March 2, 2012: I created and shared a public playlist of my favourite music as a symbol of the love of God to man


Summary of the script today

1st March: I created and shared a public playlist of my favourite music as a symbol of the love of God to man

  • I was bombarded with a huge amount of visions and speech about the connection between my family’s behaviour and wrong spiritual messages given to me, but there was NOTHING new to bring, so I decided NOT to write this down without knowing if this was required or on the contrary not required to do to help me go the last of the road myself saving 100% without becoming hurt (!), but I decided that this had to be it, a game where I had to decide NOT to do as I would normally do – not easy.
  • I HAD to stand up cancelling my sleep and was told that we can access the last dark energy of Hitler keeping me inside of now only a thin curtain of darkness. My spiritual sister tried to come through to me from the other side, and I received severe pain and was told that this is what it does when creating cracking’s to this darkness surrounding me.
  • I “slept” two hours without really sleeping dreaming of the last part of my old self being turned around to our New World, coldness and lack of understanding of people attached to me as “tiles of darkness” also bringing me sexual sufferings, and darkness now understands me and I expect to be set free from my “prison” of sufferings soon.
  • The amazing part of my journey is that I survived the WORST feelings of MANY people – family/friends, the system/world – sent to me as rockets of darkness.
  • I worked the whole night and morning to finish my first draft of a public available playlist at Spotify of my FAVOURITE music including more than 150 songs, which is a symbol of my love to all individuals of the world or in other words, this is the symbol of the love of God to man.
  • I felt my ABSOLUTELY worst – tired and my body “throwing up” – the rest of the day when continuing to work and I received different stories as “fill” to my script with the main purpose being that I had to go to my EXTREME edge to overcome the last darkness.
  • Short stories of Hardinger asking his heart to be still (just like mine!), Søren Pind sending a song to “the only Mary”, Brian A. still has “power in his behind” sending me darkness, the faithful high school students support me publically, Helena cannot “take” my Facebook postings, Dan is VERY annoyed of other people treating him wrongly NOT understanding that this is what he does to me, Helena feeds the “Nazi monster of darkness” imprisoning me, which is bringing me my final “cake” of creation, God continued being destroyed by the wrong sexual behaviour of the world, everyone is blaming Helle Thorning Schmidt personally (!) not understanding that “blood thirst” of the opposition and poor communication/behaviour (also inside the government) together with “crazy rules” is the reason why she “cannot” do what the government promised to do before the election.

2nd March: Going to extreme pain to avoid “almost being killed” to release myself from the powerful anchor to darkness

  • I has a few hours of “sleep” dreaming about the wrong of following people just because they are beautiful to watch and doing my work exactly as I want to, which saves everyone and leads me to my new self at the highest level.
  • I felt how I am connecting with the last part of my old self, and become part of “the Board”. I have been given very little sleep and much work making me much more dead than alive because “you are as the only one connected to the losing part, which we just have to change”, which is about the original force of darkness penetrating my old self and anchoring me to darkness, which is what we will disconnect when going to my extreme pain limit with the alternative being that my foot soles would be burned off hospitalising me and making me feel that I only hardly survived. “We were not meant to win this the last part”, which I however have decided that we MUST do, and again “doing this is insane”. My old self of darkness has now almost been transformed into a perfect steel skeleton inside a cathedral to become the anchor of our New World.
  • I went with my mother to Gilleleje driving the car even though I was not able to drive, at the harbour a fish store and smokehouse was the sign of Old God coming all the way home (to my new self as the Son). I went through extreme pain of this tour to turn around and connect my old inner self – Old God – as light, which was done after a power failure in a supermarket and then first the power and afterwards the credit card dispensers (money symbolising energy) started working again exactly at the moment of my turn in the cash desk.
  • The theme of X-factor was to “mash up” two songs – the melody of one and the song or another – which is a symbol of mixing our New and Old World for you, which was like building with LEGO with all parts fitting together, I am coming back as my new self “very good”, I will not change how I am when becoming my new self, the final parts of darkness of the spirit of my mother left Pernille, Pernille showed herself as an ancient Egyptian cat, or as Queen Cleopatra in a new bottle of wine soon with new wine soon to be poured from her new self, my decision to never give up is what is “insane” and lifts up life of our New World, terror of darkness had made it impossible for me to deliver my top performance, something magical happened when uniting our New and Old World and the result is my new self, which we are adjusting these days, Pernille showed herself as an ancient Egyptian cat, and I was told that she is the old Queen Cleopatra of Egypt, I went up against the greatest on the world stage and my blood was not spilled because the world decided “not to mess up with God”, the spiritual world helped to keep me from sleeping (to save us from darkness), original life is returning, another sign of my birth because I did not give up when going through darkness and because I dared to give my self 100%. There was a risk that the remaining part of my old self would be killed/eliminated, but once again, I survived symbolised by the contestant Morten surviving the elimination round.
  • Short stories including journalists almost becoming the end of the world when they “could not” write the TRUTH to the world, Søren Pind gloating and being sarcastic over the Prime Minister instead of understanding, supporting and helping, two brothers becoming One (two Gods) after the return of the big elephant of Old God as the great gig in the sky, what was wrong with people was that their heads were done for, more misuse of children because of darkness, welcoming home the original Buddha of the world after “war is over”.


1st March: I created and shared a public playlist of my favourite music as a symbol of the love of God to man

My sleep was removed and I was BOMBARDED with information of my family, which I decided NOT to write down

I went to bed after midnight being very tired where I had a few short dreams about a man and woman lying in my bed fighting, and I tell the man, “stop this, she is beautiful, listen and understand”. I also dreamt of being together with my mother and sister and I see them speaking together with a very LOW voice – about me and “no medicine”. Hans arrives with waffles WITHOUT ice cream (no more darkness!) and the dog loves them, I deliberately do not speak and keep to my self, which makes them get even more out of nothing when speaking about me.

I also had a dream where TV interviews different MP’s at the Danish Parliament about a late MP – she died years ago – and the TV asks MP’s what she died of, Uffe Ellemann, who nows look old, says that it was a natural death, however not because of age, others have other bids on the reason, and one says that they all agreed that this should never get out. And I get the feeling when awake that this is like the old TV programme “Leksikassen” (“the encyclopidia box”), which is fine TV made from the Province, which was not approved centrally, and what this dream says is that the politicians of the Danish Parliament COULD NOT keep their mouth shut about me, but the word has spread outside the central government in Copenhagen, and yes WELCOME TO REALITY, my friends – you “could not” keep the secret, even though you were “bound” to do so?

I was woken up at 01.00 with these dreams feeling POORLY, and it did not become better when I the next hour was kept from sleeping and was litterally BOMBARDED with visions and speech, which I decided NOT to write down except from the following few messages in the beginning, and the reason was that most of this information was OLD information, which I did not want to bring again – there was nothing truly new and important – and it was mostly about my mother’s vivid ability to “imagine”, which creates wrong spiritual dreams and messages to me, and I was given the thought again “please understand that I tell the truth of the spiritual messages I receive and the ONLY reason why I also received deception is because of you, mother (and also others, but mainly you) because of your “lack of understanding”. And this is what I decided to write down, and NOTHING more, also because I have decided that I don’t want to risk not seeing my mother again, which this was truly a game on – because would it be required for me to write down these messages to enter even deeper darkness now in case my mother should decide not to see me again (?), or was it the opposite, that I should NOT write down these messages because they did not included anything new, and because I need the love of my mother to come through this last part without hurtings (?), and yes I did not know, but I decided to keep it at this level, and had I decided to write everything down here, I would have had three hours of work writing approx. 3 pages.

I was shown a couple of visions I wrote down, with one being a catedral, which I saw from the air with a large cross on top of it, and only 1-2 open tiles, which are about to be closed (ending the refurbish of Old God) and I was told that the cross was my symbol of the Old World (which will be overtaken by the love symbol of Prince in our New World).

