February 14, 2012: Whitney Houston’s life was sacrificed (like Michael Jackson) to absorb darkness as God’s gift of life to man


Summary of the script today

12th February: Whitney Houston’s life was sacrificed (like Michael Jackson) to absorb darkness as God’s gift of life to man

  • I received a SHOCK as I have only received few times in my life when I heard about the death of the greatest female voice in pop music, Whitney Houston, and I understood that she died of the same reason as Michael Jackson did in 2009, which was to “absorb darkness” at its highest in order to protect me. Michael and she took on much sufferings in their lives – both as other physical parts of the Trinity – and bringing their lives as sacrifices was their gift of life to man.
  • Dreaming of very little energy of the Old World remaining, life being saved, the “silent” Danish Parliament still brings me darkness and I am UNHAPPY that my mother “cannot” understand me.
  • The world has now been inserted perfectly inside of the Source, and “lost” parts of my old self is still returning.
  • The power of the supertanker of our New World is so strong that it almost broke down our Old World.
  • You have just read the judgment, no one is going to die”, which is about my script of yesterday, which has also reached the Pope
  • I received MANY strong visions of coming to the end of my journey including the FULL STOP of my scripts, the light shining through darkness, and previous darkness, which has been converted into being the living structure of our New World.

13th February: Whitney Houston died in the bathtub because I have fallen asleep in my bathtub needing her energy

  • I stayed up the night receiving a mixture of “much information” when I accepted it or “almost no suffering” when I did not, and we are undoing previous destruction of the world herewith improving the root net of my tree. We have now entered my finaly castle or the Egyptian Pyramid.
  • I was directly told today what I thought of yesterday, which is that Whitney Houston died in the bathtub because I was not able to stay awake duing nights/early mornings the last couple of weeks when sitting in my bathtub trying not to sleep. Whitney died because I needed energy to save “every little thing” of my old self, and that is because I decided to do this instead of “forgetting about the rest”, which was underlined when I was shown the UFO light of my mother approaching me and levitating in a still position 100 metres above me showing me that I could have chosen the green light of it to the left or the red light of it (termination) to the right, and I chose the green light as the only one I could chose, which was the reason why Whitney died.

14th February: Heavy drug abuse could not kill Whitney but psychoactive drugs could – as I told you recently

  • Dreaming of improving my ”old car”, which is to receive more energy as my old self, to continue bringing out more life from inside of darkness doing a new round being helped by faith of my father and Sarkozy.
  • I had a meeting agreement with Lisbeth from the Commune today, but she was NOT at the office (!), and we agreed via email to meet instead next Tuesday, and I told her that I would like to be moved back to the “normal” matchgroup because I have my working capacity intact, which everyone can see (?), but still she might decide to send me to a “shrink” instead, and yes “hilarious” isn’t it?
  • Not only did Whitney die in the bathtub as a direct link to my sleep in my bathtub, she also died there because of the intake of psychoactive drugs, which I recently warned about hurting/killing people – and you might understand our connection, and that it was darkness of the world killing Whitney?
  • She brought my attention to the American Music Awards in 1994, where she received no less than 8 prices, which was her way to say that this is what our New World will do too.


12th February: Whitney Houston’s life was sacrificed (like Michael Jackson) to absorb darkness as God’s gift of life to man

Dreaming of very little energy of the Old World remaining and life being saved

After doing the last update of my script of “yesterday” at 03.05 I almost felt as if I could stop being constantly on guard waiting on more attacks of darkness to absorb/stop – is this really what I am starting to go through now, which is the eternal relief of darkness leaving me (?) and still I thought about messages of yesterday of “strong darkness” so there has to be more coming?

I was given a feeling of the wooden wheel I saw the other day entering me and told “what do we use all of these bath tickets for”, which is about surplus of darkness, which did not came into force.

I decided to stay up some time and at 04.25 I was shown a very dark trotting horse on its way entering the light of a store, which told me “much darkness” and also “lost life” – parts of my old self – returning, and I was given the song by faithless called Dub Be Good To Me, and I thought about this as “development” of rap music, but not knowing if this was darkness speaking to me?

Whitney Houston’s life was sacrificed (like Michael Jackson) to absorb darkness as God’s gift of life to man

On my way to bed at 04.30, I just wanted to check Facebook, and then I received one of the greatest shocks of my life, when I saw from media that Whitney Houston had died, and it hit me truly very hard and we know the best female voice ever in pop music, and yes I LOVED HER and especially when she broke trough in the 1980’s making PERFECT pop music “out of this world” really, and yes yes yes darkness stealing away what people loved, and you saw it coming for years really … – she will truly be missed, and I decided to share this message on Facebook.

Later, when this is written, I came to think about what I did in Kenya in 2009 when I heard the news of Michael Jackon’s death, and I cannot remember, but I understood the connection of Whitney’s death – and the sufferings of her life as well as the sufferings of Michael’s life – which is that they also received their dosis of darkness, and Michael died when this dosis was as its heighest in 2009, and now Whitney dies when the dosis again is at its highest, to protect me, and you do remember that Michael was and is part of me, and yes I am told that Whitney was and is part of the Trinity through my mother.

Only hours before her death, Whitney decided to sing the song “Jesus loves me” as you can see here, and from the following video you can see how I will always remember Whitney, and yes I will always love you.

I was happy to see this posting by Niclas including one of Whitney’s other fantastic songs, run to you.

And the best proof I can give you that the death of Whitney – but she is still here – helped removing darkness is to show you that Michael H. from Shubidua “miraculously” returned to me as a Facebook friend, and yes I did not send him and new request to become friends, and he certainly did neith, it “just happened” you know, and yes he loved Whitney too as he shows here bringing a beautiful song from what became her last album (from 2009) and even though her voice is not the same here as when she was young, you can still here “greatness” inside of her and yes I still feel much darkness inside of the place she came from, and this is what she is bringing (“absorbing/removing”) as her gift of life to man.

Later in the day I felt more darkness coming to me from the top of my head, and also Whitney Houston coming from the right and I heard “you have not moved in yet”.

And later when I watched the news on TV2 this evening about the death of Whitney, I felt her and was told ”is it me they are talking about” (?) and it was with the feeling that she has not really realised yet that she had died, and through the feeling of Whitney, I felt sadness and tears, but I received a much stronger feeling of “breaking through” this façade and “endless happiness”, and when I received these feelings, and saw Whitney sing “I will always love you” where she sang the most beautiful ever (?), I could not hold the tears back myself, this has to be the most beautiful singing ever (?) and it was an immensely strong feeling given to me, so listen to her voice here being greater than anything in history, which are words given to me also with the feeling of Michael and myself and yes two meanings of “history” because of the result of our journey – and yes WHITNEY-DAY is what it is here too.

