March 15, 2012: As Old God I resurrected/created my new self as the Son being “everything”, thus God, of our New World


Summary of the script today

15th March: As Old God I resurrected/created my new self as the Son being “everything”, thus God, of our New World

  • Converting all of nothing into 100% pure “everything” secures an unbreakable folding between our Old and New World.
  • We are now dismantling the burning lamps of the Devil, which is a little more complicated than that, because it includes to dismantle the network of darkness bringing negativity from other people to me (and the world).
  • Dreaming of important parts of the Old World now becoming part of the display of our New World, new procedures of how to receive energy to enable me to continue working and it is darkness self cleaning darkness because I decide so going up against darkness, and I ask the world NEVER to forget about LOVE, and also that I am being placed in the prison of love because of false pride of the world not supporting nor communicating with me or wanting to stand forward telling the unpainted truth – you put your DIRT directly on my head!
  • I told Jens Rohde from the European Union and his readers NOT to be aggressive and evil when criticizing the Danish Foreign Minister with the aim to bring him down, but it is fine to laugh and be very direct when you would accept such behaviour yourself and only want to help.
  • As my old self, “Old God” (consisting of the spirits of my mother and father), I have resurrected the Son from “nothing” and collected everything of all worlds and time making my new self, the Son of God everything, thus God, of the New World with my father and mother being part of me as the Trinity.
  • The same power of darkness as Breivik (!) made a man attack two employees at the jobcentre in Helsingør and in a Facebook reply to the MP and member of the local town council, Hans Andersen, I asked him, thus the city and also the Danish Parliament (!), if they want to maintain their WRONG misuse of power potentially destroying me by forcing me to take anti-psychotic drugs or if they would like to bring me FREEDOM to work and speak and also to support me.
  • Also stories about LinkedIn showing me status updates from people who deserted me, which normally are NOT shown, the “funny” man Brian thought I was not funny any longer when telling him that his careless and irresponsible attitude is what would have made the world go under if I did not save it and he deserted to “delete” me from his site (!), I sent a birthday greeting to my old friend Kirsten also making Jeanett (John’s niece) understand that I am not crazy (?), the spiritual world did “a trick” to show that my dear friend John from Kenya would like to communicate with me but he just don’t get around to do it, Johannes from the news on TV2 wrote symbolic about my impossible train journey to the other side and my feelings of being overlooked by the world, Selvet brought a symbol of PURE LOVE of our New World and I liked an article of Christian Stadil on how to use structure and freedom to create creativity.


15th March: As Old God I resurrected/created my new self as the Son being “everything”, thus God, of our New World

Converting all of nothing into 100% pure “everything” secures an unbreakable folding between our Old and New World

After I published the script of “yesterday”, I was told that making all of nothing into everything both makes “everything” 100% pure and also secures an unbreakable folding between our Old and New World because it takes life to be strong.

I was also told that “if there ever was a time to play “Avalon” by Roxy Music, it was together with the script of yesterday of the greatest discovery ever”, and you may want to tell me what the lyrics are about (?), so here it is, and yes a TRUE old favourite of mine too.

And while writing this, I see Nick Rhodes from Duran Duran and am told “he knows too” (about me) and I see and am told that this is knows “through a long way around” (was this also what the “Zombie” status of John Taylor was about the other day, to show you – and Nick – that I got your message?), and let me mark this by bringing the video of the song of yours, which God most often has given me, and it is some time ago, but before going to Kenya in 2009, this was one of the songs, he most often gave me and yes “reach our for the sunrise”, which is to reach out for the light, which is what my task was about before 2009, so here I bring it back saying that “I got it” – and thinking of you Roy/Jeff when writing these words – and furthermore I just LOVE this song as one in ten of my favourite songs of yours, and yes I am still on unemployment benefit even though I am not unemployed! And let me add that when receiving stories like this, I still do not know if this is the truth of light or deception of darkness, and this is still a big suffering of mine. And the influence Duran Duran had on me in the 1980’s makes them among my Top 10 bands when it comes to “significance of influence”, and also in the 1990’s really where I kept following and loving them on contrary to most, who decided that “now it was over with this band”, but it was not (following the same “recipe” as the “Bee Gees effect” – they were simply “too great” in the middle of the 1980’s for the world to accept!).