I was shown a plastic bag of potatoes with some moisture inside of it, and I was shown and told that one single potato leads to light and we don’t want to throw mussels in the container, which is a “threat” about losing life of light if we don’t save all of these potatoes, and as far as I can see there is not much moisture back inside of the bag, so I wonder if we will not be able to go through this too, and that this vision was given as part of the game making me in doubt about whether or not it was right almost not to write anything down, and I was in some doubts but I kept on returning to the same conclusion over and over again, which was “I don’t want to play the game like this with my mother – you will have to find other things to do to save the rest”, and yes not easy to do because of the unknown answer what is right and wrong – and I do believe that the answer is that there is no more darkness to be transferred to me from my family despite of their decisions now, and yes hereafter it is “only” a matter of “poor habits”.

In practise I did not get any sleep this night even though I truly needed sleep, and instead I received a few dreams saying that there is no more darkness to be transferred to me despite of wrong behavior of my family/friends etc., and also that the central Danish government was not “able” to keep the secret about me a secret, which has now spread around the country.

We can access the last dark energy of Hitler keeping me inside of now only a thin curtain of darkness

No matter what I did I was NOT allowed to sleep so by 02.00 I stood up, and shortly thereafter I felt light pushing in the rest of darkness to me, which was truly a new experience, which also confirmed – especially when writing where I always get a better understanding – that I took the right decision.

Later I was told that we can access the dark energy of Hitler (without destroying parts of the spiritual world), but it requires sacrifices of the physical Universe and then I was given a sudden pain to my right angle, which I have received quite much of lately, and it was followed by strong pain to my left heal, which could make me believe in destruction of the spiritual world going on too, and we know Stig, there is MUCH game going on now, and the most important is that I don’t become negative because of the feelings this pain brings me, which as always is not easy to do, and instead to focus on my work.

I felt an elephant close on me and I heard “it is almost as if I can touch you”, and later a knife came to me wanting to open me as an oyster, but no, not yet my friends, and I felt how extremely close my “old nightmare” is on me, which is alright on the other side of the curtain of darkness, but not for me to accept inside of the Old World. And 15 minutes afterwards I was given a little of the same feeling as the other day, where I felt my head dizzy/boiling for a very short time, which was more darkness released to me, and it was very uncomfortable but not as strong as the other day, which I do believe would have made many people panic if they had received it.

My head has started scratching more than ever because of LTO , which is potentially destroying the bottom of my head (!) – which it could have done for more than 2 years – and darkness still came to me wanting me to don’t care about their very difficult situation and even what is worst, so I still receive darkness to fight/absorb.

I felt the spirit of Sanna several times very strong just behind the curtain of darkness trying to get through to me, and I wonder if this is also what she thinks of doing in physical life leaving behind her “deafening silence” and “hiding place” from me, and then I received a VERY strong sudden pain to my right angle, which however only felt as if it came from the surface of my angle/leg, but still it hurt very much making me somewhat concerned about what I will now go through breaking through this last curtain of darkness to enter the light on the other side, this is how it feels like.

I was shown myself flying above snow covered mountains in a small “personal” plane, which used to be a jumbo jet, and I see the snow below cracking, which is crackings to my skin, “which hurts a little” as I have felt during the night.

I was encouraged to write about a dream I ommitted yesterday in order for the world to understand the situation we face, where I – in the dream – wet the bed with a few drops only, which is to say that I am able to cause my “old nightmare” myself, or otherwise it will simply be “impossible” to not witness when the light will break down my thin walls of darkness, and that is unless I am able to take on the pain this will bring.

During lunch I was reminded that sacrifices of the world to bring me energy, is used for the creation of my New World II – as you may remember from “several months” back (?) – and I was told that this world is created between my new inner self together with the spirit of Karen, and yes based upon our TRUE loving feelings to each other in physical life, and yes cleansed for misunderstandings of course, and I was also told that this is why it was important for me to think intimately only about Karen, to help saving the part of our world, which was not strong enough and to use this as creation of our New World II.

Later I was also told that I cannot just accept sacrifices to the Old World, which would include the end of it, and not the start as building stones of our New World II.

Dreaming of how coldness and people misunderstanding me attached as “tiles of darkness” also bringing me sexual sufferings

By 16.00 I had written the above and most of the short stories and was TIRED and thought that I would probably sleep for 10 hours making me wake up after midnight herewith being able to meet my mother tomorrow as we have agreed to go to Gilleleje Harbour, which is some kind of symbol to me saying that we have overcome the worst, where my mother could not walk, but I “slept” very light until approx. 18.00 being disturbed on the way, which really does not count as much sleep and after having worked until 20.20, I decided after dinner and a break to continue writing the script of today at 21.50 before I will go to sleep also trying to make the day tomorrow, and here are the dreams I received while “sleeping” shortly:

  • A man shows me his school notebook and I noticed how his watch is divided into squares, which is being turned around.
    • I woke up as in the worst nightmare where a physical power was pulling me in my tie (which I did not have on!), but the feeling was still there, which was darkness manifesting very physically this way. Scary ….!
    • It seems that last part of my old self is still going through the process of being turned around to our New World.
  • I am in prison together with my old friend Lars G., and when he looks at me with a cold look, physical tiles attack and stick to me, and I feel that it is about having strength to remove these. I see his car, and also that he does not have much experience making love to women, which would help him to remove his coldness, and I tell him that it is only about understanding each other as people. He suddenly realises that he has sent a flying video camera to Helsingør, which has also been set to record women in stores, which he tells his guards in order to stop this. I also see how he has been appointed pen friends, but they cannot understand him. I have been understood by the police expecting to be set free as a result, but when I ask, the police officer tells me that he expects that I will receive a new hearing in one week.
    • Prison is to be locked up by darkness, which is what brings Lars cold feelings because of lack of love, and this is what he sends to people here illustrated by darkness becoming physical attaching to you, which is how it works spiritually making you feel poor/sick and give you all kind of negative feelings and “bad luck” really. It is also to say that I was born as Stig being formed by the world, and the world decided to bring me sexual sufferings because of this darkness (including LACK OF UNDERSTANDING as a big part of it) resulting in my wrong recording of “girls on film”. I have now won the clash after I fought the law so to say and ask to be released by darkness, and is this from the final thin curtain of darkness holding me trapped, and is this dream the truth saying that it will take one week (?), or will it still take weeks of months before I get free from all darkness?

The amazing part of my journey is that I survived the WORST feelings of MANY sent to me as rockets of darkness

After “waking” up I was told that I will take on pain from my mother because I decided NOT to write the spiritual information given to me about her, and I was given two large sounds as a sport car gives when it drives through the finishing line winning one more round to drive.

I was told ”do this work, and we can start removing walls of darkness making you feel better, but give it “some days” before we will get there”.

And I was told that “this is what is amazing because of the cold and negative feelings from a LARGE number of people sending me their absolutely WORST feelings as killing rockets directly fired at me, which is what I was under constant siege of”, which I already was when Sidsel left me as a Facebook friend now “long time ago”, and I am told that already then I was completely broken down, and people will not believe how I was able to keep going on “as if nothing had happened” – and yes these are extreme feelings of MANY people from you know family/friends/the system/the world towards me.

I was also told that at the end, “a very large ring of people are placed around him in case he should decide to break out, which is what we are preparing right now”, and that is to keep me inside of darkness as long as possible to get everything with us.

I shared a public playlist of my favourite music as a symbol to show the love of God to man

I decided to use most of the night and morning to complete the first draft of my new playlist on Spotify, which includes what I today consider as my top 100 favourite artists, and then “added bonus” on top of this (more than 50 other favourite songs/artists, which will grow, because “everything grows”, you know), and yes we have finalised the coding of our New World and have started giving some “added bonus”, which this is symbolising, and yes I was HAPPY that most songs were to be found at Spotify, but I did NOT like to see that songs by the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel, Eagles and Tony Bennett as examples are missing from Spotify because they have decided not to co-operate, it seems as if we need a better system also INCLUDING individual tagging of songs of a VERY high quality, Spotify (?), to make playlists truly flexible and individual playable from a number of criterias.

