March 4, 2012: Receiving faith of Bettina’s man Søren as a requirement to pull in gold from the darkness of Obama


Summary of the script today

3rd March: Receiving faith of Bettina’s man Søren as a requirement to pull in gold from the darkness of Obama

  • Dreaming of being in the White House with people of the Intelligence Service not believing or wanting to believe in me sending me burning darkness, parts of my old self were also killed because of darkness sent to me from old colleagues at DanskeBank-Pension, much increase of energy to the darkness solely because of my sleep and my mother/family also “helps” to clean the old house of God.
  • The Danish political party Liberal Alliance had brought a feature article in the newspaper Berlingske about how to “thoroughly change the welfare community”, which I commented both on the Facebook site of Berlingske and directly on the Facebook wall of the party leader Anders Samuelsen – you are the party closest to my heart but NOT radical enough in your politics to separate the community from the state, you need to do it 100% – and the reply I received from Anders was “deafening silence” and the removal of my posting from his Facebook wall – I am not officially very welcome, it seems.
  • I visited my mother and John and now John’s daughters and their men were there too, and as usual Søren and I found it natural to speak together as none others of the family can do, and the name of the game was to convince Søren about who I am simply by telling him of my philosophy with normal life, New World Order, good communication etc. – because he “could not” read my website, which was “mentally impossible” for him to do – and during dinner, suddenly I saw that faith had arrived with him when he looked intensely at me almost with fear in his eyes thinking “is Stig truly the Son of God”, and I was told that this faith of Søren was necessary to achieve to pull in the gold inside of the remaining darkness (of Obama).
  • Short stories of “the most wonderful morning in 100 years” because of what we have achieved, but more sufferings coming to me, the newspaper of Jyllands-Posten did NOT learn anything from my schooling of them, I was encouraged not to give up now doing “impossible work/creation”, a very nice birthday cake symbolising our New World, the meeting of Liberal Alliance was a “revivalist meeting”, “God is on coke” but will reach “the corridors of power”, one of Michelle Obama’s favourite songs is called “tightrope”, which is also one of my favourite songs – from two different artists – which was a symbol of combining our New and Old World as our combined New World and a famous chef spoke directly of the wakening of the legendary figure “Holger Danske” (“Ogier the Dane”), which is the call for the wake up of my new self and our New World.

4th March: Søren Pind, Liberal Alliance, Lars Løkke etc. bring me MUCH darkness/tiredness making me more dead than alive

  • Dreaming of Søren Pind and his company doing insurance business very poorly not living up to the basic 10 commandments (!), Søren’s darkness “helps” bringing me threats of my “old nightmare” and the risk of not all life inside darkness surviving before the door is finally closed.
  • I was completely destroyed again because of lack of sleep – now for several days – working the whole night and much of the day to finish the “impossible” to write chapter on X-factor two days ago and the remaining of the last three days of scripts still receiving much darkness and threats of my “old nightmare”, which is what keeps on saving life from inside of darkness – not an easy work to do when it simply continues to go on becoming more and more difficult.
  • I was told that it was now time to say goodbye to remaining life inside of darkness trapped behind a closed door/wall, and I said NEVER (!), and with my faith and the faith of others, this mountain of darkness is now becoming BLUE even though we cannot touch it. The door is kept open with faith, and then it came: “You have used the strength of the New World without being the New World yet”.
  • Short stories of destructions happening to the spiritual world, I received the mark of “perfect” (but not “magical”) for my work going through my journey to the other side, Liberal Alliance belonging to darkness too sending me deafening silence, Helena and Jens (from Selvet) also bringing me darkness/sufferings potentially killing me without knowing it, Hardinger helps to make me a “slowhand” when writing because of tiredness, but I am still creating, and he shows that darkness is incredible strong now, and finally Putin became President of Russia for the third time bringing me darkness too, which was necessary in order for my train to drive through at the end of the journey to the other side.


3rd March: Receiving faith of Bettina’s man Søren as a requirement to pull in gold from the darkness of Obama

Dreaming of the Intelligence Service of the White House, who do not (want to) believe in me sending me killing darkness

I went to bed a little after 23.00 yesterday evening knowing for sure that I had reached the end of my limit, I could not continue working, and I hoped that I would now be able to sleep, and I was woken up at 01.30 receiving STRONG encouragements and feelings to stand up and write the potentially long chapter on X-factor from yesterday evening, but even if I could have written at least some of it with great difficulties, I decided that this was crossing my ultimate limit and I could not bring myself to do it, it would have completely destroyed me, and yes we will have to bring other energy too to bring out the last of me (inside darkness), and with this attitude I was “allowed” to keep on sleeping, which I did until 09.30 this morning, where I stood up, however I still do NOT feel fresh, but at least better than yesterday. And here are the dreams of the night:

  • I am in the White House, Washington, together with my old friend Lars G. We have a fine program the first day, where I feel the need to show the others who I am by bringing myself forward, I am the Vice President after Obama as the President, and this makes me receive some attention from Obama. I am going to live there on a permanent basis, and from the window, I look out on the sea, and I tell Lars “see there is the Oslo boat”, and also that “we could take a swim”, which he does not truly believe, but I add “if you want to”. I see how male employees of the White House commit adultery. All employees including myself have computers including MUCH memory, and I see how foreign guests are shown around, where they see the computers of the employees, and I see some used computers by the brand of Sony with much less memory on sale, and this is because the memory of our new computers is very expensive to buy. We will have a full program tomorrow. In the evening after the gate has been closed, I see the Vice President (I see him as another person) standing outside the gate (he has returned from something gay) shouting at people trying to get their attention that he truly is the Vice President to get them to open the gate for him, one employee sees and recognizes him but does not say anything, and I see how both this man and the Vice President blow up with much blood as the result.
    • Being with Lars G. in the White House is to say that God is in the White House. In 2006 I had visions of the Oslo Boat sinking (the day before I had to travel with the boat), which I believe is included in my book no. 1, and back then I did not know what it was about, but it was about the end of the world, and when I see it here again, it is to say that this is about the survival of the world and here also including the Old World, and I might add that every evening at 18.30 to 18.40 I can see from my window the Oslo Boat (from Copenhagen to Oslo) sailing on Øresund, which is the most beautiful of all ships sailing here, and I see it also when I typically arrive at 18.30 at dinner with my mother and John and the last 2-3 times, I have said it also making my mother turn around and watch it, and yes “a beautiful sight” is what this is about and a symbol of the survival of the world. The adultery and killings of me (!) at the White House is about people of darkness working there not believing in me or NOT wanting to believe in me, which is sending me killing darkness, which is coming to me again simply because I decided to sleep (!), and apparently my mother thinks of me as gay again, mother (?), since I have received this message now for a couple of days (not understanding that I am NOT and have NEVER been gay (!!) and also that I don’t have energy to have a girl friend and that the spiritual world prevents me from having one, but it will come to me “on the other side”), and the MUCH memory is simply about the memory of Christ being restored and transferred to my new self the other day.
    • I woke up with the fine song “creatures of love” by Talking Heads, and I was told that my message of LOVE OF GOD TO MAN of the day before yesterday was meant for people working inside the White House, and I also received the words “this is the third time that I am burned off by that greater weever”, and the greater weever is a poisonous fish you risk stepping on (with your foot sole!) when going for a swim in the sea, so apparently my sleep brought me burns to my foot soles (by the darkness of the White House), which I however don’t feel physically, and I can only ask my spiritual friends once again to use the recreation tool if necessary. I also received the words “the Intelligence is not very open”, which is about the people of the Intelligent Service working inside the White House.
    • I was also given a song including the lyrics “I sing you a lullaby”, and “lullaby” has now been given to me a couple of times too, and yes a song for a new child of course, and when I heard “Lullaby” by the Cure (from 1989) for the first time, it was SIMPLY a TRULY special moment, this is one of those “very special” songs to me, and has been ever since, and yes receiving severe heartburn here because of these people of the White House, and “not easy” for you to believe that Obama and I are ONE and that he is also God?
    • Late in the evening today, I was told that these people of the White House also have had enough of me (!) not fully reading and understanding my website and my message of love to man, my friends (?) – and we know even the White House can be wrong when you don’t do your work carefully, which this is an example of!
  • I am at DanskeBank-Pension hearing rock ’n’ roll suicide by David Bowie, I have started working there again after many years, and now only as an assistant, not as a head clerk, receiving less pay, but I am happy that the bank cannot dismiss me (they have old “special rules”), I see Diana almost without clothes for a short period before she is dressed again and I tell her that I cannot find Jan (her old husband), and she tells me “did he not tell you, one moment” and she leaves to find information for me, and I also see my old colleagues Carsten H. and Michael W. pouring water from the water dispenser before me. I don’t have much work to do, and ask Jens Ove as the manager if he has projects for me to do, and then I remember that Kim S. has resigned, and he promised some of his old customers (rich accountants and lawyers) to prepare special pension calculations for them, which was work I was to do, which I had forgotten about, and I think that I better to do this work now and call the customers hoping that it is not too late even though Kim has resigned and I don’t feel like doing the work at all.
    • Rock ‘n’ roll suicide is about “killing myself” because of my sleep and ALSO because of the darkness sent to me from my old colleagues of DanskeBank-Pension, Michael W. and Carsten H., whom I became friends with the other day, and I saw Michael “reading” my website, which Carsten did too (?), and this made you take a cup of water, i.e. made you suffer, and did you decide not to believe in me thinking that I was crazy (?), which is what might bring your darkness to me, and I cannot find Diana nor Jan on the Internet. I cannot be fired, which is to say that the Old World cannot destruct the last part of me, and I still have more work to do to save the last parts of my old self, even though Kim S. has now resigned and we know moved to our New World.
    • I stopped working at DanskeBank-Pension in 1991 when I was 25 being the only one on my side of the hall (among approx. 15 colleagues) not being a head clerk because of one single reason, which was that I was “too young” in the mind of my managers sitting on the other side of the hall not understanding that I was “among the two wisest people” in the bank on pensions, which was not an “unimportant” business area to the bank (?), and yes showing you the “inabilities” of small minded people taking wrong decisions.

  • I am at the Police station witnessing how a police officer knowing that he is indispensable to the Police manages to almost agree on a salary increase of 60%, and somehow two negotiations are on-going at the same moment, and he is about to finalise the last, and most important part of the negotiation. Later I see how Søren H. as the manager has provided a big salary increase for himself, and that the books of the insurance business, which Lisbeth looks after shows a big profit making a big salary increase of her too, but when I look at the books I look after, I see how the claims have increase very much, which is solely because Søren self did not do his work properly, and because of this, Søren almost do not adjust my salary making me feel very poorly.
    • This is about darkness receiving energy, i.e. money, because I am sleeping, and darkness is also giving Søren H. and Lisbeth salary increases, and yes when I worked with Søren from 1998 to 2000, and later from 2002 to 2007, he was wearing very small shoes in relation to me not giving me the RIGTH work nor the RIGHT pay simply because of his “inability” to give responsibility from him, and yes he managed the business poorly and so much more could be said, and I do believe I have written about this a long time ago, but it is still the truth, and I keep on receiving visions of Søren Pind here in relation to me.
  • Sanna is cleaning the house and my mother treat her like a dog telling her what to do, and I tell her that this is NOT the way to do it, and when I am asked, I say that she should give Sanna the responsibility to clean part of the house and afterwards they can go through it together.
    • Cleaning the house will still be about cleaning out Old World and many people do not know about how to work treating others as dogs telling them instead of showing them and working as mentors also controlling the quality of the work afterwards and to do it as long as it is required – and yes also to include a quality program for long term use purposes.
  • I had a very unpleasant dream where I saw small beasts of prey waiting for birds, who were about to fall down not being able to continue flying but doing everything they could to avoid it because the consequence is that they would be eaten.
    • About life being eaten by darkness while I was sleeping, but what are you to do when you need sleep (?), and yes believe in the recreation tool, which is what resurrected my own inner self, and if it is good enough for me, it is also good enough for everyone else, and yes I cannot work any better than this.

Working all morning and afternoon not having time to start writing the chapter of X-factor yesterday

When standing up, I received a physical feeling around my right angle, which made say “no one is going to smash you” (to Old God) and the response I received was “this is how we feel when you sleep”, and I know, but I could (and would) not do any better than what I did because I do need sleep too, but we are still going for 100% my friends, and I was also told that to keep doing my work is simply what is bringing out more of my furniture inside of what used to be my old self.

I started working at approx. 10.30 this morning writing the last of the script of yesterday including many long stories and the script of today, and while writing these lines at 15.40 feeling disgusted with throw up feelings I have still NOT started the chapter on X-factor from yesterday, and I have now sat in this poor chair of mine for so many hours that my back is now physically hurting, and I am also still gaining weigh making the now two only pairs of trousers, which I can fit – thank you, mother – almost too small too, and yes “that’s the price of love” to get a new world and New World Order, my friends.

