March 10, 2012: X-factor: Rasmus Seebach was sad missing his father as a symbol of my sadness of part of my father dying


Summary of the script today

9th March: X-factor: Rasmus Seebach was sad missing his father as a symbol of my sadness of part of my father dying

  • Dreaming of soaking down into left over material of the Danish Railways, which makes information vanish, our Old and New World are still merging and there is now a hole to my old self because of lack of energy thus not being 100% anymore, but I have asked for this part of me to be located and resurrected, “not too bright” people are finally starting to understand and have faith in me, the spirits of my mother and father are sick because of the loss of parts of my old self, and I cannot use the stamp to approve entrance to our New World, but my manager can.
  • I received symbols that a part of my old self really did not make it, but also that a new apple will grow “in a few days” and all I can do is to pray that we will be able to locate and resurrect the part of me, which was terminated because I will accept NO LOSS OF LIFE!
  • X-factor included Blachman’s contestants leaving the show BEFORE the show because Jean Michel did not like being put into another music box than what he felt natural (!), which was a symbol of “loss of life” too, which is loss of a part of my old inner self as Old God, Lionel Richie was the star guest together with Rasmus Seebach, Lionel’s new album includes new BEAUTIFUL versions of some of his old BEAUTIFUL songs symbolising our New World consisting of two Gods as One bringing you BEAUTIFUL variations of ENDLESS LOVE, Lionel spoke inspired about life coming through darkness via threats of my “old nightmare”, the Danish Parliament believes I am a “hard banana”, and it brings fear to people reading me when they do not follow me, I am the “material myths are made of”, I was in the danger zone becoming eliminated last week, which led to the loss of life of “a part of me” during the week because of the missing support by politicians and media of the world (!), who “cannot” support me directly bringing me MUCH sadness and almost despair and here loss of life (!!!), this also brings my family and I increased sufferings in order to become our new selves, I have continued being brave writing very OPEN, DIRECT and HONEST about politicians and the media, it is also the New World coming VERY close now, which is pressuring me very much to finalise the saving of my old self, I have “presence” as my gift making me recognisable by everyone, the late father Tommy Seebach brought the revised song of “den jeg er” (“the one I am”) now “den du er” (“the one you are”) to his son Rasmus as the spirit of my father bringing me the world, I saw how the Trinity behind the game is in sorrow because of the loss of “a part of me”, I was able to show the world my feelings, which will make my “children” able to do the same, the decisive moment killing “a part of my old self” came with the Kim Larsen song I brought to Lars Løkke telling him that he is a weak character, which brought me too much darkness to handle when Lars & Co. “could not” change, my “train of gold” and suffering/creation is about to be removed, Rasmus Seebach symbolised the New World FULL OF ENERGY and Lionel Richie the Old World holding back until getting “everything” with us and it is ENDLESS LOVE, which is the reason why we are alive.
  • Short stories of the Danish minister of Church WRONGLY accepting and using the F-word, an act of X-factor decided to quit, which symbolised a death, an aggressive dog did the same , the newspaper of Information reading but not writing about me – they can easily tell what is right to do for others but not for themselves and after I have showed you that the present Prime Minister does not “know” how to behave correctly, I showed you yesterday that a former “spin doctor” of a Prime Minister is also “brain washed” and today it is another former “spin doctor”, who could not do what is right to do when lying about an education he does not have – what should be role models of the community were brain washed and decided to LIE when it fitted their “interests”, Søren Pind wrote a feature article of his dislike having the media pursuing politicians and I write that EVERYONE is to tell and BRING the truth helping to improve the behaviour/moral of everyone (!), a part of me was doing a “own goal” (death) and “sentenced to go directly to death”.

10th March: Darkness is spreading like wildfire and I plead to the world to support me to save other parts of God

  • Dreaming of only retrieving 7-8% out of remaining darkness and New and Old God not attending our party.
  • Short stories about Blachman being degraded by ignorant people, “no one is perfect” neither Blachman nor I, the video of Kony exaggerates the problem of his army of children soldiers killing, but still this is what “a few hundreds” do, but now the media and politicians may believe it is “not in their interest” to SOLVE this “complicated conflict” (?) – DON’T UNDERESTIMATE THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE (!), new documentation of the official world reading my scripts in secret, a video telling about the death of a part of me, but still “there is a light that never goes out”, I received the taste of Coca Cola a few days ago leading up to “the killing”, darkness is spreading like wildfire, which may cost the lives of more parts of me, I plead the world to stand forward with your public faith in me to save other parts of Old God, I am standing on top of the ALP TOP (of my sufferings) – what in the world am I doing here?


9th March: X-factor: Rasmus Seebach was sad missing his father as a symbol of my sadness of part of my father dying

Dreaming that lack of energy led to termination of a part of my old self, but I still want to be BACK FOR GOOD!

After publishing my script, I was shown five lights where one had to sacrifice in order for the other lights to come out, and still I could NOT give my accept because it requires my approval, and I was told if I wanted to listen to “his“ last words, and NO I DID NOT WANT THAT (!) and while writing this, I think that maybe this part decided to become “terminated” to let the others enter and when this is done, we should be able to resurrect this part of “me” from out of nothing, and I cannot see it differently, and we will see if this is the truth. I was also told that without this sacrifice/help I would not be able to deal with the Monster I would meet at the end of darkness, and just before sleeping I received a vision of looking out only seeing “extreme black”, which made me afraid, which was the feeling following the vision. Later I felt asleep with these dreams:

