February 18, 2012: X-factor spoke inspired of the incredible important rescue of the final and greatest part of God


Summary of the script today

17th February: X-factor spoke inspired of the incredible important and difficult rescue of the final and greatest part of Old God – and MUCH more

  • Dreaming of taking up yet a new fight with darkness taking on sufferings and meeting my ”old nightmare” as part of it (as usual) and manoeuvring through deep waters to find other parts of the Source inside of me playing the guitar of creation as fantastically as Neil Young in “Le Noise”
  • I received the feeling of nervousness coming from Niclas, who was “the only” one of the meditation group to “bother” reading my script, and still he has decided for “deafening silence” preferring and loving the “loving feedback” of the group towards him, which he “cannot” do without, and then I am a “pain in his behind” when telling him the truth without understanding that his WRONG behaviour and selfishness is what gives me this exact feeling. Niclas and the group, please WAKE UP to realities instead of bathing in “loving sweetness” and illusions.
  • At X-factor, the judges were once again actors performing a show to the world without knowing it (!) for example when Blachman was inspired to tell about the “ugly railway cross” I passed some weeks ago on my way to liberate the Old World, the world will accept me as being larger than the creation of the Universe and that creation is going fast now because of the very short distance between my Old and New Self, which is a challenge for us to do, and the main message this evening was to rescue the remaining part of my old self without losing this part of the Trinity at my final road home. I felt the spirit of my mother as part of this my remaining old self through a contestant being nervous of setting the shoes of her life and become energy of our New World without life code, which is what the pressure of darkness wants to do, which I am rejecting when working from within it. The three individuals of the Trinity are “very different”, which man is too as a gift of life, which I ask you to VALUE and appreciate instead of arguing and misunderstanding. Pernille had had enough of Blachman removing her FREEDOM, so she decided to clear out from live national TV (!!!) – showing weak and immature behaviour instead of COMMUNICATING, which is what most people did to me – WRONG!!! Blachman said about our New World without knowing that this is what he spoke of: “It is beautiful, did you see the Universe (?), it is BIG, it sits right in the closet, it is a demonstration of power”. A school to teach people how to live a responsible life in freedom is what makes the difference when it comes to behaviour and communication of people. Blachman told – if you listen carefully – that his aim is to produce QUALITY music, which is not necessarily HIT music, which Dan Rachlin could learn from, if he was “able” to listen and understand, and to start becoming friends with Blachman instead of making him an enemy. Blachman spoke of maintaining the true, unique character of people instead of making everything sound (taste, look etc.) the same, which is exactly my idea. Blachman very directly said that he values the TRUE character of instead of anonymizing people, which Pernille and Cutfather misunderstood as attacks on them thus making FUN of, degrading and showing him as the Devil without understanding that they themselves are the ones showing DISGUSTING behaviour and being WRONG – just like “everyone” did in relation to me. The last part of my inner self will bring a “warmth” inside of me and our New World warmer than anything else. This part of Old God is the greatest part of God ever, which is “this close” to being lost to darkness becoming mere energy without life code, which I was warned very strongly to do everything I could to avoid this from happening, which is why I decided to write this chapter all night long to bring the energy also to save this part of my old self. A contestant played the song I gave the 13th to Niclas when he decided to “close his eyes” to me, and the contestant supposedly played the piano, which she however did not because it was only a game to cheat viewers to vote on her, which was a symbol of the play of Niclas towards the meditation group in relation to me where he did not tell the truth about me in order to still receive “love” of people, which he otherwise feared losing, and this is very WRONG! At the end of the show, the right contestant of darkness was sent out, and the contestant symbolising the spirit of my mother “survived” – and it all ended up with the judges fighting live on national TV because two out of three judges “could not” understand that it was Blachman, who was right but they thought that he should keep his mouth shut or even that he was crazy – just like the reactions of people who “could not“ understand me.

18th February: Doing my best work without sleep to save the last part of my old self further improving the Source

  • I worked the whole night and morning to write my X-factor show of yesterday, and darkness was so strong that it broke down the electricity of my apartment trying to stop my work and the spreading of light, and I had to get spare fuses from my mother and John to continue. This was about saving and transferring the final part of my old self, the greatest part of God ever, including the turn around of me, which was “incredible important” to do in order to further improve the warmth and light of our New World, which is why I delivered one of my best work performances ever pushing my most extreme limit. There is now only a thin red string of darkness between me on one side of my old self and the other side of my new self, which can be broke at any time now making me become my new self.
  • At 12.35, I simply HAD to sleep, and was dreaming of now being in an even larger GIANT supermarket, which is about more life being saved approaching 100%, and I was told that destruction happened during night, so I told my spiritual friends also to start “the recreation machine”.
  • Inspired speech of “the Voice” on TV2 gave the messages that we are we are now removing the last unwanted particles of darkness and I am very close to become my new self after having adjusting/improving the Source with the last part of my old self, who is now almost turned around.
  • The night watch of darkness, i.e. the anchor, surrendered to me to become part of the light – this is the darkness, which has always in my life as Stig been my physical right side, which was fed by man and would have destroyed mankind and the Universe if I had not defeated him.


17th February: X-factor spoke inspired of the incredible important rescue of the final and greatest part of Old God

Dreaming of manoeuvring through deep waters to find more life playing the guitar of creation fantastically

After publishing my script “yesterday”, I now started receiving a greater pain to my behind, so we will see how much Niclas and the meditation group can “help” to bring me even more darkness to bring out even more life inside of there.

I was told “it is true that the last part of yourself is turned around on the way out” and during the night I received more “close encounters” of my “old nightmare” but also “general activity” coming to me and I tried not to notice too much but just to let it flow in the background, because I was LAUGHING much of “just for laughs”, which is the best show of its kind, and at 04.15 I was shown “the King of diamonds” entering me and I was told “yet another” (king), and it seems as if I am clearing more rooms inside of this Source and that the key goes through Niclas and the meditation group.

I was given “Rebild” by Shubidua and the lyrics “Jeg er en dansk mand, og drikker danskvand”, which is about a ”Danish man drinking soda water” and this man is Michael Hardinger from the band “suffering” because of my scripts and yes in the respect “I don’t like seeing them”, but so far I am still a “friend” with him even though I don’t believe he sends me much warm feelings, but the opposite.

At 05.55 I was shown a man arriving with a box completely wet, which is “more gold”, Benny & Björn, from inside darkness, which has now become released because of the reactions during night of people seeing my Facebook postings of my new script and open message to Niclas.

At 06.30 I decided to go to bed, and it seems as if I am not able to sleep normally – I am still sad for the sacrifices I probably bring to the world for sleeping, but what is a man to do (?) – and I slept until 13.30, and now I “only” have to find a normal day rhythm again, which is not always easy here – and a couple of short dreams:

  • I am on my way with my old friend Henning W., his wife Benedicte, my girlfriend and a third lady on our way to Bowling in Copenhagen, and we are passing the swimming hall in Helsingør on our way, and I am told not to hum a certain song, and I say that we will probably be at the bowling hall at 21.00, but Henning drives the shortest road on the motorway saving distance and time, and we are already there at 20.15 after we also visited Henning’s apartment on the way where the others asked me if I had the entrance fee of 308 DKK for the bowling, which I had, but only, and I have forgotten to bring underpants, I don’t have anything on, and hope that Henning can borrow me a pair, he is in a physical good form, and my own form is very poor.
    • A new dream starting a new game against darkness, this time it is bowling, which I am normally “pretty good” in, so bring it on, Sting, and on the way I meet sufferings as usual (i.e. the Swimming Hall) and yes brought to me by “good friends”, but it does not take as long to do as I think, but I have to use all my energy, i.e. money, and it will include sexual threats/temptations too, i.e. I do not wear any pants, and yes not much new in this, just another way of saying it.
  • I am sailing in my own ship following the ship of a very experienced captain, and he is able to manoeuvre his ship through “impossible” small openings under bridges etc., which are so narrow and turns so sharply that I am almost stuck several times, and also something about having a tinnitus.
    • I am following my inner self on the ship through “impossible waters” to locate and save more of other parts of the Source of our Old World, and the secret message of this dream is “tinnitus”, which is what I connect with Neil Young – I remember years ago that I read he had this – and this is what I thought of the other day when I saw Neil play the guitar brilliantly from “Le Noise – the film” below, which made a huge impression on me, and while writing this I am told that finding Neil and this video based upon a word of a dream and a feeling of what it is about, is the same we are doing when searching for more of the Source deeper and deeper inside of myself – and playing the guitar fantastically (“creations”) is what we do when we enter these deep waters.
  • I also dreamt of beautiful ladies and old sexual temptations, which are just to say that I am close to my old nightmare.

Receiving nervousness and more deafening silence from Niclas, who prefers WRONG “loving sweetness” than me

During the afternoon I felt nervousness coming from Niclas and I was told his feeling that my writings is “not an authorised way to write” but also that “you are able to see it when writing”, and even though I once again encouraged him to communicate in my message on his wall, I heard NOTHING from him (!), and as far as I could see, it was only himself opening and also reading my script, Niclas (?), so no one else “needed” to read or communicate to “understand” that I am crazy/negative (?), once again I was met with “deafening silence” making me VERY sad, and the ”only” man who can tell the meditation group that I am writing the truth is Niclas self, but it is like swallowing a camel, when having to put away your “false pride” and “fantastic image” in the eyes of the group “loving” you, Niclas, isn’t it Niclas (?) to accept the truth, and speak it out loud for people to understand and believe in me instead of “cursing/abandoning” me and “loving” you, and yes do you see the test I am bringing these “loving people”, who can “only” send out love to the world (?), and what do you send me, my “friends”?