At 17.00 I decided that I will NOT stress myself for not yet having published the second part of my script of the 2nd March, and that I will do my best also including the next chapter (!), and to go to my mother and John at 18.00, and first to start doing the chapter on X-factor when coming home, which will bring me a new night without sleep (!), and first when I am done with this, I will update the script, and yes FOCUS ON QUALITY and doing your best work, this is STILL how it is, and this is what is required my friends to help bringing out more from Old God.

The party Liberal Alliance are NOT radical enough, because you need to separate the community and state completely!

The party leader Anders Samuelsen and political spokesman Simon Emil Ammitzbøll of the Danish political party Liberal Alliance had decided to post a feature article in the newspaper Berlingske here about how to “thoroughly change the welfare community”, which they brought a link to on Facebook below, and I decided to post my reply both to the Facebook profile and directly on the Facebook wall of Anders as you can see below it where I tell them that there politics is what is the closest to my heart but that it is not radical enough because when they speak of separating the community and state, they have to do it 100% removing the state (!) instead of only partly – and for them to find a TRUE job working to increase our production for the benefit of not only Denmark, but for the entire world (!) – and I also send it in an email via Facebook to Simon because he had not opened his Facebook wall for others to post on, and finally I created a profile on Berlingske’s website with the intention also to publish my reply as a comment directly below the article together with the then 11 other comments, but when I pushed the button twice, NOTHING happened, and yes my friends because you did NOTHING to help me publish my arrival, and how do you FEEL about this, and yes just wondering?

When writing this chapter, I just checked Anders’ Facebook wall again, and guess what (?), my posting has now been deleted, so Anders, is this the way you have decided to “welcome” me by protecting your “old self” and the Old World from my “attacks” by removing my “unpleasant” posting and then NO communication, which is deafening silence, and yes do you know what we call the likes of you here (?), and yes CHICKENS, which you may connect with a WIMP, which is what you are, but I have used this word lately more because it is the symbol of creation, and that is your survival my friend – despite of your WRONG behaviour, and yes Anders too, terrible isn’t it and I see two men talking and walking away from me, and yes Simon too ….

I sent my reply between 17.00 and 18.00, but first wrote this chapter “tomorrow” from 03.30!

At 04.30 when checking my Facebook for updates, I saw Simon thanking for “a fantastic country meeting” and “looking forward to a good party”, and by 04.30 I thought that the party was probably over – did you have hangovers, Simon and also you Anders (?) – and I decided to reply for his “party comrades” to see that I hope they had a good party without poor conscience for some of you in the top (?), and of course I enclosed my email for his “comrades” to see, and that is if you will “allow” them to read it, Simon (?), and I wonder what the odds are for my reply to remain on his posting, and how long it will take him to remove it (?), and maybe he is sleeping long so some will see it before he WAKES UP?

Update at 06.30: I had a look at this script after it was published, and then I looked at the picture of Anders’ Facebook wall noticing the split between “Anders Samuelsen” and “everyone (most recent)”, and then I had a look again at “everyone” seeing that my posting is indeed still there, and yes I decided to keep the previous part of this chapter without changes just to show you how important it is to do your work carefully not to misunderstand – and yes Stig, we are now working on the other side of what may be my ultimate limit, so it is not very easy to be careful, but I try my best – and I am sorry for the mistakes I made, Anders and Simon, and I wonder if you have anything to say to me?

Receiving faith of Bettina’s man Søren as a requirement to pull in gold from the darkness of Obama

I had a very good evening visiting my mother and John and this time also together with John’s daughters Mette and Bettina together with their men Jesper and Søren.

As usual, Søren and I become naturally “attracted” to speak together, which we have ALWAYS done, and I asked him about his second book, which he is about to finalise, and he told me that he saved approx. 1,000 pictures for the book inside a Word document, and he should have saved them inside a design program instead, and he needed to change the resolution of all pictures manually, which was “impossible” to do, so now he had decided to print out all pictures and to use the print outs as the print foundation for the book (!) – and yes this is what he told me (!) – and I asked him if it would take maybe one minute to change each picture, which he confirmed that it would (I was thinking that he could probably do it in half time too if he wanted too), and then I told him that 1,000 minutes is 16-17 hours or two full working days, that’s all (!), and I told him that if I was in his situation, I would NOT settle for the second best when he can do the best (!), and he looked at me and it was clear that he had not thought about exactly how much work, this meant – it was “impossible” you know (!) – and then he thought that “maybe Bettina can help” and yes then it will only take you ONE DAY (!) to do, and how “difficult” is that (?), and we know just asking here, which may have given him a new idea of this work.

And yes I understood that the name of the game this evening was for me to “influence” Søren exactly because of this, which is that it was “mental impossible” for Søren to do this work as it also was to read and understand my website (!), and when he “could not” read my website, what did he base his decision on in relation to me (?), and yes my mother and John maybe, and if they decided to tell him that I was wrong/crazy, what do you believe Søren thought of me (?) – and I was told on the contrary to what Bettina thought, and yes I might add that I told myself before going this evening, that I did NOT want to speak about myself trying to “influence” anyone, but when I speak to Søren, it comes naturally to me as it does to him because we are on the same “wave length”.

We then spoke of his work as a Yoga teacher with his own school and he told about training five new instructors giving them a total of 600 hours of training before they can call themselves instructors, and yes this is Søren’s “homemade education”, because the “official” education only takes 200 hours, and this is what I was VERY HAPPY to hear because Søren is truly a VERY dedicated man when he decides to be, but unfortunately it was “impossible” for him to read and understand my website!

So we spoke about a number of subjects where I naturally could include the philosophy of my website including normal life for everyone, a world without borders and sufferings, our New World Order, the importance of communicating for people to UNDERSTAND, which makes people happy (and the opposite when they cannot understand) and I formulated in a way, where Søren as example said “in two minutes you have just said what is wrong with the world”, and I told him that everything I write is SIMPLE LOGIC, which however is “impossible” for people to understand, and yes I told him that I have only written the truth VERY DIRECTLY the same way as Blachman speaks – he knows Blachman from TV – and this is what made it “impossible” for people to listen to me, because the truth was “unpleasant” to listen to the same way as people on X-factor “cannot” take hearing that they cannot speak, and yes this made him gradually understand the TRUTH about what I say, and the deceptions about me, which he has been told from “others”, and he told me “if you make a summary of your website, I am sure you will get much more visitors” and we know “mentally impossible” it is for him to read my website thinking that he has to read everything to understand the messages (!), and yes this gave me the opportunity to tell him that I have approx. 30 main pages, which all includes a short summary before the detailed page, and I told him that it would only take him a few minutes to read the summaries of each page and I said one hour, but in fairness “a few hours” is the right to say and that is to get a total overview of my main messages, and yes this is what Søren – and the world – “could not” do (!!!), and dinner it suddenly came to him (it did not take more than maybe half an hour in total to “convince” him), and I saw him intensely looking at me with a totally new look on his face almost in fear, and I could tell that by now he thought “is Stig really the Son of God”, and yes my friend, Søren, this is indeed what I am.