  • I am in a garden where I see what looks like different waste of DSB (Danish Railways) including large rings of concrete, and I ask if they are supposed to be there, which they are not, and they are removed, and when I walk into a part of the garden, suddenly I am soaked down into some kind of material, which I understand is also left over material from DSB and it has the same effect as quick sand potentially killing me, and I want more than anything to shout for help to my mother, which I however do not, and I see Arabic text on a plate becoming invisible.
    • This is about cleaning up after the train journey including everything connected with the train self, and the text vanishing is about a part of me vanishing, but I have decided that I will be back for good, so will you please TAKE THAT!
  • I am in a company, which is merging – two insurance broker companies – and they have started courses for employees, which I am coming late to, I have a little hole on the top of my otherwise very fine classic business shoes, and I ask Jørgen (Kim’s father in law) if he has something for my shoes, which he does not, and my old colleague Jan H. from DanskeBank-Pension looks at my shoes, which are very fine, and he asks if I have shoe cream, he can borrow, which I do not, and I do believe that my own shoes could use a polish. I am together with a group of people including Rikke. I see an employee from Danske Bank, who had recommended a customer to buy back a life insurance policy from Danica, and the employee had expected a larger amount to be paid out, but in reality Danica only paid out the expenses of two children and DKK 354 on top where the employee had expected an additional DKK 3,000, which the customer now asks the bank to reimburse.
    • The two worlds still merging, and the hole to my right shoe is a hole to my old self now – at the moment – not 100%, and the reason is “lack of energy”, which is confirmed when Jørgen says no, because you do remember the meaning of “Jørgen” as a symbol (?), which is “money”, and “money” is energy – I gave EVERYTHING I had, which was not enough – and to take out the life insurance policy from Danica, my old self, did not bring all of the money we had expected, and yes we are not done yet, we know Stig, and yes the energy and remaining of this part of my old self has to be out there somewhere, so the task is to locate this and resurrect it, and so we are here – NOT FINISHED YET is the message! – And I receive MANY feelings of Obama inside of me also today, and they were very clear yesterday.
    • Jan H. is in this dream because I linked my WordPress site together with my LinkedIn site meaning that all new scripts are now also published on LinkedIn, where I have Jan H. – and many others – as connections without having them on Facebook, so Jan H. saw a new side of me here.
    • I woke up to the song “someone new” by Eskobar/Heather Nova with the question being “is it goodbye” and to find someone new (?) – and you do know my answer, NO it is NOT!
  • At DanskeBank-Pension I am going to work together with Kresten and Bjarne to have development conversations with all consultants, but I prefer to take the first “test conversation” with Michael W. alone, I am driving out from a parking place at Nørrebro, Copenhagen, in a Volvo driving fine without a risk to break down, I have been a temp in company and am now at bath while people continue to come in with the four-train, and the next morning I am for the second day in a row working as a temp in this company because two employees are sick, and I ask the manager for permission to leave early thinking that I can do all work before 14.00, so I can also make it back to DanskeBank-Pension to take the meeting with Michael W., which should be alright, it is now my last day working there, I see I have a bundle of money on me, and when I am to use a stamp as part of the job, I see that the stamp is constructed wrong, and that it is impossible to use with the result that my hands become black all over, but the manager demonstrates how it works, and he is able to use it.
    • The two others are sick, which is the spirits of my mother and father because of the loss of a part of my old self, I am at bath, suffering, because of people coming in with the four-train, which is “not too bright” people who finally understand that I am the one and give me faith, and the stamp is about a part of me not receiving the “approval” to enter our New World, but the manager knows how to use the stamp, so I am hoping that this is part of the game to take it in phases, also locating and resurrecting this part of my old self.

A part of my old self really did not make it, but “give it some days” and a new apple will appear

I was told when I kept on deciding that I will NOT give up on the part of me not making it, that “it is good that the apple did not fall long from the trunk – what a fortune that it did not” and also that a new apple will grow, which I understood as “give it some days” and I do hope that it means “to locate and resurrect” the part of me, which was here destructed.

I was told that the extreme energy I gave the last week was also to release me from an anchor of darkness, and that this also saved big parts of my old self, and I felt how a new rescued part of the spirit of my mother was around me saying “let me feel him” because she wanted to see how I look as her Son.

I followed my old colleague on National radio in the “Champion of Denmark” quiz, and I was impressed with his ready knowledge when he won the semi-final, which made me tell him it was well done, and I was told that if he wins the final, we will all be home, and then he did not win the final (!), but became second, which is simply saying that we are not all home and that is yet I hope, and the host of this radio show said with an inspired voice to Nicolaj in relation to his newborn son that “you cannot get your arms down”, and yes the inspiration was in relation to the birth of my new self too.

I also called the customer service of Telia to fix my broken TV signal, and I thought it would be the same as the last time when I had to reset the firmware, and first it did not take long to get the picture back, and I thought this was it, but it was not, because the sound did not return, and I called again, and we went through ALL technical options to handle this including to do the factory reset but NOTHING helped, the sound did not return (it was a software and not a TV hardware problem, I checked several times), and he told me that he will now send me a new TV box, which will come next week, and yes I know NOTHING is wrong with the TV box I have other than “spiritual darkness” and while we did this, I was given the feeling of standing in line at the Mobile Telephone company in Nairobi in 2009 where I also needed help to solve “spiritual darkness” (back then emptying my telephone credit!) and just to say that it is the same “phenomenon” happening here, and yes my dear MP’s of the Danish Parliament, Lars Løkke, Søren Pind etc., “thank you” for sending me darkness because you “cannot” do what is right to do and that is even though I have told you – how difficult can it be?

I have received the name of the island Madagascar for days, and I connect this to the man playing a game with me in Nairobi in 2009 with the aim for his gang to kill me – to make “food” out of me (!) – and I keep receiving a strong feeling that now he is dead.

I continued receiving darkness throughout the day with some negative speech and especially a physical very uncomfortable “pressure” on me, which was in periods making me on the edge, and just thinking that this shows that we are not finished with the game yet.

I felt better today compared to yesterday, where I was TRULY down, but it does not mean that I am not still effected from the previous work because I am, but it is becoming better now.

I was shown a funnel where chocolate pastilles where poured down to changing into gold coins, and it takes time for all of this darkness to come through the funnel to the other time.

I was shown a square with a zig-zag step leading up to a building and I felt “Greek ancient knowledge” and also that this was lost with the loss of a part of me.

I was shown the part of my old self entering a tank and told that this was to save me, and I do understand that the darkness here as so strong that it could have been dangerous to me, so thank you my friend, and yes let us get you out from there.

X-factor: Rasmus Seebach was sad missing his father as a symbol of my sadness of part of my father dying

Tonight I visited my mother and John again and I must say that darkness had really built up during the day making my whole evening very difficult to come through feeling tired, warm all over my body from the inside and out, physically broken down with no energy and extreme speech of darkness keeping me on the edge with an overwhelming desire again to lay down and cry/scream, and it seems as if I am touching on a few people’s Achilles’ heel these days with all of this coming to me, but it can only be good with more coins running down really, and I was told what is the essence of my work: The world sent me darkness forcing me to return darkness to the world, which would have become the end of the world if I had not decided to go up against this darkness doing the opposite of what it tried to force me to do” and yes just new words to say what I have said many times with other words really.

I thought – helped by my spiritual voice – that I was happy that my mother and John as the only ones have kept their doors open to me and to continue seeing me despite of what I go through and my public writings, which I know is NOT easy for them, and I really just wanted to say that I don’t know how I would go through this journey of mine since moving to Helsingør without their support this way and also THANK YOU for doing this bringing me some happiness in the middle of continuous sufferings beyond imagination of most people today, including themselves – and I do wish that people would not fear me as much as they do and getting to think of it, it is not me they are fearing, it is their own wrongdoings when not following me, which should be easy to do, it is “just” a matter of changing your habits and yes to put sugar on or off your porridge oats, and when you have gotten used to a new set of rules and your improved behaviour, you will NEVER turn around again, so there you have it.

