February 5, 2012: Opening the Pyramid of our Old World and arriving at the end to be reborn as my old resurrected self, Jesus


Summary of the script today

4th February: I have now become my New Self (!) receiving darkness as fuel to merge our Old and New World

  • I felt my self as my new self – I cannot continue living as my old self anymore – but with old darkness covering the top of me, which is still making my life a hell with negative voices and sexual torments. I have released the inner part of the Source of our Old World, which is what created my sexual sufferings etc., and am told that to release more of my old darkness and to use this as energy to start the merger of our Old and New World without bringing destructions to our New World, I have to continue working without sleeping, which I cannot do but will try to do as good as possible anyway. I was told that it was “nothing” or no loss of life code, which we “lost” to be used as the foundation connecting our New World, and I saw how the spinal columns of the Sources of our Old and New World are now starting to become ONE. I am saving more life inside of the last darkness and saving a large piece of the cake of our New World to be used as energy to merge our Old and New World as long as I can keep working without sleeping (much), and when will I fall over of tiredness?
  • Because I have decided to keep the bridge open to our New World and because of working without sleeping, I was told that I have started to save the “our most precious possession” of all, which is my old self when coming to the back side of “him” turning around “his” darkness to light and bringing his small sword towards our New World. I have now started dragging “Good Old God”, who laid death inside of the cave towards our New World to save him, which was “simply impossible” to do as Stig without having become my new self yet, but this is what I intend to keep on doing until it’s over. And I will not accept theats of the spirit of my mother of our Old World to carry out my old nightmare, which is the same as destrucing herself – believing there is not other lifeline than me.
  • A disaster of Syria happened today with “hundreds of deaths” because of the totalitarian Syrian regime, and the world stands paralysed because of Russia and China blocking UN to act, and I tell the famous Syrian in Denmark Naser Khader that the world could have stopped this situation and brought world peace if it publically supported my New World Order, which however is impossible for the world to do because of all of the corpses of it’s closet, and now the world leaders have even more blood on the hands, and yes COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY!
  • I was told that Old God of our Old World is about to become an “energy bundle” too of our New World, he thanks me for letting him and really her in – both the spirits of my mother and father – and right now his opposite structure is now being turned around. Had we not succeeded to save Old God, we would have lost all information of light of our Old World truly making this become our “lost world”, but right now it looks as if Old God is going to make it too.

5th February: Opening the Pyramid of our Old World and arriving at the end to be reborn as my old resurrected self, Jesus

  • After more than two days without sleep – again – I had to give in sleeping from 04.30, where I was dreaming of darkness burning off energy of life/light and that no matter how quickly I drove, I could not escape darkness
  • More furniture of Old God was set up in our New World including the Source, which is becoming a hybrid of light of our Old and New World.
  • I received the immense love of the heart of Old God – the cradle of light of this our Old World – when it entered me together with the ship of the Old World and I was told that darkness could not destroy the heart of our Old God. When the world will know about me, we will play songs of celebration as ALL NIGHT LONG by Lionel Ritchie as example.
  • I entered the Pyramid of our Old World recently, where I was met with the greatest darkness yet with the feeling of everything gushing out at the same time, which I had to control to make it flow slower and more controlled. Much of our Old World was saved but some was also lost because of “the screw of our New World entering” and the result of time. I was shown the dark side of Old God coming out of the “control centre” of the world and the light side of Old God entering me as a small white man with a stick. I am coming to the end of the Pyramid, where I feel myself lying on a horizontal surface and this is where I will be reborn as my old self, the resurrected Jesus. This experience was also felt by the International Medium Janet Parker and “few others” having a subconscious connection to this the most inner location of our Old World.


4th February: I have now become my New Self (!) receiving darkness as fuel to merge our Old and New World

I have now become my New Self (!) receiving darkness as fuel to merge our Old and New World

I have decided to bring this chapter in my script of the 4th February even though it started late in the evening of the 3rd February:

After coming home late this evening from my mother and John (between 21.30 and 22.00) I decided to sit in my sofa watching the remaining part of DR1 TV’s collection show to the benefit of African children, which continued until midnight, and during this time I received the following information.

I felt myself as my new self again with “desperate to survive darkness” entering me, and I felt that the one fighting to survive inside of this darkness was my old self, and yes Stig physically alive as the generator bringing energy to leave this dark sector, and here I am given a sign of the darkness of the zones of Berlin following World War II, and here I understand that is is also a symbol of darkness of the German office of Angela Merkel, who has disovered that I decided today – or yesterday as it is now – to subscribe to her on Facebook, and I did the same with Sarkozy, and Stoltenberg from Norway, and I would have done the same with Reinfeldt of Sweden if you had run your own Facebook wall, but when you did not, I did not want to subscribe, and yes I might decide to subscribe to other country leaders too.

I still continued to receive negative and sexual talk of darkness including the “kill, kill” command (kill myself!), and I felt myself as my new STRONG self with a thin layer of darkness on top of me, and I was told that I take all darkness with me soaking from my New World, and I understood that darkness as the coat of me is still influencing me giving me more darkness, which wanted me to close the door now – and here I feel Karen just saying that this is the darkness, which made Karen close the door to me not “seeing” that I am the love of her life – but I kept on deciding that the door is still open and that more content is much welcome.

I heard a creaking sound of the kitchen – coming from wooden shelves – and I was told ”we have now become structure of the New World” and also that ”we are happy of this”, and this might be the case, but I decided myself that losing original life information as I understood this was about, is NOT anything to be taken positively, and I thought that this might be part of the game trying to cheat me into not taking the new game I am entering seriously.

I was also told that it was the inner part of the Source (of the Old World), which I have just released (most of it survived), which is what imposed sexual sufferings on me, and here I am given a feeling of Britt Bendixen simply to say “fantastic”, and I am still thinking of “magic” and “insurance” to save what was lost of the Source, and I don’t know if this works or not, but I have my doubts because of the intensity of what I go through.

And it was late in the evening when I was told that saving the last of darkness coming to me demands that I keep on working without sleeping and after this we will close the access to our combined New World, and yes a new surprise (!), and why am I not that surprised after all, and all I could say was “as long as there is darkness, I ask you NOT to close the door” herewith accepting to go through new nightmares trying to keep on working as much and keep on sleeping as little as possible – and we have to keep on moving on Monday, which you know may mean little sleep this night and little sleep tomorrow night too before I can sleep from Sunday evening, and I felt how darkness of the spirit of my mother entered me after this decision.

Let me tell you that at 04.45 I am only writing this with the greatest discomfort, restlessness and throw up feelings on one hand – and yes easy on the other is still the feeling – and I was told that the USA received my message about “annoying UFO’s”, which they were more than anything else (because of destruction of darkness and loss of life code coming to me recent days and the loyalty of darkness of UFO’s to me only when being stronger than darkness) and I was given the sign of this already at 18.50 yesterday evening when I sat with my mother and John and first I was shown this “happy, but annoying” UFO on the sky outside while my mother and John had their backs to the window, which is what it showed me to tell me that UFO’s distracted the USA removing their attention from something else, which they rather would focus on, and it came shortly before the delayed Oslo-ferry this evening, which came at yes 18.50 instead of the normal 18.30.

