January 10, 2012: It is a SENSATION reaching the end of my journey saving my inner self, the “old God”, with NO energy


Summary of the script today

9th January: The light is so strong that it is “impossible” to hold back – all unwrapped information will enter as it is

  • Dreaming of darkness killing life when merging our old and New World, despite of feeling TERRIBLE I managed to set up the best “life production facility” of our New World, the MP Pia Kjærsgaard helps to generate energy for me, the darkness of the night was very strong when receiving many symbols of it, I don’t have full support from Arabic countries, which is darkness making me suffer and trying to kill the spirit of Karen, I am spilling ketchup (“blood”) on my suit (killing part of my old self), when turning down my “old nightmare”, I could “invite” my old self to become part of my new self and the kitchen to save more of my old self is now closed but more food/wine has been prepared to be saved when I will open the kitchen again (by going to my edge).
  • If I had not received protection from my mother yesterday, I would have died from a heart attack this night.
  • I do hope and believe that “every little thing” is kept on harddisk of the Source and our New World to be recreated, but I prefer to transfer as much as possible of the genuine code of my old self.
  • The “sensational” arrival of a GIANT WHALE in Helsingør is another symbol of the arrival of me and our New World.
  • After doing exercise I received more information this afternoon and evening including that the new and old world have merged successfully but also that something BIG is still missing before the train will vanish completely into the sack of everything and my mother will stand up as the New World with the cake on her head, EVERYTHING including ALL darkness remaining, which I do not unwrap and label will enter the light of our New World as it is – it will NOT be destructed – and the power of the light is now so strong that it is almost impossible to hold It back.
  • I had to overcome my old fear of dying to accept what I was told was a risk of dying to transfer the next/last part of my old self of darkness to our New World before I was told that “old God” will integrate the resurrected soul of Jesus as part of my physical presence as Stig.
  • I show you another example of how the official world cheats with the counter of my Scribd site to remain in secrecy (!) and how the same official world had expected my old self to be dead by yesterday, which I would have been if I had not decided to challenge it by deciding to STAY ALIVE.
  • At Christmas and now again the counter of my Scribd site shows secret visits to one documens, and yesterday ALL documents received 0 visits symbolising that the world thought my old self would be dead by now – but I decided differently :-).

10th January: It is a SENSATION reaching the end of my journey saving my inner self, the “old God”, with NO energy

  • I had firmly decided NOT to receive and write information this night – I had exercised giving energy, which I wanted to do again today – but the spiritual world had changed the game to get the maximum out of me not allowing me to sleep when keeping giving me visions, so I decided to stay awake working this night too to do the next/last work of retrieving all of our old God from the side of darkness, and among other information I was told that I have a heart of gold from our New World and cannot die physically if I should “lose it” as my old self, the world does not secure food deliveries to Somalia because I decided to cancel our memo on Somalia recommending war as the last alternative, it is a sensation that I was able to go through my journey to reach the end also saving my old self while going through my sexual sufferings/threats and enormous pressure at the centre of darkness, the New World is looking through my physical self into the old world retrieving the information of “old God” from here, which seems to be “perfect information” on our old God, there will come NO STRONG and DRAMATIC SIGNS on the sky of my arrival simply because we will not close down the old world strongly and dramatically now when saving “everything”, there is NO energy remaining of our old world, the present energy is brought to us by our New World, President Sarkozy saw “red” when he was informed that I had looked at pictures of his beautiful wife making him decide to be “strong” following his negative feelings towards me and his power-ego to take matters into own hands saving the economy of Europe and the world together with Merkel not knowing that they could do nothing without the help of God through my work, the tsunami and nuclear “accident” of Japan was caused because of Japan’s extreme greed/selfishness with the nuclear breakdown also potentially leading to the end of the world if it was not for UFO’s cleaning up after the accident because I did not give up and I was “the manager of a ship full of kettles in darkness under so much pressure that they were about to explode”.
  • At 08.30 I was completely knocked out by tiredness/darkness, but I HAD to continue working to “save everything” if I wanted to stand firm on this, which I did, so I had to do what may be the most difficult action of my life to stand up from bed (!) to continue working without sleeping, which I then did with GREAT difficulties.
  • From 10.20 to 15.20 I did the most important and most impossible work (because of no sleep and tiredness) of my to do list of today, which was to update the information on my Signs I page about the magicians Criss Angel and David Blaine being “other parts of me” performing the greatest magical tricks of the world and David performing “impossible endurance challenges”, which he has been very close to die from several times because he is also taking on the sins of mankind as his sufferings being another part of me. This work was required to thaw up the “frozen sea” of the absolute core of our “old God” trapped in-side of darkness, and had I not done it – being VERY close to skip it because of extreme tiredness – we would have lost the most important information, which we however now will keep bringing eternal joy of our New World.


9th January: The light is so strong that it is “impossible” to hold back – all unwrapped information will enter as it is

Dreaming of darkness killing part of my old self when merging the old and New World

At 20.00 yesterday evening I was the most Zombie I have ever been with the feeling of being “extremely close” to passing out and now it was truly impossible to keep awake, so I decided to go to sleep, and I was allowed to sleep – with interruptions – until 08.30 this morning and even though this was long, I don’t feel particularly fresh when writing this, and here are some more dreams, which made me sad to receive understanding what they are about:

