February 16, 2012: Removing darkness from Niclas as another part of the Source, he is now part of God and of me as the Son


Summary of the script today

15th February: Opening other parts of the Source of our Old World starting to remove darkness from Niclas

  • Danish comedians are inspired when making fun with God and Jan Gintberg performed on the slackrope on live tv symbolising wrong sexual behaviour of mankind, which could have been the end of all of us
  • I received the WORST sexual sufferings of my “old nightmare” with an incredible strength trying to break down my resistance of this to be carried out, which was for the inner parts of my old self to return to life also bringing the final key for me to become my new self, which is the process I am going through now to reach my sanctuary and for everything to be saved without exceptions even though I am told “this is impossible”, but come on, really?
  • Dreaming of people acting wrongly in relation to me without realizing it, darkness stealing my energy while sleeping, threats of my “old nightmare” via songs of Whitney Houston, laziness and sexual desire of family/friends etc. is transferred to me making it difficult to work and I do NOT want to be dragged under water because I am not sure that I will get up again.
  • I was inspired to cycle in the forest, where I was VERY surprised to meet cows standing directly on the path, which I have NEVER seen before, which to me was a symbol of what I was told, which is that we have now started to open up to other parts of the Source of the Old World – Obama, Niclas etc. – to create only ONE Source, which is what I decided a long time ago. I will now help removing darkness from here also removing sufferings of “other parts of me” creating ONE BRIGHT LIGHT of the Source of our New World. I do NOT know how long this will take – maybe “weeks”.
  • During the evening I felt how the opening to other parts of the Source helped to improve my reproduction ability. I start by removing darkness from Niclas, and felt how he sends out darkness when he believes that he heals people. It was darkness weaving the Source into a net of dark bands, and we are now starting the work to become ONE GOD and that is from out Old World.
  • Niclas’ part of the Source will become part of the light of the Source of our New World, we are now removing darkness (and selfishness) around the centre of Niclas, which he has received “plenty of”, we are uniting all parts of the Source “before the end of time”, which will strenghten the love of our New World, save life trapped inside of here and bring all information with us to our New World. Niclas decided to keep quiet about me to the meditation group to protect himself from “losing face” to me herewith “killing me with darkness” because it was the “most convenient” to himself. Niclas would not have been able to free himself from darkness without my help.

16th February: Niclas has now become part of the spirit of my father, God, and through him part of me as the Son

  • Dreaming of new destruction happening when I sleep and asking for recreation when I am awake, and when I finish my work and Fuggi his reading of me, I am him!
  • I am the closest ever to my old nightmare breaking out – a very delicate balance – and I was so exhausted that I was asked if I want to stop “the game” with the answer being NEVER IN MY LIFE as long as we are not finished, so we started cleaning a new part of the Source of our Old World.
  • I was told that Niclas has now become part of the spirit of my father, God, and through him part of me as the Son. There is still life to be transferred and we are still blending the Old and New World, but as my old self, I am now only a “thin curtain” to break through to my new self and New World – it cannot take long from now, but then again, it stil may be months, who knows?


15th February: Opening other parts of the Source of our Old World starting to remove darkness from Niclas

Danish comedians making fun with God and Jan Gintberg performing on the slack rope, which could have been the end of us

I had an evening in front of the TV “yesterday” evening – it is now 01.15 (not sleeping because of “new habits” and also because I was encouraged to write down this chapter) – where I watched the talented Omar Marzouk (a Danish stand up comedian – and Muslim – with roots from Egypt) in his new TV-series “Grin med Gud” (“make fun of/laugh with God”), where he tests the limit of different religions in terms of how far he can go when “making fun” with God, and – feeling Obama here again – I only have one limit and that is to “do it with good taste” keeping my few basic rules of good behaviour, and you will have no troubles with me, my friend – and just noticing that I don’t like your dark sides, but love your good sides, and really as I do with everyone else 🙂 – and isn’t it strange that Danish comedians “love” to make fun with God, and yes I like it when you do it with “good taste” – and here you can watch a little of him in a previous show.

I also watched another Danish comedian, Jan Gintberg, live on “Aftenholdet” on TV2 together with Anders Breinholt, and you may like to see Jan from this show speaking of beer in the beginning, the word “explode” and “HOF” (beer from Carlsberg), which is about darkness, which would have exploded and yes because of the WRONG behaviour of these men, who became VERY inspired to speak primitively and wrongly about sex during this “live show” (also because of my own experiences receiving the strongest and worst speech/visions/threats of my “old nightmare” when seeing this, see below), and I did not write down his words precisely but he spoke about “en bølge mere and there would have been no host” (“one wave more and there would have been no host”), and yes this is how close all of us came to termination, and he spoke about the press department of DR and later about the editorial office of TV2 being “busy” or something like that, which was about these TV-stations being busy preparing news about me, which they “can” bring, when my story is “released” by the world, and yes isn’t it marvellous Obama that the world CAN NOT do this themselves and yes speak of my/our arrival (?) and it takes for me to go all the road myself (with the help of a suffering world) to become my new self before they can start TALKING publically about us, and Jan also believed it was better for a dog to die and directly in continuation of this, he began singing “Hvalborg” by Shubidua – the one with the whale (i.e. the world) you know – about only having one end and yes “bye, bye” to the whale and that is if it was up to mankind, which it was not and that is the end of this story really, but not of the whale, who decided to use the other end too :-).

Receiving the WORST force of my “old nightmare” as the last process of my birth from darkness

At the beginning of the evening, I received one of my favourite songs of 1985 – an INCREDIBLE strong year in music, and together with 1982, these two years are my ”favourite music years” – and that was ”she sells sanctuary” by the Cult, and it seems as if I am on my way to this sanctuary, which will probably be “so much better” than the Hell I am still living in.

I also received the song “miles away” by Depeche Mode, which I don’t understand why, but the meaning of this may come for a day “after today”.

At 20.00 I was again, to my surprise, feeling incredible tired and so strong negative speech that I was on my extreme edge of giving in to it, and it really too me with surprise, and I was told that reactions of the Commune in relation to me, family/friends etc. reading my post of yesterday evening on Facebook and reactions of politicians to my script of their responsibility killing Whitney Houston as another part of my mother is what is ALSO bringing this extreme darkness to me – I did not believe there was any more, but it was good that I still decided to continue the game “forcing” out this darkness too even though it was “tougher than the rest”, Bruce (!) – and I was shown the road this darkness created into shelves inside of darkness, which are now transferred to me, and I was told with my mouth open “thank you” and you are welcome, it is my pleasure.

