January 5, 2012: I cannot walk and see, I live as a Zombie and “you will be dead before the end of the week” (my “old self”)


Summary of the script today

4th January: I cannot walk/see, I live as a Zombie and “you will be dead before the end of the week” (my “old self”)

  • Dreaming of people behaving wrongly when they believe they are more than others, darkness makes it difficult for me to “eat” (“save life”), I do not approve of people not working and behaving well when not preparing themselves, not controlling negative feelings and when they speak out loud to everyone of their negativity, the spirit of my mother will do the final delivery of our New World to the Source, I cannot walk and see, continue living as a Zombie and am told “you will be dead before the end of the week” (as my “old self”), no one of the old world order could “control” the economical system running away and “the world decided once and for all to sacrifice the world”, which was “to let the world collapse economically” (prevented by Obama and I with God working according to our decisions), I am passing on messages of love from the spiritual world to the physical world and Fuggi as an example distorts these messages because of his “inability” to read carefully and his own strong voice, the Trinity will present ourselves as One God to the world, my old friend Paul brings me both light and darkness both soaking out my energy and helping people to survive and Nønne believes in me because of my interpretation of her dreams, but still I receive “no communication and support” from her!
  • I received a comment from my old class friend Søren asking me “do you smoke something” thinking that I am crazy, and I encouraged him to start reading me to understand me just like Stone did, and then I saw that Dan Raclin had been inspired to change his profile picture on Facebook to a hemp plant, so “do you smoke something”, Dan (?), who also received inspiration from my new self – the old Jesus you know (!) – about “Daddy’s in rare form tonight”, which is what I am as my new self, but still I have some days to “survive” as a zombie as my old self. I sent Dan an email asking him to open up for subscribers to comment his postings and told him about my writings on him on my website, which may bring new darkness to me also helping to bring over the “first creation” to our New World.
  • Michael Hardinger wrote about people stealing music not wanting to pay for it and I gave the reply to bring FREE CULTURE to the world and also answered his question from “the red thread” (one of the most popular songs in Denmark ever) saying that the thread is to be found at my website – which he may find and bring me more darkness to help me out?
  • I also wrote to Søren Pind telling him about my writings on him, and I wonder if he will now be able to control his temper and negative feelings about me or if he will read, understand and support me?
  • I received NO accepts from Kirsten’s four children of my friendly Facebook invitation and NO communication at all telling me of the brainwash, which Kirsten and my father WRONGLY have provided when speaking wrongly and negatively of me as “crazy” and a “poor son” bringing me much SUFFERINGS. Also here it is the “opposite world” when Kirsten’s children did not have in their hearts to “forgive” me for all of the sufferings I have brought to my father (!!!) with the truth being that Kirsten and my father were the ones misunderstanding me bringing me some of my worst sufferings (read the memo of “my sufferings” giving you an idea).

5th January: Receiving and transferring the original creation self to our New World using increased faith and darkness

  • This night included the second try to get the original creation with us when I first dreamt about getting everything out of Sweden before the end of time, the risk of an explosion but also the message that I will succeed, and then I was kept awake even though it was “impossible” for me to be patient, awake and concentrated to work carefully to receive information helped spiritually by my mother’s (adoptive) mother (also part of God!) – and later to write it down – from the last part of darkness including the original creation self, which only fills a small toolbox drawer in a GIANT and full stock building, but still I decided to do it because it makes the plane of our New World fly even better and as a matter of principle I will leave no one out (!). This work was only possible to do with my father/Kirsten on my side, extreme darkness coming to me from my father’s wife Kirsten’s four children sending me HATE (!), to extract everything from Søren from Australia, Hardinger/Rachlin/Pind, whom I wrote to yesterday and also to search inside of myself to repent actions of my life if I had not already done so. And with all of this, a small tunnel, which had been prepared in case it would be possible to reach this stage, was opened for this original creation self to pass through in order to enter our New World from darkness.
  • I continued working all night long – or the rest of it – and the day until 16.10 writing the script, and doing more work to my website with the inclusion to my website of the Doomsday Scenario of the FINE documentary “Inside job” about the financial crisis in 2008 almost leading to the economical meltdown of the world because of GREED and irresponsibility and a chapter written very carefully editing it 19 times before I was satisfied, which was the kind of “completely impossible work” I needed to do being VERY tired and broken down to “read” and transfer the information of the original creation to our New World, and afterwards I felt the string of darkness on the back side of my neck being cut off and told “you are in no danger losing your life anymore”.


4th January: I cannot walk and see, I live as a Zombie and “you will be dead before the end of the week” (my “old self”)

Dreaming that I cannot walk and see, I live as a Zombie and “you will be dead before the end of the week” (as my “old self”)

Another night where I was “this close” to stand up because I “could not” sleep and to stay up until I would be “able”, but I fell asleep at the last attempt as yesterday, but I am as always still tired with a heavy head this morning, and now some dreams:

  • I am in a camp and have “finished” with an elderly couple, and am now walking slowly with the man through the camp to get lunch, which we only have together once every half year because he is a manager eating in the canteen for managers. They see the employees as robots, who need to be serviced at motor mechanics. I meet my old school friend Henrik S. O. in the kitchen, he is washing up his plate spilling water around him and cannot get it clean and is also blocking my access to get a plate, but I get it anyhow with a delay, and the manager is waiting on me and says that he would rather go to eat at the manager’s canteen, but I tell him no, because we are now going to eat and speak together.
    • I wonder who the elderly couple is (?) – is this my mother and John having had “enough” of me again (?) – and food/lunch is somehow both about having a “normal life” and also giving life, I believe it means both, and here one of my old friends from Commercial school and Banking school in Helsingør is blocking my access to this life because of his darkness, but still I get the plate and I wonder if this dream is in continuation of my dreams of yesterday with the “sofa” blocking life, and Henrik knows about me (?) also bringing me darkness of this sofa or otherwise this is simply his sins of life, and the manager likes to be himself not being together with other employees and this is simply telling you about a WRONG “division in classes” because I don’t believe in canteens, clubs etc. for people believing they are more and better than others and I don’t like the view of human nature of seeing others as “robots” working for them.
  • I am with a group of people acting, and I am told to play the role being a TV speaker commenting on what is shown, but I get very annoyed receiving this role and can almost not control my negative feelings, and it is mainly because of poor preparation and I tell the others that “this is the worst I have ever seen”, and other people of my group tells me that the script of the next scenes have already been written.
    • This is more “poor behaviour” of some people NOT preparing and doing their work well, which annoys others, who cannot control their feelings but shout their negativity out for everyone to hear and be negatively influence by, and yes this is the worst I know of – and what I have seen during my entire raise and still today if you understand such a small one ….
    • It also says that I am commenting what I see in others via my scripts, and that the next chapters have already been written, so I hope this brings something good and not somthin’ stupid (here in the “new” version), which my mother simply LOVES …
  • I am in Egypt and the military will deliver a fighting plane to the Egypt government next weekend, and it requires to be delivered by the Danish Queen because the pilot died, and “this is the worst”, which requires special diplomacy for get the “sensible” Egyptians to accept. I see the Queen at the plane together with my old step father Ole who is doing very fine and loyal work for the military. Lars G. is on the 1st floor at the house next to the plane, he has fainted out and is really dead but does not know about it because no one has told him. He cannot walk and see but does it anyway looking like a zombie, and when no one else tells him about his condition I do when saying “you will be dead before the end of the week”, which makes him try to escape from the house and also to find some kind of tool in the kitchen, which he believes will help him keep alive, but I destroy it before he gets it.
    • I am the pilot of the plane and the plane is the old world, which I have delivered to the Source, and the spirit of my mother, i.e. the Queen, will do the final “delivery” before it is accepted, and I still get “worries” because of “obligations” I need to fulfil, but everything should really be alright night. I am Lars G. in the dream, which is my “old self”, the old God living as a normal human being, but I am now “so far out” that I am living where I should be dead – been like that for a long time, but according to the dream I only have a few more days to live like this before becoming a “lion tamer”, Michael and John (!) and yes this will be the same as leaving my DULL DULL DULL life as an accountant and trying something new and exicting as I am told here.
    • After this dream I felt dizzy – which I do ALL of the time (!) – and uncomfortable for maybe the next half hour before “sleeping” again and really because it is not nice knowing that you are going to die even though I know that it is only for the better.
  • I kept on receiving a “well known” song by Devo, I could hum it but did not get the words (!), and I was told “the world decided once and for all to sacrifice the world with China in a head role” and I understood that the words of the refrain of the song was about this (!), and minutes afterwards I was told that “this was the method of the secret government to take care of all problems, to let the world collapse economically because no one could control the system” and an added remark was “if it was not for Obama and I not giving up” (meaning that God helped the world coming through without experiencing this “Armageddon of a total economical collapse”).
    • This came after I watched the documentary “inside job” yesterday on DR2 TV explaining just how rotten and irresponsible the financial sector and political system of the US was and still is (!) almost leading to total collapse of the economical system of the world and simply because of GREED IN SUCH AN EXTEND that I thought it was impossible and people doing what they know was WRONG but could not stop because EVERYONE was doing it and EVERYONE knew that it would eventually melt down the economy of the world, and what did US governments do about it (?) and yes DEREGULATE because this is what the industry asked for and MY OH MY and we know I DO NOT HAVE WORDS left over to express my sadness of such a collapse when it should have been quite easy for you to do what was RIGHT, which everybody should have been able to see, and was I the only one – unschooled (!) – who saw where it was headed and I am thinking of a sales memo I did for banks in 2004 I believe explaining about the “bubble of home prices” (and the need for income protection insurance), which Søren H. WRONGLY decided was NOT a good idea (!!!), and yes this action gave further strength to the darkness to continue its plans to destruct the world, do you see?
    • Then I received what I believe is another Devo song – but still with the same message – and now I heard the words which was “I must do what I must do …” followed by “Now why do you think that a man, Jumps out of the frying pan, Into the fire when he can, Find a way not to get burned?”, which is really what mankind could. You had your FREEDOM OF CHOICE and could have REGULATED the financial sector first before creating an entirely New World Order to avoid future collapse, but it was “simply impossible” for you because of irresponsibility (?) and just asking I am telling you that YOU COULD HAVE!
    • Later: When hearing Devo again and thinking back of the FIRST song of the night, I do believe that it was the song “Snowball” with the lyrics about rolling a snowball up the hill “until it gets too big, until she lost control, and it rolled back down” (and down and down), which is really what happened when the unrealistic bubble of paper money became larger and larger until it could do no other than lose control and explode.

