March 12, 2012: My will power and hope TURNED BACK THE CLOCK retrieving all “destroyed” parts of Old God!!!


Summary of the script today

11th March: My will power and hope TURNED BACK THE CLOCK retrieving all “destroyed” parts of Old God!!!

  • Dreaming of the insurance company of the old world going bankrupt because of lack of faith of the world in me.
  • I was told that there is now no more energy and the remaining part of my old self – Old God – inside of darkness will now be transferred to me inside of the New World without its life code, which is because of the International blockade of me and also family/friends etc. not supporting me directly and holding back in “fear” and selfishness. I needed more faith to save the remaining part of me and the last words of my old self was “LOVE”. The life inside of darkness being removed corresponds to one seat of a large church. The darkness did NOT have power to destruct thus making a perfect New World – because I did not give in not even once. The door is STILL not closed and I will continue receiving and absorbing darkness while it is being dismantled, which will take “some time”. The actors inside of darkness started coming out and bending – the play is ending.
  • Darkness continued to come STRONGLY to me making me even more on my edge than ever before, and had I lost it, it would have made the spirit of my mother “sick” because of the darkness, I would have sent to the world. Instead I decided to keep receiving and absorbing darkness herewith TURNING BACK THE CLOCK once again from “12.00 to 11.35” – and with a touch of magic, everything, which was destroyed of Old God until now has now returned with darkness – the game has NOT ended yet, we are now again going for 100%!
  • Michael Hardinger was inspired to bring the stories that when adjusting time, I fool darkness to be able to defeat it completely and also that I am speechless over the development of Earth since creation, but I like the music (“love”) :-).
  • I took a nap and dreamed of a HUGE UFO, which have started becoming visible to the world, but still the world don’t “get it” (!) and the spirit of my mother tries to make the world understand our TRUE message of love through my work, which is misunderstood by people misunderstanding us because of poor habits/wrong culture thus making them react negatively to me/us.
  • David has moved to a friend, he is “just surviving” getting only one meal per day – while my “friends” in Denmark keep being ignorant, careless and selfish.
  • Short stories of the beauty of ORIGINAL creation, still being a “Zombie”, India mentioned strongly to me, rescuing more gold/life from darkness, “The people, and the people alone, are the motive force in the making of world history” once again, recreation of concert tickets symbolising recreation of lost life of Old God, and finding journalists from around the world visiting my LinkedIn profile – sending some invitations to connect, if you DARE?

12th March: Helle Thorning Schmidt is among the most fearless women, which Danes cannot see because of politicians/media

  • Dreaming of uniting darkness, which was separated, and my sister wanting to interfere with my life and I cannot access revealing pictures of private people on the Internet, which was important in order to be able to create our New World, and I speak of this asking people to STOP bringing sexually revealing and compromising pictures – maybe taken when drunk – but that “good taste” picture is alright, but I don’t expect to see half and full nude people everywhere in the public eye.
  • The CEO of the company Hummel, Christian Stadil, shows an example of how to use his Buddhist human view as a successful manager, and I was happy seeing him speak of TOLERANCE and to work together with people different to you “because it is on the edge that quality arises”. It also made me think that it is LACK OF TOLERANCE of people today, which often makes them think negatively or even laugh of other people, when there is nothing funny in the situation to be laughed about.
  • Normally I am given thousands of negative thoughts and speech everyday about EVERY LITTLE THING, but today was the first day in years, where I started receiving a little POSITIVE “active” thoughts about myself and the beautiful view, which is a completely new experience – also showing “unspoken support” in me from people “out there”.
  • When the Old World read me in secrecy you are SPYING on me – “everything” will be “individually open” in our New World
  • Helle Thorning Schmidt was named as one of the most fearless women of the world by the U.S. magazine Newsweek – this is how she is looked upon from the world not being rubbed in the narrow minded misunderstandings of Danish politicians/media – and because of these wrongs doings, the population is made to believe that Helle is doing worse than any Prime Minister in history, which a thread by Michael Hardinger is an example of with negative feelings of simple minded Danes. I told the politicians and media AGAIN to be 100% honest and do your best work to tell the unpainted truth of poorly working/behaving people to make people understand that it was your wrongdoings and misunderstandings, which wrongly made people go up against Helle and to help bringing our New World. It is better to do NOW than LATER, so CAN YOU (Obama helping me with words here) and YES, YOU CAN, and DARE YOU (?), and that is another question, my dear “wimps”.
  • On my inspiration, Michael became inspired to bring an old Shubidua song about “a happy idiot” taking a pill to become happy, and as Michael wrote, it was because of the Commune forcing the man – this was an inspired song about me many years ago (!) – and when I gave him album no. 7 as a thought he also brought one of the fantastic songs from this, which made me tell him about his true inspiration, which is that God works through him as he also works through me, or in other words. Michael Hardinger is yet “another part of me”, and that is of the soul of God.
  • Short stories of Flemming Østergaard working as a mentor for a company creating “a healthy and strong company promising good for the future” symbolising our New World, I had to be the STRONGEST BULL going up against the wind of the world, a comedian being inspired to tell the story of WRONG behaviour of people of “the opposite world”, which people cannot see because they deny to accept reality, time is an illusion showing you the end of the world now coming (and the start of our New World), Selvet/Helena and other people “out there” bring me both negativity and positivity (the last for the first time ever), I like a personal touch of people welcoming you in a video on websites/CV’s, I was happy for some old relations to accept me on Facebook/LinkedIn and unhappy for others to ignore me, I still do almost not have time/energy to THINK when working, which is another pain of mine and my mother, father and I were born equal, but different upbringing and surroundings of people made my parents “simple minded” and me “better than the rest” to do my task teaching the world about our New World.


11th March: My will power and hope TURNED BACK THE CLOCK retrieving all “destroyed” parts of Old God!!!

Remaining parts of Old God is transferred without its life code to our New World – because of lack of faith/support

I went to bed at 23.40 and was woken up at 05.00 and after some time when realising that I was not allowed to sleep any longer, I took the notes following this dream:

  • I am working in Kim S’ company, and one of the pension consultants has gone on holiday, and we have agreed that I will take the pension consultants with 5-10 employees, which he has agreed with a company to be hold over the next week. Jack calls me and asks me if I want to go with him on holiday tomorrow on a cheap offer to the south, and I accept, but also think that I need to get the permission of Kim, and when I ask him, he says no and ask if I don’t have work to do, and it makes me think that I have the consultants, which I have forgotten about, and when I look at the schedule I see that I have not met for the agreed consultants almost all week, and I decide to enter the back room of our company, which is the back room of a TV/radio store and from here I want to call the HR Manager of the company, apologise and agree on a new schedule, but before I make the call, I hear that Kim and Pernille are writing to the manager telling him that they will receive a visit by Kim & Pernille self together with two employees (without me), and that it will cost the company nothing, and the letter says that employees made mistakes and the insurance company went bankrupt, and also that this visit is a wake up call. Before this I had seen a company sending Pernille a brochure including success case stories of what they have done with other companies helping them to reach success, but I understand that Pernille only asked them to look at general insurance, that she does poor work without thinking carefully and that the pension scheme has been removed. I also saw a new director visiting, which was Christian (my old school friend), who was sent by his father, and I see him coming in and out of his garage in his Audi.
    • A clearer dream and pretty clear notes, and Kim is still Old God, and I cannot go on holidays, but I also cannot continue working for the old company because the radio signal is not strong enough (not enough faith in me of the world), which makes the insurance company (the remaining part of Old God) go bankrupt, which is to dissolve, and with this bankruptcy, we will do the wake up of the world, this is what the dream says. Christian is the Devil taking over the remaining part of the company.

