February 21, 2012: Crossing the line of time without stopping time yet – we are in a “double room” of both time/no time


Summary of the script today

19th February: Crossing the line of time without stopping time yet – we are in a “double room” of both time/no time

  • Dreaming of my old friend Preben being unfaithful, Michelle Obama working through me to help saving life I miss and bringing FREEDOM to the world.
  • I had a more calm day being TIRED from the last couple of days where the power of the New World wants me to become my new self, which I continue resisting as long as there is darkness to absorb. Remaining particles of darkness tried to fool me to accept small pockets of darkness in our New World, which however would require a change of creation, so NO THANK YOU.
  • Crossing the line of time without stopping time yet – we are in a “double room” of both time/no time because I don’t want to let go as long as there is more to bring from darkness to our New World.
  • An inspired Facebook thread of Dan Rachlin and an old JOYFUL Danish song gave the messages that the remaining part of OLD GOD has been transferred to our New World bringing memories and feelings of LOVE at the reunion. It also said that the door between the Old and New World is still open (to clean and transfer the last particles of darkness), and also that Helle Thorning Schmidt would have left politics because of “immense pressure” if it was not for me, which makes me THANK HELLE, SARKOZY AND THE WORLD FOR NOT GIVING UP :-).

20th February: Previous darkness asked for my absolution for trying to kill me and to use me to kill everyone else

  • I decided not to sleep trying to come back to a normal day rhythm, I continue receiving pressure to become my new self and to avoid (postpone) it to bring everything with me is becoming increasingly difficult and previous darkness asked for my absolution for trying to kill me and for wanting to use me to kill everyone else, which I gave. I was feeling tired, weak and almost fainting today – but not giving up.
  • The newspaper Kristeligt Dagblad and the Church Minister were “concerned” about empty Danish churches and I encouraged them to announce my coming to help man to obtain faith to get started with the New World, and also to read, understand and communicate, which I will probably also NOT meet this time around, and instead I received small heart attacks and was told that this was necessary not to throw out content of darkness.

21st February: I had a wonderful day alone with my mother calmly explaining my experiences for her to understand

  • Dreaming of bringing keys to wake up ”special friends” of mine, giving up on the remaining Old World receiving its remaining energy, which I will NOT do without its life code, the “original reproduction ability” of Old God has been restored, parts of the world does not want to become “cleaned” and I need their energy to clean them, which is a “circular reference” requiring me to go “on and on and on and on” until we will get a perfect result.
  • I met with Lisbeth from the Commune NOT knowing about what was waiting on me of misunderstandings and potential abuse of power, which again made me very sad. She had NOT yet received the report from the doctor, and when I told her the SIMPLE TRUTH that I am fully capable of working, she told me that she has received high education (!) thus being able to tell me that I am mentally unfit to work because of my negative applications and my 10 working rules (!) and she still wants to send me to a psychiatrist (!!!), and when I gave her my usual speech of her misunderstandings because of laziness, poor work and POOR communication being STONE DEAF, she brought all of her strength against me telling me to consider if I may be WRONG (!) – which I asked her to ask herself looking into the mirror to find the monkey – and when this did not work she told me that millions would agree with her against me because everyone will know that I am crazy when I say that I am Jesus (!) – yes this is what she said (!) – and it was TRULY very uncomfortable for her (!) not to be able to make me understand her misunderstandings (!!!), and then she told me that I am a narcissist, who loves himself and keeps on talking” (!!!) – yes my friends THIS IS WHAT SHE TRULY SAID – and it did NOT help me telling her that nothing could be further away from the truth because normally when I meet people in “normal situations”, I speak/listen/reflect with a good balance as “everyone” can say, and I ONLY write to help people by telling them the truth (creating the road to our new and better world). The conclusion of Lisbeth today is what people of the system being STONE DEAF was “able” to find out about me after several years of “investigations”, and I WAS TRULY NOT IMPRESSED, only sad because it is tragic – but we agreed that we disagree and now it only remains to be revealed if I or “millions of people” – the world – was right, and for Lisbeth to be ashamed of being such a STUPID FOOL, who could not control her feelings, which is what she OBJECTIVELY was. The sickness of her and the world is called “the Jante law” – “don’t believe you are anyone special even if you are, we cannot take that”.
  • I was alone with my mother for some hours today giving me a chance to calmly explain about my spiritual self and the combination of truths/deceptions, which I receive, the explanation to why I receive darkness, which is because of resistance and lack of understanding of family/friends etc. but NOT lack of love, the greatest sufferings any man has ever gone through, the transformation of darkness to light, which her increased understanding today makes it easier to do, changing the life code of all previous darkness to ONLY contain positivity of our New World, I cleared a few misunderstandings, told her about the Judgment is now passed and that the world will NOT end, that we have not woken up yet to “full glory” as we will become in our New World, that Blachman and I speak with the same spiritual voice and that the way people WRONGLY treats him NOT listening to what he says is EXACTLY the same as people do to me, about UFO’s, the official world knowing about me but being silent and also for me to help one of her best friend’s son, who had strong spiritual experiences before me resembling mine, which made his friends leave him and put him on medicine making him a “rotten vegetable” and yes I would LOVE to help :-).
  • I was told that we have now completed the round of transforming darkness of our Old World, and all of my life really darkness has taken its part of life (escaped from light), which we have now started recreating/saving too as part of our new round or the “circular reference” to come closer to the point of 100% saving of everything.


19th February: Crossing the line of time without stopping time yet – we are in a “double room” of both time/no time

Dreaming that Michelle Obama is working through me to help saving life, I miss

I stayed awake until 07.25 where I decided to go to bed – not easy to get a normal day rhythm again, but I am trying …. – and I heard “basuner og engle” by Shubidua (from their golden period you know), and maybe you can guess what they really sing about here:

”I en helt ny verden, fuld af gode ting. går vi du og jeg, og den er pingeling, Der har været så mange, de var kun til pynt, først med dig er det hele begyndt.”

I slept until 15.00 and had a couple of short dreams too:

  • I have stayed the night at Preben’s house because I could not come home, and in the morning I am happy to see there is porridge oats and next to it I saw a lady dull, and when I look into the refrigerator for milk, I see four almost empty cartons, but all of them are out of date and I don’t want to try them because they will be sour – and I felt a full carton standing to the left, which I did not try – and I noticed that just before me, Preben took milk for his porridge oats, and now I notice that the lady dull is gone too.
    • Preben likes other ladies than his wife – and there is no lady for me.
  • Michelle Obama has invited out a lady even though this lady has not eaten, and I somehow feel that it is me.
    • This came directly in continuation of the dream above, where I had nothing to eat, and it must be the spirit of my mother of the Trinity through me, she has invited out, and when I think of her and who she really is, I receive the 100 point song by Bee Gees as if she told me the words herself “this is where I came in”, and I understood this was also an encouragement for me to “like” her Facebook site, which I did this morning even though I would have preferred her to write the postings herself, which makes a huge difference to me.

  • I am in a meeting with the liberal party of Denmark “Venstre”, and somehow the meeting is led by Pia Kjærsgaard (she is from the Danish People’s Party), and they want to do telemarketing campaigns to get new members and also new Powerpoint presentations, and I offer my help to do both and I ask if they have done this before so I can go through their concepts, scripts etc., and she tells me that it first requires the approval of the elected – and I see how this group of people speak in an inside talk when it comes to previous experiences/memories, which only they can understand and they do no effort to make me understand, and I see a commercial for Danish open sandwiches.
    • To me the liberal party is about FREEDOM, so this will have to bring FREEDOM to the world – CRAZY system with elected MP’s to approve something they don’t know (as much) about as people working with the details – and the sandwiches is about “more life coming”.
  • I also remember a telemarketing salesman calling me and without presenting himself, he just says “do you know anything about insurance” (?), and I ask who he is a couple of times, which he does not tell me but he gives me the word “hustrusamarbejdet” (“wife co-operation”), and I tell him off very clearly that his way of working is beneath contempt, and I don’t want to speak to him.
    • I here reject to take out insurance, which may be to say that I miss saving life, and the wife co-operation CAN only be in relation to the dream of Michelle Obama, and CAN SHE (?), and obviously she can, and that is to help saving the last part of life – this is what the dream says and I hear her saying the words “I am proud of you”, and thank you Michelle, that is VERY nice of you to say, and I am proud of you helping to help us all get to shore and that is into the safe harbour of our New World :-).
    • And this is also a reference to how the newspaper Berlingske Tidende was sold over the telephone in the 1980’s when they taught salesmen (including me) to ask people “do you know Berlingske Tidende” (?) to get something to talk about, and I never liked that really and I am thinking of lifting up the quality of both the work of salesmen and the knowledge/communication/mindset of people making it easier to communicate on basis of NEEDS to TRULY help people instead of making “gun sales”, which is what this was about, and yes METTE – the previous sales manager from Berlingske Tidende, DO YOU REMEMBER ME (?) and yes I am STILL waiting for your feedback to my proposal to improve your sales concept, which you NEVER gave me.

