January 23, 2012: Asger worked inside of me to save God and merge the old and new world, and he is now also part of God


Summary of the script today

22nd January: Asger worked inside of me to save God and merge the old and new world, and he is now also part of God

Dreaming of borrowing energy to get access to fine Champagne and wine (of our old world), the old world appointing me as manager to produce energy, the spirit of my mother (of our old world) is about to sing of joy but first we are going through more darkness threatening us with our old nightmare, the darkness wants to remove my energy if it can, confirmation of my sister believing in me, the CLASSIC song “Melankolini” by Shubidua symbolises the merger between our old and New World, the darkness of Karen includes the secret to produce energy, which is undiscovered by darkness and my old colleague Nefer will help opening our New World.

  • I attended the “Grail Service” of Den Gyldne Cirkel both to receive more energy and because of Asger’s death, and I was shown the Trinity of our old world sitting behind a wall of darkness, and told that Asger is also a “messenger of God”, who would now help us to open this wall, which was “impossible” to open. Everyting inside here is upturned, and this was the final break through to save our old world and everything included inside of it. It required to change to another level of vibrations and to turn everything opposite to read this dark world on the other side. I felt Asger as a small presence working physically inside of my body, which was a NEW experience to me to say the least (!), and I was shown light at the end of a tunnel and was told “because you bring the light to your self through Asger”. I saw my body from the inside and a chain being pulled through it, which was Asger breaking down the wall of darkness to our old world and creating a connection between the old and New World, which now will start becoming assembled. The work to dissolve darkness inside of our old work to recreate the original light and life ot it has now started. Our old world almost became our “lost world” because it was only through the absolutely thinnest line imaginable that we were able to do this work saving this world after it had burned down, i.e. swallowed by darkness. We only managed to enter here because the fuel of darkness is empty. ”This is the secret of Den Gyldne Cirkel, to save God self” – through a symbiosis with me – and I was shown a newspaper (i.e. destruction of darkness) turning into a large book, and a large man (“God”) becoming visible behind it. Asger told me “if I did not experience this, I would not believe in it – I am now you”. The old world has now also started production of energy, and I repeated our new creation to make everything light inside of our old world. The axis between the old and New World is “the axis, which we will spin a completely new world around” and I was given the feeling that “this will take some time to do”, which may be weeks or months? The only way to save the old world, was for the old world to create a new world being strong enough to free the old world! Finally I was given the keys for this our old world too – and Asger told through his wife that “this is genious” as a symbol of “job well done” to connect our old and New World also referring to one of the most famous goals and football matches of Denmark of all time telling about this exact situation :-).

23rd January: The old world is hidden inside the pyramids and the release of light from here is visible from space

  • Dreaming of Søren Pind, Lars Løkke etc. bombarding me with resistance, being inside darkness to restore light/life, a man receiving a new car as a symbol of his old life being saved, politicians having sold their souls to the Devil speaks of me as crazy, removing the Devil as the manager to receive freedom, the spirit of my mother has set up new communication lines of the old world, and our old and New God meats through me as the medium.
  • I started receiving new forms of darkness, and STRONG darkness, which I had to do my best to adjust to also wondering what will happen if I should lose it now, which may be to become my new self without saving much of this old world, but as long as I continue, I am dismantling the cross of the old world and installing the new LOVE SYMBOL, which will increase the WARMTH of all people including my self. The beginning light of Earth is visible to space!
  • Late this evening I thought about NEVER giving up at the absolutely final part of an old running route, where I always wanted to give up, just like now, which made me understand that this is the absolutely final part of my road, which I am going through now probably not taking as long as feared. This part was/is VERY difficult going through because it was to create the road through darkness uphill to the cave of “old God”, where he will help expand the connection between our old and New World. Out “old God” sadly of darkness entered me with his dark uniform and sword, and I saw our original God of light dead with his armour and sword in the cave, and this is the old God that I am now about to wake up and bring back to life. The moment of uniting our old and new God as one through me is now approaching.

Will Søren Pind, Lars Løkke, Helle Thorning and the Danish Parliament be COWARDS meeting me with deafening silence or HEROES by COMMUNICATING openly about and with me?


22nd January: Asger worked inside of me to save God and our old world, this was his secret and Asger is now also part of God

Dreaming of accessing the fine wine of our old world and our old and New World merging

Yesterday evening I decided that I wanted to use the morning to exercise instead of writing my script and afterwards to meditate and take notes to the service of Den Gyldne Cirkel at 12.00, so it is now 14.20 starting to write the script of today having MUCH to write, and yes I wonder if I will finish maybe at 19.00 or 20.00 this evening, and we will see – and also if I will play Shubidua all the way, Michael H. and yes hearing the song right now with the lyrics “fuldstænding idiot” (“complete idiot”) right now, which is a BEAUTIFUL but sad song, and is this what you think of me (?) – and we know we better get started with some dreams:

  • I am in Rungsted Harbour where I meet a lady offering financing and the contract says that she will maximum receive 120 percent in return, and something about Champagne and fines wines.
    • I did not get all details of the dream, but financing is energy we borrow in order to get to fine Champagne and wines, which I now after the 12.00 service understand is life inside of the Trinity of the old world after connecting the old and New World together!
    • I heard “funny, funny” by Sweet and “honey, hones” and the special lyris “tell me, is it really so”?
  • I have started as one out of three temp’s at an old fashioned company, and after a short time they have so much confidence in me that they want to make me the finance manager and part of the management of the company, which I accept but I tell them only temporary because other work fits my compentences better, and I feel that this news will make my mother proud of me. In another office of the company, the two other temps, Jack and Hans Otto (my old colleague from Aon now in Willis, and not the Hans Otto here Michal B. even though I always like “the family” – of our world – to come for “coffee” 🙂 ) are going to work all of the evening on a difficult case, but I am leaving now after normal working hours because I am going with a good looking lady who is going to sing, but first I have to change my clothes and I am almost forgetting my shirt.
    • This old fashioned company will have to be our old world, which wants be to deliver energy to them as the new finance manager, and the two others may be both about spiritual work, which their inneselves are doing (?) and also that both Jack and Hans Otto are thinking of me (?), and the lady who is going to sing can only be the spirit of my mother of our old world and as usual I am going through darkness wanting to pressure my “old nightmare” upon us, but oh no, not me.
  • I am parking my VW Beetle in Copenhagen where it is “impossible” to get a free and legal parking place, and I park it where there is room, which is illegally on the corner and I know that I will get a ticket if I am discovered but I don’t care because I cannot afford to pay it anyway. I am going to the theatre with my sister, and she has arrived with her own car and is now looking after me and has almost given up finding me, but then she sees me after I saw her from two parallel streets away.
    • I am surrounded by darkness here, which wants to extract my energy if it can, and going to the theatre with my sister confirms her faith in me, and it would be very good if you would tell this to everyone Sanna just as convincingly as when you told “everyone” that I was crazy.
  • Michael Hardinger has not been succesfull with his Christmas songs and will now give it a second try.
    • I woke up to Shubidua’s CLASSIC song “Melankolini” – from your “golden age” my gentlemen 🙂 – and the lyrics “det er rart med lidt åndelig føde, mine damer og herrer, værs’go og skyl” (”it is nice with a little spiritual food, my ladies and gentlemen, please pour”), which is really about TWO THINGS at the same time for example a new and old world merging, which happened later in the day and here it is Shubidua singing about “my ladies and gentlemen”, which you know is the latest album by Kim Larsen, and yes this is how to make the connection :-).
  • Something about Karen and a little difficult to read the notes but it is about only one portion, and she returns a bite, which has to be warmed before it can be returned to my old apartment in Hørsholm, where a couple is reading for their exam, and they have put on coffee for tomorrow, ther don’t say hi to me when I come and I am nervous if my keys for financing from the sofa have been removed, but I see that they have not, they were not discovered.
    • The couple may be Karen and Denis (?) who don’t want to speak to me, but still have WARM feelings for me, i.e. coffee, and will thaw up “tomorrow”, and it is also saying that inside the darkness, which brought the sexual sufferings of Karen to me, i.e. the sofa, is hidden the keys to produce energy and again of the old world, and this was not discovered by darkness.
  • I am at a festival where Kim Larsen plays one of only 2-4 small concerts this year, I am looking for cigarettes and my father offers to find me some. I see Pernille S. drinking beer there, and I receive myself five pieces of bread from a very fine baker, however the breads seem quite dry and I notice that one of the breads actually is a chicken, which has been cooked delisciously, and I also saw fine fish and “fishing events”, which have been planned for a long time.
    • The festival is normally about our New World but this one may be about our old world (?) and it simply says that my father is bringing me much darkness, i.e. the cigarettes, and Pernille S. is there drinking beer, i.e. darkness too, and the old bread is our old world, and the chicken is simply the creation of our old world, which I receive here, so here it finally comes :-), and the fish is still about my self as the Son.
  • I am lying naked in my bed in Hørsholm, and Nefer (my old colleague from Aon, now Willis) is arriving half naked, she loves speaking to me, and I have never been attracted to her, but now I see that she is very good looking and I ask her to lye with me in the bed, but she is a little sceptical and I tell her that I will not touch her. She tells me that she will be going to Jutland where she is to open a new office with regional activities.
    • I am here in the darkness of Hørsholm again, and am tempted this time by Nefer, who is a “special friend” of me too, who will do “activities in Jutland”, which is to help me with the opening of our New World.
    • When I woke up, I was given the name “Isolde”, which is a story from “Tristan and Iseult”, where she both is adulterous, as Nefer was with Preben in the 1990’s where they were lovers cheating their respective husband and wife, and I only write this because this is what I am encouraged to do simply to tell the truth my ladies and gentlemen.
  • When I woke up I was shown needles being removed from a head to reduce the pain of “old God”, thus also me as Stig (!), and I was told that we cannot be destroyed now.

