December 28, 2011: I am being born in pain receiving the final approval of God of our New World now baptized as “Stig’s world”


Summary of the script today

25th December: The Pope spoke my message but “could not” announce my reappearance – tear down the church!

  • Dreaming of wanting to help people showing a positive/objective attitude, my scripts please the light but not the darkness, special friends of mine will teach others on how to use our New World, the game between light and darkness ending as a tie, I am still suffering but meeting the biggest smiles from the other side, I am still receiving my “old nightmare” and my mother is suffering much because of me, I cannot find my key, which may be to become my new self because the time was right at the midnight, we just passed, where I did not accept to become my new self but still I am meeting God at the end of the bridge.
  • We are now closing the door to the Source after having moved EVERYTHING inside of it :-).
  • After my insurance story the other day SUDDENLY the number of visitors to my insurance memo on Scribd increased from NOTHING to EVERYTHING (!) – from 0 to 65-69 per day (!) – which again was to show you the true number of SECRET visitors when removing the secrecy of the wimps of the world not having the courage to stand forward to support me even though they know that I don’t like what they are doing!
  • The Vatican City and the Pope decided to follow my message against the commercialisation of Christmas, to return to faith and to pray for people spending Christmas in poverty and suffering, but the leader of the Catholic church and his “advisers” did not find it necessary to follow my MANY encouragements to tell the world about my reappearance, which makes me give you this message: The church “could not” tell you about the most important event ever, which should be “simple logic” to do (?), and I ask you to tear down the walls of this and other religious organisations because I have ONLY ONE ORGANSATION to spread my words, which is the Living Testimony Organisation, which you are welcome to join :-).

26th December: I am being born in pain receiving the final approval of God of our New World now baptized as “Stig’s world”

  • I had a new very difficult and nervous night where I first dreamt about Martin Gore from Depeche Mode almost dead, as I am too, and that pieces of his information from here and there will be united by others to build his new house, which is the process of the creation of our New World also used later this night, Paul together with the Council is overtaking my work temporarily while being disturbed by darkness.
  • I was hereafter kept awake and felt POORLY with COLD SWEAT and heard Mariah Carey singing oh Jesus Born On This Day and from here I was told that my sister is vital for my birth, that it will take one day if everything goes fine (if I can stand the pain), that there is a risk of people dying through this process (from the Council), I received and used an old rusty key prepared for this purpose of winding off an old world and creating a new, the energy provided for this work is coming from darkness, God gave his final verdict approving the creation of our New World, I requested to be the leader of the world myself with my mother and father at my side and to my surprise I was told that it is my old school friend Jais knowing about my situation, who brings the knowledge to create “the road through this darkness bringing our new King for the (re-)opening of our New World, which herewith is baptized “Stig’s world”” with this chapter ending with “the next thing, which should come is light in your mouth”.
  • I kept on receiving more information: I have entered a GIANT palace, which is now changing from dark to light, I have now been brought alive through the dose I received, if it was not for the faith of Jais in me, we would not have passed this road bump of darkness, the Trinity has now started coming into rotations, darkness of the elephant (God) is painting the last piece of white (creating the road of light for everyone), the flower of our old world has now died out and replaced by light only, “everything and everyone is being divided now” by the Trinity, I have led us to the “crown behind everything” (life before sexuality and creation), my birth “tomorrow” is still on schedule, Danish cabinet ministers “skimming” my writings are of importance in this process too, the next task is to connect the world to the Source and it has been written that I will become the figurehead on top of everything and yes bringing THE CURE to you :-).
  • I felt DISGUSTED because of tiredness already before leaving for Sweden with my mother and John to visit Sanna and Hans and their family, but I was able to hold on tight from the morning all day long until 21.30 when returning home after having had a wonderful lunch and met much love of my family – but also darkness because of “no communication” about me, my scripts and sufferings and the true wish of the family for “these voices” to disappear! This darkness making me SUFFER TREMENDOUSLY EVERY SECOND – and almost making me scream in despair – and love was needed for me to bring in the spirits of my mother and father and to close the door of the entrance to the Source after bringing everything with us from the outside of “nothing”. A TOUGH DAY but it had to be done also to save lives of members of the Council, which I would NEVER allow to happen.

27th December: Finishing the final setup of our New World and plugging in the Source to create our new DREAM LAND

  • Dreaming of my meditation group and the doctors of Helsingør Hospital thinking of me and sending me sufferings, is Paul in doubts about me again, Jack telling me about the “shocker movie” of the military in relation to me and almost finishing the final setup of our New World.
  • I was EXHAUSTED and decided to take a break today – sending the thoughts to my father and his surgery today (stomach cancer), which may be about sending energy to do the final plug in of our New World to the Source.
  • I received new firmware to my TV box making the TV work again symbolising the installation of new “firmware” (energy) to our New World making it a DREAM LAND come through, which was done after going through more extreme tiredness and suffering.
  • I was tempted to stop my sufferings and start the New World now when feeling that everything of the spirit of my mother from the dark side has now become light, but I rejected as long as I receive darkness knowing that the work of converting this to light is still ongoing, and later I was given the answer that it is the last piece of the spirit of my father arriving while checking that we got everything with us and setting up the shield protecting our New World from nothing around it. He is now “very close” to me and I felt my human body and “my new self” being everything of our New World.

28th December: Niklas is another part of me and the spirit of my father knocked on the orange INSIDE of the Source

  • Dreaming that my concerned mother is bringing me sufferings, war in space against people of other civilizations would have become reality if it was not for me, I met darkness in the shape of Fuggi and others, which was MUCH stronger than I, which I only passed because of my will power to do so, God has worked hard right until the end because I have worked hard as Stig and is now stopping as my “old self”, we have gone through everything, which is bringing happiness to the spirit of my mother, life will grow in our New World after retrieving all life trapped inside of the dark side and Paul is thinking of me and still having faith in me.
  • Extreme darkness continued to trying to take me over making my life a hell but also telling me that we are still not finished with our work. I was told that my nephew Niklas is another part of me (!), and I heard the spirit of my father knocking on the orange inside of the New World.


25th December: The Pope spoke my message but “could not” announce my reappearance – tear down the church!