Crossing the line of time without stopping time yet – we are in a “double room” of both time/no time

When I woke up, I felt how darkness came to me again, however not very much now, but as an example I was shown waves approaching me with the vision of a pirate in the water, and this is the water/suffering of darkness leading the last way to the light of the Source behind it.

I also felt the strong power wanting me to become my new self, which I was also asked about several times and yes “quite funny” that I have to keep saying no to this force when this is my purpose to become this man, but we know we just have to make sure that we get EVERY LITTLE THING of “the pirate” converted to light and bring everything with us before we “lukker og slukker” (“close and switch off”) as we say here, and yes thinking of Michelle as “magic” too helping us to save EVERY LITTLE THING, and yes just like to combination between Olivia Newton-John and Jeff Lynne in Xanadu, and yes isn’t she lovely and that goes to both Olivia and Michelle 🙂 – and when I watch some of these beautiful songs/videos, I get EXTREME feelings of tears, which I almost cannot keep away, and I wonder if these are feelings coming to me from my mother after reading my previous script yesterday “understanding” what I go through because I told her yesterday that I had not slept and also “you should know what I have gone through, mother” (?) and just guessing really. And I keep getting the words “dræbe, dræbe” (“kill, kill”) here and that is to say that this is what Michelle is helping us NOT to do – thank you, “my friend”.

For days I have been given the direct thought about www.gavekortet.dk, which my old “business-association” Klaus Pedersen from www.forbrugerliv.dk created, and I could not remember his name thinking that it was something about “Ivan”, and then the name “Ivan Landsvig” came to me, and I still thought this was Klaus from Forbrugerliv – me and names, you know (!) – so I looked up Ivan on Linkedin, and smiled when I realised that this was ANOTHER old business relation of mine, whom I had TOTALLY forgotten about – me and “memory” you know – and yes Ivan was the man working for PFA Pension, who produced TONS of pension calculations, because I did not have access to the system and because I wanted to have PERFECT calculations, and we know he was probably one of many becoming “tired” of the way I work, but this is how it is and yes this is another symbol of our PERFECT NEW WORLD and I was also told that my visit to his Linkedin Profile will now help “more talk” about me in the pension industry, and yes “funny” isn’t it – and I had to search quite deep to find the name of Klaus from Forbrugerliv, and today I was told that “you did not get it”, which was what the name “gavekortet” (“gift voucher”) is about, and that is the GIFT of our New World, which is coming to me/us – and yes I am amazed to see how many “not good working” colleagues/associates of mine has “made it” and that is becoming “successful”, and I am sure that Klaus will be able to say what I talk about, because I did NOT meet enthusiasm and a will to work with TRUE QUALITY IN DETAIL from you, Klaus, when we worked together when I worked for Accent/Fair Insurance, and this was the reason why I did not bring more business to you, and yes your “lazy” attitude did not bring good results – but still the Devil helped you and your business to become a success, and how much money did it bring to you and your selfish way of living (?), and just wondering I am as usual.

Here is a song, which was not given to me spiritually, but a song of George Harrison, which I have learned to LOVE because of this version sung by Jeff Lynne after the death of George, and ALSO because of the lyrics of the song – BEAUTIFUL is what it is :-).

This evening I was still TIRED from the last couple of days, so I was NOT able to work as I did so I decided to take it easy, you know – better than L’easy (!) – and because of this tiredness/attitude I only received little to write down, but still a constant negative voice, which however is not that difficult to handle these days and yes happiness to still receive darkness because of what it means, more savings!

I was told “ikke alene har jeg ikke dræbt, jeg har ikke dræbt mig selv” (”not only have I not killed, I have not killed myself”).

I was shown and told my old self being brought into a ship dock together with much water, the removal of water and I was lifted op as a small boat by some kind of soaking device, which is our New World, and somehow this is connected with the “dræb, dræb” (“kill, kill”) I receive at the moment, which is really only what this remaining particles of darkness wants to do (in vain when it comes to me) because it is the opposite of life, and therefore is death/killing its agenda.

I was told and shown that removing particles of darkness “is like removing golf balls inside a Rolls Royce aircraft engine”, and also that this is to make the orange juice of the Source float without hindrance, and I was shown a few wooden vertical sticks in the stream of orange juice as hindrances, and I was told that “one thing is to stop new birth of darkness (I was shown births as in the Aliens movies), another thing is to always live with darkness” (if I don’t remove them), and then I was put the words in my mouth, which I rejected and did not write down, but it was about accepting these small pockets of darkness always including darkness, and yes my friends “very funny”, but this is NOT how we play the game, when I say 100% pure, it is going to become 100% pure without any darkness at all.

Later I was told that I have crossed the line of time without stopping time because I have REFUSED to become myself as long as there is still darkness, and I was told and shown that I am now in a double room, where there is both time and no time and this is a transition to our New World without time.

Once again I was also given a little experience where I could “not hold back” before reaching the toilet, but it was only very little, and yes bring on “the recreation tool” to make everything perfect, and yes I know I have it in my toolbox/luggage after we picked up the original creator is it now approx. half a year ago, and yes just like a computer game, where you go through different levels and bring on more tools, and these are the tools making the New World perfect, and yes my will power is one of them I WILL SETTLE FOR NOTHING LESS, my friends.

Ending the day with these short stories:

I did not have much to write today – never knowing what may come – and instead people truly became very inspired on Facebook, as you can see from the following:

  • My old colleague/friend and “important man” in Helsingør (!), Jacob, has made a tattoo to his arm, which he is “very proud” of and yes so proud that he decided to share it with me too, and as he says “then I god my self a new “tusse” and I don’t know what “tusse” is to him, but to me it is a “tudse” (“toad”) and these are the kinds bringing DESTRUCTION because of WRONG behaviour of people, and this is how Jacob is also revealing himself as darkness, and yes “toad” is also what I believe of his tattoo, which I don’t like to see as part of our New World – and his friend Thomas told him that he looked like a “sailor”, and yes a “pirate” really, and Thorsten wrote about the picture being “laterally reversed”, which is about turning the last part of me, which I am sure we are almost done with (?), and yes yes yes – they don’t know what I am doing now, or are they (?) and I feel awakened darkness still recovering from the disease of darkness wanting me “to bring things into the chest of darkness” so yes “removing particles” we are – and I was shown this as a small film while writing too.

  • Søren wrote that ”the church bells don’t ring any longer in Århus” and to me these are wedding bells, and about the wedding, which is being called off is the wedding between me and the spirit of my mother, which was arranged by the darkness, and “no thank you” is really enough to do this and of course to be able to handle “extreme pressure” of darkness (sins of man) trying to force me into doing this, which you know is the same as destroying the world.

  • Jens from Selvet is still living in ”happy ignorance” about me, and tries to bring ”love” to people without me (!) for example through this posting of how to create “heart-eggs”, and let me say Jens that the egg is a symbol of creation, which is done with the love of God to man, and also that there is no love without God, so when do you want to open up for me?

  • One of Steen’s friends encourages him to ”take a beer”, and yes ”beer” is an old symbol of darkness, and who would have thought that the “fantastic” loving man/clairvoyant would also be a man sending darkness to me (?), and yes this is how it is when you do not believe in me and my Facebook postings, and you did not find it “strange” how we became Facebook friends?

