January 25, 2012: Merging our old and New World on a knife edge, but making it symbolised by Denmark in handball!


Summary of the script today

24th January: I am working to merge our old and New World with the risk of breaking the Universe into two worlds

  • I had one of these nights where I was not allowed to sleep, and this was certainly one of the critical nights making the difference between receiving one or two new worlds of the future with one or two Gods too, but it was only with the outmost pressure that I was made to stand up, because I had decided to sleep. I had to remove more darkness of “old God” and the question was if we could risk losing the old world when creating a New World (?) with the answer being that if I can – or could – not carry out this phase as required, the Universe will be separated into two worlds, the old and the New World with one God of each with our Universe breaking into two separating people and with the task of people of other civilizations to remove the darkness of the old world. I hope I will be able to avoid this from happening. We have now almost removed darkness from stealing energy of the world, but there is still much darkness of the old world to be removed, which I hope I will be able to do before becoming my new self, which would require my “old nightmare” to be carried out in order to break our Universe into two worlds.
  • In the morning, I was shown on Facebook “old God” via the symbol “the largest lighthouse”, which I was also shown early in the night (!), indicating that our old and New World will merge instead of being divided into two.
  • Selvet decided to exclude me as a subscriber to their Facebook site repeating their action of 2010 exlcuding me from their website herewith making their humiliation of me total after they have ignored and terrorised me – but you did not think one single “negative” thought of me, Jens?
  • In the morning I was shown blue everywhere of the now much larger connection between our old and New World, no “old nightmare” coming as feared meaning “no woman, no cry”. We have started the first class restoring our old world with “old God” delivering his first very fine wines of 1st class – but I also received other messages of the opposite, that these are the “famous last words” of old God of this world, so what is right (?), we will see.
  • After the very positive messages – but not only positive (!) – I thought I could sleep by 11.00, which I was also close to doing, but I continued receiving some visions about what could be destructions of the Universe starting, which however was not quite certain, but after half an hour I stood up being VERY tired deciding that I would not take the chance, and I was shown that the cleaning team now took over, and that tomorrow morning the rough see of today will have become calm again, which I connect with my email to my mother, which makes warmth starting to spread from her to me again after she has been at the absolute top of the red field because of her believe that it was I attacking her – not oppposite (?) – and my sister “probably” (?) influencing her negatively because of my scripts telling about how she was defending herself also at work increasing my sufferings as the result instead of truly helping me to reduce my sufferings.

25th January: After the release of all souls of our old world, people almost suffocate and are desperate to receive energy

  • Dreaming of trying to speak to and receive messages of “old God”, after realeasing all souls of our old world, there are still “left-overs” to be released from darkness, the darkness is still bringing me strong sexual sufferings disguised as my “old nightmare”, after the release of all souls of our old world, the place is so crowded that it almost makes people suffocate, we are merging two worlds and are suffering when setting up our new selves and we are in a desperate need of energy as never before – and even though I as physical Stig is tired and exhausted I will do more physical exercise today to bring more energy.
  • I was told that “We are the world” is about the old world, which we have saved including all souls of this our old and still present world J.
  • I received signs and was told that my mother does NOT want to see me again because of my “negativity” not understanding that I only show the world – including her and the family – as it is, and also that John and Sanne influenced her negatively. This is how darkness made life a hell when people cannot truly understand and communicate, and when they wrongly believe I am the problem without seeing that I am only writing about them, and that they themselves are the true problem because of wrong behaviour.
  • I am stopping the suffocation feelings of the spirit of my mother and all souls and start to feel FREE AS A BIRD :-).
  • On my way to cycle, step, run and swim today I was told that “this is going to help opening the head door, because we sit right behind it”, and this exercise recreated what we destructed by darkness when I took a nap yesterday! I met “old God” – my inner self – as the driver of a street car (the same as the train or bus of the world) still wanting me to stop this drive because he is mostly controlled by darkness of Earth, but I asked him to continue when taking on sufferings, and this is the man of the Source I reconnected with in 2010, and since my mission has been to bring all of the world through darkness to return to the light of the Source, which is what we are finalising now, which might be a matter of days only or will it still take months (?) and my answer is that I really don’t know!
  • I tell all churches and religious houses of the world how to become “servants of God”, which can be done by selling your assets to people having more than a normal life, for these to give their purchase as a gift to mankind, for churches etc. to give the money they receive to people having a life less than normal life, and for LTO to teach my teachings and work as the intermediary between “rich” and “poor” people also helping people to communicate – do you see?
  • Today was the day when Denmark in the European Championships in handball would either be sent home or “stay alive” qualifiying for the semifinals, and it would require help from Poland to take point(s) from Germany, which they did against all odds when they first won over Germany (!), and afterwards Denmark won in SUPERIOR style over Sweden herewith doing the impossible as a symbol of the old world surviving this round too without breaking apart. It’s a miracle and the miracle is that I received a little help from my (spiritual) friends because I have decided NOT to give up meaning that I won this match, do you see?


24th January: I am working to merge our old and New World with the risk of breaking the Universe into two worlds

I am working to merge our old and New World into one with the risk of breaking the Universe into two worlds

I was more convinced than ever that I would sleep when going to bed after 00.30, but I started receiving visions and speech again, which made it impossible to sleep, but I had decided that I did NOT want to stand up continuing work, but preferred to sleep now and bring more energy when exercising and working tomorrow instead of smashing myself completely now, but approx. one hour later I decided to stand up anyway after receiving strong darkness, and I decided this time to take notes sitting in the sofa, and really because I like the precise information given this way, which is “more than difficult” to control with a “talkative” voice guiding me when sitting in front of the computer as you may understand, so here is what follows and it is now 02.38.

I was first encouraged to write down some of the visions I received without taking notes when lying in bed trying to sleep.

First I remember just before going to bed that I “met” old God in my hall coming towards me pulling a “long train running”, and I was told that I have only seen the start of it, so it make take some time coming trough all of the train anyhow.

At bed I was told that if I could not do this task, ultimately it could require the energy of my mother to come through making me think of her life being in risk also considering the taste of blood in my mouth seeing her the latest time and that is in order to bring energy to bring out all of the elephant, but I thought that my mother is well protected, but also of my rule of both my mother and I ultimately sacrificing our present physical lives if necessary.

I was shown myself with the rudder of a boat with the Devil trying to take it from me, which I refused, but then he went one deck below controlling the rudder from down there, which was a vision telling me of what would happen if I did not continue working instead of sleeping, but I did not believe in it because I had not allowed the Devil to take over, but would he do it anyway during the night if I was sleeping without having done more work (?), and this is what I learned later.

I felt how darkness changed to light (in disguise) entering the top of my body and head including the spirit of my mother – apparently only light being very kind – but I knew that it was not and that my nightmare could be coming, but I said “no, you cannot do this without my acceptance”, and after maybe 1-2 minutes, the darkness returned, and yes I felt here the “wonderful light” of the darkness in disguise, which Niclas, Jimmy and the others simply LOVE the most in life, and DEAF is what they are!

I also received loud cracking sounds coming from my refrigerator together with an freezing feeling, and I saw a few items of the darkness, which needed to be collected from top rooms of the shelves.

I was even shown that now the final part of my own shelves as my new self would be assembled and the spirit of my mother showed me chickens starting to fly out from the shelves – the result of creation – and again I repeated “I have NOT given you permission to do this yet” convinced that this could NOT happen, and there was probably more I cannot remember now, but this was essentially the message, and when it did not stop – thank you (!) – I decided to stand up, and on one hand I was TIRED both physically and of my work without the least desire to do this, but on the other hand I have now done this so many times, so what is the difference of doing it one time more or less, and with this attitude I decided to do it, and to keep away the worst darkness trying to make me scream negatively in disgust having to do this, and it was strong keeping me on my edge a few minutes until it gave up when I continued to write, and this is life as it is here.