I was also told that the Danish Employment Minister Mette Frederiksen now knows about my view of “spoiled” MP’s needing to learn good behaviour the same way as I encouraged her to offer unemployed and spoiled people, and we know TO REMOVE FREEDOM UNTIL YOU HAVE BECOME RESPONSIBLE, which also includes TO BE ABLE TO COMMUNICATE, LISTEN AND UNDERSTAND, which is not what Politicians do the best, you know (?), and yes yes yes, but me don’t like to be taken for granted and here I received very slow kindergarten language from Mette Frederiksen, because this is the metaphor of MP’s, which the newspaper of Politken used because this is the metaphor I introduced myself when speaking of Falck as a kindergarten and that was to make people listen and understand, and yes this is what Politiken decided to take up, and yes it is first coming to me now, so THANK YOU TO POLITIKEN and yes you have become my preferred newspaper over the last couple of years replacing Berlingske Tidende, who “lost it” and that is at least in relation to me after an “adult life time” of loyalty.

I was shown a beautiful and large tree ship of the same type as Viking Ships and I saw how silver was inlaid at the rail of the ship, and also how the flag was hoist the last short way to the top of the flagpole standing on the ship, and I was told that the work we are doing now are the final details of our New World.

I was shown a hockey stick becoming part of the stand and told “we are not unhappy with this” and I am here receiving the vision of Russian icehockey players in red attacking me but “not anymore” and yes and no no no, not that long and yes the line of our life, which is what we are trying to protect you from, and yes the Grim Reaper bringing eternal death, and here was a couple of lines for the first time ever where I created the story myself based upon what I believe is the truth, and just telling you that otherwise I have done my absolutely best only to write the information I have received and nothing else and yes the difference is that here I was inspired to decide what the visions should be and then I was shown the visions, instead of being totally objective only writing what I receive, and yes there are MANY so called clairvoyants receiving wrong information simply because they are not objective and make up the story themselves, and yes they cannot or will not “see” it.

I was shown hearts in front of me several times during the evening, which were hearts given by our New World for receiving life of our Old World, and I felt Klaus and the meditation group as part of this, and here I was shown the character Danny from “Fame”, which I have also spoked with my mother and John about, and yes everyone LOVES to hear “good stories” of themselves and not the oppositive, and this is what I have decided to do so this is how it is, and I was shown a brown pole going through a house and told that this has not happened even once – and I wonder if this is the case really when thinking of the last couple of days.

I was shown a chess set, and a box of pieces underneath the set itself, and I was told “we were ourselves underneath the set converting a part of nothing, which was nothing as the foundation between our the world worlds”, which is no loss of life code, when it comes to the point.

I was shown “endless light” passing through a very small hole (from our Old to our New World) and I saw how it became the screw of our ship of our New World.

I was shown an old canon being dismantled becoming part of the castle self.

And I was shown a cloth label of FC Barcelona on top of a great fire burning and the Devil showing himself with his spear, and I was told that we have created our New World with the survival of the label using fire as the fuel.

I saw a small classical orchestra inside a small circle of light, which changed into two men speaking – one of them is me – with darkness surrounding them, and a man arriving with a dark donkey transforming the man I spoke to into darkness leaving only one man of light of the world, and this man was me.

I was shown a screw NOT becoming a submarine, which would have become …. (?) and yes, what would it have become, nothing (?) or was EVERYTHING secured “sooner or later” (?) and this is still the question to which I don’t know the answer, and it was followed up when I was shown and told “that dark ram dit not come through”, and was this an answer to the question?

Now it is 05.40 and I am starting to receive “impossible tiredness” already now, and we will see how I will overcome this, but let us try to work a little more.

I saw two spinal columns – the Source of our Old and New World weaving into each other – and was told that the energy I provide now from darkness of our Old World is what we use to start up the merger between our Old and New World, and here I am shown the last orange being plucked and put onto the Christmas Tree, which is about the last part of the Source of our Old World being “plucked” or let us say “soaked in”.

I was shown the horn of a Unicorn and told that it has not broken one single time, and also that it will first be shown when there is not more darkness.

I saw the outline of a dark flower, which was content of darkness telling me that we have not become flowers of our New World yet, and when I received this information I received darkness of the invisible art, where I received thoughts about him or her on TV, which I strongly did not bother seeing or listening to, and I had to actively say this is wrong knowing that it was darkness trying to overtake me in-directly.

At one time, the darkness became aggressive telling me that this game will end with my old nightmare, which really also happened to me against my wish for one second the other day, when the darkness was stronger than I making my old nightmare come through for this one second, which however was “the worst second” of all, and we know no details, but please take my word for it.

During the night, the spirit of my mother continued asking me questions of sexual preferences as preparation for what darkness tries to force her doing, and I could only tell her that I don’t want you to carry this out under no circumstances, and you only have ONE single situation where you are allowed to do “whatever it takes” and that is if the LIGHT and only the light decides that this is what you MUST do in order to do “whatever it takes” to bring us home, so this is pretty much the content of this game too, and here it is more explicit and disusting than ever before.

At 04.10 I was shown a cheese and then plenty of mise inside the big wheel of the spirit of my mother – my proud mother, Tina – and also that they are about to be released because of the work I do here, and I was thanked for doing this and also for seeing this vision, which came to me quickly while still working on the chapter when returning home from my mother and John.

At 05.45 I was shown half a cross over a chess set becoming light – it was red before meaning destruction – and I saw how the tower piece was being messured up by darkness with a red cross on it, and this is what I am fighting to save; the pieces of this chess game, and the tool is to work and “not sleep” like a crazy man on overdosis with the difference being that I am neither crazy nor on overdosis despite of what some people here still tell themselves that I am herewith humiliating me grossly.

At 05.55 I was shown my old class friend Niels from Albertslund and told that the reason why his parents’ house burned down to the ground and was replaced with a new was to symbolise the loss of our Old World to be replaced by a New World, but this I did not allow to happen, and “Meshack could cry is he was to share the information he reads about you with others, because this is how deeply it touches him”.

At 06.02 I was shown a large piece of an enormous cake being cut, and I was told that this would happen to our New World, if I did not decide bringing this energy to start the merger of our Old and New World.

At 06.15 I was shown the last match of a matchbox (of darkness), which has been used, and I saw it connected with playing Billiard, which John does, so this was to say that John has used this match to set me on fire, but he did not succeed, and here I receive the words “love is love and not fade away” from one of my top favourites of Rolling Stones, which is the song “not fade away” and especially from their love concert from the “Stripped” album, which is another of those “favourite concerts of all time” for me, and here it is to say that despite of this, the love between John and I was also stronger than what separated us.

At 07.45 I was still working and now becoming less tired, but “less” does not mean “little”, and I was told that energy may now be used to correct errors of the code of our New World, and by all means, if this is a message of the light and the light prioritises to do this now, please be my guests.

