March 16, 2012: The fall of the CEO of DONG Energy symbolises the fall of the Old World keeping FREE ENERGY a secret!


Summary of the script today

16th March: The fall of the CEO of DONG Energy symbolises the fall of the Old World keeping FREE ENERGY a secret!

  • The New World is made around me using darkness as the fuel now even closer around me and inside is the core, which is my new inner self, the Son of God, old Jesus you know, becoming everything, which is and the New World is now starting to see me through the almost visible thin darkness remaining.
  • But as my awakened self today I am still Old God inside of thin darkness with the light of the Source and our New World around me.
  • Dreaming of my old school friend Allan hurting much when discovering who I really am, Benny Hinn receiving MUCH energy to help bringing miracle crusades (healings) to millions of people to the world (also bringing faith in God) and Benny Hinn receiving much “money” too in real life to bring him a teaching to the world not to be a “weak character” as himself!
  • Our New World is becoming GREATER than what not only man but life itself could ever imagine, because I am “playing football” – absorbing darkness – right until the end while my new self is being prepared and we are continuing creation being in “wonderland” to “make new inventions for the benefit of all life” – now including “automatic temperature”.
  • A theme of X-factor tonight was to respect different taste (of music) of different people. What to you may be “the best” is not necessarily “the best” to others, who have a “different taste” than you. You have to follow your heart/feelings, but ALWAYS work objectively and carefully to understand and to take the right decisions. We are now returning to ORIGINAL LIFE as it was intended and still living a modern life, the Source is now PURE and CLEAN, Cutfather was surprised learning that Pernille is another part of the spirit of my mother, Pernille thanked my voice for being with them and for my writings of their show, I did my best in the beginning (of life) becoming weaker because of man bringing me down and I am now back on top coming out as a Hercules again, it was the Devil making the world “mainstream” with less variation because variation of life/people is also what makes the world strong, I have not had a second of true happiness in my life because of evilness of man keeping me down, going through darkness was necessary in order to reach the future, which is BEAUTIFUL AND ONLY SUNNY, Pernille could not keep her arms or voice down when shouting out in joy to Line “I see you, I see you, I see you”, which was about our New World seeing my new self (resurrected Jesus) through a hole in darkness inside the Source for the first time – IMMENSE JOY, which also comes to the world, as a mere human being I have a big need to be acknowledged by my family/friends etc. for whom I really am (instead of being broken down), don’t use breast implants (!), be brave in our future, I keep writing the same messages but in a slightly new way each time because of the feelings I receive from my “invisible tentacles” connecting me with everything, it takes time to create love, I do believe the professional Blachman and Cutfather misjudged Ida in her second performance because they were not open-minded and I do believe that the viewers made the WRONG choice sending out Morten this evening when they “could not” feel/understand that he made a TOP PERFORMANCE. The lesson is to combine your feelings with an open mind and doing your best to objectively understand, and when you do this, you have a recipe of life :-).
  • After my posting to Jens Rohde yesterday, Jens decided to send a broadside back at me telling me that he has “survived” many political attacks himself and “all of this belongs to politics, this is how it is and what you have to live with”, but instead of seeing his replies in the “Villy-thread” where he had posted them, God inside of me had decided to “intervene” by moving his replies to another of his threads about DONG – the large Danish energy company – which I bring you proofs of, and it was for me to send him a reply saying that the CORRUPT OLD WORLD is closing down and being replaced by our New World Order, and to let people understand, I bring a “funny” video telling you about government today, which is carried out by “corrupt, evil, lying crooks”, and the crank of this Old World is MONEY and POWER, which is maintained by CORRUPT politicians, media and business leaders keeping FREE ENERGY, which the world has known about for more than 50 years, a secret to man to be able to continue producing “old energy” making money, pollution and the end of the world coming closer day by day. This is going to be revealed to the world making it the fall of the Old World Order and it is symbolised by the fall of the CEO of DONG the other day.
  • Following up on my story of yesterday about the attack at the Jobcentre, Helsingør Dagblad had decided to DELETE my comment on their website removing my freedom of speech (!!!), which is a symbol of the world deciding NOT to bring my story, and they focused on the Jobcentre being the victims here without (bothering) to write the story of the abuse of power of the system assaulting and bringing people down, becoming depressed/“crazy”, committing suicide etc. as the result and here in desperation a man becoming “criminal”, but ONLY because of the system. IT IS A DISGRACE TO SEE! I received one new Facebook friend because of this, who wrote “we can only hope that this will be an eye opener to how poorly people are treated in the Social Administration of Helsingør Commune and how far they push people into powerlessness”, but it will NOT when the media “cannot” find out to write the RIGHT story, which is really to turn your poor habits upside down and write The Naked Truth!
  • The other day I thought of how terrible it is to be locked up on mental hospital, which made a prisoner fight for his freedom when stabbing down three employees at a mental hospital when they wanted to give him “killing drugs”.
  • Short stories of the State has become crazy (!), the Old World collected by my new self to be replaced by our New World, an old friend of darkness, life originating from and being “nothing” and we are returning to how life was originally designed to be, which will become a big hit again.


16th March: The fall of the CEO of DONG Energy symbolises the fall of the Old World keeping FREE ENERGY a secret!

Inside the Source I am my new self with now thin darkness of Old God and then our New World around me

After publishing of my script of “yesterday”, I felt my special gooseflesh of right arm – deep inside and out – and this time also the arrival of a new part of the spirit of my mother, and I understood that this is what this special and deep gooseflesh means and has meant for a while; the arrival of new parts of me/us, and I was shown a little piece of darkness remaining which included China inside of this and on the other side was pure light.