  • Music of Gasolin is played at Nørreport 71, a camp has just been united, I have been together with the military and I see how one sent a burst of shots killing five at the same time, and others releasing the safety catch of guns using their mouths, and I see people making criss-cross, including myself, it feels like a condition of war.
    • I was thinking of Nørreport Station where the dream shows the darkness of the military killing and making love violating my sexual rules in connection with the merger of two camps, the old and New World.
    • The only song I can think of with Gasolin is the old hymn called “Dejlig er Jorden” (“lovely is the Earth” – in English “Fairest Lord Jesus”) – and I think of this because I noticed that this hymn was used in the memorial services of the victims of Utøya in Norway in 2011.
    • I also received the song “mig og dig” by Shu-bi-dua and the lyrics “vi er de fedeste” (“we are the most fat”), which can only mean that a part of the reason of this killing is because I decided to eat (from 2009/10) without thinking of my weight – I can easily tell you that if I had prioritized to live on a stone keeping my weight, I would NOT have had the power to do as much work as I did, so it would have had negative consequences elsewhere, so I don’t regret my decision – also because it gave me sufferings becoming too heavy.
  • Something about something I cannot assemble, and I see the castle cracking.
    • The castle is “my home” cracking when merging with the New World and I heard the verse before the chorus in “langt ude” by Shu-bi-dua believing that the lyrics in question could be “Jeg vil så gerne ha’ et lille hus på landet”, and sadness starting ….
  • I feel terrible but never the less I have set up wires in a HUGE kitchen, and I enter a shopping centre including teenage girls, and I see the MP Pia Kjærsgaard who receives a salary of 14.850 DKK per month after set-off, which is less than the +15,000 DKK I have, and again I hear “er det for meget for langt” (“is this to much to ask for”) by Shu-bi-dua.
    • Despite of being more dead than alive I manage to set up the huge kitchen to create new life of our New World – and the teenage girls are the temptation of the darkness given to me, which I in real life have decided to look away from.
    • It seems that Pia Kjærsgaard does not have much energy at the moment (?) – because you are helping to generate energy to me.
  • The Jobcentre is controlling me and removing my motivation. In the kiosk I notice many porn magazines tempting me.
    • Other signs of the strong devil this night inspired by the interview with Mette Frederiksen on DR1 yesterday because when you control people, you remove their responsibility, so what about creating a program to learn people how to become responsible and then give them FREEDOM including the best advisors working on the HIGHEST denominator as the “reward” and motivation?
    • I received Madonna’s “open your heart”.
  • I am in an Arabic country having dinner at a restaurant, where it is dirty and where they smoke, we take the ferry home and to my surprise three of us fall off and into the water before we quickly are collected up, and I see an Arabic team continuing to play. Afterwards I see four large Chihuahua dogs attacking and biting my small Chihuahua dog biting back, and I see Fuggi removing one after the other of the larger dogs.
    • The dream says that I do not have full support from the Arabic countries, who do NOT want to believe in the return of Jesus because you have been brainwashed to believe in Muhammad (?), and this makes it impossible for the Trinity to continue working, and it also makes the darkness attack the small dog, which is the spirit of Karen – she has two of these dogs with one being smaller than the other, which this dream is about – and it says that the spirit of Fuggi is removing this darkness from Karen (we don’t want anyone killed).
  • I heard “Gimme, gimme, gimme” by Narada Michael Walden and the lyrics “Gimme, Gimme, Gimme–All Night Long, Gimme, Gimme, Gimme–Keep Playing Love Song(Love Song)” and I am afraid that this means loss of (my own) life (which could be as individuals of the old world), which encourages us to keep on playing love songs, but I do hope that there is some way or another to make sure EVERYTHING eventually will become the result of our New World.
  • To my surprise I saw that I flew a long road in stead of walking when wearing something special, and I am eating two hamburgers in Sweden containing far too much ketchup, which to my surprise is dripping and small drops of it is spilled on my suit.
    • Ketchup is another sign of “killing”, so more of this, sadly.
  • I am in an office building going up with the lift and I am getting off at 4th floor but I go to the 6th floor, and here a man ask me to remove spiritual disturbances, but I ask him to ask another spiritual group of the house to do it, which includes a man who would have like to practise with me, but I could not solve the password when a lady asked me. I am now walking outside in the snow where I see a lady laying down – passing out – to sleep at a tree with her clothes not covering her body, which I do because I am afraid that she will die.
    • This house included a spiritual group, which I did not get in connection with because I was not able to give the password when meeting the group at my journey, and this will have to be related to people I have met in physical life, where I did not follow “the road of God”, and I am sorry for this, but I did my best all the way, which however was not good enough here, and I don’t know who the lady is but it may be one from the Council freezing much because of me?
    • I received “surrender” by Electric Light Orchestra and the words “I am still happy”.
    • Later in the day I was told that this group was a group I was planned to meet when Janne (my old colleague from Fair) invited me and others via Facebook in 2010 I believe and I believe it was a visit to either prostitutes or homeless people of Vesterbro, Copenhagen, which I would have liked to do but excluded because of tiredness.
  • I live together with a lady, who I would like to have as a girlfriend, I see two male friends on TV looking like each other but still different, and somehow I have told one of them that I would like to have had him because Vivian did not want me, and I am surprised of this myself because I am not a homosexual, the kitchen is now closed, but I saw the lady working there producing some food/deserts before she left, and I also see 1-2 bottles of wine, which has been opened and now have corks on them, and I think this will be perfect because Vivian will come this evening where we can have a glass together, but I don’t tell my room mate that she is coming, so when it is 19.00 and Vivian knocks on the door, my room mate is lying on the sofa becoming surprised of who is coming, and I know that I cannot invite Vivian in but we will have to go out instead.
    • I wonder who the lady is I live together with but guessing on temptations of my “old nightmare” is probably not wrong, and Vivian turned me down means that I managed to avoid experiencing my nightmare in reality, which made it possible to “ask the old world out”, which the one friend on TV is – with the other being the New World – and the kitchen is now closed means that we cannot save any more of the old world now, but there is more food and wine prepared, which means that I may be able to open the kitchen again for example when doing exercise, which I will do today, or when going to my edge receiving more information to write down during nights (?), which will be what I will try doing this week, and we know I decided not to die as my old self just because I received a death sentence, and we know as long as there is more to be saved/transferred, I will NOT become my new self and as easy as that.
  • I also had a dream where I was at a nightclub with others where a beautiful lady was serving topless, which my guests were very attracted to and commented as such – and let me say as a matter of good sake – I DO NOT LIKE LADIES TO BE DISPLAYED AS EVENING ENTERTAINMENT FOR MEN, but I do like ART including the nude body of both men and women according to what I have said before and I also like the natural look and feeling of people for example on the beach with ladies including or excluding a top as they find it most natural, which is the key word here.

If I had not received protection from my mother yesterday, I would have died from a heart attack this night

This morning I also received again and again a well-known Italian song from the 1970’s, I believe, but when the chorus came, I could not remember this and instead I received “I don’t believe in if anymore” by Roger Whittaker, and yes did this mean that a part of the song (of the old me) is missing?

I felt pain to my heart and was given the understanding that I received this “something” from my mother yesterday to prevent my physical death as Stig because of what happened during the night – so I did not die as predicted before the end of the week because I worked well to receive this secret message – so thank you for doing this to my mother and all of you :-).

“Every little thing” of my old self is kept on “harddisk” but I prefer to transfer the genuine code of me

Besides from writing the script so far this morning, I was thinking about how to get “every little thing” with us – and I was inspired to find this one of my favourite songs by Jeff Lynne on Spotify when being encouraged to listen to R.E.M., so when searching for “rem”, I found “Every little thing remix” by Jeff Lynne as the first song, and as you can see below, it is really not there because both the band and album is toned grey meaning that you cannot click these to see more as you normally can and as you can with R.E.M. and their albums below as examples – and when writing this, it made me think and yes to my surprise I have this song on my computer, which Spotify also brings, and I am just trying to understand that this symbol may mean that on the surface the dreams of the night looks as if part of me is being killed, but hopefully it is like this example shows that I am still on the computer (harddisk of the Source/world) to be found in our New World and I do hope that the part of me being transferred knows the rest of the code, or that the Source does and if it is not possible to transfer “every little thing” now because of lack of faith in the world and my own wrong doings (“too fat”), I do hope we will be able to recreate everything, but my preference is of course to get 100% of the GENUINE code/life with us – this could be how things are to be understood and the future will show if I was right.

So here is ”Every little thing”, which may be the favourite song of mine of all Jeff’s songs (but difficult to tell with so many good songs):

And I still received some darkness – negative speech – this morning and even though it was not strong, it was still darkness being transformed to light of our New World, so the kitchen has now opened again even though it requires more and more to get it working when I have to go to my edge to receive darkness and when people at the same time have to be angry/concerned/misunderstanding/behaving wrongly towards me, but we will see the “opportunies” coming during this week and if I will make is as my “old self” still alive to take my medical test on Friday.

The “sensational” arrival of a GIANT WHALE in Helsingør is another symbol of the arrival of me and our New World

A few days ago a GIANT WHALE – a humpback – was seen from a fisher boat in Helsingør, and in the cold waters of Denmark it is NOT everyday you see whales like this arriving – it was the main news of our local newspaper as you can see below – and yes my dear friends at Helsingør Dagblad, your story will be been even better if you connect the arrival of this whale to my arrival, because the whale is a symbol of the world and here it is the New World where the dead whale of Vejle Fjord in 2010 was the death of the old world, which we really kept going until now, so what about printing an updated story of this “sensation”?

The GIANT WHALE symbolised the arrival of me and our New World proudly rounded Helsingør 🙂

So what more appropriate is to bring Shu-bi-dua – sadly without Hardinger – with another of their biggest hits, which of course is the song about the WHALE, which survived and yes INSPIRED they were, and STRONG FEELINGS are given to me here in general again almost with tears running down (because of the strength of tears given to me by people feeling sad because of me) because of my love to this band and also this song, and now the meaning of it, we did it “my old friends” of this band.

