December 31, 2011: I am using strength I don’t have to maintain life and I will soon “drop dead” to become my new self


Summary of the script today

29th December: I am using strength I don’t have to maintain life and I will soon “drop dead” to become my new self

  • Dreaming that I am using strength I don’t have to hold me and the world going as my “old self”, my aunt Inge is sending me all of her love, Tobias needs more discipline, Villy Søvndal receiving his life of challenges, my old speakers need replacement with new (my “old self” becoming my “new self”), I am bringing my messages to the world suffering much and I will “drop dead” as my “old self” soon because I cannot continue living as I do with no energy and much suffering.
  • I reflect on the “opposition” of the Vatican Church to me for calling them wimps (!) not doing what anyone should logically do – to announce my reappearance – and for “disturbing” their “culture” and “poor habits”, and together with the pure faith of my LTO friends and an email from Meshack, it leads to my final showdown with this church and all other organisations of different religious persuasions: Show your PURE FAITH in me, disband your organisations, sell all of your “glitter and gold” and give it to the poor – I value people much more than belongings of churches etc. because “all that glitters ain’t gold” (!) – which is the task I give you. Give up everything to follow me – do you think you CAN YOU DO THAT?
  • My father has had 2/3 of his stomach removed and is suffering much, and I am sending him energy because I have decided NOT to give up, which I hope will help him survive, and should I give up to darkness now, it would cost my father his physical life, and his energy would be sent to me to remove the remaining darkness around me and I would be woken up, but let’s wait a while, Janet :-).

30th December: I have built hearts of gold of all people of our New World – from a land without high mountains

  • Dreaming of young people attacking me trying to kill me in cold blood, there will be “no finer place for sure” than our New World, the Danish Insurance sector is “finding” information on me, the CEO of Dahlberg, Niels, is bringing me darkness and sexual sufferings, but there are ladies in Dahlberg believing in me as the Source, darkness is killing my old self in a matter of days (?), I will go through the forest of everything on my way to our New World crossing a hill of the “land without high mountains” – Michael Falck was later today inspired to upload this song of his to say that we have put a HEART OF GOLD into all living beings of the world J – to dissolving the old world is bringing energy, which is also distributed to the darkness (!), I managed to shield the old world from destructing rain to enter, Kim S., Pernille S. and Jørgen were “crazy about money” soaking out much of my energy and Nønne and others rejected me because of irrational reasons, but Nønne is starting to open her eyes to me as being “everything”.
  • I received a new very kind email from David thinking back of some of the most important events of 2011, and I sent a reduced amount from normally 2,800 DKK to 2,300 DKK this time to LTO mainly because I “have to” repay my loan to my mother’s husband John, so this is how LTO and the families will now suffer even more the same way as myself and others.
  • I went to the swimming hall again this afternoon and I was inspired to visit Borupgård in Snekkersten, where I lived with my mother and partly my sister from 1978-86, and besides from concluding that it is STILL as extremely DULL as it also was back then, I understood that I was inspired to go here to tell you about the story of where the Doomsday Weapon would have exploded to destruct the world if I had not stopped it, which is at the hill of the little “cycling forest” behind Borupgård, which includes a World War II bunker – this is why I have called Snekkersten “the city of darkness” in my scripts.

31st December: A New Years Eve with the BEST view over Sweden celebrating the entrance to 2012 – and a HAPPY UFO 🙂

  • Dreaming of Karen seeing other men, which is KILLING me too and making my work “impossible” to do, I would not have the energy to make love to a woman now, Vivian is sending me darkness from Australia too, Prime Minister Erdoğan of Turkey had difficulties with me because of my “attitude” in relation to the religion of Islam and on Kurds, but now he is softening (“opbløde” in Danish for making me bleed too!) because of my writings on the Church of Rome and I do feel lonesome tonight having no friends!
  • I sent Nønne an email telling her about my dream of her yesterday, my writings on her and the sufferings she brings me, which will require OPENNESS of her to “understand”, and later I received even more darkness coming from her because of “misunderstood sadness” thinking that I am a “killer fish/elephant” “killing her” with my public writings on her with the truth being that her “inability” to understand and support me is now killing me even more than before. But she understands me more behind her facade and this increase in both darkness and faith is the recipe to dig even deeper into the old world bringing more information with us to our New World :-).
  • I also sent an email to Hellebæk Church explaining what “a NEW birth without darkness” means and I now await for their darkness and faith (!) to enter me too.
  • I had a nice New Years Evening together with my mother and John, where my mother and I managed to remove the attention from our sufferings and to focus on having a good evening together. There is a time span in which the old world can be replaced with our New World, and we are now finishing our work doing this in the beginning of this time span. I had the BEST view over the coast of Sweden celebrating with fireworks our entrance to 2012 – and our New World :-), which also made a UFO right in front of my eyes VERY HAPPY even though it showed and understood the sufferings of my father and I.


29th December: I am using strength I don’t have to maintain life and I will soon “drop dead” to become my new self

Dreaming that I am using strength I don’t have to maintain life and I will soon “drop dead” to become my new self

The last couple of days I have been “afraid” of not receiving my sleep buy new messages, but the truth is that I have been so tired and exhausted when going to bed – holding a full day is really not “quite possible” because at 17.00, I am completely broken down (!) – that I have known that this would be impossible to do, so I can only keep on using the rest of my energy until I cannot continue (!) – also knowing that my LTO friends and family (and the world) is suffering until I will wake up (!) – and with this, I bring you a new day and new dreams:

  • Michael Jackson his holding the ship using all of his strength, which no one of the game would dream that he could do – they did not even think of this as an opportunity because it requires so much physical strength that it is not even worthwhile considering doing – and he keeps on playing and winning tennis.
    • This is really what I am doing as “another part of Michael” these days, using strength I don’t have with will power holding me up and that is for me in physical life and that is for my “old inner self” to hold the world going and this is really the theme of today: For how long can I keep going as my “old self” without breaking down and becoming my new self?
    • I woke up to “Save a prayer” by Duran Duran – from your no. 1 album also with me 🙂 – and the lyrics “we can call it paradise” and this time without other meaning than this is what we can call our New World.
  • I hear a lady from the academy of music playing the most beautiful live jazz music, and I ask her if she can play a jazz song from the original Philips CD (which I received in 1984 together with my Philips CD 303 which I won!), and she tells me that she does not know the song but also that “it gives the aunt here a chance to show what she can”.
    • This is about the “best music ever”, which is LOVE – I remember when receiving this CD in 1984 INCLUDING BLUE EYES, which it the number I am looking for, Elton (I heard this song HUNDREDS of times in 1984, therefore!), that it sounded so much better than ALL music I had ever heard before (!) – and the lady sending it to me is my aunt Inge and the reason is simply because I sent her an email yesterday evening asking how she and my father is doing.
    • And “the aunt” is also a nick of the “old lady” of Danish media, the newspaper Berlingske Tidende, and are you also determined to show the world what you can do when finding and writing stories about me (?) and yes not every day that Jesus comes again to save the world and that he is from Denmark (?), and you might want to include Danish actors by “co-incidence” playing crooks of James Bond, which you may understand why?

