February 11, 2012: Against all odds, Obama and an invisible touch of magic helped saving 100% of all creation of all times


Summary of the script today

10th February: Inspired speech of X-factor about my birth, Syria and the official world being in shock because of my sufferings

  • I was told that I could sleep again, but the nature of dreams made me very sad for deciding to do so – I was dreaming of darkness having figured out a cunning way to kill me, I heard people shouting out “God” in despair before dying (terminating?) and I receive sexual sufferings and eat part of creation/life with the Trinity with discomfort (to bring energy).
  • Meshack’s health has improved a bit, but he is still struggling to find means of life, and I tell him my wished of a better future including my hope for the world to REPENT to avoid murders of the future, also herewith saying that Meshack has been on his edge of life and death, and I ask the world to get started to give people a “normal life” – but I only hear “deafening silence” from the world making me very sad.
  • The X-factor live show on TV started today with many inspired messages including many LAMPS of our New World being set up, all parts of me wanting to survive, Tommy and Rasmus Seebach and my old self creating original life and my new self, my birth arriving, my old meditation group starting to understand me, Blachman was in “rare form tonight” and I felt Obama, myself, still some darkness and the outcome of the spirit of my mother working in him, people of the world believing they are “normal” are “crazy”, the official world is shocked because of the WRONG behaviour I have received and the sufferings I have consequently gone through, and they appreciate my openness showing my feelings, which I encourage the world to do too (no negative feelings in our New World), due to the political world deciding NOT to announce/publically support me, darkness was given to Syria deciding to strike hard and violent against its own population and now the world cannot solve what it should be able to solve, Karen and I will find and stay together when we will find each other sexually, which is the glue, which has to work to make people stay together, Blachman suddenly attacked the two other judgers making them pretend to be knocked out like the light of Cassius knocked out the darkness of Foreman, or as I knocked out the darkness of the world, I am the messenger bringing a New World of LOVE to all life and all life is a part of this world, the expectations of the world to me is turned very much up, please respect that I have a normal life to live too and not overload me, “it is not always everyone, who is ready to receive the love, one has to give, and this is why we are the most lonely community of the world” and also why I was deserted by all people despite of the love I brought them,
  • It is the remaining part of the spirit of my father who is entering the Source – and bleeding when not all parts make it making us lose memory of life.

11th February: Against all odds, Obama and an invisible touch of magic helped saving 100% of all creation of all times

  • I only slept little where I was dreaming of continuing creation, leaving life of my old self and playing football against my New World and scoring, meaning that I am removing life/memory of my old self as a sacrifice because I need to sleep to come through this phase.
  • I was asked to accept terminations of my old self, which I would NOT give believing that we still can make it 100% with a little bit of magic, and to my surprise a story, which has been unfolding for days, was revealed to me, which started with the feeling of Obama and a SMILE when I was told that the parts of “Old God”, which I could not save when I had to sleep, was saved by Obama in his own “separate area”, which the parts of “Old God” facing termination did not know about (!), which we are now bringing together when Obama and I will become ONE herewith saving 100% of everything of our Old World – including all previous worlds before this. It was symbolised by the best wine for the price, I have EVER had, which my mother served, which had “no official appellation” on the label and therefore the symbol that it did officially not exist when parts of Old God as I had lost, had been hidden in the “secret area” of Obama “officially not existing”!
  • On the live show “the Voice” on TV2 this evening, they were INSPIRED when almost being in a HYSTERIA of joy also giving me a new PARTY song by Madonna, which was a secret message to CELEBRATE because we are saving 100% of GENESIS of all time with an invisible touch of magic, and that is truly against all odds, Phil & Co.
  • Obama and I are becoming ONE, and life CAN survive after having been “nothing” outside of the Source, which is what parts of Old God was.


10th February: Inspired speech of X-factor about my birth, Syria and the official world being in shock because of my sufferings

Dreaming of the Trinity eating part of creation/life with discomfort and darkness killing

At 03.30 I felt a strong pressure on me coming from the right, and inside of this was a very small, but clearly light voice telling me almost reluctantly with a poor conscience that “I am not just structure, I am a voice too”, and if this truly is light speaking, it confirms that the Source fills out the blanks, which just might be the case, but let’s wait a while, Janet, before taking conclusions.

At 03.45 I felt “something” being plugged into my eyes, and it came from two sources shown one metre in front of me, and all I felt was that is was from people of other civilizations.

Later I saw a big wooden wheel lying down and heard “and then I will bring up the locomotive itself, and when we are all filled up, we will say go” and I was told that the locomotive is still the spirit of my father.

I was told “if you stay awake all the way until the evening, you will get nothing out of it except from more content of darkness”, and I thought this is yet again one of those games – can I sleep safely or is it best to stay awake?

I received a short pain to my heart and was told that the extent of sufferings I took on me without anyone of the Council dying is truly what will make people believe that I was “raving mad”; this is the degree of the sufferings I went through.

Finally, at 05.30 I thought that “a few hours on the sofa would be good” and that is if it is safe for me to sleep, and yes trying to restore a new day rhythm so I could sleep at normal hours this evening without being too tired or fresh, and day rhythm had really not been the easiest to do for some time here, and had I know in forehand the nature of dreams, I would receive, I would NOT have slept, but you know this is part of the game, sometimes I play better than at other times, but here are some dreams and yes I “slept” until 12.00, which was longer than anticipated:

  • I am caught in a room where someone has figured out and endless cunning way to kill me, and help is given by simply minded parents, who becomes more scared than myself, and I sense that darkness is on its way to kill us.
    • The dream says it all, the darkness works the best, when I am not awake and on guard to absorb it.
  • Something about being being in a prisoner yard with no more power, and we are ready to die, and we use our last force to shout “GOD” one last time trying to make the guards go up against the other.
    • I am TRULY sorry if this is what happens at the spiritual world when I am sleeping, that people – or part of my old self (?) – lose life, and are desperate when they are about to die/terminate, and still I can only say that I have NOT accepted terminations, so I do hope this is “only” a game, and that if life is no more, that it will be recreated, and if this is not possible, there is truly a reason for to be sad.
  • I have reached my end station with the train, however I cannot get my luggage off, which is the heaviest of all luggage, and I start running after the train when driving away from the platform. Later I have a meeting with all countries attending a song festival, I flirt with a beautiful East European lady, and three of us starts eathing three cakes, and I tell them that in the middle is a cheese burger, which does not sound nice to them, and to my surprise, this is truly what we find, and we eat this with discomfort. Afterwards the train delivers my luggage to the house.
    • And this dream says that I cannot get all of the world inside of the Source just like that, and instead I start eating of the cake of creation including life in the middle to bring me energy – and we know Stig, an infinity of sadness comes to me because of this, and yes “what am I to do” and HELPLESS if what I feel right now, Jeff – still hoping this is a “game”, but it surely does not feel like it.
  • I also had a dream about being fooled to continue to show “necessary cure” and fooled to be stop to show that we still need it.

I woke up to “Dallas” by Shubidua to underline that the darkness was playing when I took the “liberty” to sleep, and yes Duran Duran is the song you are kind to bring me trying to cheer me up, but if I have participated in the loss of life/creation because of sleep, I could have spared, I cannot be happy, I can only be sad – but not as sad that it will destroy my work even though I have absolutely NO motivation to write these lines.

This morning I was given the song “Dana’s have” (“the garden of Dana”) by Kim Larsen and understood it was “inspired” but also “it is probably not important now”, which is how it is if I don’t work, so therefore I decided to say the opposite, which is that is is important, and I was told that inspiration is included in the lyrics “long, long since” and yes, he sings “de kaldte det for Danas have, men det er længe siden nu, længe længe siden nu, længe længe siden nu, længe siden New Universe” (“they called it for Dana’s garden, but it is long, long since …”), and I understood “Dana’s garden” as the garden of Eden, which we are approaching.

