January 21, 2012: First now, the old Trinity inside of the deepest darkness is saved (!) with ovulation of the spirit of my mother


Summary of the script today

20th January: First now, the Trinity inside of the deepest darkness is saved (!) with ovulation of the spirit of my mother

  • Dreaming of working inside darkness on the code of our New World including our “old God” being afraid to lose the rest of him, Karen’s temper towards me is related to the wrong behaviour of my mother (!), all ladies are “parts of my mother”, whom I could and should not make love to as my old self, Tobias and his friend Emil and their Facebook friends speak of and suffer because of me, the old world should have been closed by now, but I can continue my work bringing energy from our New World (!), I meet another part of Christ, who is about to be reborn, I am looking for life inside of the darkness of “the helicopter” fearing to be attacked by darkness and the part of the remaining “old God” being saved is still handicapped missing the last parts of him still in darkness.
  • Dan Rachlin was INSPIRED when quoting Shu-Bu-dua from “Minus to Plus”, i.e. the Trinity inside of the “washing machine”, who has decided to emigrate the old world and settle with our New World, which is the meaning of the other song he brought, “Karl Oskar” :-).
  • My sister has influenced “everyone” against me including her colleagues telling them about my “craziness”, which brought even larger amounts of darkness to me, and instead of helping me to overcome my sufferings, my sister – as the “expert” in Denmark with the task to help “psychiatric patients” to be able to handle everyday life – shut up without being “able” to communicate/listen/understand and instead she acted as a chicken running away to “protect” her old life, status and money (!). She had the best job and outstanding exam results, but could not do the simple task to understand, which is what I needed, and this is to express my opposition to the psychiatric system of the world tormenting MILLIONS of people doing what is VERY wrong to do with lack of human understanding and torture instruments like medicine, electro shock etc.
  • After cycling, “stepping” and swimming without having the energy, I was told that it is first now that the Trinity inside of the deepest darkness is saved (!) with ovulation of the spirit of my mother trapped inside of here and the cancelling of the constitution of darkness, and I was happy to see that the light of my mother, which EVERYONE should notice but “no one” does (!), on the sky was strong enough to be captured by my poor camera.
  • This evening my inner self as “old God” was approaching me on crutches and I saw this remaining part of him as half dead, and I was shown that this is leaver from a tree, which was destructed, which are now also becoming wine of our New World, and I do believe this is the absolutely final details of him even though I keep on receiving the understanding that this is “all of him”, but it cannot logically be – it MUST be the absolutely last details of him.
  • IT IS FROM CHILDREN YOU ARE TO HEAR THE TRUTH (!) – and I ask all people to do what children do, which simply is TO ALWAYS TELL THE TRUTH instead of silence or lies because of your WRONG façade making you act unnaturally.
  • I wrote to Dalai Lama telling him about my writings on DIRECT COMMUNICATION, behaviour, FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY and the wrong doings of Buddhism asking him and Buddhism to help me teach the world.

21st January: Driving “old God” all the way home without being killed, which may be my “greatest achievement

  • Dreaming of driving “old God” all the way home without being killed, which may be my “greatest achievement” and the symbol of death played table tennis with someone else, which led to the death of Asger from Den Gyldne Cirkel.
  • I was sad to learn that Asger from Den Gyldne Cirkel could not continue living when I decided to sleep this night, and at 05.00 he passed away, and I was told that it is because of all darkness sent to me – also from my meditation group. Asger sacrificed his life to help our “old God” to survive, but he is still alive spiritually, which is a MUCH better option than losing the existence of our old Gold including the sufferings this would have brought to man.
  • I received small inspired stories about my RETURN HOME as the “pixy/smurf” of the paradise of our New World, which seems to be impending at any time now – on Monday if nothing else turns up in the last moment?
  • I spoke with my neighbour Preben, who is a very kind man who sadly has been taken over by darkness making him make up things and fear not existing, and he is the symbol showing the end of darkness because in the beginning he did not want to say a word to me, but is now literally thawing up.
  • “Old God” from darkness is gradually understanding the wrongdoings, which darkness forced him to do, a symbol from the supermarket shows that he was only saved because I decided to bring in “new energy” to the old world – there is still darkness remaining, which now is exactly at the middle of the scale, where light originally slipped over to darkness, and this is the last darkness we are converting to light making our “Old God” feel better by the minute.
  • Denmark participated in yet anther “spiritually arranged” handball match, where they were so much behind that it was “impossible” to win, but after having been sent out into darkness, they did the completely mad to get the ball and score in the dying seconds herewith “surviving” in the tournament the same way that our “old God” survived after being sent out in darkness.
  • At the Danish Eurovision Song Contest a member of the jury spoke of a hit song consisting of three refrains, i.e. the Trinity, and to do a little hit with the whale, which “we had not calculatd on”, which simply was to say that the Trinity inside darkness of our old world has survived, and they are still suffering, but also VERY happy to be alive – and another jury member said with inspired words that they have been given MUCH energy to make it, and also that they have fought very much themselves inside of darkness. This is how it is when you have “A friend in London”, so LET US MAKE A NEW TOMORROW where the sky is opening up and you hardly will believe your eyes :-).


20th January: First now, the old Trinity inside of the deepest darkness is saved (!) with ovulation of the spirit of my mother

Dreaming of looking for life inside of the darkness of “the helicopter” fearing to be attacked by darkness

Before going to bed I was again afraid of not being allowed to sleep and this feeling may sound like nothing, but it is certainly one of my sufferings just having to avoid thinking negatively going against the pressure trying to make me think negatively, and even though I had a long night of sleep until 10.00 this morning, I am tired with the feeling of indisposed today, but here we go with what looks like becoming a short script of today:

  • I am working on my computer inside a boat on a lake moored to the shore, but it is storming to heavily that I am afraid that the boat will sink and I will lose my work even though I know that I have a safe copy of it.
    • Still working on my computer – the code of our New World – and the boat is here the same as the helicopter or washing machine, and it is storming much because of uncontrollable feelings of family/friends etc. against me, but I have decided to continue working not accepting this boat to sink.
  • I am walking with my mother on Bredgade in Copenhagen close to the Marble Church, and Karen and Caroline walk in front of us, and my mother tells Caroline “can’t you sit down”, which makes me afraid that Karen will lose her temper once again as she did here recently.
    • Karen’s temper is related to the wrong behaviour of my mother?
    • Later in the day when I was swimming, I received the secret message that because my mother did not want me to be together with Karen (because of just how negatively effected I was because of Karen draining me for energy in 2003/04 !), Karen decided that she did not want to be together with me, and I was told that all ladies (and people) in this sense is a part of the spirit of my mother and this is also why I have not been together with many women in my life, because it has destroyed parts of the world every time I have – as I understand this – and I was told that in our New World a new “invention” has been made making it possible for me both to be “everything” and to be physically together with Karen without destroying anything.
  • Emil is with all of his Facebook friends and Tobias on Taarbæk beach, and Sanna and Hans is also there in the background. And something about “is it you Tobias sailing quicker and better than ever”.
    • The feeling was that Emil and Tobias speak openly about me, which Sanna and Hans do not, and that all are on the beach suffering because of me (and all bringing me sufferings).
    • I woke up to “While the night is still young” by Billy Joel, which may be about what Billy wants to do in the song as sufferings coming to me because of the darkness of all of these people.
  • I have a big deficit on my account, but to my surprise the account still works without being closed down, I can still pay my bills and still get money out for my self.
    • The account is our old world, which should have closed down (“eliminated”) by now, but since I still receive energy (from our new to our old world through me), I am able to continue working.
  • I am in the Middle East, I feel I am on the beach and I know that a dog is following the trace of Christ, but when I see it coming to a man and his friend, I don’t think about this man being Christ, but he is.
    • I only have a weak feeling/memory of this, but I do remember the feeling of a new birth of Christ through the saving of “the helicopter”, which I understand this is also about, and maybe the dream simply says that I do not connect the Son as being part of the helicopter, but a part of my old self has to be stuck inside of here too.
  • I am still in the Middle East and leave a square with a large mosque and go through the Arabic quarter, and I go into an empty house block, where I open one refrigerator – I see they sell cheap food – but it is almost empty, and when I open another, which should include good quality food, I see that it is also almost empty, and I am about to write a note telling them about who I am, a Jew receiving “challenges” from people with another belief, and that I would like to buy food from them, but I thrown out the note thinking that they will throw me out, if they see the note. Now I see people returning here, and one Muslim is the worst of them all and he asks others about strangers, he don’t like, but he is kind to me when meeting him in the hall, and I am afraid to being attacked there. I return to the square and from there to the Central Station, I am thinking about buying ice lolly and coffee, and at a sausage wagon I see a handicapped man in a wheel chair asking me to bring him a deep plate, which he cannot reach, and when I reach it, I see that it is dirty, which I tell him.
    • The Arabic quarter is here the deepest darkness I am entering – as the warship the other day – and I am looking for life inside of the refrigerators, which however are “almost empty” (not much life left to retrieve), and there is darkness here wanting to attack me for being “different”, but it seems that it is not able to recognise me, and the handicapped man I meet at the Central Station may be my own inner self as “old God” not being 100% yet because he has not received his remaining “food”, and yes sitting at a sausage wagon with sausages being another symbol of my “old nightmare” – do you see?

I was TIRED but decided to do my “full exercise tour” anyhow

Despite of my tiredness, I decided after lunch and cleaning of the apartment to do a new drive to the swimming hall, and it would be a shame to say that I was motivated to cycle, run and swim, but I thought that I will probably feel better afterwards as usual, and on my way there, “the person” inside of this helicopter – I know it is a part of the Trinity trapped there, but “he” acts like a person – again prayed for his life, and it is TRULY a difficult situation being in at the same time as darkness of him also continued to encourage me to stop what I do, and it was so strong that it even managed to make me think if this is what I should do also thinking about how difficult it is to get in connection with the deepest part of it, but then again I decided that the ONLY right thing to do is to accept no such thing because as long as I am given darkness, SIMPLY LOGIC tells me that the fight continues to go on and I receive darkness most of the time even though it is less now.

The running belts were busy, so instead of running I did 20 minutes on the step machine, and yes “slow” minutes feeling as I do, but I did it, and afterwards I enjoyed swimming in the large pool almost without people today.

My sister told “everyone” of my “sickness”, but as “the expert” she could not help me when she could not communicate

When swimming I was told that that my sister, SANNA, at work – at Servicestyrelsen (“the Social Board” – a part of the Social Ministry of Denmark with the task to bring “knowledge based social politics” helping to bring social services to help the public!) – has been met by colleagues speaking to her about her “crazy brother” and yes it must have been TOUGH for you, Sanna, to speak about my “craziness” with others and yes to make them understand that I am truly crazy (!), and I was told that every time you have done this, it has brought you energy and do you know from where you drew this energy making me feel even worse (?) and yes from me.

And we know, where exactly in Servicestyrelsen does my sister work (?), and we know the following article from the magazine “Fokus” of Servicestyrelsen says that Sanna is the leader of the Copenhagen department of the “knowledge center of handicaps and social psychiatry” working with many areas of “brain damage”, handicaps and “social psychiatry”, and one should think that my sister then is an “expert” when being the leader of this department of this “fine institute”?

This article of the magazine of Servicestyrelsen tells that my sister is the leader of the Copenhagen department of “the knowledge center of handicaps and social psychiatry”

But looking at the following website about the department – see here – you might begin to understand that this is not the case and that is DESPITE of Sanna’s fine education and outstanding characters (!) and from the webpage, you can see this paragraph:

”Begrebet Socialpsykiatri kan oversættes til “socialt arbejde med sindslidende”. Udgangspunktet er at støtte den enkelte sindslidende – som ikke længere er indlagt på et psykiatrisk hospital – til at kunne håndtere hverdagslivet. Det kan også sammenfattes som støtte til personlig og social mestring”.

(”The concept Social Psychiatry can be translated into ”social work with psychiatric patients”. The foundation is to support each psychiatric patient – who is no longer send to psychiatric hospital – to be able to handle everyday life. It can also be summarized as support for personal and social mastering”.)

My sister’s department wants to help “psychiatric patients” to be able to handle everyday life, but my sister did not “know” how to help me, when she could not communicate//understand but was a chicken running away from me!

So the idea is to help mentally ill patients to get a better life, and yes how do you do that, Sanna (?), and yes you have had your brother to “practise” on, and was your help NOT to believe in me and to send me to “traditional” doctors, which I had NO need for and to hospitalise me to become a “patient” with the stamp “crazy” and to be treated as such by a system using the lowest common denominator completely humiliating me and my knowledge/skills/background (?) and for a system NOT to communicate and understand me but doing EVERYTHING to misunderstand me and find our “what is the matter with him” and of course to “assault” me without giving my approval of the system to do so (?) and yes just wondering I am, and what did you do yourself to help (?) and eeehhhh that is right, you DECIDED that you did NOT believe in me, and from there you decided to SHUT UP completely closing down all communication with me to understand my “sickness”, which you did not need to understand (because of your “textbooks”) and furthermore you attacked me from behind telling my mother and others things about me, which you would NEVER dare to tell me directly – this is what only CHICKENS do (!) – and we know you also decided to RUN AWAY as another chicken because you could not “handle” my writings about your wrong behavior on the Internet, and yes Sanna you are one of the “top experts” of this community who is supposed to help out “psychiatric patients”, and when you cannot even communicate and understand your brother because of poor behaviour and a better-knowing attitude, how are you supposed to help people of this country REALLY needing help, and yes I can manage without your help, but I am thinking of the thousands of people in Denmark and millions of the world, who are ASSAULTED of this system “offering” to destroy them with medicine and electro shocks etc., which is the WORST you can imagine, and yes you have so fine exam papers, a high salary and status, but you cannot do what is really required, which simple is to sit down and speak to people to understanding their sufferings, and yes the more love and TRUE understanding you show, the better these “patients” will become, and yes when you do the opposite, you only succeed to deteriorate the conditions of people, and yes Sanna this is what you were designed to do, to make it impossible for me to survive because of all of your negativity turning family/friends etc. against me because of your own inability to understand, and do you understand by now (?) and do you think this is written because I want to bring you down (?), not this is written to tell the truth, because you do know that I can separate all of the darkness you send to me and still decide to be “the good old Stig loving people” and that is instead of becoming the Anti-Christ, which is really what was the purpose of your mission, and you HAD to fail for the world to survive, do you see, and yes yes yes I feel the darkness firstly annoyed but now not as much anymore, and yes difficult to tell our mother that I am right, Sanna, because you would “lose face” (?) and just wondering I am.