At 09.00 I cycled towards the swimming hall and NOT motivated but working with DISCIPLINE, which is what has kept me going especially the last couple of days – I had to actively DECIDE to keep working with discipline in order to be able to do it – and it was snowing rather much making me completely wet when I arrived, and today the running belt was free, but because of exhaustion I was NOT able to run today (more than 2½ minutes) and instead I did 15 minutes on the step machine, and some swimming afterwards too, and yes the cycling here in the “hilly” Helsingør is also bringing exercise and this is what I wanted to do in order to help the process the best way I can, which certainly has to be better than sitting in the sofa fighting to keep awake?

When exercising I was shown the spirit of my mother seeing her old necklace of pearls in front of her – brought by my energy – and when asked, I decided that we are NOT to forget about light and values of old God, which may be different than what is included in my scripts, but to save them in order to improve our world to come and really because “I’m not perfect”, so if you have something, which is better, let us save it and take it up later :-).

I also receive “all kinds of tricks” from the darkness wanting me to take control deciding on details, which I have no knowledge on, and with some difficulties I overcame the strength of this – not easy when it KEEPS coming all of the time the same way as my mother keeps repeating what is wrong – and decided to use my old rules and for light to decide on details I know nothing of.

And we know ending the script so far at 15.45, where my patience was tested again (“do I bother writing all of this or do I give up”?), and will it take 2, 3 or 4 hours to write the next chapter (?), and we will see.

Asger worked inside of me to save God and merge the old and new world, and he is now also part of God

I was home at 11.40 and had time for lunch before the “Grail Service” of Den Gyldne Cirkel (“the Golden Circle”) started at 12.00, and when I wanted to enter the website of Selvet transmitting this web radio transmission, NOTHING happened, the website did not open, and I checked other websites and concluded that there was nothing wrong with the connection, but after a couple of minutes where NOTHING still happened, I closed Firefox and opened Google Crome, and what happened then (?), and NOTHING again, and I thought “what a time for the website of Selvet to go down” and I wondered if there was too MANY visitors to their site at the same time because of Asger’s death, and I started thinking of getting some coffee instead and start the work of writing my dreams of the day, but I decided that I would prefer to do the work attending this service, and finally at 12.05, the website finally opened, I had broken down the darkness trying to block me by showing much patience, and from here lay down in my bed taking “many notes” as you can see from the following:

First I was shown a crack in a completely dark wall – as if it was the private parts of my mother (!) – and I was asked “do we sit behind this wall, which is completely impossible to open, which Asger is helping us with now” (?), which is what he was about to do as you can read in the following.

I was told about Asger “all he is receiving, he is also a messenger of God”, and when I received the next message I had alreadyy forgotten about it before making to write a note of it, which was darkness working.

I heard “messenger from Denmark”, which still was about Asger, and I was shown an upturned rifle and was told “because everything is upturned in here” (not the plus side, but minus side here).

I was shown Uma Thurman from Pulp Fiction, and when reading about her character shortly it may be a symbol saying that the task of Asger today “can be seen as effecting the resurrection of the Trinity of the old world from the dead”.

I was shown a match being ignited and held at the opening of an empty bag of chips and was asked what I wanted to do, and this is an example where I could only say as so many times before “I have no opinion on this” and repeating once again “I want everything to be light” and here it was fire and something FRENCH, which has become a symbol of darkness – did you notice, Sarkozy (?) – and I don’t want to work for darkness!

I was shown from the inside cracks of light coming through the rye bread (the dark wall), and I was shown a baby and a train and I heard “you are a baby yourself”, and this was connected with Asger, either him telling me or about him (as “another part of me”), I did not understand.

I was shown a white and black man stretching out after running and I was told that we are working to be on the same vibrations, which required energy, which we bring from “my network” (and please understand that the white and black man are only symbols and NOTHING about differences of races ).

I was shown the spirit of my mother inside of here with darkness attached to the front of her, and I was asked “what will happen when the front is removed, will they die” (?), which made me nervous for a short while not knowing what would happen.

I was shown the band Safri Duo drumming their drums with puddles of water on them symbolising sufferings of the Trinity inside of darkness, and at this stage I was fighting VERY much with impatience and tiredness of writing knowing that this would create many notes, I would have to write down for a long time afterwards, but I decided to continue doing the work feeling on the edge but also telling my self that “you have done this all of the other times, so you are also going to do this one, Stig, because it is important!”.

I was shown a see-through plastic bag with a little water on the bottom of it and I was asked “what is to happen with this water” (?) (sufferings) and I gave the same answer as so many times before “let the light decide”.

And then I received two slight pains to my heart and felt Asger as a small presence working physically inside of my body, which was a NEW experience to me to say the least (!), and I was shown a propeller (I felt an aeroplane) and an Indian while I felt Asger continuing his journey through my body (my body is also the Universe!), and I was shown light at the end of a tunnel and was told “because you bring the light to your self through Asger”, and I was shown a small shelf where liquied was floating from and a pair of glasses laid on this shelf, which I felt was part of the road of Asger to pick up.

I was shown the inside of my body from the top of my chest and down seeing my ribs, and I saw a chain being pulled through my body and was this to pull out the old world?

I was shown a paper bag in a kitchen from which a baking roll was taken out and used to roll out dough on the kitchen table and afterwards the roll was returned to the bag, and it happened with MUCH speed, and I said “we are not busy, please do your best work”.

I was shown a motorcycle (of darkness) rearing and falling backwards, and above this motorcycle I was a wiresystem being established, which I felt was about “transport” (a connection between our old and New World).

I was shown the French Reviera and a hot dog and was asked “wouldn’t you rather bath” and my answer was “no, I only want to have light”.

I was shown a giant sport hall and told “there is an Indian on every motorcycle you see” meaning that behind darkness is “original people” of light.

I was shown a road leading out from me approx. five metres towards the right, and I was asked “don’t you want to follow this” and I said “I will follow the light”.