During the night and for some time I have been told about how the media of the world are producing MANY stories of me and an example I was given this night was about Vivian and I on Helsingør Business School in the beginning of the 1980’s and “no public system” where you can search and find us (?) and also that “you did not get it all right”, and yes also “who was Peter” (?), who was the man Vivian choose as boyfriend instead of me, which was “good for the sake” because Vivian is another part of the spirit of my mother.

Dismantling the burning lamps of the Devil including the network of darkness bringing negativity from other people to me

I was told that we are now dismantling the burning lamps of the Devil, which is a little more complicated than that, because it includes to dismantle the network of darkness bringing negativity from other people to me (and the world), and I am shown these “flying objects” in the air around me, which is making this structure of darkness visible to me, and this also includes connections to my heart bringing me heart pain and attacks. And when this was going on, I still received the “kill kill” commands and also the sentence “he is not allowed to survive” as example to which I could only say “no, this is wrong” and I really did not have to say much because I felt a power much stronger than this darkness around it working to dismantle by making it come closer and closer to me and I saw how it is lead to me through a small funnel. I was also shown a pile of newspapers and asked “do you have a cardboard box to pack them into” (?), and the answer is “no” and I felt “water” as in suffering with the Trinity working inside of this darkness, and I was also told “this is hard work” together with the feeling of a gardener, and also Champagne of Jean Paul Gaultier, which to me is about “something new”, fascinating and EXCITING design, which is what the New World is about :-).

Jean Paul Gaultier Champagne, which is about “celebration” of
the fascinating and exciting design of our New World

I was told that it does not burn anymore and also that “it is just a storage room, which you just decorate”, which is about this the deepest room of all.

I continued receiving a weak heart all night long, which is not the funniest I know of, and still negative speech of darkness.

Later I smelled beer (sign of darkness) and was told “here is also a basement” (to the newly found room) and something about turning it into a bar, and yes it is a VERY good idea to do, my friend 🙂 and I was told that it was also in here that my cross was manufactured and I see how a rat is walking on it.

I witnessed again how the sound of my TV faded down to nothing over approx. 10 seconds, and I thought that “now the sound is REALLY gone”, but I knew what the symbol was about – darkness wanting to kill the last (little) part of Old God – and I said “I will NOT allow you to do this” and right afterwards the sound faded in again in approx. 10 seconds, which is really quite an experience to witness (!) and this happened a few times, and I was told that this “murder attempt” is because of negative feelings of people sent to me, and we know “come on and give the best you got, you are NOT allowed to destroy anything”!

Including the story of the greatest discovery of God ever – our new reproduction facility – to my website

I decided to include this new paragraph on the front page of my website in the chapter, which is now called “In the beginning of 2012, we saved our “Old World” merging it together with the New World to become our combined New World realizing our wildest dreams”:

“In March 2012, I had gone through most darkness of our Old World arriving to the absolutely inner, soft core of Old God, and since I still denied to let darkness overtake me deciding on its agenda of destruction (of the last part of Old God self), the finishing touch of our combined New World came with the greatest discovery EVER, which is “a new sea shell, a new way of life, an endless creation going on and on and on and on”, which is a new automatic “reproduction facility” of God producing much more new life in a much more energy efficient way at the same time also solving the Gordian knot of “how to make room for all of this life” by creating room to give everyone a plane each instead of everyone sitting closely together in one plane as I was told. The Trinity was ENTUSIASTIC of joy when bringing me this news. The world will become MUCH larger than without this new creation.”

And I decided to change the following paragraph included in the chapter “The requirements to show a clean heart in order to continue life at our New World”

“Stop addiction to alcohol/gambling and ALL consumption of drugs and tobacco – as I did myself as a “strong misuser” in the autumn of 2009 (see book 2) – and eventually also of medicine when you have been cured from any diseases and defects, which you may suffer from. I ask the community to do EVERYTHING needed to help people who cannot get out of addiction themselves, which may include to impose disciplinary actions and remove the freedom of people for a period of time until they have become “clean“.”

Into this following new paragraph based upon new information I received:

“Stop addiction to alcohol/gambling and ALL consumption of drugs and tobacco – as I did myself as a “strong misuser” in the autumn of 2009 (see book 2) – and also of medicine when you have been cured from all addiction, diseases and defects, which you may suffer from, which will happen with the end of darkness. When there will no longer be darkness of our New World, there will no longer be addiction or diseases, and even physical defects will become healed.”

