February 24, 2012: I gave my approval to become my new self, to unite with our Old God and to end time


Summary of the script today

22nd February: I gave my approval to become my new self, to unite with our Old God and to end time

  • Dreaming of my family being temperamental about me because of their own made up belief that I am attracted to Niklas’ girlfriend Isabelle, which I am NOT but she was VERY attracted to me, please UNDERSTAND the truth instead of bothering me (!), I have received access to a new library and wear my finest suit after having saved the last part of Old God and I received STRONG sexual darkness while continuing my work of creation to save more life in our new round, which was not saved in the first round.
  • The spirit of my father has now become part of his own creation as my new self as the Son, there is now only a very short road of darkness left until the light on the other side, we are now as the absolutely last bringing in “the most expensive wine of the world”, our New World is “perfect” after having played football like Pelé, remaining darkness is bringing the fuel to bring the aeroplane of our New World in position, and I gave my approval to do the last work for me to become my new self, which also means that I will bring the original creator of this our Old World with me on the way. We have crossed the limit of the end of time, but time kept on going because I decided to stay in a new room between the Old and New World to bring EVERY LITTLE THING with us – time will stop as part of my transformation. The process has started with the old King now attaching to and becoming part of me.

23rd February: I started feeling pure gold of creation/light/love spreading inside my body – I am waking up!

  • Dreaming of darkness stealing my energy while sleeping instead of bringing energy to the spirit of my father, I continue doing work, which is “impossible” to do (my scripts), changing “spare parts” of Old God to make the foundation of life of “him” to work perfectly again, darkness had set up a “code”, which was “impossible” to break to reach the inner of Old God, Karen is part of this darkness because of her resistance to me and wrong sexual behaviour, the Council is helping to set up the life foundation of Old God, I long to be able to think of myself as part of a normal life, people have heard my “loud music” telling the truth straight out and setting up spiritual communication with Pedro in Portugal.
  • We are continuing to rebuild and save Old God inside of me – and I was shown many different UFO’s on the sky, will I also see some on Saturday with my mother and John?
  • It is extremely difficult to get all of Old God out through the sharp knives of darkness, but I felt how he continued becoming part of my new self. My old self as Old God will become the absolute centre of everything inside the Source, which is now being set up, and at the absolute end, the silver of our New World will be poured making “everything happen”. I have now entered our library containing everything of all time, and started feeling GOLD of pure light/love spreading inside of my body confirming that I am waking up these days, my ladies and gentlemen.

24th February: The philosophy of God is LOVE, which I bring you through our new creation, survival and New World

  • Dreaming of being in my worst snow storm of sufferings but am not in practise right now – am I missing something (?), I will be able to travel in time in our New World, Old God is starting to shine through the armour of darkness keeping him down, WRONG culture and lack of responsibility of Danish MP’s and the Prime Minister steal my energy.
  • David in Kenya is risking to be thrown out of his house becoming homeless unless someone will help him (?), and I compare his situation with Anne Mette K. as example here moving into a new luxury house last year serving the Devil and her own selfishness instead of helping us to receive a better life.
  • Kenneth, Niclas, Jimmy and others from the meditation group spoke inspired about the fighting plane of theirs, which was the plane of darkness on its mission to kill Old God inside of me and the “red button”, which Jimmy tried to make me push to carry this out, but now he will NOT push the button anymore, which is a symbol showing you the survival of Old God.
  • At X-factor Blachman said with inspired words that the philosophy of God is LOVE, which is what I bring to the world through our new creation, survival and New World, he said that God of light was entangled with darkness before returning now because of “one of the greatest singers”, who people believe is a fool, which was about Michael Jackson and me really. Pernille said that we are here to learn, and it is to learn about the LOVE of my philosophy and not to start having “different tastes” about what is right and wrong to do – my scripts and basic rules ARE love/life. Blachman also has the purest light of the Source inside of him. The greatest LOVE of all is a fixed part of the toolbox of God, which is EASY to achieve for everyone of our New World. The Gold and love of God is given to EVERYONE because of the self confidence I decided to show during my journey. My mother is the love of the world bringing it to everyone. The TRUE Karen is “simply so delightfull”. The process of saving Old God is going through feelings of people in relation to me and “then I am there, and then I am not” making us want more and more. Pernille has started LISTENING to Blachman and also speaking as he does, which is about the world going to read and understand me. She received more darkness revealing her sexual likings of women, which is the darkness still trying to bring me my old nightmare.


22nd February: I gave my approval to become my new self, to unite with our Old God and to end time

Dreaming of continuing creation in a new round to save life, which was not saved in the first round

I went to bed at 05.30 and slept with some difficulties until 13.00, and when I went to bed I received a dark shadow of the same size of me with “life inside of it” asking me strongly for his life and I could only decide to sleep, NOT because I would not stay up to save “him” and the next and next and next, but I NEED sleep, so all I could do was to be strong in this situation too and say “I will come back to save you too”, and yes then he disappeared out to the right side of me, and we know IT TAKES FAITH DOING THIS as I am here told and yes in our “recreation tool” – and a few dreams too:

  • First I had strong but still difficult to remember dreams, which were about “powerful animals” and “to pay”.
  • I am sleeping during late morning in my old apartment in Hørsholm, and I am bothered by my family because I have removed 11 pictures by Niclas’ girlfriend Isabelle, which they are very temperamental about. Sanna has seen some of my own “homemade pictures”, which is an incredible offense to me. Isabelle is helping me to search for events on a computer, which is linked to pictures of herself on the Internet, and she is deliberately cautious not to search on certain strings trying to avoid us finding “revealing” pictures of her, which she does not want me to see. Niclas is at a fancy café at Frederiksberg, where he receives a telefax from two friends, and he has the newspaper himself, which his friends refer to. He orders his employees not to adjust the salary of employees without his approval, but to keep giving them “good payment”. I did find revealing pictures of Isabelle on the Internet and also her saving account, which I tell Niklas about, and he is surprised that I was able to find this information.
    • This dream is about what fear/misunderstandings of others can do to my dreams the same way as Nønne’s misunderstanding of me a couple of months ago brought her misunderstandings to my dreams, and here it is about the family apparently NOT understanding yet, that I have ABSOLUTELY no attraction to Isabelle and have NEVER taken any actions in relation to her, and did you not read and understand weeks ago that SHE was VERY attracted to and flirted with me because she wanted an affair with me while she was still with Niclas (?), and it may hurt her and the family to know, but this story is an example of being VERY DIRECT AND HONEST, this is simply the truth and anything else, which Sanna or Niclas WRONGLY think and do in relation to me is ONLY because of what happens inside of your head, which has NOTHING to do with me, and yes the dream tells about Sanna bringing me sexual sufferings because of her wrong doings (still not communicating with me, Sanna, but GUESSING as your foundation to decide?) and the newspaper in relation to Niklas is the STRONGEST symbol of the Devil wanting to destroy life, and this is what you transfer to me for me to fight, Niklas, because of your misunderstandings, and instead of pointing your attention wrongly to me, I recommend you and Isabelle to speak TRUTHFULLY together and NOT to let your misunderstandings, silence or lies BOTHER me – and the dream also says that going through this experience also releases energy, i.e. the saving account, of Isabelle, which is helping us all.
  • I have one of my favourite Kenzo suits on and return to a new library I have started to visit a few days ago, and I am already well known there. I bring my laptop and instead of manually connecting it to the Internet, to my pleasant surprise it is now connecting wireless automatically. The library brings me another of my fine Kenzo jackets, which I forgot there the other day, and I am working there preparing a package, which I want to give the librarian, and I have some doubts of how to put together the package.
    • This is a new library of information I have reached, which may be about the last part of Old God – at least of the first round, which I have now saved, and I wear my finest suit, which is about saving everything inside of here, and still I also felt sexual attraction and darkness there, so the work is still ongoing.
  • I am in what appears to be a park, where I enter a pavilion and am surprised to find young and beautiful ladies in there, and I set up my computer and am VERY attracted to these ladies and receive VERY strong temptations to carry out “wrong sexual behaviour”, and almost caught in the act, I am very surprised to see that my old friend Lars G. has found me and is now willing to speak to me and for us to become friends again, and I get the feeling that we were to meet anyhow today.
    • This is surprisingly telling me of new and VERY STRONG darkness, i.e. the wrong sexual behaviour, as part of my continuous work of creation using the computer, and yes starting round 2 saving what we could not save in the first round.
  • I was told half awake that “it is hard when you feel you have not slept for years and then to see me going to sleep having yourself to enter stinking water”, and I do understand that this is about life almost saved, which has to return to “nothing” or at least go through immense sufferings because I have to sleep, but I cannot do it differently, this is what I have decided for, this is how we will come all the way home taking it STEP BY STEP.
  • I was told half awake that “4.3 million will reach London within one week” and I felt “much money through Jyske Bank,” which is to release more life and energy from darkness.
  • I was told half awake that “Johnny Logan feels that I am coming physically to him”, which may be to “hold me now”?
  • I woke up to “Dancing Queen” by Abba, and the words “only 17” and I was ALSO thinking that this is the greatest hit ever by Abba and that it was included in the short clairvoyant reading, which Billy Cook did for me in 2005, and what is it about (?), is it simply JOY and HAPPINESS?

