January 17, 2012: The Costa Concordia running aground symbolises the end of the old world not ending as a disaster


Summary of the script today

15th January: The cruise ship Costa Concordia running aground symbolises the end of the old world not ending as a disaster

  • I was VERY SAD about the behaviour of my mother and Karen, and COMPLETELY broken down with EXHAUSTION after work the last week going to my extreme limit, which made me do “almost nothing” today in order to recover and to start work again tomorrow and “as long as it is required”.
  • Dreaming that Karen also wanted to live together with me giving spirituality and sexuality a chance, Karen and my mother have less energy after their misunderstandings these days over me and Karen’s life including “France” was designed by my inner self.
  • I was in doubt whether or not we really saved everything or if something was transferred to me without a code through my third eye as I felt yesterday, and I was told that the cruise ship Costa Concordia running aground yesterday is a symbol of the end of the old world, which did not end as a disaster, but where (almost) all passengers were saved (to become part of our New World). I was told that “congratulations telegrams roll in from the world”, which is from the official world being very happy that we survived.
  • I received extreme pains to my right leg this evening and then I saw that my mother had read my previous script with the very DIRECTLY written truth of our “conversation”, which has brought her much pain since I felt it so strongly, and I was told that this is needed to do the work to open up the eyes of my new self and also to do work on the new 4th dimensions – a part of the plan. And Michael Harding and friends were inspired to write symbols of the creation of our new layer cake (world) is coming right out of the “shit of darkness/nothing” (I don’t like the s… word …).

16th January: I received EXTREME pain because of my mother’s feelings helping me to get every little thing out of darkness

  • I had decided to sleep this night but after discovering and feeling the strong darkness coming after my mother had read my previous script, I knew that the right answer was to use this opportunity to work all night long to bring out every little thing of darkness through “infernal punishments”, which is why I among others received information that this is the last small fine tuning of the motor of our New World, the spirit of my mother attacked me with a sharp object trying to separate the last information of darkness inside of me, which she however did not succeed doing because of my decision to stand firm, I continued receiving information, which otherwise would have been lost, coming through a “too little hole” to our New World, which also included the recipe of how to make our Universe grow CONSIBERABLY, I received the MOST EXTREME PAINS to my right angle yet because of my mother’s – and still Karen’s – uncontrollable reactions to my previous script, which was required for me to re-enter the darkness, my work this night also brought “air” to my mother and Karen, who continues thinking of me as a potential partner. This is the end of the play of Sanna using my mother trying to stop my writings on the family, and I continued bringing out the last gold of darkness hidden at the little remaining red paint of our ship, which is “almost nothing”.
  • I had a dream saying that I have not saved 100% of my old self yet, there is still more to do (!), but still our New World as is today is a “beautiful world” and I was given a STRONG smell of throwing up too of my mother/Karen, which is immense darkness/sadness with the “funny” part being that inside of this is still life of my old self being transferred to our New World – without the old world burning down at any time!

17th January: Doing “the impossible” to let our New World use the set up of the old world as foundation

  • After sleeping too much (!!!) I was dreaming of my “old nightmare” because of the darkness coming from my mother/Karen, leaving work before time and sand in the engine because I took a much needed working break and doing “the impossible” to adjust our New World using the scheme of the old world as foundation.
  • I had my blood sample taken at the hospital today, and I received more darkness coming to me as “lava” because of the uncontrollable feelings of my mother, who wants to censor my writings if only she could even though she deeply inside of her knows about me. I am calmly painting the final details with light even though my mother is lose as a monster destroying things, which I recreate.
  • Today I finally located visits of my sister to my website – she is still reading me, but “spiritual darkness”, which showed “Holte” as her city, has now showed “Nærum” for some time as her city even though she is living in Rungsted (Hørsholm) – and this is darkness telling that my sister CANNOT tell family/friends etc. about the TRUTH of me being “the one”, but it was EASY for you to tell lies to everyone of me when you misunderstood me?
  • I receive a mixture of light and darkness as the last darkness coming to me, which brings much less sufferings than before but still it is difficult to fight because much of it is “invisible”, and it still includes temptations/threats of my “old nightmare”
  • People of other civilizations being overtaken by darkness of man did not shoot back on mankind shooting against UFO’s because they waited on a signal of me to accept darkness, which I NEVER did, which saved mankind from war against people of other civilizations.


15th January: The cruise ship Costa Concordia running aground symbolises the end of the old world not ending as a disaster

Dreaming that Karen also wanted to live together with me giving spirituality and sexuality a chance

During the night I received the strength of all Karen’s darkness including sexual sufferings/speech given to me based upon her way of life – which is what she decided to continue instead of taking me (!) – and I was SAD SAD SAD because of Karen’s and my mother’s “inability” to understand because of their own deafness and wrong-doings and also their misunderstandings blaming me for being selfish, my mother blaming me, Karen for believing I am not a good lover and also to be looked down upon and really receiving the worst, negative feelings of what I do when everything is based upon their own misunderstandings because of deafness, laziness and simple mindedness, and I know that it is only a question of time (also showing my love to my mother and Karen) before they will “understand” me or that is to bring out what is already inside of their hearts (!), but still it is truly not very nice to go through these experiences also not least knowing how sad they becomes because of their misunderstandings (!) and now with the risk not to see each other again, and yes will my mother (or sister) read the script of yesterday and what will she now decide to do (?), to criticize me for writing the truth, which she simply cannot bear to see published or will she accept that I only write the truth about what I see and this is the goal anyway, and if she had objective corrections to my script, she is of course welcome to send me that email and we know will she decide not to see me because she cannot answer to the truth, which is you know not accept her own behaviour (!), and yes if she and also Karen as examples behaved as when my African friends behave correctly, I would be HAPPY and write that, but you have not learned anything since you are still doing me wrong?

I decided to go to bed at 05.00 in the night and to stand up at lunch time today hoping to return to a normal day rhythm in a couple of days.

I have been completely and utterly broken down after my work this week needing time to recover, and today was the first day maybe since 2009 that I decided to start the day doing NOTHING instead of working, and yes I have had NO free days for a “very long” time, thus an enormous need to relax and go on holiday, but I understand that I did not receive sleeps at my last sleep and only the following because the spiritual world knows that I gave EVERYTHING I GOT during the last week, and I need to take this day to recover, and then we can speak about starting all over again from tomorrow going to “my limit” to reach and bring out more darkness, which I am sure is in there even though I only received little negative speech today when doing nothing else than cycling to town and back because I though that I had to do something.

  • I have moved together with Karen and her daughter Caroline in Snekkersten, and Karen has told me “don’t believe you will get sex” and she asks about Camilla’s and my old relation and I answer that we also had too little sex as so many others. Karen opens up and tells me that we can try to be together sexually along the road, and when I am going to bed, Karen and Caroline fills out all of the bed making it difficult for me to find room and they are kept warm using my duvet, but I manage to find room next to Karen. Later she wants to sell her old red Ford Escort and to buy an egg instead.
    • This is to tell you about Karen’s flickering mind because besides from turning me down yesterday, she also had these feeling that she would like to live together with me trying to get our sexual relation to work too, and really to sell her RED old self, i.e. to get rid of her darkness and to meet me and the “egg”, i.e. “creation” or “spirituality” and isn’t it wonderful that she played the game I encouraged her not to play, which was to hide her true feelings for me, do you see?
  • A gang of Swedish teenage thieves coming from Kristiansstad are in Helsingør and they have stolen money from my mother and Karen.
    • My experiences with my mother and Karen these days have removed energy from them instead of the opposite (Swedes of our New World coming from “the city of the Danish King”!) because of their misunderstandings, and what normally happens in such a situation is that I bring them energy, but I am NOT tired today and do not receive much sufferings, so I wonder where this energy is from, and it can be from the pipe of our New World and also from sacrifices of the Universe.
  • I had other small dreams, which I cannot remember, Otis (!), but something about being on a cycling tour together with Jan (cannot remember which Jan it is) and we cannot set up the tent in the evening, and also that I have made a video of Karen travelling around France in her life, which is because she is connected to my video.
    • Karen’s (ex?) husband Denis is from France as an example, which was “directed” from someone I know inside of me, and I receive “potentially big smiles”, but we are NOT ready yet my friends, I still have to visit the hospital tomorrow for the lab test and check to see if there is more darkness.
    • I woke up hearing “Huckleberry Finn” by Shu-bi-dua (one of their approx. 100 FANTASTIC classics) and the lyrics starting by “Ma, Ma, Ma”, which goes like this: “Ma Ma Ma please help me I’m so sad, ’cause I lost the only girl I’ve ever had, I was so good, she was so bad, She even murdered my little kitty-cat, Ma Ma Ma please help me I’m so sad” and you may understand that this is what I could tell my mother about Karen, and you do remember that the cat is a symbol of light and the rest is “history” really.

