeting Preben Elkjær and someone else, and I see someone playing football brilliantly, which makes me say “det er genialt, det dér” (!) (“it is brilliant what you see there”) and also that “we will go to Mexico” (with the world cup 1986 in mind, where the Danish commentator Svend Gehrs said these words), and I fly around the room and say “Svend Gerhs was the best of all of you” but I notice that Preben Eljkær has decided to only look at the qualifications of the Danish football players – and not Svend Gehrs – and someone speaks of Svend’s big potential even though he is a weakling, and a Swede says that people did not really know if Svend was sick when he started, which makes Svend say that he had a cold in the beginning and also slept very poorly at many poor hotels when travelling the world, but still he decided to keep on working always.
    • This dream is about my search inside of darkness for more code, and apparently I am crossing a part where my mother, i.e. the queen, has been before, and I am playing my absolutely best football because of my decisions and work yesterday, and in the dream I am Svend Gehrs and it seems as if the Devil symbolised by Preben Elkjær does not take my work into consideration, which may mean that he does not give away any more code (?) or is this darkness too denying what is really on-going right until the end?
    • When being awake here, I was given the feeling of myself as a football player not knowing which direction to go now because there is no code telling him, and I said “you are allowed to do extrapolation but only as the absolutely last way out if it is impossible to find the original code” and I was given “Sui, Sui” by Sneakers and the lyrics “Sui løber hjemmefra, uden at spørge mor og far” and I wonder if this is good or bad and it this is code running away from us, which we cannot reach and I keep thinking of the posting of Rikke the 5th December on Facebook where she had lost paper pieces all over her work desk and wrote “pixy play …. Dangerous to leave your desk”, which was a sign of this coming because of the “play of the Devil”, which I fell for, which was not to send “my sufferings” to my family thinking that I had “extracted” everything, which I probably had not when it came to the case.
  • I am writing to and sending money to LTO, but still I don’t hear from them. At the money transfer office in Africa, I see black ladies believing that the white ladies coming there will be “copied”, which is to be attacked having their money stolen. I only wear underpants, and I see my mother arriving together with our dogs Cas and Don with one of them in a red outfit.
    • This is about “real life” here, which is that I write to LTO every 3rd or 4th day with a new script and send them money every month, but still I almost hear nothing from them – except from David once a month – and the dream tells me that they are afraid of my mother (because she does not like me sending money to them) also keeping them from writing to me (?) and their wrong attitude (despite of their sufferings) is also bringing me my “old nightmare” symbolised by my mother with the dogs, and can you remember, my dear LTO friends, just how many times I have encouraged you to write to me, but still this is “impossible” for you to do and is laziness together with your suffering the true answer (?) because if you can take my money and buy goods with them, you can also you a few minutes to send me an email (?) and DARKNESS is what this is called, but you still know that I love you all?
  • I have received a new car, which is a used BMW 520 from Jutland, which drives VERY well with the gearbox working perfectly, and someone says that one of the front lights does not work properly, but when I check, I cannot see anything wrong with it. I have a girlfriend, who does not look as good as I would like, but I am happy that she is in a good mood, which keeps me up and nothing like the negativity of Camilla, but then I see my girlfriend eating the last part of a sausage, which brings her much hurting and sufferings. I have also received a new bicycle and now stand at a roundabout trying to figure out which exit to use to come to Hørsholm, and I see one exit to the left with a sign showing the direction to the Finance Supervision and the sign to the road to the right does not include a name, and I wonder if this is the road towards Hørsholm, and I meet an elderly couple also going to Hørsholm also believing that this is the road leading there.
    • This is my “old car” of myself, which is still driving fine, the girlfriend is the spirit of my mother performing, which is hurting her and this is also to say that Camilla – my girlfriend from 1994-2011 – very often had a negative approach and attitude, which was also part of my sufferings, and here I am suffering searching for more code inside of the darkness (the opposite direction of the energy resource of all “banks” part of the Finance Supervision) but time is running out, Neil, now making it almost impossible to enter the darkness of Hørsholm, and I can only say that I do hope we got “everything” with us or at least “everything which was possible” and yes I AM VERY SAD THAT I DID NOT SEND THAT EMAIL TO MY FAMILY ALREADY IN NOVEMBER, which probably would have given another outcome, but I will accept NO loss of life, my friends, so please continue searching doing the impossible to bring out more code over the next days, please ….?
  • Sparbank Vest is calling and they speak to my colleague Mel Gibson about new events, who is their new Account Manager, which they prefer to speak to now – I was their contact before – and he speaks about a guitarist, and I believe “who will not be used” or something like that. I feel I am at DanskeBank-Pension and I receive a small stack of credit cards, which I have to “make live”, but I am not told how and I hardly have any more time. My colleague Nicolaj (from Fair) shows me that my computer screen is not switched on when colleagues as now hold a meeting behind closed doors, which makes it impossible to service customers.
    • Time is really running out, Neil (!), and here a bank of energy speaks to Mel Gibson with the clear feeling that he is here Christ from the movie “the passion of Christ” being crucified, which is also the guitarist he speaks of, and this can only be about the code of the other part of me trapped inside of darkness, which we were not able to get out because of my actions, and as Stig, I FEEL TERRIBLE ABOUT THIS being cheated by darkness self with the light inside of it making this sacrifice and this morning I keep on being asked “can we terminate this”, and my only answer is that “if everything else is impossible and as the absolutely last way out, this is what you can do at the very end, but NOT before” and I will not give you a direct answer to a direct question but “a general power of attorney” and ONLY if absolutely needed because I have decided that we have to move on, but still I AM NOT FINISHED WITH MY WORK, and I ASK YOU TO DO EVERYTHING POSSIBLE INCLUDING YOUR BEST “MAGIC” TO GET EVERYTHING OUT OF THERE – and this is so emotional that this is what is the closest ever to make me stop working, but when I continue working, we will try to follow your request to find even more code.
    • Later in the day when bicycling towards the Commune – see the chapter of this – I was told that the meeting behind closed doors was the City Council of Helsingør speaking about me behind closed doors deciding that I am crazy (!) and that they don’t want the story of me being harassed by the Commune to be published because it is “not in their interest” and we know DARKNESS and POOR HABITS of people NOT knowing how to behave and treat others, and disgusting and disgracing behaviour, my ladies and gentlemen!
  • I woke up to I’m still standing by Elton John and was told “I am almost hollow now”.

Locating and preserving even more light inside of the darkness bringing EVERYTHING with us 🙂

Despite of being “impossible” to work, I started working at 07.50 and by 10.00 I had written the last part of the script yesterday and the script so far of today, and I continued improving the text of my “short version” to video 6 of the Jerusalem UFO, which I uploaded yesterday, which you now can see from my Signs IV site, and afterwards I thought that I would concentrate on correct any “errors” (text and links needed to be updated) on my Google map of witnesses to the Jerusalem UFO, which is also included on my Signs IV page, and first I updated the text, then the links, which did not work (two) and then “apparently” something had happened to the special icons I had uploaded and used as visible signs for the videos 1-6, the Dome of the Rock and the Jerusalem weather station on the map because they had vanished (!), and when I checked the “coding” inside of the map, the icons were “blank”, which made me think that “maybe it is because I have changed the web address of my Signs IV page” (which I did “some weeks ago”), because the map is linking to the icons uploaded to my website, and I could have decided to give up here and use some standard icons of Google Map instead, which I was close to doing, but instead I decided to find the icons on my website, which I did and “no, the address is still the same” and when everything should be fine and was not in my Firefox browser, there was ONLY one logical answer, which was that “this has to be spiritual darkness messing up the code in my browser” and then the answer was to check in Google Chrome and yes exactly as I thought, the icons were still there, so now I have also corrected the “errors” of the code here making this part perfect too, and I am given the feelings here that “when I do everything perfect (according to the conditions), I will get EVERYTHING with us” and then the dreams of the night may be a result of my thinking yesterday evening and we know I WANT EVERY LITTLE THING WITH US AND WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY LOSS unless this is the absolutely last way out!

