December 24, 2011: The Source is now attached to me and I will wake up as my new self, the resurrected Jesus, at midnight


Summary of the script today

20th December: The most difficult work is to let my resurrected soul of Jesus including “everything” enter me as Stig

  • Dreaming of Karen balancing between choosing me or wrong love as her drug, which can soak her under, I “attacked” Jack surprisingly disarming him before he would disarm me – is he also to men (?), Karen judges me out because of her misunderstanding of my “capacities” as a lover, she and I are in spiritual connection where we can feel each other, I did not use all of my energy to do my final work because I worked “quickly”, life converted from darkness to light will have to get used to the “taste of life” before liking it and I included everything as I was recommended on my website, however there will come some extra material to some of my last work (it was “too much” for me to go into detail about the torture of “mind control” used by secret governments).
  • I was told that the most difficult work is to let my resurrected soul of Jesus including “everything” enter me as Stig, which is also why I had the “worst” day of darkness today.
  • I had a TOUGH day with darkness making me feel disgusted and incapable of working, and I wrote my script and did the final details to my apartment, which I could do without buying new cables and a writing desk.

21st December: I went through immense sufferings the last two months as a “play” to save mankind from sufferings

  • Dreaming of using energy I don’t have to bring everything with us to our new “wonderland”, we have an insurance to cover any loss (of life) due to “dismissals”, Karen is “tired of fighting me”, examples of old “friends” of mine becoming “special friends”, a dream telling me of “termination” of a my old school friend Johnny and another dream of “thousands of people” because we did not transform all darkness to light before it was too late, which I however believe is what the “insurance” will cover us from (using “magic” to recreate the code) and it is about time to open for a transformation when I will become my new self.
  • A dream led me to the information that the Danish Chamber of Commerce earlier this year decided to replace their former insurance broker – led and designed by my “special friend” Kim S. – with Willis as the new broker having created what could look like contours of the “right” solution, but still not quite “the best in the world”? The Chamber of Commerce did not want to hire me as their sales manager in 2010 (!), but they understood my message that their insurance setup was WRONG, which made them decide for Willis herewith also removing the “golden cash cow” of Kim S. (!), who furthermore thought he was “humiliated” by me publishing my “application” on the Internet telling the world about his wrong doings also including Bo from Dahlberg, but still I survived all of the darkness and “worst” thoughts coming from Kim, his family and company for not being able to receive the “benefits” from a design, which could have brought him a streaming income of MUCH money without having to work for it. But as others, they also decided not to hunt me down!
  • While working today I was told that nothing of the Universe will be burned down because I did not enter negativity and my “old nightmare”. We have reached a place before creation, where I am something different than the Source, which brings knowledge making it possible to do bring birth of me only using one try.
  • After running (!) and a short visit by my mother, I was told that the love of my mother helped to recreate Johnny from ”out of nothing” of the Source, I never “lost it” to darkness herewith saving my mother or myself from “temporary termination” and I was told that the sufferings I have gone through the last two months was an act to save the world from sufferings, which I straight away forgave – it is always better to suffer in order to save, than to feast and then to lose! The decisive moment to create a perfect New World was earlier in 2011 before I moved to Helsingør, when we did a new creation without darkness.

22nd December: The anchor of the Source is now attached to me; I have started becoming my new self, the resurrected Jesus

  • Almost no sleep feeling more than TIRED. I first dreamed and was then told about the previous Czech President Havel first having lived a “good” life before he was tempted by the power, he warned against, and by beautiful girls of prostitution also herewith sending me darkness to end the world with the purpose to remove the house of darkness and he was also a player of my dream team in football! I dreamt of Karen saying out loud that she does not want to be with me with the truth being that she does (!), and this brings faith to Paul, who also plays very well on my team leading the way to the anchor of the Source without giving up, which will remove all blockings of the world, which already has saved millions of lives, give the perfect access to the Source, save information of our old world on museum here and it is here – before the time of my re-birth – that my exchange into my new self will take place.
  • I felt that the anchor of the Source started being attached to my right angle today – I have started the process to become my new self and “everything”. And I was told that Karen is reading “my sufferings” about her own “escapades” and realising who I am, which is what is totally smashing me today.
  • I was VERY happy to receive WARM and HEARTFELT greetings from Elijah. He and his family is doing “fine”, and he is mobilising all his friends to help people of his village having nothing to receive something because the “rich Danes” are deaf not sharing what they have. This is how a friend is supposed to be instead of the extremely negative messages I have received from Karen and others lately. THANK YOU, ELIJAH.

23rd December: The Voice of my resurrected self inside the Source approves our plans because we brought EVERYTHING

  • I met “the voice” inside of the centre of the Source asking me “you want to have a new child” (?), the spirit of my mother showed me that our New World is now finished and untouched, green and blue light will illuminate the sky when I will be reborn, the Voice inside of the Source gave me a “go ahead with your plans” because I have brought EVERYTHING with me, I thought the Voice speaking to me inside of the Source was the spirit of my father but to my pleasant surprise it is my new self (!) – who else (?), and everything is now inside of nothing – the largest of the world is now inside the smallest of the world.
  • Dreaming of my old self closing down, returning the key to my mother as the leader of the world, testing the strength of the New World, which is strong enough, receiving threats of my “old nightmare” right until the end, bringing everything including sceptics with us also with the help of people of other civilizations and the darkness trying to make me take wrong decisions right until the end.
  • This afternoon I cycled 20 kilometres from Helsingør to my old “city of heart” Espergærde, where I lived from 1976-78, and back again, where I received “old memories”, which an inspired lady also did at a photo exhibition at the library, which is the story of today: When returning to the Source, the world will receive back all memories of all time, which the darkness had removed on our “journey outside the Source”.

24th December: The Source is now attached to my new self both in the physical and spiritual world – I will wake up at midnight 🙂

  • I am alone fighting the last darkness almost not receiving any support and energy of the world, my old friend Kirsten is also not helping me as a symbol telling that darkness of man has now soaked out all of my energy, a part of the darkness of the old world will become part of the subsoil of our New World, a nice fairytale about a “guy who ran away from home”, the production of food of the world is less than the need and it takes help from the spiritual world to make the world understand, which should not be necessary (?) and I keep the remaining STRONG darkness inside of me away from unleashing big shotguns aimed at mankind and first of all my own family/friends.
  • I also received warm and kind greetings from David, who has faith but cannot afford to spend Christmas with his family while people here are feasting in excess having forgot what the feast truly is about, and both situations make me very sad.
  • I did not have “time” to make it to church today, but I did it anyway when I went to the service of Hellebæk Church, where I felt the anchor of the Source was now also attached to my left angle, which is to say that my resurrected soul of Jesus and “everything” is now attached to both the physical and spiritual world making me ready to open up my eyes as my new self and that is despite of the darkness of the world not wanting me to arrive. I was told that I will become my new self at the coming midnight :-).
  • The Christmas Evening went fine together with my mother and John, his two daughters and Mette’s family, who saw me as my old normal self and not a “crazy” guy, which I was told is helping me on my way inside the egg. The dinner was very good too and the Christmas Tree was looking fine but it almost caught fire as a symbol of the fire I was very close to release on the world due to the enormous pressure of darkness. It was a fine evening on the surface with no one having the desire to speak about the true content of my writings!


20th December: The most difficult work is to let my resurrected soul of Jesus including “everything” enter me as Stig

Dreaming of Karen balancing between choosing me or being a slave to love, but judging me out

Still alive and kicking – sort of – as my old self and still TIRED, but also still some more dreams:

  • I am together with Karen in one fine house, where Karen is to listen to me, get to know me and tell me how she likes to make love, and then to gradually progress from here, and we enter the neighbour house and I tell her that “the view from here is also beautiful, but if you fell into the river outside the house – which is very rough – you would be soaked under” because of her passion and I tell her “the task is to get you cured from your addiction” and I ask her about her life, where “wild sex” is a large part of it and I don’t feel well listening to her speaking about it.
    • When I woke up from this dream I received MUCH suffering and told that this is the worst I have to go through – which I felt but did not really believe in because I am done with my work – and here it was a dream about Karen, which I really did not feel like bringing, but here it is anyway, and while my mother is balancing between “sane/insane” in her belief of me, Karen is balancing between “to be or not to be with Stig” and the problem is her addiction, which is what is dragging her in the other house.
  • I am fencing with Jack, he is sitting on the floor and I on the sofa, and I feel that he might jump up surprisingly at any moment to attack and defeat me, and instead I take the surprising step jumping up, attacking and disarming him, and he shows me that he had only “very little room” to fight in and I had everything. Afterwards I had a sexual experience with him, which I have to write about on the Internet against my wish even thought it is important to do.
    • As I understand it, Jack helped me as my old friend but because of the system and the school/culture of the Danish military, he was also about to attack and disarm me, but I got to him first – and now I have written the dream about a sexual experience with Jack, and let me tell you STRAIGHT our 🙂 that I am and have never been homo sexual, but apparently this dream is important to write about and is that because Jack likes men too even though I know that he “normally” prefers women? By the way the sofa is about my “sexual sufferings”, which the darkness of Jack also contributed giving me.
    • I woke up the Meat Loaf in one of his biggest hits ever “” Paradise By The Dashboard Light“ and the lyrics “ain’t no doubt about it”
    • Later I was told that Jack wanted to fence me because he came in doubt about who I am and that this goes back to before I published “my sufferings”.
  • Something about being together with Karen and another couple on the first floor and Karen judging me out because I cannot do the basics in love making (!), a voice not working, being in USA, an electronic device collecting an expensive heat invoice, I smoke much and will go home the next day using the train, and I notice that there is no bathroom on the first floor.
    • Karen believes I am so inexperienced in love making that I cannot do the basics hereof (!), which is ONLY because of the very WRONG feelings I get because of her (feeling I am bed with her as a “professional” including all of her past, which makes me feel disgusted) and this is STRONG darkness given to both of us because nobody really wants to go to bed with each other, but I have told her the truth, which is that we will be able to DEVELOP if we only show a GOOD will and COMMUNICATE – and then it will come to us, but when one party does not show this good will and “cannot” overcome her wrong feelings and cannot communicate, it is “impossible” to do. And it is a shame because this is simply a MISUNDERSTANDING, which I am sure that Henriette can confirm?
    • I woke up to the song “satellit“ by Danseorkestret and the lyrics “hvad tænker du på, jeg tænker på dig derude et sted som sender til mig, for jeg ved at du sender til mig, og jeg ved at du er min satellit”, which is confirming that Karen and I are sending spiritually to each other, and I get the feelings of her, and she gets the feelings of me, and that is not easy to explain to your mother, is it Karen (?), which are the words I receive here.
  • Something about my old class friend Henrik H. playing football against me – I see Camilla there too – and a fire engine in USA and “how can I take a chance in you”.
    • Examples of ignorant people rejecting me.
  • Denmark and Switzerland has played a football match on a small field, it ended 1-1 and I have used less than 100 DKK and still have 100 DKK remaining. The judge receives the verdict from the judge over him that he was too eager blowing the whistle and I say that from here it is three quick blows in the whistle and then it is over and out.
    • Switzerland is known for money, chocolate and clocks, so is this about “energy”, i.e. money, fighting selfishness of people, i.e. chocolate, before the end of time (?), with a very eager judge, which may be about some of the work I have done lately, where it did not take me long to do the last updates to my website and “my sufferings” not using ALL of my remaining energy but nevertheless I am satisfied with the contents of my work.
    • I woke up to one of the well known songs from Queen where I heard the chorus sing “you got it, you got it, you got it” (it may be different in the song, but I will not use time finding it now) which I understood was about being “finished” and together with Jeff and Roy “I got it” :-).
  • Jim Lyngvild serves the finest mussels and other shellfish first together with white wine and then a Premier Cru Champagne from a small producer, which a lady feeling like Michella does not like because it tastes “bitter” to her, and I tell her that it is because her taste bud has not got used to the taste yet. I am shown all the best football matches of the Danish national team, and I am asked if I got everything with me, which I was recommended, which I confirm that I did and I feel like I am in Danske Bank Freeport now saying that I have prepared a new edition of this documentary, which will include some extra material of some of the last matches.
    • The shellfish will have to be the result of creation too, and a Premier Cru from a small producer can easily be as good as a Grand Cru, and Michella may be the symbol of darkness converted to light, which is still not used to become part of the light again, but when you get used to it, you will learn to love it the same way as people will learn to love Champagne the more they have tried it.
    • The other day I received a “free film” to watch from my TV provider’s movie shop, and I had decided yesterday to watch a film about the Danish national team in football from 1979-92, which is what this dream is “inspired” from, and I “learned” through this film that Denmark’s win of the Euro Cup 1992 was a symbol of “a journey, which was impossible to do” because they had really gone on vacation before they were called in at the last minute instead of Yugoslavia, and I wonder what the meaning is about the coach Richard Møller Nielsen fighting alone against the media and all of his own players, who threatened to leave the team, but never giving up and yes YOU GOT IT, he led the boys to this win because HE NEVER GAVE UP (!), and his team was not as good as the 1980’s team, which was the best football team ever (?), which however did not win anything, which could be because of a “wrong attitude” when it really mattered, my friends? Did you notice his extremely sharp comments to journalists of the media harassing him, which was probably only the truth he told them (?), and I have seldom if ever in my life heard a man drilling his words as precisely as he did and we know he told the truth as I did too, and did it make him popular (?) and probably not with the people he spoke of, but others were probably able to see it?

