February 9, 2012: The world found me as “Good Old Stig” inside of the Source and filled me up with the world as my body


Summary of the script today

8th February: The world found me as “Good Old Stig” inside of the Source and filled me up with the world as my body

  • I felt myself coming through to myself from the outside (!), and I saw my dead body being dragged to “the fountain of all” containing the Source of all time and Universes, which is where I will become my new self. A projector was pointed at me and I was told “found you”, and that is the Source self. As my old self, I found my new self inside of the Source with my old self being Old and New God and my new self being my resurrected soul of “Good Old Stig” (or Jesus) inside of the Source, who has been hidden as the deepest part inside of me protected by all darkness surrounding it, which is what we have cut through to arrive here. At the moment of reunion, as my new self I received the welcome “you cannot imagine how much you were loved, which you are not less now”. I felt my new self as a dark skull without a body/flesh and understood that the Universe IS my body, which will now become me. I was also given a CLEAR symbol saying that the Source includes EVERYTHING of all time and all Universes, and what we lost on our way to the Source, will be saved from there bringing us a perfect New World.
  • I was more tired during the whole day not sleeping than at any time before. During the day I felt how my body as Stig – the Source – was filled up with the world of the spirit of my mother and also how the spirit of my father became part of me, with me as my new self being everything, and he gave me the keys of the world. I was told that my old physical self of Jesus is now placed physically as the King of the Pyramids in Egypt. One world at the time enters me and it is inside of the Source that everything will be collected as One. When I will switch on our New World, I will be everything of all worlds united as one New World inside of me.

9th February: I would not be able to forgive myself if I did not bring every little thing of our world into the Source

  • After a record sleep of 15 hours – I was TIRED (!) – I was dreaming of being attacked by darkness until it discovers its mistakes, a long queue of the world is waiting to enter me, I have brought “everything” making it possible to do the finest roast beef, still I am working on the finest details, I would not be able to forgive myself if I did not bring every little thing with us in our New World inside of the Source, our Old and New World are standing in front of receiving a “special treatment” when entering me as the Source and I cannot clean them anymore because I cannot enter remaining darkness anymore.
  • Yesterday, Jonathan was inspired to write a message to the Facebook group of the meditation group – about darkness coming after the creation self because of the dualistic principle, and he even wrote about a “suggestion” to remove the dualistic system and herewith darkness self, which made me HAPPY to read, and I thought with this that Jonathan and the group should be “able” to understand me when this is what I write on my website, and I even thought that it would make him “happy” to receive more information, which I could bring to “enlighten” him and that is about the change of the creation self, which we did in 2011 doing exactly as proposed (!), and this was the reason why I wrote my “a little bit longer” posting also telling about the darkness of Jonathan and the group self, which was part of the reason why I could enter darkness and encode it with light instead – but instead of focusing on and understanding the OBJECTIVE content, he – and also Klaus a little – decided to MISUNDERSTAND me once again believing that my DIRECT way of communication was negative communication, and again I was “taught” by a man misunderstanding me, who believed that I was both negative and selfish, and that people have a right to become very annoyed because of this (!) – but just maybe this will truly help them one step further to the full understanding of me and remove any more darkness, which I cannot access myself.
  • Many inspired short stories again at the end of the script today, which normally are not included in the summary!


8th February: The world found me as “Good Old Stig” inside of the Source and filled me up with the world as my body

The world found me as “Good Old Stig” inside of the Source and filled me up with the world as my body

Late yesterday evening, I was shown and told that our Old World is an old reel-to-reel tape recorder compared to what we will get in our New World, which seems to improve much.

Later I felt myself now coming from the outside through to me and touching the wrist of my right hand, and I thought that this may be the reason why I have been given scratching and also warm feelings to the angles of my legs.

I was shown a witch dressed in black dragging my dead body to the middle of a square, which first is a kitchen roll, but it is removed and instead it is a fontain and really the fountain over all containing the Source of all time and Universes, and this is where I will become my new self – and I was told that this is happening in darkness where we feel ourselves the way forward.

I was shown wine and not snaps coming out of a small container, which is the one I saw the thread around on its inside recently, and I was told “because you are the best protected of all”.

I felt the spirit of my mother entering my head giving me a feeling like gooseflesh and it made me think of both the little mermaid and the statue of liberty, and also that this will bring me free as the resurrected soul of Jesus.

I saw that everything is blue (my colour) with a single orange (the colour of our Old God/World) in the middle and I also how the projector light is directed towards me with the feeling “found you” (!), and also the feeling that the world is waiting on me.

I was shown a classical orchestra and myself as a cello player with a small piece of the top of the instrument missing and I was told “this is how we see you becoming build” and also “you are the Source self, whom we are digging out”.

I was shown what to me looked like atoms being connected and I was told that these are atom upon atom now build all over the world without any holes at all, which is why the New World is much better than the old.

And I was encouraged to think about “whom am I” (?) with the only answer being that I am inside of the Source placed in the middle between our now combined Old and New World, and who is then approaching and now touching me (?) and that is my old new self on his journey through my old old self, did you get that (?), and that is because inside of the Source, I am or rather was neither of these.

I was shown Eddy Merckx, the master, cycling in darkness, and then in light wearing the yellow jersey (leading the race) and leaving the race before the goal because he has to pee, and I said “this is not how we are”, which is that just because I know as my physical Stig that I will be safe, I have no intentions to leave the race before all of me has crossed the line making us all the winners because as everyone know the winner takes it all and yes that is without any divorces on our way, Benny & Björn (!) and we know just another symbol of “no losses of life”, and that is if I will believe in this, and yes I am just writing what I receive hoping that this is the truth.