The Google map of Jerusalem UFO witnesses in Firefox not showing the icons of video 1-6, Dome of the Rock and the Jerusalem Weather Station, which was “bluff” of the darkness, because …

When opening the map in Google Chrome, all of the icons was there – so now this “code of light” has been preserved too 🙂

This was again a matter of NEVER GIVE IN, Churchill, and we know “everything of my website should be perfect now” (but there will be errors, I know) and now I will focus on checking that everything is indeed fine also with my Signs III site first (the last page missing the last final edit), and then I might decide to add on some information to my Signs IV and maybe even Signs III pages, not because it is needed, and yes I have decided NOT to look into the Niburu planet, which I may take too long time, which I have NOT prioritized to do here at the end also because if it is there, it is fine by me and if it is not, it was good that I excluded information on the planet from my website, and I am really here thinking of GIANT UFO’s out there – which are there (!) – with the only purpose (?) to bring mankind to our new planet (?) and we will see if this is what is waiting for mankind and yes FREELY to travel or to stay here.

And when doing this work until 11.40, I was given heartburn with the feeling that this is Lisbeth at the Commune waiting for me nervously, and yes I don’t like going to this meeting too, but I am surprisingly not kept much down by darkness because of this and really more having the attitude “we will take it as it comes”, so we will see if she decided to fight me or give up.

The local City Council and newspaper judged me behind my back as “crazy” and did NOT want my story published!

Finally at 12.15 I went down to get my bicycle to cycle to the Commune, which is uphill you know and the weather was to put it mildly “not the best” with storm and cold rain (approx. 4 degrees Celsius) so I was both cold and very wet when I arrived approx. 25 minutes later at the Commune, and on my way there I was told that “many would have cancelled the meeting because of this bicycling tour alone” but as a secret message/reward I was told that the dream of the night with a “closed meeting” was the city council holding a closed meeting of me the other day and also about the local politicians and newspaper being “good friends” speaking together about what is in the “interest of the city” and maybe it would not be that nice for you to get an article about from a “crazy” man saying that he is harassed by the Commune giving him potentially a dead sentence by removing his cash help (?) but you would like to help him with his “craziness” and yes I am now taking events of the meeting with the Commune in advance, which you can read about below, but the interesting part here is that my old colleague and “friend”, Jacob – you know the chairman of the liberal party in Helsingør from where the mayor and only local MP comes from making Jacob “an important man” (!) – participated too as you can see from his posting below about one of the subjects on the agenda, but what did you tell them about me, Jacob – did you “agree” with them that I was crazy because you did not have the courage to speak out (?) and how did you feel about this (?) and yes what is your TRUE feeling about me, Jacob (?) – and NO ONE had the “courage” to send me an email, call me on the phone or even better to invite me for a meeting in order for us to COMMUNICATE and for the leadership to TRULY understand “my case” and instead you spoke about me and acted behind my back, which is “not meant to come out” and yes SHAME ON ALL OF YOU NOW and not only Johannes (!) – and we know just showing you locally what is happening at the Parliament of Christiansborg where the “top politicians” of the liberal party and their “advises” run a ROTTEN culture, and at the moment leading politicians from the party tries to argue that it cannot be all approx. 30% of the Danish population voting on this party, who belong to a “rotten culture” and yes let me answer that for you, and eeeeehhhhhh minus one here and there but in general YES, SOMETHING IS INDEED ROTTEN IN THE STATE OF DENMARK INCLUDING ITS POPULATION, which is what I show you here, and while this happens, Jacob continues to post his “popular” attacks on the “opposition” as most other “politically interested people” – a truly SICK culture “communicating” so primitively (!) – and to be the “important local man of the liberal party in Helsingør” also having had “Christmas celebration” Friday last week with nice dinner/wine etc. for 50 people and the now former Employment Minister, Inger Støjberg, as the main speaker, and we know “it must truly be nice for you, Jacob” with only one thing rankling your mind, which is about how the city is treating me (?) and yes like DIRT as everyone else, and do you start to see the picture by now.

The final verdict of the official system: You are crazy, we don’t want to listen, which led to the end of the old world

Finally, it was time for the meeting with Lisbeth and what had “she” decided to do (?) because right up until the meeting I really did not know (!), and she started by saying that she had received the journal from the mental department of Helsingør Hospital from December 2008 but not yet the journal from Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune, which will come “tomorrow”, and then she started speaking about some of the content of the “medical journal” and it made me almost throw up and I decided to tell her “it is now three years ago I was there, this is a closed chapter in my life, which I don’t like to speak about because it was a suffering of mine, but you can read all of my comments to this journal in my written comments to the journal where I also write about all of the mistakes and wrongdoings of the system, and I really don’t like to speak more about this, and it is NOT because I want to be unfriendly” and yes, Lisbeth understood because she had also seen the link in my writings to where I comment this journal meaning that she had “read” my comments to the journal too, but maybe my comments were “too long and boring” for you to truly understand (?) and instead it was “easier” for you to read the journal from the hospital and “more trustworthy” for you when doctors etc. write about me instead of myself writing about me (?) and please listen, do you want to know a secret (?), which simply is that the doctors and employees of the hospital did as amazingly poor work as you did yourself NOT truly listening to others than themselves and their better-knowing voices, which you can see several examples of from the journal, which also was because of the “insane requirements of the system” to work as quickly as possible to be “efficient” (you need to do so much within this amount of time, or a meeting can take no longer than a certain amount of time etc.) and you do know that I LOVE efficiency but you cannot use efficiency for anything if it is on the cost of quality (!), which should be simple logic for everyone to understand (?), but still this is what you have done EVERYWHERE and I illustrated it later in our meeting when I spoke of the three levels of a newspaper article – level 1 as the headline, level 2 as the introduction to the article and level 3 as the article – and the problem of today is that most people only has an “interest” or time to “read” level 1 or 2 from which they base their decisions on very often using negative/subjective emotions, which simply brings one misunderstanding after the other (and I told her that if she had had more time to do her potentially best work in my case, she would have read my level 3 information, which then again would have made her understand me!), which this is also an example of because if the hospital had done a better job in 2008 simply communicating with and being together with me, they would have seen the same as the “prisoners” there, which is that I am a perfectly normal man, but instead I have been a prisoner of your demons, ignorance but still know-all attitude and your wrong “decisions” about me stealing my freedom from me, and yes I have shown you the system of the Devil, which should not be very difficult for you to understand, should it?

So this is where Lisbeth “decided” to start – and I wonder if there has been communication about me between you, Lisbeth, and others of the Commune (?) and just thinking I am – and on basis of this journal, it was “easy” for everyone to conclude that STIG IS WITHOUT A DOUBT A TRUE NUT CASE (!) and when everyone so clearly can see this, the only “right” thing to do is of course to declare me “unable” to work or to participate in “activation offers” thus placing me in the lowest “match group”, which is no. 3 out of 3 with this definition:

En person, der hverken er parat til at tage et ordinært arbejde, som gør den pågældende i stand til at forsørge sig selv inden for tre måneder, eller i stand til at deltage i en beskæftigelsesrettet indsats med aktive tilbud, anses som midlertidigt passiv. En midlertidigt passiv person indplaceres i matchgruppe 3.