I kept on receiving “the worst darkness” being on my extreme edge for the next 2-3 hours really going to extremity when it comes to my “old nightmare” with an incredible strength “forcing” me “beyond my limit” (but still not breaking me down) and I understood that my decision (no to a direct experience of the nightmare, but yes ONLY in case if is necessary and it is because of the decision of LIGHT and that is WITHOUT my direct involvement as physical Stig) is also about BALANCE, and I was told to my surprise that this is also to “turn you around”, which I did not understand because as my new self, I am facing the right way, but was this about the remaining of my old self having to “turn around” – or was it nonsense by darkness speaking (?) – and I was told that what we are doing now is also connected with my rules of sexual behaviour and that I use a last effort of power going up against the combined strength of family/friends etc. opposing me (that is not very easy really), and this is the last process for me to become my new self, and I received strong pain to my right leg, and was given the taste of marzipan to say that I have decided NEVER to give up, and that includes this experience too, and yes I know the game pretty well by now, so “bring it on”, my friends.

I was shown an empty stadium and the entrance to the light of the Source through a concert stage on the field, and I felt the spirit of my father and “red” all close to me and I was told that what we do now cannot be done without some of me/him dying, and I decided that I play the game deciding the rules and the rule is that 100,00% of everything will survive and keep living as part of our New World, and I was told “we have fished up myself again including my last gold grain, which is the key of you” and also “I am the skeleton of you (our New World), and it cannot be done for this part of me to be alive” and yes “det godt med dig” (“come on, really”), which is also to bring in Michael H. from Shubidua once again (as my Facebook friend) helping to bring in more darkness for me to enter because of his attitude when seeing my Facebook postings, which is you know “come on, really”!

I happened to see this comment of Michael to Martin, whom I don’t know, and Martin said with irony that “I am concerned of myself” (living an active life), and “what the heart is full of the mouth speaks”, so he said “take a treo (“an analgesic to relieve minor aches and pains”) and speak to a priest. You have become possessed by an evil citizen-spirit” and isn’t it “funny” that Michael believes I am possessed by an evil spirit (?), and yes I am really, but then again I am not because I have decided to be stronger than the evil feeding my spirit, and yes Michael you are among the people feeding it very well with your “fear” of me, and I am just thinking that you could have decided to think “it makes sense what he writes” and also to notice that we “by the touch of magic” became Facebook friends again, and eeeehhh you did and is this why you are “scared”, and yes when writing this, I was given even more darkness and that is “strong and also high frequent pain” – I cannot tell you just how disgusting it feels having your entire body x-rayed with this feeling “constantly” – and yes “he is truly someone special”.

At one moment in time – fantastic performance, isn’t it (?) and feeling Whitney with me again – I felt darkness giving up and attaching to my right (always lower) leg and it was with the feeling “including everything which has been removed previously with pain given to my right leg”, and I was told and felt physically that “this is a little like darkness with one eye in the middle coming over and inside of me, which is not ready to be woken up”, and yes this might be but “the force is strong with this one”, so this is what we are doing, and it could not be different if I was to defeat this much stronger opponent of darkness – and the way Luke controls his feelings in Starwars not to be overtaken by the dark side is exactly the same I have done now for a long time, and I do wonder where the inspiration to this came from :-).

Later I felt my new self crying coming out from darkness, which is where I am born from, but I decided “not yet”, I don’t want to destroy remaining darkness to be born now, I want to absorb all of it first to make the content of it survive.

Dreaming of people acting wrongly in relation to me without realizing it

After writing the above I kept on receiving the strongest sexual force doing everything it could to misunderstood and start committing an offence on me, but no this is not how we play here.

I decided to stay up until 06.00 and to go to bed being excited to see if I would receive strong visions and speech keeping me awake, but no, I had decided that I wanted sleep – and to have energy of the world helping me – so this is what I got, and I decided to keep on sleeping until 13.30 receiving a few dreams:

  • The CEO of Danske Bank comes into Morten J., I and a third one, and he only asks Morten about something, and something about saying something without wanting to say anything, and Morten J. “talking over him” in the telephone without realizing it, the CEO leaves, and a worried Morten leaves with him, and something about being dismissed.
    • I DO NOT like when I do not get these dreams right – poor notes because of tiredness – but the CEO of Danske Bank will have to be the manager of our old Source, and Morten may represent people acting wrongly in relation to me without knowing it, and am I the one to be dismissed from here because of the poor behaviour of others, and NOT with my good will!
  • Something about stealing money, which has been “reserved”, buying cigarettes and public transport punch cards at the petrol station using a credit card.
    • This will have to be darkness working when I am sleeping still stealing my energy and using it on cigarettes, which is darkness to the world.
  • I woke up to “so emotional” by Whitney Houston and the lyrics “I get so emotional baby”, and later also another of her songs with even more clear “love messages”, which I decided not to include here because it was darkness working.
  • It is my last day working for Fair Insurance, and I am finishing my last work, and I need help from Lisbeth and Margit, but I have difficulties focusing on this work being distracted by a café on the other side and sexual desire.
    • I have received this strong feeling of “laziness” and “I don’t like to continue working”, which is transferred to me from someone – normally my family/friends etc. – and the same is the case about desire, but I have a work to look after, so this is what we do.
  • Half awake I see a lake full of algae, and I kept on hearing someone telling me “you are not him”, and I understood that it is the algae lying about me, and also that I am not allowed to swim, which I do anyway but I don’t like to sink down because I am not sure if I will get up again.
    • “Reflections” from people – family/friends etc. – still not believing in me because of the feed given to their own wrong voice – and yes people still have a FREE WILL to make up their mind, amazing isn’t it (?) – and that is right, I don’t

Opening up to other parts of the Source of our Old World removing darkness from Obama etc.