And yes isn’t it funny that my “wise” sister does not know how to carry out a basic requirement like this to communicate and understand, and this is despite of what I have encouraged her to do all of the time, and yes “impossible” to do because of your “poor habits” as a dictator (!), but nevertheless I am sure that my sister will be “able” to say: “I knew all along that my brother was right when it comes to behaviour and communication, but I “could” not be as he”, but your “tried”, Sanna, but you could simply not?

And yes, this chapter is to say what I believe about the “psychiatric system” of the world TORMENTING millions of people, and can you see it yourself?

To my sister: In this respect your road of life was also determined, Sanna, and yes it is not because you are “more clever or skilled” than I, which is what you may believe (?) – or “would like to believe” (?) – but because “destiny” brought this road to you, which is “easy” for you to see when understanding, isn’t it, Sanna?

First now, the old Trinity inside of the deepest darkness is saved (!) with ovulation of the spirit of my mother

When cycling back from the Swimming Hall – via Skotterup – I was told that it is first now that we can forget about the 5 to 1 result (when Denmark won with this result over Norway in football, which was also to say “one defeat to the Devil”) and yes because it HAS to be 6 to 0 as when you give an egg in a tennis match (!) and this is exactly what I was told by the spirit of my mother from inside of this darkness, which is that she has delivered her ovulation, and I was told that the constitution of darkness (of this world, i.e. the absolutely first darkness) is now being cancelled.

When leaving the swimming hall I was happy to see that in the twilight, the light of my mother had decided to switch on in the twilight as the first light of the sky, and when I cycled through Borupgård in Snekkersten, I decided to see if my poor mobile phone camera would be able to pick up this light on the sky, which is so visible when you look at it (“50 times stronger than other lights”!), but still it is undetected by most and yes “you should know what is happening with LIGHTS ON THE SKY OF UFO’S (!!!)”, and I was happy to see that the light was strong enough to be captured by my camera, so here it is (taken at 16.50 today) and yes EVERYONE CAN SEE IT, and this evening it took approx. half an hour before the next light on the sky was switched on and then a few other lights were switched on one after the other (lights of UFO’s!) before I reached home being physically exhausted by this exercise tour of today.

The light of my mother on the sky is ”50 times stronger” than other lights but still undetected by most – even when it is the only light on the sky as it sometimes is and was here

At this time around 18.30 I decided that I will NOT stay awake all night long not really knowing if it is needed or not, but I have decided that my decision to accept NO loss of life is the most important, and I am satisfied with the work and energy I bring at the moment, and don’t want to destroy myself completely, but on the other hand I have also decided to say that if this is TRULY needed, I ask the light and only the light to help me do what is needed (keep me awake if needed), otherwise other people will have to help even more than what they do, and yes I believe it is important not to lie fallow the next day after emptying myself completely, and is this the right thing to do (?), and I don’t know but this is the decision.

A little bit later, a UFO passed my window attracting my attention, and it showed itself to me as a helicopter with a white light in front, blue light in the back and also a little red light too, which was to say that we are working to free the helicopter from darkness and that there is not much suffering, i.e. red light, of it left.

The remaining “old God” approached me half-dead on crutches after first being destructed and now recovered

When starting to write this chapter at 23.30, I feel a red figure – also because of the faith of Dalai Lama with the voice “will you do this too” (writing a comment to Dalai Lama, which I will do later, see the end of the script today) – and this figure is still my inner self approaching me on crutches and I feel him half dead, bleeding and suffering much, and here also the answer to my considerations whether or not to keep working, which I will do the best I can do, and first of all I will write information I received this evening:

I felt darkness attached to my body being removed and I was told “because I am still my old self” at the same time as I was thinking that I am also in my new room, and I felt Ole – my mother’s ex-husband – telling me “I am eternal grateful”, and this is to say that if we did not save “old God”, Ole – together with other parts of me – would be instinct, which is a feeling I cannot contain. I was also shown some of Ole’s (“distant” to me) relatives, which I remember only vaguely from the 1970’s and I saw them entering a cargo train and told that “they are part of this too”.

I was also shown the spirit of my mother returning to me as darkness and told “if this is how you would like to see it” (instead), and I felt strongly “we MUST have everything with us”, and I was shown the elephant coming towards me riding on railway tracks, and I was asked detailed questions of how to enter and it was VERY strong almost forcing me to play this act of darkness, which I have refused to do because I don’t have the knowledge and herewith the right answers, and again I could only say “let the light decide”, and I was shown scenarios where I would not be able to take the right decisions, which would also make this process difficult or impossible to do – and I continued to receive negative speech trying to make me enter it quite strongly (but NOTHING compared to how it was at its worst in 2010/11).

Yesterday or maybe the day before, I saw a skull and here I was told that it is because it is only the frame remaining.

I was shown so little of this that it was almost impossible to see, but it was a wine corkscrew laying on the floor in front of me, and I was shown withered leaves from a tree giving me the understanding that this is part of the tree, which had been destructed, which has been recreated and now is returning to become part of the wine of our New World, and I better understand now that “old God” is on crutches and looking like the absolutely worst you can imagine (like a wounded soldier from a war), and I do hope that this is truly the remaining part of him with the major parts of him already being transferred, and yes it is part of the game for me not to know exactly and also feeling that it is to make me do my absolutely best all of the time.

I received pain to my entire right leg, which was not as painful as the other day when my mother read my script, but there was no doubt that this was new sufferings coming from her because of how she feels, and I received the words of my mother thinking of me saying “I don’t want to talk about that” giving her the feeling that I don’t want to listen and understand (!), and she has still not understood that I fully understand but will not change my decisions to do WRONGLY what she wants me to do without understanding!

I continued to receive negative speech wanting me to reply with an arrogant, taunting and negative attitude to what I received of information ”this is ridiculous” – just like in the movie Groundhog Day before Phil learns how to behave – and this attitude is a great part of what the darkness has wanted me to do, towards itself and all people I meet and think of and yes constantly (!), and again this evening I had to reject this MANY times, and I was also told that if I had accepted to enter into such speech deciding that it was right to do, I would be given sexual sufferings instantly leading towards destruction, and yes this might truly be the case because I have seen indications on this earlier when darkness “almost” succeeded to roll me in, and in this case, we would never have reached the stage where I am today, and yes my wish is to retrieve everything 100,00% and I am thinking that “old God” will have to be everything of what was, and when practically everything else has been transferred, this “leaves of him” may logically be the last part of him, isn’t this right (?), or am I wrong (?) and do you see the game here not truly knowing thus not truly knowing what is the right to do – to keep working all night long or to go to bed, and when thinking of it I will keep my previous decision to go to bed when finishing the work today at around 01.00 I believe and IF truly required I may stand up again, but I don’t believe it is.

I was shown TinTin in storm walking up the mountain full of snow – from TinTin in Tibet I believe – and at the same time I was given the feeling of the host of tomorrow’s Danish Eurovision Music Contest show Emil Thorup, who looks much like TinTin with his VERY styled hair and this is to tell you about the difficulties of what we do climbing this the highest mountain in the worst storm and the sexual sufferings, it includes, and this is also why Emil was shown here because I saw him on TV today “warming” up with sexuality as I don’t like it displayed.

Darkness was also physically pressuring on me when entering me – it is a VERY annoying/disgusting feeling, and the only thing I can compare it with is when I was hospitalised as teenager under observation for meningitis where I had a “telescope pipe” inserted into my behind, which hurt so much that I wanted to scream, but did not, and only wanted it to be pulled out again instantly – and I was “challenged” by this negative voice saying the same “stupid” things over and over again as provocations, and yes it is not easy to control your temper when receiving much of this also stressing you when you truly want to relax, and yes I decided to give you some more details on the negativity today, but this is what I have received all of the time really and yes “more or less” of it.

