December 19, 2011: Merging the newly saved world to the right with the world to the left including the energy of the Source


Summary of the script today

16th December: I have very little energy left as my “old self” but I did “last important work” to save “everything” 

  • Dreaming of receiving more information from the library trapped inside of hell, I have very little energy left primarily used to stay alive as my “old self” and the question is if I will be able to liberate even more life (?), the risk of separating “unripe life” from our New World, we do everything to get everything from the old world with us, is my mother suffering from a new cancer, which she does not tell me about (?) and our new lives will become “super cars” if I will be able to do the last part too.
  • I decided to do more research on the possible new planet Nibiru and soon discovered that “two suns” all over Earth captured on video to be seen on YouTube means one sun and one new planet and on this basis I decided to update my front page with information on the planet saying that “I will build our beautiful new planet Nibiru in front of you”, which will become a new home of mankind in our beautiful New World :-). I do hope this will also help to release remaining light inside of darkness because this is THE important story missing.

17th December: I have absorbed all darkness of the world and will “now” drink the “magic potion” to become my “new self”

  • Dreaming of Karen’s daughter Caroline bringing me sufferings and crossing the impossible crossing before it is too late because of TIME cutting me off.
  • I have (almost) absorbed all darkness of the world and “Miraculix is preparing the magic portion” for me to drink to get my SUPER STRENGTH as my “new self”. It is now TIME for me to open up the eyes of my new self, and I wonder if this will be “now” or for example the 24th December?
  • I did more “nice to have” work ”here and there” to my website to continue the saving of the deepest part of my inner self, which will bring our “super sport car” of the future in terms of automatic delivery of energy and automatic updating with development without having to produce new programs/code for an eternity to extract energy. Karen’s “attack” on me the other day also copying in my family brings so negative thoughts of my mother to me, which is making it possible for me to enter this EXTREME darkness and also to convert it back to light, which it otherwise has “secured” itself from ever doing, and this darkness is also what is “killing” me, and I accepted this evening a TOP RULE on top of my other rules including NOT to kill any of my “special friends”, which was that it necessary as the absolutely last way out, my mother’s or my physical lives can be sacrificed, which I however will do my best to avoid simply by writing this story and finalising this chapter of how to enter and liberate this last piece of darkness. This is how a king returns, and I felt the strong power of light of the Source behind him. We are very close now :-).
  • Karen thought it was ”impossible” for her to open the crossing for me to enter her life again, but she found her loving feelings for me once again helping me to get EVERYTHING of me with us to our New World just before the arrival of the train cutting off everything of the old world, which was.

18th December: Collecting the King inside darkness making “him” the shipmaster to bring the Source to the world

  • Almost without sleep and completely broken down by physical exhaustion I woke up at 01.20 receiving information that I am now collecting the King inside darkness at the radio, which is only possible because we switched off the code of darkness to produce more darkness in the Easter 2011, which he was not supposed to know before now, and this is the code, which will be put back in place when I as light without darkness will transmit energy of the Source to our New World, and this night he learned that his ability to create more darkness has ceased to exist and furthermore he learned that he was originally designed to create and not to destruct, and on “his” behalf I accepted to become the shipmaster of the ship of the world bringing the light of the Source to our New World, which made the ship enter harbour and the gold of the ship enter the Source.
  • I continued to take on more sufferings receiving and writing down more information without sleeping – crossing an extreme pain limit – and this time until 05.00 about receiving love from the light inside of darkness knowing about our coming New World without darkness, the spirit of my mother sending out a spiritual message to the world saying that I am on my way, the darkness accepted me and the light because it had nothing left to shoot with, we received all world history seen through the eyes of darkness, which will be kept according to my rules for our New World to learn what NOT to repeat, there is hardly any darkness left in my mother, thus in darkness self (!), the light inside of darkness was fooled by the darkness to believe that it still created life, but the code of darkness on top used this energy to destroy life.
  • I only had little sleep and when waking up – not feeling much better – I continued doing the 8th version of my memo on “my sufferings” including my “experiences” after moving to Helsingør and also the latest development with Karen, who still wants for us to stay together, but without sex!
  • Today was the day when I set up my new Mussel lamp in my hall. When I moved in here in October, I got everything perfect within one week except from the light of the hall, which I have now found at the absolutely end of my journey symbolising that we found the King inside of darkness, and just before closing time we managed to decipher the code of darkness converting back the King self to light herewith securing no loss of life and the absolutely most perfect access to the energy of the Source of the future. Time has moved back to the beginning before the arrival of darkness and time self; we are starting all over at our New World without darkness and time with an eternal now of the new Golden Age. This should really be it now, unless I have forgotten something, which I don’t believe.
  • Everything has been changed from “plus minus” to “plus plus” to make “doubleplusgood” on our way through darkness towards the Source.

19th December: Merging the newly saved world to the right with the world to the left including the energy of the Source

  • I am saving even more life from our “world to the right”, which is now starting to be spiritually on-line with me, lies of my father to her sister about the divorce from my mother has brought constant darkness to my mother, I am registering, organising and mapping our combined New World having less energy than ever, as my old self I am still receiving darkness removing my energy to “nothing” and killing me, merging the world and the energy of the Source producing more life, the newly saved world to the right is merging with our world to the left and people are organised in groups, which is with difficulties because of our sufferings and life saved from the world to the right shows all of their LOVE :-).
  • I continued doing the last amendments to get a “perfect new home” and I decided to exercise (cycling and swimming) instead of watching TV all day long as I was very TEMPTED to do not having any energy and no more work to do on my website, and this energy I gave was used to set up the “natural mystic blowing through the air” (including our “collective self” etc.) of our New World.
  • I was stopped by the police for crossing two pedestrian crossings on bicycle, which is against the CRAZY rules to do here – even when there is NO danger at all – but contrary to 2010 when I receive a fine doing the same, I was let off without a fine today because this “provoked” policeman understood the logics that there was NO DANGER AHEAD as I told him, which is also to tell our New World to THINK and BE CAREFUL instead of following CRAZY rules for the sake of rules making you blind – and this was also a symbol saying that even though Karen was VERY provoked by my writings, she decided to open the railway crossing for me (and our world to the right) instead of being the lady of the Electric Light Orchestra song :-).


Normally “the end” is the end and I did not believe I would write anymore, but I have decided to publish this postscript because there was some work I had not finished after all and because I like to keep you informed about what happens here and I will continue updating with short daily scripts until I will become my “new self”, so here we go:

16th December: I have very little energy left as my “old self” but I did “last important work” to save “everything” 

Dreaming of having very little energy left as my “old self” – will I be able to save even more life?

I did not believe I would start writing a new script of today but this is how it is because even though I feel finished with my work in the physical world, I understand that I am not finished moving everything to our New World, which is why I am writing and I don’t know if this will be for days only – it should considering all of the symbols and messages I have received for a long time – or weeks or months, and let me tell you that TIRED is not the word, but let us start with a few dreams, which I was very close to NOT write down because of how certain I was to be finished, and see where this will take me:

  • I am working together with Lyngby library to bring their information on my website, and they recommend me – to my surprise – only to give the audience access to receive information through personal service once a week of 1.5 hours, which is what they do themselves and they believe I am busy with much else as an ecological farmer than to also work with this. I have brought with me a “non-important” letter from work, which I forgot to stamp and I now put it in the inner pocket of my jacket wondering if I will remember to send it.
    • This is to convert knowledge trapped in Hell, which I can only do little of per week now as the dream says – apparently the time slot is closing down.
    • Is the letter about something I do not believe is important today for example to use time on information about Niburu and to write about it?
  • Something about a print out of gymnastics, which is wrong and a scandal using wrong gymnasts.
    • Something went wrong when transferring from the darkness, which needs to be improved?
  • I felt very poorly being awakened with more dreams including negative speech, which I had hoped would end and could almost not bear as a result, and I was given the “option” to accept termination, but NO – NO MATTER NOT (!) so therefore continue until the end!
  • I am travelling together with people for a festival of five days, and we reach a hotel where most of the others will stay, but there is no reservation for me and I have really planned to continue my travel and try to get a room at the youth hostel, but then I am told that there is a vacant room, which I however cannot afford to pay – I only have little money for accommodation and even less for food – and they will now check to see if they can get me inside a cheaper joint room instead. Fuggi sits outside and criticises me for not telling about my plans, which makes me tell him that it is not true because I have told about my plans to continue to the youth hostel, and I really don’t know if I will be able to get any food with the little money I have left.
    • I only have very little energy, which is used primarily to keep me alive as my “old self” for another five days (?) where I will try to finish my work and receive more “food”, i.e. life, if I can.
  • Kasper (from Excellent) is producing wine from both ripe and unripe grapes, but he is told that he first have to remove the unripe grapes before he can make the wine as it is supposed to.
    • There will be NO separation of anything, my friends!
  • I am given the budget of Anette Sadolin when she will retire, where she will only have 3,000 DKK per month for her self, which I say is “not much”. I tell the two employees opposite me that the budget is very similar to a Danske Bank budget, and one of the employees says that it is because he prepared it.
    • Little money is little energy.
  • The IT-manager from Aon, Søren, tells me that two employess cannot afford to pay the agreed instalment of 600 DKK each, which disappoints me, and they are now to go to hypnoses to get everything out of them, and I see two employees inside the general insurance department making jokes and laughing.
    • Difficult to get more energy (?) and get “everything” out – but also still happiness.
    • I woke up to OMD’s “stay”, which is what the goal still is – to get “everything” to stay.
  • I am at an employment interview and am asked “have you seen how rough collection firms work” and I answer “yes, I can handle them and secure the right treatment of all through my way to act and communicate”.
    • Collection firms is about darkness claiming lives, which I will NOT accept!
  • I have given my old friend Kirsten boots, but the sole does not match the boots, and I try to find new boots for my self in a shoe store, and I am presented with size 48, which are to big and I ask for 45/46 and get the answer that “we almost don’t have any in this size because they are unsaleable” and I tell them “is this because you are too snobbish”, which is the feeling I have from the people of this store.
    • Lack of faith from Kirsten in me also makes it difficult for me to find the right size of boots and get “everything” with me?
  • A young lady tells me “I am going to be operated at Christmas” and I ask her if she wants to tell me what is wrong, and she says “never”, which I am sad to hear and do not understand why it should be necessary to hide this information.
    • I wonder if my mother is hiding information from me about a new cancer for example (?), and the information about my father and aunt receiving cancer together with this information about my mother – who does not want to be revealed in my scripts (?) – is killing me and we know making me very sad indeed not giving me any motivation to keep working.
  • My old school friend Kim B. tells me “come here and I will show you super cars” and we go to his home where he shows me very fast sport cars on TV, and I ask him “do you drive yourself”, which he does not answer but I feel that he does, and I am happy to be with him hoping that we can become friends but I am sad to experience that we do not speak well together.
    • I felt that these cars are about our future selves, which will become even faster if I will make everything?
  • I woke up to a well known song by News, and I was given the (special?) lyrics “can you hear the heart beating”, which I understood is about getting the last life with us.

Researching and deciding to include information on Nibiru on my website

I started working at 09.30 this morning and do you have any idea of how it is to continue working with this nightmare after believing it was finished yesterday and we know “not nice”, but at 11.10 I had finished so far and I was thinking that the only thing, which I REALLY did not do as planned – I made the other updates to my Sign III and IV pages yesterday evening until almost midnight I believe – was to look into our new planet “Nibiru”, and when I did, I found the phenomenon of “two suns” – seen it before – on many videos uploaded at YouTube and this phenomenon happens all over the world and is uploaded by many different people, and “how can so many people at the same time decide to do a “hoax” like this” (?) and we know “impossible” it is, so therefore the only conclusion is that this is indeed our new planet Nibiru, which I therefore decided to give a come-back to my website as I understand it will also mean to “other life” because I was told that this is so important for me to bring that “we would hold back time for five days” waiting for me to do it, and also that this is part of the plan for me to do to liberate what I do hope is the last light inside of darkness and we know I might do an add-on here and there – a new crop circle video, other evidence, a line or two extra about witnesses to the Jerusalem UFO – but nothing as important as this, and I might decide just to sit and look at my website later today – it is now 14.00 after researching and updating my front page – and maybe even the coming days (to see if there is a detail here and there which needs fixing) and that is if I am still alive as my old self, but to tell you the truth, I am happy with my website as it is now, I could not have done a better job under the circumstances.

When I did this work, I received more uncomfortable and strong acid regurgitations, which I understood was connected to the feelings of my father in relation to me today – after I wrote to Inge that I think much about her and my father, which I asked her to tell him as you can see in my mail below – and I was told that my closest family believing that they are about to die bringing them much fear is part of what was necessary to go through the most dense darkness of all.

Kære Inge,

Mange tak for din mail.

Det gør et STORT indtryk på mig, at både du og far har fået kræft, og jeg vil blot sige, at I begge meget ofte er i mine tanker, at jeg kunne ønske mig, at vores liv var anderledes, og at jeg ønsker jer alt det bedste, som jeg håber, at du også vil fortælle min far.

Jeg vil bede for jer med ønsket om held og lykke til jer begge – og måske du vil holde mig underrettet, hvis og når der sker en udvikling?

Tak for din hilsen til min mor, som jeg vil give hende i morgen aften, når jeg ser hende igen – jeg er sikker på, at hun vil smile og give dig en varm hilsen retur :-).

This is the update included at my front page today:

I will build our beautiful new planet Nibiru in front of you – the planet is already visible

The new life of mankind will be both on Earth surviving the judgment intact and on the new planet of “Nibiru”, which I will build in front of your eyes, when mankind will “discover” and obtain faith in me, and I will make it “as beautiful as the planet of the movie Avatar”.

Nibiru has been visible on the sky for a long period of time as “the second sun” as you can see from the video below and more of here, but still this was not enough to motivate the “official world” to tell mankind about what was going on with our Earth and solar system not “acting” as normal.

Nibiru has been visible on the sky for a long period of time as “the second sun” as you can see from the video below and more of here, but still this was not enough to motivate the “official world” and media to tell mankind about what was going on with our Earth and solar system not “acting” as normal, and it was “impossible” for mankind to understand when it did not pay attention.

Thousands of giant UFO ships, which have surrounded Earth for many years, will arrive on Earth and offer mankind to visit and to build a new life at this our beautiful new planet.

Our new planet “Nibiru” will become as beautiful as the planet of the movie Avatar, which was made as a symbol to show mankind what is coming your way 🙂