I was shown a substance (truly a perfect wine and part of our Champagne Tasting some years ago, do you remember Lars and Henrik :-)) being put on a tall hat and saw the hat dissolving and becoming into tree chipts, which has to be reunited (to become the original “tree”, which it was created as).

Asger told me “if I did not experience this, I would not believe in it – I am now you”.

I was shown a “Napoleon’s hat” (a Danish cake here associated with France, thus darkness), and I saw how it also became ours again, and I was shown Lykke (“happiness”) from the tv-series of the same name, which I like to see – and it starts again this evening on TV, therefore – and of course because happiness is the feeling, which is now starting to spread at our old world and “lost world” are the words I also receive here because it was only through the absolutely thinnest line imaginable that we were able to do this work saving this world, and yes you did not know what was the right to do, but you did your best, which is what it took.

I was told that that my old friend Peter S. (Pia’s husband) ”is also in here”.

It is like packing all Jutland down but without feeling any pain to my angle as I was told, and I was told that I could not have done this without my mother and I was shown a wooden covered train wagon and a giant white pole (of my mother) coming through the wagon (throuhg the length direction).

I was shown a lighter, which had no gas in it, which is about darkness without fuel, and I was shown and told “it is like a giant merry go around, which we are about to build up”, and I felt enthusiasm almost breaking out, and I felt my LTO friends and understood that they have brought me both light and darkness because of their actions supporting me or lack of actions not communicating.

I was shown a giant dark guitar coming out of the mouth of a very small shark, which was also shown to me as a submarine, and I understood that darkness filling “nothing” had swallowed “everything of the old world”.

I was shown a beautiful girl and told “beautiful girls are also motorcycles”, i.e. darkness leading to “nothing”, which they are when sexuality of humans is directly exposed.

I saw people and a big root leading to a GIANT tree (the creation of our old world) and I was told that this is what had burned down.

I was told that “nobody watches out now” and I was shown a small motorboat, which could be on the canals of Venice (darkness inside light of the world) and a man was sitting with his back to the wheel reading the paper.

I was told that “this is the secret of Den Gyldne Cirkel, to save God self”, and I was shown a newspaper (i.e. destruction of darkness) turning into a large book so far with blank pages, and a large man (“God”) becoming visible behind it.

I was shown a good but not the best football player and told ”you believe you are insignificant, but no, it was about the survival of God through a symbiosis between I and Asger inclduing his network of Den Gyldne Cirkel”.

I was told “there is no more “I will smash you” on its way to you” and did I write that “I will smash you” (or “smadre dig” in Danish) was one of the favourite expressions of darkness given to me thousands of times?

I was also told that there are also no cigars and grill spears (!) coming my way, only d’Artagnan from The Tree Musketeers and I heard the motto “all for one, one for all“, which is really the attitude, which brought Asger and I here, otherwise our old world would have become the “lost world” instead, which we would not have liked even to think of, which corresponds to throw out beans and tomatoes as I was told, which we will not do.

I was shown how all (converted) darkness now returns as contents to the book “thanks to you” as I was told, and I was shown how an entire shelves including toothbrushes being plugged into the bathroom as a Lego building set, and this is about sexuality and reproduction of our world being restored.

I was shown light all over with a crack inside of it containing strong spices of my mother, which is the darkness she provided to come here, and I saw that the awakened God found something and I heard “we thought we would never see this again”.

I was shown a dark bed arrving and told “this is not God’s bed, the most difficult darkness, which you are bringing in here, is it” (?) followed by “then it also became Christmas inside here again”, and I felt tears of happiness and appreciation.

I was shown and told that “the road went through Hørsholm Commune” – when I registered there as “unemployed” in the autumn of 2009 including everything which followed – and I was told “also regards from Gert, who is also here”, whom I felt very close to me.

I was shown a “landscape” of dark egg trays, which now are being coated with light.

I was shown some kind of a cylinder extremely close to my eyes, and I did not know what it was until I saw it becoming the bearing of a baby carriage, and behind this vision, I was shown a traing driving with endless speed.

I was shown large rolls of white fabric in a factory and told that we have started production, and I understood this as “energy” too, and I know that “clothes” is “life”, so energy is life.

I was shown a large plastic bottle with only a little concentrated orange juice remaining and told “this is what we use to start all of it”, which I understood as the factory bringing back everything to life.

I was shown darkness around my right side with Eligael – the key withness of the Jerusalem UFO – slowly moving from this side behind my neck towards the left side of light around me, and I was told that this was also a condition to do the process of today.

And I was shown a Pope reading a book FAR out to my right side, and the book was full of MANY slices of white bread, which is the symbol telling that the Pope also had a STRONG sexual desire and was that for boys too, my dear Benedict (?) and just saying that all of us received much darkness, and I did not avoid it myself, so you have “nothing” to fear, do you see (?) and then I was given a clear vision of Benedict, and yes he does :-).

I was shown and told that a metre is placed in front of the drums, and you can decide yourself in which direction the metre is to turn (left for light or right for darkness), which is where we are now, and I repeated that “everything is to become light, and NEVER AGAIN darkness”, and this was the new creation (which we did a few months ago) also spreading to here.

I was shown a blue light bulb haning in a long wire swinging towards me, and I was shown Jennifer Lopez in “On the floor” and told that “we will never steal again”, which is the nature of darkness (to steal energy symbolised by the sampling of another song being part of Jennifer’s hit song).

I was shown sport cars of the darkness in a parking house and told that “none of them work, I have just tried” and I felt Kenneth from my meditation group, it was now 13.00 and I knew that he was meditating at the same time together with “our” old meditation group, and I said “I am the truth, Kenneth, you were also my piece (of darkness) leading me here”.

I was shown large pillars being installed on the outside of a mountain and I felt my mother and temptations of Nefer (refering to my dream of the night) and I said “no, thank you”.

I was shown a large number of “rocket cases” hanging down from the ceiling of a cave, and I saw how they used to include red rockets (to destroy the world – here thinking of “the bomb of Nixon” from 2010!), but are empty now, which was a condition to come here, and I was shown a LARGE pile of LP’s on a spin and told “this is why your mother has kept playing the same record all of the time – to empty the content in here”.

I saw a teddy bear, and a bridge including railway tracks leading to the mountain (of our old world), and I was told that “it was the most dangerous road in the world coming here”, and we know “not easy” is what it was, and actually the most difficult of all I went through.

I was shown an axis turning around inside a whirl and the axis self is the key.

When I was looking to my right, I only saw light and silver, and if I am not mistaking, silver is the colour of the spirit of my mother of our New World as I remember it, so merging two worlds we are, one new and one old.

I was shown an orange soda still with the top on it, but pressure inside of it made it flow over, and I saw how this soda created one Coca Cola (of darkness) after the other, which is what originally happened, when light unintentionally slipped over to the other side of darkness.

I was shown a pizza with pineapple and ham, and told that it is not only “dr. oetker” (producer of factory pizzas) – but a MUCH better quality (despite of your commercials claiming otherwise), and this pizza is of course symbolising joy and happiness of the resurrection of our old world.

I was shown a bottle being inserted to a hatch and returning as bread with butter and orange marmalade.

I was shown from inside darkness the crack we opened to the light, and I was told “this is the axis, which we will spin a completely new world around” and I was given the feeling that “this will take some time to do” and because “new tools create new options and you have decided that everything is to become perfect, that is why”, and yes I stand by my decisions and I am sure that our New World will appreciate this decision too, and I don’t know if we speak about weeks or months here, we will have to wait and see.

I was shown a new large construction where one train after the other is being set up, and I am thinking that this is a new construction of our new and now combined world consisting of both our new and old creation – beautiful, right?