So I had to “absorb” this darkness by refusing to be as it wanted me to be, which also included to correct it, and with this I was thinking of my mother being annoyed that I am not “listening” to and “understanding” her (!), and yes she truly “cannot bear” that it is only I, who am right and not her (!), and I was told that it is from this darkness that my mother receives this voice and feelings – the darkness wants to be right even when it is wrong (!) – and one day she will know that I was right simply because I was right and she was wrong.

I was shown a man sitting in front of the piano taking the music notes with him when leaving it, and I felt a lion and heard him say “we have not all been transformed yet, have we” (?) and he may be the next waiting in line.

I was shown a dark elephant opening a large door and behind it, it was TOTALLY FULL of pasta (!) and yes a new symbol but showing EVERYTHING, which has become cleaned (together with joy and happiness because of this) and the elephant said “I cannot be inside of there” and I told him “yes, I can” (!) and that is because I take the decisions and you, i.e. “I”, will become HAPPY by this.

Suddenly I felt sickness coming to me – flu like symptoms all over my body and throat feeling weak – and I saw it coming from a dark man in front of me and he said “certainly it is not me being responsible for sicknesses” (and here feeling Michael Falck feeling that “sick” is what I am) and he also said “I am first now awakening”, and this is the man inside of darkness who (was forced to) sent me all of this negative speech and sufferings, and I was told that “he did not see the aeroplane depart” (the world moving to the New World) and also that “he would not miss not living”, and after this short demonstration, the “sickness” left my body again.

I was told that the saying “Life is too short for poor red wine” – as I agreed with Peter A. from Fair until 2007 (before I started drinking the cheapest there is, Peter, making me long for the 1997 vintage of the best Italian regions!) – also has something to do with this phase too, and I am thinking of “poor wine” as “poor code” and I am wondering if you will be able to make EVERYTHING into “good wine” (?) and my decision stands firm, which is to READ and transfer EVERYTHING as PERFECTLY as you are able to do, and I will accept ALL wine to enter.

At the end of writing this, I was told that the old saying – at least in Danish, is this also in English and around the world (?) – “it is from drunk people and children you are to hear the truth” and yes when people simply tell the truth without being blocked by their façade telling them that silence or lies are better than the truth, and if you look away from drunk people (!), I am really asking the world to act as children in this respect, which is simply ALWAYS to tell the truth, and do you think that it is a coincidence that children are born without a façade, which makes them tell the truth (?) and that is until the culture of today has destroyed them to become “unnatural” people.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Dan was inspired once again to tell that I am working to bring “the washing machine” with us, and how is that (?) and yes simply by bringing a quote from the song “minus til plus” (“minus to plus”) by Shu-Bi-Dua symbolising the work of the washing machine changing the code of everything from minus to plus, and by this, it will also bring a NEW BIRTH to the world when he was inspired once more to give the quote from “Karl Oskar”, another great Shu-Bi-Dua song, which is “Karl – Oscar jag med barn igen”, which is a “funny” song built on the Swedish novels “the emigraters/settlers”, which was VERY popular on Danish TV in the 1970’s, and it is basically about Swedes deciding to abandon their “old world” of Sweden to emigrate to and settle in USA during the 1840’s, and what do they do there (?) and yes get a lot of children, which Shu-Bi-Dua found so “funny” that they decided to do this classic song too, and we know Dan is just telling the story of the Trinity inside of “the washing machine”, who has decided to emigrate from their old to our New World to settle, which I believe you can see now, and yes yes yes, we can but we still don’t want to and yes the last part trapped inside of darkness, and I wonder if I will be able to go to my extreme limits to get everything out of there, but this is what I have decided to do. And Charline gives a reference to sex, which you know is another reference to doing this work going through darkness bringing me sexual sufferings because of its desire to destroy.

Dan Rachlin quoting Shu-Bu-dua from “Minus to Plus”, i.e. the Trinity inside of the “washing machine”, who has decided to emigrate the old world and settle with our New World, which is the meaning of the other song “Karl Oskar” 🙂

Here is “minus to plus” with Shu-Bi-Dua:

And here is Karl Oskar with his wife and “all of their children” in “the promised land” of our New World (!) from the “famous TV-series”:

  • Apparently Falck in Lyngby is still “burning” – feeling poorly about my memo on them public on the Internet – which is why they have visited Michael’s work in Virum in Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune, and we know it was “false alarm”, but still you see, don’t you? (update 21st January: I was told that “the fire engine was about a new fire approaching”?, which was about the events coming during the day and night).

  • Here is another inspired message from the day before yesterday first making it to the script of today – after receiving a spiritual reminder – and it is about my old colleague from Fair, Lisa, who today is a priest, and she is happy as a “CHRISTMAS PIG” – i.e. “new life coming” – that the Cure will play on the Roskilde Festival this year, and she says that if another band called Slayer (which I can see NOTHING in!) would come, she would be in the BAR, which is a reference to being with God through me, and the man with the “funny” name Frank Furter (a GERMAN sausage!) laughed when he said “chicken bottom”, which you know is a reference to “creation through darkness”, and Lisa believes this is funny calling him a “sausage man”, and really just saying that Lisa is also the “chicken bottom” helping me to create not because of her faith but because of her lack of faith in me bringing me sexual sufferings through darkness, which could either destroy or create depending on my decisions, and yes she liked the link I brought, which was to “just like Heaven” by the Cure.

  • Yesterday my computer mouse was almost not working at all for a period of time, where I could keep clicking without anything happening, until it “decided” to work again because I have to work, and for days I have seen how my Spotify program has become slower and slower when searching for music on it, and today it gave me the following message when clicking a link for the first time saying “lost connection” and of course there is nothing wrong with the program nor my internet connection, this is just to say that it is becoming increasingly difficult to create the connection with the deepest darkness inside of me.

  • And isn’t it Søren once again (?) and yes difficult to know when you speak inspired and do not, Søren (?) – I have NOT brought all of your inspired messages, but “many” of them – and yes this was inspired too when you “could not help” saying how CRAZY it is for the (darkness of the) newspaper of BT to bring the story of the Prime Minister Helle Thorning being in Afghanistan, which could “motivate” the darkness of Taliban’s to kill her because everybody knows that this is what they would do if only they could, and yes this is the effect of the negative feelings by my family/friends etc. against me, which are so strong that they could kill me when leading me to the deepest darkness of all these days, but I am saved by the love of the same people, which is also preventing them from really trying to kill me, which would be to try removing my public scripts on them, and yes they do as the Taliban’s, which is that they would like to kill Helle if only they could, but because they are not strong enough to hit and kill her, they do not, and yes this was it.

  • Jens from Selvet was inspired to bring this message ALSO saying that he did not go where he was intended to go, which was to meet me (!) – and here I received a loud hiccough – but he ended up where he needed to be, which was against me together with ALL Selvet (!), and yes to help brining me darkness to enter the deepest of all inside of the helicopter, do you see (and during the day writing “do you see” I first received the feeling of darkness now changing to light, and it is connected with helping the “handicapped man” of the dream to see, which is “old God”).

  • A friend of David from Kenya, George K., invited me to become Facebook friends with him, which I of course accepted, and I don’t know him but I became VERY HAPPY because of this “small” decision of David and George showing me WARMTH, which I NEVER see here :-).
  • Asger from Den Gyldne Cirkel is still in a critical condition as this posts says.