Here follows the notes from the sofa after standing up:

I was told “It is not the largest lighthouse you were about to remove, is it” (?) and I did not know what to believe in, if this was darkness or light speaking.

I was shown a lot of lose paper lying on shelves and told “you did not collect these, we are to bring these are we not?”, and I repeated that everything has to become 100% perfect and that is “no matter what” – even if I do mistakes for example sleeping at a crucial time.

I was shown high chair for children and told that “the road now goes through me too”, i.e. “old God”.

I was shown a cinema from the street with a massive dark mass coming out, and I was shown an unclear view of what could be an antenna telling me that doing this work now is to help reducing pain of the world (reduce the amount of “dark mass” being transmitted to the world).

I was shown a newspaper stand completely full and I am inserting a paper, which was drawn out a little so it becomes totally perfect as if it has never been touched – I was shown newspaper of it, and also magazines – and I was told that “not one single has been used” meaning “no terminations”.

It was now 01.35 writing the notes (and 03.10 writing this in the script) and I had less sufferings (less negative speech and powerfull pressure almost making me fall over, this is the feeling) but more tiredness, which I understood “took over” as my sufferings.

I was told that “in here it looks like this” (the spiritual world) and I was shown a flowing and curled railway trying to reach its target in an atmosphere of red and black smoke/fog, which was as unpleasant as you can imagine.

I was shown a number of ketchup bottles lying down ending with sauce for French fries, and they did not leak and I was told “sausage is not written on them, and we have not even come to the white yet”, and the white should be good, shouldn’t they (?), but here it is FRENCH, which is darkness, thus darkness disguised as light.

I was shown Nikolaj Steen in connection with being the producer of Sanne Salomonsen, and I was told “is she following this” (spiritually) and receiving the answer “yes” and also that “this is part of the Danish pop scene knowing, and at the end, the threads will meet, which we are now connecting”, meaning that people will eventually understand the meaning of the threads given to different people about me and finally understand who I am.

I was told about the importance of my sister believing in me and I was shown a dark raven sitting on the railing of the railway driving in the mountain, and the raven “talks over”, which makes the railway tracks turn into a loop and then a wave (of sufferings because of her wrongdoings) rolling down upon me, and I was told that this is the understanding she gets now (through my writings).

And one “saying I repeat thousands of times”, which I may not have included earlier in my scripts (?) and if this is the case, then it comes here because constantly when writing this chapter I told myself “I completely don’t care” and that is not in a negative sense, but to tell myself that I simply don’t care about the sufferings I go through working and writing this not feeling quite on top as you may understand, and yes Glistrup, again and again and again I say this inside of me, and I know from experience that this is how to come through also to “screw down the voice of darkness”, Richard Møller :-). – And when I am close to “losing it”, I very often use “I am stronger than this” meaning darkness herewith repeatedly telling myself that this is what I am even though I am on my edge, and yes this came to me later this night when I still had much to do and felt tiredness creeping ….

I was shown two pipes with sand (of darkness) still included in the pipe to the right, which makes water come out of the pipe to the left.

I was shown the pocket behind the front seat of a car, which includes a brush and an Indian hidden in there – because of lack of faith of René as I am here told – and I felt that “there are more to be saved” and it made me decide also to write down my notes in the script this night instead of “tomorrow”, which was really a decision first coming here.

I was shown an Italian town with a very large house block in the middle and a canal to the left and I was told “this means that there is no short cut to the left to avoid the house block in order to read the menu card to have pizza” and I understood that the house block includes darkness, which we have to deal with first, and I was also shown a statue being brought down as the front figure on a Rolls Royce and told that I am not yet this figure and I was also shown Universal Studios telling me that the film has not been made yet.

At this time I was given an “invisible feeling of being superior to others” as the feeling of being “better and more important”, which I had to do my best to get rid off, and I was told that this was NOT the meaning of the comment on the Danish goal keeper in the handball match yesterday about being “superior” and that the word has to be understood correctly, which is “objectively/positively” and not negatively – and at 05.10 I was encouraged to add that the other word of the commentator “nonchalant” according to the dictionary means “unconcerned or indifferent” with a negative ring to it, and yes this is not what I understood when hearing it because it was pretty clear to me that Landin did his best without being “indifferent” and yes another symbol of me taking the “positive” or “negative” road and both roads had been prepared for me, and we are still walking the road of God.

I received a very quick and difficult to see vision, which was the front glass part of several churches in a row, which I understood as “front offices”, and I was quickly shown canoes and Vietnam, and understood that churches, or “religion” was also the cause of the Vietnam war, and the very quick visions difficult to see also told me that we were now picking up the last parts of this darkness.

While writing these notes, I watched a little TV too, and I had found “TV on command” including many of DR1’s previous broadcasts, and I wanted to listen to music, so “by chance” I found a program, which I first knew was about Coldplay’s song Viva la Vida, after I started it, and we know many roads to Rome, so to say …. 🙂 (this means “sufferings ending with happinees” for you too, Benedict), and I was told about this brilliant song that “certainly it is not better than “Ghost Town” by the Specials”, which is one of my favourite songs, and no it is not even though it is BRILLIANT, and yes here it is only judged on basis of the feelings, which the music brings me without thinking of the lyrics, and I was told that this means that there is love underneath everything even underneath Hell inside of here otherwise we would not survive, and I was asked “could we lose this” meaning “termination” and my thought was as it has been all along that “maybe we can with the creation and start of a New World” and I knew about “the insurance” of the Source but I have decided all along that I did not want to take the chance not to do my work required to come here really because “what if the insurance was not existing afterall” and I could not afford to take that chance.

And this led to the next question “is it possible to have two worlds running at the same time” (?) and I received the feeling “yes, it is” and also the next question “but is it possible for the New World to find the old world” (?) and I was shown people of other civilizations taking off their safari hats and saying “hello” and I was told that this is why they have not said hello yet because this would be their task at the absolute end, if I should fail – and we know Stig it is now 04.05 and “driving overgear” is not exaggerating here feeling “tired” and having a blurred vision too not making this work easy – and this is what we wish to avoid, which would require a separation of the world into two worlds in order to find each other, and I was told that this is why I received the question about 1 or 2 worlds yesterday evening now understanding that one world will be for the best to avoid sufferings and “much additional work”, and I was told that the music notes, which was removed from the piano recently, are the notes which we are now trying to retrieve without getting our hands into water, which we would like to avoid – “no cigarettes or bread slices over you making you believe you would lose everything in the worst case scenario”, which would break our Universe apart, and I was shown Jeff Lynne in a crowd of people putting up his head, which looked untidy as the Devil self, but you decided that you don’t want to be him NO MATTER WHAT.

I was shown a lift going up from the middle of my face to my eyes, which is to avoid flowing cardboard leading to a joker in a game, which would bring pain to my left angle, which is really to “see everything” in order to read it and not to lose part of this (spiritual) world, which would require my “old nightmare” to be carried out first, which I was here shown a very unpleasant indcation of, and yes this is because of “time” too, which is pressuring us.

I saw a road created by an Indian and told “yes, this road is created by the world self” and I saw it being transferred to my head, and I saw a large empty and white pool to the left and myself at the pool to the right almost finished as white too and I am now walking up the last stepts painting these white too.

I felt the spirit of my mother coming to me from the right with a reasonable powerful voice but without the physical pressure coming to me from the front normally following it, which makes a huge difference, and I was told “do you want Nefer now” and I replied “no, I have never wanted Nefer”, which is the symbol of what we go through now, to say no to a woman I have never desired.

I was shown my old colleague Janne from Fair holding the tape of a white tape holder standing to the right and bringing the tape to the dark tape holder standing to the left, and again “it is opposite inside of here, and this is the trick we wanted to play with you, but you said no” and again I thought about Niclas and Jimmy being cheated, and I was shown a man with a beard and told “Bamsefar” (“bear father” – Danish for a nice father as a “teddy bear” really but the skin deceives).

