February 27, 2012: Kim was FULL of music winning “the Voice” to show you the greatest love of God to man through me


Summary of the script today

25th February: Kim was FULL of music winning “the Voice” to show you the greatest love of God to man through me

  • I AM UTTERLY DESTROYED today because of lack of sleep and too much work and I was dreaming about being afraid of having no energy and to be attacked by darkness, working very quickly being carefully not to fall, immensely strong darkness is also given to me because of my weight, I have used more energy than expected, will I get EVERYTHING out of Old God (?), I have almost gone through most information of him now in a continuous fight against darkness, the Commune is making me bleed too to enter this darkness, I visit the last supermarket (of life) before the gate will close and part of the work is to improve the quality/code of Old God.
  • Old God is being inserted at the centre of our new Source, and as per yesterday the setup was not working yet as a broken windmill in Lystrup, Jutland, shows, but we are getting there, and it is symbolised by John who has started the business development of a new cleaning concept for the “gear” of windmills.
  • At the final of “the Voice” on TV2 I first write about the TV news on DR1 knowing about me and my wish to help the world, but despite of this, they have ALSO showed me “deafening silence” working for the Devil (!), and afterwards, inspired messages of this show speak of THE GREATEST LOVE OF GOD TO MAN THROUGH ME symbolised by the winner Kim, who has MUSIC everywhere in his body from the inside of out. Furthermore it said that my new self receive “more and more body” of Old God, that I have also had “the extra, which makes people react” to me, which is the feeling of the love of God, which many people however could not understand. Kim song a FANTASTIC R&B song as one of the strongest musical experiences of my life, it was a “match made in heaven” to show LOVE of our New World at the same time as it shows you that I had to be stronger than my “old nightmare” to make it through this road to save EVERY LITTLE THING of our Old God, which included the risk for me to receive a heart attack on my way, and just today I received 10-20 small heart attacks. Kim was “superior” winning this contest symbolising the survival of Old God.
  • Obama will include people of other civilizations in his new World Government to teach mankind of its wrong doings and how to live a RESPONSIBLE and LOVING life towards everyone.

26th February: My new and old self are merging into ONE, which will end time and lead to the wake up of my new self

  • Dreaming of Old God being rebuilt making him/me look identical to old days, where he will work as a reflection of the world returning what the world brings “him”.
  • I had a “strange day” not having much to do – however the day still ended with a good script after all – and darkness tried once again to make me “finish now”, which I still rejected as long as there is darkness, which I still receive. My old and new self has now started to merge, where I had to resist strong darkness making it “impossible” to do, and I was told that “it is part of becoming your new self that you will become your old self”, and also that time will end as a result of this, and that time was invented by darkness with the purpose to count down to the end of the world.
  • Jan Gintberg spoke inspired on live TV about “this in mine and this is yours”, which was about my sister and her oldest son not understanding each other with my sister being the strongest leading to sufferings of my nephew. And he spoke of how difficult it has been for me to listen to people because of the sufferings I have gone through myself being more dead than alive, and being tormented inside of me while listening to and speaking to people.

27th February: Thomas Blachman’s book “the colossal human being” is a part of my philosophy replacing the Bible

  • When I will wake up, everyone will receive their own “butterfly”, which is light of our New World, we are fine tuning communication of our New World after having almost emptied and dried out everything inside of darkness.
  • Karen’s dealings with other men ”not understanding” the TRUE love of her life, me, has also brought me IMMENSE sufferings through negative voices and my ”old nightmare” – and had she known, she would NEVER had acted as she did.
  • Thomas Blachman’s book “the colossal human being” is a part of my philosophy of our New World to replace the Bible and other “religious” scripts.
  • I slept a few hours dreaming of someone from the LWF being an “important part of the Bible”, Rikke having faith in me, continuous work at the first floor of the house of Old God to refurbish the ground floor of “him” and the different possible endings of my work to save Old God going from “poor” to “excellent”.
  • MANY INSPIRED STORIED today about poor behaviour of man, darkness (“fuel”) of people sent to me, communication of our New World will work PERFECT, people of the world work undercover to reveal the wrong doings of the Old World to make this a better place, myself STILL CARRYING ON going through one of my worst days almost falling, but “almost” that is and my love will bring the best loving relations between people of our New World making men be men and women women.


25th February: Kim was FULL of music winning “the Voice” to show you the greatest love of God to man through me

Dreaming of working very quickly bringing out the last of Old God being carefully not to fall

I went to bed at 06.30 and “slept” until 13.30, but because of poor sleep and hard work yesterday, I am UTTERLY DESTROYED today being very close to giving up, but only “close” of course (!) and I was shown and told that there is a road out of here leading to the light if this is what I should decide, but no I told myself “3 months” as my “long target goal”, which is always better to focus on instead of believing that “we are almost there”, and who knows really (?) – and yes some dreams too:

  • Something about walking home in the middle of the night to my apartment, being afraid that the electricity has gone, which it has not, I don’t live there alone, and something about being afraid of being attacked.
    • I got this dream already at 07.00, and I woke up being smashed at the same time as I received very unpleasant heart pain. Much darkness really.
  • Something about being the fastest down the stairs and very quickly going from one bus stop to the next and next – and I really have to check those notes during night (if I was not TOO tired) because this one is impossible to read – but it also included something about swimmers, fast walking and not to fall.
    • The message is probably that we are working very fast now, and the challenge is for me not to give up.
  • I am at a brothel and have had full intercourse with two ladies, and I pay according to my weight.
    • It is very rare that dreams go this far sexually, and it is saying that darkness is truly the worst now, and I am again told that my weight is making it worse than it could have been – and probably because of “unnecessary worries” of my mother because of this!
  • I have walked the town using more money than expected, and I have to remind myself to put aside this money at the Hotel, so I will not spend it on something else.
    • I used MUCH energy yesterday.
  • I read an add in the paper including an “application” to be allowed to buy clothes/shoes, which seems all wrong, and somehow it is wrong because it also says that the limiting rules of the mail order catalogue does not apply here.
    • This will have to be about the game of whether or not I can get everything out of Old God – yes quite difficult work to do this, and really the most difficult of all I have done.
  • I am at a store seeing that only few LP’s remaining to be sold before they are sold out, and this includes all LP’s of the Jam of only 3,95 DKK per LP, and they are made of fine pressing and I would like to buy them and play them at my gramophone at home, and I particularly notice “Eton riffles”.
    • This will have to be love of Old God and the song refers to a battle between “primitive people” and more fit “school people” as I understand it, and this is simply telling you about the battle of darkness to release light, and yes, I will always prefer fit people of knowledge instead of primitive people drinking beer and smoking, which I do believe you will understand too, Paul (?) – and yes I do NOT like “different classes” and I LOVE “common people” too :-).

  • I am at the railway station where I have eaten two sausages at the sausage wagon, and I see a large portion left from a previous customer, who was “the Commune”, and it includes mashed potatoes, fries etc. and I ask if the “sausage man” will refill with Ketchup, which he does.
    • This is saying that the Commune is also helping me to save more life and I have to be stronger than the ketchup (“blood”), which they send to me and we know “killing fields” is what I go through.
  • I am driving down the last piece of Klostermosevej towards the Beach Road in Snekkersten, I listen to Eddie Skoller, and I am thinking of shopping at the last supermarket in Helsingør, which I have not tried, which (in the dream) is located on the beach road close to Helsingør when coming from Snekkersten. I enter and when I want to leave, an employee has closed the gate to the road, but I open it to exit.
    • Eddie Skoller is about what I have learned in school, and that is “continue working until the end” my friends, and here I am visiting the last piece of Old God saving life, and it seems as if the gate is about to close, but my decision still remains clear – I want EVERYTHING LITTLE THING to be saved, so hoping that we can keep the door open for as long as it takes.
  • I woke up to “Voldsom Volvo” (“Violent Volvo”) by Allan Mortensen from a TV series of the Danish comedians Rasmussen & Wikke, and the lyrics don’t tell me much, but I SIMPLY LOVE THIS and the Brothers Bisp can do ANYTHING, so this is what I will take in – we are to do as they and yes put soya in the roll of course and to get everything done perfectly. And it is of course also about a VERY strong Swedish car of joy and happiness.

  • Something about a company believing they work properly, which they do not, and a cupboard full of cookies wrapped in poor quality packing, and I hear that this is also how the written procedures of the company is.
    • Cookies is content/life inside Old God, which needs new packing to be lifted up to its old quality – and I was told that Old God will first receive dry shoes when walking over to the other side.

