March 22, 2012: Creating new, parallel God’s/Universes allowed to develop differently – our greatest creation ever!


Summary of the script today

21st March: My LTO friends could remove my foundation to continue working if they gave up, which they will NEVER do 🙂

  • After publishing my script yesterday I received VERY strong pressure – physically and spiritually – because of the reflections of a NERVOUS official world to my message asking it to step down. Queen Elisabeth – “Lizzy” – of United Kingdom is supporting me and opening a channel of information to me.
  • Dreaming of my LTO friends, who could give up because of sufferings due to lack of money also removing the foundation for me to continue my work, but they will NOT give up (!), my old friend Preben brings me both darkness and light, I have brought much energy to make up for the life Søren H. removed with his lack of faith in me, I am suffering much and tempted to stop working, which would leave life/information behind, creating a new foundation of our New World having no energy to do it, my mother is now not “killing” me as she did (unawarely) before and remaining life inside of darkness pledge me not to cut their lifeline by cutting the last rope of darkness.
  • I was feeling DEAD TIRED AND BEATEN to continue working to still receive more of myself, which I did not know existed
  • Yesterday I asked my LTO friends if they are still alive, which made David tell me that he is but also that “the month has been tight and slow but I thank God it is progressing”, which is NOT a way to live. I see the most beautiful people of light being killed by ignorance and selfishness of rick people, which makes me VERY sad to do – and I cannot even shout up the Old World, which is also why you have to be replaced with our New World Government.
  • I heard from Elijah for the first time since Christmas 2011, and I was HAPPY to read about how he helps children of his village with both food and also a heart operation with the help of media and the wife of the vice president. From his email, you will see what Elijah is TRULY about, which is to HELP people and to share all of his warmth/love to the world, which I myself felt when I literally received the WARM feelings he sent me, which is healing me from my sufferings of lack of human contact, which is as severe as not eating. Please REMEMBER to communicate, which both goes to Elijah and to the world.
  • Short stories about creativity being a gift of God, “Aunt Helena” had enough of me deciding to leave me as a Facebook when she “could not” read and understand me but preferred another “book of entertainment” instead, a performance of Espergærde Youth School made me happy “all the way”, a friendly whale seeing contact with people as a symbol of our New World, my message of yesterday about the “rotten world” was received by the world, FINE paintings of Johnny Madsen at the Danish Parliament symbolise FREEDOM to the world and reconnecting with Björk after spiritual darkness had disconnected me.

22nd March: Creating new, parallel God’s/Universes allowed to develop differently – our greatest creation ever!

  • “We are about to develop a road full of Gods and worlds, which will be allowed to develop differently but all having the same Source” – “this is the greatest creation ever made” – and this is because we keep meeting life, which are “editions of me” outside the Source, which we make alive as new Gods and parallel universes, which are allowed to develop differently. We saved EVERY LITTLE THING of the Old World(s), and this is New Worlds being created, thus making all of our New Worlds more than 100% of what once was.
  • Dreaming of my mother and John helping me with the love they bring, which also helps their train journey to the other side and coming a long way with new creation, but we are still not finished.
  • The comedian Brian Mørk – who threw me out as a subscriber on his Facebook site believing that I am crazy (!) – was on live TV at “Natholdet” this evening, which included a “play” where he was asked to guess how a crocodile was tempted out of its cage with the use of different tools, and he showed how darkness had penetrated the light of me against my wish, and a flamingo plate as protection from being seen, and I was told that this is about secret governments believing that they were protected from the world, who could not harm them (!) but NOT from God, which was a knowledge they received through my scripts! They came VERY CLOSE to bring down the whole world because of their viscous game.
  • Short stories of the importance to “always keep your promises” and to understand WHY the Danish Government “cannot” at the moment, and when you cannot, it makes Michael Hardinger and the population believe that Helle Thorning shows poor leadership, which is darkness making our “floors creak tremendously” – both the Danish Government and me in order to CREATE (!), the darkness of secret governments are finally scared of me, “how the arm with the pen can reach all the way to the paper down from hammock, it ….” (is almost IMPOSSIBLE to both do and tell, i.e. about me having greater difficulties than ever to write my scripts!), while I am telling the official world to step down among others because it keeps FREE ENERGY a secret to the world, the Danish Government has now reached a new “ENERGY AGREEMENT” (!!!), which it WRONGLY marketed to and deceiving the population by telling that it is a “GREEN agreement” – WRONG my ladies and gentlemen, TELL THE TRUTH (!!!), I ask the media to do better QUALITY work NOT misleading populations, a new symbol of Egypt and our New World coming closer by the minute and a good friend of my mother speaking symbolically about setting up our new cinema of our New World with the help of our Son, which is my inner self working with the help of the Source, to set up new God’s/Universes.


