March 18, 2012: The EVIL EMPIRE of the world, China, has censored my website to keep FREEDOM away from China!


Summary of the script today

17th March: The heart stop of a Bolton player was to tell Søren Pind and the world that your “silence” brings me heart attacks

  • I was woken up with a VERY painful cramp symbolising more destructions of the physical Universe and I was dreaming about the worst sufferings (due to work), dissolving the structure of darkness self bringing me sexual sufferings/wrongdoings of my life and I am still at the Hotel, which is my “waiting hall” before I become my new self, which is almost breaking down because of extreme amounts of work these days.
  • I used all evening to write the X-factor chapter of yesterday taking out “everything” of me because of how tired I felt physically and work wise, and it released much Gold from darkness and at 20.00 I was told “by the way, the new bathroom is ready now”, which is about finishing the work of the greatest invention of all time, our new “production of life” facility of our New World. Doing my hardest work for days is what it took to do this. I decided to walk through the highest mountain of darkness on my road home.
  • Short stories about my Kenyan friend John being active on the Internet but “unable” to communicate with me, defeat darkness by 6-0 bringing an “egg” and not 5-1, Michael Hardinger believing that I am a “poor leader” not understanding his own misunderstandings and a message to Søren Pind telling him that he and the world brings me “heart attacks” almost killing me.

18th March: The EVIL EMPIRE of the world, China, has censored my website to keep FREEDOM away from China!

  • I received much darkness and information during the night including several new worlds and God’s (an endless line of levels) inside a place where we have never thought about looking before (!) making our New World “the largest goose ever completely without fat”, i.e a New World of our wildest dreams without “no life”. Our world is NOT as expected, and we have therefore created a flexible and not a fixed world making us able to grow without limits. “First we saved everything ever made, and now we are saving everything, which ever could have been made
  • Energy from the Source is now being brought to the world through the holes of darkness “to update the sun” etc.
  • Dreaming of being inside darkness continuing creation, I will receive more energy than expected, our New World is marketed in Europe and my telephone line (spiritual communication) is about to be changed from darkness to light.
  • A young American boy sent a letter and a drawing to the local weather man including “free imagination” appointing the weather man to the “Ultra-Lord of our Universe” and telling about the Unicorn going through flames of darkness to deliver the “doughnut” of our New World to our New God – my new self – sitting on the throne. This is about our New World entering through the last darkness reaching my new inner self inside of the Source.
  • I received a new chat from my new Chinese friend, Shinio, and after learning a little bit about each other, I sent her a picture of my house and a link to my website, which made her say “I can’t open your file and website. It’s not allow here”, which meant that China has decided to CENSOR my website within the last two weeks trying to keep information on me and FREEDOM away from the people. I was told that China is telling one story about me to the official world and on the other hand, they have censored my website. I decided to tell her whom I am and that FREEDOM will come to China and I encouraged the Chinese Government to step down, alternatively for the Chinese people to bring the “Arabic Spring” to China. She was very eager to receive information on China and other countries, but when I told her about the violence and murdering carried out by the most EVIL EMPIRE in the world, she became frightened now apparently “supporting” the Government (to protect herself)! Getting through to the worst darkness in the world was required for me to do to open the “impossible nut” – “red fruit meat of the centre” – of the soft core at my most inner self, which is where the most precious gold is, and this is what will make the ring complete bringing a New World of “endless creation over and over again”.
  • Short stories of new darkness coming from Nønne, asking TV2 to bring the story of the official world deceiving the world (“free energy”), “Do we have any alternative to Obama” with the answer being “at the present times – WE DO NOT”, if the Commune had succeeded to officially declare me crazy, who would have believed in me (?), the meditation group continues in all their ignorance to slurp my energy into them, darkness of Michael Hardinger, a story was brought on a 70 year old learning to read and write because this is what I encourage the world to do, difficulties of people of “upper levels” of the official world to understand what people of “lower levels” do when reading me and my old school friend deserted me when also he could not take the “apple juice” I brought him.


17th March: A heart stop of a Bolton player was to tell Søren Pind and the world that your “silence” brings me heart attacks

Dreaming of going through the absolutely worst sufferings/work almost breaking down

I went to bed at 06.45 and slept until 15.00 with a couple of short dreams:

  • I had a dream I cannot read the notes of but it was about “who can bear the most” and about a “caretaker boiling”, so this is about “much suffering” because of work the last couple of days where it has been almost only work and sleep, and at 01.00 I woke with the greatest cramp/pain in my lower right leg, so it was impossible to bear just the few seconds it took to get out of bed to stand on the leg to make the cramp disappear, and yes I have had a few of these in my life and we talk about a physical pain “impossible” to bear, and it is about “destructions of the Universe” to bring energy, and here it was a confirmation to say that this is still taking place.
  • I am in a store in Espergærde Shopping Centre and want to open the wall itself, which actively watches the dressing room, and something about an assistant opening a door out, which is irresponsible. Later I watch TV together with others and when a film shows a couple about to “make out”, they ask their child to go to bed in order not to see it.
    • I understand the wall as “the structure of darkness self”, which is what gave me sexual sufferings/wrong doings, and here we are opening and breaking down the code of this wall. The TV is to say that this is what I do when I see a scene on TV with a couple going to close to my border of “making out”, and you do remember my site on behaviour and work, which also includes a “responsible sexual behaviour” including not to show sexuality in public?
  • I was at a café at the Thames in London with my mother, and later I am in Rome in a fine hotel in an old building, and first I am given a spare room on 5th floor of very poor standard including a flap to the outside where I almost fall out. I ask to receive another room, and am upgraded to a luxury room on 4th floor including a somewhat better view, and suddenly I feel the whole hotel swaying back and forwards making me nervous if the hotel will fall down, but after a few seconds I understand that it is an earth quake of I find the stairs walking down to ground floor without anything happening. I am going to be at this hotel for three days.
    • I am in Italy – “joy and happiness” – but still the Hotel is almost falling down, which is about my decision to keep receiving and absorbing darkness without waking up as my new self yet, and this is almost impossible to do, which work these few days show, but the dream says that I will come through, which is simply to do my work without giving up.