When I woke up, I felt “wrong” all over my body because I struggle to find a day/night and sleep rhythm, and I really did not like to do anything today other than the mandatory writing of the script, but still I thought that “it would be good to get out walking in the forest”, which is really the absolutely best CURE I know of to remove the feeling of “laziness” (!) – remember that “forest” is the symbol of origin/life/God (?) – so when it was about 15.45 I took my bicycle planning to cycle down to one of the first lakes coming on the left hand when cycling down Gl. Hellebækvej turning into the forest path, but when I arrived there, I felt like cycling to the left after the lake where I had not been before and suddenly I found myself riding my old bike in the forest as if it was a mountain bike I used and I ENJOYED it much despite of my poor physical condition and also snow making it more difficult but NICE to cycle, and I thought “if only I had a proper bike to ride on”, and I passed the small lakes Hvidelykkedam and Klaresø and I saw at gate no. 8 that I could continue straight out towards the larger lake Bøgeholm Sø, which I then decided to do and I was truly taken by surprise when shortly thereafter I saw a number of cows standing directly on the path 50 metres in front of me with running calves, which I liked to see, and I thought “where do they come from, I have NEVER ever seen cows inside a forest”, and also that it had to be a local farmer letting them out, and I wanted to continue cycling but I became a WIMP here Sarkozy & Co. (!) because I thought “I wonder if there is also an aggressive bull among them”, which I did not want to meet, and yes just thinking that fear and shame over wrongdoings is what is driving the world when you do not have the courage to speak to and even meet me (?), and yes you are welcome here for a cup of coffee and I would also like to visit you and that may be in Copenhagen, Berlin, Paris or Rome or anywhere around the world, but you may like to help me receiving a normal life and to help pay the travel fare too (?), and yes you do not “dare” to help me and my LTO friends to get a better life, because it would “reveal” you, Angela Merkel (?), who is the vision I receive here, and even though I am sure we will get along fine, I can only say one thing about your conduct and with you all of the world: YOU HAVE DISAPPOINTED ME MORE THAN YOU CAN BELIEVE (!) – also you Benedict, whom I am given a visions of here – and yes this is how I speak when I get “committed”, so coming back to the story, I decided not to pass the cows, but after returning home, I understand that they are part of “Hellebæk Kohave” (“Hellebæk Cow Garden”), and completely harmless – as I am too (!) – and just before meeting these cows, I had been told that we are now opening up to other parts of the Source of our Old World and yes I understood that it was because of my decision to be ONE with Obama and “other parts of me” and that is to have ONE SOURCE and not several, and this will have to mean that I have removed darkness included at “my part”, and yes BRING IT ON and that is darkness included at other parts of the combined Source, and yes another surprise this is (!), and I wonder how strong this new darkness can be, and my guess is that it is not as strong as what I have already absorbed, but we will see and also if this will take days, weeks or months to go through, but maybe “weeks” is a good guess also thinking that the Commune will probably decide to send me to a “shrink” before they will finally realize their mistakes (because of inputs of misunderstanding people in relation to me – including my “commitment” to speak, which may be a “sickness” in their eyes???) and declare me “completely normal”, and yes isn’t it exciting when I will become my new self (?) and the only answer I have is “when there is no more darkness” and so it is. And I understood that these “several cows” on the forest path was a symbol of the Source divided into several parts, and yes I had no plans to drive this way, so this was part of the “invisible control” of the spiritual world over me.

I also understood that the opening to these other parts of the Source will help removing the sufferings of Obama and yes I wonder how many parts there are – is 8 a good guess (?) – and it may include Niclas, Putin, the Pope and others, and yes we will see what was right and wrong of who are “other parts of me” in previous messages, and I was also given a vision of the previous Castle Manager of Kronborg, Jørgen Almar, who was the father of Kirsten, the wife of Lars, who is the brother of Hans, my sister’s husband – did you get that (?) and here it is “part of the broad family” 🙂 – and the feeling was that with the opening to this next part of the Source, his soul will also survive and yes part of the “100,00% plan”.

When I cycled in the forest after receiving this message, I was given one of the fantastic songs from the first album by Depeche Mode (Speak & Spell from 1981), which was “photographic” and the lyrics “I take pictures, photographic pictures, Bright light”, and my thoughts were “photographic pictures” is the same as “scoring a goal”, which is to enter our New World (Jørgen Almar and more) and “bright light” is to further improve the light of our New World, and I bring the song here, which felt amazingly new and fresh when it was released in 1981 and really like “nothing I had ever heard before”, and in my ears, it still does, and Depeche Mode may be the band, which had the greatest influence on me of all bands while I was a teenager, and yes “this flame” has kept being with me all the years since.

I was home again at approx. 16.45, and to my surprise, I am almost not receiving any darkness now – does this mean that I have now broken through the internal walls of darkness inside of the Source not requiring me to go through the same extremes again (?), and we will see, and still thinking that this is also the last process of me becoming my new self.

And right after finishing the writing of this chapter, I was given very strong pain to my left angle/foot together with a feeling of people of other civilizations suffering and also because I have decided to sleep, and yes my friends this is what I am told, and all I can say is that I do my best under the circumstances and that we all lift in crowd – and I will accept NO damage to the spiritual world.

I am integrating the parts of Old God, which the Devil had separated and I start by removing darkness of Niclas

In the beginning of the evening I was told “we cannot kill now”, which is after the opening to other parts of the Source, and I felt parts coming to me from outside to my private parts, and understood that this integration improves my reproduction ability.

I received a constant feeling of Niclas, and was wondering if he felt me too, and I felt Obama and heard in relation to Niclas “we will start with you”.

I was told “FC Copenhagen has not finishing roaring this season, just so you know”, and here FC Copenhagen is a symbol of me to tell the world that I have more work to do and that is because I CAN.

I felt the wish of healing others from Niclas, but also that it was darkness coming from him, which was to say that because of the darkness surrounding Niclas, he believes that he helps healing people, but he is truly sending people darkness and that is without knowing it, and I was told “why are you not more sick than other people” and I felt Niclas and the answer, which is “because I have to be well in order to work”, and I was told that this is the same principle as with his healing, which is that other people are healing us.

I was shown and told that “these are the dark bands of the Devil dividing us in all directions, which is also why we are several people, and not one, which we will now be”.

I felt my physical father as the spirit of my father asking me “what about me”, and I could only answer “we will also enter you and everyone”, and I was told “this is how the Devil infiltrated my reproduction ability lacing us behind dark bands weaved everywhere” and also “this is how to retrieve ONE God of the Old World, which was not one God, but divided” and also that “we are now becoming stronger”.

I felt myself something like a spider made up by dark rubber bands of the Devil walking the roads of an old Danish city, which was “a new world opening” (coming to another part of the Source) and I was told that “we would never have reached this part if you had not decided for 100%”.

I was given two left turns to my lower left leg, and was told that “this was the only way we could enter”, which was about the strong pain given to my left leg earlier today, and yes the integration with other parts of the Source and that is also spiritually.