The light is so strong that it is “impossible” to hold back – all unwrapped information of darkness will enter as it is

This afternoon I cycled to the swimming hall herewith starting the gift from my mother, one month’s subscription of the swimming hall including small fitness centre, and on my way there I was told that the old and new God has been merged with success but also “not quite yet” and this will continue this evening if I do more meditation and write this down, and then I was told if I remembered that 10 minutes of exercise corresponds to one hour of meditation – if I remember correctly – always indicating the importance for me to keep on exercising and yes as my old self and really to generate energy myself to keep the castle from breaking apart before all of it has been transferred, so this is what I did again today and yes including running on the running belt of the fitness centre, and I could do 10 minutes with difficulties and I decided not to swim because there was too many people, but I might come back earlier tomorrow to run again and also swim if I can.

On my way home I was shown “houses next to the road” and told “it is now our turn to return home”, and I felt my father as the darkness self being very STRONG and extremely close to me – I have felt him like this a few days – and I was told that “the next is to transfer the soul of my old self” (the spirit of my father), and when I came home I was told that this soul is now inside of me and I do believe that the answer has to be both really.

I was also told that the “something” my mother transferred to me yesterday simply was energy to keep me alive and yes because she loves me, do you see?

Later I closed my eyes some times and wrote down what I was shown, which included the feeling of Carsten from Frie Funktionærer – my old customer from Fair and Dahlberg – whom I have felt and been shown quite a number of times, and yes he has to be a “special friend” of mine too.

I felt Al-Jazeera – the Arabic news channel – and was told that they are sad about not being able to publish the news about me, and I “felt” a world-wide blockage to write about me until “something magical happens”, and how could the world even dream about NOT following my encouragements to support me directly and write about me?

I was shown a BIG thing arriving in front of the airport, which is full of people and for this something to be transferred via a tube.

I was shown a scale with slices of white bread, which has been removed piece by piece and now there is only one piece of rye bread left for me to absorb, which is this “something”.

I was shown a train inside the sack being pulled out, which is what I do with my will power because the train wants to enter the sack by itself, and the sack is “my everything”.

I see myself as a dog being shot up by the air pressure of a plastic bottle of lemon and I reach very high grabbing a newspaper with my mouth, which is about the exertions I do to grab as many newspapers (identified life) as long as I can prolong the time to do this.

I was shown shelves at a department store full of white pillows with a black in the middle, which is pulled out and about to be sold, which is about my fight to get as much as this blackness transferred to light before it will be sold as it is.

I was shown the National Bank of Denmark meaning “energy” as a symbol of creating my own energy following my exercise today and I expect that this will NOT show more cracks to my castle in dreams tonight, but we will have to see.

I saw my mother about to stand up having a layer cake on her head with a raspberry (a TRUE favourite) falling off, which I understood that “we are busy to finish before the light of our New World will shine through”.

I was shown a violin together with light and darkness at the same time both playing it and sawing it through.

I saw my mother playing a part in the Shakespeare play “Hamlet”, kneeling for me and right after I saw her standing in the darkness of an old city – I don’t like people kneeling to me or any other people.

The Christmas man is catching fish using his fishing rod throwing out the line as if it was an air roundabout, and he catches fish at the river right before the dam before they will turn into candy!

I was told “you have stopped the world’s largest delivery of oil”, which is about a story I have not written on my website (the Doomsday Scenario), which was about stopping the B.P. oil disaster of 2010 because of my determination NOT to give up my work (I don’t receive information about Obama here, so had you given up my friend and I hear “no, no I was just waiting on you”), and “oil” in this connection is the same as termination and yes this is what B.P. was playing with – the survival of the world – and they were led by GREED too making this happen, and I was shown a digger and chocolate symbolising this.

I was shown a shipmaster at the rudder of the ship together with a man wearing a dark coat – the Devil – behind him with the Devil wanting to take over the rudder, which I let him but I tell both firmly to lead inside of me to become light because I am the strongest.

I was shown a Christmas tree being wrapped up in a spin of child porn and I was told that we are about to unwind this.

Hereafter my mother called, and I received instantly an extremely strong desire NOT to speak with her, which however only lasted a few seconds, and it was followed by the feeling of Niklas because of the darkness he sends me, and also “it is hard to hide ones sufferings”, which are about his feelings, and yes this is why I was told about candy, which is a symbol explained in my book no. 1 or 2, which has to do with a Christmas Tree of this chapter (!), and yes Niklas, who did it to you?

I was shown a dark tank and received the name of L. Rob Hubbard – the man creating Scientology – which is to say that he did what he did because of darkness and a desire for money, but as in other subjects, you will be able to find the light inside of the darkness also of his works, and yes I tried it myself and tried to explain this to Angela after dreaming of the meaning of Scientology a few years ago, but NO, Angela did NOT (want to) understand and ran away from me as quickly as the quickest 100 metres runner (!) when I published my scripts the 1st February 2010 and we know thinking that I was DANGEROUS, which I really was but only as the man behind this song :-).

I am DANGEROUS without being dangerous, which people “could not” understand

I was shown the shopping street “Stengade” in Helsingør, it was in darkness but light is shining out from one store, and another store can almost not hold the light back, which is about the difficulties keeping back the light.

I saw the stage master standing behind a table in Sweden directing a city of darkness, which he is showing to us in Denmark, and I see the city becoming smaller and smaller.

I was shown spaghetti being wrapped around my finger – it was not by the police, was it (?), watch the beautiful lights of the video 🙂 – and asked “what do you get in this situation” and yes spaghetti wrapped up and I was told that this is what we are unwrapping right now – and I was here given the feeling of you, Henriette, because you are TRULY a master (!) also to wrap up pasta on a fork, and yes I do believe I still remember your instructions on how to do this :-), and yes I miss you too.

I was shown both black and white golf tees being soaked into the light and was told that this is simply because the power of the light is now so strong.

I was told that when Nønne meditates, she puts on pictures herself because she is not neutral/objective, which you have to be when meditating and receiving spiritual messages, which I am myself ALWAYS and yes I have received and written about my spiritual experiences to my best skills and that is 100% neutral/objective of course because I wouldn’t dream about doing anything else, and yes watch how she “interprets” her dreams where she does NOT like my explanations, but know that they are the truth, Nønne?

I was shown the beautiful way my sister prepares napkins – like a fan – which was followed by the head server of a restaurant looking in the menu card and a package of cardboard receiving the final packaging before leaving out on the transport belt, and I understood that this is about labelling the packages of darkness of our old world before they will enter into the light – listen to the strength and freshness of this song, still !!! – and also that the parts not identified will become ”part of our new world” without its code and this might be the case, but I do hope we will be able in the future to read its original code nevertheless.

So the conclusion of these secret messages are that darkness is not killing part of my old self when merging the old and New World, but it becomes “unidentified life of our New World” if I do not label it before it enters.

I worked from approx. 19.30 to 22.20 receiving the information of and writing this chapter.

The spirit of my father – “old God” – will integrate the resurrected soul of Jesus as part of my physical presence as Stig

Hereafter while sitting in my sofa I received a weak heart again, Robin (! and one more for the name !), which is truly uncomfortable and I was told that this is connected with this “big thing” arriving, and I kept on feeling this “big thing” just around me and I received speech of him “pushing” me all of the time trying to make me annoyed (just like someone constantly speaking to and pushing you just behind your ear) and trying to make me send him darkness, wishing to swear loudly and send him off, close the access, which I of course refused to go into “100 times” and the connection is that he tried to make me “understand” that his arrival is such a big thing that it endangers my life because of the risk of receiving a heart attack when he arrives, and I knew that the right answer was the same as in all of the game – and to reject my old feeling of being afraid of death, which I still feel as part of me, however much less today, obviously when knowing there is everything and not nothing out there (!) – and that was to keep my old rules saying that the access is full open and everyone has full freedom to enter, and what this is about is really that I am both the sender and receiver of this message because as my old self I decide if I will send out darkness to “the power” approaching me, which I do not when rejecting the force trying to make me, and this approaching power is now our New World dragging us in, and the question is really if my old “weak” self would be able to kill me physically as my new self – no I would probably just become my new self herewith losing information of this part of my old self, this is my understanding but the strength of this game always makes it difficult to tell as you understand (still thinking of you Paul at Stansted when writing “understand” :-)), so this was a test on FAITH, and I have not come this far to start being a coward, so same procedure as last year, really.