Finally at 08.20 I had finished the work of the last part of my script of yesterday including an update to my website and the script of today, and this was one of the tough ones, but I did it, and so far at leat with no sleep and much work.

Other information received while writing:

At 03.45 I received the feeling of Allan, who is the husband of Grethe, who is the God mother of Hans, my sister’s husband, and we used to see Allan and Grethe for many years at dinners with Sanna and Hans, and I have been thinking many times of them the last couple of years because I like them much and we know I have not remembered asking my mother or Sanna about how they are and if they are still alive, and I don’t believe I have seen them since before I left to Kenya in 2009, where they were becoming very old, so just saying that I have also been given active thoughts of them several times.

At 04.05 I was told that the reason why I for a long time have received the words “what if something is wrong” without writing (much about) it, I believe, believing that they meant my concern of receiving wrong information from darkness, really was about “what if some of the code of our new IT-system was wrong” (?), which we would first see when starting our New World, and I do believe that it has worked out, at least I am still alive and I am now my new self however still feeling as poorly as my old self and that is as long as I am inside this “cloud of the last darkness” surrounding me.

I was told that my old colleague, Jacob, from Acta and the chairman of the liberal party here in Helsingør, AFTER he and the management of the city treated me wrongly, has been told about my coming from a source inside of the Danish Parliament, and how does this make you feel, Jacob (?), and just wondering that you have also decided to take your muzzle on being “dead silent” towards me.

At 04.30 on my edge of giving up finalising the update of my script – because of tiredness, exhaustion and restlessness, which I have now more than ever before still with my behind physically hurting – and that is for the night at least, I was shown a dark house and told that “if you had entered the house of Gitte in Farum (in 2009), there would still be a way forward, but never anything like this”, and I might add that writing these notes apart from the other work I do being on my edge also physically just to write, is not the easiest thing I have done.

Work of the day included small things on my to do list, and not to be tempted to cut off the main power of my old self

I decided to take a long bath at 08.30 until 11.30, and I have never been able to sleep at bath before, but I might have been close to sleeping here, and I was shown a man leaving a large room with people holding a meeting and I was told that these are Buddhists discussing if Stig really can be God, and I also received a short dream while being half awake, where I was at a hotel building looking through the window into Pia Kjærsgaard and a friend of hers – she is the extreme right party leader of Denmark – and I told her “will you please say yes to the European Union, and then I felt myself saying “I am not supposed to meddle in Politics” and something about Pia also feeling my presence, and I went down to the ground floor, where four young people were partying, and I expected to see Tobias there too, but he was not there and these young people were now leaving, and I might ask Pia if your attitude is that I am not the meddle with what you do, because you believe you know much better how to set up the community (?), and yes brain wash can be immensely deep, and told you that Pia reminds me much about my father’s wife Kirsten, who is “impossible” to reach in a discussion, which is not the same as a dialogue with the difference beting “listening and understanding with an open heart”. I stood up from bath still being tired, but not “criminal”, and I was told and shown blood veins and muscles being torn apart and told that this is what we are repairing now.

After lunch I decided to try the plunger at my sink, and yes it took only a few seconds to open the stopped sink, so now the water is running out without problems again.

I also decided to cut 16 chops our of a neck of pork I bought cheaply the other day to freeze them, and yes to save money.

Hereafter I noticed the following impudent comment given to my script of the 31st January by a young man – the year 1990 is included in his email address – who teached me that I am an “idiot when you believe in a God” because there are no facts supporting this (!) – a know-all type you see (?) (and here my innerself feels much better at 13.20 for taking up the challenge to be awake and working as much as I can as long as I can) , and it made me decide to send him a reply as well, which he may misunderstand as “impudent” even though it is the truth on contrary to his comment to me.

I was shown a comment on Facebook from Dan in relation to a picture from Morten Resen, who is the host of “Voice” on TV2, and I decided to look at it, and understood that it was a link for me too, because he writes below “ugh, they temp me. What do I get?” and the picture shows the direction to the MAIN POWER, and we know this is the main power of the Voice, which is our combined New God, and just wondering when we are going to plug in the energy of our New World and yes I will decide, and the answer is still the same “not as long as there is still darkness to work on” and yes this was the “temptation” for me to follow, and the fun part is that after I subscribed to Morten Resen, the comment from Dan totally vanished and we know “gone with the wind” it is and that is even when I look at Dan’s wall and we know one of those “small miracles” you know directing me in the right direction – and in the picture, it is not about switching the main power on, but off, and this will then be the reversed thinking to mine, which is about my temption to avoid sufferings (not sleeping as one thing) by deciding to cut off the last piece of my old self, but no, this is not how we play the game here.

Coming to the back side of my Old Self starting the “impossible“ save and transfer of “him”

I was shown Shubidua playing in relation to the opening of the Storebælt Bridge in 1998, and I was told that it simply meant my decision to keep the bridge open to “me”, and the spirit of my mother told me that “I had never believed that I should be able to get over too because it was out destiny to save the world without entering ourselves”.

I was told that my mother’s husband John is hurting because of me because of the One I might be.

I went to the library and town this afternoon – terrible cold here too – to get some “fresh air”, to kill time and to stay awake, and while sitting at the library reading, I was given strong sufferings of darkness this time trying to make me afraid of the kind of sufferings I could be given also risking my life, and trying to make me give up leaving the content of darkness out in the cold, and even though it was strong, I have made my mind up, which I am not going to change, which is that I will NEVER give up no matter what happens, so we will continue.

I returned home at 16.30, and was shown a cleaning lady of a big sport hall asking “he does not want us to continue cleaning, does he” (?) and the question was for me, and I have only one answer, which is “everything is to become light”, and so it is still here.

I was asked “it is not our most precious possesssion you are about to save, but almost” (?), also “our ability to produce light all of us” and “everyone had expected that you fall on the way herewith not getting our own inner creation with you”.

When I was pushed by darkness further towards the edge – it happens sometimes, but does not ever cross the line – I was shown the outline of and felt my old innerself standing in front of me asking to receive my order from to terminate him once and for all, and do you see just how demanding this game is for both “him” and “me”, because who will be able to do this (?), and for my physical self I know that I will become my new self without sufferings, but for my old inner self, this is a fight about life and eternal death – considering that there is no “insurance” to save him other than me.

I was shown my inner self reaching the absolutely top at the furthest top on the spire of a church, where he/I am collecting a small golden cross and small swrod, which is my self and my weapon, and I was told that we will now try to get this through the hole to our New World and I was shown that this “this” is my old self as a dead man (“Good Old God”, who laid dead inside of the cave) whom I am dragging with me towards my New World, and I was thinking that I am not sure at all that I will be able to last until Sunday evening without sleep – or only a couple of hours sleet – but here while writing I am shown Per Gessle from Roxette and told “please play “enjoy the joyride” by Roxette, because it matches this situation now better than any other moment in history” so this is what I will do and yes instead of showing Kim Larsen here:

I was told that the “kill, kill” command is to kill my old self to bring energy for our New World, and also that “no one brings the energy required, which will make me survive” and that is of course except from my physical self decicing not to give up and not to lose a set to the darkness no matter what – our goal is still 100% also knowing what is said to have happened of destruction!