It was IMPOSSIBLE to work today with darkness testing me to my limit of breaking down – and “almost” that is 🙂

It was IMPOSSIBLE to start writing the script of today because of how I felt and darkness testing me to my limit of breaking down, which meant that I MANY times had to find my last will to be stronger, and yes very easy to slide over to the other side and that is of love really as I am told here, and yes after my PC speakers decided not to work for two hours, suddenly they started working again when I found this old favourite song of mine (?) – and yes I was happy to read on Depeche Mode’s website the other day that Vince Clark and Martin Gore decided to work together again for the first time in 30 years doing a “techno album” :-). And the “strange” part here is that it was ONLY this song, which I was “allowed” to hear because when I wanted to listen to other songs, and also tried playing media from DR TV, the sound was shut off again, and we know PEOPLE OF DARKNESS NOT LIKING ME, which is what I receive, and yes the meditation group, the Commune and apparently also Fuggi are examples of this at the moment, and amazing that they bring me their misunderstandings, resistance and even hate without being “able” to look into the mirror understanding their unjust and selfish behaviour.

I was shown a chicken and a gold brush, which is about doing the final details of our New World. And when I stood in my kitchen I was shown a spirit entering my living room (including my small kitchen) from the hall, and I heard “he went that way”, which was the opposite direction of where I stood, and I was told that I had to have a STRONGER voice than all of my family/friends etc. in order for my old inner self to locate the Source and later for the world to do the same, and yes the world will come to understand that this was “impossible” to do, but only “almost” of course :-).

Old God is being setup as the centre of our new Source to make our future energy even more pure

This evening I was HAPPY to visit my mother and John again even though I felt before going that it would “almost” be impossible to carry out because of how I felt and even more impossible trying to explain how UFO’s look like and to walk outside during the evening to see them together with them, but as usual I have decided to go through my journey without giving up, so this is also what I did here.

When I spoke to John about developing a new concept to clean the “gear” of Windmills, which he and a business partner looks at, I understood that it would have been a good idea to include a story I received the same day as the meeting with the Commune, the 21st, where I received a couple of stories of “old concepts, which do not work”, and I was shown the VERY long cash band and VERY short end of it to pick up your grocery the Aldi Supermarket as an example, and yes I told the assistant about this being the LONGEST cash band in town, and he told me that they had tried to expand the end area because there is NO room to collect your groceries, and he said that this is how it is at all Aldi supermarkets all over the world, and it was here that I thought “crazy concept” (!), but they are not allowed to change it, and I recommended him to let customers speak out so the management will understand (!), and yes I did not know what this “concept” truly meant, but it came to me today, when John spoke of the work he has started to find a better way than how gears of windmills today are cleaned, and suddenly I understood, because the “concept” is about changing the Source self including our Old God as the centre of it – as I wrote 1-2 days ago – and that is because “everything else would be crazy”, and yes it is about making the energy of the Source even “cleaner” (more pure) and what better sign than John working on a wind mill, and I was told that this was also the reason why a windmill broke yesterday in Jutland as you can see below (how often to you see wind mills breaking like this (?), and just wondering I am), and apparently a sign that this new setup of the Source is not working yet, but we are getting there, and yes there is NO way I will give up before this is setup or ever really :-).

Old God is being inserted at the centre of our new Source, and as per yesterday the setup was not working yet as this broken windmill in Lystrup, Jutland, shows, but we are getting there

For a couple of days I have also been told about “new colours”, which is a life long wish of mine (!), and now I was told that with the integration of Old God, this wish will also be granted, and yes I wonder which colours you will be able to create, which is “impossible” to believe in today, and yes almost like my mother believing in me even though it is “impossible” to believe in me.

Kim was FULL of music winning “the Voice” to show you the greatest love of God to man through me

After a new very nice dinner, my mother and I watched the final of the Voice on TV2, and the question was “would Kim win everything” (?), and yes “everything” meaning “every little thing” of our Old God and old world, and yes just like the Danish men won the European Cup weeks ago.

I decided to write down notes from the show on my mobile phone since I told my mother the other day that this is how I am “able” to remember inspired speech I hear, unless of course I have the “luxury” to listen to it again afterwards as I do with X-factor on DR1 having its programmes for free on the Internet, which I LOVE, which TV2 do not, which makes me SAD, because it removes LIFE QUALITY of people. So the following is based on quickly written down notes, and I refer to the show to hear the words as they were said precisely – and yes also thinking of the “two painters” from the streets of Nairobi, whom I often met in 2009, and yes EVERY single time I eat rice, there is another tall gentleman from the same streets I think about, who begged me for rice when I spoke with him, and I will NEVER forget how the LOOK of desperate people (and love as they possess from God) looks like, and yes not to forget about the man, who “forgot” an agreement with me on the streets, and yes the prostitutes I also spoke to, and yes I am feeling that “we have followed them ever since” (the spiritual world) and yes the servant from the hotel, where I wrote his story, and the slim female waiter from the restaurant of the same hotel, and yes many more – these are people going into your soul when you CARE, and HOW CAN THE RICH WORLD CONTINUE BURNING OFF MONEY ON THEMSELVES WHEN THESE PEOPLE ARE SCREAMING TO YOU NOT KNOWING WHAT TO DO TO SURVIVE (?), and yes this is also to say that the news of DR1 TV knows about this, and about my Facebook posting to Anders Ladekarl from Red Cross the other day, and what do you do about it to HELP the world NOW (?) – and eeeehhhh nothing (!) because you are all waiting on my TRUE arrival, and yes you “cannot” do yourself what is simple logic to do, and yes APPALLED is what I am, and why do I write this here (?), and yes because I decided to send one of the TV hosts of the news of TV2 this message, which I might as well bring here telling him that he is indeed a “screen troll” – that is the DEVIL, Johannes (!) – because of this exact behaviour, where you DO NOT DO WHAT IS REQUIRED TO “SAVE” THE POOR WORLD or to bring news about me too, and as I write below “have you prepared your news about me” (?) and yes JUST WONDERING I AM – and MUCH disappointed with you and TV2 too for your deafening silence and lack of courage!

And alright coming back to “the Voice” of the evening. Sharin spoke about getting out the aggressions to show “where the closet is to stand” and that is the closet of God, and here about my confidence in relation to Lisbeth from the Commune TELLING her NOT to interrupt me as example – this was my road to Old God.

Steen told Mathias that is receiving “more and more body”, which is about my new self physically receiving more and more body of Old God.

I believe it was LOC saying about Kim that he has “the extra, which makes people react”, and what did Sharin say about Kim straight after (?), but what this is about is an old story, which I do not believe I ever wrote down, because I did not “like” to, and yes it is this “special feeling” ALL people receive about me and have ALWAYS done, and that is the feeling of LOVE of God, my friends – this is what the very STRONG musical expression of Kim is about, EVERYONE can see it, but are they able to understand or do they “ignore” it (?) – and I am here told that this feeling is also apparent with Niclas and the meditation group, but they did the same as so many other people have done in my life, which is to “ignore” this, and you might want to ask Eva from Arthur Findlay College in 2005/06 of how she “felt” me, and yes “insanely in love” she was, and that is because she could feel it stronger than most, and I do mean INSANELY!

LOC told Kim that “I am Kim’s lawyer” – a symbol of himself being darkness, and I love much of what you do, LOC, but some of your ugly language truly makes me feel poorly – and he continued something like this “you gave him a battle to the limit, it would have been easy to lay down, but you did not”, which of course was to say that this is what I could have done in relation to darkness for example fearing all of the small heart attacks I received – just got one now, as I have received maybe 10-20 today – but NO this is not how we play here, come on and get it (!) is the ONLY way to go through darkness, and that is to be STRONG.

After some time I told my mother that the three other contestants were all “very good” – and that is indeed VERY GOOD – but INSTANTLY when you see Kim dancing and singing, you can see that his entire body vibrates of music, and I told her that Kim is simply UNIQUE (where the others were “very good”) – in my mind still belonging to top 10 of all musicians in Denmark (!) – and my mother agreed completely, and I told her “it will be exciting to see if Denmark is “able” to see this and make him the winner, which he so clearly is”, and I knew all along that this was also a symbol of me, because I am the winner too with an aura, which apparently is or should be visible to all, and yes how could you believe I was negative, when all of my personality shows you the opposite (?) and yes just wondering once again.

