January 31, 2012: Remove the old psychiatric system of Hell – bring love ressurection and TRUE communication to HEAL people!


Summary of the script today

30th January: My “loving nephews” also bring me much “killing sufferings” because of ignorance and opposition to me

  • I was sure that I would be able to sleep now after the set up of light etc. but still I was NOT being kept awake with visions/speeh and a “dream while being awake” telling me of the constant tries of darkness to kill my innerself when I was sleeping, which made me decide to stand up, which was one of my worst difficult decisions ever because I HAD decided to sleep being more dead than alive. I was given the option to let others take my sufferings, which I might decide to do if I cannot start sleeping more than every other night, and we will have to see what I can and what I will the next time this comes.
  • We are now continuing work to change the “reproduction facility” of darkness to light, open the door more and bring order of everything of the Old World, which has returned.
  • Dalai Lama writes about “anger makes blind”, which may – or may not – be a secret message to me, and I confirm that this is right, you need to be able to control ALL negative feelings as I do when I write STRONG words of light being even stronger than darkness (!), which is MY WAY to teach people how to improve instead of WRONGLY being weaker than darkness, which is what Buddhists were made into by nothing less than darkness self – do you understand?
  • Through inspired Facebook postings, I was told the story of how much my “loving nephews” also oppose me sending me much darkness, which DIRECTLY brings me my “killing sufferings”, and the reason is as usual because they don’t read and understand me, but listen to their own – and not least my sister’s (until now) – wrong and sceptical voice, and with this they think/speak wrongly about me behind my back and because I write the truth about them, they don’t me to be around (!) – this is about small-mindedness of people not willing to bring me a small sacrifice and to support me suffering much more than them, and WRONG is what it is, but I LOVE THEM all, and it makes me very SAD that they are SAD making me SAD. This is also to say that I have to write about Niklas being offended as a child to help bringing out everyone/everything from our Old World and not because I “like” it.

31st January: Remove the old psychiatric system of Hell – bring love ressurection and TRUE communication to HEAL people!

  • Dreaming of being deep inside of darkness saving life, a warning of losing life of the Old World if I close it down now and enter the energy and smiles of our New World, more and more people know about me, but they are sceptical because of poor habits/systems and if I close down the Old World, life inside of darkness will be transferred to our New World as “no life” and that is energy without its code.
  • My new Facebook friend Steen Kofoed wrote an inspired message about the wrong and degrading way the traditional community treats children (and adults) with different kinds of “mental disorders” with the “wonder cure” being medicine to reduce their feelings and reactions. He blaims the system for “making people sick”, and he asks us to STOP and refuse the chemical handcuffs, they put on children (and adults), and he says that we need to take care of children (and people) instead of separation and that the ultimate separation is to give psychoactive drugs. It brought many comments of committed people, who could tell about the side effects of medicine and also how it destroys the brain trunk and other vital parts of the brain. IS THAT REALLY WHAT YOU WANT? The way to TREAT people is to bring them OFF this psychiatric system of Hell torturing people, and to bring HUMAN resources and RESPONSIBILITY including love resurrection, TRUE communication/understanding, NO NEGATIVITY and POOR BEHAVIOUR destroying people exposed of this (!!!) and help people to receive a meaningfull life including exercise etc. This is the “recipe”, which a “busy” and misunderstanding world “could not” find out (!), and instead you accepted the system of Hell through the medical industry to take over, and they only had one answer, which was to make everyone sick because of “nothing” and that was TO MAKE MONEY of course. Please READ AND UNDERSTAND, and CHANGE YOUR WAYS TO HELP MILLIONS OF PEOPLE OF THE WORLD :-).
  • I decided to tell the comedian Brian Mørk – who is VERY interested in religion and that is to make laugh of it – about my reappearance on his Facebook wall, and I thought that this would bring MANY “wise/funny” comments of DUM people about me, but instead it brought an additional approx. 100 visits to my website with 4 “dum” comments only on Facebook and 1 supporting me, and the rest met me with “deafening silence” here the same way as the world community decided to do, and much of that LACK OF COMMUNICATION around here, but maybe a few, who did not “dare” to write about me because of my “strong” words making them at least doubt me.


30th January: My “loving nephews” also bring me much “killing sufferings” because of ignorance and opposition to me

I was NOT allowed to sleep again – will I decide to accept these sufferings or to ask the world to sacrifice to bring me sleep?

After the publish of my script at 05.30, I decided to watch some TV a couple of hours and around 08.00 I decided to test whether or not I would be allowed to sleep, and “allowed” is in this phase ultimately my own decision because I have asked to be “warned” if no sleep is required, which I can overrule if I am willing to have others pay for the consequences, and now I was almost sure after the set up of light, my previous sleep not being “too bad” when it comes to messages of dreams and the win of the gold medal yesterday that I had to be able to sleep without problems, but I was not because I started receiving visions and speech, which however was not as strong to make me stay awake, but still trying to sleep, and without sleeping, I was given a dream, which at the end made me stand up again, and I don’t know how long this took, but it may have been 45 or 60 minutes in total.

I am on my way up to an apartment on the second floor to meditate together with a group of people, but when I heard that Chalotte Clarissa is also up there, I don’t feel like going (because of how wrongly she has treated me), but still I decide to go, and in the apartment I both see myself engaged in sexual acts with two beautiful women, and also that I am working at a computer in one room, with someone else sleeping in another room, and I know that someone is after me and that he will kill me if I become aggressive towards him, and at one point he attacks me and fills up all of my body with what feels like needles, which is as awful as it gets, but somehow I managed to get out of this, and when I leave, I am met by a Roman guard, who wants to stop me, but I pass him up with my speer, and from my back another guard is running towards me to kill me, but I see him and knock him out, and I also had wild boars trying to hunt me down, which I also had to avoid being butted at, and when I was about to “wake” up or let us say open my eyes, I received the physical voice of Mikkel Hansen – the handball player you know, which I was also given 3 or 4 times yesterday without writing it, and I was told if I was willing for him to die to allow me to sleep (as I did in the “dream” inside the other room, because it was my innerself awake meeting the darkness because of my physical self sleeping), and I was very tired – but still somewhat less than yesterday – and the difference was that today my attitude was completely adjusted to the expectation to sleep, and in this case, it creates the worst difficulties yet to decide to wake, when you sit on the sofa struggling to open your eyes when all of you ONLY want to sleep, but when using maybe 30 minutes, I managed to open my eyes and take one of my most difficult decisions ever, which was to stand up to open the balcony door to get fresh and cold air inside the living room to wake me up, and it there was anything I wanted it was certainly not to wake up, but this was the answer to stay awake, and this is what I did knowing that I would have to suffer the rest of the day fighting what to me is more than extreme tiredness once again – and on top of this, my decision to stand up needed to be absorbed by my body too opposing me, which meant that for the next hour or so, I was met by strong darkness again and again wanting me to destruct someone to allow me to sleep and for me to give in to the old temptations speaking and doing wrong things, but my “automatic defense” save me once again.