Not long here after, my answer was accepted to continue this game and I was told “you have not yet had your soul pasted onto you, which he will arrive to do”, so here the previous information about saving the soul of my father, which I was given doubts about shortly thereafter, was changed into the information that our old God will arrived and put on my new coat of my resurrected soul of Jesus, do you see – and I received a red blink of my monitor changing into white, which was the same as saying that this was information from the darkness changed into information of the light.

The official world is still secretly reading me and believing I would be dead by yesterday – but I decided differently 🙂

Some days my Scribd counter runs amuck when it is allowed by God to show the true number of visitors to my site, which it did around Christmas (the middle of the graph below) when people suddenly wanted to read my “best insurance system” document after almost NOBODY had wanted to read it officially and just showing the difference between the filter of the official world acting secretly being off and on, which has happened the last couple of days too when suddenly it was now my Falck-memo, which for a long time has received 1-3 reads per day with a maximum of seven and then totally without explanation, the number increased to 36 and 57 the 7th and 8th January before it yesterday was completely dead again receiving Z E R O visits, which ALL of my documents on Scribd also did – “officially” that is – and the story is simply to show you that the official world thought that I would be “dead” as my old self by yesterday after the statement I received approx. one week ago about being dead before the end of the week, and yes the feeling is that this is what I would be unless of course I did something spectacular to keep me alive, which for example could be a DECESION to keep me alive going against the darkness I received, which is then what my spiritual friends do EVERYTHING they can to help me be, and yes this is simply what happened.

At Christmas and now again the counter of my Scribd site shows secret visits to one document, and yesterday ALL documents received 0 visits symbolising that the world thought my old self would be dead by now – but I decided differently 🙂.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Even though I still receive darkness, it is now so little – still including pain to my eyes – that I am coming back to experiencing how life is meant to be when not suffering, and again I cannot tell you just how LOW I feel when being tormented around the clock and feeling DEAD tired as a Zombie, and how happy I am when people want to be together because they like to spend TIME together for example as when my mother on the phone today said “it is so cosy to watch “the Voice” or “X-factor with you”, so now we will watch X-factor together on Friday, and I am looking forward for other family/friends etc. showing this attitude too in relation to me, and yes you ALL had DARKNESS blinding you in relation to me making me feel VERY sad when you believed I was someone else than the man I have always been!
  • When I read the comments to Dan’s posting below about FC Copenhagen dismissing their coach – hired only ½ year ago – I was APPALLED once again to see the EVILNESS of simple minded, ignorant and better-knowing people degrading the coach (read it yourself and you will see this everywhere in the world, some places worse than others), and when deciding to bring it here because of this reason, I was also given the “direct hunch” that this is connected with my dreams of the night, which is really to say that even though FC Copenhagen also leads the Danish table this season, it has not played as well as before and did not have success in the European league, which means “loss of money/profit”, which is “unacceptable” in this club, and yes the dismissal of the coach is the dismissal of part of my old self, sadly.

  • MANY times in 2010 I received information about Tony Franke, whom I knew from when he was working for the trade organisation of Danish Auditors and I as Insurance Broker for DFM in the beginning of the 1990’s, and after this he became the CEO of “Danish IT” and the information I received back then was that Tony was responsible for the Danish part of secret IT surveillance, and I decided to omit this information back then MANY times, but since I receive it here again, it may be right, so Tony, how are you doing (?) and have you received any “exciting” requests about me?
  • I was told that I move people also because of my strength and given Karen as an example, who has shown her attraction to me a couple of times because of this CLEAN strength (2009 and 2011) with the story being about which side people will decide to turn to, the WRONG side ignoring me or the RIGHT to communicate and support me, and the story was that my family and people of Selvet have “almost” decided to communicate with me, but not been “able” to do it when getting to the point, when their feelings came “out of control” again.
  • Jan from Theosophical Fellowship decided to look at the front page of my website again today, but only this, so he has not forgotten entirely about me already – so I am just wondering if you will follow my encouragement TRULY to read and understand?
  • I saw a little bit about “bullying” on the Evening Show on DR1 TV this evening, and I cannot get how both schools, teachers, parents and the government HAVE NOT been able to remove bullying as a phenomenon, which is some of the most evil I know of – and remember clearly from when I went to school myself – and this is ALSO a symbol showing the failure of the old world. How “could” you NOT remove what should be simple to remove by teaching children PROPER BEHAVIOUR together with discipline to behave properly when needed, and yes HOW DIFFICULT CAN IT REALLY BE TO DO THE RIGHT???
  • You might be interested to know that my amplifier “decided” to cure it self and it has played without problems – except from the volume control – without clicking off and on constantly in periods, as it was “forced” to do as a sign when I lived in Lyngby, and there is really nothing wrong with the volume control too (I have already had one changed not many years ago, which was also perfectly alright despite of not working!) the same way as there is nothing wrong with my not-working floor lamp, which you of course will understand, don’t you (“spiritual darkness” working).
  • Today I asked to receive a NEW key to regain the lost information because of the missed opportunity when not visiting Janne in 2010, and I was told to call her to do the visit now, which I declined (how would she react, and this is NOT on my to do list for now), and then to watch the same people on the Internet, but NO, I don’t know who they are and I don’t have time searching, and then I asked for a “miracle” to happen, which we will see in the future if this happened or not?
  • I keep hearing the F-word everywhere, even on “respect-able TV”, in songs and among people, and this word has apparently been accepted by “everyone” as part of our language, but it scrapes very much against my ear making me wrinkle my head when hearing it, so will you please de-cide to STOP USING words, which you know (originally) were negative words or swearwords. Don’t do as Ozzy Os-bourne WRONGLY influencing the whole world to use this word when exposing his SIMPLE MIND/LIFE – this is NOT a way to influence people positively, which MTV and how many TV-stations all over the world may understand is sim-ple logic, but this was not what was on your mind because money was all that mattered to you?
  • “Mr. Stick” – not the tennis player or …. (?) – felt inspired to write this beautiful poem today about sensing the end of darkness and victory of light as the triumph of life and let us cancel the last line “until death” and just celebrate OUR victory, Søren :-).


10th January: It is a SENSATION reaching the end of my journey saving my inner self, the “old God”, with NO energy

It is a sensation reaching the end of my journey also saving my inner self, the “old God”, with NO energy remaining

I decided to go to bed at 23.30 totally convinced that now I was in charge of the game whether to sleep or continue receiving and writing down information, and I decided that I did exercise today, which should be enough energy to make it through the night, and then I had decided to go back to the swimming hall tomorrow herewith both cycling, running and swimming – a MINI MINI MINI triathlon 🙂 – but a game is a game and the idea is to annoy me to the maximum to get out the most out of me, so when trying to sleep, I constantly received visions of this and that, which I deliberately decided NOT to write down, because I had taken this decision you know and yes when I take a decision, I stand on it and that is normally but after approx. half an hour I understood that my spiritual friends had decided not to give up this night herewith changing the game again – as example I was shown the Sydney Opera symbolising the (old) world here and told that “you don’t retrieve somebody alive from the opera just like that” – so once again I had to change my own plan and be flexible against my wish now deciding to write down notes and write it in my script afterwards, and I was soon asked to work as much as possible – besides from writing this down, I had been given other ideas yesterday of how to improve my website here and there now part of my to do list, therefore – and stay up all night and all tomorrow and ideally including a lecture on David Bowie on our library from 19.00 to 21.00, which I have registered to attend and will be “simply impossible” to do compared to how tired I was the other day at 20.00, so it will be exciting to see how much I will be able to make.