After a very good first round of singing with Kim clearly standing out, his MASTERPIECE came in the second round if you ask me when he did a duet with an R&B artist, I did not know of in forehand, which was Lloyd, and when they started singing his fantastic song “Dedication To My Ex (Miss That)”, it did not take me many seconds to realize that this is one of the STRONGEST musical experiences of my life – this is how it felt like – with Kim singing a FANTASTIC soul song, with two lovely, dancing and COLOURFULL ladies singing in the choir and later Lloyd also sung with a beautiful voice too, and after this UNIQUE performance, in the back room an INSPIRED voice of a person (Lloyd?) said “this is a match made in heaven” and yes this is exactly what it is, this was the FEELING given to me, and that is by the QUEEN, who you know is the spirit of my mother, and Lloyd spoke about being “fearless”, which was about my attitude in relation to darkness, and Kim said something like this “this is like New Years eve” (symbol of CELEBRATION) and something with a spiritual connection, I believe.

And let me say that I simply LOVE this song and that is because of the song and performance itself, which is WORLD CLASS, but when you listen to the lyrics, you may understand that I do NOT like language like this, and you might want to change some of the lyrics, my friends (?), and when you listen to the lyrics as they are today, it is also to tell you about my “old nightmare”, which is what I have had to go through to create the MOST BEAUTIFUL OF ALL BEAUTIFUL NEW WORLDS IMAGINABLE, and yes “come on, you don’t stand a chance” (!) is the concept here when fighting darkness and when needed it to ignore or ask darkness to STAND BACK when giving me these threats of this “nightmare” (!), which is then what makes scared dogs of darkness become cats of light – and a part of the evening, I received the WORST words and visions of this nightmare again, which was really not very nice to receive when my mother sat next to me, but being STRONG is what it is about, otherwise I would not have made it through this evening too.

Steen said “let the women take over” and exactly when he said this, I was told that Obama will include people of other civilizations in his new World Government to teach mankind of its wrong doings and how to live a RESPONSIBLE and LOVING life towards everyone – and yes I received a VERY weak heart writing this chapter, so much darkness and “work going on” really.

During the shown I was shown a bottle of orange soda underneath a Coca Cola, and I was told that “people will laugh when they will see what we come from” also with the feeling of how small (”nothing”) we are.

Later, Kim said that “I am still levitating after the Lloyd experience”, so it was also a very special moment for him, and LEVITATING is my symbol of continuing work without stopping and that is despite of everything really, and I did not see if it was Kim or the other contestant Mathias – the last two competing – who said something like “it was three wise men from Randers, who wrote this song, which is basic LOVE”, which was about the last song he was going to perform, but what it was about was to say that I AM ALL ABOUT LOVE, this was the message of X-factor yesterday, and this is the message of the Voice today symbolised by the musicality of every single part of Kim, and when he sang his “own” song as the last of the evening, I was happy to discover his courage to make a “simple” but beautiful song, and I told my mother that “this song has potential to become a radio hit”, so here it is.

At the first round, Kim had sung “all the right moves”, and later Liv song “heart attack” and it was underlined when Lene said “it seemed as if my heart stopped several times this evening”, and this is simply what my heart could have done and that is if I did not make “all the right moves” when facing extreme darkness surrounding Old God.

Sharin told Kim that it was her dream for Kim to sing a Lindsey Buckingham song – and LOC spoke about a “special connection”, where I was shown spiritually the special connection between my mother and I – and yes what about bringing Lindsey’s FANTASTIC solo performance of BIG LOVE to underline the message of the love of God to the world, and do you know anyone in the world performing as Lindsey does here (?), and I do not, it is a TRUE JOY to see – and yes the same “vibrations” reach Kim as Lindsey, this is the connection, and this is what Sharin was infected by.

LOC continued speaking about Kim saying something like this “han er blevet skudt i skoene, at han er lidt skør, men nogen gange er det de skøre, som er de store” (”he has been ”shot in the shoes” that he is a little bit crazy, but sometimes it is the crazy, who are the great”), and yes this was again about me being considered as crazy by how many of you (?), but I still have my shoes, also my old ones of Old God, and I am going from “crazy” to become “great” in the eyes of people, this is what it is about, and Sharin also said something inspired right after this, which I did not get, but it was about just how close LOC previously was to send out Kim, if I am not mistaken, and yes also about my journey almost being sent out for not being able to save Old God.

And who won the contest this evening (?), and yes haven’t you guessed already (?), and we know Kim of course (!) – as a symbol of Old God surviving – because he was able to receive more SMS-votes than Mathias, and that is even though Mathias sold more songs on ITunes than Kim, which was also part of the voting, and yes Mathias spoke to “young girls”, who would send many SMS-votes as teenagers do, and it took MUCH for the 45 year old Kim to “wake up” the family Denmark to vote on him, but he did it, and yes “almost impossible” it was, but not quite, and it was as LOC said when saying something like this “when I heard the first stanza by Kim, I knew he was the winner before he had ended the stanza” and yes, I felt it exactly the same way, but still it took more for many people to understand the same (?), and NOT EVEN DAN RACHLIN was able to “figure” this out when he wrote during the show that “Mathias wins Voice” (!), and is this because you “could not” see the amazing talent of Kim (?), or did you just believe that the “hit potential” of Mathias was greater without understanding what is TRUE quality (?), which is also the difference between you and Blachman and yes Dan, just wondering I am, and I was happy that another “old voice”, Philip was “able” to see that Kim was the winner, but will you please remove the ugly F-word, Philip?

I decided to “like” Kim Wagner’s Facebook page, and to send him this message telling him that his music is part of a greater story of God’s love to man.

In Denmark at the moment, Rasmus Seebach is the King of Pop, and as sure as he is the King, Medina is the Queen of Pop – some of the greatest talents ever on the Danish music scene – and Medina was also attending the Voice this evening singing together with one of the other “very good” contestants, which was Bjarne, and later she was inspired to write this message on Facebook including my keyword “G’night lovers”, which in my mind can ONLY be about my favourite song by Depeche Mode “goodnight lovers”, and yes this song to me is also about the BIG LOVE of God to man – including my own story “when you’re born a lover, you’re born to suffer” – so here is her Facebook posting followed by Depeche Mode and Bjarne’s and her performance on the Voice this evening.

Earlier in the evening during dinner I decided to speak a little about UFO’s even though I almost did not bother because of how I felt, and I told about the different “categories” of how they look, and invited them to go out later 5 or 10 minutes to see if they would also show when I was together with my mother and John, and I spoke of the 6-8 I saw the other day cycling home the small piece of road from Snekkersten to Helsingør and also about the “pulsating blinks” I saw from one UFO on my way here this evening, which is “apparent to everyone that they can ONLY be UFO’s”, and to my surprise John said that “I believe in you”, but still he did not want to go out and have a look (!), and after the Voice, my mother was “too tired” to go out, and yes I felt that she was “tense” during the evening because of this, and she had also asked me if they are dangerous – and NOT AT ALL, mother (!) – so we did NOT go out to see for only a few minutes, and when I later had returned home, I was told that this is what created more darkness (the fear of my mother), which is helping on this task of getting Old God out and into place, and I also thought that “the proof has been with you all of the time (my scripts, web-pages of miracles, your own dreams etc.), but it was “too difficult” for you to find out because you did not “bother” (?), and yes amazing isn’t it – but I do believe both John and my mother believe in me about UFO’s, and also that John believe in me telling him that they are “unpleasant news” for the official world, and yes I still don’t get it that the world could be so SELFISH and NARROW MINDED to keep the greatest news of all time from man (?), and yes including the story of my arrival, which also made it “quite difficult” for me to convince my own family/friends etc. without your support!

And I wonder if my mother and John also now understand the simple truth after I repeated it this evening, which is that I have been capable to work all of the time (!) and it is only inside of the heads of the Commune AFTER they discovered my website that I “suddenly” became unfit (!) – first Lyngby-Taarbæk and now Helsingør – and also that I am telling the truth about people, which is so uncomfortable to hear that they don’t want to listen and understand (?), and yes STEP BY STEP, Whitney, we are getting there.

During all day the feeling was darkness coming to me – I am showed darkness almost as if it is physical – and entering me, and this is the darkness, which literally makes me sick with throw-up feelings, tiredness, negative voices, my “old nightmare” etc., but you do know by now, don’t you?

My mother has also had pain of her lower right leg for days, which I understood as the same symbol as when I receive it, which sadly is about physical destruction/sacrifice of the world (to save Old God), and I was HAPPY when she spoke of and showed me an OLD cook book (from her mother) from the 1930’s by Claus Meyer’s grandmother, and I understood it as a symbol of “old food”, which is “old life” of Old God and everything inside of him surviving, and I was shown and told that “we just have to tighten the Christmas Tree”, which is about my final setup including the “instalment” of Old God, and we spoke about “burned rice pudding”, which is a taste you can NEVER remove, and I understood that this is what we are now building up again of Old God, and here I received a high hiccup, which is what the Universe is helping to do through sacrifices, and yes I don’t know how bad this is, which I fear, but I cannot think that anything else is more important than to save the essence of our Old World, and that what we lose now, can be rebuild later, but if we lost Old God, it would probably be forever, which would be a loss we would never come over, this is basically why.