At 03.30 I received some heartburn, which told me that being awake this night also helped us to receive more darkness still coming, and I experienced periods of “drop-outs”, where my Spotify connection “lost” its connection to the Internet – which my Internet however browser did not – and I could see the way that the error message blinked together with spiritual feelings I was given that this was also under control of spiritual darkness coming to me, and yes it is not a new phenomenon, I have had it for some days and it continued during the morning and afternoon in “periods”, and it is simply because of people, who do NOT like me to say the least and you do know that it is NOT because of me, but solely because of their own misunderstandings – otherwise they would have been VERY happy (!) – but at 10.45 I published my new playlist (click the link and it will play in Spotify, if you have this program) with my FAVOURITE music to the world, which is to express my DEEP LOVE to all individuals of the world – the love of God to man – first on Facebook here, where I asked if others will do the same as I, to share their favourite music with the underlying message to share LOVE, the same way as I, which this is about.

I published my playlist of favourite music to Facebook
to be played directly from there

I also discovered a large database of Spotify playlists at a website, which I liked MUCH to see, so I created a profile there and shared my new playlist with this community of people, which should give the world a chance to find it, and you can see the website of my playlist here from where you can also play it directly.

I also published the playlist to a public website including MANY other
playlists for the world to find and discover

Here is how the beginning of the list looks today, and as mentioned, it is a dynamic list so it will change/grow over time, and I do look forward when it will be possible to include individual scoring of each song and sort it in universal genres or according to individual wishes, so I can have ONE LIST of my favourite music, but only play what I feel like playing, which the system cannot do today, but I am sure it will come?

The list of here my first 45 favourite artists as it looks today in the Spotify program

I thought MANY times that I wish my LTO friends could listen to this music, become HAPPY and to create their own playing lists with their favourite music too – and I still receive deep scratchings to my head bottom because of their sufferings, and as usual I am sure that no one will decide to send money to help them out – what about you, Inge/Ove, would you like to help some Africans become happy for sending them what you do not use yourself?

I felt my ABSOLUTELY worst – tired and my body “throwing up” – working to my EXTREME edge to overcome darkness

I continued working most of the rest of the day, and believe me when I tell you that I feel when I feel my absolutely worst with my head not “being there” and my entire body “throwing up” also because of extreme tiredness and at approx. 23.00, I had to stop working, this is it for today, I did not complete the script (wrote until here including most of the short stories, but I had not finished the previous chapter of my playlist), but then I have something to do also tomorrow.

I am now continuing this work at 04.30 in the morning (!), after I could not sleep (see the script of “tomorrow”) after having finished the previous chapter on my playlist.

Before this, I had first used approx. one hour to do the introduction to my book of February (included in the beginning of this) and I decided to overcome my tiredness after receiving encouragements to do so and to cycle to the library at 19.15 to convert the document to PDF, which I cannot to at home with my tools because of the size of this document, the same as last month, and yes the library was open to 20.00, so I went there, did the job and returned home – the hill upwards does not become smaller just because I am tired – and at 20.15 I had uploaded my book to Scribd and my library (I had been told that the world is used to setting their watch after me knowing that my book always come straight after the month end), and I truly went to my extreme limits again being able to do this, and I was first given a feeling of my own tiredness and then given a very loud hiccup (of sacrifices of the world) and told that this is what is creating the final road.

And maybe it will also help on the number of visits to Scribd, if I tell you that you can open – and also download – my book of February, if you click this link.

I took a break from 20.20 to 21.40 having my dinner and being “too tired” to do anything else than watching TV, which is when I returned to the computer to write on previous chapters.

I was shown a refrigerator inside being a perfect combination of white light and yellow of the spirit of my mother, and I saw how a drain had been made at the back of it, and how a little work to the entrance of it on the right side has to be made.

I was told that it is not possible for me just to shake a little bit – I have decided NOT to be afraid of darkness – otherwise this road I am walking is not be possible.

I was given a few stories while being on the library, and I don’t know what is darkness and light, but here they are.

I was told that the US military have been writing about me since the 1930’s – also to Presidents – and nobody does anything now because President Obama is also part of me, and “who should have thought that” (for “me” to arrive as the President of USA).

I believe it was yesterday I was told that the previous chief of Defence of Denmark was replaced because the Danish military did not discover me themselves but was told by USA, and I understood that this was in relation to the change of the chief in 2009, and I was told that “Jack was part of that change too”.

I was also told that my visit to the U.S. embassy in Denmark in the 1990’s with Camilla’s family – a public dinner arrangement – and the U.S. embassy in Sweden in 2001, I believe, where you deliver your personal information, was also with the purpose for the U.S. to have information on me, and I was asked “what kind of information do they register” (?) and also that the U.S. considered to remove me by force in order to protect me.

When I watched TV, I saw “River Monsters” this time in Alaska/Canada to catch LARGE sturgeons, and when he got the hook on one of them, I was also shown the spirit of my father being hooked by my new self, and being brought in.

Let me also here bring a few other short stories coming to me:

  • I have always thought that it was “strange” that I have had good memories from a miserable life, where I have never been happy, but this is how I feel when thinking back on all of the parts of my life, where there really was NOTHING to be happy about, and I am also “happy” that despite of receiving much “important” information in dreams, most of these have felt positive too, and really so positive that I have longed to come back to some of the “virtual universes” I have been part of – and I have been thinking that with extreme Hell, I could have received dreams, which in itself could have brought me down, and the other day I was told about the “opposite world”, which was, where the spiritual world suffered to bring me these experiences.
  • For days I have received the name of the English town “Ipswich” and the only explanation I have been given is because I remember their football team playing in BLUE jerseys, which you know is the colour of my new self.
  • I was told that Kenya was not afraid of me in 2009, which they however are now because of the revelations, which will follow (also on how they treated me wrongly when they threw me out after harassing me completely unnecessary) – there are many stories about me coming, also on how the Danish authorities was working on different sides for/against me when one part looked at me as a “potential Breivik” with the “secret government” trying to “protect me”, and I was furthermore shown a manager of the National Police as a link on Facebook, who had obviously looked at my profile, which I could have decided to bring here, but no, it was “not important” to do.
  • For days I have been given the feeling of the sale of the men’s wear store Bacher & Schilder on Amagerbrogade, which I visited on sales a few years in row approx. 5-8 years ago buying much of my clothes at these sales, and I can only understand this symbol of “buying” MUCH clothes to dress my old self finally arriving and surviving with clothes being “life”.

When finishing this chapter at 05.15 in the morning, I truly feel how tired I am almost falling down the chair and how my entire feels like throwing up, which is the worst feeling I know of, but I still have more to do to finish the script of today also being told that it is important to publish.

David had to move and is now with a friend – but is still STRONG and communicating as a role model 🙂

I was happy for David – despite of his difficulties – still manage to communicate, thank you, David, you are a role model to the world (and to your team mates) and as you can see from the following, he had to move his furniture and stay with a friend until he can afford new accommodation, and I do hope for you that it will be sooner than later, my friend. Thank you for being STRONG, to communicate and also to follow up on the team in relation to me, but it seems that you are DEAF, my friends (?) – have you totally forgotten what I taught you in 2009, which is to COMMUNICATE (?), and maybe you would like to tell me how yours and your families lives are today compared to 2009 (?), and I am also wondering if everyone of your families survived (?), and if your old man, Meshack, is also still alive? Please bring my best as usual for everyone. Here is David’s email:

Dear brother,

I am happy and strong as I write this mail. I have been having a tight day. Not with flu and my predicament. I write however to thank you for the cash support. It came at an opportune time, when I was low, really low financially and having problems with accommodation. Thank you.

Eventually I had to vacate my house. I got places to store my

furniture and house goods until I can afford alternative accommodation. Which should be soon. I am currently going to put up with a friend. It is not easy. But I thank God for life and continuity.

I have encouraged Elijah to write to you. I am going to speak to John as well on writing to you.

I was writing to thank you and shall write more tomorrow or over the weekend. I hope that I will be stronger then.

Thank you and good evening.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Hardinger is truly an inspired man here asking his heart to be still (!) as if he knows about my condition these days.