Dreaming of very little energy of the Old World remaining and still much work to do to save life

After this shock I went to bed and was finally allowed to sleep first waking up at 14.00, which I was unhappy with, because I had been encouraged to attend the webradio service of Den Gyldne Cirkel at 12.00 today, but I did not hear the alarm at 11.00 – and here are a few dreams:

  • I come to DanskeBank-Pension where only Carsten and someone else are present, and I hear the telephone keeps on ringing, and I am so busy that I think of cancelling a pension meeting I have with a branch and a customer later this afternoon, but when I am told that it is an old agreement, I decide to keep it even though I believe the meeting is “to small” when it only contains one private person. I see Lone selling an incredible amount of glasses.
    • This is a place to tank of energy, and there is almost nothing left, and still the telephone keeps on ringing, which is “spiritual communication” and life to save (?), and I am going to a pension meeting myself, which will also have to be about saving life – and I wonder if “glasses” isn’t about “making people see”, which can only be in relation to more and more people starting to see my scripts and me.
  • I am together with Lars Løkke and other politicians in a bus to a political meeting, where I will keep my first speech, and I consider speaking about a new world government and a need of less “politicians”, and a “case” arrives, which makes Lars and others happy, on my way from the bus to the hall, I smoke a cigarette, and inside the hall, a left wing politician hold a speech where he says that they only needed 1 office employee where the right wing politicians need 20, and it makes my mother cheef when hearing this, and me unhappy when she does not understand that this is not what it is about, and I wish she would listen to and understand my words instead.
    • The cigarette is about darkness still coming from the “silent” Danish Parliament, and it makes me TRULY unhappy that my mother does not understand with her conscious mind, and we know how difficult is it really to understand that I only write the truth as I receive it and am who I say I am?

Before standing up I was shown darkness of politicians related to the death of Whitney, and we know more blood on their hands.

The world has now been stalled perfectly inside of the Source, and “lost” parts of my old self is still returning

I was shown the radio/tv store “Expert” in Helsingborg, Sweden, and I was shown a screw being screwed perfectly into the container (of the Source), and this was simply to say that we have now filled up the Source with the world making the container and the content fit perfectly.

I was also shown Karen as clothes lying on the floor with a dark wash basket of plastic being inserted over her, so she hardly can see out to the light surrounding her all over, and inside of the basket, she tries to start a fire, but I see how I blow it out, and yes difficult to control negative feelings it is, Karen?

I was also shown a dark horse carriage being connected to me from my right backside, which I understood as parts of my old self connecting to me and I felt the spirit of Paul and he told me “I also look forward to visiting China”.

At the bath, I felt how, darkness in the form of darkn persons in my own height entered me from my front, and I felt an “eternal open connection”, which I understood is between Obama and me – and I kept on receiving feelings of Niclas too, so he might be part of this, and I wonder what he is feeling about me?

I received several voices of the spirit of my father for example saying “now I have also returned from the toilet” and “I also thought I was to be burned on the fire, but have now returned”, which is about these parts returning from inside of nothing.

The power of the supertanker of our New World is so strong that it almost broke down our Old World

I was told “der kom lige noget på tværs; en ny supertanker på vej ind” (”something just came across, a new super tanker on its way in”), and I knew that this was a reference to one of many beautiful songs by Anne Linnet, namely “Venus” and this because it includes the lyrics “du har sat dig på tværs I mit indre univers” (“you have sat yourself across in my inner Universe”), and here it is both a referral to a new “supertanker” on its way in as well as it is a referral to a historic song/album in Danish rock music by the band Kliché and once again we have a symbol of “something new/original” because this music was “completely new” in Denmark when it broke through in 1980 as you can see below, and yes I am now given the understanding what it is about, because it is about BREAKING THROUGH to our New World – this is what the Supertanker means and not the return of what almost became our “lost world” as I first thought – where man will become a new HUMAN LEAGUE of ORIGINAL PEOPLE as people were intended to be, and yes this is truly a “driving force in world history” my friends :-).

I also understood this as a referral to one of the inspired messages on Facebook the other day, which I did not bring, so with this encouragement, I bring it to you below, and it was someone writing a “funny” email to Anne Linnet saying that he regrettably played her song “Venus” so loud in his car (because he loved it so much!) that it broke down his stereo (!), and now he seeks compensation (!), and yes this is the meaning of something coming “across” and that something has to be our New World, which is so powerful that it almost broke down our old world, but not quite my friends :-).

Coming to the end of my journey after having converted previous darkness into living structure of our New World

I was NOT tired today, which truly is a nice feeling, and I did not receive much negative speeh either, but received quite some temptation not to work, but I decided to write my script going against this feeling, and I heard the spirit of my mother saying that she would like to pick up the telephone (to our New World), but oh no, not yet, as long as there is darkness, we will NOT enter the light, and yes this is how it is all the way to the end, and I do NOT want to be surprised my friends to leave out darkness starting our new life of light “too soon”, so this is another message asking you to tell me CLEARLY when EVERYTHING LITTLE THING has become part of our New World, and first then you can start me up :-).

Later I felt the gentle spirt of the spirit of my mother and told that her wish from before to make that call “is because she is very close to me” but she still came to me from my right also with the feeling of red, and yes it came to me when I was reading about Jonathan on the Internet – also thinking if he “cares” to read about me on the Internet, which you do NOT, Jonathan (?) – and I understood this as “darkness disguised as love” also given to Jonathan, and yes treacherous is what it is because I felt just behind this “coat” its true negative nature, and I noticed that his website is completely blank (at least officially) and on the top it says “I am”, which is what I am, and I wonder if we don’t speak “after the love has gone” from you in relation to me, Jonathan (?) and do you see that this is darkness deceiving you and your feelings (?) – but still this is IMMENSELY beautiful music from the superband Earth, Wind and Fire, which is ALSO a TRUE favourite of mine

I was shown a whole row of guns being removed, and I was told that this is disarming of darkness.

I was shown the globe and the remaining small area of darkness around the South Pole, and I was told “you are removing darkness around the South Pole too”.

This afternoon I was thinking that I am still scared of whom I will become with myself and my whole life, which will change – and also just thinking and really being told here “so many others too” including all of my family and “as far as the eye reaches” – and still I would prefer to this day just to be Stig without sufferings but that is my SIMPLE TWIST OF FATE and yes I was given very strong feelings to include a song from the AMAZING album “blood on the tracks” by Bob Dylan and this is really in relation to the story of darkness of politicians leading to the death of Whitney Houston as mentioned before today.