Ending this chapter at 02.35 deciding to do it today not because of motivation, but thinking that it will help the process – and it took really until 03.50 also including the Facebook stories of Kim and Medina too, and to upload this script in case Kim and others should like to see it.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • It makes me SAD that neither Jimmy, Niclas, Kenneth nor anyone else from the meditation group “likes” my posting of yesterday, comment it positively/objectively or READ my script (when this is written at 17.30 today, only two in total (!) have read my script of yesterday, and I don’t know if this includes any of the meditation group, but the interest to understand is “not overwhelming”) and we know they simply “hate” me to rescue Old God because they “cannot” understand and yes it must be VERY annoying for you having me to interrupt your “positivity/light/happiness” (on my expense) to bring “all of my negativity”, and yes do you see how the Devil loved people wallowing in their own selfishness? Later I felt my father as the spirit of my father and I was told that the same way that I feel and am told about inspired writings of others, Niclas reads and understands the truth of my writings, and still he decides to say nothing, and yes because he is afraid of losing the “love” of his friends, amazing isn’t it?
  • Fuggi DID indeed return as a “reader” to my script of yesterday and yes what do you know about that (?), and that is with a little help from my friends (?), and what did he bring (?), and we know I was given more darkness together with the feeling of him, so still not “easy” for you Fuggi to see your old friend claiming to be the one and being “very negative” towards others (?), and yes do you love Simple Minds too (?), and that is if you understand them, my friend.
  • After returning home from my mother and John, my PC speakers had “decided” to start playing again, and that is EVERYTHING and no, my computer was NOT shut down and reopened, “spiritual darkness” is what it was about.


26th February: My new and old self are merging into ONE, which will end time and lead to the wake up of my new self

Dreaming of Old God being rebuild as the mountain returning to the world what the world brings to him/me

I went to bed at 05.00 and wanted to stand up at 11.30 to attend the service of Den Gyldne Cirkel at 12.00, but I slept right until 15.00, so I needed it, and I only remember one short dream:

  • I have taken a picture of an old farm house in France, and when I browse through an atlas, I see exactly the same house in a photograph from the 19th century, which is taken at exactly the same angle with the house looking exactly the same, and I show it to someone next to me and tell him “isn’t it funny that I took this photo and see exactly the same here”, and it continues over the next pages of the atlas with the same resemblance, where I see how owls and people look into the side of a mountain rock, which reflects everyone as if it was a mirror, which is exactly what the atlas also shows but with people from the 19th century.
    • The will have to be about the rebuild of Old God over the last days to become a mirror of all life of the world, as he used to be, so the more love you show, the more love you will get, my friends :-). And I wonder if this means that the rebuild has ended (?), and we will see over the next days.
  • I also had a vague dream with the message that it will take VERY LONG to rebuild our Universe.

My new and old self are merging into ONE, which will end time and lead to the wake up of my new self

It was truly a strange day to wake up to, I had one more night, Phil, where I was “not me”, just a mere human being, and when I woke up, I was “oh, that is right, that guy, you know”, which is STILL a very heavy burden and suffering of mine. For a long time with the exception of a few days, I have been going to my extreme limits when working, and now I wake up to a day with only one dream and nothing special on the agenda, I don’t feel tired, and what am I to do on a Sunday with no money and it is becoming dark soon (?), so it will be another day at home, and I received questions like “do you want to finish now” (?), and no there is still darkness, and still some disgusting sexual voices in the background, which I have to be careful about not to enter, but it is also as if they are weaker, so WE WILL CONTINUE and yes until I receive a CLEAR sign saying that we are ready – and my question is, can it really be that I almost have a day off?

Later I was told “so you don’t want to finish yourself off, alright let us continue and do the most important, which is implementation”. I also felt people of other civilizations adding to the my bone structure around a small area of my left eye, and they gave me the impression that they would die together with “the rest”, if I stopped now, but this is not how it goes here.

I was shown a vision of a large whale, and inside of it a large restaurant with waiters service, and outside I saw a big elephant with BIG ears, and yes “God is listening” to every single human being, which is still part of the master plan, and we know because God is every single human being. So is this to say that we are about being ready to push the BLUE button – not the red, Kenneth 🙂 – of our New World? We will see, often good messages are given “ahead of time”.

I was shown darkness with dark people carrying operation knives waving at me in to lay down on the operation table, and yes “I am not going to be cut” is the “normal reaction” when meeting darkness like this, but as long as you follow my few rules, I feel perfectly fine to TRANSFORM into my new self, which this is about, so please carry on but ONLY if everything will become 100% perfect, I WILL SETTLE FOR NO LESS!

During the evening I felt how darkness with Old God inside of it was pulled forwards to me and I was told that “it is part of becoming your new self that you will become your old self”, and the darkness was very strong wanting me to resist this making it “impossible” to enter, so I had to cut through saying “det styrer I bare” (“you simply control it”), and that is the light of course, as you say in Danish – also an old expression of Lars and we know inspired of course to help me to decide the light “controlling it” instead of me as an ignorant human being – and I received the feeling that with this merger the energy system of the Source will work (this is written AFTER the short stories of today below).

I was encouraged to search for my old friend René on the Internet being reminded that he also has the middle name “Bach” followed by his sir name “Pedersen” and that is because I have tried finding him many times without luck, and when searching now I cannot either find him on his full name – he is one of these people deciding to be “invisible” not being on LinkedIn or Facebook – and right after I was told this, I felt the spirit of Rene coming to me, which is for the first time ever, and he put “something decisive over my head” with the feeling being that it was my new self merging with my old self and I received strong darkness wishing him the worst, but I allowed him as Stig, and understood that this was the first part of a process now starting, and shortly thereafter I was also given a head support to place my head on, and I was shown and told “now the hourglass will be turned around” and I was given the feeling that time was introduced by darkness as a tool to count down to the end of the world, and with the survival of our world, time will naturally stop again.

I was shown a hatch opening to a pyramid in silver (our New World), and I was told that this is like jumping into the pyramid closing the hatch behind you, and I was shown two spaceships connecting and I was told “this is the real merger on-going”, and I felt a person entering me, and I was shown a big fat and dark rat being removed from the rotor blade inside a motor.

Later I felt as if the angle of my left leg opened and God was inserted, which we know is Old God returning what was given to him.

Jan Gintberg spoke on live TV about misunderstandings of my sister and nephew leading to sufferings of my nephew

I watched the comedian Jan Gintberg live on the “serious” talk show on DR1 TV with Clement Kjergsgaard (I like your show much better, Clement, when you have more time for your interviews) and this was inspired of my comment to Brian M. below about the importance of communicating/understanding each other (which I wrote before this TV show), and here he was asked “do you miss this” (?) (producing live TV) and he answered “no, not the live part of it, this thing about – well I am not surprised that an audience sits here …” and then he receives a follow up question “because they are also there when you are out on stage” to which he says “yes, but that is different” and Clement replies “the breath you hear in the big dark room” before Gintberg says “then it is my audience, this is your audience, I have to win, you have them, it is your licked sweet, one can say” and I received the feeling that what this is about is a discussion between people not understanding each other “this is mine and this is yours”, and this is what has led to the “sweet of Niklas”, my sister’s son and yes difficult to understand each other, Sanna and Niklas (?), and as everyone knows my sister is normally the strongest of all, and that is “almost”, my friends, but not in relation to me – and here Clement was also inspired when speaking about the breath inside the dark room as my new self not seeing out yet, because I am still my old self inside the dark room.