I felt during the evening that it was difficult for me to keep back my tears, and I was shown a small long bedroom at the 1st floor of a house with a VERY thick mattress, just like the mattress of the prinsess and the pea by H.C. Andersen, and I felt that this was about Karen (bringing me the tears because of her sadness in relation to me), but instead of a prinsess lying in the bed, I was shown a teddybear (of darkness) lying there.

I was shown myself at a simple bathroom and told “in other words you have given birth to yourself with the only purpose to save everyone else” again saying that it is “impossble” to save my old self and I was told that it is because “you don’t enter the backside of me turning darkness to light without having become your new self” and had I become my new self, it would have meant the end of my old self first, but to my best knowledge, I am still standing in my own room between the (almost not exciting) Old World and New World.

I was also told that the threats of the spirit of my mother to carry out her threat of my old nightmare is the same as giving herself the final verdict of destructiong and I could only say “you are not allowed to do this for me”, and this is what I do hope I will be strong enough to carry out all the way through, and yes when writing this, it is 20.25, and I have a smaller crisis at 18.00 being “tired” but to my surprise I am still not going through “impossible crisis”, which I did the other days, but it may still come, you never know.

At 19.30 I felt the dark sword entering me and I was told that it will take a few hours to become secure, and I also received a warning from my inner self telling me that he will bring me the worst sufferings of all, and yes it made me a little afraid, but not enough to change my decision: Come on all of you, I am not afraid of you, but I will bid you welcome with warmth and kindness and do my best to save you and yes wake you up from where you are inside of this darkness, and yes many threads to solve out here (separate light and darkness), and I see that the work has started, which is really the same as reparing a car engine without ever having tried this before.

Ending the script of today so far including the short stories by 20.50.

Old God had a loop over his neck, but is now becoming part of the light of our New World

Returning to do an update here at 23.00 after I watched “the Voice” live on Danish TV2 this evening – and I saw this afternoon that both Sweden and Norway also have their on-going versions of this show including many good singers, but especially Monika from Norway was also an Aha-experience to me, with an incredible VOICE, as it was to you too, Magne, and yes I do believe she will be able to become an “international star” and here with a little help from your friends 🙂 – and I cannot remember her name, but I was happy to see a beautiful female contestant, who did not continue in the contest but decided to say “thank you for good feedback” when listening to the judges giving her feedback – instead of being overwhelmed with negative feelings and showing poor behaviour – and this is very rare to see today, but I have seen “good behaviour” especially in Norway (especially when I worked for the Norwegian company Acta in 2007), which always makes me happy to see and that is MUCH better behaviour than generally in Denmark, and this is on my positive side, but on the other hand I also see how restricted many of these people are holding back on their true nature simply to tell things as they are, which makes me unhappy seeing. 

When I watched the Danish live show, the judge Steen told a contestant at 21:11 that “you are a big powerful darkness” followed by the other judge, Lene, saying “you are an energy bundle”, and they were speaking of the dark side of me entering to become an energy bundle of our New World too. Previously Lene had told another contestant something about lyric poetry, which I did not write down, but it was to say that Karen loves and is attracted to my words.

At 21:55 Steen told three contestants that “is is not the end of the world leaving here”, and I did not fully understand the meaning of this other than it was inspired, and a couple of minutes afterwards I was told that it does not include our old selves, and I do hope we are safe now, and that this is not premature as it often is.

At 22:00, Lene had to choose one out of three contestants to continue in the competition, which made her cry, and she was inspired when saying “thank you all of you for letting me in” and also “keep on fighting”, which were secret messages to me for letting in Old God through the still open bridge to our New World, and I was told to “keep on fighting”, which is not to give in now not doing my best to continue whatever work I may find and to sleep as little as possible or maybe not at all before tomorrow evening?

I received a very discomforting pain to my heart for maybe one hour making me on the edge of becoming nervous – but still not giving in to the darkness asking me to close the access – and then I was told “look out, there is NO bomb”, which is that the darkness did not include a bomb, which could break our physical Universe in two herewith giving me the answer that the first story was correct, which is that if I did not save the Old World, it would have become energy without its old life code as part of our New World, and yes I will update my website on this to make “everything” perfect, and yes this is still the goal using the tools I have decided for and your knowledge of all other tools, which Manuel and I know nothing about – do you remember him, eeehhh QUE, you say (?) and yes he is from Barcelona and just saying that we are SCORING again (life of our Old God entering our New World) , and yes there is a reason why Messi has not scored in three matches now, but I wonder if he will not be “able” to come back on track soon again when “inspiration” will come to him.

I felt the diamond of the spirit of my father on its way into me, and I was shown a circle of bambus – almost as if you turn a sunshade upside down – and I was told that this is the structure of Old God, which is opposite and we have now started turning this around to become part of our ng.

I was shown and told that “we walk with the look around our neck in brown clothes”, and I thought that the brown clothes was part of darkness too, but wait a minute, I may have become fooled by darkness for some time telling me that brown is also the colour of darkness, which it is not – black and red is – but brown is the colour of the Council (!), and I do hope that it is the clothes of the Council of our New World, which you have started or are about to start wearing – but I was also made to think about the Munk of the Jerusalem UFO, who was doomed for termination after darkness had overtaken him, and yes this was our Old God, but I have decided NOT to give up also making sure that “he” will survive too.

I was also given a reference to the child song “Bro, bro brille” with the lyrics “den, som kommer allersidst, skal i den sorte gryde” (“the one coming last will enter the black pot”) with the black pot being eternal termination and I was asked “who will come into the black pot” (?) and also asked if we are to leave the pot here (behind us) (?) and I said “no” (!), everything will come with us and becoming light of our New World.

For periods I am so tired that I am not tired – surpassing what used to be my tired limits – and so restless that I could not be anywhere, and then again, I had to open my door to the balcony to receive cold air into my living room not to be overpowered by tiredness, and still by 22.30, I had a new crisis almost falling asleep, which took a decision to escape from thinking that “this will not be good now”.

I was shown a vision of a white cow (“original creation”) in my living room coming from the balcony and heading towards me, and I was told that my living room will now be our New World and my balcony our Old World and asked “how much remains in our Old World” (?) and I was not shown, so I don’t know!

I was told via inspired speech on TV combined with a feeling and vision given to me that my old school friend Søren D.N. in Australia does not believe in me, and that he had the key to make this TRIUMPH happen – a new sport wagon arriving (it is also the name of a “planted” Danish lingerie company, but that is a completely different story!) – and that is the TRIUMPH of Old God surviving, and because I don’t have his key, I am given additional sufferings to get it without the faith of Søren.

