March 8, 2012: A message to the world of the necessity to replace the official World incompetent to lead the world!


Summary of the script today

7th March: A message to the world of the necessity to replace the official World incompetent to lead the world!

  • Dreaming about Old and New God connecting to the Source and my LTO friends suffering.
  • We have done it, we have said it, we are” – “this was the recipe of life”, which is the result of my journey/work. I am not in the new nor the old world – but in a “room” in between technically still not living.
  • I received EXTREME pressure to stop the game now, which I decided to turn down, because a pressure like this can ONLY be darkness trying to force its way with the aim to eliminate remaining life inside of darkness. And I was told that the world has searched for me since 1980 (!), and also that to come through, I had to bring my mother or father as a sacrifice, which would also have meant the end of the Old World, but I decided to take on so much sufferings myself that I could save them, thus the Old World.
  • The power of “enlightened people” opposing me after my public message to Jimmy made Facebook go down this morning.
  • Through Facebook, I received the information of “Invisible children” on Joseph Kony in Ugana, who for MANY years have killed children and misused others as children soldiers, which is among the WORST crimes imaginable, and the official world – the politicians and media – have done NOTHING about it because if is not in their “interest”. This is a DISGRACE showing the incompetence of the Old World, and I use it as an example telling you of the necessity to remove the Official Old World, which CANNOT lead our world, and to replace it with our New World and New World Order.
  • Short stories of Søren Pind wanting the media to STOP writing about wrong doings of politicians, which is WRONG, as long as it is wrongdoings, which also can be used as teachings of how NOT to behave of the future (!), Morten Løkkegaard from the European Parliament telling the definition of craziness according to Einstein, which I correct telling that “deaf” people are “crazy” (!), Brian M. symbolic saying that it is too late to bring out more life from remaining darkness, which however was “too far out” (!), also symbols of my LTO friends suffering/starving and finally Brian A. expecting Christmas to come within a few days ….

8th March: Lars Løkke and the media “cannot” understand that it is WRONG to be weak and mix private and business interests

  • Dreaming of celebration but also lack of energy doing the last work, having to open the link to the final part of creation manually and more life/energy inside of darkness, which I have difficulties to enter – but I have faith that my mind can do this.
  • I received STRONG symbols that I am finalising the FINEST details of our creation, the New World, and I was asked “what you waiting for”, which is still to be SURE that all darkness is converted to light, which may require both faith of the magnitude of Neo and magic to do.
  • The Liberal Party has WRONGLY decided to PAY for Lars Løkke’s WRONG and PRIVATE use of a smoking cabin because he has a WEAK CHARACTER, which is obviously EVEN MORE WRONG to do. When will Lars and the media understand the REAL story, which is NEVER to mix private and business interests, not have others pay for your private consumption and simply to tell the truth and start showing a STRONG character!
  • Most of the major players of Danish media decided to bring the story of Kony from Uganda and his children of children soldiers today – also confirming that they are with me – and all of them “could not” do what it took to get the attention of the world when they did not follow mine and LTO’s newsletter on Dadaab to show the HUMAN SUFFERINGS directly to the world, which is what the video of “Invisible children” did, which is now making the VOICE OF PEOPLE of the world demand Kony to be removed – and Kony is simply a man receiving spiritual orders of darkness with the same dark voice I fought to resist and that is because of the sins of mankind. MAN CREATED THIS MONSTER AS IT ALSO WAS “THIS CLOSE” TO CREATE HITLER IN ME TO END THE WORLD!


7th March: A message to the world of the necessity to replace the official World incompetent to lead the world!

Dreaming about Old and New God connecting to the Source and my LTO friends suffering

After finishing my previous script, I watched some TV and at 07.30 I was to tired that I decided to sleep, which I did and with a few breaks, I slept until 14.20 with a few dreams too:

  • Something about closing “the old” and transferring, and I can only afford to pay the fee and nothing more, and more I did not write down properly but “transfer light to John and his new friends”, watching an interview with Madonna and Simon Le Bon was part of it.
  • Something about a friend on a stage who is impossible to shout up, rejecting him and he leaves the stage.
    • Not the clearest dreams and notes to say the least … :-).
  • Something about meeting someone who uses a Korean name, aqua, and about to break down. At a square an old friend of mine connects to the Source underneath, and the new friend next to him surprisingly does the same.
    • It is only the last line, which I remember now from these “dreams”, and I understood this as New and Old God connecting to the Source.
  • I am surprised to see that I apparently did not write down any notes I had of a dream of African people suffering/starving, and I understood that it was about my LTO friends.