  • I am working in an ”activation project” together with Tobias, and I am flying to catch a dog running on the path next to the road before it will swing out on the road to be killed by a car, and I fly VERY high and catch the dog. We are about to clean 6-8 roads of snow and dirt, but Tobias does not care, and I have to teach him discipline to do it, and at the end I am shown a photo of his girlfriend being very sad.
    • I am flying high because of including the quote of Tobias from our Christmas lunch the other day, and Tobias is a “party-man”, who needs more discipline, which I am sure he will tell the world himself?
  • I saw the Danish Foreign Minister, Villy Søvndal, speaking to three Japanese in the small restaurant of the Danish Parliament, which they find is “cosy” compared to what they are used to.
    • Villy is a “special friend” receiving his life of challenges as the new Foreign Minister, which was his ambition, but it is costing many voters and “friends” Villy even if you do your best (?) and not easy to be on the world stage with “people you are not used to” also being both the chairman of your party and the Foreign Minister at the same time?
  • I am working together with the absolutely best sound people, which exists, and my old speakers don’t work anymore and I have decided to order the same speaker in a new and updated version of 75,000 DKK, which should be even better, but I ask of their recommendations too, and they tell me about one special speaker, which sprays out liquid to measure the room and adjust the sound to it, which should give an even better sound. I am also listening to different amplifier sets, and when I listen to other sets in the same price category as my own Holfi set (approx. 30,000 DKK), I don’t hear anything better, but when I visit Hifi-klubben I see that Elton John has just bough an integrated amplifier including radio of 12,000 DKK – looks like a Luxman – which he is VERY happy with but when I compare the sound of this to mine, it is like comparing FM and AM radio, so much better is my amplifier set. I see employees and the manager of Hifi-klubben, and one employee receives his first monthly pay, and the manager puts a pressure on for the employee to buy reduces equipment, but he only receives approx. 12,000 DKK net.
    • My old speakers not working anymore is about my “old self” not working anymore – I am all over and out, Roger and Roger (!) and you cannot even buy me on sale, there is NOTHING left (!) – so after my breakfast in Denmark, I might very soon tear down the wall to open up for my new self, where I will get even better speakers to communicate my messages to the world, and it seems that Elton is indeed also a “special friend” of mine, who will also receive spiritual communication, i.e. the radio, but not at the same level as me, but coming from me.
    • I woke up to the song of the postman of “Vinterbyøster”, which together with “Jullerup Færgeby” are the two dearest Christmas Calendars from when I was a child, and the lyrics “det er der jeg er post” (“this is where I am post”), which is really to say that this is from where I am delivering my messages to the world – and was “post” also a symbol of saving life (?), I cannot remember – and really saying that this is a city of WINTER as a symbol of suffering.

  • I also woke up to the song “Drop dead beautiful” by Six Was Nine and the lyrics “committing no crime” and and “drop dead beautiful”, which is really saying that the world managed to kill my old self, and I will “drop dead” very soon because I am in such a poor shape that I cannot continue as I do and the question, Morten and the two others (are you in Irma?), is really if I will be strong enough to TAKE ON ME all darkness or if I will drop dead before that.

I ask all religious persuasions to sell all your “glitter and gold” and give it to poor people to follow me

I started working this morning at 09.30, but I really don’t have other work than to do these scripts as long as I am able to survive as my old self, and I might as well include a thought I had about the Catholic Church – and all religious organizations too – which is to THANK YOU for preaching old gospels, but it is really time for SOMETHING NEW, which means the end of all OLD religions including your “habits” and “cultures”, and I was thinking about the Vatican, who do not like being called wimps (?), which created opposition from some of you in me (?), and that is to the one which your church is built on to preach the gospel of (?), which you however believe you can only do coming my words of today through your censorship (?), and I am not the one to change your hundreds of years old tradition and culture (?), because of course your culture has to be right and I am wrong telling you otherwise, is that how it is (?) and let me tell you that you are WRONG and brainwashed by your “culture” and poor habits too, and it is time for you to wake up too.

And I cannot wait to hear what you will tell the world – will you decide to admit your sins and wrongdoings for not following me or will you try in vain to defend and also protect yourself from attacks coming from the outside (?) and yes these are the words coming to me, so your own “well being” is quite important to you?

I was happy today to receive news from my old friend Meshack, who used to write to me as the most frequent among my LTO friends, but today I hardly hear from him anymore, so his sickness and sufferings are really “killing” him too – as I am “killing myself” writing these lines, which are “impossible” to write because of how I feel – and I can only tell you Meshack that you did WELL to follow me and support me, which the Church of Rome could not even do (!), and you were among the people the Pope spoke of in his Christmas Mass, but it would be too much to ask you Benedict and the Church to sell your belongings including all of your “glitter and gold” because the song “Gold” by Prince was also related to you with the lyrics “all that glitters ain’t gold”, and you should know that I value the well being of people more than the well being of the church – simple logic isn’t it (?) – and my task for you to follow me and become my future servants is therefore to sell all of your belongings and disband your church and do you think that you will be “able” to do this, or is this too much to ask for (?) and yes my dear ladies and gentlemen of ALL religious organizations of the world, you have the same task and that is really for you to “give up everything you have” to do what Meshack is doing, which is to have PURE FAITH giving give up all of your “glitter and gold” as I did myself in 2009 – CAN YOU (?) and the answer for TRUE servants should loudly be: YES WE CAN (!) and for those, you have a special room in my heart to spread my words – and communicate with people – through my only organization, which it the Living Testimony Organization.

Thank you VERY much Meshack for keeping your faith and going through sufferings, which a whole world will come to appreciate when understanding that you gave up everything to follow me, which is “almost impossible” for other people to do, and how many “true people of faith” of all persuasions will be able to do the same without grumbling out against me?

Here is his email:

Hi there,it is my pressure to take this opportunity to write a good new year massage to you. It is my hope that you are okay and doing well. On my part have really not been myself for the last one and half months due to sickness but now am a bit okay. Life here with my family has been a struggle and this Christmas season i did not have any money to enable me to travel home like last Christmas to celebrate with my extended family and i will also be spending the new year again here. My worry this time and my family is how we are going to cough up with in the new year because it has become much difficult to stay as a jobless father yet you have a family which relies on you for the daily bread. With all these difficulties in still have faith that one day one time i shall be lifted and all worries will turn out be later a Gods blessings.

May i take this opportunity to wish you a new prosperous year 2012

  Kind regards,

Later in the day I was told that this is also the “next step” to help me receive even more darkness to absorb, which is for religious organizations to oppose me rather than welcoming me, because how many today will voluntarily disband your organizations, TRULY help poor people in need and truly show yourself as my servants (?) and just wondering I am, but “progress/development” over the next weeks and months will “probably” help you on your way as I am here told.

I decided to include information of this chapter on my front webpage through a new chapter called “One Organization only will spread my philosophy: Living Testimony Organization (LTO)”, and I kindly ask LTO and Elijah to read it, and I do hope and believe that you will support me in this, because these writings are the philosophy, which LTO will spread to the world and help EVERYONE to receive a normal life too of course :-).

I am sending my father energy to survive when not giving up as my “old self”, otherwise he would die to make me my new self

Before getting my bicycle this afternoon, I wrote down the following:

When and if I break down, my wish is for EVERYTHING to be saved (I am still pressured to accept destruction, which I will NOT), I don’t want anything to be lost and I hope that this will happen through energy brought by others and the “insurance” of the Source if needed.

After lunch I walked to get my bicycle, and despite of much wind against me on the cycle path, Jakob – hhhhmmmm (!) – I cycled to the SPAR supermarket in Snekkersten (Skotterup) to get some cheap offers – and to generate some energy – and after a Cappuccino on the Vivaldi Café in Helsingør, which I like very much to visit even though this winter could be better (for example if people started COMMUNICATING!), and when I drove back I was told that this energy is to help my father survive physically as Peer, and now I was given the understanding of this in connection because yesterday evening I asked my aunt to tell my father to be STRONG because it helps him to come through – and really because he is not and therefore soaks out much sympathy and energy from others and this is what he is now doing again (!) – and today my aunt was VERY kind writing me and telling me that she visited my father yesterday, who is in much pain after having had 2/3 of his stomach removed – and that she will know about her self in January – and I understood that my meeting with a very nice lady from the 3rd floor below was also no co-incidence because she was VERY fresh as a 87 year old and she said that her younger sister was not as fresh and outgoing as she, and now she is dead, which was really to confirm that without my energy, my father would die, and if I decided to bring no more energy myself before becoming my new self, my father would die bringing me the energy required and yes while thinking of it, he has already brought me energy after becoming weaker because of the operation, and we will see what happens here because I will NOT give up but on the other hand, I cannot work 8 hours per day now and will not run, but maybe do a walk or cycle tour now and again and we will see if this will be enough.