After this dream, I received this information:

I received the song “Krig og fred” by Shubidua and the lyrics “Ved det krystalblå vand, sidder der en mand” (”at the crystal blue water, sits a man”) and ”Madsens kasse er tom” (“Madsen’s cash box is empty”), which is to say “no more energy”.

I was shown a heart shaped piano in a dark store and I felt the question about moving the piano outside in the light, and I said “no, not without a life code” (still with the top rule applying “if you cannot do anything else, then it is alright”), and the piano is the remaining life inside of darkness, which cannot be saved.

I was shown a hole and people of other civilizations coming with cleansing agents to repair this hole, which is the hole after the death of the remaining part of me.

I heard with a low voice “after an international blockage, also no light in”, and that the blockade was led by France, which resulted in no “que sera mi vida” (“that will be my life”) for the last part of my old self.

I heard the beautiful “lyse nætter” (“light nights”) by Alberte and the lyrics “det er forbi” (“it is over”), and I was told that this is also why Kasi-Jesper (a Danish businessman) has lost his money (i.e. no energy).

I heard a voice, which I felt was located in Lyngby “we need more optimism” and this voice also asked “we are not fixed, are we” with the answer being “yes”, and this will have to be about the attitude of Falck in Lyngby in relation to me – and maybe the Commune there too – and I was told that this also goes for my sister, Sanna.

I was shown a concert stage being dismantled, which is the remaining part of my old self dissolving, and I was told that the basic law is that there is “no ABC” when there is lack of faith in me.

I was reminded that I for days until the other day was shown myself in a meeting with Uffe Conrad – the previous manager of the Danish Authorised Accountants – and the reason is that I had a meeting with him in approx. 1995, which I consider the most difficult business meeting I ever had, and here it symbolised the most difficult task I was ever given, which took out “everything” of me the last week or so.

I was asked “does it stink” and told “yes, but not much longer”, and I was shown how darkness as part of the main shopping street of Helsingør, Stengade, was removed – and while writing this now at 07.40, I still received MUCH darkness and extreme discomfort (a physical feeling because of what feels like radiation coming to me from the outside, which is another way to describe what I have earlier called “a physical pressure”), and I felt my grandmother and was shown a couple of items including a tennis racket being soaked up by what used to be an empty metal container, which I understand is a container of “darkness”/nothing now soaking up what was inside of darkness (see also further below).

I was shown very unclear a Falck station at the Southern Part of Jutland on my way to Germany, and I felt a heart and I was told “LOVE was not our last word, was it” (?) and given the answer “yes, it was” and I felt Niclas from the meditation group and understood that his removal from me “helped” to kill this part of me and himself.

I was told that the hard work of my scripts only led us to a certain point and that it required the co-operation of the world to continue, and when it did not want to co-operate, this is what had to happen.

I was shown and told that “it corresponds to eating all of the Toblerone and returning the packing” and I saw the packing being sent from a spaceship out in space, and this is about the selfishness of the world not publically acknowledging me, and I was told “there was not enough power in the antenna”, which is why I had the dream thinking of stealing an antenna cable to reach out to more people of the world, because I needed more faith to save the last part of me, which the world “could not” grant me.

I was shown and told that “Sanna did not want to shoot the gun” and also “this is how to shoot when you hold back”, so my sister – and family/friends etc. and the world (!) – did not want to harm me but when you pulled back not supporting me directly, you pulled the trigger of the gun, which is the opposite of what you wanted.

I was told “also regards from Gert” and “it almost went wrong” and I felt this voice from my right side, and was this darkness speaking to me almost “not succeeding” (?) and I was told “we did not succeed overtaking you, but Earth is also part of you” with a reference to Earth not doing its part supporting me directly.

I was shown a plain with a polar bear chasing me, and I tried to climb a tree, which was not there, and then the plain itself cracks, and I was told “also because of lack of support of Bettina and Søren”, who also “could not” read, understand and support me directly.

I was shown an empty metal container (not very big) and asked for permission to use this for destruction, and again I could only say “you will NEVER get such a permission from me directly, but if everything else is impossible, you may use my top rule”, and this is the container, which then was used as you can see earlier in this chapter (which was given while writing this chapter after I had received this information included as part of my notes).

I was shown a war ship and a couple making love, and I was told that “the ship was called selfishness”, which is what you saw with both my family/friends etc. and the world.

I received the song “lyse nætter” by Alberte again, and now with the lyrics “vi er på vej” (“we are on our way”), which is that after our loss, we will now be coming, and I kept on hearing this song and these lyrics.

I was told that “cleaned from its code, it is easy to transfer” and I felt the energy of it, and I was asked “are we allowed to enter” and I said “yes, if everything else is 100% impossible”.

I thought about my own work and concluded that “for the time being I could not do differently or work any better” and this is my feeling now, and with time I might see and understand other options, but right now I can only tell myself “you did your absolutely best, there was NOTHING else you could have done better”.

I was shown a church and one balcony of seats of the church where one dark seat is taken out, and NOT the rest of the seats/church, and I was told “we are proud of you”, and I told myself “however, this is still not good enough”.

I was shown a Pyramid and told that “you are not there yet” (the physical remains of Jesus), and also that “the world was fooled by wrong information” (in my scripts), and did not fully understand that wrongdoings of the world self is what brought me wrong spiritual messages – and when writing this, I still feel dizzy and warm inside of me. I am not on top, Van Morrison, but still I am!

I was only given the name of Stine Stengade – a Danish actor – as I have been given often, but first time writing it, and I was given her initials “SS” and told that the world did not believe in me being Hitler too.

I felt Jack and the military, and told that when they also could not support me directly, it brought me more sexual sufferings leading to this loss of life.

I was told that the feeling of having done something wrong given to me some time ago is about the build of our New World and that it can be answered with “no, there is not” and also that it is because the darkness did not have more air to be used for destruction, it had enough to do to handle its own because of my constant attacks, and I felt people of other civilizations with me saying that the result was that (darkness of) Earth did not attack the Universe, but the opposite (light of the Universe attacking darkness on Earth) because of my work, and I was shown my mother NOT needing artificial respiration, which is what only one attack of darkness could have led to, which however would have required that I gave after at least once, which I did not. I was also told that when there is no more stadium, the darkness cannot destruct it.

I was asked the question of closing the door, and my answer was “not if we can bring more in”, and I kept on hearing “you are on your way” by Alberte.

Before stopping this reception, I was told from my right side “a little fragrance no. 5 to my mother”, which was more darkness coming to me, so despite of the above, I am still receiving and absorbing darkness “in the process of dismantling it”.

I heard a voice from my right asking “is there not any more state prison for me” (an actor inside of darkness), and I was shown the first drunk actor coming out from there bending, which is about the beginning of the end of the game, and I understood that this in itself will take some time to do.

My will power and hope TURNED BACK THE CLOCK retrieving all “destroyed” parts of Old God!!!

Afterwards I continued – for a period – receiving the STRONGEST negative voices being closer than ever taking me over, which was more like “just being negative and not caring”, and I was more than ever about to “roll over”, but I decided NO I DON’T WANT TO DO THIs and I received the STRONGEST heartburn too making me cough, and is this simply because of my new script of yesterday creating new “strong feelings” with the Danish Parliament (and media)?

I heard loud noises of cracks of a whip from my balcony – spiritually made by very physical – and I was given the vision of Rikke as a symbol of the spirit of my mother and I was told that if I had started giving in to this negativity, which was VERY EASY to do now when I have been “broken” once by darkness (without my will, and still NO ONE is going to break my will power despite of this!) it would make the spirit of my mother “cold”, and I was given an example that if I should decide for negativity to be sent to Sarkozy and his wife, this would also give the spirit of my mother “sickness in the beginning”, and I will NOT (!) – despite of what you did, Sarkozy – and I might add that I have started listening to Carla’s music, which to me is TRULY beautiful and a whole new experience because her music to me sounds as a whole new style of music, which does not resemble what I otherwise have heard, beautiful it is and her singing too :-).