I was shown the area of a roulette – from approx 11 to 12 position – and I was told that “what you have spilled corresponds to less than 7 to 10 percent of everything”, and this was about my old self before it was returned to me.

I was shown a fish and a stamp coming up from the deepest sea and that it is still dripping, which is about content of these 7 to 10 percent and that I am still suffering because of the effects of this “melt down”, which it can be compared with.

I saw snakes attached to me being shot, and was told ”you have been visited by snakes, which no one could get free of”, but I am happy that we did it anyway.

I saw a big FULL STOP brought to and enter me by the spirit of my mother (is this really the end now?), and when I close my eyes expecting to see darkness, I am shown a GIRAFFE in an apartment, and I received the feeling that the giraffe is the symbol of my mother (I now better understand why I loved the giraffe at the merry-go-round in Tivoli as a child, this was the ONLY place I could sit!) the same way as the elephant is the symbol of my father, and I was also shown the elephant.

I LOVED the giraffe in the Tivoli Gardens – it is a symbol of my mother (and my love to her) including the now finished New World 🙂

I also received the ”kill, kill” command, but it was hollow and I saw light through it, so it has to be the absolutely last vapour of darkness coming to me, but then again, only yesterday I was told how strongly this darkness is, so then again, it also could be a game with more darkness coming (?), and on the other hand, Whitney took on much darkness when sacrificing her life, so we will see how short or long it will take to drive back home my car and enter our New World.

I was shown an empty freezer, which however is not really empty because I saw something red inside of it and it was not darkness but a beating heart and that is structure of our New World and I was told that “everything of our New World lives” and that is also the structure of it and yes “no blanks”.

I was shown a large purple excavator approaching me to lift me up and I was told “you are the last in a banana on the mountain”, and PURPLE to me is about Karen, and rain is “suffering”, so let us put these two together and play one of the most amazing and influential songs of all time and that is also in relation to me, and yes here he is, Prince the master:

I felt Buddha together with Lama Yönten inside of me, and also an Indian with one feather in a band around his head as in original people, and I was given the feeling “we are almost there” – and we know it really does seem as if we are “almost there” and that is unless all of this is “darkness disguised as light”, which it cannot be and that is “not all” at least :-).

A healing video of Niclas helped me to extract more darkness from Niclas self

I decided to watch the “Oneness healing”, which Niclas has uploaded, and I received a clearer access to darkness (more to come?), and inside the triangle of the picture in the link I was shown deer, which is a new animal given to me the last days, and here in relation to the Trinity.

I was shown how a “red block” (of darkness) came out of the picture – as if it came from Niclas – and entered my left forehead and continued to the right side of me.

I heard words coming from Niclas “You are God self, which I now realise” and I saw bars of darkness approaching and entering me, and I was told – again as I also were earlier in the day – that this Facebook posting of mine earlier today was also ”influential” in relation to Niclas, and it is about the last song Whitney sang not many hours before her tragic death, and you may notice the title of it, which Niclas reacted on and yes I LOVE WHITNEY as you do too, Niclas:

I heard the old greetings “I also send my regards from Gert”, which you know also comes from Niclas as another part of me, and I felt Mowgli from the Jungle Book and saw how he transformed into a pig too – life.

During this session I still received negative voices in a poor language trying to make me say “I don’t don’t doing this” etc.

“You have just read the judgment, no one is going to die” – this news has now reached the Pope

Yesterday, Dan was inspired to bring the posting/joke below where he “claims” that Danish tourists on Saint Peter’s Square talk about “who is the elderly gentleman in the dress next to Dan Rachlin”, and obviously it is about Dan walking next to the Pope and being even more famous than the Pope, and yes why did he write this, and isn’t it obvious (?), which is what comes to me now when writing and that is of course that I will become even more famous than the Pope – quite “funny” because”no one” knows me today – and the real reason why I bring it today is because I was told in continuation of my script of yesterday with 100% of all creation of all time being saved that “you have just read the judgment, no one is going to die” and then I felt the Vatican, and understood that the reason why Dan brought this post yesterday is because this news have now reached the Pope, and yes “funny” isn’t it?

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Anne Mette was inspired to say “what am I to say” (?), which became part of the Danish language years ago with commercials like this from the company Kohberg producing buns, so this is saying that Anne Mette also brought me “sexual sufferings” and yes why was that, and really as she writes herself below in the game Wordfeud, which she has “time”to do, and that is “modtræk” (“countermove”), and yes she was playing with the dark pieces against me playing with the light, do you see and the answer is not much still inside of this darkness (also because of you Anne Mette), but we know that light is everywhere around us, and I here feel Niclas again, and told that “we know”, but you do prefer the “sound of silence”, Niclas (?), because it is “more convenient” to you, when you are a WIMP as everyone else, and yes this is how it is, but the song is TRULY beautiful, so I will here bring it below to express my love to all of you also knowing your love underneath your silence.

  • Rikke wrote this in relation to the death of Whitney Houston also saying that she has loved to dance with somebody MANY times to her songs, and yes Rikke is truly a “party-party” girl as it was said on X-factor the other day, which she here confirms, and yes the messages of Anne Mette and Rikke are examples of darkness brought to me, which was the reason whey Whitney Houston had to be sacrificed.

  • For MANY months my mobile phone has “teased” me when it has been impossible to write notes on it, and I have had to try opening the access to write between 5 to 20 times also closing and opening the programme (it is called “text edit”) to make it work and it has also been spiritual darkness trying to make me lose my patience, because there is nothing more annoying trying to open it at the same time trying to remember what to write – often a spiritual quote – and “funny enough”, it ALWAYS works the first time when I write down dreams of the night and also in meditations and really because otherwise I would not write down dreams and information from meditations so this is where the light has helped me, you see?
  • You may remember that I have several times received “teddy bear” as a symbol of darkness, which is what Jens decided to show (himself as) in this posting, and yes “impossible to communicate and understand”, Jens, is CLEAR darkness.

  • Søren was inspired to write about the song of his childhood about the old decayed hovel in the mountains, which he will hum the next days on his way down the mountain, and yes this means “less sufferings”, and I sure hope you are right, Søren.


13th February: Whitney Houston died in the bathtub because I have fallen asleep in my bathtub needing her energy

Improving the root net of my tree and entering my finaly castle or Egyptian Pyramid

I decided to stay up the night because I slept long yesterday, and I enjoyed much seeing the final of the Norwegian part of the Eurovision Song Contest and all of the songs and the winner – I like QUALITY much when I see it – and I was told that King Harald of Norway knows about my writings recently about liking Norwegian (polite) behaviour.

