January 14, 2012: The fire of my mother/John was re-ignited to let me work inside darkness and their love to save me


Summary of the script today

13th January: The fire of my mother/John was re-ignited to let me work inside darkness and their love to save me

  • Dreaming of LTO as my “incredible important network connection” (without whom the world would NOT have existed today), the spirit of my mother is “almost” home on safe ground but still not quite yet, I am living in a room “almost not existing” and before the music of our New World will start playing I have more “great sufferings” to pass first.
  • After my link to my DSB application in my script yesterday, “suddenly” it received 51 readings yesterday after God lifted the secrecy hiding the true number of visits of the “official world” – so the Danish Parliament is “not” reading me, not (?) – and you know that a double “not” or MINUS MINUS is the same as PLUS, so you are reading, my friends, but too “scared” to stand forward?
  • I visited my new doctor to what I believed would be a MEDICAL check, which however was 99% talk and 1% medical check (!), and the talk was about my sickness history and MUCH about my “social well-being” because the check was related to my “mental hospitalisation” in 2008, which she knew about before my meeting, which had influenced her negatively on me, so I started from a BAD starting point, where I had to do my best for her to change her mind on me, which I believe I did – unless she did not tell me the truth (!) – because after speaking about my work life, spiritual experiences, which I can “separate” from my normal life as Stig (!), previous mental hospitalisation, medicine, social well-being etc., she concluded that I was intellectual, very committed, fully capable of working and functioning as a “normal man” – unless you did not tell me the truth – even though she believed I spoke much (because we spoke about me and not you today, which was “easy” for you to understand?), and she will now send her “report” and recommendation to the Commune, which will probably be that I can work normally without medication, which may come as a surprise for you Lisbeth, or maybe not when feeling after?
  • When meeting my mother and John this evening, their fire against me was re-ignited because I told them about my visit to the doctor because of the misunderstandings and wrong guessings of the Commune of my website without understanding what EVERYONE clearly can see, which is that I am completely normal (!), and I was told that the darkness of John predicted some days ago, is what was coming here because of HIS sceptical attitude to my website influencing my mother negatively about me. When John left the room, my mother took over starting her “automatic speech” against my writings, where it was COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE to make her understand that the Vatican Church and the Pope brought my messages to the world the 24th December, that the official system of the world reads my scripts in secrecy as I have now documented many times and that we would be dead if I had not done this work, which my mother’s strong voice simply decided was not true instead of READING and UNDERSTANDING the truth of this (!) and instead I was blamed for my “negative” writings on the family mentioning herself and Niklas as examples and also how they speak of me behind my back and she ORDERED me to stop these writings, and I had to tell her clearly that I will write exactly as I please and there is NOTHING you can do to stop me (!), and this wrong behaviour of my mother and family and “inability” to understand what you know with your heart is because of your inability to focus on the BIG PICTURE instead of being small-minded. I kept on telling my mother the TRUTH of my writings, and it took my mother two minutes to “forget” this keeping on telling me about her misunderstandings not being able to control her feelings. I put everything in this evening jeopardising our relations once again, but my mother decided to keep seeing me, and the conclusion of the evening is that first I received the worst darkness from my mother (and John) to enter the room of darkness once again, and then I received love the rest of the evening, which is what is keeping me alive!

14th January: The darkness tried to eliminate life of the remaining darkness but could not because of love and my decision

  • I received information about parts of the content of darkness from our old world, which was destructed the other day now trying to return to life, which is both difficult and painful to do when there is no energy, and I received new symbols of destruction and information that the mirror looking into the old world is now being removed, more about loss of life because of lack of energy and I wonder if the script of my mother yesterday is so strong that it will open up a new window to bring in “everything” of the rest.
  • The darkness tried to eliminate life of the remaining darkness but could not because of the love of my family/friends etc. and my decision to stand firm that I will accept NO loss of life. All life inside darkness survived as a consequence, but is constantly bombarded by darkness as I am also receiving a weak heart.
  • I received the spiritual question “will you please play that one “I don’t know how to love him”” followed by “slave to (wrong) love”, which  I did and 2-3 hours afterwards I saw an email from Karen, which this was about, telling me that she does not want my friendship or my contacts. She lost the fight to the Devil being a slave to WRONG love, and could not get deeply enough in contact with her true self LOVING me, but it will also come.


13th January: The fire of my mother/John was re-ignited to let me work inside darkness and their love to save me

Dreaming that before the music of our New World will start playing I have more “great sufferings” to pass first

At 20.00 yesterday evening when sitting in my sofa and fighting to keep my eyes open being more “away” than “present”, I decided that I had to go to bed no matter what, so this is what I did and yes “sleeping” until 08.00 this morning also receiving a few dreams:

  • I have started working in Kenya following my old friend Kirsten’s working group where an incredible important network connection has been secured by an IT-man.
    • This dream is inspired about two minutes I saw on TV yesterday about incredible cheap roses “made in Africa” to be bought in Danish supermarkets and the reason why they are so cheap (?) and yes made in Kenya in large flower farms giving workers poor wages and NOT caring about working environment making the employees sick and yes HOW CAN YOU ACCEPT WORKING CONDITIONS LIKE THIS exploiting mainly the poor people of poor countries, who “need” to accept what they are given – I am thinking of India too with child labour and dangerous toxics as example – and yes disgusting and unacceptable is what it is.
    • The important connection is to my LTO friends in Kenya, who quite simply were crucial for the survival of the world – without you there would be no world today!
    • I woke up hearing “twist in my sobriety” by Tanita Tikaram, and besides from being a very good song, it also contain a message being …. ? (I am too exhausted to read and understand it)
  • I am driving together with Niklas’ girlfriend Isabelle in her Volvo to the shopping centre of Hørsholm, she has a special entrance and almost reached the grade of 7.5, which is necessary for her to continue, a man is calling her on the telephone, it is Niklas manager and he is interested to invite her to the cinema, and the next I see is Niklas and her having Niklas manager and wife on visit for dinner and I heard “Niklas, have you received your Rastaman card” and I understood that this card was the proof of him being the owner of this “party”. I also saw that Niklas has done everything he can to minimize the number of square metres of his apartment – and his rent – now only paying for a cooker with two hotplates and he has let out the rest of the apartment to receive more income.
    • Here it is to say that the spirit of my mother – of darkness from our old world – has almost reached home, and God would like her to come with us to our New World, i.e. the cinema, so “some more work” to be done apparently (?) and yes I am SO EXHAUSTED and feeling so poorly now after work this week that I believe that doing one more night, Phil (a very special song to me), of the same is truly beyond my capacity but maybe it will be covered by doing more exercise today (?), and the manager is me/God.
    • I woke up to “Is this love” by Bob Marley – one of the most beautiful songs of this master – and the lyrics “I wanna love you”, which is what Isabelle very clearly let me know in 2009, which I rejected because it was WRONG, and Niklas as another part of me, is the leader of the Rastafari movement too. And Niklas priority of money and himself is stealing much energy of me too now making the room I live in “almost not existing”.
  • I am at the Roskilde Festival, it is Wednesday just before the music will start according to the programme, something about a school activity starting, a gangway and I walk between the tents of the camp, and fall into a hidden sea, which smells very poorly and I have to swim over this.
    • This festival is an old symbol of our New World, where we are almost about to start the music, but there is MORE of my school (journey) to go through first, which includes great suffering according to the swimming and yes we will see what will happen hoping that I will also be able to do my best crossing this.