As a consequence I also changed the paragraph:

“The following are the requirements for everyone to follow – without exceptions other than “due considerations” to people being disabled in different degrees because of sicknesses, handicaps and age – and when you have fulfilled these, you will automatically continue life at our New World and receive confirmation hereof through your spiritual servant, which you will not be able to misunderstand.”

Into the following:

“The following are the requirements for everyone to follow and when you have fulfilled these, you will automatically continue life at our New World and receive confirmation hereof through your spiritual servant, which you will not be able to misunderstand.”

Finally I changed the paragraph:

Restore your faith in God through careful reading of all of my scripts/books and website, which applies for all literate people of the age of 15 years and above, and through teachings for everyone at all kinds of buildings designed for worship, public places and homes preferably as two way dialogues between groups of people herewith activating all.

Into the following herewith also asking illiterate to learn through LISTENING to the books with the help of others and/or sound books (or by learning to read):

Restore your faith in God through careful reading (or listening) of all of my scripts/books and website, which applies for all people of the age of 15 years and above, and through teachings for everyone at all kinds of buildings designed for worship, public places and homes preferably as two way dialogues between groups of people herewith activating all.

Dreaming of important parts of the Old World now becoming part of the display of our New World

I decided to go to bed at 07.00 and slept light and poorly until 16.00 still making me tired and feeling poorly today – I received a few dreams too:

  • It is spring and I have previously given two glasses of jam –one is mango chutney – to a wine store, and these glasses have been allowed to just stand receiving dust without being sold, and now a new owner of the wine store is spraying the glasses with water (to remove earth on them) and placing them very fine in a small exhibition in a basket together with two bigger glasses of something else, and his philosophy of how to make wine is represented in the philosophy of the wine producers, which he represents.
    • I don’t know what the glasses are about, but I like oranges and apples as you know (symbolising the Old and New World), so mangos may be part of that, and here are more ingredients of the Old World coming on display as part of “everything” of our New World (because of the sufferings I go through, i.e. the water), which is what the wine is about, and the owner is very quality oriented, and he has decided to work together with wine producers of his heart, and in reality you may have 100 different ways to produce wine – but using some of the same best quality tools as foundation for the production – and just another example of how to combine the best tools with variation.
  • I am working at a office together with two others, one of them being Søren from Dahlberg, and they have made new written procedures of how to pay invoices, which have to be delivered every morning, which I will do, and I see that they have a backlog of payments from May last year, which have not been paid yet, but they are now being put forward for payment.
    • Paying invoices is about “producing energy” and here are new procedures of how to do this, and as part of the game, I don’t know if the energy we/I have used for a long time is coming from sacrifices of the Universe, which I have been told through symbols, and/or if the New World have been able to provide energy for us, and the last is what I asked to do a LONG time ago, so I do hope that this is also what is happening.
  • Monkeys are cleaning a store, I feel Jack there, and one of the last portions of energy is going to be taken our from my computer. I have washed my clothes, and I am waiting for a tumble dryer to become free to dry my clothes.
    • This is darkness self cleaning “the store” – the last room of darkness – because this is my decision going against what darkness wants me to do, and here darkness is given to me by Jack, my old friend, and the “pack” of the military world, and when writing this I also felt darkness of Renee sent to me, and I sent a Facebook invitation to Renee a couple of days ago to reconnect with her and also Georgie, and I met both of these two women on Stansted in 2005/06, and they believed I was crazy when I simply told them the truth of receiving the spiritual voice of Mr. Bean in 2006, which made them stop seeing me, and the TRUE problem was that they received spiritual darkness telling me that I was crazy, but ONLY because they had misused me taking the absolutely last money from a dear friend for one of their courses and all I wanted back then was to see them again (!), and yes this is still “unforgivable” apparently when Renee “could” not accept my invitation (?) – and I do hope this is a story coming to me from the light because it was only yesterday that I sent Renee this invitation, and even though most people react to invitations the same day, maybe she is “busy” taking her more time to react (?), but nevertheless, this is how the story is presented to me, so this is how it became, and here is the message I sent her, which she did not react to (this far) and if she does, I will let you know. Let me also say that I feel like writing MUCH longer when writing to old friends, which I do NOT have the energy or time to do now, and really to say that many of these short and impatient messages among old friends could be so much deeper and more gratifying for both parties if only people were not lazy.