I was shown what seemed to be a large crown, and inside of it, it was put on fire. And I felt my old friend John Paul II or the spirit of Paul and he was reading a thick telephone book.

I was told that this would also be impossible to go through without my friends Lisbeth (from GE and Fair) and Lis (from Stansted) and also that these are only examples.

At this stage I was shown a pipe made by bamboo reaching a UFO, opening and bringing light to Indians inside of here too, and I understood that by now – on condition of also writing this script followed by an email to my mother – these people of other civilizations will be able to remain with us in one Universe instead of becoming separated “for many years and who knows forever” (?) as I am told.

I was shown very quickly a stapler followed by a scissor zig zagging leading to a black book being read, and I said “no, not by me”, but this is what I am told would happen if I did not do this work even though I decided differently.

I was shown a large wooden box almost full of brown cases being filled up and inside the small remaining room is a badminton ketcher (darkness playing with me), which receives an increasingly smaller room when the last empty space of the box is being filled with the remaining cases, which happens while I am doing this work, and I was told that it is John Paul’s task to make sure that no new game will start.

I was shown a small stream with small bridges over it and told that “the bridges of Madison County” is a beautiful film, which I understand when reading shortly about it that this has to be threats of the darkness to carry out my old nightmare if I don’t do this work including the email to my mother, otherwise we will have to impose a “love affair of a married lady” upon you, and I will keep saying NO all of the way, and there is ONLY one thing, which can make this happen – as you here tell me – and that is to bring in the top rule “do whatever is required in order to make us survive” because this is just how far out we have reached by now and I received the feeling that “we will only do this with tears in our eyes”.

I was also told that “this is the condition in order to be able to continue receiving darkness” and I was shown a large and old room full of books with the end wall being dark as liquorice.

I was shown plugs in sockets, and told that this is what the brown cases include and that we are removing these from the world (darkness stealing energy of the world).

I was told that Master Fatman is not only a “fat man” but also an advisor (“special friend”) for me, and I received the feeling to tell you that I have also used time on links to my scripts – not just the first, the best – whih was also a part of the game to avoid receiving pain to my right leg and a delay to a child, and with your approval we will first start to re-establish the Universe first, and I replied “please go ahead if this is a message from the light”.

When I ended taking notes, it was 02.16.

And when writing the notes into my script here, I received some additional information on the way, which was that “local calls can also soon be recorded” and I felt that this message came from Keld, so I know that Gert is a symbol of “old God” and Keld might then be “old Jesus” inside of darkness and this may simply be the man I have used to lead us the way after reconnecting with him after my reconnection with the Source in 2010?

I also received the feeling of Mogens Lykketoft of the Danish Parliament together with “pain”, ”need for talks” and ”what are we to do” (?), and yes Mogens, this is truly the question I have brought you in my script yesterday, and what about doing what is RIGHT to do (?), which should not be very difficult to do when I have told you, and I see here Helle Thoning creeping towards me with her dark bag and a treacherous smile of darkness, and yes Helle, did my information come inconvenient for you because I am not the one you spend most time on thinking that “he will come, when he comes”, but oh no, what are YOU going to do about it (?) and just wondering I am.

And when it comes to my mother I was told that it is important to write to her now in order for the bathroom (“old nightmare”) not to flow over because of what her mind is full of (“concerns” because of me). I was also told that this is connected with the pole running through the train as I was shown the other day, which is actually destroying the train, and also that people of other civilizations are helping to avoid this from happening. Finally I received physical pain to my behind writing all of this chapter, and I was told to write her because “otherwise we are not sure we will be able to hold it back”, and I felt a UFO flying over my head telling me “it might include shootings” (against mankind), which I certainly don’t like to be the result, so I do hope an email to her will help this from happening, and yes do you see how difficult it is to create the road for the Danish handball team to reach the semifinals (?), but we are still alive doing our best to fulfil this, and now it is 05.07, and the work writing this with water running from my eyes has been very difficult – some of the most difficult work of all – and now I will have breakfast, edit the chapter and do a summary, and finally I will write the email to my mother, which really would have been best to do yesterday evening, but I thought it would be fine to do “tomorrow”, which now is today, you see?

At 05.55 when finalising the edit of the chapter, I was shown that I have walked right through the train reaching the last door having a big heart of warm feelings on it.

By 06.15 I had uploaded the first version of the script so far with my body almost screaming from the inside out.

And by 06.40 I had sent an email to my mother and John asking if we can see each other again and to focus on subjects, which we know will not make us disagree with the risk to stop seeing each other as NONE of us want – and telling them that a positive dialogue will bring positive mentioning, and I do hope they will take me to their hearts again – and also that I will be able to sleep now.

When returning to my bed I was first shown a very large gorilla returning behind the wall, and the gorilla being because of the differences with my mother, and I thought that now I would be able to sleep again, but unfortunately speech and visions con-tinued being given to me and I was shown God coming to me and changing into the character of “The Thing” from “Fantastic four”, who separates the Universe into two, which is what will happen if I sleep as I was told and if I stay awake until my mother answers the email, we will try to keep the world together, and yes I had NO idea that meeting the spirit of my mother inside of the old world would become “impossible” when not seeing my mother in real life, and that is because I have tried to have EVERYONE against me before, which I could handle, but now the rules have apparently changed inside of the old world, and I do hope I can stay awake, which I am not sure about, but it is now 07.05 and the first goal is to stay awake until 12.00 and to take it from there depending on what has or has not happened. I was also encouraged to keep receiving more notes and do more writing work, but no my friends, I have reached my limit.

I was shown “old God” via the symbol “the largest lighthouse” indicating that our old and New World will merge

At 08.30 I was inspired to look for new friends at Facebook, and I could not help smiling when I fell over this picture of the “largest lighthouse” as I was told about earlier in the night, and yes symbolising our “old God”, and I was told ½-1 hour ago that it is not vital to receive an answer from my mother today, but for her to “change her mind”, and I wonder if this has already happened now herewith saying that I – and this world – is not going to lose this the largest lighthouse (?), which I hope it is, and I will keep awake at least to 12.00 and take it from there, but did you see the connection?

Selvet decided to exclude me from their Facebook site herewith making their humiliation total – who is truly crazy?

And I noticed that a lady by the name of Eva had shared this photo from Selvet with Steen 13 hours ago, and it made me think that I did not believe having received this photo myself from a posting of Selvet, and so I looked up the wall of Selvet and yes what did I see (?) and only this: It is now “possible” for me to “like” (to subscribe to) this page instead of showing my status as “subscribed” because this is what my status has been for let me see “a very long time”, but apparently Selvet decided for the “full humiliation” version, which is really not of me but of themselves for deciding that I am an impostor or “crazy man”, and what do you do with crazy men, and of course not to talk with them (?) and I am here feeling my neighbour Preben, which is to say that this is how they “believe” I am – delirious, and what do “loving” people do to “delirious” people, and we know abandon them instead of communicating with them, and of course that is, because it is the “easiest” and “safest” as some may believe too and yes amazing isn’t it to survive reactions like this (?), which is really what it is about – so now I clicked “like” today and we will see if they have decided to screen new subscribers to exclude me again, or if they will report/block me to Facebook too – and yes TRUE SADNESS is what you bring me, but I feel “true joy” too for being in this world, but it is underplayed because I don’t know it myself yet, and that is if this is not darkness speaking to me, and I feel here the lady of Medjugorje with me, which is how the spirit of my mother shows herself and I guess this is to confirm this information.

Selvet decided to exclude me as a subscriber to their Facebook site repeating their action of 2010 exlcuding me from their website herewith making their humiliation of me total after they have ignored and terrorised me – but not thought a “negative” thought of me, Jens?