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I received a déjà vue about my mother being sick without having the “courage” to tell me, and also for my close family to be sick here at the end to absorb darkness as their sufferings and on top of this, they also had to “take in” my email about “my sufferings” and yes Karen was not the only one thinking about my “self-centredness” only thinking about my self (?) because you cannot truly understand just how awful my sufferings are and have been because of eeehhhh we know YOUR SELF-CENTREDNESS only thinking of yourselves and that is when “not understanding” me.
  • I was given “skygger af skønhed” by C.V. Jørgensen throughout the day meaning that Karen is thinking of me and yes Karen, I am the only one TRULY “encircling” your heart, which is awakening other and TRUE feelings in you instead of the cold feelings of yours, where it normally takes a “strong” man to “control” you, and yes I control you even better than everyone else by speaking to your heart, and isn’t this funny that you actually know that I only write the truth, which however is “completely impossible” for you to tell?
  • I did some shopping in the supermarket of Føtex this afternoon remembering that Glen had told me that every Friday after 16.00, he gives a tasting of a wine, but I also noticed how a customer “kept” him busy at the wine department for so long that I decided to leave without tasting the wine, and on my way out, there was a tasting of Bacardi Pina Colada, which I first associated with “spirits” and darkness, but now when writing this (this paragraph is added the 17th December) I am told that this makes me think of a tropical island and “home” too, so “no danger”, but the 16th it was not as secure as now.
  • I was extremely tired and had extreme darkness with the “kil kill kill” command and strong pressure to accept me to terminate (!) and I was told that it is my mother directing it to me, and if I should “lose it”, the only one to be killed would be the remaining part of my old self (!), and I received sudden diarrhoea as an old sign of “destruction”, but my dear friends, NOTHING will be destructed when I decide so, and this evening I simply decided that I don’t want to fear any dreams and losing anything to the darkness here at the end and really because I am both and I decided that I will finish all of my work – and with the help I received with the dreams of the night I decided to finish today what was really the only important missing information and from here I decided to be self-confident: OF COURSE WE WILL GET EVERYTHING WITH US because I am the one deciding and not anyone else, and furthermore I receive help if I should misunderstand so it does not get any better than this and we know I just have to outlast this strong darkness given to me until the end, and this evening I was given spiritual, physical sounds coming from my kitchen, which were sounds of unpacking supermarket bags, and after some time, I understood it, this is simply unpacking of new food, which is new life.
  • Denmark lost the semi final to France, and simply because France was better – no symbols other than a couple of hurt French players symbolising the hurting of my family because of my email, and this evening I was sad that I cannot tell my father, aunt and mother too (?) that “there is nothing to be afraid for because I have accepted your sufferings but you are not allowed to die” and yes “he IS crazy” would be the reaction if I told them, but some day they will understand.
  • As a matter of good sake: I have very often started thinking about new impossible work: “You are NOT going to get me to do this” and really because these were my feelings because of exhaustion, but every single time I knew that I spoke against the darkness and that the right answer was to smile and say “I don’t mean this, because OF COURSE I will do it” and we know the darkness tried to creep in EVERYWHERE!


17th December: I have absorbed all darkness of the world and will “now” drink the “magic potion” to become my “new self”

Dreaming of crossing the impossible crossing before it is too late because of TIME cutting me off

After my TRUE decision yesterday evening that it is myself deciding that EVERYTHING will come with us NO MATTER WHAT, my dreams were almost removed and no dreams potentially giving me nervousness, which you will understand is often coming from myself. I was woken only once at 00.30 and then first again at 08.30, and yes this is the difference – and we know my eyes are RED again today and running in water:

  • I have forgotten my bicycle and am now running to return to Snekkersten Station with a little girl following me and my head is totally wrapped inside of green plants.
    • My bicycle is my transport mean of suffering, but is running the same (?) and at least I am returning to more sufferings and who is the little girl following me (?) – is it Karen’s Caroline or Jeannne d’Arc you know (?) – and green plants has to be good “related” to trees.
  • I am crossing the cross of the railway with my bicycle, and the barrier has already lowered down but I pas it because I know that there is still “plenty” of time before the train arrives, and with some trouble I manage to get both my bicycle and myself across the crossing before the train arrives, and on the other side, I see Hans Henrik disguised as one of the Dupond’s from TinTin coming out, and I tell him that it is about deflecting darkness.
    • This is the “impossible” crossing, which Karen “completely shut” but here I am crossing it anyway and it is to overcome her “resistance” to me letting me enter with her loving feelings too as I am told here, and really also to absorb the much darkness she sent me and it is good to get over on the other side before the train arrives, because this is TIME arriving making it impossible to cross after a certain point of time, but I am glad that TIME as a sign was on my side so no heads will be rolling in the Guillotine after all, which this could have been about herewith also including a message of the handball match yesterday, and yes therefore (the message first came when writing this).
    • Hans Henrik was also an old “friend” of mine – we could have been fantastic friends too – suffering because of my “craziness” and we know, you were not the best dectective, Hans Henrik (?) because eeeehhh you did not have to read to tell that I had lost my mind (?), and maybe it was you who lost your mind the same way as the simple minded Duponds, and yes this is what they mean, the simple minds of mankind not thinking and acting properly.

“Impossible” loving feelings of Karen made it possible to get ALL of me with us to our New World

This morning I had “plenty of time” knowing that I did not have much work to do today – a totally NEW feeling 🙂 – and when I took my long bath, I was told that “KOM TILBAGE NU” (“come back now”) by Danseorkestret, which certainly has to be an even bigger hit than the biggest hits by Gasolin, TV2, Gnags, Shu-bi-dua, Sneakers making this song the biggest hit ever in Denmark (?) – you should see how “WILD” people go still today when hearing this song at a party – and here I was told that this song is about Karen and I and for her to “COME BACK TO ME”, so this is how you make a hit, and let me tell you that Danseorkestret kept on doing fantastic music after this hit of 1985 for example also the amazing song “jagten på den store kærlighed” (“the hunt for the great love”), which is what Karen has been on all of her life not “understanding” that she found it in me in 2003 (!) – and because this is not to be found on the Internet, I will give you this instead as one of MANY other fantastic songs of this band – and we know just to tell you that these are the thoughts and feelings Karen gets of me also when this is written and yes “STIG WAS THE LOVE OF MY LIVE” and “how could I be such a fool not to see it” (?) with the answer being that wrong feelings (of sexual lust) betrayed you, so do you start seeing by now?

And maybe we can include Jørgen Klubien from this band and also C.V. Jørgensen to the list of amazing – not world famous today – and INSPIRED Danish musicians.

I have (almost) absorbed all darkness of the world and it is “now” time to drink the “magic potion” to become my “new self”

At the bath, I was also told that the darkness brought to me by my mother is still so strong that it could kill me, and later I was shown a vision of a giant pot pouring fire and water of darkness on Earth for me to absorb and I was shown and told that the last drop of water is my “magic potion” making wonders as you also saw “me” doing as Miraculix giving Asterix and the village SUPER POWERS and this is what it means.

Miraculix preparing his “magic potion” as I am preparing mine to drink when I will become my “new self” and get SUPER STRENGTH 🙂

I was also told that “you will decide yourself when you are entirely finished” and the answer to that is that I am really “entirely finished”, so you can pour my magic potion whenever you believe the TIME is right and that may be when NIGHT CALLS – the best of all Jeff’s songs/productions together with “you got it” if you ask me 🙂 – or the 24th December, if you believe this will become an easier date for people to “remember”, but let us sit back and watch the AMAZING show of Pink Floyd playing TIME live in 1994 – where Roger sadly was also over and out – which I also enjoyed MUCH when it played in Copenhagen and just to say that IT IS ABOUT TIME TO WAKE UP :-).

The expansion work is now finished and I look over to the land of joy and happiness

Today I also noticed that the expansion work of old-age home in front on my apartment now is “COMPLETELY finished” (all earth has been levelled out, all machines and material been removed and the small road/path is finished as you can see from the picture below) and not only “only finished” and this work has been on-going for a long time and all of the time I have lived here and really just a symbol saying that I am COMPLETELY finished with my work too, and I don’t feel as finished as Poul Nyrup with his arms tight up at the bathroom in “fine visit”, so maybe I will start running tomorrow as my “old self” if this is what I still am (?), we will see.

The view from my apartment with the expansion work of the old-age home in front now ALL finished as I am with my work too – and Sweden on the other side (you should see how beautiful it is in sunrise or with moonlight shining in the sea :-))

Continuing my last work now also inserting the lives of my mother and I if necessary to get “everything” with us

I started doing ”a little work” before 12.00, and I decided to continue a little bit “nice to have” here and there – some ideas I had written down, which I could improve if I decided to do it – and I decided especially to use some time on updating my Signs IV page on the Jerusalem UFO page including the new chapter “Sceptical people together with UFO-forums and media used as part of cover-up almost killed the voice of the truth – but not mine!” and a couple of extra paragraphs to the following chapter “Map of locations of the witnesses”, and before I knew of it, I had worked until 18.20 where it was time for a new visit to my mother and John.