21st March: My LTO friends could remove my foundation to continue working if they gave up, which they will NEVER do 🙂

We have created a copy of the world in order for me to bring home the entire train of the Old World

When I was preparing to publish my script of “yesterday”, I received a strong pressure to my chest, as I have received it on and off SOME times for years starting in 1997 (at its absolutely worst ever) when I was dismissed by Aon, and again when having it now, it was darkness trying to keep me from publishing my script (and receiving MUCH darkness is receiving MUCH life you know, so the worst is the best, and that is if I can take it), and as usual I have decided that I DON’T CARE about darkness and also about the power of the Russian energy sector, which is the “dark card” here of my message of “yesterday” or should I say “mafia” instead?

I was shown two trains coming out of two tunnels next to each other and I was told that “we had to create a New World” (a copy of the existing) to make one train drive around as I was shown (the train to the left) and one drive straight out, and I don’t know much of what this is about today and I can only say that right now I first received a vision of a king and then Queen Elisabeth of United Kingdom and I was told “she is one of the long ways around” making it possible to return non-deceiving information to you, so thank you very much for your support, Lizzy, as we say here and this is the name I was inspired to start calling my old friend Lisbeth maybe 10 years ago, and if it is good enough to make her smile, I am sure you will do the same, Elisabeth/Lizzy, and yes we don’t have to be too formal or “fine”, do we (?) :-).

I was told that we have now also organized ourselves in a “completely new way”, and I was told that the copy of the world has to do with returning the Devil and replacing it with new Stig without destroying anything.

I was shown a wardrobe, and a room behind the wardrobe opening, and I am sure more information will be given, when I will decide to receive more information and not at 07.20 this morning where I am both bombarded with visions and speech, which I do NOT have the energy to look at and write down, and also receive very strong negative speech coming to me after publishing my script; so it seems as if my message to the Old World was clearly understood, but not received as well at all places?

Via inspired speech on DR4 radio at 07.40 I understood that the world is NERVOUS – listen to it and you will hear the word being GIVEN several times – which are feelings given to me too, which I have decided to reject because there is NOTHING to be nervous about my dear ladies and gentlemen, everything has been taken care for including “governmental meetings” between Obama and people of other civilizations as I was told the other day without writing it, and I can only encourage the Old World to OPEN up and follow my encouragement to step down, and yes because you do NOT have any options because of your irresponsibility.

I received absolutely NO feedback from neither family/friends etc. nor the world on my script of “yesterday” – which brings me the feeling of an anti-climax because I was SATISFIED with the work I did also knowing about its importance, and in such a situation you would as a normal human like to receive a hand on the back by people telling you “good work” and we know Stig NO ONE is doing this to me, this is how it is to be “alone on top of the mountain”, but I do feel Obama with me and also “if only I could” – so you do not believe it is important (?), or just do not (want to) understand it or NOT to communicate with me (?), and yes I was given the word of the country “Vietnam” several times today, so maybe the message reached you as example and maybe you would like freedom of China too?

“If only I could, I would make this world a better place” – isn’t this a fantastic and HAPPY song (?), and yes “believe me”, this is not only IF I could but what I and the world do :-).

Dreaming of my LTO friends, who could remove my foundation to continue working if they gave up to their sufferings

At 08.30 I was so tired that I decided to go to bed – I did not sleep very well yesterday – and I slept until 16.30 not making me feel fantastically but still with enough energy to make me continue doing at least some work today – and yes THANK YOU to all of you out there sacrificing to bring me energy.

Below are a few more dreams than for a long time also indicating that there will not be many inspired stories to write about today, which is also good really, because “motivating” myself to write the script of today was a challenge, and maybe the worst of all days in this respect since May 2009 (!), and we know I almost did not do it truly needing a break, but alright let us take a few hours to get it done, and from there on, I will have to relax despite of what I am told that this will be the end of my journey because you need my energy/work to continue working at this deep level, and my dear friends, I NEED to relax from work now, and NO I will NOT stop now, and NO I don’t have all the answers but this: EVERYTHING IS TO BE LIGHT and then it is up to the light to decide how to do it, even when I cannot continue working “around the clock”, which is the feeling here.