I started working at 14.15 and when I did, I received HAPPINESS coming to me, and yes I still receive “efforts to cheer me up”, but no matter if this is a game or real, I am influenced by the experiences of the night, and yes I keep receiving some negative speech also today (but not much compared to how it was), so still absorbing/fighting darkness I am – and what happens to this darkness at night, if there is no one to protect us (?) and this is how it is here – but I will NOT enter the negative voice of darkness just because I am weak/sad, I will NEVER do that, but I would surely like this to be over, but there is no way out, I want EVERYTHING to be “perfect”, and I will accept NO LOSS OF LIFE and information if I can avoid it, and yes the standing question is: Does the energy of the Source somehow have everything of all times saved to be recreated (?) that is the question and yes of “to be or not to be”.

Byt 15.25 I had no more work to do on the script of today (after also having written the chapter of Meshack and the Church minister), and I did the last part of washing my clothes and later I cycled to town, and was happy to be told the code of my cash card, which I had “forgotten” – a good reminder tool is always nice to have 🙂 – and I thought on my way that maybe the answer of people dying is the continued sacrifice of the Universe, which may be “outer parts” of the Universe (?) and yes even though this makes me very sad too – thinking “how would you feel if Earth suddenly was crushed” (?) – it made me feel better thinking that hopefully this is not the FINAL end of life as in terminations and yes I have not received a STRONG sign of termination, so just hoping we are, and yes I went to the Spanish Winehouse to buy some more cheap wine, and I was happy to speak maybe 10 minutes with the nice Swedish assistant working there (the Grenache grape is originally a Spanish Carignan grape, and who should have thought that, and yes making me think of the story of the Chilean Carmenere grape), and when doing so I felt darkness of my father to the right and was told “it does not take much to move me over” and I understood that he helped moving in some more of the world to the Source.

I continued to Føtex, and the spirit of my father gave me MUSIC by Madonna, which truly is one of her best songs, and I received the lyrics “music makes the people come together”, which was about ETERNAL LOVE coming to everyone and also “and when the music starts, I never wanna stop, It’s gonna drive me crazy” and yes this is what she sings and the spirit of my father told me that “this is what is the most important” – the eternity coming – and we know receiving pain to the inside of my left long finger, and what does this mean (?), sufferings of the spiritual world or termination (?) and we know NOT strong enough to warn me against terminations.

When driving home, I was HAPPY to see the light of my mother on the sky, and other stars/formations of UFO’s acting as stars, and also one UFO following me home and I was told “I am proud to escort you today”, and no need to be proud, my friend, I am just Stig – a man like everyone else – and it showed me a form as a VERY fast/powerful UFO, and yes I thought a SUPER UFO just like a super sport car, which is the energy coming to us all, and afterwards it showed me a red bottom, which is about sufferings of my old nightmare, which darkness tries to bring me, but NO THANK YOU and yes NO MATTER WHAT!

When returning home, I was TIRED and really physically because of the dreams of the night and more the long work yesterday, and I received more darkness to absorb, and sometimes I really feel very close to losing it and give in to the negativity, but somehome I have NEVER done it once, and did not either today, but I was on my edge and when I am here on the edge, I meet the light very close to me offering me to switch on now, even though we have not completed our work, and I can only say NO THANK YOU, I want EVERYTHING to be perfect, and please bring on more darkness, and so it is here, and yes I was also told that no matter what happens now, there is no need to bring the sacrifice of one of the members of the Council to bring energy.

After this tour using a little energy and meeting people I was told by the spirit of my father that “it feels like having changed oil shale on my ship”.

Meshack is still struggling, and I wish the world would start helping to bring normal life to the world

I was happy that Meshack once again and yes so soon (?) decided to write me, and my feelings are that it makes me happy to hear from you every time, Meshack, but also that once a month is fine to save you money, and I am happy to hear that your health has improved, and trust that you both understand and have faith in the fact that your sickness has helped us all in the process of creating a New World.

Thank you very much for updating me on your situation, and I send my wishes of a better future to you and all, and this is a beautiful song by Leonard Cohen – one very special servant of God as you are too, Meshack – and here it is meant with my deepest love to you, your family, the team and their families, and also with the expressed hope that the world will start its proces of REPENT to avoid a future of “murder” as the text Old God the song says, and that is to help me to help you to get a normal life, and yes I have lived on my edge of life and death, and I understand that this is what Meshack and “several others” related to the LTO team have done too, and all I can do Meshack, is to give yo the same words as ever: DON’T EVER GIVE UP and please continue reading my scripts to keep updated and keep faith – a new life is coming our way, we just had to build a New World first, which we are in the process of finalising.

Here is his email:

My sincere hope that this mail finds you in good health and spirit. For the last one week my health has improved  a bit and i thank God for that.

My family is well although my daughter has not been feeling well but she has shown some improvement and in due time she will be okay.

We are struggling to find the way and means to better our lives but it is only through prayer that we will achieve this.
May the Almighty God be with you all the time.

   Kind regards,

From time to time I try my best to keep my LTO friends to communicate, which David has been good to do consistently, Meshack was too until he started feeling poorer, and once in a while Elijah sends me the warmest emails I can ever dream of, and I know that John is the “born gentleman”, but I have not heard from him for “months”, and when sending my script to them yesterday, I tried to “shout” up Elijah and especially John once more with these words, and yes NOT one single word is meant negatively:

Dear all,

Yet another new script, and I am wondering how difficult it is to use maybe 5 or 10 minutes at a cyber cafe once a month to write me an email, and two down and still two to go, but “deafening silence” is your “name of the game”, Elijah and especially you, John (?) – I did NOT expect this “silence” from the greatest gentleman I have ever met, but I may have been wrong about you?

Kind regards from

Inspired speech of X-factor about my birth, Syria and the official world being in shock because of my sufferings

Finally, X-factor on DR1 TV started live shows today, and we were there too, and yes LIVE – and I receive an enthusiastic reception here of more life, which will survive and become part of our New World because I decide to write this chapter starting today at 23.30 before sleeping and yes these are the words I am given – so let us start to watch what was said of inspired speech and messages:

And starting HERE with the famous Thomas Blachmann answering a question of how it is to sit here again, and yes what did he say (?) and only this “Det er VILDT mange lamper I har fået, altså det er jo virkeligt et game-show, og hvem vil være millionær, og jeg vil jo bare gerne være menneske, og det vil jeg prøve at holde fast i” (”It is WILD how many lamps you have received, well, this is really a game-show, and who wants to be a millionaire, and I just want to be a man, and I will try to stick to that”) and yes symbol upon symbol, and the first one was simple enough – SIMPLE MINDS playing in Copenhagen the 20th February you say and you cannot afford to see them this time too (?), and yes this is approx. the feeling inside here knowing that not all of us/me is going to survive, but is there another entrance afterwards (?), and yes this is the question I give you – and the lamps is simply the new light of our New World, which has been set up, and who wants to be millionaire is the same as asking “who wants to switch on all of this light/energy” (?) and yes everyone does, but not before the end of darkness, you keep on saying, and alright then, and yes “I/we just want to be man, which we will try to stick to” and that is for “me” to survive (all parts of me), so you see that inspired speech is not that difficult afterall (?), and I feel and see here darkness as a sport car, and yes it is truly life in the fast lane also here at the end, Stig, and just so you know, which is a hint to my decision that I will NOT stay up all night because I am too tired and have to see my mother and John tomorrow evening, and I am NOT going to do that without sleep this night.

