January 8, 2012: I survived as Stig also saving our old world and “old God” now becoming ONE GOD of our New World


Summary of the script today

6th January: Saving and transferring (not sacrificing) the “old God” to our New World next to our “new God”

  • I was SURPRISED to learn that I could not either sleep this night and was kept awake receiving notes, which I was ABSOLUTELY sure that I would NOT write into my script during the night, but still I did it until 05.45 this morning because of what I was told starting with information about magic, which will happen when I will get inside of the coffin ending my old life and starting my new. After entering an “impossible entrance” I am now standing directly in front of my own inner self, “the old God”. Sexuality is a gift given to man, my sexual rules have to be respected and sexuality will still be the foundation of all life and development of our New World. I will receive the gift as Stig to reproduce myself as God of my new self, which I did not have as my old self. I will meet the symbol of God through “Ogier the Dane” the coming weekend when going to the castle of Kronborg, where he sits at the basement, and I wonder if this will also be when I will finally become my new self. “The conclusion is that you are not the same God as before” – the new God is NOT the same as the old God. I received a surprising new task: To collect father’s original crown from the darkness of the old world thus postponing our celebrations not yet cutting the string to darkness still receiving a nervous heart and putting in my life at stake as the consequence – or in other words to transfer the “old God” to survive in our New World without having to sacrifice his life, which he was willing to do (remember he is “another” God than the new God) after having created our New World.
  • Dreaming of continuing work to generate energy for my “old self”, working my absolutely best using little energy only, Anne Mette K. is another lady who was “in love” with me, my “music” of warm feelings through my scripts is ready to be mass produced to reach the world, I still have energy and my father makes me proud to join me, Lars Løkke did well when he did not break down in critical situations and I am turning the darkness of the “old God” inside out to become light again.
  • I was surprised to sleep for eight hours during the morning/afternoon and receiving more energy, less work (!), and less sufferings/negative speech, which almost made living bearable – and a UFO showed me two white lights for TWO GODS – amazing isn’t it?
  • I decided to write emails to Theosophical Fellowship, Lama Yönten and Erik Meier Carlsen informing about my website, our New World and myself as the last people I could think of today to inform – also thinking that if required, they will be able to “help” send me more darkness over the weekend.

7th January: I survived as Stig also saving our old world and “old God” now becoming ONE GOD of our New World

  • Dreaming of Tiger Woods also about to get a new house (when I will move in as my new self), removing our “old God” as my inner self from darkness, I have difficulties assembling the car of “myself”, everyone will enter our New World, the old and new God are doing adjustments to our New World and the old God is on his journey now having entered Jutland symbolising our New World and continuing to Herning towards Skagen as the final goal even though I have no energy left and am suffering.
  • After the dreams I was nervous of not playing the game well sleeping too long this morning and not actively seeking and writing down information when I am on my extreme edge, which is where I give the most, and if the game works like this for the first time and if it is still required, this is what I will try to do my best in the coming night.
  • When visiting my mother and John this evening, we had “chops in dish”, which has been out of fashion for MANY years – almost “extinct” – and a wine from Chile made of the Carmenere grape, which survived the Phylloxera plague destroying it “everywhere else” in the 19th century, and both tasted very good, which was symbolism confirming the survival of my physical self Stig despite of strong darkness surrounding and attacking me, thus also my spiritual self, the “old God”, who will be included as part of ONE GOD of our New World. We watched a TV shown live from Herning this evening, which was to say that the love of my mother and John brought me new energy now making it very close to our final goal.

8th January: Continuing the transferral of God of the old world – I am now looking directly into the light of the Source

  • I decided to receive more information to write down during the night “just to be sure”, and among the information I received – cutting through collected extreme darkness (!) – was the continuing pouring of gold from God of the old to the New World. Before being saved, EVERYTHING else of all previous worlds had to be located, restored and saved first without losing one battle to darkness. The roof of our New World was shortly lifted for God of the old world to enter and for me to continue turning the last piece of darkness into light,  which happens in the same process as I am becoming my new self and is only possible to do because I keep away all darkness of the “wild horse” of people misunderstanding me pressing hard on me to do what would be WRONG to do. The creation of our old world was united with the creation of our New World including rules of sexuality, where after the cradle of life of our old world and everything of it was transferred, which I felt as a tree trunk, which had been prepared to be destructed, but now was saved and made alive becoming part of my new self inside of my body. This is the absolutely last darkness to be saved because I am looking directly into the light of the Source now with no more darkness in front of it.
  • God of the old world is dead but his music will live forever being ALIVE and KICKING as part of my new self in our New World.
  • I received an email from the original creator/uploader of a video documenting the truth of the Jerusalem UFO, which I had decided to upload myself because the video was removed by the man whom I thought was the original uploader because it was uploaded in his name without bringing the source of the man doing the original work, which was both a symbol of saving ALL information of our “old God” doing this work being dead beat and information to tell you that it is ALWAYS important to keep information about the creation and amendment of work.
  • Our old God brings entirely new furniture to our New World, where God (the new and old combined) no longer has skin problems but is made to be as fast and strong as the fastest man ever in the world, Michael Schumacher. I agreed with my mother and John to go for the walk on Kronborg this afternoon, which will help bringing the remaining part of God from darkness with us instead of flying away to become nothing.


6th January: Saving and transferring (instead of sacrificing) the “old God” to our New World next to our “new God”

I saved the original creation after tempt no. 2 of a maximum of 3 – what will follow now?

Yesterday evening after publishing my script, I received the following information:

  • This evening I was shown the original creation on his way in thanking me and I told him “we are one, and if it was opposite, I would be sad to be let down”, and also that I had a maximum of three tries to get him in. I was also told about “all of the people you have challenged to save me” and also that if I was not stronger than these people saving him, I would die myself, and I wonder if this is true – it might be and then again, I am still “the best protected” according to my own rules and with the top rule that “if everything else is impossible, I also sacrifice my own life”, so what is true?
  • This evening I continued receiving darkness and a nervous heart, and I wonder if people on Facebook have become scared by the headline of my published script – on top of everything else, and I wonder what is now left before I will die as my old self, and I don’t know this evening, but as long as there is darkness, there is still “more to come”.
  • For a couple of days I have been given large and “sudden” jumps of my entire body as if my entire body received a cramp and I connect it to what will happen when I will become my new self – a similar “large jump”.
  • Almost daily I have continued to receive such high hiccups that I believe my neighbour can hear it the same way as I can hear his high laughter – and I cannot remember what it means but it has a meaning.
  • During all of my journey I have been thinking of the scary movie “Friday the 13th”, which I saw as a teenager and when all people in the cinema thought that “now it was all over with”, they received the biggest scare of them all in the final scene, and this evening I was thinking if “was this the shock of this movie, or will anything else come” and yes do you remember me, Marie Louise R. A. (?) – we saw this movie together with others and I had a big crush on you but was too shy to tell it.
  • The depth of TIREDNESS yesterday evening will add a new meaning to what “tired” is – I was more than devastated and when I for 1-2 hours was awake, but still “completely gone” with my eyes closed, I also received more darkness – neg. speech to avoid – at the same time. It is worse than your worst imaginable nightmare.

Saving and transferring (instead of sacrificing) the “old God” to our New World next to our “new God”

After being more than satisfied with the work I did yesterday – including the MADNESS of the U.S. financial sector leading the world towards financial Armageddon – and to be able to last all day without breaking down due to my physical destruction, I was ABSOLUTELY sure that I would be “allowed” to sleep this night when going to sleep after 23.00 because I was now in a state where it would be even more than “completely impossible” to receive and write down more information, so I was looking forward to a quite new day coming after sleeping all night with less work and maybe time to get out of the door to visit town again – I have not been out of the door for is it three days now (?) – but I was NOT allowed to sleep when I kept on being awake receiving constant darkness in the background hurting me much, and I kept on thinking “convincingly” that “I am too tired to take notes this night”, but on the other side of 01.00 without having received any sleep, I found myself taking notes anyhow, which I continued doing “for fun” (not taking it very seriously) until 02.30, but still I was ABSOLUTELY sure that I would NOT start writing the notes into my script tonight, because this really Suggs when you are one step beyond your ultimate level of tiredness – I am also writing about the MAD DOGS AND ENGLISHMEN (!) of the financial sector here – but here I find myself writing the script again now after 03.00 in the night because there is a very good reason to do so as you can read from the following:

First I was shown myself entering a coffin and I was told “first when you will get into the coffin, the magic will start”, and yes a “difficult feeling” knowing that you are going to die but receive a new life, and I was also shown a small white space probe flying in space and I felt that this is the centre of the Universe and my control unit, and I was told “first when you will enter there, you will see that all stars do not exist, which is impossible to understand outside of it”. I also felt that it requires energy to go through this process, which is what I have to generate now.

I was shown myself walking around the Espergærde shopping centre seeing young beautiful ladies and rye bread around banks and supermarkets, and it was impossible for me to be undisturbed by these ladies desiring and tempting me, and I received Abba’s beautiful song “Andante, andante” – they truly make WONDERS out of songs, these Swedes – which may tell you about the level of temptation, and yes my greatest desire is simply to be able to love and be loved, and you might understand that it is thus not always easy to avoid being sexually tempted?