My DSB application “suddenly” received 51 readings after the secrecy hiding the true number of visits of the “official world” was lifted

This morning at bath I strongly received the feeling of “Japan” coming to me, so my dear friends over there are reading me too now “understanding” the explanation to the tsunami and also why the world did not suffer more from the meltdown (?) of your atomic plant, and yes why don’t you publish your TRUE data of this “accident” to the world (?), and I was thinking of the Danish Parliament and yes first this statistical information from Scribd, where “suddenly” it was my “application” to DSB, which yesterday had lifted the secrecy of the true numbers reading it and as you can see below, SUDDENLY 51 read this application yesterday (after it had received 0-2 readings per day for a long time!) where I had a total of 61 to all of my Scribd documents yesterday (I wonder how many I TRULY have and that is if the secrecy was lifted from ALL documents?) and the explanation is of course the link to this application in my script of yesterday and that my inner self decided to show you this as new evidence and in comparison I can tell you that according to the “official” statistical information of WordPress, I only had five visits to my script of yesterday (including this link to Scribd), so do you understand my dear reader that the Danish Parliament is reading (and discussing) my scripts in secret, and still you are playing with a poker face continuing your old world order as if nothing had happened (?) and still you are continuing to read me in secret not publishing my arrival to the world nor supporting me directly and yes COWARDS is the best word I have to express your behaviour and yes SECRECY and FEAR is an invention of the Devil, and I really thought more of you “wimps” and yes these are the words I have to use about you but it does NOT mean that I don’t love you all because I do.

After my link to my DSB application in my script yesterday, “suddenly” it received 51 readings yesterday after God lifted the secrecy hiding the true number of visits of the “official world”

And it is NOT because of the number of people reading my scripts, because ”officially” my script of yesterday was only read five times yesterday according to WordPress (not including the secret number of visits)

And I do hope that Villy is the humorous man as I think he is, because I was LAUGHING much also of this video where Villy is included and now in the play of Monty Python’s “Life of Brian” and yes the creator of these videos has to be an inspired man and I am myself thinking that the true meaning and connection between Villy and I go even deeper that I understand today, but here is (and let me say that I DO NOT like if the motive creating this is to bring Villy down, so if you look away from this, and only take it for what it shows, it is truly immensely funny :-)) and yes watch it all the way through, it only becomes more and more funny, and yes this is ALSO to show my GOOD MOOD in relation to you people at the Danish Parliament – I am sure that we will become good friends, aren’t you?

I went through a “medical check”, which was more a “sane check” (!) being declared “normal” and fully capable to work!

At 12.15 today I had the appointment to visit my new doctor Jytte G. in Helsingør and shortly before entering, I received STRONG darkness, which really told me about what was coming, but still I was in “good faith” when entering because the Commune had asked the doctor to do a “general health survey” on me and when you visit the doctor, this is obviously about my physical health, isn’t it (?), and this was my belief, but Jytte started by telling me that the Commune had asked her to do her survey with a reference to my hospitalisation in 2008 (!) – which is not much about the physical condition and I feel BAD just writing this and being FORCED against my will by IGNORANT people, Lisbeth (!) – and that it would include a combination of my health and “social” status, which really made the bell ringing here, Bob (!), and then we spoke 99% of the time and she did a “survey” 1% of the time (!) by asking me to step on the weight (now 120 kilos, still gaining weight here, which I am pretty relaxed about myself in contrast to my mother) and taking my blood pressure, which I will come back to, but that was it!!!

I saw that she had received my journal from my previous doctor in Hørsholm, which she had asked me to send to her, which I then phoned this doctor to do the other day, and I saw that it included my letter of the 2nd December 2008 to Helsingør Hospital telling them the truth about all of the wrong doing of the system in relation to my hospitalisation (which I had sent to my family doctor in copy back then), and then I understood that Jytte had been coloured by others about my “sickness” before my arrival without having met me myself, and when I started showing my committed normal self from the beginning – do you understand this when comparing to previous statements on this (?) and yes COMMITTED is always fine, but you don’t have to make a supreme effort to be understood by “deaf” people – I was spiritually told that “this is what is needed” meaning that I had to speak very committed with my “cut-through” voice, to cut through all of the trash she had already read about me influencing her negatively before our meeting!

She asked me of my sickness history, and I remember being hospitalised for rupture (5 years old?), observation for meningitis (teenager) and to have a cyst removed (around year 2000?) but I forgot removal of tonsils also a child and also removal of another cyst as teenager, but she concluded that “you have a good memory” (sometimes, but not always on everything as you understand, Paul?), which apparently was part of her “survey”.

She asked me when I the last time had a paid work, which I told here I had in 2009 working as a insurance broker for Dahlberg being as committed as she saw me here, and then I told her that I have been working ever since first in Kenya, then in “activation” for Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune doing my BEST work and then on full time writing more than 4,000 pages on my website, which however was not “paid” work but still full time work, and yes her conclusion was that “you are fully capable to work”, which of course it obvious to all people when meeting me – but not to you, Lisbeth in the Commune?

She asked me about how I got in contact with the psychiatric system in 2008, and I told her the story first of my spiritual experiences and how it started in 2004, about what it means (expansion of your senses receiving spiritual visions, feelings and speech being awake the same way as clairvoyants work with the light but only MUCH stronger in my case) and that TRADITIONAL doctors often do not believe in this – Jytte told herself that she is “down-to-earth” herewith confirming this sceptical attitude not making it easier for them to understand (!) – but what the doctors “know of” is when people are plagued by “voices”, which therefore is always a “disease” (!), which they then their “best” to “help” people to remove (by tranquillizing them, which destroys people’s life, feelings and experiences) and I told her that the story of how I was hospitalised is included in my letter from 2008 above where I was also called up by the police “telling me” to come home without telling me why (to hospitalise me against my will), and then she understood that this (as much other as I told her, which is also to be read in the letter) was AGAINST THE LAW (!) and also that it was not on the wish of my family, but the two doctors I visited with my sister, that I was hospitalised because the doctors “could not” understand me when I spoke of my spiritual experiences the same way as we could have spoken about football or opera (!) and yes I told her that the “patients” of the closed department in Hillerød did not understand why I had to be there – neither did I experiencing this nightmare of the system forced WRONGLY upon me – that I had a completely normal life before being hospitalised without speaking about my spirituality, which my family doctor and the psychiatrist, which my sister wanted us to visit back then, did not at alle take into account (!) and that the system wanted to “remove my voices” without asking me if this is what I wanted myself (!) and even that I have also received MUCH stronger darkness than what people locked up on the closed department receive, which makes them scream out their pain as their “last solution”, when dark voices and visions terrorise them, and then I told her that as a strong person you can decide to be even stronger than this darkness, which is then what I did, and yes she could see whom I am (!) when telling me “you are intellectual, know what you speak of and are very committed” and yes, Jytte, POWER was the key word to come out of darkness, and this is what you saw through my attitude, which is the same I have shown the darkness CONSTANTLY!

And I continued – because this was about me today (!) – saying that I was released from Hillerød because of “good behaviour” and later from Helsingør when I had time to read the law and when using this as foundation (included in my letter above) I was set free (!), and yes Jytte read out loud the discharge paper of the hospital including a lot of nonsense (!), and I told her that “this is the same as saying that they did not believe in me”, which is really what all of this is about, but instead they did everything they could TRYING to find out what had to be WRONG with me (!), and this system and its journal and so called “objective verdicts” – we agreed that they were “subjective”, which is “pure guessing” (!) – is still what is sticking to me, and yes one mistake leads to the next, and I had to speak very clearly and committed today for Jytte to understand that I am functioning completely normal, but maybe talking much as she said (!) and yes isn’t it wonderful that this is what doctors may feel I do when I am committed and yes the simple explanation as I told you Jytte is that we spoke of me today, and had we met at a bar, I would NOT have spoken about myself all of the time, but asked you questions, listened to you and reflected and then you would not make this “subjective verdict” in approx. one hour ….