(”A person, who is not ready to take ordinary work making the person capable of providing for himself within 3 months or capable of participating in an employment oriented effort with active offers is considered temporarily passive. A temporarily passive person is placed in match group 3”)

And furthermore she wanted me to accept going to my doctor to receive a medical check-up because as she said “to avoid you from getting a heart attack” (!) and why did she say these exact words (?) and yes you may remember that Michael Jackson and my mother’s previous husband Ole as “other parts of me” died of heart attacks (taking on darkness to save us all) and that I have had thousands of small heart attacks myself since 1998 “almost” killing me (?) and yes because of the wrong doings and sins of mankind and this misunderstanding of the Commune is one of them too killing me (!), and depending on the result of this check-up, she (and not I!) will decide if I am to go to a psychologist too – if I am “fit for fight” (!) – and my dear friends, what do you think of this (?) and yes I told her “I understand that this comes from your heart because you want to help, but please understand that this is a misunderstanding too” and we know a TOTAL AND COMPLETE HUMILIATION IS WHAT IT IS and I also told her that “I will now finish all of my work on my website within the next couple of days, and I really could work for you now if you wanted me to” and what was her direct answer to this (?), and we know “no, you are not capable of working because of how you are doing” (!!!), and I am just wondering Lisbeth if you “forgot” on the way – blinded by darkness – that I have GOOD RELATIONS WITH ALL PEOPLE and WORK BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE, which I showed as examples at Falck and Brede Park in Lyngby and we know IT IS STILL THE GREATEST PARADOX IN WORLD HISTORY as I told you!!!

And all of this is NOT based on how I am as a person when people meet me, because Lisbeth clearly likes me when meeting me as I like her – we speak very well together – as I told her again and I also told her that I like very much that she is LISTENING to what I tell her, because she is almost not interrupting me, but as I told her, I am learning people how to communicate, which is NOT about thinking and speaking about yourself all of the time, but to listen, ask questions, reflect and UNDERSTAND (!), and I told her that it makes me very SAD to see people, who are COMPLETELY DEAF where it is totally impossible to penetrate their minds because of their know-all attitude, and this was truly easy for Lisbeth to understand, but what she did not understand and what I did not tell her is that you are one of these people yourself, Lisbeth (!), because even though you can “listen” to me, it is “totally impossible” for you to understand the SIMPLE LOGIC I tell you and that is because YOU DO NOT WANT TO UNDERSTAND (!!!), and this is because you only look at the top of the iceberg without understanding the TRUE content of both my applications and my writings, which is the GREATEST LOVE MESSAGE TO MANKIND IMAGINABLE – which you however are now starting to understand gradually because you can see that I am truly genuine when we meet (?) – and the reason is simply that you only read level 1 or 2 and decide on basis of your negative emotions, and can you see just how easy this story is to understand now, Lisbeth, when reading it again (and again?), but as long as you were BRAINWASHED it was completely impossible for me to penetrate your mind, and yes because you thought that I am VERY negative (!) – I am not “humble”, but uncompromising as you told me, which is what people don’t like (!) – and yes then it is impossible for people to focus on the content, because I am not the one to tell them (!) – but as I told Lisbeth, this is what EVERYONE (!) thinks of me in the beginning because of their own wrongdoings, but it is WRONG emotions, which you will understand when you truly start to listen/read (!), and WHAT IF I REALLY AM THE ONE I TELL YOU (?), WILL IT THEN BE EASIER FOR YOU TO LISTEN TO ME (instead of your self) AND UNDERSTAND THAT I ONLY TELL YOU THIS WITH ALL OF MY HEART TO HELP YOU (?) – and yes this is as usual telling about the armour of the misunderstood know-all attitude of mankind today, and when I tell them, I am the one being “negative” and this is what EVERYONE thinks (!!!), and “I cannot get this to match with how Jesus was” as she said (not as the first!), and we know how difficult is it for you to understand that I ONLY write very directly like this and sometimes speak with ALL OF MY PASSION/ENERGY to cut through your armour of misunderstandings TO HELP YOU (?) and nothing else, and that I really would prefer that it was not necessary to do but that I could simply speak and write in a “normal tone” but when I do this, I am completely drowned by you (!) and we know HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I WRITTEN THIS (?) and it is also to be read on the front page of my website, but still it is “impossible” for better-knowing, lazy not reading/understanding people to understand and PLEASE FORGET ABOUT YOUR NEGATIVE EMOTIONS AND FOCUS ON THE CONTENT as I told Lisbeth because if you do this – and if everyone had done this – you could take one sentence after the next for example in my Falck memo, my “potential employers” (!), and put a check mark on this line saying “I agree” and “I also agree on this and this and this” and then it would have been so easy for everyone to understand and SIMPLY TO FOLLOW ME AND DO IT (!) – but you “could not” (!) – and yes yes yes all of this MADE ME VERY SAD INDEED, and EVERYTHING I told you Lisbeth was SIMPLE LOGIC FOR YOU TO UNDERSTAND including “ONE GOD, ONE PEOPLE” – no religions – to bring together and not separate people, which you agreed in because it was also easy to understand (?), but still it was “impossible” for you to understand that my writings will become the new philosophy as I told you replacing all religious scripts of today (?) and yes because you decided that you DO NOT want to understand, do you see (?) and do you see why I concentrate about showing you just how ROTTEN your “ability” to truly COMMUNICATE and UNDERSTAND is (?) and yes because it brings misery to people as you have now done to me once again because of your “inability” to understand what is simple logic for battery hens as I told you because this is what we say here.

I only write and say what is SIMPLE LOGIC for BATTERY HENS (“Burhøns”) to understand, but still it was “impossible” for the old world to understand deciding that I was crazy!!!

And eeehhhh, by the way, Lisbeth decided “to change” her original decision from our last meeting to remove my cash help if I did not start to write my applications in a “presentable language” and I wonder why this is, Lisbeth (?), because you really could have decided for many solutions, or could you really (?) – so I will keep my cash help also being able to continue helping LTO as long as it is required, and it may not take that long after I become my new self for people (read: My family/friends etc.) to start sharing what they have to bring LTO and I “normal lives” and just thinking I am here.

Lisbeth even told me that if 99% of all “jumps off” because they will not read my detailed level 3 information, I HAVE to changen the way I communicate/write, but NO, LISBETH, I AM NOT GOING TO ADOPT TO MANKIND BUT TO MAKE MANKIND ADOPT TO AND FOLLOW ME doing what today seems as an “impossible mission”, which is to get everyone to do what is impossible for everyone to do today, because it is TRULY “mentally impossible” for you to do, which is for all of you to start reading my approx. 4,000 pages carefully and yes “truly impossible” it is (?) and YOU GOT TO BE CRAZY ASKING US TO READ ALL OF THIS (?) – but NO I AM NOT, I AM HELPING YOU (!) – and when you think about what it took for me to write these scripts and to do it while suffering more than any man in history (compared to what it will take to “just” read), it may “help” you to get started and to come through (?) and yes through reading my scripts CAREFULLY, I want to teach you to ALWAYS DO YOUR ABSOLUTELY BEST WHEN WORKING AND NEVER TO JUMP OVER WHERE THE FENCE IS THE LOWEST just because you are lazy and in a hurry to finish – if I had done this myself because of the STRONG power of darkness you brought me wanting me to work like this, we would all be terminated today!