  • I am visiting my old girlfriend Henriette in her apartment above the kiosk in on the main square of Helsingør. She has stopped smoking but when seeing me again, she now smokes a cigarette. She has French doors to a very small balcony and Preben leans towards the protective metal bars around the balcony and I wonder if they will hold without Preben falling down, and they do.
    • Henriette is a symbol of the spirit of my mother and Preben of me (!), and the apartment is placed here because I send money every month to LTO from the kiosk below, and the connection to whether or not the bars of the balcony is strong enough to hold me, is whether or not LTO are strong enough to continue fighting without giving up, and yes they are still a “main carrier” of mine because of their faith in me, and the dream says that even though they are suffering and struggling much, they are still with me – thank you my friends :-).
  • I am at a Fitness Centre spinning on a cycle with Preben and I feel myself farting much, and I feel that it is Preben sending me this spiritually because of his thoughts about me, and I also feel strongly on my heart that he is sending me heart massage easing the pain to it. After the visit here, I run to Fair Insurance to get in shape, and I bring changing clothes. Fair is now located in a very fine and new head office, I see Michella in a large office through a glass door and she does not look as beautiful to me anymore. I meet Lykke who congratulates me saying that it has now been informed everywhere that I am not registered in RKI anymore (a register of slow payers) and it is now 8-9 months ago that Søren H. informed everyone that I had become registered with RKI. I use the lift up, and Lykke and Peter try to make to the lift too, but they arrive too late. The lift leads to the shopping centre. Later I see myself driving around Rungsted, which has received many good stores including one of the “all you need for your home” type, and I am told that you can still reach the next train, but I look at the clock and say, no I cannot reach this, it will have to be the next.
    • Here I do believe Preben is Preben both sending me darkness with the farting – i.e. threats of my “old nightmare” – and also light because of growing faith helping to ease my heart pain. Fair is our Old World which is now located in new and fine offices, which is inside the New World. I am not as attracted to Michella as I used to be, I don’t even believe she looks good now, which is a sign of easing the threats of my “old nightmare”, I am not in RKI anymore meaning that I have paid my debt symbolically which is about producing MUCH energy because of the work I have done lately, and energy is what Søren H. stole from me not believing in or reading me but still having a big mouth telling others about how “crazy” I had become, Søren? Taking the next train is impossible to me, which is about doing more work than I can do now, where I have to take the slow train coming instead, Bob.
    • I woke up from this dream with my right foot hurting very much, which was another sign of sacrifices of the world.
    • I was also given the lyrics “We’re leaving together” and “still we stand tall” from “the final countdown” by Europe, and is this about the sacrifice of the world, which I hope it is, because I will NOT allow anything of the remaining parts of me to leave without coming back.
  • A new marketing manager says that new brochures from Hillerød will arrive on Monday. I am working alone because Charlotte H. (from DanskeBank-Pension approx. 1990) is sick, and I know that I still have old pension cases to work on – the old accountants and lawyers of Kim S. – but because Kim S. has stopped working, I think that maybe I can skip doing these tasks, which I am NOT motivated to do at all. I am driving up with the lift together with Janne from Fair and others, I am going to the 6th floor even though I am to get off at the 4th floor, and something about Janne reflecting on the words “Christian gay marriage” and saying something with the message that it was “good that it wasn’t you”.
    • Brochures are about marketing my scripts, which will improve soon (?), and I am not working with Kim S. anymore which means that the main part of Old God has been transferred to our New World, but we still have more “life/information” to retrieve, which is work I would rather not do, but someone has to do it, so this is still on my agenda. I am using the lift higher than necessary to do my work, and the higher I get up, the bigger my pain is – and it seems that my old colleague Janne is also in pain maybe because of me, Janne?
  • I have started new work, I am in lack of money and am laying a floor together with a young, beautiful girl who do not have experience in laying floors. I am going to play football and had hoped that I could get some extra work here to bring me an income, but I see that one of the others has brought two teenage boys from the UK, who are willing to do cheap but also poor work, which has nothing with “feist” to do, it only steals away my work. At the football field I am about to do a golf strike and first I need to stand correctly so I don’t hit any buildings with the back of my stroke and also to ask two people standing talking on the field to remove, which they do.