She asked me if I was on medicine when hospitalised and I said that I was and that they kept giving me stronger doses, which were IMPOSSIBLE to “kill” my spiritual voices, and that the medicine was AWFUL to take, and when she asked me if I am on medicine today – yes this is what she asked me (!!!) – I told her that I could never dream about doing this, and I wonder if she is the one to “judge” whether or not I need to take medicine to get a “good life” – without knowing me (!) – and yes she noticed that I was hospitalised in 2008 because they “feared” that I could harm my self and not others (!) and yes DEMONS of people and thus I am not “dangerous” to other people, and yes did I good enough for her to recommend that I am not to take medicine and that I can work full time as a “sane person” (?) – for her it was important to understand that I could separate myself from what I receive of spiritual communication – and this is the impression she gave me, so if she concludes otherwise in her written report, which she will send to the commune – I refused when she offered me to see it, I don’t mind, I will get to know it sooner or later (!) – she truly fooled me not telling me, but I would be surprised, and yes what will the Commune do then, move me back to match group 1 and do you see how “difficult” the world functions, when people “cannot” do quality work the first time around?

I was inspired to ask her twice about her musical interests (opera) and the second time around, she told me that she does not like Opera and is “truly un-musical”, which was the secret message given to me to tell me that she is a TRADITIONAL doctor (starting off without “warm feelings” for me after what she was brainwashed with!) after as most I have met not believing in spirituality as I received it, and it was further confirmed when I received absolutely NO “confirmed interest” to read my website, even though I told her that it is not about me (!) but how to help people to get a better life, working life and world order, and when I told her that her text books on psychiatric sufferings are wrong and that Alice Bailey has written the TRUTH hereof – receiving the text through spiritual communication the same way as when two persons speak together physically – and that I would like to send her the link if she would like to see it, the ONLY reaction I received from her was that she had read the name of Alice in my letter of 2008, which she had not read all of because “it is very long” …. (!) and yes just saying that when you have a certain belief, which is wrong, it is not very easy to break from that trying to understand what is the truth.

She also understood from me that I have good relations with my sister and mother, and when I am committed and outgoing telling her that I have good relations with all people I meet, which I have – but it is not all people who “like” my writings, even though I write the truth, which I did NOT tell her – and is this good enough to “pass” her test as being a social well functioning person (?) and yes DISGUSTING to be judged by people this way and on this foundation, and yes THIS WAS THE DREAM OF THE NIGHT to pass the bad smelling lake, and BAD is what it smelled like, Michael!

During the meeting I was shown a Whisky bottle without whisky but with water, which I felt was in relation with what remains inside of darkness of our old world, and I understood that Whisky is about “termination not possible, but suffering is”, and I have been shown the spirit of my mother cutting off her arm, which is what I understand is at stake now meaning that this part of her will survive, but with the risk of losing information if I should decide to stop the game here, which I am not as long as everything is not perfect.

At the end of the meeting she took my blood pressure, which was measured to 147 and then something, which was in the “high end”, but I felt that my heart was beating quickly when she took it, and had she let me “fall down” after having been very committed, my heart rate and blood pressure would have fallen too, and then I told her that I had expected her to take blood tests etc. of me as part of a “medical survey” and she told me that she did not because of my “sickness history”, but then she was suddenly “inspired” to right away click on her computer system ordering a lab test of me on Helsingør Hospital (checking cholesterol) etc., which I will do in the beginning of next week receiving the result a couple of days later and yes to give the world a chance to see how “the journey” I went through effected my health at the present stage, and yes I do believe that “everything is alright” but will you be “able” to “understand a thing or two” about me when checking in detail (?), and yes she would like to see me again in a couple of months to check my blood pressure and what she did not know was my “high” blood pressure was a game to help her take the right decision as I was told :-).

This is about FAITH and UNDERSTANDING versus LACK OF FAITH and NO UNDERSTANDING combined with laziness/unwillingness to learn and nothing else – and I have showed you that all (?) of the doctors I met did not have faith in me and was not “able” to understand because of their know-all attitude, or did I manage to bring faith or “doubts” to some of you?

Afterwards I cycled to the swimming hall – as I also told the doctor including the story that I took on 30 kilos the last two years because “I was busy and stressed” as I told her, and yes she liked hearing that I know what to do to lose weight – and I did 10 minutes of running but I had to divide it into 7½ and 1½ minutes because of all darkness coming to me from different people (I felt it literally coming to me one layer upon the other) pressuring me down making this run VERY difficult and also because I am really exhausted today (!), and afterwards I did swimming, which was probably 2-3 times longer than the last time because I had a lane on my own, which makes a big difference to me because of my “difficulties” to swim and not easy looking back over the shoulder when back swimming and other people use the same lane, that’s why really.

In the dressing room afterwards I heard a group of people speaking about a song called “vuf, vuf” (“bow-wow”), which should be with Lone Kellermann (?), and right after they spoke of “all roads leading to Rome”, which I have felt is a saying symbolising the Pope to me and yes I have been told about the system of the church having BRAIN-WASHED you my dear Benedict, and how “difficult/impossible” it is for you to understand/accept that women’s breast are completely natural and alright to show on a beach as example and yes “traditionalists” is what you are not following the modern times, and when you think of this modern music I LOVE – click the links – it is NOT in your ears, and yes WRONG CULTURE is what formed you too, and because of your resistance, you brought me “vuf, vuf” too, which is darkness but this symbol has started converting to light, which you know is what the world is.

The fire of my mother and John against me was re-ignited to let me work inside darkness and their love to save me from dying

I was meant to have a new “cosy” evening together with my mother and John with dinner followed by X-factor on TV, and already this morning on the telephone, I told my mother that I had to go to a medical check up to satisfy the Commune (!), and this was apparently enough to set new fire to “uncontrollable feelings” of my mother and John, and under dinner I was told spiritually about the missing arm of the spirit of my mother, which the work this evening and night is about and yes once again (!) – I don’t like to do it, but I decide to do it because I will NOT lose one single gold grain despite of how small it is (!) – and it is to transfer this arm/information after recreating it because of destruction the other day as I was told happened the first day when I did not voluntarily work all night (but first started the next day), which I did not approve of and yes we know it was not termination (!), and when I was asked about the visit to the doctor, I told the truth that the Commune had told the doctor that it was in relation to my hospitalisation in 2008 because of the demons/wrong voice and guessing of the Commune believing that something is wrong with me, which everyone can see when meeting me that there is not (!) and only because they don’t READ and UNDERSTAND my website, and yes then I received sceptical confirmation of both my mother and John again in relation to my website (not easy even for you to understand that I am completely normal because of my website even though this is what you see every single time we are together – and not easy to understand that it is NOT me being wrong when writing but you when you CANNOT understand and ACCEPT my writings) and I understood the continuous sceptical attitude of John in relation to my website influencing my mother and also my “exploitation” of the Commune “because you don’t want to work” (!) and yes John, this is basically right as I told you because I had other work to do as you know, but I have NOT obstructed the system but done “my best” when working (as gardener and “office-coolie”) as ALL can see (!) and also when sending applications, but nobody wanted to employ me because of their misunderstandings (!) and if they had, I would have started working for them doing my best job, and yes “completely impossible” for John to understand that everyone else is misunderstanding me (!), and then it is “easier” for you, John, to watch sport etc. on TV not doing your ABSOLUTELY best to read and understand me, and yes mother and John, this is HOW it is, and I ONLY write this because this is ALSO important information to bring, which you will NOT like, but it is again the truth – and I was told spiritually that John is bringing this darkness through his non-belief and negative influence on my mother, and yes this is why I was told “some days ago” that darkness of John would come, and this is what it did today, and it was re-ignited by the story of the doctor!