And yes yes yes my monitor is still blinking and it includes red in flashes too, so more darkness, and also the feeling of Jens Rohde and yes I am first starting to write this script at 23.00 today after using the afternoon on Facebook and being with my mother/John this evening, and today I have decided to slow down the speed a little because we are driving too fast right now, so I will write the script of today now without the minutes of X-factor, which I will do tomorrow, and yes because I CAN, Obama – and yes for days I have received strong feelings of Obama also witnessing/knowing what’s going on, and that it opening new doors all of the time on our way back to the Source and yes the whole world is around me and they are on their way back to me in the middle and who is in the middle and we know my new self is here and my old self is all of the darkness around me – now “almost nothing” remaining – which is the fuel we are using to get back and we know “fuel of darkness” has been said many times, and on our way back we simply receive old energy stored inside of darkness – there was one more energy source I did not “see”/understand before now (!) – and inside of this darkness is where “the fun” parts are including all life and now the “origin of everything original”, which we are using for new inventions, and yes I just had to write that down to get it straight into my own head – and yours too I guess – and so it is here.

Dreaming of Benny Hinn receiving MUCH energy to heal and MUCH money to show his weak character to the world

I went to bed at 07.30 and slept with some difficulties until 15.30 and let us continue with a few dreams (also opening of new doors while working):

  • I am driving home together with my old school friend Allan, people drive disgusting on the roads, nothing happens even though something should, and suddenly I see that all of one side of his head is bleeding and I become afraid that he will die, and we drive to a hospital – I was first in conflict of whether to look for parts of his face falling off or to go to the hospital, and I decided to go directly to the hospital – and he gets new skin sewed on, and I see that it was not as bad as it first looked like, and this led to eating together with brothers.
    • People driving disgusting is about people acting disgusting in relation to me, and I understood the dream that my old friend Allan is bleeding here because of the shock he is receiving while finally waking up, which I can only connect to the final spurt I decided to launch bringing even more comments/dialogues for my own Facebook network to see, but it is not as dangerous, he will survive too.
    • I woke up to the song “I want it all” by Queen and the lyrics “I’m living it all”, and we know I want it all to live it all, which is really THE BEST THAT I GOT, and that is the gift to mankind.

  • An extremely rich man is working for Danske Bank, Espergærde, and he is controlling everyone with his very decisive/ dictatorial way of behaviour, and I speak to him like no one else dares telling him directly that he is wrong and somehow this is connected to break a code to a letter on internet, which goes through a beautiful young and naked lady.
    • I felt that this man was Benny Hinn, who receives MUCH energy to heal people in his miracle crusades, which has been witnessed by MILLIONS of people, but still the world is mainly sceptical because the official world has decided NOT to give him public support just like it does not want to support me (!), and it also says that Benny is RICH, and as physical Stig I don’t know how rich, but if it is more than “normal life” you have a teaching to do too Benny, which is about yourself and why you decided to accept being “rich”, which may be because of a “weak character”, my friend?
    • So we are continuing going through new darkness including even stronger attempts to carry out my “old nightmare”, and yes bring it on (!), which is darkness, but NO to my “old nightmare”.

Our New World is becoming GREATER than what not only man but life itself could ever imagine!

During the day I was shown the inner red fruit meat of an orange and told “it is impossible to open this” and I did not know if this is what we are doing (have opened) or going to do but it explained whey I receive MUCH and very difficult work at the moment where it is “impossible” for me to do everything, but I try my best and the message is that I STILL WANT EVERY LITTLE THING even though I cannot include everything in the work I do now.

I was shown a small wooden room at the absolutely inner below of what felt like a bridge, and it is dark in here, but when half-opening the door to the outside, I see extremely thick cables lying on the ground waiting to be installed, and yes “a mega highway of the best fibre used for communication of our New World” and “it does not get any better than this” is what I have written for a long time, but it really GOT much better day by day, week by week and month by month and yes “the longer the better” has always been my motto when doing “impossible” running all of my life, so this is what I have tested thousands of times, so I am in a really good shape to do just this, and my dear friends, I have NO intentions to stop before our New World will become GREATER than anyone also in here could ever imagine, and that goes beyond the imagination of not just mankind/life of the Universe but also life itself (!), my dear friends, this is what we talk about, the result of our New World beyond description.

And I was shown that I am still playing football at the same time as my new self is being brought down in a glass cage, and I was told “it is impossible to play football at this stage”, but we were not allowed to do anything else, so this is what we do.

I was told “we know your type”, which may be what people believe they do, and I was given the reply “no, NO ONE knows my type yet”, which is about my new self waiting, which NO ONE has ever seen the like of before.

As my awakened self I am still Old God inside of thin darkness with light of the Source and our New World around me

During the evening/night when writing the script of today without starting to write about the X-factor show today, I was told that what I am doing here is to focus on quality instead of quantity, because I have decided that it is impossible to do all work now and in stead of doing everything only half, I will NOT settle for poorer quality than what I normally do, so this is how we continue working inside of here (on “new inventions”).

I was shown how trains were constantly driving in and out of the mountain of Old God bringing more and more “secrets of life” out, and during the night I felt again how this is a balance between doing my best work without breaking down and without giving in to darkness, which is always the most difficult to do when working on my extreme edge.

I was shown one of the tunnels around Kronborg Castle with a little darkness in the middle where I am and light on both sides very close to me, which is to confuse me about where I am, and yes let us get it clear, my awakened self is Old God being the darkness of the tunnel in between the Source with my new self on one side and the New World on the other, and we know just to make it clear to myself thus also the world – and inside of me I am everything (both my new self, my old self in the room in between, and the New World around me), but on the outside as my physical self I am still my old self, do you see?

I kept on working all night long, Lionel, and still remaining darkness – not much – tried to bring me the worst swearing and give up attitude because of this much work, and not just once, but let us say all night long too, and still quite strongly, but not very difficult to resist by now because just behind this is all of the light with all of the smiles together with flowers and Champagne, but still “too soon”, we are not ready.