Here Blachman says ”hvilket kostume; jeg får sådant et DEJA VUE til Tommy Seebach, han havde en lille ting ude i Dyrehaven med Apache piger og jeg er kæmpe fan af Tommy Seebach faktisk mere end lærlingen” (”what a costume, I receive such a DEJA VUE about Tommy Seebach, he had a small thing in the Deer Haven with Apache girls and I am a giant fan of Tommy Seebach, actually more than his apprentice” (his son – Tommy died years ago, and Rasmus is today by far the greatest pop star in Denmark) and we know Tommy Seebach came to me in a dream the other day, whom Dan Rachlin did not like, but Blachman loves him, and yes Tommy is here the father, my old self, who did APACHE, which are about original people, and Rasmus is the Son, and yes that is me, my new self – see?

So here is first the master/father as a symbol of my old self:

And here is the Son/apprentice as my new self singing the same beautiful song by his father:

When Blachman right after stuttered “jeg, jeg, jeg, jeg, jeg synes du prøver at forløse en sådan ungpige sang la, la, la …” “(I, I, I, I, I believe you are trying to release a young girl’s song la, la, lay”) I was given the feeling of the character Regnar Worm from the ”crazy” TV Christmas Calendar Canal Wild Card, which was about BIRTH of my new self, and yes I have said it many times, but careful readers will understand that I don’t become my new self with a snap just like that, and that my “I” form have changed not many days ago from being my old to my new self, so I am my new self, I just have to wake up using what is more than 99% of me.

Here Thomas was introducing a very talented duo, and among others he said “nogle gange når man sætter nogle sammen, så bliver en og en til 11” (”some times when you put some together, one and one becomes 11”), and this was ”of course” to say that when two people match, they become a sum, which is greater than two, and here I was given the feeling that Thomas is 1 and I am 1 and together we were players on the team of 11 against the darkness – pretty easy, really and yes EASY to understand for Blachman too as I felt here and obviously not l’easy!

The other judge, Pernille said here, that ”Jeg kan simpelthen ikke forstå, hvis man har en fyr, som ser ud, som han gør, som er den eneste i det her show, som kan synge rock, hvorfor må han så ikke synge noget rock – det havde jeg bare sådan glædet mig til, det håber jeg vi kommer til at høre, det glæder jeg mig til personligt” (”I can simply not understand when you have a guy looking as he does and is the only one in this show who can sing rock, why he is not allowed to sing rock – I had so much looked forward to that, I hope we are going to hear it, I look forward to this personally”), and you may notice Pernille’s body language when saying the word “rock”, and this was actually the second time in the evening, the spirit of my mother spoke through her forced by the remaining red colour of darkness, and if you replace the word “rock” with “sex” and the contestant with me, you will get an idea of what my “old nightmare” is about, but NO is the answer and yes that is NO MATTER WHAT and had I not set FREE WILL out of force, I/we would have been the victims of this many times making our New World look differently.

Pernille continued speaking inspired here, when she spoke of two young female contestants as “skønne unge kvinder” (“beautiful young women”) and exactly when she said these words, I was given the feeling of another beautiful song by Kim Larsen – obviously your turn to be played now, Kim – which is “De smukke unge mennesker” (“the young beautiful people”), which is a song about people who came flying with the stork – that’s me – and “I wish they will live long”.

And Pernille continued “I er unge kvinder, der fortæller historier, og der tænker jeg, at I med sangvalget her, der bliver det sådan en lille smule EASY listening, og I udfører det vildt godt” (”You are young females telling stories, and here I think that with this choice of song, it becomes a little bit like EASY listening, and you execute it fantastically”), and with the word “EASY” I was told that my meditation group is beginning to understand who I am – and we know not to soon if you ask me!

During the show, I must say that I liked Blacman’s humour very much and also when the other judges laughed of him, and yes he showed all of his loving, smiling and humouristic self and also TRUE interest in people and to help people, and this is what I value more than anything, and I like when he does not tear people apart, which he did not do this evening.

Pernille continued here by saying to the contestant Mulila, whom I liked much, “prøv at hør her, du er MEGA livsbekræftende” and “this song has MEGA much attitude” and besides from also expressing my joy of seeing Mulila, Pernille was here talking about the MEGA wrong law ACTA, which I DO NOT LIKE BECAUSE I DO NOT LIKE PEOPLE LIMITING THE FREEDOM OF PEOPLE – that is why, and when Blachman followed her, he was also “COMPLETELY WILD” and that is ENTUSIASTIC and he was performing as well and yes he was in a very “rare form tonight” and while he was speaking here, I received combined feelings of Obama, myself and also red of darkness, which is honoured by yellow inside radiating from him.

I started receiving heart pain, and after the contestant Morten Benjamin – a man obviously having a NATURAL talent singing very beautifully – had sung as you can see the final part of here (and the video below), Blachman was asked “how did he do” (?), and is this the first time when Blachman did not say a word to start with (?), and instead he simply rised up and walked op to the stage and gave Morten a very BIG hug because of how WONDERFUL he had just sung, and afterwards he said “lad alle dem, der ikke har ADHD I dette land æde deres egne piller, fordi hvis det dér, – det er værdigheden, der skaber, eller det er sårbarheden, der skaber værdigheden, jeg synes det er rystende, jeg er rystet, det skider jeg på, genialt sangvalg, genial omskrivning, hold kæft jeg er rystet, det er jeg” (“let all people in this country, who do not have ADHD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) eat their own pills, because if that, – it is the dignty, which creates, or it is the vulnerability, which creates dignity, I believe it is shocking, I am shocked, I don’t care, genius choice of song, genius re-writing, shut up I am shocked, I am”), and yes not every day you see inspired speech like this elsewhere, my dear reader (?), because here Blachman simply said that ALL PEOPLE BELIEVING THEY ARE NORMAL TODAY ARE “CRAZY” – they can eat their own pills (!) – as I have told you MANY times in my scripts, and yes people not being able to listen/understand and not able to treat people using the golden rule, but believing in their own wrong voice/delusion and treating people with the OPPOSITE golden rule, and yes how many times have I shown you in my scripts (?) and I do believe I have seen this WRONG behaviour with all people (!) – except from a few of my LTO friends in Kenya, who was not “disturbed” as other people (!) – and his TRUE and DEEP emotions towards this amazing singer making him feel “shocked” and thinking of him as “dignity/vulnerability” was simply to say that this is how the world has already started feeling about me (because of how people have treated me, what I went through and my decision to be as open as I decided to be when writing) and we know the official world reading me in secrecy it is – and here I feel the Danish comedians of “Rytteriet” (focusing wrongly much on primitive sex), and am told that “lust” and “wrong desire” is also a reason why many don’t like to talk to you my son as the spirit of my mother here tells me and also that “there is not long time remaining” and yes “I have prepared my food, and I am just tasting it now before I will welcome the first guests” and I see her in the kitchen wearing an apron and tasting hot food with a spoon.

Right after Blachman, the third judge, Cutfather, spoke of the priceless sound of his voice, hoarseness, which makes the hair rise on the arm, “so it hurts inside the heart when hearing you sing, it sounds really beautiful” and yes Cutfather told about my heart pain when feeling this, and I had it because of the sufferings “all people of the world” – except a few LTO friends – brought me, and yes everyone thought I was crazy not understanding that it was the world, which had become crazy, and I was sent to WAKE YOU ALL UP and really through my scripts, which you are reading, and the host Lise said “Og jeg tror, at Pernille fælder en tare” (“and I believe Pernille sheds a tear”) and Pernille ended this little show inside the show by saying “du kan noget meget, meget få mennesker kan og det er, at du kan vise en flig af det, der er indeni, og det er bare simpelthen så sjældent og stærkt, tusind tak fordi du er her” (“you can something very few people can, and that is that you can show a corner of what is inside, and this is simply very rare and strong, than you for being here”), and this was also about me speaking openly about my feelings in my scripts, and yes to inspire people to do the same in the future and of course in a future without negativity

Also “funny” that Blachman – or Thomas really, but “Blachman” has a better “ring” to it, don’t you think, Bob (?) – decided to mention ADHD only days after we had the inspired Facebook on ADHD.