I was shown myself making sauce (which I like to do) using curry and a slice of cheese, and I was shown how this becomes one slice of cheese after the other, which is “much new life” (or “resurrection”) and I was told that “this is what we are waiting for”, so I do hope the world will have some more patience with me (?), and I was shown and told that “it is like a fishing wheel because everyone wanted to pull you up, but not yourself” and this is about the world wanting my reappearance ASAP, which is why I was “very close” to become my new self around Christmas 2011, but doing this would have made our old world and old selves (!) become lost, and I am just thinking of what happened after the Easter of 2011, when all individuals of the world became part of me and after some days they were given new life in our New World, but according to the information today, it was creation of new life and termination of old life unless I succeeded to save our old world too as we are doing here and not just “life in general”, do you see (?) and I am sure that everyone will feel that it is a “good thing” not to erase our old selves, but still to have “us” inside of us?

I was shown Jutland being connected with the last part of Denmark (the new and old world) and told “and then to make sure that darkness will never again be rolled over, and then we will have a true New World of our wildest dreams”.

I was shown and told “you have broken through the end station and established a hoist connecting our worlds, which we will now assemble” and I was shown the end station of the train in snow, and I better understood why this journey lately has been “more than difficult” when receiving darkness from “everyone” of my family/friends etc.

I was told that the cake (the creation of our New World) was not truly finished (even though this is what I was shown not that long ago), and I was shown a man swimming long and deeply under water and it was in the last second that he broke the surface to breath again (another symbol of saving the old world).

I was told that I would also not be able to do this without my old friends Pedro and Angela.

I was given a vision where I looked into some kind of metal cylinder with a plastic flask (could be a water tanker for an iron!) and yellow pencil inside of it, and the pencil is belonging to the spirit of my mother.

I was told that weight bars and chocolate cookies have been sent towards me, which you know is darkness of selfish and misunderstanding people bringing me sexuals torments.

I was shown the hat of an Academic dress – here it finally was (!) – and a cake including both white, yellow and red ahead, which is about creation including light, the old world (of the spirit of my mother) and darkness, so more work is awaiting and I am here shown Michael Palin, so “thank you very much” is really what I am told for doing this, and I was shown a dog and pieces of darkness and told “you cannot cut through these, it takes time”.

I was shown myself inside a large room feeling it as being inside the washing machine and I was told that this is what we will now turn around (from minus to plus, Michael & Michael & Co. :-)).

I was shown a mouse leaving and coins rolling out and the factory producing Danske Bank pens, which is “energy”.

I was shown ladies wrestling in mud for the pleasure of men sending toads (destruction) out in the world, which will not be part of our New World.

I said thank you to Asger, and felt him feeling as Neptune; he was the man from before diving in water.

I was shown walnuts coming via a large rotating paddle wheel with one side being dark changing into light.

I was shown a key and told “this is the key for this world, which we give you” and I felt some resistance coming from remaining darkness trying to obstruct this deliverance but it was not very strong – and when writing this chapter I receive different strengths of darkness, and at times it is rather strong and unpleasant to go through, and at other times it is not, and it also tries to make me afraid, which is an old experience, which I do my best not to be affected by simply by telling myself that I don’t want to become afraid and then to do my job, and this recipe is normally what produces the best results, so this is what I will continue doing.

I was shown two tunnels – one to the left and to the right – and told that there is a chain going through all of the left tunnel, and I saw withered flowers and told that the spirit of my mother cannot remember what these are, so this will become part of our work, I gather, which is to remember and locate “everything” inside of this our old world.

I was shown a number of bottles on a running transport belt and a NEW orange soda coming from behind, which will have to be our New World arriving here at the old world, and I was told “without walnut cream and ragusa in this world”, and here I understood this as symbols of darkness, but just before I understood walnuts as a symbol of light, and despite of what I am shown, simple logic tells me that walnut comes from a tree and consequently it can only be good in my dictionary.

I was shown the new channel between our worlds and inside of this a channel of darkness with brown flowers, and I was told “be careful about this”, and we know doing what I am used to do for a prolonged period of time, and I was shown a large gear wheel fitting and spinning together with a large dark wheel next to it (to read its information and dissolve it) and I was told “therefore”!

I was shown the bottom of a lorry with frozen wires, which have shrunk into “almost nothing” and I saw how it was pulled into a dark hole where you will become “nothing”.

I was shown and told that because I did not give in to darkness, the bar (“God”) has not been (partly) destructed not even once – and that is despite of what I have been told earlier.

I was shown the last few chairs of a room being removed together with a key approaching the darkness of nothing, and I was asked ”how do you save yourself” (?) and given the answer “by creating a new orange strong enough to save the old”, and I know “very small margins” is what I think here, and “impossible” it was to save the old world.

I was shown a dark pipe becoming white and a dark house becoming white as examples of the travel into our old world to resurrect everything, and I was shown the emtptiness inside of a large ship, which normally is full of rowers, and the emptiness op an exam hall and told that these first have to be filled.

I received pain to my heart making me think if I can do this work without dying, and I was shown green marzipan mass inside a cake, which I understood as the Trinity of the New World, who are strong enough to save me and to bring me the attitude of NEVER GIVING UP.

I was shown tenderloin en croûte and one garage after another opening with sport cars of darkness transforming into light.

I was shown two magnifying glasses on each side and that one of them (the one of light) has been turned around and put on top of the other glass (of darkness) and I was told that “we have created a system, which can read into this world”.

I was shown a walnut put on the reception desk of a hotel with a giant dark man waiting outside, and I will simply decide that walnut is GOOD, and it may be a part of the darkness from outside after being transformed into its original self, and we know we will take one piece of this lump of darkness after another.

I was shown the first of many rows of a transformator station understanding that the production of energy is starting, and I was told that it works in that way that you put one piece of chocolate cake after the other into light.

I was shown a whole pallete of different dark nuances and saw that the original material is wood.

By now it was approx. 13.30 and the normal service of Den Gyldne Cirkel had ended and Asger’s wife felt like saying a few words about her late husband, and I believe she spoke for more than half an hour, but it was very good information of you to give, thank you for being STRONG – I was shown Indians putting forward a long line of cutlery (for new life) during this – and she spoke of how Asger had had diarrhoea for a full year – do you see the connection with him and I (?), and yes diarrhoea is the symbol of destruction of darkness given to me “a little bit” compared to Asger, and in this way, Asger also took on “my sufferings” very directly – and how he had an operation, which first seemed to turn out fine, but he received an “infection”, which the doctors could not handle and gradually he decayed until he died the other day, and when she said the words “det er genialt” (“it is genius”), I was given the very direct feeling instantly that this was Asger speaking these exact words through his wife and it was a reference to Michael Laudrup scoring in Denmark’s amazing 6 to 1 victory over Uruguay in 1986, as you can see below, where the famous commentator Svend Gehrs enthusiastically said these equally as famous words:

“Michael Laudrup, og så skyder han (!), nej han venter (overrasket stemme), JAAAAA, Michael Laudrup, DET ER GENIALT DET DÉR!”

(”Michael Laudrup, and then he shoots (!), no he waits (surprised voice), YEEESSS, Michael Laudrup, IT IS GENIUS, THAT THERE!)

And what this was about was simply to say that if I could “screw down a little bit the expectations – another Dane speaking (with inspiration!) English almost as funny as Villy Søvndal – and decide to wait becoming my new self (and to wait avoid my sufferings), we would also manage to save our old world, and yes this was the secret message of Svend’s enthusiastic comments in 1986, and here it was Asger saying “job well done” connecting our old and New World, and now we only need to do the last part of the work, and will this take all year or shorter (?) and I really don’t know, we will see.

After a very difficult first half of this service because of darkness with impatience resisting me, I felt a great sense of relief coming to me at the end of the service, which continued afterwards – I made it (!) and that is at leat so far at least – and THANK YOU VERY MUCH once again, Asger, and I feel him both inside of the left part of my stomach as well as in my astral body.

While writing I received a few symbols, which I decided not to write down knowing how much I had to do but I was told and given symbols of the meaning of writing and publishing this chapter, which as usual is to consolidate what we have just done, and here it is to secure the new connection between our old and New World – and as an example of what I received, I was told that the event of today will help Benny Hinn to receive a clearer spiritual vision, which you might want to tell the world about, Benny?