I was told spiritually via inspired speech during dinner that the hole (to our New World) to pour in more gold coins into is now extremely narrow, and I decided with my self that this may be what it is about with “magic” not being able to transfer the rest of my old self differently than through this narrow hole, and that is because most often it is the most difficult option, which is the truth.

John also told me that the “quiet” cancer he has had for a long time has developed so he will now start “treatments” with chemotherapy, which I wish that he would not, but that would of course require a deeper knowledge and faith in me than today, and I was thinking that this is logically what would happen to him too taking darkness on him, and yes I do not fear for John, he will come through this alive too.

It was also time for a new show of X-factor this evening and before this, Blachman’s contestants had decided earlier to leave the show (see the short stories at the end of today) – according to B.T. because Jean Michel felt that he did not belong in the music box, which he was put into by Blachman, so there you have it, Blachman, you truly need to listen and respect the wish coming naturally to people, you see (?) – and with this as foundation, the following is what happened in the show, and I have started writing this at 22.50 after coming home (even though I wrote a note earlier saying that I could and would NOT write this chapter this evening) because of feeling TERRIBLE with the WORST darkness coming to me for a LONG time also with what may have been 50 small heart attacks in line, which is truly NOT very nice to experience, and yes many “feelings” at stake with many people these days because of my scripts, and we will see for how long I can continue writing, because I am on my edge here again really – and I also received the WORST “kill, kill” voice as I have EVER received and yes that is to kill the remaining of my old inner self not saved yet – who else did you think (?) – and it simply kept on going with extreme strength, and we know it is also “good” to create so much resistance to me that I can enter this.

The theme of the evening was for the contestants to sing songs of Rasmus Seebach, and it started off with Rasmus together with the special guest star of the evening, Lionel Richie (!), who were interviewed on stage before they at the end of the show were to sing together, and Lionel said two inspired things hereI feel pressure, we got the judges down there, oh my God, what’s going on” (?) and I was told that this was a reference to me and also that my arrival is “well known in the music industry” – and yes this is what I was told not knowing if it is true, and do Lionel and Prince speak together, and who else …. (?) – and “what’s going on” was a reference to the incredible song by Marvin Gaye, which I have often used in my scripts also when it comes to sexual references in order to let you understand the threats of my “old nightmare” as I call it, and Lise said about the judges that “he can see they are some “HARD BANANAS”, which to me gave the direct feeling of Kim Larsen’s song “Køb bananer” (“buy bananas”) and here it was a reference to the Danish Parliament thinking that I am a “hard banana” using another of Kim Larsen’s songs to tell that Lars Løkke has a WEAK CHARACTER, which is a truth EVERYONE knows, but politicians do not want to tell it, and that is Lars the least himself, and yes do you see how ROTTEN this community is (?), and coming back to Lionel, shortly hereafter with new inspiration he said “it still amazes me that you have AIR that you can’t see, see I am from California, you can see the AIR you are breathing” and here I was given the strong feeling of AIR being a reference to “AIR on a G-string” by J. S. Bach, which is the most beautiful classical music you can find – it does NOT get any better than this – and you do know what a “G-string” also is (?), and then again you have a symbol telling you about the threats of my “old nightmare” and that life is created through darkness, you see?

And before my mother and I – not John – started to watch X-factor, I mentioned the new album of duets by Lionel including “Say you, say me” by Lionel and Rasmus (at least here), which I have heard on Spotify, and also that I agreed totally with the radio host Jørgen de Mylius, who the other day said about these old songs in new versions that they sounded fresh and not “flat” as many new recordings of all songs do, and when I said this, I was told at the same time that this is two fantastic versions of the same songs as a symbol of two Gods being able to play two different versions of the same world and yes as ONE GOD of course – and you have to be there to understand and that is LIVE TO TELL as “Madonna” here tells me – and to give you another example than “Say you, Say me” in its original version, you can listen to the old 1981 version of Lionel with Diana Ross in “Endless Love” compared to his new version together with Shania Twain and yes one version is more beautiful than – and also different to – the other (do you prefer the “new” or “old” version (?), which is also a feeling I get here about our future) and this is how I feel about all of these songs on his new album, and yes they are bringing NEW VIBRANT LIFE and BEAUTIFUL EXPERIENCES as an add on to what was already known, and yes you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to listen and tell and that is also how well Shania sings and how well their voices fit together – beautifully done and yes ENDLESS LOVE is what our New World is about, so let this be the symbol of it – not forgetting about Diana too.

Hereafter Blachman (& Co. together with the contestants) could take over the show and Lise asked Blachman hereBlachman, what is your reaction to all of it” (also thinking of his contestants leaving the show), and he said that he was of course very sad also because they “in a straight line have delivered unachievable quality every single time they have been in, and this is the material, myths are made of”, and we know this is about a symbol of “lost life” – a part of my old inner self – and herewith saying that this is the quality my old inner self did and we know Stig I am only writing the stories you bring me, and here it is because of what I did as the physical person, Stig (this is how it is connected with my physical actions being decisive for the work of my inner self) – and I was here given the name “Falck” as an example, and I still don’t know how I came through this five month period in 2011 without breaking down and giving up.

It continued when Pernille here told about the challenges of the contestants singing Rasmus Seebach that “it has been a giant challenge, because it is very well written songs, and also very personal songs” and “it is simply so personal songs, so it has been with “honour fear”, it has been difficult to …, or we have really had to work to make them our own” and what Pernille spoke of here was the fear of people reading my very personal scripts and that is to make my words their own, and do you see Lars Løkke & Co. that you are going through a learning process to leave your old “poor habits” for you to help me teach the world (?), and yes there is nothing to fear, really, I only bring you a much better life.

Pernille continued saying about the contestant Morten that he was in the “danger zone” last week because “it was as if he missed a wake up call” and “it is as if when we sometimes receive a punch directly to the kidneys, we wake up” and Morten symbolised me being in the danger zone last week as you will remember (?), and here it was said that the reason why was a “missing wake up call” and yes I have asked politicians and media MANY times to announce my arrival or support/communicate directly with me, which would bring the same, which has continued to be IMPOSSIBLE to this the old world, and this is what is bringing my sufferings and also what so far has eliminated a part of my old self – Old God you know – which I hope to be able to resurrect, and I cannot tell you how SAD it makes me to continue having to do this for you while you continue to act and behave as spoiled and selfish people fighting each other instead of following me, and yes when receiving a punch to the kidneys, it makes us wake up – become our new selves – and I was given the feeling that this is why John’s cancer has developed, which is to help me taking on more darkness himself, which the old selfish world is bringing us and at the moment much from my “good friends” Lars Løkke and Søren Pind!