And we could agree that I am ALONE facing everyone else opposing me – take all employers “not understanding” my applications as example – but we “could not” agree about who is having delusions and who is not, and Lisbeth if I tell you that I work better than everyone and go into level 3 as part of my work, which is “not necessary” for people to do to misjudge me (!) – and also when communicating and understanding, do you then believe I am the one who is going to change all of you to do as I do (?) and yes THIS IS WHAT IT MEANS TO BRING MANKIND HOME, TO CHANGE YOUR BAD MANNERS AND WRONG DOINGS and are you about to understand what it is about (and here thinking of mankind coming to this script after having read almost 4,000 pages (is that the number?), and yes you are about enter the goal too the same way as I when writing this ….).

I told Lisbeth that both medical surveys will show that I am fit for fight – also meaning that when I am physically unharmed despite of everything I went through during my journey, the world is also unharmed and yes I BROUGHT EVERYTHING WITH US TO OUR NEW WORLD (!) – and “of course I will do these check-ups” to follow your CRAZY system and misunderstandings and what I did not tell her is that the only thing which will make it “impossible” for me to do is if I should take on a new suit showing a new side of me, which may help Lisbeth – and many others – to understand that I was not the crazy one, but all of you had delusions when you “could not” understand me, and your delusion was simply poor work/communication and DEAFNESS to understand SIMPLE LOGIC! – And I also told her that my limit is that I will NEVER accept medication, which maybe was provoking to you, Lisbeth (?) and yes my oh my is the only thing I can say – READ and UNDERSTAND my comments to the medical journal of 2008!

I also told Lisbeth that I have not written about our meeting and her to degrade her but to tell the truth very directly, and with a visibly shaking voice (!) she told me that “I am a professional and your writings do not influence my feelings”, and I knew – and could hear (!) – that this was a LIE and I told her “then you are cast in a different mould” because it does not impact you emotionally to be forced to READ about my DIRECT comments on your POOR WORK as I did when asking you to include my writings in your journal (?) and neither to know that these writings have been sent to the entire management and political leadership of the city including our local newspaper with a risk for you to be hanged out to dry for “everyone” to read about (?) and we know Lisbeth, I DON’T LIKE MONDAYS – good this was a Tuesday then 🙂 – and I DON’T LIKE WHEN YOU LIE AND “CANNOT” UNDERSTAND ME (!) and let me please remind you that approx. 7 billion people on Earth will read about your wrong doings – does this make you feel any better (?) – and then you can add thousands of civilisations of the entire Universe already following you, but this does not make you “nervous”?

She also asked me “your work must be very lonely” (?) and she really meant my life, and yes “I am a loner” – this is the game – and this is TRUE, Lisbeth, I am indeed a loner, but that is NOT because of myself but because of the wrong doings of “everyone else” with most people in practise still abandoning me and NOT communicating with me, but speaking about me behind my back, where you may include the “whole official world” etc. and did you see an in-going, quiet and insecure man today or the opposite (?) and yes as I told you, if you forgot about your journals in front of you and we had met at a friend’s house or in a bar, we would feel like speaking together for hours about philosophy and so much else, and we would feel it would truly be “cosy” and you would think “I really like him”, but now when you are BRAINWASHED by the journals and my supposedly “negative” applications and writings, you do believe that I am crazy – and also decide to have negative feelings about me even though you like me, and we know “both feelings” (!) – and you may remember that what Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune did – first to declare me “completely normal” after meeting me for two minutes the first time and then later based upon my writings to believe that I was crazy (!) – is exactly the same as Helsingør Commune did, and I could have shown you the same WRONG behaviour and decisions all over the world, but now it became in the ROTTEN STATE OF DENMARK.

This was my last meeting with the official system of Denmark, and this is what I was thinking as likely to come to me. The final verdict of the system is that they believe I am not capable to work even though everyone should easily be able to see that I am (?), so this is the GREATEST PARADOX IN THE WORLD and now the symbol of the end of the old world as I was expecting really. The world decided that I “could” not work and the only reason was because of the misunderstandings and wrongdoings of the old world self who killed me because of their sins, and yes the Communes of Denmark were also my assassinators because of all of their wrong doings, which took hard on me (!) and this was the verdict: “We don’t believe in you, we don’t want to listen to you, we don’t like you, we will take charge ourselves and decide what is right or wrong” and this WRONG behaviour is what led to the end of my old life and the old world. You REALLY must have faith in me and follow the few basic rules I give you as requirements to be able to live an eternal life, so please do not EVER again commit the same sins and wrong doings as in the old world.

After the meeting of 40 minutes – at 13.40 – I was completely mentally drained out and I decided to stop working the rest of the day to recover, so this chapter is first written the day after.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I did some shopping after the meeting with the Commune – still using “too much” money compared to what I did in Lyngby, but still less than most people here – and I also went to the library to see the improvements on my website on the Apple Macintosh platform – I TRULY LIKE THEIR DESIGN AND CLEAR/BRIGHT SCREENS – but I noticed how the Firefox browser on this platform is not “able” to show the right font Corbel, but it seems to be Times New Roman instead and why is that (?) and it makes the make-up of the page WRONG and they have other errors too, and I checked with the Safari browser too, and this does a better job on my website than Firefox, but still it shows the wrong FONT and my conclusion: THERE IS NO BROWSER BEING “ABLE” TO SHOW MY WEBSITE PERFECTLY, which one will be the best to use in the future as the ONLY one (?) and I am really looking forward for you to do what should be “easy” for you to do, which is to SPEAK THE SAME LANGUAGE (!) and yes which is also a message to Apple, Microsoft and others creating “computer language” – PLEASE START TO WORK TOGETHER ON ONE SYSTEM OF PERFECT QUALITY instead of several “non-perfect” systems!
  • This evening I received “some sufferings” after my mother coming home from Egypt and seeing my email to the family – which NONE has decided to send me a reply to, so DEAFENING SILENCE again (!) – and even though I was given MUCH darkness, it did not really feel as strong as before, which is because I KNOW that I am already done with my work and I only have “a pretty long script to write tomorrow” and some more final improvements to do Wednesday and Thursday, and then I am finished, and when I am finished, there is per definition no more darkness, this is how the game is, and then I will receive no more sufferings, which you know is what I felt this evening (with my mother helping me to receive “the last”) and what the dreams are saying; it is becoming impossible to enter the darkness because there is no more darkness to enter, and again I do hope that we have gotten everything with us, and I do have faith in the light to adjust to my work doing “magic” to locate everything – and I understood that the dreams of this night was part of this “magic” to bring myself fear to enter more darkness to do what you have asked us to do 🙂 – and I think of the dream of having removed everything from Snekkersten hoping this is the one telling the truth.
  • Today Ekstra Bladet once again revealed the truth about the WRONG doings of the old government – ROTTEN CULTURE (!) – after it had anonymously received the “secret” recording of a telephone conversation between two journalists revealing that it was the media adviser Jacob Winther of the previous Defence Minister Søren Gade, who leaked information in 2007 about a Danish Military elite corps to go to Iraq, which was a scandal here, which eventually cost the Defence Minister his “life” in 2010 at which time I wrote that this was the best Defence Minister ever, who was “cut down”, and today I do believe that this was darkness at its highest “forcing” me to write this, because today it really looks as more ROTTEN CULTURE of the Danish Liberal Party – and the entire “old system” and population too (!) – with the previous Minister not being “as innocent” as he looks like? Thank you to Ekstra Bladet once again, but let me please say to the “anonymous source” bringing the sound file to Ekstra Bladet and to everyone else that I DON’T LIKE ANONYMOUS SOURCES but I LOVE everyone to TELL THE TRUTH, TO REPENT WHEN YOU HAVE DONE WRONG AND COMMITTED SINS AND TO APOLOGISE TO PEOPLE YOU HAVE DONE WRONG TO.
  • I was shown the lights of two UFO’s at the same time this evening drawing circles on the sky and “jumping” up and down as a sign of happiness.