Dreaming that I cannot find the key of our New World after I decided not to become my new self at midnight

I was physically tired after doing exercise the last two days, which I am NOT in shape to do, thus sleeping until 09.40 I believe this morning and I felt the tiredness all morning until I started doing the final details today approx. at 12.00, and yes still writing and still some dreams of the night:

  • I have prepared a powerpoint presentation for Michael M. at DanskeBank-Pension and he is delighted by my work, and I tell him that it is a pleasure to help him, and I see how Jan H. grumbles out about other work, which he is sure that he cannot use.
    • This is about the difference in attitude of people making me want to help and not want to help – of course they have to be honest but also to understand possibilities instead of seeing limitations – and of course you will help each other in the future using the best skills of the team and/or developing people according to how you have decided to share the responsibility of tasks.
    • And this may also be my presentation through my scripts, which is pleasing the light but not the darkness.
  • I am visiting a bank in Malmö, Sweden, and been working hard all day until 17.00 for example demonstrating the pension calculation system, which a female colleague will use to teach others. I am popular with these people appreciating me, and I ask them with a smile to be effective.
    • It seems that the energy I receive is coming from the Source – thus the bank in Sweden – and one thing is to do your best work but please remember that QUALITY AND EFFICIENCY always go together and that is for you to find the best balance really. The calculation system will be about how to use our New World.
    • I was told that “I will collect cream no matter what afterwards”, which I understood was to finish my journey no matter what – but surprised I am of the symbol “cream”, which to me is about “sexual suffering” – and also “and then to go to the shopping centre to remain in the party”, which will be to share normal life to the world.
  • I am in Flensburg, Germany, to watch handball between a Danish and Swedish team, which ends up as a tie, I hear people singing “sejle op ad åen” (“sailing up the stream”), I am walking and wearing my duvet around me, and meet Sven Melander and say “this is the best Swedish TV ever” and something about saying no to pastries but accepting white bread.
    • There is a “special story” about “half” of the Flensburg team for many years being some of the best Danish players, and here it is a draw between Denmark and Sweden, which will have to be that neither the darkness nor the light wants to give in, and I am still sailing, Rod (!) – one of the songs of the GREATEST influence to me as a child (!) – which you know is “suffering”, but through this suffering I am meeting the BIGGEST smiles symbolised by the Swede Sven Melander with a WONDERFUL sense of humour, which is about returning home.

  • At the request of the bar I am “scoring” a lady by giving her a drink with red chilli looking like porridge oats on top of it, which she continues to eat, and she tells me that she has plans with me and something about a key in a closet, which is in Helsingør but I don’t know exactly where.
    • The bar is God and this is my “old nightmare” with the lady being my mother suffering much because of me, and I wonder if yesterday at midnight was “the right time” to become my new self because of reasons I don’t know of yet – this was a vague feeling given to me – and this is why I have difficulties finding the key again, but we HAVE to do it so I am confident that we will get a new chance “soon”.
  • Three ladies land in an airport and they will probably reach the account today and something about the Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark calling and being impolite while they were away, and my mother smearing her hands thoroughly with a cream so they do not hurt, and my mother buys this for me including new short trousers.
    • Reaching the account will be the “account of everything of the Source”, and the cream may be to avoid destructions of the world, which I was told by receiving a sudden pain to my right angle because I did not know what it was about!
  • I am telling my busy old class friend Christian about crossing a bridge with beautiful green plants and a floating orange (God) meeting me at the end of the bridge.

We are now closing the door to the Source after having moved EVERYTHING inside of it 🙂

During bath this morning I was told that what remains now is for the spirit of my mother to close the main door, which I understood was to shield off the world inside of the Source against “nothing” and I was told that this is also done with patience and quality after my decision yesterday not to rush just because it was supposed to be my birthday, so we will see if it will be this midnight or “soon” that I will open up my eyes after having finished all of my work including to close this door.

Later I was told that closing the door is also the same as stopping time.

Removing the secrecy of the wimps of the world not having the courage to stand forward

After my story the other day about the Danish Chamber of Commerce exchanging insurance broker and following my advise on a new insurance setup, I was shown today the “true” statistics of the number of visitors to my memo on Scribd of “Development of the best Insurance System in the world”, which is the green line below and after day by day for a long time having received Z E R O visitors (!), suddenly yesterday the number increased from zero to 65 the 23rd December and 69 the 24th December and isn’t this simply “amazing” that for so long “no one” wants to read this memo and that is officially and then “suddenly” it receives this increase in interest (?) and just showing you the magic of the DECEPTIVE WORLD OF SISSIES and yes my friends this is what you are, afraid of showing your interest and hiding behind SECRET systems and you do it even though you know that I do NOT like all of your secrecy and cover up and have asked you MANY times to stand forward but NONE of you have the courage but still you are surveilling me and how do you feel about it yourself and have you decided what you will tell the world for deceiving it not only with me but with all of your cover-up over the years and yes SHAMEFUL is truly what it is my ladies and gentlemen!

After my insurance story SUDDENLY the number of visitors to my insurance memo has increased from NOTHING to EVERYTHING by removing the secrecy of the wimps of the world!

The Pope spoke my message but he “could not” announce my reappearance – tear down the church and its like!

In continuation of my story yesterday about “being busy” to write the update of my script before I went to Christmas dinner with my mother, John and his family, the Vatican City may have been busy too – skipping your Christmas dinner (?) – to read, understand and bring my message to the world through the speech of the Pope yesterday evening at his Mass.

I was happy that you decided to speak about both the commercialisation of Christmas and to pray for those who would spend it in poverty and suffering as David was the example showing you through his email yesterday, and these were some of the words of the Pope of his “midnight” Mass yesterday evening as you can see a little of from the video below and in the articles here and here.

“Let us ask the Lord to help us see through the superficial glitter of this season, and to discover behind it the child in the stable in Bethlehem, so as to find true joy and true light” he said and he also prayed for those who would spend this Christmas in poverty and suffering.

So the Vatican City and the Pope as the figurehead received my message and acted on it, but still it was “impossible” for you to tell the world about my reappearance despite of my immediate rebirth (?), which I cannot tell you just how SAD and DISAPPOINTED you made me. If the head of the church cannot transmit the message about my reappearance to the world – what could be more important for you (?) – what do we need the church for anyway (?) and yes TEAR DOWN THE WALLS OF THIS CHURCH (including all other manmade religious organisations), also because it is a MONSTER OF BUREAUCRACY AND SECRECY, which has NOTHING to do with the TRUE nature of God and let us build a new organisation transmitting my true words, and as you know I have ONLY one organisation and this is called the Living Testimony Organisation (founded by my good friend Elijah of Nairobi, Kenya), which is not quite dead yet, and I wonder why the Church of the Vatican City and all of its representatives did not have it in their hearts to help me and LTO to survive during my journey (?) and just wondering I am of course.

Thank you for showing your TRUE face to the world my dear friends at the Vatican City, and welcome inside of LTO to receive the CURE to help spreading my words to the world :-).