While I was doing this work, I was shown the largest flood of water running through and only very little water running to the side and down into the grating, but I was told that this last amount of water is the most important of all because it is the key to run all of this “engine” of ours (the Source), which is why this work was also “pretty important” to do and I was also told that even though we could have made a new key, the original is the one fitting the best making the difference between a car and a super sport car.

I was also shown my father and told that “this gives me the feeling of being cleansed with a gut cleaner” and this is because of the sufferings I go through as Stig writing this – which I still do (!) – which brings some relief to my physical father.

Later I was told by the utmost inner part of me that “it feels a little bit like being drunk after having returned alive”. This is what this work these days means, to return from the exit leading to destruction and that is ”saved in the absolutely last second”.

I arrived at 18.30 to my mother and John – still feeling annoyed by my eyes running in water all day making my vision blurred – and while I continued suffering with negative voices and my ”old nightmare” still almost given to me, I was told that saving everything including the deepest inner of myself corresponds to being able to play music endlessly in the future of our New World and to automatically update without having to develop and install new programs all of the time.

And I was told that the reason why I receive such strong darkness of my mother these days is simply because of the email of Karen complaining much about me, which is “understandable” by my mother and that is because she did not read my previous script explaining the TRUE reason for her complaint and we know my mother simply “understands” Karen’s WRONG complaint without understanding Karen’s misunderstandings and WRONG behaviour – where her deep feelings is that she wants to be with me – and this is what she aims at me “deciding” and thinking that “Stig is wrong” and maybe even “harassing” Karen, and isn’t this funny (?) that misunderstandings of two people loving me is bringing me the absolutely worst darkness of all making it possible to enter the DEEPEST OF ALL, which is the Source self under constant attack – but not giving up – to darkness not being able to figure out the code of the Source self.

And these lines are written now 23.05 in the evening where I can easily say that I am not doing well but still writing this because this is also to show this darkness that I am the strongest and simply decide that EVERYTHING is to become light and this is even though this DEEPEST darkness of all does not want to convert and has done “everything” to secure not to return to light, but this is what we have now accepted as I am told from the voice inside of this place, which used to be unliveable for anybody else than me.

During dinner with my mother and John I received the STRONGEST pressure ever to change my rules into “if necessary it is alright for one of us to give our life as a sacrifice to save everything”, but I thought that “my rules will keep all the way through”, which is what I told myself in 2010 and have kept ever since thousands of times, but later in the evening I was given the strong input, which I agreed with, that even though I will not accept my mother or I to die, there is a TOP RULE above this, which is that if necessary “do whatever it takes to make EVERYTHING come through, which includes for my mother or I to give our lives” – BUT NO TERMINATION (!) – and that is “only if necessary as the absolutely last exit”, and I understood that this offer is what was needed to “release” this darkness self attached directly to the Source and we know release it or “forget about it” and make a new “key”, but it was better to keep, therefore (!), and I thought that it is not likely that my mother or I will die because I have probably already taken on so much sufferings myself – and will continue doing until tomorrow, where I understand that the Source of light will be accessible, which is what I was told because of the shell lamp I received today, which I will hang up tomorrow (if I have the energy) – but now it is given as a offer in “the worst case scenario” from here and I also understood that this was why my mother was about to “suffocate” when eating the FRENCH almond the other day and why Denmark lost to France in handball, but no, my mother is NOT going to die, but first of all WE HAVE TO GET EVERYTHING WITH US, which is the absolutely most important and we know my mother and I will still be here but not “physically” for a short period of time as I understand it.

Later in the evening, the darkness tried to play on my fear of my mother or I dying – also telling me about just how close both of us are to die right now – to bring me the fear, which close family members have in order to go even deeper loosening the darkness attached to the mussel shell, and it give me “very little” fear, but my reaction was mainly “come on and get us if you can, but I am stronger than you”, and this is how it is because I was also told that only coming with the strength of the entire world inside of here it is possible to do what the darkness “thought” was impossible, which was to return to the light side.

I was told that “it is also inside of here that your original feathers are” (creation self), and I noticed how my mother had started to decorate for Christmas, which has been “impossible” for her to do until now, and not many days ago she told me that it would be little or no decoration this year, and I wonder if this is also because you are “ill”, my mother (?), which you don’t want to tell me (?), but anyhow, Christmas is coming also this year and that is including the right mood – another symbol.

We saw “the voice” on TV2 – another INSPIRED singing show – and this evening, a VERY talented/skilful man by the name of Kim was playing and singing “crazy” by Gnarls Barkley and he did a fantastic performance being “accepted” by all four THRILLED judges, but notice how the judges spoke of “Sexy MF” right after his song – I prefer that people do not use words like the MF word – and this was to say that I was accepted by all of my family members (my “judges”) despite of what I have written about them and what we have gone through of “quarrels”, but still their ideas of me being “crazy” is what brought me the sufferings of my “old nightmare” and this is simply why Prince decided to think a song with these “bad” words, and yes Michael is here too.

We did NOT speak about “my sufferings”, Karen, my email and you know “what is truly important” because this is TABOO here because I may still be too “outrageous” because of my “odd behaviour” (!), and we know do you see just how “strange” and unreasonable the darkness can make you herewith making me the “stranger” and that is not in Moscow but here in Helsingør.

Finally, I was told that this was the meaning of the prediction from the 6th December that it will take “next week” to transfer all light and life inside of there and this “next week” runs out tomorrow, where I will set up the new mussel/bivalve lamp as the symbol. This is how a king returns, and I felt him coming very close and sitting on the entrance to the Source where I feel the strong power of light of the Source behind him. We are very close now :-).

I could have decided to mention my dream about my mother keeping her “sickness” from me – to see what she would tell me – and also to tell about the cancer of my father and aunt, but I decided not to talk about negativity this evening – we have a “very nice evening as usual” as my mother said – also hoping that this will have no negative impact to our work releasing this last part of “everything” or to our physical lives for that matter.

Ending the days with these short stories:

  • Also at my mother, I was told that my father’s wife Kirsten is another part of the Trinity and the reason for her galloping heart for many years – bringing her and my father BIG sufferings when going through nightmares thinking of dying MANY times and going in and out of hospitals – is the same as my “heart attacks”, which is really the attacks coming directly from this darkness attached to the Source.
  • I updated my “postscript” at 00.00 with the last chapter after having published it earlier in the afternoon, and it is totally impossible to connect WordPress with “Messenger connect” even though I have tried 4-5 times today, where it “accepts”, but still it does not send updates of new scripts to Microsoft Live, which this is about and this should tell about my aunt not believing in me now (?), but at least I receive much love from her too.
  • I was told that I only do this script after the 15th December because I have decided as Stig to get EVERYTHING with us NO MATTER WHAT – and what better way than to bring you this MONUMENTAL song by Meat Loaf :-).