Yesterday I received the word “strychnine” – a poison – and today I was told that it was a warning about this coming, and yes the POWER of the darkness trying to bring me over was STRONG.

After this I continued receiving spiritual taste of delicious food, which is to tell me that we are continuing to safe more life because of the sufferings I take on me – this is what faith and “hope” is about, and I was shown that the clock, this time on the Town Hall in Copenhagen – is now 11.35, and yes just did as Johnny who did not hate Jazz did, which was to TURN BACK THE CLOCK and yes because I said so.

I decided to tell my spiritual friends that our target is still 100% preferable of what used to be originally and if this is not possible it is with the use of “magic”, or “advanced mathematics” to recreate what was lost.

And I continue to receive sufferings also of sexual kind – speech and sometimes visions of the kind I don’t like – and I only do this because I have decided to prolong “the game” to bring even more life to our New World – if I had decided to stop, the game and my sufferings would stop, but this is NOT how we play here, and I don’t know if this will take 1 week, 1 month or 6 months to do, but as long as I can withstand the darkness, I will continue and yes NO CHANGES IN MY RULES OR WAY TO PLAY THE GAME – “it is so easy when you know the rules” :-).

I have felt Theosophical Fellowship with me for a couple of days, and since I don’t believe – but don’t know – they read me, they are probably speaking of me at their meetings?

This morning I was thinking of Søren Pind, who was going on TV2 news to speak about his view of the media asking them not to write “negatively” on politicians, and I wonder how he feels knowing that he goes up against me because of his “fear” and dislike (?), and Søren some of us are meant to bring sacrifices/sufferings to teach others, and when you try to protect yourself instead of simply speaking the truth – lately on Lars Løkke – you are doing what is WRONG, I need you to help me to make this world a better place, which includes for you to turn around, become role models and admit to your wrong doings of the past, which I believe I have done myself through me repentance in book 2. And I wonder how serious the conditions are for my other LTO friends (?), and they may go through even worse sufferings than David (?), but I don’t know when I don’t hear from them.


I was informed yesterday that the new TV box from Telia is on its way to me, but today I decided to try the “factory reset” option myself on the box – which we also did the other day – and yes to my surprise the sound came back on the TV, so we are still in business with my old self my friends – let’s continue the next round of the game :-).

After a break of some hours, I continued writing these lines after 22.00 but first after I received small heart attacks a couple of minutes, which is a uncomfortable as it gets (almost making me give up solely because of this, but NO is my decision), and earlier I received extreme scratch to my head bottom and was told that lack of money to LTO bringing them severe sufferings is also a reason why my TV “decided” to stop working the other day as a sign of the remaining parts of Old God stop working.

But during the evening, I felt stronger and stronger that my message still is “save everything 100%”, and I was asked “also what was poured into the metal container” (of darkness) (?) and yes also that, and later I felt an existence inside of darkness returning to me and I heard speech to this existence in relation to me “yes, it was him” (“me”, i.e. my decision) and also “we have now returned to the time before you wrote to Kirsten’s children, and this is truly the magic I had “hoped” for, you see, TIME HAS BEEN TURNED BACK returning all remaining inside of darkness, but everything which was saved in between “now and then” is still saved.

So in other words, the loss of life the other day confirmed during the X-factor show has now been reversed – it was possible even though it was “far out”, Hardinger (!) – and we are still headed for 100% and that is to save EVERY LITTLE THING and that is if I can, Obama, and I can promise you that I will do my best, but it is certainly not the easiest I have done, but MY WILL has a great importance, which was here confirmed again.

And I was told that the reason why ”Euphoria” won the Swedish song contest was because this is the TRUE attitude in here, and yes SAVING ALL MY LOVE FOR YOU is what I am given here because I saw a documentary on Whitney Houston this evening on Norwegian TV (I smiled when I saw that she showed the same physical features in her face and actions as Rikke H. does!), and I was SAD to see such a beautiful and ALIVE woman sinking down into nothing because of misuse of drugs etc. and then NOT to admit to it on TV, and yes there is really no difference between some afraid politicians not being “able” to admit to their wrongdoings and her and we talk about WEAKNESS here, and as I have told all along, BE STRONG, and that goes to the Danish Parliament and the world, and yes NEVER LET ME DOWN (again), my friends (!), and this was the next song I received and it was from Old God giving me this, and NOT because of you, but because of the magic I was able to make the spiritual world do because I decided to NEVER GIVE UP once again, so Lars & Co., will you please WAKE UP and tell the truth about yourself and me (?), and HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU (?), and you might as well open up now, because you KNOW for a fact that you will be revealed after all, and it is about ONE OF YOU out there taking courage to you and to FOLLOW ME instead of the Old World, how difficult can it be to do the RIGHT thing?

By adjusting time, I fool darkness to defeat it all – I am speechless of development of Earth, but I like the music 🙂

Hardinger had a very fine way to describe what has just happened – turning back the clock – and here he wrote about the coming summertime and absolutely flawless he writes in a combination of Danish/English just as in the inspired the Julekalender (as my notes of dreams etc.) and he says that “it is a fiss in a horn lamp” and as everyone will understand (?), he writes that SUMMERTIME is “a fart in a horn lamp” (i.e. we are changing time to return darkness, i.e. the fart, to light to save even more of what is inside of darkness) because “who do you fool by adjusting the time forwards and backwards” (?) and as I replied “the very simple and true answer is that it is DARKNESS you fool, and the answer is deeper than you believe”, and yes this is how inspiration works the best, my friends, making all three of us fun again, and yes we LOVE to adjust time to receive “summertime” – a TRULY great band below 🙂 – and even more LIGHT of our New World.

And let us also bring Hardinger and the Chicago song here to tell what was the reason behind this “miracle” of adjusting time, which is to “never doubt”, which is in relation to me and my own faith believing that it was possible without accepting defeat (!) as I was encouraged to keep the other day (“hope”) , and yes I still receive help to find the road of God, and here it was again :-).

Rene decided to tell Michael that the song by Chicago is “great funk-rock”, and when he speaks of FUNK in relation to Mr. Shubidua, I can only think of the old Shubidua song “RUND-FUNK”, which is where this inspiration leads me and that is because of the lyrics of this song ”Men oppe I himlen star en målløs mand og glor, der er sket så meget siden han lavede denne jord” (”but up in Heaven stands a speechless man and stare, so much has happened on this Earth”) and later also “Det meste er ikke så godt, men musikken kan han lide” (”most of it is not very good, but he likes the music”), so this is what I wrote to Michael “you can easily become speecless of what had happened since 1972, most of it is not very good, but I like the music” (i.e. “love”), and yes this is also the truth of the real cool world, and yes a déjà vue is given to me here about influencing the musical scene of Denmark (the world) in relation to me, and I do believe Michael will understand this one too :-).

I continued receiving a very weak heart throughout the evening that I felt close to faint at any moment – which is truly NOT very nice, but I have kept it until now, so why not believe that I can keep this right until the end and that is with or without you, my dear world and yes U2, my dear reader (!), but preferably WITH YOU and that is your direct support.

At the end of the evening I felt STRONG despite of everything after having re-confirmed that NOTHING will be destructed without my approval, and that I really “only” have to be strong avoiding darkness from taking me over and KEEPING THE FAITH, Billy, and I was shown a gas-shower from World War II (here used to eliminate God) being dismantled and I was told “yes, this is how we feel” (because of my own faith).

Dreaming of my message of love being negatively misunderstood because of poor habits and wrong culture

(This chapter is written before most of the previous two chapters).