Continuing creation now being in “wonderland” to “make new inventions for the benefit of all life

I went to my mother and John for dinner, and John has started receiving “treatments” of the “old school” against his cancer, which is going to bring him much pain, and besides from asking about this, I was also thinking “this is also for John to receive sufferings to help us come through this last part”, and it is the same as with my mother and father – John is NOT going to die of this, it is “part of the game”, and I was wondering if I will also feel his “treatments” physically myself bringing me “almost down” as the “treatments” of my mother did in 2010/11, and we will see in a couple of days, when this “drug” he has received will start destroying him from his inside and out – and I was given the word “blood donor”, which may be what I will be in practise when helping John to come through this.

As usual I have nothing much to say when asked “how are you doing” and “what have you experienced” and my standard answers are “I am still writing, which I use most of my time doing, and then I watch TV and sleep”, and today I added “but I feel good about my work and the results I achieve, and I wish I could tell you more, but I cannot”, which would require that they would “understand” the details of what I am doing, and yes for example creating the greatest discovery of life ever, and we know these are the kind of “small things” I cannot speak of today, but you can read from my script mother and John, that I have decided to keep suffering in order to make my absolutely best work ever, and yes “this is once in a lifetime opportunity” and therefore I will do my greatest efforts to do everything I can before CREATION will end in 2012 (!) making me open up my eyes as my new self.

While having dinner, my mother felt like speaking about their new silk duvets, which are “much better” than the old because the new duvets automatically adjust to the right temperature so they will never become too warm or too cold when sleeping, and while I was told this, I was also told spiritually that the room I am inside is being explored in order to create new inventions for the benefit of all life, and I understood very literally that “automatic temperature” of “life” is what is on the drawing board now.

I was also told that we are about to start opening the absolutely first atom of this world to see what it includes, and this may be inside the “red fruit meat” and I am hoping you have received the code to enter, so we will see what happens over the coming days.

I was also shown a big dark block where one thin slice after the other will be cut off, with the feeling being “the deepest inner of all”, and also that this is only possible to do after I decided to publish new scripts also on LinkedIn – bringing darkness from other coming “special friends” – and expanding my Facebook network with politicians and people of the media, and I felt physically that I received the first slice and it was given with the feeling of “the spirit of my mother in ancient Rome producing wine” returning to me, and I was told that with this, we will also “see who we are”.

After X-factor, which you can read about in the following chapter, I drove home, and I received more of these small but still strong heart attacks and I was told that it is because of “concerned feelings” of my mother about what I am doing, and you know mother as usual that THERE IS NOTHING TO BE CONCERNED ABOUT – I am in control and have decided NEVER to give up, and when this is the case, this is what makes and yes dare I say it EVEN MORE THAN 100% because we are in wonderland now with the message “see what you can find/use and make new inventions for the benefit of all life”, so this is what we do.

X-factor: Pernille shouted out in JOY “I see you, I see you, I see you”, which is the world now seeing me inside of the Source

So now it is “tomorrow” at 16.25 and I am starting to write this chapter as the last chapter of this the longest day script ever (?) – because this is what it takes (to create new inventions!) – so here we go.

This was the second last show of the season – the semi final – and Pernille was asked here what would determine who would go “all the way”, and she was wise when saying that it depended on who would do well tonight and when predicting that “it is also a matter of taste”, and this was one of the messages of the show tonight – “a matter of taste” as for example when Michael Hardinger shares favourite music videos on Facebook, which does not appeal much to me, and maybe when I do the same with music not appealing much to him, but it is a matter of respecting different taste and that we all have our individual favourites, which we prefer, and this is how it is supposed to be.

Right after Lise told Blachman that “tonight it is only the taste of the viewers, who will decide who will continue to the final” to which Blachman smiled when predicting “then it can only go wrong” (!), and it is indeed as if both Pernille and Blachman can “look into the future” :-).

And he continued by saying “music will first become music when there is one to receive the music, and that is all of us, and one thing is that all of us have our favourites now, but still it is important towards all others to give it a chance, which is if you can feel something unpredictable because one of the others sings, I believe you have to honour that, so it is about objectivity”, and what he said here was really to be OBJECTIVE – not the opposite for example voting on someone just because this is what your friends do and also to objectively UNDERSTAND the “music”, i.e. love, of my writings because this is what will make you feel my love and that is sooner rather than “later” (isn’t this “fantastic”, Jools?) – which is to follow your heart/feelings AND to always be “objective” when deciding AND in this respect to listen and understand what you decide on instead of just “skimming”/listening to the surface without truly listening.

After the first song of the evening by Sveinur – I liked that – Pernille said heresomehow you return to the original foundation as we heard you in show no. 1, I really like THIS Sveinur much, because the “rock-Sveinur” has not released to me yet”, and what this was about was to say that not only Sveinur, but LIFE returns to its original foundation and that is because life of today with people pretending to be someone else than what they are (!), has really not “released itself” and will never do – and Blachman followed Pernille agreeing completely with her and then he said “I have had time to think all week, and I thought about what it was about because there was something very special to your first live-performance, which you find here again, I believe you are a modern artist in this Universe, FORGET all about rock, but that is my personal thing, and it is close to death anyway”, and what he said here was that I am now a modern man of this world but with the characteristics of original life – we are not going to return living in cages if someone should be “afraid” of that – and “rock” here is a symbol of our Old World and life, which is “close to death anyway”, and here it was with the feeling of Old God inside of us, and “death” is not the right word to use, “released” is better but “dead” it is in the meaning that you will never see this man as he was again, and by the way I do love rock ‘n’ roll too.

Cutfather here thought that Line song very well and started by saying “off with the hat because of this” and “men without hats” is an old symbol of mine about “people without darkness” (we all started having GIANT hats on as you can read about in my book no. 1!) and yes this is about “safety” you know and then he looked at Pernille and said “off with the hat to Pernille for taking you (Line) because I had not seen it coming” and when he did this I was given the direct feeling about Cutfather in relation to my script 14 days ago when saying that Pernille is the old Queen Cleopatra – another part of the spirit of my mother – which is what “he had not seen coming”, a good expression, Mick, and now you do know :-).