Feeling disgusted by darkness and doing the final details to my apartment, which I can do without money

I started working on the script this morning at 09.35 still feeling disgusted with throwing up feelings, a heavy head, tiredness and yes still not nice to do this work – a TOUGH day today it is – and the only thing I can see I could have done better is about “mind control” but we know, I am NOT going into detail using MANY hours of this at this stage – I have FINISHED my work, but accept more sufferings to come because I still ask you to prepare our New World to be as “perfect” as can be.

Afterward writing my script so far I tried to sort the cables to my computer, Internet and TV-box, which I managed to look better but I really need 2-3 new and longer cables to do what would be “perfect” and also a new writing desk, which I have decided that I have to wait doing until I can afford it, so this cannot be any better than it is now.

I looked at my FM-antenna but it does not give much signal after installing the plug onto the antenna and to the radio, so I might be doing it wrongly – I’m not perfect – and one day I will buy a new FM antenna, which is truly difficult to find today when you don’t have a credit card to pay with – I have searched much on the Internet – and this will also have to be later, so all in all, I am done with my apartment, I cannot do anything more to it without money.

So the only work I have left is to browse the main pages of my website to see if there is anything I have missed and to continue writing my daily scripts until I will become my new self and yes the darkness is STILL very strong and again and again and again tries to make me decide to destroy, but NO – NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, I wont do that, Meat (!) – and you will have to imagine that it is “impossible” to keep saying no all of the time to this STRONG force bombarding me, but this is how I have decided it to be, and yes I want us to CONVERT ALL DARKNESS TO LIGHT and that is NOT to become my new self before this is done, and this is really the message and then we will see when it will happen also thinking that my father according to “plan” is to have much of his stomach removed in an operation after Christmas, but I will NOT accept to be pressured and if it is meant to be to save my father from going through this, this is what we will then do – but ALL darkness is to be light and come with me and even when I now almost have no work left.

I continued working to approx. 14.00 today being totally mashed up from which moment on I decided to relax the rest of the day, which is really to ”relax” as much as I could, because I cannot relax mentally at all when having to be alert all of the time to absorb/reflect darkness coming to me through unstoppable negative speech and attempts to take me over. The load of darkness on me until 16.00 was extreme and “impossible” to keep, which I did anyway, and it was so strong that I was “almost” about to “lose it”, which would be the same as saying “forget it”, which would be the same as declaring that I would not take the rest of darkness converted to light with me, but this is not how it is, so I decided to continue, and you will have to imagine that the pressure is so great on my mind and discomfort to my body that it is “totally impossible” to concentrate and to do practically matters for example like work or to hang up a lamp. Every second is immensely painful when being on my edge, but after 16.00 some of the pain left me making the rest of the day “tolerable” but still certainly not pleasant.

The most difficult work is to let my resurrected soul of Jesus including “everything” enter me as Stig

This evening I was told by the spirit of my mother that “not long from now you will not only be me, but also yourself” and later I was told that we have moved all the way back to creation and that I am not even born yet, which is about my new self, i.e. the resurrected soul of Jesus, and I thought that all souls of the New World are alive through the spirit of my father and mother and when I have “now” returned to the Source as my old self with “everything”, where my resurrected soul is, I will be transformed into my new self when the resurrected soul of Jesus together with “everything” of our New World will enter me as Stig, which is what is the most difficult of all as I have been told previously and also why my pain today was extreme.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I saw this posting on Facebook today, where Danske Bank confirms its new CEO, and it looks as if the now later Kim Jong Il is going to take this post, and my friends “inspired” it is because I feel Kim Jong Il inside of me now not as “ill” as he was alive, and the symbol of this posting is that “God will become in charge of the Source”.

  • I was COMPLETELY down today, which I believe is the day where I have done least for 2½ years – except from when I was ”sick” in Kenya.
  • For days I have felt Vivian with me – another part of my mother and I do hope that she is well – and my mother developed a cold after my previous visit and I wonder if this is connected to some of our experiences here at the end.
  • For days I have been told “HK” in relation to Falck, which is the old symbol of Falck opposing my memo on them, which is also to say that I have built pain on top of pain on top of pain etc. and what is now a “closed” chapter for me is not necessarily a closed chapter for people at Falck, or for example at IKU, Adiba and my meditation group, the Myrna Nazzour Facebook group etc. to take some of the last people, and we know “meeting what could be Son of God” as some think is not easily forgotten.


21st December: I went through immense sufferings the last two months as a “play” to save mankind from sufferings

Dreaming of having an insurance to cover any loss (of life) due to “dismissals” (darkness not converted to light)

I had a somewhat better night not making me fresh, but let us say a little bit less tired than yesterday including these dreams:

  • I call the Alfa Romeo dealership and ask them if I can borrow the last money I need on Monday to get a new Alfa Romeo until I will receive pay on Tuesday, and the dealer tells me “yes, please come” – he looks forward to doing a new sale – and at the dealership I see my mother there, and first I see KIA cars, then Citroen cars but no Alfa Romeos, but then I see them in the back room and I thought I could get a new Alfa Romeo of 200,000 DKK but I understand it is a used car from 1999.
    • When I woke up I received “Boogie Wonderland” by Earth Wind and Fire in relation to the Alfa Romeo car, and I understand that this is about using energy, i.e. money, which I don’t have to get everything from the back room with us to our new “wonderland”.
  • I am at a potential client together with Sidsel and someone else, Sidsel has presented figures for the client enabling his company to pay income protection insurance covering the salary reduction of the salesmen by 6-8,000 DKK per month in case of unemployment, and the client tells her “let me look at the numbers because I don’t want these to be hidden payments for your salary”, and I feel that Sidsel has still not given up on getting me as her boyfriend and I know that I will only be able to buy small Christmas gifts this year. (and a feeling that I believed I had two old cars, which I however now feel that I do not and I feel my sister too).
    • Is Income Protection Insurance really an “insurance” covering us from the loss of life in case of “unwilling unemployment”, which is to be “dismissed” or “terminated if we have not converted all darkness to light before it is too late” (?) and is this insurance in relation to the secret message given to me as a “reward” in the swimming hall the other day that “termination is not possible” (?) and this is what I hope is the case because I do believe in the truth of both “getting everything with us before it is too late with the train passing us” and on the other hand also that termination is not possible, so this is where the insurance somehow will save all of us and we will see how this will be paid out in case of any “dismissals”.
    • I am unhappy not being able to afford buying gifts, which to me is about sharing what you have on your heart with other people, and that is to do your absolutely best finding a gift, which will both surprise and make your friend or family member happy – and this is also to say that it makes me sad to see people commercialising Christmas (too much) and for people to write long wishing lists for others to follow blindly and some even only wishing to receive money, which to me is about selfishness having NOTHING to do with the true “art” of giving and receiving a gift – and just a personal remark of course.
  • I woke up to “kom tilbage til mig” by Danseorkestret and the lyrics “I brevet der stod, Hun, at hun var blevet træt af mig, ja, Uuh, ja, træt af at vente, Og hele tiden skændes med mig, ja”, which I understood was in relation to Karen being ”tired of me” and ”all the time fighting with me”, which makes me sad, but on the other hand, it gives me a chance to share a live performance of this ”the biggest hit ever in Denmark” (?) with you:

  • I meet Jimmy J. (old colleague of Aon) and Gert H. (also from Aon and now previous manager of the insurance broker of the Danish Chamber of Commerce, which was a setup of my “good friend” Kim S.) at morning bread at the company together with my old school friend Johnny and I see that they also have some ham, which they will present on our coming exhibition – and I felt it was connected to me and all of the fine ham I have myself – and Nønne is there too receiving healing from me, which she says only very few can give her, otherwise it is her healing other people.
    • Jimmy’s sir name is “Juul”, which is about CHRISTMAS coming here, and here he is together with Gert enjoying bread, which is about their love life, and the exhibition is about our new life of our New World, which they will help me to carry out as “special friends” of mine together with Johnny – my old school friend from Espergærde – and Nønne too, who may understand that I am one of the few being able to heal her, when I comment her dreams on Facebook.
    • When I woke up from the dream, I was told with a very resounding voice that “Johnny is dead”, which I did not understand when hearing, but afterwards I understand that it was given to me to make me “believe” that he would be one of the people “terminated” as you can see from the following dream, which I however believe we have an insurance to cover us from as you can see from the previous dream, and I wonder if the insurance may be about “recreating code” 100% identical to the code, which was lost at the end (?), which really may be the answer to this.
  • I woke up to Lis Sørensen and the song “forvandling” with the lyrics “Du ka’ se at jeg tør, Hvile i din åbne dør, En hånd et ord, Vi åbner os for en forvandling”, which is to say that ”we are opening up for a transformation” when I will become my new self.
  • I am walking in London and crossing pedestrian crossings knowing exactly for how long the lights are green and how long it takes for cars to cross, and then I find myself standing in the middle of one crossing with cars having started to drive. I walk to the park where I see a new demonstration of workers where the Mayor and and Bishop of London arrive to remove the demonstration and bring the leader of the workmen with them, which makes the leader say that the front page of the local school paper yesterday said that thousands of people did not come to the demonstration.
    • These crossings in London feels as the same railway crossing recently, which was impossible to cross, which was really to get everything with us before it is too late, and it is about becoming too late with the traffic starting to run before I am all over, and the Mayor and Bishop are people of darkness “arresting” the leader of the workmen saying that thousands of people did not “make it”, and this is what I understand is “remaining darkness not being converted to light”, which I again understand is what we have an insurance to cover us against and that is because the goal is to get 100,00% with us and to do “magic” if needed.

I stole the “golden cash cow” of Kim S. removing his opportunity to become VERY RICH from doing nothing!

Inspired by the dream about Gert H., I searched the Internet and discovered that the insurance broker of the Danish Chamber of Commerce has ceased its activities (!), and Willis has taken over the activities as the new broker as you can see from the picture below, and my “good old friend” and “colleague” (!) Kim S. was the designer of the old solution – focusing on money because there is NOTHING he admires more (!) – which included for all general insurance to be included in an Insurance Broker owned by the Chamber of Commerce offering each company to do a tender, which would make it IMPOSSIBLE to get a TRUE success to spread “the best solution” to many thousands of companies, which should be “easy” for everyone to see, which it also was for the management of the Danish Chamber of Commerce, when I sent my application to be a Sales Manager there in January 2010 as you can see here (but not before reading my “application”?) and Kim S. had designed it so “appropriately” for him that everything within Life & Pension including Income Protection Insurance, accident, health insurance etc. was a part of “specialising” to offer the best solutions of the market, and as the “program manager” he tried to set up a solution, where the insurance and pension suppliers should be the “generators” of income (!) by marketing and selling all of the products to all of these thousands of companies, but what should be an EASY job to do when doing SALES AND MARKETING perfectly (!), became a disaster for the darkness (!) because of laziness, lack of discipline, hard work and know-how – from “everyone” and not least from Kim self (!) – (and I know as a previous supplier representing Fair Insurance meeting Kim and the other suppliers at co-ordination meetings where I saw just how ROTTEN they were working not doing what should be EASY to do because of WRONG work culture everywhere!) – and the scheme never became what it should have been if it had been designed and sold/marketed properly, which is to COVER EVERYONE.

It seems that even though the Chamber of Commerce did not find my “application” from January 2010 “interesting” in relation to me, they did get the message that the old concept was WRONG not at all using the business potential, and what did they then decide to do (?) and we know to bring the whole scheme to Willis, who has decided to create the “best and most innovative concept” for Danish businesses, which is easy to administer and sell, and it looks like this is the right direction, but I wonder if it TRULY is the best solution of the WORLD, my friends (?) and if it is flexible enough to cover ALL needs of ALL companies (?) or if there is room for improvements (?), which there probably is if you are going to lift up the quality to the BEST IN THE WORLD?

And what this ALSO is about, is to show what Kim S. “had to” stand up to receiving my “present” for him, which was for him to lose his “golden egg” in terms of a HUGE INCOME POTENTIAL potentially making him a very rich man (!) – if he could “design” the solution as a “money machine” bringing him a constant flow of income without having to work for the money (!!!) – and he could have decided to pursue me too for my “application” to the Chamber of Commerce and to upload it to the Internet “humiliating” him to everyone (!), but the only thing I did was to tell the truth about him and also Bo from Dahlberg, who as “the most professional” of the Danish insurance market did NOT have what it took to develop and market this business opportunity properly – because of their own “limitations” not working as they should (!) – and yes “it must have been hurtful” for you both that I “betrayed” you by telling the truth and for me, Kim, to remove your golden egg in terms of money (?) – which was darkness potentially being able to destruct me and all of us, which was the true golden egg (!) – and you would have liked to pursue me, but decided that there was “nothing” you could do (?) also thinking about me being “crazy” (?) and yes are you about to understand both of you – also you Pernille S. – that you received a knock out by me performing as Cassius and you as Foreman bringing me much sufferings?

Kim’s “golden egg” of money was, which was oriented to members of Danish Chamber of Commerce, which now is a winged bird of darkness being shot down by light saying that “this was NOT the way to do it”, and was this so “painful” for you to go through, Kim (?) that you could not contact and “help” me when I had become “crazy” (?) – how many times did you think the WORST of me because of the “cash cow” I stole from you (?) – and I was your best employee ever and also “more than a good friend” (?) and we know we played Bowling in the end of 2009 I believe, but that was it, after I published my scripts the 1st February 2010 I heard NOTHING from you, Kim, and is this a way to treat your good friend (?) and maybe it is when you prioritize yourself and money over people, which is what this is also showing. You did WRONG Kim, and you blamed me for your “misery” without understanding who was living in misery also because of the darkness, which you, your wife and company sent to me.

Here is the “application” I sent to the Chamber of Commerce in January 2010:

And isn’t it funny that the Chamber of Commerce did not believe they could use me as their Sales Manager (?), and who do you think would be the BEST to help you create the absolutely best solutions/concepts for your members (?) and just wondering I am, also after I opened your eyes to see that what you and Kim S. – including Gert and Karen H. within general insurance – had done for years was WRONG to do, but that’s life, blue eyes :-).

We are before creation, I am something different than the Source making it possible to give birth of me only using one try

This morning before starting to write down my dreams – and to understand them, which is part of the process – I was given STRONG information about having to keep working hard to save everything – “if you knew the treasures included, you would work all day” and MUCH more – and also darkness trying its strongest to make me accept termination and we know MUCH stress and oppression, but I decided “I will NOT listen to you and be confused by you, I will keep doing my work as I decide to work, and I will NOT start at this stage to read and work on details on “mind control”, which is really the only thing I could work on now in a greater detail, and I thought that “I could not do my work any better than I did” also considering yesterday as example where I was COMPLETELY BROKEN DOWN.

And today is “not good” but much better than yesterday, and when I had written down and understood the dreams, I decided to believe in the “insurance” making sure that we will get “everything” with us “one way or the other” also because I was told that TERMINATION IS IMPOSSIBLE as a “reward” in the swimming hall the other day, and as you can tell, it is still not always easy here to understand what is the truth and what is not, but this is how it is. I will continue writing my scripts until I am a new man, and also to “browse” my website to see if there should be small things here and there to improve.

After finishing the script so far of today and lunch, I decided to do exactly as planned, which was to “browse” my website, and I found one thing I could improve, which was the Google Map of my address, and I tried to look at HTML 5 technology to see if I could use this to show a map in my sidebar, but this was “deeper” than what I would give of time, and instead I read the “instructions” of WordPress saying that it is possible to embed a map to pages/posts at WordPress but not to the sidebar, and yes I wanted to embed a map to my right sidebar, and the funny part is when I tested it once, it actually worked (!!!), but when I did the RIGHT map solution, it did not work any longer – “hmmmm” as Vivian would have said and also showed through a drawing (!) – but I did a special map including my mother’s and my addresses for you to see, and eventually time after time it had become more than 16.00 so I did “no important work” but only a little bit here and there as planned, and when working I received these secret messages once again, Jeff (!):

  • I was told “nothing is going to be burned down here”.
  • I was shown my father and told “you are even bigger than what you have shown here, which is what we are aiming at” and also that “this is something different than the energy source itself”. And also “could it be the man sitting behind the screen working”?
  • I was told that “it opens for many more options for me to do it right” and a little bit later “we now do not need to open the gate more than once” (create myself) with the feeling of opening the 24th gate of the Christmas calendar.
  • I was told that “we have not even come to the point where you were given a warning” (about darkness coming), which is because “we are now back at a place where there was nothing” (this is before creation took place).
  • We were now so long back before creation that “this gives us a chance to explain how to create life out of nothing”.
  • While working I received burning feelings to my throat and cough and I was shown my sister and also told that she is fearing the content of the “sentence” I received and if I can be violent (!), and I kept receiving more “kill, kill, kill” commands and the WORST sexual speech/sufferings, but I kept on rejecting it.

I continued working to approx. 16.00 from which time I decided to RUN AGAIN and I am starting from the lowest point you can imagine – still “feeling” like a 90 year old (!) – and I could only run about five minutes (!) but nevertheless, I did it and also did a walk around the beautiful “Højstrupgård”.

I went through immense sufferings the last two months as a “play” to save mankind from sufferings

Late in the afternoon my mother came for a short visit giving me a new Christmas decoration etc., and she was happy that I found “energy” to swim the other day and run today, and I could not help smile when she kept saying “meget godt” (“very good”) the same way as Lama Yönten does and also heard one sentence of Sanna speaking through her and we know just meeting human beings of the Source here. There was also another symbol I have now forgotten telling me that the spirit of my mother did not burn even once because I decided NEVER to accept going into the negativity of the darkness.