After doing my hardest work for days I was told that our new “production of life” facility is now finished

After standing up, I was still tired but a little bit better today however not much, and it was a fight to overcome severe disgust to start using maybe 5-6 hours today to write the X-factor chapter of yesterday, but that’s what it takes as I was inspired to tell here shortly before starting this task at 16.20 – and you may notice Ole asking me if it isn’t “George’s GOOD OLD friend and collaborator Jeff Lynne”, and you do remember that my nick name of God is Good Old God, or “3G” in Danish (also transmission/communication), and Knut writing about the first song that it is “as God created it” (which was about “original people”, see yesterday), and just a little more inspiration.

Here is the song by George/Jeff, which is a TRUE Jeff song if you ask me, and a VERY good one of the kind.

Finally I got started writing the X-factor chapter, and it was REALLY the worst of the minutes I have done of these – and my monitor is acting like “crazy” here blinking with all sorts of colours and it does this MANY times per day as a sign of the remaining part of my old self “almost out of energy”, thus breaking down, but NO, not yet (!) – and it took longer than usual to write this chapter because I was broken down of tiredness not the least tiredness of working, but I would NOT give up, this had to be done today, and during this work, I also took down notes bringing the following stories.

I was told that it is about ”authorising to update the sun” – fine by me, it this is what the light prioritizes – and I understand that this is now possible to do through the small holes into the Source inside of me.

At 17.05 I heard the spirit of my mother asking “may I take this out of the refrigerator”, and this was really not a question for me, but work going on in the background of me while I was working myself – this is how it often is here – and later I saw how a large dark stone was carried out of the refrigerator and turned into gold.

At 18.50 I was told and felt how Philip from Selvet still remembers what I told him about my healing of the neck of the belly dancer a handful years ago and yes thinking of me being the one.

At 20.00 I was told with a low and almost careless voice as in Baker-Jørgen “by the way, the new bathroom is ready now”, so this is what it took, PLENTY of work to get this new invention with us, and let us celebrate this with a “swine kotelet dance” (almost) by Baker-Jørgen, and yes there is NO wrong sexual speech, negativity or lack of tolerance of this man as you see with so many else, only SILLYNESS, which I love so much, and yes this makes me laugh much :-).

I was asked “Pakistan, do they still need help” (after the disaster of the flood in 2010) and I was given the answer “yes they do, MUCH”, but everyone has now forgotten about them, life moves on and you don’t count casualties, and I was thinking of my Pakistan friends, who “could not” work on a long term view to help.

I was shown myself walking through a valley with the steep and very high dark mountain on both sides of me, and I was told that I decided to take the long and most difficult road home through the highest point of the dark mountain bringing every little thing with us.

I was shown myself – and others – walking uphill to the giant money tank of Scrooge McDuck, which is FULL of money, i.e. energy, and it was about my own feelings giving EVERYTHING I have feeling all worn out truly “walking uphill” doing the work I did also today – and I am still becoming heavier, which is “helping” me to feel down together with the wrong feeling of being warm/moist inside of me – and it was also about my family/friends etc. feeling the same because of me, and yes this is what it takes to do our absolutely best, but only “once in a lifetime”, so this is why I have decided to keep being strong keep receiving darkness as long as it has more to give, and with me, this is what the world then does too.

I am walking up a steep hill together with family/friends etc. and the whole world to receive the prize of a “tank full of money”, i.e. PURE energy of our New World

Finally at 22.45 – having MANY challenges to concentrate and work efficiently – I finished writing the chapter of X-factor and by 23.20 I had also uploaded the script of yesterday taking out everything of me, and I have decided NOT to start working on my script after this (I “cannot”), which will have to wait until “tomorrow” (which it now is when writing this).

When I was about to prepare publishing the script, I received the strongest heart flicker I have had for a very long time making me “this close” to dying, and it was connected to the feelings of my mother being “concerned/afraid” of what I am doing/writing, and yes my mother it is really “nothing” to go up against the whole world, because Obama has done FINE work and because the world knows that it is soon game over for them, and we know to tell you the truth, I do feel somewhat nervous about what I do, but this is the same as going directly after the throat of the Devil as I have done with the Commune every single time, and experience has showed me that this is what gives the best results, so this is what I keep doing because I have decided NOT to be wimps having all of the world against me when deciding to be wimps yourself, and yes I know your “double-feeling”, which is “we would very much like to, but we do not DARE”, and yes WIMPS as I say, but with a smile too :-).