We have done it, we have said it, we are” – “this was the recipe of life”, which is the result of my journey/work

I was shown happiness of the “last life” coming out and asked to stop the “game”, but no, this was NOT convincing, it was a game without TRUE joy, so a game of darkness – a CLEAR sign of the end of darkness is when there is NO more darkness, which I can feel and it will mean that light shines through in so clearly that I will be in no doubt.

I heard “I will probably keep on bleeding” followed by a sigh from the part of the spirit of my mother who is trapped inside of darkness and right after I received the “ha-attitude” of the Devil, which she is forced to still playing.

For days I have received more or less the same string of words, and I have decided not to write it down before I know what it is about and today I was told the same words again “we have done it, we have said it, we are” and I was told “this was the recipe of life” and of course in relation to my journey and my work.

I was also told that am not in the new nor the old world – but in a “room” in between and also that I am technically not living.

I understood that I would be given more time today than for a long time and at the end of the afternoon I decide to cycle to Netto in the shopping centre of Prøvestenen to do a little shopping and mainly to get some exercise, and I received much negative speech during this tour, which was almost taking me over and as an example I was told that shopping here for things which my LTO friends cannot buy is the same sin as when I was together with them when I tried to live the same life as them without becoming tempted to buy something, which they did not, and inside the supermarket I receive so strong speech telling me “they are to blame themselves” that I was almost taking it in because it is truly a constant strain, and when I was on my edge, I received a new experience when a serious voice asked me “is this your standpoint”, which was one of these security arrangements, I have also included, and then I could only tell my self “no, it is not”, but I was on my edge for a couple of hours here, which included speech wishing negativity of other thinking nothing of them and also a wish to kill people (not physically of course!), but still it was on the edge.

When I returned home and at some time switched on the TV, it did not work again, and I understood that this is apparently a sign of the end of the remaining parts of my old self but also that it was related to the Facebook message of Brian below and about my LTO friends suffering, and I decided to say “I don’t believe in this” and also knowing the game, which is that I have to approve switching off life and I will NEVER do this, and yes despite of the strong heart pain and threats of dying as I have been given the last 24 hours, and yes I don’t give in to threats, and we know thinking that this is about believing in myself, and NEO from Matrix was in my mind.

Later I felt the back side of my left lower leg closing and I heard “thank you for borrowing”, which I understood as Old God returning the rest of what was borrowed to him to help saving all of him.

I watched the TV news on DR at 21.00 where they spoke of Breivik, and I heard the spirit of my mother saying in relation ot the victims “I wish it was myself” and also with the feeling of the power of darkness, which forced her to carry out this disaster.

I was truly tired after THE HARDEST WORK I HAVE EVER DONE and could take it much more relaxed today, but to take myself together and write this script of today requires much discipline because of what I went through and how I feel now.

I am also given messages saying that I am at the end of my journey for example seeing my self “sneak” into the National Bank of Denmark as a symbol of the Source – and FINE by me if we are home, but there are NO new rules here, first ALL darkness and then home – and I am still given negative feelings and speech about everything, which is REALLY tiring, my friends, and I do mean REALLY tiring – and I still receive “kill, kill” commands of darkness wanting to kill what is inside of me, and yes this voice has not been “killed” yet.

I received different visions, which was not very important, but it was about weak darkness, faith of my mother and as an example I was told that “your father will also be proud of you” and I was given the song “moonlight dance” by Van Morrison, which is another of his very beautiful songs (and yes he is STILL ON Top also here) and from this I was given the initials of his name “VM”, which in Danish means “World Cup”, which was about the result of my journey and just one of those small things when the spiritual world brings one thing following the next.

I had to sacrifice my mother or father AND the Old World, but I took on so much sufferings that I could save ALL

I decided to stay up the night and I saw a documentary on DR1 TV on the Internet of Sarah Palin, and to me it seems that she has very strong positive sides of how she can “spellbound” the audience and make people feel that you are the only one who matters and then on the other side as strong negative sides too apparently dividing people into with me/not with me and then “destructing” people not with her, and yes I wonder if there is a message in this, and who she will become when negativity is removed from her, and “looks pretty strong to me” – and yes I do know that she is not the brightest kid on the block, and still the superficial USA could have made her the President, and yes being responsible for the nuclear weapons, and what would happen if there was someone she did not like, and yes just thinking out loud I am.