And it is not that Niclas can not communicate because when people tell him how much they love him, he becomes so happy indeed – he cannot get enough of it, but he soon had enough of me telling the truth, do you see (?) – and this is an example of “communication” with someone who loves Niclas, which I would have liked to attend too, but I decided not to give my inputs for example that hereafter we only are “everything” without nothing, and again because it would be “simply impossible” for these people to listen, understand and communicate with me, because my communication is “negative” when I tell them the truth, but please WAKE UP to realities my friends, which this IMMENSELY BEAUTIFUL song is about:

Niclas says above that “God does not exist, God is”, and to this I was told “there is no star telescope, which can see you, because you are everything” (nobody can see “me” other than “I am”), and to me “to exist” is “to be” and so it is.

And here is more of the “sweetness” of these “loving” people, who cannot get enough of “light” and “love”, they bathe in it, making them feel so “fantastic” and yes isn’t life fantastic (?), and you are not the least selfish, deaf and stupid, my friends?

And I wonder if some of these “loving” people may believe that I am out in some kind of “vendetta” seeking “revenge” because of my “negative feelings” towards the meditation group (?) and maybe some of you will tell me some day and also what you built this on (?), and we know to me this is really “something stupid”, but still I love you all and why not with this beautiful song:

I wrote the script today – except from the chapter on X-factor – during the afternoon and I felt “circus” coming to me and very physically attaching to the angle of my right leg putting a string around it, and I was shown the part of the spirit of my mother from this part of the Source lying in a coffin about to wake up, and yes feeling of Niclas “and others” help me to dig deeper.

I kept on receiving feelings of Niclas much of the day, so “not easy” for him to “get over it”.

X-factor spoke inspired of the incredible important and difficult rescue of the final and greatest part of Old God – and MUCH more

Tonight I had a new nice evening together with my mother and John and after a nice dinner including fish, John showed me on the computer what we have talked about for months without doing it before today, which is the website www.marinetraffic.com, which shows an online map with – in theory at least – all ships all over the world and detailed information on each of them, which really impressed me much to see (even thought it could be improved with ALL information of each ship), and I understood the sign as “saving all ships of our old world” and that is at least what I hope, because I was given another sign, which I cannot remember now, which gave me at least some doubts about saving the last, which is always the nature of the game.

At 20.00 my mother and I saw X-factor together – without John sitting behind closed doors as he normally does – and already this afternoon I was told that people react negatively to me believing I cannot control my negative feelings when writing on them – or someone they know – and the whole idea is to show you “lack of understanding of people today” because I have gone through my entire journey controlling my feelings better than any man in history rejecting to let one single negative thought or action of mankind represented by my family/friends etc. come through to me, and I do believe that everybody “fell” for this not understanding that I simply wrote what I saw and how other people made me feel and yes an objective description of how people behaving wrongly mostly made me sad and of course to tell them about this and also ask them to improve, and with this I understood that this is where the judge from X-factor and I are different, because I can control my negative feelings and show my positive feelings without limitations, but Thomas is such a sensitive man full of temper, so when he is positive, there is NO limits to his excitement, and the same goes when he is negative, he truly turns off people when he cannot control his negativity – this is the difference of him and I – and also with my close family and I, and of course contrary to the belief of “everyone”, when you could not understand, which again eeeehhhh was related to the fact that you “could not” read carefully and your own wrong voice distorted the truth I tried to explain you.

And with this, X-factor started at 20.00, and here I did not have to write down notes because I can see it on the Internet again afterwards, which I like much, so now it is 22.55 and we will see if this is going to take 4-5-6 hours to write or if I can do it quicker, and yes I might as well do my best to bring energy for you my spiritual friends to continue the work to release what is trapped inside of remaining darkness of me – and I might add that even though I “should” feel fresh, I was almost falling asleep already at 21.00 at my mother’s home because apparently I am still only sleeping lightly, but nevermind, Nirvana, here we come :-).

After the first contestant, Blachman started the inspired speech here by saying “Med en dreng som dig, Morten, så er det jo helt klart kan man sige, at så har du det her grimme kryds bag dig, og logo og så videre, og for mig symboliserer det simpelthen, jeg sidder og krydser fingre for, at du kan få en MEGA karriere efter det her, fordi det fortjener du, og jeg tror faktisk, at du har den musikalitet, det vil kræve, og bare virke som ren og skær gavmildhed, og du går ind i det her, giver hvad du har, får en masse mennesker bag efter dig, går ud og gør nogle ting og folk vil til enhver tid acceptere, at du er større end det her program, og det er rigtigt, at når der bliver kort afstand mellem slagene, og vi ryger op i tempo, så gør det mindre ondt, fordi vi kan ikke mærke så meget, det er selvfølgelig altid svært at give guitarister lov til at fyre den af, for så kender de måske begrænsningen, så bliver der bare rigtigt meget guitar, og det er bare altid farligt at overinstrumentere en så fantastisk vokal som din, og det var måske lidt det, der var tilfældet, men på ingen måder noget der er noget større problem, vil jeg sige” and here we go with English too, because not many understands Danish out there (?) ”with a boy like you, Morten, it is clear to say that you have this ugly cross behind you, and logo and so on, and to me this easily symbolises, I sit crossing my fingers that you can get a MEGA career after this, because you deserve it, and I do believe you have the musicality, it requires, and just to work as pure generosity, and you enter this, give what you have, get a lot of people behind you, go out and do things, and at any time, people will accept that you are greater than this show, and it is true that when the distance between battles becomes shorter, and we increase in tempo, it hurts less because we cannot feel as much, it is of course always difficult to give guitarists permission to fire it off, because then they may know the limitations and then there will be truly much guitar, and it is always dangerous to over orchestrate a so fantastic vocal as yours, and this may be what was the case but I want to say, in no way anything, which is a great problem”.

And what was this then about (?), and yes let us see once again – already having trouble from the beginning to write this both with physical tiredness, tiredness in my hands writing and also a big pain given to my heart with the feeling of me “turning around” – this is what we are – and I was told that with this work I am saving the last part of me, which was the key message of the show tonight, and yes I decided to say “I don’t believe in you because I want to be saved anyway using energy of others, which I do not provide myself”, and really because it made me feel better and more secure, but that is another story, so here we go with the “translation” of what was said and yes into the language, which I am the only one to hear and feel: The “ugly cross” was the impossible railway cross we had to cross some weeks ago, which I did with the “help” of Karen’s negative feelings (and my family etc.), a MEGA career is about “my new career” as my new self including freedom, which “mega” means to me (don’t mess up with the freedom of responsible people on the Internet symbolised by the file sharing service MEGAupload), and when I will work with “generosity”, the world will accept that I am greater than “this show”, which is greater than the creation of the Universe, and then Blachman says exactly what I was told the other day, which is that there is now a very short distance between my old self working inside of the creation of me and my new self around me, which is what increases the tempo and brings “truly much guitar” (i.e. much creation in a short period of time), which may be dangerous, but not here (!), and yes this is how it is, amazingly how “inspired” Blachman was once again, don’t you think?

When Blachman spoke the words “giver hvad du har”, I was given the direct feeling that it was about the song “giv mig hvad du har” by Dodo and the Dodos, which was because I was given a song by this wonderful Danish band this night, but I did not write down enough notes to remember or find it this morning again, but it was about my “old nightmare”, so here we bring one of those “nice songs”:

Pernille continued after Blachman to say “Jeg er sådan set glad for kommentarerne, og jeg er ikke helt uenig med jer, det er helt klart en udfordring for os, når vi sætter tempoet op, og når der kommer instrumenter på, at det er klart, at vi ikke ser det samme, som vi så med dig som i sidste uge, Morten, men jeg synes også bare, at det var vigtigt, at vi prøver at afsøge nogle grænser her, fordi jeg er helt rolig, fordi vi har aftalt, at vi skal bevare dig i det her hele vejen igennem, og vi skal gøre de ting, du har lyst til, og gjorde du det i aften (?) – ”det gjorde jeg”, and yes English too ”Well, I am happy for the comments, and I don’t fully disagree with you, it is clearly a challenge to us, when we increase the tempo, and when instruments are added, it is clear that we do not see the same as last week with you, Morten, but I believe that it was important to try to seek limits here, I am completely calm because we have agreed to keep you in this all the way through, we are going to do what you want, and did you do this tonight (?) – “I did”.

And what Pernille really said here was that creation is a challenge to us when the speed is increased, and when she said “we have agreed to keep you in” I was given the feeling – feelings still work very ACTIVELY and CLEARLY – that this is about “keeping the remaining part of my old self” without losing anything here at the end – and we are working in a way, which is if not comfortable then what I am able to do as physical Stig at the moment with “low pressure on the tires” really.

After the next contestant, Mulila, among other things Pernille said herenogle gange kan det være nemmere, når man fyrer den af, fordi man får masser af energi af det der med, at musikken, den buldrer”, ”jeg kan se på dig, at du er nervøs, det er KLART, at du er det”, ”rent sangteknisk sker der det, når vi bliver nervøse, at så sætter luften sig heroppe, og der er nogle få råd, som for eksempel at tage skoene af, hvis man er meget nervøs” and ”jeg kunne stadig godt mærke, at der bor en stor, følsom kvinde der”, which in English becomes this – feeling you here Villy S. 🙂 – ”sometimes it is easier to give it all you have because you receive plenty of energy because of the music rumbling”, “I can see on you that you are nervous, OF COURSE you are”, “from a song technical view what happens is that when we become nervous, the air fastens up here, and there are a few advises for example to take off the shoes, if you are very nervous” and “I still felt a big, nervous woman living there”, and yes yes yes what is this then about (?), and obvious isn’t it (?) and let us see, first I was given the feeling of the spirit of my mother through Mulila here and I thought about the vision of the spirit of my mother in a coffin yesterday evening/night included as part of the next “circus” of darkness coming to me, and she said that it is easier to bring out “everything” you have receiving much energy because of the music “rumbling”, and isn’t it “strange” that she decided to use the exact same word as when I have described the feeling of how it is to receive energy without life code to our spiritual world, which is a “rumbling” feeling of energy coming to my left lower leg (?), and yes this is what the nervousness of Mulila symbolised, and that is the nervousness of this part of the spirit of my mother to become “nothing” of our New World, which is really the same as putting away the shoes (of your life), but oh no, my mother, it requires my acceptance, which I will NEVER give, so even if it should happen, we have the tool to wake you up again from nothing, and yes done that before, so I cannot see how we should fail, and I was also told during the show that we will only fail if I should not be able to carry out my decision, and yes this work helps to bring out the decision. By the way, when Pernille said “det er KLART”, she said it with the same voice as Lykke from the TV-series of the same name, and just to give you an example of what I have told you before when “voices of other people” speak through someone else.