After her visit I received the following information:

  • Johnny is now on his way back because of the love of your mother” and I understood that he was returned to the Source and has now been resurrected from there.
  • I received a message, which I did not understand and if I don’t understand messages, I will normally not include them, but this one I decided to do to give you an example of how a message can develop and become clearer after I do more work and/or take on more sufferings. The message was: “Everything will become perfect now because nothing burned down” and then “otherwise if would first become later”, and I could not understand the message because months ago I was told that we will start our New World as I have defined it – accepted by all civilisations of the world even though it is at a lower level than what they know of today – and to develop it from there, so how can it be “perfect” to start with?
  • I was told that when the Devil wants to kill, it wants to terminate, which then requires recreation from out of nothing of the Source as with Johnny and I thought about what would have happened to my mother and I if we had been “killed” even though I have not accepted “termination” not knowing the answer, but this is what my mother and I may have avoided from going through and it is not a nice feeling waking up from “out of nothing” as I am told here, and I understood that in order to kill one of us if would require that I “lost it”, which I did not.
  • Because I kept on rejecting the kill command and never accepted to go into negativity – including showing the finger given to me thousands of times and “to Hell with it” etc. – nothing of the Universe was burned and I was told “I will never forget you for doing this”. If I had accepted negativity, it would have led to the realisation of my “old nightmare” and destructions of the Universe including “terminations”, which I know now would not be real terminations but to “terminate life until we would be able to recreate it from the Source”, which logically would be when we would have enough energy, i.e. when getting access to the Source receiving energy to do so, and I understood that all of what I have gone through the last couple of months of sufferings has been an “act” to save the world from suffering, which is truly my love message to the world, and I was asked if I can forgive this, and I only had one immediate response, which was OF COURSE I CAN – Obama (!) – and I thought that it is always better to suffer in order to save than to feast and then to lose and I was thinking that the last is what a large part of mankind did.
  • I was also thinking about what I have been told earlier that loss of evolution data of the Universe could have meant the setback of life making man primitive and how this would fit together with “everything” stored inside of the Source, which we would receive access to when all darkness had disappeared, and then I understood that if we had not been able to create a perfect new world without darkness, we would have been forced to have a new world first including darkness before we could take the final step the next time, and that the decisive moment was the new creation earlier in 2011 some weeks before I moved to Helsingør as I remember it because here all darkness was removed from our New World.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • For a couple of days I have received the word “Centrumdemokraterne” several times, which is the name of the old political party of Erhard Jacobsen and his daughter Mimi, and when Erhard died, his party was dying too because his daughter was not “able” to keep it going – and what was the reason of this, Mimi (?) – and then she became the General Secretary of Save the Children in Denmark, and I wonder if this word comes to me because Mimi “understands” me these days (?) and maybe also the truth about Dadaab even better when reading LTO’s and my memo and isn’t it funny that Mimi has been to the camp and LTO and I have not (?) and this may be about “TALK TALK” of ignorant but still better-knowing people not knowing of the details and not working hard for example to keep a party going, but still having “personal ambitions” to be “somebody important as your father was too”, and because of your name and your oracy, you did not have to work as hard as other people, Mimi (?) and this is where you were WRONG, which our Dadaab memo may prove to you?
  • I was told that Myrna Nazzour now regrets how I was received by her Facebook group.
  • I had a day where my left little finger again hurt so much that it was “difficult” to write, and occasionally I still experience this.
  • Nønne was inspired to bring this posting on Facebook, which is really about my continuous writings, which I was close not to bring because I don’t like the word starting with A.


22nd December: The Source is now attached to me and I have started becoming my new self, the resurrected Jesus

Arriving at the anchor of the Source, where the exchange into my new self will take place before my re-birth

Apparently it was now TIME for a new VERY poor night crossing my pain and patience limits many times and after receiving only little sleep – feeling like no sleep at all and that I am still about to pass out – I decided at 05.30 to follow an encouragement to stand up writing this and also most of the last two chapters of the script of yesterday, which I thought would take me “four hours to do” and that is even though I was “almost convinced” that the end result of our New World would become the same even if I decided to relax not taking on more sufferings, but still I have decided that I will do “my best under the circumstances” and this included to follow this encouragement – and to fight darkness again and again wanting me to use very negative words meaning “forget about it, I will not do it” because I was so tired and did not have any desire at all doing this work, but this was the STRONG feeling I was given as usual, which I also had to fight and to be very careful not taking me over – and after having finalised the script of yesterday here at 06.50, I will now write the following too, and this is really to spare my family from more sufferings (and then I am given 4-5 very uncomfortable “rolls of my heart” when writing this and told that this is what my father is saved from experiencing) and also because I don’t want myself to risk experiencing “negativity” really.

First a dream from the beginning of the night:

  • We have had a visit by the Czech President, but he forgot his bag after he had checked in at the airport, and I ask if the word “President” is printed on the bag once or twice (because we had a president with a bag printed twice with “President”) and this is meant to be funny, and I see how his two “serious guards” laugh. They also forgot the miniature of a castle, and after returning home, I see how the wife of the President is wearing a cleaning uniform and is cleaning up because this is what I can see her doing in the miniature castle. I now feel myself being the Czech President arriving at a place with a beautiful woman, who I like much, who is giving me sexual pleasure in a room, where I also see “simple minded” men being together with other ladies for sale, and it annoys me to see. Afterwards I see how my two guards and the lady “servicing” me are particular about cleaning up our bed removing all traces.
    • I understood when waking up that this is about President Havel, who passed away the other day and my first thought was that he took on sufferings too. The bag will have to be darkness, which Havel brought me because of his sexual escapades with prostitutes apparently well kept from the public by “the system”.
    • I woke up to “Dreaming of 4000” by Electric Light Orchestra and the lyrics “Feel the soul, quiet emotion, Sail on by, helpless devotion, If that’s how it feels, it better be real, Take care of your woman, Or you’ll never ever see the light”, and is this a “warning” given by darkness (?) but also love by the light because it is my favourite band?

Hereafter I was kept awake for maybe one hour where I wrote down the following notes:

  • First I was shown Søren H. drinking expensive wine at a restaurant, which may be both because of his overspending but also about beginning faith since he is drinking the wine of everything at a restaurant meaning new life – and before that it was “normal life” so maybe it is really meaning both.
  • I heard “patrulje” by Kliche and the lyrics “Lyden af maskiner Langt langt væk Udenfor” and was given the feeling that this is about the front man of Kliche, Lars HUG (“stroke”) and giving strokes to Havel because of his desire for ladies for sale, which apparently goes all the way to the top and when writing this I was given the song “Showdown” by Electric Light Orchestra and the lyrics “Save me, oh save me, It’s unreal the suffering”, and is this about the experience of Havel after dying (?) – and I was also told something about “broadcast level normal”, which is to bring the truth without making it a sensation (“breaking story”) to “sell” and this is even though it is about a diseased person.
    • Later in the day, Nønne was inspired to bring the song “kysser himlen farvel” by Lars HUG, and I wonder if I am going to get Havel – together with my step father Ole, Sai Baba, Michael Jackson and also Kim Jong Il and Osama Bin Laden – out of the Source after having said goodbye to Heaven and become “nothing”, which simply might be it.

  • I was told that Hans – my sister’s husband – believes “my sufferings” is a long but good script and that he now believes in me.
  • I was told about Havel: “This one is different, I played the first minute at Helsingør Stadium, until I became corrupted by power and temptations”, and apparently Havel could not keep his high standards not to become corrupted by the power, which he warned other against.
  • I was shown a vision of the skeleton of a not finished high building and I was high up in this building because of Havel. I kept on hearing Electric Light Orchestra repeating “too late” from the “Dreaming Of 4000” song, and I see a big treasure about to fall into the sea, and I was told that this took place while the world was on its way towards the end and it was followed by both a vision and speech saying “then the house of the newspaper Politiken fell down from Costa Brava”, which is about the house of the Devil falling down from a very beautiful coast line of Northern Spain, which can only be the light on which it was a parasite, so Havel was a man living a sinful life helping the world to reach the end in order to liberate us from the darkness, do you see? And right after hearing “Brava”, I was given the feeling “Bravo – for taking on this suffering too writing this down”.
  • I was told that I now have 1,000 DKK remaining, and the other day it was 100 DKK (?), and this is about energy, so I did receive a little energy from the Source apparently.
  • I was shown India and told “we don’t want any dissidents here” and that they are knocked down hardly.
  • I woke up to one of my signature songs “Det er I dag et vejr” by Kim Larsen and the lyrics ”Nu vil jeg glemme rent, at det var vinter, Nu vil jeg gå og købe hyacinther” (”I will now forget that it was winter, I will go and buy hyacints”), which is really to replace darkness with the beauty of light.
  • I was told that Hans, Havel and “others” have brought me the worst sexual sufferings including threats of our destruction if I could not reject it and I was told that “believing in yourself in such surroundings cannot be done”.
  • I was also shown Havel being on my dream team as Henning Jensen, the former player on the Danish national team in football, scoring his DREAM goal from the 1976 match KB vs Borrusia, and that he brought me a diskette too (information for our New World), and I was shown Dirch Passer speaking out very LOUD “how big I am, SO BIG”, which was a symbol saying that I will also be born as my new self because of the influence of Havel.

Hereafter I was given a little bit of sleep with this dream:

  • At DanskeBank-Pension I hear that “the lady has called again”, which is about Karen calling and complaining about me, and when I tell my old friend Paul working there too that Karen and I are not finished with each other, he does not believe me because of what she says on the telephone, and I tell him that I am sad that he believes in her (not speaking the truth) and not me. I arrive at a cottage house where I am going to spend the weekend together with Karen, Paul and his girlfriend. I have arrived on my bicycle where I have received a new cycle tube to replace the other, which did not work anymore and I see that the old tube is hanging out from the tire because I have not removed it. Paul loves his tall and young girlfriend, he drives a big car and plays football as well as Knud Lundberg, who loves rock an roll music. Karen arrives at the carport and she does not see Paul standing next to the car when she says that she has come back and stay for good this time, which makes Paul realize that I was right. I enter the cottage house spitting out a mouthful of gasoline, which makes the others a little bit concerned, but nothing happens. Paul is finishing one of his last papers for Banking School, which I decided to quite myself without going to the exam. We are about to have dinner now, and I look forward to a good talk between us and think that Karen also has to get to know me this way.
    • DanskeBank-Pension is where I get refuelled with energy, where Karen makes herself known as a lady clearly rejecting me, which people believes in without understanding that she really wants to be together with me, which she confirms at the cottage house making Paul understand, and with this knowledge, Paul plays on my team too, which makes me enter this place without blowing up, which may be to say that these are people helping me all the way in to the deepest without giving up because of their actions and faith.
    • I woke up to “Rock and a hard place” by Rolling Stones, and this band has also been the symbol of the shotgun aimed at me destroying my love life, and “hard” is truly what Karen has been to me and more than anyone else, Karen?