After dinner John “conveniently” went into his office/TV room behind closed doors and my mother and I kept sitting at the dinner table, and once again my mother had decided to talk about my economy and yes they asked me if I paid too much to them, and I told them that I could manage and would come back to them if I could not and then before I knew of it the amount of 500 instead of the 750 DKK I have started paying was mentioned, which we then agreed to do, BUT instead of keeping the difference for myself, I will increase my transfer to LTO, and again my mother told me that I needed to think of myself because my LTO friends only keep contact with me because of my money (!) and yes then I had to tell it once again and more clearly than ever before: I UNDERSTAND YOU COMPLETELY, DON’T MENTION THIS AGAIN BECAUSE IT IS TOTALLY USELESS FOR YOU TO DO – I AM A GROWN UP MAN AND I WILL NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES REDUCE THE AMOUNT I SEND TO KENYA but now it gives me a chance to increase it to the old amount of 2,800 DKK gross from 1st February AS LONG AS NEEDED and yes mother and John, this is WRONG attitude of yours and the answer is not to ask me to think about myself but for you to help me help my LTO friends and their families to survive!

And when this “communication” was stopped – this has NOTHING to do with communication (!) – my mother FELT the necessity to speak about my website again (!) and yes thank you to the Commune for doing what was WRONG, and for the doctor today making this darkness of my mother and John possible – do you see – and yes it is from inside of this darkness I retrieve the last LIFE to save too, mother (!) together with the sufferings you bring me without understanding it (!) – and yes let us take some examples of the dialogue like the “ladies on the radio”, whom Dan spoke of because it was COMPLETELY impossible for my mother to understand, and of course I am WRONG when “nobody understands you” as she said, and “NO, MOTHER THIS IS NOT TRUE” and then she said “tell me who does” and then I spoke about the Church of Rome reading my script of the 24th December published shortly before dinner, and at 22.00 the Pope spoke my message to the world about the “commercial Christmas without faith”, which makes me sad, but he decided NOT to speak of me and I referred her to read this in the scripts of the 24th and 25th December, but this was “impossible” for you to believe in, mother, because of your negative/sceptical voice so therefore you decided NOT to follow me, and I told you about the documentation I have brought MANY times in my scripts about HIDDEN VISITS OF THE OFFICIAL WORLD to my Scribd-documents including the story earlier today in this script, which I have brought similar stories of several times, which you would have understood if you read my scripts carefully and yes THE CHURCH OF ROME AND OFFICIAL WORLD READS AND FOLLOWS ME (!) but they are “chickens” – did you get this one (?) – not having the courage to support me directly by sending me an email as I have encouraged the world to do many times, but this was also made up in my own mind according to you, mother (?) and I told you about USA, Canada, France and Russia visiting my website in such a way that it was clear signs telling me that “we know you are there, Stig”, but this was also “crazy” for you to listen to (?) and IT IS ALL IN YOUR NEGATIVE AND SCEPTICAL MINDS GUESSING INSTEAD OF KNOWING WHAT YOU SPEAK OF, and I kept on telling you these stories again and again and also that if I had not written my scripts including the stories of the family (they are teachings to the world!), “you and I would both be dead now” (including the world), which was also “crazy” for you to listen to because you told yourself “of course this is wrong” and yes mother YOU HAVE A VOICE MAKING IT IMPOSSIBLE FOR YOU TO UNDERSTAND OBJECTIVELY WHAT I TELL YOU, but ONLY when it comes to information on my website (!) because in all other situations I have VERY HIGH CREDIBILITY and can you see that it is you, who are “crazy” when YOU decide not to listen to me and to READ what I recommend you to read, and that is to REMOVE the filter inside of your head including “feelings of betrayal/sadness” for writing as I do about the family, which I truly understand HURTS you, BUT IT IS ONLY BECAUSE YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND THE BIG PICTURE, BECAUSE WHEN YOU UNDERSTAND THIS, YOUR “SACRIFICE” TO BE INCLUDED IN MY SCRIPTS WILL BE “VERY EASY” TO ACCEPT, and yes instead your UNCONTROLLABE NEGATIVE TEMPER is giving me – together with all others – the WORST SUFFERINGS ANY MAN IN HISTORY HAS EVER GONE THROUGH and yes I repeated it again and again and again, which must have been taken in by the sub-conscience of my mother without coming forward to her waken mind, because ALL she could think of was the “wrong” writings on her and the family, and so much that she ORDERED me to stop these writings on behalf of the family – “I WILL NOT ACCEPT YOUR WRITINGS ON THE FAMILY” (!) – and yes she does NOT want to be quoted of saying this or that about my father etc. – and also that certain information was not true, and I asked her to “send me an email about this and I will include it in my scripts” and also “I have done my best to bring the objective truth, but if I have made mistakes, I am sorry and I am not perfect” but NO, I could tell that she will NOT do this either (!) – and also about how sad Niklas became as he has told her because of my story of Isabelle from Christmas, and to underline the importance of this, I was told “in between the words” but still VERY clearly that this is why my sister has decided to see me so little (!) and yes because of her fear of my scripts (!), and yes isn’t it amazing Sanna that you kept on taking the WRONG decisions, and how difficult is it for you as a psychiatric to understand that NO COMMUNICATION makes it more difficult for people to understand (but then good for you to have my scripts) and that we A VERY LONG TIME AGO could have had MANY good talks about the TRUE meaning of my scripts, if you had the ability to release yourself from your own ego, which you had not (!) and we know you only had to behave PROPERLY to receive good writings on you, which is NOT difficult to do, because it is common logic for everyone what to do, but maybe not easy when you have WRONG and POOR HABITS (!) and yes this is how I have written in my scripts for you to WAKE UP and had I not, it would have been impossible, and yes my answer to my mother was the same as before “understand the BIG PICTURE and your personal “sacrifices” will be EASY for you to accept” and “tell Niklas to go straight to the Source not speaking WRONGLY behind my back” and yes HOW DIFFICULT IS IT TO UNDERSTAND WHAT IS RIGHT AND WRONG BEHAVIOUR (?) and yes THIS IS WRONG behaviour, Niklas, but you do know that I love you and all of the family more than anything, so why is it that you speak behind my back without being “able” to speak to me (?), and yes SAD SAD SAD is what THE FAMILY MAKES ME, and I AM SORRY TO TELL YOU AGAIN, but this is the truth, and here it comes as I told my mother with all of my strength: YOU CAN SAY WHATEVER YOU WANT YOU WILL, BUT I WILL WRITE ENTIRELY AS I DECIDE TO WRITE and yes IT INCLUDES TO WRITE YOUR NAME, SANNA, WHEN I DECIDE TO DO IT and will you please understand that I don’t write to bring you down, but if I had not done this work, NONE OF US WOULD HAVE BEEN ALIVE, HOW DIFFICULT IS IT FOR YOU TO UNDERSTAND AND THEN TAKE THE RESPONSIBILITY TO TELL OUR MOTHER, who simply cannot and will not understand with her woken mind that this is the truth, and just wondering I am.

And I have more to Niklas/Isabelle: When you will TRULY understand me, you will also understand that your “sacrifices” means absolutely nothing compared to the importance of the BIG PICTURE and you are only showing me your small-mindedness and wrong behaviour, and after the experience this evening, I have decided to KEEP the comments of a dream from this morning telling the truth about how Isabelle was “very attracted” to me – I am NOT going to exclude this story just because the family does not like it – DON’T FOCUS ON THIS BUT ON MY FULL STORY and then you will EASILY be able to accept my writings. I am much disappointed with your selfishness and that you don’t have this ability to look in the mirror and give me these “sacrifices” when understanding that the higher course of my teachings including stories of you are to help the entire world.