I was shown myself skiing down a ski hill passing a GIANT heap of dark hair belonging to a dog, which it was impossible to remove, but still I removed it – lifted it up in the air – and continued skiing downhill, and I was asked “what happened to all darkness” and told “isn’t it with you in this room of yours” (?), and I don’t know – I thought the new washing machine was placed in the New World (?), but who knows the details of how this works (?), and for the next period of time I received extreme pressure to end the game now and told that this darkness would follow me on the way in to the New World, and I kept on saying no even though the pressure was so immense that it was “very difficult” to resist, and at the end I said “you will NEVER get my accept with this kind of pressure, which can ONLY be the darkness working” (with the agenda being to eliminate the remaining life inside darkness) – and a few minutes later I was told “then we will do it your way packing the darkness together with you” and also “what are we to do – how can we explain it to him” (?), and finally I could only repeat my previous decision that the light is authorised to make me my new self as long as EVERY LITTLE THING OF DARKNESS comes with me as life, and yes I cannot see how this can fail, and I do NOT believe in coming in like this, and should this however be how it is, the light but only light has the power of attorney to do this.

I was given a feeling of Michael Hardinger and then a very positive feeling (changing from the general negative feeling I am still trapped inside), which was the same as the feeling of living in Espergærde from 1976-78 with my mother, Sanna and not least Ole, and I was told “this is the feeling, which Hardinger gives us”, and to me it can only mean that Hardinger is opening his eyes in relation to me.

I kept on receiving one of my favourite songs of the Swedish band Kent, “Dom andra”, and when looking at the lyrics this is about a pessimist smelling blood, thirst of love, “we have played out our role” etc., and this song is giving me other messages than some of the positive messages coming during the night, and we know I don’t care about this game, because I have decided to go my own way, which to me was the most breathtaking music to me in 1982 and almost in my life when I heard it the first time and yes “my own way” as I did here, therefore – and this way is simply to do my best without becoming emotionally effected by the extreme negative messages and feelings given to me, and yes I can only say again I will accept NO deaths.

I was told that
Lykke Friis is also part of my family (!) – she has a german mother, and I have a German mother’s father, and I felt China coming to me and told “the whole world is with you”.

I was given a reference to “Byggeren” in Copenhagen in 1980 (a fight between the police and people about whether or not a playground was to be pulled down, which caused violence between the parties and I was told since then the wild hunt for me has been ongoing, with the official world saying “who is he”, and yes “he was and is me”.

Later I was told again just how impossible it was to come through what I did and also that “you don’t come through without one of you parents dying”, which however was what I decided to do, and I had here a couple of hours almost without negative talk and without having to be on my guard to be aware of this, which in itself is constantly taking energy our of me, and I was told that “they had already started their last road” (to become nothing) and that is my the spirits of my mother and father, and also that if my physical mother or father had died, it would have been a sign of the end of the Old World too, and I was told that I would have had to decide if I wanted to shut down my father or mother to provide energy but I made it through without having to do this because of the energy I provided myself through work, lack of sleep, heart attacks and other darkness, which I absorbed and not least because I did not allow darkness to take over my mind and decisions at any point.

The power of “enlightened people” opposing me made Facebook go down

After publishing my previous script earlier this morning, I wanted to post a link to it from Facebook as I always do, but this morning, Facebook had “decided” NOT to work (!), and it was both when I tried via Firefox and also via Google Chrome as you can see below:

And I thought that this had to be connected to my message to Jimmy on his Facebook wall, which people started reading this morning giving a powerful reaction from (some) people who are highly placed in the hierarchy, and I understood that this was spiritual darkness making Facebook go down, and I thought that you don’t write as I did “unpunished” by MANY people of the Danish spiritual circles being Facebook friends with Jimmy, and do you believe they are in favour of me or feel sorrow for Jimmy because of my “unreasonable attack” on him (?), and yes I will let it up to you to “guess”, which is what many of these people do in relation to me “knowing-all” that I am a crook – or what, Jimmy & Co. (?) and HELLO, I CANNOT HEAR YOU (?) and we know “deafening silence” once again, but you may have understood several of you by now that I am speaking the truth, which also includes the torture you put me through because of your silence, ignorance and know-all attitude!

When I woke up, Facebook was working again, and I could read the news below that Facebook was down in several countries, but only for some, and not for all (!), and maybe Facebook will tell what they believe happened?

A message to the world of the necessity to replace the official World incompetent to lead the world!

Links on Facebook brought my attention to the CRIMES of Joseph Kony in Uganda killing and abusing children as, and after I had seen what the voice of people of the world is able to do, which the official old world was not because of “other” interests – political and financial instead of human (!) – I decided to write this posting on Facebook to declare that the old world is NOT competent to lead the world – it led the world directly to the end of the world because of its lack of responsibility, greed and wrongdoings, which would have come true if I had not stopped it as you can read my page on the Doomsday Scenario – and because of this, our New World government is going to take over for a period of time until man has learned how to be responsible, where after you will be given your freedom back.