The cruise ship Costa Concordia running aground symbolises the end of the old world not ending as a disaster

During the day I took some notes as follows:

You have also changed clothes without feeling it”, which I understood that I have become my new self ready to open up my eyes and that was part of the sufferings I went through.

Everything is green in there” and then I was shown and told “this means that there will be no white coffin placed on a dark wooden carriage wagon breaking apart”, which I was told because I have wondered if we really saved everything or if something was transferred to me without a code for example through my third eye as I felt yesterday.

I was shown and told “you remove the undercarriage of a Citroen 2CV on top of the mountain, which is the main construction of Karen, and set it up somewhere else”, which I understood is what I have done making her world “fall together” but to be set up elsewhere as her new self.

I was shown small bridges between houses over a canal – which could be in Venice, Italy – with the bridges being lowered (moved into the side of the houses) and I heard people clapping, which was followed with a view over a huge crowd of enthusiastic people.

I was shown a chocolate layer cake opening in the middle, and bacon on its side being moved into the cake and I was told “this is how to do it” (to transfer the remaining part of what supported the cake of creation into creation itself).

I was shown and told that the last you have to go through is a short walk through a very short half-dark tunnel for players leading into a sport hall with wild spectators because of happiness.

I was watching the celebrations of the Danish Queen’s 40th anniversary on TV and in a vision I was shown a HUGE crowd of people in black/white with a yellow frame around and I saw how a HUGE number of people were crossing a small bridge and I was shown and told “you have not seem any of them falling down to the crocodiles, have you” (?), which I was told because of my doubts of the messages given to me could be because I am almost not working today and that this could be the darkness speaking again thinking of the cruise ship in Italy running aground, and I have also thought these days about “how much time do we really have to transfer the last darkness before we have reached the time where we MUST close the door” and I have been thinking about the end of time according to the Mayan Calendar, which is the 21st December 2012 as one “milestone”, which should give us “plenty of time” but also on my journey in practise – my screen is blinking with LIGHT here several times – where all signs say that we have now come to the end of the line, where we have to close the door and just thinking that we brought everything or as much of everything as we/I could and that it is almost the same as using ALL fuel on a car (to the last drop) without stopping the engine itself, and then I was told about the Costa Concordia cruise ship that the ship could have sailed directly “on” making it a disaster, that it is a symbol of the end of the old world and I was told that “the few dead people do not correspond much more than the trees, which had started to be sawed through” and this did NOT become a disaster as Titanic, which was given as a symbol of the coming end of the “old” world, which this is too.

The cruise ship Costa Concordia lays on its side after running aground the island of Giglio, Italy, yesterday, as a symbol of the end of the world, but survival of “all” in our New World thus not a disaster as Titanic

Congratulations telegrams roll in from the world” because of our survival

I was shown Jutland – the main land of Denmark – as one giant telephone speaker, and Roman soldiers having thrown their helmets in a large mountain in front of me and I am given a feeling of doubt whether or not one solider remains.

I was told that “congratulations telegrams roll in from the world”, which is the reactions of the official world about our survival, which was told me only seconds before the chairman of the Danish Conservative Party, Lars Barfoed, was interviewed on DR1 TV on his way into the celebration dinner with the Queen, and I felt/understood that when he said about attending this evening “it means much to celebrate the Queen” (he said more than this, Bryan, which is from “one of the best albums in history too” :-), and this is what he feels about the Queen and also about our survival as an example of “the official (and quiet!) world”.

He was followed by the Employment Minister Mette Frederiksen, who had “an accident” with her cat almost destroying her fine dress as she said, and yes inspiration comes in many ways, and this is saying that you almost had “the giffel” (“morning roll”) in the wrong throat, Mette, because of my recent story of you (?) and yes here it is also a SIGN of the biggest smiles and happiness because “the giffel” is half Danish/English and a reference to the sketch of “Baker-Jørgen” yesterday evening at the TV-show for the Queen where he said this word and yes all of you were LAUGHING at the show and I was LAUGHING at home seeing this wonderful entertainer, which is about “happiness all over the world” and yes with you too, Mette – despite of all (?) – and since his performance of yesterday is not on YouTube yet, I will here bring an old sketch of “Baker-Jørgen” performing and “dancing” for the Royal family and Denmark in 2004, and here, her speaks better English than what he did yesterday, but still not very good and yes he and “De Nattergale” symbolise my notes and scripts not written in perfect English 🙂 🙂 :-).

Directly after the interview with Mette, the hosts spoke of “crazy cats liking dresses” and also that “det så knald hamrende flot ud” (“it looked bang perishing”) and “bang perishing” was a VERY popular quote in Denmark, when the TRIO “De Nattergale” (“the nightingales”) invented it some years ago in their “Canal Wild Card” Christmas Calendar, and this was simply to say that CRAZY GOD “acting” through me did the task to save Christmas, thus the world, which really was “bang perishing” good :-), and I was shown a full gala with all of these people of the official Denmark attending and the feeling that “we only miss one” and then I was shown a small bridge at the top of the stairs of the castle, where the Maharaja riding the elephant (symbolising me) was crossing the bridge as the last one to enter our New World.

And BLACK AND WHITE was also the theme of this chapter – also a part of the video of Baker-Jørgen – so therefore I will bring this what I believe is the best song of Michael Jackson (together with Billie Jean) to say that we succeeded to enter the fire and pass it without the world burning – we made it through :-).

Later in the evening, I saw the goodbye to Jes Dorph on TV2 and he has been one of the most loved TV hosts in Denmark the last 20 years, and he was surprised when his colleagues decided to say goodbye on live TV, and so much that he said “I am not dead, I’m alive” (“Jeg’ I live”), and you may understand that these songs are inspired the same way as Jes was here and yes I’m alive.

I was told that “it is like getting a big brother home”, which was the feeling of our new God welcoming home our old God.

I received EXTREME pain because of the reactions of my mother reading the last script, which was needed to wake me up

During the evening I still received “invisible darkness” trying to make me be negative towards everything and everyone – now mostly thoughts and feelings instead of direct speech, but still also directly speech! – and it wanted me to send darkness to my mother not wishing her well, Terrence but the opposite because she says that she does not believe in me (you) as Maitreya making me very sad, and I had to fight this most of the evening simply deciding that there is NO CHANCE in the world that I will wish darkness to be sent to my mother, on the contrary. I also felt how strongly I am hesitating to call my mother this week after the visit the other day because of her potential negative reactions to my script writing the TRUTH.

Late in the evening I received a few sudden and VERY GREAT PAINS to my right leg and scratch, and I was told by the voice of darkness in the small room to the right of me to stay awake otherwise it will cost life, and my strong feeling was to reject this because I had decided to go to bed to get a good sleep in order to write a normal script with dreams tomorrow from the morning and also to go to the swimming hall to do exercise and the hospital to do the lab test – and the game is that I truly don’t know if we are losing life, i.e. “code”, at the moment or if darkness cannot hurt the light inside of it and that there is enough time to get everything with us, this is how the play is designed and when hearing one side of the story, it is so strong that it is credible and hearing the other side, it is equally as strong, so I really don’t know, but normally when playing with the darkness, the truth is always “the least attractive” of the two – and I have also received much play again about my mother’s life once again being at stake, which I really don’t like very much to hear and have become so tired of hearing it by now that I have decided to exclude it as an option even though it may be a risk because of the EXTREME feelings my mother goes through, which you know could influence her health if I don’t bring her energy.