Hereafter I was kept awake again receiving this information:

  • I was given the song “take me on and on” by Electric Light Orchestra and the lyrics “take me on and on until the world has gone”, which is about the final part of the old world now dissolving also because of what Karen brings me, and I was told that “Paul brought me the last road even though he had decided to never defend me”, which he apparently did after all.
  • I was shown Karen walking in a HUGE farm yard and she says “I have been training until 05.00 this night” and I heard the song “hvor skal vi sove i nat” (“where are we to sleep tonight” – a HUGE hit here in the 1980’s) and I was given the song “Hvorfor ikke mig” (“why not me”) by Danseorkestret, which is about Karen making love to men not knowing who will be the next “casual” lover, but “why not me”, Karen (?) and we know not an easy feeling being the love of her life seeing the beauty of her as no one else and wanting to treat her with love and respect, but I am the “only one”, which she does not want to sleep with!
  • I was shown a post terminal and told “there are one million letters on its way here and also here” and I see employees being lightly confused and stressed, and the letters are also about the survival of life.
  • I was shown and told “it stands right over there, the anchor itself, you, me, everything”, which I understood is the centre itself and the goal of our quest – also symbolised by receiving a new shirt from my mother – and I was shown and told “with this we will remove all fences blocking the world”.
  • I was told “in all other cars, the gear shift does not work perfectly, but in yours, it does”, which I understood was about the access to the Source, which I wrote about the other day, and I do believe that if this “car” had been destroyed, it would have been recreated when having access to the Source – our “insurance” – so sooner or later, everything would become perfect anyway, Rick!
  • I was told that “this opened Scandinavia for me and I am now standing inside there seeing fantastic things”.
  • I was shown a schooner arriving through the walls of a large building and told that “the old world will come on display at the museum in here”.
  • I was shown Karen arriving in the fastest jeep in the world (inspired by a posting of Top Gear on Facebook yesterday), which created our fast route inside of here.
  • I was shown and told “I drove after him, but decided to drive at the bigger and safe parallel road to the left and we now meet up in this place”.
  • I was told that “it is in there that the exchange will take place before my birth itself” (changing from my hybrid self consisting of the spirits of my mother and father to my new self, i.e. the resurrected soul of Jesus) and I was shown a very large assembly hall at a castle with many people having dinner and told “you will be sitting together with many people of the high aristocrat in there” and I felt opposition to me.
  • I heard “udenfor sæsonen” by Johnny Madsen, which was about my change over happening before Christmas Eve?
  • And then I was told “we cannot yet see the fish we will create because it has not been created yet” and this is what my “impossible” work writing all of these notes down feeling “less than nothing” really, which I completed at 09.10 this morning, and we will see for how long I can keep awake because this is what I have been encourage to do all day long, and we know feeling as tired as I did in Lyngby where I could not continue and had decided that I would no longer work like this, and we know we will see what I will decide to do during the day, which may include “some sleep”.

The anchor of the Source is now being attached to me – I have started becoming my new self

After writing the above, I killed time until 12.00 doing nothing and took a bath until 14.00 – being on my ultimate tired limit again and feeling completely and utterly destroyed with “nothing left”, and after lunch, I decided to do a little cleaning and to write these few lines, which is when I felt the anchor of the Source being attached to my right foot meaning that the process of becoming my new self including everything has now started, so we will see if it will end the 24th or maybe 25th or 26th December (?) and the spirit of my father told me that “I look forward to taking off this overcoat like crazy”, which is to stop being forced by darkness to bring misery and sufferings to the world.

Finally at 16.00 I decided as the Zombie Stig – truly more dead than alive – to cycle to town to receive money back for two shirts (!) from Føtex and to buy two new shirts at Mr. August at the same price, which really was the “impossible” task of the day to symbolise my new shirt I am starting to wear – and what is the word for TIRED lifted up 100 times (?) – and let me say that in Lyngby I received the feeling of being afraid of meeting people at Falck because of their potential negative feelings of me, and I am now the same in Helsingør because of the potential negative feelings of the meditation group to me – how would Adiba as example decide to “welcome” me if meeting her on the street, and would that still be to look the other way (?) – and it makes me tremendously sad.

On my way home I was giving burning feelings in my throat and told that Karen has started reading “my sufferings” about her and starting to realise that we could have had a child together and that I am the one I am and together with telling the world straight out about her escapades is what is giving me this immense darkness at the absolutely inner core, and yes I do understand if Karen is broken too.

I was given the song crush by Jennifer Paige and told that this place is like a very small apartment “almost not existing” but still this includes all of the energy of the Universe, and also that it is amazing that I am able to stand up inside of here because of the strength of darkness, but the Universe and faith is helping me otherwise I could not do so, then I would be crushed.

Receiving WARM greetings from Elijah, who is helping his village to receive help when the rich world doesn’t

The past few days I have been wondering if my LTO friends would be “able” at all to send me Christmas greetings (nobody here would think about sending me greetings) – it makes me sad not to be hearing from you – but today Elijah made me VERY happy showing his VERY GOOD sides as you can see from his email below, and can you imagine how much more I prefer to receive WARM, KIND and HEARTFELT greetings from a TRUE friend instead of constant attacks and NEGATIVE language as for example from Karen, who made me very sad for not being “able” to communicate and express her true feelings for me,

And here you see a man in Kenya having gone through misery given to him as a test and to help me take on the sins of mankind – together with Meshack, David and John – but instead of being weak, at the end he decided to do the ONLY right thing, which is to be strong helping both himself, his family and furthermore also his village to come through by mobilizing help through his friends to bring something to those who have nothing, and it makes me PROUD Elijah to see this side of you and for you to have the surplus to help others, and you are so right about the attitude of deaf rich people, but it is going to change soon when we will bring normal life to the world, which is when we will start seeing each other again and work together at a completely other level, where both you, the team and I will be our TRUE selves with all darkness limiting us being removed – it will be like being able to see everything where you are used to see nothing.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR WARM GREETINGS, ELIJAH – will you please give a hug to each of your family member and entire village – including the church, pastors and assembly also in Gachie – and tell them that it comes from me with all of my greetings. I will NEVER give up and that is also to be able to return bringing a New World without darkness to your city, the entire Africa and all continents of the world, and I shall be happy to seeing all of your family and village to an EVEN better meal than what I enjoyed with your family in 2009 and also with the church.

My kindest regards and hugs for everyone :-).


And here is his email:

Dear Stig,


Im fine and so is my family. I hope you are fine too. At this Christmas time, for me and my family, it will be a time to spent with those who don’t have encouraging and motivating them that normal life is on the way. If only the rich new, like your family and the rich Danes, then they would save to share with the poor at this Christmas time. But woo unto them, they have eyes but they don’t see, they have ears, but they don’t ear, Ahh, they have mouths and yes they eat a lot!

However, if Danes can’t do it, we will do it here in Kenya. I im mobilizing all my friends those who have something to share with us and help us in feeding if not the entire village but the less fortunate. I welcome you as a friend to see how best you can to help us make a smile to a child during this festive season. It is our joy to see you be part of us if you can, if you can’t ,don’t worry my friend! But be Happy!

All the same, its different motto here, we have now learned not to complain but to be full of joy and thanks giving all the time! We are all happy for not what we have , but because of the gift of life.

Finally, allow me to extend our warm greetings to you from all of us here in Kenya and wish you “A Merry Christmas and a happy 2012 Stig!

Warm Regards,

Ending the day with this short story:

  • I was given the thought several times about how many people knowing about me not having the “courage” to support me directly and that goes to family/friends etc. and to the entire world, and we know except from my LTO friends, NO ONE “could find out” to support me directly understanding that I am a mere human being with a very great need of human support instead of fighting me and being negative, which you however “could not” give me?


23rd December: The Voice of my resurrected self inside of the Source approves our plans because we brought EVERYTHING

The Voice of my resurrected self inside of the Source approves our plans because we brought EVERYTHING

Just before going to bed yesterday evening I received the following information:

  • I was told from the centre of the Source: “What kept you (?) – we have been waiting for 150 millions years” and also “oh, you want to have a new child”, where I felt that the number of years was meaning “forever”.
  • I felt Ole Bengt from Acta and heard “sir du det” (?) (“is that so”?) and I was told that the most difficult part was to get the shoe on (attaching the Source to my angle), which is why it was so difficult today.
  • I kept on hearing Sebastian’s “Når lyset bryder frem” (”when the light breaks out”) and the lyrics ”når lyset bryder frem, ja så må vi hjem” (”when the light breaks out, we will go home”).
  • I received the strongest feelings that I did NOT want to become my new self and that I am fine as I am – Stig without “all of this” – and the strength of this was because of the feelings of Karen going through this process now.
  • I was told that my mother believing that I have received energy again because I have started to swim and run not understanding that I am dying as my old self is also of importance in order for me to be able to stand up at the Source, and the same goes with my visit to the hair dresser the other day, setting up the mussel lamp and to exchange the shirts, because this makes my mother feel that I am in control, which is then what the darkness of the Source feels too – do you see?
  • I was told that “it is Obelix who is inside the Source, he is ALWAYS strong”.
  • I was shown the spirit of my mother pulling out the knife from the marzipan layer cake showing that the New World is now finished and completely untouched.
  • I was told that “some greenish and bluish gleam will come at certain places” (Green for the Trinity and Blue for my new self in connection with my rebirth).
  • I heard about my self “move me over to the cash desk” (to extract energy from the Source) and I was to my surprise shown my friend Lisbeth’s ex-husband Pauli B. and understood that he has importance in this respect (he is a connection of mine via LinkedIn, but not Facebook, and knows about “my sufferings”, my Falck memo and my website).
  • I don’t have one single unused post bag here, no you have brought all here, and this is why I also give you a go from here – go ahead with your plans” (brought EVERYTHING with me including ALL life!).
  • I heard “You’ll never walk alone” by Gerry & the Pacemakers symbolising that I will never be alone in my future life.
  • I was about to fall asleep when I heard “something” about the Trinity, which I did not get but I understood that a story has not been told about the Trinity and “when it is more convenient, you can tell this too” as I understood from the Voice inside the Source, whom I believed had to be the original spirit of my father trapped inside of darkness.
  • I was shown individual people and their employment and was told that everyone of the world has been approved inside of the Source including their employment.
  • And just when I was falling asleep, I was given the feeling “it is my new self speaking to me” – the resurrected soul of Jesus – which made me smile, and yes who else (?) and I was told “everything is now inside of nothing – the largest of the world is now inside the smallest of the world”, and “how can this be” (?) and I received the understanding that we used to stretch the world and that this was to do with “plusses” and “minuses” and also that we have found a new solution of this “on the road here”, and finally I heard CAN CAN by Bad Manners and felt that this is because this is what we CAN, Obama (?) and maybe not as in the video below (yes, I also LOVE “silly” performances like this), but CAN CAN in terms of removing darkness including BAD MANNERS of the world creating our New World (?) and YES WE CAN :-).

  • But no more TALK TALK today, everything is alright, life is what we made it – another brilliant piece of music by this “one of my favourite bands”.
  • (I am NOT doing anything to the bullet points of my PDF document, just so you know, my friends).