And we know, “you have told us for half a year that you will finish your writings” and yes “this is the truth, my mother, which I was told and believed in all the way, but there was one corner after the next of new darkness behind “all darkness” I had absorbed and when receiving both light and darkness it is not always easy to know when I am finished, but it is truly a matter of days or weeks from now” and this is all I can say and “as long as I have more writings to do, I decide WHAT to write and NO ONE can change this, and then it is up to you to decide if you want to see me or not” and I told it with strength being ready to sacrifice seeing my mother and John again if they could not come to terms with this despite of the order my mother gave me, and then she said “of course we still want to see you”, but it was COMPLETELY impossible to get my information saved on your light board because you kept on telling me “Africa is more important to you than us” and “how many times do I have to tell you that I love you and the family more than anything, I have told you now 3,000 times” and still only minutes thereafter you have “forgotten” this again telling me the same SIMPLE MISUNDERSTANDINGS OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN and yes my mother the reason is that you are reflecting the world not being able to understand and the voice you are given comes directly to you from Heaven, and you are part of this “game” as it is where you “simply cannot take it” – as Karen and others too – and I have to tell you OVER AND OVER AND OVER again to make more and more information come in underneath your woken mind in order for me to continue my work, and yes YOU ARE THE DARKNESS I AM GOING THROUGH TO SAVE WHAT IS NOW THE ABSOLUTELY REST OF THE WORLD, but TOTALLY IMPOSSBLE for you to understand when you don’t want to or cannot, and I knew I did the RIGHT thing, because this is the edge I needed to reach to enter ALL OF THE DARKNESS to bring it out (!) , and yes I continued going there many times NOT giving up to make my mother understand, but NO IT IS IMPOSSIBLE, you cannot and will not, and you have the ABSOLUTELY WORST BEHAVIOUR WHEN YOU KEEP INTERUPTING ME WITH YOUR EARS COMPLETELY BEING SHUT OFF (!) and after you had interrupted me 50 or 100 times not following my continuous requests to stop, I had to tell you with the STRONGEST VOICE I HAVE EVER GIVEN YOU together with a direct order: I TELL YOU NOT DO INTERUPT ME – DON’T EVER DO THAT, STOP IT NOW (!!!) and yes so strongly that you said “don’t speak to your mother like that” (!), and yes I hate doing it, but as I told you THIS IS THE ONLY WAY I CAN CUT THROUGH ALL OF YOUR TRASH, MOTHER – YOU KNOW THAT I AM RIGHT BUT STILL YOU ARE FIGHTING ME because you cannot come to terms with my stories of you and the family when you DON’T want to understand the big picture and when Sanna “cannot” tell you.

But it is EASY for you to understand “revenge” and “primitive feelings” of Karen through her FIRST email telling me that I am the one being selfish only thinking of myself (and my mother also blamed me for my writings on Karen, which must be hurting her much, and yes WHEN YOU CANNOT UNDERSTAND JUST HOW IMPORTANT THESE EXACT TEACHINGS ARE TO THE WORLD (!) and also that I am NOT the sinner for writing the truth about people, it is still people sinning who are the sinners!!!) and then you told me that Karen is right, that I am selfish (!!!) and also that I am NOT Jesus, which you as a mother had to tell me (!) and yes isn’t it amazing what I am met with (?) and I am surprisingly not receiving much darkness writing this entire chapter – it is now 02.00 in the night (I also had to finish the chapter on the visit to the doctor before starting to write this) and yes “because you opened completely to the darkness by telling my mother that this is how it is” and “take it or leave it” and yes she decided to take it still seeing me herewith preventing me from receiving a heart attack while working inside darkness because of the love of my mother (!) – and I could only tell her that this is NOT right (my writings are NOT about me, but to HELP everyone survive and get a better life and is this selfish (?), not in my book!!!) and one day she will understand the incredible wrong behaviour she shows me and the sufferings she has sent me without knowing it, but “no I will NEVER come to understand” as she said (hmmmm!) and this was as speaking with Fuggi – I received the feeling of his spirit, and yes COMPLETELY DEAF (!) – and mother, when you truly will understand that I saved the world because of my actions, which you resisted with EVERYTHING you had and that is to the extreme, which Karen and many other people did too, you will be the most grateful of all people and you will look back not in anger but in love being very proud of me and you will be given visions of this exact talk we had today showing you how wrong you treated me, which was “impossible” for you to understand and yes not because of me but because of the feelings you received, which you could not control the same way as Karen could not, and did you read Karen’s second email to me 10 minutes after (only sent to me but brought in my script) showing her true feelings behind the façade when “inviting” me to move with her abroad (?) and yes just wondering I am about what uncontrollable feelings and misunderstandings (soon) did to you all and that they could not be stronger than what I received, which was the sum of all of your EXTREME feelings, but difficult for you my mother to understand my “true sufferings” being the sum of all of yours “extreme sufferings” (?), but on the other hand, this was the single one moment of the evening, where you where “allowed” to listen to me and understand me, and that was to clear another of your misunderstandings when you started blaming me for not wanting to speak to you, which I wrote the other day in my scripts (did you read this, because I did not see that you saw it and I am wondering if “spiritual darkness” concealed visits of my mother and sister to my website) and I had to tell you what was to be read in the script (!), which is that this was DARKNESS COMING TO ME DIRECTLY as it has done thousands of times every single day for years, which I had to absorb and not to give in, because had I given in just once, I would not have been sitting here today, and in this exact moment, my mother was listening to and understanding me, and yes I THANKED YOU FOR DOING THIS BECAUSE THIS IS THE RIGHT ATTITUDE, AND HOW DIFFICULT IS IT TO DO WHAT IS RIGHT AND SIMPLE LOGIC TO DO???

And yes more information for my mother not understanding my writings because ”We/I do everything to help you”, ”if it wasn’t for us you would not have a place to live” and “you ran away to Kenya in 2009 leaving it up to us to move the furniture of your apartment” (I had moved “most” of it to Sweden with Hans) and yes it is true that you do much to help me and only want the best for me, which you know I appreciated (and have thanked you for) but still you cannot understand that this is still little (!) compared to UNDERSTANDING me because when you do not understand (and behave wrongly speaking negatively behind my back and using ALL OF YOUR TEMPER AGAINST ME!), you bring me the worst sufferings of any man etc. and yes have you understood it by now (?), but my mother had not, because she has told herself that it is not true, and when she says this, this is what it is in her mind, and yes mother THIS IS TOTALLY WRONG OF YOU TO DO – DON’T MAKE YOUR MIND UP WITH GUESSINGS WITHOUT KNOWING!

And for the 100th time we had the SAME discussion again about her claim that “you are always right, don’t listen to and understand us” and “we are never right” and my mother HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU and it is exactly the same EVERY SINGLE TIME, which is that I FULLY understand what you tell me and every single time you do NOT understand me, and I even repeat what you tell me over and over and over for you to listen that I understand you, which you then do for a fraction of time, and then the same feeling comes to you and then you have forgotten what I just told you, and yes SENIL is what you are in this respect but not because of age, because you have ALWAYS been like this, and this should show the world something about both my mother’s sufferings of life and also mine (and Sanna’s and John’s) for making it impossible to make my mother understand when she cannot control her temper or simply cannot save information on the light board!

I also tried to tell that it is not easy to write a story to make people understand that I am right and everyone else wrong (!), but as I told her, I have now given you so many examples of people everywhere working with the wrong attitude and people constantly misunderstanding me and misbehaving – this is how it is EVERYWHERE (!!!) – and this is basically what I ask you to understand, and yes how difficult can it be (?) instead of shouting in the same chorus as all others telling me that I am wrong because “of course everyone else must be right” but they are NOT (!) when they don’t know what they speak of simply because they don’t read and understand, and because of their poor behaviour, and we know it will gradually sink in this message with some of it already sunk in, and yes how are you Sanna (?), and how much have you understood of this and how much have you explained our mother (?) and just wondering I am again.