I was also told that “reconnecting with your mother now means EVERYTHING, do you think you will be able to do this” (?) and what I can do is to write her an email first knowing that she wants to see me and the question is if this is stronger than her opposition to my writings, and we will see, and yes on the plan for tomorrow, and I was told that without the love of my mother, the darkness will become too strong for me to handle.

I also understood pretty early on that the information of today is also important to bring on my front page, which I will start writing also tomorrow, and it may take several hours to write this, we will see.

And yes, it is now 19.45, and I have practically written constantly – except from a few short breaks checking my website counter and Facebook – and now I will start preparing my dinner, and then it may take approx. one hour to do the edit and summary of this script, and yes it still take somewhat longer to do than expected, and I should have known better, really because if 45 minutes of notes take how long to write (?), how long will approx. 1½ hours of notes take to do (?), and certainly not twice as long (neither in content nor in time consumption)?

When doing the edit I was told that all the content of my scripts will help to reduce the strength of darkness of our old world, so the question is really what will happen from now, and I was constantly given different strengths of sufferings, first “almost no suffering” and then “strong suffering” and the logics is that there is (almost) no darkness remaining, which should indicate that it will not take long time to finish the work of our old world (?), but we will see.

And yes dinner and edit took also longer than expected, so I am first here at 21.50, and now I will produce some COFFEE – more energy to a man who should be more tired than what I am – and then write a couple of short stories and end the day by publishing the script, and maybe before 22.30 (?), we will see.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I saw my sister reading my previous script today and I wonder how she reacted when seeing my story on her, and yes are you proud of me saving you and mother, Sanna (?) or are you still thinking that I am destroying your “old life”, and yes this is really given to you to help you developing and can you see what is the right answer?
  • With a delay of a few days I will include this story. “What if it is wrong” has been said to me MANY times for weeks first having the meaning about my feelings about bringing all spiritual information in my scripts knowing that some of it is wrong, and the other evening, I was told that this is the feeling of my mother that she may be wrong and I am right about whom I am, there you see, I told you so.
  • Kenneth from my meditation group was truly inspired today when he could not get enough of the Smurfs, and yes lovely creatures of God they are, and are you that too, my “friend”?

  • And Søren was inspired to read this book and today about Toad returning to Toad Castle, and Toad is the symbol of “destruction”, which the MP’s of the Danish Parliament contributed to (!), and here it says that we are bringing back the toads of darkness to the castle, where we are doing a little bit of magic to produce new princes and princesess, do you SEE, Søren Pind (?), but DEAFENING silence and just how “proud” are you of this also receiving my encouragements to communicate, but still you CANNOT do the simple thing to do what is RIGHT to do, and will you please try to exlain to me why this is, because I really don’t understand what is more important than telling the truth about me?

  • Søren was also inspired to bring this beautiful poem about “the child, who seems to be most abandoned, God father wants to preserve himself” ending with “at the great craddle of Creation” and there have been other messages of Søren, which I have thought might be secret messages to me, Søren (?) – for example about “God knows of the rear area of the Foreign Minister” a few weeks ago – but I don’t know and I am not told, but if it is, I would like to THANK YOU for communicating without being able to communicate, and that is as mentioned if this is what it is, and you might notice his “friend” Claus being very inspired and well updated about what will happen “soon”, which is the awakening of Holger Danske (“Ogier the Dane”) symbolising me when he sits in the basement of our local castle Kronborg waiting to wake up when the nation needs him, and this is what I may do shortly anyhow, and was it darkness telling me earlier today that it will “take time” (?) – I don’t know, but we will see.

And by 22.20 I had uploaded the script so far.


23rd January: The old world is hidden inside the pyramids and the release of light from here is visible from space

Dreaming of politicians bombarding me with darkness/resistance – stand forward and SUPPORT me!

I slept long – approx. to 09.45 today – and felt tired after yesterday and the days before, so I decided to relax by taking a long bath, and first starting to write the script of today at 14.05, and first starting with some dreams, if I can read the notes that is:

  • The MP’s Søren Pind and Lars Løkke threaten me with a note about me, which has started circulating, and I tell Lars that I asked him to tell nothing and he has nothing to do with this, and to Søren I tell that it is the same as if he was invited for a hunt without being interested in hunting, and instead of interest, I am being bombarded with resistance – and it is about notes two years back in time given to both the new and old Government and I ask Lars that “you must have known about me”.
    • Is this about a new resistance of the Danish Parliament to me (?), who is hunting me down without wanting to do it and not knowing that this is the effect (giving me more darkness/sufferings), and this is what the dreams say and is it because Lars and the new Government will not admit to knowing about me, which may be the problem, and if this is the case, I ask you NOT to act as chickens, my ladies and gentlemen, but to communicate openly and honestly about me, is this very difficult to do (?) and I feel Helle Thorning here too, and yes it should be easy for you Helle, because you now have the whole European Union to talk to about me as the new chairman.
    • When I woke up from this dream I had a STRONG feeling of fear, which was very uncomfortable, and a feeling I have in general these days.
  • I am at Kulhuse (“Coal house”) beach, where food has not been removed and I ask “where are the Jutlandic houses” – and I cannot read the rest.
    • Coal house is clearly inside of darkness including the remaining food, i.e. life, and the Jultlandic houses is a referral to the New World so energy from the New World is helping to recover life of the old world.
  • I am in the kitchen of a house heaing a commercial giving the message “be healthy, also drink orange juice”, and I drink a full glass of freshly pressed orange juice, and the absolutely last and very little rest of chocolate drink with ice, and I am thinking about finishing before people, who are on their way, will return to the kitchen, but I do not and they return, and the host of Hammerslag on TV (“Hammerstroke”), Peter Ingemann, has bought a fine new Skoda, and we look at it and he says “fine isn’t it”.
    • The commercial is about taking God into your heart, which I do myself through the drink and I only receive very little chocolate (selfishness thinking of myself), and I don’t know why I don’t want to be in the kitchen, but it may be darkness wanting me to get out of there (the kitchen is “production of life”), and the new car of Peter Ingemann is because he has received a new life, his old self from inside of darkness, and “fine” it is.
  • I heard a song including the words “lose his mind” and it is was sung with a loud voice, and I felt politicians having sold their houses (“sold their souls to the Devil”), and I heard it again and behind it I felt “crazy” politicians making this song, so my dear friends, will you please stand forward and COMMUNICATE about me and SUPPORT me instead of being silent or maybe even refusing to speak about me and even worse for some of you to misunderstand me as being crazy? Please READ carefully in order to understand – this goes for you TOO!
  • A manager is CONTROLLING everything which a colleague and I do, which is unbearably to live with, and we tell him that we don’t want this, and goes to his manager not because of him but to receive our freedom. Something about humans costing 10 times more than pigs, and I see people in a large café having a great party dancing on the tables.
    • This manager is the Devil, whom we remove to bring freedom to people. Apparently humans reguire 10 times more energy than pigs to live, and the party at the café is happy people sending out “warm feelings” and sometimes – but certainly not always – I like people to put away their “restrictions” and do what they like, which may include to dance on the tables.
  • I am in the forest of Hillerød, where Kim and Pernilles S. live. Steen A. is living in a beautiful hotel to be able to work at Kim’s company, because he believes he lives too far away west of Copenhagen. Pernille hold birthday for one of the children and she has invited the whole family, and I see that she has set up telephones including new voice mail messages, which I disover when I by mistake log into her telephone instead of my own. Kim S. has invited the CEO of PFA Pension, André Lublin, for a meeting, and he has waited for days and bought a large salmon, which has been covered with tinfoil for a few days, and when I arrive, Kim and André has already started the meeting, I have a red sweater on, and I see a pita bread and crumps at my place, and I remove place so Kim and Andre sit directly opposite each other, and Kim tells me that they have started a dialogue about Nigeria, which was what came impulsively to them and he does not know if this was right to do.
    • Kim is an old symbol of God, so let us say that he is “old God” and the forest is the creation of God and the hotel is still the waiting hall for “special friends” such as Sten A. from Kim’s company, Pernille is the spirit of my mother installing new spiritual communication of the old world and Andre will have to be a symbol of God of our New World finally arriving as a guest after the fish, I, arrived a few days earlier. When I arrive at the meeting, I am wearing a red sweater because of the darkness I carry, and the bread is the sufferings I am given, but also the material to create/restore everything, and I am wondering why Nigeria is on the programme here, but maybe the Nigerian government has “interesting” information to share with me and the world about me and their believes after I met the Nigerian ambassador in Kenya in 2009 together with LTO seeing how the absolutely worst Devil lives as a parasite soaking out the life of his countrymen when living in extreme luxury and his countrymen is suffering/dying, and yes what is your answer to this, my friends?