Here is the video:

I decided also to “like” the page of the “Invisible children” standing behind this campaign and to bring my declaration of support, and when I did this, I received the vision of Obama inside of me really knowing that he did what no one else could do, to take the right decision hopefully leading to the end of the crimes of this man.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Søren is TIRED about hearing news of smoking cabins and other “small stories” about politicians, and all I can say is that it is important to find the right balance between big and “small” stories and to write what is “adequate”, and on contrary to Søren, I do believe there is a MORAL lesson to be learned in relation to the Lars Løkke and that is NOT to do as he did and focus on what he could have done to IMPROVE and that is simply to stop smoking (and take the right decision not to “support” and use smoking cabins), and yes end of game, Søren – do you agree that it is a good idea to help the world become a better place by using politicians too as examples of what they did WRONG and the media to tell it (?), and “no” is your answer today, but maybe if you think carefully, you will start seeing it my way, too?
    • And notice how Betina writes “Godt brølt” (“a good roar”) in the thread, which were the EXACT words I wrote in my script of yesterday in relation to the thread of David Trads and to support the Danish Prime Minister, and yes THIS IS HOW INSPIRATION WORKS and JUST LIKE the word “abortion” in relation to the Kim Larsen song, which I gave you after also hearing it the day before on TV, Lars Løkke (!), and I do wonder if Søren and also Lars by now agree that it is indeed a good idea to work together as a team instead of fighting each other as MAD BULLDOGS and Englishmen (?), and yes the same situation in England, France and “everywhere else”, where this is read as I am here told.

  • Morten is a member of the Parliament of the European Union and he used to be one of the finest anchors on the TV news of DR1 TV some years ago, and today also he was inspired to write that the definition of madness according to Einstein was “a man who keeps on repeating the same action – and expecting different results”, and I decided to give him my defition: “A man, who keeps on repeating the same action because he receives different results from people, who “cannot” understand because of their own inner voice/deafness” and I asked him “who is mad” (?) and encouraged him to bring these words to the Parliament asking them to listen and co-operate on ONE SOLUTION too.

  • Brian brought a link to a story of school patrols receiving “the finger” (very WRONG!) by “busy car drivers”, and then he said: “Yes, there are some drivers, who deserve to stay away and never to be found again”, and as everyone will know, a “car” is the symbol of a person/life, and here I understood that this is what darkness wants me to believe, which is that it is now impossible to save the remaining parts of life inside darkness, and when Annette below wrote that “this is simply too far out”, I understood that we were back to the good old Shubidua song “langt ude” (“far out”) with the question being “is this too much to ask for, or is it too far out”, and yes this story is too far out – not to be trusted (!) – and you can see the aggression of Frank, Jakob and Jesper below, who do not want to show any mercy with the driver (remove his license to drive) and Jakob also wanted to being them “skin eruptions to the head”, which is a reference to my suffering/starving LTO friends in Kenya (my old symbol of scratching my head bottom, which has been HEAVY this month potentially leading to skin eruptions), this is how darkness works, you know, and Jesper even wants to give the drivers a “jump nut” (!), and my “know-all” friend Tomas asked what this is, “is it Denmark’s answer to a flying fish” (?), and yes this is TRULY what this is all about, Tomas, because you do know that “flying” is when I do my best work, and “fish” is me, and yes when I do my best work, there is not a thing to fear.

  • The other Brian said that “in a few days something will happen, which was totally unexpected – GREAT”, and in the thread he did not want to say what it was, but when Susanne asked him “do you become a grand father or did it became Christmas again” (?) – yes, inspiration you know …. – he said “thinking that Christmas is closer” (knowing about my birth, he is …?), and yes Brian did you read my writing to Jimmy as I am told here also knowing about my sufferings not only because of you NOT communicating with me but Danish circles of “enlightened people” in general not knowing how to behave and communicate (?), and yes “selfish” they are, and funny isn’t it ….

I decided to publish the script of today at 06.50 “tomorrow morning” because normally this also helps me one step beyond.


8th March: Lars Løkke and the media “cannot” understand that it is WRONG to be weak and mix private/business interests

Dreaming of having difficulties doing the last part of work entering and bringing out more life/energy

I decided to sleep at 07.00, which I did and today until 13.20 – difficult to get a normal day rhythm you know – and it seemed as if I did not have very much to do today, so I relaxed during the afternoon and took a LONG bath, so it is 19.10 when starting to write the script of today, which may become about the same length as yesterday, and having a BLURRED sight today not making work easier, and first one or two dreams I believe, and I cannot really remember the dreams and the notes are VERY poor (still because it is difficult to key in during the night with the telephone automatically changing words) but let us see:

  • Something about a big party in the cottage house together with my mother/John and Sanna/Hans, something about not being able to come out, which I will do Monday morning instead. And I have received a collection of an invoice, and see a VERY long cue for the public office to pay.
    • A party is still about celebration, the cottage house is light but the bill is about having to give more energy than what I got and did yesterday and also today.
  • I am in San Francisco working without having time to do a social visit to town, and a link on the computer which does not work, which has to be opened manually. Something about the teacher being extremely beautiful. And a key leading to a large sum of money with the hope to find this the day Friday, then today Saturday and now tomorrow Sunday.
    • I am in San Fransisco here because this is what Sanne Salomonsen was on TV yesterday, and I do LIKE her very much, and here it says that I have difficulties working on the computer to design the last of our New World, still threats of my “old nightmare”, and more life/energy, i.e money, inside of darkness, which I have the key for but have not yet got access to – and I can only say that I don’t believe I can do any better work than what I do now, and the rest will have to be about faith – I wish everything to survive using my faith and mind of my inner self to do this.
  • I saw an actor playing an alcoholic under cover hearing what everyone else says about him behind his back, which simply was about what everyone else said about me behind my back without telling me and without having the courage to tell me what they told others.

Finalising the FINEST details of our New World with “faith of Neo” and magic to do the last parts

I received the song “what you waiting for” by Gwen Stefani with the message what I am waiting for and we know “for the last darkness” and yes you will NOT get any other decision than what I have already given you.

I was shown the skeleton of a fish all the way through until the final end of the tail where I was shown a glimpse of light with the feeling that this is what we are doing now, and I was shown another fish skeleton made entirely of Christmas lights.

I was shown two buildings very close to each other and a large “apple slice”, which is held back between the buildings and I was told that this is previous darkness, which first will be transferred to the New World together with me and “you will decide when” and yes my friends, I have told you “when there is no more darkness”, and I don’t expect the answer to change (!), go ahead when you can get everything 100%, otherwise I will stay here.

I was told about the agenda of another New World Order or darkness would have included the censorship and removal of “everything” (“dangerous”) on YouTube and also my scripts as example of information, which could “disturb” the Old Order of darkness to spread, and yes if you had succeeded, this would have become the start of the end of the world too – and just wondering what people were really thinking and how STUPID they could be.

I was shown that the only remaining of darkness is only a small part of a façade of a wood house of a wild west city.

And I saw a hill leading to a house of Buddhists and felt Dalai Lama sitting in a corner of it ready to kill himself until he finally discovered the gold of me UNDERNEATH THE SURFACE of my scripts and what you believe you see. Later I was shown and felt a Buddhist monk tuning in and feeling on me receiving the answer that I am for real and sincere, which helped the Buddhists to understand me.

I was also told that because of what I did I don’t have to receive questions like “this is wrongly put together, what do we do” with the risk of me answering “blow is away”.

I was told that because I sent less money to LTO this month, it destroys my chance to bring the last life/energy from darkness with me but also that I have now asked for “magic” to do the last part because I keep on having faith that the door does not exist and that everything will be saved, which is to keep having faith like NEO in Matrix and to NEVER accept destruction, which is what I have to do to carry it out.

I decided to put in my own life and also my mother’s – and in practise also my father’s had I been asked – some months ago to save the Old World, and today I was told that it would have required my own approval to kill one of us (a spiritual killing, with heart attack as the most likely you know), which would have required that the darkness had overtaken me, because I would NEVER had accepted this to be done being “sane” (!) and yes “NO ONE IS TO HURT MY MOTHER OR FATHER” (!), which you may remember that I have told you all along (?) – but “easy” for some to forget my TRUE messages and in fear misunderstanding what the “kill, kill” commands were about (?)and yes “what was it again that it meant – will he kill his own mother and father” (?) and NO I WILL NOT – this was only inside of your head that you “could not” understand (!) – I GAVE MY LIFE TO SAVE YOU, MOTHER AND FATHER, is this difficult to understand (?), and yes this was the recipe to save all of our Old World.

I wrote a note during the day saying “I cannot work like this anymore, I have reached my extreme limit”, and yes I need to go on recreation together with “red mother” and maybe I should leave for the country, or is this too far out (?), and yes we will see – today I was less worth than a rotten vegetable and that is more affected than EVER before because of the work I did the last week.

I was also given “part of me as a gift to you” as I was told and I felt the colour of blue entering me and I was told “without code” (energy without life) and instead of saying “I accept”, which is what was “normal” to say, I said “I will write what you tell me” but I will NOT accept receiving anything without a code, and that is unless this is your absolutely last way out – and yes I am still going for 100% knowing that sometimes we have to go down before coming back – seen that before, and I will NOT give up, what happened to the “magic” transferring the code “via magic” (?) – this is still on my agenda, and what I ask you to continue doing, and that is please.