And my mother also asked me why it is so difficult for me to keep relations with people (!) and yes mother it is NOT because of me because I have VERY good relations with all people I meet, but it is EVERYONE who in the beginning “cannot and will not read and understand me” and again EVERYONE MISUNDERSTOOD ME and EVERYONE ABANDONED ME because of their WRONG DOINGS – how difficult is this for you to understand, you can read “my sufferings” carefully with an open mind, and it should be clear to you (?) – and we know my hands are hurting when writing now, it is now 02.24 and I am NOT tired (on the surface, but inside of me I am MUCH!) but I cannot take notes right after this because of this, maybe later – and I wonder if my aunt Inge is now the last person also abandoning me for STILL not having answered my email, and yes mother I could decide to follow you recommendation to call her when you told me that “I have been informed that Inge does not answer your email” (why don’t you tell me who informed you, and yes it can only be Sanna or John and again I have not been able to see your visits to my site recently), which is a good idea (!), but I would really like to see for just how long she is willing to stretch this misunderstanding of me if this is what it is.

After this heated discussion at 20.20, I was ready to leave because of immense sadness once again not to be understood, and the feelings of wanting to leave were very STRONG feelings of darkness coming to me, and I put all in as they say in poker asking directly “do you want me to stay or to leave now”, and when she said to stay, I had to take the RIGHT decision myself to stay controlling and overruling the negative feelings coming to me, which I then did and we saw the rest of X-factor together and the conclusion of the evening is that first I received the worst darkness from my mother (and John) to enter the room of darkness once again, and then I received love the rest of the evening, which is what is keeping me alive as I was told because without this love I would receive a heart attack, which I was then given an example of and yes one of these “almost heart attacks” I have tried THOUSANDS of times, so this is how we work during “this game”.

And yes, this discussion was without you John, which you simply could not have (?) but still you are a source spreading sceptical and WRONG attitude of me, and I was told that “John does not want to become God” as an explanation, and later in the evening, I received the worst darkness coming directly from you John, and yes I was shown a vision of it, but “difficult” it is for you???

When I finally left at 22.00, I was VERY GLAD to see “my light” and the light of my mother on the sky together with two happy UFO’s, but my feeling was once again SADNESS because of my mothers “inability” to understand (on the surface), and sad that she is sad too, and yes but I tell myself “this is only a game”, which is important to do to do my work perfectly. And I was thinking that the official world knows about me, but I am not able to make my own mother know, and the world does NOTHING to support me directly also to help me make my mother know!

And let me tell my mother, John and also Sanna/Niklas included in this chapter: I LOVE YOU MORE THAN ANYTHING, AND THIS CHAPTER IS WRITTEN WITH ALL OF MY LOVE NOT TO HURT YOU BUT TO SAVE “THE REST OF THE WORLD”, which you “cannot” understand today, but will be “easy to understand” when reading my scripts carefully every single day instead of focusing on yourselves – and you will all come to understand and have come a pretty long way already.

A few minutes after ending this chapter at 04.15, I received the taste of blood I my mouth, and it was in relation with my mother because of her feelings towards me after this evening and how she will feel when seeing this, and all I can say is that THIS IS RIGHT TO BRING, THIS IS WHAT I WILL BRING WHEN PLAYING THE GAME TO MY FULLEST AND I WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY HARM TO MY MOTHER BUT ENERGY AND HELP TO BE GIVEN TO HER to make ALL OF US survive this phase too, and OF COURSE that is!

And did you notice Thomas Blachmann at X-factor when he was inspired to speak with “the voice of the Lord” this evening (?) – because a contestant previously in the evening “inspired” him – and yes I do hope that you will understand the difference between Thomas unnecessary negativity – even though I like that he speaks directly and understand that he means no harm – and my necessary writings on people to make them understand.

PS: I was told that Mette’s son has received a job to clean a golf club once a week, which made me HAPPY to hear – through Bettina’s Søren.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I was told yesterday that my writings on NGO’s are also being read in secrecy and this morning I was told that Médecins Sans Frontières and NGO’s know about me too, but still all I hear from all of you is “deafening silence”, and you are all doing exactly the opposite of what I have encouraged you to do so many times, which is to COMMUNICATE WITH ME AND THE WORLD instead of reading and speaking about me in secrecy – WHY CANNOT ANY OF YOU DO WHAT IS RIGHT TO DO and continue to do what is wrong (?) and yes your WRONG behaviour goes beyond me.
  • When speaking to my mother on the phone this morning and telling her that I for the third time this week would go to the swimming hall, she became VERY happy and yes said “you are not both cycling, running and swimming” (?) to which I could only say “yes, I am” (!) with the reason being “to loose weight”, which is truly the most important for my mother in relation to me now – and why she is MONITORING me (!!!), and yes much more important than to keep on being “tormented” by my spiritual voice to keep on writing, which is what my mother and sister discovered when reading my script after our Christmas tour to Sweden (where I wrote without much sleep), which made my sister return my New Year greetings to her by writing “håber du får mange gode oplevelser i det nye år og får tid til andet end at skrive” (“hope you will get many good experiences in the new year and time for other things than writing”) and yes “what a nightmare it must be for him to be “exploited“ by his spiritual voice commanding him” is what they think and yes then the meaning of what I do is of less importance (?) and that is because “of course Stig deserves to receive a better life” (!) and yes where the right behaviour would have been for you to read and understand AND to support me working my absolutely best and HARDEST as I can do in order to save “everything” instead of encouraging me to do the opposite to get a good life (too soon) and yes do you see the connection? Later I was told that this lack of understanding is the very reason why I am able to dig out all grains of gold from the deepest darkness.
  • I have still received NO news from my aunt Ingen NOT replying to my email, and has Kirsten and the story of her children – and maybe also my suffering father – now influenced you so much against me that you have decided to abandon me too (?) and if this is the case, Inge, let me please remind you of just how positive your and my relation is, and that what Kirsten and my father tells you about me is based on their own misunderstandings and selfishness, and it should be easy for you to tell when you are reading and STILL reading my new scripts. I am SAD not to hear from you, and most of all from you – and if you don’t like your “sickness” to be published, you could send me an email explaining about this.
  • The last couple of days I have thought about my old friend Lars G., who always said “vi må videre” (“we have to go on”), which is really what I tell myself all of the time – inspired he was – and also that before going out on town with him around 1990, I did not have experience in being out all night long without sleeping and then to keep the whole next day also, which you know was part of my “training” to do what I do and have done, to work without much sleep.
  • Rikke and her “funny” friend, Aslak, gave me the message of Rikke using much of my energy too. She is in London now working probably together with Bo, my old “manager” from Dahlberg (it should have been the other way around, so HE could have learned how to work!), and besides from working she also get “time” to do SHOPPING, and yes she simply LOVES this town, and it must be WONDERFUL for you Rikke to live such a fantastic life, and eeehhh without thinking of sharing what you got with my LTO friends and I (?) and what are you telling Bo about me (?) and did Martin tell you about my reply to him, and yes what do I hear from you and eeeehhh deafening silence the same as almost everyone else, and yes SAD is what you make me!

  • I have received NO ANSWER, Jeff (!), either from Karen on my email or accept to become Facebook friends – and yes not long ago, she wanted to move together with me abroad on “her terms” (!) but NOT A WORD from her, and yes simple/primitive feelings can be “difficult” to handle, but only if you are weak of course (!), and did I tell you about the “great behaviour” of Erik Meier Carlsen, who “could not” bother to send me a reply to my email or to accept my Facebook invitation – good to have irony too – and I wonder if you got a chance to speak about me behind my back with Lama Yönten and others too, Erik (?) – but not me (!) and do you see a pattern here of POOR BEHAVIOUR and yes Erik, why don’t you tell the world about it?
  • I have also been told about my city Helsingør “talking about me” – Trade council and today I was told “a teach on the Nordvest school almost received a heart attack when he heard Jesus is from this town” and I understood that it was also a spiritual message to people in Helsingør – this was the feeling – and also a reference to the heart attack I nearly got when deciding to save everything, and yes maybe the city of Helsingør will tell about their wrong-doings as well?
  • A short one from the forum of my meditation group about ”nothing” being as it seems, where the message really is ”there is hardly anything of Hell remaining”, which is what “you can laugh at” :-).