I received “physical feelings” to my croth and instantly I said “this is forbidden” as I also did in Lyngby months ago removing free will in practise, and instantly the feelings disappeard, but still you are to enter our New World no matter what!

I was shown a red stribe in the middle of the white cow, which is leading to me from the balcony through the living room telling you that some darkness remains.

At 22.50, Lykke was inspired to give me another message of this on-going work and an answer to the question whether or not Old God has now been saved, and yes as she wrote below “that’s the question” (!), which of course is a reference to Hamlet “to be or not to be”, which is what this question is about, and I may receive premature information myself about the succesfull saving of Old God with Lykke saying that it is still not settled (?) – so I have to “keep on fighting” really – and one thing is for sure, which is that I have asked for our Old God to be saved “no matter what” and yes “difficult” to save him I must say it is after I have believed for how long now that I had saved him (?), but better late than never, and yes the only thing working for sure in this game is to “never give up”, and then the positive outcome will come “sooner or later”.

At 22.55 I received scratching the same way as you get from Rockwool isolation material, and I understood that this “material” is what used to have the verdict of becoming the structure of our New World without its old life code, which is now becoming as I understand it both the structure of our New World (which is why I scratch because I AM this New World) as well as continuing life as part of our ONE New World, and I was also told that all information of light of our Old World is included with Old God, so if “he” would not survive, we would lose all information making our Old World truly become our “lost world”.

At 23.28 Brian was also inspired when posting this message about the small province trains of Denmark called “the pig” and despite from trying to be funny on the expense of Muslims, it was also inspiration saying that my train with “the pig”, i.e. life of Old God, is arriving, do you see?

And ending this update at 00.08.

At 00.45 I updated the front page of my webpage amending this paragraph:

“It was only on the absolutely outmost knife edge that we succeeded saving the Old World, and if we had not, we would have lost our old lives, which would either have been transferred as “energy without it’s original life code” to our New World, or the Old and New World would have become “worlds apart” with the physical break up of the Universe with people of other civilizations following our Old World and continuing work to release it from darkness.”

Into this new paragraph:

“It was only on the absolutely outmost knife edge that we succeeded saving the Old World, and if we had not, we would have lost our old lives including all information of our Old World (but having all other lives of all previous Universes), which would have been transferred as “energy without it’s original life code” to become part of the structure of our New World herewith making it our “lost world”, which saved everything else but itself.”

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I received the answer about my new Facebook friend Steen today through the inspired second reply below to his message where he tells that he will be receiving 16 new students on his Healing School, and as you can see Shanna believes “it sounds s… excisting” which is one of them symbols of “destruction of darkness” and yes welcome to the club, Steen, you were also NOT ABLE to disover the truth about me because of your strong voice telling you that I am not the Son of God but truly crazy herewith confirming through your own mind the wrong verdict of the “system” in me (?), and yes you did not pay much attention to the “small miracle” making us friends on Facebook and neither to read my webside (?), but surely you are one of the best healers/clairvoyants in Denmark (?) and yes “goddag mand økseskaft” (!) as I am told here and how do you translate this expression (?), and I keep on getting difficult words to translate (my voice mostly speaks in Danish), which is part of my sufferings but still I don’t jump over where the fence is too low – do you say this in English too (?) – just because I am TIRED and normally I do my best to find English translations for well known Danish compostions of words, and here I was lucky because my dictionary included the translation of the Danish expression above, which is “talk at cross purposes”, but in direct translation it is “good day man, handle of an axe”, which gives the true meaning here, which is that Steen was also holding the axe trying to cut me down because of the darknesss he sent me (which is what makes people “crazy” when they cannot handle it, but not me you know) instead of understanding and supporting me, do you see, Steen?

  • I was as appaled as many else because of the disaster, the movement of Syria is turning into with Russia and China supporting the old regime of Syria (killing its citicents – HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MINDS OVER THERE, HELLO??) blocking a UN resolutation after “hundreds of deaths” since yesterday, and it made the famous Syrian in Denmark, Naser Khader – who works as a bridge between the Western and Muslim World and this is not “by chance” because he will help me also being a bridge between Muslims and me (!) – show his negative feelings with UN and the totalitarian states of China and Russia saying that they don’t care about the Syrian cilvil population, and I replied that I am sorry about the situation of his old home country – the darkness is very strong today, you see (?) and the connection to my work with darkness, I mean – and also that the best solution is truly not a UN resolution and new war (?), but for the world to publically support my New World Order – and arrival – to bring a stop to all war and terror, but this is “impossible” to do for the Old World Order because of all of their corpses in the closet, and now they have even more bloody hands after the events of Syria, and I also recommend Naser to speak to his former friends of the Danish Parliament (he is a former MP) about me and my New World Order, and I don’t know if he already knows about me, but here is the chance once again for the world itself to take initiative to TRULY bring world peace also ending the DARKNESS playing in Syria (!), and that is if you really want it (?), and I have already asked you, and now I do it again: DON’T YOU WANT ME (???) or is the answer still “yes, we do, but we do not DARE” and yes WIMPS is what I see ALL OVER THE WORLD, but still I love you. And Naser will discuss the Syrian situation on DR2 TV this evening, and I wonder if he or the TV will DARE to speak about me, or if you are also WIMPS because the world “does not speak about me, before I have shown myself to the world” (!) and yes I saw some of it, and Naser is a NATURAL talent and leader speaking about the Middle East, and a disaster when it comes to several “domestic political issues” and to act as a leader of an organization?

  • And what does Dan do on a day like today, and yes he says “have NO opinions on anything” and then he talks about “going to the bathroom” and to get a drink, which are also symbols of darkness, and we know, Dan, this has become your role when you “could not” read, understand and support me, and that was a shame because you are a committed man, who could have learned from my website.

  • I am sometimes told about the world following in my footsteps to receive information/stories about me, for example visiting the “small cycle forest” in Snekkersten, and also Helsingør Hospital to look at my recent blood test (?), and yes this is what I am told but if this is the truth (?) and my answer is that I HAVE NO IDEA because the darkness is still playing games with me.

And I thought I had nothing to write on today, but still it became a long script and the longest I have ever done after receiving no or only little sleep last night. And I decided to upload it at 00.35 because I was asked to do it, which is more work helping me to free darkness around the content inside of it, and maybe the world would like to read my script about Syria etc. too already today (?) and all I can tell you is that I am DISAPPOINTED with you for not publishing my arrival, and Russia and China, you should be able to do better, NOT?


5th February: Opening the Pyramid of our Old World and arriving at the end to be reborn as my old resurrected self, Jesus

Giving in to incredible desire to sleep after two more days not sleeping

After publishing my script I was told that information of life, which has been transferred cannot be lost, and at 00.55 I still felt darkness around me so the process will continue, and I wonder when I will get some sleep, and right now I am feeling alright, and we will see for how long I can keep up, and now I don’t have work to do, so I will take a break maybe returning with more writings during the night, and if not, it will be tomorrow.

I am first returning to the script at 14.10 today being totally and utterly destroyed after sleeping on my sofa from 04.30 to 12.30, and I had some more experiences during the night.