And he continued saying here about his previous experiences of being the host of a talk show on TV, where “you have to be the host and play the part, which it is, to listen to the guest and seem interested” to which both Clement and he said “this is very difficult” and Jan said “because you also have to feel that you are FAT yourself” and concluded “I believe it is a difficult role, and I tip with my hat” (for people being able to do it) and yes this was just “added bonus” – not really necessary to do to reach 100% – and the FAT man, Jan speaks of is me, and as I wrote a long time ago, it is not always very easy to LISTEN to other people and seem interested when you are a zombie more dead than alive, have negative voices and extreme pain inside of you removing your attention, but I wonder how many noticed this during my journey (?) – I did my best listening under the circumstances, which it not good enough under perfect conditions, but you may understand (?), which was good enough to “kip the hat” (remove darkness) – and I am feeling Obama here too, so he might also tell you his story, and yes Obama, I don’t know much about your story, which makes it difficult for me to write it, otherwise I would have loved doing it and that is if I had resources to do it. And here Clement finished the show by saying “I will see you on GOOD OLD DR1”, and you do know that “GOOD OLD” is a reference to “Good Old God”, which is Old God, which everyone will see again :-). (I had one more note about first the light of the spirit of my mother speaking through Jan, and afterwards the darkness of the spirit of my mother doing the same making Jan give a few very strange grunts and shakes with his head, and I was told “who would believe that the spirit of my mother acts like this”, but this is what she does when it is darkness leading her).

I was encouraged to enter Karen’s Facebook profile, which I did and I saw her daughter Caroline, who now has become a young woman, and I received MUCH darkness with Karen’s strength as negative voices given to me because of her influence on Caroline against me and I was told that Caroline “knows better”, which is that I love them much, which is “apparent”, and yes they know, and I was also told how many times did you try to explain Karen that you did not want her because of the sex but because of the feeling between you, which she simply “could not” believe in again and again and again, where she continued to accuse me of having other reasons than what I had, and yes that goes with my family/friends etc. in general, and SAD, SAD, SAD is what this made me every single time, and yes COMPLETELY DEAF people.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Kim Wagner said what I felt yesterday, which was “TOP Moment in My Life” and yes when singing with Lloyd, but he had no feedback/comments to my posting to him, so it did not make “sense” to you, Kim (?) and when I am now looking on his Facebook wall, I see that he decided to remove it, and yes another of those “crazy” people, and yes “how do you think it goes yourself, Kim” (?) as we say here in Denmark when people do what is obviously wrong/stupid, and yes another one of those who “does not have to read to tell that I am crazy”, and yes it all helps to bring out more of darkness, and if it makes me SAD being treated as a crazy, and a strong dislike to what people do or intend to do to me “to bring me down” (?) and yes more than you can imagine, but it all comes back to me now as a song says (?) but “don’t bring me down” is what I am coming to and yes Jeff writing this song with inspiration to tell people exactly this – and yes the song is of course the one with Celine Dion and Meat Loaf 🙂 – how could I forget that (?), (which is also a reference to my memory as Old God returning).

  • The journalist David Trads did not have the “courage” to pop the question – therefore this expression (bringing me my old nightmare instead) – to Obama and Helle Thorning Schmidt the other day about me, and here he is inspired to write “how pathetic can it really become for me” (?) and yes he writes about his wife being in Denmark and he cannot cook and clean while she is away (!), and yes below this is the message of yourself being “pathetic” or “weak”, David, not having the courage to HELP me, which is the same with everyone else – the world, my family/friends etc. and eeeehhhh with the exception of my LTO friends in Kenya and now a few high school students in Denmark – and yes AMAZING isn’t it, what the world turned into – a bunch of SELFISH WIMPS.

  • Today it was my website counter of GetClicky to get some spiritual darkness making it not work – and of course it also could be true that their database was down today, but maybe you will tell me and the world what is the truth? – Later: I have thought for a long time that when I have the time and energy to provide updated statistics of the number of visitors to my website, I will – it is on my “to do list” with a low priority – and today is that day, and then it does NOT work, and have you see anything like this before (?) and I received the feeling of “yes” but then again “no because I have decided to stay in darkness” and yes this is my inner self speaking because of the decisions of my physical self.

  • Shortly thereafter, GetClicky worked again, and as promised here is some updated statistical information since December 9, 2011, and first I bring information from the other counter on my website, Flag counter, which include the aggregate number of visitors since December 9, 2011 with an average of 53 unique visitors and 75 views per day, which is simply saying that NO ONE (!!!) has the patience to follow my encouragements to read carefully in order to understand, and yes this is how the world works today – TOO QUICK PRODUCING TOO LOW QUALITY.

  • The free version of GetClicky only includes information of the last 28 days, which I bring you here with the same conclusion as above and a few more details of what people have decided to OPEN, which is more accurate to write than “read”, and you can see that people do not have much patience only spending an average of 40 seconds per visit!

  • But still, GetClicky is exposed to an “electro shock” – because of “crazy” people opposing me thinking that I am crazy and should receive “treatment” (wondering when Brian A. will decide to answer me too?) – and this is how GetClicky looked like at 20.30 “claiming” that the last visit was at 07:28 and that I have had a total of 19 actions (views) today where WordPress says that it is actually 52 by now as you can also see below. First around midnight, GetClicky was “updated” and worked fine again.

  • And these are the most “popular” pages (mostly “by accident” of people!), search engine strings and clicks (of people on my website) of “all time” since December 2010 when I opened this website with WordPress.

  • This statistics from Google shows how many times my website has turned up as results because of the search strings you can see, how many clicks it has received and the “click rate” with “Ole Thestrup” and “Janet Parker” being the highest with 2%!

  • For a long time I have been given the feeling of and also voice mentioning my old clairvoyant friend Pia, and also Lotus, and I have not seen Pia since 2009 and Lotus since 2010, but you are both “feeling” me and thinking of me?
  • The other day I invited Tore S. from Lutheran World Federation to become part of my network of LinkedIn – he is today with the Life & Peace Institute, and I wrote a short message to him, and today he accepted the invitation and read my profile and from there I could see from the electronic traces I have set up that he also visited my website (wonder what he is thinking of me? – a few minutes after I received a “heart attack”, so DARKNESS, my friend, Tore), but still he did not “bother” to send me a message (!) – and I also invited the HR-manager Pia from LWF, whom I have not heard from yet.
  • I also received a vision of Arthur Findlay College and was told that they are sending me darkness too, and yes these people of light transmitting messages from the spiritual world suffer from the same disease as everyone else, which is “hello, I cannot hear you” (because of my own much stronger voice guessing, not knowing) and yes also another message here to me about “is it time to wake up now” (?), and we will see.
  • And I keep receiving messages of “database/server errors”, which may be about darkness and also that something is wrong with the setup of Old God (?), and yes I will NOT become intimidated by this, and kindly ask you my spiritual friends to keep on working to find the PERFECT solution – and later I was told that “it is because we have not switched on the new system” and later also “we will not start when it does not work, right Stig”, and we know a new game not knowing what is the truth, and all I can say is the same as ever, as long as there is darkness, we are not through, and I still receive darkness from you, so let’s continue digging more out of darkness.

  • Brian shared a video telling about psychoactive drugs giving people brain damages, physical damages and the worst “side effects” imaginable, and it inspired me to write a few lines encouraging the world (!) to stop taking these drugs and to help HEALING people with HUMAN LOVE and UNDERSTANDING, which is what this does because “we are all one”! You can watch the video here and my document of how to treat psychiatric sufferings here. And I received NO comments or “like” from Brian I wonder if you have a “poor conscience”, my “friend” (yes do you have a “strange” feeling of having me as a friend, and yes a feeling of “is this right”), which you could have expected under “normal circumstances”?

  • I have started receiving inspired Facebook postings from my new so far small group of faithful high school students in me, for example wrote Toke today “Piraterne vinder igen!” (about “pirates”, a symbol of darkness) and “Prøv at overvej en fraværsårsag: “Var ved at æde en kæmpeedderkop så holdet kunne modtage 20.000.” (about a giant spider, which is also darkness) and I cannot help thinking that they friends have started giving them so much doubts in me that they do not ”truly” believe in me anymore (?), at the same time as I am feeling the finest white wine area of Burgundy, Puligny-Montrachet, because of whom they are and the importance they have had in saving my old self.
  • I will bring this posting by Klaus too because I was encouraged to do so after I otherwise had decided not to bring because I did not understand it, but it is Klaus receiving a message from God asking him to “Trust this calm rhythm. If there was constant power, we would drown in intensity. Ebb tide is necessary as flow”, and I still don’t know what it is about, the future will tell, but to me “water” is about suffering, and if there was more, we would drown, is this what this message means (?), and yes I have no other “bids” for it, which is also about my mother buying on auction and what does she buy (?), and maybe my picture as I am told because meeting and communicating makes better understanding, mother?

  • Let me shortly add to the feeling of darkness entering me making me feel physically poorly all over my body as if “an electric voltage of darkness surrounded me” and besides from the sufferings it brings me, it gives me the STRONGEST desire to SHOUT out the worst NEGATIVE words through my mouth, which is as you know very difficult to keep the darkness from doing.