After coming home I was given a play where I felt darkness entering me from outside – after some quarrel about which darkness was to come first (!) – and I felt it going around my body and entering my right arm before showing the sword to the darkness still waiting to arrive and I heard “now it is your turn”, and I was told that this is what would happen if I gave up now, that remaining darkness would enter me and become light through the energy of my father, but let’s wait a while, which may be days or even weeks (?), before I will accept to become my new self because there is still more to do! I also felt the spirit of my father inside of me welcoming new darkness becoming light herewith welcoming himself.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • After a few days on Scribd revealing the TRUE number of visitors to my insurance memo, it has now fallen down to ZERO again, and I wonder what the TRUE number of visitors are to all of my documents and websites (?) and also that NO ONE of “official systems” had the “courage” to show your reading of me without secrecy, which is what the darkness loves and what the light disapproves strongly of, but my telling you did not have an “impact” on you other than receiving “cold feet” about what is coming when the world will know?
  • I was happy receiving a “normal reply” from Pedro to my email to him and that is because he can see as everyone else that I am still my old self and when I am that, there is nothing to fear, because you really should not fear but love God, do you see?
  • Just some words out of many coming to me: The world is deeply in debt meaning that it is without energy (!), which is a “secret” not told to mankind, and how many of you people of “official systems” have faith in me that I am going to deliver the new energy source as I have told you to make us all survive (?), and yes isn’t it exciting and we are now about to enter 2012 with MANY people believing that the judgment and the end of the world will now come bringing sufferings to these people because of their “knowledge” and for the world not listening to and understanding them (!), and isn’t it funny that they do not understand that we already have passed the judgment and everyone will survive without mankind doing “anything” to help (!) and also that these “alternative” people did not receive confirmation hereof among others because of the sceptical people of the forum of Selvet and my meditation group, and yes if people from Selvet had started READING and UNDERSTANDING me in the beginning of 2010 and my meditation group in the end of 2011 had done the same, the word of my arrival and the survival of the world should “easily” have spread around the world, but yes the same old story of people not being “able” to understand and communicate – but I am happy that most people did not even discover the judgment before it was over to save them from sufferings.
  • I first had “difficulties” publishing new scripts after the 15th December having told people that I now had stopped my writings and also after Christmas after having told the world and my “friends” on Facebook so clearly that I would “now” wake up, and I wonder if this did not bring even more darkness helping me to get “everything” with me to our New World and yes yes yes :-).
  • Later I felt my father and I received throw-up feelings, dizziness almost fainting, small heart attacks and fear of dying, which simply were feelings and fear of my father transferred to me helping him by taking on his sufferings. I also received his feelings of reproaching me because of our poor relations, which is really not very nice when the wrong doings is made by himself, which he simply “cannot” see, and yes I have spoken nicely about my father and Kirsten to the family and my surroundings, and I wonder how you have spoken about me to your “family”, i.e. Kirsten’s family?
  • It took but a few hours before I felt Benedict, so my dear friend, how does it feel to be the pope of a church I do not approve of (?) and just wondering I am.
  • For a couple of days I have heard “get my telephone number”, which is about people receiving a direct spiritual line to me and yes you can get this all of you and that is to my new self of course :-).
  • For a couple of days I have started receiving a few pains to my eyes feeling as if a needle was stuck into the eye from the inside and out, which is simply about “dying” and from 19.00 to 21.00 today, it was again “simply impossible” to stay awake and really to continue living as my “old self”, but we are still holding on here.
  • I was told that I was the opposite of mankind, thus my family/friends etc. meaning that when they did wrong including a wrong sexual behaviour, I had to become as I did also meaning that a sexual life was almost removed from me bringing me immense sufferings.
  • Just a thought: I am still living as the “old Stig”, which is the man my new self is soaking out everything of – more and more each day – meaning that I become weaker and weaker but underneath this is my new self and I might do a SKIN TRADE soon, Simon & Co. J, and just a “funny” situation thinking of.
  • Finally I was told that “you need to exercise for your father to survive”, which may be true – but IMPOSSIBLE to do (!) – but I tell you that it is a HELL to have a constant spiritual speech not knowing what is the truth and deceptions of what I receive, and yes thanks to my family/friends etc. and mankind not being “able” to live without sins!
  • I understood that I am fighting with my father in a fight to live or die and I received a tremendously STRONG pressure to accept that if he – together with the pressure coming from religious organizations etc. (!) – should be stronger than I, it would mean the end of my life, and to this I could only say no (however the top rule is still applying!), which is really that if his weakness including everything else is stronger than my strength, he will take the fall himself, but I have no plans for this happening neither when feeling as weak as I do – weaker than ever – because I really want for the both of us to survive at the same time as bringing everything with me, which you know requires that we really scrape the bottom, you see? And I was also told that his lack of will power is because the darkness does not want to live but to destruct, so before turning the darkness into light, I am really taking the decisions on its behalf to survive, funny isn’t it?


30th December: I have built hearts of gold of all people of our New World – from a land without high mountains

Dreaming of having built hearts of gold of my people in a land without high mountains

I slept “alright” but still knowing and feeling that I am living on my extreme edge – with this constant heavy head and “warm feeling” inside of me as desribed before and I cannot tell you just how tired I am and how much I desire just to do nothing at all (!) – and today with these dreams:

  • I am at a train station in the USA, a police officer wants to see ID from some teenagers but he first has to ask the owner of the station. The train arrives and out comes two teenagers, who were supposed to train other teenagers on the station waiting for them how to shoot, but they are arrested and I have one of them in my possession, which makes the other teenagers start shooting after me, and they are eager determined to kill me, but they don’t hit me nor the teenager. Later they are pursuing me, and I hide underneath a bench on the station with the leader standing right next to me – I cannot keep my feet underneath the bench and I keep almost touching him and I can almost not understand that neither he nor a man of his gang on the other side of the bench see me and shoot me.
    • USA is darkness, police is darkness and the teenagers are darkness, but here I am the police officer acting as light even though I am darkness – just a matter of will power you know – telling the teenagers to behave making the teenagers attack me, and there is really nothing as frightening as people attacking you with all of their darkness only determined to kill you in coldness, and I wonder if this is about teenagers and young people a few weeks ago visited my website making a laughing stock out of me, which is still darkness attached to me at the same time as this is also a part of their “train journey” to reach the other side and yes I am thinking about “young people” going to help us all and that includes the young people of the Norwegian Social Democratic Party being attacked and many of them killed at the island of .
  • Half awake I was shown Sean Connery as James Bond inside of darkness coming to me and with him I was shown CRYSTAL CLEAR water with fish swimming, which is really what it is bringing to get “everything” with us.
  • I heard the beginning of the chorus of the song “Downtown” by Petula Clark, which I like much, and it goes like this, which is what is waiting at us at our New World: “The lights are much brighter there, You can forget all your troubles, forget all your cares and go Downtown, things’ll be great when you’re, Downtown, no finer place for sure, Downtown, everything’s waiting for you (Downtown)”