I was shown a taxi arriving with the colour blue coming out of it, and I was told “because it is me arriving” with “me” being my new self and I was told that we needed the energy coming from the reading of my script visiting my mother the other day to do this, and I was also shown a triangle and told “do you remember the part of four dimensions” (and no time), which also may be work starting now, so if this is from the light, there is now more work to be done again.

And again I received extreme physical pain to my right leg, it was just around midnight and I wondered if my mother or sister had read my last script because I had not seen this from the statistics during the day, but when I returned to my computer at 01.30 I saw the following visit to my website, which I could only connect with my mother/John visiting and yes reading my script of yesterday herewith explaining the great pain I received, and yes mother is the pain mainly coming from your “misunderstood hurt feelings” or the fact of me being Christ (?) and yes just wondering I am – and SAD that you have to go through this pain too, but this is the “gift” given to both of us for you helping me towards the final goal of opening my eyes as my new self.

My mother/John visited my script published yesterday including the DIRECT truth of my visit, which brought my mother so much pain that I received EXTREME pains to my right leg

After this, I could only say “alright, since I managed to stir up the feelings of my mother once again making it possible to withdraw even more from darkness, I will do this” herewith deciding to stay up working instead of going to bed, but I don’t expect to stay awake both all night and day but probably “all night” and we will see.

And when I shortly after seeing the visit of my mother to my website, checked for updates on Facebook, I saw that Hardinger and some of his friends had been inspired at the same time, where Michael could not help “bringing out a wind” because of the headline of the newspaper B.T. that the Princess of Denmark “Marie aired the stomach on the balcony”, which could be misunderstood as if she was farting on the balcony, and you may remember that “things of this nature” – including diarrhoea, which I started feeling myself – is a symbol of my “old nightmare” threatening me, and yes this is about EXTREME sufferings sent to me and now here STRONG feelings of my mother on top of everything else with the potential to break me and down, thus destructing life and alternatively for me to absorb the darkness and yes work with it as part of the process building the last elements of our New World, and when you read Lone’s comment below “shit and layer cake”, you may understand that the creation of our new layer cake (world) is coming right out of the “shit of darkness/nothing” (I don’t like the s… word …).

So this was all folks of the script of today, which I will end with these short stories:

  • I was told that I am mentioned in “secret scripts” and I was given a vision of Jack and the military as an example of where these scripts circulate, and I cannot wait to see what you have written – and spoken (!) – about me, which you “could not” release to me or the world, and yes was it mainly about your fear and sceptical or maybe even negative/aggressive attitude towards me?
  • Writing the script of today gave me much throw-up feelings, so we are still working with at least “some darkness”.


16th January: I received EXTREME pain because of my mother’s feelings helping me to get every little thing out of darkness

I received EXTREME pain because of my mother’s feelings helping me to get every little thing out of darkness

I finished the last work to my script of yesterday by 02.30 and instead of sleeping I was now “surprised” – losing its strength really when I am used to being surprised but the constant changes of colour schemes on my monitor given in periods keeps “annoying” me, which I have to be careful about not making me negative – and I decided to take notes for the next half an hour, which follows here:

I was shown and told that doing this work corresponds to wrapping in a Kinder egg in its packing.

I was shown Line Rafn from the band Infernal (which means “a. Of or relating to a lower world of the dead. b. Of or relating to hell: infernal punishments; infernal powers”) in concert with the audience being all in darkness, and this was the opening to this darkness going through this “infernal” of mine (and my mother).

I was shown and told “it corresponds ot a LARGE ship entering harbour and removing the last small area of the front with red paint”.

I was shown the legendary Danish humouristic couple Dirch & Kjeld, which I connected with receiving SMILES, and this old masterpiece of the sketch “the raft” was the only one I could bring also herewith reminding me that “God cannot sink”.

I was asked a couple of times “to visit the hospital today before going asleep” and first it was a clear “no” and after thinking of it and getting used to the idea, the “no” became a “yes”, so this is what I will do so the hospital will get a blood sample of me being “tired” and “exhausted” to see if you can find any “traces”.

I felt yellow coming against me (the colour of the spirit of my mother) as a very sharp object trying to separate my physical self, and I was shown exchange of information between people inside two cars parked next to each other at a parking basement.

I was shown one car driving after the other in the basement, but a heavy door closed before the second car, and I see the driver of this climbing right to the top of the door finding a small hole at the very top and I say “please enter”.

I was shown and told a football being packed in a newspaper and “we will continue playing a little because of your decision not to sleep”.

I was shown and told about a TV Christmas Calendar at a harbour and I saw the video of Jeff Lynne’s “Every little thing” with my message still being that we will bring EVERY LITTLE THING with us from the old world NOT leaving anything behind and I was told “this is how it feels like”.

I was shown an apartment with one wall after the other being broken down with force to remove an elephant (part of God inside darkness) behind and its laundry (to be converted to light) and I was told that “normally it requires an infinity of power to do this” and to my thoughts “yes, also to recreate to get everything with us”.

And after thinking this thought to “recreate what has been lost” I was shown and told about a police car in New York destroying a fireplug and now calling for help (to get more darkness for me to work with), and right after this I was shown a new little classical orchestra emerging from underneath a lake (not to be destructed) and I heard “also a New World to us” (?) and yes my friends a New World to “every little thing”.

I was shown an unknown flag – inspired by the unknown flags to me included in the counter of my website – on the top of a flagpole, which was about to go right through a boat underneath the water.

I was shown and told of ALL of the island of SALTholm being lifted up by a helicopter full of coins without a motor break down making it fall down, and SALT is “everything” and the helicopter is me deciding not to stop working.

I was shown myself being part of the floor seeing a vacuum cleaner approaching, which I know that I should normally be afraid of because it can soak me up, but instead of hiding, I decide to show myself clearly saying “you cannot soak me up”, which was the attitude I showed my mother when telling her clearly that she and the family cannot do anything to my writings herewith rejecting her “order” to make me stop writing about the family, which is here giving me extreme pains to my right angle again, and yes they are so painful that they are the worst pains of my life, and yes “destruction” is what they mean and they keep coming here, which I am NOT glad about, but just to tell me the kind of energy released here to bring me all of this nice information, which I decide to bring EVERYTHING with me home.

I was shown first an egg, then a screwdriver and a car engine and told that the work I am doing now corresponds to doing the fine tuning of the adjustment of the engine of our New World.

I was myself as a GIANT having the cruise ship Costa Concordia in my hands laying on some water, and the ship is very little both in my hands and in particular in comparison with my giant size, and first I did not understand how I could physically be so much larger than the world, which the ship symbolises, which I was told a little bit later.

I was in a living room feeling that it was at the time of Mozart and I saw “the strongest locomotive breaking through the picture on the wall” – hearing and feeling when writing now “no mouse in the kitchen” as to say that there are no mouse on this train – and the strongest locomotive is the immense feelings of my mother, which was needed to break through to the inner darkness once again, and I felt a dark dog coming to me from the right but also that this dog is not as powerful as it used to be.

I was shown a train driving through the Royal Castle of Stockholm – thinking of the sexual behaviour of the Swedish King influenced by darkness – and from here it divided into two trains one going to the Royal Castle of Norway and one to the Royal Castle of Denmark herewith saying that the sufferings of the Swedish King brought sufferings to all royal people of Scandinavia as part of your road to the other side (to become your new selves).

I was shown myself with a bowl of cream, which I come on my face, which is already smeared with chocolate (!) and I am also making pudding and I am told that all of these symbols correspond to the same as diarrhoea, which I am surprised to hear when it comes to chocolate, which does NOT have this meaning (!), so here I have to correct the darkness because “chocolate” means selfishness or “thinking of myself” and yes I am given this wrong symbol because of the MISUNDERSTOOD beliefs of my mother and Karen of me being selfish!!!