  • The committed Michael wrote this message today recommending the Danish Economy Minister to stop computer controlled stock trading, which he is very right in, and I decided to tell him about the coming New World Order, where he can learn more and that is if you can READ, Michael (?) and is this too much to ask for (?) and to far out in the country, and yes my friends you will understand :-).

  • Later in the evening, I saw that Michael had opened the link to my New World Order – not everyone living in “Desert Hot Spring” in California – but this was also the only page he read, so when I saw the following posting where he connects the end of the world with economy, I “had” to give him the next lead to my website recommending him to read about economy included at my Doomsday Scenario page, and also about irresponsible politicians of the world making a fool of the world by keeping information of the Judgment and much other from the world, and I wonder what Michael will do now, think that I am the “fool” or be motivated to read some more, and maybe “in doubt”?
  • Also yesterday, my “DSB application” on Scribd had an “unbelievable” high number of visits compared to the normal, which is 35, but still just telling you about the true number of visits by the official system normally hiding behind a CRAZY system of secrecy!
  • Michael spoke about a calendar mentioning the end of the world also relating it to the economy, and here I referred Michael to my webpage on the Doomsday including information on how economy was connected.

  • Dan was inspired today when writing about two “politicians” he heard not communicating but speaking/attacking each other without being able to listen (and understand) and yes this is what I cannot stand with people and politicians in particular, so thank you for sharing Dan, and maybe this can be used as an example of what NOT to do in the future when it comes to communication – THIS IS NOT HOW TO BEHAVE!

  • And since Dan has NOT YET opened for free communication of subscribers to his Facebook profile – which you have neither, mr. Stick, and you should be a man understanding the FREE communication is a good idea (?) – I decided to send him this email, and I wonder if it is also too much to ask you for, Dan, to START reading my website to LEARN, which you may feel like sharing with others – or would you rather like to shut me up (?) and I am just thinking of course.

  • I was told about Marius Andersen, the previous mayor of Aalborg, who became famous for receiving bribe in the form of a bathroom as example, which is about “wrong love” and I was told “we have started removing the tiles of this bathroom also on you my friend and that is before becoming your new self” and I received this voice from darkness doing its best to speak without darkness, which was not easy.
  • I was also told that the world is still sacrificing to help bring me energy, and to all of you I can only express my deep thank yous :-).
  • And let me here give you the video, which I thought about every time when writing “once in a lifetime” in my scripts recently about the work I do, and yes David from the FAR TOO Talking Heads – as some doctors believe I “suffer” from (!!!) – is “completely mad” as you can tell just by looking at him (!), but when you listen carefully to his music, you will understand just how genius it is, and yes did you get this one or do I have to spell it for you (?) – this is sadly how it is with SIMPLE MINDS :-).


14th January: The darkness tried to eliminate life of the remaining darkness but could not because of love and my decision

Parts of the content of darkness of our old world has been destructed – is it too late to save it?

As mentioned in the script of yesterday I decided to keep writing during the evening and night to finish the script and that is to keep on working without sleeping, and when I had finished this at 04.15, I had now become much more tired because of the inside tiredness of me now coming to my outside too, and after starting to work slowly (!) checking out two possible to do tasks, I had decided by 05.00 not to include work of these on my website (1: I like what Helsingør Commune did (at least before?) as part of city planning to keep the city centre nice and FREE of commercial pollution making it in my mind the most beautiful in Denmark for many years and 2: UFO abductions on my Signs III page including darkness of man giving some people of other civilizations darkness and other abductions carried out by mankind trying to control the minds of people against people of other civilizations to support war in space).

From 05.40 for maybe 15-20 minutes I decided to receive information taking these notes:

To my surprise I felt the spirit of my father asking me “may I bring in my ship” and I said that “yes everything is welcome into the light” and then he showed me kitchen tools preparing food.

And I was shown a dark dog sitting in a beach chair with a spring jumping up through the chair and I was told “yes, not existing, and now it is feeling as a lamp trying to find the socket to plug to, which is not easy and there are not many tries” and if was followed when I was shown and told that “now all rooms are light blue” (of my new self) but still I also saw a water jug pouring water (of suffering).

I was shown a circus drum being sawed from its fixed connection, and an actor smoking pipe on stage losing tobacco down upon the orchestra – signs of destruction – and I was told it does not smell or taste well.

I continued receiving very weak visions and speech including “it required un-nuanced ….” and I saw a big blue cheese as a triangle on a plate (sexual sufferings of the Trinity), and a big hat and a horse entering a cap (symbols of darkness) and I was told “then you become “nothing”, but no then you return, which is not nice and we try again”, and I was given thoughts of Karen in relation to me “no, not because of her mother” (because of what Karen has told her mother about me) and I was shown her drinking a cup of both coffee and tea, and told that her mother is a strict actress.

I was told “Stig is not to bribe, isn’t this what he says” but also darkness trying to say that I am not, and I was shown a green room (colour of the Trinity) where things on the wall including the mirror seeing into the old world are being taken down, and I said “no, don’t do that before we have everything with us”, and I had great difficulties receiving information, but I heard “it is truly strange income they bring those elephants”, and I heard John ask my mother about me “can’t you understand him” with my mother replying “this is also what I say” meaning that she does understand me, but said in such a way that John does not understand her.

I saw a bowl and heard “you almost need to turn it to see what it says” and I heard “the greengrocer’s side street stockbrokers” and I felt Ole (my mother’s ex-husband) and Bikuben (the bank he used to work for).

I was shown a star of platinum being attached to the top of one pyramid, and I saw a star of gold too, which however was not fully attached.

I heard something about “because shoes have now been auctioned off” (no shoe is no life) and I said “I have not approved this” and received the feeling of my top rule not to jam the situation but to KEEP MOVING.

I was also shown and told “we are four Falck rescuers from Gladaxe and Lyngby who would like to work together” and I was shown a man selling laptop’s but also that the money did not fit, which made me say “then we will have to get it to fit” and I was told “if he does it as good as this, he will also have deserved it” and it was followed by “then it does not matter that the TV2 signal is weak up here” (in Helsingør), and then I was shown two yellow beach tennis rackets (both belonging to the spirit of my mother) and I was told “it is not every day we play beach tennis, most have not recorded” and also that “you have right now been told that the top rule has been used” and I said “I don’t give up on you” and I thought that if my script about my mother yesterday can bring more darkness to open up, this is what we will do, and during this experience I received pain to my right foot but I do not remember pain to the left.

After writing this at 06.53 when I decided that I will now publish this – going against extreme tiredness now a part of me again – I kept on hearing more and more desperate “also regards from Gert”, which I was very sad hearing because this was life saying goodbye, and I can only ask for MAGIC to do if possible what I apparently could not do as Stig and I can only repeat, I will accept NO LOSS OF LIFE (!) and to keep on and on and on.

At 07.00 I felt “something” entering my third eye in the front head and the feeling of “a cow” as part of original creating returning to me as the Source.

And by 07.25 I had uploaded the script of today and yesterday so far, and from here I would like to keep awake, but I cannot keep awake – update will follow.

The darkness tried to eliminate life of the remaining darkness but could not because of love and my decision

By now I was so tired that I could not continue no matter what, and I decided to sleep feeling bad that I could not continue including the negative consequences it could have, so I slept until 16.00 WITHOUT dreams (!!!) or at least without dreams to remember – a FANTASTIC lift (Otis I mean) he is, are you redding to follow … (?) – and when I woke up, it was with a remarkable BAD feeling about the potential negative reactions coming from my family in continuation of my script of yesterday, but again “this is a play”, which they will NOT understand now but later, and yes to dig into the deepest remaining darkness to find all of the gold grains, and yes I have received new optimism because of what followed after I woke up.