I woke up to the beautiful ”Kærligheden kalder” (”love calls”( by Sanne Salomonsen – from my ABSOLUTE favourite solo album of hers – including the lyrics “Når det sidste tog er gået, så husk den stemme, der sir’ du aldrig må glemme” (”when the last trains has left, remember the voice, which says, do not every forget”), which is about NEVER FORGET LOVE again, my dear world, and I also received “i stolthedens fængsel” (“in the prison of pride”) and this is about the prison, which my family/friends etc. including the world has put me in because of their own “wrong pride” making it “impossible” for both my family/friends etc. and the world to support me directly – “banker ud til verden, uden at få et svar” (“knock to the world without receiving an answer”) as Sanne sings – and when you “cannot” communicate with me, you are making me into what Sanne sings, which is a “Ensom sjæl, et hjerte fuld af længsel, gemt bag tremmer, i kærlighedens fængsel” (“lonely soul, a heart full of longing, hidden behind bars, in the prison of love”), so all I am asking is for you to show yourselves and to remove your FALSE PRIDE and show me your TRUE PRIDE IN THE NAME OF LOVE, which is to support me and tell the unpainted truth to the world without being weak with a desire to hide away, and yes this is my favourite song by U2, and I love the special sound of this song/album – and when it is impossible to find a proper version of Sanne Salomonsen’s song on the Internet (there is only this poor version), I will bring U2 for you too and also you and you and you – and U2 of course :-).

I felt destroyed and “impossible to write) because I had a heavy head, felt dizzy, not well and when I took a shower, I thought “oh, I really do not feel like doing any work today”, and when I am “weak”, darkness always try to misuse this weakness to enter, and it tried a little, but no, I knew and told myself that no matter how much darkness pressures me, I don’t care, I will work no matter how I feel, and this is also what I decided to do today even though I received many stories to potentially write about making it “mentally impossible” to do (almost as usual, but on the other hand it is still “easy” and yes both feelings still), and even though I did not work very fast.

I was also told while being on my edge of not wanting to receive more stories to write about that the song ”Kielgasten” by Kim Larsen is also an inspired song, and yes you can read the lyrics here telling you about the wrongdoings of the world dumping their dirt onto my head, but then again I gave you back on the largest channel in the best broadcasting hour and yes so it is here.

The other day I felt strongly that I am only starting this change of the world, MANY will help my job to influence the world in the right direction, and yes “it all started with a tiny light inside of me spreading to the world”, and here I also think of “it all started with a kiss”, which is a song of Hot Chocolate that I LOVE very much :-).

“Mystery shopper” is a word coming to me now for a couple of days, and who is doing the shopping, i.e. bringing new life, and yes no one but your own inner self is appointed to do the closing bringing in everything of your old self, and yes this is how you will meet at the end – and still I receive a VERY uncomfortable pain to my right angle here when this is written.

At 01.05 I allowed a vision to come through despite of being on my extreme working edge, and it was a dark crank made of what I believe is Carbon Nanotubes, at least I was told that this is the most stiff of all materials, which will make the crank of our New World uniting the Old and New World and it comes from the deepest, thus the strongest of all life.

The power of darkness (Breivik) attacked employees of the Jobcentre (!) and I ask the Commune to give me FREEDOM

Through Jacob, I saw that the MP and also member of the local town council in Helsingør, Hans Andersen, wrote the following message about a “very sad situation at the Jobcentre of Helsingør. A man has attacked two employees”, and then he sends his thoughts to these two and all of the employees of the Jobcentre saying that we have to check the security, and I thought “what is then this about” (?), and I clicked the link of Jacob to the regional newspaper of North Zealand, Frederiksborg Amts Avis, and saw that it was a citizen who had lost his temper attacking and wounding two employees with an axe (!) before another man had disarmed him!