I was told that “everyone is part of God”, that sexuality is a gift given to all and that the sexual rules I have given have to be respected, and I was now shown myself at the Prøvesten shopping centre dancing around the Christmas Tree with other people, and I was shown a Falck helicopter arriving flying up and down just up over and down on the other side of several fences very close to me and at the end it lands directly in front of me with the rotor 1 centimetre from my car, and I was concerned when watching it, but see the pilot being physically very strong, and I sense here that it is myself as Stig arriving at the centre of my inner self as God entering an impossible and very narrow entrance without hurting anyone.

Addressed to the people I danced around the Christmas Tree with – feeling that it is all people of the world – I said “you are my true servants and you know this well”.

I received more information about sexuality and was told ”your own reproductive ability has been reduced as much as possible because you are not yet God in this respect” and also that when I have always been searching for the most beautiful women, it is because of a desire to create the strongest genes, and I was told “south east” and was myself over water approaching the island of Bornholm and told “this is where I became this”, and I understood that when I visited Bornholm on holiday together with my mother/John and Sanna/Hans in 1988 I believe, this is where I “picked up” sexual information in order to become “God in this respect”.

I was told still feeling the Prøvesten shopping centre ”you are the Christmas Tree and the ball on it”, “the rice pudding desert is white and now infinitely little pink red because you kept on and on” and also “who is then I standing behind the rice pudding; it is I, the Creator of anything”.

I was told that on Kronborg Castle of Helsingør, I will meet the legendary figure, Holger Danske (“Ogier the Dane”) who is the man behind everything and I understood that this figure sitting in the basement of the castle waiting to be waked up for deed when the nation is in danger (!) is a symbol of God and also that my mother was inspired to invite me, when speaking on phone with her yesterday, to visit Kronborg the coming weekend because there is some kind of exhibition there, and I wonder if this truly will be the symbol of me meeting God and becoming my new self in the weekend, because, as I was told, I will “be dead before the end of the week” – and I might add that the New Year’s concert in Helsingborg did not make it to be carried out in practise, which unfortunately is “sometimes” what happens today.

I was told that the purpose is to cross parents to give the best genes to the children to become even stronger – and also the feeling that this is not what always what happened in the old world, and I was shown a yellow mechanical digger (yellow is the colour of the spirit of my mother) and told that it has been working to completely change the garden (belongings to our house), and I was told that with my “hungry sexual appetite” as foundation – which I did not lose during my journey, which I easily could have – sexuality will still be the foundation of all life and development of our New World.

I was shown myself standing next to the main entrance of the Kvickly supermarket in the shopping centre and told “what do I do now” (?) and I felt it was the soul of Jesus, and I said “we will wait for a message from the light”, where after I was told that “I will become the strongest ever” and also that “first I will have to go through pain to get there”, which made me think if I can generate enough energy the way I feel and then I was told “you are super lucky because if you cannot, I can” and I received the feeling that the sufferings of other people would help me in this case but it was given “with doubt” too – thinking that this will come with a prize.

I was told that “Glasshouses” – the message to Dan and the reference to Billy Joel the other day of not throwing stones when you live in a glasshouse yourself – “was not about you” and at the same time I received the direct opposite feeling that it indeed was about me, which is to say that I still receive messages of both light and darkness, and the feeling here was that a part of me was still fragile as the glasshouse at this moment of time and a stone thrown at me could have destructed it, and it can only be in connection with the rescue of the “original creation” and what showed to come next during this night, which you can read from the following.

I was told something more about sexuality “impossible to understand” and followed by the words “the conclusion is that you are not the same God as before” and I was “thanked infinitely“ for showing my sexual desire.

I was given Donna Summer’s song Macarthur Park – I was in love with you and your music around 1980, Donna 🙂 – and I was told “MacArthur, wasn’t he a general, which you are now too”, and even though I wrote down many notes and was very tired, I did not have the EXTREME impatience/temper as I experienced the previous night coming to me from Søren Pind making this night even worse to come through than this new night.

I was shown the banqueting hall of Kronborg Castle with the feeling that “it is difficult to get in there” – the same as searching the loft for the original creation – and I was told “what you have done cannot be cried down”.

I was told that Falck in Lyngby has received a fully new number system of their dressing room because ”they did not want to have that hanging to them” (read my Falck memo about their poor key system for their dressing room) and also “you got the best oút of it there, otherwise we would never have come here” also with the feeling that they did not bring me down.

I receive a very quick and also “impossible” to understand message – the more difficult and the more careful I received and wrote it, the better work doing what I was about to be told – but I managed to see myself in a corridor of Hotel Marienlyst in Helsingør walking towards the reception and seeing what used to be a carpet lying in the middle of the floor in its length direction, where there was a hole underneath and I was told that “there is no hole in the floor under the carpet to fall through, but glass and caviar all over” and I was told “caviar” – reproduction of me (!) – but shown fine white marble as the structure of walls etc., and I understood that our New World is very strong.

For days I have seen myself drinking cocoa milk, which you often get here at sausage wagons together with a sausage, and now I was shown this again drinking one after the other, and normally cocoa/chocolate is about “selfishness”, so is this because of the cakes etc. I eat at the moment (?) (despite of not using much money really) but I also understand that I don’t eat any sausages in these visions symbolising that I am not accepting my “old nightmare” to be carried out and in continuation of this, I was shown myself standing on a beautiful beach and I was told “you have created this and stand alone here now but not for long” and I received the feeling of my father and Saudi Arabia with “SAND, SAND and SAND” because of my father’s task in life to make me suffer (!), and then I received the feeling that “people in secrecy read and understand my new script about my father making me suffer” and this is the first time I write this, but for a long time after publishing a script, this is the feeling I have been given of “people in secrecy” reading and understanding and here I was also told that “the spreading of the circle in the water – spread the knowledge of my scripts – is what happened in secrecy when governments etc. in growing numbers started reading my scripts in secrecy” and I was told that “even the Aborigines know about you”.

Yet again I received a “very quickly” given message, which was “impossible” to get, but it was like this: “Can we make it – swim to the World Cup final between Chelsea and Birmingham to collect father’s original crown” and without knowing more I replied “fine by me if it is fine by the light” and then I was told “alright, this is now included on the task list” and also “it will not become boring, this I promise you”.

And it continued when I was told “it means that we will not cut the string of darkness yet” and I understood that this included still to receive a nervous heart and put my life at stake – despite of what I was told earlier – and I said “alright, the same procedure as always”, but then I was told “there is really no more Adolf remaining” and “is this is joke or what” (?) and yes a part of the game not knowing about what is true and false.

And then I was told the secret message of the night, which was “we know there is one more secret remaining and wonder where it is” and I received the feeling that “there is no more darkness to find” (I have emptied my ideas and encouragements given to receive darkness from people when contacting them) but I was given the feeling of John, my mother’s husband, in this connection as a potential source bringing me more darkness, and I wonder if this will be because he will read my script of the 31st December and send me darkness as the result when not understanding the need of my writings of our evening together?

I was shown a cinema with bourdeax seats and a man from a music guard inside of it wearing the big drum, which he was about to start drumming on as celebration, but he was let out with the message “not yet” because of my acceptance of this new task.

I was shown a large group of people with everyone dressed in white except one man dressed in a black gown and I was told “there is a priest dressed in black among the white, who has followed you from his hiding place willing to sacrifice himself” and I was shown a public laundry from the outside in seeing a dark washing machine and I was told “it is the laundry self”, which is really my “old self” dying – the spirit of the old God (converting darkness of our old world to light of our New World) – and I was told “it is not impossible to do, but almost, we have one way but only one try” and then I was told almost at 02.30 that this will be done “if you will now write down these notes and not watch TV”, and watching TV is what I had decided to do because I could now no longer stand lying in my bed, and could not foresee myself writing down this information because “it goes without saying that this would be impossible to do”, but when I decided to stand up doing it anyway, I was told “God, who was, is now not only a dream” (for our New World to think back on), and it was truly not impossible after all because I am now finishing this work at 05.45 being very tired indeed (having had a calm heart when writing), but still WITHOUT the extreme IMPATIENCE yesterday night, which is the WORST I have ever received, Søren, and I have tried MUCH in my life, so it was indeed “impossible” for you to control your feelings towards me?

I am somewhat surprised to learn that God of the old world inside of me as the creator of our New World when converting darkness to light through my sufferings would “die” with the end of my “old self” being replaced by my new self including the Trinity when we during our journey have saved all previous Universes, which I believed included all previous versions of God (?), and again, this might be exactly what I am told it is – “impossible to save the washing machine self” (?) but possible because we reached the impossible stage not giving in to darkness one single time (?) – but it could also be to give me extra work to help me bring energy to become my new self without bringing extra sufferings to others and yes HEAVEN ONLY KNOWS really, but I do believe in the story of saving the original creation recent days and now this one too :-).