If I had felt better today I would have attended the service of Den Gyldne Cirkel today, but I was far too tired, and prioritized to take it easy today to recover, and I even took a nap, and when I woke up from the nap, I received the song “express yourself” and the lyrics “express yourself, are you ready or not” and if the question is about becoming my new self because I am not strong enough to take on the darkness coming to me now, the answer is NO, let’s hang on to what we got.

I also had a couple of dreams:

  • I am walking on the beach road outside my mother’s home and I see the largest UFO I have ever seen – IT IS HUGE – and I am surprised to see it so visible and also that it is flipping around and shows itself as the fastest sport car too.
    • This is to say that LARGE UFO’s have started becoming visible to mankind, but even LARGE UFO’s don’t wake up the world to start understanding what’s going on (!), and in the dream the sport car says that they too will become stronger than ever in our New World.
    • Here are a couple of examples of these large UFO’s.

  • I am together with a few people in an apartment. A woman says that she will start selling HiFi to people, but she is met by very negative people when trying to communicate with them. Peter Mogensen is here telling her that it will become impossible to her, and I don’t like what he says and decide to speak to her asking her questions trying to understand why people will not speak to her – if it is people or her own way of communication causing this. When she leaves, she does not have the courage to walk down the stairs alone, so I follow her and that is all the way to the station where a train has arrived, she enters, it is overcrowded and I decide that I want to enter too, but first see two conductors, whom I don’t want to meet, and I walk further up the train and then enter having difficulties to find the woman again, which I however do, and then she opens up for the first time speaking openly with me, which makes me get feelings for her, and I tell her that if I did not already have a girlfriend (I think of Karen), she would not be “safe”. I leave her train, it is stuck at the station not driving, and wait for a train driving the other way – they keep coming – and I see beautiful “commercial girls” waiting on the train. I come home and Jørgen Klubien from the band Danseorkestret is about to finalised dinner, I don’t know if he has cooked for me too – I am eating the fat from the top of the meat – and when I am about to leave to go back to the station to buy a train card, he tells me that there is no time because dinner will be served in three minutes.
    • I do believe the woman is the spirit of my mother, and the negativity she is met with is among others from the political commentator Peter Mogensen as I wrote about the other day – “brainwashed by poor habits of wrong culture” when it comes to mixing private and business “interests” – and apparently this is so well integrated that it is “impossible” for him to understand the love – the HiFi – which is behind this message as part of CLEANING UP THE WORLD (?), and the train the spirit of my mother sits in is the difficult to drive train bringing back more life from darkness, and when I drive the other way, it is much more easy, which will have to be the train of darkness/temptations. The meat fat I am eating is about continuous loss of life until the main course will be served with LOVE to the world symbolised by Jørgen and Danseorkestret. I also heard “have you ever seen the rain” by Creedence Clearwater Revival symbolising my continuous sufferings.

David has moved to a friend, he is “just surviving” getting only one meal per day

I had this chat with David today to inform you of how he is doing, and that is “just surviving” getting one meal per day, cannot afford a place of his own and to repay his debts, which is putting much strain on him too – and yes still NOBODY here, who wants to help him, because it is “much nicer” to buy something “nice” for yourself, isn’t it?

Hallo Stig, how are you today? I managed to get a room to move my things into, some of them. I have not paid the deposit but at least my things are save.

Hallo, David. Thank you I am fine – the sun is shining and it is a beautiful morning. Where do you stay now – with friends (?) do you have your own room (?) and what about food?

I have been putting up at a friends house. I can afford at least one meal per day. My debt is real big. Am just surviving but I thank God that I am healthy. My younger brother has been send home for school fees and I have nothing to bail out tomorrow, for him to go back. It is quite tight for me this weekend. On the other hand, it is dusty and sunny here. We hope it can rain soon.

Thank you for COMMUNICATING David, and all my best to you. Please give my best regards to your friend and tell him that I said “thank you” for what he is doing. Take care, my friend – and the best to your brother too .

Thank you and have a good day.

And the same to you.

The spirit of my mother is preparing a larger shirt for all of us because the Universe is expanding

In the evening I was told that “your father cannot afford to go to the cinema, but you will not lose him”, which is to say that my father does not have the energy – because of his cancer and big operation removing parts of his stomach – to understand the New World and I will not lose him, i.e. he will not die and really because this has been on my mind the last few days, and also that my aunt Inge was “tired” of me not answering my last email before I reminded her (!) when asking how he and she is, but if you read this, Inge, my message is that I am thinking of how you and my father are and do hope to hear from you?

A couple of examples of first feelings of people and then messages through TV: I felt Brian Mørk, and then I heard on “Natholdet” on TV2 “nu skal jeg lige passé på” (“now I have to be careful”), which is about his feelings in relation to me before posting on Facebook, and I felt the Beagle Boys of Donald Duck, the number 666 and Lisbeth from the Commune and then I heard on TV “så galt tror jeg ikke det går” (“I don’t believe it will go as badly as that”), which is for her to decide that I have to take medicine as a condition to receive cash help, or even to become hospitalised as I was told.

When writing this I am given pain to my left eye, and I was given a big sudden pain earlier to my left leg, which took me by surprise until I was told that this is restoring of the spiritual world filling up the hole after the “termination” of part of my old self the other day.

At 01.00 I was incredible tired not being able to keep my eyes open, and when I was almost going to bed at approx. 02.00, I had now become so “fresh” again that I was not tired enough to go to bed still thinking that the more I sleep, the less energy I provide and the more sacrifice is given from the Universe, but I feel in NO shape being able to repeat the kind of work I did the last 7-10 days.

I felt the spirit of my mother ironing a shirt and was told ”this is what she is doing at the moment, preparing an even larger shirt for all of us”, which is because the world is expanding with life rescued from inside of darkness.

Later in the night I decided that I might as well upload the script of today and to update it tomorrow when this script will be ready, and by 04.30 I had uploaded the script of today.

Ending the day with these short stories – including NEWS MEDIA “SPYING” ON ME!

  • I have not told you about how the darkness EVERY single time tries to be happy and enjoying when people or businesses do badly or close down – a truly destructive power it is – and every time I have to be stronger than it.
  • I noticed how my mother’s friend, Käte, listened to “Sweet Caroline” on Spotify, but not the original version, which to me is the most beautiful, so I sent this to her, and yes “the original version is the most beautiful” is the message and the sender will have to be “sweet Caroline” herself, and to me this is Karen’s daughter Caroline and yes the spirit of her, and you do remember that she used to be known as Jeanne d’Arc, don’t you?

  • One of my old favourite orchestras also inspired today when they felt like Zombies, which in this relation is also how I feel, and instead of playing Duran Duran, I will give you “Zombie” by Cranberries from the 1990’s, which I was CRAZY about back then, and yes “Stig is crazy”, is also what still makes me feel like this.

  • For days ”India” had been mentioned to me strongly, and I don’t know why and am not told, so maybe you will tell me (?) – no New World Order in India, my friends?
  • My old colleague Jan said that he has “polished windows to the big gold medal”, and as Martin says “incredible what a GOLD wash can do”, and yes we are still rescuing more GOLD, which is to WASH darkness almost as the old gold diggers did when they washed gold out of the river – you have to pour MUCH darkness in, and only get little gold/life out, but what GOLD my friends :-).

  • Mads has started posting music included on my Top 100 list, which today was the Mao quote “The people, and the people alone, are the motive force in the making of world history”, which the Danish band Kliché made a 10 minutes song about with this as the only lyrics (!) becoming the most important song of Danish music ever (!), and I just told him that this is SO true – MAN IS GOD and GOD IS MAN, and a reflection of man – and also that he has “good connections” to “good music”, which may be via TV2 News (?), where he is speaking much as an expert commentator on USA – or is the University also part of the secret network? – Please say hi to Linda for me, Mads – she may remember me from a course she did on law of wills and succession approx. 15 years ago (?) – and Linda is also a role model knowing “everything” about her work, I wish everyone worked with the same kind of professionalism as Mads and Linda today, and you know a new future is waiting on us in our New World, where everyone of course do not have to become specialists like these two, you can also choose to work as a generalists trying many job experiences, it is up to you :-).