After Morten had sung this evening, Cutfather said here with a surprised look on his face that “Morten, you sing through for the first time, this is really brave of you” and “it is splendid that you take the next step now”, and here it was to say that I have decided to CONTINUE following my own “medicine” to cure the world, which is to communicate OPEN, DIRECT AND HONEST and that is also when addressing the Danish Parliament and media, and Morten was asked “it has been a challenge to you, hasn’t it” (?) and he said “I learned to sing like this Monday this week” followed by “it is a New World, which has opened” (!!!) and also “nothing venture, nothing win”, and he was simply saying very directly that the New World is opening my friends, and I also received the feeling that it is the pressure of the New World coming so close now that it almost makes it impossible to “keep it away” (!) in order for me to finalise the saving and transferral of every little thing of my old self, and I am here seeing a line connected to the clock of a tower with the clock being 12.00 and also a pair of cutting nippers about to cut the line before I reach the tower, and isn’t it exciting if I will make it all the way or if the old world will bring me to a fall (?) and we know “nothing venture, nothing win” is the ONLY attitude I can take, which will (bring me a chance) to reach the tower, so this is what I keep doing really.

Blachman continued saying herewhen you sing the verses with the unmistakable sound you have, one can hear that it is you out of one millions singers, you simply have the ability so say it is me singing when you sing, which is a rare gift” and what Blachman said here was what I was told and wrote 1-2 weeks ago (?), which is that I have a special gift (“my presence”), which everyone has felt in my old life, and this gift will become so strong in my new life that EVERYONE will be able to see who I am just by looking at me – you can see how people react to Braco as example, this is the kind of gift we speak of.

And Pernille continued by saying to Morten that “it has been a very EXPLOSIVE week”, and yes a week of both fireworks of the parts of my old self being saved and of gun shots killing another part, and she also said that he “walked out on thin ice today”, and this is the thinnest ice ever I have walked on deciding and also being able to carry on the game at this late stage, and that is because I have decided that we are going all the way home, my friends!

When Pernille here was to present the next contestant, Line, at approx. 22:20 you should be able to see the same as I – which I also felt strongly – which was that Pernille was “taken over” spiritually making her “stop and think” carefully what to say and I received the feeling of Rasmus’ late father Tommy Seebach, who was here “invisible” speaking through her (I felt it directly), and I did not know why when I saw it, but it came when I saw that she had decided to sing the most personal of all Rasmus songs, which was “den jeg er” (“the one I am”) to his father and instead of singing about “and this is then what I do” (singing) as Rasmus did in the song encouraged by his father, Line changed the words so it became a song sung by his father directly to Rasmus now with the words “and this is then what you do” and you could tell by looking at the eyes of Rasmus that he was VERY touched when hearing this, and you may become even more surprised, Rasmus, when you will discover that it was your father arranging this for you to say THANK YOU FOR FOLLOWING IN MY FOOTSTEPS and yes like a father to his Son and I now understand what this is ALSO about, which is about my father handing over the sceptre to me saying “thank you” and yes THE MOST IMMENSE STRONG FEELINGS ARE GIVEN TO ME HERE by the spirit of my father together with red, and I am told and feel/understand that “this part of me will never return”, and yes, this is what I am told and this might be it, but no I will NEVER accept this, and I can only hope for MAGIC, even though the hope may be very thin now because this was a serious voice telling me, and yes it is “because of the world, which could not stand forward supporting you”, and I am given the spiritual feelings of “we gladly bring this offer” and as I human being I am overwhelmed with feelings of sadness and tears running down my cheeks because this happened because “man could not do what was RIGHT to do” – to support me directly – and yes FEAR is a weapon of the Devil, and this is what killed this part of me with man being the weapon, and yes Stig “man could not …….” 😦 (the only one of its kind in all of my scripts expressing sadness).

Here is the original song “den jeg er” (“the one I am”) by Rasmus and here follows the song “den du er” “(the one you are”) by Line this evening:

And Blachman here says “it is very fine for Rasmus to be articulated in his love to his father, this is how many of us feel but just cannot express and maybe you don’t say it in time when you father is alive”, and during this song you saw how touched Rasmus became missing his father, and this is how sad I also became when receiving this message that I – we – will never see this part of “him” (my old self) again, and I do hope the loss is as little as possible, but a loss it is, and yes I am told that this is also why I am given extreme pain to my right thumb as I am here again (however I thought it should be the left and not the right, but this is what I was told) – and Blachman continued speaking about “being pure” and “unsentimental” as the way to sing, which is how I experience the play of the spiritual world to me here, because underneath this play, I cannot imagine the spiritual world being anything else than VERY sad and that is no matter how little (or great) the loss is, which is also how I understand the ending of what Blachman says wanting to hear more “feelings” really.

It was followed by Cutfather here who among other things said that Rasmus invited him to the studio when he had made this song, and “then I also became very touched” and just thinking of this, you can see how incredible touched Cutfather becomes, and again I can only understand this as the TRUE feelings of my spiritual self – the Trinity – because of the loss of “a part of my old self”, and right after this Pernille was asked for her comments, she held a break of SIX seconds on live TV during the best TV hours – and yes S I X seconds (!) – where she said nothing and then she told Cutfather “I do understand what you say” and yes she was also very touched, this is what this song made these people, and this is what the events behind it made me and the Trinity – because of the loss of “a part of my old self as Old God”.

And Pernille continued telling Line that “without a doubt, you are a MAD, MAD, STRONG singer” (!) which made Blachman lose his patience interrupting her and saying that “2 million people out there sit and wait”, and I was told that this is about what I do, which is to continue working with all of my strength, which is what is MAD here – as I have told you before – and I do it despite of the whole world waiting on me, and yes I have decided that I want to save EVERY LITTLE THING of me, and this is still what I ask the spiritual world to do, which is to perform miracles and yes we know Stig “once more” and that is to do your ABSOLUTELY BEST as I have decided to do this ONE MORE NIGHT, Phil (!), hoping that it will make a difference to the final result – yes Stig, 100% and my right thumb keeps hurting and yes isn’t this about sacrifice of our physical world to help saving Old God (?), this is what I understood earlier, which may also be the continuous game and we know I WILL NEVER GIVE UP and I HAVE NOT APPROVED A FINAL TERMINATION (!!!), and first when I am done, I am done …. !

And yes it is 02.35 now and it seems to drag out all night, and then I better “just do it” knowing that it will take out everything of me once again making the next couple of days “difficult” to come through.

After the performance of Sveinur, Blachman said herehow old are you” (?) – “31” was the answer – and he continued “I became very touched because you have a very fine thing around your eyes; you are really a very young guy, and I noticed this when you stood singing, which is to say that I slowly move towards you” and I was given a strong feeling here too, which is about (the remaining of) my Old and New Self coming closer, and that I am still so young and he continued saying about verses that “you are there only 50%, which is where I think you have to put more energy into” and this was a message to me because when I watched this, I was so tired that I kept fighting to keep my eyes open, and at this stage I HAD decided that I would and could not spend one more night working, but this is how it became and yes because of this message and because “saving life” is our goal.