Blachman followed when telling Line about her voice “I have always missed 10% in your voice somehow, it was here right now, but it is very PURE, and I don’t know if you have a song coach, who really should be working in ISS, because she really CLEANS your voice, so there is not one single sensuous experience inside of there, and these I miss very much especially for an eccentric, which is really what you are” and “hat off, it is PURE and CLEAN” and what he ALSO said here was that we have simply cleaned the world from darkness making the Source PURE and CLEAN – but also that her voice lacks sensitivity, which I agree with him in – and when you listen to his words and sigh when saying “og dem savner jeg rigtigt meget” (“and these I miss very much”), this was the spirit of my mother speaking through him with a voice and sigh EXACTLY as how my physical mother speaks (sometimes at least).

And Pernille followed by saying “from the first time I saw you, I simply could SEE it, I heard your voice, and see the line in your eyes, and am full of admiration for you to come here Friday after Friday enriching us with your voice” and when she said this, I noticed “SEE” – remember the many times I have written “do you see” in my scripts (?) – and I was given the feeling that this was also Pernille saying thank you to me for coming Friday after Friday with my voice followed up by my minutes – so how are you doing Pernille, Blachman and Cutfather (?), and I keep thinking “I wonder who Cutfather truly is” and as usual only time will tell.

Pernille introduced Morten Benjamin by saying “Morten started very strongly, now he has been all around this manhood test, which it is to attend X-factor, tonight we see him back in his right element with his guitar” and I felt that the meaning of this was Morten showing who he is from the beginning and then he was dragged around the circus of X-factor – which here is “man” represented by my family/friends etc. – and now he is returning to what he originally was (“original life” again) and yes with his guitar, because we are still allowed to create and yes “much fun” going on in the background while writing this with someone showing me and telling “where is the paper, and there it was” and yes you have to add surprise/humour to understand how the feelings of this man is, and I really liked Morten’s performance (and also the song) much telling my mother that this is where Morten is at his strongest and also how fantastically the scene design was with the colours and TREE in the background (!) and also how well the movement of the cameras was – FANTASTIC QUALITY, DR, which I like VERY MUCH :-).

Blachman said here that Morten is one of 2-3 “most interesting” artists of the history of X-factor and also that “it might be that there are many men, who are a little jealous of what you can, but let just the women vote on you this evening, because then you will reach the final” and this was about my mother and I talking about “this charming man”, which is what Morten is (hear his comments throughout this show and also the love he showed at the end of this evening, for example to Line), and both my mother and I love him much for simply how he is showing himself without a filter and by the way this is my favourite song by the Smiths and one of the best performances of Morrissey ever :-).

And Blachman continued saying to Pernille (who is the mentor of Morten) “I don’t know why you did not keep exactly this all the way through, I don’t get it” and also “we have missed some very great moments, but you have delivered two of the best moments anyhow”, and what this was about was a message to MAN saying “I don’t know why you decided not to keep the original expression I gave you” and also Morten symbolising me after what I did in the beginning, I have now done my best too again, which was because Morten did fantastically when this show started, and then going down because of the Circus around him (development of man), and now he is back on top again, Van the Man (!), and this was exactly my feeling too, Blachman – I believe Morten did fantastically this evening.

Pernille followed by telling Morten that – and here feeling Lama Yönten again, which I am much without writing it – “you have taken all of these challenges as a sensitive man, you have entered it, and you come out as a Hercules, thank you” (Hercules by the way received great pain through life fighting evilness!), and here Pernille was also talking about what I went through taking on “challenges” of man turning evil.

Hereafter Pernille introduced Ida saying that “she shines in everything she does”, and when I saw her performing this song, I told my mother that to me, this is the best performance of X-factor this year and simply because I felt how deeply she reached inside of me when singing this song as she did, and also that I do believe she will win.

And Cutfather said to Ida herelovely empathy” – I agreed – and the inspiration came to him when saying “it is fantastic to see you four artists standing in each corner of the world , you are very different” and it was about my mother and I talking about one artist being better than the other, and here it was to say that VARIATION is what makes the world strong too (!), so when the would has turned into a “mainstream” world with “all people” listening to and liking the same music, food, clothes and culture, it was a play of the Devil to make the world weak to destroy it!

Blachman continued saying to Ida that “… you balanced wildly is what you could, of all artists, you may have had the most difficult road through this, so instead of further expanding your fantastic musicality, we have been out in small shocks here and there, you are a little bit nervous now, of course you have to win this going all the way and so on”, which was also to me about the balance I have shown you doing my absolutely best bending the arrow to its extreme point without breaking it to darkness, and because of the resistance I have kept meeting, it makes me somewhat nervous when I decide to express myself to people over and over, but of course I have to win this going all the way through (without losing at any time, that is) and then he continued speaking about Ida becoming a little bit nervous when singing because of what she went through, and also with the message of what she missed and now I understand, this was also a message earlier in the show, which is about “what I have missed in life” (when not having one single second with the feeling of “happiness”) because of evilness of man keeping me down and he concluded “you are love but you are also a little bit frustrated yourself”, and yes Blachman, this is exactly what I am – because of man – and that is VERY PRECISELY put my friend.

And Pernille followed by telling Ida that “there were some notes here confusing you, which were not as they should be and a camera running in before your eyes and all possible things, this is a song you have looked forward to like crazy to sing, which you have told me since the first time we met, that this song is my favourite song and now you are allowed to sing this tonight. Ida, I do not agree with the man next to me here, and I know that all of the small steps we have taken with you, you have been 100% into, and I know we have taken them because we know how the future looks, and they have been important small steps”, and again this is about evilness of man confusing me and here it was simply to say that all of this was part of the road and we can now look into the future, and it says BEAUTIFUL and ONLY SUNNY :-).

Line song her second song of the evening, and after some thinking of Blachman – “can I say this” (?) – he said herethis was another tripping by the Commune you might say” and did you read my script of yesterday including the Commune, Blachman (?), and he told Line “a little bit unsatisfactory, but brilliant” and this is also really how I “feel” about the voice of Line, which is very PURE but without the same feelings as you find in the voices of Morten and Ida.