Dreaming of returning the key to my mother as the leader of the world and testing the strength of our New World

My TV “broke” down yesterday evening and I wonder if this is because of the provider Telia or spiritual darkness because of Karen (?) and this morning it was still broken down, and because the TV did not work and I was more tired than what you can imagine, I decided to go to sleep at 21.00, and I was happy that I was allowed to sleep – with some wake ups – until 07.00 this morning and with a few dreams too:

  • Something is about to close and people are looking for a cash dispenser.
    • The end of my old self.
  • I am at the Central Station of Copenhagen keeping an eye on a small but very professional company led by a business lady sitting just outside the entrance, and I have looked after part of her key while she has been away, and now when she returns, I return this part to her. I meet my mother and we share three different kinds of herrings, which we have bought, and I receive holy books brought to me by the bus.
    • The Central Station is from where all trains of the world are controlled and it is from here our small company is run with the small company being life/everything of the Source, and when the spirit of my mother is returning here, she gets her key back to run the business as the leader of the world as part of the Trinity, i.e. the three herrings – and the holy books of life is brought to me after completing my ride on the bus going through Hell with sexual sufferings and my “old nightmare” threatening to destruct me/us on the way.
  • I see a lorry on deck, it is belonging to Michella and I check its breaks to see if they work (they are huge and made of bricks!) and also the strength of the lorry itself by pulling it maybe 5-10 metres up in a crane, releasing it and checking to see if it could take the fall, which it could. I feel that she is still interested in me and that I have to ask her out through Søren H. if I want to.
    • The lorry is our New World, which is belonging to Michella as another part of my mother and here it is tested by my new self inside the Source and passes. There is still threats right until the end, and Søren H. is one bringing me much darkness because of his lack of faith and opposition to me.
    • I woke up to “Massachusetts” by Bee Gees, which is really because it is one of my mother’s favourite songs ALWAYS bringing her attention when we hear it and this is also love sent to me by the spirit of my mother.
  • I attend a Miss Playboy event in Germany with only few spectators.
    • I expect this to become “much less” in our New World despite of my actions as my old self “a few times only” where I have thought “I don’t like people to play on their sexuality, but I prefer them to be natural”.
  • Outside on the deck of the ship stands a sceptic of mine and he keeps standing there also when I go in, and from inside looking out seeing UFO’s on the sky.
    • We are bringing EVERYONE with us to the New World ALSO the sceptics, which is also done with the help of people of other civilizations – thank you :-).
  • I see a “for sale” sign of my father’s mother’s apartment including very detailed price information, the apartment is only 40 square metres large, but I am not interested to buy because I already have my own apartment.
    • The “small” apartment is probably about the size of the small Source, and is this about darkness trying to make me take wrong decisions until the end also after having found my “own apartment”, the Source now being attached to me as Stig?

Spiritual darkness messes up my Internet and TV because of strong reactions of Karen thinking ”how could I”?

I started working 08.15 this morning and even though I felt somewhat tired the first hour, I feel MUCH better today also starting to feel the impact of exercise in my body, and I have been thinking of driving 10 kilometres on bicycle to Espergærde today, where I lived and went to school as a boy and teenager and we will see if I will make it after lunch today, if something else does not show up (I like to keep my Action Plan but you never really know because of darkness here …..).

This morning I felt how the voice of darkness is changing from darkness to light for example when correcting itself from negative to positive and also when giving me “Dallas” by Shu-bi-dua – an old song of darkness because of the TV series including rich people, poor behaviour and oppression of others to benefit yourself etc. – changing into two other Shu-bi-dua songs symbolising light, which I cannot remember now.

I checked the TV this morning and it is still without a picture and only sound for approx. 10-15 seconds (!), and when starting writing today, I noticed how all of my shortcut buttons in Firefox suddenly had “vanished” and I had to find them and do a new setup, and I can only see this as spiritual darkness coming because of Karen not “feeling very well” as I am told here – I feel ONLY darkness from there right now – with throw up feelings including “what have I done”, “how could I” etc. and I am also given the feeling of my sister here, who can sing this song together with Karen and MANY others, but these two had the strongest voices of the choir.

Later in the day – after my cycling tour, see below – I was told that Karen thought last year that I had written about her as I did – her past as a prostitute – as my “revenge” over her because of how she “broke” with me in 2004 and first now she is discovering that I simply write the truth not having this purpose, which you know is what I say in my chapter of “my sufferings” about her.

I had finished the script so far at 10.35 and here I decided to find my homemade Christmas CD’s among my hundreds of lose CD’s (I wonder how many of my “friends” are listening to these CD’s including MUCH beautiful music, which I gave them in 2008, and can I count you in, Karen (?), and what about you Søren, H., Kim S., Preben and others enjoying the music and thinking of me when listening but still you have decided not to contact and support me?) – it will become MUCH better to have streaming music and ELECTRONIC ORGANISATION – and to wash my clothes.

I did some work “here and there” trying to find a translator widget not using Javascrpt on my site, but it did not work, and how is it possible to create “bad code” of Java risking to break down the whole WordPress site, and yes “just another sign” of what the “minus-code” can do to you, and if I can change “bad coding” from the world, you may be able to also remove “bad coding” of Java – or to create a new language – to bring people ALL opportunities instead of limiting them (?), which is really what you will see in our New World too.

I decided to look deeper into my Signs I page too doing a few amendments to the text and also to update a video, which had been removed by the uploader.

I received memories of my old “city of heart” symbolising that the world will receive back all memories of all times

As planned, as done. I took my bicycle and started driving through Helsingør and also beautiful Snekkersten (!) (where I found a radio/TV store selling “old fashioned FM antennas”, which I bought) on my way towards Espergærde also passing strong resistance from darkness wanting me to give up – giving me physical “difficulties” and lack of motivation to drive in the wind against me (I have noticed your wish always to have the wind with you on the cycling path, Jacob :-)) but I overcame it and was happy to drive from Snekkersten Station towards Espergærde via Agnetevej on bicycle, which I have not done since the middle of the 1980’s, and when coming to the Nirvana path behind Karenvej I of course had to drive up here and then remember “here is where my Faroe friend lived, here lived Morten and here Robert and then down to no. 4 to see our old house and yes it was raining so I had taken off my glasses but I could see the lady of the house today returning from her Christmas shopping and I had a short conversation with her telling her that we lived there from 1976-78 and yes this is the house where I have been the most happy to live of all places and when my mother and Ole divorced because of his “mental illness” (!) in 1978, it was a VERY sad moment, and I had not intentions to see the house from the inside, but I was told afterwards that maybe this would have been the nice thing to do, to offer me to see the house, but maybe she did not think so far or otherwise she just wanted to get inside with all of her packing’s because “Christmas is a busy time” and that is really not how I imagine Christmas, but that is another story. And I was given the feeling that this family living here will also get a special Christmas memory of me.

Hereafter I was happy to see the Espergærde, which I remember so well and I drove to Mørdrupskolen – my old school – and received many good memories and from here to the shopping centre, where I did the same, and I was inside Danske Bank to see if any old colleagues from 1984-86 was there, but no, and from here to the library of course where I was happy to see a photo exhibition of a lady who decided to take photos of “old memories” of her dear Espergærde after having returned to live there after many years, and we know it is a little bit like having the world returning to the Source after having been away for many years because when you come home, you will receive back the old memories, which you had forgotten about and this is the same here because a part of the darkness is to “forget” and all of the things you have forgotten about – leaving out darkness – is what will return to us all and that includes of all times of everyone, which this story is about, and as example I was happy to see a photo of Tom Vilmar and Jan Geelmuyden from Espergærde after I had forgot that they played for the best football team of Helsingør in the 1980’s (I saw some of your matches on stadium back then) and also to see my old class friend Jais – today a well known face from the “famous” youth school of Espergærde – together with the old principal Arne Hedegaard, whom I remember that all pupils “loved” in the 1980’s so it’s all coming back to me now, Celine, Meat and Jim :-).

I was happy to drive down to the harbour remembering my work after school for the departed Rio Flowers where the real estate broker today has an office and kitchen and to have a Cappuccino at Café Divino, which was really the only place I could take a Cappuccino it was almost a “divine” experience also because of the name (!), but not because of the price, and yes my ladies and gentlemen 39 DKK for one cup (approx. 10 DKK more than in Helsingør!), it was almost killing me! (followed by a :-)).

Even though I have only lived from 1976-78 in Espergærde and continuing going to school there until 1981, this is where my heart is – Espergærde as part of the greater Helsingør.

And I cycled via the beautiful beach road home, and during this tour I also received the information that my close family and friends had to “break completely down” before they would develop spiritually and before we would pick them up again and I had to take on all of their “break-downs”, otherwise we would not make it.

I was also told that the whole world is now inside of the Source again and that it is impossible to survive outside the Source, which is why the count down was set to 2012, which is what the Mayan Calendar showed to the world when it simply ends in 2012, which however was “difficult” for the world to believe in, which you can see in this article in Daily Mail telling about Mexico’s plans to use this “event” to cash in a lot of money from tourists instead of understanding and what is there to understand because “the world will not end” as a know-all tourist spokesperson says in the article and this may be what you see, but exactly when these words are written, the world is ending, but happily for you a New World is starting.

This tour was also to bring energy to my rebirth herewith also saving my family from more sufferings, and yes I had to go through much darkness also today, and it often comes in waves, and when I have absorbed/rejected one attack, it VERY OFTEN immediately changes into a new attack twisting my words and wanting me to agree by speaking to my “inner beast” – including trying to make me gloat over my victory and “everything imaginable” when it comes to negativity – which you know I have decided that I don’t want the bring forward.

I was away for approx. three hours returning home after 17.00, doing the last writing of the script and published the last four days of scripts at 19.45, and this may be the last script I will publish (?) maybe with an add-on for tomorrow (?) or will I continue writing for a few more days (?) and it all really comes back to when I will be re-born, which I may be the 24th?

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Just a thought: Had I not taken on sufferings since the 15th December, we would not have been able to celebrate Christmas with my mother this year, but because I did, she only received a small cold a week ago and “nothing more” meaning that it will ALSO become Christmas here :-).
  • I was told that “life is part of nothing self, which darkness could not kill since it is not there”!
  • Just another thought: THANK YOU TO WORDPRESS HOSTING MY WEBSITE AND PROVIDING FANTASTIC SERVICE FOR FREE 🙂 – and this goes to other sites as well hosting my information on the Internet.
  • For days I have received the name “Ballet Mecanique”, which to me is the old band of Martin Hall, a very respected avantgarde Danish artist but only little known for his works, and this was to bring another name to the list of “inspired” Danish musicians and we know “special friends” you know. Listen to this song as an example, which should be well deserved to get a bigger audience if “people could only understand his art”, which is not that difficult?