I had the experience of the night that when I allowed messages coming to me, they kept coming constantly where it was impossible to write all of them down – and many of them were not important to write down – and when I decided to hold a break, some periods of time, the physical pressure of darkness coming to me from outside – and also the constant physical feeling of my body receiving “pulses of varying electricity and high frequent pressure/pain”, which is really the best way I can describe the feeling and yes CONSTANTLY and sometimes more than at other times and when it is the most, it is IMPOSSIBLE to be, and we know also “the absolutely worst” of my sufferings really, but not much written about it because it is difficult to explain what is impossible to explain – was almost removed including the negative voices, and I cannot stress enough how STRESSING this is to receive constantly and how much of a relieve it is to be free from it, and right now when starting to write again here at 05.10 in the night/morning the voice of the spirit of my mother, whom it is, is starting to wake up again, and yes please continued until there is absolutely no more darkness and 100,00% is still the goal so this is what we are doing.

I started receiving physical pain to my behind, which lasted most of the night and I took a few notes of the night, which included a very unpleasant vision of having to go through rectum and the diarrhoea/destruction earlier given in order for everything to be light, and I was asked very directly if I wanted to do this, and yes I know the game, and have decided NOT to go in detail on such matters, so the answer is LET EVERYTHING BECOME LIGHT so this is what we did, and I was told that this is to undo the sawing of trees, which was done previously, and that this improves my root net.

I also received STRONG sexual discomfort with new feelings to my crotch trying to break my prohibition of my old nightmare to be carried out, but I stood my ground and it disappeared again.

I was asked “what is the most Mozart to you” (?), and that will have to be the Piano concerto no. 21, and with this I was told that we are now inside the castle (from the time of Mozart), and I saw a waiter opening the door to bring coffee – and also that the castle is the same as the pyramid, which I saw my mother as an ancient Egyptian entering, and she was doing the work of the night.

I was shown a black child of a refugee camp suffering VERY much and another child being hit by napalm, and this is about the TRUE sufferings of the world today, and I know about the sufferings, but have still decided to do my absolutely best work to make our New World 100% perfect WITHOUT any permanent losses, and this is the different to the world of today, because losses of the world as we know it is “only” physical life of the present compared to “permanent losses” forever and ever, which would be “totally impossible” to bear, and yes this is to the world to “think about” as I am told here and yes yes yes will you PLEASE UNDERSTAND my priorities?

I was told that the cure of all sicknesses including paralysis have been prepared, and I kept on receiving visions of experiences dating back months or years, which seems as if they have just happened and I was told “there is no time inside of here”, so this is what is coming to us “soon” my friends.

The digital drop outs on my TV have started to take an “artistic direction” making a little bit of art of this, when the picture shows dissolution to the screen or only around people appearing in the screen and nothing else (!) as you for example can adjust a digital camera to do as a fade out scene.

I was shown chocolate Mozart balls pouring out from the inside of a guitar, which could have been a bas guitar, and I was told “there are no chocolate balls for you inside of the guitar”, and it was in connection with my nearest family/friends believing that I am selfish, which made me VERY sad to hear.

I was told that this is part of my last football game.

I took a break after writing the above, which included a long bath from approx. 08.30 to approx. 12.00 (!), and yes accepting to (almost) fall asleep, where I vaguely remember sexual content and destruction – still ongoing, but I do hope Obama and our ”alternative setup” is with me for as long as it takes – and I also remember a manager from Danske Bank in Jutland visiting the management of the bank in Copenhagen being impressed over how beautiful the offices are. I “woke” up to Lars Hug and “når lygterne tændes” (“when the lights switch on”), which they will be “soon”.

I was tired in the afternoon but decided to stay up waiting to go to bed until this evening trying to get into a “normal day rhythm” again also because I am going to visit the Commune tomorrow morning and yes it will be “fun” to see how the Commune will react to the feedback from the doctor that I am fully capabable of working, which I am sure the doctor has said (?), and yes after the Commune because of their WRONG voices (!) decided that I was incapable of working!

I decided to do “nothing” else than just coming through most of the day also thinking that I will have a longer scrip to write tomorrow because of the minutes I will have to do of the meeting with the Commune.

Whitney Houston died in the bathtub because I have fallen asleep in my bathtub needing her energy

But at the end of the afternoon I decided to cycle to town and yes to use/bring some energy, and at this time I received speech about receiving a new name as a theme, and when I came to town, I was given the “reward” that it is because of my father who is getting used to me being the One I am.

I went to the cash dispenser of Jyske Bank, and noticed what I have NEVER seen before, which was that the previous customer before me had forgotten 100 DKK, and I looked around and could not see the previous customer, and I thought that if a receipt was also in the machine, I would bring the money and the receipt to the bank tomorrow, but there was not, and then I concluded that when you cannot bring back what is not yours and in cases like this where it is “impossible” to find the real owner, there is no other way than to keep the find yourself – and I am thinking that if it is a physical item, you should NOT keep this (office of lost property) – and I really don’t have much money for the rest of the month, 345 DKK, so I could use the money and also the energy, if this is a symbol of energy coming to me.

I received a well known song, which I however could not remember what was, and I heard some of the lyrics as “like a rolling river”, but when trying to find the song searching for this, I cannot find it, and yes receiving the vision of Robbie William – a DIVING actor here and thinking of the world according to Garp, which got him started, and yes my message to Lasse is what got him started because can I really be the Son of God (?), and this is what I was told that this song was about, that the “rolling rive” is to return to me what was lost, and it is brought here through the “beginning faith” of Lasse in me, and isn’t life wonderful knowing your “destiny”, Lasse (being a funny man, when you are more intellectual than funny!) – and this is in relation to one of the short stories of the end of the day, which I started with Lasse and others just before cycling to town.

Hereafter I went to the library and read about the death of Whitney Houston in B.T. and already yesterday I was thinking about a possible connection between Whitney dying in the bathtub and my self “sleeping” in the bathtub without being afraid of drowning (because I am too large to fall under water) – and when I sat there reading, I was told that this is indeed why Whitney died this way – because I was not able to stay awake during nights/early mornings where I needed some sleep to come through, and when I could not bring the energy required and still requested 100% perfect as the solutution, we had to find energy somewhere else, and it became via Whitney.

I still felt Whitney approaching me from my right, and she told me “if I can make a wish, “one moment inf time” is my own favourite” and with this WISH I will bring you what the soul of Whitney herself asked me to play in this script, and yes another faboulous song of hers and I was shown Whitney of her way in and told that we needed someone being all the way out there between life and death, and then we took her to celebrate this ONE MOMENT IN TIME of world history and she also told me about the creation of the LARGEST existence ever, which is what our New World represents, and I was also told that ONLY because I wanted to have EVERY LITTLE THING with us, Whitney died, and it was because of the command “kill, kill, kill” given to me, which found Whitney as the victim.