Blachman became “shocked” over the “dignity and vulnerability” of Morten Benjamin and HAD to give him a BIG hug, which are the feelings of the official world to me because of the sufferings I went through because of the world

And Cutfather continued here when he laughed – with a good heart – of the voice of the contestant Rasmus and he said “jeg får grineren hver gang, jeg ved ikke rigtig helt om jeg kan tage det SERIØST, men jeg får da et smil frem på læben” (“I giggle everytime, I dont really know if I can take it SERIOUS, but I do get a smile on my lip”), and here the word “seriøst” was twisted spiritually so I was given the word “Syria”, which first was about BIG SMILES because of the Danish Foreign Minister Villy Søvndal supporting me and I felt that he has a very good sense of humour too as long as it is meant with a “good heart”, and this is what I had when bringing the INSPIRED videos of Villy’s poor English some weeks ago including his mistake when saying “Syria” instead of “serious” etc., and yes just as here where Cutfather told the truth about the voice of this young contestant with a “good heart”, and when writing this, I was inspired to find the Monty Python videos, which Villy had been copied into, and then I found a new one from the movie of Monty Python and the Holy Grail as you can see below (I have mentioned this particular scene a couple of times in my scripts over the last two years), which is really what to me is one of the clearest symbols of all of the showdown between light and darkness, and I am sad to tell you Villy, that you were playing on the wrong horse when deciding to follow the world not announcing my arrival – of communicating with me directly – and I was told that this was FORESEEN and that it was the wrong doings of the political world in relation to me, which brought darkness to Syria bringing war and terror as you sadly can see now, and yes once again the world shows its inability to solve INHUMAN FIGHTINGS AND SUFFERINGS because of its own self-sufficiency really and it seems as if the Syrian government has been “allowed” by the world to slaughter its own people in order for a few to remain in power and for OLD RUSSIA to keep the “balance” of the OLD WORLD ORDER and yes HOW COULD YOU when knowing about my arrival (?), and yes I was told that the blood of the knight of darkness below is the blood spilled in Syria these days, but I was also told that “it could have been so much worse than what you see” and that is if my journey had brought a different result.

And here Pernille continued the inspired speech when speaking of the contestants Phuong & Ramus “jeg synes I ser MEGA skønne ud, jeg gav dig til Thomas, fordi jeg vidste at der var kærlighed og kærlighed er en af de ting, jeg ting, jeg respekterer, men jeg vil sige, det virker stadig som en lille smule sammenkoblet for mig, altså jeg tror det bedste I kunne gøre, det var simpelthen at tage på tour i et år non-stop altså, fordi det I har gang i er på papiret godt nok, men der mangler noget lim i det, noget der gør at man ligesom tror 100% på projektet” (”I believe you look MEGA beautiful, I gave you to Thomas because I knew there was love, and love is one of the things I respect, but I would like to day that it still seems a bit ” connected” to me, I believe the best you could do simply is to take on tour for one year non-stop because what you have working for you is good enough on paper, but some glues lacks before I believe 100% in the project”) and what was this about (?), and yes I was given the feeling when hearing it that this was ALSO about Karen and I, and we share love between us, but we need to be together and find each other sexually being on “tour” together, which is the glue, which has to work between us to stay together, Al, and yes you do remember the story because it was “impossible” for Karen to believe I was right and she was wrong when it comes to what sexuality is and should be about – but better late than never – and Thomas continued when saying that he disagreed and “where do you get the SHINE from (?), you cannot create that on paper, it is created from two people who like each other”, and the SHINE is about what Karen and I will do when we will find each other, and with us, it is my WISH that everyone will find TRUE LOVE on their own, and then he received new impulses making him say with a smile to his fellow two judges “og hvis I ikke kan se dette med det samme, sådanne relativt rutinerede musikere begge to, det kan jeg s.. ikke, altså”, (“and if you cannot see this straight away, such relatively experienced musicians both of you, I cannot …”), which made the judges and everyone else LAUGH out loud and it was TRULY a knock-out punch of Blachman as “my other part” and Cutfather and Pernille played along pretending to box and yes as you can see from the picture below, it truly was enough for Cassius Clay to knock-out the fearsome Foreman, which is the fight I use as the symbol of light defeating the much strong darkness.

Blachman taught the other judges of their mistakes “knocking them completely out”, i.e. Blachman was another part of me helping to remove the much stronger darknes of the world

And Blachman tried to continue speaking but the others were laughing so much, so he said “nu blev jeg lige HYLET helt ud af den” (”now I was suddenly completely flustered”) and also “der sker små mirakler, jeg synes for første gang I det her game-show det lykkedes at lave noget, der hedder “party-party”, men samtidig også har nogen, der kan synge og nogen, der har et internationalt SHINE og look og livsglæde og faktisk også brainy nok til at have noget at have det i, det er inside viden det her, men jeg er sindssyg stolt af jer” (”small miracles happen, I believe for the first time in this game-show that it succeeded to do something, whihc is called ”party-party”, but at the same time also someone who can sing and someone who had an international SHINE and look and actually also enough brain to pack it into, this is inside knowledge, but I am insanely proud of you”), and”HYLET” (“flustered”) was about my old very good collague Rikke H. – a nickname of her sir name – because this is TRULY what she was about me, and yes she is also “someone very special” and the small miracles taking place to create a “party-party” is to say that I brought the miracle because of the darkness I was able to absorb, and Rikke was also bringing me darkness because instead of communicating with and helping me when I was abandoned by the world, she continued to “party-party” and yes this is “the recipe” of this girl, and another “temptation” is what she was to me, and I almost fell for it, but I kept my fingers away from yet another lady not getting her fingers on me as she would have liked to, and we know the words of Blacman “inside knowledge” is simple about my inside knowledge knowing the TRUE meaning of his words, do you see?

Blachman said here, “du har jo musikken i dig, du er budbringeren af musikken på den måde; jeg kommer ud af en jazz-verden og nogen skaber det dér, tager tonen og så har de al opmærksomheden lige der, der findes ikke andet, og det er simpelthen så …, og den har du, og det er k …. en Guds gave altså, og den vælger du at gå ind her af alle steder at dele med mange mennesker, og du bidrager faktisk til i stedet for at snakke om inde i musikkens verden, så er musikkens verden herude og vi mennesker er inde i den verden, og vi bliver berørt af det der” (”you have the music in you, you are the messenger of the music this way; I come from a jazz-world and someone creates this ”special”, take the tone and then they have all of the attention right there, there is nothing else, and this is simply …, and you have this, and it is a gift of God, which you of all places choose to bring here to share with many people, and you actually contribute instead of talking about inside the world of music, the world of music is out here and we humans are inside of this world, and we become touched by that ”special”), and we know Stig it is 03.45 and it does take a LONG time to find, listen and write down all/most of the inspired words of the evening including the meaning of them making me increasingly tired, but trying to stretch my “edge” here of impatience so I will be able to continue all of the script of today and also to publish it before I go to bed, and what this was about was simply to say that I bring MUSIC to people – this is why I was given MUSIC by Madonna earlier today – which is a symbol of bringing LOVE of God to people, and to make everyone part of my world of love, which is my New World created for every single one of you as I now understand, and we know not missing one single soul.