And I am not perfect myself, which is really also what Jens writes in this posting today, and please “taste” the words, Jens from your own posting: “But still, I love those people who stay with me after knowing how I really am”, but you did not show me this exact attitude, which I like much, because you did NOTHING to understand neither my scripts nor who I am as a private person, and you could have decided to write me, call me (better) or meet me (the best in this situation), but as a “loving” person you “could not” use any of these “communication tools” because you had “given” up on me, and yes you are not perfect, Jens, but you and your colleagues could certainly do MUCH better before judging me out!

And you can look at Selvet’s site today finding even more “inspirations” of Jens for example showing a picture of a man transporting a cow on motorcycle, and let us say that I am the cow (“original creation”) and you are the motorcycle (“darkness”), and also asking Buddha to receive a good harvest of nuts, and I was told myself 1-2 hours ago (!) that nuts are “babies of creation” and you may remember the symbols of walnuts I have received the last few days?

No woman, no cry” means one world/one love and the first very fine wines to be delivered

I was shown a large pipe with blue all around it and blue in the space where it leads to, and I wonder if the pipe is between our old and New World, which is saying that everything is now becoming “blue” of me, and the link of “blue” leads to the BRILLIANT song “sorry seems to be the hardest word”, which may be what my mother (and John) thinks about because they do know our old agreement to focus on what unites us and not separate us, and let us see if these positive symbols continues a little while – now sitting at the computer – to confirm that everything is alright, and simply to be able to rule out that this is not darkness disguised as light fooling me.

I was shown a “borring” English rowhouse of older date, it was grey and I was shown a cat being thrown out of the house with a radiator outside the house to the left and I was told “this is not how it is”.

I was shown a lady sitting under a hair dryer in a hair saloon and when she moved, I saw a very large blue spring at the top of her hair as if to say that she believes in me as “blue”, my own self.

I was shown a toothbrush leading to my foot on an exercise cycle and that the work I did this night made it up for the exercise I will not do today when I will relax/sleep instead.

I was shown a glass and a carton of milk next to it with nothing being poured up meaning that the glass is completely dry, i.e. NO sexual sufferings, and until now it is a TOTAL change to information of the night, and can this truly be or is this deceptions, and I do hope and believe in what I am told, but still, can it be ….?

I was shown a tool box standing on the desk of an American open kitchen and I was shown FINE wine inside of the box and told that this is what we are going to build, and I shoud be delighted if this is how it is.

I was shown a watch being 11.55 before and now it is very clearly 12.00 – time is up, and “no woman, no cry” is really as true as it gets here, and we know one of Bob Marleys STAR turns, and that is a clear 100 point of this amazing artist and I was told “got to have Kaya now”, which is not to be misunderstood because this is another 100 point song when I do not focus on the lyrics of smoking to get stoned, and does Kaya have another meaning than this?

I was shown coming into a class room from the top corner of the room and I was told that this is like coming into 1st class, and I saw corrugated cardboard including the finest wines being wrapped inside white wrapping paper, and I saw that these wines have just left the production plant, so it seems like we are up and running coming through what was certainly not the easiest to come through, and yes that is still unless, but I would not receive this if it wasn’t true, would I?

And when I am about to end this chapter deciding not to continue, I am given very unclear visions not possible to see what it is, and I believe I was told “this is more darkness to come, but not critical to do now”, so this is what I will have to stick to.

At 10.35 when writing this I saw this inspired message by Dan finally now opening up for subscribers to comment – but still I cannot comment yet, Dan (?) – and he says “knock yourself out” and his friend uses the “famous last words” of Supertramp, which was just before Roger was over and out of that super-band, and yes these messages should mean the opposite that I am knocking myself out and because of this, these are the famous last words of old God of this world (?), and do you see why I am confused?

But I noticed that both Søren Pind and “Aunt Helena” despite of their promises of the opposite, decided to continue communication via Facebook today, so maybe COMMUNICATION is the keyword here, and that is communication between my mother and I starting with my email (?), and the opposite messages are then darkness given to me to confuse me?

I could still not sleep around lunch, where “some destruction” of the Universe started until I stood up again

At 11.00 I had become so tired and thought that everything was fine by now, so I tried to get at least a nap on the sofa, and I received somewhat weaker visions making me unsure if it would be safe to sleep or not, and I became somewhat nervouse of what I saw, which I cannot remember now except from seeing a spinal column about to break, which however did not break as I understood – our new axis (?) – and also a ship in rough ses where I tried to enter the bar and set up an ash tray, which however was impossible, and I was told to wait until tomorrow morning and we will be in harbour, and while this happened I also felt that I could fall asleep if this is what I decided to do but I said that “I want you to keep me awake if this is necessary to do” and then I was kept awake, but still at a lesser level than the night, which means that destruction happened, and yes what was the very positive messages about (?), was this darkness disguised as light and I don’t know other than after half an hour I stood up again – needless to say that I was “more than tired” (?) – and after half an hour in the sofa I managed to get out of there into bath and after this I am writing this now having “good time” because of tiredness, and it is now 13.10, and in the bath I was given the song “Dschinghis Khan”, which is about darkness and I was given the song “the look” by Prince, which I have received for days where I have been made believe that he things about color me white, but today I was given the song more clearly including the chorus so I could recognise it without having to search for it, and it is about “I’ve never seen a pretty girl look so tough” and “color u peach and black”, which then was about an extremely tough spiritual mother in there to meet me, and when this is written I am now in the situation that I have absolutely no knowledge if a visions or speech is from light or darkness, which is exactly how this darkness wants the game to be played, and even though I was told that it will play as the Devil disguised as light, I still receive darkness as darkness, and as long as I know and feel darkness coming to me trying to get acceptance to destroy, this is an old rule we have (!), I know that we are still here, and I have also not felt any pain to neither my right nor my left angles, so what else can I say, this is truly the worst darkness I have ever met, but when you decide not to give up and say that it is only light, which can decide to separate the Universe into two worlds, yes this is when we are still one, and when I decided to stand up, I was also shown toothbrushes starting to clean again and probably to clean up what was destroyed here, and we know I cannot be awake 24 hours day in, day out and I wonder if my mother and John truly will be able to forgive me as easily as I was made believe, or if their “wounds” from my attacks on my mother – not the opposite of course (!) – together with Sanna’s potential negative influence of my mother telling her that I am destroying her work and life because of my writings about her work (?) and what will my mother decide to do when receiving extreme positivity and warm feeling from me and extreme negative feelings from Sanna and herself – together with John (?) – and will our love be strong enough to overcome this (?), and yes this is the question my dear ladies and gentlemen – and I am thinking that my email sending love to my mother is part of the game to make her thaw up sending the gorilla with all darkness behind the wall again also weakening the darkness so it could not separate the Universe, and this is truly what it seemes like today, and yes then all which remains is really for Sanna to admit her mistakes and selfishness to my mother and tell her that she believes in me (?) and yes how difficult can it be when reading my scripts (?) and no, isn’t it true (?) and that is because “mens de er i live får de virkelig nået noget” (“while alive they really achieve something”, and you really NEED to understand Danish before you will understand the lyrics of Shubidua, which is the key to LOVE them and yes “they are the only shubi, which dua” and difficult to undestand in English, isn’t it, but certainly NOT in Danish where you will get the FULL understanding!) and yes I am LOVING Shubidua and I do play them even more than Kim Larsen/Gasolin and here it is about an actor dying, which is an old favourite song of mine and symbol too of the actor of darkness someday not existing anymore, and we are still coming closer to this coming reality day by day.

During the afternoon I received a few visions:

I sit in the train leaving the station looking outside in light where my mother waves at me being sad.

Because of my mother, I see myself standing left to the entrance of a circus and I say “no, we were not on our way to circus, but to the telephone box to the left of it”.