I gave my approval to become my new self, to unite with our Old God and to end time

After taking breakfast as lunch – difficult day rhythms here – I started writing the script of today feeling exhausted because of the work I did yesterday, and we know after days like this I feel like being inside a far too little car – a so called “MORRIS SON” you know 🙂 – without energy to carry on the next day, but I have decided that writing my scripts is my first priority, which NOTHING will stop, and you may understand that writing the scripts these days is not the easiest I have done, and this includes today even though the script is much shorter.

The game these days is if darkness succeeded to terminate life without my approval, or if it is “just” still inside of darkness, which I could not reach at the first round, and yes I do believe the last has to be right, so thank you for helping me to THINK about this.

I was shown a vision of a GIANT eye in front of me with the feeling that it was an animal and that it was the spirit of my mother, who brought it (the good animal becomes increasingly larger) and I received the same feeling as these words, which I was also given “the baby cannot become bigger than this”, and also that this is because I am saving more life going through this new round.

For a few minutes my monitor kept on blinking, and I was told that it was also a sign of darkness almost breaking it down – including what I saw earlier. This morning my PC speakers did not work too, but after a restart they started “listening” again. My computer mouse decided to cure itself after it almost did not work a few weeks ago, and yes works perfectly now again.

I kept on working much of the afternoon, and at 20.30 I felt the spirit of my mother coming to me with the colour of Blue, he has now become part of his own creation, the Son, and I was shown myself lying on a rolling wagon with darkness around me understanding that I am “on my way” being the last darkness myself.

I was told that Obama and I just have to be screwed together, and I was shown only a very short road of darkness until the end, which was now only a vision of half a metre – wasn’t it a couple metres not that long ago, a few weeks (?) – and I was told “we have arranged it in such a way that you cannot avoid going through this darkness on your way”, and I thought “fine, as long as we reach 100%”. A little later I was told that this is the energy required for me as Stig to become my new self, and I felt Whitney Houston above me absorbing darkness and I was told that she is helping to “keep the path clear to me”.

A part of this darkness is an almost constant desire to have me accept to kill the last part of it, and as usual I reject it again and again – and I remembered to write this because I have received an old deja vue VERY many times given me exactly this message because one thing is that I know how I feel, but I don’t write it down, how will you know, and today I truly feel physically tired and “red” all over at the inside of me removing my energy to a low point.

I was shown MANY visions, and could not write down all and it was not all, which were important, and it gave me a little doubt whether or not this was necessary to do to reach 100%, but I decided that no matter what we will have to make the 100%, which is still my belief that we will.

I was shown a very large and thick concrete wall, which is closed but still the last information is coming through at the side of the wall, and I understood that this is the protection around our New World.

I was shown Champagne being hoist up from a ship, which sunk 100 years ago, and this video clip of Champagne from 1907, which was hoist from a ship wreck in 1997 tells the story, this is the most expensive wine in the world, which we are now bringing with us to the New World too´, and yes the last part of Old God.

I was shown myself rowing a white, one-seater row boat through darkness, and I was told that this is the man I am.

I was shown a metal container being “completely perfect” inside of it, and shortly thereafter I felt physically more darkness coming – and here I am given heartburn at the same time as I am encouraged to bring Pelé from the world cup of 1958 and really because he in my eyes is still the best football player the world has ever seen, and yes when reaching 100%, this is the man we decide to bring – and I was asked “what is this darkness then”, and the answer came to me “this is the last red string leading me to become myself”.

I was shown a large aeroplane backing out and told that it requires energy, which is what darkness brings, and this darkness is absorbed by me and enters our new washing machine to make it 100%.

During the evening I was told “we need your decision to continue” and that is to go the last way becoming my own self and this came as a surprise to me because in my mind we have just started “round 2” to locate and clean even more darkness, but this could also be part of the game, so who knows (?), and because of this I said “my answer is yes if this will bring us 100%, and it is no if it does not”, and this is because I will NOT say yes if this means loss of life.

At the top of this last darkness, at the top of the mountain, I was shown a big king sitting just like Ogier the Dane, but he was dark and not white, and I was told that “you go right through him on the way” and also that I was sentenced to kill this king without the setup of this system, and I was told that this is the king of this the Old World (the original king behind darkness, and when I saw him, I was instantly given a thought of Niclas), and yes much darkness to go through to FINALLY also liberate him – better late than never.

I was shown myself inside a GIANT cathedral, and I saw how the large watch outside on it turned back time several hours until 12.00, and I was told that we had crossed the limit of time, what was possible to do, but we have continued time in our New World without time because I have stayed in a room between our Old and New World.

I still received some pain to the bones of my hands, and also to my lower right leg and if I have not told you clearly for some time, then here it is again: Every single second is still a PAIN to come through always fearing to lose it, but it is not as difficult today when knowing that we will make it compared to how I felt especially in 2010 and also into 2011, where “lost it” could become catastrophic to all of us.

Some minutes later I felt how the King started coming in over me becoming me, and I felt him coming with gold, and at 02.30, when I started updating this chapter, I felt the King attaching to my right leg using darkness as the energy to do this, and I also felt a pain to my lower left leg, which is the kind of VERY rare pain I am given because it is about destruction of the spiritual world and I was told that it was “because I just had to turn around”.

I was also told that the “dræb, dræb” (“kill, kill”) command was to kill this last part of my old self, and yes how many times did I think that I had saved him/myself (?), but it seems as if it first happens now and when thinking again, I knew that GOOD GOD would be behind DARK GOD, so then again, it is no surprise.

Shortly before publishing my script of today, which I did because who knows what happens now (?), at 03.55, I received darkness all over and a cough as if I was coughing up salt water and I received tears in my eyes, and difficulties to breath, and I understood that this is really to remove darkness from the king at the end, and that publishing my script(s) is removing much darkness.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Søren wrote about others writing about the now cancelled payment ring around Copenhagen, and he said “Deadline (a TV programme) almost interprets the end of the payment ring as a new start”, and yes Søren you do know that the end of the world is the start of our New World, which this simply is a symbol saying.

  • The Prime Minister brought this message on Facebook trying to “sell” the cancellation of the payment ring having listened to the many objections towards this, and I don’t know the details of this – if it is a good or bad idea to have, all I know is that there is TOO much traffic/pollution in Copenhagen and think that you CAN arrange more EFFECTIVE transportation instead of “all people driving alone in there own cars” when they go to “crowded places” (?) – but I do know that I LOVE people speaking the truth VERY directly, and I wonder how it was such a good idea for you to do five months ago to include it in your “government foundation”, and now it is suddenly not a good idea anymore – did you do poor work and communication, or were you simply not able to communicate/agree on your internal lines, and it made me wonder, so I asked you directly, but I am not “supposed” to receive an answer from you, Helle, because it is “better” to keep “deafening silence” even though I have encouraged you to COMMUNICATE (?), and René below wrote what you bring me too, and yes the symbol of destruction, and of course just so you know.

  • I decided to give this birthday greeting to Emil, and I received nice feedback from my young friends of faith, which makes me happy – and I am also happy to get to know new music, but even though I try to be open, this music will not become my favourite music, even though I can clearly see qualities of this too (“strength” as one) and understand that other people have received other “impulses” than me making this their favourite music, and this is really an example of variation among people to value.

  • Kenneth found a picture with a sign to a small village called “herrens mark” (“the Lord’s field”), and my first thought when seeing it was that this is here where we are now saving more life, and Lars below was inspired when he confirmed this by saying that it “can also be it is the best baker of the country”, and yes it requires a good BAKERMAN to come here (“baking” is creating), which I would never be if I was LAID BACK, but I am not :-).

  • Omar the comedian wrote that his next TV show about “laugh with God” will be brought this evening on TV and this time he will see the limits of Catholics of how far he can go when making laugh with God, and in general I am more flexible than what I have seen religious groups of previous programs of his showing, and you know my attitude, which is to be funny respecting “good behaviour” as I have told you before, but I love IRONY and “silly things” including to dress up etc. and all when it is done in a good and TRULY funny taste.

  • The other comedian Lasse Rimmer commented on this cartoon strip, which says that the man with the cap “crap in his cap”, and Lasse was focussed on “crap” and also called for a new strip about “rats on the ceiling” to be brought before the end of the year, and we know “crap in the cap” is about simple minded people wearing the hat of the Devil, “crap” is a symbol of destruction, which Lasse/comedians of Denmark bring me and his wish for a new strip of a rat is simply another symbol of darkness, and yes during destruction really, but this is the way towards darkness to save even more life inside of there at the same time as I influence people to gradually start believing in me, this is really how the game works and yes also not to break down because of darkness of course.

  • I looked at Niclas’ Facebook wall today, he has decided “only” to exclude me as a friend without reporting me, and it was NOT spiritual darkness removing him as my friend also because he decided to REMOVE MY FACEBOOK POSTING ON HIS WALL (!) as the only one I believe because all other apparent “love” messages have been kept, and he “could not” understand that I only wrote with love to help “him”/me, and yes SAD isn’t it?
  • Brian was inspired simply to bring the sound of a SUPER SPORT CAR and yes which is about the power of the Source of our New World, this is how strong we have become by now, “and then it simply drives”, as Vibeke says, and this is basically the idea :-).