Eventually I understood that there was more work to do changing the “reproduction facility” of darkness to light, and I was told that I am digging deeper and deeper into darkness every day, and I thought that this is what my email to my mother “helps” me doing, and the spirit of my father told me “I am going to give you the last greetings before I will travel” – and I was also told that it is also to open the door even more. Just before “sleeping” this morning, I was shown one of those rare physical visions placed directly on my cornea, which was a key moving from the right to the left side of me (the sexuality returning to light), which also included a lady’s shoe, which was brought to the kitchen. I was also shown my self on the 1st floor of a house, where furniture has arrived and is about to be set up, and this house is the house of Old God having received all of the Old World, which “he” is about to set up, so more work to be done here, and I was also told that more work to our communication channels are also to be done.

And this unexpected development made me think for how long am I to do this ”rhythm” sleeping every other night only – for 1, 5 or 10 months (?) – and for how long “can I” (theoretically) and “will I” (in practise) (?) and I was thinking if it will be possible for me to adjust my physical life to this rhytm not sleeping every other night knowing just how tired this has made me, which is so tired that I thought I could maybe do this once or twice after what I have been through, but to continue doing this, can I and will I (?) and the answer is that I don’t know, but normally I decide to do my best, but on the other hand, this may also break me down completely not being able to withstand and absorb darkness as long as if I decide to decrease my sufferings and to let the world take this part from me, and yes “the game” and what is best to do (?), and we will see not the following night where I NEED TO SLEEP but the night following it, and let me already here decide that no matter how strong the darkness may attack me, I will NOT agree to any direct sufferings being brought because of my decisions, which darkness put on me, so in this case, it will be my old rule saying that I am the best protected of all and when needed the light might decide who to give hurtings too by turning the pyramid upside down really.

And just writing these lines are among the most difficult work I have done, and it is now 16.00 after I have done “nothing” all day long, but still awake I am.

I felt the spirit of my father to the right of me and he told me “I don’t want to eat cigarettes all of the day, I would much rather have apples”, which is to say that there is still more darkness inside of “him”.

Dalai Lama: “Anger makes blind”. Stig: I agree – don’t you understand that I am not angry, but stronger than darkness?

Today Dalai Lama brought the message below, and also this “conveniently” matches to my stories – as Søren Pind’s, Lars Løkke’s and Helle Thorning’s also did – and I don’t know if these are truly “secret messages” to me, but if they are I THANK YOU and if they are not, they just “could easily be” and here he writes about “anger makes people blind”, which I agree with him in and that is the same with all other negative feelings, if you cannot control them, and I wonder if this is what he and Buddhism think of me (?), that I cannot control my “anger”, which makes me blind (?), and to this I can only say that just because I write very directly it does not mean that I am angry and have lost my “calm mind”, which I have not, because had I “lost it”, I would have to the negativity of darkness taking me over as a new Hitler. The truth is that I have balanced on a knifes egg all of the time having to say things VERY directly and clearly to make people understand to HELP everyone, and to do it using the good side of “Old God” inside me (overcoming darkness, which really had overtaken me without overtaken my mind) and is this difficult to understand (?), and it takes that you change your normal way of thinking. Just because I speak out loud and determined to change your way of behaviour, it is NOT the same as being angry, and as mentioned I don’t know if this message is to me or not, but at least it gave me the opportunity to explain this to people including Buddhists, who may have been in doubt about me, and that is because they have never themselves touched this part of their brain as I am told here.

Almost everyone “reading” – or skimming (!) – my website/scripts believe that I am negative (“angry”), which I am not, they are not able to see my TRUE self and my love message to ALL people behind my strong words, which is really to tell that you need to wake up to understand the TRUE message of what people say, and is this the same for Buddhists, who are used to only speaking “the kindest and most loving words” (?) meaning that a KIND and STRONG telling-off to people asking them to improve is completely strange for them (?), because they have picked this way to help people out of their dictionary “ages” ago (?) herewith giving the world the opportunity to develop negatively without TRUE opposition from the STRONG light inside of you, and yes my dear friends, this is what I am telling you: Look into the mirror and understand that “darkness disguised as light” – not all of it (!) – deceived you and the whole world making you weaker than darkness. I kindly ask you to CAREFULLY read and understand my scripts, and then one day there will be a chance that even you are “able” to understand my STRONG WORDS OF LIGHT instead of telling people what to do based upon your ANCIENT and OUT-DATED SCRIPTS and so it is, and don’t I love you when telling you directly of your errors (?), and of course I do, I LOVE YOU, otherwise I would never have bothered, do you see?

And I might add that if this was indeed an answer to me, I was HAPPY to see Dalai Lama communicating directly and we know Stig also his untiring travel around the world to help bringing attention to his course – this is what I LIKE TO SEE and yes I love (most of) the attitude of Lama Yönten as example and the BIG and unselfish heart of Buddhists to help people, but we know “too little chocolate” for yourself meaning that this is NOT how to live a “normal life” and yes we have much to talk about, and I feel both Obama and Dalai Lama here, and also understanding that Obama was able to help Dalai Lama understand me, and not easy for you to accept the darkness and wrong doings of Buddhism, my friend – and yes how “tired” have you been yourself (?) and just a hunch of course.

My “loving nephews” also bring me much “killing sufferings” because of ignorance and opposition to me

My funny “friend” Lasse – this is how I feel about everyone I “know” and that is also people I subscribe to as I do with Lasse, and yes SAD to see that he also does not want subscribers to be able to communicate and yes if you want to have one forum with “family/friends” only and then one for everyone else, it is of course your decision, but to me personally I am thinking of one forum only but I may decide to have two foras in the future because of practical reasons for family not having to read what may be many thousands of comments to my postings (?) and I keep feeling Obama here, so this is what he may have done himself and also that it must be possible to have one fora deciding if all or only some are to receive a message (which may be what Facebook already have done?) – and coming back to Lasse, he was INSPIRED when writing the “funny” message below that “the tuba is a fart cushion of brass”, and his friend Lars was also “funny” when writing “is Nephew out with a new single” (?) and “Nephew” is here both a very talented/popular Danish band at the same time as this is very direct inspiration to tell you that my own nephew is out with his axe once again – these are the words put in my mind – and yes “speaking/thinking wrongly about me behind his back”, which is what brings me a “fart cushion”, which everyone should know by now is a symbol of “sexual sufferings” (darkness trying to bring my “old nightmare” including destruction to me) and yes I have been given the spiritual taste of sweet these days, and I now even better understand the songs of the Sweet coming to me through different channels these days, and what “sweet” is about is the symbol of Niklas being abused as a boy (read my script of the 9th January), which I am not allowed to write for my family (?) and yes isn’t it amazing that writing this brings so STRONG dislikes with darkness to me?

Please also notice Lasse’s inspired comment about “who wants to have a sausage wagon, where the customers only comes to drink Cocio (chocolate milk)” (?), and “sausage” is also a symbol of my “old nightmare” and “chocolate” is really about thinking of yourself, which is fine as long as you keep the balance always thinking of others and NOT only of yourself.