14th December: MAGIC will happen when the light of our New World will shine through

Dreaming that MAGIC will happen when the light of our New World will shine through

Yet another night and this time the beginning of it was “difficult” to come through when I was kept awake for some time, and we know which I will write about here and that is ONCE again and maybe the second last day writing my a script and just thinking forward I am

  • I started receiving vague but still strong dreams about “people writing about me on the Internet” and when I woke up, I thought “is this about me being included in minutes of the closed meeting of the city council”?
    • I woke up to Sneakers once again and once again I had to listen through their first two albums to find this FANTASTIC song too, which I finally did, and it is “Gøglerne” (the entertainers) and the lyrics I received when hearing the song was “når lyset/kærligheden bryder frem” (“when the light/love breaks through”) and also “I Sveriges land” (“in the country of Sweden – symbolising our New World) but when hearing the song physically I can hear the lyrics “når gøglet går I gang” (“when the entertainment starts” – how can also this song avoid becoming a WORLD HIT and maybe for Sneakers to play a few concerts once again?) and this is really about “magic” created by the street entertainer, when we will transform the circus of today and let the beautiful light of our New World break through and yes I will be the first to see it, but I do wonder if this will mean the end of all sicknesses and physical/mental handicaps at once making it “quite easy” to understand that “something has happened”, and this might be it, and we will see when MAGIC Johnson jumps up and scores his last goal 🙂
      • I was kept awake for the next hour – but without special messages – where I could not sleep because it was now to warm for me, and I was given sexual torments again and also a cold to my throat, which was a symbol of the decisions of the Commune to SHUT ME UP and to interfere in the case work against me following “YOUR INTERESTS” without truly caring to understand the truth just like Troels Lund did as the Tax Minister against Helle Thorning.
      • However, I was given one comment, which was first a vision of a toilet not being flushed and I was told “it can easily become inflated and evil-smelling as when a toilet is not flushed as here”, which was the symbol about the sexual sufferings the Commune brought me and we know “helping me to bring EVERYTHING out”, and I was also told that “this is the same power, which was about to break everything down” and I was told “Soviet Union, Intelligence Service, war in space against UK etc.” and I was shown police officers of Russia digging into secret information of the Intelligence Service and a ferocious battle because of me.
    • I am at the old location of the library at Helsingør – before it moved to the Cultural Yard in 2010 – and a part of the library has not yet been moved, and this is administrative employees working in an office, where I notice very fine desks and chairs of an outstanding quality, but I also see that the management are “dictators” and the employees “workers” not liking the management setting up flyers with “union cries”, which they try not to write as directly that it will bring problems with the management. Something about children books and that I still have CD’s with David Bowie a couple of days more before I will have to return them to the library. I look into their coffee cups and see that there is as much dust inside of these as everywhere else. I order music with David Bowie and receive some dirty underpants by an employee, and I notice that an employee is about to record a movie, and I see that the wall behind the desk of this employee is a live movie, which impresses me to see.
      • This is to say that we are still – after all – working to bring the last part of everything with us and I still have “a couple of days to do this” because I really think about ending my work tomorrow if possible, David Bowie is still a symbol of God working, and recording a movie will have to be about seeing the new world, which these people of the library are also about to enter.
    • My old friend Christian E. – from Monaco (!) – is visiting me for the second day in a row and he asks me about how I am doing spiritually, and I explain about creation and destruction. Later I have a lady on visit but somehow I feel this is still Christian, and I am cycling with a man from Viby, Jutland, being very close to Østerport Station and he tells me that he cannot come home, and I know that I will have to go back to Bredgade to collect my car.
      • Christian is a “potentially fantastic friend”, whom I never really got the friendship with, which we potentially could have had and I miss him too, and here it says that he is starting to think about and believe in me too, Christian (?) – I have uploaded links to Facebook about Chriss Angel levitating, the video 6 of the Jerusalem UFO etc. lately “helping” my friends to understand – and this dream gives me more “fear” about not getting everyone home, but I have decided to believe that when I am finished, we have brought 100,00% of the old world with us, and before I can take the train to our New World myself, I will have to get “all of me” with me from our old world, i.e. to collect my car.
    • I have been hired by Morten J. and Jørgen S. from GEFI and started working there again – not as the manager but it does not matter to me – and there is much to do, and I don’t feel well and have to take a nap at a lounge bed. Later we have been out sailing on our individual sail boats with mine being the largest, and I say that I would not know what to do if my boat capsized, and I am told that there are rules about how big the wooden deck of the boat can be. We are returning from the sailing using the S-trains of Copenhagen, and when we come to our station, Morten J. is now together with our old colleague Steen, who has bought a nice leather jacket of only 1,000 DKK but it looks much finer than the price, and I see my lounge bed standing on the top of the platform just outside the last train carriage, and I know that my jacket is hanging on the station with my key in the pocket.
      • I am continuing my work at the old world to bring all of the boat of the old world to harbour of our New World without capsizing it, which also include Steen, who was the symbol of the only one I have ever dismissed myself at work and just saying that this is the symbol of getting everyone (including their jacket, i.e. life) with us, and still I have to bring myself too as the last one, which is why my jacket and my key to enter the New World myself is here at the end station.
      • I was shown the last item of wooden shelves being removed and told that “the shelves are now empty with the shelves itself being yourself to be transferred”.

I started working at 08.50 this morning believing I would be able to write about the last two chapters and the short stories of yesterday and the script of today before lunch, but my chapter on the Commune again became longer than expected making it 14.45 before coming here, and then there is only answer, which is “to keep on working until I am done”, which is what I have done all of the time and am still doing and yes the risk is to start relaxing too soon, which I felt very clearly yesterday evening but will not do before I am entirely done, and yes tomorrow evening …. :-).

I was encouraged to play UB40 this morning, and of course I ended up with hearing the album SIGNING OFF (as a job seeker) and if I like the song KING from this album (?), and yes YOU BET :-).

Hereafter I did the last update of my memo on “my sufferings” and uploaded the 7th and final version of this memo to the Internet including to update the text on my website, which I ended by 16.30, and when I did this work, I received the worst heartburn ever coming from my stomach and up through my throat, which was so strong that it made me cough, and I understood that it was my father reading about “who I am” – as Stig – and the sufferings I have gone through including the sufferings I received because he decided to prioritize a new family instead of his own son, and we know “not easy” to read neither for my father nor for my mother, and I wonder how Karen is doing, and I was told that other day that she had decided not to share my email with Denis, and how much or little does Karen read (?), and I don’t really know, we will see.