I also received some of the worst but not the strongest sexual sufferings (visions/speech), which was bigger chunks of darkness being cut off while I was doing this “not easy” work.

After I uploaded my script I saw my self inside the great hall of the Imperial Cinema in Copenhagen – one of the largest cinemas if not the largest in Northern Europe – and I was shown DARK SUPERMEN of darkness flying around inside of there returning to their foundation, which is inside of me. We are coming to the end of the tentacles of darkness.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • My dear friend John from Kenya is truly the most genuine gentleman, I have ever met, but even though he and his family are suffering, he is still active on the Internet for example today connecting with a new contact on LinkedIn, but John, you are still “not able” to communicate with me (?), which is what “gentlemen” normally do (?), and is the truth that you have decided to be “gentle” and I keep being told “your wife”, so maybe you would like to tell me what this is about and if not now, then “some day”?

  • Lykke LOVES football and Bayern Munich from South Germany more than any, and this club has won some AMAZING victories lately – was it 7-0 and 7-1 or something like this (?) – and today they won a match in the Bundesliga by 6-0, which made Lykke say “Mia san mia”, which is about “We are who we are”, and yes because I decided NOT to accept the match ending 5-1 a few months ago, as you remember (?), and we know Stig you have told us all along, the match ends 6-0 giving an “egg”, so this is what you see here.

  • Michael decided to bring this story about the “need” of women to change their men (!) – both women and men are normally wrong in their “fight” to change the other to your “needs” – and to me, TWO FEET are about TWO WORLDS ALIVE, the Old and the New World (becoming one), and Michael was inspired to write that sandals went out of fashion after Moses came out of the desert after the tour from Egypt, and he believes – with a smile – that instead of 40 years, this tour should have been done in “a couple of weeks” making him a “poor leader”, and is this what you are thinking of me, Michael, when you continue to criticise Helle Thorning Schmidt and others without truly knowing what you do?

  • Tottenham Hotspurs is the favourite football team of Søren Pind, which he likes to write about after their matches, and it may be that you “suffered” much when they lost a couple of matches lately, Søren, but how can I tell you to make you understand what you and the world are doing to me when NOT following me (?), and that is for you to send darkness to me through the “tentacles” (spiritual channels), which Pernille spoke about the other day on X-factor, and this darkness is what gives me these thousands of heart attacks threatening to kill me (?), and here is the story for you to wake up on Søren, you too decided to support/help the old world of darkness killing me (!), and the symbol is of the player of Bolton receiving a heart stop when playing against your favourite team (!), and did it almost give you a heart stop seeing, Søren (?), and then you better ask yourself the question: Why did this happen (?) and you will receive the answer when you look into the mirror, which you may also like to do when asking the question, who is murdering the innocent people of Syria (?), and yes it is you and the official world of WIMPS not daring to do what it takes to stop it, which is the let the world know about me as the FIRST priority, so how does this make you and the world feel (?) – look at your hands, they are FULL OF BLOOD because of your WRONGDOINGS!


18th March: The EVIL EMPIRE of the world, China, has censored my website to keep FREEDOM away from China!

Receiving an endless line of new worlds and Gods saving “everything which ever could have been made

After publishing my script of the 16th at 23.20 the 17th, I decided to STOP working after a period of almost only work/sleep now having a GREAT need to relax, and I decided to watch TV during the night (still odd sleeping hours here), but instead of truly relaxing, I kept on receiving visions and speech throughout the night continuing to stress me much, and I decided to write down some of this, which follows here.

I was told that “the largest camel is now through” (the needle eye from darkness to light, and that is “me” including “everything”) and “now it is only man to come through too”, and I keep receiving the feeling of Obama here, so you too my friend.

I was shown Bev Bevan and others entering through the layer of darkness on their way to reach me at the inside and I asked these people “to bring your life inside of mine”.

I was shown a large ship/tanker (symbolising a “world”) and asked “can we bring in the next ship” (?) and also “this is how it feels like” and not long after I was shown how this ship is peeled open emptying it for iron and sausages in the cargo (!) and seeing how it transforms into all kind of fruit (from darkness to light). Later I also saw a large amount of beer bottles (i.e. darkness) being brought out in the arms of a man from inside the galley of the ship and I was told that this is possible to do because of the careful work I have done (on my scripts the last few days).

I was asked “do you remember the eight jumping into water” (see my book no. 1 about the Council jumping into the suffering water, when we TRULY started sufferings in 2005) and I was told “you will not see these anymore, they have been dismantled” (darkness of them that is).

I was shown myself driving a car in the country in darkness and rain and suddenly I saw a white car and camping wagon driving on cross of me, and this was energy from the Source brought to the world.

I was shown myself standing down the stairs of the Danish Parliament of Christiansborg trying to hold a barrier from breaking down, which is dangerously close to break now because of IMMENSE pressure of people pushing forward on the barrier from the other side of it at the same time as I see people quickly coming through to collect light from me, which is now spreading to the world.

When I started in school in Albertslund in 1972, the only thing I really remember from the first year – or one of the first years – was a class friend, who was sick sitting in a wheel chair, who had dark eye glasses as I remember it, and he told me that when he took them on, he could see girls without clothes, and I could not when I tried (!), and later my school friend died (in the 2nd or 3rd class?) and I remember my class friends saying that it was a pity to him, and that I said “no, it is a pity for his parents” because I was thinking “how can it be pity to him when he is no more” and this night I was told that this school friend of mine – I cannot remember his name – brought me my sexual temptations/sufferings of life, and here I think that maybe this was another part of me sacrificing his life because of darkness.