And after Cutfather had told Line that he did not like her in this genre (rap), she said that “I thought it was awesome, I love to stand here and I choose myself what I sing and what I wear, and I decide myself”, my thought is that of course it is fine for people choosing themselves (this is what life is about!) but I wonder how much Line is LISTENING to “other options” than what she may have inside of her “narrowed thinking” herself (?) and we know the idea is to combine what comes naturally to people and for mentors etc. to help bringing in their experience and “other options” for the person is question to be OPEN about and to TRY (“don’t say you don’t like it before you have tried it with an open mind”) and I wonder if Blachman is too dictatorial and Pernille the opposite (?) (but I don’t know for sure), but these words from Line suddenly had a FANTASTIC impact on Pernille, who simply could not hold back her extreme excitement/enthusiasm when she said “Line, I simply have to say that I thought when we started working with you when you entered this stage time after time after time and delivered, I had hoped (looking at Cutfather) that you would acknowledge this better, I thought we had a man who could understand this” and then she looked at Line and SHOUTED out all of her IMMENSE JOY “I SEE YOU, I SEE YOU, I SEE YOU” and she looked at Cutfather symbolising the simple minds of people, who should have but still “could not” understand me, and I felt the spirit of my sister speaking through Pernille also when using the words “I simply have to say”, which my sister often use (!), and here it was simply the spirit of my sister for the first time seeing my new self inside of the Source through a hole of darkness, which was the reason why Pernille could not hold back her EXTREME JOY, and my dear friends/readers, this is what is coming to the world too.

Pernille could not keep her arms or voice down when shouting out in joy to Line “I see you, I see you, I see you”, which was about our New World seeing my new self (the resurrected Jesus) through a hole in darkness into the Source for the first time – IMMENSE JOY, which also comes to the world

And Blachman confirmed that he has much respect of Line in the other genre, but not in this, which made Pernille say “she has NEVER received truly proper acknowledgement”, which is still about my family/friends etc. and the world HIDING not acknowledging me, and as a mere human being, you may recognise the feeling when a father or mother keeps criticizing you for a long time, and all you really want is to be acknowledged for whom you truly are (?), and “not easy” for my mother, father, my family/friends etc. and the world to do, and why is that really so difficult, my friends?

What followed between Pernille and Blachman when speaking about a “purple t-shirt”, “hang breasts” and silicone was about “thoughts of Karen” (what she would like to do) and you do know that “purple” is the colour of Karen (?) and also that I have told you NOT to consume/take/place unnatural things inside of your body, which includes silicone.

After Morten’s performance no. 2, Cutfather said that he was back in “top shape” and Blachman continued saying herelovely with COURAGE”, “fine graphics showing the future of Copenhagen working”, “we have to be brave all of us, think GREAT and into the future”, and “you deliver what you do again, again, again, again”, which was about my courage – again, again and again – leading the way to our future where all have to be brave, and we know I ONLY WRITE WHAT THESE SYMBOLS SAY; as physical Stig I am not writing this story myself if anyone out there should think again “isn’t he a little bit too much bragging”, but I am not, this is ONLY the truth as I am here told spiritually.

Pernille continued by saying “every time you sing a number, you sing it in a new way” and “this is what is wild, because it is never on purpose because you have your tentacles out in a different way to what most people have”, which is about the same messages I keep repeating again and again in my scripts and in a slightly new way every time, and the reason is simply because of the way I am connected to the world receiving feelings/vibrations through my “invisible tentacles” connecting me with everything on contrary to other people.

Hereafter Pernille introduced Ida for the second time saying that she and her has spoken much about where Ida sees herself – sounding good to me, Pernille (!) – with one person being “the sensitive girl with the guitar” (who everyone loves) but then she said “I have since discovered that she has a wild side besides this”, which is what we saw here in her second song. and when I saw this up-tempo version of Ida, my first thought was that it was not as good as the other side of her, but then I thought twice and saw how happy she was singing this song, and yes her singing is as great in up-tempo songs as in ballads, so I ended up liking this “wild side” of her too, and BRAVE it was to show this to the world :-).

But it made Blachman think as you can see here and then he said to Pernille as the mentor “you had the gold, you transformed it into iron” and Pernille told him “we do not agree” and he continued saying “I believe we are into lack of sensitivity here” and “it is dangerous drive”, and Ida said “I have chosen this number myself” and then he claimed that “your co-operation has simply not been able to execute the factum that you create music over a long period, and I have missed this, and I am frustrated about it, and you might win, but I truly believe it is, it is ….” and then Lise interrupted when saying “listen friends, everyone has his/her taste”, and he said “it has nothing to do with taste” and Pernille said “it has very much with taste to do” and to me we are back to the beginning about respecting taste, to follow the NATURAL desire (not the WRONG desire) of people and to understand quality, which this song by Ida also is to me (and also sensitive, Blachman, which the hardest rock songs ALSO can be), but Thomas continued saying that music is created over a long time, which really means “it takes time to create love”, and when he said the words “I have missed this, I am frustrated about this”, he said it with the voice and feeling of the spirit of my sister given to me using the exact same words as my sister would use, and I understood that this was both about the TRUE feeling of my sister missing me very much (as I miss her and the family) – and I was given the feeling/taste of throwing up, so this is how much she is suffering when not seeing me and knowing what I go through (but it would be better to see each other and communicate, you know, Sanna?) – at the same time as it was the feeling of the spirit of my sister representing the world really because of what it has missed of love when losing the contact to me and the Source. And I was told that Sanna also “helps” bringing me sexual sufferings, because she is still thinking and speaking wrongly of me behind my back.