I was told “isn’t it like looking down into a submarine receiving old bottles of wine – what is he hiding (?), and yes, you inside of there possessing all information of all time” and I feel the same smile as Michael Jackson smiling in the end of the video of Liberian Girl and I hear “alright, you found me”, and inside of there is not three but only one person and that is Good Old Stig as I am told and really the resurrected soul of Jesus, who is the deepest inside of me and has been since reconnecting in the middle of 2010, and yes I do see now :-).

I was told that inside of the Source you cannot control the rudder of the ship (the world) and also not the stick controlling “light” or “darkness” because inside of here you can only be found, and I felt my self being drawn towards the New World soaking me out in front of me.

And when this happened, I received CONSTANT rubbish (!) from the darkness, which I constantly had to say “wrong, wrong and wrong” to, and yes you do become tired of doing this “many thousands of times” over time.

I felt the taste of a chop – this is the only meat I have at the moment, Nicolas, because it was the cheapest to buy – and it symbolised “my life”, Billy, which is really my old favourite of yours, and appropriate to bring here when one part of me found the central part of me, and I felt how the left side of my skull started changing and also how the right side of my skull is a black skull from which I look out through the eyes holes, and I have no body/flesh, only a skull.

I received the deepest feelings imaginable and was told “you cannot imagine how much you were loved, which you are not less now”, and this was our moment of reunion, and I understood that my body is the world outside this container, and now my body has returned to me.

Hereafter I was encouraged to write this information down, which I have done now at 00.45 (the 8th) and only with great difficulties because I am truly tired both physically and of working and we know it also takes out energy to keep on absorbing/fighting the voice of darkness too, which may not come as a surprise to anyone and not least your sister after she has truly started to read and understand (?), but maybe to my mother just thinking that I suffer from “voices speaking to me” as everyone else having the same “sickness” and yes sad but true, do you see, Sanna?

I was told – and felt – that there is still darkness because it is only a very small hole we have created to the Source.

When I started writing this chapter I was encouraged listening to Simply Red via Spotify, and yes I was in the mood listening to Mick & Co., so that was a good idea and I did not care about the symbol of “Simply RED” (darkness), and what did I see when opening Spotify (?), and yes only this commercial saying “this album saves lives”, and “listen now!”, which is an album of many fine artists interpreting Bob Dylan, and I understood that I have now been found inside of the Source and what does the Source bring (?) and only everything of what we lost on our way here, and I was told “what we knew about and tried to tell you, but you know the game …” and this is what I truly hope is the TRUE story of light – you never know – and it comes to me with strength, so this is what it might be, and if it is so that EVERYTHING is stored inside of the Source saving us from any losses, it will TRULY make me very happy because in this case we will receive the finest world imaginable and we know wouldn’t we have if I had “lost it” on the way (?) and what about saving our Old World on the outmost of the knife edge risking it to become our “lost world” (?) and we will see later if this is the entire truth I here received, or if the quality of my work – “not given up” – made a difference now when we have reached the end and that is at least “almost”. Later: This may also be darkness trying to make me give up the race now thinking that now I have the yellow jersey anyway, but no matter what, I will NOT change the name of the game I am playing, so come on, give me your best shot and we will take it from there (and that is because darkness continued coming on to me VERY strongly including MUCH MORE WORK, which I declined, and a weak heart, so probably not an easy job to enter this small container of the Source).

Everything is saved inside of the Source, which we now have opened, meaning that everything, which was lost on our road there, is saved 🙂

And yes, Bob if not for you :-), and there was a time when the times they were a-changin but now it is as if THINGS HAVE CHANGED and if I was to chose only one Bob Dylan song, I do believe it would be this one, a master piece it is, and yes 100 points is what it is, and just thinking that I received 100 friends on Facebook yesterday with Birgit and really “encouraged to write it” because it does not become better than this.

Let me end this chapter with an inspired message from one of the artists I rank the highest, Björk from Iceland, but it may be the first time I write about you (?), but I can assure you that Camilly, my old girlfriend, VERY clearly remembers how much I played you and loved your music in the 1990’s (which she did not), and this evening you were suddenly inspired to post the message below saying that your little brother was a bit of “crazy” (!), so you wrote this AMAZING song to tell him off (!), and yes just like my sister believing I was crazy telling me off – or rather my surroundings without telling me (!) – before she came to an understanding, and yes let us bring the video here, which is also inspired as you can see with a sport car inside of the truck, which are old symbols of the speed/power of our New World, but then the engine of the truck breaks down (!), and she visits the dentist to fix her tooth pain with the dentist being a monkey – an old symbol of darkness – and what does the monkey of darkness find (?) and we know a DIAMOND (symbolising all light of all time) inside of the mouth of Björk, and they fight over the diamond with Björk winning and putting the diamond into the engine of the truck, which makes it drive again because this diamond (of the Source) is what makes the world go around (in this very fine song and performance, brilliant movie history, money to me is “energy”), and from here she decides to visit the museum, where her little brother is lying lifeless, and in order to wake him up, she has to explode a bomb, which destroys the museum, and we know everything of this video is right with one exception only and that is that I did not allow my sister to make me explode the bomb of Nixon (because of the immense darkness brought to me) to blow away all darkness to reach me inside of the Source, and we know if the bomb had blown off too early, it would have created a new Big Bang, and later it would have created great damage to the world, but survival, but no, I did not accept any explosion, and still I think of what kind of damages the Universe has suffered to come here, and I really don’t know, I fear the worst and hope the best, and all I do know is that everything will become fine in our future new home as I strongly hear here from people also “monitoring” me, and yes you are welcome and that is different to me when you only have good intentions (not saying that this is to be followed as an example) compared to mankind of Earth monitoring me WRONGLY because of your poor behaviour/intentions.