And can you guess just how SAD and DISAPPOINTED I am also by this church to find it “necessary” to read my scripts “protected” by secret systems not showing up on the statistical information and counters of my website (?) to avoid me from writing about you and revealing your WRONG actions to the world (?) and let me say that in my world I can only describe you as SISSIES – as in the example of Scribd before this story – being afraid to support and help me directly.


And to my readers: What would you have expected from the leaders of the Catholic church (?) – to tell you the truth about my reappearance as I have encouraged the world to do MANY times, or to hide it from you as part of the cover-up of the world (?) – and yes the RIGHT answer may not be very difficult to “figure” out (?), but still the most powerful church of the world “could not” do what was RIGHT to do, which was really like banging the head on the door :-).

Do you see that “politics” is no good and that the word is simply “tell the truth, communicate, understand and work together”, which should not be that difficult, or is it?

Update 26th December 07.30: I was given the song “Gold” by Prince in relation to this story about the Pope and commercialisation and the lyrics “all that glitters ain’t gold” – fantastic song:

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I was REALLY VERY TIRED today taking as long at to 14.30 to write the script, but it is at least better than nothing. I continued replacing the missing video from my Signs II page and do the rest of this final edit working with a very heavy and let us say “empty” head because this is the feeling. I also did an add-on to my memo about “Development of the best Insurance System in the world” after my story the other day, which I uploaded to Scribd at 15.55 and I uploaded this script at 16.30.
  • One from my meditation group decided to leave me as a Facebook friend, and I only remember her name starting with “N”.
  • I have been thinking many times about “time” of our New World when there will be no time – for example on how to set “deadlines” in an Action Plan – and today I was given the answer because I knew for how long time stood still weeks ago when it was tested – and to convince the world about me – which was maybe half a second as I remember it (?) and this is really to say that in our New World you will still know how long “time” it will take from one moment to the next and the difference is simply that there will be NO TIME OF THE PHYSICAL WORLD.
  • After publishing my script today I was told that the darkness of the Vatican Church is helping me to close the door behind us and that is really because “you don’t want to mess with this powerful church” because you are “capable” of making yourself “heard” one way or another, my friends (?) but that is really not on my mind when deciding to publish my information about you, because you should be able to see and understand my points yourself?
    • A couple of hours after publishing I received what felt like the biggest suffering yet feeling like a physical wreck because of my condition with no energy left but still the worst darkness and “almost losing it” was expanded with another level and still not losing it but TERRIBLE was the feeling for a couple of hours, and I started feeling the Pope strongly and I was asked to write that he is another part of me – I really don’t like doing that anymore – so this may put things into perspective, my dear “friend”?
  • My TV is still “broken down” but it should work because the provider has no error messages (!) – and no customer service working these days – and the bottom part of the blue background colour of my website is still missing, and just saying that “the pressure is at its strongest ever” with layer upon layer etc., and I was given a few strong physical pains to the inside of my fingers – truly very uncomfortable – and my heart is given pain periodically also, but still the weather is above 10 degrees in Denmark, which is “pretty unusual” for the time of year as they said on TV, and we know “strange weather” it is, but a good signal. I am given MANY physical sounds coming from my kitchen, and this evening it was of jumping green toads being very close to me, Robert (!), and I understood that this is the last darkness being converted to light of the spirit of my father, who is closing the door after him, and I was shown a rowing boat arriving from sea to a vertical rock and told that this is how difficult it is to do this task. I was also shown a small symphony orchestra playing inside a large mussel and I was told that we are only missing you now, and that is my new self. I was also given strong heartburn and understood that this is what my mother also received first and then John and I was told that this is because of the implementation of my new self first to my mother as part of the Trinity, then to my father as part of the Trinity and then finally to me to become myself, and I wonder if this will continue tomorrow where I am going with my mother and John to visit Sanna and her family at their derelict farm in Sweden, which I understand is a good symbol of coming home too, and also if this will be part of the process of becoming me, or if I will be me when waking up tomorrow morning and exciting isn’t it (?) but let me tell you that the PAIN is severe and really not very amusing to go through, but it will be, it will be my friend :-).
  • A part of the game these days is to keep organisation in my scripts online and also in my PDF book of December, which I keep updating, which I did again this evening between 21.00 and 21.40, and I have included the 25th in the script of the 24th, which I will settle with if I am to become my new self now and will divide into a new chapter if I am still my old self tomorrow and will continue writing more daily scripts, but the message of today is that I am ready if you are ready my spiritual friends and if you are not, if you can make it even better, I don’t mind continuing – and still thinking of the operation of my father approaching, but the main priority is to make a perfect close of the door :-).


26th December: I am being born in pain receiving the final approval of God of our New World now baptized as “Stig’s world”

I am being born in pain receiving the final approval of God of our New World now baptized as “Stig’s world”

I went to bed at approx. 23.00 and received these dreams in the beginning of the night:

  • Martin Gore from Depeche Mode is about to die and he lies on the ground close to his destination, and people help moving him op and slowly they start understanding his plans and how different signs fit together, and start assembling his house, and at the end it is beautiful with skins of reindeer packed in the freezer, which I hear resistance against, but it is accepted, and then the freezer becomes a cave where a reindeer foal, which first does not want to enter, but then it sees that it is a good place and comfortable together with a polar beer, and outside in the living room I see three “comfortable heaps”, which all contains large polar bears, but they are beautiful and not dangerous.
    • I felt when waking up that Martin feels my journey and maybe even is also a part of me, and the dream may be about experiences starting later in the night to assemble the house using pieces of information from here and there.
    • During the dream and when waking up I had EXTREME discomfort feeling that my entire body was throwing up and received these physical pain inside my feet, and I received the finger again and again by darkness.
    • And something about “individualisation of leaders not coming through is to be repeated every four years”, which I understood was a message to Martin, which is about the period among new albums and messages from the band?
  • I am about to hand over my work and there is a risk that something goes wrong for the involved parties, and people involved have different ideas of what to do taking things into their own hands but I tell them that the only right thing to do is to have ONE overtaking and then the involved people will have to determine whether or not they want to be involved, which is accepted. Paul overtakes, and when he enters a “class room” to give information to maybe 1-2 handful of people, he is interrupted by Peter A., who has turned up and starts giving superficial information about this and that, but Peter understand that the time to stop the co-operation with him as a consultant may have come but he asks Paul to consider still using him.
    • This may also be what is about to happen in connection with me becoming my new self, which is for someone to take over my work during the process, which seems to be Paul doing it, and he is disturbed by darkness symbolised by Peter A.
    • When waking up here I still felt poorly and I both was sweating and had cold sweat of anxiety because of the contents of the dreams and how poorly I felt.
    • I was told “the only one to understand is the combination of eight because it takes more than two”, which I understood was about the Council as a whole overtaking my work.