    • The floor will have to be about creating a new “foundation” of our New World using retrieved life/information from our Old God, which will have to be connected with the extra copy of our world, and I am doing this work without having energy to do it – I am COMPLETELY broken when writing now – because darkness steals it, and “feist” was the word I received, which here is about “beautiful, new music” because I am in the process of getting to learn new music via Spotify, and I heard some music of Feist a few years ago when I did the same, and here her music came as a recommendation to me and again “beautiful new music” is about bringing in beautiful new LOVE to our world, and I looked up that feist also means a “mixed dog”, which simply is to say that this music is retrieve from darkness, and yes the meaning of the dreams this night is REALLY hidden well and I only “unlock” these secrets by doing my best work, which then again is what the spiritual world do when opening up the nuts brought to me/us. The golf is about deciding to keep playing even though it is difficult to do this as you can tell.
  • I have bought my self a new car, which I am VERY happy about, it is parked at the end of Gothersgade close to Kongens Nytorv in Copenhagen, and I look down the street from my office together with two female colleagues, and I point at my new car, which is placed as no. 3 from the left, and first they believe it is one of the smaller cars to the left of mine, which almost makes me embarrassed because I have decided to buy a more expensive car, which is a white, traditional English sport car with traditional aluminium rims.
    • A part of the game for a long time has been that I am given visions and dreams including items, I cannot remember the name of – for example the “fence” of a balcony as in the previous dream, what is it called (?) – and here these special rims, where I have the word on my tongue as they say without being able to remember it – darkness is what it is, have you tried it, my friends (?) – and it is the most classical of all with all of these small bars crossing each other, what is it now they are called (?), it will probably come later, and then you never know if the word/memory comes (!), and yes this is about darkness destroying the memories of life, and that is life itself! – And it is now later, Jools, and I was given the word I could not find (!) before, which in Danish is “trådfælge” but what is the word in English (?) – is it directly translated into “thread rims”?
    • In our New World you will not be embarrassed about what you buy because everyone will decide how to prioritize what to buy and no one will feel jealous.
  • I am driving with my mother and John in Southern France, I am surprised that I have not needed to tank up the car, but now I am filling up the car, it feels like my Saab car, and I am surprised that I can do this because my credit card does not work. I can tell that we are close to the coast road, which is on the left hand, but John wants to drive to the right until I tell him that the coast road is at the left, and maybe we can both visit the first city, Rondo, which is known for its bullfighting arena and also Cannes, Nice and maybe even St. Tropez before the end of the day as they have not visited before, but I see when we approach the first city, Rondo, that we will have to walk a couple of kilometres on a gravel road making my mother and John tired, and when we come to the city, we are met by Gypsies trying to cheat us, but it does not work with me, and I see that a barrier is stopping access to the city and all its stores, which look nice, and instead we visit the café on the corner of it where we take a cup of coffee, and I try to get a look at the beautiful waiter there.
    • I am driving on energy provided by sacrifices of the world, John wants to go right (the road of darkness) where I bring them to the left (the road of light) instead, and the famous bullfighting ring of Rondo is brought here because of one of those symbols I decided not to bring, which was about a bullfighter recently who suddenly decided that he could not kill the bull because of the eyes of it looking at him asking for mercy, and here I understand the symbol that my mother has improved in relation to speaking wrongly about me (with misunderstandings) behind my back because this is the same as the bullfighter killing the bull with me being the bull (!), and I was also just told that this is about the “hidden city” inside of darkness (behind the barrier) pledging for their lives, which is for me to NOT decide to cut the lifeline to the rest of life/information inside of darkness, which I will NEVER do before everything has become light! Is more life waiting at us at the next three famous cities, which we cannot make today?