I was completely empty for energy after the work I have done the previous week, and I could NOT do anything after waking up than to do nothing – I have first started writing this at 01.10 in the morning – but here are a few notes I took until now:

I was told by souls I felt around me “you cannot enter the cinema only with half pension” and I said “let the light decide this” and shortly thereafter I heard “EVERYTHING is to enter” because this is what the spiritual world is used to hearing me say, that’s why.

I heard “see if there is more green colour to paint with”, which I understood was to paint the rest of the Trinity trapped inside of darkness green, which is really to remove the darkness.

I still received some darkness through negative speech and “marked pains” on the outside of my left angle and I was told “we don’t bother kill, kill anymore”.

I felt “the spirit of a leader of a people of another civilization” in my kitchen as example of many people and I saw how he pushed the “souls surrounding me” inside of me, and I was told that they do everything they can to help me too – thank you to all of you and I receive a big smile here and yes they are part of me too :-).

I heard “imagine, nothing caught fire” and “what are we to do with this bag”, which was the toolbox of darkness, which is useless now when you enter light, so you might want to hand me the dépêche and I will take care of it transforming it into a stick of our shelves instead.

I hear voices speaking around me “nobody is going to die, we are waiting on him there, eeehhh”, and I felt a dark soul inside of me saying “nobody could kill me on the motorway”, and the darkness I received this evening wanted me to send the darkness to these people surrounding me inside of darkness waiting to enter the light.

I heard “thank you because we are not dead anyway” and I was shown Jennifer Lopez and her song “On the floor” and told “because of reuse” like Jenifer, who has sampled from this beautiful song and these minutes I felt both light, darkness and blue and both close to me and “far, far away” – one of the TRUE favourites of mine as a boy maybe because my father (“far” in Danish) was “far, far way” – and I saw a boy with orange within driving a soapbox car, and despite of the messages of the night, he is still allowed to drive in and I heard “isn’t it” (?) and the answer “yes it is” and this boy is also part of my new self, which was the clear feeling I received.

Karen does not know how to love me and again she preferred “bad love” instead of TRUE LOVE

During the evening when watching the Queen’s 40th anniversary show on DR1, I became very touched and received tears for a long time because of practically nothing, and I did not know what it was about but thought that it could be reactions of my mother and Sanna to my script of yesterday, but I have NOT seen any of them enter my website today, but maybe it was hidden for me?

While sitting on my sofa being “accumulated exhausted” – more and more for each day until I reached my limit here – I also had poor conscience for not working thinking that the large cruise ship “Costa Concordia”, which grounded the Italian coast yesterday evening (lots of drama but only a few deaths) could be a symbol of losing the remaining life inside of darkness.

Then suddenly I was given the feeling of Karen and was told “will you please play that one “I don’t know how to love him”, and yes of course I will because the song is truly amazingly beautiful, but with a sad message right until the end, which is that Mary Magdalena did not know how to love Jesus Christ, which you know is what the song is about and it comes from the Jesus Christ musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber:

And not many seconds after this I was told “because of “slave to love”” and now I understood why I had been given Bryan Ferry’s name 1-2 hours before these messages, so here is Bryan with his fantastic song:

And I was told that “this is from where the tears come this evening” and I understood both because of my public scripts of Karen and I do believe also because of my email to her the other day, which however was not as strong, and when writing this when it is now 01.50, I can tell that around 01.00 when returning to the computer I saw an email from Karen in my inbox, which I have NOT opened yet when writing this – as usual I fear it somewhat because I am used to get the worst attacks and language from her (!) because of her uncontrollable and primate feelings, and before I will read and bring her answer, let me give you these lines from the song of Mary Magdalena above, which may be the feelings of Karen, but being a “slave to (wrong) love” made it impossible to take my hand, Karen?

“Should I bring him down? Should I scream and shout?
Should I speak of love, Let my feelings out?”

And I was told that also Karen brings me both much darkness and love, which is the recipe of success, and that “this is the love, which saved us all” meaning that there will be NO loss of life with the foundation being that this is what I have decided.

Finally, I took on courage to open Karen’s email, and she had learned to speak “politely”, but once again she has decided to “sort me out of her life” and isn’t it amazing what feelings can do to people, and yes I have shown you that behind her “fence of darkness” is the woman, I love and the woman, who loves me, but she “cannot” get deeply enough in contact with her “true” self to take the right decision to change her life to be with me, which is the key here (!) and yes Karen prefers her “loverboys” and cannot “dream about making love to me again”, so this is how it was once again, and do you REALLY REALLY mean that you don’t want to see me again (?) and strange that you last month wanted to live with me abroad, and we know “impossible to rely on” is also part of Karen – you NEVER know where you have her because of her fragile feelings and not least SELFISHNESS.

Hej Stig

Det er ikke for at være uhøflig eller noget, men jeg har ikke lyst til at ses eller dyrke venskab.

Ønsker dig alt det bedste fremover og held og lykke med det hele.
Du bedes ikke kontakte mig mere.

Mange hilsner Karen

Yes I bring Eric Clapton in relation to Karen, who is a “modern girl”, who “brings your heart to its knees” as she did with mine because “nothing will stand in her way” and now she “will ride on”, but without becoming happy before returning to me, because I am the only TRUE happiness to be found in her life, which is what she “cannot” feel/understand, and yes I remember listening to Eric’s song together with Karen in 2003/04 several times, where she was “in her own world” when dancing at home and already back then, the song made me EXTREMELY sad, because it is as if it was about her and yes can you hear the INCREDIBLE feelings of Eric’s song and guitar play, which is exactly HOW I FELT, devastated by the woman I know is mine, so Karen, please “don’t throw your love away”.

All life inside darkness survived, but is constantly bombarded by darkness as I am also receiving a weak heart

I was shown light of the spirit of my mother inside of my TV (!) with darkness surrounding her, which constantly exploded at the same time as I received a weak heart again, which you know is about the life inside of this remaining darkness, which CANNOT eliminate anyone, but it is truly annoying because of the explosions, which is what I feel as a weak heart myself.

Finally this evening before publishing the update, I was told “we are now also going to say hello to Gert” and yes “EVERYONE SAYS HI TO GERT” :-).

During the evening, I was given a vision next to my right ear/should of a “very small room”, which is the room of the remaining darkness, and I was told “it was me speaking last night” (about “Parts of the content of darkness of our old world has been destructed” ) and yes you had fooled me, but I was glad that I decided not to allow any loss of life despite of this “game”.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Jens from Selvet has now started to read other of my websites too including the New World Order, Doomsday Scenario and Signs III, and he started “reading” the last two at 04.43 this morning, where I was also awake Jens, and yes first I went into the Doomsday Scenario myself, and then I saw you did it, then I opened my Signs III page to see if I needed to do an update and then you opened it straight way and “strange” how people can become inspired, and yes I saw that he attended a course by Steven Greer telling him about UFO’s, who is also the main source to my Signs III page, which Jens should have “no problems” understand then, and yes Jens, are you about to wake up to reality and see me as “Blue eyes” in front of you?
  • I was reminded of what I did not write yesterday, which was that “invisible darkness” had “overtaken me meaning that darkness did not attack me from outside but was now part of me with the feeling that this is the last layer of darkness now practically part of me because of its closeness making it difficult to fight and I had to tell myself “remember to ask yourself if this is good or bad, and if it is bad, then do not be like this”, which was about the constant thoughts more than direct speech coming to me about other people, which was “almost deceiving” me because of the new feeling, but not because of my new defence system, which worked the most when swimming, and I was here told that this helped much darkness to enter the light.
  • I liked much to see the fine entertainers of the TV show for the queen this evening, including Sanne singing ”Jeg’ I live”, which is indeed what I am, so here it comes with her singing and yes your original studio recording with Thomas Helmig is nothing less than fantastic :-).



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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