The host Lise said right after Pernille “Vi ville I virkeligheden gerne have lov at smide de sko, ik’ Mulila (?) – har du været nervøs her i aften?” (”We would really like to throw those shoes, right Mulila (?) – have you been nervous this evening?”) to which she said “Ja, det har jeg, jeg har været rigtigt nervøs og skoene hjælper heller ikke rigtigt” (”Yes, I have, I have been really nervous, and the shoes do not really help”), which was to say that there is an enormous pressure from our New World and the end of time to “throw those shoes” and it takes someone like me working from within to control this power not to destroy anything, which is what I have decided to do.

Blachman continued saying heredet er helt klart, vi er nu tilbage, og jeg kan simpelthen så godt lide, at vi er så forskellige, Mick, og det er simpelthen så fedt, det er meget godt lavet og sat sammen, men ”glem” os, men altså det er bare, altså sterinlysene, bare billedet bag i dér og hele Universet, vi er virkelig tilbage til en x-factor aften med store, kendte sange og store følelser, jeg kan bare ikke mærke noget, men det er ikke din skyld, det er Mick, vi er bare så …., det er simpelthen så vildt, men vi kommer bare fra så forskellige steder” and English once again (now it is 01.05 and I still have much to do not knowing if I ”can” do it all, but if I decide to do it, there is a much better chance that I ”can”, Obama, so I will keep on trying) so here we go ”it is absolutely clear that we are back, and I like very much that we are different, Mick, and it is so cool, it is really very good done and set together, but forget about us, but it is really, you know the stearin candles, just the picture behind there and the whole Universe, we really have returned to an X-factor evening with great, known songs and big feelings, however I simply do not feel anything, but it is not your fault, it is Mick, we are just so …., it is so wild, but we come from very different places” and here I feel Janet Parker again, whom I have felt daily since writing with her some days ago, and yes are you still thinking of me, Janet (?) – and coming back to this, what Blachman SO VERY TRUE says here is that he values very much that the three judges are so different and besides from telling the world to enjoy variation as a gift of life to man, understand each other and appreciate that you may not like the same equally as much (in stead of fighting and arguing), I was also given the feeling that “very different” is also what the three individuals of the Trinity are and yes I am now given light “rumbling” feelings to my lower left leg, which I have NOT approved you to do my friends (!), so please remember to use the tool of recreation too to recreate and make EVERYTHING come toghether (a TRUE 100 point song, and we know “it does not get any better than this”) will you (?) and that is to keep ALL stearin candles of the Universe burning, which is what Blachman spoke about, and when he said “I simply do not feel anything”, it is about my feelings here at the end, where I am NOT given any special “soft” or “compassionate” feelings of life inside of the remaining part of darkness inside of me, this is how it is, but instead of taking the easy way home, I have decided to follow Roger & Co. all the way taking the LONG way home, which I know is the RIGHT choice, so what you don’t have in your heart, is what your mind tells you to do “always do what is right and not what is easy”, and yes if I cannot do it myself, how can I teach a world to do it (?), and yes this is how it is here – I WILL NOT ACCEPT ANYTHING LESS THAN 100,00% AND THEN I DO NOT CARE HOW IT IS DONE, AS LONG AS IT IS DONE, MY SPIRITUAL FRIENDS and yes doing my best to help by being a generator providing energy when writing this, which is basically the main reason why I write this chapter.

After Blachman, Cutfather said ”al ære og respekt for vores forskelligheder, det synes jeg kun er fint” (”all honour and respect to our differences, I only think this is fine”), so when the judges agree that they respect and understand each other, they will cause no scenes and “showdowns” between them on live tv – or is it diffilcult for these judges, as everyone else, to truly understand and be happy, and yes let us see what happened?

Rigth after Lise said “Og Cutfather, du bliver fremme I bussen” (“And Cutfather, you will remain in front of the bus”) to which he said ”ja, tak for kaffe” (”yes, thanks for the coffee”), and we know the bus is about MAKING LOVE, which is what brings Cutfahter “warm feelings”, which is what the coffee is about, you see?

After the next performance, it was now Pernille’s turn to speak, and after saying that she liked the rock performance, she continued by “exploding the bomb” of the evening and that is if there was a bomb to explode, which there is not (!), and she said “Rock ‘n’ Roll er grundlæggende for mig FRIHED, ik’ os’, og jeg vil bare sige, at du er den eneste, der kan lave rock ‘n’ roll og der mener jeg ikke kun musikken, der mener jeg, at det handler om, at man kan være en REBEL, og man kan bryde med konventionerne, og det gør man sådan her ved at skride fra landsdækkende TV” (!!!) and here is the English part ”Rock ’n’ Roll to me is basically about FREEDOM, right, and I just want to say that you are the only one, who can make rock ’n’ roll, og I do not only mean the music, because I believe it is about being a REBEL and to break with conventions, and this is what you do like this by clearing out from national TV” (!!!) and yes this is what she said and yes this is what she did, she stood up, and CLEARED OUT FROM NATIONAL TV (!!!) and what was this about (?), and yes first of all it was about a lady not accepting to have her “freedom” removed (!), and a manifest to tell everyone of the nation Denmark watching the show that she does not agree with her fellow judges, which may primarily be Blachman, Pernille (?), after your “incident” last week when Blachman could not control his feelings yelling at you, and instead of speaking in tongues of negative and deaf TALKING HEADS, you could simply decide to use your ears UNDERSTANDING the other party and the other party to understand you, but when you simply “can not” and when you cannot control your childish and immature feelings, what do you do (?), and yes you saw it here, you decide to ABANDON the other party showing your displeasure and that is to show it to everyone else too, and yes why do I feel Adiba here as a symbol of all of the CHILDISH people out there not being able to listen/understand and “control” your negative feelings, thus deciding to abandon me and instead of speaking to me to bring us together, you find it “easy” to speak wrongly and negatively about me to “everyone else” (?), which this is also a symbol of, and yes Stig to this day I do NOT understand this kind of WRONG, weak, immature and sissyish behaviour of unschooled people – here with a feeling of a stronger spirit of my mother because of the work I am doing and I see/hear “picking up flowers leaving out broken bottle pieces” and also a GIANT concert hall – and this is really the same as to hit another person in affect as a last answer to say “I don’t like you and what you say” and COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE is what it is, which I hope you will be able to see. Please be committed, yes, but please don’t be extremely negative, sensitive and act weakly/wrongly as you see here, but the opposite – and when writing this, I am also given the vision of the radiator mascot of Maserati, and I am told that this is why my neighbour Preben as part of his dillussions spoke to me about “his Maserati” a few weeks ago and really because it may be my favourite car of all – without having driven it or other supercars – and yes an Italian supercar with much power and we will go for the limousine with enough space for “the entire family”, and yes this is how “crazy” we are, and that is NOT to settle for anything less than 100,00%.

Furthermore Pernille also spoke inspired about being a REBEL and FREEDOM, which to me was the same as saying that FREEDOM IS COMING TO ME, with “rebel” being “Rebel, rebel” by David Bowie, who you still remember being a symbol of God (?) and yes FREEDOM OF SUFFERING my friends and that is for me and for the world (!) and “sooner” rather than “later” and not only in Holland but all over the world, and you might want to bring some tulips, my friends :-).

After Pernille’s manifest of leaving to make herself understood (!) – just wondering if you understood Blachman, Pernille (?) – Blachman said “I have waited for this moment”, so no surprise to you, Thomas (?), and Cutfather said “I am in shock over my fellow judge, I don’t know what happens”.

Pernille had had enough of Blachman removing her FREEDOM, so she decided to clear out from live national TV (!!!) – showing weak and immature behaviour instead of COMMUNICATING, which is what most people did to me – WRONG!!!

So what had Pernille decided to do (?), to leave the show entirely, or to return (?), and yes she only wanted to make herself clearly understood, which you know is what people so strongly want and most often they are not “able” to understand themselves when they “cannot” truly listen/communicate (!), so she decided to come back a few minutes afterwards.

So, the show must go on, and that is for Queen too, so this is what they decided to do, but not the same without Freddy, and yes this is how we feel about leaving our friend at the most inner part of you/me and yes almost as leaving the world itself, (!), so Blachman decided to say here that “det her er en af fornøjelserne ved at lave det her, det er at prøve at komme væk fra alt det her karaoke agtige med for kendte sange, jeg synes, det er hårdt for artisterne at stå overfor” (“this is one of the pleasures to do this, it is trying to get away from all of this karaoke like with too well-known songs, I believe it is hard for the artists to face”), and this was with kind regards to Rikke, who was on karaoke bar last night as you remember (?), and yes Rikke, it was not your last day on Earth, but this is how tough it has been for her as my “friend” (not being “strong enough” to be my friend when I asked her!) to witness my development.