I was shown an owl and told “no, my mother is not as “wise” as I, which is what triggered the crocodile to attack me”, and yes Stig we needed to put you through this “dead or alive” situation spinning you around these days.

I see mahogny inside of this train wagon, and it only becomes better with time for each wagon I pass, where I see wooden covers and very nice and comfortable furniture in an old “warm” style.

I saw one football after the other after the other etc. and I was told “you have no idea of how many goals at the same time you have just made”, which is about saving life, and “glad to help out” J.

I see a room without a radiator and only a small doll to the right of a playpen, which I understood is how my sister feels after reading my scripts (on her), and I should really have written in my email to my mother that I of course also would LOVE to see my sister and her family again, and this is what I here tell you again, Sanna: I love you more than anything, and there is a good purpose for doing what I do, which has to do about your development, and whenever you can find room in your heart not only to understand but also to accept me, I would be very happy seeing and also communicating with you.

At 15.25 I heard a GIANT noise on my wooden floor one metre behind me as if somebody hit it harder than they can hit when using all of their physical power (!), this is how loud it was making me very scared, and yes it was because I saw a few seconds afterwards that my mother had decided to read my latest script, and I wonder when she will decide to write me and what she will write?

Hereafter I cycled to town in order to kill time and to avoid sleeping, and I read a newspaper from the library with a beautiful view over the see and Helsingborg in Sweden, and did some shopping using 34 DKK leaving me with less than 100 DKK, and when I was at the library, I received the very nice and “catchy“song Electric Dreams by Phil Oakey (Human Leagues, and the lyrics “we will always be together”, which may be about our old and New World, which in this case was a good message to receive :-), but it was “drowned” in EXTREME sufferings given to me again and we know the will of my mother is strong are the words I receive here and is this a will not to see me (right now) (?) and whatever it is, it is killing me, which is very litterally the feeling with this extreme darkness trying to overtake my will, which I had to fight all of the time being closer than ever to give in to the immense strength trying to make me stop the process of receivng more darkness (I was just on the edge almost rolling over ….), and when I for a very brief split of a second thought about negativity, I was given what to me was a “medium heart attack” simply because of my own thoughts, and yes I am everything and when I think negatively, which is really to say to much of it, it is directly killing me, and isn’t this a wonderful game to go through because of my mother’s “hurt feelings”, which are “directly killing me”, and if she knew – read and UNDERSTOOD my scripts – she would of course decide that her feelings are of NO importance in this, and she would give me ALL OF HER HEART AND SUPPORT, and yes Madonna “life is a mystery”, but your song is fantastic :-).

During the evening I was told “how can I be here physically as Stig and find my self spiritually” (?) with the answer being that “I have simply found my inner self”.

Earlier in the day and again this evening I have been given feelings of wanting to kill myself, which I first did not understand, but now I understand what this is about. These are feelings of my mother transferred to me and I started speculating of something, which I immediately cut through, because I don’t like using my mind not being able to think clearly and decide, and again it was my mother speculating, and the subject may simply be “am I to see Stig again – and what about Sanna” (?), and a UFO decided to pass my window and it was white at the back and red (of suffering) in front and I was told “hello, I am not stupid and I don’t want to be seen”, which you know is about the thoughts of my mother.

I was told that the saving and opening of the old world was also required in order to be able to heal everyone.

At 20.00 I was tired beyond description breaking a new level of what I thought was possible, and I thought “I have never had a life and still do not live as life is meant to be lived” and I was given the words “Det forsømte forår”, which is a novel by Hans Scherfig about “the black school”, so there you have it.

I was given the song “dub I dub” again this evening and first I thought it was about my mother reading the script including it, but she did not read this script, but I connected it with my mother, so the message may simply be “no nightmare ever”.

My TV gave a loud sound, and I was shown the doctor’s symbol and told that my mother has felt sick because of me.

And finally I was told that (after opening up the old world) we would not be able to bear life if the Trinity alive as my mother, father and I did not have strong enough faith in each other.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I like VERY much to receive daily updates from Dan, Søren and Michael giving my lonely life here content (!), they are truly commited and very often tell the truth directly using simple logic to decide what is right to do, and yes also you Søren 🙂 (but not always), and this is what Dan did today when he said below that he would like to see TV programs of young people on reformatory to basically learn how to behave (!) and yes isn’t it “surprising” that this is a basic element of my “teachings” to you (?), which everyone should be able to understand the need of instead of people acting as “dogs” today, and also to do (?) and I am just sorry, Dan, that I could not positively comment your “brilliant” idea.

  • Isn’t it funny how inspiration comes, and after I earlier in the day was shown a vision of my mother sitting under a hair dryer in a hair saloon with a large blue spring at the top of her hair I received this picture from Michael – notice the smoking inside the dryer and we know my mother burning off darkness sent directly to me to absorb, which you know is the reason of extreme sufferings these days – and the sender of this picture was originally “the uncrowned King”, does it ring a bell for you soon?

  • Jens “thought” it was right to bring a message of the importantce of “you being you”, which he then did here:

  • And Niclas from my meditation group was inspired to bring this message for me, Niclas (?) to keep my chin up after saving the world, and yes difficult to tell if this is a secret message just like Søren’s and either it is just a “coincidence” or it is “hidden communication” with good thoughts behind it, but I don’t like hidden communication, it is the worst I know of! But thank you, Niclas if it was meant for me.


25th January: After the release of all souls of our old world, people almost suffocate and are desperate to receive energy

Dreaming that after the release of all souls of our old world, people almost suffocate and are desperate to receive energy

At 21.15 I had to sleep no matter what, which I did with disturbances until 08.45 this morning, where I however still feel tired and exhausted knowing that I have a full day to deliver and also to exercise to bring even more energy even though the STRONG feeling is to relax, sleep and do nothing to recover, which however is not good, because I am the one who is going to bring energy, not to receive what is not there. And some dreams:

  • Niels de B. speaks to me nicely, but when he arrives to my office at the end of the day, where I try to listen to messages on my voice mail, and I speak to him, he says nothing.
    • I am trying to listen to messages of old God (?) and is Niels De B. a symbol of old Gold too not speaking, or …?
  • I am leaving a very fine restaurant, and see left overs of our food being thrown on the path we walk in front of the restaurant. Sidsel is with us and she is picking up the left overs, and I tell her to be careful because the restaurant does not like what she does.
    • The restaurant is where we resurrected all souls of our old world – this is what it is about (!) – and it seems that we could not do everything at once leaving left-overs, which Sidsel as another part of the spirit of my mother is picking up, but the restaurant does not like it, which may be that to say that the darkness does not like it and that is because we woke up all souls from the darkness, which had “absorbed” them, so still some more work with darkness to save the old soul of everyone.
  • I am visiting Sidsel, who is about to find herself a new boyfriend, and I tell her that I will become jeloux if she does not become my girlfriend, but I know that it is impossible.
    • This is about strong darkness trying to make me want Sidsel as part of my old nightmare even though it is impossible, and I miss having Sidsel as a Facebook-friend, and also to have her and all of my old friends and more as part of a life, and just thinking that “everyone” decided to continue their lives here as if nothing had happened without changing anything because of me ….
  • Some poor notes here but let us see: Something about walking with my mother and Sidsel on our way on holiday. We enter a restaurant at a place where we also were 30 years ago, and we are at a buffet but there is almost none people in the restaurant, and I remember two twin brothers from the restaurant 30 years ago, and I ask the waiter if they are still here, which I understand they are, and I now see that the stage of the place used to be even larger than today, and I see the place crowded with people, who are also hanging in through the windows, and people are squeezed so much together that we cannot breath and my head looks as if it is pressed completely together.
    • This is the first dream ever of my mother and Sidsel together, which may be about two versions of the spirit of my mother being together here – from our old and New World – and I am thinking of our fantastic holiday to Sicily in 1978, which to me is about joy and happiness, and there is not many people of the restaurant now, but still the place is as crowded as never before, which I understood as the combined world after the release of all souls of our old world, who have been released, haven’t they (?) – and I remember that I was told that “we stand as close as herrings in a barrel”.
  • I am in Australia where I have enrolled in a lunch scheme together with a funny team from Denmark including Søren D.N. and others. Something about books in a room, and my old class friend Tine H., who I believe is beautiful and very attracted to, coffee and James May from Top Gear as a cook wearing rubber boots.
    • Australia is “the best of two worlds” to me, and what about merging two worlds as this symbols is about, and still there is darkness symbolised by Tine H., who truly was exceptionally good looking (!) – sorry we never truly became friends, Tine – and James May and the rubber boat are about the sufferings we go through setting up our new “car”, i.e. our new selves.
  • I am in a place, which feels like “a different world”, I follow a beautiful lady there into her room, where I want to make love to her, and she is also attracted to me, but it is impossible for us to make love when two others enter the room. A droide tells people to use true or “false” money according to what they can collect, they are hungry, and it is the worst situation as people can ever remember.
    • This feeling of a different world is about our old world opening, the beautiful lady is again about darkness, and yes it is the spirit of my mother in disguise, and I am told through this dream that we are in desperate need of energy, so I better do exercise this afternoon for me as my physical self to help the best way I can, and I am telling myself these days that “it becomes better day by day”.