27th February: Thomas Blachman’s book “the colossal human being” is a part of my philosophy replacing the Bible

When I will wake up, everyone will receive their own “butterfly”, which is light of our New World

At 04.15 after publishing my script of “yesterday” at 04.00, I was shown my self being lifted up from my grave and I saw myself SEEING for the first time (!) now driving a horse carriage and feeling that it is about stopping the speed of this carriage, to slow down and also to change the colour of the horse(s) to white, and yes I was shown a carrot as a symbol of “my motivation”, and yes “what’s up, Doc” is about this, i.e. changing the world from darkness to light.

And I was shown a swarm of butterflies and told “this is where we will share us self to everyone” meaning that everyone will receive light, which I guess may have the effect that everyone will stop and look themselves into the mirror thinking “we were crazy”, and yes we will see about that feeling a smile through darkness.

I decided to update my Scribd document of how to treat psychiatric sufferings with the information from Brian yesterday and my reply, and to update my website adding to the year 2016 (where man has to show a clean heart before the end of) the words “what would have been” and that is because it seems as if the time will end “now” in 2012. I also decided to use time to read Flemming Østergaard’s article and to write a reply to him as you can see at the end of the script today and to do this by 06.00 and we know making me work an additional five hours this night, but still it is “nothing”.

I continued seeing shelves being moved inside of me, and yes because of the feeling that I have done a good job today/tonight too, and yes in practise I am up to date, and I might decide to include the “diagnose” of the Commune of me being a narcissist (!) in my document “my sufferings”, which I however will first follow up on after having slept, and that is I might do this, because it is really not very important you know.

At 07.00 I was told that “we are fine tuning P1”, which is to do the final tuning of the radio, which is out future communication to the world, and yes PLEASE DO YOUR BEST AND NOT YOUR QUICKEST my friends, and later I was shown and told “then we will place the skull here” and the skull was “the Nazi monster” and I was given the question if I need sacrifices of the spiritual world to break down this darkness, and no thank you, it is ALL going to be light anyway, and a few minutes later I was shown his go-cart being taken from him (motor of darkness), and shown him as a chicken (of creation/light) and he said “I am one of those too”, and yes one of the good guys and yes Stig “EVERYTHING” is going to survive, and I just thought about how close we were to dying, but NO, NEVER IN MY LIFE, therefore.

Darkness continued coming with great strength and if I started showing signs of weakness, the darkness tried to enter “holes of me” even deeper/stronger, which only made me decide to be even stronger again, and I was told about the dissolution of the “dræb, dræb” “(“kill, kill”) voice. I have also received some pain to my lower right leg and also a little to my hand.

I was shown a “gaggle letter” (letter sent at Easter with a snowdrop in it, the receiver being asked to guess who the sender is) including a row of Queens, who are now placed in a full Royal Theatre now only waiting for the new born King to arrive.

I was shown a basketball court in a prison yard, which is completely empty and dry now, but I was also shown a water puddle behind the court (behind a fence) as if we cannot get to this, and NO THIS IS NOT THE WAY WE PLAY, if there is MORE to get, we will have to get it first and yes so it is, EVERY LITTLE THING, MY FRIENDS, which means more work to us, and yes is it 1-2 days, or longer (?) and we will see.

Karen’s dealings with other men ”not understanding” the TRUE love of her life, me, also brought me IMMENSE sufferings

I was shown my new self in two different physical appearances and told that I can choose my own appearance as I want to – thinking back to the old story that this is what Karen and I can do in relation to each other, and what about other people (?), and we know I do like that everyone has the same opportunities, so we will see if I will decide to open up for this letter, when I become wiser than I am today.

Right after this thought of Karen, I was given the song “Johnny, han var lige ved at blive sindssyg” by ANOTHER very FINE Danish artist, Poul Krebs, which is about a man, who “was almost about to become crazy” and yes why is that (?) and simply to “think of where she could be” (with other men) as the lyrics go as you can see below, and yes her WRONG behaviour “not understanding” the love of her life, me, is what brought me MUCH negative voices and “old nightmare” too, but “of course” she did not do it to hurt me, but if she had known, we would of course have been together having a child together, but then again, eeeehhhh, we would not even be here, because it was the opposite world meaning that RIGHT behaviour would have been the end of the world, and WRONG behaviour is what brought me my worst sufferings as FUEL to survive, remember – and yes the song ends with the conclusion “let’s stay together” and drive in our “violent Volvo” and yes because Al and the Brothers Bisp can do anything and that is because “someone like us need a sweetheart” 🙂 (and I still have STRONG feelings for you Camilla ALSO in relation to this song – it was included on a CD I had made for her AFTER we broke up in 2001 – and I do HOPE the best for you).

Mænd der gerne ville være, Den kvindes kavaler, Så Johnny han var lige ved at blive sindssyg, Af at tænke på hvor hun ku’ være” and later ”Ka’ du gifte dig med din Volvo!, Hop nu ind så kører vi”.

Thomas Blachman’s book “the colossal human being” is a part of my philosophy replacing the Bible

Dan Rachlin decided – so help me God, Dan (?) – to bring a link to Blachman’s book “the colossal human being”, and I do believe Dan believes Blachman is intelligent – but you cannot stand listening to his “selfishness” (?) (as people cannot stand to read me) – and one step leads to the other, just ask Whitney, so I will bring his book too here without having read it, but I do understand from the video below that his intention is to have this book lay at all hotels of the world, which is the same as saying “to replace the Bible”, and instead of either/or let us say both/and and say that my scripts are PART of our new philosophy, and Thomas’ book is another, and yes when I watched the video, I kept on receiving the feeling of Niclas, and also see how he is guided by his spiritual voices, and I hear see and feel “as Obama is too”.

Here is more of his philosophy in a TV interview (telling the truth directly to narrow minded people etc.)

Let me tell Blachman that I DO NOT like you swearing – you should be too good to do this, my friend (!!!) – and I do agree with you that people of today in general are narrow minded, and you have spoken the truth out loud as I have done too ( I did it mostly in writing), and I do agree to the purpose to make people UNDERSTAND the truth, to show their WRONG feelings to help teaching and saving the world (!), but let me also say VERY CLEARLY that the way Thomas speak and the way I write VERY directly is NOT the way to communicate in the future, and the difference of now and then is that people then will understand (not being “deaf” with uncontrollable, negative feelings) without people having to speak as powerful as Thomas and I have been forced to do. This was our ONLY way to reach the inside of people to make you understand.

Here is a review of his book, which also includes the following line from the book, which I like and really because this is also what I have written about – and he could have included the media and business world too:

Alt dårligt i verden sker, fordi ingen politiker i dag tør overveje, om tingene kunne gøres på en fuldkommen ny måde uden smålig skelen til karrieremuligheder og fastholdelse af magten.” (”Everything poor in the world happens because no politician of today DARES to consider if things could be done in a completely new way without small-minded prioritization of career opportunities and maintenance of power”)

Dreaming of continuing the work to refurbish Old God with different, possible endings from “poor” to “excellent”

During the morning darkness continued trying to make me stop now (to stop my sufferings), and it was while it was as close as ever to take me over making me think and decide to be negative, which was truly on the edge and very uncomfortable to do balancing on this edge not knowing which side to stay or fall on, and this was extreme attacks, which also included physical feelings to my private parts, and I was shown a truck driving away from me through a hole through the right side of the cinema only loosing a couple of money notes on its way out, and NO, I will NEVER accept this, which is for darkness of Old God winning, which would kill “him” (my old self).