At 02.15 I was in crisis and could no more, but I was whispered in my right ear that “the rent is not paid yet”, which was to say that our new house including Old God had not finished, so I had to cross an ultimate limit here staying awake.

At 02.45 I was in EXTREME crisis and could no more but I was given the lyrics “Now I need you more than ever” from one of the most iconic of all songs of Rolling Stones, which is “Lets spend the night together” and it was to say that critical work was on-going asking me to stay awake at the same time as it also said that the “desire” of the spirit of my mother because of darkness forcing here was greater than ever, and I felt that if I was not stronger than darkness, she would release this force of darkness upon me herewith destroying herself.

At 03.50 I was told “it is not like we have begun to fill the tanks again, is it Stig” and I understood that this was the inner self of Old God now starting to produce energy again as part of our New World.

Dreaming that I could not escape darkness and darkness burning off energy of life/light

At 04.10 – watching TV this night – I simply could no more, I had been fighting extreme tiredness as I have NEVER done before, and this was my new ultimate limit, and I thought “I must have at least a couple of hours” and see if I can continue from there and I was told “we cannot guaraentee that it works” (the new setup), but this is how it is, and did I stay up until 04.30 (?), I believe I did, but then I laid down on the sofa – in case it was only a nap – but I first woke up again at 12.30 after poor sleep, and I had a couple of dreams too:

  • The medium Paul Jacobs tries to help me in work and he is hurting, I don’t understand what he says. I am sent to Arabia to live a rich life, and I see how people there have problems in relation to their lama.
    • This can only be about returning to darkness burning off energy because I could not keep awake.
  • I am with my old friend Lisbeth, who has finished her two years of banking school, but I did not pass my second year. She is tired of all of the notes I send her, and I see how she and a friend buys clothes for themselves without thinking of my much greater need.
    • I did not pass the exam finishing the setup of Old God as part of our New World and instead of receiving clothes, i.e. life, myself, it is given to the Devil.
  • I am driving in my old BMW 520i (from 1988) in Copenhagen, there are people demonstrating, and I am surprised seeing that one of the demonstrants on moped continues following me even though I drive quicker and quicker and much quicker than a moped normally drives, and he puts his hand through the open window holding me on my back. I am driving VERY fast with this car, which surprises me because of the slow engine it has, and when I come to a T-cross, I have too much speed slipping out over red light to the right, and now the heavy traffic from left will start, and I don’t know what will happen.
    • I drove all night – also with Jeff – much quicker (and longer) than I had energy for, but the dream says that no matter how quickly I drove, I could not escape the darkness following me, and this is the darkness now coming to me after having turned right at the T-cross.

Setting up the Source of light as a hybrid of light of our Old and New World

After waking up I received the lyrics “We’re just a play in Your master plan, Now, my Lord, I understand” from Anna Stesia by Prince – at one of the hights of his career – and also “you are not yet a Toyota Prius but almost”, and this Toyota is a hybrid between two energy sources, which is what we are also trying to set up as the energy of our New World combining the Sources of our Old and New World.

I received many songs by Rolling Stones and Mick Jagger and once of them was “shine a light”, which I might bring here to symbolise the light of our Old Source, which will continue so shine and here from a WONDERFUL concert:

I also received the lyrics “love is strong” from the song of Rolling Stones – one fantastic song our of “endless” – and also “we make a beautiful team”, which is still about both extreme light and extreme darkness because of the symbol of Rolling Stones in relation to me, i.e. “sexual suffering”, and I also received another song which was about darkness trying to put out all energy.

I was told that “we are still here but not as good as if I had stayed up to 8 o’clock” – and I was told in relation to the “love is strong” song that the feeling is also that “it’s a beautiful day”, and I said that am sorry I could not continue staying awake, but I gave you everything I had crossing my ultimate tired level with a big margin – and still it plagued my backhead that maybe I could give one hour more leading to 10 hours, but here was where it stopped ….

I received much acitivity of the spirit of my mother and strong visions of furniture continuing to be moved into our New World, and I also felt her connect wires to my back head, and it also included strong power trying to force my old nightmare upon me, but I heard the spirit of my mother telling as in an acto to the spirit of my father that “he does not allow me”, and “he” is me.

When I took a bath, I was shown a closet put in front of the inner room of the spirit of my mother and I was told “because we knew you would not let us die” and in other words it was “part of ourselves protecting ourselves” and my thought was that I was happy hearing this and also that we will still save EVERY LITTE THING because the code of life of “every little thing” still has to be around somewhere and our task is to retrieve EVERYTHING.

I was also shown a large mountain and light behind it and instead of going around the moutain into the light, I have cut through the mountain at its foot separating it completely, and this was the mountain of light of our Old World trapped inside of darkness, which was the difficult but right road to chose leading to our New World.

After bath I was totally and utterly destroyed, but still decided to write the script so far also thinking that now it is impossible to keep working and not sleeping at the same time as I almost fear this is the demand I will be met with once again, but I truly don’t believe I can offer more than “normal energy” from now, and hopefully be able to come back excersing after a night of normal sleep.

At 16.10 I was shown that the protective closest was removed again because now when I am awake, I can absorb the darkness making us continue the move of content from the room of the spirit of my mother – and father.

The heart of Old God including immense love entered me together with the ship of our Old World

Later I was asked “not “put me in the trash”, which is another song by Mick Jagger I received over the last 12 hours, and NO I WILL NOT PUT YOU IN THE TRASH but I am happy to play this song by Mick too, and we know a DIVINE artist is what this man is, just listen to his “ui ui ui” singing and ENERGY of this song.

I was told with a few words from darkness, which I saw from “way beyond” “not kill you, but Holiday Inn, we want, can we” (?) with the answer being “but of course YOU CAN” :-), and I was told that “there is nothing much remaining now, only a little hand work”, and a few minutes afterwards I was shown a cake made as a heart being eat by several sets of cutlery and I was told “yes, this is my heart trying to be eaten from several places”, and I was also shown a very thin crack of darkness behind the protective closet from before and told that “we lacthed onto the closet self” and also that “this heart fills nothing, but is everything” and I was shown a BIG ship sailing directly towards me from the front (our Old World!) and I was told “thank you” and also that the cutlery of the Devil could not destroy this ship (or heart made of cake).

Later I felt a dark bublle encircling my head being connected to the right side of my head, which is darkness including the heart of Old God, and I was shown the finest short loin and told that this is the best steak.