Feeling DEAD TIRED AND BEATEN to still receive more of myself, which I did not know existed

After standing up and before starting to write the dreams above, I received new temptations to cut the last rope of darkness, and I could only repeat that I will NOT cut the lifeline to more life – and I will continue doing my best work without breaking down, which requires for me to take a break later today because I am very close to my extreme edge of yes breaking down now.

I was shown that we are still bringing up more content from the sunken ship. And I still feel much darkness approaching me, so there is/was more darkness remaining than what I have been told, and if this means months of work, this is what I will do.

I was shown two rolls of tape and told “we are copying and pasting”, which is information from our two worlds, the original and the recent copy made of it, you know, and that is depending on the progress of my work – and I wish I could make you TRULY understand how the pain/suffering is – and how much it makes me suffer – when I continue receiving negative words, which may be “easy to understand”, but still I wish I could film it for you to see, and this may be exactly what you can in the future, which comes to me here so this may be it really.

After finishing much of my script today at 23.05, I was shown and told “now I can almost untie you”, which is life, which was inside the next lobe of darkness, which we brought you here – and it is just like the darkness of happy children in Elijah’s village, which has hit them, which they could not do anything to prevent, and the darkness sent to them is of course their lack of “everything” but the smiles of God.

During the evening I received an incredible pain to my right angle, which tells me about much suffering/sacrifices to the world, which could make me become negative not “accepting” to be hurt like this, but I can control my negative feelings, you know (?), and decided that this is NOT going to stop me – I will NOT stop working now!

I was told briefly something about “we are now turning it around” feeling that this was “halfway”, which I “understood” without truly understanding that this is about work done to our New World reflecting the newest inventions coming to us, and have we been reversed and are now being turned back once again (?), and yes I don’t know anymore than this.

I have a tendency that when I am tired I take off my glasses and close my eyes, which I am sure my mother has noticed, and this feeling becomes strengthened much spiritually with me as with everything else so that I MANY times each day very directly feel an incredible desire to take off my glasses to relax a little – another weapon of darkness trying to keep me from my work – and not many days ago when I took my glassed off, I was given the feeling of life inside of the glasses as a SYMBOL only of course, but this is how strong the spirituality works with me, that I can be “shown” and “feel” life inside of glasses, which is not there other than symbolically meaning that when I relax not working, it will potentially cost life, and yes I have received this feeling many times since, which is NOT nice, but it does not mean that I will continue working constantly from now because I simply cannot do this.

I was told that the reason why my fingerprint were taken in 2009 by the immigrant authorities of Kenya when extending my stay, was for the world to compare my finger prints with the prints of the body of my previous self, Jesus, inside one of the Pyramids, and yes this is all I know today – so is this what the world is doing at the moment “just to be sure” I am not fooling you?

I was feeling DEAD TIRED AND BEATEN at 00.55 and had to take one of these breaks (not lasting long) taking off my glasses and closing my eyes where I was shown myself inside a small office of the VERY LARGE central station of the other day seeing trains outside on the station next to me and I was asked if I want to shut the door, and NO IT WILL ALWAYS STAY OPEN AS LONG AS THERE IS MORE LIFE/INFORMATION TO RECEIVE.

For days the right button of my computer mouse has been attacked by spiritual darkness making it almost not work – having to push it maybe 5 or 10 times before anything happens – and we know the left button “cured” itself a couple of months ago, and now we go through the same with the right button, which is also “indispensable” to me when working – and the harddisk of my computer is constantly making loud noises almost as if someone is making noise from rubbing two pieces of paper together, and we know I have NEVER been working on a computer potentially making me as “nuts” as this one (!), but this is part of the game, and sometimes, it “almost freezes” taking forever to continue working, which is also putting my extreme patience on test because it normally happens when I am on my edge about to post a new script and send it by email to Kenya, which takes out “everything” also of my computer.

Finally at 01.35 I had written all of my script of today using parts of me I did not know existed and yes this is the feeling of what we are receiving, and it will continue until there is no more, so please carry on, which is also an encouragement to me to keep on working, but no, not now, I cannot/will not anymore, I need a break, and this will start now.

David: “The month has been tight and slow but I thank God it is progressing”

“Yesterday”, which was early this morning, I sent my previous script to my LTO friends together with these lines:

“Are you still alive and following me (?), I hope you are, and I expect to send you some more money again at the end of the month, so please HANG ON :-).

Here is the new script, where I am preparing the Old World to step down, so it might not take that long before information about me will be given to the world and I will show myself as my new self, which also will IMPROVE conditions for all of you leading to our reunion.

Take care.”