“We are the world” is about the old world, which we have saved 🙂

This morning I had some, but far less sufferings when it comes to negative speech (you CANNOT imagine just how dreadful negative constant speech and pressure is), and instead I felt potential and direct support coming from the light of my father (!), which I felt – a VERY new situation here – but maybe more sufferings will come when I will start exercising this afternoon – and this morning I was told directly that I will be allowed to sleep the coming night if the spiritual world can find out a solutiong during the day not needing my energy, and if not, I will have to stay up another night and we know “deperate need of energy” is what requires this, and here I am told something about “you will be surprised who is in here” and we know all of my old relatives, Michael Jackson and yes “we are the world” – this is the world, we have saved, do you see?

I am opening the door to my mother and all souls to help them from suffocating and I met “old God” as the driver of the world

After writing the script so far and after lunch, I cycled to the swimming hall again, and when I arrived there, I was told “this is going to help opening the head door, because we sit right behind it” and I was told that this is why my dreams of the night was somewhat unclear because where were all of the saved souls (?), they were there, but still thery were not (!), and here was the answer: Just behind the door, and this also gave meaning to a vision I had this morning of the elephant (of God) standing very clearly just to the right of me.

I started doing 20 minutes in the step machine and was encouraged also to do some running afterwards, and I only managed to run 5 minutes, but “everything counts” here and that is “in large amounts” :-), and when I ran, I was given the feeling of having sand in my left foot and lower leg together with my left hand and lower arm – because everything is opposite in here (?) – and I felt that the room next to me became attached to my right angle, and I understood that the energy I brought here was to recreate what was damaged when I tried to take a nap yesterday morning, and I received much darkness when running, which was so much that I was once again very close to be pressured into deciding to “stop all” (to stop bringing more darkness through the washing machine) and when being on my edge here I was shown the driver of a streetcar, who asked me if I wanted to stop and I saw him pull the hand brake of it, and again I said “never” (!), and I smiled at the same time because this was the first time I was shown my inner self driving the street car – or train or bus if you will – and he is really sitting in front of the train of me driving the train/bus/street car of the world or you might say that he is straight ahead of me in his cave, which I am walking through, and we know he operates the world on basis of darkness/light of the world, and this was the man I reconnected with in 2010 when doing my “jump” and since then I have brought all of the world back to “him” – my inner self and yes let us say the Trinity – going through all darkness of the world proportionally represented by my family/friends etc., who in this respect are “actors” controlled spiritually (do you see how “the game” worked?), and I had to be stronger than the darkness of the world to be able to “control myself”, the driver, to be objective/positive instead of negative, which was the difference saving the world (darkness made to act as the washing machine against its wish), and yes I am looking very much forward to being myself againg – and I heard here “what about me then” coming from my left, and yes this is my new inner self of the New World and yes let us say that we are merging my left and right side – to make it easy to understand – which is to merge our new and old world and yes to integrate this as good as possible so I will also feel as ONE, Bono & Co. (!), which you know is really also another of my sufferings not to be ONE MAN, but being made up by two halves of the spirits of my mother and father where my left side (my mother) and right side (father) don’t match perfectly (almost out of focus, Mick, or at least my inner system of physical co-ordination and feelings consist of two different people, which is NOT an easy life to live – do you see?)

LTO will teach my teachings and work as the intermediary between rich and poor people helping the world to communicate

I was also told when running that the church of Rome is thinking about how they can become “servants of God” in continuation of the task I gave them around Christmas, where I asked them to sell unnecessary “gold and glitter”, and have you considered, my gentlemen (not many ladies there and I wonder why (?) and WRONG it is) to sell “appropriate assets” including “suitable buildings”, which can be used for teaching of my words in the future (?), and to sell to people having more than a normal life and for these people to agree that these assets will be given as gifts for “all people” and include activities of Living Testomony Organization (LTO) in the future, and of course for the church to give this money to people having less than a normal life, and we know I am just sharing ideas with you, but rich people could meet poor people with the church as the intermediary this way, and the future church – only one – will be synonymous with LTO, and this is how you can set it up and please remember that this does not only include the church of Rome but all “religious houses” all over the world, and all I am asking you is to always consider having churches of “good quality” and to keep the balance neither being “too poor” or “too grandiose” with too much “gold and glitter” – and remember that ALL PEOPLE MANDATORY WILL BE MEMBER OF LTO according to my New World Order – and I am thinking of servants of God being and looking like “normal people” the same way as everyone else and of course a “work dress” is fine if you believe this is required, but “not too much glitter”, please.

I was told that my mother does NOT want to see me because of my “negativity” not understanding that I only show the world

During the morning I received several examples of not knowing what I wanted to do – small practical examples, am I to write this or that way, am I to do this or that first (?) – and these examples were given to me to show my mother’s “difficult” decision (!) about whether or not she is to see her loving son (it shouldn’t be that difficult to do what is right?) – and I feel John as a disturbing element when writing this, which is really to say that this is what you are, John in relation to me when it comes to my mother’s decision.

But when ending my exercise at the swimming hall – also doing a long swimming, where I received a déjà vude, which I am SURE about is coming from Karenvej (where we lived from I was 10 to 12 years old) because every time I receive them, I received the feelings that this is where I received the information when being half asleep, and I remember it (!), and the déjà vue was simply about swimming to bring energy to the world (!) – I was certainly able to take “very confident” decisions, and I understood that this was because my mother has now taken a decision in relation to me, and I received the song “en som dig” by Back to Back (originating from my old Youth school in Espergærde) and the lyrics “hvis du forstod hvad jeg forlod, en som dig at holde af” (“if you understood what I left, one like you to care about”) and I was told that my mother has now decided NOT to see me again, and I was wondering if this is light or darkness speaking to me, and all I can see is that I have NOT yet received an answer from my mother – yes life can be very difficult when the family “simply” cannot understand me (!) – and I was told that she only wants “the good side” of me not understanding that what she believes as the “negative” side of me simply is my writings on how she self and other people wrongly behave, and yes this is what is “simply impossible” for people to accept making me the negative person or “sinner” in their eyes not understanding that I only write about their wrong doings and would have been as positive if they did good (!), and we know “it’s a dum, dum world” and with this I am told “much talk, talk” behind my back, mother (?), and did I tell you that music does not get better than this?