  • Today I found Julia from Falck in Lyngby via LinkedIn and sent her an invitation to connect, which I hope she will accept – unless the others succeeded to make her go against me too, and we will see over the coming days (later in the evening I felt her and then heard on TV “is still afraid”, so this is what she is of me), and I keep getting small signs here and there that I am not alone, which I also did here when LinkedIn suggested people for me to connect to, and I do believe that normally it is (mostly) people within your network – 2nd or 3rd level – which will be suggested (?), which you can see examples of below, but as you can see, I am ALSO suggested to include a Suresh Kumar from The Times of India, the news presenter, Laurence, from Canada, and the chief news editor, Adham, from Malaysia, to my network (Laurence accepted today without replying!), and they are totally out of my network today (below 3rd level), but I do believe that people visiting my profile are also shown as suggestions (?), and I RECEIVE MANY SMILES HERE SPIRITUALLY and we know these visits are NOT registered officially so I can see them (because they also use “the secret network of the official world”!) – officially I have had 25 visitors to my LinkedIn profile the last 90 days, and I can see the last 5 non-secret visitors, see below – but still they are “registered” to turn up here as suggestions instead (!), and yes I did as LinkedIn encouraged me to do, which was to send invitations to these three gentlemen to connect with me and TO COME OUT OF THE SHADOWS, and yes how do you feel about “spying” on me without telling the world about me (?), and yes I am just wondering here, and isn’t the representation of the news media of the world here “overwhelming” (?), and here and here are other examples.

  • Helena was in “deep crisis” when she could not find concert tickets of several thousand DKK in her email, and she is now encouraged to contact the seller via the credit card payment and to receive new tickets replacing the original (“love”, i.e. music), and yes as I have asked the spiritual world to do to reach 100%, and yes RECREATE what was lost – and I felt the spirit of my mother being in “deep crisis” because of the loss of life of Old God, but I only receive it via inspired messages and NOT as direct communication, which I do believe is to save me so I can continue working.

  • I was told that “the mayor knows about you too”, and I knew this was the mayor of Copenhagen and I thought about Frank Jensen, the present mayor, but decided first to search for Ritt Bjerregaard, the previous mayor and one of the most important politicians of Denmark in her generation, so I found her and pushed “like” to her site, and then I thought of “Frank” again, and suddenly it came to me, invite Søren Frank (WINE and food critic of Berlingske) to become Facebook friends (because he has given me MUCH joy when reading his articles/books because of his way of working!), and evaluated from the number of friends he has on Facebook, he does not accept “anyone” to become a Facebook friend, so I decided to write the following, and I also knew that this was to symbolise “more rare wine” coming in from the Source to the Source but cleaned from darkness. And yes I also found Frank Jensen and pushed “like”.

So what I thought would be a short script today when I had nothing special to write about, became longer than expected, and yes I still receive some signs of the Universe sacrificing – sneeze and hiccups.


12th March: Helle Thorning Schmidt is among the most fearless women, which Danes cannot see because of politicians/media

I decided to stay up the night, and found Jan and Inger Marie from Theosophical Fellowship on Facebook sending them invitations to become friends, and I also found my old friends Peter and Pia there also sending them invitations, and I do hope that their love to me is stronger than their resistance so they will accept my invitation and also become influence by my running scripts, and yes this is also a part of my “car wash” to remove the last darkness by increasing the hole in which light can enter.

I received the words “a world without love” by Peter and Gordon, and it made me think of what I was told the other day, which is that the world will come to an understanding after careful reading of my scripts that it stole my life from me because of its misunderstandings and selfishness.

Dreaming that I do NOT like people bringing sexually revealing and compromising pictures on the Internet

I went to bed at 06.20 and slept until 14.50, which was longer than anticipated, and I had a few dreams too.

  • Our old family dogs Cas and Don live separated, and are brought together again, my sister wants to interfere with what I watch on the TV of my bedroom, which makes me annoyed, and I throw her out.
    • Dogs are symbols of “darkness”, which here is brought together again because I turned back the clock, and my sister wants to interfere also in relation to my love life as I understand it, and yes I will listen to you Sanna, but this is my matters and not for you to interfere with. – The difference is “open advice” compared to “better-knowing advice” and I cannot get enough of the first, and cannot handle the last!
    • I woke up to “what do I know” by Saga once again, and why was it here (?), and yes WHAT DO I KNOW (???) and that is nothing more than what man does or should do!
  • A boy, who feels like my nephew Tobias, loses his school books on holiday, something about seeking for them and it is as if he has hidden them himself in a shrubbery, which I look out on from the window of my house, and I see a friend of him also hiding things there – liquor – and he sees that I see him hiding it from the window, but still he does it. On my computer I see pictures of young people, and when I see Niklas using it, he pushes the picture of one person, which leads to “revealing” pictures of the person and I wonder how he can do it, when I cannot, and later I lay in bed, and a young, beautiful woman lays next to me and I hold my arm around her.
    • This is to say that I do NOT like seeing “primitive” pictures of private people half or full nude on the Internet when the reason for bringing them is to show off your sexuality or because you were “drunk” not knowing what you did, which is also why I decided myself after returning home from Kenya in 2008 to be disciplined – overcoming EXTREME sexual desires given to me as part of my sufferings – NOT looking at pictures of private people with this background on the Internet, but trying to concentrate on “professional models” showing themselves in good taste, even though it has been difficult and in practise “impossible” to do because of how the world is today, and I have written about how our New World will look like in this respect elsewhere, so I will not repeat this here other than saying that I don’t mind people showing themselves half and fully nude as long as you do this in GOOD TASTE and do not focus on private parts of people, but I do not expect to find pictures of half and fully nude people everywhere in the public eye.
    • When I woke from this dream I was told that “this was elected with an overwhelming majority” of the world when I decided for this (not to show off private people because of sexuality or “drunk” and compromising pictures), and I was also told that “it would made it almost impossible to visit the cinema”, which is about creating our New World.
    • In my dream, Tobias skips the “boring” school and instead he drinks and party with his friends, which is the destiny of his life – and he knows what I believe of it, it is WRONG to be irresponsible and undisciplined (!), Tobias, but he also knows that I love him – and he shows a good example in this Facebook posting of today where one of his female friends was inspired to use an application (!) bringing a picture of Homer with the message of what she supposedly did when she was “plastered” the last time, and here it was – because of the story I bring (!) – “you ended up winning the Miss Wet T-Shirt competition”, and Tobias could not help it when replying “can’t you remember it at all” (?), and yes this is what MANY people of today finds “really funny/entertaining”, which is to use your sexuality when you are partying including both Miss Wet T-shirt competitions, “body tequilas” and what is worse – ask for example “Ung rejs” (“young travel”) about this and their THOUSANDS of young people travelling to Spain and Bulgaria to “purely” go on a sinful holyday with as much casual sex and exposure as possible, which is NOT compatible with life itself, so therefore my friends, WILL YOU PLEASE STOP THIS WRONG BEHAVIOUR

    • Homer is indeed a very good example of a simple minded person of the Old World, which is a kind you will NOT see in our New World, and yes EXTREMELY popular he is in the simple minded world of today, and in this respect it is an example of media “helping” to make people even more primitive and simple minded, and simple minded people cannot get enough of this, and yes written about this WRONGDOING also elsewhere – PLEASE IMPROVE!
    • I also wrote down that I don’t like “bad taste company” of drunk people being unnecessary primitive, shouting and behaving poorly when partying, and this is also about finding the right balance, because I do like people knowing how to have a PROPER party, where you can also sing together etc., but you know “remove extremities” and keep the best of what makes you happy when being together with other people.
  • I heard Madonna’s “express yourself” with the lyrics “we’ve got to make it, express yourself”, which is about me almost had enough of telling people in Facebook threads of how to behave etc., and I missed one opportunity yesterday when I did not feel like bringing an answer to a post of Helena wondering about politicians being “beating up” in the media, which made Søren Pind bring his feature article from Berlingske, which I could have decided to comment by saying that both media and politicians of today act wrongly, but I decided not to push myself in this respect (also not to receive too much darkness at the same time still trying to learn the game), and instead I decided to throw myself to the lions of primitive and hungry people today as you can see in the tread below of Hardinger when writing wrongly and primitively on Helle Thorning Schmidt.
  • I also woke up to the song “you’ve got a friend”, which I LOVE in the version of Tom Jones, so this was basically just a good message without a game.