  • Another INSPIRED posting and thread by Dan, and yes he says that he has started a new band with “Børge, Lille Lasse and Karl Herman”, and yes what a JOYFUL message to give because this is a reference to the song “Karl Herman” from the OLD MASTER John Mogensen, who was IMMENSELY popular in Denmark in the 1950’s-70’s and still today, and yes “starting a band” is to me about “starting a New World” and that is with much joy – these are the feelings of the music of John Mogensen – and this is a band of three, where “Karl valgte et brugt vaskebræt” (“Karl chose a used washboard”) and that is to play on (!) and with these words, the secret message has been decoded (!), because everyone knows that the “old washboard” is about the “old wash machine of Old God”, and he has now been united with the band of three and that is the Trinity of our New World – CAN YOU SEE (?) – and when asked who plays the “washboard”, Dan says that “we consider the best on washboard … Mik Schack” and who is Mik Scack (?), and we know besides from a link to Monrad & Rislund, whom he performed with in the 1970’s, he also produces what may be the best food programme I know on TV (!) and the message of this is simply to say that the man on “wash board” is the man, who saved the world, and that is GOOD OLD GOD, and we know inside of the worst Hell of all, and I am happy to say that WE DID IT, and that is also to save “this man” self, and Peter asked where to find a worn out washing board these days (?) and yes BROKEN DOWN by the power of darkness and Steen gave the answer “try the Prime Ministry”, and yes this was a transferral directly to the Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning Schmidt and “not easy” to be the Prime Minister, Helle, at the same time knowing about “me and my pressure on you” and you yourself being another part of my mother (together with an enormous pressure of Denmark going against her and the government for not fulfilling your promises before the election) (?) and to give you an idea of just how strongly, Helle feels, this morning when I stood in my small kitchen, I heard a sound at the back of my kitchen closet and a vision of Helle sneaking out the backdoor and I was told that “this is what Helle would have done if it was not for me”, and yes with this, let me tell Helle, Sarkozy and others THANK YOU FOR BEING STRONG DOING YOUR BEST UNDER THE CIRCUMSTANCES instead of giving up, and yes the song including in the link, Helle & Co., tells you how much I love you – feeling Niclas from the meditation group here too – so PLEASE CARRY ON DOING YOUR BEST, and yes WHY DON’T YOU BE SO STRONG THAT YOU ANNOUNCE MY ARRIVAL (?) and STILL WONDERING I AM – this is how I am, my friends – and Dan continued to quote the lyrics from the John Mogensen song when he wrote that “Lasse has bought a castle, but he opens his door, then we play some Mozart just like before”, and yes this is about the door, which is still open between the Old and New World to bring in “the last particles” of my old self, and when arriving at my new self, we play “the best music”, which is, which is to share the love as we originally did, and Priscilla remembers Dan singing “a little Christmas Evening” in the radio, which is to say when the remaining “Karl Herman love” is transferred, I will be born – and yes “piece of cake”, isn’t it? – And when writing this I received severe throw-up feelings and nervousness, which is what I understand is the feeling of Helle and others including family/friends etc. around me, and yes “thank you” for giving me these uncomfortable feelings, but I do understand you, but it does not make your feelings more right.

  • I wrote yesterday that I look forward to get to learn new music, and yes just like ”a small miracle”, one of my new friends of faith, Christian, brought a link below to “it start’s hear”, and I thought that I wanted to check this out, and yes what did I find (?), and simply “an Eldorado of beautiful music”, and it is VERY rare that I get an experience like this, where I listen to NEW music of the highest quality/musicality and there is PLENTY of it, because the artist standing behind this “a little bit strange title”, Peter Broderick, has been REALLY productive, and I read from his website hear (!), that “to this day I often type the word “hear” when I mean to write “here”, and what does this song mean to me (?), and only this THIS IS WHERE I CAME IN – IT STARTS HERE and that is our New World, my friends, and yes inspiration comes in many ways, and is brought through in many ways, listen to this artist, he is amazing :-).

  • Christina is an old colleague from Fair, who was also inspired when bringing this posting about MUCH “sweet” being bought for “Saturday comfort” and sadly this is about “ongoing misuse of children” – also feeling the Catholic Churh here, and yes “difficult” for you to stop doing what you know is wrong (?) – and it ends up with “total eldorado”, which is the gold of me/creation, and yes coming on the other side of this darkness, do you see?

  • I sent this birthday greetings to Lisbeth also telling her that the voice of Nanna from ”the voice” in my ears is related to the voice of Annisette from Savage Rose, and yes “this” is world class, which no one else can do, my friends 🙂 – and Henrik felt inspired to write that “now firewood will burn – a “no” lacked”, and yes amazing isn’t it that Lisbeth was one of the people also belonging to the darkness forcing me to burn the world, but no, my friends I wanted to add a “no” both to Henrik and the world as my voice here tells me.

  • And let us also take Brian who speaks darkness very clearly: “Alright, we have now tired the witch to a cat, wet them both with gasoline and given the kids clubs to beat the life off them both right until Easter”, and yes Brian you are truly a “funny” man, but not like this, this is only stupid.


20th February: Previous darkness asked for my absolution for trying to kill me and to use me to kill everyone else

Previous darkness asked for my absolution for trying to kill me and to use me to kill everyone else, which I gave

I stayed up during the night not having anything to do and received a few visions here and there, but none important, and what this was about was to consolidate the work of my new self as I was told, so this is what we do, and I was surprised not receiving more but alright, I will be patient waiting for you and I do know that when you want to get through with messages, you will give me messages, and yes I received “difficult to see/understand” visions, and this is really also a part of the game from time to time, and mostly I have decided to say, when you want to come through, you will come through with these messages, and yes I am not doing what I did some weeks ago, and I have so much confidence now in the tools that I possess, that this is what I have decided to do for now – and a few weeks ago it was important to play differently.

I was told that “it is the note pressing machine itself, which is on its way in over”, which has to be important parts of the light of our old God/World.

I was told that “Niclas has sleepless nights” and right afterwards darkness wanted me to agree to and negatively say that “he really deserves that”, and yes one of many ways of darkness, which I don’t want to follow.

I continued receiving pressure to become my new self and saw an elephant (New World) walking through the circus of darkness where I am now – as if in a general rehearsal – but of no, not yet, but it tells you just how difficult it is to remain “cool” to do the best job I can before becoming my new self. I also received a physical feeling of movement of my neck, head and lips as if my old skin of darkness was peeled off just like a snake changes skin.

I saw my new Facebook friend “Mads Fuglede” – a true USA-expert in politics – doing the “test” below about “who were you in your previous life”, and he was Benjamin Franklin fitting well to his interest, and who did I become after answering a few “impossible to answer” questions (?), and yes as you can see, it claims that I was Jeanne d’Arc, and yes that was pretty close and you got it right inside the circle of the Council and “pretty funny” don’t you think?

I was VERY tired already yesterday evening and thought about taking some hours of sleep to start a “normal day” today, but I only became more “fresh” after midnight, and instead I decided later to take a long bath allowing myself to “sleep” and by now I had become truly tired, and I was at bath from 07.40 to 10.30, and during this time previous darkness asked for absolution for the heart attacks it has given me (and others), and I gave it, and it also told me how it wanted to use me to kill and to enjoy killing until there would be no more, and I was told some disgusting details of killing, which I don’t want to bring here.

My mother called me yesterday evening, where I did not “catch” the call before the voice mail was switched on, and my mother said we could talk today instead, and when I was lying in bath, I receive heart pain, and was told that it was concerns of my mother, so I better had to call, which I did at 11.00, and yes she had rung my door yesterday at 13.30, where I did not open (I was sleeping as I told here, and I truly did NOT hear the ring on the door), which had probably helped her to bring her even more concern and yes together with my meeting with the Commune tomorrow, this is truly bringing “stress” to my mother, and yes do you see how life is here with different priorities (?)

I decided to cycle to town to “kill time”, and from 11.00 to 12.30 I went to the library and did a little shopping, and I kept on hearing “One moment in time” by Whitney Houston and received the part of the song, where she sings “And the answers are all up to me, Give me one moment in time, When I’m racing with destiny, Then in that one moment of time, I will feel,
I will feel eternity” – with “answer” and “eternity” underlined.

I was feeling so tired and weak by this point that I had doubts whether or not I would be able to cycle home, but I did – and both before and after my tour to town, I felt the smell of laughing gas together with the feeling that I was almost fainting, and yes nothing to laugh of, my friends :-).

After lunch, I decided to write the script so far including the short stories at the end, which I did until 15.00 making sure that there would also come a script out of today as the result, which I was not quite sure there would previously in the day.

After bringing my comments to the newspaper, Minister and journalist below, I was given a vision of more life from darkness entering our New World and I was shown a man putting down a short ladder between two rocks with a very narrow crack in between (1-2 metres) and walking over to the other side, which was about the very short distance between my old and new self now.

My stomach rumbled like a whale singing – they are creative, my spiritual friends – and I was told “I wonder if a small calve is not on its way”.

I was shown the dark side of the spirit of my mother taking my measurements to a white shirt – and earlier I was shown her as a little doll leaving the coffin she was placed in walking up on the stand of the stadium. Later she told me that I cannot become myself without the loss of her, and we know NONSENCE, this is talk of darkness, which I will not accept, and she showed me that this part of her is part of my skull.

I was told that Michael H. from Shubidua is laying the last piece of light on me inside of the Pyramid, and I was told that the dark side of the spirit of my mother as I have been shown is the part, which is on its way inside of me when doing a good meeting with the Commune tomorrow, and I was so tired without energy today that I really considered giving up on this, but I told myself with some sleep I will GET BACK to my good old self never giving up.

I was also giving strong feelings today of not wanting to continue having this spiritual relation of mine anymore, which is also a desire for my sufferings to stop. And to me this is still about having faith myself instead of giving up and I was told – as I have been many times – “you will be surprised what people/the world think/know”)

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Once again Rikke was inspired when she wrote that after having filled a kitchen cupboard with various, she thought the “sweet shelf” was placed a little too high, and yes taking it all out and doing it once again, and to me this says that “sweet” somehow became part of our new shelves, which is what we will now improve – and also that “misuse of children” is still ongoing.