At the library I also kept on hearing the words “luxury prostitute” in relation to Whitney, and yes I am sad to write it, but I have decided to write the truth as good as I can, and this is what Whitney was, my gentlemen out there “using” her?

Later I was shown Whitney arriving through darkness half over-bended and depressed, and I told her “well done”, and she said the same words to me, and I was shown our room being filled up with the furniture (of my “lost” old self), which she brought.

I started receiving much more physical pressured coming towards my body including high-frequent sensations, which together with my tiredness almost made it impossible to cycle home again.

When I cycled home in the twilight via Ndr. Strandvej, I was happy to see one of the clear lights on the sky approaching me – not seen much of them here in Helsingør – and here I am asked “which one do you believe it is” (?), and yes because of Whitney being another part of my mother, there is ONLY one answer to give, and yes this was the light of my mother approaching me (between Ndr. Strandvej 4, where I lived from 1986-88 and the badminton hall) and for the first time ever, the light simply decided to stand still in the air maybe 100 metres above me, and it was clear white in the middle, green to the left and red to the right and I was told “you decided which way to go” and yes I decided to use the left road declaring that I want 100,00% of everything of all times to be part of our New World, which this was about, and right when this happened, I was to overtake two people running, and while overtaking them, I told them “have a look at the light on the sky”, and yes this was the first time I showed a UFO to other people, and I wondered what they thought of this (?), and yes it was STILL on the sky, which I saw later when turning left via Mariavej on my way home when I looked back seeing that the UFO – the light of my mother – was still placed on exactly the same spot, and yes as if it was ONE MOMENT IN TIME :-).

And I am here thinking of a New World including a kind of magic ot bring both the QUEEN of Whitney and the KING of Michael back to perform in duet for the world, and yes a CELEBRATION it will become, and then you will understand that I could TAKE no other decicision than this, otherwise another Queen would start to TAKE ON ME, which is an A-ha experience I don’t like, that is why.

When I came home, I was given the vision of Lasse – see the end of the day – controlling the lower part of my face to see if it has been filled out perfectly, which this is about, and I was told that it is the combination of the reactions of the group of Lasse going against me, Whitneyøs death and my decision for everything to be perfect, which makes this dream scenario come through, and Whitney is bringing the darkness to me from “nothing” and she is coming through the small hole (of “little faith”), which was created through Lasse (and others) when posting my message below.

Later in the evening, I heard Whitney saying ”it is first now I understand that he (“me”) is God, which is what I had to go through first”, and all the way I have told her “you are heartfelt welcome”.

She also told me “you cannot guess whom I met on the way”, and then I was given the feeling of “Fuggi and the others”, which are from the Council, and this is really a feeling I have been given for days, that it was not only parts of my old self, which was lost, but also the members of the Council (of this our Old World and not before that), and who knows?

I was also told that “Whitney is now installed”, which I now undestand was the goal mentioned yesterday we had to do this evening.

And I was asked if I wanted to close the door now – to “nothing” around our New World – and with much pressure as usual, and also words put in my mouth, but I insisted that I know nothing, so it is up to the light to decide, and if there is still darkness, we will NOT close the door, and so it is.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • They are truly inspired my “old friends” at the meditation group and here Jimmy speaks about the size of the star Betelgeuse, which they use to meditate on, and Klaus brings the inspiration here when he says “I believe we will need a light dimmer when it happens, my friend”, and yes Klaus, what you “don’t know” is that you are also speaking about the magnificent light of our New World – and yes isn’t it surprising that he is so happy about the messages of Jimmy, but “does not want to condemn me” – which then is what he would like, isn’t it (?) – when I post messages of far greater importance?

  • Here is the message I spoke about before in the chapter of Whitney Houston, and it is about Lasse commenting on a photo brought by Mikael Simpson – I don’t know, Facebook, why this was shown on my wall (to bring my attention?) and not in the right column, and I do believe “spiritual powers” are working on what to bring on my Facebook wall (still not receiving news from Obama – and others – on the wall, but in the right column) – and Mikael had had enough of Whitney Houston being a “cover singer” as he wrote elsewhere making me sad to read this negative focus instead of positive focus of her EXCEPTIONAL singing qualities creating happiness of the world – and he showed the poor African child as you can see below not knowing who Whitney Houston is because food is more important to him than TV (which he may not either have in his rural village), and I decided to write the message below with words of my spiritual voice where I thanked Lasse for his comment about being touched of hungry children in Africa as more important, which it of couse is, and I asked him if he has ever witnessed in reality the desperation of Africans in risk of dying because of hunger, which is due to the wrong world order of today, and with this I recommended him to read my New World Order, and that is if he “bothered”.

  • When I returned home from the library I could see that this thread had received more than 100 comments, but NONE in relation to my comment and NONE “LIKES” too (!), and yes but MORE THAN 30 visited my New World Order site and ALL decided for “deafening silence” – not a word about or to me and that is at least when I was present, because it was easy for you to talk talk to others about me (?) – so again I was ignored and degraded by people not believing I was “worthy” to receive an answer and maybe also a few “fearing” me because “what if he really is the Son of God” (?) – and instead people focused on speaking their own voice of whether or not they prioritised African children more or less than news of the death of Whitney, and I thought exactly the same as I right afterwards saw Anders below writing, which is “why is it either/or” (?) and yes of course you can do BOTH/AND – CAN’T YOU (?) and we know feeling Obama as part of me now, and I wondered what was truly important here, and NONE of you decided that I brought you the most important information in your lives (!), and Tomas below was “wise” – he was the one going up against me recently in a thread of Brian Mørk (!) – so therefore he received direct inspiration to say that she died in a bathtub having a free choice, “a LUXURY, which many never experiences”, and yes “luxury” comes in here after I was told the words “luxury prostitute” of Whitney, and just saying that it was darkness of the world of people of the same kind as him turning against us making us take on your sins as our sufferings, do you see?
    • Let me say that bringing postings to a large number of ignorant, better-knowing and “silent” people are still among the worst I know of, not because of me but because of people, and if only they knew, they would become happy and speak to me, but when they don’t, they make me sad and very reluctant to do this, but I have decided NOT to be a wimp.