The old world is hidden inside the pyramids and the release of light from here is visible from space

Yesterday evening I received darkness in a new form behaving differently than before, which I had to adjust to, and it was like a test but I thought that darkness is darkness, and the darkness of this world is probably not very different than what I am used to, so I decided to play using my old rules and really because I don’t know any better.

I was shown a merry-go-round in darkness about to become light inside of Tivoli and I was asked if this will open soon?

I was shown yellow coming through darkness and a white bird flying out of the house, and more people waiting inside of this shop.

I was told what happens if I should give in to this darkness, which is that all darkness will come at once, and I will die (?), and later I was also told that this is a new game and “what about the marzipan of the New World” and we know games are made to confuse me, so I will continue doing my work my best and to not be overtaken by darkness, and let us see how strong it will become here in this last world on my tour, and yes it really is logicaly that I saved all previous worlds before meeting the darkness of our present world at the end or what I have called the old world.

This morning at the bath I was thinking of my neighbour Preben being deliorious, and suddenly I had this song with Prince in my head again and again together with another Prince song from his Sing o’ the times album and I saw how the cross is being disassembled and simply because it is going to be replaced with Prince’s love symbol.

I was shown a lorry driving out from the pyramid, and told that this is what we are doing now, and I was shown a pipe leading from the darkness inside of the pyramide to the light of the New World, and I was told that it is inside the pyramids that we have saved all of the Universe (“the old world”) waiting to be liberated, which is the process we have now started, and I was shown GIANT piles of books and told that these are books/information, which we have not yet come to.

I was shown an old fashioned grocery store with many cups being placed on the desk but only the first one being poured with coffee, and I was told that the first is the warmth of me today, and the rest is about the warmth I will receive when the rest of the cups will be poured (when more darkness of the old world is transformed to light), and I was told that this applies for all people.

I was thinking that all people of the world have new souls waiting for them in our New World when they will show a clearn heart, and that inside here are all souls of the old world, and I thought that we might as well merge all double souls to one and to united the old and new world into one New World – the same as united two Gods to one really, and yes for all people to continue being the (combined) Trinity until they will have shown a clean heart.

I was shown a very long stretched out spinal column from space embracing Earth, which lightens up, and I was told that the Earth lightening up because of the process we have started now transforming all darkness of this Universe to light is visible from space.

While I was still at bath I decided – not knowing if it was necessary – that the “metre in front of the drums” SHALL NOT be able to be changed from within darkness, and that is to ALWAYS be in a locked position saying “light only”.

I was also given the feeling of the newspaper Ekstra Bladet several times and this is in connection to the question if you DARE to be the ones shouting out a REBEL YELL and really to “add your voice to the sound of the crowd” so the crowd of the world will learn about me, which you know will HELP me much to get out everyone out from the darkness of our old world, so what do you say, Poul Madsen, do you DARE or are you a chicken too (?) – and maybe Bent Falbert, Svend Ove Gade and other both “old” and “new” VISIBLE employees will help you to take the RIGHT decision?

I saw myself looking inside a GIANT room full of washing machines and I saw that the time is 11.45 and at 12.00 all of these machines will start washing, which I understood is about other people who will ”wake up” when becoming cleaned and start helping me to clean the world.

I was shown a brown Børge Mogensen sofa in the living room I am in and I am opening the large sliding door to the living room next to it, and the brown sofa is about sexual sufferings of darkness in our old world and the other room is our New World, and this is also to say that I was VERY SAD to see such a talented comedian as Jan Gintberg – the best I know – on TV yesterday in his “future now” show, which is speaking about sex so primitively and wrongly that I could not bear listening to it, and yes people obviously find this funny today, but I do not. Please remove the primitive talk and keep the “elegant” where “touching the subject” rather than indulging in it is what I like the best, and it is really the same WRONG culture as “live from Bremen” and other shows like this – I love the comedians and their talents, but don’t waste it (and life self) on “primitive sex”.

I was given more of the riddle/game about what would happen if I was to give up now, and a new answer given to me today was that I would become my new self – the last of the shelves would be set up – which would exclude the remaining life of our old world, and this would become the same as “old food and drinks”, which I so many times have been given the “taste” of – for example Seven Up, which is almost impossible to get her today – and in this sence you will remember how the old life was, but you will never taste it again, because it is not there – and yes is this truly what would happen (?) and when not writing on the script today, I was given STRONG darkness coming to me from this the old and really the present world pressuring me completely down – also because I am exhausted today – and I was shown skulls of people, who would terminate for ever if I gave up, and I tried to think about “what about the tool to recreate everything inside of the Source”, the energy of our New World to avoid this happening and my continious decisions to set up security systems if I should “lose it”, which I have also done these days – and yes I don’t know what will happen, but I have decided that I will NOT lose it despite of this darkness inside of this “small shark” is truly dense, and I was also told that this is why I need to start seeing my mother again for her love to help me against this darkness, and yes otherwise the resistance of my family/friends etc. would break me down again as it was “extremely close” to doing in the summer of 2010 when I did not either have any social contact with people.

I was also shown the late Queen Ingrid of Denmark, who had kleptomania, and I was shown the ship of Ingrid being inserted in the cargo room of the even bigger ship of Queen Margrethe (Ingrid’s daughter) and I was told that Ingrid could also have stopped the process of saving the world if her daughter had not “caught” her, so thank you Margrethe, for helping to keep us alive :-).

I saw myself standing in a GIANT hangar at the top at a landing on the side with “red Devils” on the wall below me trying to climb up to reach me, but they cannot, and I felt a GIANT aeroplane in the hangar where the toad on its surface has started being dismantled.

I don’t know if this was inspired by the Danish Eurovision Song Contest being held in Aalborg the other day, but this morning I was given the 90’s hit “Dub i Dub” by the Danish duo Me & My including the lyrics “Dub-I-Dub-I-Dub-I-Dup-Bup-Bup
I don’t need your love anymore”, and I was thinking about “beautiful DIANA” in Aalborg in the beginning of the 1990’s at a discoteque who “wanted” me, but I was “helped” by Lars G. and his cousin to “escape” this lady, which they (wrongly) claimed to be a prostitute to make a joke with me, and I was told that when I had sex as my old self it was destroying the old world (inside of the pyramid) even more until they had (almost) no more power to withstand darkness, and yes it was the little remaining light helping me to not receive “love anymore”, which is why I had so big “difficulties” finding love in my life.

During the day I also experienced a few more connection problems with Spotify, which I did not understand because we have now establised a connection between the old and New World, and my mouse continues sometimes only to work with “great difficulties”, so I might exchange it, and yes what is the plan to avoid this (?) and that is simply to do my best including work every single day, which should help to keep down the darkness, do you see how it fits together (?), and the question is if there is 11 months of maybe 150 pages remaining to write, or if everything will be in order in two weeks from now (?), and we will see.

At 18.30 the spirit of my mother showed me light and asked me “do you want to open your gift now”, and I said “no” understanding that she is “darkness disguised as light” and I was told “this is how we will play the game” after they have understood how I play the game, which is simply to have very few rules and just doing my work and then absorb darkness coming to me without ever giving in, and yes the question is truly how strong this darkness is, but even though I should be lying down and scream in pain, I have promised myself that I will not give in and let darkness overtake me herewith killing the old world, and what do you say Søren Pind, are your “old friends” more important than I (?) and what happened to your REBEL, REBEL attitude?