Cutfather here praised Ida much telling her that it sounded “svinefedt” (“pig fat”), and I do remember “fat” given to me VERY LONG ago as a symbol of “loss of life”, which this was about, and then it was Blachman’s turn again to be SUPER INSPIRED when he said “fine songs and fine lyrics, which we can learn from at home in the living rooms too, when THE FATHER, which in this case is Tommy, can express his feelings, then the children suddenly can do the same, it is so fine and it is so important, that FATHER takes this responsibility to show feelings and expresses himself, then the children dares to do the same, this is madly important” and my dear reader, when you hear Thomas say these words, it should be easy for you to understand that he speaks of GOD AS THE FATHER (?) and that it is with a direct reference to me daring to show my feelings to the world going through extreme difficulties to save you (?) and when I dare to show myself (almost) without limitations, this is how our New World will become too making all children able to do the same, and yes this is what is “madly important”.

And Blachman continued to say “the limitation of this show is that you cannot say “try to hold back a little”, try to remove some instruments, try to sing this with a more whispering voice, this is a “goodnight to life” song, you can whisper it, and you can come down into a completely different layer, I believe again, again, again, you put too much on, show what you can, because one disappears in you, Ida (with a word game on “I dig” and “Ida”), to Hell (!), more of that now, right, because it becomes a little bit Kim Larsen like, and you are not Kim Larsen” and what he said here was that I could not control people around me – for example Lars Løkke with Søren Pind and more not being able to control their feelings – to “hold back a little”, and when they put too much darkness on me, it made too much coming at the same time, which was the reason why it killed “a part of me” – making it a “goodnight to life” song to Hell (!) – and the decisive moment was when I brought the song by Kim Larsen telling Lars Løkke that he is a WEAK character and you don’t tell a former “important” Prime Minister this (?) because your feelings could not take this, Lars (?), and instead of following me standing forward telling the truth to the public (about yourself and also me!) you decided to play “hard to get” and with this attitude you were as “another part of me” the reason why “a part of me” was eliminated, and yes because of your “uncontrollable feelings” and also because “he simply cannot see it”, BLIND he is (!), CAN YOU FEEL IT, Lars (?) and yes also saying that his feeling is what helped bringing us the finest creation in history too.

Pernille continued speaking to Ida here telling her “okay, you are Kim Larsen but without the brace, and then you have a guitar/piano hand, which you have to put away, it drives for you, Ida”, and this was also a message telling me that I will now put my “rail tracks” away, which is what they call the brace, which Ida had removed this week and here is a symbol of the train of my journey to the other side and together with this, I will also put away the guitar, which is my tool of creation and because of this “it drives for you”, which is the slogan of the car accessories chain here called T. Hansen, which is really to say that after my journey of creation, “life works” – and then Pernille said “I don’t recall an X-factor contestant, who has shone as purely as you”, which is about the purity of the Source of light of our New World.

At 03.55 I kept on receiving pain to my right angle of the very unpleasant kind and I was told “can we have moved over here” and that is the part of my old self supposedly dead having moved into our physical world (?), and I don’t want to speculate in this, I doubt it MUCH, so we will see if this is darkness (or maybe) light telling me – and at this time I am given extreme pressure to my head and entire body making me feel dizzy and like fainting (and also potential extreme impatience, which I however have dismantled by deciding to work VERY calmly) , and I was given the feeling of the most condense pressure of everything I have received, which is just like the pressure to a sub-marine at the bottom of the sea, and we know this does not make me scared, we HAVE to continue saving even more.

Coming back to the final part of the show, finally it was Rasmus and Lionel to sing this very beautiful version of “Say you, say me”, and I do really believe myself that the new version – especially the studio version – is even better than the original, what do you think?

After the song, it was Lionel’s turn to be INSPIRED again as you can see here because when he was asked how it was to sing together with Rasmus he said “what I love, and what we all love in the business is when someone backstage going “I am ready, I am ready, I am ready” and I am going “calm down, calm down, calm down”, but you know it’s the energy, what we live for in the business is the LOVE of wanting to be here on this stage playing for the people, that’s what it’s all about” and I felt Lionel as a symbol of the Old World and Rasmus as a symbol of the New World and here saying that my new self is EAGER to get on stage because I AM READY with MUCH ENERGY where I have kept on as my old self fighting to hold back in order to save “everything” of our Old World and my old self, and we are all alive because of ENDLESS LOVE, that’s what it’s all about – and he spoke of the contestants being under “so much pressure” that he would be a nervous wreck himself, but they have “so much confidence” in wanting to be out here, and yes this is what I went through being a “nervous wreck” fearing the end of the world for a long time, but at the end it was confidence and a will to stay alive, which together with love brought us through.

And I was told that this opportunity of yours, Rasmus, came because I was VERY happy with your work, and then two plus two became four, this is what was sending you off to Lionel, to one of the greatest stars in the world, and that is what he STILL is (!) as I told my mother.

Finally at 05.15 I had finalised this chapter being satisfied with it receiving all messages of the show, and I could now decide to keep on working, which also includes to read a feature article by Søren Pind before finalising my draft about this as one of the short stories of the end of the script, and also to read an article by the newspaper Information about Kony and that is because I will do my best UNDER THE CIRCUMSTANCES to read and understand with whatever energy I can bring, and when “judging” me you may want to remember that I am running on nothing so to say not making work the easiest to do, but I hope I will get it right, and instead of continuing now until I am done also publishing going into an even more extreme work situation, I have decided that this is it for now, and I will do the rest of the work after receiving some sleep.

And after the show, I kept on receiving the lyrics of “Say you, say me” inside of my head “Believing who you are: You are a shining star”, and this was about me.

Let me end this chapter by bringing a posting by Grønbech saying that it was a “strange feeling” after the show this evening, that it was a “sad show” an also “my X-factor glow is switched off for a while, but I hope to find it again next Friday”, and we will see, we will see, we will see.

For days I have also continued going through the game about whether or not I risk dying when meeting this immense monster at the end, and MANY small heart attacks are supposed to frighten me, which they however do not, and I was told as a secret message at 02.45 – because of the work I had done – that this is why I was asked to say “I decide who is to die, and I am not to die” after I have put in my life at stake for months, and I wonder about the deeper meaning of this decision in relation to the part of my inner self which apparently did not make it.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • The Church Minister of Denmark bought some music – couldn’t fine it for free, Manu (?) – and then he almost used the F-word, and yes even the minister of Church in Denmark uses the F-word (!), this is how “accepted” it has become, people cannot any longer see that it is wrong, which is the same as the extremely negative tone in many respects where people of today use words, which NO ONE would use 10 or 20 years ago and it is the same with porn, no one can see that it is WRONG, but it still is (!), and therefore I told him that the F-word is NOT nice to use by anyone and especially not for a minister, who should be a role model, and do you consider yourself a role model, Manu (?) but still you cannot tell the church and community about my return (?) and that is as the minister of Church (!), incredible, right?