I received notes for 35 minutes until 00.30, and it is now 01.50 when starting to write this chapter because I also had additions to do to my script of yesterday before starting this script, and when coming to the computer, I had decided to play Spotify, which I do rather much and really because it is easy to do and I can keep the volume (and bass level) down compared to my normal stereo/speakers, which I of course also use, but not (much) in evenings and nights of consideration to my neighbours and that is even though they tell me that I am “quiet” despite of playing music, which I believe they can hear (because sounds travel far too easily in this house!), and what was I to listen to today having “all of the options in the world” (?) (theoretically that is, but PRACTICALLY in our New World :-)), and first I decided to look at new albums, and on page two was an album of FILM-music by John Williams, which I thought I would like to hear but I only listened little to it before I felt I was not in the mood to hear this – i.e. not in the mood to keep on this game of acting as in a film – and then I tried this and that, which was not either what I felt like, and then I thought of Danish music, and yes not this, and not that when thinking of different artists, but what about the band News (?) and yes maybe News and I was told “no news”, and when clicking on News, I was not quite sure if this was really what I wanted, so I clicked “related artists” and yes this and that artist and no and no, but then there was Søs Fenger and yes it would be nice to hear some of her solo-work from albums I don’t have (I have two of her albums out of “several”, which she has made), and yes then I chose the first album shown, which was her new album from 2011, and when I listened to the first song, I understood that I was led here – completely unaware of being led, PURE MAGIC (!) – because I was given a “special feeling” when she sang “MED DIT HJERTE AF GULD” (“with your heart of gold”) and I understood that this is what I have, a heart of gold, and that I cannot die physically because of the immense strength of my new self.

After starting to write this chapter, I received three green lights via blinks to my monitor, which was to say that we are on the right track to do the impossible.

I was shown a gramophone with three tone arms and told “this is not a gramophone with three tone arms, is it (?)” and this was in connection with receiving a vision just before deciding to write, which was the spirit of my mother going out into water to enter her eternal grave, which confused me because is this “the stage master” behind all darkness now only God as the spirit of my father trapped inside of this darkness after having released the two others earlier as I have been told (?) or is “God trapped inside of darkness” still the same as “the Trinity trapped inside of darkness” including the spirit of my mother (?) and I really don’t know, but here I was told the last, which does not correspond with what I was told as the first information weeks ago, and “I don’t have any more comments” to this, which is a quote I REALLY DO NOT LIKE to hear and I heard it the other day when the TV2 journalist Rasmus Tantholdt did not want to answer delicate questions on TV2’s morning TV about the leak of the audio recording, which the newspaper Ekstra Bladet now leaked a few weeks ago, and yes Rasmus, did you leak this recording yourself to get if off your chest (?) and now you don’t want to answer questions from other journalists and WRONG is what it is, and yes my monitor is in periods now constantly changing colour nuances very visibly and quickly – “several per second”, which is not making the work writing this easier and yes “easy to become annoyed” because of this “spiritual darkness” but I will NOT become annoyed and then it is better to take “good time” to write down without becoming stressed, and so it is, and yes did you see Rasmus in a refugee camp in Somalia with children starved and dying, which he could not stand watching (!) – how do you think it is to live like that abandoned by the world and you cannot stand watching it (?) – and yes “very good news” it was for you Rasmus to find and reveal to the world the large storage buildings in Somalia with U.N. food not being distributed to save people, and why is it not distributed (?) and yes because the world does not want to do what it takes to go into Somalia to protect it (?) and yes the effect of the cancelling of our LTO memo because I decided that I did not want war in Somalia, and yes first of all I feel SADNESS for the people of Somalia, and not easy to decide what is right and wrong in the old world, I will give that to all politicians of the world and the ONLY right thing to do is to starting over forgetting about the CRAZY old world and not as a LENNON but a LESSON to the world.

And alright, I have to overcome my feelings for the suffering people of Somalia here – and the question if I decided right or wrong when listening to the voice I was given when cancelling the memo, which was “God will NEVER accept war”, which I decided to follow also thinking about what we did in Libya, which I encouraged to do, saving less people, and also thinking about Kenya being in Somalia now with the support of Obama as David wrote, which I don’t know about, so what is the status really (?) and yes I did not follow the development of Somalia after 2009 because I was busy with my own work …. – and continue writing herewith coming back to the story.

When writing this, I also had to overcome extreme negative speech given to me at the same time, and normally I am able to work receiving only little negative speech, and to do both without losing it is really not easy.

I was told that this work is important to do now “because you are standing on the last step of darkness before reaching the light”, which I felt as both “paradise” and Disneyland.

I heard “there is not a giant ship going down to become an iceberg, this is truly the sensation of the whole story that the man who gave his life decided not to give up making it possible to reach the end also to save his own skin” and I was shown and told “there is no life without a floor, which we are about to lay now in the New World” (because of the entrance of my old self).

I quickly saw a very little kitchen with someone on this way up to the first floor, but instead deciding to look in the cookie box seeing that it is completely empty of cookies and only containing a rat/mouse at the edge of it and I was told “cheat”!

I was shown Wrigley’s chewing gum and felt the Danish singer Whigfield and her dance hit of the 1990’s called Saturday Night, which I like much – it is not everything which has to be TOP QUALITY, but “good quality” and a catching refrain can make it too to make people HAPPY – and I was given Cock Robin’s “thought you were on my side” right after this, and what is the message of this riddle (?) – is it darkness saying that he thought I would break down one way or another when meeting my “old nightmare”, which no one would be able to stand all the way into his inner self (because of the extreme pressure inside here), which you know is/was the bearing structure of darkness self.

I was shown and told “white painting is painted to she ship before black painting destroys it, which is what makes this fantastic”, and I received STRONG feelings of doing something “completely crazy” really :-).

I was shown crossing underneath a bridge, and then I felt two roads at the same time, one to the left and one to the right, with the road to the left being MUCH stronger than that to the right, and when following the road to the left, I was led quickly up the mountain seeing a Norwegian flag and receiving the temptation of “the monster” (standing behind the Utøya killings) at the same time as I stood completely still in the harbour on the road to the right, and when I received this vision, I felt that the road to the right was the right road, which it really was, but to approach it when going left through all of the pain he had laid out for me and the world, and yes when going through this, I did not move at the harbour, my home, of darkness also herewith saying that we are taking one bit after the next from the structure of darkness, “old God”, to make it complete (or “almost complete” – I don’t know today) when transferring it to our New World.

I started receiving very quick visions difficult to see, but in this one I was standing in the living room looking at a picture on the right wall, which was really a mirror, which I could look right through to see a grocer’s desk inside of it, and then I saw a mirror on the left wall and I understood that this was from where I was looking, and that is that the left side of me – our New World – is seeing into our old world using my physical self as the tool in the middle.

I was shown two halves of a marzipan ring cake being united into one cake and I saw “something” – been thinking of this my favourite song by George every time when writing “something” – coming out from the middle of it, and I could decide myself and write that this was a cornucopia (creating SIMPLY THE BEST of our New World) because I thought that it would be, but the truth is that I did not see it, but still I was given the spiritual feeling that this could only be a cornucopia, which is also to say that if you have good judgement, you are often able to “guess” right, but you know I don’t like guessing and that is unless it has been necessary to do in my situation – and right after this I received the song “thought you were on my side” again.