Lars Løkke and the media “cannot” understand that it is WRONG to be weak and mix private and business interests

The story of Lars Løkke and his smoking cabin spread today when Lars and his Liberal party took the WORST decision if you ask me, which was to let the Liberal Party to pay for his PERSONAL use of the smoking cabin for 2½ years in order to “calm” down the writings of this “small case” shading for “much more important things on the agenda”, and Lars and the Liberal Party, I am wondering what you use to think with (?) because apparently you “cannot” do the ONLY right thing, which is to stand forward saying “I have a WEAK character, and should NOT have accepted PUBLIC means to pay for my personal spendings and furthermore I should have been STRONG enough to stop smoking, which I will do now” and NEVER to have offered to pay for these expenses, and by letting the party pay for your private spendings only makes it EVEN MORE WRONG – have you been completely destroyed by “poor habits” of the government that you cannot see that you have to separate your private and public spendings (?) and you are “so important” and work “so much” that it is fair for the party to pay for the WRONG consumption you have (?) and Lars, this is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, and I wait for you to stand forward to say this in public, and for the media to FOCUS on this angle, and when you do what is RIGHT to do – helping other people to understand “simple logic” – you are “grown” enough to move on to the next item on the agenda, which could include me, maybe (?), and yes DID YOU NOT READ AND UNDERSTAND MY BASIC RULES NEVER TO MIX PRIVATE AND BUSINESS INTERESTS?

The Liberal Party has WRONGLY decided to PAY for Lars Løkke’s WRONG and PRIVATE consumption as you can see here – I am DISAPOINTED with you!

And people here complain about this story being “nothing” compared to the “serious” challenges of the Danish community, and some say how wrong they believe it is that the Liberal Party of Venstre pays and that Løkke should pay himself (you can see even more here) – and I have NOT seen anyone saying what I have said that Løkke made the WRONG decision to keep on smoking, that he should not had done as he did in the first place, that he should stop smoking now and NOT repay the money – and for newspapers simply to write this and for him simply to say this. How difficult can it be???

And yes this story is MUCH more important than people want to make it with the attitude “we are tired of the media pursuing people”, please understand what is RIGHT and what is WRONG to do, THIS IS A LESSON FOR YOU (!), do it and GET OVER IT instead of continuing a story just like this, because you CANNOT do what is right and cannot get over it – move on! – And this goes to you too Søren Pind wanting to censorship the media (!) – you are acting as Blachman did in X-factor (until he became wiser) following a “crazy” rule always to support your own even though you would like to support another, and all I am saying is for your to STAND FORWARD, BE BRAVE and TELL THE TRUTH instead of LIES (!) – and you have still NOT opened up for me communicating directly with you on Facebook and why is this (?), are you a CHICKEN?

By the way – the smoking cabin is now gone because we have a new Prime Minister not smoking, which is what you should have decided to do, isn’t this true, Lars?

And B.T. could tell that the Liberal Party also pays for Løkke to have a private car and a chauffeur and Lars, if I ask you what I believe of this, you may be able to figure out the answer yourself (?), and yes YOU ARE NOT “MORE” THAN OTHERS JUSTYFYING TO RECEIVE “SPECIAL TREATMENT”!

During the evening, one of the most well-known political commentators in Denmark, Peter Mogensen, had this posting – first after saying that he did an error posting in his daughters name, and yes “take care yourself” (“inspiration” you know …) and then he started a posting about how “narrow-minded” that it is for Denmark not allowing to pay for the Prime Minister receiving the facility to smoke at his office (!), and despite of EXTREME tiredness today (I am completely done, over and out after my work until the day before yesterday) making me closer than ever NOT to write at all today, I “could not help” writing to him below saying that he and the (previous) Prime Minister have been brainwashed not to understand what is simple logic for CHICKENS to understand, which is to separate ALL private consumption from “the company”, and yes Peter, I hope you will READ and LEARN instead of continuing of the WRONG track of the Old World.