And this made David write these few lines to me, which was VERY NICE of you, David, so thank you for letting me know that you are still there, and look at his words and tell me if this is a kind of life you believe is worth living – “the month has been tight and slow” – and NO, this is NOT how life’s meant to be, and still you can also see the NICEST and most friendly people I know of when reading him, and yes this attitude is what comes the closest to original people of the world today, so please “swallow” what you can my friends, and the next time you “swallow” a fine piece of meat of a 500 gram steak, you might want to think about how you are torturing and killing people of Africa/the world because of your selfish attitude (?), and this goes to both individuals as well as the official “Old World” reading me without doing what it TRULY takes to help these VERY KIND people, and yes this is how I still feel. Thank you, David, you are the kind of man, who is TRULY precious to me, and yes I love all people and “original people” of light without darkness the most, do you understand?

Here is his email:

Dear Stig,

I am fine today and hope that you are OK too. The month has been tight and slow but I thank God it is progressing.

All is well with me and I thank the Lord.

It have not been in a position to write often. I indeed check your e-mails whenever I can. Thank you for always having us in your mind. It is divine.

Thank you and have a good day.


Elijah does his best to help hungry and sick children of his village and sends WARMTH to me via a rare email

And should I be in doubts about whether or not my old and dear LTO friends are with me and continue to support me, all I have to do is to read this WARM and LOVING email from Elijah, which I have now done twice making me smile because of the help he gives to people truly in need and because of the strong impact his words has on me, and when reading him, I better understand the impact of my own words towards other people, which in this way shows our “relation”, and yes this is what COMMUNICATION does to people, when you decide to understand and support each other instead of the opposite, and yes Elijah just lifted me up, which was also much appreciated here, and I do hope that my few words in my emails to you from time to time (I still send all of my scripts via email to Kenya, so they have received approx. 350 emails from me in two years) have also helped lifting you up (?), and yes this is what people can do to each other when they also remember how important communication is to people, and especially if you are in a situation where almost everyone else – except from my mother and John – have decided to be “silent” in relation to me, and yes the WARMTH of Elijah simply spreads with me because this is how it works, when he sends warm regards, this is what I receive and I am here given the feelings very directly for me to feel, and yes my dear friends, I do wish that EVERYONE including Elijah (!) would decide to REMEMBER communicating because it is as important to communicate and to eat, and we know if you do not see people and receive their warmth – as I – it is the same as not eating, you will eventually die because of both (!), and yes yes yes, ELIJAH THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your passion to help children and people and for being STRONG, and I LOVED to read your very nice/long/warm email with the stories of what you did to help and ALSO for you to attach pictures, which really makes it possible for me to much better “see” what you do.

Please understand that my family did not mean badly when thinking that you take advantage of me – this is sadly part of the disease of this society – because underneath this surface of darkness, is the strongest heart of love and care as the world has ever seen, which is going to be opened the day when I will decide that we are through with our work, which you will understand from the dreams of this morning that we are NOT yet.

I wish all of your large family including all of your village my absolutely best. Please share my smiles and warm hugs with everyone as if I was there, and please do this until the day when we will reunite, and when I will come back to the church of the village sharing mine and receiving your smiles, because this is what life is all about.

Here is his email:

Dear Stig,

My very warm greetings to you Stig. I am still alive and following you but first things first! My apologies for not haven’t communicated to you as promised, but i would like you to understand all that i have been going through as i will narrate to you shortly.

I have learned to accommodate myself with the little help you sent to us every month. I worked hard to see that i reach to the many more children who are suffering and need our help. As we await for normal life to come, i have also been extending my warm spirit of sharing to the many suffering children in our village. Thank you for your little support for every month. However small, it has made a big impact!

At some point, i was badly hurt when you mentioned that your own family only thinks that we take advantage of your money. Please if you find it appropriate, share with your family some of my activities of late. As you will see from the pictures, you will see some food rations that we share with the children, see a picture of  Tina with a little girl ( Mary)  who broke her leg with nobody to look after her, both of her parents are HIV victims, find also a picture of Monica.  Monica was diagnosed with a heart disease and she has been suffering all through her life. When we learned of her case, we knew that this was the time to help. Another great moment in our life this was ! Upon putting her story on the news, good Samaritans came and she was treating in one of our largest hospitals. We thank the wife of the vice president who stood with us during and after the operation.

Little Monica can now smile, just like the other Children. We have put her back to school and now she can learn, just like the other Children. It will be our Joy I and Tina to see that this girl finishes her education.

Stig this activities and many more have consumed most of my time and i love what i am doing now which is what i was doing and what i will continue to do! When you miss to hear from me, please always understand me, i am fully committed to supporting you.” We are very much challenged but as usual, We will never give up.”