  • A manager called “Steen S. Kalvehave” from Tryg Insurance is some kind of a detective in relation to finding information on me, and I wonder why Tryg could not “get usage” for me. I am now working my last day at Dahlberg after extending my work a couple of months ago, and I am saying goodbye and when I enter Niels’ large office, I see a strong sunbeam shortly hitting him and I also see his bag next to his sofa, and I tell them that “I will now stop my work completely, which does not have to mean that I will not do other things, but it will not be as paid work” and the ladies of Dahlberg asks me “this is an omen, is it not”? When standing on the stairs, I feel just how fragile they are and because of the strong activities at the office, it makes the stairs break down and I have to jump for my life, and I see how Dahlberg work on “insurance renewals” and I hear with a low voice that a new co-operation agreement has been made with the accountants, but this is hush hush.
    • I sent a couple of applications to Tryg Insurance over the years, and I was amazed to see just how unprofessionally it worked – lack of processes and use of SIMPLE LOGIC – and that they “could not” find out how to use my competences, and I felt with this dream that the Danish Insurance Sector is talking about and finding information about me?
    • Leaving Dahlberg after having extended my work is the same as leaving the old world and my old self after I decided to extend my work when moving to Helsingør in October. Niels’ bag at the sofa is saying that he is bringing me sexual sufferings too because of his wrongdoing in relation to me – lack of faith (?) – but there are ladies at Dahlberg believing in me, and yes when I visited dahlberg when returning from Kenya in 2009, I had a “very nice” talk with several of the ladies of Dahlberg, which they remember and yes is “helping them to bring this faith” because “he was NOT stupid listening to”, do you see?
    • It is also darkness coming from Dahlberg, which is killing me, which is now so strong that it is only a matter of “days” and not weeks before I will become my new self (?) and it is not well seen of speaking about me (!) – maybe they are “too shy” (?) – but they do speak about me being the Source, which is what the co-operation agreement is about (bringing new energy to the world). And I wonder how many hours Dahlberg and others spill when working on “renewals” instead of doing something more productive.
  • I am on my way to visit Gilleleje and I am surprised to see that Ejer Baunehøj is located on Zealand close to this city, but I see that the last part of the road goes through the forest, which is very beautiful.
    • Ejer Baunehøj is one of the highest points in Denmark – however only 170 metres high because we don’t have mountains here – which is about “sufferings” but when I am about to approach our New World, it will go through the forest of everything, which will be a good experience.
    • Later today – exactly at 15.23 to be precise – Michael Falck was inspired to upload a video where he and his band sings “I et land uden høje bjerge” (“in a land without high mountains”) a cappella – you may understand the connection to my dream (?) – and you also might notice just how loud they sing “HJERTER AF GULD” (“hearts of gold”) after 02:06, which is what is knocking “in my people” as the song also goes and this is what the hearts of all living beings of our New World now include after I have “built it” (in this land without high mountains), which is what Neil kept on searching for, and yes Neil we found it at the time when you are getting old, but better late than never and the truth is that you song, yourself and I will NEVER GET OLD really :-).

  • I decided to comment Michael’s video as follows and let us see if he becomes “curious” enough to find and read my website :-).

  • I am working for a company owned by Kim S. and a new partner of his, who is also a lawyer, and they sell the company receiving 2 million DKK each, and the partner wants to give Kim a bicycle for his help, and I tell them to consider if some of the employees have done a special effort and have a special need not thinking of myself, and now I see that the other partner is Niels from Dahlberg and he is telling me that “I was thinking of you” but now he will instead put this money together with all of the money, which he already have and don’t use.
    • Is this to say that Kim S. and Dahlberg have had conversations about me behind my back because of the “crisis” I have caused through my writings on them and in particular my insurance memo to the Chamber of Commerce exhibiting their limitations (?), but the dream also says that dissolving the old world is bringing much energy, which I however don’t receive anything of because this energy goes to cover the need of darkness for example by thoughtless people already having more than enough who decides NOT to help people in need even though they can.
  • Kim S. and Pernille is selling their house, and Pernille goes through the house with the “other party”, and when looking at the loft, this other party says that there was only one set of wooden boards, which shielded for the rain but they did it effectively, and she keeps on being totally inflexible and insists to be right about everything, which is for her financial benefit, and I understand that her father Jørgen per definition believes that employees visited the butcher where they were only allowed to receive fish.
    • This may be about selling the house of the old world, which did not receive rain because of the protection I gave it, and because of her stubbornness she received much money, i.e. energy of the old world through me, and her behaviour may have been inspired by her father, who was the second “top manager” of DFM in the 1990’s not liking me much (!), and Jørgen is an old symbol of mine meaning “money”, which is what he scraped for himself, but did not like to share with the employees enabling them to get “food” too, and yes HUNGRY FOR MONEY is what Jørgen, Pernille and Kim is and could not get enough of, and when they sold DFM in the 1990’s, they gave bicycles as gifts for the employees, and how much did you keep for yourself (?) and do you think this was “fair” of you to do (?) and just saying that this was the worst darkness I could meet!
  • I had glimpses of dreams when understanding that “to run in the company is of importance”, which is about generating energy as my “old self” as long as I can, and I was shown a big gold nugget, which was found in the soil making it possible to sell it for even more, which is about the gold of our New World.
  • I am together with Nønne and others and I have brought sweet wine of good quality to her and the company of people, but they do not appreciate it and will not drink it, and she is afraid that I will make a move on her because she cares very much for her man, but later she starts drinking the fine wine, but lets me understand that I don’t stand a chance even though we would fit perfectly together and I can interpret her dreams.
    • This is what the dream said and “wine” means “everything” of the world – or the same as a forest or salt (!) – which is what my inner self is providing (!), and when I try to share this “everything” with Nønne and others, they don’t even want to “drink it” because of irrational reasons and that is in the beginning because this dream says that Nønne has started to “open her eyes” to me simply for my interpretation of a few of her dreams, and what blocked her view was apparently also a “fear” that I should make a pass on her, which I had/have absolutely NO intentions to do, and yes DEAF and BLIND is what you are/were, Nønne (!), and I wonder why you did not get the “time” to read my website, which was also because of your WRONG blockage to me (?) and if you had, you would simply have received the answer about who I am earlier, but instead you decided to send me darkness too as so many others bringing me direct sufferings as the result because of your WRONG actions in relation to me – and yes Nønne, there is much more about this to be read in my scripts also including stories about you and a few of your dreams!
    • I decided to send Nønne this dream via email for her to “understand” and if you decide to become “upset” with me because of my writings of the truth about you (!) – look carefully in many scripts over the last couple of months (!) – and send me new “negative thoughts” still ignoring me and the truth, you will continue to bring me more sufferings helping me to finalise my work to bring the absolutely last piece of “everything” with us from our old world to our New World, which will open “very soon” – and how difficult is it for you to READ and UNDERSTAND, Nønne (?) – but when it comes to information about yourself, it may be “easier” for you to start reading instead of understanding my big messages?
  • Later today Nønne was inspired to write about a SET UP drama of her (all seeing!) cat fighting with other cats returning with blood dripping and she is wondering that “one day he might become a frothing wolf, which all cats give way to” and she also wrote in the last message below that she is “playing with mad men” (a repetition of her inspired Facebook posting recently really saying that she thinks I am crazy!), and Nønne you are receiving messages of God, which you “simply cannot or will not understand” (!) and the messages are about your own WRONG behaviour in relation to me thinking that I am crazy in practise doing NOTHING to READ and UNDERSTAND that I only tell the truth about myself and also about you, and a CAT is an old symbol of mine standing for light, and here it is me (the “all seeing” cat is my inner spiritual self, God!) and your WRONG behaviour is what is making me bleed (together with many others too!), which is really “killing my old self” before I will start a “new life”, which is also the message of your dreams and several of your inspired Facebook postings I have included for weeks in my scripts, and if it was not for my own will power to absorb the darkness (very direct sufferings) you and others send me, you would have made me this “frothing wolf”, which is DARKNESS SELF wanting revenge and bringing destruction to the world (if I did not “eat” the darkness myself through sufferings), and is this still “impossible” for you to understand (?) and is the reason simply that you don’t want to understand because it is “uncomfortable” for you to be confronted with the truth about yourself (?) and yes Nønne this is the story of you as it was the story of ALL of my family, friends, colleagues, the official system, the Church, the forum of Selvet, my meditation group in Helsingør etc., who “could” not understand me because of laziness, selfishness and a better-knowing attitude, so WELCOME TO THE PLEASUREDOME my “dear” friend because this is what you are becoming: A VERY SPECIAL LADY WHO WILL BE BATHED IN LIGHT, when you will bring the messages of my New World and me to the world.