The Swedish supercar Koenigsegg symbolising the power of the Source
of our New World – “and then it simply drives” 🙂

  • Lass was so happy to receive his first “double-THE WORLD” ever in the Wordfeud game and he said “it has to be shared with the world”, and alright when you ask me inspired directly, I will, and yes what was it about (?), and only to say that we have created a DOUBLE-WORLD consisting of both the Old and the New World.

  • Obama has really started singing, and first it was “let’s stay together” a few weeks ago, and at the Blues-concert yesterday at the White House, he was – with inspiration from above you know 🙂 – encouraged to sing again, and yes I was here asked “what did he sing”, and we know “SWEET HOME Chicago”, which is about the “sweet home” of our New World, and if Obama can sing (?), and YES YOU CAN OBAMA, you could sing the whole song and sing it out fully because you sing beautifully and that is MUCH better than Romney – and by the way, the next time you invite Mick Jagger to come, I hope you will send me an invitation, and that is because I “miss you”, my good old friend and it does not get any better than this :-).

  • Klaus was inspired to write that “life is a gift”, which it indeed is, and as he says “sometimes the gift band is tightened a little too much”, but we are getting there when finalising the gift these days and yes from God to the whole world, from me to you :-).

  • Brian’s son told him that he wants to be a Zombie-hunter when he will become big, and the heart of his father is bleeding with pride – how is this possible (?) – but still, I understand that Brian is proud, and yes just to show you Brian that when you decide not to read and understand but think that I am crazy and meet me with silence, this is what you did to me, yes you were part of the gang chasing me as the zombie, and the King of this our “Old World” would have been “first of the gang to die” if you and everyone else had succeeded, but this is not how it went, so with this beautiful music by Morrissey as one of my other favourites, I celebrate that I am still alive.

  • Quite a number of times I have been shown visions of Elijah’s brother Micheck, whom I also miss, with me in Nairobi “emptying” my credit card, which I understand as my good old friends also emptying my energy when it for some of you is “impossible” to communicate.
  • My Facebook profile seems to become better, because now messages of Obama – and I noticed also of Jens Toltenberg, the Prime Minister of Norway – have FINALLY started to show on the main page of my screen, and yes fighting spiritual darkness we are.


23rd February: I started feeling pure gold of creation/light/love spreading inside my body – I am waking up!

Dreaming of changing “spare parts” of Old God to make the foundation of life of “him” to work perfectly again

After publishing the script of yesterday, at 04.20 I was told that the offer of marriage has not been withdrawn, which is you know the old plan of darkness to marry the spirit of my mother and I, which would lead into destruction.

I was told that “It was like having a cyst operated in, which is now being removed”, and yes darkness soaking out life of Old God.

I went to bed at 05.30 and despite of receiving new “threats” of destruction of darkness, I decided to ignore this because what may become destroyed will be recreated by the toolbox of God, and yes FAITH is what this requires as I have been told all morning, and it seems that I am now able to come into a 24 hour rhythm again, so now I only need to change the hours of being awake/sleep, which is not very easy here. I had a few dreams too:

  • I am working as a temp in a bank, and Anja U. (from Aon) would like me to do her work to pay her father’s many bills, and I will get 5 DKK myself for every bill I pay, and I tell her that I have to ask my manager at the till, and when I arrive their, I see that his cash desk is open and also that there are MANY customers wanting to take out money, so I know that I cannot help Anja, but have to open my cash desk quickly, and when I do this, I lose coins on the floor when bringing in money to the cash desk.
    • A dream saying that instead of being awake to help bringing energy to help the spirit of my father on my last road, I am now sleeping and in this case, darkness wants to take out money, i.e. energy, and that is so much that I lose it on the way – and yes, these are the conditions, but I need my sleep and kindly ask you to use the toolbox of God the best you CAN, because I have no intentions to stay awake around the clock, which soon could develop into a COLD PLAY.
  • I speak to my colleague Michael W. from DanskeBank-Pension on the phone, I have promised to do the work for his last three customers, and I know that I also have to do work for the other consultants.
    • Much work, which seems impossible to do, which sometimes is my feeling doing these scripts, and I have also had déjà vues about having to do work, which is “impossible” to do and I remember seeing myself being exhausted not being able to do these writings, but you know when there is a will, there is normally a road, and that is ALL THE WAY THROUGH :-).
    • I was encouraged to find Michael and link with him via the Internet, which I did via LinkedIn, and yes he has to be a “special friend” too since I dream of him regularly, and we sent a couple of short and positive emails to each other, and I was HAPPY to hear from him again since I have not been in contact with him since 1991 – and I also found my old colleagues Michael P. N. (who started with Willis in 2011, and I wonder what he has heard about me there?), Søren I. and Carsten H. also from DanskeBank-Pension sending invitations to them too, but where is Jan M. and Bjarne O. (?) and yes a thought I have had many times over the years. And I encouraged these three to read my website, and I wonder what they will think if they get this far, and how this will help doing the last work to bring out Old God entirely from darkness.
  • I am cycling with a large garden table, which has to be fixed at Fuggi’s place, and I enter the supermarket of Netto, where I am together with a women looking to buy spare parts for the table, and the woman wants to buy a set of four dustpans, which I don’t believe I need myself, but I want to get new legs for the table, which is like a motor making the table sound fantastically, and I say goodbye to the woman, I have to keep on cycling to Bagsværd, which is a long tour.
    • What do you use a table for (?), and here it is to place your dinner on, so this will have to be about the structure/foundation of life, which we are working on and yes to integrate Old God in our New World, and there is nothing to clean anymore, but it seems that Old God needs new spare parts to make his engine to produce light work perfectly again, which we do while cycling, which is continuous suffering and cycling with a large garden table (of plastic, but still), is not the easiest thing to do.
    • And I wonder if Fuggi is still reading me and if it is spiritual darkness erasing his electronic traces (?), or if he has received a new IP-address, I have not figured out yet or if he simply does not read me anymore – and also if this is about physical Fuggi, or as the spirit of Fuggi, which I believe it is.
  • Something about having to key in my social security number to become a member – on the table I believe, which I have seen another doing without problems, but I cannot remember the last four digits – and I also have to pay for cinema tickets, which I cannot afford. I see Karen watching a video of Peter Schmeichel.
    • I somehow need a code to continue, and if I don’t have the code, it will come to me as a “reward” when doing my job, yes seen that before and I saw it physically when I downloaded one file of two three days ago from a file sharing service, where I had to key in a code, which was shown on the screen, and when I wanted to download the other part and keyed in the new code shown for this, it was simply impossible to download maybe 50 times showing me a new code, and EVERY single time it rejected, which will have to be connected to this story, and yes by the way, yesterday it was possible to also download this part where the code worked making it full/perfect, and yes showing you that we had to go through darkness in a rather peculiar way as I am told here with “English dialect of high class” to reach the King on the other side.
    • Karen is the goal keeper of darkness trying to keep me out and of course based on her misunderstandings of me, and I was told that “it is not small money she is burning on me through him and him and him and him …”, and yes that is having a big mouth and a big appetite on what is sexual wrong behaviour, and yes I wish she would understand to stop her wrong behaviour and decrease my sufferings knowing what she does.
  • I have been at home sleeping during the afternoon because I was very tired, and I really had an agreement to bring the garden table to Fuggi, and I now call him saying that I can be there between 18.30 to 19.00, which he accepts, and I know I have many kilometres to cycle, and I wonder if I will be able doing this but also think that normally things work out for me, and on my way out I see a LARGE Mars bar in the kitchen, which someone else has left almost without touching it, and I don’t know if it is good to eat, but I surely would like to taste it. When I am about to leave, I see that my door has stood open, and I think that I played loud music, which the neighbours must have heard then.
    • On my way to Fuggi, and I wonder what he will do to help me setting up the structure of Old God inside our New World (?), but this is what the dream says, and it says that I will have to go through more sufferings through a LONG cycle tour, and I wonder if this game will end in a matter of days or if it still will take weeks or months to do (?) and yes you never know, but we are at least still going the right way, so everything else are details really, and the Mars bar is to say that I would like to start thinking of myself again getting a normal life where I can afford better food and also to buy clothes etc., and are there “neighbours” out there not liking my LOUD music telling you the truth without straight out?
  • I am on my way to travel to Portugal to visit Pedro, and I think of bringing an old transistor radio by the brand of Sony from around 1990 to his young son, and I really like this radio much because it is a H.C. Andersen radio speaking his fairytales, and it shows about an event, which “will” happen in 1999, but I decide not to bring it because it speaks in Danish, which the son will not be able to understand.
    • This will have to be about spiritual communication being set up with Pedro and his son and that is “with much love” because of H.C. Andersen, but at the moment they are “not able” to understand me because I speak a “different” language to them.

I started feeling pure gold of creation/light/love spreading inside my body – I am waking up!

I decided to stand up at 13.30, and by 15.00 I started writing the script of today, which I continued doing until 17.00, and I was encouraged to tell you that sometimes I also receive a very strong sensation of gooseflesh normally in my right leg as I remember and that is not only on the surface of it but “cold tickling sensations going through my leg”, which is both a nice feeling but also so strong that it is the opposite making me look forward to it stopping again (it may be with me for seconds or even a few minutes at the time), and I can only understand this as ongoing work to the Universe.