My body as Stig inside the Source is filled up with our New World consisting of all worlds of all time

I may have ended writing the chapter above at 02.00 or 02.30 the 8th, and when I now continue writing down notes from my mobile phone, it is now 13.30 the 9th (!), which is just to say that I gave everything I had in me, and after a 15 hour sleep between the 8th and 9th, I am now ready to write down the rest of my experiences of first the 8th and afterwards the 9th.

I felt how the spirit of my mother entered me as my new self starting to fill up my body, and I now speak as my new self, which are “the I” feelings I am given.

I was shown myself being in a cellar with a counterfeiter, and Haddock asks me as TinTin for directions, I am reading the newspaper and say that I don’t care, and no this is not how it is, but I understood that this is how the world feels when I was now to tired to keep on working (to show the direction towards me), and by 03.30 I received a new tired crisis, which was one of several and the rest of the day was really one long crisis, and I tell you that being awake when you are so tired as I was here where the clock only feels like moving forward very slowly, is not the best feeling I have had in the world.

At 04.25 I received the first feeling of my proud father returning home.

I was shown myself as Gold with little darkness in front of “all Indians too”.

I heard “shall we give him the gift now, it is only a King’s crown we have brought from home to you”.

This night, “by chance” I found the movie ”Allan Quartermain and The Lost City of Gold” on the archive of DR1 TV, which I watched, and I saw it as a symbol of connecting the lost world with the Source, and I do believe I tried to keep up my eyes maybe 50 times during this movie making it “somewhat difficult” to see and understand it all, but I did not fall asleep.

I was told “the words have been said from the big to the small – I give you the keys to our city”, which was my father giving me the city of the lost city, and the world really.

I felt blue and purple in my right foot together with a feeling of resurrection, and I was told “this is the return of the Universe to you”.

I was told “when he was only a small boy, he thought of you and then your mother, in this order, which I see now”, which is about the view of my father back then.

I was shown a big tree in darkness and told “you have a main entrance, which we don’t see before now” – to the Source, and five minutes later I was told “jolly well, there was the main entrance”, and I said “you are heartfelt welcome” and I felt on my extreme edge as never before.

I was shown a cinema and felt the colour of purple and was asked “may I sit next to you” (?) and “sure you can” was my answer, and the purple is the colour of Karen or Mary Magdalena if you will, and I was told “first thereafter comes your mother – yes I had to create Karen first” (with the feeling being in order for us to create my mother), and I thought myself as Stig, fine I will just write down what you tell me even though this came as a surprise to me, because I thought it was the spirits of my mother and father creating me?

When writing my script now I feel that I would have liked to take more notes during the night and the day to follow, which would have given an even better story, but I was “more than tired” you know, and when I took down notes, I instantly received a pressure to write down more, and when I decided that I could not, the flowing stream of information stopped.

I was shown the HEAVIEST waterfall I have ever seen, and I saw how people with mud all over had to go through the most intense waterfall any family has gone through to face the music in order to clean them from the mud, and yes this is what my family went through, and I was their waterfall.

I saw an ambulance, and an accident almost happening, and on my way home I am with my neighbour and hear “have we spoken about keys from me”.

I went to bath at 08.30 until 11.00 (!) and wrote that “I thought it would be piece of cake to stay awake but this is among the most difficult of all, I am exceptionally tired”, and I also wrote a note “no writing, no going to the library today, only stay awake, a few notes, work tomorrow” because I was on my most extreme edge here, and so much that I feared that if I cycled to the library in town to read the paper, I would be too tired to cycle home, which has been my feeling the last couple of times going there, and today was much worse, therefore – and during the day I received constant encouragements to work, but I was beyond my furthest limits really feeling that if I sat down to write anything more, I would “lose it” throwing up and start speaking negatively, but still I also felt that if I really had to, I could have done at least some work, but this is where I sat my limit, and I was told that staying awake is the same as “watching out that the meat will not burn”.

I was shown my mother lying on her back holding up her new little child, and this was happiness of my mother after having found me.

I felt myself as red and I was told ”it is like this that we now lie in the pyramid”, and I understood that this is my old physical self as Jesus, which is now physically present in an Egyptian Pyramid, and yes “where would you bury the greatest of all Kings” (?), which is my question to the world.

I was told “silver has also entered” (the spirit of my mother of our New World) and felt myself lying in a 2,000 years old uniform (in the Pyramid), and I was told that this happened while and because I was not sleeping.

I was told “is it like this that we take one world at the time and collect them inside there (at the Source) at the end” (?), and also “then we will wait for this to happen, and at the end, your message to start”.