I was shown a new large sunken ship, a new world, and I said “fine with me” and I was told “only because no one has thought about looking here before” and I was shown and told “it will become the largest goose ever completely without fat”, which is the same as saying that our world will become larger than in our wildest dreams and “completely without nothing/no life”, and just behind the play, I felt lots of wine, congratulations and violins playing.

I was shown the deck of a very large ship with shutters to the storage rooms open, and also that these shutters kept trying to close all of the time (darkness and time pressuring me) and I kept saying “no, keep them open” and I was shown cookies down there and black helicopters (to be transformed to life), and I saw one level (world) after the other going on and on and on, and we know BRING IT ALL.

I was told that these levels continue forever and also that the world is not at all as we thought it was and had arranged after, and as a consequence our New World is now made “flexible” instead of “fixed”, and I was asked directly “can we please stop now” – from the “actors” you know – and the answer is as always, “no, as long as I feel darkness, we will continue” so keep on doing your absolutely best, and also we have “good time” because it is important to be patient doing our best and most creative (I felt Christian Stadil “helping” too after seeing my website) instead of breaking down to what I feel is an enormous pressure trying to force us to do the opposite – also feeling Obama with the world here (!) – and I was told that “first we saved everything ever made, and now we are saving everything, which ever could have been made”, and I was told and shown “there is room for a completely new whale here and there and there and everywhere” and that this is instead of growing slowly. It continued when I was shown myself sitting in the cinema and I saw a whole row of cows (“Gods”) at the back row and I was told “there are as many cows as you wish”, and later I saw one cow on the body of a small truck and I saw a line of men inside the cow and I was shown that either the cow will blow up or these men will come out as new “cows”, so it seems as if “this is completely wild” to use a famous expression from Danish TV (about some “crazy” telephone calls of investment firms in the 1990’s) and that is if we are strong enough to bring these new God’s to life and that is “simply” to NOT accept the break down of the remaining of my old self, and yes “the deeper we get, the more important information is included, see?”

I was asked “how much will we develop now and how much will we develop in our New World” (?) and again the only right answer is “we will develop/create now as long as there is darkness making us able to do this” and to the world I say, PLEASE BE PATIENT, this work is for the benefit and IMMENSE JOY of our future New World, and I am here shown the video from “Stand and deliver” (“your money or your life”), which is what the impatience of the world means to me; you steal my energy with the risk of killing me, and we know this is another favourite song from when I was a teenager.

During the night I had an almost constant extreme negative voice, so I succeeded to find more darkness making this creation possible, and after watching TV for 2-3 hours receiving many visions/speech, which stressed me much, I decided to sit in front of the computer the rest of the night because it was an enormous pressure to keep receiving messages and to take notes, and I had to decide stop doing this also not knowing if I would be strong enough to do my script of two days, which waited for me after sleeping.

Dreaming of being inside darkness continuing creation and my spiritual communication being changed from darkness to light

I went to bed at 06.30 and slept until 13.50 receiving a few dreams too:

  • I see my old friend Lars in an office where young employees want to receive company cars, I eat and spill a little and think about saying something, but I do not.
    • I am eating “new life” and yes ALL OF IT, I don’t want to spill (!) at the same time as darkness is around me.
  • I have 2-3 months remaining of work at Dahlberg, and I have now moved to Helsingør and will start working my last time for Dahlberg at their branch here, and I wonder for how long I will be able to keep an income. When arriving to the office in Helsingør, I am surprised to see Torben S. from the Copenhagen office and a colleague their coming on their regular visit, and I now better understand why they so often are not at the office in Copenhagen. I see how some of the employees both work and live at this house, and how they have much better stereo equipment than most people, which they show me. I speak to the manager thinking that I will probably get a pay of approx. 25,000 DKK per month, and am surprised when he gives me 50,000. One of the employees is going on a business tour three places in Europe visiting clients of the company with general insurance, and he was sad that there is not much potential to expand the business with these, but he will bring Søren from Dahlberg, who will tell about Swedish pension schemes. At the office I am shown what they do, they are all Swedish people working there with Swedish products and language, which differs from Danish products and language, and I think about how they can use me, and I tell them that they will probably decide to use me mostly for “writings”. I receive a call from Dahlberg in Copenhagen from the lady in charge of telephones, who says that they have not transferred my phone line yet, but they will do it now, and I am showing a very careful working employee in Helsingør going through my criminal record, and it is “clean” but he sees a little line, which looks like dirt, and when looking very carefully at it, it brings information from the Swedish Car Inspection, and finally, this employee lets me come through accepting my criminal record, which was a condition to be hired. One of the female employees shows me a new and VERY good shopping centre outside Helsingborg, Sweden, and I see how people drink coffee and have cakes from the variety of very delicious cakes, and I think that we don’t have the same in Denmark, and believe that she will offer me for coffee, but instead she is buying toilet rolls offering me to do the same.
    • So I can still get “longer dreams” and let us decode this. 2-3 months of work is what I have left if I can keep working for 3 months as I told you recently, which I do NOT believe I can – but still this is my mindset – I am now in the New World of Helsingør and not the Old World of Copenhagen. Fine stereo is about “love” and “strong messages”, I will receive much energy than what I expect, hence the payment. The Swedish pension schemes is to market our New World in Europe, which may be what Jens Rohde helps doing these days? Sweden is “joy and happiness”, different products among borders only makes barriers instead of openings to people so it is ONE SYSTEM of ONE WORLD – keep feeling Obama also feeling what’s going on now opening to the Source. My telephone line (spiritual communication) is about to be changed from darkness to light – and the criminal record is also a reference to my story of sexual sufferings/temptations and the “irony” that I needed to have a “clean criminal record” to be able to “work” for the Commune at Brede Park and Falck and my criminal record is clean according to your crazy rules having an age limit only showing “offenses” of a few years, because if you go longer back you will find my offense, which I received a sentence for at court, but somehow this sentence was also a condition for me to bring my “car to Sweden”, i.e. myself to our New World, and yes this sentence is what made me stop doing what I did, therefore. The coffee and cakes are about “love and creation/our New World”, which I will not start receiving now, because there are new sufferings of my “old nightmare” waiting for me as long as I can keep bringing darkness to absorb as the fuel of creation.