My first day in years where I started receiving POSITIVE spiritual thoughts/speech instead of ONLY negative

Normally I am given thousands of negative thoughts and speech everyday about EVERY LITTLE THING, but today I did not have very much darkness/negativity coming to me most of the day, and I even had POSITIVE thoughts coming to me (!), which is a NEW experience, which only can be because I am receiving “unspoken support” from people “out there”, and I received what was RIGHT positive thoughts about myself being happy for the work I have done – this is FINE to think as long as you don’t become “impossible to reach” in self-satisfaction – and when I looked out my window seeing the beautiful BLUE water of Øresund in the sunshine (it still takes my breath away, and yes BERLIN, we are on our way :-)) I was given POSITIVE thoughts of the active kind you know confirming how beautiful it looks, and yes when you are used to thousands of times every day ONLY to receive NEGATIVE thoughts/speech about EVERYTHING, this was truly a landmark to achieve, and yes feeling that life is starting to become worth living again.

But the negative speech etc. is still the strongest even though I was surprised that I did not receive as much today, and because of this I received encouragements again to stop the game we are playing (converting darkness to light), and it became gradually stronger pressuring me more and more, and then it was easy to resist because the stronger you put your pressure on me, the more I know that it is WRONG to do (!), and first when I do not feel any more darkness and KNOW it for sure, I will stop the game, and I will probably have to go to extremes (lack of sleep and bring STRONG messages to the world) on my way to test if there is truly no more darkness, and we will see how this will work out and how long it will take, and again, I DON’T KNOW!

I decided to cycle to town again (in darkness after 19.00) because I had seen a cheap offer on coffee, and I was happy when being welcomed by a triangle UFO when coming outside, which ALWAYS makes me smile – even though darkness ALWAYS tries to make me send negative wishes to the UFO’s, and yes ALWAYS (!) – and when I returned home I was shown a UFO and a vision of it dragging a dead body and filling the hole after this dead body, and I was told that this was darkness of people of other civilizations – infected by man – who brought me this wrong message the other day.

I received the beautiful song “any dream will do” by Andrew Lloyd Webber – I truly LOVE his music 🙂 – and here it is staring Donny Osmond, but let me say that I also LOVE the voice of Michael Crawford singing Andrew Lloyd Webber, as I bring you a WONDERFUL example of after Donny Osmond.

And as the lyrics say: “The world and I, we are still waiting, Still hesitating, Any dream will do”.

I could not help it – much of this saying at the moment, my friends and that is “in here” – and that was to bring this link to Michael Crawford singing so exceptionally beautiful in a West Side Story Medley (I was thinking that I have not heard “Maria” song this beautifully since hearing Jose Carerras singing it) and it is not only this medley but the entire album “Michael Crawford’s favourite love songs”, which is exceptionally beautiful, and as usual my text is a mix of words I receive spiritually and my own words, and when writing that it is so beautiful that it “defies any mind”, it is a reference to being “smart enough to make people understand that I am not crazy, but the man I truly am” – as a simple human being – and at the same time it is a reference to the exceptional beauty of our New World and NO I AM NOT COMING YET to answer “the kind voice here asking me”.

I continued working several hours on my script – instead of relaxing – and because of this, I was shown the entrance to a very small train tunnel, which I am about to enter and I was told that “it is within the smallest that the greatest is”, so let us get some more of the smallest, my friends :-).

I was shown three barrels of a gun, and shown and told that the first two are completely empty and that we are now emptying the absolutely final part of the third barrel, which is my self, and that is the barrel of the Son of God of this Old World.

I was told that the world did not know what to do in 2010 when the world was “breaking down”, and also that it has witnessed the build up of the world in line with the development of my work, and I was told that this was also a sign understood by the world that I am the one I tell you.

When preparing the publish of my script, I received new darkness and told “this was also meant to be buried there” and we know not very nice to know when you are alive of how close you were to become terminated for good, but NO, I want EVERY LITTLE THING to survive, and yes this is how we did magic Stig, and this is also brought in with the help of Michael “opening” up to me, and I felt it entering me from above my head and with such a force that I almost fainted and died really, but I know that you will not give me bigger portions than I can handle, and if I cannot, yes then it is a tour through termination before coming back, and yes tried that all of us now – parts of the Trinity that is.  And at 05.25 “tomorrow” I published the script, and yes still much longer than anticipated and still doing my best under the circumstances.

Be tolerant working/being together with people different to you to create happiness and the best results of work

I was HAPPY to see the posting and video below of how the CEO of the Danish sport equipment company Hummel, Christian Stadil, expresses his Buddhist background as a business manager and in this short clip, he speaks of the importance of “praising tolerance” and to work together with people different to you “because it is on the edge that quality arises”.

This video also made me think that people of today very often think negatively of other people, who are ”different” to themselves – the way they speak, act, dress or their age, gender, colour of skin etc. – where VARIATION together with tolerance is what brings happiness of life and also the best results as Christian says.

For a couple of days I have been thinking of (some of) the behaviour I see on the immensely popular TV programme here called “Natholdet” (“the night team”), where they bring other TV clips and laugh of other people and everything, which is to laugh about including people and things, which are not intended to be laughed at, and to me this is truly an example of “lack of tolerance” when people laugh and even almost break down laughing (also here a reference to some people at the Danish Parliament, and “breaking down” because of me that is) of other people just because they – in their eyes – look or sound “funny”, “strange” or “different”, and again this is people using the “opposite golden rule” because this is what it is when you yourself act in a way, which you would NOT like other people to act in relation to you, and it should not be very difficult because if you show your picture to someone else, and he breaks down laughing, does this make you happy or sad (?), and yes if “sad” is the right answer, you know what to do, also herewith saying that self irony can be and IS very important as a quality in life, and if people naturally can laugh of themselves, it is alright to do the same towards others (using Villy Søvndal and his English skills as example, but ONLY if you would not mind yourself, do you see the “delicate balance”?)

Here is an example I found from “Natholdet”, where people not understanding what is “different” to them, makes them laugh, which is WRONG – and you can probably find even better examples than this.

Lack of tolerance is also what makes people shrug one’s shoulders, become impatient, negative and feel superior when people are nervous, speak with some kind of disorder, or come from “another class” etc., and yes this is OFTEN on my mind because this is a kind of behaviour I truly do not like, and I know the feelings from myself – they are given to me from you – and I try my best to reject them because I know they are WRONG.

When the Old World read me in secrecy you are SPYING on me – “everything” will be “individually open” in our New World

I showed you yesterday journalists of the world reading me in secrecy – today it is still only one of four who accepted my invitation to connect on LinkedIn (I also sent the BBC guy an invitation telling him that I look forward for them to bring stories on me) – and I was asked today about “what is secrecy and what is not” (?), and logically I could only reach this conclusion:

When the Old World has read me in secrecy hiding on purpose without a desire to be revealed and without wanting to communicate with me, this is “secrecy”, and WRONG to do.