And the word “messenger of music” was a referral about me, which I have noticed another symbol of now for hours and that is via the system tray of running programs in the lower right corner of my computer, where TWO programs of Windows MESSENGER apparently are running at the same time, and that is even though I have checked which “processes” are open, and here the messenger program is only opened once, and yes the one to the left below is “logged on” and the other next to it is NOT logged on, so this is about my old self logging my new self on to become my conscious woken self and yes it is almost like “The Night The Light Went On In Long Beach

The “old messenger” is logged on to help the “new
messenger” of my new self to log on too

Cutfather continued right after Blachman by saying “jeg synes, du har et gudsbenådet talent” (“I believe you have a God given talent”) and later “forventningerne er tårnhøje til dig, hvordan kan en ung pige klare at blive bygget så meget op i medierne til at være det helt store klippet ud af et program til at være det bedste siden Skives rugbrød (or “rødgrød”?), så det er også en svær kamp at være oppe imod” (”the expectations to you are sky-high, how can a young girl handle to be build up so much in the media to be the all great cut out of a programme to become the best since the rye bread of Skive (?), so it is also a difficult fight to be up against”), and transferred to me it simply means that the expectations of the world to me are turned up very much, and “how will I be able to handle this” and yes as my new self I will probably be able to do this.

And Blachman continued this by saying “en ting er at være en gudsbenådet sanger, dem kan man fodre svin med, og GUDSBENÅDET KUNSTNERISK TALENT, altså og der er så vigtigt at I ikke overinstrumenterer omkring Ida” (“one thing is to be a God given singer, you can feed pigs with these, and GOD GIVEN ARTISTIC TALENT, it is so important that you do NOT over orchestrate around Ida”), which really was a message to the world saying that “I am not alone”, there are other parts of me and many “special friends” all with assignments to help help us all, so will you please respect that I also have a NORMAL LIFE to live as Stig, and the part about feeding pigs is to say that LOVE IS WHAT MAKES THE WORLD GO AROUND and not money (!)

Pernille continued hereafter saying “du kunne synge lille Peter Edderkop, og så tror jeg stadig at du står i finalen” (”you could sing ”little Peter Spider”, and I still believe you stand in the final”), and this is about a Danish children’s song, which I loved as a small child – as all children here – and it says “Regnen den kom og skyllede peter væk, så kom solen og tørrede peters krop, lille Peter Edderkop kravlede atter op”, “(“the rain came and poured away Peter, then came the sun and dried Peter’s body, little Peter Spider crawled up again”), and yes this is a beloved song about a spider – and later a man – who was constantly swept away with “rain” (sufferings) and constantly had to crawl back up, and now he will reach the final to become his own new self no matter what happens, and yes isn’t life wonderful (?) and yes I don’t know, never “tasted” it, and also thinking of my LTO friends here.

Cutfather said here that “I gør det kanon godt, både Blachman’s sindsyge eksperiment (en duo) og Kartrine, som fik en rimelig hård klipning i sidste uges program, det så ud som om hun kom med som det tynde øl” (”you perform fantastically both Blacman’s crazy experiment (a duo) and Kartine, who received a a pretty tough cut in last week’s program making it look as she entered with the thin beer”), and the “thin beer” was about “information lost to darkness” and Pernille said here to Cutfather “jeg er sådan set ikke enig med dig I, at det er et tosset eksperiment med dem” (”I don’t agree with you that it is a crazy experiment with them”), which again was a reference to the world not knowing yet that I was sane and the world was crazy.

At the end of the show, Blachman said here – addressed to Pernille – “prøv at hør, Rasmus er måske en af de mest originale sangere, der er kommet til dette program EVER, prøv at hør, manden har ikke fået en chance, I har ikke fået en chance, mand, I er blevet underrated hele tiden af ”forkerte” memingsmålinger og alt muligt, glem denne her ”forkerte” kultur, vi burde gøre en forskel, vi burde kunne have gjort en forskel, du tager noget vi har set før og siger, jeg er musiker, vi skal prøve mere af det, vi har set før – det er ”sørme” ikke i orden, – jeg elsker de her tre grupper, I har ”meget shine”, I har – du er også en rigtig god sangerinde, og I har så meget kærlighed at give, ok, og det har vi alle sammen, men det er ikke altid alle, der er parat til at modtage den kærlighed man har at give, og derfor er vi det mest ensomme samfund i verden” (”listen her, the man has not received a chance – you have not received a chance because you have been underrated all of the time with polls etc., and it is again this “wrong” culture, we ought to make a difference, we ought to have been able to make a difference, you take something we have seen before and say I am a musician, we have to try more of this we have seen before, try to listen, it is “truly” not alright, I love these three groups, you have much shine, you have – you are also a good singer, and you have so much love to give, alright, and we all have, but it is not always everyone, who is ready to receive the love, one has to give, and this is why we are the most lonely community of the world”), and yes Stig this work now is almost impossible to do, it is now 05.15 and I work very slowly to what I normally do because of tiredness and simply because my hands now are so tired that they work physically slower than what they use to do, and I hope I will be able to finish my script and publish it before my hands finish working for today, and what this was about was to say that nobody can see the love of Blachman even though it is apparent for everyone to see, and instead Dan Rachlin and many others believe he is mean (and yes yes yes we know he is often “too negative” but a TRUE LOVER, NOT A FIGHTER), and in reality this was to say, that in practise everyone (beside from LTO) abandoned me or met me with “deafening silence” because they could not see my love because of their own self-centredness, which is what made me almost the most lonely man in the world and we know because of people being charitable, degrading, despairing and arrogant towards me and everything because of their better-knowing ignorance.

And yes I decided to do much our of this chapter, and not because it was important in itself but because of the process of working was important in order to finalise our last prepartions spiritually, and I first ended this by 06.20.

It is the remaining part of the spirit of my father who is entering the Source – and bleeding when not all parts make it

For days I have been told that the most important is that I don’t start becoming negative, thus being more important than sleeping when it would be better not to sleep.

I was shown witherend leaves now being the only things between me and the light, and I was shown the light as strong yellow and “secrets” of what it contains was almost impossible to withhold.

During X-factor I was asked ”is it only the spirit of my father lacking” (?), which has been my feeling for some time now, and I saw red becoming yellow.

I was told about a different scenario if we had not succeeded creating a New World as perfect as now, but had to endure (much) more pain of the world, and this would have put a much stronger pressure on me to become finished as my new self before time, and it would have been almost impossible to handle such a pressure, which could be catastrophic itself.

I was shown and told during the evening that “we work dead hard to bring clothes from the dark street into the light store”, and I received more beggings to stay alive, and I said that I had no more energy to deliver, which was before I started writing the chapter above on X-factor and this too.

During X-factor I noticed how the sounds of the digital drop-outs given to my TV has started sounded higher and higher, and almost every time it happens – several times per minute – I am given a vision and a feeling of life being inside of these drop outs inside of the TV, and after my water boiler now have worked without any problems for a couple of weeks (?), it has now started receiving one break only and yes these devices truly have a life on their own, while setting up our new Human League.

During my writing of the X-factor chapter above I was told something about me being five years old and “is it my own memory, I am losing” (?), which is seems to be and that is the memory of the spirit of my father, and and I was told that this also connects with the message of the other day that we will never accept loss of life when entering the Source.

At 01.20 I was told “and now I have almost moved my last bowels on you”.

At 02.00 I was shown and told “there is no need to have Prince washing the floor now”, which was to give him more sufferings to help me and all of us to do the final piece of work until we will open up to our spectacular and beautiful new world.

At 02.50 I felt my sister’s husband, Hans, coming inside of me giving me a strong physical pain all over my right side of my body, and I was told “it is first now that you enter” and I felt “much rain” and heard “completey soaked I am” and yes “I did not believe I would make it” but only because you decided to ask us to perform magic, and yes continue to work this night, it was also possible for me to enter.