Normally I do NOT like most comments of simple minded people to articles of the (soon former) tabloid paper of Ekstra Bladet, but I did like this very much first telling about how the Liberal Party reacted when it was a political “opponent” doing what Lars Løkke did three months ago, and back then it was WRONG to do (!), but now when it is the former Prime Minister and present chairman of the Liberal Party, it is not wrong anymore (?) – yes I received a VERY WRONG TASTE in my mouth here – and then Rolf N. writes that “little Lars has always walked in small shoes and little Lars has in recent decades rarely paid for his own coffee and beer”, and you are very right, Rolf, this is about selfishness on the highest level in Denmark by the former Prime Minister not being able to see what is right to do, and when he cannot, how could he be a role model for this whole community (?), and yes I am sorry, Lars, but isn’t this the truth (?), and this is ONLY what I am interested in and NOTHING else – so if you have other thoughts, it is ALL INSIDE OF YOUR OWN HEAD (!) – and yes I do LIKE YOU VERY MUCH, but I do hope this will HELP you to improve and do what is right to do in the future? THERE IS INDEED SOMETHING ROTTEN IN THE STATE OF DENMARK, Rolf (!), and the former Prime Minister showed it here again – and we talk about improving your MORAL doing what is RIGHT to do, and when will Lars and the media ever learn (?), and yes just wondering I am.Notice how Rolf also speaks of Lars walking in “small shoes”, which is because of the darkness you send me Lars for not “knowing” how to behave correctly, and you do remember that “shoes” is another symbol of “life” to me, thus you are not making it easier here, my friend.

Most of the Danish media followed me reporting about Kony, who acts on direct order of the voice of darkness

In continuation of my story of yesterday about Kony and the children soldiers of Uganda doing INHUMAN crimes – children killing their parents and other children on order from Kony (!) – it seems as it most of the main players of the Danish media decided to write about this story today, which started with Politiken and DR TV news writing about it on Facebook:

And I saw a fine artice in Ekstra Bladet with this headlines “they cut children in the face”, where they also brought the video of this event, and have you noticed that when you focus on the HUMAN SUFFERING, you talk to the feelings of people wanting them to help – and did anyone say “Dadaab” here (?), and why did you NOT do the same as I asked you to do more than two years ago (?) and why could you not do as this man did in the video of the Ugandan Children to WAKE UP the world instead of focusing on your “documentary” angle (?), and feeling Obama here with me telling me “I support you all the way” also with the words “better late than never” (because I first received this news now) and a smile.

Ekstra Bladet as one of MANY news media of Denmark today following up on my story of yesterday of children soldiers forced to kill, torture and molest by a man of darkness!

Ekstra Bladet also brought this fine feature about “who is Kony” saying that he fight “an extreme form of Christianity” wanting Uganda to be led by the 10 commandments (obviously not understanding them himself), and it says that he receives instructions by the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues, and yes this is what I suspected yesterday, that he was a victim of not light, but darkness speaking to him spiritually commanding him to do these crimes, and yes the strength of darkness can be “totally irresistible” when it comes “layer upon layer upon layer” of sins of mankind, which is the reason why you see this. This is the spiritual world – or God in darkness – working on the order of mankind because of your sins and that includes ALL of your wrong doings, do you see?

Ekstra Bladet says that Kony receives instructions from the Holy Spirit and speaks in tongues! He is overtaken by darkness acting as “light” forcing him to force the children because of SINS OF MANKIND!

Two boys treated for serious burn after a massacre killing at least 200 – with the world doing NOTHING (“this is not in our interest”!)

Berlingske also brought the story today – see below – which I also saw that BT, Information and Kristeligt Dagblad did together with DR1 TV and Radio news and Jyllands-Posten both today and yesterday, and to me it also confirmed that the entire Danish media – thus the world media – knows about me and also because of me, you decided to follow up today (?), and yes I am wondering why DR, TV2 and other mainstream TV channels reaching out to everyone can send X-factor, The Voice and other entertainment shows in prime time but you have NEVER send half an hour with people showing their extreme sufferings as Jacob does in the video of “Invisible children” (?), and you can see the effect of this towards the people of the world, and instead all of you focused on the “facts” without TRULY showing the HUMAN disaster, and yes this is what I asked you to do more than two years ago in relation to Dadaab – see the LTO newsletter on Dadaab here – and what did you decide to do (?), and yes “nothing” (?) because “this is not in our interest because our viewers don’t want to receive this directly into their faces in prime time TV” and yes THIS IS WHERE YOU ARE WRONG and I don’t know how many people you have KILLED for being irresponsible, but to you “my dear media”, I thank you for your coverage today, but this is NOT NEARLY ENOUGH (!), you TRULY have to do as I told you together with LTO in our newsletter about Dadaab, and eeeehhhh “you have forgotten” (?) as I am told, and alright PLEASE READ IT AGAIN AND START DOING WHAT IS RIGHT NOW, and what about DR/TV2 sending a team to Dadaab as example doing this and CNN/BBC as example sending a team to Uganda, and someone else to Darfur, and to this and that place (?) and yes TO WORK TOGETHER TO BRING THE TRUE NEWS TO THE WORLD INSTEAD OF FOCUSING ON COMPETING AND YOUR NARROW MINDED INTERESTS TO MAKE MONEY AND CAREERS and yes what about using Rasmus Tantholdt the RIGHT way GIVING HIM TIME TO PRODUCE QUALITY TV AS I HAVE TOLD YOU?