And I was encouraged to write what I have been told for months without writing it, which has been when I have read or seen on TV I have received a desire to say hundreds of times that ”I don’t have any understanding of this – or anything left over for this”, which I have seen as darkness every single time herewith telling it that “this is WRONG”, and I was here told that had I not done so, “we would also have been destroyed physically”, and yes good that I did not do so, which it would have been MUCH easier to do than to fight it, and just so you know, this is what it takes to remove darkness and what it took all the way..

Finally I was told that “more pleasant surprises are on there way if you continue” and my answer was “well yes” and OF COURSE that is and we know “it takes the time, which it is going to take” and so it is.

Finishing this chapter by 21.30, and I am surprisingly tired, so I will see if I can go to bed and sleep without becoming too late, but before coming this far, I’ll be back if I am not mistaking.

Niclas’ part of the Source will become part of the light of the Source of our New World before the end of time

I’m back, Arnold, and it is now 00.10, and yes you cannot imagine how much I dislike writing by now, even though this is not my worst moment, but still …, and yes let us see more of the notes of the evening of “constant information” coming to me:

I was told that it could also have been one of the others of other parts of the Source, which could have opened up me, but now I was the Chosen One to do this task.

I was shown a vision where I am walking together with a man with drawings in his hand of a giant power plant – he looks like an engineer – and we are inside of large building where I see graves in the floor and in one of them I see a large Coca Cola changing into a large bottle a beer, and I am told that we are now working on this, and this grave belongs to Niclas and as old readers will know, the Coca Cola and beer bottle both symbolise darkness, and when transformed into light, this part of the Source will become part of the light of our future New World.

I was shown a chocolate cake and a knife cutting a piece out of it and the cake starting to crumble, and first I did not understand it, because cake is the result of creation, but when I was shown a chicken chirping at the centre of the cake, I realized what it was about because chocolate is selfishness, which we are now removing as the layer around the centre of Niclas, and isn’t it funny that the man, whom “everybody loves” at the meditation group and probably also elsewhere is simply driven by his own selfish needs of attention (?), and you do understand, Niclas, that I only write what I am told and NOTHING else and the difference between you and are is that I have decided to be stronger than darkness freeing my self from it, which you are still a prisoner of.

I was shown a puck on ice and a man on motorcycle turning up the throttle of it, and I was told that “the throttle has been turned as much as never before” and also “for Niclas, not as much you”, and this is the throttle of darkness.

And I thought “with this Niclas, I hope you will be able to understand and support me so we will become one”.

Despite of what I was told earlier that none will be able to die now, I still kept on receiving some “kill, kill” orders from darkness, but they were not very strong and the answer is that I am much stronger than the darkness inside of here removing its capability to kill.

I was told that Niclas’ spiritual voice directs him on foundation of his own naive beliefs (for example beliefs of the Universe and people of other civilisations).

I was told that uniting the Source is like uniting a watch, which has been divided into pieces and to do it “before the end of time”, and I was shown the famous painting below by Salvador Dali of the melting clocks, and also that it symbolises the end of time approaching.

Salvador Dali’s famous painting of the melting clocks symbolises
the approaching end of time

I both felt and received a physical pressure coming to me from the right entering my lower left leg but I also felt it coming all over my body, and I heard a voice inside of it asking “it is not him, “the great fish”, is it” to which I could only say that it is indeed (fish is till the symbol of me as the Son of God), and I was shown Jeremy Wade from the TV series “River Monsters”, which is a show I like much seeing (he catches the biggest fresh water fish around the world).

I was shown a red sport car being laid over me, and right after this a yellow, and red is to say that this is the strength of darkness I am taking on me, and when transformed into light, it becomes yellow, which is, you know, another new side of the spirit of my mother.

I was shown a sword, a key and a spoon to eat from a deep plate, and the sword is about “communication” of this part of the Source (COMMUNICATION IS OUR SWORD TO WIN THE WORLD and lack of communication, Niclas, is the weapon of darkness), the key is given to me when handing over this part of the Source to me and the spoon is about “food”, which is all of the life it includes, and I said “yes, thank you” to receive this, and to my surprise I was met with the reply “you also have to do me a favour”, and I could only say “no, this is not how we are here” being confident that there is no other way out than through me, and I was told that this was only to show Niclas’ true way of thinking.

I was also told that this could not be done without Niclas’ faith in me, and also not without sufferings of the Universe to bring energy, and then I was given a constant pain to my right angle for approx. 15 seconds and told “this was it”, and I know from so many times before that this means physical pain to and destruction of the Universe in order to bring energy going through this phase of the final showdown with darkness.

I was shown a vision of how my Holfi amplifier set was brought to my heart, which was to say that with this part of the Source, the love of our New World becomes even stronger, and I was also shown the horn of the Unicorn leading out from my forehead and I was shown it being approx. three metres long now with a very sharp point and told “this is how to build our New World”.

I was shown the colours BLACK and WHITE and then Michael Jackson – because of his fantastic song Black or White – and also that “he was not in your part” (i.e. “mine” as Stig), which is about the story of Michael Jackson being “another part of me” but that is not from my part of the Source, and a few minutes later I was shown Michael Jackson arriving inside of darkness approaching me, and the darkness coming to me now is from Niclas’ part of the Source and in other words it is more correct to say that Michael Jackson is another part of Niclas, and now when we are becoming ONE, Niclas is truly another part of me, and vice versa, and Michael Jackson is another part of both of us with all of us being the same, do you see?

I was shown and told that “it is like receiving long dark pipes in front of your eyes and a dark stick”, and this is the influence of darkness of Niclas coming to me, and the dark pipes is what made it “impossible” for Niclas to SEE and do what is RIGHT to do.

I was shown “superflyers” – liquorice bars with liquorice being an old symbol of darkness – being rolled open, and I was shown all information inside of it (inside of darkness) transferred to me as the elephant (“God”).