Lasse did not “like” that Lars’ posting above received even more likes than his (210 to 158!), which made him think (!) that “then I will just write a new, ha”, which he then did, and below he wrote “if you like or do not like badminton is a little about a smash-case”, and “smash” (in badminton) is the same as “smash” when smahing up people (!), and Lars “thought” (!) that it would be “funny” to repeat the same message as before so again, again he asked “Is Nephew out with a new single” (?), and then there were two, and yes also you Tobias deciding to oppose me, so these two inspired postings are about my “loving” two nephews also sending me darkness in the form of my “old nightmare” and to SMASH me up, which you may understand that I have been for quite a while, and “more than ever before” and more than you will ever be able to imagine (!) and that is thanks to my own family thinking of their own misunderstood, hurt feelings instead of understanding the big picture, accepting to bring a small sacrifice (my stories on them) and to support me suffering much more than themselves – do you see the picture by now (?), which is also about my inner self, “Old God” now starting to wake up so much that he is beginning to sence “good times” coming and here it is also to say that “I thought he was “chic””, which is about the wrong temptations given to offender of Niklas ….

Notice also Heino speaks of TABLE TENNIS, which is really the symbol of my fight against darkness I have received even more than badminton, therefore, and Lasse said that “I am SO FURIOUS RIGHT NOW”, and when writing this, this is the feeling I get of my sister, and yes also related to the message today of Dalai Lama not understanding me too (?) and “anger makes blind”, and do you see, Sanna, that your UNCONTROLLABLE FEELINGS are not of good when they deceive you, which they did already in 2008 leading me to mental hospital (?), I LOVE all of you including Niklas and Tobias, and I have told you AGAIN AND AGAIN to READ and UNDERSTAND me instead of listening to your own (or your mother’s) sceptical, and wrong voice not wanting me to write the truth about Niklas, which I am here told that I HAVE TO DO TO MAKE IT FOR EVERYONE/EVERYTHING OF OUR OLD WORLD – this is why I do it (!) – and my dear family, I say it again: PLEASE UNDERSTAND AND SUPPORT ME IN STEAD OF BEING SELFISH AND SMALL-MINDED, which is basically what this is about, and I do admit that this is “on a high level”, but nevertheless, you ARE able to control your feelings and bring me your sacrifice writing about you if only you WANT to – and I am here given a spiritual taste of a “fantastic deliscious dinner”, which is both about how you indulge for luxury yourselves while my LTO friends and I suffer because of you (!) and “food” is also a symbol to say that this “game” is saving MANY LIVES, do you understand?

Notice also Lasse’s reference to Eddie Skoller, which is to ask you “what did you learn in school today” (?), and this is the school of life, which both my family and I go through in order to LEARN HOW TO BEHAVE to reach the light on the other side saving us all, do you understand (?) and yes this is to bring all of us into the new SUPER HUMAN LEAGUE of our New World or “superliga” in Danish, and that is instead of deciding that “007 is also going to die”, and you might understand that this SUPER BAND OF DENMARK (!) is called NEPHEW because of my nephews (?), and again and again they also unknowingly tried to kill me because of their ignorance, lack of faith and wrong behaviour in relation to me (you do understand how darkness worked bringing me “my sufferings”, don’t you?) and again I am told directly “influenced by your sister” and you do remember that James Bond as 007 is a symbol of me to remove darkness of the world (?), and yes I had a licence to kill, which was to “terminate” but I decided not to use it but to save everyone going through this “game”, which ALSO included my “loving but misunderstanding nephews” opposing me.

And when speaking of Sweet, the Electric Light Orchestra Facebook page was very inspired too when they wanted people to GUESS the song of the lyrics below, which were partly blurred out, and yes when you “cannot” read all information of my website/scripts, you can only guess about me and when you have guessed wrong and opposed me, you have brought me darkness, and you do know that darkness is what is killing people and the opposite of “love is like oxygen”, which was the name of the song by the Sweet, and yes they sing “there’s a rumour goin’ round the town, that you don’t want me around”, and isn’t it fantastic that this is what you don’t want me to be (?) and not because of me but because of your own small-mindedness, and yes I tell you directly but with all of my love, do you see (?) and that goes to Dalai Lama too (?), and to my family, Dalai Lama and the world I can only bring you this FANTASTIC song “Fox on the run” to say that this is what darkness is, and it will NEVER come back :-).

This evening I was told that “my new angel sheeps are also on their way in”, which I understood was the return of all angels to our Old World after being terminated as “sheeps”.

I felt much darkness and was told about the “bathroom” (sexual sufferings leading to destruction) that “we would like to avoid going in there because it hurts so much”, and I was also told that the darkness is now so strong that if there was more of it remaining, it would have overtaken me as Hitler, and just saying that my family/friends etc. – including the world (!) – oppose me even more now than in my worst moments during 2010.

I was shown Ali or let us say Cassius again and told that without him and “others before me” taking on sufferings of darkness, I would never have come to here, and I was given the feeling and saying I have always given to myself when doing “impossible running”, which is “the longer, the better” and all in the chase to absorb darkness, and to make me go as long as possible also here at the end taking on sufferings and “the more, the better”, but this may be my last day not sleeping and that is if I am to keep up my working capacity, which is one of my head rules.

I was also told about the “top meeting” of the European Union this evening that you were also speaking about handball and me (?) – and not only economy – and I received a feeling and a special message in this relation, which I did not write down and have now forgotten, and I wonder how it feels like knowing that your WRONG actions will be discovered by the world (?) and yes here it was, the feeling was exactly this: “Sooner or later we will be discovered by the world”, and how does it make you feel, my ladies and gentlemen (?) and just wondering that NONE of you were STRONG enough to be a “rebel, rebel” to do what is RIGHT to do to announce my arrival or at least to communicate with me directly so I could announce your direct support of me, and “PRIDE IN THE NAME OF LOVE” you say (?) and is that what “one man, who comes in the name of love” will “make us all feel liberated from inside of here”, and yes “lead us to the promised land” these are the words coming to me and “inside of here” is DARKNESS my ladies and gentlemen, and yes U2 again, again including “a BIG dream” and isn’t this music the absolutely best, which is (?) and yes FULL OF LOVE is the meaning of it :-).

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Yesterday I decided to ask the famous in Denmark Clairvoyant Steen Kofoed to become Facebook friends, and also yesterday I received this receipt of “his” confirmation of me as friends, and the reason why I write this is because today Steen wrote the update below saying that he has surpassed the limit of 5,000 friends and that 567 are waiting to become friends (!), and this was the reason why I replied that I had become his friend the same day and I wonder if he will believe in this (?) and also if this will be strong enough to “help” him believe in me and who I am. I also became friends with Maya Fridan, another famous Danish clairvoyant (because of TV, which is also the case with Steen) and didn’t I write about her in book no. 1 (?), and later in the day I received approx. 15 VERY loud hiccups and I was told that Steen and May are prepared for the next phase of darkness to go even deeper in.