After the next performance, Cutfather decided here to speak about his and Blachman’s different tastes and ways of working with music (to be popular or experimental), which was fine with him, but when he tried to explain how he saw it, the audience boo’ed at him, which they often do when a judge seriously tries to explain his point of view – and I DO NOT like to see audiences act this way, it is NOT negative to express your views seriously (!) – and here I was given the song BANG, BANG with a feeling that we do not have do bring a bang bang to save this last part of everything and that is because of the work I have decided and still continue to do, and I am given MUCH information here and MORE than I can write this night, and this is in itself a game in order to break me down, but NO MATTER WHAT, I will NOT break down (!) – and the inspiration came over Blachman again when he said about the artists, they had just heard, which he had set up “Det er smukt, så du Universet (?), det er STORT, det sidder lige i skabet, det er jo en magtdemonstration” (“It is beautiful, did you see the Universe (?), it is BIG, it sits right in the closet, it is a demonstration of power”), and yes one inspired word after the other when saying that our New World is both BEAUTIFUL and BIG, part of the “toolbox of God” and it was made because of the demonstration of power, I did, which was simply to say that I am stronger than the darkness of all of my family/friends etc. representing mankind and that is to release this part of life inside of darkness, which is “impossible” to reach for one man.

And after this exchange of opinions between Cutfather and Blachman, you can see here how fragile Pernille really is behind her “strong façade” because of “verbal attacks” of people, when she could not control her surprised reaction and she said “det er godt nok en diskussion, der røg et godt stykke op I himmellagene” (“it is truly a discussion, which moved a good piece up into the layers of Heaven” (!), and later “der er ikke nogen tvivl om, at I nok er dem, der har øvet jer mest, man fornemmer at I er …, har I gået på musikskole (?) – “ja” – det fornemmer man, at der er hvad du også taler om, disciplinen og det der med at man går ind I musikken, man tager den alvorligt, og det hylder jer, det er så skønt” (”there is no doubt that you have practised most of all, I sense that you are …., have you gone to music school (?) – “yes” – you can feel that, which is what you also speak of, the discipline and the part about going into the music, taking it seriously, and it pays tribute to you, it is wonderful”, and this was simply to say that underneath the façade of people, man is and has NEVER been designed to attack each other not being able to understand or control negative feelings, and yes Stig it is now 03.40 and things have started to go REALLY SLOW now simply because of my head and also soon hands starting to “close down”, but still I say “let’s continue” seeing if we can end this also this night, which I am not sure of, but I will do my best, and the music school bringing discipline was simply to say that a school to teach people how to live a responsible life in freedom is what makes the difference when it comes to behaviour and communication of people.

Blachman continued to be inspired here – yes an evening almost only consisting of inspired speech, and not many of these I get (!) – when he said “det er ikke kun en refortolkning af et nummer, der allerede eksisterer, der bliver bygget videre på det, det her er ikke karaoke, det I oplever, det kan godt være at I ikke er vant til det, det er mod til at holde fast i noget man sætter i gang, at man ikke bare med det samme går fra en ballade over i en eller anden overinstrumentering, der var ved at ske med Morten, eller andre ting, der går panik i en og man vælger hitnumre, altså vi kigger jo i Universet hver dag, vi forstår hvor små vi er, vi har en horisont og vi gør tingene med en vis KVALITETSBEVIDSTHED” (”it is not only a new interpretation of a song, which already exists, we keep on building on this, this is not karaoke, what you experience, it might be that you are not used to this, it is courage to hold on to something you start, that you do not straight away leaves a ballad over to some kind of over orchestration, which was about to happen to Morten, or other things, panic hits you and you chose hit songs, so we look into the Universe every day, we understand how small we are, we have a horizon and we do things with a degree of QUALITY AWARENESS”), and the “song” here is about our world, which we have not only maintained, but developed and keep on developing and that is because I decided to HOLD ON TIGHT against all of the WRONG feelings, negative speech and sexual torment given to me instead of “giving up straight away” and go for the “easy” solution to make a “hit song” but to do things with QUALITY, and yes this was with “kind regards” also to Dan Rachlin and really it was to say that Cutfacther (together with Dan Raclin) want to produce hit-songs, which the family of Denmark can enjoy a Friday evening on TV without being “challenged” with “too fine cultural” music, and Blachman on the other hand wants to create what he believes is QUALITY music, which is “deeper” than hit music, and yes this was the answer of the fight between Dan and Blachman and you really only have to listen in order to understand, and yes there is NOTHING wrong with the view of Cutfather/Dan and there is NOTHING wrong with the view of Blachman, you only have to UNDERSTAND what it is about and what people intend to achieve, and yes Dan might understand that the aim of Blachman is to create QUALITY music, which not necessarily is hit music, and this is at least the understanding he gave here, but I am not sure that Dan is “able” to understand this and I just had a look on Facebook and no, Dan has not yet decided to attack Blachman, but I am sure that he will continue again soon and yes better to listen to your own “voice of truth” attacking a man, you do not understand, Dan (?) and wouldn’t it be better for both of you SIMPLY to understand and be friends (?), and just wondering I am.

And he is TRULY an inspired man, Blachman, so when he here was asked after a performance “Blachman, mærkede du noget energi i aften” (“Blachman, did you feel any energy this evening”) he continued by saying “Jeg kan slet ikke følge med, det er jo total make over, du kommer her sidste gang og har en glød og noget virkeligt kan man sige, som kunne forløse sig i noget vanvittigt ekspressivt originalt, og nu kan jeg ikke skelne mellem det her, hver anden gang jeg tænder for TV, du er en god sanger og så noget og fint nok, men jeg synes I har anonymiseret udgangspunktet altså fuldstændigt vildt, det her er jo en destillation af det menneskelige potentiale” (”I can not even follow, this is a total make over, you come here the last time with a glow and something really you can say, which could release into something insane, expressive original, and now I cannot separate this between every other time I switch on TV, you are a good singer and so on, fine with that, but I believe you have anonymized the foundation completely wild, this is nothing more than a distillation of the human potential”) and it made everyone including the two other judges laugh, but now when I have listened more to and better understood Blachman, I will have to say that I agree with what he says, which is to keep and develop the unique character of people instead of making everyone look and sound the same, and let me say that I like both hit songs and “fine cultural songs”, but I cannot help believing that the quality and width of hit songs will be improved in our New World so everything will not sound the same wherever you go, or taste the same for that matter, which is what this wave of “mainstream” over the world the last 50 years has meant to me. I value much greater variation than what “mainstream” of the world has made “lazy people without the curiosity to try something new” into, but of course it is “impossble” for many simple people to listen to and understand Blachman, isn’t it?

Right afterwards Pernille laughed as everyone else and asked Cutfather “can you do anything” (meaning that “Blachman is hopeless”!) and Cutfather’s reply was “I have take out the cotton wool from my ears again” and yes this is TRULY what they said – a DISGUSTING behaviour (!) – and they are treating Blachman the same way as simple people treated me and that is only because he speaks out VERY DIRECTLY so people should be able to understand him (!!!), but it goes against their own STRONG and WRONG voice (to keep “mainstream”!) so his strong words only makes people opposing him react even stronger, and because of this, Cutfather decided to “block his hearing” as people also did to me and that is totally (!) – “we don’t have to and don’t want to listen to you to understand that you only speak nonsense” (!) – and yes in this respect there is NO difference between what Blachman and I do, we are both laughing stocks and ignored by simple people being wrong, who believe they are right treating us as garbage, where they believe it is us treating them wrongly, and yes I still maintain that Blachman cannot control his negative feelings as I do, and so it is.

Blachman said VERY directly that he values TRUE characters instead of anonymizing people, which Pernille and Cutfather misunderstood as attacks on them thus making FUN of him and showing him as the Devil without understanding that they are the ones showing DISGUSTING behaviour/communication and being WRONG – as “everyone” did in relation to me

Among other things, Cutfather hereafter said “det at der står nogle DJ og forsøger at dreje på knapperne uden at der sidder ledninger i, det kan jeg ikke rigtigt helt følge” (”the thing about DJ’s standing and trying to turn the buttons without wires being plugged in, I dont quite follow”), which I understood is about this part of my old self, which has been located but not yet plugged into our New World, and he was followed by Pernille “teaching” Blachman, which included the words “fyre den af” (“fire it off”), which was really the clue about transferring the last, vital life of my old self as merely energy without its life code to our New World and yes because this is what darkness wants us to do, and here I am feeling an STRONG sense of the TRUE character of the spirit of my mother coming through to me from the other side of remaining darkness and yes just to show how strong the light is, and yes “we have heard you, EVERYTHING is to be saved NO MATTER WHAT”.

It is now 05.40, and somehow I am still carrying on – taking MUCH longer than anticipated when I started and doing this with discipline and NOT because I like doing this work – and a part of me is way above my limit, and another part of me and very strongly I might add – feeling my new self almost shining through – says that “this is piece of cake” and yes it is my friends, but not yet.

Blachman continued to speak with inspiration here about a duo of his when he said “når man har to så elegante mennesker i et sådant forum her, så kan man godt udfordre det patetiske, så kan man godt rode lidt med nogle store følelser og en eller anden re-spiritualisering af hvad musik handler om, jeg har det bare som om, at jeg bliver varm indeni i forhold til alt, hvad der har været tidligere, hold da op en følelse, der kommer lige pludselig, og det er jo den følelse, vi har brug for derhjemme i stuerne i det her fuldstændige …, en abstrakt følelse af en eller anden form for åndelighed, som vi ikke tidligere har taget til os kan man sige, og det er dét, der er hele eksperimentet, jeg synes det er super, über, über, über flot, og helt perfekt fremført” (”when you have two as elegant people in such a forum here, you can challenge the pathetic, you can mess up some of the big feelings and some kind of re- spiritualisation of what music is about, I just become warm inside compared to everything else which have been before, my oh my for a feeling suddenly coming, and this is the feeling we need at home in the living rooms in this completely …, an abstract feeling of some kind of spirituality, which we have not yet taken to us you might say, and this is what the whole experiment is about, I believe it is super over, over, over splendid”), and what was he now speaking of (?), and yes only that he becomes “warm inside” and that is warmer than ever before, which is the feeling this last part of my innerself will bring us when becoming part of my new self, which is what this whole “experiment”/task is about.