I was told the name “Peter Herskind”, whom I did not know who was when I received the name, and when writing this I am looking up his name, and see that he is a “leading lawyer” in Denmark, and lawyers only “help” to complicate things and see things from their client’s and own perspective without necessarily seeing the BIG PICTURE because of “conflicts of interests” (!) or in other words, a lawyer is one of my old and STRONG symbols of the Devil, which is also about Niclas here, and there was another meaning of the name too, which was to divide the surname “Herskind” into “her” and skind” (“here” and “skin”) and “skin” was given to me here because I delivered a SKIN STORY myself recently where I wrote about the Commune harassing me and gave a link to my Scribd document of this with the ONLY purpose to see “how many would fall for this” (!) to reveal secret visits of governments etc. to my website, and yes there was “nothing” in the story itself, and this was the way to say that Niclas decided to bring a “skin story” about me to the others of the group in order to save his own skin (!) – he had a “conflict of interests”, where he would not “risk” to lose face to me (!) – and I received the words as if Niclas said them “I don’t believe in Stig because I am not you and cannot recognize you”, and it was because we were not on the “same wave”, Niclas, when you transmitted stories of darkness, and in this respect you were kind of “working for the skin trade”, and you might understand that I bring music in my scripts to show all of my LOVE to man, and this is a song belonging to my heart from one of my favourite bands, which I here bring to you.

I felt some pain to my throat but not much compared to what I have received before – and I also have a little physical pain to my behind when writing this but “almost nothing” compared to before – and I was told by the voice of darkness approaching me that “I decide”, and again I could only say that this is not how we play the game here and also that “I am stronger than you, I am right, we will agree on the truth as foundation and become ONE” and that is instead of making up a “convenient to you truth”, Niclas, which was killing me, but “pleasing” you (?) – and do you remember that I told you about the transition process you were to go through and that it was “quiet before storm” (“stille før storm”) and yes this is the transition I am finalising now, I am bringing you out of darkness, which you “could not” do yourself because of your “deafening silence”, “inability” and “selfishness”, and I am only telling the truth (in order to help you), which is and has NEVER been negative, which should be easy for everyone to understand?

I was shown a dark cylinder of Niclas in the middle and what used to be dark bricks surrounding it, which I am now painting white one row after the other, and I was also shown that I have now opened the entrance to his Easter chocolate egg – chocolate still means “selfishness” and this vision could mean either “destruction” (Easter) or “creation/survival” (the egg) because of the darkness he brought me and that was depending on whether or not I would be stronger than him and “everyone else – and I saw green behind it, which was to say that behind the darkness of Niclas making him selfish is the TRUE green colour of the Trinity of this part of the Source.

I was shown food cooking and spices being brought to me from Niclas – “food” is life and “spices” is darkness as far as I recall and that is really “life inside darkness” – and I heard as if Niclas said it “because you are not as wild anymore” and I understood that this is his feeling after now having read several of my postings with the truth being that I have NEVER been wild, only tried to explain the truth to “stupid”, deaf and hypersensitive people, who could not and did not want to listen because it was “inconvenient” to hear.

I was shown darkness at the upper part of this part of the Source and told that “the green wise stone stand at the back of his chamber”, and this is how it normally is, so we will do some cleaning up in here and at the end this stone will come to me too before we will continue to the next chamber, and yes we know Stig, this our Old World is truly the most difficult to remove darkness from and a “hard nut” is what it is, and not this specific task but when you put everything on top of each other of what we have gone through to save this the Old World.

I was given the old hit “Que sera mi vida” by Gibson Brothers, which I enjoyed very much as one of my disco favourites in the end of the 1970’s, and I was told that “this song fits in here”, and I was shown a small rocket of darkness in front of me being fired against me but also that it was not dangerous and furthermore it was shot over my head, and when writing this I have translated the title of the song via the Internet; it means “that will be my life” and this is what it will Niclas, when you will become FREE from darkness and speak the truth of light, and some of the lyrics go like this to tell you that you could not have found your way alone if I did not help you.

“Que sera mi vida, How am I gonna live without your love, if ever you should go, Que sera mi vida, How am I gonna find my way alone if ever you should go.”

I was told that the urethra is not closed yet, and that what happens now will also reduce my sufferings, and I was shown a man entering my shelves from the behind of it leaving darkness and coming inside of my shelves, which is lid up with light, and he is now putting back on the back cover of my shelves, and yes this is Niclas’ part of the Source entering my shelves, which is the “toolbox of God”, which he now becomes part of too when he is cleaned from darkness.

And finally I received the – to me – immensely beautiful song “cold” by Tears for Fears, another favourite band of mine, and the meaning, Niclas, is simply to say that you decided to send me COLD feelings and NOT to communicate because of your FEAR, which is what brought TEARS (!), and this is even though I told you that this is NOT the way to behave simply because when you “cannot” communicate – and in your case when your voice asks you to be “quiet” – you create unnecessary misunderstandings and conflicts, and in this respect you were the tool of darkness speaking through you, and that is darkness forcing your voice to speak this way, which it does NOT like but had NO other options than to follow, and as the lyrics of the song goes: “Cold, been excommunicated cos I’m cold, My temperature’s been rated and I’m cold” and this is what the meditation group did, you rated me as COLD when you “could not” take hearing the truth, and you could have “saved” me Niclas, but decided to be “working for the skin trade”, do you see?

Ending this chapter at 02.50 after taking “good time” in order not to lose my patience, and yes I had some negativity to absorb when writing, and also some “old nightmare” in the form of very unpleasant sexual talk of a kind you simple don’t want to listen to as the Son, but it was not as bad as it was yesterday.

Later I was shown the spirit of my mother together with coins entering into a spiral and I heard “it is not because we are enthusiastic”, which is then what it was, and I was shown butterflies in front of my eyes and also an Indian.

At 04.20 I was shown and told “we will just go through another dark tunnel before reaching the castle”, and yes “fine with me”, and if you have 10 of these before there is no darkness left, we will go through 10 and that is even though I received “physical pressure” on me at this time of night – I decided to stay awake still receiving the feeling that it is good to do – which is really very uncomfortable, but it was the spirit of my mother of this part of the Source arriving, and yes I have to decide to continue giving FREE ACCESS to do this even though everything tells me to do the opposite because of how uncomfortable the feeling is.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Hardinger and friends were inspired in the continued thread of C.V. Jørgensen of the other day, and below Jesper writes about “the King of Lyngby”, and yes he means C.V. Jørgensen living in Lyngby, but here it was inspired about me, when I lived in Lyngby, and as he says “On bicycle” (my sufferings). “None over – or next to. And the most beautiful is that he will jump up and fall down on this”, and as Michael says “divine carelessness” (!) – yes, this is what they said (!), and this is of course the truth – seen from a positive perspective – and as Susanne says, “Yes, we come closer and closer to the truth” and yes still speaking of C.V. they are, but really about me as the secret messages, do you see (the answer to this question is “not yet” most of the times it comes to me because I have decided to be in darkness until it is over – without writing it).