  • I have been at the HiFi-klubben listening to music in VERY high resolution, and I see how Fuggi afterwards puts on one of his old cassette tapes on this very fine system, but he does not care and I can hear just how poorly the sound quality is with very much background noise, and I tell him that here they like to play quality music and not the most popular tunes as Fuggi likes. When I come home I put on a CD from HiFi-klubben in normal resolution but it still sounds very good.
    • HiFi-klubben may simply be “the Voice” of love, Dan (!), helping me to write these scripts, and the dream says that Fuggi because of his decision to use a few minutes only on every script does not understand the details – the resolution – and therefore my TRUE messages, because what he hears is his own voice, i.e. his own music distorting my messages because of the noise of his better-knowing but ignorant voice in relation to me, and yes Fuggi, put your hand on your heart and tell me – when you see this with different eyes than today – isn’t this exactly what is (was) the case?
  • I am in a store having started selling a new TV solution, and I see three large chains starting the sale today, and then the day after tomorrow and the following day, but I understand that the design of the store and the content of the main desk will have to be changed on daily basis from one chain to the other, which I find very impractical.
    • This may be about the new TV of the Trinity, which will be sold to the world, and the message may be that instead of showing us as three different, we will show you ONE GOD only – we will see.
  • I have returned home late in the morning after having been out, and I hope that Paul will have managed to do more cleaning up, but when I enter his room, I am disappointed to see that he is reading Lucky Luke borrowed from the library – some are in English and very expensive – but still I see that he is hoping to bring down the number of policy certificates, which have not been sent out, to 25,000, and I see living dolls at his room – maybe half a metre tall – one is of a half naked beautiful lady and another is “Martha”, which he is playing with and telling that she is from “the Greek mafia”.
    • Paul is apparently bringing me both light and darkness – confused about me Paul (?) – and here Lucky Luke is a symbol of darkness (even though the cartoon is made by light!) removing my energy, i.e. the expensive English editions, and he is bringing me sexual sufferings from the darkness too – but still helping to send out insurance to save life of our old world (!) – and his living doll, Cliff, will have to be connected to people in power in Greece bringing them darkness for them to bring down the economy of your country, and yes was it “impossible” for you to prevent if you really wanted to and decided to do what is RIGHT?
  • When standing up I received another of MANY beautiful songs of Frank Sinatra, which is “Fly me to the moon” and the lyrics, “Jupiter and Mars, In other words, hold my hand”, and I felt that it was Nønne starting to understand me because “Jupiter and Mars” was a reference to her dream about passing many planets and “take my hand” was her saying “I believe in you” – but “impossible” to communicate with and support me it is (?) – and of course it has NOTHING to do with “kiss me” as the song also says, because you know by now that everything was simply your own misunderstandings (?) including your “fear” that I have contacted you with the purpose to flirt with you.

I started working today again later – approx. at 11.00 – and this is simply because I don’t have any energy and tries to “sleep” more to be able to go through a “full” day, and again writing the script and living is “impossible”, but still “quite easy” and yes both you know (!), and I continued feeling a weak heart while writing and yes “will I get a heart attack myself” (?) but no is the answer, but still the fear of it brings more energy.

My old class friend Søren believes I “smoke something” and I ask him to read and understand me

This morning I was SAD to see that my old school friend – from my “main” class at Mørdrupskolen in Espergærde – had sent me the comment “are you smoking something, Stig” (?), and as you know I am not (!), so I decided to send him the answer below telling him that he really needs to read before he can understand – just like Stone, who then started to support me.

And as you can see from the last part of my message to him, the performance he did together with Peter and Kim – was Jais in it too (?) – at our camp (therefore the dream at the camp, which I understand now) in Jutland MANY years ago (maybe 1977?), is some of the most funny I have EVER experienced – tears were running down my cheeks in laughter – and Søren has TRULY a talent of performing, which has followed him throughout his life as you can see from his profile picture as a nun (!), which I have enlarged here together with other of his profile pictures from Facebook:

And we know a nun, queen, nurse and Indian, and we know the Indian is a symbol of the Council, the queen of my mother and still playing the game we are here.

Also thinking that it is of importance for Søren simply to see from my message that I am still the same old Stig as always, as it also was for Stone, and that their postings are really about human love.

Dan Raclin is obviously “smoking something” (!) and in rare form tonight after being inspired by Jesus 🙂

INSPIRATION can be found in many ways, and isn’t it funny that Dan Rachlin, the D.J., decided to change his profile picture, so this morning it was a HEMP PLANT (!) and we know “are you smoking something, Dan” (?) and just saying “impossible spiritual communication between one of my special friends to another through a man, who has not started living yet” (between Søren above and Dan here) as I am told here.

Dan was also INSPIRED to bring Daddy’s in rare form tonight, which I received spiritually and brought myself the 22nd December 2011 – see the script of this date – and the meaning of it is simply because this is what my inner self is – iv VERY GOOD FORM – waiting to come out being my new self, and Dan if you read this, the answer to who I am, my “old self” and “new self” is to be found at the front page of my website – and my new self was the man inspiring you to bring this video just so you know :-).

And when I say “if you read this” is because I sent the following message to Dan today thinking that he does not know that his subscribers are not able to comment on his postings and I am sure that he will open up for this communication after reading my email (?) and I am also thinking of you Facebook and that is to recommend you to have OPEN COMMUNICATION as standard and for people to actively chose privacy instead of the opposite and really because this is how I see the new world where private communication is private, but I do believe that ALL PEOPLE WILL NOT MIND TO PUBLISH THEIR PRIVATE INFORMATION because they will have nothing to hide (!) and yes do you see how it fits together?

And I wonder how Dan will react to my email (?) and if he will send me more darkness and I wonder if this darkness I keep on finding “here and there” will help bring out the “first creation” to bring “him” too with us, and this might be it really as I have been told about today, but you never really know what to believe in but now it is said.

Later: I received the following reply from Dan – and yes unfortunately I am not that surprised to see that he deliberately did not open up for free communication because of “poor behaviour” of people (!), which will change in the future – and he decided to reply “friendly” but superficially without even opening the link to read my website, so I will not receive much “help” from you, Dan?