18th December: Collecting the King inside darkness making “him” the shipmaster to bring the Source to the world

Collecting the “man inside darkness” making “him” the shipmaster to bring the Source to the world

After “almost no sleep” at 01.20 I was woken up and given information for half an hour, which I am now writing down at 02.00, and I do not believe I have ever been so completely soaked out as I am right now, so here we go and I do believe that I can only do this once during the night:

  • I was told “inside here is the most beautiful gold” and I was shown how food, i.e. life, continues to be prepared and poured up, which is to liberate more and more.
  • After having suffered a the whole evening, I collect the person of darkness at the radio, i.e. spiritual communication, where the host has kept him all day long, and the host says “it is alright, they let out faeces in Køge”, which is about the darkness having sent me sexual sufferings as part of my “old nightmare”.
  • I was given the song “tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree”, which I understood as the spirit of my mother, who will become the surface of me as part of everything – and the song starts with the words “I’m comin’ home, I’ve done my time”, which is just about what I have too. Yesterday I was told without writing it that it will be the spirit of my mother, who will tie this “yellow ribbon round me”.
  • I was told that “we closed his ability to create more darkness, which is also why we can enter now”, and this closure happened around the Easter of 2011 as written in my scripts.
  • I was told that “and there on the road was Stone also about to terminate, which is why we also helped him”, which is why I understood that he changed from a strong non-believer to a strong believer in a matter of days, but I had accepted no terminations ….
  • I was told “we took part of his code to extract from the Source, which he does not know yet, and we will replace this code when we will switch you on”.
  • And if you would give up, we would take you instead of your mother” herewith playing on my “potential fear” of losing my life and now losing the life of my mother, which I however do not believe will happen because I go through this suffering too also writing and publishing this, which is really to consolidate the decision/progress.
  • And then it is now that he will discover this, and we hope because of this that he will give up also when knowing that there is no road back”.
  • After a couple of thrilling minutes, I saw the vision of and heard the darkness say “there is reduced radio connection and argh, I am inside my own prison, this was not the meaning originally” – with darkness discovering that the purpose of his life was originally not to destruct but to create – and also “I am not to give up”, which is the same attitude of “him” because of my attitude as Stig and “he” continued “but there is no more energy, so give me back the code” (?) and as Stig I said “first when the light will accept this, which is when all darkness has been converted to light, and we still have work to do tomorrow, so the answer is no” (and I had also been told shortly before this that I will also receive some sufferings tomorrow night, which was to let me know that I should not accept this request).
  • I was told that in the summer of 2010 when I reconnected with the Source that “we jumped to the part of the Source, which was not as sick so we would be recognised”.
  • Addressed to the King inside darkness: “We have a whole ship outside here and we were wondering if you would like to be the shipmaster” (with the ship being the world we have pulled through darkness to the Source after I did the journey “alone” arriving as the first in 2010), and I replied as Stig knowing that I am this King inside of darkness and that my decisions are what makes this happen “Yes, as light without darkness”.
  • I was shown how the darkness had taken cylinders etc. from a Falck rescue station to barricade himself behind also all the way in here and I felt that it was because “you never know” but also that these defence mechanisms are now without meaning.
  • I was shown the LARGE ship at harbour and told “yes, it is now landing” and I saw gold sliding down the gangway onto shore and from here on its way into the Source and I was told “because of writing this”, which are these exact lines, which I am now finishing at 02.30.
  • I was also told that “a part of it was that he was not supposed to know that we had removed his code” and I understood that this was connected to my family not knowing about my true sufferings.
  • I kept on hearing “time is on my side” with Rolling Stones and the lyrics “You’ll come running back to me” (from darkness to light I might add) when writing the beginning of this chapter to tell me that we are still moving the last piece of “everything” into our New World before it will be too late.
  • And finally I was told “this is also to compensate for not telling about sicknesses this evening”, which you know was to my mother and John now yesterday evening.
  • Finally at 02.55 I had also written the summary and uploaded this chapter to my website, and I do hope I will sleep now, because I am TRULY not feeling well enough to continue working.

Seeing world history through the eyes of darkness, which will be kept to teach our New World what NOT to do

And here we are again, it is now 04.10 after I continued receiving information until 04.00 and of course only because I allowed this to happen as Stig to take on sufferings going beyond an “extreme pain limit” to save both my mother’s and my own life, and I was told that saving my mother’s life is what I would do when continuing to work at 05.00 and we know I don’t know if this is true or false but this is what I accepted doing and if I was not to stop at 05.00, just maybe this could continue for some time still, but at 05.00 this is the end of this suffering where I will sleep, and should I not be “able” to sleep, I will NOT continue working but to watch TV until I can sleep again, and so it be and here is the information I received:

  • I heard “does this mean that you had chosen new life without me” (?) with the answer being “yes, but our plan A was to include EVERYTHING including you”.
  • I saw a shotgun under water shooting green frogs towards me (!), but also – for the time being – artificial flowers coming out of the barrel of a gun (there were more secret messages, Jeff :-)) expressing the love of the light inside of this darkness knowing that a New World without darkness is arriving.
  • I saw my mother in the room of the radio operator of a ship and I understood that this is where the darkness until now has resided and I was told that “she has entered to call the whole world to say that you are on your way”.
  • I was given maybe 4-5 extreme physical pains to my inner body in the right side and I was told that this is because I lack input from the nice Austrian lady Emmanuela living in my high rise apartment block, and really because I decided to turn down an invitation for coffee the other day – I was TIRED – telling her that I look forward to have coffee with her and also the “men she looks after here” (suffering from so called arrested development) if they like to, and I had to fight telling my self “I don’t want to be negative, DON’T SAY ANYTHING NEGATIVE NOW”, which is what people normally will do when receiving such great pain as this.
  • I was shown an aircraft carrier and told “this means that there are no planes and cruiser missiles left, nothing to shoot with” (?) and I was told that this was decisive as we had expected for the decision of the darkness.
  • I was shown moving pictures – for example Lenin – and I was told that “we are walking through all world history with another set of glasses, what are we to do about it” (?) and my answer was “please follow our previous decision” and I said this because I remember that we have been through this before but I cannot remember everything as a normal human being, thus not this too.
  • I was shown “the fastest train ever moving towards the light” and told that “this is also because your mother loves you” and it made me think “how could she ever believe that I am negative first believing in Sanna’s words against me and now Karen’s” and that is when my mother knows for a fact that I have nothing evil in me, only good, and I was told that “after yesterday evening, there is hardly any darkness left in your mother, thus also in me”, and that was because “as usual it was really cosy” as my mother said and this is what it ALWAYS is.
  • I felt Obama and heard “I have also sent naughty gifts for you” and first I did not understand what this was about, but then I was shown a lamp shade – Obama blocking the light for me too – and understood that he has also had doubts in me because of the darkness he has received from this exact Source of darkness.
  • By now I started thinking – being encouraged to do so – that “I believe it is like this; when the darkness cannot harm us in our New World, we can use information on darkness to show what we are not to return to” and then I received inspiration to add “as long as my rules will be kept”, which mainly will say that I will see NO explicit sexual actions/abuse, but to have people intellectually understand what used to be wrong sexual behaviour/crime of the old world and to show how the old world behaved violently, with crime, war, murders etc. and NOT to repeat this but to LEARN from in order NOT TO REPEAT this and NOT as entertainment but a part of our library for documentation to study for all to understand.
    • I was told “you are nothing without me” and I was shown my mother putting me as a baby inside one of these “hair machines” at a hair saloon and I received the feeling and was told “we thought that we created life and it is like putting this “hair machine” down over the baby believing that it was about creation, but now understanding that it was to destroy it” and this is how darkness created a code on top of light to blind the light into believing that it still did good, and here we are all the way inside of the light after having penetrated this “impossible to penetrate darkness” and you do remember the railway crossing and also the defeat to France in handball (?) – this could not be done, but we did it :-).
      • And here I might add that two days ago I had a hair cut for the first time in Helsingør – I had postponed it until I was “finished” with my work with my hair being FAR TOO LONG by now – and “by chance” I picked the same hair saloon and the same hair dresser as my mother, and yes “she is fantastic” and this is about the lady from Iraq and her husband having this saloon together in Helsingør and living in Helsingborg in Sweden (20 minutes from here by ferry) and we know “what a coincidence” (!) and it does not take much to make my mother think, you know.

And finishing writing this chapter, the summary and also the upload to my website at 05.05.

Doing more “last work” updating “my sufferings” with “nice to have” information

Hereafter I got some sleep and was woken up by 09.20 still being more than beaten black and blue but asked “will you please try to see if you can get up now” with the feeling “to do my last work and stay up the whole day without sleeping” and yes “impossible” it is, but let us try, and I remember vaguely a dream about having moved to South America and now belong to one of the richest families of the continent where the President also comes from, and they call me Columbia and I heard “they were evil and suppressed people”.