  • My ”new” newspaper Kristeligt Dagblad decided to write about a story of 108 times where a church service at the island of Lolland-Falster in Denmark had to be cancelled last year because NOT ONE SINGLE SHOWED UP (!), and they asked “what to do about the many cancelled services”, and other people had different “ideas”, and I decided to use this opportunity to “announce” my coming and some of my main messages to them and their readers (!) encouraging to be BRAVE and not WIMPS to write about me and COMMUNICATE to increase faith and start helping mankind, and we will see if this “newspaper” will decide to keep the 2,000 year old Bible and shelve my writings because this is “easier” for you, and yes old habits die hard, my friends, and the same is the case for my “old self”, and yes “impossible” for people to believe in me as my old self, as a normal human being, and yes yes yes SAD about how their readers probably decide to think, “he must be crazy” and “we do not even have to read to tell” (!) and I almost received NONE visitors to my website via this link, and neither via the next I brought to the Church Minister and his friends/readers. Later in the evening I noticed 18 more comments with people sharing their ideas and some also liking other’s postings, and I received NO visitors from this group, NO interest and NO mentioning but probably a lot of head shaking, and just wondering I am – and also about what they newspaper REALLY thought after my post, but it was “not good” for you to come to my relief because of your own selfish selves not DARING to take a “risk”, and yes HOW COULD YOU?

  • The Church Minister also referred to the story of 108 cancelled services and asked ”what should our churches be used for”, and I decided to bring the same answer to him and his friends/readers as I brought to the newspaper above, and yes of course asking him “are you SOON waking up in there? Give my regards” and yes to his “friends” at the Parliament of course, and do you believe people will read, understand and communicate, or will they once again meet me with silence and “more darkness” (?), and yes part of the plan of today it was, and not long after I sent these two replies, I was given a series of small heart attacks and yes from darkness not asking for absolution yet, and I was told “the closet, I was almost about to throw it out”, and this is what this darkness is going to help us NOT to do, and yes excited to see just how much more content remains inside of darkness (?), and yes are there new and even deeper levels (?), and we will see and if this is the case, this is what I want to go through, my friends in there. Later in the evening I saw 14 more comments with EXACTLY the same pattern as with the newspaper; people of faith not having faith in me because of their own strong voice and laziness making it “impossible” for them to believe in me and to “like” me as you could with some of the others, and yes where was the CHURCH MINISTER to come to my aid (fantastic song isn’t it?), and yes DO YOU HAVE FAITH IN ME AS THE CHURCH MINISTER or are you SIMPLY RED too?

  • I have received even more Shubidua songs the last couple of days without bringing them here, and I understood that this was about the feelings of Michael Hardinger to me, and yes isn’t it funny that he keeps deleting previous Facebook messages from his wall – you don’t want these to be published, Michael (?), which is what I have helped you doing – and yes once again today, he had decided to delete me as a Facebook friend, and once again it gave me the same sadness, and simply because he does NOT know that I am basically as completely regular guy, and I am sure we will/would get along fine, laugh and also have a couple of beers together, and yes a sensitive man, it seems, who cannot quite control his feelings in relation to me?
    • It is now a few hours later, and I should have taken a copy of the screen of my friends in Facebook for you to see that Michael really had left me for the second time, and I thought that “I hope he will come back”, and this is EXACTLY what he did this evening, when I to my surprise saw that my previous 105 friends, which had become 104 friends with Michael’s exit now had returned to 105 friends with Michael “mysteriously” now appearing in my list of friends again, which he had not done a few hours before, and yes “strange” is what it is, but HAPPY to see him return, and I decided to write him this message welcoming him back also telling him that after HE had deleted me twice, I was brought back as his friend by the spirit who helps people alive also after dying with a reference to the song of Shubidua “den røde tråd” (“the red thread”).

  • Later Michael wrote to me below to my SURPRISE that it was not him who had deleted me twice (!!!) but “apparently things happens when you jump off Facebook to get a little calm to work” as he wrote (as he did not that long ago), and it made me “embarrassed” to have told him that HE was the one deleting me, but it made me understand that it was spiritual darkness deleting him simple because he is the one bringing me the messages I am the most happy to read because of his TRUE commitment and humour (and good balance) and it was spiritual light bringing him back. And when I first saw his message, I was told “there is Karen and then me”, which is part of the darkness sent to me, thus responsible of this.

  • The “travel around the world journalist” (to hotspots), Rasmus Tantholdt, wrote that he today arrived to Libya flying in the same plane as the Danish Foreign Minister Villy Søvndal and living at the same hotel, and it made me ask him to bring my best regards to Villy and to ask him if he has spoken of our coming New World Order with the Libyans and that is if he can pronounce such “difficult” words in English (?), and yes SILENCE is what I expect to hear from you too, which does not make it any better. And I deliberately asked Rasmus to mention Villy’s difficulties in English because Villy knows this about me, and after I had written this, the next two comments were NOT about my New World Order, which you could have expected from “sane” people, but no it was about “negative feelings” to me because “we have had it – it is NOT funny anymore to tease Villy” and yes this is how people become blind, because they cannot control their feelings and see no longer than to the end of their nose tip, and that is if there are “lucky”! – And I received a few visits to my New World Order page via this link, which is more than I did via the other links to my main site above.

  • And the thing about “sweets” continued here when Brian asked the question if children (of Republicans!) become cat chancellor if they succeed bringing a hole to that barrel (at this time of year the children hits down a barrel to become “cat kings” and inside the barrel is sweet) and yes we will become kings when removing all darkness hidden inside of our world, which will include the removal of “misuse of children”.


21st February: I had a wonderful day alone with my mother calmly explaining my experiences for her to understand

Dreaming that parts of the world does not want to become “cleaned” and I need their energy to clean them

I went to bed at approx. 22.00 hoping that I would be able to get a sleep enough to come into a normal day/night rhythm again, and I stood up at 07.00 after the first part of the night was not easy to sleep, and a few dreams too:

  • Something about Hardinger and that most of his Facebook comments is the opposite of what they way look like.
  • Employees come to me to collect keys, which I know how to give them. I am the deputy head and Jens M. (my old manager from Aon after Kim S.) is the manager, and Helle Aa. brings forward written procedures of this, which is written procedures “stolen” from another company.
    • This will have to be keys for special friends of mine to become themselves in our New World. In our New World, it is not a problem as today, to “steal” written procedures etc. from another company, because the same applies here as every where else, I believe in ONE BASIC SYSTEM and then to add on these according to specific needs of each industry/company, and the important is NEVER to become lazy, but always to make sure ALWAYS to have updated and perfect written procedures for “everything, everywhere”.
    • The “Deputy manager” is a referral to “Lykke” (“Happiness”) in the TV series of the same name, because this is what she is, and I enjoy watching this at the moment, and yes her STUPID manager is really when people are the worst, but sadly he possesses the character, which many people have (inside of them) today.
  • Kim S. has sold his company for 200 million DKK to a foreign buyer, and all employees receive a blue suit, and are encouraged to do a painting, which the others do with amazingly good creative skills, but because I am very poor to say the least to draw/paint, I do not make mine – and I feel my name is Jesus. I am walking with my old class friend Kim B. and I cannot find my room, and I phone Pernille asking her and tell her that I will become 5-10 minutes late, and I can tell that she does not like me. At my room, I notice that the door to the bathroom is to be opened a special way, it is made of clay and it does not have a hand sink, which is placed outside.
    • Selling the old world receiving a lot of money is to say that we are stopping the old world now receiving a lot of energy of it, and NO MY FRIENDS, NOT WITHOUT LIFE CODE (!!!), and is a painting the same as a photo, which is about approving life to enter our New World and when I do not do a painting my self, it means that I will not accept the remaining life inside of darkness (?), and this where you are WRONG my friends, and yes I do mean business this time and that is also in relation to everything, which may remain inside of darkness, and yes I will accept no New World without 100,00% of the old being saved, and this should be pretty clear by now (?) and yes also to the darkness!
    • The clay of the bathroom tells me that my “original reproduction ability” has been restored (of Old God), and the sink outside the bathroom tells me of “no more sufferings” in this respect, and yes including my “old nightmare”.
    • I woke up to Kuima by Electric Light Orchestra – one of their BEAUTIFUL songs from the beginning of their career.
  • Something about difficulties to receive approval by the authorities of a cleaner, because the product is included in a derivative, which is part of investments of the world.
    • This seems to be about parts of the official world not wanting to become cleaned according to my scripts (?) – behaviour and work, normal life, New World Order – and the dream says that it is because the cleaner is included in “investments” of the world, and yes it says that the cleaner is tied up in “energy” of the world, and I am thinking here of a “circular reference”, which is impossible to solve because the result is depending on the ingredient delivering the result, and this is also what I have been feeling for some time when it comes to fighting darkness, which is that we continue on and on and on and on until we will get a perfect result, which is really how to solve these “impossible” calculations, and yes ask anymore having the same or more experience in the spread sheet of Microsoft Excel as I.
  • I woke up to “Ridder Lykke” (“knight happiness”) and the lyrics “Ridder Lykke, ridder hvid, ridder du alene” (“knight happiness, knight white, do you ride alone”), which is about becoming the knight of my white horse – a world cleaned from darkness – and “riding alone” is what I did.