I continued working on the script all afternoon and by 18.50 I had updated my publication of yesterday.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Today “Aunt Helena” – one of Søren’s friends – was inspired to encourage her friends to take a break from Facebook, i.e. to STOP communicating (!), and that is because she will become busy with other things and don’t want her friends to write “funny things for two months”, while she is away, and it made Søren write that he will start tomorrow (!), and is that to STOP communicating on Facebook, Søren (?) and is that because you don’t want to be included in my scripts and needed someone to help you out (?) and just wondering I am – I don’t know – and it might also be what I was told first, which is that this is a symbol of DEAFENING SILENCE of politicians asking others to be silent about me, and are you part of this CHORUS, Søren (?) and here I am told “I can almost not hear you, will you please turn up the volume” and I feel “old days” as in my grand mothers time, and this is about the “old fasthioned” music, which Søren likes, and here I am told “I don’t like your “music” in relation to me” (good music is warm feelings, and “poor” music the opposite), Søren, and this really gives me the answer. Will you please COMMUNICATE about me and WITH me, my friends at the Danish Parliament (?) – please don’t be cowards doing what is WRONG by putting your tails between your legs, and yes this is related to the dreams of the night, so Søren, Lars, Pia etc., is this the reputation you have decided to receive instead of being HEROES to help me out, and you do know that HEROESis my favourite song of all songs, but you don’t want to sing with me?
    And notice Thomas speaking about my “new self” (in the craddle!), and Helena first peeing in her pants (bringing me “sexual sufferings” through Søren, which means “destruction” of (parts) of our old world if I cannot take the pressure of EVERYONE against me; I need you on my team, and NOT against me!) and then asking “is this too much to ask for” (?) and yes my “dear” Helena, this is truly the question – to be or not to be, do you see Søren and other MP’s (?) – and you are using the EXACT words I normally use (inspired by the song by Shubidua) when asking people, so Søren, Lars, Helle, Villy, Margrethe, Pia and other MP’s: IS THIS TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR – for you to SUPPORT me???

Will Søren Pind, Lars Løkke, Helle Thorning and the Danish Parliament be COWARDS meeting me with deafening silence or HEROES by COMMUNICATING openly about and with me?

  • My old friend Lisbeth was a “little bit” inspired today when receiving a “different” photo-session, and you might say that “it ran on tracks”, and yes Lisbeth, the tracks of the most difficult road of the world leading back to the old world before it was “game over”, and can you guess which side you were playing on (?), and not even knowing it because you were more busy eating our on good restaurants, playing more golf and travelling more, and yes you never found time to see me, but we are indeed still “the best friends” arent we (?) and eeehhhh is there something I misunderstood (?), and yes indeed Lisbeth, there was – you were “too busy”, sceptical and lazy to read and understand.

  • Inspiration comes in many ways, and here Michael says what the world would like me to do “now”, which is to “pull ashore” the big fish, but no my ladies and gentlemen, I am going for the BIGGEST and BEST fish ever, which takes some time to land, and I am NOT forgetting the content of the old world just because of your impatience.

  • Sometimes I receive names of people thinking of me, and I have for some time heard the name “Jeanette”, who is my mother John’s niece and “Dorte”, who is one of my sister’s best friends, and I wonder what you are thinking of me after being influenced by “others”, who told you the truth about me or what they “thought” was the truth wihout being it?
  • Dan was inspired again today when first bringing Viva La Vida by Coldplay, which I brought myself not that long ago, and here is speaks of the old king being dead, long live the new king and also that my castles stand upon pillars of salt (everything of our New World) and sand (darkness of our old world) and yes isn’t this game exciting (?), will I be able to save ALL of the old king too to hail the COMBINED new king when this task is done?

  • And shortly thereafter Dan showed that he is really belonging to the “pillar of sand”, where the “Pitbull” is raping, and you do know that dogs are old symbols of darkness, and his friend Henrik was “interestingly” enough INSPIRED when saying that the Pitbull is on “all of the palette”, which is EXACTLY how I described darkness in my long chapter including Asger and Den Gyldne Cirkel yesterday, and yes how many people can be unsure of this “connection” and that God is the mediator (?), and my dear mother, if you read this, how difficult is it to understand that I am the one I tell you – I show you THOUSANDS of examples of God speaking through me.

  • I liked this one from Michael – and also that he allows me to communicate as a friend, which Dan and Søren “cannot” find out (!) – and it is about how people would have liked to live their lives when they are dying, and I bring the link to the article below including the top 5 regrets, and let us see how many of these are included in my advice to people on how to live their lives, and yes 1-2-3-4-5, they are all there (!), do you see (?), and yes yes yes – and I feel even more being removed from the right of darknes to the left of light just by doing this work.


1. I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.

2. I wish I didn’t work so hard.

3. I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.

4. I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.

5. I wish that I had let myself be happier.

Life is a choice. It is YOUR life. Choose consciously, choose wisely, choose honestly. Choose happiness.

  • I had a very weak heart today with MUCH sufferings also hearing that my old nightmare still will be carried out if I should “lose it” – believe me today was almost TOUGHER THAN THE REST, Bruce (!) – but I will also bring this posting of Michael coming as inspiration from the Oracle of my mother and GOOOOOD (!) “inside of the pyramid” as I am told here, which is about the wish for all os us to go on a nice vacation, which is to start living again after the removal of polution of darkness from us, including sufferings.

  • Finally Denmark played against Germnay in handball, and only because of the goal keeper Landin, Denmark succeeded to win this match too, and yes he did his best match so far in the tournament doing fantastic savings (symbolising the savings I did against the STRONG darkness today), and the commentator said after one “welcome back on this very high level”, and after another “VÆRS’GO (symbolising the VERY special first soloalbum by Kim Larsen :-)), superior and nonchalant, when he is best”, and I was given the feeling of David Bowie with the last part of this, and yes Lindberg tackled a German, which made him fall and “act“ hurt very easily, which the commentators said was “sceaming to heaven”, which it truly is and I might add “dirty tricks of the darkness” trying to bring me down and that is because we are releasing darkness of the old world, which is truly “killing” me when giving me the worst sufferings, and this is what we are fighting to survive, and who wants to help me by supporting me directly – do you care in the Danish Parliament, or do you eeeehhhh not act quickly enough to understand that this is an emergence situation to save the most important, which is (our selves!) and I am feeling YOU Helle here! And yes Denmark won this match too making the commentator say “and still alive – we are still living” (!), and this is the situation of our old world when darkness tries to kill us, and now the “impossible” scenario is for Denmark to defeat Sweden and for Poland to take points from Germany in the last match in the middle round, and if this comes through, Denmark and “I” – “old God” – will still be alive making it to the semi finals against all odds, and do you think we will make it, Phil (?) and if we do not, this may be some of our famous last words, Roger, before we will be over and out, but we will never forget what you did trying tos save us, and eeehhhh yes that is right you are the darkness killing us, and right now there is too much darkness and too little light, but there is also some light starting to emerge, which this inspired message from Hardinger tells, and not so much from himself but from Morten below saying that he does NOT believe that a man from Saxo Bank ONLY can find minusses (!), which is to say that we are also collecting on PLUSSES – using your song Michael when going from MINUS TO PLUS – from inside of darkness, and I wonder if the darkness will become weaker over the next days and light stronger, when the production of energy starts to bring results (?) and we will see how we will come through this.