After this I decided to include two new chapter in my now 8th version of my memo of “my sufferings” – which I did not believe were very important to bring, but “nice” to have, but I thought that it could be “good information” and certainly I knew that doing this work until approx. 13.00 also updating my websites with this new information would help in the process of doing the last setup of our energy Source of the future. The new chapters included as of per today are:

“I moved to Helsingør in October 2011 to “celebrate” my victory without knowing that I first had two months of the WORST darkness to cross to liberate the King trapped inside of darkness

“Even in December 2011 Karen showed her true loving feelings to me and interest for us to stay together, but she could not “offer” me sex and could not understand that I am the love of her life!”

Receiving PERFECT access to the Source and our new Golden Age without darkness and time

After lunch and a bath, I was completely and utterly destroyed when I at 14.30 started to set up the mussel lamp in my hall, and it was easier said than done to screw it up against the wall so it hang solid and also to connect the wire standing on a chair and to connect it to the socket on top of the wall, and I was not sure that I would be able to do this without special tools, but when trying my best I managed finally at 16.30 to set it up and yes when pushing the button on the wall, it actually lid up, and yes my dear friends this is simply the symbol of THE MOST PERFECT CONNECTION TO THE SOURCHE, WHICH WE COULD HOPE FOR and we know I used approx. a week when moving in to set up my apartment perfectly, and when I did not have a lamp for the hall, I decided to focus on my work instead and the first lamp I received as a gift from the supply of the basement room of my mother and John was “fine”, but at that time I was till busy putting all of my focus on working, and first here at the absolutely end when still working we managed to sort out how to enter the King self inside of darkness to release him, and yes just before the train arrives, and isn’t it funny that it took two months going from “perfect” as one could have thought to something, which is “much better”.

While I did this work I was shown Cassius/Ali having his arm lifted to symbolise victory and the man doing it was none other than the darkness self symbolised by George Foreman, and this was the feeling inside of darkness when being released and also that it is just like starting over because when I started the work I received a burning smell and a little bit after the burn was replaced by the smell of spring coming into leaf and I was told that this is part of my decision to change creation self, which is to starting over going back in time to before the take over of darkness, which is what we are doing now.

I was also told when working that the darkness had a feeling of me on my journey, but that was also it because darkness self is NOTHING, it is slow-witted without intelligence with intelligence being behind the darkness of the original light.

This is it, I found and set up this light too to make our energy Source PERFECT for the future :-), and I started receiving “nice” voices of the spirit of my father after having hidden “inside of me” and he told me that they were ready to help me if I needed it, but I did not, so this is why we took this road. – And I wonder now how much darkness will remain (?), will it end when “night calls” again or will there be small things “here and there” to take care of, and we know I have a lamp at the wall at my bed, which I need to replace and a FM-antenna so set up, which I will NOT do today, but a few small projects for the coming days, but I cannot see much work coming to me on my website other than publishing a revision of my December script to Scribd before going to bed this evening and otherwise to tell you what will happen here on a daily basis until I will become my new self and so it is.

Everything has been changed from “plus minus” to “plus plus” to make “doubleplusgood

Later in the evening I was given the riddle “what is going on” and really “how is the darkness working” and I could only think of one solution – guided by the help I received during this part of the journey – which is that the light of the Source is sending out positivity or “plus messages”, which however is converted to darkness or minus-messages because “plus” was “converted” to minus, and I was given Erik from Lama Yönten and Niclas from the meditation group as examples, where the Source sent out positivity, which was changed to negativity towards me from these people because of the work of the darkness, and really because “darkness is nothing and cannot think, but it converts positivity to negativity”, and I was shown in the DR1 weather forecast at 19.00 this evening what is happening now, when the presenter twice said “at the moment” and twice said “westerly”, which is really to make everything “plus plus” or “doubleplusgood” and here we have Eurythmics again – it was today I wrote about Karen and “revenge” in “my sufferings” – and I was told that this is what we have done for EVERYTHING of the world on our way through darkness towards the Source, which is to change “plus minus” to “plus plus” and yes this song is really GOOD, Eurythmics, and this formula worked all the way into the Source even through the worst darkness.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I was sad to hear about the death of Vaclac Havel and can only combine this with the story of Uffe Ellemann and him some days ago and that Vaclac was a special friend of mine absorbing darkness finally taking his life here at the end as Ole also sacrificed his together with Sai Baba, Osama Bin Laden (!) and others ….
  • Nønne is still sending me darkness today with a posting saying “I love this monster 🙂 This album contains a lot of really interesting art and “I really don’t feel like bringing the picture of YOUR monster”, Nønne and you “do not really feel like reading my website” and yes this is the darkness because of whom she is ….
  • I kept on working until 17.30 today updating my book of December and a couple of small improvements to my website.
  • I spoke to my mother on the phone telling her about the cancers of my father and aunt, which was “terrible” to hear, and I decided not to tell about my dream of her becoming sick again, and she did not say anything ….. – and I was told that my mother is “balancing” on whether or not I am sane or insane and lately because of Karen you know and of course it has NOTHING to do with me and that is if she “could” understand me ….
  • During the evening I was shown the second last piece of a layer cake being removed from the plate, and told that the last piece of this new cake will be removed tomorrow, and we know I wonder for how many days this can continue, and maybe until the 21st December or maybe the 24th?
  • I was given pain in one of my teeth and I felt the spirits of my mother and father now inside of the control board of the darkness giving me the pain from there, which was really to say that we have taken over the control, which will have to be one of the last preparations before it will be Christmas again.
  • I was asked again this evening – feeling MUCH impatience to finish my constant sufferings – for how long we are to continue what we are doing, and even though it would be nice to say ”I am finished, please finish yours too”, my answer was ”As long as I feel sufferings and there is more darkness to be converted, I ask you to continue” and maybe it will take some days yet until the 24th? I still receive what is literally a physical pressure coming onto me from the air surrounding me, from the right, which I feel on different parts of my body including also prickling feelings to my throat, and TIRED is not the word (!) and constant negative speech or/and temptations to overtake me, but oh no, not me!
  • I felt myself as the centre (the Source) this evening receiving visits from both Obama, Niclas and also Prins Henrik of Denmark – who should have known that (?) – and the white horse (everything) was also coming.


This should really be it now, unless I have forgotten something, which I don’t believe I have. We will see tomorrow morning, but the feeling is that finally “it’s over”.


19th December: Merging the newly saved world to the right with the world to the left including the energy of the Source

Dreaming of merging the newly saved world to the right with the world to the left including the energy of the Source

I was extremely tired to say the least yesterday evening and I was “allowed” to “sleep” – still tired this morning – until after 8 (looking forward to everyone getting that really but only in “normal” portions) and here are some more dreams:

  • I am working part time every afternoon in a grocery store driving out goods, they are very satisfied with me, and I hear my telephone ringing, but it is not my normal telephone in my left pocket but in the right.
    • First we saved the world to the left (everything, which has ever been on the plus side) so to say and now the world to the right (everything on the minus side – “bringing out goods”), which is now starting to come spiritually online with me too.
  • I meet my aunt Inge working for the same company as Rikke H. and she asks me what my mother replied in relation to my father, and when I tell her, she is very sceptical claiming that my father has paid taxes from everything he sends her.
    • My mother has always said that when my father was travelling on work, she discovered that he met other ladies, which she could not accept – understandable – and decided for a divorce, but this may not be what you have told your sister, father (?) because here Inge seems to be sceptical of my mother because of your lies (?) and really because “taxes” means darkness, so your lies to save your own “skin” has been sending darkness to my mother via Inge all through these years since approx. 1970 (!), but still I know that Inge loves my mother and vice versa, and that she is probably still seeing my mother and father together in her dream and is interested to know the reactions of my mother when hearing through me that my father has what looks to be “incureable cancer” but not to me, because I will accept no deaths of my “special friends”, and you are only “allowed” to use my top rule to do “whatever it takes (- termination)” when it is the last way out, which I don’t believe it is now after going through the previous days, which were among the worst you know, but still not the same as in the summer and autumn of 2010 …..
  • I have moved to Australia, where I first am at a very fine “lounge-café” with soft sofas/chairs, which serves fine lunches and is a very “delicate” place, I think about taking 1983 on school together with the Jam, and later I meet Kasper (from Excellent) working for a Danish company (feels like the administration of HiFi klubben) and I ask to borrow his introduction ring binder, which includes all information I need to register my move correct at authorities etc. and he asks me if I can help him to print our the pages of his Excel file in a special order, which I know that I can, and I see his computer and notice how he with his own very little money has bough a fine box to store diskettes in and also a cheap clock radio etc. At the canteen I see how everyone criticizes a man by the name of Peter Müller. I decide to leave the company on foot to see some of the city, and I discover that it is “ten times larger than Copenhagen” and I walk and walk and realise that I will probably not be able to remember how to come back to the company because I did not write down the address or walking direction, and on my way back, I am now running in a special way, which makes me run as quickly as other cycle, and at a pathway I have to slow down because I read in the papers that “the sales speaking Paul Weller, who was too fat and gross, has been found killed”.
    • Australia is my land symbolising “normal life” both in terms of humanity and materialism and here I find more delicious food, the time has moved back and I think about taking one year all over showing my love to the world as the Jam. The introduction ring binder from Kasper is a symbol of “registering” my move correct, which is you know to sort out all information from the New World to the right, to place it together with the left and to organise everything, which is really what we are doing these days with the last of my energy, which is why I am running (and why the money is so little), which is “suffering even more than cycling” but still I am working with the same speed. The Peter Müller I remember was a customer of DFM in the 1990’s but I don’t know the meaning of why he is criticized. The New World to the right seems to be much bigger than the one to the left, and here I am walking, i.e. discovering this New World of ours and I really have to “map” it all to remember everything. The man, who is killed, is the man I see when I look into the mirror, and yes even though I am dying as my old self, you will also see the man in the mirror (here only meaning music with all of my love) in our future New World, when I – disguised as the King of Pop – will perform for you.
  • I was told that “the date of influence has now been set”, I am reading the newspaper of B.T. and expect a crime, and another reads the paper after me. I was also walking all the way from Kastrup to Copenhagen.
    • The date of influence” may be about when we will influence the whole world at once, B.T. is still about killing darkness coming to me, which is the crime of the century really, which is really why I went through this school of mine to teach you all – thank you, Roger, here you are again not all over and out but really showing your new life J – and walking is really slower than running and cycling ….
  • I see an insurance company being merged together with a small bank called “HtH Bank”, and both companies offer pension saving plans with the construction of the bank being a little different because savings are included in what is paid out together with life insurance, but I also see on a graph that the savings are now bigger than the life insurance.
    • The insurance company is the world and the bank is energy (brining the world and the energy of the Source together), this is it (!), and here we are starting in the small bringing only a little energy of this HTH Bank, and HTH is also a kitchen, and in the kitchen we produce food, which you know is life coming through energy.
  • The largest insurance brokers in Denmark, Aon and Marsh with Marsh being the largest (in the dream that is), are merging and even though Aon has just moved out from Strandgade, Marsh are temporarily being set up at Strandgade and I see how Evy – the old HR manager of Aon – is organising it, and also that a group of employees tell that they would like to play together as a team, and they give her all their names for her to key these people into a group at the system, but I notice how she puts the names in a bucket of water where the first names and sir names are not attached making me think that she will never get this sorted out. I sit next to the exit where my old dog Don has now found me again and it simply LOVES me, a man of importance arrives, he has just had a meeting with Niels d. B., and he is very excited about the merger, which is on the front page and I see employees with flags of General Electric celebrating and cheering “Jeff, Jeff” (the CEO is called Jeff Immelt, but may also be about Jeff Lynne :-)).
    • This is the merger of the two worlds to the left and right into one world – which is what all of us thought was the best solution – and STRANDgade is “BEACHroad”, which is saying “temporarily more sufferings”, which is what I still have today, and this is about organising and setting up people in groups to work together of our future organisation, which is not easy to do because of all of the suffering we go through (the water of the bucket), my old dog Don (who I loved more than anything when it was alive from 1975-1988) symbolises the life inside of darkness after being converted back to light and of course this is done with all of my love, i.e. Jeff.

Getting a “perfect new home”, exercising (not relaxing) and setting up the “natural mystic blowing through the air”

I started working at 09.20 this morning finishing the script so far including the small stories at 11.00 from which time I decided to move a picture on the wall next to my new lamp approx. 25 centimetres to the left, which looked better – “perfect” now you know – after the lamp has been set up, and I continued changing the right lamp of two on the wall above my bed and we know it had half-broken into three pieces, but as luck was, I had spare parts to make this light work PERFECTLY too and we know also speaking about our New World coming from the right here – improving the code too – and we know just doing the last small things here and there to make everything perfect of my apartment, and now I really only have to set up my FM antenna for my radio (old-fashioned technology here), which I will look at tomorrow, and I really also need to arrange some cables for the computer, Internet and TV box, which I however have decided MUST wait until I can “afford” to buy a new writing desk (!) – and of course I am also waiting to get my Herstal floor lamp to shine again, which may happen the 24th December as a symbol of the light of our New World switching on this day (?) also telling my mother that there is NOTHING wrong with this lamp (!!!), which is “completely impossible” for her to listen to and understand today (WILL DEAF making her “shut off” entirely when I speak of this), which I learned the other day when I tried to explain her about the “hundreds of times”, this lamp has made “tricks” with me and because “of course Stig is wrong, there HAS to be a lose connection” and then she normally asks John instead and yes isn’t it funny that she DOES NOT listen to me when I speak of stories like this (?) and only this (!) – but she may have understood something on the way anyhow – and yes I am also planning on visiting the swimming hall, where they also have a fitness room and first to drive on bicycle (close to the Commune) uphill approx. 5 kilometres from here via the city centre (to get money) and afterwards to start running for a few minutes and also to swim, which I look very much forward to and yes to start losing weight (!) and also to tell you that if I did not have to work these 8 hours or so per day, I would have kept running all of the time (!) and so it is – so we will see, but first lunch and then also to be active in the afternoon even though I felt STRONGLY just to sit down and watch TV all day, but “common sense” told me that this would not bring much energy to do the final part of my apartment perfect thus also the organisation of our New World, which is really good to do before opening, you know?

Later: So as said, almost also done because after lunch I drove uphill again towards the swimming hall and I HAD NO ENERGY (!) and was much exhausted at arrival, but after a break of 10 minutes, I decided to do swimming without running (cycling will have to be enough when having this little energy) because even though they have a fitness-centre here – as the only swimming hall in North Zealand I believe – it is not as I could have wished for and we know where is it possible to get a COMBINED professional swimming hall with wellness facilities including a professional fitness centre – is there any at all in Denmark (?) and how many places of the world offer this (?) – and I was really thinking of my old Body-bike sessions at Fitness World, which I look forward to doing again and this was the reason why I decided not to become a member of this “fitness-centre” here, but you know it WAS a good small centre for people not having my needs.

The water felt “strange” to come back to and swimming seemed impossible in the beginning, but after a few minutes I was swimming almost as I used to do, but after 20 minutes I decided that it was enough for today. While swimming I was told that “termination is not possible” (!) – as I wrote some time ago saying that darkness CANNOT destruct light (!) – because the darkness did not have the “key” to life itself and I was also told that the reason why I was given the stories of either saving or “forgetting” (“terminating”) life inside of darkness (“the world to the right”) was because this is what gave us the most energy to work with, and “can you forgive us for doing this” (?) and yes OF COURSE I can (!) – – which I understood was also part of the key for Karen to open her heart to me because of my email also writing of “forgiving “ – and the darkness was still with me trying to make me say all kind of negative words – to get relief from the ENORMOUS pressure “forcing” me to doing this for a VERY long time HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF TIMES – but even if though this should be “free” to do, I decided that I will not give in to the pressure no matter what and so it is.