Pernille could not help thinking wrong sexual thoughts here, when she wanted to “play” with a female contestant (!), which was to show you that my “old nightmare” is still here potentially destroying intead of saving the last part of me if I should “lose it” – and that is unless an “Insurance” is to take over.

Blachman continued being inspired here – today more than ever before – when he said “jeg synes bare, hvis man rører ved en sommerfugl, så kan man ikke, du må holde fingrene væk (henvendt til Pernille og hendes sangvalg), Ida du må ikke falde, jeg elsker harmonier, jeg elsker alle de her ting, men hold ”mund” hvor skal vi passe på dig, du skal tage din guitar og komme tilbage, og så skal du fokusere på det, du kan, lige nu er det en sommerfugl med en tegnestift igennem, og altså, ved du hvad, det er at tabe det på gulvet, det må ikke ske, jeg bliver rystet, fordi jeg synes du har det geniale i dig, og det har jeg sagt hele tiden, tab det ikke på gulvet, jeg elsker dig” (”I only think, if you touch a butterfly, you cannot, you have to keep your fingers away (adressed to Pernille and her song choice), Ida you must not fall, I love harmonies, I love all of these things, but keep your mouth closed, we have to look after you, you have to take your guitar and come back, and then to focus on what you can, right now it is a butterfly with a drawing pin through it, and do you know what, it is to drop it on the floor, it must not happen, I become shaken, because I believe you have the genius in you, and I have been saying this all of the time, don’t lose it on the floor, I love you”) and yes what was this about (?) and only to bring in the butterfly (you might remember the symbol of the butterfly from my scripts over previous weeks?) creating our New World and merging it with our Old World (this far), and Blachman asks (the darkness) of Pernille to keep her fingers from this butterfly to avoid it from falling to the ground because right now darkness in the shape of the drawing pin is penetrating our deepest inner self (the old washing machine you know), and we cannot allow this to happen because this is the most genius part of God of all, and when I heard this, I received very STRONG feelings to be careful, and so strong that it could have made me scared, but I have decided to take it easy not to be overtaken with fear or panic, and yes this is SERIOUS, Villy, but it is still NOTHING compared to what I went through in 2010 as example having true fear of the world ending at any moment, and I also decided that taking it easy would also be the right thing to do because I am NEVER going to give up on you.

It continued with Cutfather directly after Blachman saying “du har den der super karakteristiske stemme, som har evnen til at gøre rigtigt, rigtigt mange ting, jeg kan godt forstå, hvad du siger, I har rigtigt mange skud i bøssen men pas nu på, at det ikke er det sidste skud, for det er sindsygt ærgerligt for programmet, hvis det er, at det her begynder at tippe, for det er lige på kanten lige nu, desværre, du bliver usikker til sidst og det er ærgerligt, fordi du er absolut det åbenlyst største talent” and added by Blachman ”nogensinde, nogensinde, nogensinde i det her program”, which in English is ”you have this super characteristic voice, which has the ability to do really, really many things, I do understand what you say, you have really many shots in the gun but be careful that this is not the last shot because it is insanely annoying to the show, if it is, that this will start to tip, because it is right on the edge now, sadly, you become unsure at the end and this is annoying because you are absolutely the apparent largest talent” and added by Blachman “ever, ever, ever in this show”, and this was simply to underline that the greatest part ever of me – of God – is what is on the edge of being destroyed, which would be “annoying to our New World” if happening, but no, I don’t want this to happen, so save you – saving all my love for you (maybe the best with Whitney?) – is what is on my agenda/drawing and really because I don’t want to give up on you.

The final song of the show was INSPIRED by my writing on Niclas the 13th February, where Niclas had decided to “close his eyes” in relation to me, and as a consequence I brought “the second you sleep” by Saybia, and this is the song which with INSPIRATION was chosen here because of the same reason, and Blachman helped bringing more information to what this was about when he here said “Det er “virkelig” modigt at vælge det mest slidte audtion sang-nummer nogensinde, det må man sige, det virker jo vanvittigt dated, men ok, det kan godt være, at du ikke kan lide DJ frisører (til Cutfather), der står der uden ledninger, men altså jeg ser en pianist, der spiller, når du lader som om, at du spiller, hvad er det for noget playback, altså der skal slå hårdest ned der, det er ”virkelig” dårlig smag, det er FULDSTÆNDIGT uacceptabelt, punkt 1, det gør man ikke (henvendt til Cutfather), man sætter ikke en playback ind og sætter det op, bare fordi det der, og rose på et flygel, det er virkelig dårlig smag, nu må vi stramme op, men du kan da godt synge, men du kommer ikke med så meget, det her er benhård konkurrence det her, og sidste ting, vi har kun plads til dem, der kommer med noget” (”it is really brave to choose the most worn-out audition song number ever, one has to say, it seems completely outdated, but ok, you may not like DJ hairdressers (addressed to Cutfather) standing there without wires, but I now see a pianist playing when you pretend to be player, what is this kind of playback, well we have to hit the hardest against this, this is really poor taste, it is COMPLETELY unacceptable, point 1, you simply don’t do this (addressed to Cutfather), you don’t set in a playback and set it up just because this, and a rose on the piano, it is really poor taste, we must improve, but you can sing, but you don’t bring much, this is really tough competition this, and one final thing, we only have room for those bringing something”), and what this was about was simply to say that Cutfather decided to let the contestant sit behind a piano without playing to LOOK good (!) and Blachman lost his temper because this is the same as CHEATING trying to convince the viewers to vote for the contestant on false grounds, and why was Cutfather motivated to do this (?), and only because Niclas decided to close his eyes in relation to me and carry out an ACT towards the meditation group not speaking the truth about me to look good in their eyes, and yes Niclas, I love you, but I DON’T LIKE YOU AND PEOPLE BEHAVING WRONGLY AS YOU DO, do you see (?) – and I felt Niclas much of today and this evening, so he is till “thinking of me” (?) – and I here feel “yes, when you decide to let go from your grip of my hair” and this is really the last grip of darkness of the whole new part of me underneath this grip.

When I watched this song with my mother, she asked me if I believed Katrine was playing herself, and I could only say “yes, obviously, why should she otherwise sit behind a piano” and it was “totally impossible” for me to think otherwise, and when I learned that this was really only a play trying to score “cheap points”, it truly made me very sad – CHEATING is NOT a way to behave, which should be the obvious choice for all, but nowadays this does not seem to be the case.

The contestant Katrine pretended to play “the second you sleep” on the piano to “score” cheap points from viewers, but she did NOT play as a symbol of Niclas playing an act about me not telling the truth to the meditation group to score cheap point – and the song was choosen because I played it the 13th when Niclas decided to “close his eyes” to me!

The strong but TRUE feedback from Blachman was by now ”too much” for the contestant Katrine, who could not control her feelings when she was RUDE asking Blachman “bliver du nogen sinde tilfreds – du er en bitter, bitter mand” (“do you ever become satisfied – you are a bitter, bitter man”) – speaking to the inner beast of simple minded people wrongly thinking the same as her – and yes RUDE is what it was because it is against what she and everyone else easily should know after having heard Blachman speak many times including when he was pleased (as he also was sometimes this evening), and yes the difference between Blachman and she – and the other judges and many spectators – was simply that Blachman was RIGHT, and they were WRONG, and you would know if you worked and communicated at the same high level as he does, my friends (!), and also that Blachman is driven by a positive desire to help people, which people cannot see because they focus negatively on him, which you also saw a clear example of the contestant, who could not see longer than her own tip of the nose, and yes SAD is what I call it here.

And what did Blachman answer (?), and only this: “Jeg bliver rigtigt tit tilfreds, og den måde med sønnen, børn skal jo ikke bestemme, hvad mor og far skal lave, mor og far skal da ikke gå inde i et talentshow, fordi de …” (”I often become satisfied, and the way with the Son, children are not to decide what mother and father are do to, mother and father are not to walk inside of talent show because they ….”) and then I could not hear what he said, but I received the feeling that this is about the freedom of the Son and the Trinity somehow, but I did not fully catch this one, which I understand is then compensated with energy brought to us from the Universe.

Right after this, Pernille was asked to give a short comment, and first she looked at Cutfather with eyes saying “what are we going to do about Blachman” (?) and she was totally confused not knowing what to say – this is how much she was wrongly shaken by Blachman because she “could not” listen and understand what should be easy to understand (?) – as family/friends etc. wrongly also did to me – and finally it was Cutfather’s turn and he decided to point at Blachman and say “jeg er jo rystet over, at …” and also “luk ørerne for hvad han siger” (“I am shaken that …” and also “close your ears to what he says”) and this was despite of Blachman saying in between “du må give mig ret I det med klaveret” (“you have to agree with me about the piano”) and “det er chokolade æsken, du” (“it is the chocolate box, you know”) and the chocolate box is simply to say that Cutfahter shows this RUDE behaviour asking the contestant to “close her ears” to what Blachman says because of his own selfish behaviour where he is not used to getting the truth told directly for him to understand and act upon, and what do two selfish and misunderstanding people do as you have seen with almost all of my family/friends etc. in relation to me (?) and yes they easily find together deciding to do what is WRONG, and this made the contestant say “det gør jeg også” (“this is also what I do”) (!) and yes APPALLED is the word of my feelings, and how do you think the world will react, when it will know/understand that this is how makind “generally” behaved and yes APPALLED is truly the right word.