During the day I was thinking that it hurts me that poor communication and misunderstandings mean that I receive no news about how my father feels after his operation – and also the great misunderstandings and “fear” at this side of my family, which truly makes me more sad than you can imagine, and yes Jeanette, this also goes to you, how could you (?), I thought you were “smarter” than this, but you were not, and I felt the spirit of my father – clearly giving me the feeling of my physical father as I often received together with the feeling of him, but not always, and still I know that it is him – and how he is now part of me with my new self as Stig (the old Jesus) as foundation of everything, and yes there is a difference to before where the spirit of my father was me, and the feeling now is that I am everything as one large mattres and on top of this comes my father.

I was told ”tomorrow, not one week or one month, you will be ready” and later also “this is now the road to the wine festival of Kronborg, which has started slowly”” and again this was a game of how long it will take before I will be ready.

I was given the song ”the heat dies down” by Kaiser Chiefs, and I wonder if this is about my sufferings, which will decrease.

I was told that “we installed the light, but it is nothing without you”.

And for a long time I kept on hearing different enthusiastic speech about ”he did it alone”, which was to fight darkness without breaking down, hence without the need of the Council to help me, and I was shown my self as part of the classical orchetra starting to play myself, which also created enthusiasm.

I kept on receiving feelings of my old girlfriend, Henriette, over and over again during the day, and I was told that she is on her way up, therefore.

I watched Annette Heick first on Aftenshowet on DR1 TV and later when she followed the tracks of her forefathers, which is a kind of TV I like much to see, and it made me very happy to see the enourmous interest, smiles and good spirits of Annette, and more than anything her EMPATHY and ability to imagine how the lives of other people may have been like – I cannot remember seeing this as clearly in any other person I have seen/met – and she was inspired too when she live on Aftershowet here about family history research said:

I visited the Public Record Office …, and it is simply the most interesting place in the whole world, I thought, it is a GOLD MINE, a treasure chest of another world”, and yes surely this is what it is, Annette, it is just like living in another world without the world (!), and when you have finished your fine TALK TALK and feelings about your forefathers, and read this, you will understand that it was God speaking through you to say that inside of the Source is everything of all times, so this was truly the GOLD MINE you spoke about here :-).

At 20.00 I was told that “we have now installed the largest speakers ever”, and all day long I kept on hearing “I am heartfelt welcome”, which was a message from my new inner self to my old inner self, and I was told that not everyone has yet entered me, and I thought that I have felt the spirit of Karen, my mother and father entering me – and I do believe when writing this that I was also given the spirit of Paul, which is John Paul II, you know.

I was told that I have now played a lot of Shubidua lately, so now it is time to play something else from another inspired Danish band, and then I was given the song “popmusikerens vise” by tv-2 and the lyrics “Som ung musikant blev jeg af mor, spændt fast til et blankpoleret skolebord” (“as a young musician I was tightened to a bright polished school table”), which is what I was when the world (of my mother) and its sins tightened me to the school (journey) of my life, and this was a MAJOR hit by tv-2 in the beginning of the 1980’s and it is is a song and lyrics build on the original “admiralens vise” by Jørgen Reenberg (which I am surprised to see is not to be found on the Internet, at least here), which again is from the original “When I Was A Lad (Ruler of the Queen’s Navee)” from Gilbert & Sullivan’s HMS Pinafore.

I also received the song “signal” by Sneakers – they are TRULY amazing, these boys and girl(s) and yes just like a ferry returning to harbour of the Source 🙂 – and the lyrics “du stiller ind på en kanal og siger du venter på et signal” (“you tune into a channel and say you wait for signal”) and the signal is when I will say “switch it on” and yes everything of our New World – which means that I will connect everything I have found as my new self being EVERYTHING – which I will first do when I feel no more darkness, and yes I am sad to see that it is imposible to find “signal” by Sneakers as a video on the Internet – there has to be GOOD QUALITY film with Sneakers out there (?) – and because of this, let us take this beautiful song and video by Robbie Williams instead, and yes because I FEEL for it :-).


9th February: I would not be able to forgive myself if I did not bring every little thing of our world into the Source

Dreaming that I would not be able to forgive myself if I did not bring every little thing of our world into the Source

I went to bed at 21.00, and to be “safe” I sat the alarm of my phone to 09.00, so I would be sure to get up, but when I heard it at 09.00, I was almost like in another world, and yes they keep on TALK TALK too – and yes just hoping to see you in concert again, Mark, as brilliantly as your Montreux 1986 concert (?) – and I was still so tired that I simply kept on sleeping until 12.00, and yes for 15 hours in a row, which has to be the longest I have slept ever (?), and let us see if I can read the notes of dreams of the night:

  • I saw a young lady speaking on the telephone believing that I have misused people sexually, which is a misunderstanding, and when she afterwards wants to enter the kitchen, where I am, I tell her not to because I am sexually aroused, which I don’t want her to see. Afterwards I leave the living room, and I see there is only one dog and I think about where the other dog is, and think that it will probably return (because it always does), and then the first dog attacks me but only until it realises its own mistake and stop.
    • I am wondering if this is about misunderstood thoughts of my mother not understanding that “girls of film” without hurting people was the offense I was given as old Stig by darkness of the world. The one dog is of darkness, which keeps on attacking me until everything becomes light, and I am just thinking here that our (“my”) old dog Don always ran away when we lived in Snekkersten, and I don’t know how many times I was out looking for it, and somehow it always remembered where we lived making it come home, and is this everything of our world will do too with a little bit of magic, Olivia?
  • I am together with Michael H. from Shubidua and a few others, and it is my turn to shop and prepare dinner, I have prepared myself but not brought a memo to the supermarket of what to buy. I see that I have prepared the most delicious roast beef ever, but Michael suggests to put capers and cream on top of it, and when I return to the supermarket to get this, I see the longest queue inside of there as I have ever seen, I return with the train, where I show my unstamped train punch card believing that the ticket inspector will not notice, but he does, and when I return, I am told that the others have left for the local doctor’s house, and I have received two complete identical messages on Facebook.
    • Shopping in the supermarket will have to bring life and “everything” with us, the long queue may be about the world entering me, and I have so much that I am able to make the finest roast beaf ever, but still I am working on the absolute finest details to bring capers and cream on it, and I feel that this is to make some kind of the Italian dish Vitello tonnato with the cream being tuna cream, and I really think of a combination of two meals here, and I wonder if this is what we are doing now when the world is entering the Source as one of these dishes hoping that the Source is what is bringing the extra “fine details” to make everything complete (?) – just hoping I am – and the ticket conductor will be darkness catching me on my way, and what is the doctor’s house about (darkness making people feel poorly) and two identical messages on Facebook may be about the world self and the memory of the Source (?) and just guessing here.
  • My other old dog Cas – or my sister’s really – has run away in Hørsholm, and I would not be able to forgive myself if I did not find it again. I see that people have created radios themselves, how Dan Rachlin hates “Disco tango” by Tommy Seebach, which we hear now, I am singing “Katinka” and people are on their way to dinner with me in Snekkersten.
    • When writing this dream about not being able to forgive me if I did not find the dog – i.e. everything inside of darkness – I received the vision of Morgan Freeman, who also played God in Bruce Almighty :-), and I was told “I am the best actor, do you remember” (?) and yes I sure hope this is the truth of the light saying that we will get EVERY LITTLE THING with us. “Disco tango” is something about “old times” and yes our Old World, and Katinka is to say that Russia is with me, and that will have to be despite of your role in Syria.

  • Something about Jacob from Acta, who speaks to my mother and is drinking beer.
    • A spiritual connection and still he is drinking beer, a symbol of darkness.
  • I see two pair of rubber shoes – two different – which is going to receive some kind of special treatment, but I notice that they have not been washed, and I see my old class friend Tine, who is still beautiful and taller than I expected – almost my size – and I ask her to find a brush, which she cannot, and I feel my father naming one pair of shoes for “Frederik”, and I see a bed with red bed clothes.
    • I wonder if these two pair of shoes are our Old and New World, which is still becoming cleaned from darkness, which however is difficult to do now when the spirit of my mother do not have the tools to clean any more with the tool being me, who cannot enter any more of deep darkness (?), and the height of Tine and the red bed clothes is about the power of darkness I meet, and Frederik may be about the Danish crown prince as a symbol of my new self as the King.

After waking up I was told that for the spiritual world it feels like coming unstuck when I am sleeping, and after some time I was shown and told that we were hidden behind refrigerators, and I heard “you can come out now”, and I felt how darkness was hun on right shoulder and it felt that without me darkness does not exist any longer.

When I worked this afternoon on the final parts of script yesterday and the script of today, I was shown paragraphs of text on my computer with the right part hanging down lower than the left (a vision/illusion), and I was told that this is what we will now correct, which is to lift up the left part.

It is not become “warmer” here, which is closer to the freezing point and even above this point during the weekend, and I was told that this is a sign saying that I don’t need to stay up all night any longer, and I do hope this is right, but you never know.

I was shown myself flying quickly over the African Savannah and I felt darkness on its way home, and I also saw a rotating roulette inside a small glass bowl and I understood that this is darkness still working and I was told “it hurts” and is this about “losing life” on our way into the Source, where it might be recreated with the energy available there, which we do not have here even though we have the recipe – is this how it is?

I had a look at Birgit’s wall – my new friend from the Martinus study group – and instantly received the feeling that I wanted to become Facebook friends with Franz Beckerlee (here with one of my TOP Gasolin favourite songs :-)), the old guitarist of Gasolin, and this meant that Birgit has helped the final part of creation, and yesterday I was told about her Martinus study group speaking of me, and yes I wonder how she and the group reacted to the message of me being Jesus and that I will receive “cosmic consciousness” (?) and yes they probably “don’t need to read me” because Martinus self said that his works was the continuation of the Bible and Christ (which it was!), and there would come no reincarnation of Jesus (which was NOT true), and yes because of these words “it is totally impossible for them to believe in me” (?), but I wonder if Birgit and the group still may have “doubts” making it possible for me to enter (?) and yes we only need small holes here and there to come through darkness, do you see?

At 14.45 I was told “We have now reached the point where we will exchange the negative view of your eyes”, and I felt that this also includes to remove the old WRONG sexual temptations given to me, which has continued all along to this very day, which I have had to suppress constantly.

The game and my question is still whether or not the Source has a copy of everything of our world (?), and this is what I am told at one hand (“everything was a game”) and on the other, I received the feelings yesterday that if I had been able to work more yesterday, I would have saved more content of darkness, and who knows (?) and yes one day I will know “everything” my self – and I am here thinking of the Source as “nothing” and “no memory” without the world, is this how it is?

Brian A. was inspired to bring the following posting by this group, which is about “problems reported by the pilot” and “answer recorded by the mechanic”, and in general, the pilot has problems keeping him from flying, and the mechanic cannot help to repair the problems, which seems to be a message confirming that I cannot retrieve anymore from darkness.