BRING FREE CULTURE TO ALL (!) and helping Hardinger to find the RED THREAD and him to remove my “golden handcuffs”

I guess the day to “communicate” as predicted the other day was today because “I could not help” replying to Michael Hardinger’s post today about people stealing music without wanting to pay and really to launch my FREE ART TO THE WORLD also via this channel, and I wonder if Michael, his subscribers/friends and the world will be “able” to see that this system should be FAIR and GOOD for everyone (?) and also if he will be “able” to find the RED THREAD through my website as I encouraged him to do to discover that the shirt of life is not too short when dying – or if he will also be a coming special friend sending me more darkness to “help” me out here at the end?

Here is Michael’s thread and my reply below:

This chapter CANNOT end without bringing DEN RØDE TRÅD (“the red thread”) by Shu-Bi-Dua, and when seeing it, just how loved do you believe this band is in Denmark?

And it did not end there, because Michael was inspired to answer me and that was not on my reply on “free culture” above but on his motivation to keep on making music and he calls his old band Shu-Bi-Dua for “the golden handcuffs” – hereof the inspiration – and he means that it did not give him artistic freedom to do what he wanted to do but money on the table (!) and to me “golden handcuffs” is about my new golden self inside of me not yet free to live through Stig and yes yes yes I WILL NOT SETTLE FOR LESS THAN 100,00%, which is the reason why I am still trapped (!) – as the voice here says – and yes, Michael apparently did not either have the “time” to read my website, and yes I did not see him visiting this afternoon (easily checked when seeing countries/cities visiting my site, and I had none from California, where Michael lives today).

Will Søren Pind be “able” to control his temper and negative feelings towards me – and read, understand and support me?

And with the principle “while I am at it I might as well also write to Søren Pind” – even though I feel VERY SICK (!) – so this is what I did telling him about my writings on him, and I wonder if you will be able to control your famous temper, Søren, or if you will become both angry and sad (?) herewith bringing me even more darkness and yes KILLING ME AGAIN AND AGAIN but also helping me out really – and here is the email I sent:

I did not hear from Søren today and did not see him reading the website I sent him – can you still read me in secret at the Parliament (?) – but I can see that he was active on Facebook the whole day and evening.

Kirsten’s children did not have in their hearts to “forgive” me for all of the sufferings I have brought to my father!!!

I had written draft notes for this chapter by today, and decided to finish it the 5th January starting at 08.00 writing it.

This morning I was surprised to see that it was possible to open a new WordPress administration site of my website even though I had a posting open, which I had made a few changes to and really because normally it asks me to confirm leaving or to stay at the site with the changes I made, which it did NOT do here, and when I returned to Microsoft Word I was surprised to see that my script of today, which I had started writing the dreams of, had been closed down without being saved WITHOUT me doing it (I NEVER MAKE THESE KIND OF MISTAKES and ALWAYS SAVE MY WORK VERY FREQUENTLY), and I understood that this was symbols showing me the risk of missing information if I was not careful, and also that this was spiritual darkness coming to me because of the reactions of Kirsten’s four children to my Facebook invitation.

I had truly hoped that her children, whom I have ALWAYS had good relations with when meeting them at my father’s and Kirsten’s home – would understand and accept my friendly invitation to become Facebook friends, but by now I have understood the name of the game, because NONE of them did (so far) and NONE of them decided to communicate with me so all I received was deafening silence (!), which I can ONLY connect with the BRAINWASH carried out by Kirsten and my father filling their heads with all of my faults and wrong doings as a “poor son, who has always let his father down and not cared about his sickness and sufferings” and furthermore “he is completely crazy thinking that he is Jesus, which is what killed your father (Kirsten’s late husband)” – which by the way Kirsten, could be true just thinking that he was “another part of me! (!) – and with all of this “evidence” and not least the MOST LOUD AND WRONG VOICES I KNOW OF, the voice of Kirsten not being able to control her negative feelings backed up by my father, there can be only one verdict of all of her children in me, which is that I am evil as the Devil himself and that they cannot “forgive” all of the sufferings I brought to my father and Kirsten (!) herewith sending me their HATE and also TALK TALK behind my back, but not TRULY caring to start communicating and listening to both sides of the story and I am wondering why Jeanette and Troels as examples don’t understand me because they have gone through the same as I not speaking with Kirsten and my father for long periods of time because of the same reason as I, which is to be met with “no understanding, only misunderstandings”, so just maybe Jeanette and Troels, you have the feeling inside of you that “just maybe Stig is right”, but not enough of you to break the condemnation of me?

So do you see the level of misunderstandings (?), which is not only when people misunderstand but also people influencing other people negatively/wrongly to make them misunderstand too and that is even without hearing “my version of the story” and yes this is how strong the voice is and I think of both Kirsten and my father here having hurt me VERY much because of their WRONG talk of me behind my back sending me MUCH darkness/sufferings (!) because of their own SIMPLE MINDED and POPULAR/WRONG messages that “Stig is crazy” and “he has never been a good son” with the truth being that I am the same Stig as always – as communicated to my father and Kirsten in 2010 and now to Kirsten’s children too – and that the slowness of my father is the reason why he blames me for doing what he is self to be blamed for, which is that he was NOT there most of my life when he abandoned me to be with a new family and NOT able to understand others than his own WRONG voice – herewith making my relation with him impossible and him a poor father – and here especially that he was NOT there when I suffered even more than he but refused me being as negative as it gets, and yes I have written this before, but just to tell you how SAD this makes me, because I know that my father loves me as I love him, and the same goes with Kirsten, I love her and know that she loves me too, and everything else is misunderstandings and feelings you could not control, and yes this goes to both Kirsten and my father: YOU HAVE TO LOOK IN THE MIRROR AND MAKE THAT CHANGE, to become better people being open and UNDERSTANDING other people than yourselves, it is as easy as that!