  • I have not heard from my mother, so has she and the family decided to ignore me also because they don’t like to be exhibited in my scripts (?), and my dear family, as I have now told you for two years in public, as long as you simply do what is right, you will receive no “troubles” with me, because then you will only make me happy, which I will then write, but when you cannot do what is right and cannot communicate, I can only continue writing this about you, so you will choose yourself, and when you cannot even answer my email, you are “chickens” (!), and chickens are of course both people without courage and also people as the result of creation, do you see?
    • But I received new feelings of irresolution for example when I could not decide whether to have new made coffee wait a couple of minutes in the kitchen (to gain strength) or next to my computer, and I had to actively cross this insecurity after “one second” and then I knew that my mother was thinking of what do to in relation to me once again, and yes will my family/John be proud of themselves or the opposite when they will discover just how WRONGLY they acted in relation to me through my mother and yes which is “impossible” otherwise to see, and this is ALSO what you will teach the world on basis of your own wrong doings.
    • After the above was written I was suddenly given an incredible strong and sudden pain to the right side of my body, and I was told that this was my mother reading my email, and yes EXTREME SADNESS is what it brings to both her and me, and thus helping us even more to bring out all of the goods things of darkness.
    • I was told that my mother and family at the moment now are depressed (do you remember this song and our smiles, Britt, from the 1990’s when our friendship was its best?) more than anything, and when people are depressed, they decide to do nothing (!), and that is with me as exception, because I still have to keep on working as my destiny instead of feeling sad and depressed, which are truly WRONG feelings to enter, when you can avoid it, you know.
  • Today I also received the incredible beautiful song “Said I loved you, but I lied” from Michael Bolton and I am now told that this is the truth of the voice of darkness disguised as light speaking through Niclas, and yes what do YOU believe, and that is the question really and yes a matter of life and death really, and darkness used the most disgusting road leading to death, which was “darkness disguised as light” do you see Niclas, Jimmy etc. (?), and I am also told that this is what I was myself the victim of when I was told the other day that the voice of darkness telling “I love you through Niclas” was wrong – and I bring the song here not because of this but to cut through saying that I LOVE THIS SONG and video too and bring it to say that light was STRONGER than darkness – and yes Niclas, I know how it is when you receive the voice and direct and very strong “push” inside of you given to you spiritually to say what you are told, but this doesn’t make it more right.


31st January: Remove the old psychiatric system of Hell – bring love ressurection and TRUE communication to HEAL people!

Dreaming that if I close down the Old World now, life inside of darkness will be transferred to our New World as “no life”

I slept from 20.30 to 08.30 this morning and am not tired today, and I had a couple of dreams too:

  • I am crossing railway tracks together with a racing cyclist, we are inside a small wood, I wear robber shoes and walk in mud, I feel life inside of here, I am afraid because I cannot breath and am not sure that I have energy enough to get out of the forest, but I don’t give up. And something about a beautiful lady wanting to make love to me.
    • This is deep inside of the forest and that is deep inside of darkness of our Old World saving life from inside of here, and the lady is the spirit of my mother forced by darkness and I was told that it is because of my mother – her reactions to my email – that we in the first place are here.
  • Something about preparing myself to enter a money tank, being rubbed with cream, I am to do a test the “money tank” and key figures, and a lady who is pressuring her own manager otherwise we will not learn. At work the management has used two days of all employees time for “internal twaddle”, which has meant as a consequence that I have not been able to do my own work. At an employee meeting, where Nikolaj and Margit (from Fair) also participate, I tell that the company is modern and open, but they are not in control of things (procedures of work tasks), which is why employees leave the company.
    • The money tank is ALL OF OUR ENERGY, which I am preparing to enter, and the meeting at work is at Fair – the Old World – and I am flattering the management wrongly when I say that it is an open and modern company, which it is really not and I do it because I don’t want Margit and Nikolaj to think negatively of me, and the meaning of employees leaving the company not being in control is really a warning to me saying that all life of our Old World has not yet been resurrected from out of deep darkness inside of me, and the question is truly if my decision to stop NOT sleeping will have this outcome, or if there is another way to play the game, Freddie & Co.
    • I have a note here saying “living in my life, I got it for you”, which has to be words I received awake at this time of night, but I don’t remember them.
  • “The coin union” in the form of Monty Python as “half old” – the same age as I today (!) – are funny when soaping me in, when I am taking a shower wearing my underpants. I have bought four LP’s, which I am listening to together with Fuggi, who is bending one of the records so much that it is breaking, but I look at him and see that he only goes right to the edge not wanting to destroy the record. At school next to my car, Martin from the Theosophical Fellowship has told me about a New World Order, which I understood and accepted, which is now what I tell to people at Nørregade in Copenhagen, but when I tell that people are not to focus on money, one after the other shakes their head in disbelief.
    • Here are truly symbols, which “want something” as we say in Danish – also in English (?) – and let us take them one after the other, the “coin union” is to unite our energy, which may be of two worlds, and this energy is disguised as Monthy Python, which is about the BIGGEST smiles – and here I see John Cleese as an Arabic sheik (which to me is soaking out energy of Earth) with the feeling “you too, John”, and we know of darkness but the most amazing humour you can find in any man, and yes if there is one man only I should name as “the King of comedy” it will have to be you, my friend, but your old friends not least the outstanding Graham Chapman are not far behind 🙂 – and continuing with soap, which is about cleaning me, and I wear underpants, which is wrong to do here (inspired from the rule of our local swimming hall) and that is because they may include “some of a symbol meaning darkness, and “content” of the Old World”, which we need to bring with us, the LP is the Old World – therefore not a CD – which my friend Fuggi is “helping” to bring to the edge because he does not have “time” to “read” me anymore, it is now 19 days since his last visit, so are you losing “patience”, my dear old friend (?) – and can you still remember the detail why we don’t see each other, or have you forgotten what it was about losing your most precious friend because of “nothing” (?). Martin is here a symbol of God as my inner self, Nørregade is to say that “more and more people” know about me, but they “cannot” understand me because they are brainwashed to believe the opposite of what I say because of old and poor habits and systems of the world.
  • I did not write a note in the night, but when writing the script here I do remember another dream – the memory given to me here after it was removed in the night, which is a new experience – and it was about closing down Fair Insurance with customers calling in being referred to a new company taking care of the insurance obligations of the old insurance company because they have received the reserves of Fair Insurance.
    • The dream says that we are now closing down the Old World – because of my decision not to stop sleeping anymore – and that old customers, which here is about what is remaining deep inside of darkness of the Old World will be transferred to the New World and I understand this as “without code”, which is the explanation we are returning to – so maybe the explanation about the risk of the Universe breaking in two was not the truth or only the truth until we connected the Old and New World (?) – and to this I can only say that I will NEVER accept this scenario, and I am looking for a solution where my sufferings will reduce, and where we will still get every little thing with me, so we will NOT stop the Old World yet, my ladies and genlemen.