I was told that it has required the patience of Ferdinand the bull not to lose my temper to become negative and that is “not even once” and I CANNOT stress enough how impossible this was as it is also now when writing this because of the pain I am given and how I feel, and I would also like to stress that “more than 95% of my writings” were written in one long row without having time to think other than when writing consecutively without having the time or energy to truly THINK and edit my writings and this is true for all writings except my main webpages and where I elsewhere have indicated that I have spent time thinking, so I kindly ask for your understanding of the errors, which naturally are included.

I was shown a ship and small aeroplanes coming out of the engine of a GIANT aeroplane, “which we are about to install now”, and I was shown a lady’s shoe (the life of my mother creating this road) and light of a very small boxing ring completely surrounded by darkness and I was told “this is the last secret we will retrieve, which is about how go grow even larger” and here I also received EXTREME pain to my right angle and I was told “I was also on my way out, but no, then you found me” and I felt this part of me as another Gyro Gearloose from Walt Disney, which was also the answer to my GIANT self of before, which is about how to make our New World grow.

I was shown mince meat being transported on a transport belt and the last meat being pressured through the mincer and I was told “there was no true danger for your mother” and while writing this I am given a weak heart again, which is still very unpleasant.

I saw myself sitting in an airship over USA and I was told that the Hindenburg disaster was also a sign given to mankind about the coming end of the world, but there is a CURE of everything :-).

I was shown darkness coming out from a cave at a small island in the harbour of a large Australian town and I saw my old school friend Søren D.N. shooting sausages (i.e. sexual suffering) against me (because of his wrong doings in relation to me) but I was also told that “not as many as your mother”.

I was shown a huge landscape of only snow, which was to say that I liked seeing on TV yesterday evening how the Crown Prince Frederik had invited his mother, the Queen, on a sledge tour of days in Greenland, and I was told that “this is where my mother and I are now” and I felt Karen too, and then I was given the biggest of all EXTREME pains to my right angle, and I was told that Karen’s pain is increased by my mother not understanding that my pain is greater than Karen’s (for knowing about my writings on her) simply because of her wrong attitude towards me being unfaithful (!) with other men instead of “understanding” her love and relation to me, and Karen doesn’t either understand that I suffer more than her, and I was told that my mother also read my dream and comments in my previous script of Niklas’ girlfriend Isabelle, but still my mother cannot understand that also Niklas and Isabelle bring me more sufferings than I them because of their wrong behaviour towards me.

I was shown a dark car from World War II and told that ”nobody (of my family) understand Hitler”, but then I saw a spiritual car coming, which may be about ”conscious and unconscious mind and understanding” where my family have not “understood” me with their brain, which they however have with their heart, which is what matter.

I was shown myself eating five cookies not caring about my weight – the last two years as the first time ever in my life (!) – and I was shown and told how this attitude could make one train wagon (of BRIO toys) after the other fall out or the bucket and I received more pains to my right angel (“destruction”) and was told “but not when you chose to play the game this was”, which was about “never giving in” and to include “recreation of what is lost”.

I was shown the two presenters of the DR1 TV show the other day in honour of the Queen and this because I very much liked their work, and I have had the thought that maybe I wrote too little in my scripts about all of the small things, which makes me happy, which also includes good behaviour and work of others, which I am always GLAD to see, and I think of it every single time I see a good product, leaflet, performance etc.

I was shown that the football is too large to enter a small hole (to our New World), which has a scarf around it and I was told “what do you do then” and I thought “either to divide the football into smaller pieces or to make the hole larger” and again for the light to decide what is the best to do, and here I had decided that instead of taking notes for 30 minutes, I would continue for a total of 45 minutes, and I was told that “you do this because of this” and I was thinking that this decision will probably help me to work until approx. 07.00 to make it possible to be at the hospital at approx. 08.00, and we will see if this will be possible – and I know that the scarf here is a reference to the “raft-sketch” before about the man (i.e. God) not being able to “sink” because he has inflammation of the throat (!) and again the game about whether or not it would be possible to lose this (last) information of God or if “the insurance” of the Source would “save” it, and I don’t really know so better to be on the safe side continuing to do my best work.

I was shown a man on the dark side drinking a drink through a straw giving something to the light and receiving corkscrew the other way, which may be to open the bottle of wine and pour parts of it to make smaller portions enter.

I was shown Karen in a plastic bag together with coins, which were hidden in foil, which have now been found because of the darkness she brings, and I received the taste of a throat pastille and was told that my work is bringing her “air” too.

I was shown and told that there will not be one single dark shoe left when you are done, which is when I will scream as a baby, and there will consequently be no jaws of large sharks as I was told.

I was shown a large but empty bottle of Coca Cola, where it is now only the label on the bottle, which is separating me from the other side of light, where I see a small boy wearing a cap.

I was given the song “if I could turn back time” by Cher, which according to an old dream included in book no. 1, I believe, is about Karen thinking “if I could turn back time making love to him again”, which I was told is what Karen also thought of this evening.

I was shown myself inside a UFO looking out through the glass floor seeing a sharp object trying to cut through the last piece of darkness (“me”), which does not succeed (because of my decision to work).

I was shown the control room of a UFO working perfectly but the room is divided into two by a water wall with people hit by darkness from mankind on one side and people not hit by darkness on the other, and this was a new encouragement for me to write about this on my Signs III page, which I decided not to do some days ago because I really don’t have any information on UFO abductions on this page, which this is related to, but I might do it after receiving this information, and yes it is now on the to do list, but more as “nice to have” than “need to have” so we will see – and here I am told about the “infected” dark side of people of other civilizations also sending “strange” messages back to their planets including threats, which is what could have caused a TRUE war in space with mankind as the given losers and that is if this development had continued going the wrong way.

I was coming to the end of taking notes and I was shown the outside of a large aeroplane being brushed off one last time, which this work is about – one final cleaning of our New World.

I was shown Sanna as a little girl playing with toy cars now putting the last once back on the shelves inside a separate room, which is about the will of my sister influencing my mother against me, which did not work out, and now this last weapon of hers to make me stop writing about the family using my mother against me has stopped working, and I decided not to become negatively influenced by this play of my sister but to do things my way.

I saw the last of a dark animal disappear up through a trapdoor, and I shake Obama’s hand and receive my graduation also because I truly don’t know if he has read my scripts or not, but I have had faith all the way that he has and that he has taken on his part of the work to influence the world in favour of me (us) to make us all survive.

After starting to write this chapter based on my notes, I also received the following information:

My mother also read about my weight in my previous script, which does not concern me but her much, and it gave me straight away extreme pain to my right angle (it is MUCH bigger today than before), and yes if this means more destruction, we need to recover this too doing our best job.

I was shown a cross being soaked by an extremely strong extractor fan to the shield of a well and through the shield down into the well, which includes more darkness and I kept on receiving the MOST EXTREME PHYSICAL PAIN I HAVE EVER RECEIVED TO MY RIGHT ANGLE – it is like a torture instrument burning me – and I understood that this is how powerful the feelings of my mother, and also Karen, are at the moment.

I felt Michael Hardinger and was told “he has also seen your Facebook postings” and then I saw him climbing down the rope inside of the well now looking like the evil character of Gargamel from the cartoon “the Smurfs” – which I have been given many times too as a symbol of darkness, which may be the first time that I write about it now, and yes I loved this cartoon too as a boy – and I saw myself standing on the bottom of the well with much gold, which I am collecting because of my work writing and publishing this, and yes Michael “impossible to have faith in me when not reading me” and yes “too crazy” is a decision, which is easy to take without knowing about the content but solely guessing?

And yes, now I understand why my computer mouse apparently has started receiving difficulties working when clicking with the left button, which of course is to say that the mouse of darkness is about to stop working as I have also been given symbols of

And by 06.30 I had finished writing, editing and uploading this chapter together with the script of yesterday – there will come an update later.

After taking a bath, I was on my way to the hospital at 08.00, but suddenly I remembered that the doctor told me to fast from midnight, which I had totally forgotten about when having breakfast at 07.30, so I made a mistake and will have to go tomorrow morning instead.

I felt strong darkness around me including pretty strong negative speech when returning home and I was told “you will decide yourself what to do now”, which is about how hard I will push myself now when there is much darkness around me, and yes my thoughts were that I will not be able to get the same amount of darkness out of Karen and my mother again, so I might continue a little, but I don’t expect to stay awake all day.