I left physical life to get something in our spiritual world to bring a “glorious future”

I had a couple of minutes in bed when waking up when I almost did not feel the darkness, and then I felt how it was moved over me as a dark coat now covering me again, and this is to remind me of how awful I still feel when being covered with this coat of darkness and that is even when I some days have told you that that I did not feel much darkness, because the coat is always here.

I had to be very STRONG to decide working today, and this work I am doing – now finalising the worst part – required an EXTREME balance doing my absolutely best work without breaking down, and yes balancing on a knife’s egg, because I felt how close I was NOT to be able to finalise the work of these days.

I worked most of the afternoon and all evening to write my scripts of yesterday and today still taking me longer to do than normally because I have difficulties being concentrated, tired arms/hands from writing and to work efficiently, but I still have the same will to keep doing my best and not to stop before I have finished the work.

During dinner I watched some TV, and the volume of the TV still goes up and down without me touching it and together with my monitor sometimes acting “as crazy” – maybe up to one hour at the time – it is a sign that my old self is coming to an end finding it difficult to bring more energy, and yes my dear friends this is also why I will start swimming again tomorrow with the help of my mother – to bring in more energy using myself as generator.

During my work this evening, I was asked ”Can I” and I felt that it was about doing the best work and I said “Yes, do the absolutely wildest you have ever done” and I was told “I will dissolve myself”, and instead of being afraid of what this would mean I simply said “if this is what the light wants, please go ahead” and I will probable understand later what it is about, and it was followed by a short but clear pain to my lower right leg, and then a feeling to my lower left leg, and I was told “I am now here” as if this was a transferral from physical life to the spiritual world, which is what these my two lower legs mean.

Somewhat later I felt myself inside of the left leg and I heard “I will never be born again”, and to this I could only say “no, you are wrong, it goes against my decision for me to live physically too”, and then I was told “I better get back then”, and approx. 15 minutes thereafter I received the same pain to my right lower leg as when “I” was leaving, together with the feeling “I had to get something”, which will “call for a glorious future” and a little later I felt how all of the left side of my head received this “deep gooseflesh” and I was told “now this is installed” and I felt “me” returning to the right side of me and I wonder if this was my old self leaving me and in the meantime I was kept alive by “someone else” of the spiritual world and yes tried that before with souls entering and leaving me.

And a little later I was shown and told what this was about, “an exit in case of emergency to create a New World”, and I don’t know but we do “just in case, Stig”, and fine with me, that is, and of course if this is the wish of light.

A letter and drawing of a child shows our New World being delivered to our New God on the throne, i.e. my new self

Mads brought this letter from a child to the meteorologist in Texas – the original source is here – and he said that if it had been his son, the rest of the year would be “broccoli-free”, and this is also about symbols I have not written down (I don’t write everything I receive) because the other day I was shown exactly a broccoli turning up in a big pot I believe, and a broccoli is light to me, Mads, also herewith saying what you are today, and as you will see later it is also about “bacon”, which Brian Mørk mentioned in a Facebook posting approx. 2-3 weeks ago, because of the “good effects” bacon has to humans!

Here is the typed version of the full letter below:

Dear Mr. Ramon,

Thank you for coming to our school and teaching us about weather.

Some day when I become supreme Ultra-Lord of the universe I will not make you a slave, you will live in my 200 story castle where unicorn servants will feed you doughnuts off their horns.

I will personally make you a throne that is half platnum and half solid gold and jewel encrested.

Thank you again for teaching us about meteoroligy, you’re more awesome than a monkey wearing a tuxedo made out bacon riding a cyborg unicorn with a lightsaber for the horn on the tip of a space shuttle closing in on Mars while ingulfed in flames … And in case you didn’t know, that’s pretty dang sweet.

Sincerely, Flint.

P.S. Look on back for drawing.

When this letter says “some day when I become Ultra-Lord of the Universe I will not make you a slave, you will live in my 200 story castle where unicorn servants will feed you doughnuts off their horns”, you might say “what an imagination this boy has”, but no, the meaning is good enough –this letter comes to me through a “long way around” just as Duran Duran is informed about me – and here he simply says what is true, which is that I will not keep people in darkness as slaves, but everyone will live in my castle receiving “doughnuts”, i.e. the creation of our New World, given to you from the purity of unicorns.