This morning I was again thinking of whether or not to continue every other night without sleep, and came to the conclusion that I am not able to continue living and working with this kind of rhythm, it takes out too much of me – and I might take one night here and there but every other night is simply too much for me, and it makes me almost incapable of working every other day because of tiredness far above my limit, which is breaking my rule that I have to be able to work, so therefore my decision stands firm, that I want to sleep again and to use my old rule for the light to decide how to divide the sufferings I cannot take to the world and that is in order to bring out every little thing from darkness of the Old World before we “close it down” and that is before opening the New World really, and I have had to go against the STRONG voice wanting me to accept all remaining darkness to be transferred now, which I have declined and I was shown a coffin of darkness coming against me and I said “no, I will never accept to receive life without life” (its code), so this is really how I have decided to continue the game, and yes I am NOT going to specifically decide what kind of sufferings is to be given to the world including whom to kill (!) and I just know that if I was to do this, it would somehow mean that darkness would overtake me, this is what I learned in school, so this is the balance I decide for, and yes I need to continue doing my best work without coming behind.

I received the song “sooner or later” by Supertramp – in my ears it is a big hit (!) – and the words “Sooner or later it’s gonna get better”, which was a reference to myself going to get better when reducing my sufferings, and I am not totally sure that I can do this, but I have also asked the light to tell me so clearly and directly that I cannot misunderstand it if old life will go under because of my decision to stop my non-sleeping to be replaced by sufferings/energy of others, and if you do not continue to stop my sleep, I will know that I can keep on working with this new strategy of mine and that is to be able to do my work, but it does not mean that I have rejected taking on sufferings, but only to remove the worst, because I am “more than tired” to work and suffer harder than what I can take, and yes I am “broken down” today, and only work with difficulties even though I am not tired today.

And Dan was inspired to bring this posting, where the inspiration was included in Karina’s words about having to “get all in to the deep words”, which is about getting all in to deep darkness to get every little thing out, and yes is it necessary I do this personally (?) and if I understand this game, it should be fine for the world to take on sufferings as a part of “me” too, just like I decided in Lyngby when I could not take more “no sleep”, or “little”, after a week or so if I remember correctly.

One hour after my decision I felt part of the spirit of my mother coming to me from the darkness to my right and I was told that this is because of my decision of the world to take on sufferings meaning that sufferings have already been given to the world.

I received a new spiritual taste of SWEET followed by a sudden strong pain to my right angle, which is about the hurtings of Niklas sending me darkness bringing destruction as the result.

I had send an email to David that I would transfer money before 17.00 his time today, but I kept on working on my script of yesterday and later the script of today until it was 15.50, and then I understood that I had made a mistake not realising that 15.50 my time was 16.50 Kenya time – my mind “stood still” today because of the exhaustion I have gone throuhg and this was given to me to make you understand because everything including work today has been “slow” here because of my mind reducing pace – and I sent a new email apologising and saying that I would make it within one hour, and at 16.20 I had cycled to town, withdrawn money from the bank, sent DKK 2,800 gross via the Western Union agent at Axeltorv and went to the library to send David an email with the payment instructions, and afterwards I decided to “reward” my self with a cappuccino at Vivaldi café and then to do some shopping in the two large supermarkets in town to get cheap buys, and I have three others out of town on my list to visit, to buy more cheap offers. Later David was kind as usual to send his thank yous.

I was home at 19.00, and I was still not tired, but tired of working and exhausted when it comes to mind capacity, and I was happy again to see the BRIGHT light of the light of my mother on the sky as one of the few lights, and I wondered if my mother and John have been looking after it, or if they have decided to “jump over this” the same way as they did not “care” about writing down dreams, which easily could have told them about themselves as well as me, but this is how it is when things can be “too difficult” to do, you see? And when coming home outside of my high building I was happy to see a new happy

I decided not to do any exercise today because I needed to have time both doing my work finalising the script today, which seemed “far away”, and also to do the shopping.

For a couple of days I have received words of venereal diseases including “no more Chlamydia” as I was told today, which is the true and logical consequence of the ending of darkness, and also just telling you that AIDS/HIV was identified when I became sexually mature, which was my “gift” as darkness to the world, but of course only because of the darkness man sent to me because of your sins/wrongdoings.

Remove the old psychiatric system of Hell – bring love ressurection and TRUE communication to HEAL people!

I was happy to see that my new Facebook friend Steen Kofoed decided to follow the inspiration sent to him to explain the simple truth about about the WRONG and DEGRADING way the traditional community treats childen (and adults), who they believe have a “disease” when complaining about sadness, stress, being afraid etc., which they instantly believe need to receive medicine to reduce their feelings and reactions to what “something” – other people (!) – expose them too, and he blaims the system for “making people sick”, and he asks us to STOP and to refuse the chemical handcuffs, they put on children (and also adults), and he says that we need to take care of children (and people) instead of separation (do you see you did wrong, Sanna, when separating from me?) and that the ultimate separation is to give psychoactive drugs.

I was VERY happy indeed for Steen to tell this truth, also so I could bring it in my scripts to give a “simple” explanation to the world asking you to TAKE CARE OF PEOPLE – speak, listen, undrestand, laugh, be together, help to bring exercise and a meaningfull life to people, who find themselves being “stuck” – instead of destroying their lives being “cold” towards people and stuff them with medicine believing that this is a miracle cure, which it is NOT.

I decided to bring my own story here for Clairvoyants in Denmark to read and understand – including Jimmy, Niclas and others knowing about me – to “help” them understand me even better, and also to see if Steen himself will be “able” to understand me as a believer in God, but maybe not me Steen coming in a way, you could not dream about (?) and yes have you received dreams about Jesus coming to you, and yes here I am, and isn’t this nice to know, Steen (?) – and let me add by saying that both Facebook worked incredible slowly when I read his thread several times, and when publishing my script, the feauture to upload pictures worked perfectly until coming to this chapter, where it was “kept back” for a long time with nothing happening, before it suddenly was released actively for me to see so I could continue, and yes Steen, I am the one, who spiritual circles speak about, and almost coming to you as a “nightmare” (?), and we know DISBELIEF can be strong, can’t it?

Here is first Steens posting followed by good comments by others explaining more about what the world needs to do to “treat” people with “psychiatric diseases” and how bad medicine really is.

Here are some comments about parents wrongly being happy for medicine – not knowing how they harm their children – and that parents need to take RESPONSIBILITY in relation to their children.

Lilly says below that it is about making children “loved and wanted”, which HELPS, and that it “requires good argumentation” to convince the traditional system that relations are more important than medicine!.

And please notice Brian’s wise explanation about chemical testings of the pharmaceutical industry on humans and it’s products eating the brain trunk before it starts on other vital parts of the brain. Is that what you want? (Is it what you want?)
Is it what you really want? (Is it what you really want?)

Nina tells below about her sadness of parents being delighted of medical “treatment”, and talks about the meaning of LOVE, DEMANDS (for people to be responsible I might add) and CONSEQUENCE, and Brian is really speaking the truth wisely, clearly and straight out as I have never seen before (at least on this subject) and yes it is indeed about money of the world today, which is of the pharmaceutical industry (!), and Bettina tells about traditional doctors having an agenda of “psychiatry and medicine” – I know this agenda of traditional and ignorant doctors very well (!) – and that this is about “raise” and that it takes strong people to go up against the official attitude, and yes I have seen that too, which is a whole system being WRONG when it kills/destroys people believing they are helping!