  • Notice also how Nønne was INSPIRED to change her profile picture into a TOAD (!), which is a symbol of darkness coming to me a couple of times I believe lately – read for example the second last bullet point of my script of the 25th December – and yes Nønne another symbol of your darkness because of your “inability” to understand and support me as I believed you would already in the beginning of 2010 when I fought all IGNORANT people of Selvet – and yes to this day you and Jens as examples will NOT accept me as friends on Facebook and isn’t it funny that EVERYTHING you DESIRE (listen from 05:13!) is what I contain, but you cannot see it because of your “wrong desire” (!) and instead of meeting me with friendship and warmth, you do the opposite. 

Sending a reduced amount to LTO making them suffer more as myself and others also do

I was HAPPY once again receiving the news from David below and still he has almost nothing, but still he has his faith bringing him through and he is also still sharp in his mind commenting on some of the most important events of 2011, which may go over in history (?), so thank you for being STRONG and having FAITH, David, which is really “a world in difference” to what you see here as you have understood on our journey, and that is that the true Devil is in the rich countries and not (that much) in the poor . Thank you very much for your kind email :-).

Here it is:

Dear Stig,

Greetings. I am fine today. The day is cold and cloudy. Despite the fact that I was only able to have only one meal since morning, I thank God since at least I can have some shopping for the next days from the help when it comes.

I have been reflecting on the year and I thank God that it turned out the way it did.To begin with, the most remarkable events for me this year is that two dictators fell in Africa (Qaddafi and Mubarak). Kenya troops invaded Somalia, of course with the support of America (Obama) has you had recommended in the “Roadmap to peace in Somalia”. Kim Il Yong of the North Korea died, recently, and that the nuclear weapon ambitions of the country may be rendered a big blow!

I look forward to more victorious moments in 2012 and wish you all the best as we wait for it.

I shall write more later.


Shortly thereafter I drove to town to transfer money to the team – just getting out of here driving to town requires EVERYTHING I have, which is “not easy” when running on the last breaths of fuel the same way as when TinTin and Haddock is flying in the TinTin movie (!) – and I receive 9,700 DKK in cash help and approx. 800 DKK in “home security” this month and rent/heat is 5.650, my mother’s John receives 750 DKK (!) and to my surprise I had to pay as much as 598 DKK for Internet/TV this month, which was 360 DKK more than expected because of lease of a TV box I had to pay for the forthcoming 6 months and all in the net income is DKK 3,500 so instead of sending gross 2,800 DKK to LTO this month, it only became 2,300 DKK leaving 1,200 DKK for myself and mainly because I have spent more in Helsingør than in Lyngby (!) and because of the 750 DKK to John and because of this, I cannot pay as much as I normally do to LTO, but we are all suffering more here at the end, and not surprisingly this is coming to LTO too, so there may be a meaning with the madness anyhow (?) and yes this is exactly how MANY people have thought about me, because would a mad man write as I have done to help the world becoming a better place if he was crazy (?) – everyone has thought that I was negative and feared my “negative” reactions not really understanding that this was them and I was the opposite (!!!) – and yes sooner of later the truth had to be understood by people and this is why we are still here really.

I sent this message to David after transferring the money:

I have transferred approx. 29,000 KSH this time – I am sorry for the reduced amount, but it will either become better during January when our new life will start, and if I should still be my “old self” throughout the month, I should be able to send more money next month. We will see.

The Doomsday Weapon would have exploded in the city of Snekkersten if I had not stopped it

After sending money to LTO, I cycled to the swimming hall again thinking that the bicycling and swimming would be even better exercise than running, which I am really not up to and can only do little of, and I was certainly not “up to” cycling up the hill out of Helsingør again, but “no problem” when I first get started (!) so I got there and from there it was “no problem” again when I first get started (!) so I also made it into the swimming hall and afterwards I had decided to do some shopping but instead of going to one of the supermarkets of the nearby Prøvesten shopping centre, I received inspiration to think about going to the Aldi Supermarket instead, which was “almost on the way” and one thought lead to the next, so I though “alright, I can also see how Borupgård looks today then” and Borupgård is the name of the large cooperative housing society in Snekkersten, where I lived together with first my mother and sister in Klyveren 130 (from 1978 to maybe 1981, where my sister moved together with Hans) and in Fokken 105 hereafter with my mother alone until 1986 when I moved away from home and she moved together with John.

So this is what I did and I have to say that large housings like Vapnagård and Borupgård in Helsingør/Snekkersten as examples TRULY makes me SAD to see because of the poor design and it is exactly as DULL as Monty Python expresses in the Lion Tamer sketch, which you CAN do so MUCH better in our New World (?) helping people to receive MUCH better lives by taking the best examples of design and quality of building of today.

And when I looked first at Fokken 105 (“The Foresail” 105!) and afterwards Klyveren 130 (“The Jib” 130 – these are names of sails of the ship I was destined to bring to harbour of our New World, therefore!), I thought again “this is amazingly dull” and I also thought “I might as well see the little cycle forest next to Klyveren” where I drove on bicycle so MANY times when I lived here as a teenager and when I received this thought, I knew that the goal of the story of today, which I was led to was really to tell you an old story, which I did not bring, which is that the World War II protection bunker just behind this “cycle wood” is where the inner darkness of “everything” is located and where the Doomsday Weapon in practise would explode to destruct Earth and the Universe and that is if I was not strong enough to reject it (!) and I also understood that when coming here today it is also to say that this is the absolutely inner core and that is “the last of the remaining darkness” of the spirit of my father, which I am coming to here also transferring into light of our New World, and I really decided to climb the small hill of the bunker and to stand on it as you can see from the picture below as a symbol of victory and of liberty of the spirit of my father, and I noticed that the entrance to the bunker has been removed, but when I was a teenager here I remember how we “broke in” and climbed down into the cement bunker inside of the hill, which I gather is still there?

The hill at Borupgård in Snekkersten with the World War II bunker, which is where the Doomsday Weapon would have exploded to destruct the Universe – if I had not stopped it

When I stood on the hill, I thought about cycling and that is not running up that hill, Kate (!), in the “cycling forest”, which you can see in the middle (vertically) and to the left (horizontally) of the photo below, which I remember was “almost impossible” to do and it made most of us not even trying to do it because we would only “almost made it” with the risk to fall backwards on the bicycle, which we really did not like any of us, and I wonder if I ever made it all the way up on THE TOP of the hill, and yes I do believe that I did by deciding that it HAD to be done, which is really the symbol also of my journey. I had to reach THE TOP of that hill, Robert (!), to avoid the doomsday weapon from exploding and yes I enjoyed VERY MUCH to hearing the new 2 CD edition earlier today on Spotify of this your absolutely best album in my opinion and I simply LOVED to hear all the “new” songs and mixes of old songs making the FRESH to hear again on CD2, but I am very SAD that you have such poor sound quality, Spotify and everyone else doing the same as you!