At 17.30 I decided to do a cycle tour of approx. 8 to 10 kilometres to get a good offer on meat balls of 25 DKK per kilo, which is VERY cheap, and yes yes yes I was told the other day that in the hunt of people and business to create profit and SAVE on expenses, the food of man has become dangerous so without people of other civilizations warding off the worst consequences (helping to recreate the DNA of man through crop circles etc.), man would also have killed itself this way and yes TO CREATE PROFITS (!), and yes “fantastic” isn’t it (?), and I really decided to do this cycling tour because I felt much better today and because exercise is good to me, and on my way home via the beach road, I was happy to see maybe 6-8 UFO’s after each other, and there was both those looking like aeroplanes if you don’t look carefully to see that this is not how aeroplanes look like (!), the ones having so quick flashes of light that they can only be UFO’s and the only one showing itself so clearly that it was possible to see that it was a UFO, and yes it showed light slowly dragging the red of our Old God, and I wonder if I will be “allowed” to see UFO’s on Saturday with my mother and John (?) and I still wonder if this will take days, weeks or months to do and no matter how long, I will finish this SAGA, and did I ever bring you this amazing song by this terrific band (?), and if not, here it is and yes it will not take that long to see, which is also the message given to me about becoming my new self, and yes look what Kim Wagner will say on Saturday on “the voice” as I am told, and we will see.

The last couple of days I have also been given a feeling of my throat being cut over, and no there is NO risk of doing this, because it requires that I will accept my old self to die, and how can I do that when “he” is now connected to our New World and it requires my approval to kill “him”, which I will NEVER give, and later I felt my old self – Old God – as a red part all over me, so the truth is really that I am still both my old self, the man standing in between two worlds and our New World, and yes a little bit of everything really, and it would require to kill part of my self to avoid my sufferings, and this is NOT how we work here.

This evening I continued receiving some visions, which I decided was not important to bring – repetitions of previous messages or simply just not saying much – but at 20.00 I was shown a brick laying tool being located and shown the continuous building of the wall of the house (approx. 2/3 up or higher now) and yes rebuilding and saving our Old God.

And I was told how we have been smarter than the darkness all the way and then I was given the question of how to release my old self apparently being trapped inside darkness in an impossible to solve code, but if darkness has surrendered to me, which I understood 1-2 weeks ago (?), it shouldn’t be that difficult, should it (?), and let’s go on to find out. Later I was told that this is about releasing me to freedom.

I was also told that reconnecting with some of my old DanskeBank-Pension colleagues has much importance, and I felt “something” happening with the spirit of my mother when reconnecting with Carsten H.

I was shown the Source as a circle of light feeling “the Board” looking into it, and I was shown a grater including the question if I want my old self to enter as torn, and NO this is really not the idea, this is why we continue, and yes 100% is the goal, and ONLY if I should “give up” I will accept anything less, but there is NO signs that I should come into such a situation by now.

I was given the song “Ooh to be ah” by Kajagoogoo with Limahl, which I loved in the beginning of the 1980’s – it brought a fantastic new feeling to me when experiencing London for the first time with my class from Commercial class in Helsingør in 1982 when this was just out, and we know “much more than Copenhagen” was the feeling – and here it was simply Old God giving this in connection with “to be” and freedom coming.

I was shown a dark escalator and on the first floor work men refurbishing Old God and bringing down furniture to ground level, and the moving men are men of darkness acting against their desire, and they are controlled by me setting darkness out of force while being inside of it absorbing its sufferings.

During most of the day and evening I did not receive strong negative voices, but pockets of almost freedom, but just when I thought of “freedom”, I was still given some negative voices throughout the evening trying to make me decide negatively, which I had to absorb/reject, so I am not quite there, and I also still get “this strange physical feeling” all over my body, which is part of being spiritually overshadowed, and yes another existence all around/over/inside of you, and often I have become used to not noticing it, and I would really only start to truly notice it by now if it disappeared, it is like having a “flying tornado” inside of you and that is at times because the tempo is from nothing to everything and yes physically being here, there and everywhere in and around me.

And it came to a point where I started thinking if I should start to write down some of these “non important” visions given to me or if they were simply given to me as a “waiting period“ while work is done to me spiritually, and I believed in the last, but was not quite sure, because what if I had to write down “unimportant” stories to come to the important and then give everything I have once more (?), and then I told myself that I really did give everything I had and at the same time being careful not to break down completely, which was really the balance I played on all along.

I was shown a rolled together carpet from where a wet piece of paper came out, and I was shown that when drying up, the information that it contains expands into MANY papers, which is about Old God still suffering.

Then I felt again a King on his way into me physically – to my new self – and I felt how this gave me a weak heart for the next maybe half to one hour.

I was shown and told that releasing Old God is like getting a sailing boat to sail on water inside a tunnel in the mountain, which does not exist.

And I was shown a desk at a pharmacy and one shelves containing medicine and behind this is the huge library of light, which was a symbol of the Commune thinking of giving me medicine, which is STRONG darkness bringing me through this, and I am thinking how Lisbeth will react when she will discover who she decided to give her strongest resistance and disgusting behaviour to.

The last couple of days I have also received the question/temptation “is there nothing at all I can do to destroy the King”, which of course has been darkness speaking, and yes so STUPID that I don’t even want to enter it, and easily reject it as NONSENCE.

The darkness has tried to break through my decision not answering questions in detail about my road forward, which I also had to reject today saying that the light decides all of this (because I don’t know) and my only decision is that “everything will be light” and that is still because if I started playing this game, I would NEVER be able to find a way out of darkness for my old self, and yes this is what darkness still does once in a while. And I have also thought many times to be careful not to start being “funny” taking “fun decisions” in the middle of creation deciding on something, which would be “not good at all”, and yes tempted by darkness I have been to do this OFTEN, which also required discipline to avoid.

And then I was shown myself as a dark King laying on a rolling table being brought to the middle of a fine room entirely in white, and I was told that my old self will become the absolute centre of everything inside the Source. And I was shown a jumping deer when seeing this and also silver being poured, and told that the silver (of our New World) will first be poured right at the absolute end, and “then you will see things”.

I felt how Old God now connected to my left lower leg (our spiritual world), and I was told that “I will bring back everything I took out”, and I was shown Indians and jugs including “much original information”.

I was shown a vertical knife higher than me and told that this is what I have to avoid going into on my way out as Old God.

I was told that it is impossible to get out of this prison if I did not accept it, which is why I received this question was it yesterday or the day before (?), and my answer remains the same that I decide to get out of here if this is at the same time absorbing the last darkness of all making us reach 100%, and it does seem that this is the way to break the code making everything perfect, so thank you for the inspiration my spiritual friends and yes I bring will power and energy, thus bringing me the right secret messages from the spiritual world to decide on the rest is “piece of cake”, really.

I was shown myself inside of an old library and was shown gold archive cabinets right on the other side of the library, and I started feeling gold of pure light/love spreading inside of my body from both of my lower legs, which to me was a strong feeling confirming that I am waking up, my ladies and gentlemen – and yes NOT WITHOUT THE UNDERSTANDING OF MY MOTHER THE OTHER DAY as I was also told. And I was shown and told that it is a “perfect bathroom of gold” bringing me out, and I thought that this was the bathroom we started recreating when entering the cave of Old God in the mountain and we know not that many weeks ago.

After midnight I looked at the DR TV archive thinking of finding the ”laugh with God” show of Omar from the other day, which I did not see, but “by chance” I found the last documentary of “Kontant” (“cash”) about GOLD and I was told that this is also a sign of coming very close now being PURE GOLD myself, and when I will be light only, I can eat SPANDAU’s without poor conscience taking on weight as I do today.

I did the last part of the script today from approx. 02.00 and published it at 03.25, and we know a few very “relaxing days”, where I am not pressured to my fullest, but I also really needed to recover.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • When moving into my new apartment in Helsingør in October 2011, one of the things on my to do list was to include my group of stereo and TV to the wall socket, which I can switch off and on at one of the central switches in the apartment, which would be to save electricity and money when my stereo is always switched on (as it is and is supposed to be), but I thought I would first receive a yearly statement one year later when I would have become my new self and received a normal life – and an endless stream of energy too (!) – but what I did NOT know was that I would already here per March 1 receive the yearly statement (!), and since my stereo has soaked out much electricity, it gave me an extra invoice of DKK 1.857 to be paid, which makes me VERY sad because the only place I can get money to pay with is to decrease my transfer to LTO Kenya from DKK 2,800 to approx. DKK 1,000 to 1,200 making their life even worse in March, until I will send them the normal sum of money in April, and yes if I am still my old self that is, but “one of these days”, I have to change into my new self, don’t I (?), which will also change our lives :-). I am sorry Meshack, David, Elijah and John, and I am thinking if Elijah and John still believe we are friends when we don’t communicate, and I know the answer, which is YES, but in practise we are not, but I will go for the yes STILL asking you to share the money I send you.
  • My monitor keeps communicating with me sending me clear YELLOW blinks, which is about a New World waiting, and not so much grey, but difficult to see, but a mixture of colours really.
  • Brian did a show in Aalborg and says that the silence of four people is deafening the laughter of 300 people, and yes Brian I know the feeling, and maybe you would like to look into the mirror to see if you were the silent or smiling man in relation to me? And Anne Mette were at a concert with a young band called Soulstains and apparently she was inspired to write that it was the “God”child” giving concert”.