I truly loved the postings of Brian and below he refers to the documentary I bring below his posting about “deathly profit” of the medical industry, and he talks about all behaviour, which may become a part of the diagnosis system because there is a medicine for everything (!), which is what I experienced myself with doctors “looking for clues” of sicknesses instead of the opposite (they believe I speak too much and think in terms of medicine to help this “disorder” without knowing that this is only part of me and that I at other times “suffer” from listening and understanding too much, which they don’t know!) – this is their “raise” and what they make money on (!) – and he was inspired when recommending everyone to SMILE to people you meet because it is the shortest distance between people, and yes this is what Victor Borge told you and what I have quoted in my scripts too and just recently in fact :-).

Zaenia speaks below about what she did 40 years ago, which was to help “poor” to become “as normal as possible” through physical exercise, nearness etc., and it worked making many free of medicine to return to the community, and she says that it requires RESSOURCES, which is what we do not have “time” to do in our “busy” and “misunderstanding” community!

And here follows my description of my experience with the system trying to destruct me when wrongly hospitalising and medicating me in 2008 against my wish solely because of their wrong “raise” and eagerness to “help” without knowing that they were destroying me! You can read the full story here.

Here were preliminary responds to my posting and again I was more than happy to read the response of Brian to send the people mistreating me light and love – he is a special man indeed, which you don’t see everyday and this is truly one of the most remarkable experiences of my life (!!!) :-).

In the following group of messages, Jesper is an example of a man working everyday with “mentally retarded” children and young people and he says that “these people would crawl up and down of walls and posts if they were not medicated”, which he underlined when saying that this is what they experienced when removing medicine (!) and yes he really gives the answer himself in inspired and symbolic language when continuing that “it does not help swinging a dead cat over the head at full moon” (!) and a “dead cat”, Jesper, is a dead man, because “cat” is my symbol of light (or “good life”), and the murderers are the people of the industry, which you are part of yourself – and you did not know what to do instead of giving medicine (?), and you did not have any experience or patience to do otherwise (?) and do you believe YOU and family/relatives of “patients”, which you have influenced wrongly/negatively, were the PROBLEM (?) and not the “patients”, who only needed TRUE HUMAN CONTACT/WARMTH to eliminate their “disorder”, which also includes the removal of darkness sent to them through other people not treating and thinking of them the right way (!); this is what brought me darkness, and this is simply what brings most people “mental disorders” (!)with the difference being that I received the worst darkness ever in the world but that is another story you know.

You can find the video recommended by Brian above here, which “reveal the devastation and death caused daily by psychiatric pseudoscience”.

Above, Brian refers to Helle’s message, which I bring below, where she complains about the savings of the public sector, which will make a growth in medicine for children because it will be used as “an offer of care” – “one big urrgh” (!), which is because of “no resources” of the public sector and then we are back to parents etc. who need to take RESPONSIBILITY behaving well and bringing love resurrection to heal people. You don’t need a COLD system to harm people, but loving and understanding people to HEAL people (?) and here I received a feeling of my mother to tell you that Sanna was the reason why my mother did not believe in me, and that my mother – as the Holy Spirit of the world (!!!) – was the one sending me DEATHLY OVERDOSES OF DARKNESS and not ONCE but ALL OF THE TIME, and this is what I managed to survive without darkness taking me over making me “insane” with a DEATHLY wish to DESTROY THE WORLD, which I would continue to do until my family and the world would realise their mistake, IF you were able to communicate, understand and act, but they would probably not be able to AGREE herewith making the world go under because of misunderstandings just as the world “could not” agree to save the economy and climate as examples , do you see?

And Helle continued saying that it is difficult to act in an environment with lack of means and knowledge, and Brian answers her with “common sense” instead of what text books (wrongly) say – I like that (!) – and encourage people to show HUMAN considerations instead of considerations to money, which also includes to do in life what you feel motivated to do in life instead of what “makes much money” – it is as if Brian has read my scripts and understood what life truly is about 🙂 – and again he just may have been inspired when writhing the chapter starting “with the hand on the heart”, which you know is my old symbol of God, which I do myself, and it really says that God spoke through Brian here 🙂 and he continued speaking of “how challenging it has been to come to this point” – this is about me (!) – and that “I CHOSE to do it anyway” … “because there is a BIG gift hidden” bringing an “AHA experience”, and this gift was simply the gift of saving our Old World when reaching this point, do you see (?), and here I feel and see “almost no hell in front of me to the right”, which is almost like “seeing through” nothing, which is not there!

So after having brought LIFELINES to our Old World and with the wish to help all people out of the torture of Hell through the “psychiatric system” of today, I cannot think of a better song to bring than the following immensely beautiful song also bringing you an additional AHA EXPERIENCE :-).

Finally I would like to say that I became so happy of Brian’s postings that I sent him a request to become Facebook friends, which he accepted, and I followed up by thanking him for his OUTSTANDING reflections recommending his friends to read, and I was happy to see that he became happy for my comment and yes THIS IS HOW I TRULY LIKE TO BE; to see when people do what is RIGHT, to show compassion and energy, and I REALLY KNOW NOTHING BETTER THAN THIS, and then my true self is to say THANK YOU, and I also write this for my sister to understand (including this whole chapter, Sanna), because if there is truly one thing I dislike more than anything else, it is to write about people misbehaving also because I know that it makes them unhappy, but Sanna, you have been brought as a key person in and witness to my scripts because without you and without your feelings of defeat, the world would not have survived (!), and I might add that I would have done the same as I did here with Brian with all of my family and everyone else, if you simply had BEHAVED well and done right instead of wrong things, and I received the message here about Brian “he does not believe you are mad yet, but it will come” and that is when he will read my Facebook updates.

So instead of hiding and separating us, Sanna, it would have been MUCH better for you to do what the Facebook postings above recommend, which you also could have decided to do after I gave you the book of Alice Bailey in 2008 and my continues recommendations to COMMUNICATE, but instead you decided to pursue your career continuing to use “wrong text books”, and do you have any idea of the immense torture, the psychiatric system brings people (?) and I am here wondering why you decided not to turn around to follow me already in 2008 (?), when I gave you my book no. 1 including Alice’s book (?), but better late than never, and also better for you to abandon your old “professional knowledge” and to TRULY start helping people, and this will include to leave your present job at Servicestyrelsen “not long from now) because it is a place I disapprove of, and to follow me instead, because we will soon face the world, and this is what your TRUE job will be – to help me helping the world, which also includes to be known by everyone (!), and this might be “difficult” for you to believe in today and I might say even more difficult to ACCEPT, which is your main problem and that is to surpass your strong feelings going against this and keeping your “good life” as it is, but when I put my hand to my heart, I can ask you “how good is your life really”, Sanna (?) and is it as if you have never been able to become as happy as you thought you would (?) and that is because you chased the wrong “happiness factors” in the “Rat race” (“rat” is an old symbol of darkness) as everyone else (of the rich world) also did making you “empty” and “unhappy” instead – and yes Sanna, I am indeed the REAL THING – “he” is no one else than your brother, and you will be “surprised” to see that you are part of “me” too :-).