  • Dan was more inspired when being on one of his many crusades again Blachman from X-factor, and I only bring this because of Uffe’s profile picture being TinTin, and I saw this maybe an hour after seeing TinTin in a vision, therefore, and Blachman is such a strong man speaking the truth directly that he divides the country into hating or loving him with the STRONGEST feelings, and in this respect this is what I do to people too, so maybe he is really helping me doing exactly this (!), and you can see some of them below, and I might add that maybe people really do not understand him (?) but , but he is much more self oriented than I am, which you can hopefully see from my scripts and certainly from my meetings with people, where I normally starts speaking about other people before speaking of my self, and that is if people “come around” to speak of me because many loves to speak solely about themselves, and yes I do see the ENORMOUS LOVE of Blachman wanting to help people, and I am sure he does his best work behind the camera to do just that, but who cares about this side of him?

  • I was HAPPY to see Obama singing on the stage of Apollo Theater today and not just any song, but LET’S STAY TOGETHER by Al Green, who was in the house to “inspire” you my friend, and as he pointed out he wasn’t booed off the stage by the notoriously tough crowd and swept away by the theater’s “Sandman”, and the “sandman” to me is “the man of sand” with “sand” being “sufferings of darkness”, so in other words, this to me was our “old God” saying LET’S STAY TOGETHER with our new God to become ONE – yes Bono & Co. you are here, there and everywhere (!) – and just maybe Obama knows that I picked this song in the writings of my sufferings with Karen for her and I instead of all the quarrel to “Let’s stay together”, and I was told that this was the “only” way that Obama could get his message through to me, and yes thank you very much Obama (also you Michal P.), I also like very much to see you loosening up and showing your self to the public.

Here is Obama singing, and I do believe you have a good voice, so maybe you will sing together with Al Green someday 🙂 ?

And here is Al singing his very BEAUTIFUL and special to me song from the same Apollo Theater as Obama was speaking in:

  • At 01.20 when I was writing on my message below to Jimmy from Selvet, he was very nice to send me this nice message wishing me a good weekend, and yes it came as a pleasant surprise, Jimmy, and is it because you have seen that I am not “all negative” as you may have believed I was (?) – also seeing my wishes for Asger from Den Gyldne Cirkel to recover as my reply to one of your postings (?) – and let me share this “secret message” with you: EVERYTHING I DO IS WITH 100% LOVE AND ONLY MEANT POSITIVELY TO HELP OTHER PEOPLE, and the negativity ONLY comes from people, who do not wish to understand me nor to be helped out of darkness, which is what the next message is about.

  • Earlier in my script today I wrote about my sister’s “misunderstandings” of me and when she did not DARE to COMMUNICATE directly with me but instead spoke with others about me behind my back telling things she would never DARE to tell me directly, and the following message by Jimmy in English looks very much like the words, which my “good friend” Niclas from the meditation group receives spiritually (the “trademark” of his spiritual voice is to speak about “brothers and sisters”), so I do believe these are the words of the voice of Niclas, and here he says that he loves everyone of the world “because you are YOU”, which are the exact same words I wrote in my email to Dan Rachlin the other day, and yes isn’t it amazing that this is the “old God” trapped inside darkness (my old inner self) – including the Son too (!) – who is learning the messages of my scripts and bringing this “inspired” message, and that is because I like people to be their TRUE selves (without a facade), and the reason of Niclas receiving these words is that this part of our “old God” is now both surviving (to be ONE with our New God of our New World!) and leaving the darkness, which trapped him, and it was he bringing “darkness disguised as light” as the voice given to Niclas, which Niclas shared with others and “could not” understand (or accept) was darkness when I told him (!), and yes isn’t it “amazing” that this voice also includes the key word DARE, which is to tell you Jimmy and Niclas (and the meditation group) that it is always RIGHT to communicate openly, truthfully and DIRECTLY and WRONG to speak behind the backs of others in a way, which you would not DARE to do if the person in question was present, which you did WRONGLY with me (!), and do you see that this was the message of the posting below, that my comments here as EVERYTHING else is meant positively and that it was only your own “limitations” making you reject me (?) and this goes not only to Jimmy/Niclas etc. but also to Nønne, Mickey, Jens and others at Selvet – and of course with all of my LOVING regards, but you TRULY need to speak directly and to understand instead of misunderstand and behave instead of misbehave, my friends.
  • Please also notice the help text “Let’s stay together” in yellow below, which came when I pointed the mouse to the link of the one person, who has shared this message (a little spiritual “miracle” it is because you will NOT be brought to this AMAZING song by Al Green when clicking this link!), and yes the meaning of this “miracle” is that Obama earlier today sang “Let’s stay together” at the Apollo Theatre, which is about the old and new God to stay together as ONE (the “old God” was destined not to survive as he is!) at the same time as it is a message to tell Jimmy and Niclas that OBAMA IS TRULY A SERVANT OF THE LIGHT – and so much more (!) – and that it is DARKNESS bringing you WRONG messages of Obama, which you were about to tell me a couple of months ago, and yes “let’s stay together”, Jimmy, Niclas and the meditation group is also my message for you, the mediation group and I to do, but before meeting you again, I would appreciate you to stand forward to declare your faith in me and to apologise your misunderstood and WRONG “love actions” towards me, do you think you will be “able” to do this, or is it “too risky” for you to do because you will “lose face” towards others?

  • Later I sent this public reply:

  • And I followed up with the decision to publish my script already today – or rather this night – also to bring this additional reply to Jimmy’s posting, which I am sure he became “glad” to see (?) and yes people normally don’t like to have their WRONG doings being published – and do I have to tell you that I LIKE JIMMY AND NICLAS VERY MUCH?

  • I also decided to share this information with “our” meditation group as follows and I am thinking if anyone wants to read to understand?

  • And when I almost had completed this work, I was shown what looked like a theatre mask of darkness approaching me, which I felt as “the first darkness ever of this world”, which is coming to me also with the help of this message to Jimmy/Niclas, and isn’t this “funny”, my gentlemen?
  • And yes, let us show the video of the DARE album by Human League here, which is the essential of my messages to my sister and Jimmy/Niclas today, which is that it was DARKNESS leading you, which you could have done so much better if only you took the RIGHT decisions, but still you did what was anticipated, and this is the darkness I needed to enter and also save “old God” trapped inside of this, and this is what you “helped” me to do of course giving me MUCH sufferings, but this was part of the game for me to face and absorb and so it is.

  • As mentioned earlier in the script of today, I was directly encouraged to write a comment to Dalai Lama, which you can see from the following, and when I was about to finish my reply at 03.00, I received the taste of Champagne in my mouth, and understood that his work following my comment is now also of importance, which will help us, and a little bit later I also received “small heart attacks”, which was to tell me that this is what the opposition of Buddhism to me also brought me.