At 10.00 I decided to take “a few hours of sleep” thinking that this could be the way to return to a normal day/night rhythm, and I was “happy” when I woke up at 14.00 meaning that I could get something out of this day, which I otherwise would not because of tiredness, and also with the chance to fall asleep later tonight, and I had a couple of dreams if I can read my notes, let us see:

  • The notes of the first dream makes it impossible to read, but it is about the Lutheran World Federation, who has not forgotten about me, old clip outs, and someone being an “important part of the Bible”, which may be Tore? Rikke has made “KING tea”, which is for me, and someone is talking very positively about me almost paying tribute to me.
    • Some have faith and I also believe some did not – and Pia from LWF have not yet accepted my LinkedIn invitation.
  • I am together with two BRILLIANT clairvoyant ladies in their house and one man, and we are on our way to the neighbour house, where we have to be at 19.30, the others are on the way over there already at 19.10 when I am using the toilet, which did not work before, but it was repaired, but when I use the flush, I push the button to the wrong side making it flush over somewhat again, which however is not as serious as before. I leave too, and to my surprise I see MANY flying lights on the evening sky, which will help our work at the neighbour house – I have NEVER seen as much lights before, and I feel that they are “active livings lights” – and when I enter the neighbour house, the man is painting the walls of the ground floor, and I walk to the first floor, where the two ladies are about to get ready to do a long clairvoyant séance, and I feel that they really do not need my assistance, but still they speak of whether I should help them with their first or last séance, and they decide for me to help with the first, and I say something funny and explains to them that it is about good spirits of the spiritual world.
    • This will have to be about people of light of the world helping to bring the house of Old God in order – because this is my wish – while I am still struggling with darkness trying to bring it down, but now less than before, i.e. the toilet, and we are setting up the ground floor of Old God because of the light work done by MANY PEOPLE AROUND THE UNIVERSE at the first floor, thank you my friends EVERYWHERE – feeling Niclas here too :-).
  • I am sitting at a table speaking to a few people including Jeff Lynne, and we speak about “endings of songs”, and I give him an example of a song of his, where he did not do his best to the ending of the song, which he knows, and when I ask him of his favourite album in a style like “the white album” by the Beatles, he says “ELO 2”, and when I asked in “Sgt. Pepper Style”, he says “Out of the Blue”, and he says that the true title of this album is longer, and he tells me what it is, and I would like to continue speaking to him, but he becomes busy on the phone.
    • I understood this dream as being connected with the previous dream, which is to say that there can be different endings to the work of saving Old God, and I will do my best to bring the best ending of the song, to bring the best result of course – and also the feeling that this is difficult to do because of the LARGE furniture we have to move in, and I see a “giant creature inside darkness” and I just received the worst physical feelings to my private parts yet with extreme negative words trying to make me speak out strongly against this, but NO, you know this is WRONG to do, and I will control my tempter.
    • I woke up to two hiccups (!) and the beautiful soul song “It takes two, baby, Me and you” by Marvin Gaye with Kim Weston and yes “to make a dream come through”, and the dream is still about merging out Old and New World, and we know “quite difficult” to do as you will understand (?) – and this song was given to me because the other day when Kim Wagner sung together with Lloyd, I was thinking that they integrated parts of ORIGINAL soul music, and this is as original as it gets, BEAUTIFUL music :-).

I was too tired of working, but If I should give up now, I would be set as the Son as is, which however is NOT good enough

I am so tired of writing and doing this work that it felt almost impossible to overcome this barrier to write yet another new script of today, but there was nothing to do thinking of “three months” as my motivation, and yes it has ALWAYS helped me to do better and yes instead of running only to the next “visible point”, I have always run on time adding “five more minutes” and then “five more minutes” and yes again and again and again, this is really how it is done.

I was shown the cover of the album “Setting Sons” by the Jam and told that this is why played a song from this album the other day, and also that setting me as the Son would be done now if I should decide to give up, and we know this is a feeling I don’t like, so NO – let’s hang on to what we got and continue going through my private hell :-).

I continued working for a long time having BIG problems to concentrate and focus making everything take MUCH longer – and under normal circumstances, this is COMPLETELY unnecessary to do (!), but finally I got the overtake deciding to work, and to work better/faster and more concentrated making it possible to upload this third part of three to my script at 22.50 today after having worked slowly and then better and better all the way from 14.00 – yes I did it also today :-).

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Kenneth is “proud” of seeing himself dresses in yellow (which is good being the colour of the old spirit of my mother) but when he speaks about a banana and especially a “Yellow Submarine” (it has to be an inspired song of how we lived inside of darkness (?) – I have decided NOT to read and understand it today because of much pressure on me today, almost the same as the pressure on the submarine from the outside, but NO it did not break as I am told), and this is what makes my light shine red here, because you are transmitting darkness DIRECTLY to me, Kenneth, and yes as you say “it almost does not get any better than this” (almost my words, you see?), which is the truth, but of course it is based on your “misunderstanding”, and yes do you remember who was “stupid”?

  • Mikael Bertelsen is an old comedian/TV host of Denmark now working as a manager for a new Radio station here, and he spoke of “dizzy good night radio”, which you can listen to here, and yes this is about the quality of our new communication system of the world, and also why I before received let us say “much more than dizziness” and a few seconds more I would be dead, and yes the reason of this quality is because I decided to go to my extreme line not caring about dying even though I still have a deep fear of dying inside of me, but then again, I do not after my spiritual experiences started and yes some of this and some of that and then deciding to do the RIGHT THING, Mick, and that was really the ingredient. Notice the “theatre mask” below – we will return to this.

  • The previous chairman of FC Copenhagen, who had the visions to make this football club BIG and became VERY famous in Denmark until he retired a couple of years ago wrote the 21st February this posting on Facebook with a reference to an article of his in the newspaper of Ekstra Bladet here that most of his friends were only his friends as long as they could gain from him and also about people stabbing each other in the back speaking negatively of people without their knowledge, and still they show their “happiness” and “no direct communication/”criticism” to people when they meet (“wimps” I say!), and I have thought about replying to this too and bring this in my scripts as another teaching of what NOT to do, and I decided to write to Flemming that he is right, and that even your own family will do this – as I experienced – when people believe they are right and that is even though they are wrong, and I told him that he is part of “my wave” to the world, which is why he has HUGE feelings himself, which he cannot control, and I brought my behaviour and work website, which I hope he will start reading, but will Flemming do as everyone else, which is that he “cannot” read and understand, but is good to tell others the truth?

  • In a Hardinger thread, Erling wrote about the cover photo of Shubidua 14 – yes the second time about a front cover photo of a LP, and we know symbolising the survival of Old God, good planted and good seen as I say and am told here and also here feeling Harding as “good” speaking through me (!) – and he said that he did not know the explanation of the picture, but when he received it, it was “good flat humour”, and yes what was it (?), so I had to ask for him to tell, and then it came it is a “crap bird on roller skates” with “crap bird” (I don’t like the first word) in Danish both meaning “crap bird” and “very drunk” at the same time, and yes to me this includes several “secret messages” because crap is about darkness continuing to try giving me my “old nightmare”, which also includes creation as you know when I don’t break down, and this is brought via Hardinger at the same time as “very drunk” also means darkness, and what does it lead to (?) and of course to the bird itself, which is about FREEDOM, which is what makes us happy here, and I decided to bring one of the songs of this album called “marketing hosted”, which fitted in here being a VERY intelligent song playing with the Danish language – two meanings of words/sentences – where drinking of alcohol is the MAIN ingredient, and Mikael followed up asking if there was “some generator bouillon” included, which Erling should know is another Shubidua song (from the first album) also about “drinking”, and this was about me being close to “start the generator” of our New World and Source, and Erling spoke of Klodshans (“Clumsy Hans”), which is another fairytale of H.C. Andersen about a princess choosing her man from her heart and as Erling says, this is “genius” too with the lyrics “oh, when a woman chooses a man, oh one should never say never, few can understand the mind of a woman”, which I can only understand as the fairytale of Karen at the end choosing me because the strength of the feelings of her heart is stronger than the lust to everyone else than me (!), and yes Erling also spoke of their album no. 7, which is also my favourite album and here with one of my favourite Shubidua songs of all, “I Østen stiger Olsen op” – with the MOST genius text if you ask me, because they sing with “opposite word order” as I have spoken myself – the same as Yoda in Starwars was also “inspired” to do, do you see (?) – and underneath the surface of this song, it is about a man being on “the rack” with my heart clapping waiting for his girl to arrive to bring an end to his waiting (as Karen did also bringing me these “heart attacks”), with the risk of falling down the ladder having FALCK (!) to drive away with my body, and yes Karen will not see me before it will start “snowing green” as they sing, which of course is “impossible”, but this is what we do bringing the green of the Trinity to the world, and yes Karen back to me, DO YOU SEE my friends? And I was right here given half a second of how I would feel like if the world did not continue sacrificing to make me survive, and yes my whole head started spinning/boiling red inside of me giving me the worst feeling I can remember, which would have killed me in a few seconds (!), and yes thank you to the world helping, and they also told me that if I stopped now, they would bring even more sufferings to make EVERYTHING perfect, because this is the spirit of my work – thank you my friends out there and yes looking MUCH forward to seeing you too, and that is both ways here.

A drunk “crap bird” is given to me because of darkness of Hardinger not understanding me, which also includes FREEDOM after I have used the fuel of this darkness for creation

  • Dan was inspired to show his darkness towards me once again – not understanding me – and yes he has decided to “make love” to the shopping centre of Hørsholm (he is inspired by a theme of an exhibition and yes I like the word “making love” much more than your word, Dan), and what this says is that the darkness he brings me also helps to wake up life of the shopping centre, which is the meaning of this symbol too (the same as food), which comes to me here with a smile, and yes everyone laughed here too believing that his sense of humour is “fat” (!) not understanding what this truly is about (just like the meditation group as example) and he recommends everyone to show up but not children, young people and people with heart problems (!) – and yes Dan this is ALSO what you bring me.