Finally I did a last amendment to the text of the video 6 of the Jerusalem UFO and decided to take a break and maybe even stop for the day because of throw-up feelings, which may be what my family and Karen too (?) is sending me.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I have received so much darkness that it is sometimes not very easy to maintain my positive view, but let me here say THANK YOU to all people working as TRUE SERVANTS of the light healing people, bringing messages to people from the spiritual world including diseased relatives etc. and yes this mean to work without a hidden agenda, without working to make a large profit (far too many “clairvoyants” have fat too high prices) and to live a clean life not committing sins, and when you look at it this way, there are not many “true CLEAN” people out there, but thank you to all for using the light to help others instead of yourself, and when you look deep inside of yourself, my dear “enlightened friends”, how much did you work with the light to help others and how much for your own benefit (?), and do you see now?
  • Solveig finally accepted me as a contact on LinkedIn, and yes what do I know and sometimes the words given to me is from the darkness you know?
  • Let me here write what I was told a couple of weeks ago: Darkness DID NOT have the tools to eliminate life for good, or did I write this – but please imagine the feelings of the light not knowing for all of this time ….
  • This morning I saw how my mother had clicked the link “Uncontrollable feelings of my family/Karen broke me down” from my email to the family the other day – but not the others (!) – and then she called me, and I was TRULY happy to hear that they have had a good holiday in Egypt and John has now unexpectedly travelled to Algeria on business, which made my mother ask for her and I to see each other tomorrow instead, where we can go out for dinner – for example at Tonys – and yes my mother was visibly nervous when speaking to me (!!!), and how much is because of what I have written about her and how much because of having faith in me (?), but gradually during our conversation she became more calm again because it is “only me” – the same Son as ever – speaking to her, which is how it will continue to be in the future, and I wonder if she will tell me directly tomorrow evening for the first time directly “yes, I believe in you”, which may become the famous last words of my scripts, which will be SUPER if this is the case, and yes making this Roger over and out also for me and “goodbye stranger” really with the hope to find our paradise as the next “task” on the list :-).

Karen still wants us to stay together and I keep seeing shades of beauty through the darkness still blocking her

For days, I have feared (!) that Karen would decide to write and really WHAT she would write – uncontrollable feelings – and this evening at 18.52 she sent me first this email:

Kære Stig

Hvor du dog håbløst selvoptaget !

Der er 6 milliarder mennesker her i verden, der er ligeså vigtige… – eller uvigtige, – set med universets øjne –  som dig selv.

Jeg har altså travlt hver dag med at servicere ca 70 mennesker pr. dag, der har brug for min dermatologiske viden og råd.

Jeg har derfor ikke tid til at læse dine egocentriske skriverier.

Hilsen og god Jul Karen

And this is “the first thought” of Karen once again, and what is this (?) and yes self-centred man only thinking of himself and she teaches me of 6 billion (or 7) people of the Universe as important as I, and also that she is so busy, so busy that she does not have time to read my “egocentric writings” (!) – this was the answer, and how would you have reacted Karen if you had read my new writings on you (?), would you have made a pig of yourself losing your temper completely once again (?) – and what a shame that she did not have “time” or maybe “desire/motivation”, Karen (?), to read my “negative”/selfish writings (!) and a shame that you did not “understand” that without my writings, the 7 billion people of Earth and “far more” of the Universe would not be alive today, but probably a “detail” in “your own Universe”, which is not the least egocentric (?), and we know this is “the opposite world” again …..!

By the way, she decided to let my mother/John, father/Kirsten, Tobias/Niklas and Inge/Ove get a copy of her email to let them know that she is right and I am egocentric, and yes small-minded is what we call it here, Karen.

But one thought leads to the next, so ten minutes later at 19.02 I received the following email – now only me without the family – where she is so “nice” to tell me that if I have so much time so I can write about “nothing” – got that one (?) and yes Karen bringing me “nothing”, which is the darkness/destruction of “nothing” killing me with her attitude, and I bringing her loving feelings and energy all the way (!) – she offers me to be her “personal assistant” (!) to help her both in her work life and private life (!) – she is so busy, busy, busy (!) – and on longer terms to follow her and her daughter Caroline out of the country on an “interesting vision”, but “I cannot offer you neither salary nor sex” (!!!), so what do we have here (?) and essentially just a lady who still have the same feelings for me as ever (!), which are feelings of LOVE and with these, she offers me to live together with her and Caroline and we know she loves my “culture”, but I cannot be her “loverboy” because “of course” it is me, who am “crazy” in bed, and not her, so again you have the opposite world where she believes I am the “problem” without looking in the mirror and understanding what she sees, but please notice that after all we went through, with my writings and “her men”, I am still the one she TRULY loves – this is basically what this story is about, and eeeeehhhhh do you believe I or Karen is egocentric here (?) and we know Karen would like the best of “all worlds”, which is to get my “services” for free and for her to meet loverboys and maybe occasionally sell her “services” to rich men giving her a “good life”, and is this the worst darkness ever (?), and yes certainly it is (!) – but you can see her heart behind the darkness and her negative words – and if I love Karen (?), and yes you bet, as you can see in my reply, which I sent to her the next morning.

Here is her second email:

Hvis du har så meget tid til overs at du kan sidde og skrive løs for “nothing” så kunne du overveje at blive min personlige assistent og hjælpe mig, for jeg har desperat brug for hjælp med alle mulige ting og mangler tid tid tid……!!!!

Jeg kan ikke tilbyde dig hverken løn eller sex eller nogetsomhelst andet end at du får lov til at anvende din tid til at assistere mig med at få min klinik og mit private liv liv til at fungere, og på længere sigt kan du få mulighed for at deltage i en meget interessant “vision” som jeg har. Dette vil inkludere at du bliver min personlige assistent og er klar til at følge mig og Caroline ud af Dk med et større og meget visionært projekt.

Vi kan mødes og tale om det. Hvis du fortsat ryger, så glem alt om det, for jeg kan ikke “tage dig ind i mit liv” hvis du fortsat er ryger. Dette vil stride mod det koncept vi stræber efter.

Tænk over det.


And here is my email to her telling her that if she had understood me, she would have chosen to follow me and to be with me instead of thinking of herself, and maybe she will think of me Christmas evening?

Dette handler om at “evne” at forstå frem for at misforstå og hermed bringe sig selv og andre lidelser som resultat.

Hvis du havde haft “tid” og “motivation” til at læse mine skrifter (jeg har skrevet ca. 4.000 sider!), ville du have forstået sandheden om, at de – og jeg – ikke er helt “uvigtige”, og så ville du have valgt at omlægge dit liv for at følge mig i stedet for at tænke på dig selv.

Karen, jeg kan se dit hjerte og skygger af skønhed bag mørket, som desværre har gjort dig blind, og det er denne skønhed, som ingen ser som jeg, som gør, at jeg altid vil elske dig – og det har INTET med sex at gøre.

Jeg glæder mig til at høre fra dig, når DU kan se, og hermed beslutter dig for at følge MIG, som var det rigtige svar i dit liv allerede for år siden, som jeg fortalte dig, men som du ikke “evnede” at forstå, fordi “forkerte følelser” forrådte dig og bragte dig væk fra mig. Jeg er dit livs kærlighed, og man skal vælge kærlighed før sex, for så vil sex blive udviklet som en naturlig del i et ”rigtigt” og velafbalanceret forhold.

Take care – og hils din familie og vel efterhånden lidt større prinsesse mange gange :-). Måske du vil tænke på mig til jul?