And my true feelings is that I am SAD to learn about this sacrifice and we know God saving everyone else but sacrificing his own life – this is “me” we talk about (!) – as the consequence being replaced by a new God and yes NEVER IN MY LIFE because we will get EVERYTHING WITH US and that is “rub og stub” (“stock and barrel”) as I have said over and over again in Danish and of course also the washing machine, and yes we had a Zanussi when I was a boy and we know Italian for “joy and happiness” because we are creating a magical New World also including God of the old world :-).

Finally this morning when completing the writing of the night, I was shown myself as a dark original man standing on top of a Mexican Pyramid and I was told “I am also here”, and I understood that this is my old self looking out over the world I have created.

Dreaming of working my absolutely best using little energy and being proud of my father joining me

Finally at 06.00 I went to bed again with the special feeling “will I be able to sleep now”, and yes I did, and was woken up at 09.30 when my mother called – giving me a subscription for one month for the swimming hall, so good it is that I have decided to exercise and lose weight in her mind, but I am probably still gaining weight because of what I eat, which is enough – but should not be so, because it is realty not too much (!) – for darkness to continue this game – and afterwards I was “lucky” to keep on sleeping, which I did a couple of hours at the time until 14.00 – and it became a few more dreams too:

  • I have started working at Danske Bank, Espergærde, again and I tell the manager Bent that it is like being home again, but I don’t like to be given administrative work again and also not to see that he is “tough” stopping the bonus scheme for an employee. I say hello to everyone, but not everyone sees me and they don’t know who I am.
    • Danske Bank is about getting energy as long as I am my old self, which still is a DULL life with DULL work writing, and here the manager stops a bonus scheme, which may be to say that it is not getting easier to make money, i.e. energy, and I wonder if my dear readers have read that we will continue having a “controlled bonus scheme” in the future as part of the income system with the description from my New World Order as follows: “A quality programme will adjust individual income by up to +/- 25 percent to help all people to deliver their absolutely best at any given time”.
  • I have bought two Italian super cars and a sofa group for a total of 37,500 DKK, which is one and the same, and I give Anne Mette K. a lift home from work driving in the Ferrari, which is my old boy-dream, which at the same time is the most handsome sofa she has ever seen, and she is VERY interested when I talk about my other Armani sofa and other Italian car, which is the car I use at everyday, and she counts the total of what this sofa group should cost and in her mind it is several times more than I paid.
    • These are cheap Italian cars saying that I am still driving in my best car doing my work quickly but still with the same quality as usual, and it is also to say that Anne Mette K. – from GE Capital, Green Credit etc. – apparently was very attracted to me, and the last part is about what people will say when they will understand the amount of work I did compared to the amount of energy I had with the conclusion being “this is impossible to do” and some may even believe that I have “lied” about my energy or done some kind of “magic tricks” producing the work I did (?), but the answer is that I did it with blood, sweat and tears deciding not to give up but to finish my work as good as possible every single day.
  • And while writing this, Anne Mette was inspired to write the following message of course from her sofa (!) and she is now doing what I noticed that Nønne also did, which is to play a game called Wordfeud (putting together words competing with others), which is really “killing time”, which Nønne and Anne Mette has “time” to do, but you did not have “time” to read and understand me (?), and yes I noticed today that Nønne has effectively blocked me out of Facebook the same way as Chalotte Clarissa did, and we know reporting me to Facebook (!), and I wonder if this is an action because of “uncontrollable feelings”, which you later will regret, Nønne?

  • I have set up CD booklets for printing, and the manager says that he cannot guarantee that it is without spelling errors, and he gives some suggestions on how to produce the back side of it and also to have the front page and start the booklet at page 3, and I see the first booklet, which includes Dolly Parton, breasts and porn, which I don’t want to get printed.
    • This will be about the spreading of my “music” – i.e. loving messages of my scripts – to mankind, which I know includes spelling and typing errors, which I could not omit because of the balance I chose between quality and volume having the Devil tormenting me and not the time to edit each script more than 1-2 times, and I see NOTHING wrong with showing the breast of women, but porn is out of the question as mentioned before because this is a violation of life itself.
  • There is a big dinner and party for different companies this evening at the restaurant of the hotel, I pay some money to the hotel and have approx. 1,200 DKK left. My father is retired but has decided to come anyway, which he has told at home that he will, which makes me proud of him. Lars Løkke will also come, and later I speak to him telling him that his greatest strength is that he can handle 10 times at the same time in his mind, and I ask him how he avoided to break down when he was “this close” to do it. Later I am walking together with a lady, and when she goes to one toilet, I notice that inside the toilet I go through, two people play badminton and one player picks up their badminton ball, which landed next to another ball in the floor, which she believes is mine and she asks me to turn the ball inside out.
    • It seems that we have quite a large group of people to come at this hotel including Lars Løkke, and the hotel is still the waiting hall of my “special friends”, where my father has now decided to come join making me happy. Lars may remember the “voucher case” a few years ago where the media was “this close” to break him down, and also the Climate Conference in Copenhagen in 2009 being equally as close and yes also preparations for my final road, so thank you for being STRONG, Lars 🙂 – and also for being able to handle 10 things at the time even though it is ALWAYS better to focus on one thing. The badminton game at the toilet is the game of darkness and light whether or not I would receive my old nightmare, which would destruct me and the world, and here I receive a ball, which I understand has been moved over to the dark side, which I now will turn inside out for it to return to the light, and this can only be the dark side of God, who will also survive this “game”.
    • I woke up to the big dance hit of the 1990’s “Give it up” by Cut “n” Move and the lyrics “Can I touch you” and “Baby, give it up, give it up”, which is about giving up my old nightmare of course.

A UFO showed me two white lights for TWO GODS 🙂

I was surprised to feel somewhat better today being less exhausted with a less heavy head and also less negative speech (which is really always there in the background, but less when I am working), and it may become worse when I this afternoon will cycle to town and yes when I sit down writing, I don’t feel the pain as strongly as when I am physically active.

And I wonder if I will not be kept awake the rest of the day, the night with new notes/writings and then also tomorrow, where I might go to visit Kronborg if the weather is fine tomorrow morning as I spoke with my mother about today, and yes it would be NICE to get a normal night, but if it is required I will do my best again to give what it takes to do my last task before becoming my new self?

Later after becoming dark: I went to town – nice to get out again – and when cycling down Gl. Hellebækvej, I was happy to see a large UFO leading the way on the sky with one white light to the left of it and another to the right, and I was told “two Gods” – one new and one old (and one more in my New World II, remember?) – and I could not help smiling when I saw it fading out its light on the sky completely disappearing before it one minute later again was visible. When arriving to town I had decided to do the walk – another old favourite 🙂 – and when crossing the main square Axeltorv I thought that it was very clear in the weather and no clouds on the sky, and then I was shown what I first thought was a new UFO with blue light on it and “very little red” as I was told – much my new self and little suffering – but when it flew away I saw the same two white lights on it as on my way to town and yes the same UFO saying TWO GODS. When walking around town I was surprised that I was still given less negative speech than normal almost making it bearable to be (!) and I cannot tell you enough just how much I suffer with “mind control always switched on” literally pressing me down, and again you will have to imagine.

Informing Theosophical Fellowship and Lama Yönten/Erik Meier Carlsen about my website – will they send me more darkness?

This evening I decided to send information about my website to people I remembered, which was to Jan and Martin from Theosophical Fellowship and also to Lama Yönten including his “assistant” Penpa and Erik as the second teacher there, and I also thought that if more darkness should be required, these people will be able to “help” me receive it over the weekend, and now I really don’t know whom else to inform, so let us see if this is enough:

This is the email I sent to Theosophical Fellowship:

Kære Martin og Jan,

Sidste år på samme tid spurgte jeg Jan, om han ville læse min hjemmeside – https://stigdragholm.wordpress.com – som jeg var ved at færdiggøre, at være ÅBEN for en overraskelse (!) og give mig en tilbagemelding på indholdet, som han var venlig at love at gøre.

Hvad jeg ikke vidste på daværende tidspunkt, var, at jeg stadig havde et stort arbejde at gøre for at færdiggøre hele min hjemmeside, hvilket den nu langt om længe er, og dette er årsagen til, at jeg nu skriver til jer ikke så meget i dag for at modtage tilbagemelding om indholdet, men mere for at orientere jer om indholdet, som også vil få betydning for jer, og samtidig fortælle, at både I og Ananda, som jeg var i spirituel kontakt med (!), via jeres arbejde har haft betydning for skabelsen af mit arbejde, og her tænker jeg ikke på indholdet af hjemmesiden, men på dét, som den beskriver, som er skabelsen af en ”ny verden”, som I kan lære om ved at læse indholdet af hjemmesiden.

Min hjemmeside vil udfordre jeres tillærte ”viden”, for ikke alle mine budskaber er i overensstemmelse med den teosofiske litteratur, men I vil kunne se slægtskabet hertil, når I vælger at læse mig virkelig omhyggeligt.