I was also told that this is why the darkness on my way home on bicycle used what may be its remaining power trying to convince me of how important it is for my mother and I to marry (!) – with the different part being that it is right for the spirits of my mother and father to marry, but not me as the Son (!) – and I could only say “no” and “let the light decide” and let me say that to me the song “let there be love” by Simple Minds is the same to me as “let there be light” – this is what I have thought about when going through this period of creation (and what you can see from the video :-)), so here I bring this FAVOURITE music of mine also to say that I love my mother above everything, and I am here told that the name of this band is associated with my mother, and you do remember that my mother is “everything of the world” as the Holy Spirit, don’t you?

At 21.20 I suddenly received more “very strong pressure” coming to me with darkness from behind my back including stomach pain and “almost diarrhoea”, and I was told that it was because my mother spoke to my sister on the phone, and yes if only you knew, you would NEVER have behaved as you did against me and yes I do know you love me, and you do know I love you, but still I am sad to see my own mother and family behaving wrongly without seeing that they are the “problem” themselves and instead blaming me.

Half an hour later I totally lost inspiration to work (for a short while) when I could not find the right thoughts and continue as I normally do (I was “blocked” given an empty mind!), and the reason was because I was given feelings of “sadness” and I was told that it is because my sister confirmed my mother’s decision not to see me again, and yes this is what I was told and again is this light or darkness speaking (?), I don’t know, but I write the truth 100% as I receive it, which I always do.

And from 22.00 to 22.30 I received a very strong not dark but light feeling (!) leading out in my right finger, but I still receive the F-word from darkness wanting me to stay out – and how much darkness will be released when I open the door this time, and we know my mother, Sanna and John has “warmed up”.

I am stopping the suffocation feelings of the spirit of my mother and all souls and start to feel FREE AS A BIRD 🙂

When I returned home at 16.00 I was told that the spirit of my mother with all souls of the world were about to suffocate sitting behind the door, and at 16.30 I was surprised when leaning forward that water was dripping out of my nose, which it has NEVER done before, and it was water from the swimming hall, and I related it to “almost drowning” as another symbol of the spirit of my mother and all souls “almost dying” behind this door, and I do hope that we are about to open the door to bring in some energy (“air”) , which is what it is about.

And even though I continued receiving some sufferings including a few pains to my right and also a little to my left angle, I almost felt nothing of my sufferings (!!!), and I am starting to feel FRI SOM FUGLEN as TV-2 would say or FREE AS A BIRD as Beatles with Jeff would say, or the same way as I felt before my mind was taken over by the Devil in 2006 and we know six years living like this is really 6 years too long because every single second has been a nightmare and unbearable to go through, and let me also here say that I might become my new self soon, because what happens when this head door is opened (?) and I do not have any sufferings left, if this is what is waiting, does this mean that I have made it all the way home to “the driver” (?) or will I still have more darkness and work to go through (because when the door opens, I will meet the “dark wall” of the library?) – and I don’t know, but isn’t it exciting what will happen my dear world (?) and I know that you also do not know, and “not easy” for you to keep playing your poker deceicing the world when you know it is against my wish, but this is how life is.

I was also shown the train coming directly against me again as I also saw 1-2 days ago – did I write this (?) – and I was told that this is the same condition as yesterday, so does this mean that more darkness will meet me when opening the door?

Denmark did the IMPOSSIBLE to qualify for the handball semifinals symbolising that our ”old world” is still alive 🙂

All day I was looking forward to seein the handball match between Denmark and Sweden, and to see if Denmark really would be “able” to do the “impossible” to reach the semifinals after the absolutely worst start imaginalble of the tournament.

I turned on the TV at 18.00 and at 18.10 I heard the Danish commentator at the European Championships in handball say ”we love Poland” and I felt John Paul II speaking through him (!), and it was a few minutes after I heard that Poland had done the impossible to defeat Germany (!), which was required before Denmark would have a chance to go to the “impossible semifinal” if they win over Sweden, which we will see over the next couple of hours if they are able to do, and yes I do feel myself that I/we have done the impossible to get through to and release the old world and certainly that it is good enough to keep Denmark alive in this tournament, and we will see if this is what truly will happen, but the team of Denmark believes in it and I do too – and I was also asked to check up on how France did in the other group in the middle round, which I did and yes they came in last (!), so do you believe in a connection with what I do here, my dear reader, and that is because this is what I tell you (!), and here I feel Erik M. Carlsen, who still cannot forget about me, and yes Erik you are/were part of darkness too, and I wrote about you so you and others (also Buddhists!) can see how you were part of darkness.

After the win of Poland, Lars Løkke was on the field (road) again :-), which I like much to see, Lars, and these are WARM feelings given to you directly from my innerself speaking through me while writing this because the truth is that I love all of you “crazy” people at the Parliament including you, and I wonder if your message was meant also to reach me and my scripts (?) – and what about you, Helle “loosening up” a little (?) – and nevertheless “where there is a change, there is hope, which we have to fight for finishing the work against Sweden”, and yes Lars I could not agree more with you, and yes my friend Lars and also you Helle, you were true helpers to help the world survive too :-).

I was writing during the 1st half of the match – I have not had “time” to watch any of the full matches but only the last few minutes – and at the end of 1st half I had to attend my laundy at the washing basement of my building, and here I had to wait for approx. 10 minutes for a drying machine to become free, and I here met and spoke to a man LOVING opera – unlike you, Jytte (!) – which was a good sign and he told me that he has been around the world, probably taking more than a day, Prince, to watch Opera, and yes he would very much like to see the opera of Sydney (symbolising our New World) too, and this is really why we will open our New World because behind all “bars” inside of the secret “official world”, there is a wish for me/us to survive and to come through, so on basis of faith of the world in me, this is what we will do – and that is instead of a lady bringing the head of John the Baptist on a dish as this man “living” told me about and it was about an opera of Richard Strauss and I was giving the feeling that this is what the spirit of my mother was “ordered” to do because of darkness of Earth, and yes this is why it was “totally impossible” for my mother to understand me – her inability to understand was directly proportional to the darkness of Earth. And when I spoke to this man I received more darkness to absorb again, and I was told that I will have to work/stay up until 07.00 to 08.00 tomorrow morning, so this is what I will do.

When I left to the washing basement, Denmark was ahead by 10 to 7, and when I returned, it was half and Denmark was now ahead by 18 to 11, and apparently they played some of the “dream handball” this team is capable to play, which is what Peter Gade/Morten Frost or even better Ingemar Stenmark/Björn Borg could do as examples when they played their best, and I watched the last 20 minutes of the match seeing that now Denmark relaxed more not playing 100% tempo, and I saw examples of judges going against Denmark (a penalaty throw to Sweden, where the ball should have been Danish as example) and later the commentator also spoke of “the pressure of the spectators against Denmark” (Macedonians, who wanted Denmark to lose to have a chance themselves to qualify for the semifinal in the next match), and these are examples of RESISTANCE against the Danish team symbolising RESISTANCE against me from family/friends etc.!

The Danish team including the goal keeper Landin did not play their absolutely best as mentioned, but Landin came back with new fantastic savings, and as the commentator said with inspiration (something like this): “It is as if he has decided that he was far too nonchalant” and then he showed world class again, and we know I decided to be “superior” and not “nonchalant”, do you see?

One of the two commentators also said – after Denmark was ahead with 7-8 goals and thought it for sure that Denmark would win but then Sweden started to come closer narrowing the lead to 4 goals – that “we have seen so much, which could not be done at these championships, and then it could be done anyhow” and this is how it is when it is not only the players on the field playing but also God based on my actions/decisions and the pressure of darkness of my family/friends etc., which is really the decisive factor of the championships!

The commentator said about the player Anders Eggert “Værs’go, han er tilbage, den gamle Flensborg spiller, Anders Eggert 7 af 7” (“here you are, he is back, the old Flensborg player, Anders Eggert 7 of 7”), and you do know that the first solo album by Kim Larsen VÆRS’GO is very special to me (?) and “DEN GAMLE” (“the old”) is my own nick name of God, so this is inspired speech saying that “Gode Gamle Gud” er tilbage (“good old God” is back) and we know “3G” with the radio transmission being recovered.