From this time – it was now 02.45 – and the next half hour I was given the lyrics “oh Jesus Born On This Dayby Mariah Carey over and over again, and this is a song included on my Christmas CD’s, which I like very much and it is really telling you about the event happening.

At this time I was also asked if I would be able to be awake from now – to take notes and work – and to stay awake the rest of the day (knowing that I will go to Sweden to visit my sister), and my answer was truthfully (because of how I felt) that “I do not think so, but let us see”, and this is how we started the following co-operation.

I received the following information, which I took notes of until 03.30:

  • Because your sister is vital for your birth” and I was told something about her having to believe I am now Jesus alive, which I have decided to include here even though I did not believe in it and really to say that of the following information I also received disturbing messages by darkness, which I have omitted according to my best abilities.
  • You will end up alone in Egypt to start with within a day or so if everything goes well” – with Egypt being our New World.
  • I was told with a very low voice not knowing if it was important or not, but still I decided to include it: “Jais knows that he is alone” with “he” being me, and I was shown the large lawn between Mørdrupskolen and Mørdrup Church in Espergærde and I thought about my tour to Espergærde the other day.
  • I was told that the spirit of my mother is not alone and that I will be shot up in a rocket “and synchronise otherwise the horse will fell over death”, which disturbed me to hear and I started receiving even more “negativity” of risks, which I decided that I will NOT focus on.
  • I continued receiving messages with such a low voice that I could not understand what I was told and I decided not to write down when I could not understand, and again I was kept on the edge if this was “serious/real” or a play of darkness and in this phase I was told “we will take photos of Espergærde Shopping Centre later if you are not with us”, and I have been through similar experiences before thus deciding that it was for real and that patience once again was the name of the game and I decided that I will only write down what I understand and not “guess” the content of what I “believe” I can “almost” hear and if this would not be good enough, it would have to be done quiet.
  • I was shown the loft of a farm house with white furniture and genuine carpets arriving and I was told that this is about organisation of this furniture, i.e. the final setup of our New World.
  • I was shown again with very little strength a dark key and told that “it is here the rusty key is”, and I was thinking of the dream recently where I could not find the key in Helsingør.
  • I was shown myself walking in the living room of this farm house and I was thinking about “beautiful carpet paintings”.
  • I was shown a large library, where one book was taken out at the top of one shelves and behind it on the inner side of the shelves hangs a key, and I was told that “it corresponds to use this key to create a New World, which was designed to be used if someone had to use it, which we have to do now”.
  • I heard “there is no password and no risk when you first have turned the key, which we do now” and “behind this should be a carpet showing us the road forward to winding up the old world and starting a new”.
  • I was asked “you are not Satan” and heard the answer “no, not for much longer” and also that “this is the energy we use to come forward”.
  • I heard “and you have brought a New World and in this case it is alright to go ahead” and I saw how large doors opened and I was told “then we will have to see if you/we will enter with your description of sexuality in the New World”.
  • I was shown a mountain and heard “yes, yes, come up to me”, and this was God on top of the mountain and really God being the mountain, and I was shown a shoe and told “this is where the shoe is measured”, which I understood was about the final verdict of our New World as I have created it, and after some nervous seconds I was shown a large diamond and was told “toot, toot”, which was the elephant – an old symbol of God – giving his approval and saying “continue”.
  • I was told that “one who needs much to be lifted up to get the full return is yourself via Karen” and I felt much darkness coming from Karen, and understood that this is about giving her energy, which I accepted and I might add that the most important thing is that she will survive and that I use as much energy as possible on the process of becoming my new self.
  • I heard “repeat after me; I am no dreamer, I politely request for the (re-)opening of our New World with me in the middle of it as its lead and not only this but next to my mother and father as described in my scripts”.
  • I was shown a helicopter throwing out a motorcycle and I was told “these are the ones we use one after the other together with the knowledge of Jais, who is the one having this knowledge, which creates the road through this darkness bringing our new King for the (re-)opening of our New World, which herewith is baptized “Stig’s world””.
  • I heard “I don’t know how it is to enter our large new house” and also that it happens through the rock of Gibraltar and at the end of this chapter I was told “the next thing, which should come is light in your mouth”.

I kept on writing and editing the posts of my website until 05.30, where I was TIRED and thought about what would happen now, if I would continue receiving more information and if I would be able to keep awake.

I have now been brought alive and “everything and everyone is being divided now” by the Trinity

After wrting the chapter above I thought “what am I to do now” (?), shall I go back to bed to see if I will receive more information with the “risk” of falling asleep, shall I “kill” time surfing on the Internet or maybe take a long bath to use the waiting time, and not knowing what the right answer would be, I decided to go back to bed first for “some minutes” to see, then to 06.00 and when I understood that more important information was given, I decided to give it until 06.30 and to write down my notes in this new chapter afterwards, which will be the last before I will go to Sweden later this morning and simply because now I have decided that I cannot and will not work above this level of pain, but here we go with the new information:

  • First I was shown white and green and then Jais waving with a handkerchief and I was told “yes, this was then the purpose of his life”.
  • I saw my self opening GIANT doors to a Greek palace with HUGE pillars, and I saw how the palace changed from dark to light, and I was told “you are alone and about to open into this world”.
  • I was shown myself lying as a dark Egyptian stone statue and told that I would be immovable without the dose I have just received.
  • I felt the spirit of my mother and was shown a schooner and understood that she and the world is following me.
  • I was told “there was a small road hump on the way where no one would pass through this point”, which means that Jais – my old school friend and today Facebook friend – also has faith in me and I was told that Stone created this road through his faith and comments to me on Facebook – and I thought that this was also why I was encouraged to visit Jais up to Christmas 2009 I believe at the youth school in Espergærde for him to see that I was “completely normal”, which was “extremely difficult” for me to make at the time because of the sufferings I went through.
  • I was told “the Trinity has not yet started; not yet come into rotations, but we will come now with your approval” to which I of course said “OK”.
  • I was shown the dark trunk with thorns (!) of an elephant and told that “it is a dark elephant paining the last piece of white” and I was told that “it is like letting a snake lead the way and the world the last piece in” and I was shown a snake (of darkness) creating tunnels of light inside of the King’s crown.
  • I was shown a bunch of flowers and saw myself taking the last flower with the bunch hereafter closing and vanishing – it has now been replaced by light only.
  • I was shown a cake being cut in great speed and told that “everything and everyone is being divided now”.
  • I was told “there are original dusty records behind” and “you have led us inside to the crown behind everything, to the origin/foundation itself, the first tiny start of “something””, which I understood that the Trinity will now study.
  • I was given the feeling of Stevie Wonder’s album “Songs in the key of life” in relation to these “original records”, but the song I was given was “My cherie amour” from Stevie’s album of the same name.