  • When I was tired of writing and working at 03.10, and almost “lost it”, I was quickly given an example of “help” at the next level, which I normally don’t receive because I don’t need it when not giving up, but here I was shown a large wheel from the inside – like a Greenlander wheel – made by matches, and I was told “you have asked us to do everything perfectly”, which is what I understand we are doing when carefully disassembling this wheel and assembling the original code of information before transformation, and this is the work we are doing spiritually while you are continuing to do all of this work physically, and first we had to recover it, which is what we are about to have done now.
  • At 04.45 – still surprised to be working and yes I did not calculate the amount of work you had prepared for me – I decided that I would also include this message of Dan, who is also awake during this night – it is not healthy to have “irregular” day and nights rhythms, Dan (!) – and the reason is really because of his INSPIRATION to address his “audience” as “Ladies and gentlemen” and we know I would like to bring Kim Larsen as much as Shu-Bi-Dua as I told you recently (!) so this is why Dan was given this title of Kim Larsen’s latest album, so I can bring you the song from it telling you about my return, which is called “Kom igen” (“come again”), which is TRULY a very beautiful song, and furthermore Dan says that he brings us Howie D. (from Backstreet Boys), which he then does not (!) – I was thinking of “almost Bowie” now (!) – and yes a symbol telling you about the times I have told you that “now I am coming”, which I then was not when I discovered more darkness to work on first, but I am now told that “this time around, this is what I am” and we know “backstreet’s back, alright” 🙂 – and while writing this bullet point I was shown Patrick Swayze as a spirit seeing everything together with Whoopi Goldberg  from the movie Ghost and I was told that my inner self – the resurrected soul of Jesus – is watching my every step the same way as Patrick in this movie.

When working on the publish of my script, I was shown Romans and then a man sitting comfortably and calmly in his chair reading a book and a newspaper as if he was in control of the situation and I was told “this is not how it is, is it” (?), and yes I was kept on my edge today with this surprisingly long script, but it was really not difficult work to do, but still I wonder how many people would be able to do this feeling as I did today?

When I almost had finished the work to  upload my script, I received strong taste of red wine and Dalai Lama thinking of me as “red wine” – everything of our New World – and all I know is that I am doing my best under the circumstances and that we make progress every single day, which is really the most important to me.

And we know, it should have been a short script only, but became much longer than expected first ending at 05.15 with the publish of the script of today (and tomorrow) so far and the final details of it, and this is how REALITY showed that I first had to do my work (!), which was much more than expected, but I have decided to do my work everyday and this is what was required to do today – and I received “some weakness to my heart” this night, and even though I am encouraged to keep on working or staying awake, I will go to bed now not to destroy my day tomorrow completely.


21st January: Driving “old God” all the way home without being killed, which may be my “greatest achievement

Dreaming of driving “old God” all the way home without being killed, which may be my “greatest achievement

I was at bed at approx. 05.30 and slept until 11.30 still being somewhat tired when waking up, and I had one dream only:

  • Five “nice” cars are on their way home in Copenhagen and the question is which car Helene is going to take, and when I point at a BMW, it is overruled by the others. On the way home at the end of Lersø Parkalle towards the centre of Copenhagen, to the surprise of the others I pass them in my fine red Opel and put me in front of them in the right lane, where I blink to the right, and the others believe I will wrongly take the first road to the right, but I take the second one right afterwards, which is the right one, and I cross a square with pedestrians almost blocking me, but I manage to come all the way through, and arrive as the first at the Town Hall square, and despite of what the others believed, I had Helene with me all the way, whom I now set off, and she tells me that she now wants to play table tennis with another old lady (of approx. 90) who was the passenger of one of the other cars parked behind me, and she asks who will serve the ball, and I tell her that they will agree on this themselves, and that it is hereafter the one winning the ball, who will serve.
    • This will have to be the DRIVE home of “old God”, where I decided the sleep myself as I am here told (!) – and I might add “to a certain degree” – and it seems that it comes as a surprise to others that “old God” made it all the way through without driving wrongly to the right into “cancellation of his old code and self”, which is what Helene will have to symbolise, because she is my old symbol of death, and I wonder if this is only about my old INNER self or if this is also about my present physical self (?), and when Helene wants to play table tennis against others, it may simply mean that instead of killing me – because I am still “the best protected” even though my top rule is that I will also sacrifice my own life if required – she is killing another, and this “other” was Asger from Den Gyldne Cirkel, who pasted away this night as you can see later.
    • I received a song including the lyrics “high society”, and I received the feeling that this does not mean what you normally believe it means but “highly placed in the hierarchy” and this is in relation to Asger.

When I woke up, I was told that this is “a sort of homecoming” (of “old God”) and I was shown myself drinking a full glass of Orange juice in Spain, a symbol of God, and I was told that “some will believe that this is my greatest achievement”, which is to save our old God – and I would like to THANK the spiritual world to help bringing me work required to help this process and for always being loyal and faithful to me, and yes this is how it is underneath all of the darkness!

I also felt Dalai Lama, so he is thinking of the email I sent and what to do about it (?) and yes OPEN COMMUNICATION is always a GOOD thing and that goes both to Buddhists and the entire world, and maybe you would like to tell the world about my return including your own original opposition to me?

Asger from Den Gyldne Cirkel sacrificed his life to help me drive ”old God” all the way home

When I woke up, one of the first messages I saw was the death of Asger from Den Gyldne Cirkel first from Tilde from my meditation group telling me that he passed away this morning at 05.00 when I was about to go to bed (!), and shortly thereafter through the posting by Den Gyldne Cirkel below, and I was asked “did this (meditation) group help killing Asger” (?) and told the answer “yes, they did” (together with darkness coming from other sources too).

Later I was told with a surprised voice that “Asger sacrificed his life, so I could live” and the voice came from an awakening “old God”, who is showing more light and less darkness because of this sacrifice of Asger, and even later I was told “think about if he would live if you had decided to do even more” (to continue working/staying awake instead of going to sleep at 05.30), and I also felt Asger inside of me, and my first thought was to say “I am sorry” to Asger, but after a while I thought that I did well also to be able to do some work today instead of lying fallow, and that Asger would probably die anyway – also instead of my mother/family because of the protection I have given them – and then I wondered what would have happened of far greater sufferings of man if I had decided to give up not saving our old God (accepting darkness to be given to others, which would have FELT much worse!), and in this context, I do believe that the sacrifice of physical Asger – but NOT spiritual Asger (!) – is not a high price to pay, and think about completely loosening our “old God” forever and ever, and this is what Asger helped us to save, and yes helping the transition from the old to our New World without loosening the creation of the old world, which is what is “completely mad”, which is also a feeling I receive from some members of my meditation group herewith still sending me darkness, and yes I received the answer of what is right for me to do and that is NOT to completely break down physically because of too much work and too little sleep – and yes a few of them visited this script including Jimmy from Espergærde (on condition that my counter tells me the truth, which I believe it does here), and did it make him and Niclas start communication with me (?), and at least not today, but who knows, maybe tomorrow ?

And I was shown “old God” being collected from the steepest and darkest coal cellar of all – this is the worst we went through sadly costing the life of Asger, but I am sure that he will be able himself to tell you about his experiences in our New World.

MANY people showed their gratitude and gave their last greetings to Asger, and shortly after my comment, I was HAPPY to see the following, who was inspired to bring the words “RETURNING HOME” from an angel chorus singing on top of the very special to me NEW WORLD symphony by Dvorak, and yes this is another sign of my return home to our New World also with the help of Asger’s sacrifice 🙂 – and I decided to bring both videos, which he linked to and aren’t they incredible beautiful (?) and here I am given a vision of a proud mother – feeling the father too – carrying her child, and this child is my new self.

I was encouraged to look at Per’s Facebook profile, where I saw his profile picture, which is showing “Peter Pan – for an eternity”, which is what our New World – including “old God” – will become – thank you Per for your postings :-).

I leave you with this testament of Asger transmitted via Yvonne to help you remember and understand his mission on Earth:

When publishing my script today, I decided to help people of or supporting Den Gyldne Cirkel, by telling the truth of the reason of Asger’s death to support he process saving our “old God”, and this is what I posted, and I do hope you will be patient to read and understand that I only tell you the truth.