Instead of going to the hospital, I did this new paragraph to my Signs III page:

“I have not gone into detail on UFO abductions too, but I have received the understanding that abductions are carried out by mankind self co-operating with people of other civilisations transformed into darkness to torment human beings  going through “medical surveys” and torture to leave a permanent impression on them that people of other civilisations are vicious. I do understand that it is mankind, who has succeeded bringing darkness to some people of other civilisations using pulse weapons etc. and that they arrived to Earth as nothing but good as their foundation, and with this new darkness, they have attended covert abductions of human beings with the goal of “secret governments” to turn mankind against people of other civilisations in order to carry on its own plans to develop and execute war in space, which could have come sooner rather than later also because people of other civilisations after being transformed into darkness have sent “strange reports including threats” back home to their planets and solar systems, which would have caused a counterattack if they had continued to increase in size and numbers.”

I have more work to do to save 100% of our “old God” based upon “throw-up” feelings of my mother/Karen

By 10.15 I decided that I had not work – not on my to do list anyhow – and I was again so tired as the previous days at the same time, but instead of destroying myself completely once again, I decided to go to bed, and when I did this I was told by souls inside of me “is it now we are going to die” and no, I don’t want anyone or anything to die and first when I know for sure that everything is brought with me, we can continue with the opening of our New World but NOT before this time my friends.

I was “allowed” to sleep until 15.30 receiving this dream only:

  • Camilla’s parents Inger and John are to hold a birthday party for 100 people at Easter, they lack chairs and find some extra old chairs from “my time”, and they are rusty. I see Camilla there with “her ex-husband”, who still comes to the house, he is a loyal business man but is no longer invited to the holiday cottage (in Rørvig).
    • Camilla was my cohabiter from 1994-2001, and the party is planned for 100 people, which is to make 100 percent of our old world survive, and there are still some old chairs, which we need to decode when removing darkness before we can hold the party, and the ex-husband is me, who is still spoken of in Camilla’s family and when I don’t come to the holiday cottage, it is another symbol that “all of my old self” has not been transferred yet, so we are NOT finished yet – and my screen changes several times between a red and white nuance when writing this – from darkness to light, which is what it means.
    • I woke up to “beautiful world” by Devo, but not yet my friends – and I also heard “dancing in the street” and lyrics from the verse: “It doesn’t matter what you wear, just as long as you are there, So come on, every guy, grab a girl, everywhere, around the world, They’ll be dancing, dancing in the street”, which is about how the world will react to our New World, with much joy.

I woke up at 15.30 as mentioned where I also decided to stand up even though I was still tired and not recovered, and again I was SAD because of the event at my mother, and I thought that I would very much like to call her – saying thank you for the t-shirts and yes that is right, my mother keeps buying things for me and keep asking me not to write about it so John will not find out (!) and do you think this is the way to live a life and that goes to both you mother and John and NO is the answer (!) and yes these things are “nice to have” but have NO importance compared to be understood, which is “need to have” (!!!) – but I decided that I am now so tired of people misunderstanding and blaming me with uncontrollable feelings that I do not want to experience this again, and we know my mother is VERY welcome to call me again, which I will look forward too, but right now I can only send her good thoughts (still rejecting all darkness coming wishing the opposite!) and the wish to recover at the same time absorbing the darkness, which she and Karen sends me and yes underneath this their love too.

And I felt this darkness coming to me the rest of the day as a new feeling, which was as “slow darkness” almost as lava, which keeps rolling in and inside of this darkness is a strong wish to kill me and I was given a STRONG smell of throwing up too of my mother/Karen, which is the bad smelling lake at the Roskilde Festival I am swimming too and yes made up by misunderstood feelings of my mother and Karen, “funny” isn’t it what misunderstandings can do and yes because included in all of this darkness/sadness is the transferral of more of my old self, which is TRULY the “fun” part here and of course impossible to see for my narrow minded mother/family and Karen today focusing on their own misunderstood feelings, but “quite easy” in the future when you read this, and yes how could feelings be so strong that it made it impossible for people to listen and understand in our old world (?) and yes this is how it was and still is when writing this.

The rest of the day and evening I was still “destroyed of tiredness” feeling damp all over my body, and it was a fight to keep up until “normal sleeping time” at the end of the evening and I was told that “no cells will be lost, which is what we use your mother for” and at one time I was given the smell of matches and sulphur and I was told that I would have felt and smelled just around me if the old world had been set on fire (destruction), which it was not because it required my approval, which I rejected how many thousands of times (?) and quite many.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • The last 3-4 times I have published or updated a script, I have noticed that Jens from Selvet has been “inspired” to be at his computer “by chance” opening my new script almost at the exact same minute – today as example I published my script at 06.27 and he opened my main page at 06.27 and this exact script at 06.28 (!), and yes the margins have been the same “not existing” the previous times, and Jens, I might ask if you do know the nice song “I’m a believer” by Neil Diamond (?) and all I can do is to bid you welcome 🙂 and eeehhh you never came around to send me a reply (?), but thank you for keeping me as part of Selvet’s Facebook group and you might want to decide doing the RIGHT thing to bring me rehabilitation by cancelling your exclusion of me from Selvet’s website in 2010 including a PUBLIC excuse because of your wrong-doings and “inability” to control your negative emotions (?), and did you approve or maybe even push my exclusion or was it solely Mickey acting on his own hand?

  • Søren Pind was also inspired today to speak about “red” and “blue” smurfs, which I myself received a vision of – funny how things seem to “collide” here 🙂 – and you are right Søren, that Gargamel makes the “sweet, good, reliable, hard-working and happy” smurfs unhappy, and the “red smurfts” are NOT the “red government” of Denmark today, Søren, but the sins of mankind with “red” being DARKNESS and POOR HABITS/BEHAVIOUR of people.

  • Søren was first inspired in the following thread below – from “aunt Helena” here – and you are right, Søren, that “red people playing God always end up by creating Gullag and Hell” (thinking of RED as sins of mankind again) and yes isn’t it funny how Søren is an “inspired” man (?) and it continued later when Jane below told Søren that “I am afraid that you will end up as the Prime Minister one day because of how you scrape together here” with a reference to Søren having more than 10,000 “friends/subscribers” on Facebook (and a very active “communicator” here) and his reply was “Jane: Don’t fear! The message is for you to be HAPPY!” and yes what this REALLY was about was the fear of people for me to become my new self as THE SON OF GOD, but as Søren says, DO NOT FEAR ME, BE HAPPY and when read his reply, I was given a vision of the commercial of Nykredit (I like this one too :-)) teaching people to be HAPPY when seeing the colour BLUE, which you know is the symbol of me, and yes there is nothing to fear or be sad about when I will become my new self, and just writing this on basis of people until now either opposing and working directly against me or becoming “strangely silent” just like Søren self when not following or answering me (!), and yes Søren when you were on the air on TV this evening you said that you had asked your “network” of 10,000 people on Facebook for inspiration before going on TV, which you had, but please let me remind you that by today you have 4,144 “friends”, who can comment on your Facebook wall and 7,749 subscribers, who can only read your postings just like I, but apparently you don’t like the freedom of speech Søren (?) because as subscribers, we can NOT comment your postings, and I am wondering why you have not yet opened up for all of us to communicate (?), and I wonder if you are “afraid” of the direct comments, I might post as a consequence if you should decide to “open up”?