  • Søren decided to post this message about Elvis singing a song for Mary and Søren says “this is how it is ….., her the only one. Goodnight”, and yes goodnight to you too, and I do believe we think of the same here, Søren, and let me THANK YOU for the beautiful song you sent. I know MUCH music by Elvis, he is one of my favourite artists, but you succeeded to find one song I have never heard before, and I found it very beautiful because of one thing, and that is because only one can sing as beautiful as this, and that is Elvis :-). And you do know Søren that I STILL cannot comment on your postings because you have NOT opened up for subscribers to communicate.

  • Brian still has “power in the behind” as he writes below referring to a website not existing (!) but as he said laughing “just a spontaneous thought” (!) and yes why is it so difficult for you to read, understand and communicate, Brian (and everyone else), when some high school students have started showing how easy it is (as I have told you all along)?

  • And these high school students discovered my encouragement to Jyllands-Posten to ask Helle Thorning Schmidt about me, and they decided to ask the newspaper below VERY directly to read my scripts and not to ignore me – thank you 🙂 – and one more of their friends has become my friend, and yes faith is growing.

  • One of these, Toke, was inspired to find the lyrics of the coming football song of Denmark for the European Championships in football, which the ”funny – but not serious news” called ”all normal” (just like me!) – a part of the newspaper Politiken – decided to bring, which Toke then decided to bring here and the lyrics is about running to the sunset without looking back, just as I do, and eeeehhhh do I still have the ball (?) and what am I to do with it as the lyrics say – and yes I do feel lucky, punk (?) and that is “EVER GREEN” of the Trinity (this is what it says!), so here is another example of how people become inspired and here it is Toke playing on my team, which is (almost) “not existing” anymore with the end of darkness.

  • Helena said that she truly cannot take “old people in new cars” anymore, and this could be Old God in “his” new package, i.e. new car, and yes “not happy” afterall with my postings, Helena (?), which you “cannot take”?

  • Dan was again inspired when asking his network if they know of the quote of a well-known ex-football player: “If you do not lie about me, I will on contrary avoid to tell the truth about you”, which is the same as “the opposite golden rule” with people treating others as they would not like to be treated themselves, and yes this is really annoying Dan very much and confirmed by Heidi, so this is going on with “everyone”, but it is “of course” totally impossible to see when you do it yourself (?), and yes Dan, I am not lying about you, am I (?), and on contrary you avoid to tell the truth about me (!) – do you see how easy it is to do what is WRONG, if you “cannot” understand?

  • Selvet decided to bring a story of a woman buying a cupboard, which breaks every time the bus drives by, and she has a handyman repair it and enter it to see what happens when the bus drives by, which is when her husband returns home to find the handyman inside saying that he is waiting for the bus to arrive (!), and yes this is “nothing” isn’t it (?), and yes until you know that the cupboard is God, which was breaking down because of the bus, which is “love making” of the world, and here with a reference to infidelity, which is a great part of it, my ladies and gentlemen, and yes “when can I get out of the cupboard” (of darkness), which is you know the GRAND OLD MAN still being part of it, but now “extremely close” to me as I am told here.

  • Helena’s thread of the Cumberland sausage from yesterday continued below where she used a Danish word “brumme” as her attitude being “grumpy”, which is a word also meaning to be in the nick, which is what it is about here with the old game of darkness imprisoning me, and Jane kicks her heals together – as Nazi’s also did (!) – because she agrees with the tough lady here, and then Søren, who appears to be the one who was late, asks her to calm down, and she says that she only accepts a cake (!) as apology (darkness bringing creation, i.e. cake), and Søren tells her that she is the baker, which is what I saw her being in relation to me – trying to make us bake a cake together, but oh no not me with the Devil deciding to work through her – and Kristoffer believes this put the closet in place, which is exactly what it did, the toolbox of God you know, because I turned her down, and yes this is how it is, and real life only reflects “what’s going on” here (in the spiritual world), and yes where is Marvin (?) and yes is he gay (e) and isn’t it incredible what lack of communication and “ability to imagine” can lead to (?) and yes thinking back to the beginning of the 1990’s I am, and yes I have told you so before, I believe about my mother believing I was gay (when I had no girlfriends).

  • The Danish government is receiving the absolutely worst polls at the moment giving the leading party, the Social Democrats, only 18.5% of the votes (they are normally around +/- 30%), which on the surface is because “they cannot keep their election promises”, and I wonder if poor communication inside the government of selfish people, an aggressive opposition and crazy rules is what makes it “impossible” for the Prime Minister Helle Thorning Schmidt to rule the country (?) – with people believing that she is the one being “crazy” (!!!) – and yes poor communication/understanding of “will deaf” people and poor behaviour is what this is about (and also “crazy rules” of old “agreements”), because what do people do to help (?), and NOTHING because they smell blood believing they can take over power (!), and yes is this VIOLENT enough for you to (?) see, and I am sure there will be spun many stories around this, and yes is REALITY much worse than what I have described (?), yes you bet (!), and YOU HAVE TO STAND FORWARD TELLING WHAT YOU DID AND REPENT YOUR ACTIONS, and yes WHEN WILL THEY EVER LEARN (?); amazing isn’t it? Please notice the article below of “Thorning trækker I land” (“Thorning pulls ashore”), and yes as you do with a fish :-).

  • Brian is bringing a story of “the risk inside your credit card” and is asking “maybe this happens on your expense” (?), and yes Brian, this is exactly what it does, with “expense” and “credit card” being symbols of the energy you also extract from me without bringing me anything.

  • Linda from the meditation group “felt” inspired to write “eternal repetition”, which is truly what it is about – ETERNITY coming for everyone, including my old self, and that is despite of her selfish attitude as example of the group when she says “I cannot get enough of the loving energy we create together”, and I am “happy” that you are happy, and you do remember from where you are stealing this energy completely tapping me for power, don’t you (?), and eeehhhh, we did not really read and understand your messages, because we are too busy feeling good about ourselves – do you see, Linda & Co.?

Finally at 06.45 I succeed to upload this script, which will have to qualify as one of the most difficult of all I have done, but I did it. And I will meet my mother at 10.00 still having work to do also starting the script of “tomorrow”, and how am I to get through the day coming feeling at my worst?


2nd March: Going to extreme pain to avoid “almost being killed” to release myself from the powerful anchor to darkness

Dreaming of doing my work exactly as I want to, which saves everyone and leads me to my new self

I was completely smashed when I went to bed at 23.30, and I set three alarms to be sure to not sleep over when I was going to meet my mother at 10.00, but I did not have to be “afraid” of this because I was disturbed with dreams not truly giving me rest and at 03.00 I was kept awake knowing what this was about, I had to stand up and I was told that it was important to finish my script of yesterday and upload it for the world to react to my message of my favourite music showing the symbol of God’s love to man, and when I had finished and uploaded this before 07.00, I used the next couple of hours at bath waiting for the clock to be 10.00, and first at 17.00, I am starting to write this script after “sleeping” from 15.30 to 16.45, which however did not make me feel better – I am utterly destroyed doing this work and the explanation follows from the dreams and information below.

  • I am at market working together with people, I have gone to the shopping centre close by waiting at a toy store for ladies to come out, whom I would like to see again, and I meet a colleague there, and it gives him suspicion to me sitting there.
    • I have often thought that the right to do in the future is for men NOT to be so distracted by beautiful women that they will decide to walk after them only to watch them or as here waiting for them to return from something, and that is really to treat beautiful people the same way as you treat everyone, and the key is that if you have no plans to start talking to a lady – or a man – there is not need to keep hanging around just to watch the person in question, which is also uncomfortable for this person.
  • I have parked my car next to this market at a field, which is a little bit muddy, but not much, and I correct my parking a little bit from a colleague criticizing how I park next to his car. Afterwards I am driving back to the local shopping centre and have to be careful not driving the other way into a Swedish, military area. I drive my car as if it was a radio car from the Tivoli gardens, and some people follow me asking what I do there, and I see people there buying the absolutely most delicious and BIG slices of meat and BIG full fish, which I cannot afford myself.
    • The car is “me” and the little mud remaining on the field says that we have gone through the worst of this process now. Driving my car as a radio car in Tivoli is to say that I do exactly as I want, which is what is bringing us all to the paradise of our New World, and the delicious fish and fish is about life being saved with the fish being my new self on his way.
    • Later I was told that “no one comes home from hell alone without the help of others”, which is what this vision means (that I did not break down during my journey requiring the help of others)

Going to extreme pain to avoid “almost being killed” to release myself from the powerful anchor to darkness

At 03.00 I received a little information – I also missed a couple of “important” messages because I first did not want to do this being as tired as I was – and I was told that “YOU ARE ON YOUR WAY TO CARRY OUT WHAT EVERYONE WILL SAY IS IMPOSSIBLE” also because I do not stop working because no one stops me.