And the boy wants to make the meteorologist a throne of platinum and gold, amazing right (?), and he says that the weather man is (more awesome than) a monkey (inside darkness) wearing a tuxedo (the dress of celebration) made out of bacon (because it is good for humans!) riding on a human/robotic with a a lightsaber (just as Luke Skywalker did in Starwars as a weapon to bring freedom to the world from darkness!) and now he is closing in our New World engulfed in flames, with the flames symbolising the strongest darkness of the deepest inner of my old self, which we are going through now, and you might understand that this was a letter for the weatherman symbolising my new self as our new God or “Ultra-Lord” – and later in the thread, Mads also wrote with a smile that “the position as Ultra-Lord of the Universe is strongly undervalued”, and inspiration again, which to me means that I have nothing to fear being my new self, it is not “as bad as it sounds” :-).

And as Mads writes, he is indeed “pretty dang sweet” (with “sweet” being a sign of more abuse of children brought from strong darkness to the world), and Mikael meant that the boy is a genius and Karim that it is “a youg man with ambitions”, and to me it is simply a boy with an open mind letting inspiration come through, do you see?

Here is the letter:

And here is the drawing of the Unicorn bringing the “doughnuts”, i.e. creation of our New World to our “Ultra-Lord”, which is our New World returning home after breaking through darkness to my new inner self inside of the Source.

The most EVIL EMPIRE of the world, China, has censored my website trying to keep FREEDOM away from China!

When I was finishing my script of the last two days and about to start publishing it, I received a “hello” from my new Chinese friend “Shinio”, whom I wrote with the first time the 6th March, writing on Windows Messenger under the name of “Chang”, and first I decided to myself ”no, I am busy working, I do not want to chat now” also because I did not feel like ”communicating” again as we did the last time, but then I was spiritually encouraged to give it a try, which I then did – I received help because I have asked to receive help when “required” – and first I was the one asking questions about her work and family, which you cannot see from the following because I did not save the first page of our chat, but she is 26 years old, still lives at a “modern house” with her parents in a “small” city of 130,000 people (which is “big” here!), she has a boyfriend, whom she loves, which her parents however do not (!), she works at an office “writings materials” and she likes dancing.

After this, there was a break in the chat and instead of just stopping it here, I asked her if there was anything she would like to know about me, and as “luck” was, she asked me the exact same question as I had just asked her (!), which was about my work, family and interests and as you can see I decided first to send her a picture of where I live because I thought it would make her “see” and understand my life better, and I also thought that it was “strange” that she did not accept to receive the picture, which the program said that she should – as you can see it simply said “file transfer denied” – and then I gave her a little bit of information about myself encouraging her to open my website to find more including “the surprise of her life”, and then she told me “I can’t open your file and website. It’s not allow here”, and then I understood why she had been “helped” to find and “communicate” with me, which is to show the TRUE face of China STILL not wanting freedom and the news of me to spread all over China, which will lead to their own fall.

And then I decided to tell her the truth about whom I am to explain to her why the Government of China has decided to censor my website blocking access to information about me and FREEDOM to spread to China! I was also inspired directly to ask her about Facebook, and she said that she can open Chinese Facebook but not, and I thought that “Chinese Facebook” was just a local version of Facebook but still having access to meet and communicate with friends all over the world (?), but as far as I can see when searching quickly on the Internet for information on this, even Facebook is censored in China (?) and when she says “Chinese Facebook”, she means a Chinese social media instead?

And you can read the end of our communication here, where I encourage the Chinese Government to step down and if necessary for the people to bring the “Arabic Spring” of revolution to China – but preferably for the Government to step down by itself – and you can read the rest of the story here including her wish to RECEIVE INFORMATION, which she does not see in China showing her wish of FREEDOM (!), and also her fear when she learns about the truth of the Chinese Government in violence killing – and butchering is the word I receive – people, and I understood her words supporting the Government simply to protect herself.

At the beginning of this chat, I had the feeling that I was writing with “the system of China”, but here it was more like “monitored by the system of China” and yes how does it make you feel my dear dictators of the State that your cover has been revealed (?) – I feel “throwing up” here and that is NOT coming from me but from you in China (!) – and I wonder if you are telling the official world (behind closed doors “of course) one story about me and doing something else in practice when censoring me (?), and this might be, because these are the words given to me after opening this “impossible to open nut” and yes we are inside “the most holy” now, and that is of the “soft core” of my inner self of this world and coming through there was via this road, and I receive some “shivering of cold” here, which is another old sign of darkness coming to me (here from China), but it is not very strong and it comes together with the feeling of the most pure light of me as the spirit of my mother here tells me, and yes she was imprisoned by the worst darkness of all, which is what China is to the world today, this is the connection – CHINA IS THE EMPIRE OF PURE EVILNESS – and yes my (ladies and) Gentlemen of the PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, did you forget about the people when you were “tempted” by the Devil to put yourself in front of the seat of the world really and yes “trying to bring down the world” is what the Devil was also using China as his weapon to do, but you are ALL going to become liberated and receive the freedom as you can tell from Shinio above that they DO NOT have.