Min hjemmeside handler i bund og grund om, at give alle et bedre liv, arbejde og samfund UDEN lidelser – en ”ny verden” (!) – samt belæringer om, hvordan man bidrager til at opretholde dette. Der er ca. 30 hovedsider, som hver især indeholder et resumé, og det vil kun tager jer ”få timer” at læse alle resumeer for at få et samlet overblik over mine budskaber, og herefter vil det tage ”få dage” koncentreret at læse disse hovedsider omhyggeligt, som jeg anbefaler jer at gøre – læse ord for ord og ikke blive fristet til at ”skimme” – for at forstå og også at tro på indholdet, og når man er kommet så langt, så er der hele underskoven af mine manuskripter, som jeg har skrevet på i flere år og særligt siden 2009, og som fylder ca. 4.000 sider!

Forudsætningen for at TRO er altså, at man vælger at LÆSE og FORSTÅ for at overkomme sin egen modstand/skepsis baseret på ”forkert viden/kultur”, ”dårlige vaner” samt ”forestillinger” om, hvordan og hvornår Gud og hans søn vil ankomme, som i virkeligheden er mit budskab til alle. ”Forståelse” er hermed selve ”adgangsbilletten” til vores ny verden, og ”evner” man ikke forståelse, er det vanskeligt at TRO. Spørgsmålet er, om I vil evne at følge denne enkle ”recept”, eller om I vil reagere som de fleste desværre har gjort i begyndelsen, som er med stærke negative følelser og vantro udelukkende baseret på, hvad man selv ”tror” og at man i hvert fald ikke ”behøver” at læse for at forstå, at jeg og mine tekster er et falsum!

Dette er opgaven, jeg stiller jer, og jeg kan tilføje, at alle de gange, hvor jeg med glæde mødte jer primært i 2010, har jeg skrevet referater af i mine daglige skrifter, og ved at læse disse, vil I få en fornemmelse af, hvordan dét lys, som I hjalp til med at bringe ikke blot hjalp med ”helliggørelsen af Jorden og menneskeheden” for at bruge jeres ord, men med en skabelsen af den omtalte ”ny verden” UDEN mørke, som vi nu er meget tæt på at åbne og for de første at indtræde i.

For at hjælpe med at ”overbevise” jer og ”løsne” jeres eventuelle forkerte og faste overbevisninger anbefaler jeg, at I læser mine Signs I-IV hjemmesider (links på hjemmesiden), som beskriver mange tegn og mirakler givet til menneskeheden over mange år om denne ”ny fødsel” – disse vil i sig selv bidrage til en væsentlig del af jeres forståelse – og også Wikipedia’s artikel om Maitreya (Benjamin Creme), hvoraf følgende blandt andet fremgår:

“In January 1946, Bailey prophesied that since, according to her view, “Krishnamurti had rejected being overshadowed”, Christ would return himself by manifesting a physical body of his own on the physical plane “sometime after AD 2025”,[15] and that this would be the New Age equivalent of the Christian concept of the Second Coming of Christ.

Og senere:

“Creme stated that Maitreya telepathically communicated to him that he had decided to return to Earth earlier than the post-2025 date given by Alice A. Bailey.”

Jeg håber som nævnt, at I vil læse og forstå. Jeg garanterer, at I vil blive overbevist, når blot I følger mine anbefalinger, og det sværeste er blot ”at komme i gang”. Jeg er nøjagtigt den samme Stig, som I lærte at kende ved vores hyggelige møder, som min hjemmeside ikke vil ændre på, men det er muligt, at hjemmesiden vil ændre jeres syn på mig, og spørgsmålet er, om åbenhed og fordomsfrihed vil bane vejen for jeres forståelse eller om bedrevidenhed og dovenskab vil få jer til at fordømme mig (?), og jeg kan her tilføje, at indholdet af min hjemmeside indeholder belæringer, som jeg både tror og håber, at I også ”om ikke lang tid” vil hjælpe mig med at udbrede til alle om vores fremtidige ny verden.

Jeg savner vores møder, som jeg desværre i lang tid ikke har haft mulighed for at deltage i på grund af store lidelser, og som I også kan læse om på hjemmesiden, og jeg håber, at I vil medbringe mine STORE OG VARME HILSENER med ønsket om et GLÆDELIGT og LYKKELIGT NYTÅR til alle, som er dét, der nu er på vej via vores Ny Verden.

Take care 🙂.

De venligste hilsener fra

After sending this email, either Jan or Martin (who lives in Vipperød?) decided to use approx. half an hour to “read” approx. 10 of my main pages, so the question is if this was a beginning and if he will come back, or if he decided to reject me?

Later in the evening I received a STRONG feeling and vision of Jan, but none of Martin.

This is the email I sent to Penpa and Lama Yönten:

Kære Penpa og Lama Yönten,

Jeg har desværre ikke haft mulighed for at besøge jer i lang tid på grund af travlhed og lidelser med at færdiggøre arbejdet på min hjemmeside (https://stigdragholm.wordpress.com), som indeholder mine mere end 4.000 siders skrifter, som er “verdens nye filosofi”, der vil afløse alle nuværende trosretningers skrifter for at samle alle mennesker som ét folk via én filosofi.

Det er muligt, at sprogforhindringer vil gøre det vanskeligt for jer i starten at læse og at forstå min hjemmeside, men jeg håber, at I vil gøre “jeres bedste” for at forstå betydningen af mine budskaber om Maitreya Buddhas ankomst, skabelsen af en ny verden UDEN mørke/lidelser, samt et bedre liv, arbejde og samfund, som “meget snart” vil blive åbnet for ALLE mennesker.

Hjemmesiden indeholder ca. 30 hovedsider, som hver især indeholder et resumé, og uden sprogproblemer vil det tage ”få timer” at læse alle resumeer for at få et samlet overblik over mine budskaber, og herefter vil det tage ”få dage” koncentreret at læse disse hovedsider omhyggeligt for at forstå og også at tro på indholdet, og når man er kommet så langt, er der hele underskoven af mine manuskripter, som jeg har skrevet på i flere år, særligt siden 2009, og som altså fylder mere end 4.000 sider, og som også indeholder referater af alle mine møder hos jer samt vurderinger af, hvad der var rigtigt og forkert i de belæringer, som jeg modtog fra Lama Yönten og Erik – alt ligger offentligt for alle at læse herunder jer selv!

Jeg var ”meget glad” for at besøge jer – og også Erik – primært i 2010, hvor jeg stiftede bekendtskab med Buddhismen af i dag, og selvom, at jeg kun modtog en lille del af de samlede belæringer, kunne jeg konstatere, at der er nogle budskaber, som jeg glædes over, men også, at den nuværende Buddhisme IKKE er tilstrækkelig til at REDDE verden på grund af sin berøringsangst i forhold til VIRKELIG at hjælpe ALLE mennesker, som forudsætter en UDADVENDT og AKTIV indsats, som Buddhismen desværre FORKERT ikke tilbyder i dag.

Jeg beder jer være beredt på, at verden ”meget snart” vil blive mødt af mine budskaber og mit ”nye jeg”, som jeg håber, at I vil beslutte jer for at læse om på min hjemmeside.

Jeg glæder mig til at møde jer igen, og jeg vil sende denne mail også til Erik via hans Facebook profil til hans orientering. Jeg ønsker jer og alle jeres besøgende, som jeg beder jer hilse, et GLÆDELIGT og LYKKELIGT NYTÅR, som er dét, der nu er på vej til alle via vores ny verden.

De venligste hilsener fra

And finally I sent this email via Facebook to Erik and I wonder if he of all people will accept my invitation to become Facebook friends:

While doing this work, I had a fairly weak heart, but tried that before we have.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I was VERY sad to see that Kirsten’s daughter Jeanette did the same as Chalotte Clarissa and Nønne, which was to BLOCK me out reporting me to Facebook, and now she is simply “invisible” to me on Facebook (except from my outbox, where her picture is now also erased for me to see as you can see below), and here I received a short drop-out of the power supply and the screen turned into a red nuance for one second a couple of times before turning back to “normal”, and this was simply a “short circuit” by her when she could not control her “extreme negative feelings” towards me (these are the EXTREME feelings MANY have sent me!), and yes I have done NOTHING to give her these feelings – we have ALWAYS spoken well together (before she knew about who I am, or better “just how sick and dangerous I am” in her mind) , which I can ONLY thank my father and Kirsten for doing, and can you see what you did by now and just how WRONGLY this is (?) and as you can see below Troels, Stephan and Ricki have not blocked me, but simply “forgotten” to accept my invitation and to send me a reply or should I say that you are also negatively influenced against me by your STRONG sister and mother (?), and NONE of you could think about communicating with me to discover that I am indeed the same old Stig as always?

  • Søren told today that he was throwing out grumbling people as “friends” (people not knowing how to behave but are negative to be negative) – he has 4,000 “friends” and 7,000 subscribers (I have 92 friends and ONE subscriber after being live on the Internet two years!!!) – but apparently I am not one of the and NOT friends Søren (?) but only a subscriber of yours, and is that because you don’t want to send a negative signal to the world (?), and if this is the case, I would be VERY happy for you to send me a reply including your declaration of faith and support in me, which I will then publish to the world – do you think you CAN do this (?), or will the answer be that you DO NOT HAVE THE COURAGE (?) the same way as the newspaper Ekstra Bladet did NOT have when it really mattered!