At 03.20 I was told that this work also takes to open up your mother completely and bring in this information deep into her heart in the middle and I heard more darkness cursing and saying “you will never get me”, and we will see about that.

At 03.25 I was told that “we will hide ourselves as the absoltuely last (to come in), and we only tell you this because you work meticulously with the X-factor show even though you are tired and would rather sleep”.

At 04.15 I was told that Pernille just has to wash out darkness from her hair, which I understood as “the operation inserting more information into the spirit of my mother has succeeded” and we have now come as far that we will end this and bring her back to where she came from.

I was asked ”isn’t there a sand soaker somewhere” (to remove sufferings) and I heard “no, it does not matter because there is no more sand”.

At 04.55 I was shown my self on my way to enter the machine room (of energy), and I was told that the spirit of my mother is cleansing out the last of darkness now.

And I was told that I decided most times not to write down old dreams when I was given them and this meant that I was not brought old keys given to me, and there was only way, which was to renew them all, by giving you even more sufferings.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Jonathan was inspired to post this today and I only bring it to show inspiration of darkness still wanting to play “football” against me, but how much remains of the stadium and yes as everyone knows the Old Wembley does not exist anymore so remaining darkness may simply be energy to push the world into the Source, which Jonathan is helping and yes by being “cross” and we know just like the one I suffered on.

  • Brian was inspired once again when talking about the “world upside down” and here it is about the disgrace of bank managers etc. STILL receiving “bonuses in billions” and yes the bank is stealing money from the world, which is really to say that they steal energy the same way as Brian and other parts of the Danish spiritual community is stealing energy from me without understanding it, and yes Brian “there is something about it …” and please leave out the fourth last word of your sentence and words like this :-).

  • My old colleague and HR-manager from Fair, Margit, who does not write much on Facebook, “came to” write this inspired post about very colourfull rubber shoes of the brand New Balance (!), and I was told that this is how our shoes look like after being washed, and the colours are about the joy of our New World waiting.

  • I have MANY times for many months received the feeling of my old class friend Peter T. (it was his father working as General Secretary fro Folkekirkens Nødhjælp, and this was in 2009 my “key” to come inside the locked system of NGO’s not accepting volunteers).
  • And I have recently been told about Israel starting to receive cold feet in relation to me and what you did trying to prevent my arrival (?) when not publishing your material/information on the Jerusalem UFO etc. and I wonder why you decided to HOLD BACK and also to work directly against me (?), couldn’t you see that what you did was WRONG?
  • Via Dan, I saw this photo of Manu Sareen – the Danish Church Minister – and the photo is of an Iphone connected to a dock/speaker, and it is about the minister listening to “ballroom Blitz” by the Sweet at his office, which makes Dan believe it is “good style” and Hans felt that “Sympathy for the Devil” by Rolling Stones would have been better, and even though I love both to these songs – “Ballroom Blitz” may be the best song by the Sweet – they also have another meaning, and I was asked when seeing this “What does this tell you?” and I know that “sweet” is about sexual misuse of children and I could only think that “this is still ongoing in my network” and yes making me very sad to think of.

Finally at 07.25 the 11th, I published the script of the 10th and yes TIRED I am and feeling VERY restless after sitting MANY hours on a poor chair.


11th February: Against all odds, Obama and an invisible touch of magic helped saving 100% of all creation of all times

Dreaming of sacrificing life and memories of my old self to come through this phase

I went to bed hereafter setting my alarm to 15.00 and 16.00 just in case that my body would like to sleep more than 7-8 hours and yes if it wanted 10-11 hours of sleep, I would come late to my mother and John, but I did not have to “worry”, because already at 12.00 I was woken up again, and even though I felt that I could continue sleeping, I also thought that it would be a good idea to stand up and yes to be able to sleep in the night to come, and what do you believe (?), and I do believe I will sleep, because I am FAR to tired to continue staying awake, and I was given this dream:

  • I am working at Danske Bank, Freeport, it is like a merger with lazy colleagues taking far too long, and I have now prepared a “pension overview” of a customer, which they should have done a long time ago, and I tell them firmly that they are NOT to push forward work for 2-3 months without doing if and with saying anything, and I see myself that it took longer than expected for me to do this overview, and it is simply impossible for me to do all work waiting for me. I drive from work across the lakes of the city of Copenhagen and that is even though I see that people of the work in vain tries to make me stay. I am going to change clothes to play a football match, I meet three other colleagues in another car, who could not find the ball, but they have now bought a new, and one of them thinks about driving with me, but decides to drive with the others. Later we play the game, I am together with Brian Laudrup and we scores up against what seems like the wall of a canteen, and at the end I am playing only against a few immigrants.
    • The pension overview is still about creation, Danske Bank still about creating energy for our Old World, I cannot do all work, which hurts me, but it is SIMPLY impossible to stop sleeping to avoid memory blanks of my Old World – and BLANKS is a message I have received indications of since I linked to the song “don’t tell me” by BLANCmange the other day, and now I see it (the “money” in front of me and the large tree being a part of me) – and I am leaving “people”, who would LIKE me to stay and that is parts of my old self, and yes what can you do when “people” asks for their life, and you do not have energy to save “them” (?), and we know truly not a good feeling, and the football match is against Germany, which is against our “new reich of the New World”, so I am here playing against my own future self, and I am scoring, which is really not good, but I cannot do any better than I do, and this is the only thing I tell myself “I cannot do any better” and yes hoping for miracle inside the Source, but it seems that this is the answer, i.e. all souls of all previous worlds and also our Old World will survive including all previous versions of the Trinity, but part of the Trinity of our present, Old World will be “blanks”, which was the sacrifice we had to bring to come through this last part of the journey.

Against all odds, Obama and an invisible touch of magic helped saving 100% of all creation of all times

I felt TIRED and had a “warm body” when continuing my day, and I started receiving different kind of visions and speech, which was over the subject “taxes are soon not to be paid anymore” also including “scabies”, which is that our sufferings will soon stop.

I kept on hearing “kill, kill, kill” and the voice tried to receive my approval of killing parts of my old self, and I could only say “you will NEVER get my approval to do this” and I could only refer to my head rule to do what is necessary to come through, but I want it to be 100% perfect if there is a chance, and yes use magic if this is what you can, and I keep on feeling Obama and a smile here, and did Obama do what was impossible for me (?), which is to stay awake absorbing darkness, thus NOT killing parts of my old self when it came to the point (?) and this is what I am told here, which I truly hope is how it is.

Later I felt how darkness came to me from the right now filling up the lower part of my face with mass, and I saw a golden mask from Egypt also to my right waiting to be put on my face.

Underneath the game, I heard a low voice telling me seriously “it is good to have you back again”, which is my new self and yes the man who was terminated 2,000 years ago.

I cycled to town to use energy, and I was told on the way that Obama and I – and I felt “others” too – have had our own separate area, which we have now started connecting, and I was told “a different world” about the area of Obama, and later I was told “because we are bringing together what you and Obama have saved”.

Later I received extremely deep feelings having difficulties to keep tears away and I felt (parts of) the spirit of my mother returning to me and to life really.

I was shown a family house with maybe the top 1/3 of bricks not on the house anymore, and I saw new bricks being put on, and I was told “because we have been allowed”, and that is because I have accepted to continue the game for us to become 100% perfect, and to have Obama and I becoming ONE, and yes this is what the magic is about, and I kept on thinking of an article, which I read in my “new” free newspaper, Kristelig Dagblad, today about “the people without a country”, which is about the Nubian people losing land with the opening of the Aswan dam in 1971, which created the 500 kilometres long Nasser-lake flooding 45 of their villages, and I understood this story today as a symbol saying that “we had lost parts of our original self, which however is now returning”.