After our chat today, I remembered that after our first chat the 6th March, I had noticed that she had opened my website, but only the front page of it and apparently she did not read (much of) it, and it made me conclude that my chat with this lady in China made the dictatorship of China decide to include my website on the pages, which are censored in China herewith keeping the population from receiving information about me, so it is first within the last couple of weeks that my website has been banned in China!

Here is her visit the 6th March according to my Get Clicky Counter:

And here are the total number of visits from China to my website – 3 (!) – since December 9, 2011, when I installed this counter of Flag counter on my website until the last visit of Shinio the 6th March, and since there has been no visitors from China.

When it comes to the question about whether of not Shinio may be in danger after communication with me, I can only ask the Chinese Government – here supported with the feeling of Obama – NOT TO TOUCH A SINGLE HAIR ON HER HEAD!!!

And I was told that this censorship “of course” does not include the Chinese leaders, and what do they use “all of their time for” (?) and yes downloading porn including Chinese porn too, and some of them like sex with children and animals too, and I am ONLY telling you what the voice says through me. Later I was told that their feelings are also “we are tired running around being portrayed as circus clowns of the world” and yes the New World will come as a relief to the Chinese leaders too.

I was also told that “the Americans are protecting you from the air 24/7” and also that “this is also about what China is building in space” (“war in space”, my friends?), and I said fine, I don’t want to write more about this here, it will have to be revealed sooner rather than later – and again I don’t know what is the truth and what may be deceptions also of this chapter, but I write “the truth” 100% accurately as I am told it.

I also felt how darkness wanted to play a game with me “this is BIG POLITICS, you do not dare to publish this information” (what if China would kill me etc. – but you do not DARE, I challenge you!) and it was strengthened by direct physical nervousness given to me, but this is only on my physical surface because inside of me, there is NO doubt that this is also “piece of cake to do”, and simply because it is RIGHT to do; I have NOT come this far to put a “golden opportunity” behind me, and I understand that publishing this script with what follows when the world will continue to TALK TALK behind my back and behind closed doors of the world will help me forward to the goal of endless creation and the end of time, and so it is.

After this, I was shown a brown cupboard being pushed towards me and told “it is inside of here the TRUE gold is” and later also that “it feels like a generation ago that we last sat down speaking together” (the new parts of me coming out of the fence inside of “the nut”), and I here feel Dalai Lama about to reach his goal of making China give up their dictatorship – this is what he has been working to achieve for many years.

And I was shown a pipe leading down through a parking place to the dark cellar below (the inside of the nut), where I saw Michael Hardinger play guitar, and I was given the feeling that this is what makes the ring complete, which is what means “endless creation over and over again”, and I was here told that this is what we were preparing to do earlier in the day.

I was told that now he only needs to open with his key “because this is where we all are”.

Finally, I was told “this was my aim, we would of course not settle for anything less, because only the best is good enough for me”, remember?

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I noticed Nønne (who deserted me) as a potential connection on LinkedIn yesterday, and I decided to deliberately visit her profile also for her to see my visit, and today she wrote this through Selvet “Liquorice, liquorice and liquorice”, which is “darkness, darkness and darkness”, Nønne and yes right there inside of you because of your wrong decisions and wrongdoings.

  • TV2 asked in the media had gone to far in their speculations about the reason of the dismissal of the CEO of DONG Energy, and I said NO, not nearly FAR enough (!) and encouraged them to write about the deceptions of the official world keeping free energy a secret to the world, about “GOD CLEANING UP” and that is if you DARE, which you do not because objectively you are WIMPS just like everyone else – but maybe more darkness coming from here.

  • Dan has brought several postings, I have not included, which cross what I believe is ”good sexual or decent behaviour” of public speech several of them symbolising the darkness he brought to me too, thus also today.
  • A video of Obama and his achievements based upon “tough decisions” was brought the other day, which I decided to comment below, and Berlingske said that in Denmark (with a stronge Jante-law than in the U.S.), the same thing could probably not be done (which is wrong, because it only speaks about his objective achievements, which is RIGHT to bring and NOT “bragging”), and today I decided to share the video myself on Facebook after watching it, and yes I liked what I saw, however not Obama’s “satisfaction” of “getting” or “killing” Osama Bin Laden (?) and let me say that “getting” him alive was right to do, but killing him was wrong, and how “satisfied” were you really, Obama, and how much of an “actor” were you to satisfy the bloodthirsty Americans?

  • Right after posting my Facebook comment above, I received the song/lyrics ”Would someone please explain the reason for this strange behaviour”, and yes this is about people not seeing/understanding or pretend not to understand that NO ONE can do it better than Obama, but when you ask the Republicans the question, CAN YOU (?), the answer is NO, WE CANNOT (!!!) – become President, that is – and are you becoming increasingly “worried” my friends that you will have to go through an “election campaign” against Obama (and me) (?), and yes ONLY TIME WILL TELL :-).

  • Michael Hardinger is now off to his favourite town of Austin saying that “you will now hear from me anymore before the doctor says that it is fine for me to express myself again”, and this is about the Commune, which by making me officially “crazy” could “shut me up” because who will believe in a “crazy” man (?) and I was told that the only way to ”save” my self and my freedom of speech was to go up against the Commune as I did (also) the other day and that is even though you do not like that I “express myself” – but Madonna and I do :-).