In this middle of his “concern” (to me unnecessary concern) he also said wise words to Ida, which was “you possess such a rare gift, which you have to be insanely careful about, which is the direct gate into the wildest Heaven”, which is about my/our direct gate leading into our new Heaven made in our WILDEST DREAMS, and you do remember this expression from my scripts and also the front page of my website when describing our New World?

And when Cutfather also did not like Ida singing songs like this when saying “it feels frivolous” and telling her “don’t do this another time”, it made Pernille say “I really don’t understand this”, and she turned around asking the audience “is it me hearing wrong here”(?) with a large part of the crowd saying “no”, and then she looked at Ida telling her “we two know what is right and that is the most important”, and to me this was about Blachman and Cutfather as professional judges not being able to see what Pernille, Ida, the audience and I could see, which is that this is fine music too, but maybe not as “fine cultural” as you would have liked, Thomas (?), and I am thinking of being OPEN MINDED here my gentlemen not putting people inside “small boxes” as the world has a tendency to do to people saying “you can do this, but NOT this” because what you see is still QUALITY and that is even though you may be better to one thing than the other.

After Sveinur had performed his second time, Blachman said here that “it is clear that you are in an identity crisis between one and the other”, which was about my life being a “hell” trapped in between the world and my new self inside of the Source – this is how I understand it today, and maybe also in between the Source and darkness, and yes many things to be in control of, but approximately like this, and when I know more, I will tell you.

And in the follow up show later in the evening bringing the verdict of the viewers about who of the four contestants was to be send out, I told my mother that I did NOT believe it would be Ida or Morten, but probably Line – because of her lack of a sensitive expression in her voice, and my mother agreed – and to our surprise, it was Morten who was sent out making my mother very sad (!) – and I could only conclude that “the viewers had a different taste than ours”, and of course you have to respect this, but I do believe the truth is that the viewers made a WRONG choice here not “seeing/hearing” what the judges and I could, which was that Morten did a TOP PERFORMANCE this evening and instead they sent Line with the pure, but insensitive voice through and I do believe it is because people do not have “deep feelings” and do not listen deeply in order to understand feelings and quality the right way, and here it was young people voting on young people?

So this is how this evening turned out, Pernille and Blachman were right in their predictions at the beginning of the show (I “wonder” where they get it from), which is that it was about “taste” and then it can only go wrong when people “cannot understand”, Blachman (!) – and this is about errors of both professionals and “ordinary people” because they are not open minded or do not understand true feelings/quality (as much as they should), and how do I know (?) and yes because this is what my “tentacles” tell me my friends, and in other connections I might say “what do I know” and even I don’t know much (about love), but on this one, Blachman, I do know!

Conclusion: Combine your feelings with an open mind and do your absolutely best to objectively understand, and when you do this, you have a recipe of life :-).

And finally ending this chapter at 22.45 “tomorrow” after taking “long” because of how I feel.

The fall of the CEO of DONG Energy symbolises the coming fall of the Old World Order keeping FREE ENERGY a secret to man!

After my posting to Jens Rohde and his “followers” (see the script of yesterday), Jens decided to send back a “broadside” – I can almost hear it and see it here “shoot him down” – and first I read emails from Facebook sent to me including his comments to the thread, and I received the following at 07:54, where Jens tells me how Søvndal for 6 years ridiculed the previous government, and Jens talks about all of the attacks he has received himself from others and “survived” and concludes that “all of this belongs to politics, this is how it is and what you have to live with” (!), and he says that Villy does the same mistakes as people before him, which is the direct road to the abyss (!), and also that Villy is the poorest prepared of all ministers at meetings (!), which is a “sincere and objective criticism” (it is!), and most of his thinking and writing is what used to be PURE darkness, which is now almost only “poor habits” of “how we used to do”, and yes Jens, THIS IS NOT THE WAY TO TREAT PEOPLE and THIS IS NOT “WHAT YOU HAVE TO LIVE WITH” – I have told you the road to our New World, which includes much better behaviour and work of everyone – and when it comes to Villy, I agree with you, he HAS to do better instead of just “talk talk” as so many politicians do thinking that this is “good enough”, but it is NOT, you ALWAYS need to do your absolutely best work, which is to KNOW what you talk about!

As you can see from the email below, it links to his comment on his Facebook thread, and when you click “see comment” it will bring you there or will it (?) – and I have saved this email here for you to open the email and test it yourself!

At 07.59 he had thought twice about his posting, and he decided to add a new line in the beginning telling me that “the meaning of what I say is “good enough” (!), but it becomes “a little too holy” (!) and moves all outside the sphere of politics” (!) and yes this is really what he said telling me that you may be right, but still you are wrong!!!

In this email you can also click “see comment” to see his comment on his Facebook thread, or can you (?), and I have also saved this email here for you to test yourself!

And he kept thinking of me (!), so at 08.05 he also told me that I can ask any minister and civil servant that “I actually do everything I can to help the Danish government during the EU presidency”, which may be, but still you are firing your gun at Villy – and also me and others – because this is how you are used to communicate in politics (?), and it is here, Jens & Co. that you have to get used to and get started with a new way, which is to always and that is to TRULY HELP people instead of being raw and brutal kicking at people including those who already lie down.

Also here you can click “see comment” to see his comment on his Facebook thread, or can you (?), and I have also saved this email here for you to test yourself!

The reason why I bring the emails from Facebook including Jens’ postings is because when you click “see comment” you are brought to the “Villy-thread”, where he posted his comments (otherwise the links would NOT bring you there!), but when you look at this thread, you will see my posting of yesterday but NOT followed by Jens’ postings, which have “magically” disappeared (!), and here is how it looks today AFTER his postings. Jens posted to this thread answering me, but his postings have vanished!