Ending the day with these stories:

  • Lykke was kind to bring inspired speech of David Cameron to me, which is “the door will be open and we will be able to welcome many more …” and yes lives of our Old World and that is because we succeeded to open the door to the Old World, do you see (?), and yes I have thought about subscribing to you David on Facebook but I don’t like Facebook profiles run by others than people self, and then I thought about – and looked forward to – subscribing to the very funny man Michael McIntyre and I was disappointed once again for seeing that he does not write on his own Facebook wall (!), and what this is saying is “no communication” of David too, but still HAPPY SMILES, and yes David, I understand that you have a story to tell about going up against the European Union (?), and I don’t know what it is, all I know is that I am being told that there is indeed a very special story, and yes looking forward to seeing you too, and that is if MI5 or 6 or whatever they call me have no intentions to shoot me if and when I will put my foot on English soil again?

  • For a long time I have kept on receiving the word MEGA – also through inspired speech on TV/Radio – and I know that this is related to the new law of ACTA coming “soon to a theatre near you”, and yes that is another story of our New World, which will include no diseases of darkness like ACTA, and yes I saw this story coming for a long time – also some days ago when Søren Pind was inspired to write about it on Facebook, and he is for it (!) – and I have had no energy to read and understand what this is about in detail other that it as an example means to delete everything on the filesharing service of MEGAupload as you can see below (with Brian being inspired when speaking of “sour bottom”, which you by now understand is a symbol of the destructive power of darkness, don’t you?), this is why I have been given the word MEGA, and the only comment I have to the world today is to STOP THIS LAW (!), and BRING FREEDOM WITHOUT COPYRIGHTS TO THE WORLD and yes DID YOU READ MY NEW WORLD ORDER to help the world DEVELOP when giving up copyrights only limiting people (?) – and of course it is vital to maintain life itself to show a RESPONSIBLE behaviour, which includes to delete everything, which has to do with porn and violence etc., which I am sure you have also read from my website on behaviour and work, which I am sure that individuals, file sharing services, tele providers and governments will help to do 100% perfectly?

  • Rikke was inspired to speek about her dribble from the right side of her mouth after having visited “the evil dentist”, and yes I did not tell you but for some weeks ago maybe over 1-2 weeks I was given a slight dribble myself from the right side of my mouth (!), and I understand that darkness of Rikke was part of the reason why – because of Michael’s inspiration to speak about icecream, which is about sufferings and Rikke saying that she is freezing like a little dog, and we know she is another person of darkness suffering beause of me, “funny” isn’t it that she could not either COMMUNICATE and eeehhhh how many could not communicate (?) and yes let us count 1-2-3 and no it is easier to say “all of my family/friends etc. here” and that is without exception (!) – so this story is also now brought here with the help of Rikke.

  • For some time I have noticed how “the funny man”, Brian Mørk, has been inspired to write about “religion”, and here are some of his postings, where you might notice his comment in the first when saying “Shhhesus”, which is a sign to silence Jesus, Brian (?), and the next is about the Danish church designing a new logo, and you are very right Brian when saying “that cross is really too OLD FASHIONED or (?)” – a new LOVE SYMBOL is coming your way – and the third is about a TV show of his and the fourth includes the message of 7 Danish ministers not being member of the church, and does this mean that all of you do not believe in me (?) and yes I don’t believe in the mix of the state and the church in the future also because there will be NO state other than a world government (!), and yes also an example include in this of “ugly language”, which is really the reason why I have decided NOT to subscribe to Simon Jul even though I would have liked to.

  • And in this message he said that he was sitting up all night discussing with Christian Americans if the Earth is more than 6,000 years old and is the Bible is correct as a proof, and yes the “funny” part was his comment “I don’t win” and that is because it is IMPOSSIBLE to get into the mind of these excentric Americans having facricated their own truth reading the the Bible word by word even though much of it is symbolic and even direct forgeries.

  • Today he started by giving this INSPIRED but rude message encouraging people to READ the Bible instead of SKIMMING it for sexual content, because “you can learn so endless much about things, which have never happened, if only you are open” herewith focusing on what is wrong information in the Bible, which you know is what the excentrics believe is right, and I was very tempted to write a reply to this, which I was really about to do, but I decided that it would be wasteless to do because it would be “impossible” for him and his friends to understand, and the reply I did not send included the message that I was sad for his ignorant but still better-knowing attitude and that he really should appologise to people of faith, and also an encouragement to read me instead to understand the truth.

  • But Brian is indeed a VERY inspired man – and that is when we would like to prolong “the game” to bring in more content of darkness (I here received a vision/feeling of the store HiFi Forum in Copenhagen to say that we are bringing in the LARGE speakers of the best quality here to help us and this is about my messages to these “dum” people (!) – and shortly after my thought asking for his appology, he became inspired this evening to think about uncharming and aggressively preaching atheists, which he always end up being himself, which he apologises to people of faith for, and when he did this, I knew that there was no way out (for what remains inside of darkness) other than doing this work writing about myself, which I did in my following comment asking him to READ me, and that is NOT to skim only my writings in order for him to understand that I speak the truth without being an excentric, which may be what triggered him off in the first place when it comes to faith, and I knew that this could easily course a lot of people to be “wise/funny on my and others behalf”, but I don’t care about that other than being SAD when it happens.

  • Shortly thereafter I received the first comments coming in, which I am not going to speak about here other than Brian saying that if the world will become a paradise for all in 2012, he will excuse what he has said and acknowledge our Lord, and to this I tell him that the revelation comes in 2012, and again I give them the choice to READ and UNDERSTAND or alternatively to be “wise/funny on my and others behalf”. Approx. half an hour after this I received a feeling of the spirit of my mother above me in 12 o’clock position, which can only mean that we are about to release the absolutely final content from the darkness of the Old World inside of me.