The Doctor believes I am fully capable to work – but the Commune WRONGLY believes I am a narcissist and not fit to work!

This morning I felt poorly and was sad because of the coming meeting with the Commune not knowing what was waiting on me now, and I just wanted to write this too. Do you have any idea just how much you suffer mentally because of people misunderstanding you and here potentially abusing power against my wish. My thoughts included “what can they be up to now” (?), “has the doctor another agenda “cheating” me behind my back” (?), “do they “only” want to help me forcing their misunderstandings on me” (?) and all of the questions and speculations, which you are given because of people misunderstanding you is torture, and it was so strong – much stronger to me than to others of course – that it almost made me give up also because I had to cycle “pretty long” not feeling physically motivated to do this.

But we know, just because I feel poorly because of other people does not make me give up, so I went to the Commune, and by 9.30 I met Lisbeth in the reception, and we could start the meeting, and yes she was sorry because she missed our meeting last week because of the “technical failure” of her system, and I could only repeat with a smile that if she does this again, I will make deductions to her salary, and yes the opposite roles here, Lisbeth, which was also her feeling at the end of the meeting, when I had “told her” – she told me that I was the citizen and she the system, which I of course shall not forget (!), or shall I, and yes I decided to go for the last as usual going up against the system.

She told me that she had NOT yet received the report from the doctor, which I was VERY surprised to hear – how long should it normally take to write such a report (?), and yes good to have and to keep service level agreements in detail so you don’t disappoint people – and I told her that the doctor had concluded that I have my full working capacity and again I said that this should be simple logic to see because I always work my best and have good relations with all people, and then I told her that this makes me “just like one of the others” when people don’t know about my website, which I normally do not tell people I meet about, and also that there is a “before and after my website” situation because when people know about my website, there is a tendency that the same people who thought I was completely normal suddenly believe I am crazy – and yes they don’t even have to read my website to tell that I am crazy!

And yes, then the meeting started with Lisbeth trying to “throw more bombs at me”, but her ammunition was now empty and this is at least what I felt, so we are now almost in a situation where “poor habits” without darkness is doing what is wrong, and yes she told me that it is NOT because of my website that she believes I am “mentally not capable” to work – yes, these are the words she used (!) – but because of my applications, and she could give me an example telling me, and yes what did she “find” (?), and only my application to DSB because anyone can tell just how negative I am because of this sentence, which was her message:

Den er god nok, Annette: Det VAR mig, du afviste, da du blev ny direktør for GE Frankona DK i 2002 og hermed “den bedste forretningsplan til en ny virksomhed” (“Assurdiscount”), som du aldrig helt fik læst og forstået? Du har OGSÅ meget at lære og nu i bestyrelsen for DSB 🙂”.

Lisbeth, you have NO doubts about me, do you (?) and I write this because you had NO doubts that this was OF COURSE very negative words (!), but as I told you strongly, THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO NEGATIVE WORDS HERE because this only comes from the inside of your heads and NOT from me. What you read here is the OBJECTIVE TRUTH and nothing else, but in your own twisted minds, this becomes negative (!), and yes I told Lisbeth that ALL of my application to DSB is “simple logic” to understand and you can just take the (“new”) IC4 trains, which cannot run, to tell that DSB has problems because of their wrong “work moral” and here including a supplier, which they worked together with when defining the “needs” of the train, and I wonder if you did “quality work” from the beginning or if the problems to make these trains drive is going back to DSB self not working thoroughly in the design phase?

So because of my applications, where I do my best to make people understand and to help them, Lisbeth believes that I am not “mentally capable” to work – also because of my 10 working rules, and yes these are MADNESS too, Lisbeth (?), and that is because you have decided that this is what they are but eeeehhhh, did you read these rules to see if they made sense (?), and yes just wondering I am (this is EXACTLY the same as the situation with Blachman in X-factor the other day where he was made “the Devil” by people behaving disgusting because he told the truth very directly) – and yes this would be funny if it is not because it is tragic, and I told her to remove the filter blocking her mind and to start reading me with new glasses to see that I only write simple logic to help people, but then I was told that she has HIGH EDUCATION meaning that of course she can tell (!) – only making it even more tragic really – and when she was running out of arguments, what did she decide to say (?), and yes of course “I and millions will tell you that you are wrong” (!) and yes why is that, Lisbeth (?) and we know “because anyone saying that he is Jesus will be considered to be sick”, and yes THIS IS WHAT SHE SAID (!), and then I told her that she is right in the sense, that this is what people will do and they will conclude that they don’t even have to read to tell that I am crazy, this is how strong their wrong voice is, and yes so my website has nothing to do with you belief that I am crazy and cannot work because of my “mental incapacity”, Lisbeth (?) and yes it is totally BLOCKING your view to see what is right and wrong, and in this respect it is your own negative thoughts, fear and delusions, which have deceived you and of course as you laconic added also “poor work” and laziness too (!), and yes she remembers my long string of words, but still it is “impossible” for her to believe in me, and yes she CAN not, Obama! (I can only ask Lisbeth and my readers to read my DSB application here once more and see just how sick you are/were, when you “could not” understand that I only write the truth directly, which should be simple logic for small children and chickens to understand!)

I also told her once again that misunderstandings bring sufferings to people and understandings do the opposite, which she has understood by now and also when I tell her that I only want to help people, but her mind is still blocking because this is alright to do if you are Mother Theresa not claiming to be anyone else than Mother Theresa, but when I tell that I am the Son of God, it is “of course” not alright as she said (strange kind of “logics”, don’t you agree?), and yes Lisbeth will truly wake up and understand just how much of a fool she was using “all of her power” to make me understand her misunderstandings as others of my family/friends etc. also did (bringing me extreme sufferings as the result to overcome the spiritual darkness you brought me), and when I tried to explain her what her misunderstandings did to me this morning making me sad – because this is what it does to people – to my surprise, she completely rejected me by saying that her decisions have nothing to do with this (!) and I told her that I understand that she does not mean to hurt me, but still this is the result of what she does – this should not be that difficult to understand, Lisbeth (?) – and also to my surprise she started to keep on mentioning this is our conversation, so I had to cut through telling her that this is a feeling I had, which I observed, and decided NOT to go into because I am a stronger than most, but maybe she would understand that it is this feeling, which makes people not wanting to take conversations like this – and yes the risk of authorities not understanding but forcing their WRONG decisions on people, which is really ABUSE OF POWER, which is the WORST I know of, and this is the kind of person, Lisbeth has become, but of course she “only wants to help”, or does she?

She also told me that she still wants me to visit a psychiatrist, and I told her that this is still WRONG to do – it is only her own misunderstandings you know – and I also decided to ask her if she does this to help me or because she is forced according to the law, and yes what did she answer (?) and only this “this is what my professionalism tells me” and yes this is really what she told me (!), and then she does not mind if she is helping me or doing the opposite?