  • I was also told that Jonathan has now received spiritual confirmation of my information to him and the meditation group the other day, and is now starting to understand that I am no lunatic, but the One I have told him and the group, but “deafening silence” is a poor behaviour being difficult for you to change (?), and we know all it takes is to decide NOT to be a WIMP and always to do the right, which often is the “difficult” situation, and yes this is how I have lived my life for years, so it makes me extra sad to see WIMPS and COWARDS of others in relation to me.
  • The unoffical Facebook site of Electric Light Orchestra was also inspired when they brought a new EASY ”riddle”, whihc was about wich song contained the words CRYSTAL BALL etc – and yes I have thought about the AMAZING song ”Crystal Ball” by Keane, which I should have brought the last time I “fell” over Crystal Ball in my script, and here I was the first one to answer the riddle, which was that the lyrics is from another beautiful song by Neil Young called “Eldorado”, with the “brilliant idea” here being that Electric Light Orchestra has made a song with the same title, and yes just another sign that I am now coming home being the gold of our New World or “Holy Grail” if you will (and later I saw that the “webmaster” had decided to remove my posting making me sad, and yes I was “not allowed” to influence the others?

Here is first ”Crystal Ball” by Keane – my favoutite kind of music:

Below I bring “Eldorado” by Neil Young together with this FINE description of the meaning of “Eldorado” included at YouTube below this video, and yes I FOUND THE GOLD, my OWN SELF as the “ultimate prize”, and yes Mr. YOUNG, I will NEVER get old, which is part of this finding :-).

“Dorado is also sometimes used as a metaphor to represent an ultimate prize or “Holy Grail” that one might spend one’s life seeking. It could represent true love, heaven, happiness, or success. It is used sometimes as a figure of speech to represent something much sought after that may not even exist, or at least may not ever be found. Such use is evident in Poe’s poem “El Dorado”. In this context, El Dorado bears similarity to other myths such as the Fountain of Youth, Shangri-la, and to some extent the term “white whale” which refers to Captain Ahab’s obsession in the book Moby-Dick. The disillusionment side of the ideal quest metaphor may be represented by Helldorado, a satirical nickname given to Tombstone by a tardy miner who complained that many of his profession had traveled far to find El Dorado, only to wind up washing dishes in restaurants.”

  • Pernille shared this message, which is a message to the world saying that while you continued to TALK TALK and argue, I drank your glass of water with “water” being sufferings because of your “inabilities” to save the world and yes including not to be “able” to communicate!

  • Niclas was inspired once again here also giving me a message, which is that he has decided to close his eyes in relation to me (!), and yes darkness is what he bring, and what is included in darkness (?), and yes “sweet”, which are stronger feelings to some people than what they can handle, and as you know it means the contiuation of abuse of children in my “network” – and yes let me just say family/friends here. And Niclas, let me say that “you close your eyes, the second you sleep”, and yes this is the song by the MAGNIFICENT Danish band, Saybia, which your comment below made me think of, some of the best quality music ever coming out from Denmark.

  • Brian Mørk seems to continue being inspired when “trying” to be funny – I wonder where you get it from, Brian (?) – and here he asked if you can complain if you find a dead mouse in a package of cat food (?), and as you will know by know, the mouse is about “dead darkness” and cat food is about life surviving.

  • Kammila from Selvet was also very directly inspired in this message where she asked “do you miss human warmth” including nearness and sex, and then she said the words directly “trying” to be funny, which was “then take the bus”, and yes this is the true meaning of the bus to me, and that is the day when Karen will decide to take the bus leading to me, and the inspiration was to say what I have been thinking for some days, it is TRULY a hell to go through this journey alone without you, Karen, to support me and bring me what I and both of us need.


14th February: Heavy drug abuse could not kill Whitney but psychoactive drugs could – as I told you recently

Dreaming of bringing out more life from darkness doing a new round helped by faith of my father and Sarkozy

I went to bed at approx. 22.00 and stood up at 07.30 equalizing the sleep deficit I had, so I could be sure to make the appointment with the Commune today, and let us see if I can read the “difficult to read notes” of a few dreams:

  • I have had improvements made to my old BMW 520i from 1988 even though I can only afford to do little, but it includes four improvements and a bigger petrol tank (now able to use 4/3 of what it did before), and I am finishing and advertisement to bring in the paper telling about these four improvements. I am working in a company and have René Redzepi as the manager, and we are hiring an unemployed as inspection manager, and something about not undervaluing others. I see how tree washing machines are being set up, and also that they are running on French Francs, and something about asking people to READ how to sell. It is a new company, where I have been hired to make this a success, and René wakes up worried during the night and I tell him “I will bring this home via my strength”. Later I see that new employees have been hired including Jacob and Jesper from Acta, and I tell them that they could have brought Even too , and in the beginning it is a company from Humlebæk, which pays the salaries of people until the company will be able to receive income itself to pay their own salaries, and Jacob tells us that he has meetings with famous people and has just had a meeting with the Ambassador of Yugoslavia.
    • This is my old car I am still driving in – my old self because I have not woken up as my new self, yet, haven’t I (and when writing this I feel someone awakening from darkness to the right of me with a surprise and feeling as if “he” has just been knocked out, and my feeling is because I have decided to continue doing my work until EVERY LITTLE THING has been resurrected) – and the dream says that I will receive more energy, and an advertisement in the newspaper will have to be “resurrecting more from nothing” and I was told that this is to do a new round bringing in what we could not bring in before and also that “faith of my father” has changed and is helping this process. The manager of the company the chef of Noma, the finest restaurant in the world, and he is a symbol of God hiring me in this company (he has already made the best New World with all life being saved), which includes three new wash machines (?) to clean darkness, and yes “a new round” is what comes to me and that is NOT to finalise anything before we have made sure to get EVERYTHING with us, which we could not bring in the previous round, and I keep getting the name “Sarkozy” here, so I wonder if my writings on you have helped you back on track, my friend (?), and if this faith is also helping to make it possible to extract even more from darkness before we put on the light of our New World bringing energy to everyone, and this will be about it, and yes Jacob and my old Acta colleagues are example of people extracting energy from me (receiving salaries, i.e. energy, even when the company cannot afford it), and yes Jacob has a BIG mouth in relation to me and when he here speaks about a man not existing – there is no such thing today as an Ambassador of Yugoslavia not existing anymore – it may be about my new self not being my physical self yet?
  • I received a few words including “you can follow me” and also that the spiritual world was endless little to influence the physical world, and I woke up to “Giv mig dine drømme” (”give me your dreams”) by Raydeohh.

The Commune did not show up for our agreement – will they be “able” to move me back to the “normal” match group?

A little before 9.00 I started cycling towards the Commune to be sure being there on time, and when I was driving, I felt how more life entered me including “thank you” after coming out of darkness, and I was told that what we are doing now is “more a question of calibrating the final tone”, and I was shown Illums Bolighus (a home/furniture shop on “Strøget” in Copenhagen known for design and expensive furniture etc.) and told that “we bring in the most expensive furniture at the end, which is you” and I understood “you” in this respect as my old self.