I was shown a baby carriage and told “it is not a baby carriage, is it, is it the cradle of life itself, yes it is” and that is of this world, which I call our Old World, and I saw how a dark horseshoe (of darkness) was connected to it, and I heard a “nervous, insistent voice” asking me “all night long” (?) and yes Lionel this is what I was asked – I don’t believe I can continue all night long and also that it is not needed to continue working this way – and what better way than to say that working all night long is what made my old self also enter our New World and let me here give you the symbol of the feeling of my old INCREDIBLE MOVED inner self right now – almost in tears – of this moment and that is with Lionel Ritchie performing this fantastic song, which to me means CELEBRATION, and here together with Autralian Idol in 2007 OF COURSE at the Sydney Opera symbolising our New World and with the most beautiful fireworks of the world as only the Australians can do, and yes the party’s over now as I am told but TALK TALK is still what the world still does in relation to me but of course in secrecy and yes Stig, this song by Lionel Ritchie is meant to be played when the world will know and CELEBRATE together with me, which are the words I receive here from the content of darkness to the right of me, and yes there is still more work to do my friends for all of us, so please do not TALK TALK so much, but simply do THE RIGHT THING to announce my coming and declare your faith in me and that is because everything is not SIMPLY RED of darkness anymore, no (almost) everything is now light, so what are you waiting on (a friend maybe?), my dear world (?) EVERYTHING MUST CHANGE, don’t you agree?

I felt how darkness entered me and inside of this was also the feeling of the neighbourhood of Tibberup and Jack (he lived there with his parents as a boy) and I was told “I am going through you too” and that is darkness going through Jack to me, and I was shown and told “it is like it is raining with M&M chocolate pastels here” and chocolate is “selfishness”.

I was shown the audience at a large rock concert with an Australian flag shooting up from a bottle of green soda after the top of this was opened letting the Trinity exit, and yes releasing the Trinity of our Old World also making it possible for the Autralian government to announce my arrival, which you “simply could not” do was it 6 or 9 months ago now?

I was told “in other words, I am the ketcher myself”, which is darkness of Old God playing the game with me, and I felt how the darkness of him arrived to me from my right side entering my mind and when I looked out with my eyes, it was the eyes of my old self I looked with.

I was shown spread fires and told that “it burns all the way in here” and “it is me speaking negatively to you” and then I received a very STRONG and sudden attack of negative speech wanting me to say with a loud and despairing voice “oh, will you stop then” and really with other and very negative words instead and just saying that these STRONG attacks have been coming in their thousands for years and I was told “it is not because I wanted to speak this way”.

I was told “It is like a gift wrapped into wrong paper”, and then I felt “incredible love” entering me, and really the same kind of love coming through Niclas and yes from inside of the darkness, you see?

Ending this chapter at 18.30 with the understanding that it was impossible to destroy the old spirit of my father (God) but the creation of our Old World as the Holy Spirit of my mother could have been destructed if I had accepted my “old nightmare” to come through.

I was given the name “Popermo”, which I could not remember what it was about, but when looking at it I could only say “oh, yes” because they offer insurance products to the Police, Justice, Government offices etc. and yes just a message telling me that this is what the official world is “concerned” about, which is to have all of your wrongdoings and secrets revealed to the world – did I hear COVER UP as your “insurance” here (?) – and I have one question for you: “WAS IT A DOBERMAN” (?) with the answer being “Oh, yes” – it was certainly NOT a “SUPER WOMAN” 🙂 – as you can hear from this INSPIRED song too and you do remember that “the production of a Doberman” is darkness potentially destructing the world, don’t you (?) and still you cannot “find out” what is right to do?

I started thinking that it is the creation of the world, which via its wrongdoings “wants” to force my old nightmare upon me to destroy it self but it was God inside of me as a normal human being with the help of the Source, who said “NO, I DON’T ACCEPT THIS”, and it was darkness of the world, which I had to take on myself as sufferings to release the world.

And I was thinking that it is from the Source self that a New World and new versions of God and everyone else has continued to grow with the creation of one New World after the other. And I thought that it is darkness, which contained all previous life and information of our world and in the creation of a New World without darkness, this life cannot exist (because it is darkness) if not transferred to light, and this will have to be it. This is why we needed to locate and transfer the content of our Old World before our existence will be light only without darkness, but I wonder if the Source still would contain this information after all as our “insurance” (?) – does not look like it because why should I otherwise go through these sufferings (?) – and also what about the light inside of and blended with darkness, would it simply vanish to exist with the removal of darkness (?) and yes trying to get closer to an answer about the risk of a “lost world”.

Opening the Pyramid of our Old World and arriving at the end to be reborn as my old resurrected self, Jesus

I was shown the screw of a large ship crossing through the wall of a dinner party of people in their finest clothes and understood that this is the New World pressuring and destroying the remaining of the Old World unless I succeed saving it – and again I hope that it will include everything (and a couple of weeks ago I thought about “creating a new wasching machine of our New World – or the room between the Old and New World – thinking that this would help us clean darkness and read information of light before it would enter our New World without code, and I thought of this as “insurance” of what would not be “caught” by our other washing machine not knowing if it was set up and is working).

I was given “Hotel California” by the Eagles and told “of course from the album Hell freezes over” and yes I was first focusing on the Hotel California (hoping it would be “everyone/everything”) being a beautiful song, which it is and especially from this live album as it is, but when writing this I am thinking that this is sadly more about the title of the album, which is “Hell freezes over” meaning that not everyone of our Old World will make it through.

I was shown Captain Hook coming out from the Greenlander wheel self self drunk and with hiccups after having drunk Morgan rum, which is really our Old God of darkness leaving his control centre of the world and the rum is both about darkness and also about a Morgan sport car because of the light inside of him.

I received more negative speech and also a wish to close access to our New World, which I declined once again, and I was told “alright, we will just get some Klondike on our way”, which I connected with “more gold”.

I was shown a burner being removed from the balloon, and I am now taking the balloon self.

I took these notes approx. between 22.30 to 23.00 in the evening, where I felt very tired at the same time as a constant working pressure was put on me – coming to me physically together with a pressure to write down more visions/speech – and I received an incredible desire to turn down this negatively, but tried politely with a “no thank you” herewith controlling negativity, but still I ended up by writing down more notes, and I received a purple colour coming to me from right, which confused me because this is the colour of Karen, but now (???) and I was given the idea that maybe this was the spirit of my mother in disguise by darkness, and when I closed my eyes I felt a white short man with a stick entering me, whom I connected with Old God of light, and I was thinking of Yoda from Starwars, and in front of me I was also shown large halls of a castle with people behind closed doors, and to the right I saw a man reading a newspaper, which is the symbol of destruction.

I was thinking of my old colleague Kim and his picture from the pyramids of Egypt – see later in this chapter – and I was shown a person standing at a tilt with horizontal hands placed on each side of the body, and I was both thinking of a picture of ancient Egyptians as well as the dance scene of the movie Pulp Fiction, and then I was shown a fishing boat, which told me that I have entered the Pyramid (saving and/or losing our Old World) on my way to be reborn as my new self symbolised by the fish.

I was shown my old friend Henning in a supermarket packing in goods, which he has bought, including eggs, and I see one egg with a hole on top, which is hollow, which I understood as “creation without content”, i.e. the part of the content of the pyramid, which was lost.

I was told that there is no rocket remaining (no possible explosion), and that this loss of life/information is a result of time and a serious voice – without any game this time and this has happened less than a handful of times I believe since 2006 – told me that this is “regardless if you want it or not”, and also that this is what the Devil wants with my old sexual nightmare.