I was told that the new radio channel – of the rebuilt Old God – has now started being used, and I felt how I am connecting with the last part of my old self, and become part of “the Board”.

I received vaguely a well known song including the words “we are having a party”, but I was not given enough of it to remember what it was and I could not find it on this alone, and it tells me about our coming party, but first we have more work to do, which is what I continue doing here when writing this, and I here clearly get the taste of fish, which is my new self inside of me, who just is “not activated” as my awakened self.

I was shown my old self with a small wooden leg – the lowest part of my right leg – and I was told that “you are as the only one connected to the losing part, which we just have to change” and I was also told that we can only do it through this drastic way – my head has been feeling more dead than alive (dizzy, difficulties to see and think etc.) and here we speak of some of the worst I have ever received – and I was told that I still have to carry out my day tomorrow, which seemed more impossible than ever before to do because of the feeling of my entire body throwing up making me disabled really, and I was also shown and told that the reason is that the snake with much force penetrated my wooded foundation (when darkness originally took me over) and working like this is to avoid destroying my foot soles (to release me with force from the foundation of darkness), which would hurt me much and make me feel as if I only hardly survive, and again I was asked to stay awake until 10.00 and to carry out the program with my mother, which again was “much more than I had energy to do” not believing that I could handle physically.

I was shown and told that this is like removing a tuba integrated as part of my breathing system as an elephant, and I felt spiritual beings entering me to start this work, and all I could say is that I truly don’t know if I can do this work, I had more doubts than ever before, but as usual I also said “but I can do my best” thinking that I will come through this one way or another, and I was told that it is VITAL to show my love to the world, and I was therefore asked to finish and publish my script of yesterday – “this is what we first want you to do” as I was told, and alright, this is then what I started doing after 03.40 knowing that doing this work alone would be a “major task” considering how I felt and how much work still remained to be done.

I was also given the answer to what I have thought about for a long time, which is that Barcelona is behind Real Madrid this season – now with 10 points with 24 of 38 matches played – and I was told that “we were not meant to win this the last part” (the darkness of Real Madrid was stronger than the light of Barcelona, but still I have decided NOT to give in) and again “doing this is insane”.

I was given the song “Tore Down A La Rimbaud” by Van Morrison, which is one of my favourite songs of his, and when reading the lyrics I see “it is hard sometimes” and really I look forward to get out in the light without sufferings.

I felt and was told that even under these conditions, parts of the spirit of my father is on his way in – and also that Mogens Lykketoft and my old school friend Jais have the same as I was shown with Lars G. in the dream of yesterday, which is “cold feelings” towards others.

I was told that it is going to feel like I am born again, and I felt my old self in light being optimistic, and also that this is how we arrange not to receive a newspaper (i.e. termination) ourselves – yes going from extreme craziness in the mind of my mother to faith, this is also why.

When I worked on the final part of my script of yesterday, I received so many blinks to my monitor that it was “almost” breaking down symbolising much darkness is coming to me wanting to stop my work.

And while working, I was also told that this is to avoid being hospitalised with fire wounds and to do this work releasing my old self from the foundation of darkness is the only thing we can do because you consistently refuse to accept darkness ALWAYS telling it that “this is WRONG” and yes this is what I continue doing hundreds of times per day.

I received heavy sneezing four times to say that the Universe is still sacrificing and I keep – and have kept – receiving tickling “gooseflesh” all over not the outside but the inside of my body, which is a MUCH stronger feeling and about changes done to my old self and the Universe and this is truly very unpleasant, but I have decided to tell myself that it is pleasant, which is how I get through these.

After publishing my script of yesterday at 06.45 this morning, I felt from my inner self that this is helps to release me without bringing me other pain.

I could not overcome to start writing the script of today at this time, and instead I took a long bath until 09.20, where I was told that this (the anchor of my old self and potentially all of my old self) is what my “old nightmare” should have destroyed, and I was shown a yellow key – of the spirit of my mother – and told that we have now succeeded to cut one of the anchors of darkness, and I was shown the lower left corner being lose as one out of four, so three to go.

I received the word BIG APPLE and saw an apple pie with “apple” being the symbol of our New World, and I was told that when I moved into my new apartment in Helsingør in October 2011, we moved in with my old sofa symbolising “love making” and here also my “old nightmare”, and I saw how this sofa was lifted out through my balcony symbolising the end of my “old nightmare”, and yes I managed to save Old God and the Old World when coming to Helsingør, which was the secret task, which I did not know was waiting for me – I thought I would get a better life without sufferings, but if possible, it only became worse (until now), but what the Heaven, when you only have to do this ONCE IN A LIFETIME, you do not have to be a talking head opposing it, which would not be good, and you may ask yourself, how did I get here (?), and yes the answer is what you can read from the approx. 4,000 previous pages.

I was shown a perfect steel skeleton inside a cathedral almost finished, and I felt that this is built inside my old inner self, so this is the darkness I have changed into what will become the anchor of our New World.

I went through extreme pain to turn around and connect my old inner self, Old God, as the centre of light

Finally at 10.00 my mother arrived, and as agreed we were going to Gilleleje approx. 25 kilometres from here to walk the harbour/city and to shop, and as usual my mother asked me if I would drive, and despite of only having received very little R.E.M. sleep the last couple of days making me more dead than alive, my sight blurred and ability to concentrate limited, I decided that of course this was the only right thing to do with the task/game being to carry out this as I normally would and to do it my best way even though my entire body and mind screamed for relaxation probably more than ever, and this is how I drove this tour, and if it was dangerous (?), and of course it was not, I only had to focus even more not to miss a beat, but to tell you the truth, I was not able to drive.

I have understood for some time that this tour was also important as a symbol to say that “I succeeded to come through” with the hurting right foot of my mother being the blockage, but now when this is in order, what was this about (?), and yes I received the first sign when we started walking the harbour seeing the first of two very nice fish stores being named “Bornholm” – an old symbol of God – and yes here of all places is a smokehouse at the harbour smoking herrings (to become the sandwich “Sun over God’s home”, remember?) as they normally only have on Bornholm (where “every single harbour” has one) and I cannot remember seeing this elsewhere, so yes another clear sign of now also Old God coming all the way home.

We continued to a very nice café where we sat outside in the beautiful weather, we had a BLUE sky and even though it was below 10 degrees in the shade, we sat in the sun warming up to maybe 15 or 18 degrees (?) – this is how it felt like – and we had a nice conversation with the owner of the café and also a lady from Helsinge, and when the owner said “dog in heaven” in some kind of connection, I understood the symbol as being “darkness returning to Heaven of light” and here it was Old God self, and while being here, I felt “my old inner self being moved around”, and I was told that the bathroom of darkness is now closed, and we spoke of the nice weather, and my mother told the forecast of yesterday at least saying that frost and snow would return in a few days, which made the lady from Helsinge say that this has now been corrected (!) with only Jutland and not Zealand receiving this and then she added “if you truly think hard, you can change this” (!), and yes I understood what she said, which is really that because I decided to do this work, my spiritual friends have decided to improve the weather also releasing me from some of my worst pain, which otherwise would be given to me?

I was in MUCH pain during this tour also when sitting there – again darkness made it difficult for me to speak fluently, which really annoys me however being careful not to become negative (!) – and when you are pressed to your extreme limit, you could easily start to fight the feeling for example opposing much my little sleep and terrible condition starting to speak up, which would be the same as fighting the light inside of me taking the part of darkness, so even though this is what the feeling is VERY MUCH and we speak of extremes here, I keep on telling myself and my spiritual friends, “be patient, do your absolutely best work, don’t force it” and really because logics tells me that this is the only right thing to do.