And now I understand the message from Dan yesterday about Howie D from Backstreet Boys, because he is to perform this evening at the Eurovision Song Contest together with the winner of last year, “A friend in London”, and I also understand the symbolism, because his plane from USA was delayed and it was uncertain if he would make it to the general rehearsal yesterday, which was a requirement in order to be allowed to stand on stage today, and we know the papers wrote about it, but he made it and will now perform together with “A friend in London” and just a symbol of not Howie, but Bowie as our old God almost not making it through to come home to London (symbol of our New World) before it was too late, but he did it!

Inspired stories about my RETURN HOME to the PARADISE of our New World 🙂

These are small inspired stories about my RETURN HOME as the “pixy/smurf” of our New World, which seems to be impending at any time now – on Monday if nothing else turns up in the last moment?

  • Today I saw this posting of yesterday (before my writings on Jimmy/Niclas) Kenneth from the meditation group, and it is another sign of my return home, because Kenneth is on a “Tivoli tour with my tomato” as he writes, and yes “tomato” is an old symbol of what I will have when becoming my new self, and it made Jimmy VERY happy when quoting “it’s hard to be a nissemand” from the Julekalender with “De NatterGALE” (or what, Jimmy?) and also “but you are a smølfemand… so all is well” and yes “smølfemand” is a “smurf man” and it is NOT because Jimmy read my script the other day about SMURFS, but simply because he was INSPIRED without knowing it, and Jimmy cannot help LOVING Kenneth, which is “totally impossible” for Jimmy to do today about me, but your feelings shown here Jimmy are the feelings you will receive about me in the future, and isn’t it fantastic how things can change (and I hear the voice of a more articulate recovered “old God” saying and understanding that “first I was in the wood and then ….”).

  • Another symbol of my return home came from this posting of Marianne – my old colleague from Fair – who decided to pay for a taxi for her son to RETURN HOME, do you see (and remember my explanation of the symbol of the taxi for me to “return home”?) and “yes, yes, yes” is the answer without being annoyed, which the answer was before.

  • Yet another symbol of my return home was when Penpa (Lama Yönten’s assistant) wrote this email to her email list offering a Tivoli entrance card, and you do remember that TIVOLI MEANS THE PARADISE OF OUR NEW WORLD, don’t you (want me, which was the question), and we know I received NO ANSWER, Jeff, from Penpa and Lama Yönten to my email to them, and I wonder why and what I did to them since the do not communicate?

My new neighbour symbolises the end of darkness when he is “thawing” up

This afternoon I had to go to town to buy coffee, and on my way out, I met my neighbour Preben, who after a beginning where he would not speak to me – not because of me, but let us say “an extremely in-going and cautious man” (which however is NOT how he truly is) – now has started to opening more and more to me when meeting him, and here we truly spoke for several minutes together, but I quickly understood that he is “crazy” as people degradingly say about “delirious people” speaking “strange things”, which they however believe is the truth, and yes he spoke of people having his key breaking into his apartment even though he has changed his door, but he could not tell when it was the last time, and they also threw out his laundry and something about his Maserati and Fiat parked below, which I am sure he does not have (!), and here I saw a man, who has fought all of his life (!) as I am here told, and yes meeting a man, who would like to talk to him – apparently hearing good things about me from the other “strange” but nice neighbours here (there a quite a few living here, waiting to be woken up!) – and talking and to be understood is what makes “miracles” when it comes to people being overtaken by darkness, and yes he is becoming better simply because I am near him meaning that the darkness is leaving him, and yes Preben is the symbol of this, and darkness is simply what overtook his mind, and the way to treat these people is thus with kindness and human warmth and understanding, which will make them “good” again, do you see?

“Old God” from darkness is gradually understanding the wrongdoings, which darkness forced him to do

When I arrived to the cash desk in the supermarket of Føtex, two ladies were in front of me, and the first lady did not have enough money to pay for her goods, which made the cashier call customer service to receive help, because he had keyed in the value of empty bottles, and it was now impossible for him to change what was keyed in (!), and while we stood there waiting, I received more darkness – it is still coming to me in “moderate doses” all of the day – and this time to be impatient with other people (this has been one of the favourite sufferings the darkness has given me, which generally is to be impatient when waiting in line, which has required my STRONGEST decision to be patient just like in the mini-busses together with Elijah in Nairobi, when he could not control his impatience) and I felt that we are on the exact point where darkness took over “old God” where there is almost no difference between good and wrong, and here because it “floats together” making it very difficult to sort out, and I felt it when the cashier was speaking on the phone and I almost wished that he would lose the receiver, which he then did, which brought up a “ha-ha” feeling inside of me, and yes this is nothing new, but the new part is that this feeling is weaker and almost invisible now, thus almost impossible to reject where it before came to me much stronger but also in some respects easier for me to reject, and this is why I all of the time will have to remind me what is “right” to do otherwise the darkness will simply automatically take me over, and this I don’t want to happen, and do you see why this process is difficult (?), and the episode ended up happily when the second lady in line offered to give the first lady the missing 5 DKK, and instead of returning goods, she paid and everyone was happy, which was a symbol saying that because of the energy channel I decided to establish, there was energy enough to help our old God out of the old world before “time” would close him down.

I still receive feelings of “old God” from inside darkness awakening and asking questions or concluding really “no sexual sufferings then” (?!) and gradually he is understanding the wrong doings darkness made “him” do, and I saw “him” see “complete liberation” through the light I showed him as his exit instead of becoming “permanent matter of our New World” without his original code/life in practise meaning the end of the old God sacrificing his life to help us create a new God and New World, but oh no, not me, God, which is not about Susan this time, Jeff :-).

Later in the evening I was told that “it is a dream coming through, but only in our absolutely wildest dreams

Denmark won a “completely crazy” handball match after being sent out in darkness – just like the “old God” 🙂

First Denmark played a “win or disappeard” match in handball against Macedonia, and after being down by 13 to 19 where everything looked dark, the team managed to come back from this “completely crazy angle” – and I write it like this because these are the words I receive with a reference to Preben Elkjær’s goal for Denmark against the Soviet Union in 1985 to 2-0 in what is known as the “best football match ever for Denmark” (Denmark won by 4 to 2), where the legendary commentator Svend Gehrs said with all of his smiles “it is a completely crazy angle to shoot from”, as you can see after 2:15 here, meaning that the ball should not be able to enter from there, which is really the same as here where it is “completely crazy” to transfer “old God” to a New World, which “does not exist yet” from another world “which does not exist anymore”, this is what is happening, my LADIES and GENTLEMEN (!) – and coming back to the handball match the man making the difference for Denmark was Mikkel Hansen (the old symbol of me!) today making 12 goals, which was more than double of what he did in the first three matches (!), and who should have thought that (?), and after being behind with these six goals, Denmark managed to take the lead by three looking like a safe winner, but again they almost received a “rubber arm” at the end where it became 32 all with Macedonia having the ball until only a few seconds before time, where the Danish commentators had given up the hope for Denmark to receive retrieve the ball before time, but what happened (?), yes VERY QUICKLY a safe by the Danish goal keeper and in the dying seconds, Denmark scored the winning goal to 33 to 32, which was SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE to do, this is the symbol, and it made the commentators SCREAM OF JOY saying that it was a “completely mad finish” and “Denmark is alive in this championships”, which is really the point here, because if Denmark did not score this goal, they would have been out of the tournament (impossible to reach the semi final), but they can now reach all the way to the gold.