  • The thread continued here where Søren said in relation to Søs Fenger “– and as an old Greek said: “Next to nothing, something is everything”, and this was not a nice thing to say in relation to Søs, but it was the truth about “nothing” of darkness, which has now been transformed into “everything” – here smelling Danish pastry as the result – and Frode asked a question citing lyrics of C.V., and it might not be the obvious answer, but Michael was inspired to answer “banana” (?), and you might remember the information I brought the other day that I am the last one to be brought down from the mountain, and yes in a “banana” as they are called, which is a “transport bag” they use to bring down people, who have become hurt on skiing holidays, and just for your information my friends, I have NO intentions to give in to this extreme darkness given to me by Michael and so many others, so you may take your banana and pack it together with “everything” else because I have decided to walk down the mountain.

  • I have felt A2B in Gladsaxe for several days, which I went to a useless course forced by Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune, which nearly had meant the end of me and the world (!), and I wonder if “talk is going on behind my back” and what happened after Helsingør Commune received a copy of the journal from Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune, and yes “it is not easy for Lisbeth to decide whether of not to believe in the journal and A2B about me or me telling her that I have good relations with all people” and yes do you see that old sins of people misunderstanding and working poorly/negatively keeps on following me, and yes this was basically the reason why I received these feelings.
  • Today I realized that I have NOT received any Facebook postings to my wall from Depeche Mode, Pink Floyd and other bands too even though I have subscribed to these sites, and the only meaning of this is “lack of love from the world to me represented by my own family/friends etc.” and yes I still do not receive Obama’s postings, but they have started showing in the “ticker” of my new upper right window, and this window started showing to me only 1-2 weeks ago, and just saying that spiritual darkness has been working on my Facebook site.
    • Late in the evening – or rather night at 03.30 – I saw how most of the postings to my Facebook wall had “vanished” (postings I had noticed and read earlier in the evening) including the ticker (I have now seen it for some days and yes again it is psst gone), and yes I understand that this is darkness of Niclas now working, and “not nice”. By 04.45 some of the postings had returned, and yes in mysterious ways, so if you see anything like this, it is really ACTUNG BABY, but of course it doesn’t get any better than this :-).
  • I received different references to my father’s Kirsten’s children and I also felt how a big Devil entered me because of them, and yes isn’t it “marvellous” what negative feelings can do to people and that is in the respect of saving what is inside darkness, but I truly DO NOT understand how people can be so narrow minded in their thinking and behaviour as they showed to me as some of the worst examples on my road, and that is at least what I have seen directly my self, and yes I feel ashamed over the WRONG behaviour of people, and yes everyone will eventually say “if we only could do it over again, we would of course have read, understood and supported you being TRUE friends”, but yes NO ONE could and that is NOT ONE SINGLE my “friends”!
  • Yesterday on the phone I explained my “worried mother” that she has NOTHING to worry about with the Commune and again I had to explain to her that I have FINE relations with all people, but only until they “fall over” my website, which makes them stare blind instead of using their SIMPLE LOGIC, which to the Commune is that of course I have my full working capacity, which the doctor was also “able” to confirm after one hour meeting her (!), and yes because of the “authorities” of the system WRONGLY degrading me to match group 3, my mother became in doubt again if I was able to work (!), and yes isn’t it “marvellous” how people can decide wrongly because of the misunderstandings of other people instead of simply listening to and understanding me (?), and “marvellous” here is because this is what we needed to enter the worst darkness EVER, and with this “explanation”, I reduced my mother’s concerns and with this my own sufferings, and yes my mother, the more concerned, angry, sad etc. you are in relation to me, the more sufferings you are giving me and that is ALSO why I have told you to be strong, but not very easy to do, is it?
    • At Aftenshowet on TV2 at 23.30 this evening, you can see another example of spiritual influence on people, and here it was via the guest Kira Eggers, who suddenly became very indecisive when she could not decide how to answer a simple question, and I was told that this is about the indecisiveness of my mother in relation to me, and yes one day she believes, the next she does not, and it does not take many words from John or Sanna to influence her against me, and when I speak a little about myself making sense, it makes it much easier for her to understand – for example as you can see above this text.
  • Due to historical interest and only because of this (because I see this as “normal communication” not being significant and that is at least when this is written), I decide to bring this nice proposal of Emil to become my “first disciple” to which I decided to answer that I see myself together with “good friends” spreading my message to the world, and I am happy that he is a good friend of mine, and yes he is the first DANE offering to help me – thank you, Emil 🙂 – but not the first “good friend”, because the first “good friends” understanding and supporting me are my LTO friends in Kenya, whom I met in 2009 and they have supported me ever since “patiently” waiting for me to make the world help them to receive a normal life, and what do you say, Merkel, Sarkozy & Co., do you NOT want to help MILLIONS of people to receive a normal life ending their sufferings/deaths (?) and that is because the Old World Order and your “secrets” are more important to you than TRULY to help the world (?), and yes do you know what I call people like you (?) and yes DESERTERS, who are not part of my army – not my “good friends” yet – when you cannot express your faith in me publically helping me to TRULY change the world, and I wonder HOW COULD YOU???

  • You can find inspired speech at the TV2 news at approx. 19.15 in an interview with a mother with the message being that my mother first sees me (one week) and then my sister (the other week), and that my sister has POOR CONSCIENCE for her decision to stay away from me, and yes it is now difficult for you to change, Sanna (?), and let me tell you that I will meet you with OPEN arms when you will return and I will understand when you will tell me of your misunderstandings, that you “can not” understand how you could be so blind and the excuse for all of the hurting, you have caused me, because this was the truth, Sanna, and not vice versa, do you see (?) – and yes NOT YET is the answer to both the view of my new self and Sanna going to excuse to me, but also that BOTH are coming :-).
  • The “funny man” Brian Mørk decided to say that he has now boiled a pizza for three hours and it is still not done (!), and yes “many funny comments” – some better than others – and then the three below of Patrick saying that “God exists” (!!!!) – he must be psychic this man – and Dennis being “funny” saying “of course I do” and Ragnar saying that he has had his hot dog in the oven for three hours but it is not “hot dog” yet, and we know just saying that we have decided to prolong the game to bring 100,00% with us to make a perfect pizza of joy and happiness, that’s all ladies and gentlemen.