  • I decided not to follow the instalments to the collecting firm cashing in for TDC despite of the agreement I did with them before moving from Lyngby, and I do hope you will understand that it was a difficult decision for me back then not knowing if it would mean that I did not get the new apartment in Helsingør if I did not enter into the agreement, and after moving I decided that I had so little money that I would rather use the money to help LTO and myself to get a living and I do think that the lawyer did not think about the little money I have per month but also that I gave my “word” and when you give your word, it is a promise and in this respect I did a sin breaking a promise, which I do NOT feel good about, and this was really the story.
  • This evening Dan was watching X-factor together with the rest of Denmark including me and even though they have not started the live-shows yet, the judge Thomas Blachman was still inspired (!) to answer Dan’s comment the other day when saying that X-factor is not an entertainment show, but a music show (!), and yes Hardinger as I am told about here “sådan er der jo så meget” (“this is how it is”) and we know “thinking about me too”, my friend? And just adding that Thomas Blachman – after his statement of the show being a music and not an entertainment show (!) – and the other two judges of X-factor allowed a 87 year old fireman (!), who LOVED to TALK TALK to go through to the next round, and was that because of his musical or entertaining qualities (?) and just wondering I am – and knowing that the judges of course do their best to pick the best :-).

  • Jimmy from my meditation group and also from Selvet was inspired to bring the old quote by Glistrup that “you must try, try and try”, which is inspiration to me to NEVER give up and when using this attitude, I can get what I really want and that is for EVERYTHING including our old God to survive, and I wonder if I will enter a very difficult weekend after having received a pretty easy day today as a “trap” trying to make me believe that everything is already in order (?) and we will see, I AM BOTH MY NEW AND OLD SELF NOW AND MY DECISION IS THAT I WILL NOT BECOME MY NEW SELF ONLY WITHOUT EVERYTHING OF MY OLD SELF BEING TRANSFERRED and just so you know my friends working inside of me (!) and yes this is how it is.

  • I understood this evening when tears came easy to me again that it is tears given to me spiritually, which has also been VERY strong many times where I often simply have said ”enough of this” because the balance was wrong, and the reason is simply SADNESS and TEARS by first of all my mother but also sadness of others.


7th January: I survived as Stig also saving our old world and “old God” now becoming ONE GOD of our New World

Dreaming of my inner self as the “old God” having reached our New World but part of the journey remains

After sleeping yesterday morning and afternoon, I was excited to see if I would be able to sleep this night or if I would be kept awake receiving new important messages, and I thought about waiting until 05.00 to go to sleep – making me awake for the same amount of hours as a “normal day” – but since I was more than tired “already” at 02.00, I decided to go to bed seeing what would happen – and the game here has been that I should myself be “responsible” to actively seek spiritual messages instead of waiting for them to come (inspired by my email to Erik M.C.!), but I have decided to trust in the light giving me these messages when required because of my decision to receive 100,00% of everything, it cannot be differently (!) – and what happened was that I fell asleep (!) and I was of course woken up now and again, but still I was allowed to sleep until 12.00 – I was still tired (!) – which is telling me that there is (hardly) any darkness remaining (also because of the signs the last couple of days receiving less negative speech), but there were still some dreams, so here they are:

  • I have a meeting with Tiger Woods at my office in Copenhagen, he is going to get a new house and I tell him that “you know that you give the most when you are completely on the edge, where it hurts the most”. I don’t give him anything to drink during the meeting and something about “twins” given to him to tempt him.
    • One of my sufferings really has also been about “who and how many are other parts of me and the Trinity” because I understood that Tiger Woods is also another part of us, and are we 10, 100 or 1,000 human beings alive all part of the Trinity (?) and I really don’t know.
    • The new house will have to be my new house when becoming my new self, which Tiger also will experience as I understand it – and we know the work is difficult to do today not because of being tired or suffering but because the colour scheme of my screen keeps changing between “red, green and yellow” as far as I can see – and the twins is about sexual temptations given to Tiger and “sufferings”, which this is also about.
  • I see the radio/tv host Jørgen Mylius together with Lecia, who becomes two ladies collecting three cars at a parking place near a row house where the inscription of the wall is “murder – the verdict is”, and I am driving one of these three cars, which is connected to one of two cars of my opponent, who says that “you can come with us to get a beer”, and I hear one saying “Stig has said no, we are going to Copenhagen, but we can have coffee afterwards”.
    • The radio host Jørgen is here the symbol of “spiritual communication” and I wonder if Lecia is yet another part of the spirit of my mother, who is collecting three cars of the Trinity from the darkness, which I am attached to, which is because of my decision to get EVERYTHING with us, and no thank you to receive beers from darkness but THANK YOU VERY MUCH – Michael P. 🙂 – to be part of our New World is what I hear from my inner self here also receiving the vision of my father, which is really the man we speak of, the “old God”.
  • A dream with poor notes (words changed by the “intelligent” dictionary of the telephone automatically) but something like this: A colleague from the workshop leaves, two customers have died of pneumonia, I am working in practise at the workshop assembling a car, which is difficult to do being alone without being trained and also wearing wrong clothes. My colleague has ordered food from outside, which normally is food coming from Hell, and he is playing the football to me, which I hit, and the ball hits a grieving lady of a sorrow procession at the corner of the Dagmar cinema in Copenhagen.
    • Is this the car of our “old God”, which I have difficulties assembling (?) and is the lady the spirit of my mother and why is she in grief because I thought that we had saved our “old God”?
  • I show people an article about the result of an exam, which is 4.2, and when people times their own score with this, everyone will pass. Lars from Willis has made a one page overview of pension schemes, which is almost identical to mine and we decide to share both of our overviews even though we work for two different companies, and I tell him that the folded paper around the overview should be white instead of striped.
    • The beginning of the dream will have to be about everyone being able to show a “clean heart” in order to enter our New World, and the two overview of pension schemes can only be two Gods meeting – despite of the dream above (!) – and doing some adjustments before finding the final setup of our New World.
  • I am on my way cycling from Copenhagen to Skagen on holiday (a journey of approx. 500 kilometres), I feel in good shape, I have now entered Jutland and I am about to drive in the wrong direction towards the bridge leading back to the island of Funen from where I came, but I discover it immediately and correct the direction. It is raining, I have run out of money, and enter a branch of my bank in this city to ask for “a couple of thousand DKK” even though I don’t have it on my account , and I meet a female bank employee, whom I have met back at home too, and even though I had told her VERY directly about my view, she still likes me, but she also tells me that it is very difficult for her to help me and recommends me to go to my own branch, which is in Herning (100 kilometres north towards Skagen), and she tells me that my branch previously forgot a meeting they had called me to, and that I am doing the right thing to follow up, otherwise it would have negative consequences because she knows the process as she says. But then she says that we will have a meeting for one hour later in the day and another tomorrow, which I have to prepare for, which I don’t like to hear because I would really like to continue cycling on my way north to Skagen, and when I go through the luggage of my cycle to find my new telephone, I cannot find this, but I find two old telephones and also see the manual of an old computer language.
    • Coming to Jutland is coming to our “New World” – I have a weak heart again when writing this, so there is still darkness – and I am NOT going to return to darkness. I am out of energy and suffering, and I have difficulties obtaining new energy, i.e. money, from the bank, who does what it can to exclude me, and when I cannot find my new telephone, but two old including old computer language, it must be about my old self, whom I am returning to our New World, where the “paradise” of Skagen is our goal, so we are still on our way apparently and I wonder how long this will take? I was also smoking and seeing beautiful women of the dream, so still darkness here really.

I am nervous for not playing the game well for the first time ACTIVELY seeking information while on my extreme edge

So I slept well under the circumstances and I only received little negative speech/sufferings during the day compared to the normal level – but more when writing down the script, which is really opposite to how it normally is here (!) – which should tell me that there is hardly any darkness left, but on the other hand, I am nervous about not playing the game as I should (herewith losing something as my worst case scenario) because of what could be right, which is the need to be active and not passive waiting for the light to put me through my worst pain as it normally does, because this is where I give the most and this was really also the message from my dream of Tiger Woods, which said that “you know that you give the most when you are completely on the edge, where it hurts the most”, so when I decided to sleep as long as I could this morning without actively being patient without sleeping to receive and write down more information, it could be wrong, but this would be the first time ever that the game works like this, then again, on the other hand I have asked for EVERYTHING to be transferred without any loss, which I am sure that the light does everything it can to grant me – helping me through these dreams – so we will see if I will be able to do better if required – if there is still more energy – in the coming night, where I will try to receive information on my extreme edge the best as I can, and we will see if anything will come to me.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • My old colleague Nicolaj (from Fair) and his wife have experienced “a difficult birth” of their new child where his pregnant wife has been hospitalised now again, but a new child it will be and as Nicolaj writes below “But now we have been told that with guarantee I will not be allowed to go the time out, so before 12th February they new little man is born”, and as his friends I could not help smiling that Nicolaj had written “I” as if he was pregnant, and I decided to reply that “this is as good as an orange rissole” (what he promised Nadja and I to make one day when we worked at Fair, which I always thought sounded funny since I have never had it myself), and I brought this posting too since I was told that it was inspired to show you my difficult birth. – And by the way, I checked, he had copied a posting of his wife without editing it before posting it himself.