I went to my mother and John this evening and as usual we had a nice dinner and time together, and I was taken by MUCH surprise of the fantastic wine, which my mother had bought after reading about it in the newspaper Berlingske receiving 5 out of 6 stars, and yes the special about the wine is that it had NO official classification on its label, which is not everyday that I see this (!), and when I looked at the bottle and started speaking about what I saw, I was told more about my meeting with the Spanish Winehouse the other day, where we also spoke of “vin de pays” in France, which is “simple country wine”, and often wine of this “no appellation” (not “good” enough to “qualify” for an official appellation/“existence”) is really “cheap/poor wine”, but then I heard my self saying that sometimes the official appellations have “strict rules” (of which grapes to use etc.) making it impossible for wine growers to produce their wine of heart, and when I said this, I understood that this is what this wine from Spain symbolised, “wine, which does not officially exist” (!) and yes wine (symbol of “everything” or here parts of everything), which otherwise would have been lost to nothing, which was saved in “another world” (?), which is not there – remember the song I gave you the other day “living in another world” and yes it was not only Talk Talk (!) – and when parts of me were dying, it was transferred to Obama, who received “an elephant” giving us us the possibllity to do “magic” (his “area” is not an “official world”, and yes “not existing” it is and therefore no strings (Pinocchio!) or limitations of the world making it possible for us to save life because this is what you asked us to do, and yes THANK YOU my spiritual friends ♥♥♥, and I feel this message going two ways, and I was told that the parts of the spirit of my father standing next to become terminated did not know about this “fate” to become part of “another world” trying to save what was “impossible” to save – and yes I have not told you yet about how this wine tasted, and I am HAPPY to say that it is BY FAR the absolutely best quality compared to the price, which I have EVER tasted (!) and this is with a WIDE margin, and yes it was on sale with 3 bottles of only 100 DKK (a symbol of the Trinity scoring 100 points!), and my mother and I agreed that even if it had cost 100 DKK, it would still be better than most wines of this price, this is how good it is, and we know a coming star it is, and here you can read more about it:

The best wine at the price, which I have EVER had – with no appellation symbolising “no existence” of the parts of our Old God, which I had lost but was saved by Obama 🙂

I was told that I am now receiving darkness of Obama, and the “lost parts of Old God” is stored inside of this darkness, and we know BRING IT ON 🙂 – and later I felt parts of the spirit of my father, which I had lost, returning to me, and I was told that John is/has been in crisis over me, which is also bringing darkness helping to make this happen.

I was surprised when my mother asked me to “co-operate” with the Commune because “the worst” would be if I should lose my cash help not being able to pay my rent (!), and yes first I did not understand why she asked me to do this, but then I thought, oh yes, that is right, I brought a “skin story” of the Commune and my coming meeting with them the other day NOT because of my worry about the Commune but simply because I wanted to test how many would click my Scribd document I linked to so I could “bust” the “secret world” once again and we know the doctor told me a few weeks ago that I am fully capable of working – nice to know, thank you – and she did not see any “danger signs” in me, so of course it is “impossible” for her to tell the Commune differently recommending that I receive medication, isn’t it (?), and if this is true, I can sit back and relax when having a nice talk with the Commune Tuesday next week, and yes as I told my mother, the Commune and I both here in Helsingør and also in Lyngby-Taarbæk agreed that we disagreed professionally, but it did not mean that we did not speak well and did not like each other (!), and yes I also told that I ALWAYS carry out to the point whatever (crazy) things the Commune orders me to do, but I did not tell her that I REFUSE to take medicine – the most gross HUMILIATION ever done to me in my life in 2008 when I was forced against my will to do this – and of course there is NO risk that the Commune will do this, is there (?) and we know because no one in this community would ever think of telling me lies and another story behind my back to other people, because people cannot be as mean as this, can they (?), and ohhh, that is right, I almost forgot that I have showed you that this is what EVERYONE does, and they cannot see that this is WRONG behaviour (!) and yes how far out in the country do you want to go (?), and yes all the way to carry all of our chickens of all times with us, and yes my friends, this is truly the CRAZY part as I am told here and what you will come to understand and that goes for all of you including my mother, doctor and the Commune as examples.

Earlier today, I was told to look out for Lene from Aqua – one of the judges of “the Voice” on TV2 – during the programme this evening, which my mother and I saw together, and I did not write much down of inspired speech of the show because I did not want to show my mother – who could think that it would be about her – but I did get that Kim W. was asked if he is a “ticking bomb” (got that?) and he was the symbol of me answering “no, I do not tick that loud” (I cannot “explode” anymore), and he also said “sej”, which means “cool” and in Danish also “coalfish”, which is what this inspired word here was about (“me”), and also something about “into the groove”, and yes it is time for Madonna once again, and here I got the same feeling as when receiving her song “Music” the other day, which is PARTY MUSIC and PARTY it is when we save the world deciding that NOTHING will be lost, and that is to make our New World 100% perfect, so this is why you are here once again, Madonna, and here with what was my favourite party song of yours for MANY years, which is what it still may be :-).

Later I heard one of the contestants also saying “sejt” (“tough“, when he was told that he looks like Michael Buble, and then the contestant Joachim did the event of the evening, when he started stripping during the show while singing, however not much, and afterwards the story was revealed, which was that the judges Lene and Sharin had suggested the judge L.O.C. having Joachim in this stable (!) to do this, and without writing down inspired speech, I was told that Joachim is here me, Lene the spirit of my mother and this act was setup because of the “crisis” of John in relation to me, and they kept on saying the word “knæk”, which meant “almost breaking”, and that is not only the sound of a Langelænder sausage, which you know because of the break it gives.

I also remember seeing Lene with tears in her eyes, and I felt my father’s wife Kirsten in relation to me (I am sad that people are sad about me on a WRONG foundation and decides to “kill” me with deafening silence) and hearing Sharin saying something about ”good to open the door” (when seeing the feelings of a contestant singing) and here it was also to open the door between Obama and I to have parts of what could have been a ”lost world” returning, and L.O.C. confirmed this later when he was MORE THAN HAPPY when he again and again and again (!) said “virkelig, virkelig, virkelig” (“really, really, really”) MANY times about the performance of an artist almost making “hysteria”, which is also a fantastic album and yes directly inspired because of HAPPINESS of the most wonder new Human League coming, and yes EVERYBODY LOVES A HAPPY ENDING :-).

They were also inspired when they spoke of crazy without being totally crazy, adventures (I received the feeling of H.C. Andersen), and chickens (meaning “creation”) .

And yes I was told that what I went through with parts of the spirit of my father begging for his life for days is what I easily could have gone through in a much larger scale when separating sheep from goats and yes who’s turn to be terminated now (?), and I do hope you understand that this a “completely impossible” situation to be in and “killing” me, and I am glad that we managed to bring about all of our old worlds into one New World of our future and yes JOY and HAPPINESS is coming your way and that goes to ALL OF YOU and yes FROM ME and all of those who helped me, and here I would like to THANK OBAMA WITH ALL OF MY HEART FOR YOUR SUPPORT in this “operation”, which was to SAVE SOMEBODY, thus not an “operation” to kill somebody, and here I feel Osama Bin Laden, who Obama knew was “one of us” (overtaken by darkness, but still one of us) and yes how do you think Obama/(“I”) was feeling when shooting “another part of ourselves” afterwards having to address the blood thirsty Devil of USA/the world (?) – and yes please look into the mirror, my friends of the world.

It seems after all that the message from the other day that I can start sleeping normally again was true, I just had to understand and believe in it too, and yes what can happen now when I will NEVER accept darkness or terminations (?), and with this, we will go on forever.

And what did this mean to Obama in terms of taking on darkness also receiving some of my sufferings (?) together with being the President of USA (?) and just wondering I am, and also if people noticed any change of him (?), and I am sure that he would like to speak about us if someone simply asked him a question.