The coach Wilbek said “we are still living”, which this is about, and it was simply because darkness pressured down Mikkel completely making it impossible for him to score as he normally does, and that is until today where he showed his “old self”, and Joachim Boldsen said in the “studio” that Denmark only wins, when they wear the special suit they had on, which they will now keep on the rest of the matches as he said :-), and I should be happy here, but I receive very sad feelings, which is from my family being “very sad” about me and isn’t it “marvellous” that they are “not able” to understand what we are doing these days making “a world in difference” forever and ever?

The Danish Eurovision Song Contest spoke of our “old God” suffering but surviving after having received MUCH energy

This evening it was as mentioned earlier also the Danish final of the Eurovision Song Contest, which is ALWAYS a BIG event here, and I enjoyed the fantastic quality of the show – GOOD work (!), and I like much to see work like this 🙂 – and I received a couple of messages here too:

One from the jury was asked here which qualities a winner song needs to have, and among other things he said “the ingredients in a hit; start with a refrain, put a refrain on top and top the ice desert with another refrain, and then it may be a good idea that the song at one time hits a little skim with the tale, which we had not calculated on right there where we thought we knew how everything would turn out” and what he said very directly here (!) was that the Trinity (from darkness) is suffering (the three refrains with the ICE desert – he was speaking of “ingredients” of food, which is really about creating and here saving life), but it is hitting the tale of the whale (which I felt it was about), and the whale is the symbol of the “old world” (!) and they are still alive, which we had not calculated on – do you see how DIRECT SPIRITUAL SPEECH through people works and how many times have I shown you by now, but still many of you “cannot” understand me and it shouldn’t have anything to do with your own laziness and deafness (?) and still wondering I am!

I was given a vision where I saw a projector light only lighting up 1-2 commercial banners of a football field, and everything else was in darkness, and I was told that the rest of the banners have been found using feelings.

And here you can hear one host saying to the other laughing “you are crying” and the other hosts says “it is because of that one getting 16 points”, and I received a STRONG feeling of HAPPINESS and it was because they refered to this song here, which sounds like “singing of original people”, and there are the people surviving these days.

Kenneth Bager from the jury was interviewed here where he was asked of his personal favourite, and among other things he said “I have never made as much money in such a short time, there has been much briberay behind the stage” – and he also said “the North Jutlanders know how to party”, which is really for “old God” to be alive (!) – and the people behind the scene are here a symbol of the Trinity as the “old God” who has received MUCH money, and that is MUCH energy to be able to survive, and it was followed up immediately thereafter when Søs Fenger here encouraged people to give the people behind the stage a GIANT hand “because I think they have made it fantastically” and when she said this, I was told that this is to the people (“old God”) inside of darkness, which have fought all they could in order to survive.

My favourite songs made it to the final, and I understand people wanting to get song no. 1 to win, I liked that too, but the winner no. 9 (!!!) was also very good and my personal favourite was Christian together with one of my favourite Swedes, the AMAZING Patrik Isaksson, which I had hope to win, but I understood that the young people voting, would prefer the other two songs making my favourite no. 3.

And last year’s winner A FRIEND IN LONDON performed with Howie D, who made it (!) and yes LET US MAKE A NEW TOMORROW.

And I could not help SMILING when the two hosts performed their favourite Eurovision Song Contest song of all times, which today ONLY could be Diggi-loo diggi-ley as you can see here and yes “Diggi-loo diggi-ley, himlen öppnade sig, Det är knappt man sina ögon tror” (“the sky was opening up, you hardly believe your eyes”), which is what is coming your and here I am told my way – and let us see the original of this song again :-).

The personal belongings of the old version of the spirit of my mother are the last to be transferred

During the evening I also took notes of what I experience earlier in the day when darkness – after the death of Asger – tried to make me indifferent to other people dying and to motivate me to relax, which I had to reject many times too.

The spirit of my mother inside of this weakening darkness told me that I can still destroy them “if you want to” (but difficult as I understood with little darkness remaining), and I can only say “no thank you, I don’t want to give up now” and therefore I continue to fight including to reject darkness “hundreds of times” each day, and I am truly tired and feeling physically very poorly when writing this at 00.00 after my TV evening.

Later I felt this version of the spirit of my mother from an angle including all of my head and then 1-2 metres out maybe 10-20 degrees to the right in a growing angle – these are the kind of visions I am given thousands of times – and inside this vision and angle I felt her arriving with her brown suitcases and was told that “my personal belongings are the last to be transferred” and also that “the entrance is open and there is only light, otherwise we could not do this”.

And even later I felt myself standing right in the middle of this old Trinity receiving the feeling of RED, which is still “some darkness” right here, and it came to me as “almost diarrhoea” and a POWERFUL discomfort all over my body wanting me to stop this feeling, and I was told that “it feels like you standing precisely in the middle of us” and yes more darkness to remove, which I intend to continue doing tomorrow, and I am happy that I did not do “nothing” today, but also made a “pretty good script” under the circumstances – and by 00.20 I had update my published script, and decided to go to bed, because a new day of exercise and work calls tomorrow.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I LIKED to see the posting of Iben on Shubi-Michael’s Facebook telling him that she has heard Shubidua all day long from 07.00 until approx. 16.30 when this is written, and she refuses to stop until the Danish part of the Eurovision Song Contest will start this evening on TV (!), and we know this is the same attitude as I show, which is that I REFUSE TO GIVE UP ON OLD GOD telling that we will NOT start the New World, which here is the nice music (symbol of “warm feelings”) of “a friend in London” and others of this contest, and NOT close the access before EVERY LITTLE THING including every little code of old God has been transferred, and yes isn’t it amazing how inspiration comes to people?

  • I saw that France in the European Championships are also struggling incredible when they – the same way as Denmark – bring ZERO points to the middle round, and they were the GOLD favourites together with Denmark but also did the “unthinkable” to lose two out of three matches in the qualifying round, and I was told “what does this tell you” (?) and simply that this fight between light and darkness has been “to the death” with Denmark here being light and France darkness, and you may remember the symbol of France from the recent championships for ladies?
  • I have NOT seen my mother or Sanna reading my new scripts after my script of the 14th January, which made them run aground (!), my father and Kirsten have apparently completely given up on me not reading, Fuggi used to “eagerly” read (or “skim” is a better word) my scripts, but now he only arrives once every 8-10 days for a quick update, and the only one reading all of my scripts is my aunt Inge – besides from Meshack I believe – so THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR LOYALTY AND INTEREST, INGE :-).
  • My posting to Jimmy/Niclas and the meditation group yesterday gave the result that ONE from the group labelled the posting with “like”, and everyone else IGNORED me as usual, and we know these people are certainly not “easy”, Lionel, but this is what they made the spirit of my mother inside of darkness be!
  • I am told that my old very good friend René with Dorte are still “completely down” because of me, and yes I have heard NOTHING from him for 2 years now because of him and not me!
  • Approx. a couple of weeks ago I “labelled” my sister, two nephews and aunt as “family” on Facebook (my mother/father are not there), and I noticed that each family member had to approve me doing so before they would become “visible” as family, but this is apparently TOO MUCH for my sister, Niklas and Inge to do, when they have NOT accepted this request of mine, so it must be very embarrassing to you to have me as a family member potentially destroying your “life and good reputation” to be related with “someone like me” (?), but to Tobias, I would like to THANK YOU for not having this fear, as you can see from the picture below taken from my Facebook profile.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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