  • I found this “new” version of “Can’t get it out of my head” by Jeff Lynne/Electric Light Orchestra, which I LOVED to hear – for the first time, Jeff (!!!) – and I was told that the reason why this is my mother’s favourite song by Jeff is that “can’t get it out of my head” is what she cannot do with “it” being “me” because of you know “everything I go through” also involving her.

  • I received NO COMMUNICATION (!) from Jan/Martin, Lama Yönten/Penpa and Erik (who also did not “yet” accept my Facebook invitation) today in continuation of my emails yesterday, and yes “er det for meget forlangt” (“is this too much to ask for”) by Shu-Bi-Dua is playing here on my stereo in the background and this is REALLY the question and yes to do what is “simple logic” but still “impossible” for you to do today apparently.
  • Nønne is still sending out messages through Selvet on Facebook, where I have not yet been blocked from – that is on Facebook and not from their website, where I was already expelled in the beginning of 2010 – and today it was about David Bowie becoming 65 tomorrow, where she published a link to the national radio of Denmark and a documentary called “David Bowie – from Rock Messiah to retired?”, and this is really the question “because it is never good behaviour to leave the show without saying properly goodbye” as I wrote as my comment below, which was also a message to Nønne (!), and I included lyrics from the song “Never get old” as I linked to saying that the countdown to our “new eternity” has started, which no one from this Forum really had the “ability” to understand when they abadoned, rejected and condemned me. Later I received physcial pain on my body and I was told that Selvet once again is seing me darkness through negative thoughts about me.

  • I was inspired to read Adiba’s Facebook wall today – she has not blocked/reported me, but only removed my friendship (!) – and in the posting below she speaks of creation as being a “cosmic game”, and when writing this I was given “more quick words” (indicating the need to receive information during the night too) telling me that these are now words of my new inner self, which she is receiving and also that she does not yet know that this inner self is me as Stig, and “a game” is what everything is.

  • Writing the script today was very difficult to motivate myself to do with the game being “very easy to receive new habits to reduce/stop writing”, and I had not foreseen the amount of work coming designed to make it even more difficult.

I survived as Stig also saving our old world and “old God” now becoming ONE GOD of our New World

After writing the final stories of the day I went to visit my mother and John again this evening, thus writing a new story ending the day today, and I was the most fresh I have been for years (!), but still “not normal” energy you know and I cannot tell you exactly how LOW you feel when you are so tired that you are more dead than alive, but I tell you that it is TRULY LOW, David, which really has to be your masterpiece standing on top a little bit above your other works, but not much J – and my mother told me an INSPIRED story at dinner today, where we received “chops in dish”, which “everyone” had in the 1970’s but no one has today because it is “not in fashion”, but we here we had it again for the first time in many years and it brought back memories because it tasted fantastic as I almost had forgotten (!), and yes this was another symbol of what I was told from the spiritual world this evening and that is from the New World, which was about “retrieving something we had almost forgotten”, and the inspired message of my mother was that she had been recommended in the supermarket to buy another variety of a Chilean wine than she often buys, which was from the same producer but a grape called Carmenere instead of the Cabernet Sauvignon grape, and yes it tasted fantastic (compared to the price) with a very good balance of the WOOD included J, and then we spoke about this grape, which I knew had been “re-discovered” in Chile not that many years ago after it for many years had been mistaken for and sold as Merlot, and when writing this, I am also reading about Carmenere on Wikipedia herewith understanding the deeper symbolism of this because it was considered extinct after the Phylloxera plague in 1867, which nearly destroyed all vineyards in Europe but Chile was protected from the Phylloxera because of the protection of the country’s natural boundaries, and this is how this grape (or “chops in dish”) symbolising our “old God” survived the attack of darkness because of the sins of mankind, which this story symbolises, and our spiritual New World told me that retrieving our “old God” – we have not received everything, but a large part as I understand it feeling more arriving all evening – is like receiving back home an old friend and “we can feel it”.

It was further underlined when we later on DR1 TV saw some of the “Sport 2011” show, which of all places was held at the Jyske Bank Arena in Herning (!) (did you read my last dream of the night?), and yes I “tanked up” (bought) more telephone time this afternoon because I had run out not being able to communicate with my mother confirming our agreement this evening, which was another symbol and because I received more telephone time, we spoke on the phone later and the agreement held, and when I came this evening, I was also tanked up with new energy provided by my mother and John because of their love, so all in all it was a good day NOT bringing any SORROW to the spirit of my mother, who has been playing on my feelings to bring out the most of me, which was the meaning of “the game” in Adiba’s message as I am here told, and yes I received quite strong darkness this evening (thank you, Selvet!) doing its best AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN STRONGLY to confuse me about the meaning of and also the risk of the game, but all in all I decided to cut through all of this “speculation” (coming to me!) saying to my self that I give the best I got, and when more energy is required, others will bring it (we are all part of God, therefore!) and the most important is truly for me NOT to break down but to keep my decision all throughout the game to save EVERYTHING because when I do this, this is what we do finding and using energy where it is, and yes when writing this, it is now 22.50 and I might decide to meditate taking one round of notes to write down, but I will NOT stay up all night giving everything I got, Tiger (!), and yes you were in my dream of the night not because I bought and that is not spice girls but the spice basil cheaply in the store “Tiger” the other day, and really because it was foreseen that I would speak to my mother about this, this evening, where she told me that she always buys spices there and her enthusiasm speaking about this and loving energy is what I would otherwise bring myself by being up “all night long”, Lionel!

Yes, this is how it fits together, and this is how you carry out the recipe to create a New World WITHOUT the old world breaking down/ending, but surviving behind “the protection” not allowing the plague of darkness to enter and yes I have been tempted to decide whether God will become ONE or TWO of our New World and I have understood that “he” will become two, but when looking at my self seeing that I am only ONE person – is it now you again Bono not being on the Edge, are you (?), or is it better English to write “at” (?) – the conclusion can only be that I managed to survive against all odds and yes physically as Stig without being killed by darkness surrounding me (to be replaced by “another part of me” continuing to create our New World but maybe/probably with the loss of our old world?) and spiritually as the “old God” without becoming extinct so to say, and as my new self I will still be my old self together with my new self and this is because I was stronger than all darkness of my family/friends etc., thus the world, in practise being “desperate” to kill me.

I also spoke to my mother about visiting Kronborg instead tomorrow if the weather is fine– we did not go today because I was sleeping and could not call (and because it was raining).

And I was told that David Bowie symbolises the “old God” and Jeff Lynne the “new God” both included in my new self and that is because we brought EVERYTHING with us – so here are my two top favourite artists playing two 100 points songs symbolising the changes we are facing when using the “ticket” for our New World :-).

And finally at 00.20, I published the last two days of scripts also wondering if I will have finalised the transfer of EVERYTHING by tomorrow making it time to become my new self or if I have other tasks and more darkness coming (?), and we will see – and just noticing on my website that for the first time in quite a long time, the blue background colour (only here) now fills EVERYTHING (you will remember that “the last half of it” was removed by “spiritual darkness” opposing me).

PS: My mother is eager to “help” me receiving more exercise when my new access card to the swimming hall including fitness will work from Monday, and if I will not do it myself, she will “push” me, and we know really so I an start “getting a life myself”, and yes I don’t mind that at all my mother, but for your information I have NOT yet received my new energy as I told you was coming – not that it had come – and you may understand that it was not easy starting to exercise again to keep you “satisfied” with my progress.


8th January: Continuing the transferral of God of the old world – I am now looking directly into the light of the Source

Continuing the transferral of God of the old world – I am now looking directly into the light of the Source

After listening to some music, I laid down at 01.20 on my bed prepared to receive information instead of sleeping herewith taking on more work and sufferings – I am still tired all over inside of me despite of being more fresh “today” – and I took notes until 02.05, which I shortly hereafter am now writing down, so here we go:

I was shown a small pot lying down on a shelf in the kitchen from where gold coins stream out, which are gold of our old God.

I was shown a wheel chair being inserted in a plane, but taken out again, and I was told that it is almost as inserting this wheel-chair into the plane (of our New World), but not quite yet, which was built on my understanding that until today we have transferred part of our old God but not everything, which would make this part of my future self a “cripple” in a wheel chair if we had to stop here, which we have not.

I was shown a very little dark room – with light all around it – and shelves of old LP’s and I was shown and told that behind all of these LP’s “was my role, which we knew but did not tell you” meaning that EVERYTHING ELSE OF ALL TIMES AND WORLDS had to be rescued first before I would be able to save my self as the God of this old world saving the content of this and all previous worlds.

And here in the beginning I received EXTREME darkness again (!), which had been built up (because of my actions the last couple of days – on top of everything else) and it was negative and very impatient talk trying to make me DESTROY, be careless – again and again and again being STRONG – at the same time as the inner of my fingers hurt, and it took all of my strength to decide being stronger than this keeping my old rules really, and not just once but 100 times being on my edge again.