  • I was shown that this origin of life is like a Rolls Royce without a spear (no darkness) as the figurine and with the same attitude as mine, which is “straight out”.
  • I was shown hills and told that it is like a landscape without sexual sufferings – and I felt without sexuality in the first place – and also that “this is what we have tried telling you” and I felt “much excitement” and was told that “this is because you never asked for help or sent an SOS – an old TRUE favourite 🙂 – otherwise we would never have arrived here”.
  • I still received darkness among these messages for example through the song lyrics “Stik mig en øl, ellers slår jeg flikflak i Randers Fjord (“give me a beer or I will do a flip-flop in the Rander Fiord”) with beer being darkness and the fiord “suffering” and I also received a sudden pain to my right angle spreading as darkness to my entire right leg, and I was told “this is the next, which is how we will deliver the last darkness” and I was given the idea to “cut it off”, but NO I WILL NOT HAVE THAT so will you please continue giving me and the world sufferings until EVERYTHING has been converted to light – that’s how it is.
  • I was now VERY tired and received something about my mother seeing me coming through the forest, and I heard “cherie still tomorrow”, which I understand is both about my birth being on schedule because of my decision to work this night and also about my suffering because I will NOT cut off darkness.
  • I was told that “individual ministers of the Danish cabinet are also of importance to this process” and I was shown Margrethe Vestager, the Economy Minister, and told that she does not have an overview/understanding of my scripts and I was shown a large number of adjustable spanners handing on the wall of a workshop and told/shown that she chose the largest spanner/key (to skim my writing) and not the smallest (to read carefully word by word), which is the access to understanding.
  • I was shown a heavenly body being connected to “something else” like Lego (feeling like the Source) and I was told “then we will be home”, which I understood is about the work in front of us from here.
  • I was shown a black book with a red back and letters underneath the book “telling what you one day will become; a figurehead on top of the marzipan ring cake”, and I saw my self being brushed off – and I was also shown myself as a large statue with a dark access to it, which was my road there.

I continued writing this chapter until 07.45 this morning and uploaded it to my new post where after I took a long bath and prepared myself because I would be picked up at 10.30 by my mother and John going to Sweden for a long day …..

At the bath I was told that my new spiritual self has now received the responsibility of the development of our New World, and I was also thinking that the “play” was recently the lives of my mother and John if I was to “lose it” and now one or more of the Council, hence the story above about Karen, but of course I have no intentions to lose it even though I must admit that this is heavy stuff. And it made me more calm that I was shown an ignited match being thrown down to some rocks and told that nothing can burn now. I was shown the guitar (of creation) being moved from the darkness of the basement through a hatch up into light (the spirit of my father returning after creation), I saw one train after the other returning to their sack, a giant bottle of beer being empty and the last of a Coca Cola being emptied and a black plug being removed from the socket on the wall and replaced by a white plug.

I was told that the spirits of my mother and father are now not outside in the darkness anymore but neither inside the light, and that the love of my family today will help bring them all the way in.

And I was also told that the National Police of Denmark has been surveilling me after the “tip” of the Commune about me being a potential mass murderer like Breivik (!) and concluded that I am not “working together” with anyone and not part of a sect, and they have decided that I am “clean”, and what did I do in the first place to “deserve” this attention of yours?

I had a wonderful lunch with my family receiving extreme love and sufferings to close the door of the Source

At 10.30 this morning I felt DISGUSTED because of my tiredness with throw-up feelings and the usual poor feeling when I am feeling the worst, and still I had a full day ahead of me.

After being picked up, we took the 20 minute long ferry over to Helsingborg, where they had an alarm with a technical fault making it sound twice, but “nothing” was wrong (!), and from Helsingborg we had approx. 115 kilometres to Göteryd, where I was given the absolutely WORST sexual visions of my “old nightmare”, which is WAY ABOVE what people would normally be able to accept (!), and we arrived at 12.30 at the beautiful derelict farm of my sister and her husband. At this drive I also agreed with John to repay my loan of the deposit of the apartment with 750 DKK per month from January 1, which I am sure that both my mother and he was happy that I remembered to follow up on?

We had the best Christmas lunch imaginable, and the first hour I received EXTREME darkness with negative speech and again the worst sexual speech and visions about my “old nightmare” using Niklas girlfriend Isabelle as “bait” (I was told that “we will drop the acting very soon”, and then I was told that Isabelle is also “another part of my mother” (!) and I have met a few of them in my life designed as “nice packages” for me to be tempted by!), which my mother reacted on straight away with inspirational speech and small actions, which very clear to me maybe “one hundred times” but invisible to the others, which tormented me constantly but still I did my best to be “normal”, and I don’t believe anyone noticed anything about my extreme suffering including extreme TIREDNESS, and when they started speaking and laughing about their recent holidays – Niklas’ fine new Audi A6 from 2005 and other “necessary shopping” of the family – where I thought about the material lives of LTO and myself and how I wished that people would have prioritised truly helping people in need, I was given so immensely strong sufferings, which was “exploding” my head, so I could have fell down screaming out my pain, but because this is not “well seen”, I decided to shut up and keep my pain “invisible” for the others to see, and yes “Stig was doing well” wasn’t I (?), but as usual there was a “deafening silence” about my writings including my sufferings and on the surface, we have a very good day, but to communicate about what really is “troubling” people is simply “not possible”, and I was given several symbols through spiritual speech that “they know”.

But I met much LOVE of all family members, which is the foundation of our family too and not least my sister, which I was very happy seeing.

We played “package play” using a dice to “win” a gift when striking a six – from the heap and when the heap was empty from the others “until the end of time” – which is always fun to do (when you don’t suffer constantly that is), and a couple of symbols were placed when I “managed” to win two packages with a little help from my friends one of them being an Egg watch telling me that the “egg” of our creation is now finished, and the other being special feet plaster, which I understood as “the shoe is fitting”.

At 18.00 I was so EXTREMELY tired that I was hoping much that my mother and John would like to return home also because I knew I had to finish my work of today including my script and to upload it, but when my mother asked John, he said that he was enjoying himself and would like to stay (!) and yes he is cold but doing “fine” and slept most of the day yesterday and the whole night, so he was not tired as I, but of course we had a good time, so it was “no problem” to stay other than for me to fight every second to keep my eyes opened!

We also played the board game “Bulls eye” divided into teams of two, where I was together with my mother, and it was really about answering different questions right and to be the first entering the Bulls Eye to win without being “bombed” by others using the challenges of the game, which Sanna simply LOVED to do (!), and when Tobias received a question about the name of the Norwegian Princess “claiming” that she can speak to angels, he bursted out “she is ball crazy” (!), and “of course, she has to be, Tobias” because it goes without saying that people speaking to the spiritual world are crazy, which you also think of or maybe thought about me …?