And when reading this, I understood that this was “the next part of the road leading all the way home” and that is if I am strong enough to drive it, which is really quite difficult when writing this because of how I feel and also TIREDNESS of writing with my hands hurting, but I decided to do my best writing directly to Hans on his Facebook wall – not on Jacob’s even though he would also see it – and I told Hans that they should focus on the abuse of power of the Jobcentre making people give up and here leading a man in desperation, and it also gave me a chance to tell him and the whole town council and Parliament through him (!) if they want to look “poorly” to the world for abusing power in relation to me potentially forcing me to take anti-psychotic and dangerous drugs because of their own misunderstandings, or if they would like to correct their mistakes supporting me here at the last moment, and I wonder what he and the council and the top of Denmark (!) will do with this, and do I guess wrong if it is “deafening silence” as usual (?), and yes by the way I also decided to send a Facebook invitation to Hans, and it only took him approx. 15 minutes not to refuse but to accept me (!), and yes if you do believe a man like me is crazy and maybe even dangerous, do you accept him as a Facebook friend (?), and no, right (?), so to me this was an acceptance of me because he knows about who I am, and when I wrote to him, I also felt Lars Løkke and I understood that Hans is together with Lars Løkke and the whole “marzipan ring cake top” of the Danish Parliament including the Prime Minister Helle Thorning Schmidt at a “top meeting” in North Jutland this evening, and I wonder what some of you will speak about, but “too soon” for you to communicate with me and to SUPPORT me and help me out of sufferings?

Here is the link to my document on Scribd above.

I was told that it was some of the power/darkness of Breivik, which the Commune received, and NO, i don’t want to ”kill, kill” anyone, but you might understand by now what this power/darkness is about (?) – coming from your own sins and wrongdoings destroying life (!) – and can you imagine what would have happened if I had authorised (or broken down to) darkness and its “kill, kill” command 1, 3, 12 or 24 months ago (?), and yes the longer you go back, the more dreadful it would have been (including termination of the world not more than approx. 12 months ago!), but because I NEVER allowed darkness to kill, you almost saw nothing of its power.

Brian was also kind to write me his first comment to one of my postings where he focused on the frustration of people making them do actions, which they would never do on a normal day, and I was told that this was Brian’s way to say ”I support you” (after getting used to me and seeing my other postings, and also some of my scripts).

Later in the evening when I wanted to access my Scribd documents, the service was ”unavailable”, and I felt directly (as if someone pricked on my shoulder) that it was the spiritual world working closing the access for me (!), and the only reason is “uncontrollable feelings” of politicians in North Jutland this evening, and I do wonder why it is so difficult/impossible to look me straight in the eyes Lars Løkke (?), and yes I just received a vision of you “straight in my eyes”, and this is about “the great Lars” not wanting to take on any “defeats” showing himself to the world that he is “only” “little Lars from Græsted” (!) and yes Lars, you disappoint me, when you try to be strong pretending to be someone you are not; you are NOT strong in my book, but WEAK and makes a pathetic impression of yourself to the world acting wrongly like this, and believe it or not, these are the words I receive, so these are the words I write. PLEASE GET STARTED NOW, Lars & Co. to tell the naked truth and NOT later, thank you :-).

Just after midnight, the local newspaper Helsingør Dagblad had done their “work” finding out that the attacker is a VERY nice man, and here your job ends (?) instead of digging deep into the story bringing The Naked Truth to the world telling WHY he did it (?) and yes just wondering – I will send you this script via email for you to reflect on after publishing, and I will send it to Lisbeth in the Commune too also to think about.

Do NOT be aggressive/evil when talking/writing about others, but be VERY direct in order to help!

This was another story I was almost sure that I would not be able to write today – it is now 02.20 (writing this after the short stories) – but I did it, and it became one of the best stories of the day – and it was about the “enfant terrible” per definition member of the European Union, Jens Rohde, whom I decided to become Facebook friends with the other day – thank you for finally (!) accepting me, Jens – and a story, which Jyllands-Posten brought here about the Danish Foreign Minister, who “has had enough” of narrow-minded criticism of him and his persona, and when I read the extremely AGGRESSIVE attacks from narrow-minded people below (and more in the thread), I became sad once again to see how the tone is and how people WRONGLY attack each other NOT to help but to bring people down – this is what large parts of the media have done to “new victims” they choose to sell papers (!) and what the population WRONGLY does too when being negatively influenced by the media (!) – and I decided to write my comment telling the difference, which is simply that it is alright to laugh of people and be VERY direct when communicating if you do it using the Golden Rule as foundation (accepting that people would do the same to you) and ALWAYS with a good heart to help people and that it is always WRONG to do the opposite being purely negative with the aim to bring down people, which is what I see from people here once again, and yes my dear friends reading this, this is also the explanation to my writings, which is that I have WRITTEN all of my very direct script with the goal to HELP you improve, and NOT to bring down anyone. Do you see the difference between negativity of simple-minded people wanting to “destruct” others and my direct writings wanting to help (?), and yes this is it, my friends (!), and two meanings here also meaning “it’s over”, and that is what my journey is about to be.