And what is the Source (?), and we know, Brian gave the answer below, which is “pure energy” and love, and does the Source also have a memory of everything of all time of our physical and spiritual world or have we lost some of it for an eternity on our way returning to the Source?

And then I was given the other feeling that “everything will be fine” because I did my best, and I now “understand” after writing the reply below to Brian Mørk, who has interviewed the MEGA stars (yes, something also happening there and that is on the WRONG Acta law :-))
Coldplay, that nothing is better than this, so this is why I wrote, and I am sad that I cannot see this interview, because TV2 Zulu is one of the channels I cannot see on my TV.

If all of this was only a game – which would become good when uniting with the Source – why did I go to my extreme limits doing my best work (?), and the only reason I can find, was to save the Universe from physical destruction and as much sacrifices as possible.

I continued receiving some negative speech today especially when I was feeling VERY tired of writing as I was, but still I also experienced periods of almost no darkness and once I was even told with excitement something about the end of this now coming, and all I could say was “no” because if there is any more darkness for me to to retrieve information from, I will, and later

I kept on receiving a very strong urge from remaining darkness – it does not feel as much and I receive STRONG smiles all around it, which is a new feeling – to enter my right angle with a desire to explode, but NO, you are NOT going to do that with my approval and when writing these words, I receive the feeling of Janet Parker (bringing me some of this last darkness), and yes Janet surely not nice to be “provocated” by someone like me only wanting to take advantage of you and your “good reputation” and still you know that I love you too?

I was shown that the last details also includes a final polish of the axis of our New World, and I was shown the axis of a large truck.

Jonathan almost receives the same information as I – but his FEELINGS still makes it “impossible” for him to believe me!

Yesterday, Jonathan was inspired to write a message to the Facebook group of the meditation group – about darkness coming after the creation self because of the dualistic principle, and he even wrote about a “suggestion” to remove the dualistic system and herewith darkness self, and yes it made me HAPPY to read, and I thought with this that Jonathan and the group should be “able” to understand me when this is what I write on my website, and I even thought that it would make him “happy” to receive more information, which I could bring to “enlighten” him and that is about the change of the creation self, which we did in 2011 doing exactly as proposed (!), and this was the reason why I wrote my “a little bit longer” posting also telling about the darkness of Jonathan and the group self, which was part of the reason why I could enter darkness and encode it with light instead, and yes were they able to “understand” this “simple to understand” truth (?), and NO (!), sadly they “CANNOT” understand my form telling the truth directly, objectively and openly “twisting” my objective/positive words into the opposite believing I am negative when I am not (!), and yes just like a “Twisted Sister” saying “We’re Not Gonna Take It” “– that is why, Sanna (!) – because “who are you telling us we are wrong – what about yourself” (?), and yes Jonathan, these are PRIMITIVE, WRONG and NEGATIVE feelings coming to you, which you now once again tell me and that is “because I don’t need to read to tell that you are wrong/crazy”, and with this ignorant, but still better-knowing attitude, you influence the others NEGATIVELY against me once again, and yes I wonder if this will bring me any more darkness (?), and what I am told is “nej, vi er glade I låget” (“no, we are happy in the the lid”, which we say in Danish, and it means someone who is “a little bit simple and crazy”, and this is how I saw this group opposing me, and simply because this is what you are when you “cannot” read and understand both what I write to you objectively and my website, and yes once again, it made me SAD, and I wonder if this also will help the group to understand me even better, and yes the more they are exposed to me, the better it helps the understanding and yes just thinking of my words in the church in Kenya and how many times the pastor said the same to make the congregation understand when they did not listen, and yes this is the same principle, and ONCE should be enough if you truly listen.

Here is first his FINE posting of yesterday including some of the reactions:

And here is my “inspired” (!) posting of today divided into two pictures:

This is the continuation of my message above:

And 10 minutes after my posting (this is how long it took him to “carefully” read my posting and write his (!), and yes driven by negative feelings and yes driven by tears as I feel the spirit of my mother telling me here with the police as an old symbol of darkness) Jonathan starts his wrong teaching of me where he says “I read nothing from one end to another” (!), and he believes that he can “beat you in golf” (!), which he is told spiritually (!) – and therefore “feels secure” and yes, yes, yes, GOLF is the old game of mine between light and darkness, and I wonder if this is what you can do, Jonathan, because through my postings, I am removing darkness including doubts from you and the group, and I wonder how long it will take you for you “also” to start believing in me, and that it was your own wrong and negative feelings deceiving you (?), and as with other simple minded people before him, he received the same feeling about me, which was to say that “I believe quite a few will it not demand then like to receive examples of positive and negative self-knowledge” (in relation to me) and “when have you YOURSELF been genius and daft” (?) and yes I am not to teach you because I have to be crazy, if I don’t make mistakes myself (?), and yes simple, but sadly his truth, this is what Jonathan decided to focus on, his negative feelings and “what about yourself” (?) and yes “as everyone else on my journey also did”, and why is it that people cannot control their feelings and simply read and understand objectively – it should NOT be that difficult?

And Jonathan kept resisting me and concentrated here on “subjective personal judgements” and also that we could lead an objective dialogue, if I removed my ego (!), and yes I am wondering, Jonathan, who the person with a big ego is here not understanding the other party (?), and it made me tell among other things him that I am NOT on his (spiritual) wave because he receives information from darkness, which cannot reach me, and I wonder if we are using another way around to clean more darkness with some of these people still trapped by darkness, which I cannot access (?) and just thinking I am and here not knowing.