  • The meditation group keeps having “lovely days” where “we can share lovely, common energy” and yes mine it is, but please go ahead, and the first below is after today and the second is after another meditation meeting the other day with Linda who said that she “cannot get enough of the love energy we create together and lifts us. It is like drugs, I become a little addicted”, and I am glad you are feeling fine, Linda, but did you ever discover where this energy came from and what your behaviour of the group did to me?
    • Earlier today I felt how Charlotte Clarissa (who deserted me) also sees my postings on the wall of the Facebook group of this meditation group and right afterwards I received the connecting speech on TV “not very clever” and that was about her feelings of what she did now starting to realise who I am, and yes “not very smart”, Charlotte, and I am given a feeling of Mother Theresa here and the words “my blood/energy running through her veins”
    • And Nemo wrote “ohhh yeah”, which to me can only be about the WONDERFUL song “oh yeah” by Roxy Music – I have LOVED this for many years – and the lyrics “…. How we can drive to a movie show, When the music is here in my car?, There’s a band playing on the radio,
      With a rhythm of rhyming guitars, They’re playing – oh yeah – on the radio
      ” and when using the symbols here, everyone can see that a “movie” is about our New World, “the music is in my car” is about the love of God, “guitars” are creation and the radio is “spiritual communication of God” with the band being the Council and original people and yes when I receive the symbol of “guitar” I keep thinking of the dream years ago when I will place the guitar on the terrace of Karen’s and my house, and that is AFTER use, i.e. after creation, which is now coming very close – and this song is also given to say that without the opposition of this meditation group, I could NOT have created as I did, and I here saw a flying dark object to my left turning into a white bird, this is the process still on-going because I am “stubborn” just like Ferdinand the bull, I will NOT give up, also feeling my sister here, which is what “broke” her.

  • Michael was also inspired to bring this picture of himself with his band mates dressed up with BIG HATS and then he said “say NO more!”, which is then what I did, and when I wrote “NO more” it simply meant NEVER DARKNESS AGAIN (!), which you know Michael is what your hats symbolise, and darkness is the “disease” you accepted as part of your selfish lives.

  • Naser was inspired to write about this 70-year old Palestinian grandmother, who has decided to learn to read and write, and yes this was inspired after I decided to encourage EVERYONE who cannot read and write to learn doing this when you are going to read my scripts, and that is if YOU CAN (?), because it is not mandatory.

  • A VERY OLD feeling given to me is about people at lower levels (of the “official world”) reading and understanding my scripts but difficult to make superiors on “upper levels” UNDERSTAND me when they do NOT read me themselves but will have to rely on “reports” given to them by “subordinates”, and yes with references in dreams and small signs here and there MANY places in my scripts, where it is a CONDITION to read in order to understand the honesty, truth of it all, in order to obtain faith in me, and yes I am given SARKOZY here as an example, and we know the once strong but now weak President, isn’t that right, Sarkozy?
  • The website ”Jesus in my Dreams” via Androula Constantini of Egypt decided to write this posting, and we know Stig, if the old Corpse of my previous self Jesus has not yet been put in the grave of one of the Pyramids, it seems that it is going to, and yes every single time I receive updates from this site, it reminds me of an extreme man of faith, who could not “listen and understand” (potentially bringing me “negative feelings” and my “old nightmare” every time I see these postings) thus not having faith in me (!), and because of his own “inability” deciding to exclude me from his other site about Myrna Nazzour (among others not wanting to understand that her STIGmatas are connected to me as STIG!).

  • I was happy to see that Jan from Theosophical Fellowship finally decided to accept me as a Facebook friend today.
  • I used a couple of hours to see if I could find a program on the Internet downloading my Facebook friends to a CSV file for me to read in Microsoft Excel to compare when friends leave me, and yes Facebook this is ONE example only of a VERY POOR system of yours (in this respect) when you don’t give options of how to sort friends in your list and DETAILS about the friendship (dates added, deleted etc.) and it is not even possible for you to provide a facility yourself for users to download a file of friends from your site (?), and when you copy friends and try to paste them in Excel, it is not good either (includes other information than name), and we know I established a Yahoo email account, which could download my Facebook friends but only 110 of 128 (!), and it could not export the friends in a CSV-file and TRUST me I tried EVERY single way – it may be spiritual darkness – so after wasting my time because of poor systems, I had to do it the manual way (after locating where you had hidden the alphabetical list of friends after updating!), and we know “poor systems” not communicating with each other is wasting MILLIONS of hours (!), and here again – and yes all of this simply to discover that my old school friend Søren could not take the “apple juice” I brought him and my other “readers” on Facebook, and then as EVERYONE else before him, he simply decided to leave me as a friend without saying a word (!!!), but I looked up his Facebook wall and found this posting of his the other day, and it is indeed as you say, Søren “courage is so rare these days” and you do not even have it yourself?

And this is how I was made to – and decided myself to – work all afternoon, evening and night first publishing this script, which was “supposed” to be short, at 06.20 “tomorrow morning” (it took 50 minutes preparing, and not only 30 minutes as I told you the other day, John!), but I did it – not very tired, but tired of writing/working.

When publishing this script I received incredible STRONG physical pushes to my left over arm – made from the inside – and was told “I wonder if we can get the nail out” with the connection being that when I publish this, which is what this darkness tries to prevent me from doing, this is the same as grabbing the nail with a pair of pincers.



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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