Finally this evening I noticed – through one of my new counters on my website “Getclicky” providing information about my visitors – that I had received a new visit from Ballerup, and I do not have very many “eagerly returning visitors” so I can pretty easily find them, and this visitor is “special” because if I am not wrong, which I don’t believe I am when watching visitors to my website every single day since February 2010, this visitor can only be my father and/or Kirsten, and the location of this “visitor” is Ballerup, and I was thinking that my father and Kirsten live in the neighbour city of Måløv, where they moved to only a few years ago, but when checking how close this really is to Ballerup, I received a new surprise because when checking their address on the Internet, I could see that they have now moved to Smørum (in what I believe is cheaper for you per month and I can see that this home was for sale until the middle of 2010, where you acquired it?), which is even closer to Ballerup and some would say “part of Ballerup” and I can only think that his computer is linked to “Ballerup”, which is the best explanation I can find, and the only other is that this could also be my old landlord Poul-Erik living in Ballerup starting to read my new scripts (which is what this visitor mainly does), but I don’t he has the “level of closeness” required to do so, and yes the first visit of this visitor was the 10th December – two days before my email including the memo of “my sufferings” to my family also including my father and Kirsten (and I am thinking that Inge may have inspired you to start reading because of “interesting stories” in my script of the 8th December?) – and since then they have been regular visitors, and I might be wrong here, but is this telling me that my father and Kirsten have been converted too to people having faith in me (?), and if this is the case I encourage you to speak OPENLY to Kirsten’s children about this to make them understand that I am fine – but this may be “too difficult” for you to do herewith also admitting to your own wrong doings (?) – and please let me say that ABOVE EVERYTHING I LOVE YOU, which is truly the MAIN message here as it is in all of my scripts, and everything else is you know “the same old song” of people behaving wrongly making each other sad instead of happy.

My father and Kirsten have started visiting my website as I understand it showing your faith, but not enough for you to tell Kirsten’s children talking about and sending their “hate” to me

Finally to complement this chapter, my DJ friend Dan was inspired to write the following message and yes he has NOT been smoking, Søren (!), but he knew about the BIG MISUNDERSTANDINGS in me of Kirsten’s children, which this is about and yes being made on “special unfortunate days”, which is what he says.

And yes, there was a big storm in Denmark yesterday symbolising these experiences.

Finishing this chapter by 09.00 the 5th January.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I was told yesterday that we have decided to “strengthen the structure of our New World” with the energy I – and others – provide, and so it will then have to be.
  • The game the last couple of days and nights have been that I receive much information, which is “not important” – not making it to the script – and one part of me believe that I need to receive and transmit important messages to bring out the “first creation” in a new try (!), and this might be true or not (!) and I bring this energy I have decided for and if this is not enough, I ask you to find energy otherwise, because EVERYONE and EVERYTHING is what we are going to bring with us, and then “LET IT BE” once again :-).
  • The other day I saw the British documentary “The secret lives of Britain’s child beggars” on gipsies using small children to “beg” in London, and it made a VERY STRONG impression on me seeing people building their entire lives on LIES and MISTRUST, and when I saw how they reacted with temper, threats and lies when being revealed in their palaces in Romania – financed by these “begging” children making MUCH money – I was appalled and very sad (!), and even more sad when seeing many other gipsies in Romania being completely expelled from the society and looked down upon – not having any food or money (as in Kenya and “all over the world” (my favourite music here is given with the LOVE OF GOD TO ALL POOR PEOPLE) – by EVERYONE and yes no wonder that these people have developed a HATE to the world, but a DISGRACE on both sides is what it is, and don’t TALK TALK about your hate, but show your loving feelings and COMMUNICATE in order to understand, thus to love one another.
  • Yesterday evening I was told that the “nervous heart”, which I have had for many years – not being able to fall asleep a large part of my grown up life listening to my heart beat because I was nervous to receive a heart attack herewith having to move my feet as distraction when trying to sleep (!) – and the reason was simply that if I had started losing points/sets to the darkness, I would not know when I would receive this heart attack but that it would likely hit me, and yes I do remember as a child in bed thinking about my heart and the more I thought, the quicker it was beating making me think that my own mind could control my heart beat and yes if darkness would start taking me over, it would “help killing me” by focusing on my heart beat until it would beat uncontrollable leading to a heart attack and my death and yes for others to take over instead of me trying to save the world, which I then was not able to do (!), but this is NOT how it became because I refused darkness, but still the darkness tries constantly to kill me this way, you see?
  • These days I wonder how my family – my mother and sister – reacts to my messages that I will die as my “old self”, and yes there is NO communication about me and my sufferings – or theirs for that matter – to help relieving our pain (!) and do they understand that I will not STOP living, but I will stop living as my old self and start a new life as my new self (?) and yes I wonder how much suffering this is bringing them too, and “quite a lot” is what I believe and yes “tears for fears” is a well put phrase here.
  • The Pastor from Hellebæk Church did not either have “what it takes” to receive faith in me, which is to read in order to understand (!), and yes he gave up on me too (!) – told you so.
  • I was told as a new secret message for well done work under the circumstances (!) that Obama decided to play the game NOT to contact me and since I did not ask him to do otherwise, this is what he did, but I was told here that he has wanted to contact me often, and yes receiving tears in my eyes for what I have gone through, and I know, Obama, your road has NOT been easy too and thinking of the “uncontrollable system of Washington (so called politicians, media and financial sector with everyone being CORRUPT!). Thank you for not giving up, my friend – and it goes two ways here.
  • I continued working until 17.30 today deciding to stop here even though I could have continued working and suffering, and now I will only suffer not working more today.
  • During the evening I received the “kill, kill, kill” command both strongly because of new darkness coming but also with a “not seriously” meant feeling because what is there to kill for the darkness when (almost) everything has been transferred to the New World.
  • I am daily very sad and potentially easily “disturbed” – with negative feelings as the result (!) – by the continuous messages I see from my old meditation group on the Internet spreading “love and light” but not showing the required behaviour/communication in practise to be light people at high level – and I mean TRULY sad.