It was ”almost impossible” to drive up the hill on bicycle in the back of the picture to the left as a symbol of the “mission impossible” of my journey to save the world, but we did it 🙂 (I lived in Borupgård behind the trees from 1978-86)

This is why I have called Snekkersten “the city of darkness” in my scripts, but I was happy to drive on bicycle in this small “wood” again today for the first time in more than 25 years (!), and the old parts of Snekkersten closer to the beach road is much more beautiful than these “concrete monsters” of “living blocks” of Borupgård and Vapnagård.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I have received the name of the old music group “Østjysk Musikforsyning” a few times the last days after I received it more often a few years back and I don’t know which song it is connected to, but I know that it is “the worst meaning of darkness”, which is to end life and today it was about the threat of what will happen to the rest of me – and I just read that they ceased to exist in 2009, so there you have it!
  • I was given one of the songs from the secret messages album by Electric Light Orchestra on my way home from the swimming hall and Borupgård and told that my “last story” updating my website with ONE ORGANIZATION only to spread my philosophy and to disband all religious organizations was a key message to Obama telling him that I have finalised my work and we have come home.
  • Late this evening I saw and felt the mountain and the forest as myself. I am all inside of the essence itself, which is the man I have transferred or am about to transfer, and that is really the question because I was told both and also “when you have done this, you are trough, this is all I am saying”, and I was also given VERY strong feelings of being finished afterwards because of the New Year approaching, and I decided deliberately not to “go in” but to say “let’s wait awhile and see what happens and at least including tomorrow” and that is really because I take one day at the time here, which is all I can overview because of how I feel.
  • When going to bed I was shown the converted man of the dark side opening the door to his treasure room lightning it up with a flash light and inside of it was gold, and I was told that this is what we had to reach. The second half of the day I felt how one lady after the other, who have been temptations of my life, was transferred to me, which I understood was the surrender of this last darkness and I was told “this is my ability to reproduce, which I give from me”. I was also shown two men – light and darkness – arriving to the house (“me”) with darkness handing over a flat football – the game is over.


31st December: A New Years Eve with the BEST view over Sweden celebrating the entrance to 2012 and a HAPPY UFO 🙂

Dreaming of Turkey having had “difficulties” with me because of my “attitude”, but they are now softening

Again I slept “alright” on the surface – but I know that I will get a couple of hours later where I am so tired that it is surreal – and I am really tired already when starting today and wonder for how long I can carry on, but I have decided that I will NOT accept to go into darkness so as long as I receive darkness, this is really the on-going game but with a flat football and no energy, it might not take long – and here are a couple of dreams:

  • I am climbing up on windows on the outside of a housing block and when reaching the 4th floor, I enter Karen’s apartment and see on her Facebook profile a message she has sent another man “thank you for the invitation, let us become friends on Facebook” and she has send him a small silver dish too, and this is all I wanted to see and I start climbing out of the window again knowing about the risk to fall down and kill myself and I hear someone asking “do you really want to kill yourself”, and I feel when holding the window that I might fall down and on my way down I see small busses of mine on each floor, and because of Karen it is difficult for me to put the right headline to my scripts of the last three days on Facebook (a thought I had yesterday, which I “forgot” to do, and today I have decided to keep the old headline).
    • The attitude of Karen is killing me too and I cannot tell you just how destroyed her “willing attitude” towards other men not seeing her as I do is making me, and yesterday I forgot to change the headline of my on-going (last?) script, which is what this killing darkness is doing to me, making my work increasingly difficult every day and enjoying it (?) and NO, I do not.
    • I woke up to “one of those famous songs”, which I cannot find here, but with lyrics something like “all I ever wanted was to love you babe, all I wanted for another day and all I ever do, it is just me and you”.
  • I am driving on a bus on an excursion but instead of driving via the motorways south of Copenhagen, we have asked to drive via Roskildevej, which has a better view, but the driver tells me that he does not receive any income from commercials on the motorway going this road, and the future is hotels located at the motorway, he says. Afterwards I see that Vivian has been dismissed by the hotel she worked at in Australia, and she only brings “hot dogs” with her as her skills making it difficult for her to get another job. I am now sitting with Vivian and a friend of her, and I am telling her about the recommendation of the bus driver, but her friend interrupts me not listening to me at all and only thinking of putting forward what she has on her mind herself, which makes me very annoyed, and afterwards I continue the sentence by saying that this was the recommendation of the bus driver and I don’t know myself if this is true. Afterwards Vivian and I are on our way to Klyveren in Snekkersten to visit my mother and I tell her that my mother will be so happy to see her again, but when we enter, my mother is not at home, but my sister is and she is also very happy seeing Vivian and I did not realize it, but my sister has met Vivian before and she notices the beautiful fur of Vivian. From here we are going to a new Turkish house, which should be finished, but is not – the floor is missing, and I see a washbasin in the hall – and we are supposed to have dinner here.
    • Bus is about “love making”, which I have NO energy to do if I should theoretically come into such a situation (!), which is really what the dream says with no income, i.e. no energy, and hotels are “waiting halls of my special friends” and when Vivian is dismissed from one hotel and looking for a new at the same time as she is visiting the city of darkness, it may mean that I receive much darkness from her in Australia these days, and is she thinking of me (?) or maybe even finding information on me on the Internet?
    • As long as you treat animals properly, I do not see a difference between eating animals or to wear furs of animals, but I DO NOT like to see how a very large part of animals are mistreated today and I think of giving all animals “FREEDOM” and “GOOD LIFE” as key words here.
    • The other day I felt Prime Minister Erdoğan of Turkey in relation to my story of the Church of Rome and also that “it has not been easy for you to accept me” because of my writings about the religion of Islam and also on Kurds (?), but now you understand that I reject myself from ALL religious organizations, which will help you to finish your house receiving me (?) – which should have been finished by now – and yes isn’t it strange how people have different motives to reject me, which all comes down to one thing only: “Culture” and “bad habits”, do you see?
  • I woke up to “are you lonesome tonight” by Elvis and the lyrics “Does your memory stray to a brighter sunny day”, which is really to say that I am indeed lonesome, which I feel the most at this New Year’s eve too when not having any friends in practise, and “does your memory stray” is both about a new sunny day coming and really also about a thought I had the other day when asking John’s daughter Mette and her husband Jesper several questions about their “new” house, which they moved into 1½ years ago – costing much money to renovate (!) – and that was “I have been told this (by John and my mother) before, but I cannot remember, so will you please tell me this and that ….” and I was thinking of this in relation to Helene, Hans’ late mother, who was both “the best” to ask questions and to REMEMBER previous answers, which gave people a VERY positive impression because NO ONE does this today as she did (!!!), and my “problem” is that I do ask questions and do remember songs, but I have a tendency to forget details about what people otherwise tell me and even people themselves, which is really the difference and alright I will tell it here too as you have told me MANY times: Some of my family/friends etc. also value my “ability” to ask questions, but no one tells me about it, Billy!
  • I also received the lyrics “I can mash potato” from the MOTOWN song “Do you love me” by the Contours, and “mashed potatoes” is about becoming “nothing” as my old self – dead and gone you know – at the same time as LOVE is driving me towards my new self and I simply LOVE this song performed by the FUNK BROTHERS 🙂 together with Bootsy Collins here:

Nønne believes I am “killing her” but her “misunderstood sadness” is now killing me even more

After writing the script so far, I did an update to the script of yesterday including two of Nønne’s inspired Facebook postings, and after this, I decided to write and send my email to Nønne as you can see below, which I decided to postpone yesterday until today, and yes I am expecting that she will now send me even more darkness killing me even more – receiving yet more information from our old world (!) – at the same time as her faith will grow and the combination of growing darkness and faith is really the recipe to enter deeper and deeper into the darkness of our old world day by day (we are now back “way before creation” itself!) , so this is basically, Nønne, what you are also helping me with, if you are still with me?