I was shown a very little outdoor scene used for acting – “very little” is the size of my old self – and right now when writing I felt the dark character of Monty Python in the holy grail, which is telling me about the acting, which the darkness still performs towards me – together with a stamp.

I was shown unclearly what could be a piano being folded up, inserted in a bath tub and afterwards in a laundry bag of clean laundry, and this was a sign saying that without the love of my mother, I would not be able to do this work and the laundry bag is one of MANY other items, my mother has given me (this one a few days ago) as a token of her love – I have only mentioned a few in my scripts.

I was given the sense of pain to my left foot/angle – I felt it on the surface – which I have been given many times but never the same as to my right foot as I remember (destruction of the spiritual world and physical world), and I felt pain to my heart and was told that “this was not for fun”, and if I have not written this before, I will here tell you that I have had a déjà vue about a young man overtaking my job as the one after my death, and this man could be Niklas (?), and I was given strong darkness here again trying to make me decide that ONLY I am the one, and the other parts of me are below me, but this is NOT what I have decided, I have said that “all of us” are equal and I am sure that we will be able to agree on how to share “our” tasks between “us”.

I was given a very quick view, which was not enough to determine what it was but together with the spiritual feeling I was given, I felt sure that it was a periscope of a submarine being closed – a symbol of closing the view of darkness – (and when closing my eyes right now, I received a microphone and an orange soda by a man passing it through wine shelves to me), and together with the periscope I saw the top of an orange soda, and I heard the question “returning to my own original self” (?) and the answer “yes thank you, there is nothing, which can stop me now, when the road has been prepared”, and I was told that “there has not been made a sign to shown your arrival” (?) with the answer being “yes there was” and without knowing more about this “awaited sign” as Stig, I understand that it would be a STRONG AND DRAMATIC sign on the sky because the old world would be erased with the arrival of my new self and the New World, but you know I decided NOT to stop as long as there was darkness, “forcing” us to go to the extreme herewith also excluding this sign, and I do wonder if we will make the remaining part of the journey to save everything of our old God tonight (?) and what can I say, Tina is really here, there and everywhere and the feeling here is “another part of my mother too”.

I was shown and told “it corresponds to removing the carpet of a crocodile or polar bear (old symbols of darkness) when the carpet is lying underneath the dinner table” and I was shown a light bulb without light, which is to say that there is NO energy remaining inside of this darkness, which then has to come from somewhere else with our New World as the only option, and we know receiving this through the opening of the wine shelves as shown before, which was a channel I decided to create months ago, and yes without this, it would be impossible to do what we do now because then I would have died as my old self becoming my new self without saving all of the information and life as we do now as part of our New World too.

I was shown the inside white walls of the museum of modern art in New York and from there I walk down into the dark basement and further on to an adventure castle.

I was told “you have not taken binoculars to watch ships, which otherwise is another sign”, which is about an offer of my mother and John to borrow their binoculars to watch the ships sailing on the Sound between Denmark and Sweden from my apartment, which I decided the other day to wait doing until the spring, and this is about looking deeply, so I was told that “you do not look at the wife of the French President according to the French President, which does not make it easy to enter there making him influence Merkel against you and then they thought it was better to take care of matters themselves” and this is about his beautiful wife Carla Bruni, which I decided to look at via some pictures on the Internet some months ago, and when looking on Google pictures here again I now see that some of the (semi-) nude pictures of her are labelled “stolen”, which is the first time I see this, and when checking now I can see that I have looked at “a few” similar pictures of her in the past, but had I known that these pictures of her were stolen, I would NOT have looked at them because OF COURSE it is WRONG to bring pictures like this against the wish of someone and as a consequence of this discovery, I have deleted the pictures stored on my harddisk of her, and yes I see no difference in having pictures stored somewhere on the Internet or on my harddisk, and I really consider the sum of this as one big harddisk (the same as the example with Spotify yesterday showed you).

I was shown a barbell with heavy weights and a red telephone inside of the weight ringing, which is about the “alarm phone” of the French Intelligence Service informing a man, who would like to be STRONG, about the “sacrilege” I did when looking at these “quite innocent” pictures of your wife, Sarkozy, and because of “uncontrollable feelings” you decided that “I cannot accept Stig doing this” and because of this, you decided to play the strong man of Europe together with Merkel deciding that “now you will solve the economical crisis of Europe (and the world)” and what you did not know was that without the help of God through my work, you would not be able to solve anything, and do you think that your negative feelings and power-ego led you to do the right things taking over from Obama concentrating on the old world order instead of the New World Order (?) and was this really more important for you to do than to stand forward supporting me directly (?) and just wondering I am.

I was told that the reason why of Japan received the tsunami and destruction of the nuclear power plant was because of an infinity of Toblerone chocolate, which is about the selfish attitude of your country and people prioritizing and keeping money for yourselves, and also that this “accident” could have led to the end of the world if it was not because of UFO’s helping to clean up after the accident – and that this help was only provided because of my decision not to give up and not to lose any points to darkness. I was shown and told “you have been the manager of a ship full of kettles in darkness under so much pressure that they were about to explode” and also that there were more than this.

I was shown a poster of the band the Sweet hanging on my boy’s room and not Hammerstein and was told that “this is because you had to show the a traditional and hidebound world” not developing.

Finally I was shown a wedding dress and told that “it is not quite over with” and I was shown a rower heavily rowing against the stream and then I also saw a white angel being part of this task helping us – thank you :-).

As a matter of good sake: I STILL don’t know which information if from darkness and light, which also applies for this chapter.

At 04.15 finishing the first version of the chapter, I was shown Kirsten’s daughter Jeanette and also Jan and Martin from Theosophical Fellowship and told “the darkness of these still remains”, which was the reason why I continued receiving darkness during the night several times making me believe that I again was on my edge losing it, and yes THANK YOU FOR ALL OF THAT LOVELY DARKNESS, it is an impossible pain to come through, but I am sure that as my new self I will believe it was a lovely pain to go through, which it ONLY is when looking forward to what we will get when doing this because if I did not have this motivation, I would NOT have done it.

The tiredness came creeping during the night making the writing increasingly more difficult with my head increasingly more heavy thinking that it is IMPOSSIBLE to stay awake to watch the talk on David Bowie this evening, but now I have told my mother that I will go so it would not be good telling her that I did not, so we will see, and when starting to do the edit of this chapter, I felt DISGUSTED having to read the chapter and do the summary of it, which I completed with great difficulties at 05.35 this morning, and yes taking far too long time, but still better to focus than to lose it.

I have also received “indications” of a message about Elijah and yes WITHOUT HIS SUPPORT WE WOULD NOT HAVE MADE THIS TOO, so thank you my friend – and that goes to everyone of LTO, and yes John I am missing your voice, where are you?

And by 06.10 I had published the last two days of scripts so far thinking that I better be sure to do it now in case I should “lose it” becoming my new self.

At 08.30 I was completely knocked out by tiredness/darkness, but I HAD to continue working to “save everything”

At 06.30 I started receiving so great pain – physically to my feet and inside and around my head, and elsewhere on the body – together with much negative speech that I had to decide telling myself that “this is nothing, it is only this and that small pain” trying to reduce the feeling of it, and I was told that this is the “key” to receive everything including what I missed through Janne, and yes PAIN is the mean to retrieve this too.