And while this was happening, I received pretty strong darkness, which I constantly had to fight at the same time, which did not make it easier to concentrate/communicate, and I was told that it is now darkness of Obama, which I am working on, and through this darkness I was shown gold entering me, and also told that “we are now bringing in everything”, which I understood now comes naturally after the main part of my old self has been brought in and I was told that convincing Søren was a condition in order to do this work, so thank you John for getting the thought/idea for me to come today making this communication possible – and yes “amazing” that Søren could not read and understand my website the same as I could with his first book a couple of years ago.

Søren spoke about an example of a school teacher here, who was thought to have taken advantage of a pupil, which a parent said to everyone else than the teacher judging and cutting down the innocent teacher, and yes everyone could see how unfair this was, but none of you could see that this is exactly the same as you did speaking WRONGLY about me behind my back herewith (almost) cutting me and the world down, and yes, of course this was NOT your intention, but this was the effect of your actions.

I was also told that “when the world will understand the very small size of the Source, it will understand how impossible it also was to connect with it”, which I did in 2010.

My mother spoke of always haven done special things for people when they are sick, which she indeed has, and I was thinking with a smile that when I was sick as a boy, she brought me stewed apples and ONLY when I was sick (!), which made me love it, and now I understood today that she was bringing a New World (symbolised by the APPLE) to the sick patient of the Old World – do you see? I continued receiving information/symbols of Søren connected to “sweet”.

And yes here at 05.20 “tomorrow”, my new chair I am sitting in makes it VERY UNCOMFORTABLE to do this work, because it is too high making my writing position “impossible”, and I STILL have the X-factor chapter to do after finishing and publishing this.

We also spoke shortly about Buddhism, and I thought that the old philosophy do not match the problems of the society today with poor behaviour of people, which I do believe did not exist as seriously “back then”, and also a parallel to my writings saying that my DIRECT language will NOT be needed in the future, and I do believe that these old texts of Buddhism will be “much better” to use in our future New World and of course cleansed from endless repetitions of what is unnecessary and not logical to do.

By the way, my mother had made a very good dinner again with the only “problem” that there was far too much salmon and later far too much strawberry cake (we could have been 2-3 times as many guests), and I was told that this is the symbol of the cornucopia of our New World with “plenty of Stig/Jesus/creation” if you understand such a small one?

My mother told me that John found a three double CD with “old Danish-top songs”, which he had not heard before, and he LOVES this music, and yes I thought it was the three CD’s with this kind of music I made for him a few years ago using MANY hours to do this, but it was not, and I understood this symbol that he now “loves my music”, which he did not before because he had not listened to it, and here meaning “not truly read” my website in order to understand it, but by now, even John has understood that I am the one I have told you for now a very long time – and yes Søren said that they have had a DVD-recorder for four years not knowing how to record on it, because they did not read the manual, and yes my website and scripts were apparently “not important enough” (?) for you to decide what I encouraged all of you to do so many times especially in 2010, which was to read carefully in order to understand, and yes I am still wondering why it was “so impossible” for you, and we know people were telling themselves “we do not have to read to tell that he is crazy”, and the opposite is truly what is was impossible to convince people.

I returned home at 21.30 being much more destroyed than I thought before leaving, and I decided to have faith in myself NOT to start writing the X-factor chapter this evening, but thinking that if darkness gets strong during the night, we will simply use the recreation tool if necessary and continue work tomorrow and that is because my decision is the most important, and with this feeling, I went to bed a little later than 23.00 believing that I would get a full night of sleep.

During this evening I was given INCREDIBLE strong darkness doing SIMPLY EVERYTHING to make me watch porn on the Internet, but I decided to do everything right not to become tempted despite of my hormones being stronger than almost ever before and to stick to my old rules, and a few times I caught a glimpse of what I have decided not to see on the Internet (also being very good holding my hand over my eyes when opening a new website fearing that it contains “improper pictures”, which makes me avoid “almost everything”) and every time I still catch a very short glimpse, the darkness does its STRONGEST to make me look at this again, but no I have decided that this is how it is and then it is like this NO MATTER WHAT, and yes “would not be good for remaining life” if I could not handle this, and this was the absolutely worst test I ever received of this nature.

Finishing this chapter at 05.45 “tomorrow”.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Helena believed it was the most wonderful morning in 100 years, which is a referral to one of my favourite songs of Gnags – why is this not to be found on the Internet in good quality (?) – and it is because she is going to see another Danish band I don’t know much of, “Magtens Korridorer”, in concert today, and Rikke asks her to “hold on hat and glasses” and yes I still remember it, more then 20 years ago I believe, I drove with the bus in Copenhagen, when a very funny bus driver asked the passengers to “hold on hat and glasses” because the next stop would be at “storm street”, and yes this is what Helena was inspired to write, and as everyone will know the bus is about “love making” and here my “old nightmare”, which is what ALSO today brings me sufferings and what will continue and yes Helena bringing it to me too – but the most wonderful morning it is because of everything we have achieved so far.

  • Brian wrote that he is considering if the reason why he is very tired is because he received as much as 4-4½ hours of sleep, and yes another source of darkness he is removing my sleep, and do you think you are tired, Brian (?), then it is nothing compared to me, and this is truly about one man feeling worse than the other and we know another Source to the show of Monty Python including this sketch.

  • Jyllands-Posten was inspired to tell themselves that they did not learn anything in school after my encouragement for them to ask the Prime Minister about me – and the support of my high school supporters.

  • Klaus from the meditation group brought this link, which I can see now when writing this at 03.55 that it is a message to me NEVER TO GIVE UP, which is to continue my work until I am finished, and I truly got more work than I can pray for, but “pray” together with the feeling of the spirit of my father is the message here and that is praying that this is what I will do, and that is to continue doing what is “impossible creation” symbolised by the man below without arms, who decided that this should not prevent him from playing guitar, and yes these examples of INSPIRATION is given because of the results I have achieved, and had I not come this far, you would NOT have heard about this man through me as example.

  • My old colleague from Fair Insurance, Pia, had bought a cake to celebrate her son’s 8 years birthday, and I saw it as a symbol of the creation of our New World being “finished”, and below she was inspired to say “give me strength” when preparing the visit of 8 (noisy) boys, and what better way than to bring one of the most beautiful songs, I know of, “God give me strength” and yes “I imagine that you can get strength from here”, and did I receive feedback from Pia (?), and NO, not a word or “like” but she was busy “communicating” with her friends having the same “challenges” as her.