In our New World we may be “secret” about our activities NOT because we have anything to hide, but because it may simply be the most practical to do, and we will gladly show ourselves and our activities to the world including our history on Facebook of EVERYTHING of our life, and also our history surfing on the Internet, but the difference is that we will decide to do this ourselves because it feels right to do and with the foundation that we have the FREEDOM to chose otherwise, and because of practical reasons we might decide to keep on-line communication private to ONE individual, a group of people or to include everyone – and also to hide our moves and steps, when we simply prefer to be “in private”, but with “noble reasons”.

Helle Thorning Schmidt is one of the most fearless women of the world, which Danes cannot see because of politicians/media

Hardinger decided to share a story – here from Berlingske – which was not “unnoticed” in Denmark with all media bringing it, and it was about Helle Thorning Schmidt named as one of the most fearless women in the world together with Angela Merkel, Hilary Clinton, Lady Gaga and Oprah Winfrey as examples, and this is how Helle is looked upon from abroad – here from the renowned U.S. magazine Newsweek – but in the narrow-minded, Jante-law country of Denmark, she is seen as a total failure (!), and who do you believe is right, the “crazy Danes” or foreign countries evaluating her on basis of who she is and not everyone else (?), and let this be another encouragement to both politicians and media to speak the simple truth of poorly working/behaving selfish people in a VERY DIRECT manor instead of “messing up” because of your own fear, poor communication and wrong doings.

Show yourselves and the world as it is instead of being irresponsible making the population believe that we have the worst Prime Minister in history (this is how Helle is looked upon also receiving the lowest ever polls for the Social Democratic Party!!!) and people laughing and pointing fingers at her. She is not the one who is crazy, EVERYONE else is (!) – just like the case of people in relation to me (!) – please LEARN THIS LESSON, my friends :-).

And you can read the comments of simple minded and negative people convinced by wrong stories of politicians and media (!) wishing Helle to leave as Prime Minister as the result. Talk about the result of misunderstandings/understandings, and the power of poorly behaving/working politicians and media, which is what this proves to the world.

This is how the world is today, we don’t need to know, but “feel” that we know and then we will show everyone exactly what we (wrongly) believe when we wish people, here Helle, to leave to a certain place (!), and that is because we of course have the freedom of our own meanings (!), but no, you only have your freedom when you act responsibly and that includes to COMMUNICATE, THINK (!) and UNDERSTAND correctly, so this is why I decided to write in my reply below that YOU BETTER THINK (!) – to let yourself be free (inspired by the BRILLIANT song by Aretha Franklin brought further below) – and really because it is the wrongdoings and know-all attitude of Helle’s surroundings – her colleagues at the Government/Parliament and media – which makes her look like a fool. So “JUST USE YOUR HEAD, DON’T LOSE YOUR HEAD” to follow the recommendation of Aretha :-).

Helmer below wished Helle directly to go to Hell – this is really where we are because of people like you (!) – and Claus had enough of me asking me who pays me per line and use of capital letters (yes, this is what he asked me!) – did I write too long postings for you to be able to read and understand, Claus (?) – and I told him that he could read the answer at my website (but only one of these people bothered as far as I could see to open my website) and I also told him that I love the band Simple Minds because of people like him (i.e. the simple minds of people of the world) and I bring all of you Simple Minds out there my love through “LOVE SONG”, which is the absolutely best music of Simple Minds :-).

And this is where Hardinger returned to the (football) field (!) saying that he did not agree with me because of course I cannot be right when I do not agree with him, almost all journalists including (the renowned!) Mogensen & Kristiansen, the political party and supporter of the Government, Enhedslisten, and to this I could only tell him that the problem of “communication/understanding” is MUCH deeper as I have said before, and that the truth will come for a day, which the same politicians and media, who “cannot” understand today, will help doing when they will speak the PURE TRUTH about themselves, and yes this is part of the coming New World and that is for you, politicians and media to start doing your work properly and tell the truth 100% unpainted about yourself and your own wrongdoings – LOOK INTO THE MIRROR WITH AN OPEN AND FEARLESS MIND, change your ways and help me to bring the New World to us all (!) – and start being RESPONSBILE understanding and writing what is the TRUE reason behind the challenges of Helle; people criticizing her WRONGLY not “understanding” their own mistakes (!), Helle is right having people around her behaving/working poorly and she needs your support – like I do too, this is the connection of her and my story – which will really help all of us. Do you THINK you will be “able” (i.e. “æble” in Danish, do you understand?) to do this (?) and better to do it NOW than later – WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR, MY DEAR WIMPS OF THE WORLD?

I was happy when Michael told me “look forward to it”, and I decided to tell him that his song of Helle below is “life affirming – almost as in the good old days”.

Michael Hardinger was inspired bringing me songs, and I told him that God works through him as God works through me

When I told Michael above that his new song is almost as in the good old days (of Shubidua), this put forward a chain reaction both with Michael and the spiritual world as I here felt, Diana, and yes it brought Michael back in his mind to the good old days with his friends in Shubidua and he could have decided to bring their amazing song about the brothers dentures, which is also inspiration about Bee Gees coming from the highest point of all as it did to you, Diana and Barry – yes, he THINKS, Michael (about the Source of his inspiration as one of my next comments, see below!) – but instead of choosing any other song, he decided to choose “en glad idiot” (“a happy idiot”) from Shubidua 15, and not only this, he also wrote that “here is a little song about a guy who has to take his pill before he can get his pension according to the Commune”, and he is inspired from the times we are facing with the Commune demanding this nowadays, but the song only talks about a “happy idiot” receiving a pill from the doctor making him exactly this (not about the Commune forcing him), and I told Michael that at least this man became a PURE (i.e. “CLEAN”) idiot as they also sing after he got a bath, and yes just like I did (going through the darkness of the Communes) and I do understand now that this song was inspired many years ago about a coming event of a man meeting the crazy Communes of Lyngby-Taarbæk and now also Helsingør thinking of giving me the pill to make me a “happy idiot”, and we know part of my cleansing process, you see (?), and I told Michael that except from their golden period including album no. 7, they did MAGIC on their album no. 15 making me HAPPY when hearing it.

And one thought leads to the next here, so when I put “no. 7” into his head, he decided to bring one of the GOLDEN songs of this album, which is the song about Olsen you know (I have written about it before), and I told him that this album is their masterpiece and also about the song “minus til plus” from this album when we will go from the minus (evil) of our Old World to the plus (good) of our New World – and Michael was also inspired speaking of an old Danish song, which made it difficult for him not to laugh, and it was about “sinning”, so I wonder if this is what you have been doing too, Michael, and yes it is the season of repentance you know in order to enter our New World.

And he kept on bringing lyrics from this old Danish song, which he is apparently not impressed by when it comes to its rhymes, but he brought it because it also includes an opposite word order as the Shubidua song does, and then I decided to tell him from where his inspiration comes, and when I first started telling him about Yoda (from Starwars), who also speaks with opposite word order, I was given the words that the man working through Michael is the same spirit working through me, which is “everything”, which is also what Yoda symbolises, and yes “another part of me” and I wonder if everyone is “another part of me”, which man by definition is, but we know a part of my individual soul I mean, and this is what this basically is about. So no wonder that I LOVE Shubidua as much as I do.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Flemming Østergaard – the former manager of the FOOTBALL CLUB of Copenhagen (symbolic!) or “Don Ø” as he is also called, and you know “Godfather” (quite a few of them “out there”) – posted this message saying that he was asked to help developing a company called “experience gifts” – selling experiences of LIFE, which I LIKE and what our New World is about, to experience life 🙂 – and he said that the project succeeded, “we have created a healthy and strong company promising good for the future” and also “where every single employee looks forward to coming to work knowing about the importance of every single employee being vital for success”, and yes he speak of this company and it is also speak of our New World (!), which made me tell him that “I like what I read. This is the right attitude to have not least as a mentor”.
    • Please also see Jørgen being an example of “lazy employees” asking a completely unnecessary question “I don’t believe that I fully understand what the company is about other than he is an entrepreneur, but in what” (?), and yes I have written about this attitude a LONG time ago in my scripts when people are too lazy to do what it takes to understand and then you will disturb your colleagues unnecessary and when you do, you will often get wrong/misunderstood answers because this is how the world works today, and then you will trust in this, and this is how deceptions suddenly becomes the truth (just like the Commune when “checking” to see if I am sane or insane) and Jørgen, did you think about opening the website as I did to see what it was about (?), or you did not care (?) as most people do not when I bring links to my website in Facebook threads, which was also the case today when I brought my website in the thread of Hardinger, which brought only ONE visitor!