  • I have quite often also been given feelings about the organisation Art of Living in Copenhagen, which I visited for a course approx. 5 years ago – also believing that I have “special friends” there – and for days I have been given the names of the countries Liechtenstein and now also Belgium, and the last in relation to “now we better know what hit us with abuse of children”, and yes my friends DARKNESS of man, you see?
  • And I keep receiving visions of the entrance to the head office of Falck in Copenhagen, so my dear friends inside of there, you are still thinking of me, but you decided NOT to communicate with me and not to hire me, and I wonder why?
  • Yesterday I gave the following reply to a posting on the Jerusalem UFO Facebook group and I might add that I knew so little of the Bible before starting my own writings/journey and before I started receiving spiritual information – visions, speech and tastes of a fish – that I did NOT know that the fish was my symbol, and here it is another symbol of my imminent birth – and here is the link, which Vyacheslav brings below today.

  • Postings of Angela Merkel now also started showing on my Facebook main page and we know coming through spiritual darkness too.


24th February: The philosophy of God is LOVE, which I bring you through our new creation, survival and New World

Dreaming of Old God starting to shine through the armour of darkness keeping him down

I slept from approx. 04.30 to 11.30 – trying to make my days a little shorter this way coming back to a normal rhythm – with a few dreams:

  • I am driving on my bicycle in Snekkersten in the worst snowstorm, and I loose my gloves and have to turn around the cycle to get them.
    • How can this be the worst snowstorm (of sufferings) when they do not come through to me these days, and is there something I have missed, Obama (?), but nevertheless my 100% decision and rules stand firm.
  • Half awake I was told “you can levitate and be others, and the next is to be able to travel in time, but this takes time to learn in a New World”, and yes apparently this will be possible in a world without time.
  • Something about feeling the front singer of Coldplay singing through darkness, which will have to be Old God waking up.
  • I am at the Danish Parliament at a large meeting led by the Prime Minister Helle Thorning Schmidt, and for the first time I am to work as her private adviser. During the meeting I see how the participants, MP’s, retrieve money back from the tax authorities because of a special rule, which feels very wrong, and I tell Helle that “you probably made this rule yourself”, and I see another MP arriving and despite of seeing us maybe 15-20 holding a meeting, he decides to interrupt and walk around giving everyone a handshake. After the meeting Helle starts asking me question about the meeting and subject, and when I on her second question, return the question by asking “what do you believe yourself”, she tells me “you don’t have to know”, and I ask her what happened to doing a revised bus plan, and understand that it was cancelled because of lack of resources. Afterwards I see Villy Søvndal walking down the hall dressed in ladies lingerie almost looking like a woman, and he talks to his party colleagues and I am given the sense that they talk, and nothing happens, and now they have used so much money that it becomes “dangerous/too much”, and I see that it bothers Helle.
    • Is this closer to the “secret” of what really goes on in the Danish Parliament/government than what Helle said the other day? The money from the tax authorities is DIRECT DARKNESS of the Danish MP’s (stealing my energy), who LOVES to talk but do not do very much, and how much use is it to hold a meeting of 15 people (?) and we know you can hold training/lectures of 15 people, but a useful meeting (?), and just asking here – WRONG culture – and it is also WRONG culture to have a Prime Minister listening to the advise of others and deciding on this background without having an OPEN and NATURAL dialogue, and we know a leftover from soon “old times”. The bus plan is about the work making it impossible for you to get “resources” to make love to your husband, Helle (?), which is also WRONG. Villy seems to be in a party of TALK TALK’ers, who “loves” to spend money – instead of getting a payment ring, they “had to have something else” (this is WRONG bargaining of politics today), and they got 1 billion DKK from car owners to the collective traffic, and what was the plan other than it was “nice” for you and what you “HAD TO HAVE” not to lose (too much) face to your voters, and we know A DISGRACE if you ask me, and when Villy is dressed in lingerie looking mostly like a lady, does this tell about your WRONG sexual preferences in relation to men (?), and yes this is what the dream says, so I wonder if this is also the truth, Villy – or is this darkness returning to you?

The official world “cannot” reveal my arrival but still this is exactly what it wants – “impossible to do”?

When starting to write this script, I received first a double hiccup – still recreating Old God – and then a sneeze, so still destruction of the Universe (which I am here given a clue to say that they are absorbing darkness from me too), and I felt the fish all over the inside of me and I was told “you have to pull in the fish yourself too”.

I did not receive much negative speech, but I had an incredible lack of desire to work and to do anything, which was really almost making me do nothing, but almost (!), and I received strong feelings of dislike of music almost making me throw up to listen to, and I have had this stronger than normal (because it is always there together with darkness) for days, and yes VERY uncomfortable it is.

I first received the lyrics “and the telegraph road got so deep and so wide like a rolling river” from “Telegraph Road” by Dire Straits, which is about Old God rolling out with river from inside of the mountain, and it was followed by “final countdown” by Europe as another sign saying that we are doing our final preparation for out New World including the waking up of my new self.

I was shown PASTA and a line of new drums and told “det kan da ikke pas’ da” (“this cannot be true”), which is an old saying of mine with a smile and here because this is life never born in this world, which I am showed from the inside of my self, the Good Old God of this world.

When I was a man committing sins (before 2009), I also watched porn on the Internet (which “everyone” having a private access does) , and I remember one special clip I watched with so much passion that I have since told myself, this is the goal of our New World to have people so much in love that they can reach the same joy when making love as these two, and I was told that “you cannot publish this clip to the world, which is the same the world “cannot” do when it comes to publishing my arrival, but it is the same, you want this for the world and the world wants you to be revealed to the world”, which seems to be a “deadlock” and yes almost on holiday here is the feeling.

During the afternoon I started receiving a dreadful physical feeling of being incredible tired and really feeling as I do, which is wrapped up by darkness, which is coming through strong here making me feel a physical pressure and discomfort so strong that I am almost giving up solely because of this.

At 18.00 I was told – three hours after the story with David Trads below at the end of today – “it was one of my last four back chains”, which is about opening up the defence systems of the Devil imprisoning God.

I was told that if I did not save Old God, he would become “nothing” outside of our New World (with his energy being part of our New World), where I have been showed that we can also recreate life from, and the question is really then if we would be able to reach this nothing from inside of the protective walls of our New World after the closure of these, and yes WHAT DO I KNOW (?), but if we can do it now, why shouldn’t we be able to do it in the future if needed and that is if it can be done without risks? Later I was told “isn’t the answer that we cannot enter darkness again when we don’t have the code as our new selves” (?), and yes this sounds logically, and that is unless of course we would still be able to perform magic, but it does make sense to me that it’s now or never, Elvis!

Again I bring you a song, which I was not given spiritually, and this is simply because this is the first time I saw the video of “John the Revelatory” by Depeche Mode giving me a VERY STONG impression, and I kindly encourage you to watch it carefully in order to understand it, and do you believe Martin Gore and the band is with me or the Devil (?) and yeah “THAT’S RIGHT” (!), Dave – I love it when you do that and dance with the microphone stand :-).

For dinner I had “kippers”, which are smoked herrings, and for days I have been encouraged to by eggs, which I have “tasted” on top of these, which I however did not (to save money), and yes the idea was to prepare the open sandwich “Sun over Gudhjem” (“God’s home”), which you will remember is from my island of Bornholm, which is also a symbol saying that I am really on my way home also bringing EVERY LITTLE THING OF OLD GOD with us, and yes they tasted WONDERFUL these smoked herrings, which I cannot remember that I have had since we were on Bornholm with the family at the end of the 1980’s I believe, and that is truly because this is a specialty from this island.

For days I have seen small “objects” flying around me without knowing what they are, but they are like objects in the air, which I am not “allowed” to see yet, and they fly around me in a distance of a few centimetres up to approx. half a metre.

David is risking to be thrown out of his house becoming homeless unless someone will help him?

I enjoy that David sometimes notice that I am online on Facebook, and we have small chat’s now and again, which I normally do not bring, but I decided to do it today to shown you a man, who is stressed because he has not been able to afford paying rent for five months, and will now been thrown out of the house at the end of the month, and it made me extra sad to hear because I will send only approx. 1/3 of the money this time compared to what I normally do, so my LTO friends are going to take on even more of my sufferings the coming month, and yes I cannot do it differently now, and this is what my dream of this morning may be about, and I could only encourage David to try seeking help from the team, and does any of you have room to give David shelter (?) and yes I am still wondering the priorities of this world and what comes to mind, is Anne Mette, who last year moved into a “fancy new house” probably making her very proud because she is a “success” in life and happy to live in such luxury, and my dear ladies and gentlemen, in my eyes, this makes me VERY SAD to see, because if you had shared your money with LTO and me, Anne Mette, you would have been much closer to enter Heaven instead of Hell as you did here.

David is about to be thrown out in Kenya, while Anne Mette moved into this “fantastic” new house last year, so instead of helping us, she decided to be a servant of the Devil too

Here is our chat:

– Hallo how are you today?

– Hallo David, fine thank you. I am not tired today which makes a difference and not too busy too. How are you and what do you do?

– I am fine, am in the estate today and was not able to go out. Am writing some academic essay. I got in contact with John and I encouraged him to write to you. I am having some tough time the week. My landlady has given me a deadline of month end to move from the house because I have not been able to pay rent in time for the last five months. I am strong though and I thank God I am healthy. How are you there? Is it cold? Rainy?