I am given some pressuring feelings here at 08.30 to the upper part of my right leg, and I keep on hearing “darkness wants to escape/exit” and yes my dear friends I have ONLY one answer for you, which is to become light, and should some of you escape for example when I sleep, I will find you again and transform EVERYTHING to light, and that is because I am setting the rules where there is NO escape for darkness.

A few minutes afterwards, when I was preparing coffee, suddenly all of the electricity broke down, and either it was a general break down or only in my apartment, and I quickly saw and heard from the hall outside and my neighbours that it was only in my place, so it had to be one of my fuses, which had burned down, and yes it was exactly at this point when darkness wanted to escape, and this is how it tried to avoid the unavoidable and yes trying to keep me from working (!), and what do you do at 08.30 Saturday morning when you could choose to “sleep on it first” or to cycle to a store when it would open at 09.00 or maybe 10.00 to buy fuses being short on money and having a longer way to cycle than to my mother hoping John would have some to spare, and yes even though I do not like to borrow what I should have bought myself when moving in if I had THOUGHT about it, which I however did not, I decided to call my mother and John, and “maybe I have some in the basement even though these went out of use more than 50 years ago” was what John said with some exaggeration, and 10 minutes afterwards, he called back, and yes he had a handfull in reserve even though he uses another kind than these himself (!), so I took the bicycle returning there, getting a cup of coffee and at 9.30 I was returning home, and when entering the house, I heard one after the other giving me their sign offs confirming that the new Sun (adjusted light of our New World) is now working, and I did not understand if everyone has signed off only that this is about getting the last man on board, and by 09.45 my electricity and computer was up and running again, so with some delay, I will continue my work and see if I will be able to finish it today and also to publish it – and maybe I will decide to stay awake until this evening trying to get a new, normal day rhythm from here and that is if I can, Obama.

At the follow up decision show later in the evening, two of the contestants had to sing again and let the judges decide who was going to be sent out at the end, and again Mulila came on stage and did an even better performance than this first time, and as she said here, she had decided to listen to the advice (of the darkness of Pernille) to let go of her shoes and to give “give everything I have” – remember the Dodo song and “fire it off” (?) – and this was to say what I was up against here when darkness forced the shoes to be taken off, but oh no, I cannot accept the end of life of the last part (!), and after Katrine – the contestant “playing” the piano – had also sung for the second time (you sleep!), it was time for the decision here, when first Blachman spoke about without luck trying to get a toothpick, so he could sit and relax with his mouth closed – his reaction to people not listening to him but attacking him – and he even spoke of sitting (in a mental hospital) like Jack Nicholson in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” with a clear address to how others looked upon him – and you can look at the face of Katrine not taking him at all seriously when he speaks to her once again, and yes thinking that he is crazy, and that is for speaking the truth (!) – and this is about how people reacted towards me, and he decided to do the right thing, which was to vote according to his conviction herewith sending the darkness of Katrine and not the remaining part of the spirit of my mother out, and yes this was the verdict of the first judge, and then it was number two to decide, and that was Pernille, and she said that “we have the rule in X-factor that when two contestants of the same category stands, it is Mick/Cutfather (his category), who will chose, so this is why we have agred why one judge choses one and the other choses the other” and then I do believe she chose against her conviction by sending out Mulila ONLY to follow a completely CRAZY rule to give Cutfather the final verdict, and WRONG again is what this is, and then Cutfather said here that “I want to say nicely NO THANK YOU to the behaviour of this table of judges this evening”, and then he raised his voice being very negative when saying “I believe it has been below the LOW POINT” and also “this panel of judges don’t last, we have to pull ourselves together” – and what was this made of, Cutfather (?) first you and Blachman were “pals” in the beginning of the show respecting each other’s different ways (?), and then you and Pernille met on the same side against Blachman later in the show when it was “completely impossible” for you to (understand)/accept what Blachman said to Katrine, right (?), and you did you not either like Pernille voting against her conviction, which made you include her in your negative outburst (?), or was it mainly/only Blachman you attacked again (?) – and it was clear and then Cutfather and Blachman was about to FIGHT live on national television instead of easily understanding each other and focus on the contestants of the show instead of their egos and inability to communicate/understand, and we know I am on the team of Blachman, so sorry about that Cutfather and Pernille, you two have to improve by looking into the mirror first before wrongly judging others, and they would have done so, if the host Lise did not intervene, and this made Cutfahter say “how can you choose among your children – this is of course impossible”, which was a referral to my mother’s situation where she had to choose between my sister and I, and then he finally made the right decision, which was to send out Katrine, and yes keeping Mulila as part of my new self in the game of setting up the final details of our new Source, and I was here shown a man setting up his name sign on the house, even though he would still like to set it up on the small dog house, which is where he comes from, so still on his way in, but he has not made it enterily yet.

And finally just this: It may look easier than done writing this chapter, but I had to decide pushing my ultimate limit making some of my best and most difficult ever work, this is TRULY how I feel, also controlling all of my desires to stop working all night and morning until I had ended not all of the work but half of the edit and the summary by 11.40, when I simply COULD NOT any longer continue working.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Dan says below that he is “dreaming too wildly at the moment” and yes I wonder where his receives his “inspiration” from, and he said that he played football with Iben Hjejle, and what this is about is simply to say that you are playing against me as “an actor” (which is what Iben is), and in the other posting he says “ship ahoy and a bottle of rum”, and yes do you need any other “proof” that Dan is an “actor” of darkness (?) and you do remember from my scripts that a pirate drinking rum is a clear symbol of darkness, don’t you?

  • Søren Pind was inspired when bringing this link to an article of an educator saying “Sorry, we were wrong, when we fought the black school”, and on the surface this article is about the “black school”, which is a popular expression for a form a education, which mainly includes learning by heart and endless long strings practised by a strict and authoritarian teacher, and I can add my belief, which is that I do NOT believe in this way of teaching towards responsible people, and in short I believe in a satisfactory level of basic knowledge of the community and “relevant subjects”, but I do NOT believe in the black school at all, to me it is a waste of time to be able to remember the complete row of Kings in Denmark as example when you can look it up, but if you are interested in for example Christian IV because of his BUILDING UP OF A NEW CITY – inspirations come a long way to many people – people will decide to read about him in detail, and when it comes to work, I believe in satisfactory basic knowledge too for example about “what is insurance” if you are in the insurance sector and then to know about the details of how to do the work you are doing, and NOT to learn in detail about something, which you will NEVER work with in practise, which to me is a complete WASTE of time – and I decided to include Jan Monrad’s reply below, which is my view too, and also thinking that Jan was motivated to become friends with Søren Pind, but not with me, and why is that, Jan?
    • And below the surface, “the black school” is about the darkness I fought as part of my school/journey, which I am now finishing, and yes many people agree in the “black school” and that is generally in life and we know it will become difficult for people to change MANY years of poor habits of the old world, but I do hope that with the extinction of darkness, it will not become that difficult after all, and yes when people will have an OPEN mind instead of the CLOSED ATTITUDE I met on my journey.


18th February: Doing my best work without sleep to save the last part of my old self further improving the Source

Working all night/morning doing my best work to save the last part of my old self to further improve the Source

As mentioned in my script of “yesterday”, I started working on the X-factor script at 22.55 not knowing how long it would take, and because I decided to do my best bringing in ALL of my energy, it took much longer to listen to X-factor word by word and to write the script word by word, but it was done with a good heart, Feargal, trying to help the last part (?) of my old self to survive, and while I was writing the script I also allowed to take some notes now and again to tell you about the progress of the spiritual work during the night and morning of “today”, which is what I have decided to bring you in this chapter.

First of all I was told that writing the chapter was of “incredible importance” and also “it is almost as if this is your greatest achievement”.

I was shown the last piece of road of darkness leading to my new self and I was told ”you will be safe if you do not give up” with you being the last piece of my old self, and the danger being that I am now extremely close to my own ”birth” machine just on the other side.

I was told that Denis knows that Karen loves me and I love her more than anyone else, and that he has fought me to keep her himself, and yes Denis, this was your destiny and almost denistiny, but not quite.

At 00.40 when working on the X-factor chapter I was told that It is the lost son returning with his white horse with EVERYTHING of the Old World (I saw myself standing behind a white horse in a typical Roman carriage), which is what this evening was about (also remembering the link of all ships of the world from John).

At 00.50 I felt a Greenlander seal all over the inside of the top of my body and I was told that it is us bringing this to you, and that is the final part of everything of our Old World – my old self.

At 01.30 I was told that “we have now taken off the kid gloves, and done the worst part”, and I was shown some kind of a vision of unwrapping the box of this part of the Source.

At 02.00 I took a moment to feel after and I felt my body almost free from sufferings given to me and I only feel very little darkness inside of me, which almost cannot give me negative feelings to fight (which has been a great part of my sufferings constantly), but still it gives me negative speech, and with the transferral of this to light, taking into account that there are no more surprises in store for me, I will become totally free of sufferings hereafter and with me the world, this is how we are connected because WE ARE THE WORLD, and yes I felt Niclas throughout the night too, and “not easy” for you Niclas to understand your faith of meeting “someone like me”?

At 02.40 I felt a thin stream of red from my right leading down to my left lower leg and I was told that “this is what we have now managed to reduce it to” and also “we are proud to say that this is done without pain to my lower right leg”.

At 03.25 I felt how strong sexual temptations to do what is WRONG to do was about to be turned around with the understanding that as strong as the feeling given to me in my life of acting sexually wrong, as strong my TRUE feeling will be when the last part of me turns around and becomes part of my new self too.