So what happened to the postings (?), did he regret after posting maybe thinking “oh, it is Stig, I have to be careful about what I say and do” and then decided to delete the postings himself (?), which is what I first thought, but NO, he had not, the postings had simply “magically” been transferred to another thread of his about DONG Energy instead (!), which you can see below, and “yes alright, Stig, then Jens simply made a mistake posting his replies in the wrong thread, right” (?), and this is what most people may believe, and this is why I have included the proof in the emails above for you to test, and the ONLY answer you will receive is that it was GOD using a little magic to help me bring the next story, which follows below, but first is Jens’ originally posting about DONG Energy, where he asks all politicians, who are “busy being wise” about the DONG-case to shut up because DONG is now a limited company with the State as a co-owner and because of this he tells people to stop all demands to receive statements etc. (about their “luxury spending”) and to let the Board take care of it, which benefits both the company and political life the most, and yes apparently he does not like communicating about DONG.

And it is in this thread – NOT the “Villy-thread” – that you now can find the replies, which he originally posted to the Villy-thread (!), and you can see here that his two replies are identical to the last two emails above (he deleted post no. 1 of the thread, which is email 1, replacing it with the new first post below, which is email no. 2).

And when I had sorted out where his replies had “decided to go to”, I decided to send him the following reply telling him that I do NOT like politics (people fighting instead of working together on ONE solution), power struggles, greed, poor behaviour and work no matter who does it, himself, Villy or others, and I also ask him to tell why it is so important to him to fight for DONG and an old system for the benefit of only few “apparatchiks” including those in EU, who destroys FREEDOM, prosperity for the WHOLE world and development of mankind (this is about the story of the world already having access to FREE energy, which it does NOT tell man because it would destroy the source bringing “money and power” to a small group of people of the Old World!!!), and I ask his “followers” to read my New World Order, which will replace the Old World of corrupt politicians, media and business leaders, which basically was my message for all of you at the European Union, and for those who may not believe in me yet, I encourage you to test my proof above, and to Jens & Co., I ALSO encourage you to tell The Naked Truth of your own role and actions VERY directly to the world including what you repent having done.

Brian received inspiration to help me on this story by posting the video below called “Government Explained”, and as he says, “there is really something about it”, and I decided to tell him that I would include it in this script to help people, who “cannot understand”, just how terrible the present World Order is and the need to start all over for the benefit of all, not least to RECEIVE FREEDOM FROM POLITICIANS!

The video is on YouTube followed by this introduction:

An inquisitive alien visits the planet to check on our progress as a species, and gets into a conversation with the first person he meets. The alien discovers that we live under the rule of a thing called “government”, and wants to understand more about what “government” is, what it does, and why it exists.

And the conclusion at the end of the video is: “Politicians get to kill, enslave and steal because if they didn’t, someone else might?” and “you try to select good honest people to be politicians but what happens every time is that the people you elect turn out to be corrupt, evil, lying crooks, that’s your system?” with the answer being “yeah, that’s pretty much government”, and yes this is “pretty much” what it is, and that is what is being kept a “secret” to the world!

Brian was even more inspired when he brought this video here about production of “very cheap and pure energy”, and despite of having MUCH work on my mind, I decided to send him a reply – before I knew that it was connected to this story – which simply was to tell him that man has had knowledge of FREE ENERGY for more than 50 years – see my Signs III page here – , which together with other secrets have been kept away from mankind by the elite of a few of the Old World Order “protecting” its “bastion of money and power” NOT allowing free energy to be released to the world (ending their income of “money and power”) (!), and this is what will be revealed to the world soon – who of you belonging to this “elite of few” wants to tell this “secret” of yours to the world (?) – and when it does, it will become the fall of the Old World Order and the start of our New World, and yes this is what the Old World of CORRUPT politicians, media and business leaders are still trying to protect, and the fall of the CEO of DONG in Denmark is simply to tell about the forthcoming fall of this “secret government” of the world, and yes SHAME ON YOU to do what was “more than WRONG” to do for so many years also “preventing” you from supporting me because of your own wrong doings and love of money and power, which is love of the Devil!

And I was here given my old favourite song by Electric Light Orchestra of the Xanadu album, the fall, which now is about the fall of the Old World and not me and this was really the game we were playing, and if the Old World had won, it would have been the end of the world with all of us, but how many of you of the secret government understood this in 2010 when I was tormented the worst (?), and yes “the world would simply start to go under just like that” without telling the story on front pages of newspapers to tell the world in forehand.

Helsingør Dagblad REMOVED my freedom of speech and focuses on the system as victims instead of assailants!

When I woke up this afternoon, and checked my emails, I had received NO feedback from Lisbeth of the Commune or from the newspapers Helsingør Dagblad or Frederiksborg Amts Avis (!), and it was not because I had expected it, but nevertheless it would have been right to do, and I thought about controlling whether or not my comment on their website here was still on-line, and I was almost about NOT to check because I did not believe that Helsingør Dagblad would degrade themselves so much to actually remove my comment but still I decided to check “just in case” and yes friends, this is what happened, the newspaper had decided to “DELETE” me (!), and yes is it “not suitable” for me to write like this, “my friends” (?), and “not good” for your readers to learn about a “mad man” like me through your website (?) or have you by now also “discovered” who I am making you WIMPS like everyone else? And now it is NOT possible at all to bring comments on this story on their website, and yes they have removed my freedom of speech too – together with everyone else!

A disgrace is what this is, this is when the media works its WORST to keep the RIGHT stories away from the world, and here my local newspaper simply works as a symbol of the media of world, which does NOT want to bring the story of me to the world (!) or about the TRUE story of this attack and the dictatorial system of the Danish work market system, which the Jobcentre is part of.

The paper decided to bring this article below saying that the “axe man” declares himself guilty of gross violence, and this is then what the story concentrates of, and of course to “protect” the employees of the Jobcentre against “mad men” like this man, so now he will become mentally checked, and yes this is how the community looks after itself, the politicians and the media not taking their responsibilities serious telling the REAL truth and that is about “who is going to protect the people against abuse of power of a system attacking and bringing down people” (?) and to WRITE about this. The man felt forced to do what he did as his last way out, but WHAT WAS THE REASON BEHIND (?) and yes if Denmark (and the world) did not have WRONG systems “killing” people, this man would NEVER had become “mad” and a “violent criminal”, do you see?