– Thank you for following up on John. I know what kind of stress it gives risking to be thrown out, I do hope my best for you, David – and maybe the team can help you. Good to stay STRONG not giving up. After having had Siberian cold here a few weeks ago – this is what COLD is about – it is now “hot” with between 5 to 10 degrees. Take care – have a good day 🙂.

– Have a good day too, miss talking to you. I hope we can skype soon. Thank you for the encouragement. Life goes on and victory is ours. Good day.

– You bet, David, my friend – with the hand to my heart 🙂.

The philosophy of God is LOVE, which I bring you through our new creation, survival and New World

It is now 00.15 and I am about to start writing the chapter on X-factor tonight, and because of tiredness and also because the messages was “very nice” to include but not as important as last week, I have decided to do it somewhat shorter, but I don’t believe that anyone will feel cheated because of this, so here we go.

But before I get started let me bring you this video clip as a symbol of the theme of this evening, which is “LOVE”, and yes I am watching Brotherhood of Man LIVE on the Eurovision Song Contest of Irish TV via Internet performing their beautiful song “save your kisses for me”, which I remember so clearly from my childhood when they played this song in 1976 at the Song Contest, and yes I LOVE TO HAVE FREE CULTURE OF THE WORLD and thank Irish TV for “allowing” the world to watch too, which is so “difficult” for many broadcasters of other countries to do.

And it started here when the host Lise asked Blachman “hvordan er formen her i aften” (“how is your form tonight”), where he answered “jeg er et mensch, jeg er rummelig, jeg er indforstået med, at der kun er en stjerne i alt det her, og det er ikke min, det er ikke Pernille, det er ikke engang sangerne eller dig, lige meget hvor god du er Lise, og det er heller ikke mig, selvom vi nærmer os, DET ER MUSIKKEN, DER ER STJERNEN” ”I am a man, I am roomy, I consent to the fact that there is only one start in all of this, and it is not mine, it is not Pernille, it is not even the singers or you no matter how good you are, Lise, and it is not me too even if we are getting close, IT IS THE MUSIC, WHICH IS THE STAR” (!) to which Lise BURSTED out ”Amen” (!), and ”yeah, that’s right” (!), Lise – something about bringing on the Depeche, really, Dave – and the message of the MUSIC being the STAR, is to say that it is LOVE, which made us and LOVE, which made us survive, this is TRULY the name of the game – and I felt that ”mensch” was a reference to philosophy, but by whom (?), and yes, now I get it, my philosophy is only about LOVE to and between man, this is the TRUE name of the game, this is the origination and meaning of life, my friends, this is what I bring you :-).

I felt a spirit from people of other civilizations and I was told “I am right now walking through the studio (of X-factor) being dark, and I am ready to give everything I have against man”, and no thank you that will not be necessary my friend, you will become light too through this last rescue operation of Old God.

Blachman said here to a contestor “I har udviklet jer kan man sige, eller indviklet eller hvad man kalder det, I gik fra noget, jeg synes havde noget meget originalt, og så tog I på en tur ind i noget fuldstændigt andet og det blev mere anonynymt, og nu synes jeg delvis, at du er lidt tilbage, og I er ved at finde et mellemleje her, jeg synes, du har et originalt potentiale” (”you have developed, or entangled or what you call it, you went from something, which I thought had something very original, and then you took on a ride into something completely different and it became more anonymous, and now I partly believe that you are a little bit back, and you are about to find a middle road here, I believe you have an original potential”) and this thing about first developing, then entangled and then coming back is the short story of God of light being entangled with darkness and now coming back again.

And he continued saying ”men du står overfor en af verdens bedste sangere her, og nu er vi tilbage til store hits, og jeg ved ikke rigtigt hvor den kom fra, og det er bare svært at skabe musikalske øjeblikke med store hits uden at sidde og sammenligner, jeg kommer til at se det der 55 millioner hits på YouTube med ham der den lille tosse der, der står og synger det nummer, altså fordi I er oppe imod noget her, for du har noget her, – du skal nå langt i det her synes jeg, I skal bare lige finde Janis Joplin i dig for hun er derinde” (”but you stand over one of the world’s greatest singers here, and now we are back to big hits, and I don’t really know where this came from, and it is difficult to create musical moments with big hits without comparing, it makes me see that 55 million hits on YouTube with him the little fool there, who stands singing that number, well because you are up against teething here, because you have something here, – you have to get far in this, I believe, you only have to find Janis Joplin inside of you because she is in there”), and when he spoke of “one of the world’s greatest singers” I felt Michael Jackson – this is where it came from, Blachman 🙂 – and this is about Old God inside of me, whom people believed was a fool, and when he said “Janis Joplin”, I was given the feeling of Rikke and that her TRUE self is inside of me (to become her in physical life too), and yes because Rikke was part of the live audience this evening as you can read from the short stories from the end of the script today.

It continued straight after this with Pernille concluding that “vi er jo her for at lære, alle sammen for at lære, alle os” (”we are here to learn, everyone to learn, all of us”), and this is MAN in general she speaks of and she said “det er jo smag og behag, hvad man synes, der er god og dårlig musik …” “(“tastes differ between what people believe is good and bad music ….”) and it made Blachman say “musik er ikke smag og behag, musikken bestemmer hvornår den er der, og hvornår den ikke er der, musikken er større end os alle sammen” (”music is not about different taste, music decides when it is there and when it is not, music is bigger than all of us together”), and again they were speaking of “LOVE”, which is the foundation of my scripts and that includes to follow the basic rules of my scripts, which are not for discussion of “different tastes” as Pernille would like to do. Pernille also said “du udvikler dig simpelthen i ekspresfart” (“you simply develop in express speed”), and while she said this, I was shown the train of God driving in express speed, which is about what is going on with the transfer of Old God and build of my new self.

I was shown a vision of a man inside of room together with grapes and fruit, and I was told “this is the diamond, we are drilling into”, and apparently we are still continuing work on this process and we know, which may take days or weeks but probably not months?

And here Pernille was very kind to tell Blachman that “jeg er fuld af respekt overfor dig, Thomas, du har æstekeren boende så rent inde i dig, og det kan man bare se på dine acts, godt gået” (“I am full of respect to you, Thomas, you have the aesthete living so purely inside of you, which simply can be seen on your acts, well done”, and this was simply to mention the pureness of the light of the Source also available through Blachman.

Blachman here spoke highly of his act and that “det kan man ikke lære på en musikskole bare fordi man øver sig, den sidder så meget i skabet, at det simpelthen er en fornøjelse hver gang” (“you cannot learn this at a music school just because you practise, it sits so much in the closet that it is simply a joy every time”), and again this is about LOVE so well anchored to the closet as the toolbox of God that there is PLENTY for all of us :-).

Cutfather said here that after each show he looks at YouTube clips of the contestants and he continued “folk har virkelig taget ham til sig, han ligger helt oppe I toppen af hvem der bliver kigget mest på efter programmerne, det er folk derude der går ind og klikker og siger, jeg vil gerne se det her klip igen og igen og igen, og det er Sveinur” (”people have really taken him in, he is at the top of what people watch the most after the programmes, it is people out here entering, clicking and saying I would like to see this clip again and again and again, and that is Sveinur”), and this is about Sveinur becoming popular as you can see from the following clip because of the attitude of continuing work “again and again and again”, and here he does a MARVELOUS performance with my favourite song “Blue Monday” by New Order, and he showed all of his confidence dancing as the first ever ON the table of the judges as you can see, and yes I LOVE THE SONG and a New World Order it is indeed going to be because of my confidence, my ladies and gentlemen and tell me HOW DO I FEEL (?) and yes “terrible” and “marvellous” at the same time.

While I saw this performance I was also given a vision of a Gold stage at X-factor showing behind a dark curtain, which is pulled aside, and after the performance, Sveinur was asked about the dancing not on the ceiling, Lionel, but with himself, Billy, on the table of judges and “where did this come from” and where else than “from the heart”, and that is from Old God inside of me together with my resurrected new self, and yes helping Sveinur to decide to give a fantastic performance – thank you, Sveinur, for giving everything you had and that is even though he was sick, my friends!

There was more inspired talk than what I write in this chapter, but the messages were of the kind “not as important” or even “difficult to receive the messages”, so I decided not to bring these.

During the evening I received not the strongest negative voices, but because of how I feel, they were still almost about making me slide over, and I felt that I only made it through this evening too because I remembered my decision to NOT let this happen, so this is what I did.

Here I was thinking about whether or not Blachman should continue being inspired, which made him take a break for several seconds putting his hand in the air not knowing what to say – it was impossible for him to speak because of my thoughts – and then he was released, which made him say “sommerfuglene er begyndt at flyve igen og ved du hvad, det er simpelthen; den bestemmer selv hvor den vil hen, og den styrer musikken, for du er så meget musikken, for du har virkelig fået en gave, som jeg bliver ved med at sige, og det her var klart din bedste performance” (“the butterflies have started flying again, and do you know what, it is because it decides itself where it wants to go, and it controls the music, because you are so much the music, because you have really received a gift, which I continue saying, and this was clearly your best performance”), and again this was about LOVE, and I was originally shown weeks ago the elephant of God in the middle with two butterflies on each side symbolising our two worlds becoming one, and these worlds are the spirit of my mother, and again this is all about LOVE, which is what my mother brings to you.