  • It is now 02.00 coming to this point of my script – I had much of the script to write, which I have been working on all evening since 19.00 and will continue doing until I am done and it is uploaded, and we will see for how long I will decide to stay awake “today” – and I don’t know what Brian and his friends have written about me since approx. 20.00 “yesterday” evening (but I have seen an increase of approx. 100 visits to my website over 5-6 hours), so this is what now will become my “revelation” – did they decide to start reading and understanding me before judging me negatively (?), and we will see, I’ll be back in a few minutes after my DISCOVERY – and here is the verdict of these “people of humour” (will Brian decide to spread the news about me to Lasse and the entire Danish Stand-up comedians (?), and will they decide to make FUN of me not believing in me, or will they be the ones, who will be “able” to believe?):
  • Most people did not DARE to comment (!) and I was met mostly with DEAFENING SILENCE again – seems to be quite common around the world …. – which may mean “doubts” of people in me not “daring” to smear me, and I only received a few ignorant and dum comments (especially compared to the number of visits to my website with at least a couple deciding to “read” many of webpages using a few minutes on each, and maybe it was you, Brian, deciding to stay up the night to READ and UNDERSTAND (?)), and I will bring these comments anyway now that it was not 100 or more in a smear campaign against me, and yes 100 is also about our goal to receive 100% of every little thing, and I will NEVER change that. And Tiim below doesn’t believe that life in church will be easier with a resurrected Jesus – and what does the Church Minister Manu Sareen say about me (?) and I am wondering if the Danish church have told you about me or maybe it was “too difficult” for them to “discover” me after telling them directly, so maybe Many one of your first big surprises as Minister was to be told about me (?) and aaaahhheeem, what will you say when meeting me (?) and let me say that you don’t have to be nervous because I am simply Stig as I have always been and it is rarely that people are nervouse about me, it is only people opposing and not believing in me, and you don’t belong to these people anymore, do you? And Tomas was hoping that I will feel better (!) – thank you but we don’t have any Swiss cuckoo birds here and yes almost that is because time is about to be set out of force (which you reacted on, Brian?) – and Søren believed that I belonged to a s…list, where EVERYTHING is s…, and yes Søren inspiration to tell you about your own darkness, which again is a symbol of “destruction of darkness”, and Michael asked Brian where all of “the freaks” come from and ARE YOU TALKING TO ME, Michael (?) and I received this VERY FAMOUS movie quote of Robert de Niro the other day, which here made me smile because this was part of the plan for me to go through and that is to bring forward the taxi driver, which is the movie in question, and you do remember that the taxi is bringing forward my new self, which you know is the resurrected Jesus standing ready to open his/my eyes inside of me at any minute and all I have to say is that I am ready, but oh no, not yet, not as long as there is still darkness to absorb. And what do we have more (?) and yes that is right, only one TRULY DUM comment, which is from Kevin (congratulations, you won the prize (!) and I here see Cassius with the winning wreath around his body), who concluded that I am against homosexuals and sympathise with Mogens Glistrup, and are you sure that you understood me all correct, Kevin, or did you only “skim” my website not fully understanding it, but still your trigger was very lose?

  • And finally I received SUPPORT from a young man believing in me because of my “vision, tolerance and calm” as he writes and yes one more on my side and only almost 7 billions (of Earth) remaining, which shouldn’t take very long compared to the first one or two handful of people …. :-).

And let me leave you with Robert de Niro in the quote, which he became so famous for that “everyone” associates it with him and will recognise it is him when others say it – and we know he was simply talking about me, you see?

After publishing my script today I decided to bring this update to Brian and his friends telling them about my script on them, and I wonder if this will bring more “negative feelings” out of you when you see it “tomorrow”, which is today and really 04.45, and you did not  have “time” to read me all night, Brian – was it too boring or were you too tired (?), you could have kept me with company while I was working and you were sleeping?.

  • At 02.20 I was given for the second or third time today a feeling of “electricity” running through the back of my lower left leg, and it was the spirit of my mother bringing it at the same time showing me a key, and I wonder if this is the key to ALL of the Old World including all of its energy resources (?) and this is what I am told when not being spoken against as the “discussion” above, which is almost how people of the world behave in relation to me too, and yes “nice to know” really because I don’t know when people “cannot” communicate with me.
  • And after checking Facebook for new messages to bring, which there was none of, I started preparing the publish of the last two days of scripts at 03.03, which I knew would take some time to do because of the many pictures, which I needed to upload, and first by 04.15 I had managed also to upload this script, and yes coming closer to my extreme limit of patience without becoming annoyed doing this work, and yes I still feel some darkness trying to make me annoyed, but right now it is really not very strong, and I have decided that I might stay awake a few hours after this, but I will NOT stay awake all day, and that is only if I am wrong misunderstanding the game, but I am the one setting the rules, so we SHALL see, which is probably the correct English to use instead of “will” here and yes I am being teased with the question if I don’t have any will power left and yes I am not more tired by now than the other days, but I am not going to destry myself completely yet again, and what happened (?), and yes I will tell you in my next script.
  • At 03.25 while preparing the publish I was told “and then we will just have to turn aournd the last part of it (the last darkness of the Old World) and then we will be all home too”, and it was followed by the words “and that is if this is what you believe we are doing” (?) and you never really know and it might be, but experience shows that there is normally more darkness to be found somewhere, so where you are George (?) and just wondering I am, and I was also given a strong taste of blood in my mouth and told “this is what you have also delivered” (meaning to save my mother) and I was given a very strong feeling of the colour yellow, which was a good sign telling me “no danger” about my mother.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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2 Responses to January 31, 2012: Remove the old psychiatric system of Hell – bring love ressurection and TRUE communication to HEAL people!

  1. Hej Kristian,

    Det er synd, at du ikke “evner” at læse og forstå på grund af ugidelighed, og at du lider af samme fordomme, som mange andre i dette ugudelige samfund. Hvis du havde brugt nogle timer på at læse min hjemmeside, ville du opdage, at jeg ikke er religiøs, men at jeg ER.

    Det er aldrig for sent at lære, og det skal du såmænd også nok komme til – og det omfatter en betydelig forbedret opførsel, for du udviser nøjagtigt samme forkælede, uforskammede og bedrevidende uvidenhed, som præger mange mennesker, som desværre ikke ved bedre på grund af forkert og mangelfuld opdragelse og kultur.

    Take care.


  2. Kristian Simonsen says:

    Stig Dragholm, du er i bund og grund en idiot når du tror på en gud.
    Er vi enige om, at når vi er i tvivl om noget, så opsætter vi teorier som skal understøttes af fakta.
    At tro på en gud er som at tro på at spaghetti-monsteret eksistere. DER ER INGEN FAKTA SOM UNDERSTØTTER TEORIERNE OMKRING EN GUD! Jeg synes det er synd for folk som dig at være så stupid. Det er tydeligt at du enten er født ind i en religiøs familie, eller at du på et eller andet tidspunkt i dit liv har haft et ephiphany (livsændrende øjeblik i form af dødsfald eller lign.)
    Du bliver simpelthen nødt til at lade være med at være så naiv, og prøve at holde dig til fakta.
    Grunden til at folk som du bliver religiøse, er fordi i tror at der er en grund til alt, men det er der ikke! “Grund” Er et menneskeskabt ord, og der er egentlig ikke nogen grund til at vi lever i et ubegribeligt stort univers hvor der flyder sorte huller rundt hvori gravitationen er så kraftig, at selv “tid” bliver opslugt.

    Hvorfor skulle “gud” have skabt disse sorte huller? Hvorfor skulle han overhovedet skabe noget? Der er jo ikke nogen grund til at der skulle være noget som helst – og ja, det er absurd at tænke på at rummet blev skabt ud af ingenting, men sådan er det… Det er ikke meningen at vi skal forstå det, for det kan ikke forstås, da der ingen “grund” er til noget af det.
    Så du tror også at gud har skabt alt, inklusive flere billiarder af galaksehober, hvori der finder billioner af solsystemer med yderligere milliarder af planeter? Så er du en idiot

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