This was truly an INVISIBLE TOUCH of magic securing the survival of Genesis 🙂 – and I wonder how you are doing these days Phil, Tony and Mike (?) and what about you, Peter (?), you are NOT TOO OLD are you (?) and I am not myself because I NEVER GET OLD :-).

I returned home from my mother at 21.30, and I really would have liked to watch a funny Dirch Passer movie on TV but instead I decided that I might as well finish and upload the script of today giving me “good conscience”, which may also work in relation to bringing a better connection including a better understanding and closer relation between Obama and I, and with this agenda, I did the chapter above and the last five short stories, and finally at 00.45 I was able to upload the script of today to my website too – and yes what a day, where I had “nothing” to do and also felt very rusty to continue working, but we did it :-).

Obama and I are becoming ONE, and life CAN survive after having been “nothing” outside of the Source

Hereafter I was ABSOLUTELY sure that I would be able to sleep, but when going to bed, visions and speech were far too strong to be able to sleep, and I felt and saw with one of those “even more clear visions feeling like reality” how everything was on its way to a very BIG castle, and I saw myself inside a church and its dome and really that it surrounded me, and also how “the soul of Obama was put over me”, this is what I was shown and how it felt also when the head of Obama became ONE with my head.

I received quite simply an EXTREME pressure on me, and when I tried to be even stronger insisting to sleep, this force did everything it could to make me go up against it speaking negatively and what is worse to make it quiet, because if you only want to sleep and you continue being disturbed by what could be people standing next to you torturing you with loud voices and films you HAD to watch without being able to switch it off, some would probably feel that they with lose their patience and temper, and especially when this feeling is actively strengthened “100 times” making you “almost lose” it, and yes this is ungefär the feeling, but I kept going through this without becoming upset or negative.

I stood up at 02.00 after being asked to write down the not very long information I had been give” and afterwards I should be able to sleep, and what was this information about (?), and yes only this:

I was told “you have no idea, we have been all the way out into nothing before returning”, and I head something about “speak of a killing centre …” and “return to the Spaniard, which I understood was to return to the Spanish wine of the evening, which was to return to Obama, and for Obama and I to continue the process of becoming One and for everything, which had left me to return to me.

I was shown the lowest right room of shelves and told that there is no hotdog inside of here but a hole at the back, which we created, and I saw an unopened long package being put through this hole, and I did not see it, but I felt it as a shower (head and bar), and to where (?), and that is directly to the soul of Obama, and yes we are becoming one, which we just have to finish.

And I heard Obama saying “no, I am not informed about Benjamin Crème, but there is also much you do not know about me”.

I was shown and told that “it corresponds to driving a dark car through a very heavy snowstorm, which is not there, and at the end still coming out on the other side, which we theoretically thought was possible, which it also showed to be in practice – we have really been nothing, lost forever and ever, and then to return”.

I was also shown and told ”it corresponds to cutting a hole in a large plastic bag, which used to contain MANY toilet rolls, which is now empty but still feels red, and to enter being and feeling nothing, but you are still there where nothing is” and yes this is “nothing” outside the Source and I was told “this is a major discovery”.

And as physical Stig, I am trying to understand that the road of the parts of Old God I could not save seems to have gone from me through Obama to “another world”, which is a world of “nothing” where you are “nothing” – not even an energy Source – and still you are “everything” when returning from there.

I was given the song “Rapper’s delight” by Sugarhill Gang which to me is about “the first of a new kind” (the first rap song of the world), which may be related to what we just experienced here and I was given the lyrics “don’t stop”, which was about “eternity” coming and also “now what you hear is not a test”, and I was told that Obama and I now speak together directly, and also that the old “regards from Gert” (the voice inside of our Old World) is also from Obama, and yes much going on here, which we will see how it turns out over the coming days/weeks, and how I and Obama will feel this and start to learn and trust in this development.

And this is where I was told “you do not need more than this”, so we will have to see about this.

When writing this chapter, I was also given the sound and vision of a paper bag of cookie crumps in the kitchen, which to me is about remaining of creation, which needs to be re-assembled to become cookies again, and I was asked “can we go to the cinema tonight”, and yes please feel free to return to my new self, and when all darkness is completely empty, we should be ready to invite the world into this cinema J.

I was shown and felt how Obama’s body and head was brought over me for us to become ONE, and I was told that the parts of “Old God”, which I could not save, was transferred to Obama and from here to “another world” of the emptiness of “nothing” outside the Source, which should mean “eternal destruction”, but it was indeed possible to keep life here and to return from as everything, which is a “major discovery”.

Ending this chapter at 02.50.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Surely Niclas from the meditation group will come to my “rescue” after our postings the other day (?), and no he will not, because he feels good as he feels (?) and at least he does not want to “break with the group” by starting to support me publically – and yes Stig, this is the SIMPLE and WRONG feeling of MANY people all over the world – and it was confirmed through his inspired posting below with “circus” revealing him as part of darkness – and we know he truly LOVES to comment on “loving postings of others of the group” but not on mine, and yes “deafening silence”, and I am wondering if you are starting to feel embarrassment (?) and yes “feeling me” is what you are, my friend, but “not good enough” to tell the others?

  • Jens from Selvet brought this yesterday, and yes we are “almost” there, but not quite yet :-).

  • I have checked prices etc. of Fitness Centres in Helsingør, but I am NOT going to start before I will feel a day where I feel fresh enough and have both time and money, and with a little bit of good will, I could have started now but it would have required that I did better, and yes instead of being awake for less or more than two days, I should really have decided to a rhythm of two days without sleep and one day with sleep, and to stick to that including exercise, but still not very easy to do, when work also poured over me, so under the circumstances, I am happy with what I did.
  • I am still annoyed with the typing and spelling errors of my scripts, which I however have accepted because I cannot do better quality “under the circumstances” also to show you that I am not perfect, and for some time, the running spelling control of my Microsoft Word has not worked, which has also annoyed me, and yes I did not even think of manually starting the spelling control before publishing a new script, and yes Jim, I should have known better, which I will do from now on, but not going back, but still I will enter the diamond “very soon”.
  • Selvet spoke about “the diamond lives inside the heart, and the only thing it waits for is to start shining” and yes isn’t it “funny” how inspired speech “seems” to match my stories (?) and you do know the “diamond” is the symbol of the light of the Source self, which we are waiting to switch on for our New World?

  • Morten Resen and Alex Nyborg spoke about “smoke” and “fire”, which is about the strength of darkness I am now given when the “dead” fart of the spirit of my father is returning to me.

  • Here you see prototypes of negative Danes “having had enough” of Blachmann “not able” to understand that he does his best, shows all of his love and only wants to help people, and yes these people are the type of better-knowing, negative and also aggressive (!) people I have met throughout my journey, and yes I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF YOU and the Devil and poor behaviour inside of you. WE ARE GOING TO MAKE IT, my sister :-).

  • I understood Brian as you will remember, but it is “completely impossible” for you, Brian, to understand me (?) – and my Facebook postings – and this is what this new inspired posting of yours show, which is about a boy stepping in a poo and bringing it into the house, and yes this is what you “helped” me doing, to bring destructions to my house because of your “inability” to read and understand!

  • Brian Mørk also “wanted” to share the “burning” feeling of darkness today when thanking Jehova (and the movement of his witnesses, which are directly exposed to the WORST behaviour and direct hate in Denmark!), for keeping him warm using their magazine to light up with, and hate/poor behaviour is what you can see here, where followers of darkness talk about burning their magazine or using it as toilet paper, and yes this is the darkness, which Brian and his followers brought me too, and yes all of these “bright” people believing they knew the truth without understanding just how much EMBARASSMENT they brought on themselves, and yes MADNESS it is :-).


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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