Kærlige hilsener fra

And let me say that SKYGGER AF SKØNHED (“shades of beauty”) by C. V. Jørgensen is the most beautiful ballad I know of – beauty about to shine through the darkness – and this is the feeling I get every single time I listen to it, and now I bring this song to the world too – will you love the song and not least the beauty of the lyrics as much as I (?) – and my feelings of this song are my feelings for Karen, therefore :-), and it is a smile even though I have tears in my eyes because of the immense beauty of the song and also because of my feelings when reading Karen’s emails and you may be able to tell if they brought me happiness or sadness?

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • The female national team in handball played against Angola in the quarter finals of the World Cup this evening, and Denmark was the much better team playing much better in the attack than before – because of what I do “attacking the darkness” of my family through my email, and they were ahead by 20-15 but then they were very close to “losing it” with an ERROR of a Danish playing deciding to walk onto the court at a wrong time, which cost a suspension, which was because I sent my email to the family “too late” (!), and with two Danish players sent off, Angola came up to 19-20 because of the VERY nervous play of Denmark, and you might have noticed my nervousness the previous days of not getting everything with me, which of course is sent to me by my NERVOUS family because “what if he truly is the one”, and this is what showed these feelings but because of the FINE attack play of Denmark, they got a grip of the match again winning in superior style by 28-22, and you might want to listen to the Danish commentators right after the game talking about just how impossible it was for Denmark before this World Cup because of hurt players etc. but also about how everything went Denmark’s way, and yes do you believe in “luck”, when I tell you that it is connected to me and my work (?), and if I had given up, how do you believe the result of this Danish team would have been (?) and it was today “very nervous” as the commentators spoke of after the match and also as the coach Jan P. said “ladies who fight into H…”, which is what I do, to fight inside of Hell to convert EVERYTHING to light to bring it with us, and we know “INSPIRATION” once again, which is also what the player Ann Nørgaard received when CELEBRATING after the match, where she could not hold back her ENOURMOUS JOY for the victory shouting “fantastic” and “this is so great” etc. and I felt the spirit of my mother speaking through her from our New World :-).
  • For days I have received feelings of Obama and information, which was “not important” to bring now, but it included information about knowing where we are now, learning from my writings too and also Obama receiving these heart attacks as I do too.
  • This evening I had one hour in Hell with darkness giving me the WORST sufferings with negative speech stronger than I, which I did not understand because “I am finished with my work now” and that is “practically doing the rest tomorrow, but I understood that this was IMMENSE FEELINGS of Karen sent to me – both of darkness and of love (!) – and I felt her “all close” to me and was told that it was a condition to get the energy of my family here at the end to bring all of me “back” to the New World and we know – I was led “invisibly” to do what I did first sending my email to the family “too late” without knowing it (!) – and because of the strong darkness here, I was also told that if I had started losing sets to the darkness, it would have required me to point out who was the next to be terminated, and this process would at the same time take more and more possibility of being able to create a New World from me because part of me is part of all these people and at the end I would have lost the key to be able to create new life, but now my family is coming to me as KEY PIECES OF GOLD being attached to me to open our New World.


15th December: I found the treasure of our New World together with my mother and I now declare it open 🙂

Dreaming of Karen being “a river” and also “the spirit of creation” through the sufferings, she brings me

I had a surprisingly “good” sleep – however not normal still making me somewhat tired – and I was surprised to learn that first by 05.30 I woke up with a dream, and normally it takes less then one hour to get the first, and then to keep on being woken up during the night, which you may understand is really not very nice (?) and that is night after night after night – and then night after night after night again and that is again and again and again, and do you get it by now (?) and yes we got it (about my family in relation to me here :-)) – and here we go with what may be a short script and probably also the last one, if I decide so:

  • I am driving my old BMW 520i (from 1988) after work, and even though it does not have much motor power, it is the best quality car I know of driving fantastically and I hear the sport commentator Carsten Werge on the radio speaking about Rikke H. and the price doubling twice because of her, and I see delicious pork sandwiches (from a Danish sausage wagon, nothing better, uhhhmmm or should I say ooohhhhmmm?) and free books too. Later I drive my BMW down to a new neighbourhood of cottage houses with a small road hump on the way, which I notice and make without damaging the car, and this areas is almost finished, including a nice small city centre and a fish store having all kind of fish at very reasonable prices and many customers. At the beach my old dog Don is trying to eat many lobsters there, which are almost impossible to catch, but I see it catching some, and later I sit at the top of a very high wooden stairs with the dog on my knees, and the dog is so troubled that I can almost not hold it, but I ask Tobias and his friend inside of the building behind me to take the dog and look after it, but I do believe the dog comes out again. Early the next morning – just after 07.00 – I am parked in my BMW at the long entrance to Kim S’ company, where I work, the motor has stopped working, but then I see a colleague arriving, and I manage to follow him and when rolling downhill of the long entrance, the motor starts again bringing me the last way, and inside I see Pernille S. standing behind a large glass counter with all kind of luxury goods including “everything good from the sea”, and also that she has prepared a list of work I can do as a consultant, and not as a employee on a fixed contract.
    • The BMW may be the best car I have ever had – even better than my Mercedes 200 from 2007 (!) – and this is the car I drive here at the end symbolising my STEADY QUALITY work going forward despite of not having much motor power, and the feelings of Rikke H. in relation to me apparently soaks our much of my energy too, and there are good signs of the dream with the meat/fish/sea food (life saved through new creation) and “knowledge” of books coming to us but also the dog of me eating lobsters on the beach of suffering, and almost losing my dog and killing it (?), and I do hope this is also about fear because I will NOT accept any life or “one single thought or atom” to be lost, which is still my kind of game.
    • I woke up to “while my guitar gentle weeps” by George Harrison and here I do hope that this is darkness bringing me unnecessary fear again, and we know I don’t want to be scared, so there will be NOTHING to weep about!
    • And I also received another of the TRULY BRILLIANT songs by Simple Minds – here all the way up to the top again (!) – and that is “She’s a river” and first the lyrics “That’s where I’m goin’ to be”, which was together with the feeling that the New World is where I am going to be and then “Twilight from dusk to dawn”, which is about “Shine on, get on” really and yes Karen is this river of suffering, which therefore “she’s the spirit of creation” too, and do you see, and YES YES YES (!!!), negative words of hers, but behind those words knocks a heart of gold for me too :-).

I found the treasure of our New World together with my mother and I now declare it open 🙂

I started working today from 08.45 – think that I am really finishing my work now FROM ALL OF US IN HERE PREVIOUSLY TRAPPED INSIDE DARKNESS TO ALL OF YOU OUT THERE – MERRY CHRISTMAS 🙂 – and my mother had “decided” that instead of meeting this evening as I had planned on (!), she would come with lunch here and then to go to the cinema to watch the new TinTin movie, which we had heard so much good of – ask Søren Pind as an example – and I thought “I really don’t have time to do this, and especially not today when I need to do my last script and also a few “additions” (not need but nice to have) on my Signs III and IV pages and I thought about telling her that we could meet this evening but on the other hand I also thought that there could be a message in this movie for me, so I decided to accept and once again AT THE LAST DAY to have my own plan overruled – but not the plan made by my inner self – and this is how my time from 12.00 to 16.30 was stolen from me (!), but on the other hand it was very nice seeing my mother again, and when she arrived, she told me that instead of the lamp for my hall, which I received from her and John weeks ago, which I DELIBERATELY has not hanged up yet because I have prioritized work, she had found a wall lamp designed as a shell, which I could get and I knew that that was the right answer – hence the dreams of the sea food and lobster – so I accepted with thanks and she brought scrimps for us, which was very nice indeed because I cannot afford buying this myself and I understood that these were symbols of the sexual suffering, which Karen puts on me, hence our “communication”, and my mother came on my last day to bring me this “close encounter” with my “old nightmare” as the threat for me to be carried out spiritually “inside of me” and you know for me to experience this as real as reality, but I decided to work against this extreme darkness given to me today too, and the email I sent to Karen may have given her a “BAD TASTE COMPANY” thought about me because I am really “so gross” in her eyes and literally the throw-up feeling in her mouth as she receives from darkness (!) and this is what I am given too, you see.