And then she started to put the pressure on me to make me understand her as others have done too (very uncomfortable not to be understood, right Lisbeth?), and we know VERY UNCOMFORTABLE to me, and one way was to tell me 10 times or more “ask yourself if there is a possibility that you can be WRONG” and yes this is really what she asked me (!), and I looked at her and told her “please use your own MEDICINE and look into the mirror asking yourself the same question, is there a chance that I am WRONG”, and it came to the point that we agreed that we now understand each other’s arguments/attitude completely and really that “we agree that we disagree” and what remains now is really to conclude who is right, Lisbeth and it was exactly at this point that I received confirmation spiritually that I had brought this right to the end where there is no more ammunition/darkness, but still “of course Stig cannot be the Son of God, can he” (?) and yes I wonder if I brought you new “doubts” (?), but at the meeting you had decided to be VERY STRONG, because this is what I am, so you had to be too as your “strategy” to “protect yourself” from me (?) and just wondering I am, and then you decided to tell me your conclusion after our meetings and also after reading your wrong journals on me and yes “misunderstandings built upon misunderstandings since 2008 until the sum of misunderstandings becomes the truth to the system” as I told you, and we know Lisbeth is not the only person thinking that I am “crazy” as I was told and she decided to tell me that “you are a narcissist” (!!!) – yes my friends THIS IS WHAT SHE TRULY SAID – and she asked me if I knew what this was, and I told her that I know the word, but not the definition, which she then gave me and in her words it is a person “who loves himself and keeps on talking” and yes this is now my “sickness” – thinking of you Brian M. about the system looking for clues of sicknesses of healthty people – and yes I did not know if I should cry or laugh and I told her that it is incredible that I am still speaking to her about her misunderstandings here in 2012 with the world knowing about me (!) and I am still fighting her misunderstandings (which may have helped to bring her new “doubts”) – here feeling NEO fighting agents in the tube station in Matrix – and then I told her that I understood what she said on basis of our meetings and all other meetings I have had with the system misunderstanding me, because here I have spoken my best and strongest trying to make you understand me and I told her that it is the same as everyone telling me that a shirt as example is green, when it is truly BLUE, and when people continue to tell me that it is blue, I can only keep on telling them my best that it is indeed blue as it is, and this is what makes “sick people of the system” WRONGLY believe that what they see at these meetings is also whom I normally am, and yes a man speaking VERY much and who is NEVER wrong, as she also said (yes do you see a pattern of “everyone” thinking that “he is too much” when it is only us and not him being wrong?) and I could only say that in THIS situation, she is WRONG and I am RIGHT – this is the difference – but as a normal human being I am also not perfect and also make mistakes, and I gave her an example where I told John about something and later in the evening I looked up the subject on the Internet understanding that I was wrong, which I then told John (!), and she also believed that I was “a little aggressive” when I asked her not to interrupt me, and yes I told her that “interrupting is POOR behaviour, which also goes when I interrupt people” and yes I don’t like people interrupting me, not listening or understanding me, so when necessary I say this VERY STRONGLY, and when people don’t know why this is, they may believe that I am aggressive but we come back to the point from before “it is all inside of your own heads this goes on” because I am NOT aggressive, but I have to CUT THROUGH to make you understand, and yes yes yes I also told her that YOU DON’T KNOW HOW I NORMALLY AM and if you totally forgot about your journal on me here and if we met at friends or at a bar, you would see the other side of me, which is a man knowing how to communicate, which is ALSO about ASKING questions, listening and reflecting, which I do believe family/friends etc. will be able to confirm that I do better than most people (?), but here Lisbeth was “capable” to tell me straight away “you cannot communicate” (!), and yes we know Lisbeth, you do believe you can tell by now (?), and she is truly a special case, because SHE IS LISTENING TO WHAT I SAY BUT STILL SHE IS COMPLETELY WILL DEAF not “understanding” and yes it goes in through one ear and out of the other and what remains inside of her is her own guessing because of my “long string of words”, which makes her believe that I cannot communicate, and because she could not get through to me – to make me understand her misunderstandings (!) – she could not handle her feelings, and when I encouraged her directly for us the next time to speak as private individuals without her agenda and journal, she told me that “if I met you in private, I don’t believe I would like speaking to you at all” (!), and yes isn’t it amazing what people can drive themselves to say because they “cannot” understand, and yes a high education was what she said (?), and yes 1 centimetre high, Lisbeth (?), because you are not “wise” when it comes to humans and “stupid” is really the right word to use – and STUBBORN too, and yes all that remains is to see WHO IS RIGHT and who is stupid, and OF COURSE I am not – or am I, Lisbeth?

And we know I tried to explain her that I have NOT written one single word of my +4,000 pages because “I love myself” but ONLY to help the world to improve, and she may understand that narcissist was maybe not the right “term of sickness” to put on me and that is when she will LOOK INTO THE MIRROR and understand the sad truth, which was that she and “millions” of people – the world (!) – had become crazy because of the power of darkness, and yes this is still the story of the opposite world not understanding its own mistakes but blaming me for telling it, and yes it is not nice Lisbeth when I tell you that I use you the same way as other people I have met in the system, which is to teach the world of what NOT to do in the future – and yes “highly trained” is what she was (?) and of course according to herself.

And she tried to shoot me with even more ammunition, where she again very strongly told me “THEN GET A JOB, IF YOU CAN” – also telling me that she has no doubts that I am capable to work (but eeehhh I am also still mentally unfit, you say, and how does this fit together?) with the hidden agenda also being “to make you disappear from my sight” and yes she is one of those who also had had enough of me – “a pain in the behind” is what I am, Lisbeth, not understanding that this is what you and not I are (!) – and again she told me more times, and I could only say that when I apply jobs, people don’t want me – because of the same misunderstandings as her – and I am really doing my job to write about her to the world, and yes “provoking” is of course what I am in the mind of her, which I am not (!), I am only writing the truth very directly, which is not difficult to understand, is it?

And here at the last half of the meeting, I was spiritually given a very dry mouth making my speech difficult – darkness, which she brought to me trying to make me silent (!) – but I had decided to go directly after her throat so this is what I did, I will accept nobody to treat me like this without telling them the truth, and I also told her that she will eventually come to the understanding that she was sitting with the monkey herself as we say here, and it did not look the least good from my point of view.

So this was basically the parody of a meeting of a system “designed” to help me instead of breaking me down (?), and yes I saw a documentary of Bee Gees the other day, who became IMMENSELY popular in the last 1970’s and they were here, there and everywhere, which became “too much” (heaven) for people, and it was NEGATIVE FEELINGS of people having pain in their behind who decided to bring down disco and Bee Gees forcing them to work together with other artists in the 1980’s – Barbra Streisand, Dionne Warwich, Diana Ross – and I was that this is the same force trying to break me down, and also that the world gave Bee Gees full rehabilitation in the 1990’s and understood that this is one of the best bands ever in history, and “full rehabilitation” is what I will receive from the same people who “had had enough” of me, and looking forward to people waking up from their sickness I am and yes becoming normal again.

And I might add that the one being SICK here is Lisbeth together with the world not being able to listen and understand, and the sickness is called “THE JANTE LAW” and something like “don’t believe you are anyone special even if you are because if you do we will not believe in you and do everything we can to bring you down”, and yes Lisbeth, can you recognise yourself (?), and yes if I want to force you to take medcine to CURE you (?), and no I do not, but this is what you may like to do with me because this is what your “professionalism” and “high education” tells you (?), and there is NO WAY that you can be wrong (?), and just wondering I am.

After the meeting I concluded that there HAS to be more darkness waiting on me since the system has NOT decided to bring me back to match group 1 as the symbol of the Old World surviving, and on bicycle I was shown darkness of the part of the spirit of my mother I was shown the other day becoming light and I was told that this meeting is in relation to the “dræb,dræb” (“kill, kill”) commands I have received, and we know NOBODY IS GOING TO BE KILLED and this ALSO goes to the life inside of this darkness too, and yes because I say so!

I was also told that Blachman is speaking directly with my spiritual voice too, and we know he speaks much in one situation as I do too, and that is when he does his best to make DEAF people understand, and you might be able to understand by now that he and I look much like each other when we are very inspired, and do you believe Blachman is a narcissist too, or CAN you look into the mirror trying to understand that he speaks to HELP you understand?

I had a wonderful day alone with my mother making it possible to calmly explain my experiences for her to understand

After the meeting with the Commune I went to visit my mother as we had agreed and we spoke of mixing white wine with crème de cassis (kir) and I mentioned Kir Royal, which is the same using champagne in stead of white wine, and I was told that this is about mixing the New World with the old making a VERY good drink.

My mother had invited me to the local Øresund Aquarium close to us, where I had never been before, where we went and it was NICE to see all of our local fish here, and I was told that “fish” is simply about becoming my new self, but yes we know NOT YET.

After returning home we had a nice lunch, and it was only my mother and I today when John was out on meetings, and somehow it makes COMMUNICATION much easier between us when it comes talking about “my inner self”, when we are alone and that is NOT to criticize John, because I love when John is with us, but this is just to say the truth.

It gave me the chance almost without being interrupted to calmly explain the truth of the spiritual messages that I receive, which I know and have always known is a mixture of darkness and light, and that is deceptions of darkness and truths of light, and often it is VERY difficult knowing what is true and wrong of what I receive, but I know that it was MUCH darkness in the beginning and now less, and that everything is 100% “the truth” in the sense that what I receive is what I bring because the truth is VERY important to me, and I explained the story about how to cure “mental sufferings” via the thread of Steen Kofoed recently, which I included the conclusions of in my document “how to treat psychiatric sufferings” on Scribd, and that is NOT via medicine etc., which is killing people and destroying them from the inside out, but for family/friends etc. to bring love, which I said is NOT the problem in our family where we love each other, and then to COMMUNICATE and UNDERSTAND instead of doing what my family/friends etc. did, which was that they “could” or “would” not understand me, and yes this is what caused my spiritual sufferings – resistance and lack of understanding of my family/friends etc., and it means that when my mother after today will receive a better and better understanding of the TRUE me, my sufferings will decrease together with the last darkness disappearing.