Later I felt Nønne and I also saw her “visiting” my script, and how did she react (?) and so far the same as everyone else, which is NO UNDERSTANDING of my writings on her but thinking that I AM VERY AGGRESSIVE and unreasonable of course (!) and yes isn’t it funny that people SIMPLY CANNOT UNDERSTAND that I am only a messenger showing people their own weaknesses (?) – including my own when writing about myself (!) – and no I did not receive an email telling me this but a secret message through a new posting of hers, where she thinks about “the carefree golden people I met yesterday in my meditation” – and in my wordbook “carefree” and “gold” is about people not suffering in our New World – and here it comes: Her friend Kim was “funny” writing that “it was good it was not piranhas” and yes piranhas is “killing people” quickly, which is really the feeling that Nønne receives about me and that is me “killing” her – a KILLER FISH (!) (you do remember that “fish” is the symbol of me here with a TRUE favourite of mine by another “fish” J) – because of my public writings about her and the truth is as usual the opposite, because her misunderstood sadness is what is killing me now even quicker than before and it was underlined when she replied “or that it was not war elephants with wild killer instincts”, and yes the elephant is an old symbol of God, which you know is also me – do you by now believe in “inspired messages” (?) – and here I received a VERY deep and strong pain to my left eye, which is what Nønne is doing to me too – and I keep getting the feeling of her being “another part of my mother” too – so the “fun” part here is that “the elephant” of God is killed by the Holy Spirit, which she is part of, and the Holy Spirit includes mankind and she is consequently also sending me the sins of man through her own behaviour, which is what is finishing me off, and “impossible” it is for her to see, but still she understands behind her façade – I was told later that she also has “poor conscience” in relation to me for not understanding/supporting me – and we know COMMUNICATION let me down once again, Tony/Gary & Co. and that is even though this is my favourite song of your 1983-album and yes IT IS TRUE :-).

Explaining Hellebæk Church what “a NEW birth without darkness” means – so now I wait for their darkness to enter me

One of the things I have “thought” about doing but not decided to do before today was to write an email to Pastor Anders of Hellebæk Church and this is how it became when I sent it to him and five of his colleagues, so now I am also waiting to receive more darkness coming from them because by now it is difficult to believe in people actively reading and supporting me, so more of the “he must be crazy” is coming my way and I was shown the last egg from a large tray being picked up by a motorcyclist delivery man, who is now coming home as I was told.

Kære Anders og Hellebæk Kirke,

Jeg havde fornøjelsen at besøge jeres kirke for første gang til gudstjenesten juleaftensdag kl. 13.30, som blev holdt af Anders og som var en dejlig oplevelse at overvære på grund af STORT fremmøde, Anders’ kloge ord og også hans humor, som fik hele kirken til at le 🙂.

Jeg fortalte Anders ved indgangen, at jeg var glad for hans kronik i Helsingør Dagblad den 23.12. og glædede mig til at høre hans ord i kirken – og på vej ud fortalte jeg dig ”prøv at forestil dig en ny fødsel uden mørke”, som nok fik din opmærksomhed, Anders (?) og som meget kort fortalt er mit svar på dit spørgsmål i din kronik og om dine betragtninger om lys og mørke, som du fortalte om i kirken.

Hvad går så denne ”ny fødsel” ud på?

Ja, det er ikke blot en ”ny fødsel” men også en ”ny skabelse” af en ”ny verden” uden mørke, som er dét, verden nu er på vej ind i i det skelsættende nye år 2012, som I kan læse om på min hjemmeside, hvor du også kan sætte ansigt på Gud, Anders, og dette er en Gud, som er blevet pint af mørket – som er det samme som ”intetheden”, som påtvang Gud at agere som Djævlen på grundlag af menneskehedens synder (!) i et forsøg på at destruere verden for at returnere til ”ingenting”, heraf Dommedag, som vi i øvrigt nu har passeret, uden at verden sådan rigtigt opdagede den 🙂 – og som via disse pinsler nu har fjernet mørket selv fra skabelsen via en ny skabelse!

I kan også læse en kort tekst om min oplevelse i jeres kirke den 24.12. via mit skrift her (inkluderet i afsnittet ”The Source is now attached to my new self both in the physical and spiritual world”), og på hjemmesidens forside kan I blandt andet læse om ”Show a clean heart to enter our New World and receive a New Life of ETERNAL JOY”, ”One God, One People and One Philosophy”, som får betydning for jer alle samt alle nuværende trosretninger, idet fremtiden kun byder på ”én filosofi”, og der er mange andre ”godbidder”, som I selv kan ”opdage”, hvis ellers I ”gider” at læse (?), og jeg kan her tilføje, at forudsætningen for at TRO er, at man er i stand til at LÆSE og FORSTÅ og overkomme sin egen modstand/skepsis baseret på ”forkert kultur”, ”dårlige vaner” samt ”forestillinger” om, hvordan og hvornår Gud vil ankomme. ”Forståelse” er selve ”adgangsbilletten”, og ”evner” man ikke dette, er det vanskeligt at TRO, kan I se sammenhængen?

Jeg ønsker jer alle et GLÆDELIGT og LYKKELIGT NYTÅR, som er dét, der nu er på vej til ALLE via vores Ny Verden.

And what were the reactions I received (?) and we know so far at the end of the day no COMMUNICATION, Tony/Gary & Co. (!) and one out of 6 recipients visiting my website in the afternoon returning twice later in the day/evening, and maybe the others will decide to start reading the following days, or will they believe that “it goes without saying that he must be crazy” thus not needing to read?

A New Years Eve with the BEST view over Sweden celebrating the entrance to 2012 – and a HAPPY UFO 🙂

I was invited by my mother and John to spend the New Year’s Evening with them, which was VERY nice of them, and “despite of all” we had a very nice evening together where the love between us brought us through this evening too and really because my mother does truly NOT like my writings about the family, which I can see and hear on her even when she does not tell, and you cannot imagine just how TOUGH it is for her to go through the experiences and sufferings I have, which I could see on her face this evening, and I also managed to overcome my own strong sufferings, where the first 1-2 hours was HELL again to come through where I felt extra darkness coming to me from Nønne and Hellebæk Church giving me even more direct sexual sufferings of the old kind, which is as disgusting as it gets and the game is really about “who is the strongest” – me or “everyone else” – with the darkness (trying) to be its strongest ever but I have decided that I am the strongest, so this is what I am (but don’t think that I am not going to my extreme edge, which is NOT Level 42 anymore but maybe 98?) and I also felt how easily I could have decided to be weak and cry in pain, but no, this is not how I play the game, Freddie (!) and yes we spoke of you Freddie, and how strong you were when recording with your band while dying – and also just how STRONGLY I felt when hearing (and seeing) your new songs of life and death after your death and yes you were the best PERFORMER of them all (!) – and we spoke about Svend Auken too, and we had all watched the film on TV the other day, which his wife did on him up to his death in 2009 and we know he decided to be STRONG no matter what and continue to work as long as he could – admirable (!) – and when we spoke of this, I was told “preparation about my final fight until the end” and yes would I make it alive or not (?) and yes I decided to make it alive and the only reason was to decide being STRONG, which EVERYONE can decide to be but sadly so many decide that they “cannot” because of weakness!

Here is “these are the days of our lives” recorded a few months before Freddie’s death, which made an EVERLASTING impression on me when I saw it and it still moves me tremendously seeing it today.