  • Before I had sent my reply to Liberal Alliance, Søren had sent this posting saying that “the holy has meeting, I can see in the press”, and “the holy” is according to Søren what Liberal Alliance is, and yes he called it a “revivalist meeting”, and REVIVAL is what this is about, Søren, the revival of you, the Liberal Alliance, my family/friends etc. and the world :-).

  • Today was the day when Helena with friends were going to concert, which she was VERY much looking forward too, and she made this “check-list” confirming that “dinner purchase” was “check” and the same with clothes, and then “Magtens Korridorer” (“the corridors of power”) will follow coming out of the speakers, which is “really much check” as she said, and yes “hey, the sun is shining, God is on coke, and life is good” (!) , and yes this is what she TRULY wrote – talk about inspiration – and what this was about was to say “life is saved” (i.e. dinner and clothes), everything is good (i.e. sun is shining) and God will come to power speaking to the world (i.e. “the corridors of power”) , which is because I am suffering much (on “coke”), and yes the thing about “God on coke” is a quote of “the stars of the evening” (the band), but I could not find which song on basis of this quote, but maybe Helena can tell you, which was the thought I had, but I decided not to ask her, but maybe you will my dear reader?

  • Rikke truly loves the “holy Christ” – or what, Rikke (?) – and yes what could be more fun on such a beautiful day of sunshine than to spend a couple of hours in Ikea (?), and we know to bring home more of my furniture to our New World of course :-).

  • Dan was inspired to bring this beautiful song by Barry White, who TRULY also was a fantastic artist, and yes do you see the “inspiration” here (?), and here it is so obvious that it appears very directly, because it is about NEVER GIVING UP and yes if I had decided to give Søren Pind the “famous last words” of my scripts ending them some months ago, it would have meant the end of our Old World – Roger over and out, you know – but when I decided to STILL CARRY ON, this is what brought us EVERYTHING OF ALL TIMES :-).

  • Inspiration came to me from a not expected source, which was from what to me until today was an unknown American singer Janelle Monáe, who supports Barack Obama, which the following posting from the Facebook site of Michelle Obama brought, and I understood that there was “inspiration” here, and instead of deciding to hurry because I have much work you know (also on the script of today) – it is now 17.40 – I decided to watch the clip, which I liked MUCH (including what EVERYONE said in it!), and I feel when this is written, that this is about TIGHTENING THE ROPES so to say between Obama and I and that is also the New and Old World as our combined New World, and what better way than this way to bring a fantastic song by the title of “tightrope” of Janelle and “tightrope” by Electric Light Orchestra, and yes it is indeed about becoming UNITED, Janelle, and to bring a NEW BALANCE to the world :-).

Here is “tightrope” by Janelle Monáe, which is ALSO beautiful music and to me, this is something like “modern James Brown”, which I can hear the qualities in, but have never explored much myself, so there is probably a whole NEW WORLD of good music waiting for me here.

And here is “tightrope” by Electric Light Orchestra, which is TRULY one of my favourites from my old favourite band and yes this is about a NEW WORLD to me, which consist of the best of our NEW and OLD WORLD combined, which this easily is another example of – do you see?

  • The other day, I became Facebook friends with the (coming) world-famous chef (as I am told), Thomas Rode – known from one of the best restaurants in Denmark and Danish TV – and he decided to write today that “Denmark is about to wake up, and gradually it will become the end of people walking around soaking smoothies” and also “maybe there is a health Holger Danske, who is about to wake up with the view of Denmark becoming a nation of degenerated sugar addicts” (!), and yes this is what he wrote (!!!), and just saying that Denmark is about to wake up because this is what I am about to (STRONGER than ever my friends), which will become the end of my life as a Zombie (i.e. the smoothies) and Holger Danske (“Ogier the Dane”) waking up is the old symbol of the legendary figure sitting on my local castle of Kronborg waiting to wake up when the nation needs him, which is mentioned on my front webpage, and yes when he will wake up, it is because I am waking up – do you see how inspiration works by now?

Finally at 06.20 “tomorrow” I had published this script, and yes ahead of me is potential work of “several hours” to do the X-factor chapter of the 2nd March if I can handle it because of tiredness and my arms hurting me when writing.


4th March: Søren Pind, Liberal Alliance, Lars Løkke etc. bring me MUCH darkness/tiredness making me more dead than alive

Dreaming of Søren Pind not fulfilling the basic 10 commandments and bringing me darkness risking life

As mentioned I was sure that I would be able to sleep throughout the night, but I “slept” poorly and at 03.15 I decided to stand up because of the dream below telling me that apparently the door to my old self is now becoming very difficult to keep open, so with this help, this was the only thing I could responsibly do, so here are the few dreams I received – and starting to write this at 13.20 today.

  • I am working as a consultant for Søren Pind in a department handling customer service of an insurance company, and I see how poorly they work, and I tell Søren very directly about the importance of direct and honest communication, to keep the 10 commandments and to involve employees instead of telling them, and he listens to me, and so much that I hold his head in my arm almost as a parent would do to a child.
    • Customer service is often about questions and answers besides from administration of insurance policies, and here this department works poorly simply because they don’t keep my basic rules, and my dear Søren and MP’s of the Danish Parliament – or any parliament in the world – HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN ABOUT THE 10 COMMANDMENTS BEING PART OF MY BASIC RULES (?) and yes please look at them at the front page of my website and ask yourself what do you NOT keep, and then follow my guidelines to show a clean heart, and yes you should believe that MP’s would become role models to the world, which I am sure you will tell yourself why you are and especially why you are not.
  • I am together with Søren Pind on the island of Amager close to Copenhagen, and we are in a traditional area of the island gradually becoming smaller, but it is still large, and Søren is opening a bus route here in a huge area. (stopped writing here at 13.30 and continued at 16.40 – see below). At the school we are at the dark basement doing an exercise where we use ropes trying to connect windows in such a way that we can bring newspapers up, but someone has committed vandalism cutting through the ropes, and the question is if we are going to throw out the newspapers, and I decide that we are not, and I enter the end of the room trying to shout up the stairs after Søren, but he does not hear me – I see others there – and we use the elevator to bring us up, and I ask if everyone is there, and then I see how Søren and another one come out from behind the elevator where they were trapped using all of their force to open the door.
    • The traditional area is because I connect Søren with being a “traditionalist” because of his taste of old music, and the bus route, Søren, is about the pain of my “old nightmare”, which you are bringing me too according to this dream. The newspapers of the basement is about bringing out more life of my old self fighting darkness wanting to destroy and to do it before the door to my old self closes or darkness makes it impossible, and darkness is what you help to provide.
    • This dream was very powerful, and was the reason why I decided to stand up instead of continuing to (try to) sleep.
  • I am in the department store of Magasin in Copenhagen and I see Søren in a stand from where he later will give free grill roasted chicken spear to customers, and he does not want to be short on spears. I think that this event is not big enough for me to return to, and I ask at what time Magasin in Århus will do the similar event, but do not receive an answer. I decide to take all spears from Søren in my arms, there are not very many, and it is unclear what happens from here.
    • The department store is about “life”, chicken is “creation” and grill spears will have to be about “burning life/creation”, which has not been saved yet, and Søren what do you do to help me (?), and when you don’t help me, do you see that you play against me too (?), and the uncertainty about going to the event in Copenhagen/Århus is to indicate what may be a very slight uncertainty to whether or not to continue my sufferings to bring out the last “not that much” life inside darkness (?), but still I have decided 100% and this is what I will do …