After writing my first posting where I told about the meditation group soaking out energy of me, I was told that TV commercials of the Danish company “L’easy”, which have run here for some months, are directly inspired of this, when the “funny line” is “Hell Sanne, you soak money out of me” and as everyone will know, “money” is the symbol of “energy” and yes EASY to understand me, Klaus and Jonathan, if you simply read and understand instead of wrongly making EASY into L’easy.

I was also told that this “exercise” is part of bringing all branches of the tree together in the middle at the end, where everyone will understand each other.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • It took Klaus from the meditation group FIVE days to react to my reply to his posting the 3rd February, but he did react – no deafening silence here – but he did not understand that we can change the world not by taking one small (as he said) but one GIANT step for mankind, which are the words given to me, so this is what it is/was about:

  • First Kenneth, and then Jimmy via Selvet, was inspired to bring this butterfly with the elephant in the middle, and he writes about the feeling of butterflies in the stomach flying up to your head, and this is about the nervousness of creating one New World based upon the two wings of our Old and New World – this is the meaning of the words, Kenneth, and this is the nervousness we went through, and Jimmy brought smiles as a symbol saying that “we did it” when he did not know if this new creature was a “butter-phant” or “ele-flies” :-).

  • Morten from TV2 spoke about “indecent sexual behaviour” (!) first and then the return of “Buffalo boots” meaning that they are now returning, and to me these buffalo boots are the same as the “buffalo soldier” returning and that is the man inside of the Source – my inner self – who was “fighting on arrival, fighting for survival” as Bob Marley sings below in one of his many GREAT songs :-).


  • The other day I was encouraged to look at Lena B’s contacts on Linkedin in order to find Maj C. and connect with her – I know both from before when they worked at Teleperformance – and I understood that it is because she is a “special friend” too, so this I did, but guess what, Maj has NOT accepted my Facebook invitation, and this was from a woman I also had “good relations” with, and I can only guess that Lena had a BIG mouth about me and we know better-knowing ignorance again working directly against me.
  • I was happy to see the “2012 Campaign Playlist” by Obama published on Spotify, and besides from American music, which I did not know (much) of, I was HAPPY to see U2, Al Green and NOT least Electric Light Orchestra with Mr. Blue Sky with the most fantastic ending of a song and yes I can only say “We’re so pleased to be with you, Look around see what you do, Ev’rybody smiles at you, Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba, Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba” 🙂

  • I saw a reply from Niclas to one of his friends today sharing a video by Enigma – also beautiful music – and yes she was INSPIRED too saying what we did, which was to return to the Source going through “nothing” of the darkness, and yes Niclas loved this, and the three hearts is also a trademark of “me” as I here received with surprise and yes the feeling of Niclas because are we the same, Niclas (?), and yes you were “not able” to understand the signs given to you (“red” and “blue” etc.) and yes if you do not read and understand, it is easy to misunderstand when this is what you want?
    • The spirit of my mother also said when writing this that this is also about her returning to “grace – to innocence” after darkness was forced upon her.

  • In my script the other day of the 7th February, I deliberated tried to see if I could get a reaction from the secret world, which does not officially read my scripts, to read one of my Scribd documents, which is why I deliberately brought a link to my document about the commune harassing me – I could have decided to bring any link – and yes what did it show (?), and only that this document after between 0-2 reading it for a long time with 0 most days, suddenly received 25 visits the 7th February and 6 the 8th, and yes the funny part is that my script of the 7th February “officially” only have 14 visits as per today, so how can this “sudden interest” to my Scribd document be (?), and yes IMPOSSIBLE once again, and if you know about “click rates”, you will know that only very few “readers” of an webpage, will click on a link on it, and yes if I set this “click rate” to 1%, it means that I had 2,500 secret visitors to this script of the 7th, which may be “more like it” – and yes the fun part is also that my “psychiatric” document, which I also deliberately did not link to the 7th, has now decreased to 5 and 3 visitors the 7th and 8th February nearing its “old” rate of visitors, which officically is “practically nothing” and yes just saying again that the official world is reading me, but not talking about me in public, and that the public world is not reading me (much) but talking MUCH about me, and yes that is people knowing about me, that is, which you know is family/friends etc. So like the Mythbusters, I can say that this was CONFIRMED.

My experiment of the 7th was confirmed: Bringing a link to Scribd increased the visitors to my document of the Commune harassing me with a larger number than ….

…. The official visitors to my script of the 7th (!), and when you know about normal “click rates”, the secret visits of the official world to my scripts are “thousands” – BUSTED, you are!

  • I sent the following answer to Emil, who had asked about the purpose of our New World.

  • The Syrian government continues to murder its own people and to lie about it, and according to Naser Khader “Russia has given Assad license to kill”, and I don’t know the details here, but I am told that this is also bringing us trough the last darkness to encode it with light, and a reference to me is given by the inspired words “license to kill”, which is about James Bond as the symbol of me removing everything evil, and it takes meeting evilness to remove it – and yes the Old World it doing what is WRONG to do not to announce my arrival and acknowledge me to end all war, but as long as you keep working with the Old World Order, I am happy to see some of you acting with STRENGTH, and that includes you, Sarkozy, and that is also in this respect as you can read from Naser’s article here.