I received more extremely quick visions very difficult to catch, and the first one was a room with the walls full of books from the floor to the top and I was shown a Toblerone chocolate, so more chocolate, which I understood was because of the good material life I experience when visiting my mother and John also receiving left-overs but please understand that this has only little importance compared to my sufferings, which are constantly killing me you know no matter what I eat.

I was shown and told “it is like taking a bundle of rubber bands and roll them onto an empty fish wheel”, which is about both receiving and organising our old God as part of my new self.

I was shown – first in black and white – a teenage girl in a school gymnastics hall and cheese scrimps being poured all over me, which is to say that I also received much darkness during recent years finding (mature) teenage girls attractive (which I did not before) and again this was another version of my “old nightmare” where you can guess who the teenage girl was.

I was shown a door opening to an office made of noble wood and a small BRIO model railway, which was about more train driving to the other side to open up to and free all of our old God.

I was shown ONE star on the sky with the Christmas Man riding in the sleigh on the sky and told “this is what it corresponds to”, and I was shown a cottage with the roof being lifted off by a jemmy and I was told “this is why we have opened the house (of our New World) to get him in”, which made me nervous again for possible negative consequences if I should “lose it”, so I could only decide to “let the light determine what is right to do to make sure that we will bring everything using my old rules” and of course with a STRONG feeling by darkness itself to close the access, but no this is not how I want it.

I saw myself kissing a dog wearing a bridal veil and told “no, you are not even married yet”, which was what the darkness wanted me to do, but oh no.

I was shown Olsen-Banden driving one beer crate of beer on top of a giant mountain of beers and I was told that “this corresponds to moving this beer crate on top of all others I have already moved”, which is about transforming the last piece of darkness into light (notice the different beer crate in the video below making it possible to stop all work at the brewery) – and I was here reminded that instead of watching Olsen-Banden on TV2 the day before yesterday evening, which I wanted much to and received a VERY strong desire to do, I decided to write my emails to the Theosophical Fellowship and Lama Yönten instead and really “just in case it was needed”.

I was VERY QUICKLY shown a Rolls Royce without wheels driving on a road, where a white brush is painting the black road white and I was told that “I am becoming my new self at the same time as transferring my old self” – and let me here tell that I MANY times from darkness receive the STRONG desire that I don’t want to become my new self, but oh no, the decision has been taken, and yes I don’t even want to speculate what would happen if I should change opinion here at this part of the game – and I was just shown Olsen-Banden on one side of a giant dam, moving away from a completely dry bottom, with water pressing on all the way to the top of the other side of the dam, which is really to say that I am keeping water away from flooding our old world – also because of my decision to become my new self without a hitch – herewith making it possible to empty it completely.

I was shown on French Flute being taken up from a container of more, shown a racing cycle being thrown down and taking a large bull by the horns, which may be to say that I have stopped cycling (moving forward) for a moment of time to take on more sufferings to bring EVERYTHING with me with the flute being threats of my old nightmare, which is attacking me because of the bull of darkness, which I have awakened by showing it what it believes is a red coat, which is actually blue when you look in a greater detail.

I was shown a large theatre with only few spectators, and the theatre becoming a football stadium where I see the ship sailing into, and hereafter two guitars being laid against each other and I was told “we have done two creations, which are now being united”, and I thought “this is fine as long as EVERYTHING will become plusses only”.

I was shown myself inside of a large and empty schooner throwing the French Flute out through the window, and I was shown one on board taking on striped stockings jumping off board into the sea and into oil on the way not to make it, and I understood that this was about my own behaviour watching “beautiful ladies” on the Internet trying to keep my own rules of not looking at ladies playing on their sexuality, which has not always been possible, but this has been my goal always – to find the “natural look” without playing on sexuality, but “artistic freedom” is fine to a certain limit as long as the inner motive is not to show sexuality in public – and when I have seen something “completely unacceptable” I have immediately closed my eyes and closed the webpage in question, and my conclusion is that WHAT I HAVE WRITTEN ABOUT SEXUAL RULES OF OUR NEW WORLD IS WHAT COUNTS, which I had to repeat here when uniting two creations – and again I WILL ACCEPT NO LOSS OF ANY LIFE because of this because the rules are fine.

I was shown a large barbecue place with several grills roasting different kinds of meat and I saw a drop of water dripping from one of the pieces of meat, and all of this place is now removed (to be united with our New World), and I understand that this is the cradle of life of our old world designed to produce life.

I was shown wine shelves – several levels deep – all entering from the top of the refrigerator, and two spoons used for rice pudding (“Santa-food”) being put in the washing machine and I was told that only one will come out clean.

I was shown the set of landing wheels on an aeroplane being moved up and down together with a wild brown horse, which I was told that I have brought under control.

I received “almost” a diarrhoea and was shown maize flower (used here to thicken sauces) with the feeling that this will come to remove my diarrhoea and then I was shown a large stamp, which is the final approval – and I am here thinking of the tool of recreation to undo what destruction via the symbols of diarrhoea, sudden pain to my angles, pain in fingers/hands, sneezing and also here receiving hiccup’s too has done.

I was told that “they did not catch the Sheriff of Nottingham” with the feeling that the Sheriff – the worst of them all – was my inner self transformed to darkness and immediately followed “yes, I did”, which was about what I decided to do and also with the feeling that “none had expected this”.

I was shown and told that “someone had started to saw through the tree trunk and ready to throw it away, which we would not have been able to stand, but it required your acceptance, which you never gave”, and I saw the tree trunk as timber lying down on the ground to be sawed, and I was just here shown a path being bent around a dark cave on the side of the mountain and then I saw a joker from a pack of cards and I understood that the path was bent to avoid meeting this darkness, but I threw in the joker into the game (the highest value of all) saying that EVERYTHING MEANS EVERYTHING, which is then what we bring with us.

I felt my entire body as a fish and I saw this tree trunk being inserted to me from the bottom of my feet, and I could see and tell that the tree has become fresh again, and it is now becoming an integrated part of me.

I was shown and told that “it feels like loosening a dog bone tied around the rudder of a ship making it possible to sail again”, which is to come from the old condition to the new.

I was shown a stand of a football stadium with spectators sitting at the right part of it and the left part of it was lifted and underneath of it I saw a helicopter being transported on a fire engine into the stadium, which is another symbol showing that my inner self was hidden from my physical self until this decisive moment.

I was shown Astrid Lindgreed – the famous Swedish writer of children books – at the same time as I felt Alice, who was Fuggi’s and what also became Jack’s and my friend from Slangerup (she is part of a group of girls together with Jeanette, Annette and more, whom Fuggi met as a teenager on language school in England, whom we saw together for a couple of years afterwards as teenagers) and I met Alice again at a business course maybe 5-7 years ago (?), and I was shown how Alice is having her clothes hanging to dry in darkness, which is also to say that I was told not that long ago without writing it down I believe that Alice is also a “special friend” of mine.

I was shown a bar made of noble wood, which has closed, but then I saw one gram of gold entering through the bar and I was told that ”everything is included in this”.

I was shown and told “it is like being a canopy bed, where large sombreros enter the whole room including the bed”, which is about how God felt the darkness overtaking him and I was told that this is why Lars and I one or maybe two evenings out on town in Copenhagen in the 1990’s wore VERY large sombreros attracting much attention, which we of all places had won on the “horse track” in Tivoli, and yes symbol after symbol and just saying that life comes through darkness.

I was shown a veal rump steak together with a piece of pork, where the pork rind shortly is lifted and then coming back on, which will have to be the same as the other symbols about opening up our New World to have this gram of gold enter.

Again I was shown and told at the same time that “it correponds to Dogmatix (from the Asterix cartoon) drinking from a large red bowl, becoming drunk and turning into a rat”, which again is about turning into darkness, and I received the feeling/understanding that the only way for our old God to survive required a unique performance by me where I had to be stronger than everyone else without breaking down even once and I was told that “yes, there was a bomb placed in the turban” and I understood that this is also what Kurt Westergaard’s famous Mohammed cartoon symbolises; that God was alive with a bomb ignited, which would kill him while saving everyone else, but oh no my friend, you and I are the same and that is why I gave you all of my strength, my boy as I am told and I here feel my father because I am/was my father – a part of me with my mother being the other part – and this strength was meant to save EVERYONE, which I knew from day one was my goal, so this is then what we do, and I get the vision of Gaddaffi here and yes another part of me, and that is of the dark side, and when receiving this message, I was also told that this drawing was a secret message (“special language developed”) given at the time by God trapped inside of darkness.

The Turban Bomb also symbolised that God of our old world was born with the destiny of being the last of everything to be saved making it “impossible” to survive unless we saved EVERYTHING without losing a battle, which we then did 🙂

Finally I was shown a staircase of noble tree just about to being destroyed and right behind it is the light of the Source, but I have decided that the staircase is NOT to be destroyed, which is why it is kept also for an eternity.

God of the old world is dead but his music will live forever being ALIVE and KICKING as part of my new self

While writing the chapter above I was thinking that I don’t know if this was important or if the same result would have been achieved using the energy of others suffering instead of me suffering while doing this work, or if it was needed for myself as Stig to put the washing machine through the washing machine itself (while becoming my new self in the same process), but as a matter of precaution, I decided that I might as well do this work to be sure that I do as well as possible myself not to risk regretting not having done so in the future, so this is really why I do it, and I have decided to be extremely calm while working deliberately not rushing – but still working as efficiently as possible due to the circumstances of being more and more tired again – because this is really my old learning.