Thank you for your great help and i do  hope that  in future , we will have more people coming on board to help us  instead of criticizing without seeing for themselves! You stand as a true testimony of the problems facing many Kenyans since you have been to Kenya.

Have a Smiling Day  Stig!

Warm regards,

Here are the pictures, which Elijah included in his email, and somehow I often see that Kenyans/Africans do not smile on pictures, which is NOT how they are in real life, and if you look at the first picture with the smiling girl in the lower right corner, this is how I remember the Kenyans. They have GENUINE smiles and a glint of depth and honesty/originality in their eyes, which you simply do NOT see here, and the difference is that when you see these smiling children/people directly into their eyes, you look directly into the eyes of God, this is the difference, and this is what I want to share with the world for EVERYONE to get, and that’ll be the day when you make me cry and that is of happiness and I feel the spirit of my mother here, my friends.

Food for the hungry children

Look at the smile of the girl in the middle of the front row – this is how people of Kenya are in real life, but sadly not when their picture is taken

Smile, my friends, as you normally do 🙂

Smile, Tina & Co., as you normally do 🙂
(I hope you and your children are doing fine, Tina – I miss you too)

Smile, my friend as you normally do 🙂

PS: If you look at the file information of the above pictures (via my website), they say that the photos were taken in May 2008 between 20.07 and 00.53 in the evening/night, and as you can see they are taking in daylight, so maybe you will change the date of your camera, Elijah, not to confuse people making them decide not to believe in your story, but of course I have FAITH in you and that these pictures are taken recently :-).

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • This is an article about creativity, I have not read it and don’t know if it works but judged on the comments, it may not be as good as Christian Stadil the other day, because here it says that “a hot shower, a cold beer” may be the road to the next idea, and Jakob says that the quick version of the long article is to drink to think about something else, and we know all symbols of darkness, and then it symbolically says that I AM THE KEY TO TRUE CREATIVITY (!), “by painting a room BLUE, you will increase creativity (woe the one painting his walls RED!), and Jakob “the wise guy” asks if it is the process painting your walls blue or the blue walls as such giving him the idea of an Ipad4, and here he speaks of something else, which is that the darkness he sends out because of his laziness and “stupidity”, it what I use to paint the walls blue, and you do remember that BLUE is my colour and RED is the colour of darkness, and I do wonder if Niclas from the meditation group “managed” to understand this truth as I told him months ago (?), and we know Stig, he has STILL not reacted to me, and yes “marvellous” isn’t it (which is that the worse it got, the better the result!).

  • I lost a Facebook ”friend” after publishing my script of ”yesterday”, and yes it was ”aunt Helene”, who had had enough of me, and yes after reading the very long book the other day ”almost destroying” her, she had no patience to read or understand me, so when I wrote my posting asking the Old World to step down and yes a World Government including people of other civilizations, I had to be crazy, and we know if she instead had been “motivated” to use the same few hours reading my website/scripts as the novel capturing her interest, she would have caught the same interest in my writings and changed from a non-believer into a believer, but now she is still a “monkey”, which is a non-believer, and yes this is SADLY the case also of her. And to be sure that she will not hear from me again, she decided to block/report me, “thank you”, Helena for your ignorance, laziness and better-knowing attitude, which I kindly ask you to “entertain” the world with and that is if they care to listen to you?
  • Jais from the Youth School brought the clip below of a group of 12 men from the Youth School singing the old great hit Rosanna by Toto, and I watched it and decided to write the feelings it brought me, which was that it was beautiful singing and entertainment, which I enjoyed, and yes “meet you all the way” as they sing, which made me think that this is what all my children returning home will do when meeting me, and no not yet – just a message to a vision and speech here – we are not waking up yet, which is about darkness, which can almost not wait to step out of the role as actors, because we are much more than what you can ever imagine, and yes just behind this coat of darkness, which you CANNOT take off yet, my gentlemen (playing here) and that is no matter how much you are forced by “natural forces” to stop your acting, and yes BECAUSE I SAY SO, which is the only force fighting back to help us bring EVERY LITTLE THING before we stop acting, so back to work, my friends.
    • Lars was here inspired to burst out “Good …” asking when to receive the overture of Tannhäuser, and we are back to Richard Wagner here and another play about the fight between light and darkness redemption coming through LOVE – and yes “all the way”.