I arrived at 09.15 at the Commune and after waiting outside for the doors to be opened at 09.30, I went in expecting to meet Lisbeth inside, but when she had still not arrived at 09.40, I asked the reception to call her, and when she did not pick up her phone and a guard has concluded that she was not at her office, I asked the reception to leave a note for Lisbeth telling her that I had been there, and yes the reception said that our appointment was NOT included in her calendar (!), and she offered me to call Lisbeth’s manager to which I thought “he/she will not know my case (good enough)” and I therefore decided to say “no thank you, I have a meeting agreement with Lisbeth, not her manager” and just saying that I don’t like the mentality of “everyone” losing their patience “instantly” saying “I want to speak to your manager” and that is to give everyone a fair chance to do her/his best to service you, and only if it is “totally impossible” to reach a good result, I believe it is a good idea for the customer together with the employee to receive help from a mentor.

When I arrived home – after a little shopping and a visit to the library to read the paper – I sent the following email to Lisbeth also telling her that if she does this again, I will reduce her salary (!), and yes just saying that when the system makes errors in relation to me, as YOU have done ALL OF THE TIME (also thinking of the hospitals in 2008!), it has NO consequences, but if I as the weak part make an error for example not coming to a meeting, I risk my cash help to be removed/reduced, and where is the reason in that (?), and just wondering I am. And as you can see from the email, Lisbeth says that the system had cancelled our agreement from her calendar, and she has sent me a letter with a new “agreement” Tuesday next week, and yes I wonder what she will say to my wish returning to a normal match group because everyone can see that I have my normal working capacity (?), but maybe Lisbeth cannot yet, and yes will she humiliate me completely by also asking me to take a meeting with a psychiatrist even though I believe the doctor gave her “positive” feedback about me (?), and yes we will see, and just saying that I see this as a symbol of the survival of our Old World, because when Helsingør Commune judged me out claiming that I had lost my working capacity, it was a symbol of the Old World receiving its death sentence, and when I have decided NOT to accept this, the Commune will have to bring me back to my “normal” match group, and yes “it is only a matter of time”, so will this happen next week, or do I have to see a “shrink” first, who has absolutely NO knowledge about what is going on inside of my head, but still has to be “wise” about it, and yes I will continue until the day when we have reached 100,00%, which I really thought we had, but alright, if we still need a little to get there, we will continued and yes that is the message, my dear world.

The Commune ”forgot” our agreement, which has NO consequences for the system, but if I had forgot the agreement, I would risk my cash help being removed/reduced – is this fair?

I was told yesterday when thinking about the Commune relegating me to match group 3 in December as a symbol of the Old World dying “ja, der var vi solgt til stanglakrids” (“yes, back then we were sold for bar liquorice”), which both is a Danish saying about dying (when worn-out horses were slaughtered and their blood used for the production of liquorice), and a dark horse is a world overtaken by darkness, and liquorice is also an old symbol of darkness, and at the same time it was also a reference to the album “solgt til stanglakrids” by C.V. Jørgensen, and in some respects, this Danish artist is “better than everyone else” and that is for example when it comes to his mastering of the Danish language in his beautiful lyrics, and my new found “friend” Michael H. from Shubidua was very inspired today when he also brought this posting saying that “none above C.V. Jørgensen in my Universe” also bringing beautiful lyrics of one of his songs (coming back to the question about the “red thread” again, Michael?) , and yes, this was also about me being the Numero Uno (“none above”) as we say here looking forward to joy and happiness for all – and also for me to communicate with you,Michael, without risking to be thrown out without a word!

Heavy drug abuse could not kill Whitney but psychoactive drugs could – as I told you recently

On my way back, I saw on the front page of the newspaper B.T., which was also brought by Selvet in the posting below that Whitney died because of a cocktail of psychoactive drugs etc., and I could not help thinking that pills also led to the cardiac arrest of Michael Jackson – not to talk about Elvis being eaten up from the inside because of pills – and yes this is truly MADNESS (!), and do I have to tell you that there is a reason why I have all of my life NOT WANTED to take pills (?), and yes I don’t like it, and you may understand this message with pills sending “my good friends” to a premature death (?), and yes Whitney survived her heavy drug abuse, but she was killed by psychoactive drugs when becoming “clean” (!), and I have told you about this “medicine” hurting/killing people, and yes that is also recently as with the story of the bathtub, and I do hope you see the connection (?) and that it was darkness of the world killing Whitney.

At the library I felt Whitney as light, and not darkness, around me, and I did almost not receive negative speech, and what was even more important, I did almost not feel any “physical pressure” coming against me, which gave me a true liberating feeling I cannot remember having had for years, and yes I could “almost” be myself also relaxing mentally, but only to a certain degree, because if I let go completely, I felt some negative speech also herewith confirming that there is more to be saved.

I also heard Whitney continuing to sing the line “and I am telling you” to me, and I did not understand why, because I know this song by Jennifer Holiday (very beautifully sung by Jennifer), but I have NEVER heard it before sung by Whitney, and she also sung “and I am telling you, I will always love you” and also “I am trapped in here” in direct continuation (which were words of my old self, which I will come back to below), and it made me think if these words are included in her most well known song “I will always love you”, but I did not believe they were, and when coming back to my computer “googling”, I found her singing this beautiful song in a medley of three songs at the American Music Awards in 1994 as you can see below, and when writing this, I am now given the message, which is that Whitney nearly swept the AMA’s this year winning 8 prices (also for “I will always love you”, this was the connection!), and also receiving the Award of Merit”, and she brought this to my attention because she was very proud of this, and this is a symbol of our New World also winning “all prizes” :-).

The lyrics of the song “I am telling you” includes “I am telling you, I am not going”, and “not going” was also a reference to a part of my old self, whom I kept on hearing when he told me that he is trapped inside of darkness (I felt him in a dark box just in front of me), and he put the words in my mouth (about my attitude) “because I don’t want any more sufferings” and also with the feeling that he will not be saved, and to this I could only say “No, you don’t have my approval to be terminated” – we will continue until EVERYTHING is 100% transferred and I now know that my decision is what matters more than anything because we should have all of the tools available to make sure that the absolutely last part of my old self will also be brought with us, so therefore “bring it on” (the sufferings!) and the energy I will not bring myself, you will have to find somewhere else, and yes you have my GENERAL APPROVAL doing this (as long as it is necessary to do), but I will NOT give you any specific approval on the request of darkness to harm/kill this or that person, this is how I have decided that it is, and I here feel “Obama being proud of me because of this decision” and yes I have felt all along that it would be WRONG to give a specific approval to darkness because this would be the same as acting as the Devil and I don’t want that, you see?