We did shopping in two supermarkets in Gilleleje, and we also stopped at a third supermarket in Hornbæk on our way home, and when I browsed this supermarket seeing how part of it “by accident” suddenly was hit by power failure, I understood that this was spiritual darkness given here, and it was quickly solved, but when I later stood in line to the cash desk, I also saw how the credit card dispensers still did not work (online) because of the now previous power failure, and “lack of money” is “lack of energy” – tell me about it today, where it was EXTREME – and the assistant of the desk said to a customer that she would try to get the dispenser to work “the old fashioned way”, which I understood was a symbol meaning “let us see if we can get Old God to work the old fashioned way” (as light) and exactly when it was my turn, the dispensers suddenly started working again (even though I paid in cash not having a credit card), and I was told “we have now turned you around and connected you”, so my old self did work and this is what this tour today was about – to go through extreme pain to turn around and connect my old inner self, which is you know still the spirit of my father – together with the spirit of my mother, and it happened here at the supermarket of Super Brugsen in Hornbæk.

I also constantly received strong darkness hundreds – if not thousands – of times during these few hours given me strong feelings not wanting to speak, making me impatient and negative about everything also about what my mother said and did, and I can only ask my mother to understand that these are feelings of darkness brought to me, which have NOTHING to do with me, and I actively had to fight this feeling and overcome this darkness doing everything it could to make me silent, and yes my feeling of tiredness did not make it better, and even though this was not my finest moment compared to how I feel when I feel good, this was maybe after all my finest hour, so what better way than to bring you another song by R.E.M. symbolising this.

Finally my mother said that instead of coming for dinner this evening – and to watch X-factor together – I was welcome to come tomorrow together with Johns daughters and men, which I accepted also being happy for this because I could not see myself being able to go there this evening – especially if I continued not being able to sleep when returning home.

I was home again at approx. 13.00.

It was indeed very nice of my mother to invite me on this tour, I only wish that I would be able to feel better, but it will come when I have DECIDED to stop my sufferings, which you know is NOT YET and that is as long as there is much darkness and content inside of it to be cleaned and saved, that’s why really.

I ended writing the previous chapter at 20.00, when my dinner was ready and X-factor started, and this was it when it came to work, this was what I could do today, and these lines are written when resuming work the 3rd March at 10.45 after I could not continue writing through the night, thus giving me some sleep.

But coming back to this day, the 2nd March, after lunch I was told at 14.15 that the APPLE did not fall far away from the trunk and also that if it had, we would be able to correct this later, which was the secret message given to me because of good work done, and I was told that doing this work is also because “you also never said no”, which you know is what darkness kept on trying to make me do all along to stop impossible sufferings, but no this would be WRONG to do, so better to bite the APPLE really. And it also included that I never said “it is unfair that others can lead a good life, where I have to suffer”, which is also a feeling darkness gave me much, which I had to overcome, and yes it was also NOT easy to do seeing how people “feasted” right in front of my eyes.

I was shown a knife entering my brain and removing what is inside of it and I was told by the surviving spirit of my father that he thought he would become “stick puree”, i.e. the vision, and “this feeling cannot be described at all” and that is to survive.

I was by now completely destroyed and decided that I had to sleep before resuming work, and I had a short dream about my old friend Kirsten and her female friend sleeping in my bed, and I find her friend attractive, and I enter the bedroom to wake them up, and I feel that they know about me and feel “guilt”, and when I woke up I received the line “and forgive us our debts” from the Lord’s Prayer, which is what I will do in relation to you, Kirsten (?), and yes I have not heard a word from her since moving here, but on the other hand I have also not contacted her, and under normal situations both she and I would act differently.

I also received the song “Thursday’s child” by Bowie with the feeling that this is what I am, born I was, Thursday child.

I “slept” from 15.30 to 16.45, knowing that I now “had” to continue my work, which I did until 20.00 as written before, and I was told “I am not pear shaped, but apple shaped, this is what the work is about now, to shape the form” and also “most of the work has be done by now”.

I watched TV during the evening and just before going to bed at 23.00, I was told “we found more darkness going through a new round” and my answer was “yes we will take that too”.

X-factor “mashed up” two songs symbolising the mixing of our Old and New World to become our combined New World

After having had my breakfast the 4th March, at 07.30, I finally started writing this chapter, and I wonder if I will be able to finalise it because of the immense tiredness and poor condition I feel when starting this work (?), and we will see, and I do need to make it shorter than the last couple of weeks, and to include the most important information only.

The show started with the host, Lise, welcoming here saying that she could guarantee that we were going to hear songs we had never heard before following the suggestion from Cutfather a couple of weeks ago to do a theme called “mash up”, which is about mixing together two different songs with the melody of one and the song of another, and yes this is of course very exciting, but what does it mean (?), and yes only this: This is the result of what you get when you mix our Old and New World together, which is what we have done for you, my dear ladies and gentlemen.

And when they spoke of “mash up”, Lise asked Blachman herehas it been difficult” and he answered that “I am glad it goes so well for LEGO at the moment” and “this is a little like playing LEGO for adults because it is many parts all fitting together”, and LEGO is about building your own toy with lose pieces, and this is how we built our New World, and yes with everything fitting together.

Pernille continued speaking right after Blachman saying that there was a “free choice on all sweet shelves”, which “gave an opportunity to play some favourite tracks”, and you do know that sweet is about darkness leading to sexual abuse of children as I have now given you several examples of lately, which is what helped creating love of our New World, and yes the old story of light/creation coming out of darkness/nothing.

Blachman said here about the contestant Ida after Cutfather had praised her “unique vocal” that it is “innocence clean” and she did “the most natural dance” too, which I connected with the cleanness of our new selves, and he said that “it was lovely to see you in trousers” (“clothes” is life) and he told Pernille, who is the mentor of Ida that “I do believe you are coming very good back, I have to give you this”, and yes COMING BACK is what we are all of us, and when Pernille took over straight after Blachman she said to Ida – but I felt it inside of Pernille – “something lives inside of you, which comes out in all different kinds of ways, through your mouth and your body”, and what I was shown was final parts of darkness of the spirit of my mother leaving Pernille, which was given to me as visions of snakes leaving her, and that is all “in all different ways”- “through her body” – and yes this was also the last time we saw Ida with “rail tracks” (as they called her brace), which she will now have removed, and we know “a little bird” was singing to Lise about this, which is about FREEDOM coming when I will leave my train of suffering bringing me to the other side, and Blachman said that we have to hope that it will not change her sound etc. otherwise they will have to bring this back to her, and yes this was to say that becoming my new self will not change how I am!

Pernille said herewhen will ”down by the water come”, and it came right at the sausage end”, and ”sausage end” is what you say in Denmark at the very end of something, and here it includes threats of my ”old nightmare” because of the meaning of “water” as suffering and ”sausage” as my “old nightmare”.

Blachman said hereagain, again, again, again, four times” because they “came in to show how to do it”, which “lifts it somehow”, and he continued “I am INSANE, INSANE, proud of you” and we know AGAIN, AGAIN and AGAIN is about NEVER GIVING UP – which writing this chapter is a good example of – which is “how to do it” because it lifts up life and our New World and this is what Blachman is proud of :-).

The next performer was Morten Benjamin doing a “mash up” with the melody of one of Radiohead’s beautiful songs, which I included my self in my playlist published yesterday, so “no surprises” here really, together with the song of Louis Armstrong’s “what a wonderful world”, and what may be the most beautiful song by Radiohead together with the immensely beautiful classic song “what a wonderful world” and yes this is how it is when you mix together the most beautiful of both worlds, the New World and the Old World, and we know “who had seen this coming” (?) – a favourite expression by Cutfather, which I like and is now spreading to Lise and Pernille too.