Please also notice inspiration from Klaus asking “maybe you should FREE VILLY”, which you know is about freeing a whale, which is kept captive, and you do remember that the whale is also a symbol of the world, so this is about creating a FREE WORLD, and the way to do it is simply for people to follow my guiding of how to behave, which should not be very difficult to do, is it (?), and basically it is about HELPING people. And let me use Neil Young’s FANTASTIC and ENERGITIC song about “Rockin’ in the FREE WORLD” as a symbol of this. To me, Poul, the “howl biscuits” are the same biscuits of the “hvalen Valborg” (“the whale Valborg”) song by Shubidua.

Claus believed that “Villy is under pressure. His ship is in flames AND takes in water”, and yes incredible how people are inspired here, and you do remember that “ship” is another symbol of the world and “flames” are about termination of the world, which would have happened because man allowed this POOR BEHAVIOUR/TONE (and more) to develop, and taking in water is about the sufferings of the world because of this.

Morten believed that “we have to speak nicely about Villy because he is politically a Dead man walking”, and what he says here is simply that I was a dead man walking because of all of the WRONG talk and tone of people speaking behind my back – remember about negativity being brought to people (?) – and isn’t it funny that my symbol, David Bowie, made a song called exactly this “Dead man walking” in the 1990’s (talk about a man DARING to make a song like this, and yes at his age!!!), and yes my dear friends, this is the meaning of a “Zombie”, I was and am a dead man walking because of your WRONG behaviour, this is what it took from me, to be alive defying natural laws, where I was technically dead and should have been dead if it was not because I decided to be stronger than “everyone else”

As Old God I resurrected and created my new self as the Son of God being “everything”, thus God, of our New World

Three days ago I decided to share on Facebook the BEAUTIFUL theme music from the movie Godfather, which I was inspired to find not knowing about the 40th anniversary of the film coming up yesterday before yesterday, or about the sketch of Villy inserted in one of the most famous scenes of the movie, and where does this lead to (?), and yes simply by saying that I have now collected everything from everywhere of all times creating our new Godfather, and who is this (?), and yes this is my Son (my new self) as my father says (my old self), because my Son is the creation of everything including my father and mother as part of the Trinity, and we know Stig “very difficult” to write these lines because I am still Stig just a “mere human being” and still suffering because of the mere thought of who I am becoming, but not refusing at any time because of this, which would have been easy to do and also a danger to our survival, and yes do you remember King Edward of the United Kingdom abdicating in 1937, and yes there you have a symbol of precisely this.

And the world may recognise it self from the Godfather of the movie saying “You don’t offer friendship, you don’t even think of calling me Godfather” and “what have I ever done to make you treat me so disrespectful“, and I really like you just to call me, Stig, but you will get the idea of the inspiration of this movie given 40 years ago (?) – and here is this movie exposed to Villy Søvndal “playing” the other part as included in my reply to Jens above.

Let me also here bring you the Godfather theme, and I do believe this particular version is VERY beautiful but sadly the uploader does not says who is playing?