17th January: Doing the impossible to let our New World use the set up of the old world as foundation

Dreaming of doing the impossible to let our New World use the set up of the old world as foundation

I did not notice precisely when I went to bed yesterday, but maybe it was 23.00, and after I was woken up again at approx. 03.30 in the night, I could almost not sleep anymore (!), and it therefore took me by surprise that suddenly I was allowed to sleep and now as long at until 10.45 (!) where I was completely knocked out (!) and yes I wonder where the energy is coming from to make me sleep thus not tired today (?), and I had a few dreams too, but there is not much work at the dream factory at the moment:

  • I was in my old apartment in Hørsholm together with a nice lady, who did a sexual act on me, but it was very quickly over with because both the bathroom and bedroom was occupied by a man feeling like Henrik, Lars G’s old friend.
    • The darkness of my mother is so strong that it comes to me as a new sexual dream, and yes quite some time that I experienced this the last time.
  • I am in DanskeBank-Pension, where Michael P.N. returns and asks about the new department leader, and something about I and a group of colleagues leaving at 14-15 in the afternoon a couple of hours before the end of the work day, and Michael calling and saying that he can dismiss people himself. Something about returning to Sweden with colleagues, sand in the motor, a poor magician performing and a ticket lady wanting my last 200 DKK also telling me that 10 other creditors want to get in contact with me.
    • This is where I tank up energy, and I am leaving early to say that I have not done much work after sleep yesterday and this night, which I NEEDED to do and this is even though this gave sand to the motor and emptying my energy, and I owe many creditors, which is where the energy may come from, which is people sacrificing for me (?) and yes I have NOT asked to sleep this long as I did today.
    • I woke up to “my girl” by the Temptations after I yesterday evening had heard “bad love” once again, and yes is there a band called “the sufferings” looking like me because of the temptations of Karen, which she cannot reject?
  • I have started working at a new law firm, having white walls and the end of it feels like a blue wall, it is one of the leading in Copenhagen, and I have come from another law firm, where I was used to coloured walls, I am going to help a lawyer working there on Industry Insurance and the problem is that parts of the insurance does not cover. When I am at this new law firm, I am happy to see that one of my old private customers from the old law firm has followed me wanting my personal counselling in relation to a job change of his, and I collect his old pension and insurance papers from the other law firm and decide to advice him to keep paying for this scheme until he starts his new job, where it will be continued, and I give this advice even though I make no income on it myself, which I would only do if the customer took out a new scheme, which I would not advice him to do because as a private individual, he cannot receive the same advantages as in a big scheme.
    • This looks like a new dream where old symbols look like they are changing from “bad” into “good”, and here it is “law firm”, which used to be darkness, which is now becoming good, which can only be explained with “no more darkness” (!) and the dream tells me to be careful because the insurance of the Source to be able to recover all life has “limitations”, and this may be the case but it may also be wrong – a new little game – and the person changing job is me changing from my old to my new self, but the dream says that I am continuing to PAY to my old pension scheme, which is do deliver energy to our old world until it will automatically be transferred as the scheme of my new self and really because the old scheme is better than any new scheme according to the dream – and yes it is also about the “traps” many professional counsellors of today experience, where they will NOT advise their customers to do what is right because they will not make any money on it (!), which of course is “impossible” to do, which is another symbol of the task to transfer our old world to become part of the new world, which is also “impossible” to do because “nobody works like this”.

I continue receiving darkness from my mother but calmly painting the last of our world white

Today I remembered not to have breakfast, but to go to the hospital to have taken a blood sample for the lab to “test it” and we will see the result in two days from now.

I had taken some food with me to eat at the hospital, which I did and on this basis (after a little shopping where I received a STRONG desire to wish people “blocking” my way the worst, which is still darkness and here it was strong and yes very difficult to resist) I cycled to the swimming hall to do some more exercise, and I was truly not motivated at all, but I did it and the running was easier to do today – but still very difficult – and really because I don’t receive as much darkness now, or let me say that the strength of it is much reduced, but still there, and I was given the understanding that Eric Idle’s “wonderful monologue about all the things that can and will go wrong when going on a holiday” from the Monty Python show at Hollywood Bowl in 1982 is a symbol of me, where my family/friends etc. would like to SHUT MY MOUTH believing that I was crazy, but just like Eric, it was impossible for you to do, and yes isn’t Eric and ALL OF THE “ACTORS” OF MONTY PYTHON TRULY WONDERFUL with one being better than the other, and yes this is the feeling.

I also did some swimming again, and I sat down deciding to receive and write down a few visions:

I was shown a machine putting four “apple slices” from the container to the “shooting device” and “bang” this was the end of these apple slices, and yes Sunday I bought a bag of 20 apple slices on sale of 10 DKK in the supermarket of Netto and one package of Digestive biscuits of 7 DKK, and just saying that I still have cakes etc. (mainly but not always in the weekends).

I was shown a metal saw coming to me over my arm and to my body “measuring me”, which is still darkness of my mother, and I felt that I don’t want to write about my mother but despite of this I told my spiritual friends “you have the freedom to give me the stories you want, I will NOT censor you” and then I understood that this is the strong feeling of my mother, who wants to censor me and yes because it is a NIGHTMARE to bring the truth of the family to the world and yes there is no doubt about it, I am the one being wrong when writing it and not the ones doing the wrong-doings (?), which is “difficult” for you to see and understand, mother?

I felt my mother and John and was shown a red box of chocolate fillings in the front and a blue box behind it, and the red chocolate is about “thinking of yourself” because of the attitude of John – “Stig is not to have more than the other children” and this is despite of my “situation”, John (?) – but behind it is the BLUE of my new self, which tells me that behind your façade, you do know that I am right “deep inside”.

I was shown a arch made up by tongs and shown that brushes meticulously are painting the last details white, and this is despite of a monster, who has run amuck destroying everything on its way, and it even comes underneath the arch also destroying things here, but I see how the things are recreated and how the monster calms down because it loves me much – and yes the “monster” is the uncontrollable feelings of my mother, which could have finished the rest of me off too, but NO, the task is still to retrieve EVERY LITTLE THING 100% and yes to keep on painting.

I felt myself inside a very short tube looking into an old village on the other side and at the same time as seeing this, I felt darkness entering my arm all the way out to my finger, which still wants to be use given everyone the finger and to say that “I don’t care”, “let it be” etc. and I tell you this because this is what I was shown but also to tell you that very often when receiving negative speech, it is followed by a physical feeling inside of me as if a “cancer tumour” travelled inside of my body from place to place with incredible speed and right now when writing the note, I am given a “mark of physical pain” to the right side of my left angle, and yes the physical feeling of this “ball” or “tumour” has followed me all along, and that is here, there and everywhere, and constantly and yes “feelings around my head, outside my head, a short pain to my right arm, breast” and just writing where I receive feelings right now, and here the heart, and here approx. 30-40 centimetres outside my left foot kicking a football, and here a feeling penetrating my head from right to left as if I am shaking the head without shaking it, and yes use your imagination of a “twister” inside of me – and outside – and this “twister” is your darkness being my sufferings.

And later I was shown a little whale trapped inside a small pool on a stage with a LONG queue of people to enter the ladder leading up to the stage and over the whale, which is about the entire world having gone through the little whale of what remained of my old self to become part of our New World, and I was thinking that saving the whale – saving me as our “old God” – is what was included at the final scene of the movie Friday the 13th, I thought everything was finished and there was nothing more to be found but when looking one more time, there was my old self including our old world inside of darkness and yes thank God its Friday :-).

When cycling home, I was given MOMMA by Electric Light Orchestra – one of the first truly beautiful songs of my favourite band (the “Jeff-sound”) – which was to tell me that my mother has NOT forgotten about me.

After returning home, I wrote the last chapter of yesterday and the script of today until 19.15.

After dinner I published the update to my website, and I was shown both dark and light luggage to be removed as a signal of more life to be saved and I wonder how much is left inside of this “next to nothing darkness” and even though I am reasonable fresh when writing this, I am still so exhausted and tired of writing and staying up at nights, that I am not looking forward to doing more of this work, but I might decide to do this later in the evening to see what will happen – and yes is there “much” or “little” remaining and it should be “little” and that is “next to nothing”, which may have two meanings you know.