  • My “very good friend” Kenneth from “my” meditation group was inspired to want SAND CAKE – sand is “darkness” and “cake” is creation, so this is darkness being a parasite of light, which is what the “very nice and loving” Kenneth is (!) – and furthermore he believed raisins belonged in the “sausage end” and yes isn’t it funny that I asked Kenneth to “represent” me to bring my messages to the meditation group, but how “loyal” were you to the light of me, and how loyal were you to the “darkness disguised as light” throuhg Niclas, whom I am shown here, and yes darkness can easily overtake “dum people” (thinking of you GOLDie Hawn in one of your start parts :-))– do you remember, Kenneth and also you Niclas (?) – but it cannot overtake me and yes the difference is to UNDERSTAND the truth and how about starting to READ my scripts carefully in order to understand instead of speaking wrongly of me behind my back? – And I had really thought about sending you an email Kenneth telling you about my writings on you, but I cannot take any more darkness now in this situation where I ask the world to help me, so I will not, and I wonder if will it go as it normally goes, which is with deafening silence because of people being cowards?

  • And finally Søren will get the last words of today when he told me the news that I have conquered the “toad castle”, which is really why the darkness is extreme today, so thank you for telling me Søren :-), and I do hope darkness will be less tomorrow.

  • And that is not quite, Søren, because I actually woked until 21.10 today also to send the following email to Den Gyldne Cirkel to tell them about my spiritual experiences with Asger – and I have decided that it is important to write to my mother too, but I will take my time to write a good email instead of a quick email, so this I will do tomorrow morning.

Kære Den Gyldne Cirkel,

Mange tak for en RIGTIG god service via Selvet i går :-).

Jeg håber, at I vil læse mit skrift nedenfor – og også gerne det forrige – som indeholder mine spirituelle oplevelser med Asger efter hans død, og hans uvurderlige hjælp til at genoplive den (spirituelle) verden, vi lever i, som var ved at gå under, før den ville blive erstattet af en ny verden, som den selv etablerede før sin potentielle død (på grund af menneskehedens synder).

Det vil kræve tålmodighed og omhyggelig læsning af ikke blot disse to skrifter men af min hjemmeside, for at I vil kunne forstå, men hvis I gør dette, vil I forstå selve sandheden og hemmeligheden ved hans liv og jeres eget virke, som går endnu dybere, end I kan forestille jer. Asger er en del af Gud selv, og arbejdede direkte igennem mig efter sin død, og jeg føler ham nu som en del af mig, som I kan læse mere om i mine skrifter.


Asger worked inside of me to save God and merge the old and new world, and he is now also part of God.

(Summary and link followed).

Entering the cave of our “old God” absorbing the “God of darkness” and waking up our original old God of light

And it turned out that I had even more to write, which I now start doing at 23.00 after experiencing MUCH darkness but also what feels like a reduction right now when this is written, so here we go.

I was told that an oil leak in Sønderborg, Denmark, as mentioned here is a symbol of the release of darkness, which I experienced very powerfull today.

When sitting in my sofa I felt how darkness floated through my blood and inside my head, which was truly not nice and not easy to avoid taking me over, and I was told that I am now this God inside of the pyramid.

I was also thinking today and yesterday what I have thought of VERY MANY times when running the last part of an old running route I had in Hørsholm (the path between Østre Pennehavevej along the railway towards Rungstedvej), where I every single time coming there to end my route had a STRONG desire to stop, and every time I told myself “I have NEVER stopped at this the short final part and it will NOT happen today either”, and this may simply be what this is about; I am doing the absolutely final part running up hill – and yes didn’t I write in detail the feeling I was given once when running this part in my book no. 1 that it was uphill right before the end and this is exactly what I am experiencing now – and yes I AM NOT GOING TO START GIVING UP NOW – do you see?

And when writing this my monitor flickers like a television shortly switching off and on, which is another symbol of what I am going through here.

During the evening I felt the private parts of the King inside of this darkness being restored and now I better understood the message of yesterday, which was that bringing in God’s bed goes through “the most difficult darkness”, and I was told that his bed will be used to expand the connection between the old and New World.

A little bit later I was told that the work of Asger yesterday was to break down the entrance to the old world and since I have created a road uphill inside of the mountain with only small pockets of light and the rest being strong darkness, and this road leads me to the King of the old world – I am creating a road from outside through darkness into the deepest inside of my self, where this King sits, do you see (?) – and I was given questions about what to do about this and that, and I still said “let the light answer”, but it was so powerful here that I also thought “what if there is no light here, then I might decide to answer anyway” but after a few minutes I decided to have faith that light is with me and with this I decided to keep my answer, and I was told that if I did not do this, I would have been given riddles impossible for me to answer not coming through this final part, and I was hereafter showed a giant train coming towards me from right, and told that this is the end station of this the old world.

And then I felt this part entering me through my left angle, and also the figure self from this end station entering me from the right, and I felt him with a dark uniform and sword, and I understood that this was the sword of darkness, which he brought me. This was old God self trapped inside of darkness being released and first now.

During all of this I felt strong darkness coming to me with a strong desire to return darkness to the King self, and to stop my work doing this also receiving strong feelings of wishing him to “go to h …” and the darkness often streamed through my arm towards my middle finger etc. (the same feelings as Karen so often has received about me as I am here told), which every single time required strength to absorb without letting it get its will.

And the most difficult was the extreme “physical” pressure coming to me from the right creating the road through this darkness and the very clear feeling and vision reaching out “metres” from me to my right that darkness and the content of it was penetrating me, and it was so powerful that it was physically unbearable, but I was happy that the worst part did not take very long.

I was told ”what did two Kings say when they met each other” (?) and I was thinking of the old joke with the same question but including two popes, and yes which people often “could not” answer without thinking that two popes NEVER meet because there is only one alive (!) and the same is normally the answer with the questions of two Gods meeting because “there can be only one” as they say and I was told “this is the moment now approaching where “left” and “right” will be reunited as one God through you”, and I was given the feeling that two Gods will continue and they will be connected as one through me and this axis/connection, and it stood in contrast to my previous decision of One God, and again I did not know what was the right answer, so logically I could only give this answer “if the light knows it is better to have two worlds and two Gods, let it be, and if it is not we will unite these two Gods and worlds as one” (and we still have New World II besides this, you know) and I added “please let me know later”.

I was shown a round ball made of rock of approx. 1 metre in diameter, which had created a hole of the same size into the very small and dark cave of “old God”, and I was shown a dead man with an armour and sword behind wooden bars attached to the wall of rock, and I was told that the hole into the cave is too small for this man to come out through and I was asked “do you want me to take him out” (?), and I felt that this was the original God before darkness had overtaken him, and again I asked the light to take the right decision, which is to bring him out when there is space enough, and we will see when this will happen, and I was thinking that “with a good will a man should be able to get through a hole of this size without problem”.

After this I was shown a drill on its way to be inserted at the axis of Earth, and I was told “this feels like receiving a new axis through Earth” and I was shown Gordon Kennedy as a workman from the Danish comedians Vladimir and Kennedy – a symbol of receiving smiles to come here – and I was told “we will now get out to build”, and I was shown a long and very fast matchbox lane (toy cars) and an equally as fast indoor cycling track, which was about the road created between the old and New World and the old and new King allowing a FAST CAR to drive through, and yes Tracy I love this song as much as everyone else does :-).

During this evening I was given “more pockets” of less sufferings, but I was also given more of the worst sufferings again when writing and publishing this extra chapter to my scipt of today, which I finalised at 00.25 not feeling very well to tell you the truth.

When I was almost finishing this chapter I saw a man with his head bend down and hands in the pockets kicking a small stone and he said “urrgh, I don’t really bother anymore” and this is the remaining part of darkness of old God now gradually becoming his old self with the energy I am providing to him – and it looks like he managed to get out through the hole anyway :-).

I was also shown my right middle finger with light being a very “one millimetre” thin on top of the finger with all of the finger being “stools” of darkness – this is the proportion between darkness and light inside our old world, and this is the “almost not existing light”, which “enlightened people” all over the world have been indulging in to please their own “needs”.

The last couple of days I have felt worldclass winemaker Joseph Leitz from Rüdeheim, Germany, whom Lars G. and I imported some wine from – and I understand that this is a symbol of “the finest wine in the world” when awakening our original old God of light.



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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