And Blachman continued saying among other things “du er ikke spærret inde, så pragtfuldt” (“you are not imprisoned, really gorgeous”), which is about Old God being released and he also said “det er det sorte hul vi bliver suget ind i, goddag familien Danmark, så kommer vi igennem det orme hul og så hænger vi alle sammen fuldstændigt vægtløse inde i din brystkasse” (”this is the black hole we are getting soaked into, good day family Denmark, then we come through the worm hole and then we all hang completely weightless inside your chest”) and this was about the singer Ida, whom Blachman had just praised as singing the most wonderful ever of people in this show, thus a symbol saying that everyone of “family Denmark” will sing this same beautiful song of LOVE together with me after we have now gone through this dark hole of nothing :-).

Cutfather spoke of one of the contestants here singing from the heart, being life-affirming and “hun er simpelthen så elskelig” (“she is simply so delightful”), and here I was told that this is about the TRUE love of Karen, and “elskelig” could also have been translated with “sweet”, which is to say that the darkness she is sending me is also still send out as misuse of children.

Blachman said herevi kan ikke få følelser nok hernede, det kan man jo bare ikke, vi vil have mere, mere, mere, og når der så er noget, der er der, – du er der, og så er du der ikke, men når du er der, så vil jeg bare have mere, så bliver jeg sådan frustreret over, at du pludselig er banket ind i store arrangementer …, jeg vil bare have mere af det, du er en steg …” (”we cannot get enough feelings down here, we want more, more, more and when something is there, – you are there, and then you are not, but when you are there, I just want to have more, and then I become frustrated that you suddenly are knocked into large arrangements …, I just want more of it, you are a ROAST”), and the feelings is really what is feeding the world and that is “uncontrollable” feelings of my surroundings, which was almost killing me/us at the same time as I had to go through them to save us all, and now it is here my old inner self, which we want more and more of, and then I am there and then I am not, so not very easy work to do, but we will keep on going, and yes the old speech with 100% again, again – and the ROAST is about “all life” as part of Old God. And I received pain to my left leg when he spoke of “then you are not” (there).

Pernille said hereLigesom at en guitarist sætter et jack-stik ind i rumpen på sin guitar, og så kommer der lyd, så kan Morten stikke ind i mennesker og få dem til at føle sig i live, føle at der bor nogle højere ting end vi går rundt og mærker hver evig eneste dag” (“as a guitarist plugs a jack-plug into the behind of a guitar, and then there is sound, Morten can stick into people making them feel alive, feel that some higher beings are living, which we do not feel every day”), and when she said ”i live” I was given the song “jeg i live” (“I’m alive”) by Sanne Salomonsen, which is about Old God being alive bringing life to others, this made Cutfather laugh so much because this is not how Pernille normally speaks (about faith) so he said ”it is because of Thomas” to which Blachman said ”this if fifth grade”, which was an example of Pernille starting to learn, which is to LISTEN/READ and UNDERSTAND and not only Blachman but also me.

I continued receiving pretty strong pressure to carry out my old nightmare and I was shown the red light district of Copenhagen, and the darkness knew that it had to withdraw this because of my decision.

Pernille said here that “der er blevet lagt en meget klar plan, kan man sige, med jer og det er jeg vild med, fordi der er ligesom ikke så meget diller-daller, vel” (”a very clear plan has been made, you can say, for you and I love it, because there is not much ”baby-maker”) and again it was a slip of the tongue of Pernille as it also was last week, and both times because of darkness making her reveal herself to the world, because last week she said that she (also) loves women, and the press wrote that she was hooked up with the Danish pop-singer Medina during this week (she is also together in a relationship with a man!!!), and now she came to say that she does not like sexual relations with men, but prefers women (!), and yes this is what she said, and just to give you an idea of how darkness wants to get through not only her but me as part of my old nightmare, but oh no, not here.

I was shown and told “we are removing the largest anaconda in the world from you”, and that is from the right side of me, and I was told that this snake is my sister, Sanna.

At the second part of the programme, the ruling, Blachman said hereåh, den er så irriterende den tromme lyd” (“oh, it is so annouying that drum sound”), and I felt that this is darkness of Blachman coming through here, because DRUMS are about original people, which he should like, and it was because he had to choose between sending out his own act or another act, and he WRONGLY said that “we vote on our own” and he told the other act “I say goodbye to you, I have to do this” and yes this is NOT how it is supposed to be, Blachman, so you have decided to go against your will following the others (?), and maybe it was because Blachman decided to do what was wrong, that he was able to say “for once it was sensible what you said” – the opposite world you know – and Cutfather simply kept on TALKING, TALKING and TALKING without saying much, which made Blachman ask “how long are you allowed to keep on talking”.

Pernille continued saying heredu er det mest livsbekræftende væsen, der har været i den her sæson, det må jeg bare sige til dig” (”you are the most life-affirming creature of this season, I simply have to tell you”), and with this I was given the feeling of my sister speaking to me, which is about her ”boundless love to me”, which I also feel for her.

And Lise ended the show by saying “lots of love from the stage and up to the stage”, which is what this is about. Life is build on love.

Ending this chapter by 05.10, which again was longer than expected but also because I decided to do a better job than I had first expected to do.

The entrance to Old God is being made perfect to transfer the main part of Old God to me

During my writing on the X-factor chapter above, I decided to open up to also writing down some notes, which became this:

At 00.50 I heard Old God playing “save the last dance for me” by the Drifters – to save a place for him coming as the last – and I heard “we are going to a birthday tomorrow, aren’t we, and we will invite the whole world” – and it may take longer than this (?) – and I have decided to write down messages while writing this chapter on X-factor, but I am so exhausted and broken down that I wonder if I can hold on for another 5 minutes, 1 hour of maybe 3 or 5 hours, we will see, and I felt heartburn of darkness both because of doing this work and also because of beginning reactions from Jimmy and the meditation group to my posting to them (see below), and I was also told that if I do not do the X-factor chapter this evening, it will mean new sacrifice to the Universe, so if I can, I will.

At 01.12 I was shown people of other civilizations on the top of a tram about to lift up the electricity unit to the power of the wires and I was told that this will be as good as new, and that is my old “reproduction unit” to make new children and as good as in the good old days :-).

At 01.18 I had new heartburn and was physically very close to throw up. This is surprisingly not easy work, and despite of having “slept” almost a normal night, I am worn out now.

At 01.30 I was shown “something” being sewed onto my right eye, and I believed it was some of these objects flying around me, and I got the feeling that this is my “uniform” and that is my new self being attached to me, and yes my final self, this is how I am going to look to the world when I will STAND up.

At 01.50 I was shown a football player with a very big football almost impossible to play with, and I was shown the football field itself being pulled away, and underneath it is dark and wet grass, which I understood as Old God suffering while he is drying up.

I kept seeing Düsseldorf in Germany where I was in 2006, so there is a connection here also because of Blachman saying “mensch” and family of mine in Germany, which I today know nothing more about than my mother’s father being from Germany, whom my mother’s mother never revealed who was.

I continued receiving heartburn also together with a loud hiccup – physical destruction of the Universe – and I was also told “we are almost there”.

And alright I will write this too, a very old suffering of mine has been when I scratch my skin as I just did, it makes my skin and body inside of the area where I scratched physically HURT very much for maybe ½ to 1 minute afterwards, and MUCH more than it normally does, when it really does not hurt, and it has done this for a few years now and it have not improved yet, and we know I also have pain in my button, so much darkness and work going on also tonight.

At 02.50 I was shown and told that “your new kitchen has not been delivered to you yet, but it is coming” and I was shown it on its way in, and yes what is the difference of the symbol of a bathroom and kitchen, and bathroom is “making love” and kitchen is “making life”, which has to be two things of the same, and yes here also meaning two worlds united as one, which is now done too.

At 03.25 I was shown a pork roast where a few slices has been cut, and the rest of it is still in the oven, and I understood that the spirit of my mother has brought life to only little of the potential of the entire roast provided by the spirit of my father, which is what we are also saving here, and that is “life of this world” (previous worlds have been saved, you know).

I was also brought some darkness because of the Union of Frie Funktionærer thinking of me, and yes they are old clients of mine, and “special friends” too.

At 03.50 I was shown the finest WHITE material now being used to build a new tunnel, which I understood was to my old self instead of an old tunnel made by yellow bricks, which did not look solid, and this is the work done now when I continue working also this night, which I truly thought was completely impossible to do thinking of how I felt yesterday evening.

At 04.40 I was shown a bulldozer moving a large portion of sand from darkness into the light, and I thought that this is the same as building up the upper part of the house again including EVERYTHING.

At 05.30 I was shown a stair leading up to the first floor and saw a lot of “material” on the first floor pressuring to get down, and I was told “isn’t it funny that most of it is still on the first floor”, which may be about first creating the right road, and when this is done, it should be easy to do, and that is what I hope at least.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • A couple of inspired signs from Klaus from the meditation group showing the darkness he has send me, which would have overturned the light of the cat if I had not been stronger than he and “everyone else”, and below that he is standing in front of a tipi, which is the symbol of the original people of the Council, but when he refers to Buffalo Bill, it is to say that he was the darkness of cowboys trying to destruct the light of the Indians, and yes old symbols too, which was ALSO the reason why we forgot my Indian costume on the ceiling when we moved from Rørholmsgade in 1972 and why I LOVED to wear the cowboy costume every year at Shrovetide because I was surrounded by darkness

  • And yes an inspiration above leads to “SAY YOU SAY ME”, and then we decided to say Lionel and then Rasmus, which became the new duet below in one of the most beloved songs by one of the greatest pop artists of the world, Lionel Ritchie, together with the new super star of Denmark, Rasmus Seebach, and yes my mother and I spoke of this the other day and WE SIMPLY LOVE IT, and when you add a little magic, this is what you get and that is because “every little thing she does is magic” :-).