Working all night and much of the day to do “impossible work” to come up to date again

After standing up still being “dead meat”, I decided first to finish my script of yesterday, which I did at 06.00, and uploaded this at 06.20, and I also decided to upload my not yet finished script of the 2nd March before I started writing the X-factor chapter of the same day and that is because of LACK OF ENERGY not being sure at all that I would be able to do this chapter, and we will see how much I will be able to do, also having a list of other tasks to do (small improvements to my website), which I will probably not be able to do today.

Writing my script and doing this final work is truly impossible to do feeling as I do and I get the feeling that this is what I have to do to transfer all gold from inside of the final darkness, and my mind is working very slowly almost not knowing what to do for example after finalising and publishing my script of yesterday before I realised that yes that is right to go ahead to the 2nd March publishing this too and afterwards the X-factor chapter, and then this script of today and then the updates to the website, and we know as much and as good as possible, and HOW MUCH will I be able to do, because surely not everything (?), and yes Janet Parker is still “with me”.

At 06.40 I heard “those football boots are not too big are they (?), no they are exactly of the right size”, so we are still playing here.

At 06.55 I received a mark to my left foot sole and was told that if I was not able doing this work, it would burn off some of my sole of the spiritual world, and that is NOT with my approval (!), but only if you “have too” according to my top rule.

By 07.00 I had also uploaded my script of the 2nd March without the missing chapter on X-factor, and I was far too tired starting to write this, but this was next on my list, so better get started with it, which I did here.

At 07.35 I was told ”I knew that it would become ”impossible” for him to get started with this work”, but I did it anyhow.

At 07.55 darkness was again strong almost making me give up, but I felt how this work helps even more life to be saved and I felt life entering me and was told “we did not believe we would make it either”.

I still received some marks of potential pain to my right angle, which is very annoying also because of the meaning of potential destruction of the Universe.

And I kept on receiving powerful scratching to the button of my head, which is about strong sufferings of my LTO friends not knowing how to come through, and yes this is not making this work for me to complete the creation of our New World any easier, on the contrary, and when writing this I also feel the Pastor of Elijah’s local church and it gives me a pretty strong heartburn, so “not forgotten about me” have you?

During the morning when doing this work, I received extremely strong sexual speech and attempts to start my “old nightmare”, which made me somewhat afraid for this to happen, and I had to repeat to my self NEVER to give in – and I was also given a taste of delicious food, which was to remind me that this is what is saving life (as long as I can bear it).

I was shown an old, hollow and dead trunk of a tree lying down, and it was very dry and inflammable and I was told that this is the life we are retrieving and saving now, and I keep receiving darkness strongly trying to make me settle for less than 100%, but NEVER, I won’t do that, Meat.

At 10.40 I continued receiving repeatedly pains to my left angle, which is supposed to mean “destruction of the spiritual world”, but NO this is NOT accepted, because I understand this is something permanent, and I will NEVER accept this, so you can give me all the pain you want to, I WILL NOT ACCEPT IT! A few minutes later I was told that “this was because you decided not to do your absolutely best, wasn’t it” (?) meaning that because I did not work as thoroughly with the minutes of X-factor not writing down every word, which was said 100% accurate both in Danish and English, but only writing down the most important messages in English that the spiritual world had to sacrifice in order to save the last parts of Old God, and all I can say is that I brought everything of this X-factor show too making the meaning of it clear, which is the most important, so I CANNOT accept your threats to destroy parts of the spiritual world and simply because I have NOT allowed you hoping that this is a game of darkness, which had NOT happened when I was given the pain, and that I have to be stronger than to prevent this from happening, which I hope is still within my power to do.

At 12.05 I was told that I am going through the absolutely worst darkness of all with sexual desire/temptations, extreme scratching to my head button (which could start bleed if I gave into the constant desire wanting to scratch), and of course my extreme desire to sleep and to avoid doing this work, but someone has to do it, and that is my job, so let it be.

I was told “we could also try to dig out a channel here, if you could not do this work, but it would require your approval” (if I could not do my work today), and the only answer I had was ”it is still up to the light to decide”, and I am sure that it would have done so if it could, but now this is not necessary too.

I finished writing and uploading the chapter of X-factor at 12.15, and I am now tired feeling TRULY DISGUSTED, but I am still not so tired that I cannot keep my eyes open and that is to my surprise.

At 13.30 I was so tired that I believe I have crossed all limits of writing being the most tired ever and even though I wanted to continue, I was not able to do so. I had to relax and thought that I also probably had to get a couple of hours sleep on the sofa, it I was to finalise and publish the script of today and maybe even to do a few updates on my website too.

I decided to watch TV for a couple of hours, where I received strong darkness asking for my approval to stop the game – but NO (!) – and I wanted to see if relaxation would make it possible for me to do more writings, but I only became so tired that I could not keep my eyes open any longer, so I HAD to sleep, which I then (almost) did for approx. one hour and I had a dream which was something about no attacks from darkness to the left and to hide chemicals to the right, which I connected with almost not sleeping here, and I lived together in a room with Jack in a military area, where his part of the room is clean, but I have a professional area on my bed and more, which I am surprised to see has not been stolen, and I use a plastic bag of Jack’s to put the camera into, and he decides to visit some of his friends and he does not believe it is well seen for him to bring me, and later I am driving with the bus through Copenhagen and have a bit longer to drive, which is telling me that Jack brings me darkness, and I still have more to clean up inside of darkness (which also may be connected with me coming up to date with my work).

At 17.30 I was shown a knife in my back, which is being pulled out, and I also felt that it is new feelings of my mother and John in relation to me, which is helping to pull out this knife potentially killing me.

At 18.35 I was told that “we had taken off the shirt but can now take it back on” because I am finishing this script too.