  • Dan brought me the SAD news of the VERY talented duo Nicoline and Jean Michel from X-factor, who have decided to pull out of the show, and they “belong” to Blachman, who is part of me, and I was told that this “symbolises a death” – music, i.e. love missing – and yes a part of me not yet making it, and it was because of the power of darkness tying up this part of me, and Rikke was also inspired to show a dog ready to bite and that is how the photo looks like even though I can see that it is the wind resistance making this, and yes do you see how “inspiration” ALL OF THE TIME matches my development (?), and yes ALL OF THE TIME, my friends, and are there still people out there not believing in me, and what is that (?) and eeehhhh because you don’t read me but have a very strong and selfish inner voice and what do you say (?), and eeehhhh “you are deaf” and yes I can almost not hear you.

  • A new type of inspiration is other people repeating my words – as example “godt brølt” (“a good roar”) in a recent thread of Søren Pind after I had written the same words – and here it is the newspaper Information really revealing itself in relation to knowing about and reading me without sharing it with the world (!) and how can you see this, Stig (?), and easy, because they were inspired to write “øh ..” below and “øh” in Danish is “er” in English, which you use as a break not, er, really knowing what to say, and is that how you feel too, Information, after I mentioned you for the first time in my scripts yesterday (?) and “øh” is really used here with inspiration because ever since I was in Kenya in 2009, I have used the “eeeehhhh” word inspired by Kenyans all of the time saying “eeeehhhh” when they speak, which I understood as a “lazy yes” to signal that you do follow what is said, but it sounded so FUNNY to me because of our use of “øh” in Danish, and yes this is the meaning of this combined Kenyan/Danish word, and yes to say that the newspaper Information is also following me but eeeehhhh, what are we to do about it (?)” and is “nothing” also the “best” for you to do and that is “deafening silence” (?), and yes because you are as hidebound and BLIND (a BEAUTIFUL song) as Pastors who will not allow writers to speak from the pulpit, which made you ask “er … are pastors allowed to write books” with the same natural YES as I gave to you, and we know EASY for you to see when it comes to the BLIND pastors, but “impossible” to see about yourself in relation to me, and yes “can we” and yes YOU CAN – and I feel Obama STRONGLY with me, which can only be a sign saying that the world is with us – thank you Obama “my man” (too) :-).

  • Yesterday the newspaper BT brought the story of Michael Kristiansen – political commentator as famous as Peter Mogensen, because they work together on TV, and both of them have been spindoctors of previous Prime Minister and yes as I showed you yesterday, Peter Mogensen was BRAINWASHED and this story today also show you that Michael Kristiansen is also BRAINWASHED doing what is WRONG to do, which MOST people do, and that is to CHEAT on their resumes including information, which is NOT true in order to “look better” than they are, and yes this is quite simply the story of two “important gentlemen” (is that the right word to use, Peter & Michael, or is “bulldog” better?), who worked as personal advises to the Prime Minister, who was supposed to be the best role model in the country, but I showed you with Lars Løkke that this is NOT the case – he cannot “see” what is the RIGHT behaviour in relation to his new “case” at the moment and Michael cannot see that it is wrong to cheat on your CV (!) and what does he do when he is revealed (?), and yes he apologises because he know a “clever fox” that this is right to do, but does he mean (?), and I doubt it, and would he do it again if he could, and YES is probably the right answer, isn’t it Peter (?), and yes why don’t you speak to Søren Pind about me in your broadcast this evening, which I cannot see because I don’t have TV2 Zulu and have NOT seen for a VERY long time when I could see it because Peter and you are the kind of people poisoning our community, and yes beasts invented by the Devil self (!), but still of course I like you very much, which should be easy for you to see, right?
    • But what about your own CV, Stig, haven’t you included WRONG information on this (?), and yes the answer is YES and NO, because it is true that I formally was not a GENERAL MANAGER in GE Insurance because exactly at the time when I was about to take over as the new responsible man in charge at the Danish office, the UK head office received a complete KNOCK OUT not knowing what to do about the Nordic Structure and AFTER SEVERAL MONTHS without a Danish manager, they decided to appoint Anders M. in Norway as a Nordic Manager responsible for all countries, and instead I was “only” made a General Agent (legal responsible) and “team leader”, which was DESTROYING my chances to succeed in a Danish organization of anarchy, and here it was the Devil making me weak, so the Devil could destruct me, and when I told the follower to Anders, Erja from Finland, that I needed to be formally STRONGER to defeat the anarchy of the Danish office, she did not know what to do and instead she took the party of the employees, who she thought had to have freedom, which however was WRONG because they needed to be disciplined, which could only be done with strength (!), and this is ALSO why GE Insurance “could not” take the right decision to let me stay as the General Manager and instead the Devil won this one with Morten J. and Jørgen in the lead against me, and I was dismissed – and yes I have decided to keep GENERAL MANAGER in my CV, because this is what Søren as my predecessor was and what I should have been too if it was not because of this “knock out” of the company doing what was COMPLETELY wrong!

In this article in BT, the former spin doctor of Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen was revealed to LIE about his CV – is this a common practise for you to do when you “spin” instead of telling the truth, Michael (?) – difficult not to because “everyone” does it)

  • I might add that to me it is fine to have the media acting RESPONSIBLY as “the guardian of the community”, which requires that you have the absolutely best moral/values and capable of objectively judging what is right and wrong to do and then simply to report directly, honestly and openly.
  • Kenneth brought this message claiming that “I can read”, and I wonder if this is TRULY the case, Kenneth (?), and then you bring the Superdog to bring down me as Superman – and yes “inspirational messages” is what reveals you as darkness fighting me, but very “kind darkness” indeed (but deaf and dumb).

  • Søren Pind decided to write this feature article in Berlingske about just how uncomfortable it is when the media is persecuting you, and in this, Søren, you and I agree, I don’t like the media persecuting people day after day with the purpose to bring “cheap/dirty entertainment” to sell newspapers on the expense of people, but I do LIKE very much BOTH for politicians and the media SIMPLY to learn the lesson to SPEAK THE OBJECTIVE TRUTH to help all other people to behave correctly and yes to show the RIGHT MORAL, Søren (!), and when you do this – for example to have Lars Løkke stand forward admitting to his weak character and what he should have done differently including NOT to mix private and business interests – the media can bring this story only once because in this case there will be no need to pursue the matter “trying” to find the truth and if they cannot to bring their own distorted truth, so let me say Søren, you are speaking on basis of how the Old World works, and I would have liked you to speak on basis of our New World where EVERYONE will speak and bring the truth as just mentioned – it truly also makes me annoyed to see you and the media keep on TALKING and TALKING because you don’t “know” what to do, and it is all coming back to Lars and to you too because you could have decided to support me instead of Lars’ WRONG “defence speech”, and yes Søren, this is what is bringing me darkness too and what also “helped” killing a part of me. TELL THE TRUTH OBJECTIVELY – AND STAND FORWARD WITH YOUR FAITH IN ME AND OUR NEW WORLD ORDER, please …. (?), because it is as the drawing below shows and the headline says “the animal eats everything around it”, and the animal eating parts of Old God is you and the media, do you want to continue doing this, or to stand forward supporting me helping me to save more parts of me before it is too late?