I was also given the song “natural mystic” by Bob Marley again and again and again and told that this is also what we are setting up now, which is the “natural mystic blowing through the air” of our New World, which really is “everything of the world surrounding and attaching us”, which includes our “collective self”.

A symbol of THINK and BE CAREFUL instead of following “crazy rules” and Karen opening for me and our world to the right

Afterwards after doing some shopping, I decided to “celebrate” today to drive to the McDonalds restaurant to get a McFeast Burger – not a menu to save money – and it tasted VERY good (this is how it is when you so rarely get what you like but cannot afford) and inside here I was given the word “police” and I thought that it was anout my experience from Lyngby in 2010 where a police man without thinking gave me a fine of 500 DKK for crossing the pedestrian crossing on bicycle even though there were no pedestrians or any other and no danger (!) – but he was inflexible because these were the crazy RULES he had to follow (!) – and today when I left McDonalds, I drove on my bicycle down Montebello Allé and on the crossing to Gurrevej, I first crossed one pedestrian crossing on bicycle and right after also the next and yes there were no pedestrians or any other and no danger at all (!), and what happened shortly thereafter on Gefionsvej (?) and yes you guessed it, I was stopped by the police and he told me “you crossed first one then another pedestrian crossing on bicycle right in front of us, which was really provoking” (!) – I had not seen him – and I told him “you are right, I know it is illegal according to the rules but my personal opinion is that there was no danger at all” and it seems that the world is changing (!), because this policeman was born with a brain, which he decided to use, because obviously it made sense to him and he told me “Alright, because you decided to admit, I will give you a warning only” and this is how I avoided to receive a fine.

And this is not only about the world changing but to give you an example of PLEASE DO NOT ESTABLISH CRAZY RULES FOR THE SAKE OF HAVING RULES but give people freedom and let people THINKG and ACT CAREFULLY as I try to do by ALWAYS looking where I am and where other people are, and afterwards a pedestrian coming from the supermarket of Irma crossed the cycle path from where I was coming WITHOUT looking at my direction at all (!) – and this is NOT illegal but VERY CARELESS (!) – and a couple of minutes later a car came from the side road to the right and crossed the cycle path half way without even looking if a cycle was coming – for example I – and I see this ALL OF THE TIME and we know CARELESS PEOPLE NOT THINKING OR ORIANTATING and do you get the point by now, my friends?

Furthermore it was OF COURSE a symbol saying that I wrote my writings DIRECTLY in front of my family and here I was told ESCPECIALLY Karen, who was the key here at the end, where I was “VERY provoking” because of what I wrote, but still she decided to take me in again and that is “not to give me a fine”, which would have been the victory of darkness, do you see?

When I came home, I updated my script and uploaded it and finished at 19.00 today herewith making a full day even though I could have decided to relax.

Kim Jong-Il of North Korea was “sentenced” to start World War III if it was not because of the work of Obama and I

While swimming I was shown what I thought was a Chinese leader watching porn movies and I thought that this was just one of many signs of darkness, and when coming home I saw the following posting by Søren Pind on Facebook “on the occasion of” the death of the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il and Søren wrote what I do believe most of the world thought, which really is that “I hope he will burn in hell” (!), which you can see several of so called “sane people” also saying when replying to his message, and am I the only person in the world believing that dictators are people too (?) and that it is WRONG to wish “the worst” for them just because of the bloodthirsty desire of revenge of so called “sane people” and let me tell you that DARKNESS is what drives ALL people including dictators and that I LOVE ALL PEOPLE also including Kim Jong-Il, and the ones being “ill” here are people wishing for other people to “burn in Hell”, which should be SIMPLE LOGIC for all of you to understand that THIS IS VERY, VERY WRONG to wish for (?) but still all of you “could not” help showing your bloodthirsty faces here?

And here is also the normally so funny Jan Monrad peeping up writing the inspired message “he is probably already sitting together with Stalin and Hitler watching porn movies” (the same darkness because of the sins of mankind was inside Kim Jong-Il as in Hitler and Stalin, which you know was “the other side of me”) and we know Kim Jong Il was “sentenced” to start World War III if the darkness had been stronger than I, and yes “very close” to push the button “he” was (the dark side of me) – but he did not have the courage when it mattered because he received “good thoughts” preventing him to do it (!), which was because I did not give up and also because Obama showed the same attitude through his work, which is what I am told here.

And yes, he DID die from a heart attack, so you might start seeing the connection?

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I decided to give a few comments to Nønne and three dreams of hers, but it is truly “not easy” for Nønne to “understand” and “accept” my “analyze” of her dreams, because surely she does nothing wrong (?) and just saying that this is the end of my old self because of your wrongdoings including yours, Nønne!

  • Later Nønne wrote herself – in symbolic language – the reason of her dreams, which is that she is “fighting the cat” and you do remember that dog used to be darkness and cat has been the light all along, and yes here is another lady of “light”, which “unfortunately” was the lady of darkness in relation to me, which of course is “completely impossible” to understand and admit, isn’t it Nønne?

  • Today I noticed how my old very good colleague/friend Charlotte V. from Accent/Fair (we were “close”!) – who “could not” control her very “fragile” feelings in relations to me being “crazy” and decided to leave me first on Facebook and since on Linkedin – now very “mysteriously” (!) has posted this message on LinkedIn, which I under normal circumstances should not be “able” to see, but this may be a sign to show you what I have been told that some of my old friends deserting me would like to return but don’t have the courage to do so:

  • Except from two “likes” to my posting below on the Jerusalem UFO forum, I have only received” deafening silence” – looks like this is what “fearing” people do to me instead of acting normally – until today, where Julian “taught” me “the truth” about my message of this the most important UFO event in history, which is that it is “the same old patriarchal myth that is cause of the troubles in the world”, and let me correct you here, Julian, because the truth is that your simple minded, ignorant but still better-knowing attitude is REALLY what is causing all the troubles in the world, and yes I knoooooow, Sybil, it is the same old song again, but I do love this song, which you know is about my love to all of you, don’t you?

  • I continued receiving feelings of Karen thinking of me and now “to do or not” in relation to starting a TRUE relation with me, and I also felt her friend Heidi much, so are you speaking to Heidi about me (?), and I continued receiving negative speech and STRONGLY about sex to my limit this evening – still a HELL to go through – and for days I have in periods also had a “constant pressure of moderate pain” given to my heart” and on top of this I am given “worries” about making it or not, but I don’t care much about this.
  • While sitting in the sofa, I looked out and saw a UFO, which just wanted to say hi – everyone does that here J – and it was all white – no red or any other colour – and it signalled/said “straight forward”, so nothing much keeping us.
  • I was HAPPY to read this chronicle by Uffe Ellemann about the life and death of Vaclav Havel, and I would have written more about Vaclac myself if I had the knowledge to do so, which I do not, but here I was happy that Uffe as a man of passion also when it comes to the development of Eastern Europe decided to write this chronicle and I like the words of Uffe much, and thought that here was also the chance to THANK him – he was the reason why I received an interest in politics as young and became member of the liberal party in the 1980’s because I had a strong desire to change politics from within having a “disgust of politicians” not being “able” to communicate and work together (!!!) – and when I wrote my reply as you can see below, I was “inspired” to write that “you do really have a “nose” for it” because I was told that Uffe knows about Obama’s signal to me touching his nose in his speech in Ireland “months” ago by now – and through the years as Foreign Minister Uffe has received many “noses” himself from “politicians” not being “able” to understand you, Uffe (?) and also the most delicious New Year cod for being announced as “the cod of the year”, but was this really the true picture, my friends?

  • Apparently the link to this chronicle in my script was caught by the website now linking to my script as you can see below (!) and maybe it caught your eyes too, Uffe?



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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