At the end my mother and I was “allowed” to win making us enter the Bulls Eye as the first, which you know is what we are doing with our New World too, where we also hit the Bulls Eye.

Finally, we left at 20.00, and I was back home at 21.30 NOT feeling nice about writing the rest of the script and to upload it to my website, to post it on Facebook, send it to my LTO friends in Kenya and also to do a new PDF document of my book of December, which takes quite some time for my system to do and to upload it to Scribd and my library, but I decided to do all of this work – instead of going home to “relax”, which my mother said would really be nice for “us” to do, but oh no not me, I first had more work to do –and finally at 23.15, I was finished with all of this work, but I did it (!) and the question is now: Will I still be my old self tomorrow morning, or did I give birth to myself also “closing the door” of the Source including “everything” during these Christmas Days making me wake up as my new self tomorrow morning (?) – and also my father (and others) to save him from operation (?), and yes we will have to wait and see.

As the last information I received was when I was shown an empty throne and told that “the King is just away for a short moment to collect his mother and father helping them to close the entrance”, and this was what my family REALLY helped me doing today both by giving me MUCH darkness because of lack of communication and not least because they would wish my spiritual voices to go to H… (!), which I felt STRONGLY when I was “almost” about to lose my spiritual contact because of their STRONG wish, which was given to me directly (!) etc. and also MUCH love because of the love of our family.

I was also given symbols about how “impossible” it is/was for my sister to give up (in relation to me!) because she is NOT the type giving up (!) and I was told that “yes they were “able” to read you scripts with such strong subjectivity that they “could” not understand what they read”, which is what is really amazing, George!

Finally I was shown how the home of Karen symbolising her was falling apart because of her “new” knowledge about me, and that I also sent energy to her helping her to keep alive, and just so you know, Karen :-).

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • When realising that I had more to write, I decided to move my script of the 25th, which until now was included with the script published the 24th and to do a new separate script.
  • The number of visitors “shown” to my memo about the “best insurance system in the world” grew to 105 yesterday with a total of 116 visits to all of my documents (!), and here I understand that “the best insurance system” also symbolises our New World.
  • I was shown the spirit of my father arriving and saw him take off the monk dress from the Jerusalem video and said “thank you for loan”.
  • I have deliberately not yet asked my doctor for examination as requested by the Commune, which I will do in the beginning of January if I still have not changed my own clothes into the suit of my new self.
  • When going to sleep I was thinking of what will happen now and I was told “shouldn’t we also plug the new world in”, which I had forgotten about, and I wonder if this is what my father will give energy for tomorrow when he is to receive his surgery.


27th December: Finishing the final setup of our New World and plugging in the Source to create our new DREAM LAND

Dreaming of finishing the final setup of our New World

I had given EVERYTHING I had yesterday evening and when starting to write this at 14.50 today (!!!), I am still exhausted and that is even though I slept lightly until 10.00 today with a few dreams only:

  • I see “alternative people” surveilling my computer looking at sexual actions, and I ask firmly everyone to move away, but a tall lady says no and I feel she is interested in me, but I am not in her and she tells me that the doctors say that I am everyone, and I tell her with a smile “yes, that might be”.
    • The “alternative people” can only be the so called spiritual enlightened people of the meditation group still sending me darkness bringing me sexual sufferings, which I reject herewith sending them off again, and when I woke up, I felt that the doctors here may be the doctors of Helsingør Mental Hospital still “thinking” of me and yes I wonder how your old “patients” are doing and if they have improved? – And have you started thinking of me because the Commune may have contacted you (?) and just guessing I am.
    • I woke up freezing me, which is the coldness of my meditation group.
  • I don’t have cleaned clothes but still I am on my way out playing golf, something about everyone else feeling warm, a poor golf stroke and Paul, disaster and “not washed”.
    • I did not get all of this, but is this about doubts of Paul making me “unclean” again?
  • I am at a short visit at Jack at his parents house, and he tells me about a shocker film, which he saw and told me that I did not have the courage to see, but I tell him that I saw it too, and I give him some papers to sign and return to me and I see a company located at a GIANT storage building, which is about to set up the final things, they have many workmen, who are all busy, and one says that he gave an apartment to his son (misusing his position to do this), which Jack would have liked to give to his smaller brother Steffen. Jack tells me that he will work full time next week and is busy, but we can of course see each other again because “nothing is impossible” as he tells me. I am look at a couple of addresses of companies, which I will visit this afternoon, but I cannot locate the addresses.
    • Jack and his mother thinking of me (?) and Jack telling me about the “shocker movie” of the Danish military and their (planned) actions in relation to me (?), which I have seen myself – my spiritual self that is – and the large company almost being finished will have to be the final setup of our New World, and the companies I have to visit this afternoon may be other parts of the building set required, which will be difficult for me to find today simply because I am “more than exhausted” and really need a break?
    • Later in the day – when I walked to the cycle repair shop – I was told about the military using “advanced technology” – thinking of UFO technology – making it possible to shoot me down at any moment, and is this the “shocker”, Jack, which I was “saved” from?

New firmware to my TV made it work again symbolising the installation of new “firmware” (energy) to our New World

During the day I still received some negative speech, but also very clearly ”should we tell him when” (I will wake up) if I started becoming impatient for not having become my new self yet, but I decided “no, I will play the game right until the end”, but in general the negative speech and darkness was lower today making it possible to “live” and that is “almost” at least and yes can you imagine how it is being tortured by darkness trying to take over the control of your mind constantly without being able to switch it off (?) and we know it is quite tiring my friends!

In the afternoon I decided to call technical support of Telia – my TV provider – and he could see “any ingoing lines on my computer” disturbing (!) and he said that it looked like I am running a file sharing programme or participating in an on-line game, which I do not, but I am running my computer without virus protection – other than being protected by God, which I have done since 2009 to show my faith in God (!) – so this might be it (?), but he guided me to install new firmware on my TV box, which made the TV work again, and yes the old firmware broke down – could no more – and this was the start of the firmware of the New World!

Even though I felt tired and REALLY wanted a break, I decided to walk maybe one kilometre with my punctured cycle to the cycle workshop to be repaired – I remember how I used to do this myself many years ago, where I never could DREAM about asking a workshop to do it – and it showed out to be as hard as I could not have imagined with EXTREME darkness coming to me again almost breaking me down physically on this walk – but I was happy seeing two BRIGHT lights on the sky, the ones of my father and mother.