Spiritual darkness hides visits of my sister to my website because she CANNOT tell family/friends about the TRUTH of me

Today I finally located visits of my sister to my website HIDEN BY SPIRITUAL DARKNESS, and yes you may remember my script from the 2nd December 2011, where I showed you that my now previous counter TIP showed her visits coming from Holte despite of the fact that she lives in Rungsted (Hørsholm), and here you can see how her visits to my site the 1st December looked like:

My old counter TIP showed “spiritual darkness” of my sister showing her city as “Holte” and NOT Rungsted (Hørsholm) as it is

And today I noticed a “relatively new” returning visitor from Nærum (!) to my site, and the same way as in December, I have thought about “I wonder who this visitor is” and then I thought to compare the IP-addresses of this visitor with the IP-address of my sister above, and yes guess what, it matched – this is simply my sister “acting” and yes I am told that the “spiritual darkness” I am given here Sanna is because you don’t have the courage to tell our mother or to tell me directly that YOU TRUST IN ME BEING THE ONE I AM (?) and yes what will you tell mother when she complains to you about me (?) and yes it was EASY for you to drag me down by complaining to our mother of all of my “negative” writings on you, but the truth is that I wrote the truth, which I also did from my meeting with mother the other day, and yes the truth is that you “cannot” tell the family and your friends about who I am because it is “impossible” for you to “correct” yourself, which is to “lose face” (?) and yes Sanna, I LOVE YOU MORE THAN ANYTHING, BUT I DON’T LIKE WRONG BEHAVIOUR and you DO know the difference between right and WRONG behaviour as I feel here, don’t you?

My new counter now shows my sister with the same IP-address living in Nærum, and not Rungsted (Hørsholm)

Spiritual darkness of Selvet logged my own visits to my website making me believe it was Jens from Selvet, which it was NOT!

I also discovered something, which I was NOT very happy to discover, which is that I managed to cheat myself believing that my own visits were actually visits by Jens from Selvet, who had started reading and believing in me (!), and yes it isn’t easy when I looked up that Jens lives in Birkerød and a “new” visitor from Birkerød after replying to Jens’ Facebook posting some time ago came from Birkerød (!) and yes HAPPY is what Jens made me when I thought he was now a regular visitor following me, but no he was not (!), so I can only conclude that not even Jens from Selvet was “wise” enough to read and understand me and maybe it was “too overwhelming” to receive such a “negative” reply from me, Jens, not understanding what you and your “colleagues” at Selvet did to me.

And the story is also that my Internet Provider Telia obviously have given me a new IP-address, which my counter does not remove from the statistics, because I had only set up the counter to remove the original IP-address designated for, and little did I know about this, and even less that “spiritual darkness” “by accident” showed that the city of my IP-address of all cities is Birkerød, where Jens comes from – do you see how easy it is to misunderstand, you really have to be careful (!) – and when checking my IP-address today at another service on the Internet, it claims that my city is now Søborg (!!!), and when checking another, it says Odense (!!!), and a third says Hillerød (!!!), so it is not that easy to locate the city of my computer (?) and just wondering I am if this is because of a special setup of my provider, because normally most of these IP-addresses show the right city, but not here, and not with my sister either and yes SPIRITUAL DARKNESS is what keeps coming back to me, Meat :-).

When I searched my website for “Holte” to locate my script on my sister of the 2nd December, I saw that my counter picked up my own visits – a new IP address given to me (!) – claiming that I am from Birkerød (!), which made me believe that my visits were visits by Jens from Selvet, which it was NOT

The setup of my counter with my original IP-address, which I have blocked from showing at my counter, and today I also included my new IP-address, so it will NOT be included by the counter

Another service on the Internet claiming that I come from Søborg, a third said Odense, a fourth Hillerød (!), so MUCH spiritual darkness because of darkness of Selvet

I was taken by MUCH surprise when I discovered that my own visits to my website were logged by my counter and that it showed the city of these visits as Birkerød making me believe that it was Jens from Selvet visiting and believing in me. The truth is that I received a new IP-address without knowing it and that spiritual darkness “by accident” showed the city of these visits as Birkerød and not Helsingør making me conclude wrongly. Do you see how easy it is to misunderstand when you receive wrong information – just like Selvet self?

Ending this update at 21.20.

I receive a mixture of light and darkness as the last darkness coming to me – and UFO’s never fired against mankind!

I still receive direct darkness, but most of it is now “indirect” through my feelings and alright then “a little more than indirect thoughts” but less than before, which is actually among the most difficult darkness for me to defend against because it is “just” overtaking me invisibly and still with strength, but a lower and another kind of strength, which is why I constantly have to tell my self if “this is wrong or right” and if I did not, it would make me do and think what is wrong.

I received the feeling/understanding that the “spiritual darkness” making me believe that my own visits were visits of Jens from Selvet was also designed to come here to make me lose faith in my self because this is the strength of the darkness of my mother coming against me and yes “who believes in you” (?) as she asked me and yes mother this is about FAITH, which I of course have because I receive all of these spiritual experiences constantly, know what I write and understand all of the small signs I receive on a daily basis, but when you do not and cannot read objectively without your own mind fooling you, it is “impossible” for you to have faith and that is with your awakened mind, and I wonder what you and Sanna now talk about behind my back, and have you ever considered to sit down and for the three of us to truly TALK/LISTEN/UNDERSTAND, which you know is the same you did 2-3 minutes last Friday when you LISTENED and understood what I said instead of attacking me or constantly being sceptical rejecting what I say, and I have thought very OFTEN, why you cannot do this very SIMPLE exercise and this goes to both you and Sanna – and the family – and yes it is now two years ago I published my scripts, and still you are fighting to “understand” (?) and JUST WONDERING I AM WHY IT IS SO “DIFFICULT FOR YOU”.

This evening I felt the spirit of Michella being sent to me (!) and yes “temptations/threats” of my old nightmare still to be carried out for a very brief second – hence the dream of the night – and also the feeling of smoking, and yes your feelings are strong, mother, and uncontrollable, and are Sanna “ageing” with you because it makes it the most easy for her without losing faith, or have you decided to stay with me and support me, Sanna (?) and what about sending me an email communicating directly to let the world know (?) and just wondering I am.

And just writing this now at 00.30 is sending me more darkness also because I really don’t feel like writing much anymore – I would like to stop – and these are feelings given to me, which I need to fight and yes the more I fight, the more perfect the final result will be and we know 100% is the goal, so this is what we are going for.

A feeling I receive CONSTANTLY, which I normally don’t write about: I also felt during the evening how my inside feeling moved to my right forefinger and middle finger turning these two into a gun wanting to shoot and pressuring me to allow the shooting as it has done so often before – but the first time I write it – but instead of being a dark feeling, I was only shown light inside my fingers (!), which is to say that there is really not much darkness left, but a couple of minutes later I felt some darkness attached to these two fingers including the feeling of darkness of people of other civilizations being part of the darkness, which is about to be cleaned, and I was told that no people of other civilizations (overtaken by darkness of man) shot against mankind as a respond to the shootings of mankind against UFO’s – read my Signs III page about mankind shooting at UFO’s – and the reason of this was because I NEVER gave in to one single negative thought or command of darkness, “which was the order we waited to be given and when it did not come, we did not shoot” and yes do you see how easily mankind could have fought a war against the Universe on top of World War III etc. as you can read from my page on the Doomsday Scenario?

I was also told earlier today shown a UFO inside a big hangar as if it was standing on Earth and told that “it is like retrieving our old leader” as a comment of people of other civilizations receiving our “old God” back.

Later I felt remaining life/souls inside of darkness – an orange feeling mixed with darkness – and I was told ”we are now so close that we almost feel like praying for our lives”, and I received a little darkness wanting me to feel like the master of life and dead asking them to beg and not to help them, and yes an old feeling, which has been stronger before, but so “silly” that this may be the first time I write it and yes silly because I will NEVER accept loss of life – THERE WILL BE NO NEW SELF OF ME BEFORE EVERY LITTLE THING IS WITH ME and that is NO MATTER WHAT!!!

I don’t know what is needed from now on, but if it requires one more night, Phil, I will do it and if it takes one week, I will do my best to give what I have, and I was told that if I work all night and cycle to the Commune tomorrow morning to hand over a “control paper” (which I receive from time to time, which I MUST sign to confirm that no changes to my situation has occurred, which I forgot to deliver today even though it was on my plan!) and to town too, it would be good and that is in order to open for access to our New World or this “the last life” from our old world.

Congratulations with your 70th birthday, but what is your name, Cassius Clay?