I told about my sufferings, which are “the greatest sufferings any man in history has EVER gone through”, and the purpose of this, which simply first was to connect with the Source in 2010 as I did, and then to bring the world with me afterwards, and yes of course for my spiritual self to do this, but “his” work was based on my decisions as Stig NEVER to give up, to work hard and to continue going through darkness/sufferings to save the world really, and as part of this I explained about the beginning of life (with the symbol of “a foreign body becoming a beautiful pearl” as how life was created from out of nothing), that life was only meant to be HAPPY, but that it by accident slipped over to the other side of darkness, which is “nothing” and thus a destructive power only wanting to destruct for us to return to “nothing” – and yes I have written about this several times before, and also that on my way through the darkness of Hell, my inner self has transformed the code of life from a scale, which used to be from -100 to plus 100 to now only 0 to 100 leaving out all darkness/negativity of our New World, and yes pretty easy to understand if you ask me, which is the impression I also received from my mother, and yes I told her that the ONLY thing, which has kept me up through this worst darkness ever is because of my knowledge of our New World of light only coming on the other side of this darkness, otherwise I would not have been able to make it, and yes we know a truth, which my mother now understood here because she has wondered the same herself, but my family “could” not understand it, but maybe my sister is really understanding now, but not beginning to TRULY communicate yet, Sanna?

And communication gave me the chance to easily eliminate a couple of misunderstandings for example when my mother believed it was her that I spoke of in a recent script having “murder in her eyes” and yes we know Stig, SAD to be misunderstood, but HAPPY to be able to create an understanding here because OF COURSE it was NOT my physical mother sending me this look, which she would NEVER do, no it was the part of the spirit of my mother (!) trapped inside of darkness doing this, and yes I explained how I have saved parts of God (now almost finishing), who had been overtaken by darkness of the world because of the sins of man, and that the mother is part of the Trinity of God, whom I am saving these days, and at the end of this talk, I opened up telling my mother what I was shown, which was a head hidden around the corner of the dining room and the words “may I come in now”, which is then what this life of the spirit of my mother did transforming from a dark creature/monster into light on her way also bringing a closet, which is part of the toolbox of God, and this part is what I have decided to do EVERYTHING I can to save also working hard (the last weeks) to make this come through, and yes also not difficult to understand, and yes I only write what I experience and now here also say what I see, I could never lie about that.

And I said that the “kill, kill” commands I have been given OF COURSE has NOTHING to do with me going out physically to kill anyone, and yes making my mother now understand that I would never kill her (!) – and yes amazing what misunderstandings can do bringing unnecessary fear to people – and OF COURSE the explanation is that this was spiritual darkness asking me THOUSANDS of times for my approval to kill, kill and yes through sicknesses, strokes etc. given to people, natural catastrophes, and yes when the darkness was the strongest in 2009/10 and into 2011, it would simply have meant to push the button of the “bomb of Nixon”, which is the Doomsday weapon, which would have ended the world, and yes mother, there is no risk of the world ending now, where we are all saved, and I am now working on transforming the remaining darkness to light, and no I don’t know if it will take days, weeks or months to do, but I do know that 2012 is the year where time (and my work) will end because of the Mayan Calendar ending this year, and this will be the end of our Old World of darkness and beginning of our New World of light, and we know NOT difficult to understand too, and also a RELIEF for my mother to know and understand, and yes I had to be stronger than 50-100 people at the time forcing darkness upon me every single second for years and that is layer upon layer without giving up just one single time, which would have started destruction – this is what I went through and can you imagine how the feeling is when you DO NOT have the power to withstand this, but know that you HAVE to do so anyhow because otherwise it would mean the end of the world (?), and yes I do believe that my mother is starting to understand better and better, and we know not difficult it is.

I told her that medicine in 2008 was also destructing me from the inside and out being an overwhelmingly DISGUSTING experience, and “by chance” we spoke about the “patient” Ben from Hillerød Hospital, which my mother mentioned, and yes it gave me the chance to explain what I told my sister back then, which was that he and I were able to look right through each other spiritually, and he received information about whom I truly am making him want to kneel down in front of me knowing about who I TRULY am, and I told him NOT to do this with a smile – I did not have to tell him who I was, he knew (!) – and yes my mother, the most unlikely of my spiritual communication for years is indeed the truth. It is God and now the Son of God working inside of me, and on my outside I am still the normal human being Stig until the day when darkness has all ended and when I and many other will wake up to receive the full glory of our New World without the limitations in knowledge, consciousness and spiritual power as we have today, but we will still “be the same” but WITHOUT sufferings :-).

And then my mother repeated a clairvoyant reading which she received from Mrs. Skov in Snekkersten in 1979 where she went together with her old friend Lis, and yes she told my mother spiritually about me and that I would have to go through sufferings of my life, but I would make if out “to the other side” – which I told my mother is going through Hell to reach the light on the other side – and after this “he will became BIG” and yes mother, this is when I will show the world whom I truly am and that is in full glory (which also will include my mother, father, Sanna and many others doing the same :-)), and this message of Mrs. Skov makes it easier for my mother to understand me, and yes “planted” it was, and here it came to good use really.

I also told her that Blachman and I speak with the same spiritual voice, and that the way Blachman was treated very wrongly and disgusting by the two other judges the other day not even wanting to LISTEN to him saying what is the truth and SIMPLE LOGIC to understand is EXACTLY the same as everyone WRONGLY treated me, and yes it is because of fear and negative feelings of people not being used to receive the unpainted truth so directly as he and I give it, and yes my mother had read this script, so this should be fairly easy to understand too, and I just received a vague déjà vue here about my mother understanding, which brought me MUCH relief, and we know it was only vaguely so this is just the beginning, and just thinking that Sanna spoke to our mother one-on-one about me so many times, which I never did (about my experiences), and this truly seems to help a lot making my mother listen and understand the way I could hope for.

My mother told me that she was sad that I wrote that she had thought about suicide, and all I could say is that this was a message/feeling I received spiritually, which I do every single day and include in my scripts and that it is truly a big suffering too also bringing messages not knowing what is the truth and deceptions, and again I offered her to write me an email and I will gladly correct any wrong doings this way, but I will NOT leave out information I have written earlier, because this is a historic document to be preserved as it is, and I do believe she also understood this, and I receive a deeper heart burn here which is more darkness coming to me, which the growing understanding of my mother helps to bring forward – this is how it works, the entrance becomes bigger because of this.

My mother had also read about about a man of the name Berendsen, if I am not mistaking, healing a man to make his legs of equal length, which is a miracle I have also seen on YouTube videos, and I told my mother about some of the miracles, which  is included on my miracle web-pages, which for example Benny Hinn carries out when he makes people who have been stuck to a wheel chair stand and dance of joy, and yes my mother DO believe, and you only have to speak with her alone to come to this understanding.

I also gave her examples of electronic devices of mine not working and then suddenly working again – my water boiler – and Facebook acting “strangely” when I became friend with Steen Kofoed, which was “impossible” to become because of the long waiting list in front of me, which I did not know about before I instantly became friends with him, which also may have helped her “understanding”.

And it was so much that she proposed that I spoke to the son of one of her good friends (if he wants too of course), who “by chance” also would write a book some years before me, which made his family/friends etc. believe he was crazy just like me with all of his friends leaving him so how he is a “rotten vegetable” taking medicine, which is NOT giving him a worthy life and yes he broke down because of the lack of understanding from his family/friends etc. the same way as I almost did, and YES OF COURSE I would like to help and I am probably the ONLY one who can truly speak to and understand him, and hopefully help him to come back to become his TRUE old self, which his family loved before his “sickness”, which you know has nothing to do with a “sickness” because in this respect he is simply the victim of other people doing him wrongly, and yes he believes in UFO’s too, which his mother believes makes him crazy (!), and eeehhhh as I told my mother, NO, THIS IS TRUE, UFO’s do exist (as I write about), which I normally don’t tell you about because you don’t want to listen and then I told about my recent encounter with a UFO on Ndr. Strandvej, which I told two runners about (and all of the lights acting as stars on the sky), and yes we agreed to see each other again on Saturday evening and if there are no clouds, we will go for a walk to see if UFO’s want to show themselves to US and not only to me, which I do believe they will by now, and also because I do believe that my mother believes this is the truth, and yes all of the Universe is represented around Earth because of the end of times with the Judgment now passed, and also “the official world knows about this, but will NOT tell the world” and we covered many items, and isn’t the logic simply to start putting your resistance to me aside, and take me for what I am, the Son of God and despite of being this man (which you do NOT have to fear), I am still the same Good Old Stig as always and yes we know two messages in one really :-).

We listened to one of my old “soft CD’s” where my mother reacted with joy of the song “the power of love” by Frankie Goes to Hollywood, and yes BEAUTIFUL it is as she said and I might add “the power of love, a force from above, cleaning my soul” – “welcome to the pleasuredome” – and yes INSPIRATION comes in many ways :-).