  • Inspired messages keeps coming in and yes I have excluded several including a joke of sexual content from Birgitte in Norwasy and others “not as important” too, but this one “was too good to be excluded” and really because the words were put in the mouth of Lykke, which I could not misunderstand and yes “old habits die hard” (!), and when you love music, you have to react to the title of a beautiful song by Mick Jagger, don’t you (?), and yes this is why I wrote the following reply to Lykke after she had informed that she got involved in a talk about “sex roles”, and I told her that she could read the meaning of my message to her “another place” than in the newspaper, where you cannot read about me (?), and yes why is this (?) and the answer is because of the BAN OF WORLD POLITICIANS to write about me, and yes Lykke, this decision of your “inability” in the Danish Parliament to break from it, is what is bringing me darkness and sufferings too, and as everyone by now will understand (that goes to careful readers of my scripts), Mick Jagger and Rolling Stones are – besides from some of my favourite artists – also a symbol of “sexual sufferings”, and yes that is “my old nightmare” you know, and had I been weaker than the darkness you brought me, it would have meant destruction, which I however could not accept, and then there was only one way out, and that was to be stronger than all of you opposing me, do you see – and yes Lykke, what about you, why don’t you write an article about me in the paper for everyone to see (?), and yes what could happen to you doing this (?), do you fear being discredited and what may be worse (?), and don’t tell me that you fear for your life to tell the truth (?) and is that what some of you do (?), and yes shame on you, Old World, as I both hear and also see here with someone smacking the behind of another (!), and yes I could go on forever, but will end this here. By the way, Lykke, how is the climate these days (?), and oh, the world “could not” agree on this too, and do you see the work of the Devil making it “impossible” for the world to save itself?

  • On Aftenshowet on DR1 TV, the three judges of X-factor was interviewed and I did not hear much because I was working, but I did hear Blachman talking about “the right song choices” for the contestants and then suddenly he was inspired here when he said “otherwise they have to call Dan Rachlin, if they want to have some hits”, and of course it was his reply to Dan’s continuous attacks on him, and I don’t know who is right of these two from a professional point of view (that Blachman cannot produce hits, thus not find/develop talents), all I know is that Blachmann does his best and verbally tells the truth directly, which I like, but also too STRONGLY making people, who cannot control their feelings, cry, and yes yes yes this is how I see it, and Dan was “proud”, because later he posted this saying that first he was mentioned by Blachman and now he was going to speak with Michael Bublé on the phone, and we know Blachman helps setting up our New World and its communication system with much love, this is what it says (!), and some of the replies to Dan spoke of “money”, which is about new energy too – and yes Dan was also in the next interview following Blachman on Aftenshowet (I wonder if the two of you met and were “able” to speak, or if it was “if eyes could kill” among you?) and I did not hear much of this interview too, but Dan spoke about cycling helmets and he believed that he had to give his son a smart “chef like” helmet for him to use it (!) – yes this is what he said and the chef is about creating/saving life, you know and when he was asked if he wanted to improved as a role model to his children (to drive more securely in traffic) he said here that “I will still point out that there is hysteria and indignation of people in terms of a tour along the golf course with the dog” (he believes it is a good idea to use cycling helmets in heavy traffic but not “along the golf course”), and this was about my journey to teach the darkness to improve (golf course being “the game” and the dog “darkness”), and finally I was told that neither Blacman nor Dan knows that it is me “behind the curtain” bringing them together like this.

I receive the feeling that this is simply what I had togo through today, and yes “piece of cake” really – even though I am very TIRED of doing this work – and yes the difference is that I was NOT tired today and did not receive much negative speech from darkness – I “simply” had to endure writing everything, which I believed was right to include, and this was it, and yes ending the writing of the script of today at 02.05 – after working most of the time since 13.30 (maybe half an hour break), and publishing the last two days of scripts at 02.50, and I am NOT tired now, so I might decide to go to bed at 04.00 or 05.00, and maybe even to wait until “tomorrow” evening, we will see, and yes that will be in the next scripts, and that is of course if I am still writing, which I don’t know about yet.

And after writing the last two short stories of the day, which was also after writing the chapter on Jonathan, I was told “yes, we don’t have to bring money with us now”, which was the voice telling me that I don’t need to bring it energy all night long – it may be right or wrong you know – and I received a little bit of physical touch to my privat parts and also the feeling of darkness of people of other civilizations entering me, and I understood that Jonathan was “able” to push forward this additional darkness to me, and yes we have NOT closed the entrance from more darkness to enter the wasching machine and our New World.

When I was watching “Aftenshowet” on the Internet to find the inspired speech I had herad live on TV earlier in the evening to include the links for the script and concentrating on what was said, I was shown a pyramid around me and told “we will simply continue building your new pyramid, don’t let us interfere”, and really because the pressure to give me new information and stories has started again – it has been MUCH since the day where I felt all darkness pouring out at once – and here I started receiving more of it, but still not as much as previously, and yes Jonathan, thank you for helping, which you of course don’t know that you do when you don’t read this?

I also received some heartburn and also a few sneezes and high hiccups, and this will have to be it before publishing.

At 02.43 I was told that it is first now that we remove the pee under the mattres of the princess, which is to remove the sexual torments of the spirit of my mother forced to carry out my “old nightmare” if I was not strong enough to resist it, and yes the pee made it impossible for my mother – and me – to sleep, which was a story H.C. Andersen wrote more much more than 100 years ago.



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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