  • The US correspondent of the Danish newspaper Berlingske, David Trads – the son of Rasmus Trads in a VERY famous and “inspired” story of Denmark, which is too long to write here, but it is “out there” – wrote that he was going to the White House to cover the meeting between Obama and the Danish Prime Minister and present chairman of the European Union, Helle Thorning Schmidt, and he asked for ideas of what to ask them at the press meeting, and yes taking the bull by the horns here, because if there is a journalist out there, who DARES, it is you, David (?), or do you believe this is “too far out in the country”, and yes we will see if you will become world famous for asking the ONE and RIGHT question for Obama, or if you will go over in history too as a WIMP? Later I was told that this was what was meant by pulling in the fish myself, so if David asks this question, I will become my new self, and we can start work being SO SERIOUS 🙂 and if not, it will probably take some more time (and I received heartburn of darkness because of the reactions to my posting, and I saw what used to be an Alien monster – from the movies – now is a spinal column entirely white, which I use on my way forward through the mountain – and I smell rubber from the Tretorn rubber factory making me think of RUBBER SHOES all over the world, which is to save everyone you know). Later: I do believe Obama and Helle Thorning Schmidt are being briefed by their “special advisers” on the “risk/chance” to pop the question this evening, and I feel heavy heartburn here because of Obama of all people (!), and yes my friend, not easy to “single handily” save the world, and yes this might be what you think is my attitude when not reading my website carefully, but I do believe the world will understand that I could not have done this alone without Obama and the world to take on sufferings, and the truth is that I do NOT know about what Obama has done to prepare our New World and that is simply because of “lack of communication”, so this I will leave up to you to communicate, Obama. Even later: I was told that Obama, Helle Thorning Schmidt and other journalists of the press conference knows about David maybe popping the question about me (they can read my Facebook communication), but no, he did not DARE to do this, so we are still playing the game. And I do look MUCH forward to stop continuing bringing myself humiliation from people looking down upon me when writing messages like this – I feel VERY poorly having to do this, but this is how we play.

  • And Søren is really “here, there and everywhere” too (!), so he decided to recommend David to ask about “the crazy tax on American magazines, which is cultural hostile”, and yes this is REALLY what he wanted David to ask the President and that is because it is truly “very annoying” to pay 160 DKK for the magazine “Foreign Affairs” – come on, Søren, you CAN do so much better than that (?), and one thing could be to “like” my comment or even to support it directly, and we know WHAT COULD HAPPEN IF YOU DECIDED TO DO THIS (?), and just wondering I am, and people LIKED Søren’s comment or the other “crazy” comment by Tonny below, but none “liked” my comment despite of more than 20 decided to open my webpage and “read” this and a few also a few other of my pages, and do you say that I am the crazy one here, and yes “we do not understand”, that is why.

  • The chairman of the Danish Parliament, “my friend” Mogens Lykketoft advertised for his programme with Uffe the Ellemann on TV2 News this evening, and I replied by “advertising” for “free culture” so I could see this programme, which I cannot today, and we know are you waiting for my “magic show” too, Mogens (?) and until this time, it is ALSO “deafening silence” from you (?), and it MUST be difficult to keep quite not starting to communicate with me (?), and just wondering I am.

  • Brian is finishing his “comedy tour” of Jutland and will “return to the “Devil island” (Stockholm Syndrome) of Zealand, where he lives (which I do too and this is where Copenhagen is also located), and “Devil Island” is what Zealand had been called for many years by people in Jutland “hating” Copenhagen and the “Devil Island” because of the arrogant behaviour of people here (not to speak about themselves of course!), and Brian was here inspired to speak of the Stockholm Syndrome, which is about “you will end up liking the man kidnapping you” and here saying that he will return to the place of the Devil leading a sinful life, which he loves (!), and yes the secret message is that I have thought about the very real risk of me becoming in love with (the spirit of) my mother if darkness had succeeded to take me over, and for years I have been thinking of exactly this Stockholm Syndrome as a danger, I did NOT want to become real, and there you have it, and yes almost on a silver plate, if you understand such a small one, do you see (?) and yes I see the silver (as I do), and this is how we keep getting closer all of the time, and we know let us give “blue blood to everyone”, which is coming from Zealand you know :-).

  • Rikke was going to see X-factor live tonight, and she said that she wanted to see Blachman before he will “thank off”, and that is before we become our new selves – thank you for visiting, Rikke :-).

  • Rikke was together with Michael seeing X-factor live, and he said below that the sit right behind the judges at “King places”, and yes what do you know about that (?) and nothing much, but I was inspired to tell him to LISTEN to Blachman, which is what Michael did not do to me, and to give my best both to Blachman and to Rikke, and yes I thought people became happy to receive my messages, but they did not and eeeehhh not because of me but because of you, you say, and yes I can almost hear Michael and Rikke speaking about me with their “guessings” behind my back, and yes they could have decided to READ and COMMUNICATE to find out, but you did not and why was that (?) – and eeeehhhh laziness and “we don’t need to read to know”, is that it?

  • Kenneth from the meditation group wrote about a meditation experience he had Sunday, where he saw Niclas with flying glasses and an old flying helmet of leather, and he did not know why he showed in this shape, and Niclas thought it was very funny “ha ha ha” and yes “I even surprise myself at times”, and Cathinca also laughed saying that he has probably been “the red baron” in a former life – and this man was the best fighter pilot with 80 combat wins -, and Kenneth also felt Jimmy in the meditation, which Line thought was “truly funny”, and so funny that she pretended to be “Jimsy” pushing the “fox-red button”, and yes my friends a FIGHTER PLANE is a plane of darkness doing its absolutely best to SHOOT me down, and that is “Old God” with Jimmy being the one pushing the button based upon Niclas “innocent” feedback like this, where he has “joined the play” on the wrong side to maintain being friends with this gang of killers (!), and “ha ha ha”, it is truly fantastically funny and here I feel myself as TinTin in the cinema movie almost crashing down with no more fuel, and yes this is why I am completely “smashed” here at 22.55 this evening, and Line gave other symbols too saying “FART”, which is about “destruction” you know, and that is because of the “red sausages” as a symbol of my “old nightmare” leading to this destruction, and yes that is if I was not able to handle it, but she also says “goose fat”, with goose being in the same “family” as chicken, so also saying that there darkness is leading to survival because I can absorb it, and Niclas says that he loves all with his “beautiful angel + spider + smurf – space man” and this sounds good except from “spider”, so still some darkness there, and yes my friends I have decided NOT to push the button this evening even if I don’t have energy to finish the chapter on X-factor, and we will see if I do, and NO I don’t want to give a comment to these people because they will NOT be able to understand me, and yes we know Stig, the darkness is strong enough as is, and we will continue until the end of it bringing other opportunities if necessary.

  • And this story became a A BIGGER BANG, Mick & Co., when Jimmy also contributed, and that is at least what my “good friends” would have made it if I had not transformed their darkness to light, and it is exactly as Jimmy says with a smile “what is it about that button, dearest Niclas – why doesn’t anything happen”, and we know he tried to push it to make my old self explode, but he did not make it because I was the strongest, and yes this was the only way to save me, which was for this group helping to explode/kill me, do you see, and yes Line & co. this is truly amazingly funny, and for you it is sadly because of your “inability” to understand making you “stupid/crazy” at the same time as this is happiness of the light starting to shine through, and Linda and Line started thinking of the “button” as a button activate sexual pleasure, and yes part of the group bringing my “old nightmare” to me leading to destruction, and when I saw Niclas reply of “hmmm”, I felt Vivian, who you know is another part of the spirit of my mother, which is the connection here and that is BECAUSE OF YOUR WRONG BEHAVIOUR TOWARDS ME, NICLAS (which was the ONLY way for the rescue of Old God!), but Kenneth then asked the right question if they push the red or the blue button, and yes we have decided for the blue one – of the Son of God – and that is not because of you and still it is because of you too!

  • And it continued and ended here with Jimmy deciding to “relax about this button” and “to let go of it” including the desire to push it, and yes this is the button of the Doomsday weapon, which in 2010 and into 2011 would have meant the end of the world, if the darkness had been stronger than me and I had allowed the button to be pushed, and the last months it has been about saving Old God by NOT pushing it.

  • After writing the above, I was encouraged to write an explanation to their experiences and yes because I am not a WIMP, therefore (!), so this is what I did, and I wonder if this will help all of them to a better understanding of what they have gone through, and if they will consider communicating with me again and even to invite me back, and yes it is now midnight, and I have not started the chapter on X-factor yet, and we know I have no intentions to stay up the whole night and that is because already at 19.30 I had a “crisis” almost falling asleep and yes the chapter is also going to be shorter this time.

The script of today became “pretty long”, and first by 06.15 I was able to publish the third of a string of three days.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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