To this, Blachman said herewhat is X-factor about” (?) and he gave the answer “to give more than what you receive” and he said “you can distribute LOVE, this is your kind of X-factor” and he said about the song “what a wonderful world” that “it is a hard song to release” with the conclusion that “sometimes it is magical and other times it is not quite as magical”, and what Blachman said here with other words is that we give more than we received, which is LOVE and we did this to create “a wonderful world”, which was “hard to release” and sometimes we did it magically when we did our best, and other times it was not quite as magical when we could not do our absolutely best as for example now when my energy is very LOW, David – and a little later that “sometimes there are couplings we could spare, which makes some of the magic disappear”, which may be about what darkness makes and that is of course unless we are able to continue improving this in the future to restore ALL OF THE MAGIC, which is what I hope we will be able to do, and yes EVERY LITTLE THING INCLUDES EVERY LITTLE THING and that is “sooner or later” and yes when you are magicians and so on, and just hoping the best here ….

And Cutfather continued right after this speaking about the excitement to hear new versions of a song like this, with some people thinking “this is terror”, and he continued by saying that Morten did his best vocal in a previous show, and “since we have not seen you in the same top shape again”, and this was to say what terror of darkness does to me, it makes it impossible to do my absolutely best, which is better than what I can do when it is my best work under the circumstances with “circumstances” being “because of the torture of darkness holding me down”.

And Pernille continued saying how difficult it is to do one of those “magical performances”, which only happens once every season, and Morten did it in the first show and it is ungrateful having to do this again and again, and she continued saying that something magical happened in the “third bar” in the music between these two songs, which became a “vuggevise” (a lullaby), and what Pernille said here was that the Trinity united our two worlds into one, and the result of this work is a “new child” for whom we play a lullaby, and here we have LULLEBY once again, and yes I LOVE the song “Vuggevise” by Shubidua, which I have “always” done, so thank you for these inspired words Pernille, and yes GUESS WHO IS GIVING THEM TOO YOU and we know my new self “himself” :-). And Cutfather suggested to adjust Morten’s sound a little and that is not to “push it to a complete different world”, which I can only understand that what we do and have been doing is to adjust our New World a little, and for me to do this work to avoid sacrifices of our Universe, which will bring them to our New World II, which we have not written much about, but I am sure you are going to hear about our friends there too and HELLO all of you there, are you with us (?), and yes yes yes.

During the beginning of this show, I had received “special feelings” about Pernille also being a “very special friend indeed”, and some of it came when she here said when introducing the next artist that the artist loves “Amy Winehouse”, which triggered a reaction on me, and Pernille said “Amy Winehouse was also a WILD CAT”, and CAT is my symbol of light, you know, and after the performance, Blachman said here very directly that “it is the most dangerous to let the artists decide themselves, this is just how it is” (to me it is about finding a good balance between the mentor and the student both understanding and listening to each other) and when Blachman said this, Pernille could not help showing herself as a cat with her claws out as you can see below and while this happened, I was told “Cleopatra, isn’t it her you see here” (?), and indeed, this is what I saw, and the exact position of her hands is what I have seen several times in visions either as the dancing in Pulp Fiction (death) or “ancient Egyptians” (survival) and yes here it leads all the way up to Cleopatra, i.e. Pernille today, and I do wonder if Cleopatra, thus Pernille, is another part of my mother too as I believe I wrote in book 1 (?) – we will see.

Pernille showing herself as an ancient Egyptian cat, or as Queen Cleopatra in a new bottle of wine soon with new wine soon to be poured from her new self

And this led to a new fight between Blachman and Pernille with Blachman very directly telling about his view of the contestant, Line, with the role of the mentor to lift herself into her new future, where she is not yet – this is what we will do with all people 🙂 – and yes “she comes with a gift of God, she comes from the nature” (!), and yes Blachman, “listen to what I say now”, which is what Pernille had to tell you to stop you talking and start listening, and this time Pernille was right because you were “too eager” – I know the feeling myself when you receive much pressure from your spiritual voice wanting to speak – and she explained how different the three judges work and “we do a giant inner work, where it matters insanely much to me what kind of music they want to end of doing one day” and she does it because she wants to help her students to do the music, they love with their heart, and what this was about was both the giant inner work of the spiritual world on-going to finish our creation at the same time as Pernille does everything to help the students produce the music, which they love and we know here I am more with Pernille than with Blachman telling the artists what to do – but you know the RIGHT BALANCE between listening, understanding the talent and teaching as a mentor is vital – and she then praised Line telling her “you choose to bite spoons with some of the most tough numbers, and you get away with it”, and I was told that this is what I have done, to go up against the greatest on the world stage and I was told that “you do not write to the leaders of the world that they are chickens” but also that they have decided “not to mess up with God, which is why my blood has not been spilled”.

Pernille spoke here about being “born this way” and she loves “when life begins to come in you” (!), which is what we are all looking forward to, and she said that “I have missed the original expression of you”, which is about life as it was original intended to be, which is returning.

Blachman said here that we don’t make a short circuit, where it dies a little – which is about the quality of our New World – and he said to Pernille “we have done everything we can to help you not falling asleep” and I am thinking that they spoke of the song “teardrop” by Massive Attack as a masterpiece and here connected with the spiritual world doing everything they could to help me from sleeping – with teardrop being my sufferings – and he said that “drums have been laid in, not only for you, but to the south of the border” and DRUMS are about our original life, and yes south of the border is in Germany, where everything starts, which are the words coming to me here – and Lise continued saying “yes, how time flies”, which is a message I have missed bringing, which was also inspired speech of a couple of Facebook postings the last days, but here it was, TIME FLIES and apparently quicker than ever before right now.

Blachman said here to Sveinur that “we saw on your brother that one has to be careful what to say” – apparently he has a BIG BROTHER watching Blachman (?) – and later “you know you have your brother close by”, and this is as I also have written about in one of the short stories of today about TWO BROTHERS with one being Old God and another being NEW GOD (becoming one), and he said that for a rock artist it has to “swing, swing, swing, swing” – never to give up once again – and he has to push the band being a BIG BAND himself (this will become my job to be the leader of the band) and Blachman could not help to bring a couple of references to being gay, so my mother is truly thinking about me this way (unless this is a message of darkness of course), and yes this was part of the recipe to go through to being born, and Sveinur was asked to show his tattoo, which Blachman had referred to, which says “born to rock”, and yes another sign of my birth through darkness because I NEVER gave up.

The contestant Sveinur showing his tattoo after Blachman mentioned it, which is another sign of my birth saying “born to rock”, which is really born to bring LOVE to man 🙂

Cutfather continued right after when he said that “it is great to see that someone DARES to let oneself go and give one self 100% on stage, no one is tying you, you are yourself, you rock the stage”, which is exactly about the work I do giving myself 100% daring to let myself go, and this is what is releasing the ties on me so I will become myself.

At the follow-up show including the decision of the evening of who is to leave narrowing down the contestants from 6 to 5, Pernille had to choose here between Morten as “her own” or the pair of Blachman, and “of course” she had to choose her “own child – this is how it is”, and that is what you say at least, Pernille, but it does NOT make it more accurate, and she said that “there is a BIG fat X behind you”, which I understood as an X of darkness wanting to destroy “at least something” (even though she meant “special charisma”), but NO, I will give you NO such acceptance, and it hurt her to see Morten standing where he stood with the risk to become eliminated here, and as fortune was, Blachman thought the same when he said “I believe it is wrong for you to stand there now”, and he spoke about his first performance being “magical” and that he is going to deliver much more of this, and when he was about to send our his own pair (because he liked Morten even better) herewith doing THE RIGHT THING, Thomas :-), he said “you don’t have to be worried, this is not a traffic killing” and then he spoke passionately about last week a 6 year old dying in an accident of a truck turning right, which he then suddenly asked the Prime Minister Helle Thorning Schmidt to fix – a little déjà vue coming here – and the truck is about our big world, which is risking to kill if it turns right here at the end, and then he sent home his own pair, which he will probably be much criticized for when not protecting his own (!), but I am sure that EVERYONE can see that such a rule is CRAZY (!), because the only right thing is to act OBJECTIVELY and not SUBJECTIVELY, do you see?

So this evening, Morten was the symbol of me, and he was in danger of becoming eliminated, but once again I managed to SURVIVE, and yes that it last remaining part of my old self.

After X-factor, I had met “the wall”, I could NOT start writing the minutes of this show deciding that I had to wait until tomorrow.