I took a long bath until 08.30, which completely knocked me out so I felt I was fainting when forcing myself to stand up from the bath – I only wanted to keep lying there – and from here I walked directly to bed saying “I am sorry, I could no more” and I was now convinced that I would be allowed to sleep because I really could no more being on my edge of passing out, but still I received visions and speech making it impossible to sleep and that is “if you truly want to save everything” as I was told, and yes there is no change to my decision of this and because of this, it was made impossible for me to sleep, so I stood up, which may have been the most impossible act I have ever done, and it was truly unthinkable to keep working – maybe watching some TV was my thought – but I decided to go to my extreme new edge doing two small two small additions to the right column of my website with great difficulties – apologize for any errors I have made and writing in a very direct language also to attract darkness/sufferings for me to penetrate darkness to reconnect with the Source – and hereafter I had two other to do tasks left on the list, and I also did the first of these, which was to update my page on the Doomsday Scenario with information about the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, which would have caused the collapse of the world if it had not been locked up and “not easy” to do and especially the start of this with darkness being the strongest here was not “recommendable” to try for others.

Criss Angel and David Blaine are other parts of me doing the greatest magic and taking on sufferings due to sins of mankind

When writing this at 10.20, I still lack the last task, which is to include information on my Signs I page about the magicians Criss Angel and David Blaine, which I became inspired to do after receiving a comment to the video I have uploaded of Criss Angel levitating, and the sender of this comment was a young man with the profile name “RealRoyalT” calling his YouTube channel for “The Kingdom of Light”, which you may understand was also INSPIRED because of what is now awaiting me when becoming my new self, and this is the comment he was kind to send:

“I’ve met CA in person & i confirm he’s the 13th disciple of Christ. The Illuminati have light & dark branches, the dark branch abuses the true illuminati symbols, but Criss restores their lightness. When he levitated above Luxor he said ‘dear Jesus keep me in you’. I’ve seen his demonstrations personally, what he does is what WE will do when we are dressed in garments of light, then we’ll be unlimited and will be invisible at will. Rejoice, dear friends!

When following the advise above searching I found the video, which he had uploaded himself, and when watching Criss in this, I felt him the same way as Obama and myself herewith reaching the conclusion that he is also another part of me performing these miracles, and the reason why he apparently does not speak openly about the true cause of the miracles he performs, is because as “me” it is not his job to tell the world what they are seeing but for the world to “discover” the true nature of these magical tricks as a sign of my arrival.

When it comes to David Blaine, these are a couple of pictures of him, which I found on his Facebook site indicating clearly that he is very aware of taking on the sins of mankind as his sufferings – also another part of me – doing MAGIC to avoid being killed when taking on the worst physical endurance challenges imaginable including “frozen in time” (see below), “drowned alive”, “vertigo“, “dive of death“, “above the below” and more, and he has been very close to dying several times, which may be a very visible way to show the world my sufferings when saving the world, which nobody was able to understand – and that is including me when I did not have the time to go deeper into Criss and David before now, so my conclusion based on too little information really – but understanding that there was a meaning to receive this sign from “The Kingdom of Light” – is that both “magicians” are other sides of me with Criss being the best “magician” in the world and David the man enduring the worst physical sufferings to show mankind the Hell they bring me and of course to help absorbing this darkness by doing what he does – thank you to both Criss and David.

David Blaine showing the world the purpose of his “endurance stunts” almost killing him: To take on the sins of man as his sufferings being “another part of me”

When I was working on the chapter above, I was told that “in Norway the sea is not entirely frozen”, which is what the inner darkness was and the reason why it takes so much to thaw it, which is what we are still working on.

And later when updating my Signs I website with new information on Criss and David, I was shown myself opening the white doors into a very cosy living room full of nice and “warm” furniture and books on shelves, which is the same as walking right in the centre of the sea, which used to be deep frozen, which is now coming back to its original shape.

I was shown the last four dark election boxes in a gymnastic hall and told that these are the last remaining boxes with the most important information, which would have driven away from me if I did not continue doing this work this morning and later I was shown the big gorilla of darkness now standing outside the court of the hall on his way out after I have taken over the most “sacred” of all of his old world, and I repeat, which is “impossible to do”.

When I was about to finish the update of my Signs I page with this information, which I recommend you to read, spiritual darkness swapped the “magic videos” – as I have shown you many times before – now placing them wrongly in the text making me somewhat confused, but I decided to carry on my work until I was finished not taking this “disturbance” into account, and I had to switch to Google Crome to work because Firefox received one of its “frozen” conditions – now I understand (!) – where I had to wait and wait and wait with nothing happened before I after maybe 15 minutes had succeeded closing it down (!), and when working in Google (only on this page), everything was “piece of cake” really, and yes do you remember Kim S. and Jørgen the first time I told you these words having donw my first sales day for Synoptik being inspired by Jørgen using these words (?) and yes this is the same moment of happiness here today :-).

At 13.00 I had done the most important part of this work, which was to update the Signs I page after editing it “many” times and yes I am happy with the result also because I don’t know the border between Criss/David and other magicians for example David Copperfield in terms of who is and who is not “another part of me”, and this is the margin I have to accept based upon my present level of “knowledge”.

At 13.20 I had also updated the information I give to the three videos of my YouTube channel, which includes “magical tricks” and I was told that by working with my normal quality as I do here despite of all, I am doing the best work with this task too transforming the absolute inner core of darkness to light, and now it is lunch, and afterwards I will finish this chapter of my script, which is only “half made” and then publish it, and with this, I will have done the “impossible work” on my to do list of today and I have been surprised not to be even more tired the last few hours than what I have been, and of course “the background of me” is VERY tired, but I am not yet falling asleep with my eyes constantly closing and I wonder if I will be able to stay awake also including the talk of David Bowie from 19.00 to 21.00 this evening at the library – and we know “still some negative speech but not much when working”.

When almost finishing this chapter at 14.30, I was told about my sister understanding me because “crazy” people cannot explain about their sufferings as I did herewith telling that I was stronger than the darkness refusing to let it overtake me, and I was told about how happy the family are because of this and also “this is nothing compared to what is coming, because you are now also solving this task the best way possible”.

At 15.20 I had finished the chapter and uploaded the update to my script herewith finishing my to do list and now only having to stay awake until 21.00 this evening, which I will do my best to do and right now I am in no crisis, but I know that the overwhelming tiredness can come quickly.

At 15.50 I saw my self as a baby in a playpen with the BRIO railway driving around it and I was told “now you have broken this one too”, which I understood as the same as saying “this task has now been passed too” and later I was told “now we just have to watch out for the curtain behind it”.

I was also told “we feel we have just been at she shipyard because there is no time here” with shipyard meaning the construction of darkness.

At 17.00 the sufferings in terms of negative speech still trying to over overtake me was reduced, and at 18.00 I had now become so tired that I could not hold my eyes up when sitting in the sofa, and I knew that I had to keep going until after 18.30 where I would drive to the library thinking every minute “will I fall asleep before going or can I make it”.

“We will all get a shot of Bowie – imagine yourself at concert” after showing a clean heart to enter our New World where the best music of love is playing 🙂

And despite of being let us use the old phrase “being more dead than alive” and now feeling the absolutely worst Zombie, I took my bicycle riding down to the library in town to attend the talk on David Bowie by Jan Poulsen of the Danish National Radio, DR, and I was told that this is to “secure what is behind the curtain”.

We were 70-80 people attending the talk and Jan was doing a fine job, and I was asked if I would take notes of his inspired talk, which I would if he had been given more important “hidden” things to say, but an example was when he said “we will all get a shot of Bowie” where he meant that everyone will listen to Bowie someway or another with the secret message being “we will all become one with God when showing a clean heart” .