At 03.55 I gave a sneeze, and yes I have given a few of these now and again, which to me is more about destruction, and I received some sexual talk and was asked “you truly do not want to liberate me too, do you” (?) and YES I DO, YOU ARE TO BE PART OF EVERYTHING OF OUR NEW WORLD and I was shown a large dark sword leaving from my right hand to the left side of my head.

At 04.05 I saw a drop of oil being released and I was told that it is into our new motor and also “what drop of oil” (!), which means that it has significant impact to me, the world and everyone.

At 04.15 I was told that we have now washed the deck and cleaned the old schooner, and “we promise that this is the last”, and yes normally it is darkness speaking like this, but one day it will be the light and then suddenly we are home, so is this the light or remaining darkness speaking (?), and we will see if I come home now or will receive a new surprise.

At 04.25 I kept on hearing “kill, kill” again, and also the continuation “there are no more to kill now”, and at 04.35 I felt red and was told “we are much deeper in” (inside of darkness), and is this darkness speaking (?), which I believe it is.

At 05.20 I heard internal speech “Do you miss him” (miss my old self as Jesus) – here tasting a FISH clearly – and the answer was “not much any more” with the feeling that what I receive here is an “essential part of my old self”, which will be visible to all people when I will say “merry Christmas” once again.

At 05.30 I was told “I also met your Grand Mother on the cemetery” and nothing more but the feeling of my true nature through others being very close to me.

At 05.50 I was told “we do not only take a sample of the surface of the ground, we take ALL OF THE GROUND of the Old World with us”, this is the meaning of what you/we do today and yes writing a little bit about a music show and people who cannot communicate and behave properly.

At 06.10 I was shown a sign for a door and told “no, we have not yet put up the sign on the door, there are still dogs inside of there”.

At 06.25 I was shown only a red thin string between my old and new self with creation (sexual activities) ongoing just on the other side, and I was told that the string can be cut from either side, and I understand that this is where I am approaching now.

At 06.35 I was told “you are also the best, which has ever happened to Karen”.

At 07.00 I heard from one part to another inside of this darkness “what is your food number (?) – you haven’t received food yet” (?) and the answer “no, not yet but I feel secure because of the man yes right there who has decided to save me NO MATTER WHAT”, and then I started feeling the New World turning the other way around, which is the force I am withstanding and that is the force of the New World being programmed to stop time, and this is what it eagerly wants to do now, but you have to wait my friends, because I have not cleared out everyone of the old world yet, and first when I have done this, I will leave myself as the last man standing, and yes I am still that man.

At 07.10 I quickly heard “or otherwise it is my keys not turning the right way – something is not right”, which may simply be that I am NOT finished yet with my work on the X-factor chapter, and I wonder if I can continue working for maybe 1-2 hours before it will be finalised, and we will see.

At 07.20 when I thought about stopping my work today without writing about the follow up show to X-factor later yesterday evening because I had gone to and beyond my EXTREME limit doing this work, I was told that “here was another school bag of your mother which we found” (darkness) and that is because of the work, I continue doing, and also encouraging me to continue, but I feel like physically dying doing this work, so I will stop when I am done with this chapter maybe at 08.00, and do the rest of the follow up after sleeping.

At 07.40 I was shown Elijah’s daughter and told “we cannot go to school at 08.00” and I was shown and told “because of John” (also from LTO) and then I was shown two pieces of script paper and in between these something, which I could not see what was, but I was told it is an ice scraper, and also that “this has to be cryptic to get the last out of here”, and so it was indeed.

As mentioned in my script of yesterday, today (!) at 08.30 my electricity broke down because of darkness trying to escape me, and I had to use an hour to get spare fuses from John before I had new light and could continue working.

At 11.00 when finishing the draft of my X-factor chapter I heard the spirit of my father – from old darkness – saying that he has some very small speakers cheap for sale, and yes with my work, this last darkness is reducing/vanishing.

At 11.25 I heard darkness saying “had we not made protection against burglars”, and “yes, we had” and then again “how did he then enter” (?) and yes there is only one answer BECAUSE I WANTED TO and decided to be stronger than darkness.

At 12.05 when I had done half of the edit of the X-factor script I could not concentrate any longer, my mind and power had stood off, so I decided to take a break and I was truly very TIRED, and I might decide to sleep already during the day and to finalise my script of today and to publish it this evening.

At 12.35 I could decide to go to my absolute extreme to staying awake until the evening as I had done over recent weeks, but I decided that I cannot do this today feeling as I do, so I went to bed, and I was in some doubts of whether or not I should have tried to push my extreme limit even more trying to do the last piece of working before sleeping, and this is why I was given strong visions of potential destruction, but I was too tired and had made up my mind, so I decided to ignore this and then I felt asleep, and I was here given a short pain in my right angle, so this has indeed cost destruction of the Universe too. I kept on sleeping until 17.30 with this dream:

  • I have started shopping at an even larger Metro GIANT supermarket than what I used before, and I buy two trays of liver pate made yesterday, which are on sale, but they are still good, and further down the supermarket or really indoor street I see special sections of whole sellers selling large quantities of exciting food, which I thought I could not get at the other Metro market. I also felt that I am becoming members of groups, where I am to improve the behaviour of people, and I am afraid of banners brought in these groups.
    • This is about getting access to even more life – we must be approaching 100% – and the groups are new Facebook groups I have decided to join, and that I fear their gross behaviour and potential reactions to me.
  • I woke up to “Irene Mudder” by Shubidua and the lyrics “der er squ næsten heller ikke nogen I” (“there is also almost none in”), which is about mud (darkness) and destruction during the night, so this might be the time to start up the “big wake-up motors”, my friends and yes feeling a lot of activities of actors playing like my friend Regnar Worm from Canal Wild Card here.

After dinner I did the final part of the edit of my X-factor chapter of yesterday and also the final writings and edit of the script of today, and I still received negative voices wanting me to give up and to accept the sexual agenda of darkness, and it keeps on being ANNOYING to say the least is.

At 20.00 when doing the last of my edit of the chapter of Blachman, I received a new vision of the road from the train station on Frederiksberg towards Lama Yönten, and just saying that I keep receiving visions of the Lama and also inspired speech by my mother saying “meget godt” (“very good”), and every single time she says these words, it is the same as hearing the Lama saying them because they come through him, and I wonder WHY you cannot COMMUNICATE with me, my dear Lama (?), and just wondering of course why “deafening silence” also hit you, and you may believe I ENYOY THE SILENCE (?) and the answer is NO when it comes to the behaviour of people, but when it comes to this song, the answer is a TRUE yes, and that is 100% as a clear 100 point song as one of my absolute favourite songs by one of my favourite bands, and yes Lama, this is about the setup of you and I via our connection in this life and do you believe I LOVE THIS VIDEO TOO (?), and yes “I was there” and “almost” as I am here told – ENJOY and not the SILENCE BUT THE DELIGHT OF THIS FANTASTIC SONG:

Removing unwanted particles of darkness and being very close to become my new self

I saw “the voice” on TV2 and decided to write down a little of the inspired speech, which was “much less” than at X-factor yesterday, which was also because “I was not in the mood”, but here are a few messages too and I might add that Lene from Aqua as one of the judges is a TRUE favourite of my mother, who simply loves her, and yes this is what my mamma said yesterday.

At 20.17 Lene said something about “playing” and “you make me smile”, which was about my “old nightmare” and also that I do NOT accept this to come through.

At 20.27 Lene said that “admire your compressor” and also “for a moment I thought that you began to levitate”, where the compressor was to say that we are now removing the last unwanted particles of darkness, and the levitation about how close I am to become my new self.

The host Morten was given a question, which he “strangely” decided to answer something like this about a lady of his fantasies “black tight leather, rose leaves and flames, and then it will work out” and it was to show you darkness of this “perfect host on the surface” and I could not help noticing last Saturday where he 2-3 times asked questions – to Lene as example – something like this “but you did not have to do this so why did you do it” (inviting people home etc.), which showed me “lack of warmth/consideration” inside of this man, and yes LACK OF TRULY DEEP FEELINGS are really the right words to use.

I did not write notes precisely on this one, but it was at 20.36 and one of the judges used the word “theatrical”, and instantly and directly as usual I was given the feeling of David Bowie, because “theatrical” is what I combine with him, and I do believe this was also about receiving the final sign offs of the Source of our New World being adjusted and improved with the light of the last part of my old self, if I am not mistaking – my poor notes don’t tell me but this is what I believe it was about.

I felt how the whole African Savannah entering me, which could be “everything” really.

At 20.49 first Lene, and then Sharin suddenly became “very eager” for the contestant Bjarne to remove his tie, and jacket and they really wanted to see him stripped down to the bone, and yes another sign of my “old nightmare” to give you an idea of how it comes to me.

At 20.56 Lene said “sang karaoke like”, which you know is about ”party-party” coming and people not prioritizing me because of their own continuous feasting, when the world was about to end.

At 20.58, the contestant Noa was asked in relation to Kim Wagner – my old favourite – if she had “done anything to spoil his evening” (so she could defeat him and yes a truly STRANGE but sadly not unusual thing to ask today), which she had not and was it the judge L.O.C. saying that Kim has received “no laxative in the coffee” (?), and this meant “NO DESTRUCTION, ONLY LOVE” in relation to the final work of our New World.

During the evening I received the Danish words of “kill, kill”, which are “dræb, dræb” and “funny” enough this is the first time I receive these words in Danish, and normally I receive spiritual speech in Danish – but not always – but these words have always been given to me in English, so first by now the remaining darkness has taught Danish and yes a little late don’t you think?

When Kim Wagner was on stage doing a new fine performance as you can see below and when I heard him sing this song, I felt the same energy given to him as what Lindsey Buckingham from Fleetwood Mac receives, and yes no wonder that I reacted on his musicality straight away the same as Lene and other of the judges do too, and yes Kim was sent to the final with this performance, and the final will take place next Saturday.