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Brian was “wise” again when he said that the best about being religious is that “we don’t have to do anything about the climate, hunger or sicknesses because God is going to save us all” and was it a sarcastic “Hurrah for God” you put out, Brian, to tell believers that they are fools according to you (?), and as usual the thread floated over with “smart” comments of careless people trying to be “funny” or “wise”, and I had absolutely NO motivation to bring another reply, but I decided to do it anyway telling him that it is exactly this irresponsible and careless, which is the reason why the world would have gone under if it was not for “God and his Son” intervening, and again I gave them a “chance” to read and understand instead of being ignorant, careless and maybe even making fun of me, and what did I see, and yes 8 visits to my page on the Doomsday Scenario, ONE comment, which was a man confirming that I was right – that I would be laughed of (!) – and then two of my faithful high school friends “liking” my comment, and you can see Rasmus as one of those people trying to be funny, when he writes “Islam, who the hell is Allan” (?) and also “coming soon to a book store near you”, which is really to say that “God will soon come to all of you”, and when I later wanted to check for more replies when writing these lines, I first did not understand why I could not enter Brian’s Facebook wall, I received the “error message” you can see below, and I did the same again and again, and then I discovered that his message and my reply, which I had shared on my timeline was deleted, and that he also was no longer on my list of pages I “like”, and yes HE DECIDED TO DELETE ME, because “now he is not funny any longer” and yes a “complete wacko” and isn’t it funny that Brian of all – as I am told spiritually without knowing who he truly is – is the one who is “bringing me down” among Danish comedians (?) believing that he is “much wiser” than “religious fools/fanatics” but the joke is on him self as Bee Gees sings in their wonderful 100 point song below, so Brian, a learning for you to teach the world about. Later I was told that “just maybe Brian is in doubt about me”, and is this what you are, Brian (?), but you could no longer stand my comments also because of your “friends” supporting you, and yes, am I “threatening” your “living bread” taking the “funny parts” out of your “punches”?

Brian “DELETED” me from his site (!) believing that I am a “religious extremist”, who he makes jokes of (!) – he started a joke not knowing that the joke was on him!

(And I wonder why Facebook has decided NOT to tell the truth when receiving “error” messages like the one above (?), and yes I HAVE SEEN MANY THINGS LACKING OR NEEDING IMPROVEMENT on your site my dear friends, and yes PLEASE DO EVEN BETTER WHEN PROGRAMMING YOUR SITE (!), to make it “logical” EVERYWHERE – also with your timeline).

  • Today is the birthday of my old friend Kirsten, and since she has decided to NOT allowing people to write on her Facebook wall – I don’t understand things like that – I decided to wish her a happy birthday below, and maybe this will also “help” Jeanettt (my mother’s husband John’s niece) to believe that I am not “totally crazy” (?), and yes you can see Kirsten and her daughter Victoria to the left on their “luxury skiing holiday” where you were happy about your own comfort and “joy” (?), and just wondering I am here.

  • This example from LinkedIn shows that I receive updates from Charlotte (the first picture), who deserted me a long time ago on LinkedIn and today is not in my 1st but 2nd level of my network, and also from Sarah (the middle) from the jobcentre course in November 2011 even though she also deserted me and is now only in my 3rd level, and yes my friends you normally only get notifications from your 1st level contacts, so I wonder who is playing this spiritual game, do you know LinkedIn?

  • I was surprised to see when a message from a friend of John’s – my old friend from LTO, Kenya – turned up on my timeline, where it NORMALLY is NOT supposed to turn up (!!!) (the same “phenomenon” as the message from LinkedIn above), and later I saw that John was so kind to invite me to connect as his no. 2 connection on LinkedIn (!), and I wonder if this is really you, John (?), or if it was also the spiritual world working to tell me that you really would like to communicate but also that you “just don’t get around to do it” (?), and we will see if you will be “able” to answer my email via LinkedIn below (?), and yes I miss you too, my friend :-).

  • The host on the news programme of TV2, Johannes, was also an inspired man today when saying that he has now driven his tour no. 1,000 with DSB (the Danish Railways) and he included much irony because of the “problems of DSB” having a difficult time to get trains running and to run on time (symbolising me and my journey!) so this is why he “expected” both an orchestra, dancing girls, the transport minister and the Queen to congratulate him (!) and then he said “I do feel somewhat overlooked here”, and yes Johannes, you may bring this in the news for me (!), which is about your own divine inspiration bringing this because what you are saying is ALSO about my impossible train journey to the other side, and when I have done an impossible result creating a “perfect New World”, you would think that you would receive thanks from the Old World (?), but NO, not a word, Johannes (!), so do you believe I am the one feeling overlooked here?