We had a very good dinner and the tenderloin was to “the red side” but still very good and I said that it can be too red or too well-done but there is a span in between from “the red side” to “the well-done” side, where the meat is still very good, and I understood when speaking of this that it was also about my deliverance of the New World to replace the old world, where there is a time span where this can be done and I felt that “the red side” means that we are on “the early side”, but still WE HAVE DONE IT and yes before time (!), so this is where we stand now, and I was given the STRONGEST feelings and speech that I am now (well) done (!) with my work– after having been “grilled” for a long time I might add – and that the New Year marks the end of my journey and I was also STRONGLY being encouraged again and again to “close” down my old self, but I could only decide within me that “this might be true or wrong, but as long as I still receive darkness, I will NEVER give up” – thinking that this could be a game too using the strength of all darkness coming to me – and later I decided that if this is what I feel all of January too even though I don’t believe it, so let it be, John and Paul (!) because then I will (do my best to) go through January too and we know “once in a lifetime” opportunity is what it is and it might be that the sufferings of other people could bring us the same if I “gave up” now but if this is a game too – you never know (!) – it is better to be on safe ground to do as much as I can myself because I will NEVER get this chance again, that is why really.

During the evening I felt how the spirit of my mother was transferred to me from the dark side including the “Nazi monster”, and this is what I was shown and felt, but I wonder if this is true or if she really left me the first time weeks ago because I have an old rule to “keep the first information I receive”, which I am not sure that I did here, but anyway this is how it was.

I was TIRED before going as usual and I decided to leave at 22.30, but before that we had a good talk and also tried to watch different entertainment shows on different TV channels, which is not easy when people have different interests and previously in the evening I was told by my mother that she had seen Susan Boyle performing on TV, which she did “very poorly”, which surprised me to hear, and “by coincidence” this evening we watched the same show as she had seen previously, which was the Royal Variety show and I could only tell her that “this song by Lou Reed/David Bowie is incredible popular in the UK (and it was telling me another “perfect day” here), but not as well known (or liked) here in Denmark, in my view this is incredibly beautiful and I do believe it is the choice of song and NOT Susan Boyle, which is what you do not like“, and yes I do believe my mother agreed, but just to tell you that there is MUCH my mother does not like, and she says it INCREDIBLE strong often not understanding/valuing the true qualities of what she sees (!) and influencing her surroundings much (!) and this evening as example “100 times” (I normally don’t write this, but mother, this is to give an example of what you have no influence over yourself and yes I do believe it is important to bring to make people understand your and our sufferings) – this is how it is and ALWAYS has been and my mother is the one suffering the most not being able to put this temper away sadly reflecting the wrong behaviour of the world!

But we agreed that Michael Mcintyre is a “divine comedian” to use my words and when Take That performed “the flood”, it “saved the entire evening” as my mother said enthusiastically LOVING this piece of music – and when she is as positive as she is negative, this is where I LOVE her the most because then there is NO ONE in the world like her 🙂 but it goes two ways as you may understand – and yes I added “Robbie and this band is some of the best music ever coming from the UK”, so this is how good we think it is Robbie/Gary & Co. :-).

Around midnight at home I had the most spectacular view I have even had, which was the panorama view over Sweden firing off fireworks all along the coast line, which was simply breathtaking to watch, and I recorded some of it on video, but as usual the recording from my poor camera does not give you a true impression of reality – it was the best view I have ever had in my life (!) and I thought that this is the entrance to the epoch-making 2012 with the arrival of our New World, which is what the celebrations of Sweden meant to me symbolically and as I was told with a glimpse in the eye “be welcome, the year of the Lord”, which is a traditional Danish song always used just after midnight of the New Year.

I was surprised that I had a few hours late in the evening where I received “relatively calm” when the mind control of me was reduced to a lower level.

Just before midnight I was shown a brown horse very close to me approaching me, and just after midnight it turned into black and I was shown a cycle as the symbol of suffering and I felt just how weak my heart is, and I received confirmation that “we will also bring the game into 2012” because I insisted and that “this is one of the great plays”.

At 01.00 I was still up – I simply HAD to watch the band TV2 perform live from London – and then I was taking with AMAZEMENT when a new UFO was flying right outside my window, but this was the first time it was not “disguised” and everyone looking would be able to see that this was something “extraterrestrial” but still the spaceship itself was invisible (!) and the only thing I saw was a constant green light in front and then two VERY clear RED lights shifting to blink and I understood that they symbolised the sufferings of my father and I (with the difference being that he receives support from people near him and my sufferings are totally ignored by both him and everyone else near to me!), but still I was given so much joy and happiness from this UFO – feelings transferred to me – and HUMOUR too when I looked all the way after it until it was about to disappear in the horizon behind trees, where it kept on “jumping” over the trees so I could see it just one more time, and then one more time and again and again, and yes you really had to be there seeing and feeling what I saw and felt to understand it, but maybe you can IMAGINE how it was, John?

A few minutes after the UFO, I was given first one and then one again STRONG sudden pains to my right angle, which was hurting so much and bringing me so strong darkness that I should be VERY careful not to yell out negativity for receiving this VERY uncomfortable pain, and I understood that it was about destruction of parts of the spirit of my father and myself (!) in order to be able to continue the game, and it is really telling me that there is more darkness and when this is the case, there is more information and life to be transferred and then it is NOT for me to stop “the game” yet.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I was told that surviving the 31st December as my “old self” is what would make my father survive as his physical self and yes I was the STRONGEST and really also because of my work today.
  • I was also told that Kenneth from Visdomsnettet, whom I had asked if he would analyse my horoscope, which he rejected thinking that I was crazy (!), could not help being tempted to look at it anyway and yes “but he refused to communicate his findings to me” and yes AFRAID PEOPLE NOT COMMUNICATING is really my experience of the world, and why are you so afraid making me very sad (?) – there is NOTHING to be afraid of and EVERYTHING to be HAPPY about :-).
  • For days I have been told about Søren from Dahlberg and “Thailand”, which is his “old fear” of “confidential” information about him being revealed to the world, and yes this information is included in my book no. 1 and it is of disgusting sexual nature brought to him as part of the darkness forcing sexual indecency on servants of God.
  • The pain to my heart, my eyes, my physical very poor condition etc. gives me a true physical experience of being afraid of dying – or really afraid of “what will happen” – which is also keeping me going as my “old self” using all of my will power.
  • One of the last things on my to do list of today was to include information on “the secret” of the Dome of the Rock to my Jerusalem UFO website, and I used the nice New Year greetings by Eligael below to bring this information both on the Jerusalem UFO forum and now also my Sign IV page – and I was told that this action of mine was also to tell the world “I am NOT afraid of you”, and at the same time as receiving this information, I was also shown a large railway including the World War I now entering me, which was to say “now we do not need to give this threat to the world anymore”, so do you see how it is related (?) – my strength removes the threats of the world brought to you by darkness because of your own sins. And I wonder if Eligael still has the “courage” to continue his search after my answer including Sharon, and also if he will give me a reply or if it will be NO COMMUNICATION from Eligael to me as usual, Tony/Gary & Co.!

  • I was told that the ”official world” has compared blood samples from bleeding statues of Jesus with my blood (good to have from my imprisonment at Helsingør Hospital in 2008) and found an identical match, and yes “nothing to be unsure about” and “afraid of” as I also hear and “it goes both ways” for me not to be afraid of the world and for the world not to be afraid of me, and I can really only encourage you to do what I have repeated MANY times, which is to behave properly and start showing a clean heart.
  • I was also told that the dictator of Yemen as one example knows about my presence and that he has to step down one day but still “it is difficult to break from old habits” and yes I wonder how you can decide to continue fooling the world with your old world order – is it really “impossible” for anyone to start communicating and to take necessary actions because of our New World approaching and that would include for dictators such as in Yemen to step down.
  • I was also told that the space shuttle programme of USA was a play to the gallery and that War in Space is a reality without consideration to the coherence of the Universe with destruction as a consequence in “other parts of the Universe” too and later I was told “however no permanent harm has been made; it can be re-established”.



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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