5th January: Receiving and transferring the original creation self to our New World using increased faith and darkness

Receiving and transferring the original creation self to our New World using increased faith and darkness

After the “communication” yesterday with my old class friend Søren, Hardinger, Raclin and Pind – followed by the “communication” the day before with Kirsten’s children – tonight was the night where the second attempt to save the “original creation”, but it was a very difficult task to do – not knowing but hoping and believing that it will succeed when this is written at 05.45 in the morning – because of darkness coming to me making it impossible for me to “open” for the access for the original creation, but first I was given this dream, which was “difficult” to remember, as several dreams for days have been, also thinking that this “exercise” was necessary to “dig” into my mind to search for information the same way as searching for and helping the original creation out, so here we go:

  • I have been in Sweden where a female colleague was extremely nervous to return a borrowed Swedish car – after our Swedish driver left it – in time in order to come home to Denmark in time. We have also been on a sailing tour in Sweden, and when we return to Denmark, it feels like returning to the Danish Parliament acting as police officers, and I meet Kristian Thulesen-Dahl and Pia Kjærsgaard from the Danish People’s Party after I this morning on TV2 news saw Kristian making eggs, which I tell them, but I am surprised to see that Pia is not social and leaves us. Their party also joined the sailing tour in Sweden, but they were not happy about it and have required an explanation about the tour and have now been told that it was planned together with the guests of other parties, which they had not been told about. At the office we have breakfast, and the lady from my Sweden tour leaves because of urgent matters, which meets criticism from others.
    • The Swedish car may be “me” and to get everything home before “time” runs out, and the female colleague may be the spirit of my mother being nervous about making it in time. The sailing tour may be the same metaphor to bring “everything home”, which also depends on my reception at the Danish Parliament, which seems to act as darkness, hence the feeling of police, and can it be that the Danish People’s Party did not know about me (?) since they inquire about the sailing tour, which they did not knew the plans of (?) and I am wondering if it simply is as I have been told both when writing my email to Søren Pind yesterday and for months that information about me “follows with the job”, which is as Minister for Denmark part of the Danish government, which the Danish People’s Party has not been part of as one of few parties in Denmark in 2010/11. Kristian seems to be another “special friend” helping with creation, i.e. the egg, and I wonder why the lady from the Swedish tour leaves us, which must be other “important work”?
    • I was given the lyrics “oh yeah” from Devo’s song “explosions” and I was told “absolutely nothing” knowing that this was in connection with the lyrics, which I could not remember but when I read them now, they go like this: “We like explosions that leave you feeling good, We like ideas that change the world for good, Theres nothing past the stop n go, Theres nothing but the ebb and flow, Theres nothing like some in and out, Theres nothing more than what you know” and I was also told “you are gonna be a big success” and when writing this I can only say “I don’t like explosions, but to keep EVERYTHING”, which is still my name of the game, which then is what we are going to fullfill?! (with the punctuation being the voice following me).
    • I was told that my story months ago about Mogens Glistrup (opened the Danish Parliament to me (they persuaded him eventually leading to his death instead of listening to and understanding what he told them as new ideas).

Hereafter I was kept awake again not being able to sleep and I thought that I would be allowed to sleep when giving it my “last try” as the last couple of nights, but not here and I was thinking of whether to stay in bed, to stand up watch TV until I could sleep again or to receive information if there was any and as for days, there was really nothing important information coming and I was given EXTREME impatience including a constant provoking voice trying to tease me and make me lose my temper, and I thought about Søren Pind – which I also did in relation to Kristian Thulesen-Dahl after the first dream (!) – and that he brings this to me, and I my feeling was strongly that I can’t fight this feeling and I had really decided strongly that I would no longer take notes and write scripts during the night, but when lying there, I also thought that this could be related to the second try to get the original creation (the part included from the dark side) with us and against all odds, Phil, I decide to try fighting this feeling simply by deciding that I AM STRONGER THAN THIS and it took everything I got to change my decision and to fight the extreme tiredness, (my constant) exhaustion and IMPATIENCE NOT to do this, and even though I was constantly about to lose my concentration/focus, I decided to keep on, and first I was given the song “Paisley Park” by Prince and told “Grandmother’s house” understanding there is a connection – and also because I have never fully understood my mother’s (adoptive) mother true meaning of this story of mine – and I heard “Paisley Park is in, yeah, your heart” (and I saw it and felt it running in my blood) and now when reading the lyrics of this BEAUTIFUL Prince song (one of my old favourites by him, and yes I have many of his songs as favourites, but this may be on my top 10 with him), I understand that she was part of God too (as I have been told before without writing it) because the chorus goes like this:

“The girl on the seesaw is laughing, 4 love is the color this place, imparts (Paisley Park), Admission is easy, just say U believe, Then come 2 this place in your heart, Paisley Park is in your heart”.

I was also told and shown in this connection that she was a “white rat in the football game” and not a Greenlander wheel, which we will be coming to, and I have received the word “Greenlander wheel” for a couple of weeks without knowing what it is, but it is about a rat/mouse being kept as a slave running inside a spinning wheel to create energy, and the white rat may simply be to say that my grandmother is here helping me spiritually to free this rat/mouse from the spinning wheel using all of my blood, sweat and tears really :-).