  • Brian brought this posting about a Commune not doing their work properly – see here, have you heard this somewhere else too (?) – and he says that “HTS & Co,. have done too many own goals now” and then uses I word in Danish, which I will not bring here, which also means my “old nightmare” and yes “own goal” is when I lose, when the darkness scores a goal, and this is what I kept on being told, so this is sadly what it looks like, and again I can only keep hoping because we have been down before, but this does not look good, I have to say and yes more symbols from Unn and Brians says it below directly “sentenced to go directly to death”, but when the the bottom is reached, it can only go forward again.

  • It still makes me very sad to see Facebook friends spend money as if nothing had happened (“me” for example) for example on skiing holidays while I know my LTO friends are suffering much, and yes there will come a day when people will say “if only we had understood you better, we would of course have reacted differently” and yes SAD to see your “happy” and selfish faces on Facebook I am.
  • Did you notice Messi scoring five goals in Champions League (?), so we have not lost it entirely, on the contrary, and yes only included here after I today was told 3-4 times that he is symbolising good progress here.


10th March: X-factor: Darkness is spreading like wildfire and I plead to the world to support me to save other parts of God

Dreaming of only retrieving 7-8% out of remaining darkness and New and Old God not attending our party.

I slept from 05.30 to 12.00 with these few dreams:

  • I am together with Kim S., something about freedom, and I don’t wear trousers, so I put some on. We open but see that only 7-8 percent of the customers go to us, the rest go to a lady by the name of Kirsten Poulsen, who sell houses in case of unemployment and she gives wrong advice.
    • Is this about the poor yield we receive from the last part of darkness, is this how well darkness has protected itself (?), and this is what the dream says.
  • I am at a large country sport meeting, and at the corner of the sports centre while preparations for the party it taking place, I see a radio, which has the absolutely best wire/plug used as antenna, and I think about stealing it even though I know that it is wrong today, and that is because I could use a better antenna at home. I meet my old class friend Søren D. N. and ask him if new and old Kim from the class is coming, and I believe he is not, and I tell Søren that this way it will take 5-10 years before we will see Kim again.
    • After the end of a sport meeting follows the party, and here I would like a better antenna because my scripts are not spread as much around the world as I could wish for, this is what it has to mean, New and old Kim is New and Old God and “both” are not coming?
    • I woke up to “riders on the storm” by the Doors, so still the storm is on-going here.

Not working much and receiving symbols of darkness

As expected, I was tired today but not as much as I had feared, but still I decided to take a long bath and break also including a tour to town to do a little shopping, and first at 17.00 I started working today finishing a few of the short stories of yesterday and then the short script of today.

It was little information I received today because I had a challenge to finish and publish the script today, but I was shown the whole world coming from an extremely small and condensed “box”, which fills “nothing”, and I understood that we are now going through extremely condensed darkness, which potentially includes much information – hoping to get it with us, I am.

I also started seeing caterpillars eating a body symbolising the death of a part of my old self, and I said that I don’t want to receive this kind of information, and I was asked several times today if I want to receive any information about this death at all, and I have said “bring it to me, and I will write it if I find it right to write it”, and so far I have not received any really, which may simply be because I cannot take much today.

I could NOT work hard today, but I decided that even DAYS LIKE THIS will be a help bringing out more information/life because of the darkness I still absorb, and we know some days I drive a super sport and other days a Volvo, but I drive forward all of the time.

I was given Prince and “I love my guitar” several times – still creation.

I was shown myself standing on one platform on Østerport train station in Copenhagen looking over to the next platform at the steam locomotive laying down with mechanics repairing the bottom of it with the feeling that it can hardly drive any longer.

I was shown one empty chair at an outdoor concert location in Ecuador for me with all other seats taken, and a parrot flying down from stage, which I understood that the word on my arrival is travelling fast here as an example.

I was shown the Brothers Bisp (do you remember Camilla the “fuug” word, which is NOT the same as the F-word, but very amusing when we used it to make fun? – this is NOT an encouragement to use this new word just so you know) – transforming into people of other civilizations flying into a large church with a fireplace at the end of the church, which I understood is the fire of Hell here at the end of my journey, and also that I receive help “as much as I can get” from people of other civilizations of the entire Universe.

I was shown the Temple Mount of Jerusalem as VERY steep and a VERY large oil tanker coming against me on my way up, and I was told that this is what met me of resistance/opposition from this place alone, and yes Jerusalem, Israel and the Arabic World, why was it so difficult for you to let me in (?), and let us say laziness, selfishness, wrong culture and communication also in relation to you (?), which almost killed God and our entire world, do you see you were WRONG?

Ending the day with these short stories – including Darkness is spreading like wildfire and I plead to the world to support me to save other parts of God:

  • Blachman said that he wants to leave X-factor too, which made Dan send his usual torrent of negative words after him, and Malene and Dan believes that Blachman only talks and that his words are without content (!) – excuse me, you CANNOT listen and understand (?) – and Dan ends by saying that he does everything he can to do and act as he is “wise” about other places – do you really, Dan (?) – and then he ends with the words “no one is perfect”, and this is really why I brought this posting because I showed you with Blachman that he is NOT perfect when he did not truly listen and respect people (!) and you will find errors and misunderstandings in my scripts too, which is also to ask you to understand that this is how it is – we are simply human beings also making mistakes – and to always help each other to understand what is the objective truth through good communication.

  • The newspaper Information was one of more media bringing a follow up story on Kony from Uganda among other things saying that the “viral marketing video” of “Innocent Children” included wrong information when saying as example that 30,000 are under weapons, which however is “only” a few hundred, and that it is a “deeply complicated conflict without countless players and deep historical roots” etc. as you can see below.