Before removing my comment, I received 8 visitors clicking the link to my script of yesterday as you can see from the following statistics from my website of today, and you can also see that a total of 13 today read my script of yesterday, and that is officially at least.

One of the people brought to my website from the website of Helsingør Dagblad was Charlotte below, who also decided to send me a Facebook invitation, which I accepted, and apparently she understood what I wrote about the need of TURNING the story of Helsingør Dagblad – and the media in general – UPSIDE DOWN because I found these comments at her site where she says that “we can only hope that this will be an eye opener to how poorly people are treated in the Social Administration of Helsingør Commune and how far they push people into powerlessness” and she continues “I wonder how many suicides they have on their conscience in this Commune” and also “here I especially think of mentally ill, who cannot receive any help at all!” and Tanja says the keyword, which is “these tragedies could be avoided if they met citizens with respect”.

And we know Stig, I published my script of the 15th March including a link to my Scribd document of the Commune harrassing me after midnight, thus today the 16th, and how many visits did this document receive on Scribd (?) and we know the same pattern as ALWAYS, which is that normally it receives between 0 to 5 per day, but today it suddenly received 61 visits (!), and where do these visitors come from (?), and eeeehhhh let us see it cannot be from Helsingør Dagblad – there was only few there clicking on the link to my website (which was included in my “short comment” on their site, which I saw online before my long comment, and that is before both comments were removed) and even less would have clicked my link to Scribd included in my long comment below the short comment – and it cannot be my from my website either, because I only had 13 visits to my script of yesterday (including the link to my document on Scribd), and yes OFFICIALLY that is, so then again this is a new proof of the official world reading me in secret, and STILL that is, your wimps (!), and here I received the GREATEST smiles from the spiritual world for continuing to doing this, and we know HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I REVEALED YOUR SECRET READINGS (?) and still you are continuing to read me in secret herewith disgracing yourselves because all of you know that you will be revealed and will have to tell The Naked Truth to the world, but still you “cannot” do what is RIGHT today???

The other day I thought of how terrible it is to be locked up on mental hospital, which made a prisoner fight for his freedom!

And the attack yesterday was not the only attack of “interest” happening in Denmark, because today a locked up man at the mental hospital of Odense suffered from an “acute desire of FREEDOM”, which is what I am giving these people now as I am told and I feel the spirit of my father saying it, and it is after I wrote about the “young man” from Hillerød mental hospital the other day thinking if he is still imprisoned “forever and ever” just because this is where the society puts people in “powerlessness” not knowing what to do with them and about just how terrible it is to “live” here, which has NOTHING to do with living (!), and this thought of mine was really what “triggered” this assault today when this man was about to receive his medicine, which he did not want, and then he used a knife stabbing a doctor and two nurses “pretty badly”, and again, who is the TRUE assailants here (?), and yes you have guessed it, it is the inhumane system, which was led by darkness as I am told by nothing less than the man imprisoned inside of darkness, my old inner self and that is because of the sins and wrongdoings of man, you see?

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Hardinger brought the story about the political party Liberal Alliance, which was NOT allowed to hang up paintings of Johnny Madsen (with subsidies, I believe), and it made him say the conclusion of my story: The State has become insane – this is the monster you have created ALL OVER THE WORLD, my dear people, and this is what I am helping you to dismantle, but not without your resistance when you “could not understand”.

  • Another of my pretty new Facebook friends, Torben (journalist, lecturer etc.) wrote here that he forgot his computer in a taxi making him “disabled” until “I will buy a new installing myself from scratch”, and yes Torben, this is what you were “made” to do to bring this symbol, which is that the system of the Old World symbolised by your old computer has been collected by the taxi, and you do remember who runs the taxi (?), and yes that is my new self, and don’t worry, be happy, Torben because you will get a new computer, and that is a totally new life 🙂 – and this is by the way also the reason why Sanne Salomonsen song her hit song “Taxa” a couple of years ago with the lyrics being “here in the darkness, there is only us two, in a taxa”, and yes Sanne has a story to tell the world too.
    • And Maja says below “shit happens”, which is what the monster of Predator said when Arnold defeated it in the original movie, and I did not want to use too much time trying to find this movie clip, so you will get the Predator saying these words in the follow-up movie here, and “shit happens” (I don’t like that word) is when darkness decides to dissolve by blowing itself up (!), but the story is really here that it cannot blow itself up now because it does not have the power, which is really the climax of the story and I am here given these words with the feeling and saying of Dirch & Kjeld in their famous sketch.

  • Rikke here brings a song by Thin Lizzy called “whiskey in the jar”, which is the song of all I have connected the strongest to darkness, so “how are you doing, Rikke” (?), still deciding not to help and not to communicate with me?

  • Our regular TV2 news man, Johannes, decided to be inspired again when saying that the small island of Romsø is only one square metre big (it is one square kilometre) but he corrects himself saying that it is only one square centimetre, and this is really to say that we originate from “nothing”, which is so small that we are not even here, but still we are and that is all “inside of my thoughts” as I am told, and yes this is information I don’t feel good about receiving today because it does not sound nice to my physical self, but this is how reality is, we are and still we are not.

  • And Michael decided to bring “Roll over Beethoven” performed by the Beatles, and to me this was inspired because it immediately made me think of the same song by my favourite band, Electric Light Orchestra, and also that this was the first hit at the beginning of the life of this band, which to me was another symbol telling me that we are returning to original life as it was designed to be in the beginning, which was really a big hit then, which it will become again my friends :-).

And we know Stig, I had work to do all night long until 05.50 “tomorrow” when I am finishing this script, and NO, I will NOT publish it before I have written the chapter on X-factor, which I will do tomorrow evening, but now I will relax, which I have had no time to do by myself for many hours now, and yes see you tomorrow.

And after writing the chapter on X-factor “tomorrow”, this script was published “tomorrow” at 23.20. I did it!


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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