At the end of the match the commentators said that Denmark will meet Spain again, and that Denmark won over Spain in the World Championships last year also in the semifinal, and then I thought “please tell with how much”, and after 1-2 seconds the other commentator – I like these two very much because of their PASSION – gave me the result (this is how it works, I have seen my questions being answered MANY times through direct inspiration given because of my own thoughts, but this is the first time I believe I write this) and I believe it was 29-22, and it made the first commentator say “you remember well, old man” (“du gamle”) and “old man” (“du gamle”) is the nick name I have given God myself, and this was simply to say that it was God deciding the result of this match and that is because I decided to win over darkness, there you have it :-).

Denmark finally won in SUPERIOR style by 31-24, which made the commentator say “the impossible – I repeat – became reality”, and also that “France has taken an aeroplane home, tomorrow Denmark will continue flying here”, which was symbols saying that darkness lost the battle of the world, i.e. aeroplane, which I won.

At 20.20 one of the players, Lars Christiansen, who has played nothing less than 20 years on the national team and today scoring his goal no. 1,500 (!), what an amazing record, was interviewed on the news, which asked him (after he did not believe the team would play for medals one week ago!) “have you now turned 180 degrees believing in the gold chances” (?) and what did he answer, and yes the obvious, which is that “I have turned”, and that will have to be God behind the door having turned from minus to plus (!) facing the REALITY of a new “daily motion”, and that is because it is here I could find it :-).

Mikkel (“me”) said after after the match “It is the most CRAZY I have tried” and also  “It’s a miracle, which happened” and the miracle was I that I decided not to give up, and alright let us also show this video by the “crazy” Boy George and his band, and we know in the beginning of the 1980’s they produced some of the best music of the world, which this is an example of, and yes I loved it very much and still do, and yes Sanna, HE is not a lady, which we laughed much about when talking about him back then where my sister was “absolutely sure” that he was a woman, but it is no shame to admit when you are wrong, my sister :-).

And Lars did it again, again when he posted the following after Denmark won saying “it seemed impossible but a true he-man performance”, and I decided to return a “secret message”to Lars & Co. the same way as you sent to me (?) to say that the result was fixed with a little help from my (spiritual) friends and “thank you” if this is what you did (?) after my script on you the other day.

And certainly if Dan was not very inspired once again – he is “very” spiritual this man the same way as every single man, woman, and child on Earth (!) – and he believed it was an impressing comeback of Denmark.

And then he said the “magical” words, which are: “These are the things dreams are made of”, and why is this “magical” and really because this is one of the other songs of the DARE album by Human League, which you may have noticed that we have played a lot recently (?) and here it is brought because as I am told the question to me was: DID YOU DARE TO GO ALL THE WAY for us to reach our “wildest dreams” of ONE new world (?), and the answer was indeed YES, I did (!) so this is truly what our dreams were made of, and this is what is making a completely new HUMAN LEAGUE of the world, and I would also like to thank Philip & Co. for helping me here with one of the most influencial albums of all time and that is at least in relation to me because I was fifteen when it came out, which was the most important time for my musical tast, and this was the age of New Wave including bands like Human League, Depeche Mode, OMD, Simple Minds and so many others, and the NEW WAVE truly proved what dreams are made of.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Jens is “very wise” advising other people of what to do and here “to be open for unexpected opportunities” (!), and what I really wanted to say is that it is NOW impossible for me to comment and even to “like” postings of Selvet (normally you have the options of “like” or “comment” before “share”, but Selvet only gives me “share” as you can see below!) , so they have given me a muzzle on removing my freedom of speech (without telling me!), and can you see just how WRONG this is, Jens, Nønne, Jimmy, Mickey and all of you?

  • I listened to this nice piece of music posted by my old “friend” Jeny in Kenya, and when I listened to it, it gave me the exact same feelings of warmth and soul – “atsmosphere” – as when being in Kenya in 2009, this is how Kenya is, which you DO NOT feel in this cold country, and this is why I decided to post it to tell people of the difference, and maybe somone also read the comment to the video below :-).

  • Do you remember my story about my “new” water boiler, which I bought in Lyngby at the end of 2009, I believe, and how it became worse influenced by “spiritual darkness”, when it started swithing off and on more and more times when boiling water (?) – I have used it three times per day in average and since then it has continued EVERY SINGLE TIME to switch off for approx. 10-15 seconds at a time while heating up water and then to switch on for maybe 20-30 seconds before switching off for 10-15 seconds again and yes again and again and again until the water boils – but the last couple of days, this phenomenon has almost vanished completely and I did not pay close attention, but yesterday it was only there once I believe, and this morning it was not there at all (?), and I will try to notice again, but what I am saying is that THERE HAS NEVER BEEN ANYTHING WRONG WITH MY WATER BOILER (!), which this is showing you, and I wonder if I should start to find my old Italian espresso machine, which might have “decided” to work to after spiritual darkness destroyed it (!), and we know I have tested my floor lamp too, but it doesn’t work yet, but I am sure that it will come too, and maybe not very long from now?
  • For some time I have received a déjà vue about people around me believing I am “completely crazy” – a man who cannot be reached, thinking of this film here, try asking Selvet as an example – and the the “old world” of politicians and media wakening up to finally support me and adminit to the world with a very low voice in the beginning “eeeehhhh yes, we knew about him and understood him”, and then the parts of my family/friends etc. not believing will understood who was the “crazy” part and here comes in the saying of “He who laughs last, laughs best”, and this will be when everyone will laugh :-).
  • Dan is these days “hit” by friends treating him wrongly (!), and in this posting he refers to a previous posting where he simply wrote that his son has received a job at a radio, which made people jump to conclusions and negatively accuse him for helping his son to get the job in front of others because of his “good connections” as the second most known DJ and radio host in Denmark (only surpassed by Mylle!), and I am here thinking of behaving wrongly towards a Son – mother (!) – and the Son getting a job at the radio, which you know could be me when connecting with the radio self as my old inner self, and this is how it comes to me …. :-).

  • And in Dan’s following message you can see more examples of STUPID and THOUGTLESS comments by “Dum Danes” – or “Dumme Dänen” (!) – both from Tom, Anne Berit and Thomas complaining negatively (because of the choice of words and display of TRUE negativety!) in relation to Dan’s posting, which makes Dan write “if the smell in the bakery does not please the Lord ….” ( … he can leave) and yes this is what he wrote – hmmm maybe inspired (by the one hiding behind these words, which you should know/remember by now?) – and yes “fantastic friends” to have isn’t Dan, and just showing you what I have seen all along my journey, which is about selfish and misunderstandding people, who are destroying life really!

  • Every single I see messages from especially Selvet and people of my old meditation group in Helsingør, it makes me very sad – and potentially negative, which I have to avoid every single time – because of the wrong attitude of “dum” people bringing them, which is “we cannot communicate and understand, but we love to judge people different than us negatively – and of course be positive with everyone “understanding” the world of light as it is, who speak the same language as us”. And the same goes with “friends” going on luxury holidays to Egypt etc. as Kim from Fair did today and really people continue to living their old wrong and “rotten” lives in ignorance as they normally do.

I continued working much of the day without any desire to work but also without any big problems even though the script also felt longer than what I liked to write, and finally by 22.20 I was able to update the publish of my script yesterday

I continued working much of the day without any desire to work but also without any big problems even though the script also felt longer than what I liked to write, and finally by 22.20 I was able to update the publish of my script yesterday – and during this work I was told “how do you believe Obama is reading your scripts” (?) and received the answer “from the white house, because his computer is “hidden” the same way as in the Danish Parliament” and of course it is (!!!), so how are you my friend (?) and yes I thought about hearing your speech yesterday but I was FAR TOO TIRED, which you are too?



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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