L.O.C. spoke about Kim “performing every time” when it matters and the judge Steen said that he has “many strings to play on” (“guitar- string” if you ask me) and also how incredible difficult it is to sit down singing the song he sang and “impossible” was the word I believe he used, and yes Kim is a symbol of me, and Lene told him that “you have a musical gift” and also “you are a gift to women”, which was both to speak about my warmth, i.e. “music”, and still my “old nightmare” is following me, and was it Shrine saying that “every time you stand on stage, something is on play, I think it is fantastic” and yes this is how I have felt every single day and minute for years in my play against darkness knowing that I have constantly had “something on play”, and not very nice to know that you will lose life/creation if you cannot defeat impossible to defeat darkness, and then there is only one thing to do and that is to decide being even stronger even though it makes you suffer much because of this alone, and yes we know an OLD story.

Here is Lindsey Buckingham and his band mates from Fleetwood Mac with one of their best songs “go your own” way, which is also “some of the best music ever made”, and yes I LOVE to see Mick playing the drums with his enthusiastic happiness.

At 21.49 Lene told a contestant not to cry, because she really had to be happy and also that she has not slept during nights, and yes this is my old message to my mother and family, which I have tried to bring them many times: Please do not cry because of your misunderstandings, please be HAPPY because this is what it is all about, which however was not easy to believe in, which then gave my mother many sleepless nights, and we know of course unnecessary but part of the necessary game – and I do believe I have told you that CRY is one of my favourite songs by SIMPLE MINDS and yes it is SO beautiful that it almost makes me CRY and that is cry again and again and again.

At 21.55 I was given the feeling of blue and a crack of light sent to me including our new ship of light, and I was told “you cannot wait forever”, and no, just until we have done all work, my friends, and later I was shown what seemed to be the last few percent of turning the last part of my old self around, and I did not have as much pain/sufferings today as yesterday, and it was really more a question of time before I could publish my script and yes bringing me sufferings to do the last part of work today on my limit after a hard day’s night using discipline and not motivation.

And since this chapter is about “the voice”, let me also bring you a video from one of my other old favourite bands, ULTRAvox, and yes I do look much forward to getting time to get to know more NEW music too – this has “always” been a desire of mine, and especially over the last few years where it has been “more than difficult” to do really.

The night watch of darkness, i.e. the anchor, surrendered to me to become part of the light

After midnight I was shown and told “what happens the day when he will wake up without his lifebuoy” (?) and I was given the answer “then he will be him”, and yes this is how I have wished to become my new self all along; simply to wake up being “myself” – and there is probably a good story in the lifebuoy, my dear media following but not yet writing about me, and yes WIMPS, did you get it?

I also received a dull physical sound right next to my chair working where my vacuum jug of coffee was placed, and I was given the feeling of a long stick and then the night watch from Gjensidige Insurance now standing to the right of me, and also the feeling that this is the anchor of darkness surrendering to me, and yes ”where do you want me” (?) and the only advise I have is for you ”to follow the light” and yes you do not have to enter your small old cage again (as he showed me) and continue/start destroying life of people and yes my friends, Stig, you have spoken to two kings at of the same time, one of good and one of dark and this is the one of darkness now finally returning to the Source of light and how are you (?) and I see him on a raft with a flag on it, and now I do not almost receive any vision of him anymore and yes feeling him as part of my right eye going down to the right side of my body, and yes this was the right side of me, the side, which was fed by man and would have destroyed mankind and the entire Universe and this is the man you decided to fight, and yes so much stronger than the man of light almost not existing – yes, I was light and darkness of the world in one single human being.

I felt noble wine – almost with a plum character – and heard “you will first get noble wine out of this when you do the last turn around” (of the last darkness), and is this my physical re-birth you are reading about now, my friends – has the time finally come for me to become my new self, or will yet a new surprise come?

I also heard “your mother almost had murder in her eyes whenturning around”, and yes we could almost not recognise ourselves anymore because of time and evolution.

And I heard previous darkness say “so you can change bleeding into wine” and heard the answer “yes, we discovered the code through that guy there”, which is me as Stig you know, and then I heard previous/wakening darkness say “if we knew what we know now, we would have known how to destroy you”, but you did not and yes this will have to be it for today at 02.15.

“The RETURN of the angriest guitar player in the world”, i.e. the RETURN HOME to the light of the dark side of God

The other day I was given the word “Mandrilaftalen” (“the Mandril agreement”), which may be the funniest piece of comedy I have EVER seen (exclude primitive sex and violence also from this) – completely crazy it was (!) – and I did not notice this much at the time, but today on Facebook, I noticed a link to the comedian Lars Hjortshøj, who was part of this show, and I decided to click it and what did I see on his Facebook wall (?) and only a posting by Casper Christensen, the host of the show, and yes what was it about (?), only what they thought was “hilarious funny”, a video on YouTube about “The RETURN of the angriest guitar player in the world”, and just by reading the headline, I understood that this was made for me and intended for me to find and to bring here, because “the angriest guitar player” is the most inner part of God, who had turned to the dark side, and here he is returning home, this is really how to understand the headline today, but when you look at the video below, you may understand just how immensely ANGRY this dark guitar player of God was, and I bring it here despite of the ugly language he uses, and we know it shows how difficult it was for him to write a song and return to the good side – and it is truly very funny but on a sad foundation because of the temper and difficulties of this man.

On YouTube this “angry man” gets this introduction, and interesting that he decided to call him self “TREEMAN” – TREE is the symbol of the origin of God – and also that he decided to write a song called “the magic man”, which is what our previous “angry God of darkness” will become inside our New World.

This video clip is The Return Of The Angriest Guitar Player In The World!!!

Warning Viewer Discretion is advised, swearing and self inflicted violence in this clip…enjoy 🙂

He goes by the name of The Treeman and hails from Liverpool and between the months of March and July 2011 I have been filming him trying to play the intro to his song ‘Ghost of Love’ which has frustrated him to the point were he has broke 3 guitars, almost chewed his hand off and smashed his house to smithereens..

During that time to now he has been working on a new song called ‘The Magic Man’ which has frustrated him 10 times more than ‘Ghost Of Love’ ever did. Here are the out takes from them sessions.

The Treeman hasn’t managed to complete the song ‘The Magic Man’ yet but is getting there. This song will likely be on his debut 7″ which should be out before the fall.

The Treeman has a Facebook page were you can keep up to date with him: http://www.facebook.com/thetreeman1.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • The last days I have had up to approx. 40 visits per day to my script on Whitney Houston, which is way above what I normally receive to new scripts (!) – and people search on strings like “Whitney sacrificed”, “who gave Whitney Houston up for sacrifice”, “Whitney Houston sacrificed?” to reach my script, and today I tried to search Google using the first string, and what did I find (?), and only what you can see from the picture below – or here – and that is new “conspiracy theories” of people wanting to make things up, and who will decided to believe it was God sacrificing Whitney to absorb darkness, when there are so many stories about ”dark illuminati” etc. sacrificing her, which is “much more interesting” to listen to and also “credible” and that is when people suffer from a “sick mind”, and I was told that these visitors to my site also transfer darkness to me.

  • And Dan “could not” keep his mouth shut about X-factor, and to my surprise he spoke about Pernille being a “snow Queen”, which is someone not in contact with her feelings, or simply being “too cold”, Dan (?), and you do not think that she is a little too much influenced by negative feelings not being able to “stand” what people tell her (and you do believe she is cold not caring for the contestants/judges) (?), and you do not think that she is a little too much influenced by negative feelings not being able to “stand” what people tell her (?) – just wondering here – and he said “notice not one single word about the strange behaviour of two of the judges”, which this time was not about Blachman (?), and were is your negative feedback on him (?), and if you don’t have anything negative to say, would you start considering saying something positive/objective about Blachman (?) and again just wondering and yes could someone please explain the reason for this strange behaviour (?) (and when you “dig deeper” let me tell you that “RIO” is one of my Duran Duran favourites and almost feeling like a new born because of the FRESHNESS of this song from my favourite album of theirs, and yes it seems that “fresh” has to do about my new self, which is pretty “cool” really and yes party time on its way :-))

  • Today I noticed that one more of my “friends” had decided to leave me from Facebook, and who was it this time (?), and yes of all people it was NICLAS (!!!), who could not “take” that I write “negatively” about him (and understand that I do not!) and also post on his wall for everyone to see, and yes my dear friend, you decided to do “what we hoped for”, which was to turn your back to me enabling us to do the last part of the turn around and yes you were the key, your own inner self, to do this task and yes you decided to show me your sharp TUSK instead of simply doing what I have encouraged you to do all along, which is to COMMUNICATE in order to understand, but you decided FOR darkness AGAINST me as the light saving you, and yes isn’t this “funny” but of course on a sad background, because he truly went through the “storm” of his life as I told him about months ago without telling him that I would provide it, and yes Stig and the world, this is how to return home – and only a minute before checking who had decided to leave me, I was told that the feeling of Niclas is that “it is not nice knowing that you are becoming God” when you rather want to be who you are – and sad he became this man, and sad is what he made me, and of coruse COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY for you to do, my “friend” – and we know together with everyone else too.
  • Finally at 02.15 I managed to publish the last two days of scripts with my feeling being this was certainly not to be taken for granted – this was VERY difficult to deliver, but I did I, and I was told during the afternoon of the importance also to publish this script because of reactions of the world and what it does to help me the last way.

  • It seems that the font Corbel 18/14 in Microsoft Live Writer now for good creates the right font size of my scripts on-line, which is what Corbel 24/18 did the first 333 scripts (giving the same outcome on-line), and yes “a small funny thing”, isn’t it?


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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