  • I was told “you are not a mummy, and that is not yet anyway”, which I understood was about the mortal remains of my old self, which is NOT at the Pyramids of Egypt yet, but will be brought there as I understand the information I receive now “when I will become my old self” and also the feeling that there are no mortal remains of me today because I have been extinct also including the removal of my mortal remains!
    • Later – on my cycle tour – I was told that drawings on the wall of my burial chamber made “thousands of years ago” will reveal the exact story of me as Stig.
  • The owner of Selvet, Jens, was inspired to post this today, and would you like me to comment it, Jens (?), or do you believe that it speaks for itself also in relation to how you decided to treat me?

  • Nønne keeps on dreaming, and this dream made her feel “good” because she is “in control” telling off previous boy friends and it was SO great to ride it, but a family member was concerned, and yes Nønne, do you believe it is good behaviour to tell someone off (?) and let me tell you that the motorcycle is an old symbol of darkness, which I know well from my dreams and it is about your own selfish and wrong behaviour, which is also what you showed me, and no, I will not write this on your Facebook wall, because your reaction would really be just to tell me off again without trying to understand, do you see?

  • Søren Pind was inspired again today when speaking of ”trail blazers”, which people below speaks about what it really means, and they say that it is to “forget the past”, which is what we will do when it comes to darkness of our lives and also “a person who marks a trail through wilderness areas” as Søren writes, and then he says that in Danish we have the expression “stifinder” (“pathfinder”) but not “stiskaber” (“path creator”), which he invites people to give a name, and receives the suggestion “foregangsmand” (“pioneer”), and this is really how you are welcome to see me; as a “path creator”, who was the pioneer finding the Source and creating the road for the world through darkness to the “infinitely small entrance” of the Source.

  • Finally, another example of how ”inspiration” also works, which I have noticed myself when surfing the Internet without writing about this phenomenon before now, which is to “influence computer systems” to generate special words, and here Signe from my meditation group received her new name “Sneezing Teepee” and “sneezing” is my old symbol of “physical destruction” and while writing this, I am given a strong sudden pain to my right angle again, which has the same meaning and this is what Signe is also doing to me – I was told “because of her importance too“ (a “special friend”) – because of her misunderstandings and opposition to me.

  • I received pain in my finger and was told that my father is “hurting very much” because of me, which is also “killing me”.
  • And let me hear bring you a story about a man who comes around, which is also on my Christmas CD’s because this might be the right time of year to show it – and just saying that no one will die as the lyrics say, everyone will survive :-).

  • I was also told this evening that I will become my new self when the bell will be rung the first time, but that was it (!) and rung the first time of midnight between the 24th and 25th, which is my guess at the moment, and I really don’t know, so we will see what happens and I get the feeling that the closer I come, the more information I will be given, but “not long” should be a fairly good guess, or you can call me Mads, and yes our “collaborator” from dahlberg, and I have received your name many times, and isn’t it funny that Bo and Søren from Dahlberg had confidences in you but not in me, and between you and me, Mads, who was “the expert” (?) and just asking I am of course and I feel and see the outline of the Devil on his way over and out.
  • Furthermore I was also told that the darkness could not attack angels, which it did not discover, but “we cannot all be angels”.
  • I was told that the darkness keep on killing me but you end up not feeling pain becoming your new self – the negative voice was extreme again this evening and I was very close to tell it “will you please stop”, and I was told on one hand that I would receive help if I did and on the other that I would receive my “old nightmare”, so who knows?


24th December: The Source is attached to my new self both in the physical and spiritual world – I will wake up at midnight 🙂

Dreaming of fighting the last darkness alone having used all of my energy without support from the world

I first went to bed at midnight yesterday – for a long time it has been between 22.00 to 23.00 – and first woke up at 09.40 this morning (!) and first starting writing at 11.10, which I believe is also because of physical exercise yesterday – and new dreams:

  • My old friend Lars G. has put professional looking adds in the newspaper offering my professional help, which people has also seen on my Internet sites. I don’t feel I have time to help him, but even so I help him with a client using the rules of the old world to put together a script including our claim for compensation for “this and that” according to different law paragraphs and I understand when working with it that it is not as difficult as one should believe, and I see how professional lawyers on the other side discuss our claim and believe that we as a maximum can get 18,000 DKK in compensation. I am now – working on the same case – on my way to Norway and am the only passenger on the plane and I am served breakfast and told that it is 215 DKK, which I cannot afford and I tell the stewardess that I was told that breakfast was included in the flight, and after a short discussion she comes back removing my egg and giving me an old egg instead, which now makes the breakfast free.
    • I am here helping Lars G. who is a symbol of God, and I am using the rules of the old world asking for compensation, which is money, i.e. “energy” in my symbolic language, but the old world can only give me very little, which this is about because NO ONE decided to stand forward sending me a supportive email and I repeat NO ONE (!!!) and I am alone here on my way through darkness, i.e. Norway, to receive my old egg, which is our old creation.
    • I was given “Sui Sui” by Sneakers – still the best (!) – and the lyrics “Sui Sui løber hjemmefra” (“Sui Sui runs away from home”), which is simply what the world does when it “cannot” show courage and responsibility by supporting me directly.
  • I am working with my old friend Kirsten at DanskeBank-Pension. She does not do her job properly and I give her a HUGE telling-off and she tells me that she is not sure that she will stay there, which takes so much our of me that I lay down not moving on the ground, and a dog comes licking me in my head. Bjarne B. (my manager from Danske Bank Freeport 1986-87) is my manager, he is misusing his time looking through his expense vouchers and he has a memo of mine for control reading, and I see it now 14 days afterwards still on his desk – which is TOO long – and with MANY correction, and he tells me that he has now received approval from the first director our of more (maybe three) on a loan application, which makes us very happy.
    • My old friend Kirsten is not participating to bring me much energy at DanskeBank-Pension – not reading and not understanding me, Kirsten (?) – and the dream says that all of my energy has now been used (because of the dogs, i.e. darkness of the world). Please decide to use the competences of your team the best way, look at your total amount of work and divide it between you, so you will use your competences the best way. Set service levels also on how long it takes ideally not to “control the work of someone else” (if he works responsibly that is) but to “help lifting a piece of work up” with your comments and ideas, and the loan application is to receive even more energy before opening the Source and I wonder if this will be today or “the first ring of the bell”, which may be the 31st December at midnight (?) and we will see, and I have even wondered if I am to take another year, because what’s that, Johnny (?), because the Mayan calendar first runs out the 21st December 2012, but that would surprise me much with the Source now being attached to me, but you never really know, which is part of “the game”, Benny and Björn!
  • Two train lines are driving to Nordhavn Station and I can take both, and the train arrives “immediately” and I see myself on my way with a colleague towards what feels like Jyske Bank and not Danske Bank at Freeport, and this branch will be moved into the subsoil against their wishes, and my colleague does not know the road, but I do.
    • Still riding the train I am moving a part of darkness to become part of the subsoil of our New World.
  • I woke up to an old Danish “schlager” by Mette with the lyrics “SLABADUBADELLE nu vil jeg fortælle et dejligt lille eventyr som handler om en lille fyr som rendte hjemmefra” ”(”I will now tell you a fairytale of a guy who ran away from home”), which may be the fairytale of me returning to the Source after having been away from it for a long time.
    • I received so much darkness when I was woken up during the night that I was afraid of losing it – it really takes energy and will power to keep the darkness away from overtaking me and that is all of the time – or to be “cheated” once more not becoming my new self at Christmas either, and I am thinking of the old fairytale of Peter and the wolf with Peter shouting “the wolf comes” many times and at the end no people believes in him and then the wolf really comes (!), but this may just be my feeling and not the world, but you may be impatient after having waited a long time for me?
  • I see black people removing the last potatoes on top of the lorry quicker than new arrives, and it takes telemarketing and good sales skills to provide more, and my old school friend Kim B. tries calling, but does not get any results and is about to give up as the consequence, and I tell him to be strong and to accept variations.
    • The production of food of the world is not big enough to cover the need of food of the world (!), and it takes telemarketing – spiritual calls (!) – to wake the world and do what should be simple logic for everyone, which is to produce enough food for everyone, is that difficult to understand (?), and is this about my old friend – and actor – Kim B. about to wake up?
  • I am standing outside what feels like the store of a goldsmith at Nørrebro in Copenhagen and I see second generation immigrants behind a parked truck threatening to shoot with their big shotguns against policemen in front of the store, which makes me quite scared, but I see that nothing happens, and instead I point at an amazingly looking sport car of German plates parked a few metres from us and agree with the immigrants that it is incredible beautiful.
    • It seems that Nørrebro is the “dangerous” neighbourhood of our old world, where immigrants threatens to shoot at the police, and the immigrants are me because I have the power to decide shooting, but as long as I am in control of the darkness, there will be no shooting, and the targets are “people of darkness”, which is mankind and here probably in first hand my closest family/friends etc. and yes they send me darkness including much sufferings to absorb, and I keep it away from returning to themselves by continuing to taking on this darkness being stronger than all of them, this is basically still the story and truly not easy it is.

David has faith but cannot celebrate Christmas with his family, and rich people feast having forgot what Christmas is about

I was very happy this morning also to receive GREETINGS from David – and also a few people on Facebook starting to get courage to give me signs of their warm feelings too including Lisbeth, Stone and also Vivi from Fair 🙂 – and the story for David is that he is still going through sufferings not having much and not being able to spent Christmas with his dear ones where people are feasting to excess simply to feast – most people having “forgot” what Christmas is about – and David who is very aware what this is about cannot even celebrate with his family, and do you think this is a world I “like” (?) and NO IT IS NOT (!), and David I am SAD on your behalf that it is like this, but you can rest assure that it will NEVER become this way again because of the New World now coming – TAKE CARE my friend and THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR VERY KIND AND WARM GREETINGS – all my best to you, your family and friends :-).

And I am wondering if Meshack and John are suffering so much that they are not even able to send me greetings for Christmas, which I am sure they would if they could – or what my gentlemen?

Dear brother Stig,

How are you today. I hope that you are fine. I am okay too, live and kicking.

It is quite a tough December for me. As was the case last year, I shall not join my family for Christmas. This means that I shall have a silent Christmas.

It is however a time that I can use to reflect on the year. It has been a good year and with your support, life has been bearable to me as well as to the other team members.

I take this opportunity to wish you Merry Christmas. May God bless you for everything and grant you joy untold and peace as we look forward to 2012.

Have a good day.