I continued writing again from 16.40 still fighting with feeling poorly, but now just below my limit of throwing up, and finishing and uploading the script of today at 19.10.

Yesterday evening I was asked to give an action plan of how long it would take to finish my outstandings, and I said “before the end of next week”, and I have now finished most of it – still having a few (not very important, but “nice to have”) tasks to do to my website, which I may look at this evening, and/or continue doing tomorrow, we will see.

It was time to say goodbye to the remaining mountain of darkness, but I said NEVER opening up for new opportunities

I am now writing this at 23.00 after I also wrote a reply to the feature article of Jyllands-Posten (see the end of the script of today) and a little here and there.

I was told after publishing today that “this is the most difficult work I had for you (this time?)”, and yes darkness speaking (?), we will see.

Later I was also shown and told “It is now time to say goodbye to the remaining parts of me”, and I felt this life, and could only say with strength “No, never” (!) – and I might add NOT with this the most beautiful classical song made in my lifetime – do you remember, John (Camilla’s father)?

And I was told that when I don’t want to accept this, it will become a trial of strength, and I said “you will NOT get my approval to kill, kill” and I was told by the light that “we do not want to use our right to kill too” (top rule if it is a must), and then I said “then it is only up to the light to decide what to do”, and I was told a little later “then we will have to see if we can include this in the transferral” (for me to become my new self), and I was told “it will not become easy, it will be like eating sour gooseberry

And I felt the remaining part of my old self – Old God – and was told that “he is on the other side of the door, isn’t it funny”, and then I was given the STRONG temptation to break down the door (!) and that is what I could have done if I decided NOT to think twice because of a desire to help without thinking, and instead I decided to keep my decisions “let the light decide”, and I was told “we will invent a new way to do the transferral”, and I replied “fine”, and a little later I was given the name of the old Danish HiFi-store Audioscan – my montor keep receiving red/black blinks almost turning it off, but please keep it working my friends – and it was pronounced “AUDIO (break) SCAN” to tell me that transferral via sound is possible?

And even later I was shown the remaining of the mountain on the other side and told that if we cannot move the mountain, we will make the mountain part of us, and I thought “do you know what is right to do” (?) – maybe this also includes sound (?) – but I did not want to intervene, so I said “fine” again not knowing the answer my self, and of course under condition that this is light taking the decisions, and even later I was told that “we will make the whole mountain BLUE even though we are not there, we will pretend that there is no wall at all, which can only be done with faith” and I thought that this is about my own faith in myself and also the growing faith of my family/friends etc. and the world in me, and with this the wall will not exist at all as I understand it (however still thinking what was the purpose with the protective wall (?), but well, I will play along with this game as long as it is light I am following, and we know I have guarded myself all along not handing over any authority to darkness).

I was told once again that making the mountain blue and keep the door open is done with faith, and then it came: “You have used the strength of the New World without being the New World yet”.

And doing my last update at 23.35 herewith stopping work today – l am NOT going to work this night once again completely destroying myself!

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I was told that another reason for Falck not responding to me recently was the fear of me being the one.
  • Brian wrote the last two messages below yesterday evening and the top message today, and in the last one he says that he does not believe in ghosts, but he KNOWS the ghost farting exists (!), and “farting” is about destruction, i.e. a symbol of destructions of the spiritual world, which does NOT make me happy to hear, which I can ONLY accept if this is your absolutely LAST exit – still hoping for you to do MAGIC my friends, and he continued saying that on a scale from 1 to 10, he will give the 11 mark an 8, and this is about different scales, but 11 is from the old Danish scale to 13, where 11 in practice is considered as a “perfect” result within syllabus, and 13 only given when you have shown knowledge beyond syllabus (as I remember it), and here he converts this 11 to an 8, but still I was told that this is the final mark I received for my work going through my journey, which is “perfect” – but not “magical” beyond this point, and in the last message he says that he ordered coleslaw and gets murphyslaw, which is “quite funny” because of the play with the word “Murphy’s law”, and to me coleslaw is about a dish, but according to Helena it is about “lots of luck”, and this is saying that “luck” is what I ordered but instead I receive “Murphy’s law”, which means that “anything that can go wrong will go wrong”, which may be because of “impossible darkness” destructing parts of our spiritual world, but still I have NOT accepted this hoping that this attitude makes a difference too.

  • David Trads said that Liberal Alliance will not reveal exactly how much they receive from sponsors, which he decided to call for “sugar daddies”, and yesterday Thomas Rode wrote about my wake up to save “a nation of degenerated sugar addicts” with sugar herewith also being a symbol of darkness, and yes HELLO Anders, Simon & Co. are you both BLIND and DEAF not communicating with nor listening to me since you carry on with your politics and “old life” as if nothing has happened? (wasn’t there also another Facebook posting about sugar being 100% “sweet” the other day (?) herewith making sugar also a sign of “misuse of children”).

  • When following up today on “possible reactions” from Liberal Alliance on my reply yesterday, I received eeeehhhh NO REACTIONS at all and that is NO REPLIES from Simon, Anders or anyone else and NO LIKES from anyone and that is except from my “high school friend” Toke who liked my post (!), so maybe it was because they did not have time (?), and not it as not, because Simon decided to NOT reply to me but to post this thanking all of his party friends in two senses and yes they also had a celebration yesterday evening, didn’t you have a nice time, my friends (?), but no “official answer” from anyone, neither here.

  • Helena had a “super good concert” – nice to know that some people do not suffer – and next weekend she will go skiing, and Thomas asked her to go diving again, which she immediately accepted asking him to find a cheap holiday to do this, and we know SKIING and DIVING is about my sufferings, and welcome to the club also “helping” me in this respect, Helena.

  • When I saw these two pictures by Jens from Selvet at 09.15, I received 3-4 quick small heart attacks because of the darkness, he sends me, and as you can see from the bottom, it is a HUGE dog of darkness we are fighting here at the end making some of the small dogs stuck as the picture at the top shows, and yes I do hope we will find a CURE for this with the use of magic, my friends?

  • Jens continued saying that “it makes me hurt so much” seeing people short wild animals of the savannah, and to be proud of the killing, which made him conclude that everyone was like this not respecting life, we would not have a planet to live on now, and he asks “what can we do to protect animals, nature and our planet”, and yes Jens, the lion is the King of the Savannah, and you and mankind were the KILLERS, which somebody told me because of your WRONG behaviour, work and communication, which you have to improve, and yes despite of your nature to KILL, it was still possible to turn everything around using your darkness too, Jens, as building stones of our New World, and yes “somebody will tell you” :-).