  • I decided to watch some of the news items of DR1 TV news on psychiatric “treatment” and I kept on receiving the feeling that “now they see this too”, and after seeing a handful of these items over the last days – wondering why this “the most reliable news in Denmark” solely focuses on “number of bed places” in the traditional and WRONG psychiatric system of Denmark as the ONLY way to solve “the problem” and yes AMAZING that you “could not” bring the truth to Denmark and the world about what is causing it and how to cure it but told you about this before (!) – and when I started watching Neil Young on YouTube thereafter I was told directly that it is darkness making “the world” monitor my every step, and yes WHAT DID YOU LEARN IN SCHOOL TODAY (?) and obviously NOTHING yet, and we know STONE DEAF is what you must be because you have decided NOT to react to my wish NOT to be monitored by you, and just wondering I am, and feeling HUMILIATED by your guys our there, and feeling Jack here so “military intelligence” (?) and yes HOW ARE YOU (?) and will you please STOP doing this NOW?
    • I brought a link to my Scribd document of how to treat psychiatric sufferings the 14th, and the same day the number of visitors increased from 0 to 24 (!) and not because of “official visitors” to my website clicking the link but “secret visitors”, but told you about this before, I had!
  • Today and also the other day I received a little bit of taste of blood in my mouth and “half a feeling” coming from my father, so “half dying” maybe (?) and as long as he survives, this is the main part.

Taking into consideration that I had nothing really to write today when I started, the script turned out pretty long once again …


16th February: Niclas has now become part of the spirit of my father, God, and through him part of me as the Son

Dreaming of new destruction happening when I sleep and asking for recreation when I am awake

Finally at 07.30 I decided to sleep being what used to be “extremely tired”, which however was not as tired as when it has been the worst the last weeks, and I slept until 15.00 with a few short dreams only:

  • My old dog Don at Karenvej can almost not hold back, and when I open the door to the garden, it creeps out to hold back diarrhoea, and wait until it reaches the garden, and first it believes that I am closing the door, which I am not, which also gives it time to wipe itself in the grass.
    • Darkness of the dog still leads to destruction when I sleep, but I have decided to keep having the door opened, and also to use the tool of recreation, which may be necessary here.
    • In the evening I was told that wiping the dog means “the end of my work”, when I have finished of course.
  • I am cleaning up in my apartment while Fuggi is reading and we are both close to finish, and when we finish I tell him “I am now you”.
    • And the question is really “where are you, Fuggi – have you given up reading on me” (?) and that is after he has “read” all of my scripts for two years, and now I do not see him visiting my site anymore, but still “I am now you”, Fuggi and that is “inside of me” and not in my physical conscience yet because I have not woken up as my new self yet.

I am exhausted but instead of stopping work, we are starting the clean up of the next part of the Source

After waking up this afternoon, I was “completely destroyed” after doing me best yesterday using more energy than I expected cycling in the forest and writing a long script, so today will be about “coming through” without becoming negative because of the pressure I receive to continue working, which easily could be the result.

After 1-2 minutes the negative voice came back (at the moment it is the strongest when I decide to work, and often “nothing” when I decide to relax – but not always you know) and then I started a new day having to say “that is wrong” maybe 5,000 times – or something like that, and yes enervating is what it is – and I am “this close” at the moment for my “old nightmare” to come through, I feel it just behind a very thin “curtain”, but I have decided that I will NOT experience it as mentioned earlier, but “very close” also means that sometimes these days I am given the strongest visions/pressure to make it come through, which is truly the worst you know.

I was told “we will now start with no. 2”, so apparently we have finished cleaning the department of Niclas, and I was asked “is it Marina today” (?), which will have to be the same as asking “have all boats reached harbour of our New World” (?), and to my knowledge they have not, so the door is still open my friends.

I was shown a turbine starting, which is about my waking up starting to produce more energy, and I heard something like “you cannot imagine the headache/hurting when returning” and that is “from nothing”.

Except from being exhausted today, I was also given strong feelings about “do I believe myself that what I am told, see and feel actually is happening” with the answer being “no”, which is not my feelings, but feelings of family/friends etc. not believing in me, and yes it would be VERY EASY to let this feeling take over stopping the whole process at the present stage – and give me a relief as Stig not having to continue suffering/working as I do – and there is ONLY one answer to this, which is I WILL NEVER GIVE UP so we will continue my friends, but it will be on reduced power today.

Niclas has now become part of the spirit of my father, God, and through him part of me as the Son

I am now updating this at 23.55 with some of the notes I took during the evening, and I could have decided to completely stop doing this because of exhaustion, but I decided to write down a little, and also to write this chapter, and probably also publishing the script today, we will see.

First I felt Whitney Houston now as an integrated part of me via the spirit of my mother, and then I felt my father as the spirit of my father and I was told that Niclas has become part of him as my old self and through him, me (my new self as the Son), and “this is how we have chosen to do it”. And to Niclas (and the meditation group): I kindly encourage you to START COMMUNICATING WITH ME – BEING SILENT IS A GAME OF DARKNESS!

I was reminded of what I said 1-2 days ago (?), which is that it will take as long as it takes to remove the remaining darkness, and in this connection I was shown a large dinner table including many around it and a huge buffet and I was told “this is how many, who are left” (to be transferred).

I was shown an apple and an orange blending together as ONE and told “this is the process we are still doing”.

I was shown a Greenlander wheel with a spring from inside of it breaking off, and I was told “we simply cannot resist when you are like this” (leading to the break of darkness), and here it was because I decided once again to continue working as long as there is darkness, and NOT to end the work now despite of receiving what may have been “a few hundred” encouragements alone this evening to stop, and yes still difficult to resist and easy to accept, but this is how it is.

I felt darkness and a Queen and King being part of it, and the darkness literally came to me physically entering my lower left leg exactly the same way as darkness of Niclas also did, and I was told that this is the next part of the Source, and after some time that it has “another Rolls Royce motor”, which will help with the exhaust of the motor of our New World.

I was told that “we are far more effective now” and I felt the New World just outside of me – again speaking as my old self inside of this Hell – and that is because “we can almost reach each other because there is no distance between us and everything in between us very quickly enters”, and I received a sign about a fish telling me “this is how happy we are”.

Later I was shown green (of the Trinity) and white (simply light), and also pink (little darkness) becoming white, and told that we have now finished cleaning this part of the Source and there is almost nothing remaining, and I could only say “keep on working” instead of being tempted to say “stop work” and also because as you can see I received different messages this evening – do I still have maybe up to 10 more months of work to do “until the end of time” if this should be from December because of the Mayan calendar (?) or is today truly one of the last days of “old time”, and who knows (?), I do not (!), and I thought that this last message maybe was because I did not produce much energy today, thus being darkness speaking.