  • You might notice the “comedian” Lasse above saying – after having read the article – “and then we will not talk more about this, right” (?), and yesterday he brought the post below with a picture of people sharing the video of Kony on the Internet, and what you cannot see is the text saying “I fixed Africa”, and Lasse said that with slang that this is “collective slack” because of people who do not care for the world, and 550 people “liked” this and Sylvester thought it was “very funny”, and yes what started as a perfect viral marketing with the video of the boy Jacob from Uganda showing his fear and TO THE FEELINGS OF PEOPLE IN THE RICH WORLD is now becoming of “much less importance” and yes because the video is criticized to include wrong or not updated information, and this is the first mistake, YOU HAVE TO BE CAREFULL TELLING THE OBJECTIVE TRUTH, which I believe I did with LTO as example when we wrote our newsletter of Dadaab, and here again it is about doing your work with the best quality not being lazy and letting emotions take over exaggerating what is the objective truth (!), and when you don’t do your best work, you lose credibility, which then becomes even more important to many people herewith losing interest in the course, and I wonder if this is what will happen when people will say “oh, it wasn’t really anything, let us not bother”, and politicians will continue saying “this is too complicated and not in our interests, and furthermore we are not to intervene in a conflict of another sovereign state!” and then you will either ignore it or talk for years without anything truly happening to end the conflict and NIGHTMARE for children (!), thus making this another forgotten conflict, and this is what easily could become the case also because the media simply “copy and paste” from other media – it is a quick, dirty, and filthy world (!) – instead of doing what I encouraged you to do, which is to show the HUMAN side of the “conflict” to raise the attention of the whole world, and yes don’t undervalue the strength of the world deciding collectively to take responsibility, and all you have to do is to let the wave roll until MANY people will understand and demand actions to be taken and that is of course in a responsible world of politicians and media, which we sadly do not have, which is why a New World Order and New World Government is going to take over. Look at the picture of the child below, do you think it is “acceptable” to have maybe not 30,000 but “a few hundred” soldiers running around murdering and mutilating people because the conflict is “complicated”, or do you think this has to STOP immediately (?), and yes I do know the right answer to this question, which I do believe EVERYONE will be able to do too?

  • In my script of the 8th published after midnight at the 9th I included a link to mine and LTO’s newsletter on Dadaab and as sure as Amen in the Church, it brought a drastic increase in the number of visitors to this newsletter, and most days the newsletter receives 0-5 (up to 10) visitors, but the 9th it suddenly received 42 visitors (!), and the fun part of this is that my script of the 8th was only officially visited by 6 visitors the 9th (!), so how can 6 visitors generate an increase from 0-5 to 42 visitors on Scribd (?), and yes a new example of the secret world reading my site at WordPress in secret – what more proof do you need, and what about you, Søren Pind, are you “tender” by now to “admit” your wrongdoings and secrecy to the world?

  • Mads is ”my kind of man” when it comes to professionalism. He is an expert in American politics and history very often used by TV, and he knows “everything” there is to know about his subject, and in this respect he is a ROLE MODEL to the world, and here he brought a video by the Smiths called “there is a light that never goes out” and he even included the lyrics including a double-decker bus crashing into us (bus is the symbol of love making and here of the Devil into me because of darkness of the world, but still I have kept it away, so just maybe ….) and “to die by your side is such a heavenly way to die” – it is almost as if this was brought to me – and I told him that Morrissey as the front singer is one of the most beautiful voices, which is – and today the most beautiful of all male voices in modern music I know of – and also that this is inspired/symbolic matching this exact moment, because despite of death (of a part of my old self), there is a LIGHT, which will never go out. And Louise said “a ten-ton truck”, i.e. crashing into us, which here is about our New World coming closer and closer almost. Thank you Mads for bringing this.

  • I bring this one by my old school friend Lene, who dropped a frame of Cola on her foot, and I decided to include it because for days until 1-2 days ago, I kept on receiving the taste of Coca Cold, which I have decided to stop drinking a long time ago because it symbolises darkness, and this was another sign about what was coming.

  • Brian is ”happy” because his professional work helping people to show themselves on video for example when searching for a job was brought by several media today, and he said that it is spreading like wildfire, and I fear that this may be a symbol of what happens with the remaining parts of my inner self; that fire is killing larger parts, but I do hope I am wrong, but this is what this is saying. And Aggi and Brian was inspired to write the story of the media, which is that they are “quick” to copy an article, and yes not as “original” as you could have hoped for doing what is RIGHT to do to help Dadaab, the children soldiers in Uganda and EVERYWHERE else in the world where HUMAN RIGHTS are violated.

  • Jimmy brought this picture of a bull about to be killed, which ”looked at me with this pleading” asking not to be killed, and my dear friends this is what the remaining of my old self – Old God – is doing. Will the world please do the same as the bullfighter to stop killing me as the bull and that is simply by declaring your faith in me (?), and I fear that even this is not enough to have the world following me, but eventually man will never be able to return to the injustice of the Old World, and what is keeping you now, my friends, don’t you want to help me by telling the world about me, and what about you Lars Løkke (?), maybe you can take Helle in the hand and simply decide to stand together telling the world about me?

  • Helena could not get Spotify to work – lack of warm feelings, Helena (?) – and she needed a “shot” of music as she said, and Henrik asked her to take a “shot” via YouTube, and yes SHOT at me from Helena is also what helped killing a part of me, and Rikke said “you will have to be content with Alp music”, and this is of course also inspired because I only know one “kind” of “alp music” and that is “står på en alpetop” (“standing on an Alp Top”) by Shubidua, which has ALWAYS been a favourite live song closing the concerts, so here it is too, and yes “I have reached the top, mother, now you got to be proud, was this what you meant when you said I should get up” and yes this is Shubidua in a nutshelp, and also why I love them, and you should see this in a TRUE Shubidua concert. 

  • I received the feeling of Søren Pind being “full of desire” to win an argument – when fighting the media – and it is given as the same feelings to my self before I wrote my bullet point on him yesterday, so I had to tell myself “this is wrong”, and I also received the feeling of Lars Løkke in relation to me, which is “I feel little”, so this is what I felt a few seconds, and my dear friends the purpose is not to make you feel eager to fight, Søren, of inferior, Lars, but for both of you to UNDERSTAND and to do what is right, which is simply to stand forward using yourselves as ROLE MODELS to the world by admitting to your mistakes, and of course to UNDERSTAND your mistakes using simple logic, and yes also to support me in public – do you think you can do this, or have you decided to increase your own pain by prolonging your deafening silence?
  • Selvet brought this to “all of you beautiful BUTTERFLIES here on Selvet”, and yes butterflies is a message of the spirit of my mother and here she tells me “don’t lose hope” because what if a miracle happens and save what cannot be saved (?), and yes you can always HOPE, can’t you?

  • Helena is doing her last day on ski this season making her “already very depressed”, and “depressed” here to me is “jeg bliver så deprimert” (“I become so depressed”) by Shubidua, which is about the true feelings of the loss of “a part of Old God”.

  • I watched the Swedish final of the Eurovision Song Contest on the Internet this evening while working, and I enjoyed MUCH the winner Loreen – what an amazing song, voice and woman :-).


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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