While sitting there, my uncontrollable tiredness continued with my eyes falling down and me fighting to keep them open at the same time as I received heart pain and the “kil, kill” command (me) believing that I could faint and have a heart attack at every second, which was TORTURED for every second to go through, but then I was shown a clear key and told that this is the key I receive to create myself and start the motor of our New World, which of course was good but when it came to my feelings of being there, I decided that I simply had to go in the break at 20.00 no matter what (!) and despite of this I received one encouragement after the other to stay and also the song “Hot or not” by Shu-bi-dua (no. 15, which is CLEARLY one of my favourite albums :-)) and the lyrics “when you are hot, you are hot, when you are not, you are not” herewith saying that it is not good for me to leave now, but there was NOTHING to do, I could not first last a break of half an hour and then to continue “until midnight” as the good-humoured Jan said that he would (symbol of my endurance) but he became very inspired and enthusiastic just before the break when he said that “imagine yourself at the concert with David Bowie (in Copenhagen in 1976), which is where we will start up after the break”, and I would have LOVED to stay the rest of the talk if I could, but I left here and yes imagine to be at a concert with David Bowie, which everyone will be together with my old self as part of my new self :-).

And what can I play with David live here (?), and yes there is only one song really, and that is of course ZIGGY STARDUST – another 100 point song – when performing as Ziggy self, the Rock Messiah welcoming everyone to our New World and that is because “ZIGGY PLAYED GUITAR” :-).

When coming home at 20.20, I decided to stay up until 21.10 – to help the process – and the spirit of my father told me “you are heartfelt welcome”, which is to get (the remaining part of) him out of darkness, and just before going to sleep I was asked again if I need to approve any terminations, which I said that I did and the game here was to make me believe that if I said yes, I would continue receiving visions and speech making it impossible to sleep for the second night in a row, which I had been told “could be necessary”, but if this happened, I would NOT have been able to do it.

Right before going to bed I was given “it’s a beautiful world” by Devo, which was about or NEW WORLD 🙂 and I was shown myself emptying the Coca Cola bottle having grains of sand on it, and now I better understand the vision of the empty beer and almost full Coca Cola bottle some time ago, because the beer was the darkness of everything else (everything of all previous universes including all content of the old world) and the Coca Cola was the inner structure self of my inner self, the “washing machine” of the “old God” of the world we are leaving, and yes this was darkness to I had to drink to transfer the content of “me” to my new “me” to become my new combined me, do you see and yes “me, me” as I was about to say thinking of “meep, meep” and of course the EXTREMELY fast bird saying “meep, meep” and yes the ROAD RUNNER when it escapes the Coyote, and yes I LOVED these cartoons too and here a symbol of the strength and speed of my new “me me” self :-).

Update 11th January: I was told already the 10th that the following posting by my old Swedish friend Anna Karin was inspired too, and she posted it when I was at the David Bowie talk, and she speaks about being “beemed” (up) by her spaceman (he is working a the “Swedish Space Agency” or something like that) and it is of course related to David’s “passion” of spacemen and his first hit “Space Oddity” as you can see below and I can only say “yes, Major Tom hears you” and you do remember who Major Tom is (?) and yes the same symbol as David self, which is God, and in this sense, this is what Anna Karin wrote about, for me to be beamed up to Major Tom becoming my new self :-).

More “spiritual darkness” because of family/friends etc. thinking negatively of me – the same as “negative mind control”

After publishing the last part of this script the 11th January, the last part of it looks like this in my Firefox browser, where you will notice the “wrong video” by Mahler’s resurrection symphony being placed where I have placed Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust, which is really to say that I am resurrected going through the darkness, and yes you are watching “spiritual darkness” playing with my Internet (and technology) and I bring this if “new readers” did not understand what I wrote the other day of videos being placed with the wrong text because of “spiritual darkness”, which is also the reason why there is no blue background of this the last of part of my script (there is for the first and largest part!) and yes a symbol showing the feelings of some of my family/friends etc., who do not want me to become my new self as the resurrected Jesus.

My script in Firefox above after being published with a video being wrongly placed by “spiritual darkness” led to me by people sending me negativity, and no blue background colour because of family/friends etc. not wanting me to become Jesus

But this phenomenon is only shown when using my favourite browser Firefox, and as you can see from the picture below taken from Google Chrome, there is really nothing wrong with the website, and yes sceptical people will say that “something is wrong with Firefox” thinking of something technical, and no my friends, there is not – read my old scripts showing this to you MANY times and you will understand that it is exactly what I say it is, “spiritual darkness” of people messing up my technology the same way as they mess up my life with “negative mind con-trol” as you can read from my memo of my sufferings.

Right after, my script in Google Chrome did not suffer from the same “spiritual darkness” because I don’t use it as much as my favourite browser Firefox

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • For days I have had a “maybe” task on my to do list, which was the option to update my memo of my sufferings including more information of how terrible it was to be a perpetrator being guilty of following the strongest and wrong sexual desires ever given to a man, which I did from the end of the 1990’s until 2004, I believe, when catching “girls on film”, and I really just wanted to add what I believe I have already written in the memo about how awful it is to have an OBSESSION like this – but a FANTASTIC song by Siouxsie it is, listen to the studio recording of it in the best SOUND quality on the BEST stereo and it will OPEN your eyes and ears (!) – which you cannot get rid off even though you truly want it to go away and besides from receiving compulsory thoughts about this tormenting me every single second while being awakened – this is how it is and ALWAYS was – it also meant that I sometimes could be led to walk up to 10 hours per day on a chase to receive relief, which was also part of what was bringing me down, because do you feel tired when walking, walking and walking for 5 or 10 hours almost without taking a break (?), and yes I remember how AWFUL it was, and how awful it was to keep it a secret to Camilla (and others) fearing that she (and others including work) would discover it at anytime, which she was very close to do once taking me in the moment of action when coming home unexpected, and yes I STILL have all of these WRONG feelings and temptations inside of me today as my old self, which I STILL have to keep avoiding from following every single day, which is STILL part of my sufferings bringing me much pain, but normally I don’t write about this, but now this is done too and yes this is one of the things I look mostly forward to being removed – after the DIRECT TORMENTS of darkness of course – to bring me FREEDOM as my new self.
  • I decided also to send the following reply to the nice man “The Kingdom of Light” for his comment to the video of Criss Angel levitating.

  • This evening I was VERY sad to receive the reply below from my father’s wife Kirsten’s youngest son, Ricki, below, and yes it took them ONE WEEK to decide what to do (!!!) instead of just showing the same warm and friendly feelings towards me as I towards them, which I am told that they have underneath their fearing, cold and negative attitude towards me, which sadly is what they cannot release themselves from, and it also makes me sad to see that he is confirming that my father and Kirsten have spoken negatively about me (he does not want to decide on the “different versions of what had happened”) of their misunderstandings to others herewith dragging me down, which is what they did, and yes simple people misunderstanding, being negative and cannot stop their negative talk on others behind their back really is the worst I know, and yes my father and Kirsten, my mother and Sanna can confirm that I don’t want to talk negatively about you the same way as they do – especially my mother (!) – and yes but there is NOTHING wrong to speak the truth objectively, and this is why I have confirmed when my mother talks of how little you have done as a father and how much you think of yourself, and my thoughts here are really much more “I hope you are doing fine” and I don’t understand why my aunt Inge had not yet replied to my email to her yesterday, which may be because she does not like speaking about her own “sickness” and for me to publish it in my scripts (?) – or will you send me a reply, Inge, when you feel ready to tell me what has happened (?) and yes are you influenced too by what my father has told you about me and the WRONG reactions of Kirsten’s children towards me (?) and the only thing I can ask you to focus on is to remember your entirely positive feelings when being with me instead of listening to others speaking negatively about me, and yes yes yes my father complaining about me not being there under his sickness, and yes my father you will come to understand that I was (!) and where were you when I needed support from you when going through my sufferings being even worse than yours (?) and eeeehhhh that is right, you did not think that this was so?

  • I was also told this evening that “people talk about me but not to me”, which is “people all over the world” and this is “official people” doing this it in secret (!) but none of you are thinking about my feelings of being entirely alone without anyone of you supporting me and yes WHERE IS YOUR LOVE (?) and just asking.



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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