  • I wrote earlier about how SLOW my mind was working because of extreme tiredness, and I was told that this is why Hardinger was inspired to say here that “I have also never been wild about Clapton. Well, the name slowhand tells you everything”, and to me it simply says that his reactions to my Facebook postings is what is also bringing me this EXTREME tiredness also making me a “slowhand” when writing (but still playing the guitar of creation you know), but right now not very much actually, and yes Michael “it’s a sin” what you do to me (!), and “what have I done to deserve this” (?), and just to give you one of my absolute favourite albums of the 1980’s from Pet Shop Boys here including my favourite songs of theirs, and yes Dusty from the last song also had a special place in my heart, she had MUCH talent.

  • And Hardinger continued – he is a face in the crowd degrading Helle Thorning Schmidt and praising Lars Løkke (for doing “nothing”) and what a PETTY (!) my friends 🙂 – and here he brings a video and he writes “here you see Lars Løkke coming out from the telephone from the edge of the stage. He has just received the new polls …” (giving the Liberal Party a higher support than ever before), and the comments are about “not spilling a drop of beer” and yes darkness being strong here, i.e. “beer”.

  • Putin was re-elected as President of Russia for a THIRD term, which is IMPOSSIBLE to do, and it made Søren and Lykke very sad, and it made Morten below say “the red championship train rumbles over you”, and a “red train” is a train going trough STRONG darkness on its final way to the other side, and here it says that Putin/Russia was part of this darkness, and even though what he and Russia did apparently was wrong to do – I have NOT had resources to follow and understand this as Stig – I can only say that Putin was a man of darkness becoming a man of light as another part of the spirit of my father and when having this in mind I can only tell myself that “light comes through darkness”, which Putin may be another example to be shown to the world.

  • For a long time I have felt how darkness/suffering has increased just when I start preparing the publish of my script – also this one – because when publishing my script, it makes a cleaning tornado work inside of darkness.
  • Søren is VERY good with words – do you do “Wordfeud” too (?) – so I wonder if this is a coded message for me, Søren (?), saying that you are suffering much too (?), and yes when you have been a fan of Tottenham Hotspurs since the 80’s, the FAT Elvis (that’s me in code, you know) since the 70’s and being Søren under Anders Fogh (not “very popular”, Søren?), you know what SUFFERINGS is, but it is culminating now with the losses of Tottenham to Arsenal and United, which is NOT easy to bear (!), and yes Søren, I have just sent some more to you through the script of today, and yes on the order of “the big chief” or “Buffalo Soldier”, which is another of his nicknames, which is also given here to express the love of God to you, Søren – there is a meaning with EVERYTHING :-).

  • After having posted 342 scripts and many “ordinary postings” to Facebook, today my old colleague Thomas R. from Fair Forsikring “had had enough” of me, and was the next in line just deserting me without reading, understanding and without saying goodbye – gone with the wind really.
  • According to my counter, my sister has decided NOT to visit new scripts of mine since February 10, and yes “uncontrollable feelings” once again instead of COMMUNICATING, my dear sister (?), and you do know that I LOVE YOU AND THE ENTIRE FAMILY VERY MUCH, DON’T YOU?
  • I saw this evening at approx. 21.30 that my old school friend Søren had decided to post the message below to this feature article telling about his belief in Jesus being a copy of more than 10 previous Jesus’es (!), and “why build anything on a legendary figure saying that you have to be killed if you do not have faith in him” (?), and yes Søren, I knew that I had to bring an answer, which was really both to you and to my old colleague from Danske Bank in the Helsingør area from 1984-86, Per S., who I have not spoken to since the 1980’s, I believe, who also had decided to bring his reply below, and among other things he says that the Creator did not have in mind for people to come crawling as dogs – no this is only darkness working through man (!) – but to live a life in love without ever compromising the genuine, the true and life confirming, which is totally true, and I also sent Per an invitation to become friends, and I wonder if my message was strong enough for him to understand and for him to not fear becoming friends with me. And let me guess that the general feedback on my reply will become “deafening silence”, HELLO IS ANYBODY OUT THERE as Bettina’s Søren also said to me the other day symbolising this situation, where I am alone expect of course from all of your COWARDS reading me in secrecy – and yes let me bring this rare moment in music history too when two combatants from Pink Floyd decided to let their disagreements be disagreements and play for a bigger course, which was at LIVE 8 in 2005, and yes beautiful music celebrating the UNITING OF TWO WORLDS my friends – and I do hope you will both be able to say “wish you were here” :-).

  • It did not take long before Klaus from the meditation group had the “courage” to tell me about his “opinion” once again, which is that he does not condemn me (!) but “I judge after my own free will. What seems to be true inside of me”, and we know a true man of feelings not being “able” to understand and yes because he does NOT want to understand, isn’t it as simple as this, Klaus (?), and by putting more distance to me, you “helped” me once again to bring negative thoughts to other simple minded people about me because it is “much easier” for them to believe your nonsense instead of the truth I bring you, and yes A TRUE DEVIL IS WHAT YOU ARE, “my good friend”.

  • Søren and friends continued being inspired after he had attended a “longer” live interview with Clement – the sharpest TV reporter in Denmark (!) – (I did not see it) and it made Søren say “I like to tread the sword-dance with him”, and WHERE DO YOU GET IT FROM, SØREN (?), one should think that my spiritual friends (the Trinity here) speaks through you “indirectly” (without your knowledge) and that is because “sword” is my weapon meaning COMMUNICATION and here were two people maybe not “communicating” in a traditional sense, but doing a combat – yes the word combat is coming here again, and that is my final combat against darkness deciding that darkness will get NOTHING at all (!) – and the combat is on words, and Clement is the sharpest reporter, and Søren is the sharpest politician in Denmark when it comes to words and to “win a discussion” (this is not always the same as communication as mentioned), and his friends told him that he won by a large margin, and Martin said it was like a “well played football match” (the match between light and darkness) and Per said that “despite of a broadside from Clement with the most heavy guns, which if anything could sink any ship, you managed with cleverness to turn around the agenda – and continued dancing handsomely and unimpressed”, and these words are inspired both describing what Søren did and what I did when turning around the agenda of darkness not accepting any casualties (to sink any ship) – and I am thinking that the Commune has still NOT declared me fit for fight (!), and here are the same words of dancing as Blachman also used the other day, and here I can only think of “dance like a butterfly, sting like a be“ as Cassius Clay did. (And NOW finishing the day at midnight – there will be NO more work to be done this night!).

  • And alright, since you now have reminded me maybe 5 times, I will also write that I the last days quite often have received visions of my old girlfriend, Henriette – as a sign of my “old nightmare”, but nothing happened, Meat :-).



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