At 05.15 when finishing this chapter, I decided for safety’s sake that I might as well continue to keep awake as long as possible during the day today and also to visit Kronborg if the weather will allow it to wake up my new self symbolised by Ogier the Dane in the basement of the castle, and yes we will see if we will do this visit, which I have agreed to speak to my mother about over the phone at 11.00.

During the night, Dan was also awake writing this inspired message about the birthday of Elvis, which is really saying that God of the old world is dead, but his music will live forever now being ALIVE as part of my new self after this transferral.

Finally at 05.30 I uploaded the script of so far today too being “lovely tired” again, and I had really decided to continue receiving more information, but no, I am too tired, so I better take some breakfast and a long bath and to see for how long I can keep it going today without sleeping – and by the way, the last part of my website is now shown on my computer (but not yours!) without the blue background colour again and yes after giving me more darkness again, this was part of it.

It is now 09.10 and I have had my very long bath where I continued to receive some darkness just because I have kept awake, and I was encouraged strongly to close the door now, and my decisions stands firm, which is that I will NOT do this as long as there is still darkness and “yes, you will decide” was the answer I received, and the logical answer will be that any darkness not being converted to light becoming part of our New World inside of the protection, will be lost for an eternity – unless we later should be able to open the protection, locate and find darkness outside, which I believe will be impossible thinking that this creation will be irreversible – and if this is true, which I believe it is, it means that termination is indeed possible, and I was asked yesterday if this is also a “top rule”, which can be used without my acceptance if needed to which I said NO (!), I will have to approve any termination where my answer already thousands of times has been no, which it will continue to be until the day when I am sure that we are on safe ground having EVERYTHING with us, and we still don’t have this, and if this means that I will continue living as my old self despite of the death sentence I received last week, let it be – and I am thinking that I am both my new and old self hoping that my new self also will send me energy to keep on doing this as long as required – and I was told that this is what the toad symbolised, eternal termination.

On TV2 morning TV the host Felix COULD NOT bear the mere thought of the female host to potentially talk about spirits – she is known for that through another TV-show – when she showed a special figure of a head from abroad, which he in his mind connected with spirits without she even mentioning a word of it, and instead he decided to call if for “bottom”, and this was really to say what the mind can be full of the same as Kirsten’s children with Jeanette in the lead because OF COURSE I would speak to them constantly about being Jesus etc., which was so frightening for them that they could not stand it – remembering their “sick” father too (!) – without reading and understand that I am exactly the same Stig as always (not speaking about my true self normally – when people don’t believe in me), which they also simply could have received confirmation of from my aunt, Inge, but no, their voice was far too powerful to start understanding other than Kirsten/Peer and their own fears – amazing isn’t it?

Our new God is made to be as powerful as the fastest man ever, Michael Schumacher

After writing the chapter below, I decided that it was truly impossible to keep on working, but when I was sitting in the sofa to watch television and was given more visions, I decided to write down little more information, and this is the time where I did this feeling the worst ever crossing the next level of pain and really to show a good will trying to do my best – which I however never really, really feel that I do – so here is the information I could not take notes of and certainly could not write down today, which I did anyway after lunch:

I was shown a port wine turning into a beer and told that “it is not fine”, which was a reference to Pedro from Portugal, who also COULD not read and understand me despite of several encouragements, and neither answer my latest email for that matter.

I was shown work men bringing the glass plate for the sofa table, which I have to be careful not destroying, and I was told that my inner self as the old God brings entirely new furniture of our New World.

I was shown two men in red carrying a rescue boat from the shade into the sun, and in the shade I felt that the red colour was not about darkness but the red colour of Ferrari and the back man was the former Formula 1 driver for Ferrari, Niki Lauda, but when coming out in the sun, he had changed into Michael Schumacher and I was told that “Michael will become the end result of the New World”, which is to have the fastest man ever – without rawness of the skin as Niki after his accident many years ago suffering severe burns to his head – as a symbol of the power of our New World.

I was shown a soup spoon pouring up water also including a slice of cheese and I was told “there was still a steady flow of sufferings” despite of being told for a long time that there was hardly any left.

I watched cross-country skiing on Swedish SVT1 TV hearing the speaker saying about the finish of the 50 kilometres distance “what an ending” to which I was told that it is because of this  – the ending of my work – that I do not receive any heart troubles.

I was shown a black helicopter about to fly away but with the passenger being taken out in the last moment – the remaining part of God on the dark side – and I was told that this is because my mother and John decided to accept going for a walk on Kronborg this afternoon at 14.00, which we agreed when I called at 11.00 and I thought “how in the world will I keep awake when I was falling asleep constantly without falling asleep) and I also said thank you for yesterday, which is ALWAYS a nice gesture to do, which makes people happy, and this acceptance will keep the door open for the remaining of our dark friend, who will not fly away to become nothing.

I was told that Erik M.C. is also making my heart weak – potentially you know – (he has not accepted my Facebook invitation), and I started receiving darts thrown to my eyes again, which was the description I received of the pain given to my eyes – some times – and I kept on receiving negative speech, which is extremely difficult to handle when you are on your extreme edge, which I feel I am now again and yes being as tired as when I have been the most tired.

Saving ALL information of our old God and a message telling you to save information of the source of creation/amendment

I received an email from Pharaohmoan1 on YouTube telling me that he and not another person was the creator/uploader of his video, which I had uploaded myself here because the uploader Nuro71777, where I found it, had closed his channel, and I bring this story to tell you that it is ALWAYS important to inform TRUE sources of the creator of work, and really to always be able to trade creation and later amendments/improvements made by others.

Here is the email I received:

And here is the reply I sent.

When doing this work I was told that this is a symbol of the risk of removing information of my “old self” because if I did not decide to react properly on his email, he could have decided to “report” me asking YouTube to remove his video, but I do hope that he will accept what I did.

Later he was kind to send me an email including these lines: “No problem, just thought i’d set the records straight!”, “Oh yes feel free to use that video you mention” and “likewise I love your in depth work on the event really well put together” :-).

And I continue receiving visions, which I simply do not have the strength to write down, but one of them was people entering a monkey cage in the jungle from all sides to remove the monkey inside of it and I was told that “this is how it feels like”.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I went for the walk with my mother and John from their home, around Kronborg – to see and hear the progress of the work restoring the grounds of the castle and also speakers and a historic film of the development of the castle in the powder house, and when walking there I was told that I was going to meet people to “give them something” to help their development, and we did meet people, namely our old neighbours from Klyveren in Snekkersten, and when we came to the view of Kronborg looking in over the harbour and the city of Helsingør, I was told that my mother today was going to “give me something” – spiritually (because of her love to me and not discovering that I was COMPLETELY broken down) and this “something” I was told is to help me not receive a heart attack in the time coming now, which I of course was happy to hear and receive – and yes we walked for over an hour and I was tired and had to constantly fight darkness not making life worth living as always really, and afterwards we had coffee at their home before I was home after 16.00 at my own home, and we know I DID THIS TOO, which was truly not the easiest to do, and on my way home I felt darkness on both of my feet/angles together with the feeling of my father, and I understood that this was the transfer of the foundation of the spirit of my father, and we will see if this will end today, or if I will continue tomorrow against all odds, and I am given the signs strongly that I will become my own self when I will give in to darkness, which I will NEVER do, so if you have more to offer me, give me your best shot and we will continue the game with everything I got ….
  • Stone was really “lucky” today catching two cods of 15 and 11 kilos and yes a BIG FISH is on its way :-).

  • Again this evening I strongly received “kill, kill, kill” of dark-ness wanting to kill me.
  • This evening on DR1 TV news I watched a live interview with the new Employment Minister Mette Frederiksen, and I thought she will probably be inspired to use her favourite saying of the principle “right and duty” once again, which she then did as you can hear here, which was followed by the spirit of my mother speaking through her (!) – I felt her – saying “undskyld mig, helt forkert” (“I am sorry – all wrong”) and Mette meant these words in another context, but here it was to say “I am sorry, this principle is all wrong”, which you will learn, Mette (and should know from my scripts) because it is ALWAYS wrong to force duties on responsible people but always right to help disci-pline irresponsible people using the principle of “FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY”– and of course you are right to help lazy and irresponsible people, but FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY is the principle to build on NOT forcing responsible people and not to work on the lowest denominator too, which is what you will now do when forcing these lazy people you speak of (?) and yes YOU HAVE MUCH TO LEARN, my friend, and did you ever receive and get a chance from your ministry to read my application to become the new regional manager of the Employment Board ALSO including my two memos on how to create the best labour market system in the world (?), and instead of focusing on all of your “initiatives” using the old world order – also you Margrethe wanting to do “many reforms” of USELESS old systems (!) – you should really get started on our New World Order, so what is keeping you (?), and are you all really waiting for my new self to stand forward despite of my many encouragements to you to do otherwise?



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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