Before my mother arrived, I also “had” to do 45 minutes of cleaning of the apartment, and I was told that my mother has had as little sleep as I (!) and also felt as a 90-year old as I (!), but of course she did not have the negative voice of the Devil all of the time and all of the MARATHON work as I, and this goes to you too, SAGA :-).

After a nice lunch we went to the cinema where we saw this BRILLIANT movie and we saw it in 3D of course also buying these special 3D-glasses to see the FANTASTIC 3 dimensions, which my mother was THRILLED about – the symbol of the beauty of our New World – and as I told the nice ticket salesman, we will be back when he will start selling 4D-glasses (!) and yes also to see the scheduled LA BOHEME opera in March 2012 (live from BarceLONA!), which he may remember that we spoke about and yes it was us :-).

My mother and I were the ONLY two people in the cinema, so we had the BEST places and this was both about seeing a good movie together and to do the final preparations for my inner self to return to the Source together with everything else at our New World and the energy to do this was brought by my family receiving my email the other day and ESPECIALLY from Karen sending me all of her “energy/thoughts”, which was sent to me and connected to my mother – my mother did not mention with a word my email to the family or Karen’s reply and neither her faith in me so there where the “famous last words” not spoken (!) and I was also sad that I could not tell her that this was the last time she saw me as my “old self” (!) – and let me tell you that the first 30 minutes, the darkness was at its EXTREME high with very sour eructation almost making me give up again and again and again and to lay down and scream, but “somehow” I came through this also sitting inside of this cinema from 13.00 to 15.30 without my mother discovering anything (!), and what did we see (?) and only the story of TinTin and Captain Haddock in the Unicorn, which is a fantastic “entertaining” story, but what people do not know is that it is a story about my journey to save the world against a MUCH stronger darkness all of the time about to destruct us during the journey, and it is about THREE SHIPS – one for each part of the Trinity – and a SECRET MESSAGE hidden inside of each ship, and when all of these three messages are united, it gives the roadmap to the TREASSURE and it is all on condition that Captain Haddock will remember what his predecessor told him, which he has “forgotten” – do not know – and his remembering of this was about “our life” as TinTin said so “pretty important” you might say, and I was told when seeing this that this was about my “remembering” of the right answer to the riddle I was given in the summer of 2010 when reconnecting with the Source with the question being “who are you” (?) and the answer being “I am a hybrid human being consisting of the spirits of my mother and father” and there was ONLY one person in the world who could give me that answer and that was me, because I was the only one designed to being able to go through the sufferings included at my journey without dying and simply because I decided to be stronger than “everyone else” opposing me, and yes Hergé, the drawer/writer of the fantastic series of TinTin did a MARVELOUS job much better than what people would be “able” to imagine, because he showed the impossible road of my journey and also a secret message to me as I understand it.

This movie showed the unity of “three brothers” to let the light shine through, and it led to the BIG TREASURE, which here is THE SOURCE, which was trapped inside of all of this darkness I have gone through and led the world through, and today is the day when I will return to this Source. This is what this man Hergé and his works mean to me. I found the treasure 🙂 🙂 :-).

The “adventures” of TinTin and Captain Haddock to save the treasure of the Unicorn ends the story of my journey: I found the treasure of the Source after elimination of all darkness, and I will now open our New World bringing ETERNAL life for all 🙂 🙂 🙂

At lunch I told my mother about the SECRET MESSAGES album by Electric Light Orchestra – because we heard first “hello my old friend” and later “Mandalay” among the songs I played – and my old dream in 1983 about a “secret” album by Electric Light Orchestra, which I was convinced was real but when I searched for it in record stores back then, it was not to be found, and only “not many years ago” I learned through the Internet that the Secret Messages album was originally planned to be a double album, but it was only released as a single album – the “other album” was my “missing” album (!) – and over the years all of the songs from the missing album except one have been officially released as I told my mother and the one song missing, Jeff, is “BEATLES FOREVER”, and yes YOU CAN NOW RELEASE THIS SONG AND THE ENTIRE ALBUM AS ORIGINALLY PLANNED TO TELL THE WORLD THAT WE WILL NOW BE “FOREVER” AS ORIGINALLY PLANNED – thank you, Jeff, my old friend :-).

After the cinema, we went to the city centre of Helsingør, where we both received a tasting of a French almond, which my mother received in the “wrong throat” making her feel very uncomfortable coughing and her eyes running in water, which I understood was a symbol but I decided to believe that my mother will not hurt more than what she already does.

This evening – really after my “deadline” and not on DR2 anymore my friends (!!!) – I was happy to receive an email from my dear aunt, Inge, telling me that both she and my father has received cancer (from the darkness) too, and I can only say that we just went throught the WORST darkness ever and that my dear family helped taking on much sufferings too and not only I, and this is what it was and my rules where all throughout that “you are NOT allowed to kill my special friends”, but to help us all for them to take on sufferings too and this is what it is about, Inge. You and my father will receive “eternal life” too, and I thank you both for your email, for your continuous reading of my new scripts and also for forwarding my email to my father, who had changed email address – and FAITH in me is what helps you through. Please send him all of my best – you will be cured too :-).

Kære Stig.

Tak for gode juleønsker.

Vi ønsker også dig en glædelig jul og et godt Nytår.

Jeg har desværre også fået brystkræft. Det blev konstateret i juli måned. Jeg har fået antihormonpiller som gør “det” mindre. Den 19. skal jeg til undersøgelse igen.

Din far har kræft I maven og han skal opereres den 27. ds. hvor han skal have det meste af maven opr. væk.

Han har det ikke godt på gr.a. bivirkningerne fra kemo. Jeg er meget bekymret for ham. Din mail er sendt videre.

Hils din mor mange gange fra mig.

Kærlig hilsen fra Ove og Inge

I decided to send a PRIVATE answer after the LAST update of my script today.

I kept on working with my script until 19.00 – and will consider doing the few add-ons to my Signs III and IV pages this evening as my LAST work – and when I published this my last script, I WAS VERY HAPPY TO SEE THE RECEPTION OF WORDPRESS / THE OFFICIAL WORLD WELCOMING ME WITH THIS VERY SPECIAL CONGRATULATIONS 🙂 – and trust me, this is NOT how the screen normally looks like after publishing. THANK YOU VERY MUCH (also you Michael) and I LOOK FORWARD WITH MY WARMEST FEELINGS TO SEE YOU ALL.

It is now time to “let my love shine throughout the world”, which I LIKED much to see that Niclas decided to declare to the world and yes he is speaking with my voice too, which is the voice of God :-).

This was my last script and last SECRET MESSAGES for you my old friends as my “old self”. This is it – the end of my journey and of my scripts and really because the CHRISTMAS MAN IS COMING as Søren Pind said and yes Søren, you will get the FAMOUS LAST WORDS – GLÆDELIG JUL / MERRY CHRISTMAS ♥♥♥.



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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