We have gone through all darkness now doing a new round to save what was lost in the first round

I returned home from my mother at 16.00 and continued to work on the chapter on the Commune and Facebook reading/postings until 21.20, and I had short dinner and really continued work from here until I had finished all, which I did not believe I would be able to or let me say decide to do.

During work, I was shown the last part of the metal container being cleaned, which I understood as we are about to have cleaned all darkness of the Old World, but I was also given the vision of more darkness coming through to me, which will survive as life too because of the newfound “faith”/understanding of my mother in me, and we will see over the coming days what to believe in.

I was told that the last part of this darkness will be transformed no matter what in our New World because “I have hidden the last darkness inside a small cave, or what?” and I do NOT know for sure what is the truth – thinking that this is HIGHLY unlikely because there can be no darkness inside our New World – so therefore we will CONTINUE the work as I am transforming ALL darkness to light BEFORE I will become my new self, and yes there is NO new decision on this.

Then I was shown pieces of a guitar falling off and told that this has been used for new creation without its life code without my knowledge, but no my friends this is NOT how we work, here, 100% means 100%, so CONTINUE please until this goal is achieved.

I was shown red sausages, which was brought into boiling oil (because of the little “old nightmare” carried out on me) and I was asked if I want to bring out what is inside of here, and YES PLEASE MY FRIENDS, please do that, which may be from the “eternal nothing” to the “eternal everything”, and yes the part of darkness, which escaped from the light, which we will now bring with us too, and yes as I understand this, there is now no more darkness coming to me other than the darkness, which we missed in the first place, and I wonder how long this will take to recreate (?), and we will see if it is days, weeks or months, and if it also requires the Commune as a symbol to give up their WRONG verdict of me, which may take MONTHS to do because of their WRONG attitude and BUREAUCRACY and yes I have NEVER seen a system working so slowly getting so little out of their “efforts”.

I was shown an Indian being released from the rope binding him around the totem pole, which I understood as recreating life, which was lost on the way, and I was given a hiccup and told that it includes this sign (of destruction) – and with this also other signs I have been given – so often and also from “all of my life” really and yes this is what it seems like we will now start doing.

I was also told that the message of the other day “ikke alene har jeg ikke dræbt, jeg har ikke dræbt mig selv” (”not only have I not killed, I have not killed myself”) means that EVERY LITTLE THING is still available for me to get with us and “is that what you want” and yes “this is really what I want”, and also feeling a smiling Helle Thorning Schmidt here too, and at this point of writing at 21.50, I don’t know what is going on in the crisis of the Danish government about the giving up of a payment ring around Copenhagen, but I understand this as some kind of symbol in relation to me, and it may be FREEDOM to make everyone drive through, and we will see, the message will probably come later.

I was told that lack of faith of people in me also made me “spill life”, so now we are going through the whole circuit once again to bring back every little thing – and yes the circular reference, you see? I was told that this was part of the prize we had to pay to come here, and later I was given two hiccups right after each other and told that this is the signal of digging out “lost life”, and I was also told that “kill, kill” is out of the game by now. And I was shown pepper being poured on the globe of Earth and I saw a bit being eaten of it and I was told that “Earth has also sacrificed because of this – losing physical parts of it”.

During the evening I received new pain in my behind and some heartburn, so a little darkness is still coming, and this will have to be what we could not reach first, which was lost or at least not transferred as I understand it.

I was told that the Board is not only satisfied but very satisfied by your work – thank you and yes I have received several referrals to ”the Board”, and is this Council of Earth (?), or maybe a Board of the Universe as I have not heard about yet (?), and we will see later.

By 02.55 I had ended the chapter of my mother but discovered that I had cut but forgotten to paste the summary I had done on my chapter of the Commune to the beginning of my script, which was truly not what I liked to see at this point – also having to control negative feelings – and yes I had to do it from the beginning once again

And by 03.25 I had now done this summary (taking much less time doing the second time now remembering what to write) and also the summary of this chapter, and by 05.00 I had also done double check of spelling errors (both in Word and Microsoft Live Writer because I forgot to to it before transferring the text) finally published this script too, which was truly also NOT a given thing to be published today, but it could not hurt to do really.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Brian A. brought a link this evening, which I decided not to see – too much else to do – but I noticed his comment about “a very reasonable man who again and again is being cut off, made a laughing stock etc., but he continues because he believes in his case, from the heart – many could learn from this” and yes “from the heart” is from God, and this was “too good to be ignored” because it totally matched my situation so I started by simply replying “you are completely right, Brian – have you tried to look yourself in the mirror” (?) and when he followed up on the thread instead of ignoring me this time asking what this was about, I reminded him kindly of my serious proposal to him a couple of weeks ago, which he simply ignored and told him that I hoped with his attitude that he would be “able” to read and understand me and that I really can use his help to make this a better world, and yes a sensitive man he is too, so he decided to send me a longer “defence speech” as you can see but also the promise to come back, and yes therefore I decided to cut through saying that “I understand you as I also believe you understand me” and that I look forward to hearing from him, and yes WHEN Brian (?) or is there a risk that you will “forget” about me again (?) – we will see.

  • One of the most “important” promises of the relatively new Danish government was to create a “payment ring” around Copenhagen, which nevertheless has “run” into problems, and apparently this promise was dismissed today by Helle Thorning Schmidt and I am here given the reason why, which I “guessed” on earlier, and that is “poor communication” and I wonder if this is coming from the back land of the party SF with Villy Søvndal as the leader (?), and I don’t really know but the picture below from Rikke has to be an inspired message saying that he and his party will NOT get their “previous payment ring” with a reference to the little creature of Gollum of the Lord of the Rings, and yes this little creature is possessed with darkness wanting to steal the ring and yes tell us what is this darkness about (?) and yes we know TALKING HEADS not knowing what they talk of, which is leading to THE ROAD OF NOWHERE (!!!) and there you have it, and yes I never wrote that Villy himself is a very fine example of a man talking, talking and talking having difficulties to get the facts right, to tell the truth and to do what he promises to do but that does not matter as a politician playing a dirty game too, Villy, trying to bring down your “opponents” (?), and yes besides from this, I love you too, and let me encourage the whole government to BE STRONG and NOT to give up, and what about starting to follow my advises to behave, work and communicate properly instead of being seen as circus clowns, and yes I am wondering if Helle is almost taking the fall because of selfish people of her own government not being able to communicate and fulfil their promises (?) – is this what it is about, SHAME ON YOU TOO!
    • I brought you FAVOURITE music of mine, Helle and Villy, to tell you about my feelings for you – and I wonder if you would like to play some of your favourite music for me too (?) , and what about doing it via a general Facebook posting (?), and just a thought of course?
    • The newspaper of Politiken speaks about the payment ring being a “political zombie” with “zombie” referring to my lack of sleep and energy, and yes guess why, my dear friends at the government, and yes U2!

  • I became Facebook friends with the General Secretary of the Red Cross in Denmark the other day, and today he wrote that the Dadaab camp has a sad 20 year old birthday and that it today contains 463,000 – SHAME ON YOU, WORLD (!) – and I decided to tell him that the Red Cross, UNHCR/NGO’s, the politicians and media of the world have NOT done what it should have to help these people, and I enclosed our LTO newsletter telling him that this is probably still the best information to inform the world about just how much these people are suffering – and dying, which they HIDE FROM THE WORLD (!) – and that he should help to bring the media to follow our recommendations in the newsletter how to TRULY make the world feel sympathy and TRULY help, and yes what did he tell me (?), and so far NOTHING, and we will see if this is how Anders wants to be remembered, or if he will come back to me later after having read it?

Here I was given a TRUE favourite song of mine by Jeff bringing me the deepest feelings of all, which are my feelings given to Dadaab with the wish to SAVE YOU NOW with TRUE help of the world.

  • The “funny” man Brian is “so ready” for the “people’s church” (of Denmark) to change name to the “Christian Society” or “club” and I decided to tell him that the church will ALL close down and that my only “society” will become LTO to replace all manmade religions/conflicts of today and yes encouraging him to read me to obtain faith – I wonder how he will receive this, and oh yes with “silence” maybe (?) – and I was told that Gert in front of me spoke of Brian being FAT and afraid of his night’s sleep and yes this is about me being FAT – I also told my mother that it is darkness doing this to me – and my spiritual friends are concerned about my sleep this night, and we know it is now 01.40 and I still have 1-2 hours of work to do today finishing the chapter on my mother, the one following it and uploading the last three days of scripts, and I really had decided that this would be “impossible” to do today but what the heaven (!), I decided that I might as well do it anyhow taking one step after the next to make the impossible possible, and yes we know by working relatively slowly not to stress myself and potentially negative voices to break lose through me, and yes also because I am still used not to sleep with a normal day rhythm, so now I am again changing what I hoped would become my new rhythm, and I might stay up to 4 or 5 o’clock this night and see what follows the coming days, and yes we will see again and that is ALL OF US my friends :-).



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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