And after I took this decision, I was given some of the worst heart pain and yes ever really, and it was not like small heart attacks, but more like my heart “rolling in movements” – a little bit like atrial fibrillation but then again it is different – and it lasted maybe 1-2 minutes being extremely unpleasant, and I saw it as a sign of darkness being sent to me to absorb, so it was good enough as I thought, we are not done yet.

Later I was told that “it is all a mind game, which is why faith is important”, and this was in relation to my own faith after the game of the morning given to me by darkness of people not believing in me.

I was shown myself in a very little room looking like a mine inside the mountain and I was shown the exit door (as another sign of almost being finished), and everything being blue (my new self and New World) around this small room, and I was told that you have entered the mountain yourself being the mountain to repair it, and right on the other side of this room (the thin curtain) is the power of the spirits of my mother and father “making love” (i.e. creating), which is what I now feel so STRONGLY and I was told that this is what would have killed us, if I accepted my “old nightmare” to be carried out – the spirit of my mother in disguise making love to me – while being inside of the mountain, this was the balance, and I was also told that when I have not been able to transform this power into building, it became destruction of the world via the symbol of diarrhoea given to me.

I also continued to receive “kill, kill” parts of the evening, and stronger than yesterday, so in this respect, darkness is stronger, and yes “thank you” to family/friends etc. being responsible of sending this to me because of your negative thoughts and actions in relations to me.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I was given a lovely smell of buns almost finished baking, so this is what it means to continue working and that is “to be or not to be”, and this was given just when I was about to write this bullet point about the posting of Michael below giving the quote “to be or not to be” and if it was up to you and your lack of faith, Michael, the answer would be “We’ll never survive”, but this is the input I use to make all survive, see?

  • The ticker of my Facebook site returned today, but I still believe I do not receive updates from all of the pages I “like”.
  • Today I received what could have been a taste of blood with the feeling of my father, but it was not blood, it was simply “poor taste/smell” of my mouth to say that this is what my father has ALSO suffered from, and yes given to him, and why is that (?) and simply because what comes out of his mouth is “smelling” when he does not tell the truth about his own son, but things “made up” because of his own STRONG and misunderstanding voice and selfishness.
  • I liked the following story telling you about a “busy and deaf/blind” world, and also the comments by Michael and Brian, and the most tragic is that “all people” will say the same as they and still these are the same “all people”, who would pass the best musician in the world without stopping/noticing – just like “all people” were too “busy and deaf/blind” to notice me as the “musician” writing my message of love to the world – do you see the resemblance?

  • I am still thinking of Tom, Gert and the others from Brede Park, I miss them, and from time to time I am told that Tom received inspiration from me on how to work, so I succeeded to “break the contract” after all, my friend? 🙂
  • Starting with my previous script and continuing with this script, “spiritual darkness” found another way to attack me, which was to increase the size of fonts when I publish my scripts – I first use Windows Live Writer as editor before transferring the text to the editor of my WordPress adminitration module, and since my first script in February 2010, the font and size of headlines Corbel 24 in Microsoft Live Writer has transformed into “x-large” in Worpdress and the body text of Corbel 18 has become “large”, but the last two scripts “suddenly” decided to transform Corbel 24 into xx-large and Corbel 18 into x-large looking all WRONG, which then required an additional process using Microsoft Word to “seek and replace” xx-large into x-large and x-large into large before I could publish these scripts with “perfect fonts” too –  and this is given to me in my published script no. 334 and 335 and I now understand the meaning, which is that the first 333 were “perfect” – symbolised by “right fonts” – to symbolise our “perfect New World” because “333” according to my webpage decoding of the mother of all crop circles and Jerusalem UFO means that “we are leaving the physical age of 666 and entering the spiritual age of 333”, or in other words, we are leaving a world of darkness and entering a world of only light, and that is half the code of 666 because we have removed all minuses only keeping plusses, and yes easy to see isn’t it (?), but oh no, not yet, not until EVERY LITTLE THING is perfect.– Later I was given the thought “maybe the font size was WRONG all the way and first now it is perfect”?
  • Finally at 01.35 I published the last two days of scripts, and afterwards I brought this message on Niclas’ Facebook wall and when writing these few lines, I receive prettry strong pain to the upper part of my lower left leg, and I receive a feeling of Niclas and his mind being made “slow of darkness”, and I can best use “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” to illustrate the feeling I get and that is because “darkness IS nothing” and when you receive “much nothing” as part of your birth gift, you become “slow” and that is “not very bright”, and I do NOT say this to offend you, Niclas, but to tell you the truth of the game of darkness and how it effected you the same way as it also hit let me just here say “others of my close family/friends”, and this is what soon will be lifted from you too, when you will become your TRUE self being and showing yourself in FULL GLORY.

“The Hunchback of Notre Dame” is the best way to show you how darkness as “nothing” influenced the mind of Niclas

  • And alright, I will bring this story too, which is about “the best food in the world” symbolising our New World and saving the Old World and it is given through Rikke, who “visited” one of the best restaurants in Denmark, Restaurant Geranium, and as she says it was “wild” that the chef himself presented one of the dishes, and yes the chef is Rasmus Kofoed who became “world champion” of chefs when winning the gold medal of Bocuse d’Or in 2011, and yes he and this is symbolising my work with “the best food” being a symbol of doing my absolutely best (writing VERY directly, openly and honestly) to “save/create life”, and during the night, Rikke also wrote that she was at “Sam’s Bar”, which is one of these karaoke places, where you sing for all guests, and yes I could not help encouraging her to “try my way – it is not the worst”, and “my way” is both the most famous song by Frank Sinatra of all, and also to tell Rikke to “follow me” really, and yes in 2008 I was together with Bo from Dahlberg and David from London at another of these bars in Copenhagen (at Town Hall Square), where I sung “my way” myself for the first and only time in my life singing out everything I had inside of me, and now I understand that this was a symbol of what I had to do in the years to follow if I and the world was still to be around, and yes we are still around all of us as I am told here and that is because I did in MY WAY (!), and yes BLUE eyes, will you sing it again(?) and here I am of course thinking of “play it again, SAM” because of the BAR, Rikke visited – and yes, she will come “home” too, which the bar is a symbol of.

  • Because of the same reason as Rikke, Dan was also inspired to post several pictures of “delicious food” today, and yes it looks very good, Dan – also thinking of you, Rikke – but what about the hungry children in Africa (?), and just wondering about your conscience – and also in relation to me?


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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