Hereafter I started receiving information about what this was about when I was shown a GIANT stock building with HIGH shelves all including small work shop drawers with screws etc., and I was told that the one drawer with drawing pins (old symbol of darkness) now open is the last one and it is about putting them orderly.

I was told that the access has been blocked because of darkness and that it requires 1-2 hours (receiving notes and longer to write down?) to open the access, and when receiving this, I still had the STRONGEST voice of impatience and tiredness trying to make me “forget about this”, but no, we MUST have EVERYTHING with us NO MATTER WHAT!

I was also shown a very quick motor boat sailing on a river including an old kayak inside of it and I understood that the sailing boat is my speed – I could also have used a speedwagon to fight this feeling really 🙂 – and I was told that “it is not useful without patience” and I was shown an aeroplane landing and told “we are not all of the plane yet, which is why we are waiting” and I was shown a passenger now being delivered by helicopter.

I was told that the access is closed because people hates me (!) and it requires that I like the same people hating me, which I do but I have to be strong fighting the EXTREME negative feelings they send me, which wants me to hate them back (!) (later I was told that Kirsten’s four children as examples send me this hate, which is required for me in order to search into the deepest darkness!), and I was told “only a small opening is required” and also that “less money for LTO does not make this any easier” and this was truly a time for remorse, if I have not already done so, because when we only had little money in 2009 when I was with my friends in Nairobi and I was working outside the office during days (because I was addictive to smoking back then), I felt fine with visiting cheap cafés mainly having cheap coffee etc., but I had remorse visiting the Italian restaurant a number of times having cappuccinos, which were more expensive, but also a good place to work undisturbed and really saying that I was maybe there 10-15 times (?) but could not continue working there without electrical power to my laptop – and yes I do believe I wrote OPENLY about visiting this place in my book no. 2 and just saying that I do NOT try deliberately to hide any information but try to be open also saying that after moving to Helsingør in October 2011, I have had an increase in cakes etc. I consume and “a few times” bought a little bit (“somewhat”) more expensive food, but in general I still go for the cheapest and yes after coming into a new rhythm I have settled for a budget of net 1,200 DKK again this month and we know, which I am satisfied with and I was also given thoughts about my repentance from book no. 2, and I am not completely sure if this is included, but if it was not, here it is: I am SORRY for trespassing the limits of and violating the honour of “not that many” (maybe a handful or two) ladies (until approx. 2004 as I remember it) discovering my sexual offence of them in covert, which I know must have given them fear in life (to become girls on film – therefore – published on the Internet, which I NEVER did and NEVER wanted to do), and I especially apologise to these women for my WRONG actions – being led by EXTREME darkness – and I have several times thought “may you be given good feelings to help you out”, and this was it, really and I was given the feeling of “threshold amplifiers” – state of the art equipment – when writing this (word close to “trespass”) because this is to say that I have DECIDED to be open bringing the best “sound quality”, which is also helping the original creation to enter.

I was also told that this also requires my father/Kirsten to do including “everything we can extract” from the people I communicated with now yesterday and also for me to keep this going “as long as you can tomorrow” without sleeping to be as sure as possible to get everything with us (I started writing notes at 04.30 deciding to continue until 05.15 and to write them in my script afterwards), and I was shown an original warrior walking with only little clothes on and a spear in rain puddles at night in New York (STRONG darkness) and told that “this is how he feels in order to come home to you”.

Again I was told that I cannot do this being impatient – the name of the game of darkness coming to me over and over – and I was shown briefly with difficulties arriving with bus in Helsingør without being able to see the details, so only by working CAREFULLY – again thinking of Søren Pind and my email to him – I will be able to receive and transfer this difficult to read information.

I was shown the original, fine and old exchange building in Copenhagen with the walls inside of it being covered with refrigerators understanding that the building is our New World and the refrigerators our protection against “nothing” outside of us and I was told “this is what we have to get him through” and also the feeling that “I am the only one being able to handle this”, and I started thinking about how to penetrate this, and I quickly decided to do as I normally do in situations like this, which is “I don’t know the best solution, so I ask the light to decide and do what is best”, and I was shown a large square about to be destructed understanding that the world is below this protecting square and the feeling “nothing is going to be destructed” .

I was shown the large stock building again now full of furniture with an extra table of fine wood arriving and I was told that “this is not any kind of furniture, it is creation self”.

I was shown a large farm house with a ladder leading up to the dark loft and I was told “we have really been searching everywhere” but still I understood that we still need to search this dark loft (there was more after all to search!), which requires careful work, hence my words in the email to Søren, before I will be able to see the car on a dark road with the windscreen wipers moving because of rain (sufferings), which I saw, and I was also shown a GIANT theatre with a very large number of balconies all but one including enthusiastic people, and we only miss to fill out one dark box.

I heard “do you have a suitcase in this size” and it was followed by “tiny little thing”, which was the reason why I received the vision of the toolbox drawers in the stock building, and I also saw myself sitting on the outside of a propeller looking into the engine of it and I was told “this is a small part of the plane, which makes it fly even better” and by now I was so certain in my decision to “keep on” that I was shown the light, which was to say that my decision opened for an entrance to the light of our New World, and I was shown a tunnel with thin paper walls to cross and told that “we saved this small tunnel if it should turn out possible” and that is to get “everything” with us.

At the end I was shown a small teddy bear with a cardboard nose being removed symbolising that the original creation is not going to be the fool not coming with us.

And finally when writing this chapter, I was told that “this is also the way to open your grave in Egypt, which you did not know about before now”.