The Source is now attached to my new self both in the physical and spiritual world – I will wake up at midnight 🙂

When I moved to Helsingør, I felt a special connection to the church of Hellebæk a few kilometres from here, which was further strengthened yesterday when my local newspaper Helsingør Dagblad brought a chronicle by the Pastor of the church, Anders Pedersen, named “God’s mild face we will see”, which is about “the true face of God” in a world of so much darkness, and this morning I thought that if I was to go to church today – don’t do that much anymore as you know because of One God One People with One Philosophy without religions – it would have to be to the small Hellebæk Church instead of the large Sct. Mariæ Church in Helsingør, where I am “told” that I belong (!) – don’t like that I do (!) – but I did almost not make it because I first started working so late today, but then I received “help” through a “sudden urge” to get out of my lazy bed almost, Matt (!), so out of the apartment I went on my bicycle towards Hellebæk and I used the path in continuation of Gl. Hellebækvej and yes it is VERY beautiful nature here in the forest with the lakes to the left, and when I drove I was told that it was good that I got out, because if I did not “feel like” going, Bettina – John’s daughter – could get the same feelings of not coming to our Christmas Evening at my mother and John because she does not “like” it very much because of me and who I am (!) and that’s life here, but then a couple of hundred metres before the church I felt the back tire of my bicycle puncturing and yes I knew that I had to walk home after church.

At the entrance to the church a few minutes before 13.30 when the service was to start, I met this Pastor for the first time and I thanked him for his chronicle and told him that I looked forward to hearing his words, which made him happy to hear giving me a stroke to my shoulder, and it is indeed a small church and when many people wants to go on a day like today, it meant that I had to stand up with many others, and I looked at the beautiful schooner they have hanging down from the ceiling thinking that the ship has now returned home, and I was sweating because of my bicycle tour – I have a WARM jacket (!) – and had to take off my jacket, and when we sang the first song, I was sweating even more just because of singing and I almost did not have breath enough to sing the song properly, but that is how it is.

But the most important was that I now also felt the anchor of the Source being attached to my left angle meaning that it was a big job doing to the right angle – symbolising the physical world – and ALSO (!) a big job to do to the left angle symbolising the spiritual world where I am now also attached to with the Source, and yes I received MUCH darkness the first 10-15 minutes of the service almost giving up and I did not feel well standing in the middle of everything sweating, being too fat and also not wearing nice clothes (I did not believe I would have to take off my jacket) but this is how I looked my friends arriving at the end of my journey.

I did not take notes of the sermon of the Pastor but he spoke of the theme of many Christmas Calendar TV-shows, which is that some LOVE Christmas and some HATE Christmas and also about people buying forgetting about the meaning of Christmas as I remember, and then that a light this day was born in the midst of all of this darkness, and then I understood that this is my message: I was born even though the world did not want me to arrive and it was because of the attitude, which the Pastor so well put like this: “Julen er ikke til for menneskets skuld, mennesket er til for Julens skyld” (“Christmas is not for the sake of man, man is for the sake of Christmas”), which is really to say that people here are feasting without having faith and many of the people having faith cannot feast because of extreme poverty, which you know makes me very sad.

During the service, I felt Karen STRONGLY – thinking of me she is – and also when we sang one of the beautiful hymns, I felt her understanding that she is listening to my Christmas CD’s also making her send good thoughts to me because of the beautiful music hereon. I also sent out good thoughts to every individual of the Universe, and later I felt Obama inside of me returning my greetings – thank you Obama and also Karen :-).

I liked this Pastor much also because of his sense of humour making the church LAUGH many times, and I understood that coming here today is also helping to remove the last part of Darth Vader, whom I keep on seeing here while writing, which is to say that “I am on my father’s mind too” and yes removing the darkness of him as Darth Vader herewith saying that the light of the Son was stronger than the much stronger darkness of my father.

On my way out of the church together with all other I shaked the hand of the Pastor again, thanked him for his words and told him “try to imagine a new birth without darkness”, and yes “it does not take much to make people think”, which is what I was told about what he will now do in relation to me and my message.

On my way back from the church I walked the Beach Road and when coming to the restaurant “Julebækhuset” I decided to walk up on the hill starting here thinking that I might as well see the view from the road I ran when living in Helsingør from 1986-88, and it went up and down certain places and one place there was NO room for both me and my bicycle and I was given the thought that this was also the case when I saved the world from receiving sink holes swallowing cities of the size of Skt. Petersburg, and we know I SWEAT even more now and could have given up doing this too because of my condition, which I of course could not so after 45 minutes I was home at 15.15 now being busy because I knew I had to write this and post the script of today before leaving for my mother and John, which I now need to do at 17.00 WALKING there (I have to be there 17.30) and I also need to take a bath and iron my clothes and wash my shoes before leaving, so busy we are – and that is because I was given the secret message that “the first ring of the bell” is at midnight coming now and I was thinking of the midnight service of the church in Vatican and many other places, and will you have time to receive this message and tell it to the world, or will it make you feel “too busy” as I do now, which you know is part of the plan to bring me energy doing the last part of the job really :-).

We had a fine Christmas Evening not speaking about my true self and the Christmas Tree almost caught fire

At 17.07 I was out of the apartment walking quickly and I had forgotten that it only took 20 minutes to walk so I had to wait five minutes outside before entering – I like to come on time you know – and I was sad for not bringing flowers or a gift again because of lack of money, which I otherwise like to do, and I was happy that my “stress” was not noticed by my mother who said I looked fine in my new shirt :-).

We had a very nice Christmas Evening even though John had received the cold of my mother, but he carried out the evening fine, and it was very nice seeing Mette with her family and Bettina again – without Søren who spent the evening with his mother – and as usual I asked more questions to Mette, Bettina and Mette’s man Jesper than I received and I was told that this was also for them to see with their own eyes that I am exactly the same Stig as always and not “twisted”, which may be the impression my mother has given them and of course without wanting to do this because you know how people have a tendency to invent stories up themselves, and I understood this was also of importance to put me inside the egg so to say.

I felt the Vatican State and the pope and the feeling was that it is not easy to decide whether or not to announce my birth to the world when you “only” receive such short time to “prepare” yourself, my dear Benedict and all of your “advisers” (?) and yes you have had a VERY LONG time doing nothing about my arrival and that is in terms of telling the world, so what did you decide to do this time at your midnight service (?), and I was told that this stress I gave you is also energy helping me to become my new self.

And there is really only one thing, which can stop me from becoming my new self at midnight and that is if I as Stig declare that I am NOT finished with my work and really because I need to update this script which I do now at 23.05 in the evening after returning home at 22.45 – walking up hill, which was “impossible” to do taking out much of me because of how I feel and with the darkness still “willing” to hurt other people to give me relief and here Mette for not understanding me but NO THANK YOU as usual (!) – and also to update and upload my PDF book of December to Scribd and my library, and furthermore I have decided to go through my Signs II page once again and I know that I have one video to upload to this site, which was removed the other day by the original uploader, and I will first say GO when I am ready, which may be “some time after midnight” or even better tomorrow taking things “easy” without becoming stressed and we will see for how long I will decide to keep on and what happens following this.

Mette and Jespers daughter Sofia of 2½ years received 2/3 of all gifts and Mette’s son Christoffer of 15 the rest – no gifts among grown ups – and I thought “this is not what Christmas is about” and really that it should be equal among all receiving/giving gifts and not to let your children grow into become selfish and this is how the Devil worked to “give all your love to your children with all the gifts you can afford” and for them to be allowed to play computer all night long without going to sports or having a free time work as I spoke with Christoffer about, and yes the result (?) is of course lazy, spoiled and selfish children and this is the darkness in a nutshell – but of course I love all of these people as everyone else too, but what I wanted to say was really that Sofia received a doll as present, which was her favourite gift of all, and when the dummy was removed from the mouth of the doll, it opened its eyes, and this was the symbol of myself about to open the eyes of my new self.

I received “moderate darkness” all evening and occasionally it was on my edge, and I was shown the last darkness around the corner on its way entering me, and yes we communicated fine on the surface all of us, no problems there, but to talk about me and the TRUE content of my writings was not anything people liked to talk about and yes taboo it is and that is right until the end!

My mother was inspired to say that she found “the wisestone”, which is something, which often has crossed my mind because I remember vaguely an event as a child where I “saw” or “was looking for” this wisestone when walking as I remember it in the country site one day, and this wisestone is simply to become my new self, which was inspiration given to me already from an early age and why my mother said this tonight.

John lid the Christmas Tree, which looked very good, but it was very close to be set on fire when one light was about to turn fire to the branch above it, but John blew it out before it was too late, which is to say that this is how close I was to put the world on fire because of darkness pressuring me – and I was sad that we did not dance around the Christmas Tree singing Christmas songs, which is a tradition I like, but people were too tired when I asked (!) – and guess who was the most tired of all.

On my way home I received Händel’s “unto us a child is born” over and over again.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I was happy to receive an Internet Christmas card from Pedro, my old Portuguese friend, this evening, which I will answer tomorrow.
  • Nønne keeps being inspired and also IGNORANT about what’s going on because she never accepted me as a friend thus not seeing my Facebook postings, but she accepted me to subscribe to her, so I keep bringing her inspired postings, which may come as a surprise to you one day, Nønne (?), and today you were inspired to write “Ich bin ein julekugle” (“I am an Christmas ball”) and there are more than one message in this, and one is that I wish you would have been KINDER to me, Nønne, and that was already one, and number two is that you are using the famous quote of John F. Kennedy “Ich bin ein Berliner”, which is about what I am – a German on my way home (!) – and number three is that you are speaking a mixed English/Danish language, which is what they do in The Julekalender too, which is repeated again this year on Danish TV2 and you do remember that they speak like this to symbolise my notes for my scripts written half in English and half in Danish (!) and finally her boyfriend Emilio tells her “skøre kugle” (“crazy ball”), which is really just confirming Nønne’s thoughts of me, and isn’t it funny Nønne that all of this is simply made up in your mind because you don’t like to hear what I tell you but – if you put your hand to your heart – have I ever told you anything wrong (?) and yes opposition from a selfish lady not wanting to read and understand is what also in this case made me “crazy” in her eyes. (And you might want to look at Søren Pind’s posting today about “the demand mentality” making Michael Hardinger from Shu-bi-dua use the same words writing “hun må være .uleskør!!!” (“she has to be Christmas/ball crazy”) and this is how inspiration works, remember.

  • So here is “The Julekalender” in their fantastic “Støvledance” and I can only encourage you to “GLEM THE TROUBLE AND THE BØVL” and to have a VERY HAPPY new life in our New World :-).

  • Bob, would you like to ring them bells?

It is now the 24th December and it is 23.45 and I have decided that I do NOT want to rush to finish just because it is my “birthday” today, I will prefer to give this message right until the end: Make sure you do your work as good as possible and not as quickly as possible, and I will therefore take good time tomorrow to do the rest “small details” and to feel good about it before I give my sign off, and yes Benedict this is how it can be to be the Pope and now you know :-).



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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