I have had the feeling today that if we had to start all over saving the world from today, I would be ready, but maybe it is more a positive than a realistic thought, which also may be what I can say about CASSIUS CLAY fighting Larry Holmes in 1980, where he did not stand a chance – he was not the fighter he used to be – but still he refused to give up, and yes this is pretty much the same attitude as mine, and I can only try to imagine the degree of sufferings this “the best speaking man in history” (?) may have felt for so many years when being trapped inside of the prison of his “sick body”, and yes I watched the documentary “Facing Ali” on DR2 TV this evening, and I was very glad to see interviews of so many great fighters besides from Ali with one of these being better and more likeable than the next but with Joe Frazier “the fearless” and George Foreman “the unstoppable” as the two greatest, and I truly liked hearing the quote of George Foreman as you can also hear in the following trailer of the documentary about “the best punch of the whole fight was never laid” giving George a huge respect of Cassius, and yes I am looking MUCH forward to Cassius being released from his prison and ask the world “what is my name” – maybe you will accept Cassius as your name after all (?) – and CONGRATULATIONS WITH YOUR 70TH BIRTHDAY TODAY, “OLD CHAMP” – I would LOVE to see you come back and yes the direct feeling given to me here is “I’ll be back” and yes a part of me, isn’t he …. (?), which is the true feeling of mine and yes bringing me MUCH sufferings not truly knowing what are truths and deceptions of the spiritual messages I have received.

Ending this update at 01.50.

Ending the day with these short stories:

Dan was inspired when writing “what happens? Switch on the light, damn it!!!” and just saying that the light is coming through the darkness and that the world is impatiently waiting on me?

  • I had short chat via Facebook with David today, which I bring here to tell you about the difficulties of my LTO friends to read me because of lack of money, and still it was required for me to receive and keep their faith in me (!) and also to show you about John, who is fine but still it is “impossible” for you to communicate with me, John, and is that the same when it comes to reading me (?) and have you lost your patience with me of only your voice (?), but you have not lost your willingness to receive my money, and do you see that this looks wrongly to the world, because of course you are still my best friend having faith in me (?) and money does not matter in this respect, does it?

“Hallo brother Stig how are you today?”

“Hallo David, I am fine. On my way to the hospital for a check up – how are you? And John?”

“I am fine, John is fine too, and so is everybody else. I am strong, though I had flu over the weekend, I am healed now.”

“That is very good, David – it always makes me happy to meet STRONG people. Do you still read my scripts or is it difficult because of lack of money?” and when not hearing from him “I don’t know if you went off-line, but I will be leaving the computer now. Take care, David and all my best for everyone – also for John even though he “cannot” communicate.”

And later he wrote:

“Hallo, I always check for the scripts but most often I can only afford to peruse or check for key words due to financial constraints.”

  • INSPIRATION also came to Kenneth from my (previous) meditation group in Helsingør, when he posted the below about a colleague telling him that he cannot tell a customer on the phone that she went on the toilet (!) – this is not “well-seen” of many in this culture (!) – and this is what I told him and that it was WRONG, and I also asked him if he would say “hallo” to the meditation group explaining that it is their culture, which made it impossible for them to listen to me telling them the truth of darkness being part of their group, and as a consequence instead of love they were “monsters” sending me darkness, and yes this darkness was “sexual sufferings” symbolised by the toilet (!) threatening to DESTRUCT the remaining of the old world if I had given in to these sufferings.

  • I was encouraged to send an email reminder this evening to my aunt Inge, who has not yet answered my email, and I wonder if you simply did not see it, Inge (?) and also if I will receive an answer this time?
  • And at 01.20 Inge was kind answering my email telling me that my father has returned home, and yes she does not like either for me to bring “personal information” in my scripts, and yes Inge, I have a VERY GOOD reason doing it, which is for your “sufferings” to help me save the absolutely rest life inside of darkness, so do you think you can help me by bringing me this “sacrifice” (?) and apparently it is as difficult for you as everyone else since you do not tell me much about my father and yourself, and I am amazed that you really decided to completely IGNORE my first email (!!!), and yes Inge, what you did too was VERY wrong, and I am also thinking if you would like to tell me what kind of “information” you have received about me from my father and Kirsten, and how this also “infected” you, but maybe this would be “impossible” to say directly to me (?), and yes I LOVE YOU MUCH but I am as DISAPPOINTED WITH YOUR SELFISH BEHAVIOUR AS THE REST OF THE FAMILY – where were you when I needed you, my family, to truly understand that you were the ones bringing me TRUE sufferings so much worse than what you went through (?) – and yes ALL OF YOU WERE NOT THERE WHEN IT CAME TO WHAT REALLY MATTERED because you “could” and would not understand and focused on your selfish selves thinking that I made you suffer, which you could not “distract” from – here is our “email-conversation”:

Kære Stig

Din far er kommet hjem. Jeg har slet ikke fået talt med ham siden jeg var på hospitalet. Kirsten har jeg spurgt og hun siger, at det går langsomt fremad.

Jeg har ikke fået taget mig sammen til at skrive til dig, fordi jeg synes, at det er forkert, at du i dine “script” refererer de personlige informationer du får. Jeg håber, at du vil lade være med det.

Jeg har det stadig meget godt, der er ikke noget nyt. Jeg håber også, at vi alle får et bedre liv.

Kærlig hilsen fra

From: Stig Dragholm
Sent: Tuesday, January 17, 2012 7:57 PM
Inge Hansen

Subject: Re: Din far

Kære Inge,

Jeg forstår ikke, at jeg ikke har hørt fra dig efter min seneste mail nedenfor?

Har du og far det godt, eller er I for påvirkede af jeres “sygdom” til at besvare min mail?

Venlige hilsener fra

Den 09-01-2012 22:24, Stig Dragholm skrev:

Kære Inge,

Tak for din seneste mail.

Jeg vil høre, hvordan det går med dig efter du modtog resultatet af din undersøgelse og også om der er nyt om min far?

På trods af alt går det godt her. Når man motionerer, siger man ofte, at “det skal gøre ondt, før det gør godt”, og det er nøjagtigt den proces, som både jeg, min mor og far samt du som eksempler har gennemgået, for vi er alle på vej “meget snart” til et betydeligt bedre liv, som kan være svært at se, hvis man ikke holder fast i sin tro :-).

Hils mange gange.

Venlige hilsener fra

  • Later I received the voice helping me to say that you – my whole family – cannot do these sacrifices for me even though you have seen me going to my extreme limit dying for you not only recently but for two years (while you were or could be reading, and even longer in fact), where you have received information about my extreme sufferings  as a Zombie fighting to survive and make all people survive, and still you believe I am “too much” publishing “private information” about the family  – and if this is not selfishness and lack of human understanding, nothing is (!), how could you be so EXTREMELY RUDE?
  • I only saw a few minutes of the handball match between Serbia and Denmark today, and for the first time in a long time Denmark lost against Serbia – on their home ground – and they were convinced that the French referees were against them, and I was told that this is the feeling of my mother (sister) because of my “unacceptable behaviour/writings” and yes mother, am I “unacceptable” to report about the truth or is the truth that your behaviour was unacceptable, which you don’t want to show the world (?), and will you please remember that this is “only a play” to help the world and that I have received ALL of your sufferings together with the sufferings of everyone else on top of yours, and just to remind you of course if you are to think that I am making your life a Hell, and yes all of your uncontrollable and WRONG feelings are brought to me or at least were brought to me, because now the darkness is so weak that I don’t believe I receive much of it anymore, and yes new understandings coming frequently here, and yes isn’t this nice and I am here shown the in-bars of Stockholm where I would have liked to meet a beautiful lady not that many years ago, and no thank you, I don’t want that “spiritual experience times 1,000” (“just write that” is what I was told to tell you of the magnitude of this and just to give you an example of our communication) and that is also a no even though it would only be for “one second” and yes this is the darkness coming to me directly from my mother, but besides from this, the rest of my mother’s sufferings are merely “poor habits” and weakness, and sorry to write it, mother, but isn’t this the truth?



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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  1. Great explanation. I love make out the print Martha

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