  • Klaus from the meditation group was inspired to bring “my power animal” as he call it, and yes I am born in the Taurus, and I had to be the STRONGEST BULL to cut through darkness of man, which is what this symbolises, and Klaus said it himself “it goes against the wind as the only of the animals the Indian knows” and as you know “wild is the wind”, and I do believe that in this particular song, David Bowie sings his most beautiful of all :-).

  • Another example of young people not being ”very bright” to say the least when believing that “if we don’t not take an education, we will simply end on welfare – it was the same, which happened around World War II, wasn’t it?”, and yes a WRONG attitude with lazy/selfish people is what creates SIMPLE MINDED people not living up to their potential, and SAD is what it is.

  • Kenneth thought that a comic strip by the ”crazy” – but lovely 🙂 comedian Mikael Wulff brought on his “not completely normal” site called (“completely normal”, just like me!) was so “funny” that he decided to share it with his friends, and as you can see below it is about a teenager hanging upside down, Diana (inspiration coming after the “endless love” of X-factor the other day!) , and the teenager is speaking in the most disgusting tone to his family, and it made me tell Kenneth that this is about people not wanting or “being able to” see that they behave wrongly, which also includes the use of “the opposite golden rule”.

  • It was supported with inspiration (!), when Selvet decided to bring this comic strip about a boy who claims that “it’s not denial. I’m just selective about the reality I accept”, which I decided to share with the meditation group asking them to look into the mirror because this is EXACTLY the attitude of these “enlightened” people, and this is what makes them hang “upside down” almost “dancing on the ceiling”, and yes this is how it is when you bring “two” together and here Selvet with the meditation group, which is the same principle as when bringing together our New and Old World and also Diana and Lionel to bring ENDLESS LOVE to all :-).

  • Mikael Wullf brings even more inspired and some of them VERY FUNNY stories with an incredible imagination on his site :-), and here is just a short one saying that “time is an illusion. It is the only logical explanation to all of the hours I have watched docu-soaps”, and thank you for telling us, Mikael, so now we know that there is NO such thing as time, it was only a “time bomb” to end life the day when life would no longer be sustainable, and herewith a message to man.

  • Shortly before seeing this message from Jens – yes he is still out there (!), and “out there” also comes to me much now as a symbol of where I also receive POSITIVE thoughts from 🙂 – I was told that people are understanding my nightmare with having the spirit of my mother in disguise chasing me because of the power of darkness to “give me a kiss” and more, and then I was this posting with Jens saying “well, I guess it has become time for a kiss” and we know he is also still sending me darkness for his misunderstandings and decision to cut my freedom of speech!

  • I decided to bring this one too by Helena, who did not know how to install a music streaming service on her new telephone because she would not ask the man from the telephone company, because she “hates him in between”, and when she was explained below, she said “good day heaven”, and heaven is about “love” you know, and when I was thinking whether or not to bring this, I was given the taste of “these brown biscuits”, which I cannot remember the name of and not find on the Internet, which I always both “hated” and “loved” at the same time, which is to tell you about the feelings of Helena in relation to me after she has now started “learning” about me from my Facebook postings, and I am here given a pain like a needle inside of my palate, so “a pain that I’m used to” is coming from her too.

  • Brian A. keeps being in the media about his live-cv product, which you can see in demonstration from his profile on LinkedIn here (click “klik her og mød mig”), and today it was presented on “Aftenshowet” on DR1, and I was told that this was his direction since I years ago thought that I very much like to have personal presentations via videos as a supplement to websites (and CV’s is also a good idea) to make them PERSONAL, which NONE were at the time (around year 2000) when they only included text without audio/video, and why don’t you present yourself in a video on your website, Stig (?) and the answer is very simple that I don’t look my best after gaining much weight and that I don’t have a good video camera, and because of this, I have so far NOT prioritised this, and yes I know it would have scored points in the game as my (spiritual) father here tells me with a smile, but this was the TRUTH, and we know “a poor excuse really”, but this was NEVER on my Action Plan as “important” to do, and this is why we succeeded doing without it.
  • I was happy when Jan (with a friendly reply and invitation to come back) and Inger (without a reply) from Theosophical Fellowship decided to accept my Facebook invitations, and so far I have NOT heard a word from Pia/Peter – will they be able to overcome their “resistance” and “fear” to me (the same as Erik Meier Carlsen) and focus on our old friendship instead or will they keep ignoring me (?) – and also not from Søren Frank, and I was HAPPY when Birger (with a friendly reply) and yes of all people ALSO Julia from Falck (without a reply) decided to accept me on LinkedIn (but none of them “bothered” to look at my profile, which is something I don’t understand), and then there is a line of journalists, who do not DARE to accept me (?), and am I coming a little bit too close on you according to your “likings” and yes, yes, yes – why don’t you write about this story “Stig contacted us but we could not get ourselves to accept his kind invitation and not even to give him a reply” and why is that (?), and yes JUST WRITE THE TRUTH, and you will help educating the world :-). You can here see an update to whom decided to accept my LinkedIn invitation and whom did not.

  • You may understand that because of how I generally feel – as a Zombie, but not much today – and how much work I have to do, I still do NOT have much time/energy to think about and work through carefully what I write (i.e. almost none in practise), which is much against how I like to work, and it brings me much sufferings having to bring my lessons to the world on this foundation where I am probably making errors here and there, and just so you know that this is a DAILY feeling of mine, but this is how the game works, and I do hope that much work experience, good work habits and efficiency makes up for much of this. Let me also say that when I was a boy and the first years of my professional work life, I often thought “had I just said or done this instead” making me regret afterwards, and gradually I learned how to improve coming to a situation where I very rarely am in such a situation today, and really to say that despite of all, I am satisfied with what I have written in my scripts, and while writing this, I cannot think of one single thing, where I could do better or different to what I did and that is “under the circumstances” – and there will probably come a few things with time, but at the moment, no, I could not do any better.
  • This is a VERY old story, which I have NOT written before now, because I have not been able to understand/approve it myself, but the key came when I was just now (at 04.25) told that “your father became the most skilled of all to build/refurbish (parts of) houses” – there was NO doubt, he was better than everyone else (!) and that is because he did it with all of his energy/passion and attention to details, which is EXACTLY how I do my work (office and paper work you know making me father believe that I am butter-fingered when it comes to work as a work man, which I am until I learn it and get experience in it – for example as a gardener, and yes my father not understanding), and the story is that I am NO better than my mother and father when it comes to intellect and ability to work, but still my mother as example believes I am “very intelligent”, and let me say that she, my father and I were born equal, and the world has made us into what we became, and for my mother and father it became “simple minded” people because of their upbringing and surroundings in life – no offence, just telling the truth – and for me, I became “no good” using my hands (just ask my mother’s husband John, I know NOTHING about “practical matters”), but “very good”, which is “better than the rest” when it comes to “office work” including my view and understanding of people and the world etc. and yes we were born with the same skills, do you see (?) – and yes I have turned down this story maybe 10-20 times, but now was the time :-).


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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