During the evening I was also told with MUCH strength and confidence that my decision to put in my own life at stake was not only about my physical life, but also my inner self, who would die, and I was given the understanding that my destiny was to die both as Stig and as Old God because of the destruction my “old nightmare” would mean to me both spiritually and physically herewith becoming eliminated in order to save everyone else, and for a few seconds, I was all shook up – which is my TRULY old nightmare (before my spiritual experiences started) and that is to become “nothing”/not existing – and the “normal reaction” would here be to stop putting my physical life at stake in this “game”, but I decided that I DON’T BELIEVE IN YOU because all signs have shown me that I am protected from dying when I do my best work, and therefore there was ONLY ONE answer to this darkness coming to me, which was to KEEP THIS GAME ON-GOING also continuing to put my physical life at stake, and that is theoretically at least, because I don’t believe the darkness can harm me when I at the same is still the best protected of all. And a few minutes afterwards, I was given the “next shark tooth” (of darkness), and I was told, that if I had not decided this, the game would end here, so it was really “the best luck” helping me to decide what was right to do to save “every little thing” and yes we know, which is NOT the easiest I have done to say the least.

I ended up finishing this chapter of X-factor until here at 12.15 the 4th March, and actually surprised that I could do it.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • The Danish journalist working in the U.S., David Trads, wrote that “a bad novel is not the end of the world, but bad journalism can be” (!), which he writes about a writer criticizing the coverage of the media of the September 11, 2001, event, and that it was because of wrong information that USA decided to go to war, and yes this might be, but again it is about looking into the mirror, which is “impossible” to do, isn’t David (?), because you are not yourself an example of “poor media” keeping the truth from the public, are you (?), and yes “I am only a little piece in the game”, and yes when everyone says the same, this is why it is “impossible” for both David and the media to share my arrival with the world, and yes David, this is what also could have meant the end of the world, but you see there is a CURE for everything, and that is “if I was strong enough to take on your sins as my sufferings” and yes not to forget THE SACRIFICES OF THE UNIVERSE because of your sins, and yes it includes you, David because you did not DARE asking the right question :-).

  • Søren is enjoying himself because of what he believes is the resemblance between the Prime Minister Helle Thorning Schmidt and Britney Spears in the song “Oops!…I Did It Again”, and do you believe that gloating over someone and being sarcastic on their expenses is a way I approve of (?), and NO, IT IS NOT (!) – so this is another teaching including you, Søren, and I do believe you will be able to see that you are WRONG here (?) – and Marianne encourages to sing a song of freedom, which of course is a reference to the “simple but beautiful song” by Eddie Skoller below, because this is where this is leading us – to a world of freedom – and yes it is “easy” for friends of Søren to participate in the taunting remarks about the Prime Minister, and I wonder if you are right and what you did to TRULY try to understand what’s going on (?), and also that this is a game designed to bring sufferings to Helle to help me absorb darkness of simple minded and here gloating and haunting people, which is a behaviour I DO NOT like to see.

  • And it continued when Søren agreed to the writer of leaders in the newspaper of Politiken, Kristian Madsen, (whom I also became Facebook friends with after this), which is that the opposition don’t even do their work to be the opposition properly, and it made Søren say that they are “gentle as lambs” (!) and also “help, support and carry – that is our middle name” and yes being IRONIC gloating on others to lift up yourself wrongly, is simply WRONG again, Søren (!), and the RIGHT answer is NOT to be in opposition but for all of you to COMMUNICATE – LISTEN AND UNDERSTAND (!) and to work together doing QUALITY work, which normally only includes ONE way forward (!) and yes SUCH A SHAME is what this is about, and TALK TALK of negative people feeling good on the expense of others is truly a DISGUSTING behaviour, how could also you, Søren, sink so LOW?

  • And I keep on receiving the feeling “a play” (for today) and is this what it is, Søren (?), that you show “disgusting behaviour” of your old self, which is what is expected of people from you (?), and also because it can be difficult to “forget about the old system” (?) dragging you even though you know that you are leaving it, and we know “poor habits” really because “this is how everyone is”, which does NOT make it any better, and you do know the CURE of this, my friend, and here I give you ONE of my absolute favourite songs by one of my absolute favourite bands, and yes even though we like different music and sometimes see things differently, it does not mean that we do not respect each other, and this is how I feel about Søren and I, and is this also your TRUE feeling about Helle, Søren (?), and if it is, why don’t you write it (?), and eeehhhh yes because it is NOT expected from you from people of POOR BEHAVIOUR all over the country (and world too), and WRONG it is.

  • David referred to the minister of Energy, Martin Lidegaard, that it is because of the media and opposition that the government do not do well, and eeehhh then he pretends that it was a slip of the tongue when he said, well not it was his brother, Bo Lidegaard (editor-in-chief of Politiken) saying it, which is the “same thing, only different …”, and what this is about trying to understand David is that Bo only says this because his brother is in government and therefore HAS to say this (!), and what this is truly about when we talk of inspiration is that we have two brothers becoming one and that is New God and Old God, who are really the same thing, only different you know and yes people will know the difference in the future, and talk about inspiration my friends, which was also included in the short interview of Bo here saying that this is “a tactical game of the opposition”, and it also includes the words “breaking of promises have become the big elephant in the word sky”, and let us say that another big elephant has returned to Heaven as a “great gig in the sky”, my friends, which this is about and I might add that this piece of heavenly influenced music by Pink Floyd is so beautiful that it hurts, which also pretty much sums up my feelings doing this work :-).

  • And let us bring Søren here again again, and yes “we did it” is what I normally say when I have done my worst and most difficult job, and here it is Søren saying it with inspiration, and what is it that we did (?), and yes only bringing the Good Old Elephant back to Heaven, my friends.

  • More inspiration coming to Rikke in this case, where she says that she received a notification of a claim (Income Protection insurance) which included the question “injured part of body” and the answer “the head (done for)”, which made her smile, but just before writing this – not seeing that it was Rikke coming – I received the vision of Bo from Dahlberg (this is where Rikke also works and where I used to work with both of them in 2008) speaking to David from London WRONGLY about me without reading or knowing about me but only on what they “guess”, and I was told this is also how they do business, and yes this is what is the matter with their heads, this is what is “done for” and SAD it is because it is nothing more than LAZINESS and doing what people know is WRONG, but that was to give in to “bad comfort” of what was the easiest to do, yes the inner beast of you.

  • Helena could not help feeling that she would like to eat sweet this evening, and yes more of the darkness bringing misuse of children of the world and among my own family/friends etc.

  • Earlier today I was shown the head of a young cow being transferred to mine, and this young cow is the original creation of “Old God” (of this world), or BUDDHA, which is what the cow symbolises, and my old Swedish friend, Anna Karin, was inspired when writing the message below, and yes when you are “crazy” about music, the “suburbia” to me of course only means one thing, and that is the song “Buddha of Suburbia” by David Bowie, which is what we bring to welcome home the original Buddha of this world, and that is done via Anna Karin and here David Bowie as the symbol of God/Buddha.

  • For days and weeks I have received the feeling of Søren H. many time, who apparently is thinking of me, and I here received a short but power heart burn, and yes MUCH darkness coming from Søren to me, and “not easy” for you to accept who I am Søren (?) – and why have you decided NOT to read me (?) and just wondering I am.
  • Klaus was “givin’ out Friday hugs” and saying “wuf, the vore is over” (“bow-wow, war is over”) and also “the red baron is on piece mission” (!) and yes what this is about is to say that the war of the dark dog again the light of me is over, and it ended with HAPPY CHRISTMAS, which is about my rebirth, Klaus, and of course inspiration with the words “war is over” leading to this beautiful song by John Lennon, and yes when you are crazy about music, this cannot be differently.

  • And this is the symbol of “war is over” too, which is the “tired dog”, which my sister decided to bring even though she normally NEVER posts on Facebook (!), and yes this has to be Tobias new dog, and here it says “darkness is tired and has no more power to fight me.”

  • And alright, bringing this one too by Rikke looking forward to her weekend, but the message is as it says, Rikke: THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY, I’m alive, and yes it was a very good day in a very good year from BLUE EYES.



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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