  • Stadil wrote the article below – see here – about how to work with CREATIVITY in your business – some of the same as what he says in the video I bring of him on my behaviour and work website – but I liked it so I decided to share it with the world here and also with my contacts on LinkedIn below (this story was “a story I did not think I would be able to do today” but did on will power here at 01.00 “tomorrow” after working the whole afternoon and evening).

  • At 06.35 “tomorrow” I decided to sent my thank you to Stadil below with a link to my site on behaviour and work also including his previous video, and I wonder if he will get the “time” opening, reading and understanding me, or if he will also help bringing me even more darkness by misunderstanding me because he does not have “patience” maybe?

  • Jens from Selvet brought these cats in love, which I saw as PURE LOVE of our New World :-).

And it seems like the stories will never end today, so I will also bring these “impossible” ones, and yes “what I do for love is not nothing” :-).

  • I have invited a few handful people to become Facebook friends over the last weeks most of them being people active on Facebook, and whenever I have seen people not being active writing on Facebook, I have lost interest in connecting with them (I have connected with a few anyway because I thought they would be “helpful” for the course READING my posts).
  • For a long time I have been told “motorway”, which is the old dream of my mother, which she still remembers that I told her the meaning of, which is for her being on a journey to reach the other side, and yes mother if you had written down a few of your hundreds of dreams, we could have spoken about them, and you would NOT have been in doubt about me or you, but you did not “feel like” doing this?
  • My monitor now keeps switching the strength of light up and down maybe between 50 to 100% as if it is saying “we are running out of energy, we don’t know if we can keep it going”, and we know Stig there is only one answer “I will NOT accept that, we are NOT finished yet”, so therefore we continue, just like I continued working today without being “able” to do it.
  • I was also told that Hitler and Nazi Germany knew that they tried to destroy the world, and they believed it was their destiny to release the world from the evilness of themselves, and the spiritual evil voice given to Hitler was “myself” led by darkness of the world, but you know, “we planned it otherwise”.
  • To give you an update on Facebook invitations, I have NOT heard from Søren Frank, Jan from Theosophical Fellowship has NOT (yet?) accepted me as a friend, I have sadly NOT heard from Pia & Peter at all (!), and two days ago I sent a Facebook invitation and wrote this message to Ulrik, who is the news director of the TV news of DR1 – thus a “powerful” man of this society (!) – and I have not (yet) heard from him, so maybe I only need to give you a couple of days more, Ulrik, for you to accept me (?), or have you also decided to play the song by THE PRETENDERS (there you have the reason of their name) called “I will pretend that I know nothing and will NOT communicate/react”, and maybe you even think that my “tone” in my message is “not nice” when I ask you to lift the quality of your news items and that your feature items on “psychological diseases” were NOT pretty to watch (because they were made using WRONG knowledge of the Old World instead of what I have told you via one of my Scribd documents)?

And yes I had absolutely NO idea that I was to write this much on an “impossible” day, and after a very difficult start, I finished writing and publishing this script at 05.00, and hereafter I will send a couple of emails too to the Commune and media, so very much work today, and yes X-factor is coming up tomorrow, so even more work to “look forward to”, and “the things we do for love” was the song I was looking for before and yes “communication is the answer to the problem” and not vice versa :-).

After publishing the script, I sent the following emails to Lisbeth, Helsingør Dagblad and also Frederiksborg Amts Avis:

I was TIRED of working – but not extremely physically tired – and really wanted to stop, but I thought that I would give Helsingør Dagblad the chance to receive this email maybe “motivating” them to dig deeper and write the REAL story about how the system misuse their power and ATTACK people using me as one of many examples, so I sent this email:

I also decided to write my comment directly on the website of Helsingør Dagblad, and first when I wrote my long comment, it did not accept it (just like Berlingske did not too a few weeks ago), and when I wrote a shorter comment instead, it accepted it, but decided to show my first long comment (!!!), and yes this is also how life is here, and I wonder if Helsingør Dagblad will bring my comment in the newspaper too as you write on your website that you might do, but maybe my comment is “not important enough” going through your “filter”?

And finally I also sent this email to Frederiksborg Amts Avis – and with this, I will declare myself finished for this work day at 06.25 in the morning, and I still have an amendment to my document on Scribd to include this last update of “today”, and maybe also about the definition of the Trinity and myself on my website, but that will be in 1-3 days from now depending on the work of X-factor coming.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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