Berlingske – and DR, BT, Information and SEVERAL others – all had this story on the agenda today, but NONE of you did what was RIGHT to do to catch the TRUE attention of the world!

I noticed also on Facebook how people in a thread by Kristian from Politiken started talking about “analysis” of what is right and wrong in terms of information given, how “Invisible children” spends their money and even what to do about this crisis with one saying (!) “to arrest (or kill Kony) is probably not the biggest challenge of the world now” (!!!) and there were links to other webpages to read more, and I was thinking when seeing this – only briefly because I am today breaking down even more than ever before (!) making work let us say “impossible” – How can people be so cynical (?), and yes I have NOT read these “critical analysis” of others, and have decided NOT to use energy (I don’t have) to do so, because I can see with my eyes what Kony has done and I could see and hear the fear of Jacob in the movie, and then the answer about the “motivation” of Kony was given at the end of this thread when Jesper said, “it is about time that the Royal house travel to Uganda to give an ELEPHANT order – Josepho has deserved this” (cleaned from ugly language) and yes you do know who the elephant is (?), and sadly another part of God overtaken by darkness ordering him very directly with a spiritual voice, which I suspect is as strong as mine and in his case, he was overtaken by darkness, which I was not, which is really the difference my ladies and gentlemen, and I read about Kony being Hitler in one of the links, and yes, you are so right, so what will you do my dear world after not being “able” since 1986 (!) to stop this man, and yes TALK, TALK without anything happening and what do we have once again and yes INCOMPETENT politicians and media not doing what they should have done in the first place, and you gave this man freedom to kill thousands of people for years!

And please remind me how the world reacted on the Breivik tragedy compared to this and Dadaab and others?

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I watched the final chapter of the TV series “Lykke” on the Internet the previous night – as you can see here – and the message of this is simply to replace anti-depressive medicine with NATURAL treatment, isn’t it fantastic?
  • At one moment I received a vision about “Matador” (listen to Ghita shouting in this clip, and I was given a vision of Karen in relation to me when hearing this, these are the kind of feelings I brought to people, which they sent back to me to handle (!) – all of them – and here Ghita was right that her husband was “crazy”, but this is not what Karen and everyone else was in relation to me, but still their extreme feelings where the same!) – and Matator was the best TV series of Denmark ever, and herewith of the world – and I was also given a vision of the author, Lise Nørgaard, and later I saw that Søren was also inspired to bring a reference to Lise Nørgaard in his posting below (two souls, one mind, Søren :-)), where he asks “GOD KNOWS, if Manu is a male chauvinist” (?) and I don’t know as Stig, and I do NOT have the energy to follow your and Lykke’s public debate on inequality of immigrants, all I can say is that this was an issue I wrote about in my book no. 2 when I saw just how dreadful most Kenyan men treated their women, and yes they could “not” see it when I told them directly (but the women could!) because “wrong culture” brainwashed them the same way as Lars Løkke and Peter Mogensen as examples of the script today was brainwashed, and yes IN OUR NEW WORLD WE WILL ALL STAND EQUAL IN FRONT OF GOD and this is how I wish man will stand in front of each other too.

  • I was told that one of my favourite Monty Python sketches – “the Olympic Hide-and-Seek Final” – where it took more than 11 years for one man to find the other (!) is a symbol of the world using a long time to find me, and it wasn’t very difficult, was it (?) or couldn’t you see the wood because of too many trees as we say here (?), and yes “come on guys, cheer up, always look on the bright side of life” because you don’t need a replay as in the video below :-).

  • I was happy “by chance” to see Birger from Danske Bank showing as a potential contact on LinkedIn, and Birger is the man symbolising my own personal “poor conscience” of life of all of the things I have done wrong when not treating friends as I should (there are more of these, for example with you Jens M.) because after I stopped in the bank in 1991, I visited him for dinner in Jutland when I was on a “business-tour” there, and I was so busy when returning to Zealand that I never called back to say “thank you for the visit”, and then went 21 years before I invited to contact with him this evening (I could not remember his full name before seeing it “by chance”) and I sent him this short email – for some reason LinkedIn WRONGLY limits emails to be very short (!) – apologising for never calling him again, but I do hope I will hear from him because we had MANY hours of very good talk on the phone when I worked for DanskeBank-Pension until 1991 when he was a pension consultant working from 1989-91 in Jutland who called to receive my advice.

I worked slowly doing the script of today, and it started off worse than any other script, and at the end when publishing it at 01.15, I was simply tired but pretty calm on contrary to the beginning – “impossible” has seldom been more right than today, despite of doing “nothing much”.



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