I was told “you are entering the Pyramid” and I saw my self enter, and I heard a conversation on DR2 TV, where a man around 22.45-47 with inspired words spoke about water gushing out and also away, and I understood that this is where the darkness of my mother led me (inside of the Pyramid) and you may remember the day where I felt all darkness gushing out “some days ago”, which was far too much at the same time for me to handle giving me my worst sufferings of all and I had to do my best to control it flowing in a slower movement, and here I felt my right leg being stuck between metal sticks nailed to a horizontal surface, and I was told “who do I find at the end of the Pyramid” (?) and also “is it I who was protected by all of the world surrounding me before I one day would arrive to claim my right to become myself again” (?), and yes the Son of God is in here too, and these are the words I am told and I am wondering if this is an empty skull of me, which now will become inhabited by my old resurrected self (because Jesus was terminated of the Old World and resurrected by our New World), and I also heard “no, I am not the old King, or am I” (?) and this was a reference to the “soul journey” – a special clairvoyant reading – which Janet Parker did on me in 2006, which you can read here – with a reference to what I write in the summary of this page as “the opening of the Pyramid, the ancient knowledge kept in “cobber jugs” and “great vases sealed with red cork” and she continued: “Preparing papyrus”, which “must not be destroyed because one day these words will be taught, these words will be spoken and read to many” as well as “Could it be I, could it be I that knows all this, surely not because whom am I, I am just some mere mortal” (this was my feeling in 2006 shortly before realiseing who I am), and I was told that it was information from inside of here, which was given to Janet in 2006 when giving me this reading, and also that Janet is one of few people on Earth having access to this place via her subconsciousness, and I am told that Janet and “these people” right now feel my arrival here also including Obama.

After writing down these notes and starting to write in to my script, first of all I thought “don’t be scared”, which I easily could become because it is not a “small thing” – yes opposite to “Big thing” you see but no, still darkness where I work as I am told – to do this work also trying to save all or most of our Old World at the same time and it could easiy make me become too nervous/scared to do my best work, and this is why I deliberately have decided to control my feelings not becoming stressed.

I received very quickly diarrhoea again including uncontrollable movements to my forefinger and long finger of my right hand as signs of destruction ongoing, and I was given the feeling that it will be a good idea to keep on working once again, and when finishing this chapter and publishing it too, it is 01.00, and I really had hoped much that I would be given normal sleep this night, so we will see what is kept in store for me – and also what is in store for me inside of this Pyramid.

The other day I told my mother and John about the “optical illusion” from my apartment looking out on the beautiful blue see here with orange ships – as I said (because I like the different colours and also the colour of God) – sailing pass my windows on 4th floor in what seems like my altitude and that is “half of the altitude of the trees on the hill in front of me” as I said and that is even though they really sail in a lower altitude than mine, and I was told that this “optical illusion” is what inspired my old colleague Kim from Fair to take this picture of the pyramids in Egypt to which I wrote “they are not as big as you might think, these pyramids” (!) and it was of course a reference to the fact that everything of our Old World has been stored inside here and we know Stig to protect it from darkness trying to destruct it – thinking of the closet you have told me about as protection – and yes this is the content, which gushed out over me starting some days ago with the task for me to save all or at least as much of it before I will become my old self at the end of the pyramid.

My old colleague Kim showing the “small size” of the Pyramids in Egypt containing the Old World to protect it from darkness, which I am opening these days saving as much as I possibly can before I will be reborn as my old self, Jesus, at the end of it

As Stig, I was the wanderer creating our new sunflower

I was shown myself as a wanderer on a long and curved road and first I saw the sun (of our Old World) going down behind it, but then I was shown a sun flower (of our New combined Wolrd) being kept up by people standing at the end of the road and really the end of the world, which are the people of our New World, who were the ones making it possible to continue the road of our lifetime to an eternity – and yes “Stig” means “the wanderer” – this was my journey – and there is MUCH Summer in this chapter, and I was “crazy about Donna” when she released this song in 1980 after she was a “bad girl” :-).

This is the sunflower of our New World because
I wont let the sun go down on me 🙂

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • In my script of the 3rd February I wrote about how the number of visitors to my document “How to treat psychiatric sufferings” on Scribd increased from 0-2 to 36 the 2nd February because of my link in my script to this document the 1st February, and as you can see below (the green line) the number continued increasing to 70 the 3rd February and 47 the 4th February and the ONLY reason is because of my mentioning in my scripts making “invisible people” – sitting behind the protection of computers apparently not leaving tracks to be found – click on these links, which I am then “allowed” to see when God “opens up” giving me a few examples now and again on the true number of visitors to one or another Scribd document, and if this was not revealed to me, these documents would continue receiving “almost none” visitors because the “fun” part is that the official world has discovered and is reading me but not liking to leave tracks, and the “ordinary world” “cannot” find me because of laziness and strong and WRONG voices therefore not reading me.

  • And if you look at the total numbers as per today of visitors to my script of the 3rd February – also including the 1st February – the “funny” part again is that this has so far only been “read” 25 times, but still it creates much more clicks to my psychiatric-memo on Scridb, which is “impossible” unless “someone” had been fiddling with the systems, and yes this “someone” is not “somewhere in summertime” is it (?) and yes you might say that it is because this is only what SIMPLE MINDS of the world could do removing my “New Gold Dream” (!) because they decided to “fiddle” with the systems to obtain SECRECY OF THE DEVIL, and we know I find it nothing less than INCREDIBLE that the official world knows that I know about its wrong doings, and they know that I know they are reading me in secrecy, and still all of you are WIMPS not being “able” to leave this closet and show yourself publically declaring your faith in me – and yes APPALLING is what it is – and we know I still love you and I might give all of you THIS AMAZING SONG by Electric Light Orchestra about HORACE WIMP, who was afraid knocking on heavens door, “well he just stood there mumlin and fumbling, then a voice from above said”: WIMPS, GET OUT OF THE CLOSET OF DARKNESS AND POOR BEHAVIOUR AND SHOW YOUR FAITH IN ME to help the world – it is about TIME!

  • Kenneth from the meditation group is truly an inspired man – without knowing it when not reading this – and here he says that Buddha was three different places at the same time but sometimes he united himself, which made him take pretty much on in weight, and yes just thinking that I am the Maitreya Buddha – and will wake up as this man – and that I have taken on 30 kilos or more in weight ….

  • For 2-3 days I have experienced my Facebook website working incredible slowly and unreliable not automatic updating and not showing “older messages” when scrolling down and also not showing Obama’s updates at all – for a longer time – even though “he” (unfortunately not Obama self) keeps updating frequently as I just saw when opening “his” wall, and all I am thinking is my thought about Facebook going public these days cashing in BILLIONS OF DOLLARS, which I simply thought is VERY WRONG because the value of Facebook is simply the number of working hours put into creating it, and there you have the answer, and I wonder if there is a message about “Obama not communicating with me even though he would like to communicate”?



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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