From 17.00 to 19.00 I was as tired as ever before almost constantly falling asleep at the same time as darkness constantly attacked me, but I decided that I will not give up, but kept absorbing/fighting it, and a NIGHTMARE is what it was, and I have kept receiving this very uncomfortable pain inside of my feet or hands the last couple of days.

Yesterday I was given the word “Auping” several times, which I did not understand other than knowing that this is the name of a bed, and this evening I saw a TV commercial including Auping beds, which was from the chain of stores called “Drømmeland” (“Dream Land”), which is really what we are about to open, the dream land of our New World.

Darkness tempted me to cut off the last piece of the spirit of my father, which I rejected – we are VERY close to the end now 🙂

In the beginning of this evening I was encouraged to decide to “start the New World” while I was still feeling darkness (which is and for days has been extremely strong pressuring me to close down the access to my self now to spare myself for more sufferings, which I however have rejected all along), and my answer was that when there is NO more darkness, we will start the New World and not before, and my wish for you is – as mentioned before – to do this automatically at the EXACT RIGHT TIME when the last darkness is converted and to do it without the world and myself feeling it, which is to do it “as perfectly as you can” and YES WE CAN :-).

I felt everything around me as light and felt only a little light red of the spirit of my mother arriving from the dark side, but later in the evening I was shown the spirit of my father walking through corridors checking that we have everything with us, and I felt the darkness of the spirit of my father being extremely close around me, and he is the last one closing and switching off.

Later I was told that the story of my father almost dying because of cancer – and his operation today – and the words I wrote to him and Kirsten via my aunt Inge makes it all fit together because it is my love to him, which is making him survive and it is my persistence not to give up and to close the access, which is making the spirit of my father entering with everything – without cutting anything off – from the dark side outside the Source and our New World and I was told that “this is the very thing we saved (all the way back to before creation), which is now saved again” and I felt the spirit of my father being extremely close to me – feeling as a dark shade a few centimetres around me” and while feeling this, I was also given the STRONG feeling that hereafter I am everything, which is, which is the Source together with the Universe symbolised by my human body.

I was also told that it is this remaining part of the spirit of my father, who is the only one who can provide the shield around the Source, which will effectively protect us from “nothing” – and I was wondering again what would happen if I had “lost it” not getting this remaining part with us (?) and is this also only a “game” (?) and is it possible for the Source to recreate the code of something, which was outside the Source and yes many questions, but as usual I do the only thing which makes logic, which is to NEVER GIVE UP because this is the ONLY thing I can do to make sure that there will come no negative surprises.

Again this evening I received diarrhoea, which I was told 10 minutes before receiving it, and I receive it still occasionally and only sometimes write about it, and destruction is what I understand it is about, but 100,00% is the goal including recreation/improvement when necessary, and this will have to be good enough to make our perfect New World.

So how long will it take before I will wake up as my new self (?) and as you can tell, I don’t know and it may be tomorrow or maybe the 1st January?

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Hardinger from Shu-bi-dua – as much of this band as Bundesen (!) – was inspired here and LAUGHING when reading that when you install a sun cell system, you will get registered as an independent tradesman, which Monty Python could not have done better as he writes below, and using other words, he might as well have told the meaning of it: When installing the energy of the Source to the world, I will become registered by the accountant as independent, which is to become the energy of everything, which is bringing forward the biggest smiles from our spiritual world, and installing the world to the Source is what we are doing now.

  • I was told that I did not receive information myself about the future and the road I would be going – for example the importance of Jais recently – in order to protect the light from the darkness inside of me; if I knew the darkness would try to generate destruction to this.
  • For days I have been told about Ariel Sharon, the previous Prime Minister of Israel who was hit by a stroke years ago, and the reason for his visit to the Temple Mount in 2000 and I was told “what did he have to hide” (?) and I can only guess that this is a secret connected to the Jerusalem UFO in 2011 and my dear friends of the Temple Mount, will you please reveal “my secret” to the world (?), because I don’t know about it myself as Stig, which are the words I am given here!
  • On the TV news today it was said that the Danes have used 24 billion DKK on Christmas gifts this year (!), which is “nothing” to talk about (?), and I just wondered why the Danes were so “extremely proud” of raising only 110 MILLION DKK to the African Horn earlier this year and NOT shameful for spending more than 200 times this amount on Christmas gifts and “entertainment” surrounding Christmas and did you say WRONG “commercialism” and consumption (?) and yes you bet (!) – do you believe I would like you to change your priorities using 110 MILLION DKK on Christmas gifts and 24 BILLION DKK to help the African Horn as long as people are starving/suffering (?) and yes you bet (!), which you “could not” do (?) and “could not” even see?
  • Søren Pind has started using the Spotify music streaming service too but had a technical issue of how to get it to work – just like I with my TV – and he asked below “what do one do, children”, which was a language some people had difficulties to understand and accept because “of course he is speaking slightingly to people, isn’t he” (?), which is how it looks on the surface when you “cannot” understand, but when people read his posting saying that it is only “children” who knows “these kind of things”, people understood his true meaning and Helena below is the example of people in relation to me believing that they have to forgive me for talking slightingly to them in my scripts and that is really only what they believe, because Helena says below after understanding Søren “ok, you are forgiven” to which the sharp (!) Søren says “forgiven …., I see. I don’t remember asking for that”, which is really the same as I, you see? And Søren, the cowboy is an old symbol of darkness and you might as well face the mirror and tell me what you see (?) but I agree with you, it is a STRONG song.


28th December: Niklas is another part of me and the spirit of my father knocked on the orange INSIDE of the Source

Dreaming of having worked hard right until the end of my life as my “old self” bringing happiness as the result

I was so tired yesterday around midnight when going to bed that I knew that I would NOT be able to receive any information knowing that I would then be “allowed” to sleep – it really works mostly as a voluntary co-operation now – so I “slept” until 09.30 this morning receiving these dreams:

  • I am inside Camilla’s parents house, something about speaking on the phone, moving the house and the bicycle made me nervous for a moment, but my mother is still watching me.
    • I had a constant pressure on my heart when awakening, which was not very nice, which I understand is because of my “concerned” mother …
  • Something about Obama and his party counting down until a war in space against people of other civilizations, which had to start because of mankind self, and only because of me as the leader to unite the forces, we succeeded stopping this war.
  • I met Fuggi in the shopping centre trying to stop me, he was much stronger than I and I also met even stronger “dolls of men” all trying to stop me, but “there is nothing to do, I must move on”, which is how I got through these.
    • Fighting strong darkness and only coming through because of will power.
  • I am at an international conference at GEFI together with Morten J., who is very active and preferred by the management, and I keep more in the background. Morten and the management goes through my written preparation for the meeting seeing how careful I have preferred and new ideas I have come up with, and Morten recommends me as the new leader simply because I do the best work, which is accepted by the management, who excuses that they were not “able” to see this earlier. Morten and the management has also gone through two separate calculations he and I have done about the same, and they chose Morten’s calculations because they were closest to the right result, but Morten tells me that mine were also calculated correctly on basis on my foundations, which however were not right. Morten will now stop working after having worked hard, being very active and come up with new ideas right until the end.
    • This is one of those dreams with two layers of information – MANY have this including many where I have only written about one layer – and what you see on the surface is the old fight in GEFI between Morten and I, where the management preferred Morten because he was the most visible of us and the calculations of the dream is what our previous HR-manager Ian Baker asked us to do – answer a lot of questions about our selves and management – where they chose Morten but really did not read and understand my detailed answers?
    • And furthermore Morten is symbolising God having worked hard because I as Stig have worked hard and this my old self is now stopping work at the old world (and becoming my new self really).
    • I saw how Morten J. has now gone through everything and I was given the WONDERFUL song “crying” by Roy Orbison, which was not a symbol of crying, but the opposite of happiness and really from the spirit of my mother also because yesterday when driving to Sweden and when hearing this song in the car, my mother turned up the volume, and yes I do believe that the hits of Roy Orbison are among the absolute favourite of my mother’s songs, and this one is certainly one of the most beautiful of them – and yes, we like the version together with K.D. Land coming here:

  • I was told that Morten J. cultivates plants and that he now has expanded the number of plants from 70 to 150, which is the result of bringing everything also of light converted from the dark side: LIFE WILL GROW IN OUR NEW WORLD.
  • Something about “and then you will ask if you can get energy, which you can”, which I understood as part of the game, but I have decided for no new “strategy” other than what I already told you.
  • I am in Paul’s apartment and feel that he has two women, but also that a third one is walking around the apartment and this lady was his first girlfriend, and is the foundation of everything for him since being with her. We are cleaning up the kitchen, and he tells me that he has been offered a new house in Birkerød of only 3 million DKK, which looks very nice, it is divided into two separate apartments and if he orders the house from his work, he will get a free holiday to South Africa in return, and he tells me that he has started writing down stories himself, which his two women don’t like to read about but he tells them that he does not write differently about them as when he writes about others receiving the word of Rembrandt and other famous painters about them, and I ask him if he has received a spiritual voice helping him to write this, which he confirms and I ask him if it isn’t tiresome, which he confirms that it is.
    • What is this about? Being in Pauls apartment means that he is thinking of me, is he having two ladies at the same time (?), which of course is wrong if this is the case, and the new house is about Paul knowing that we will get a new wonderful New World (?), and the story that he writes is this because he is starting to receive spiritual information himself – or only experiences during the night, which he cannot remember when being awake?

Niklas is another part of me and the spirit of my father knocked on the orange INSIDE of the Source

For a couple of days I have been told 5-1 with a reference to the victory of Denmark over Norway in Norway in 1985 (?), and I have kept saying “No, 6-0” because I will accept NO loss of sets to darkness, and today I understood that this was the “game” of my father surviving and today I felt him enter me – I wonder how he is doing (?) and I therefore sent an email this evening asking my aunt about him (!) – and apparently he had to float between life and death to make it possible for the spirit of my father to enter me closing the door after him.

I had several hours of extreme darkness trying to take me over, to make my father hurt – even everything else – and it came again and again and again hundreds of times and I only made it through by thinking “I am the last anchor, so I cannot give up”, and the feeling was worse than the worst you can imagine.

I walked to the bicycle repair shop who had promised my bicycle to be ready by 16.00, but when arriving the mechanic has left and my bicycle was not repaired, so my plan to cycle to Snekkersten to do a little shopping at the SPAR supermarket had to be cancelled at the same time as I had to fight much darkness given to me to blame the mechanic negatively, and I was EXTRA disappointed because I wanted to do this cycling to bring energy to my father with the game being that this would help him survive and I am told that he is on the edge, which he might be or otherwise it is truly a game to use my feelings for my father to generate even more energy to bring in the spirit of my father.

One hour later the mechanic had returned and called me – as I had asked for – and he was very sorry, he had overlooked my bicycle and yes he was kind to call and to apologize, but he made me sad for making this mistake both because I had to do a walk in vain and because I did not bring the energy for my father as I wanted to, but instead I will collect the bicycle tomorrow and do the cycling tomorrow.

On my way back from the cycle workshop, I was told that my nephew Niklas is another part of me (!!!), and we know keeping the best secrets until the end, and yes if I did not make it, he would probably have overtaking the role to be me as I understood, and really as I feel inside of me as something I have always known”

Later in the day, I heard a knocking sound in the kitchen and I was shown the spirit of my father knocking from the inside on the edge of an orange, and I was told that it was (is) almost impossible to get him in.

I wrote an email today to Pedro from Portugal thanking him for his Christmas card, and telling him about our Christmas and that I am now finished with my website and also that it take a “few hours” to read the summaries of my main pages and “a few days” to read all approx. 30 of them and I said that I would be happy to have him back as a visitor, which he might do now?

I had the worst evening with darkness continuing to come, which is still more of the spirit of my father arriving, and I was told that if I had decided to switch on the New World was it yesterday (?), I would have been killed and someone else overtaking the last piece of work, so if this is a message from the light, it was a good decision and if it was a message of the darkness, it is just a part of the game, and yes this could be true and it could be a play, but all I know is that as long as I do my work, this is still the best road for me to follow, so this is what I do :-). (Later: This can ONLY be a play for me to hold on to my will power as long as possible and “always” you know).

I was told that “when there is nothing to be burned this is how we do it” (going through the WORST sufferings – the pressure is enormous now) and I received the smell of “almost burning” to get the spirit of my father through and I also received strong marks at my angles as part of this.

Finally, I was told that Niklas is supposed to take off some of my sufferings by reading the headline of the script today as headline on my Facebook posting.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I understood that the comment “taxi …” (with a time mark of 4:27, which is where the UFO starts being visible) posted below to the video 4 of the Jerusalem UFO, which I uploaded some months ago, was inspired, which is why I bring it here, and I remember a dream “some months ago” of someone arriving in a taxi after a long journey, which I remember was God arriving (did I remember correctly?) and this may simply be to say that the spirit of my father is now arriving and I keep thinking of my father’s operation yesterday not knowing how he is now with the answer potentially being that “he is alive but not feeling well” after – as the spirit of my father – being the rear party setting up the shield of our New World.

  • I did not tell you that I did NOT receive a reply from two out of the three call centres, which the Commune forced me to send applications to, and what do you believe about this (?), poor behaviour and laziness?



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