And when I took this decision to accept no goodbye to the remaining part of my old self, the TRUE spirit of my mother came to me saying that “it makes me happy”, and I felt how a cloud of “light darkness” moved in over me, and I was told “what do you do if you cannot continue” with the feeling that we cannot access the last darkness, and I only have ONE message for feelings like this, Bono, and that is YOU CONTINUE UNTIL WE HAVE REACHED 100,00% and yes again, again and again (!) – and I also felt beginning rumbling feelings to my left leg and a “great temptation” to transfer what remains of my old self without the code of life as pure energy to our New World, and NO this is NOT how I want it to be, and even if you cannot keep it back, I will ask you to start the “resurrection machine” because EVERYTHING is going to come with us, and yes WITHOUT exceptions!

This afternoon I also received strong and direct sexual visions and “experiences” as never before, and I have decided NOT to include the details here but it is about the old game “do I have to carry out my old nightmare in order ALSO to become my new self” (?) and instead of going into details with this having to answer “impossible to answer” questions also about my own future abilities to reproduce (!), I simply said “let the light do what is right to do” (i.e. spare me!) and I am sure when we will reach 100,00%, you will make sure that EVERYTHING will become perfect without starting to cut in my private parts, which was also part of this (if we did not make 100%) and yes “more than this”, but I will not tell you the explicit details!

I worked on my script this afternoon not feeling much pressure on me – but still receiving “lazy feelings of “not wanting to do anything”, which I had to surpass – but the main part is that even though I still receive some negativity, the worst part is over, which the Siberian winter here is too, and after publishing the last three days of scripts at 18.00, I could even relax in front of the TV without being tired, without much negativity and without having much work to do, and yes I have not experienced the same for a very long period of time.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I have recently experienced that Google’s lift of the 10 minute limit of videos have also meant that MANY full concerts have been uploaded and some of them also in “good quality”, but my friends I miss a MUCH better system of information of ALL relevant information of the concert (and not just the upload), much better search criteria (also including “quality” as example and how many experience the same as I to be annoyed over MANY poor concert clips recorded by mobile phones when you look for “good quality” and yes you cannot separate them today!), “tags” as in music files and yes really to do so much better than you do today, and what about releasing the sound as a digital output too for people to use their own hardware when converting the sound from digital to analogue output (?), and yes just wondering I am – but I am happy that you are improving, but still NOT GOOD ENOUGH!
  • Hardinger was truly inspired today when he brought one of his and Shubidua’s songs about “the naughty boy”, and yes isn’t it marvellous that this man thought he did this was on occasion of Valentine’s day (?), where the message truly is that Michael was one of the “naughty boys” bringing me threats of my old nightmare (?) at the same time also bringing “fuel” to my new self and our New World, which is what H.C. Andersen to me symbolises (the man of the picture below, which the song is for), and yes in his posting no. 2 below, you can see the humour of Michael, which I LOVE very much, and here it is a comment to a football player close to “party his career away”, and after looking at the picture and the head of the man, Michael decided to write “difficult to party with constipation” (!) and yes which really is about the pain you bring me too, Michael, but without it we would not bring EVERYTHING to our New World, and after completing this, we will certainly PARTY-PARTY, and that includes U2, Rikke and also “the Edge” because this is what she is on, my friends and yes yes yes because of me, of course.

  • Marianne wrote what I was shown in a vision yesterday when stamping a train ticket without writing it, which is that “now the last ticket has been bought and paid”, and there cannot be much darkness remaining before I will become my new self?

  • For a long time I have NOT been able to speak without difficulties, which makes me speak some words wrongly and slight stutter, which is TRULY very annoying because I LOVE when I speak my best because communication is important to me, and it handicaps me when I cannot speak as I like to, and yes darkness taking over as another weapon, and I experienced it today when visiting a Fitness Centre (and the last times I was together with my mother and John), which I could afford to become member of, but I did not like the limited space and offer of running belts and bobybikes, so there will be no Fitness this month.
  • And “lige på FALDErebet” as we say in Danish (“at the last moment”), Hardinger (!), the Shubi-man was inspired once again when bringing this post after reading in the paper about a “dog hit unconscious in Varde – by a lamp post”, which made him quote one of his and Shubidua’s (and therefore Denmark’s) most beloved songs, “Vuffelivov” (a “playful” title of a “bow-wow dog”), which I also LOVED as a boy (this song was “here, there and everywhere” all over the media back then) as you can see below and the lyrics “Og når min hund skal ud om natten, og løfte venstre ben, så går vi ned og vander lygtepælen” means in English “And when my dog has to go out during the night to lift it’s left leg, we walk down to water the lamp post” (!) and isn’t it FANTASTIC to have written one of the most popular songs of Denmark of all time, and then to read about a dog in the newspaper his unconscious by a lamp post (?) and it is almost as if there is a connection here – what do you think (?) – and yes there is, and that is to tell that the old dog of darkness is now “out of here” (after peeing on the light, which you know is about man bringing me my “old nightmare” or potential destruction of the world, this is what the lyrics means!!!) and also to bring you another connection, which is when I myself was almost hit unconscious by a lamp post I did not see when leaving my sister and Hans in Hørsholm together with my mother the day before I became confirmed in 1980, which is a symbol of “almost dying” (terminating) and yes my friends also in 1980 (!), but we made it through (do you remember the VERY cold winters around this time, therefore!), and this song is also to say how much I LOVE DOGS (!) and that is both dogs in real life – I truly LOVE them – and “dogs” symbolising man overtaken by darkness, which is what I was sent to change – and in his last post below, Michael says that he does not have a dog, “I have a fish, or had, I ate it yesterday” (!), and yes Michael does not like me and that is yet, which is the meaning of this. Together with “Danmark”, this may be the song of my childhood (together with Mcarine and many others of course, but still Vuffelivov was and is SPECIAL to me).

  • The Danish TV news on DR1 continue to bring INSPIRED headline stories these days about psychiatric “patients” being discharged too soon from mental hospital, and it truly makes me VERY sad, my dear ladies and gentlemen, that you bring the WRONG story of the Old World Order believing that what hospitals do is right, when it is WRONG (!), and why don’t you bring the TRUTH to the world also telling what “dark voices” are about (TRUE voices of the spiritual world only speaking like this because of sins/wrongdoings of mankind!) and how to treat the symptoms (with love, care and communication!), which you have found in my document “how to treat psychiatric sufferings” and we know “not credible” it is for you to bring (?) and therefore you continue to play your old and VERY poor play instead of teaching the public about the truth, and why don’t you bring the news about me, you have the chance, but you were WIMPS too?



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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