I felt the string of darkness on the back side of my neck being cut off and told “you are in no danger losing your life anymore

I finished the above chapter at 08.00 and until 09.00 I wrote the chapter of Kirsten’s children in the script of yesterday now being “lovely tired” – “almost” above my ultimate limit and just maybe passing it – knowing that this is what is required at the same time as doing my best work under the circumstances in order to get the best out of it really and that is out of darkness, and yes “as easy as that” was the key word in this chapter of yesterday as I am told, and this might be the case but the first message was to keep on going as long as possible, and I really have more work to do, which I will do the best I can and as long as I can and that is without knowing it this is indeed required, but better to be on the safe side, which I thought you were, Cock Robin?

Hereafter I decided to take a long shower feeling TIRED, where I was told that the only reason why I have not become my new self yet is because I have insisted not to finish when there was still darkness and because I decided not to run away from or fear the darkness coming to me with a weak heart etc., and I felt the string of darkness on the back side of my neck being cut off and told “you are in no danger losing your life anymore”.

I continued hereafter updating my map of the Jerusalem UFO with additional text about the “new witness” and continued to the next point on my list, which Included the following new paragraph to the right column of my website under the chapter “key to understanding”, which I “of course” had to amend MANY times before it was “right in the closet” as we say here:

“A part of my direct language was to evoke and show you the TRUE nature and behaviour of people when they showed their worst sides misunderstanding and reacting negatively to my scripts belieiving I was the sinner writing the truth about their wrongdoings (!), which I was not because it is ALWAYS right to tell the truth.”

And finally I also decided to do what I thought was “simply impossible” to do because of my terrible condition, which was to find the full movie on the Internet of the documentary “Inside job” about the financial crisis in 2008 – the financial sector gone mad leading the way to financial Armageddon of the world without governments being “able” to stop it (it took Obama, me and God to do it!) and simply because of a LUST OF GREED and SINFUL LIFE (!) – and to write a new chapter about this to my website on the Doomsday Scenario, which is where it fitted the best, and yes we know once again raising the quality of my work and of course to do this work with my normal quality because this is how I work because of “good habits”, and by 14.20 I had done this work too and “just for fun” I counted the number of revisions before I was happy, which was 18 between 12.48 and 14.15 – and one more later – and we know “much more” than my normal scripts, but less than when writing/updating my main websites in 2011.

I was shown a man walking on the ledge outside an apartment block going through the glass of an open window and falling to the ground and I was told “not even one walked through this window” and I was given the feeling that “I could have shown you MUCH of this”, which is “death and destruction”, but we never came around to it because I decided “NO DARKNESS”, so this is how it turned out :-).

I will be led to a “limited place without time and room, where you will become your new self before arriving with glory

Shortly after finishing my new chapter of the “inside job”, I felt and was shown darkness of the spirit of my mother bringing the King lying down dead and I was told “this is also how we saw him the first time” and this “him” is Jesus resurrected from out of nothing and with the use of “magic” “he” was put back to life now only needing to wake up physically as my new self, still under the name Stig, and I also felt “him” as a spirit in my hall of my size walking behind me very much alive, and I was told that I will be led to a “limited place without time and room, where you will become your new self before arriving with glory”.

Finally at 16.10 I had also had lunch and done what was “completely impossible” in my mind to do this morning, which was to upload the last two days of scripts to my website (still receiving a weak heart) after having done the other tasks on my to-do list – which I decided to do because it is pretty long scripts and also because it means that my decisions and achievements have then been “published” to the world making them irrevocable, which is really a “good thing” and when writing this I was given the feeling of Karen and “she understands too” at the same time as I received the feeling of Michael Bolton, and which song to bring and we know something with “thing” and then there is only one THING to say, Michael, and that is LOVE IS A WONDERFUL THING, which will also come to me for the first time in my life and yes after making a “few changes to Karen too” :-).

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Finally today I decided to order time for the “general health survey”, which the Commune “ordered” me to do some time ago – you never really know for how long you will continue being your “old self” and to remain in this system – and my new doctor here in Helsingør reserved one hour for me the 13th January, so I wonder if I am still alive as my “old self” at this date, which I should not be according to my dream yesterday, but we will see. And the new doctor asked me to contact my old doctor to transfer my old file physically to them, and I wonder why Denmark has not been able to establish a perfect system of this a long time ago making it online and available for all to see.
  • For days and weeks I have been thinking when having good beef, orange juice, wine etc. that I am looking forward to my LTO friends will start getting these tasting experiences, which is about what is coming :-).
  • I was happy to see DJ Dan posting this message today thinking positively about OPENING the access for subscribers to comment, which you know is a symbol of opening up the New World for the original creation.

  • And even though Søren Pind was not “inspired” to send me a reply to my email to him – why is that, Søren (?) – he was inspired to talk about the MAGIC, which is about to happen when I will become my new self; thank you for using this word telling me when writing about the Danish Crown Prince also symbolising me (!) doing a job “no politician would ever be able to do” and he wrote it to stop the smear campaign against the prince, and I wonder if there is a smear campaign against me at the Danish Parliament, and would you happen to know anything about this, Søren (?) and of course “hidden” so no one will hear about it!

  • I am SAD to say that Nønne decided to use the road of darkness to runaway from me because apparently it was “so dreadful” for her to be “hanged out to dry” in public through my writings that she decided – without a word of course – to delete me as a subscriber, and Nønne, HOW COULD YOU (???), do you REALLY think this was for the best (?) and the answer is that it was indeed (!) even though it of course was COMPLETELY wrong of you to do, and yes MUCH darkness required to enter and search this the last room, and one day you will understand what the music of this bullet point means :-).
  • My mother has now stopped receiving medication from the hospital after MANY visits, so maybe the information coming to me some weeks ago about a new cancer of hers a cancer, which she and the hospital did not know about or otherwise it was simply darkness giving me wrong message, and we will see what was the truth the later.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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