  • And it continued here with people talking about making the shopping centre pregnant bringing NEW LIFE to a supermarket in 9 months – this is what I tell you, my friends, if you will “try” to understand (?) – and that is if I DARE to continue, and yes bring my heart problems and whatever, I don’t care, because I know that I will survive with exactly this attitude helped by the world (!), and yes Flemming wanted to bring a camera (to take pictures which is about “receiving approval” for my old self to enter our New World), and finally Liv said that this is “sponsored by layer upon layer cake house” and what she REALLY spoke of was my sufferings with layer upon layer of people bringing darkness to me because of their wrongdoings/misunderstandings in relation to me, and the layer cake symbolising our New World as the result of this and made by the “layer cake house”, which is one of my favourite bakeries in Denmark making “the best bread and cakes in the world” :-).

  • In continuation of Brian’s post yesterday with the video of “psycho drugs” and my comment, a few people also brought their comment, and as you can see from “the actor” below – “strange magic” that he wears the same theatre mask as Henrik in the thread above (?) (you do remember that I am playing a “game”?) – he says that “this is one of the biggest crimes supported by means of the State” and that they are working to release “what people would never believe” including corruption of the State etc., and yes people are working in secret to bring stories of the Old World to the world to help bringing down what was, and yes WE STILL CARRY ON despite of the difficulties today, which may also be related to the thoughts of my sister knowing that she SHOULD communicate to HELP me, but she keeps doing what is WRONG, which is to hide, and yes if she saw my comment below, and YES what do you believe (Sanna?), and also my comment to Flemming Østergaard and more, and yes what does it take Sanna to bring you out of silence standing forward being the first of the family to publically support me (?), and yes just wondering I am – you know that you will have to do this sooner or later.

  • Over the last days Brian has brought “strange” messages focusing on TIME simply writing what the time is, and today I decided to tell him to “use time as long as you have it”, and yes is he “inspired” knowing from my scripts (and also elsewhere?) that time is about to end?

  • I was shown the Devil bringing another big closet asking where to put it and we know “inside the light” as I said, and then I saw this message from Søren Pind’s friend, “Aunt Helena”, which was as inspired as it gets here, which is to show a man almost falling on his way down the mountain (“me”) but also as she says “I guess this brought this closet in place”, and yes Helene you couldn’t be more right, and Kristoffer wondered if he would fall in the next picture, but oh no as Helena said, he is not laying down, he is only “carving”, and Kristoffer would really like to see the next picture hoping it to be as “cool” as it is to watch her, and yes she is truly beautiful on the picture, and she said “wishful thinking” and yes I wonder where they get it from, which besides from turning him down, of course is also another old favourite song of mine saying we are doing fine working on the “last fine tuning” here, and I became so happy for this “inspiration” that I decided to tell her directly also for Søren to see and understand (!), and yes maybe he is wondering why he has decided to remove my freedom of speech on his profile and that is a man of the Liberal Party!!!

  • I also decided to send Helena an invitation to become Facebook friends, and I did as I have done many times now, which is to send the invitation without writing a following email and that is also in relation to people I do not know (with many still accepting me, but not all), and it made her write me an email asking me from where we know each other, and I told her that I agree FULLY with her that it is ALWAYS right to send an email when inviting people you do not know – and also people you know (!) – to become friends and the reason why I did not was because of busyness, which became MUCH worse than anticipated today, and because of WRONG culture of other people not answering my emails in the past when sending in connection with friends invitations and yes because this is how most people do today, and when I explained to her WHY I had asked for her friendship, she understood and became happy, and we had a good chat, which could probably have evolved if I decided not to close it down, and I was told that she had “a good eye for me”, and she is truly good looking, which was my “temptation” today and yes how do you think it feels like to live without living which also includes a life without love (?), and here again for HOURS after these short emails, darkness continued to come back offering to play the act of the Devil in disguise to carry out my old nightmare, but NO THANK YOU is still the RIGTH answer, and yes then to write about it for the world to understand the nature of my sufferings, and then it does NOT get any better than this :-). Please let me also say that I have done WRONG in relation to many people NOT writing an email when asking for their friendships, which is simply because of lack of energy/resources to write, which I hope you will understand? Thank you Helena for being inspired to write me giving me a chance to tell this to the world,

  • Yesterday I was encouraged to find my old Falck “colleagues” from Lyngby on Facebook and to connect with them, and I found Thomas, Christoffer and Jesper, but not Robert and Lars, so I send the first three friends invitations – without a following email because of the reasons I mentioned before (!) – and the question will now be, if they will be able to look through my Falck memo and remember me for the “good things” and our friendship, or will they decide to ignore me too being “cross with me”, Christoffer & Co., which is what these lines brought to me by my voice tells me. 24 hours later none of them has accepted me yet.
  • Hardinger is back here too (!) – two meanings, my friends – and he speaks of Austin, Texas, being an “unforgettable” town with “CRAZY” people (!) with people saying that Austin is “the red diamond in the blue sea”, and yes we know OLD GOD OF DARKNESS WITH THE BLUE OF OUR NEW WORLD COMPLETELY SURROUNDING “HIM”, do you see?

  • One of my new High School friends, Nikolaj, brought a link to KENYAN RAP MUSIC (which you normally NEVER see here, where Kenya is VERY far away in the minds of people), which is truly fantastic and I enjoyed listening to this much, and wrote that it brought me good memories of my visit to Kenya in 2009. And I do believe it is darkness, which tried to make me belive that my new “high school” friend had been turned against me by their friends being sceptical to me, but what do I experience (?), and yes one of their sceptical friends, Miki, being nice when APPOLOGISING for the “nasty things, I have told you previously”, and yes I “liked” his comment/excuse, and this is all it takes my friends to make me happy, and I am happy that they are happy that I spreak happiness, and it really started with Nikolaj making me happy, do you see?

  • Rikke was also inspired to bring this “funny” message (about the sad condition of men today not “knowing” how to be a MAN to make women feel like WOMEN), and “yeah, that’s right”, Rikke – and Dave – this is what WINE does and let me add that this is what I will do as the symbol of wine through all men and women of the future making everyone happy when MEN are MEN and WOMEN are WOMEN loving each other.

  • My mother has been bothered for days by inflammation to one of her toes making it difficult/impossible for her to walk, and we had talked about visiting the idyllic Gilleleje Harbour tomorrow, which however has to wait until her foot will become better, and I can only see this in connection with “more darkness” to remove first, and yes we know the puddle as I received earlier, and as I told her, the most important is for her foot to heal, and when this is done later in the week or maybe next week, we will go on this tour in good weather – do you see how everything fits together, and eeehhh difficult to make up these “proofs” of inspired speech and events (?), and yes WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE, and here speaking to Angela Merkel not having the “time” to read, understand and TRULY believe in me (?), also because of Sarkozy, and yes Angela, I want you to WAKE UP too, and one of these days, might send you a direct message when you will bring “the right message” for me to respond to! I was also happy for my mother to tell me that Grethe & Allan (Hans’ God mother) are still alive, and I told her that I was interested to know “because it is years ago I have seen them” and I do look forward to normal life coming in this respect too for us to see each other again with Sanna & Hans and my mother & John etc. – and coming here to the end of today, I am DIZZY (mizz Lizzy!) and see a vision of Dom Perignon Champagne, and yes the Monk made it also through today.
  • Naser Khader wrote this message saying that the Danish Foreign Minister now follows the line of Russia giving Syria – the Devil (!) – license to kille byt ruling out military intervention in Syria, which made the VIOLENT regime execute 60-80 women and children this evening. HOW CAN THE WORLD ACCEPT TO DO NOTHING WHEN THIS GOES ON, and yes if I approved you to intervene in Libya, don’t you think that I believe the same in Syria, and yes THIS IS AS A LAST WAY OUT OF THE OLD WORLD ORDER – how can you decide to TALK and TALK without doing NOTHING (?), and just wondering I am? Obama, where are you in this?

Who should have known that I would receive so much work I had to do today feeling so LITTLE desire to work, but better do what is RIGHT to do is still the motto here, “which is why we love you” as I am told, and we know inviting Falck to become my Facebook friends and my other postings on Facebook is what is bringing me all of this “disgusting, but WONDERFUL darkness” and we are painting all we can :-).



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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