  • Jette brought this clip of a friendly whale mother and her calf, which the mother led all the way close to the people in the boat to receive a “close encounter” making them say “Oh, my God”, and yes this is what our New World symbolised by the whale is about, it doesn’t get friendlier than this.

  • There are quite a few Facebook postings I do not bring because their messages are “not strong enough” to be brought, and this almost did not make it to the script, but when I was told that the name HAMLET on the stone has a message, I decided to bring it anyway, and the message is that my message of yesterday “something is rotten in the state of Denmark” and the world has reached the world and also the understanding that the world cannot control the world itself without my help, which is what will bring you the most beautiful view over our New World :-).

  • The other day I received one of the “unconscious standard letters” from Danske Bank trying to collect my debt and “if you do not, we will …”, which made me send the same message to them as the last time which was:
    Kære Danske Bank,

    Jeg har igen modtaget et af jeres “bevidsløse” standard/trussels-breve, og jeg kan blot henvise til min seneste mail nedenfor
    og oplyse, at min situation er uforandret.
    Jeg opfordrer jer til at kommunikere fremfor at true, og igen at overveje en eftergivelse af min gæld.
  • Liberal Alliance had a private view of the paintings of Johnny Madsen, which they were brave to hang up even though the Parliament WRONGLY had decided that the paintings were “not fine enough” to hang there and that is to receive subsidies (don’t like that word!) and he was so happy that he said FREEDOM to people, which I connected with China, which you did too, Simon (?), thus replying that it was fine that they choose FREEDOM to choose themselves, and I brought a fine song performed by Paul McCartney underlining the importance of FREEDOM, which I will always FIGHT for, and this is simply what these paintings mean to me: The freedom of mankind – and that goes in China too :-). But “no answer” was still the “politics” of Simon and apparently all of the Parliament, and I am wondering how it makes you feel that I humiliate myself to the extreme making many people believe I am crazy, because you have decided to be silent as oysters (?) and this goes out to all of the official world.

The FINE paintings of Johnny Madsen were not fine enough for
the Danish Parliament to hang in the room of Liberal Alliance, but
now they hang there as a symbol of FREEDOM to the world 🙂

  • Tobias lost his girlfriend the other day, which I am now told is bringing him sufferings too to help us fight for our right and yes which song is this (?) and this is how it works, I am only given little, and the world is given the rest really and that is of sufferings – and yes GET UP, STAND UP was the song and that is what I will “soon” do but NOT now and GET UP STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHT, DON’T GIVE UP THE FIGHT is also the SONG OF FREEDOM to the world including everyone in China: DON’T GIVE UP THE FIGHT OF FREEDOM!

  • I wondered this evening why I do not receive Facebook postings by Björk anymore, and when I opened her fansite, I saw that I did not “like” her anymore, which can only be spiritual darkness deciding to exclude me from her site, so I had to push the “like” button again today, and yes just wondering I am – and also feeling you Bill Clinton, but not as much as the feeling I get of Obama, and no I don’t know who you are, and also not as strong as the feeling of Elijah, whom I just felt here, and yes you do not like to be less than no. 1, my friend, and that is a fact (?), but does it help when I say that you are still my no. 1 together with Obama on my list of “favourite U.S. Presidents of all times” (?) and there you have it (not knowing about the value of your decisions as Stig today, but more about your presence, strength and humour – and also “integrity”?).


22nd March: Creating new, parallel God’s and Universes allowed to develop differently – our greatest creation ever!

Creating new, parallel God’s and Universes allowed to develop differently – our greatest creation ever!

After finishing my script “yesterday” at 01.35, I did as I said, which was to hold a break and to watch TV, but the first hours I continued receiving information, which I decided to write down.

I was given the impression that the information/life I receive never ends with the logic being that I might as well end it now (!), and we know these “arguments” don’t attach to me, because there is ONLY ONE ANSWER and that is as long as there is darkness, I will continue and so it is, and even if it takes until December this year (according to the Mayans!).

I was shown Hitler and told Berchtesgaden and I saw Hitler arriving in one of his large dark cars and entering a house, and I saw a long line of cars behind him also entering houses and I was told “it might sound pretty strange but we are about to develop a road full of Gods and worlds, which will be allowed to develop differently but all having the same Source” and I was told that these are copies of me because this is what we meet again and again and again – and you do remember that life is created through darkness and mankind forced me to act as Hitler?

I was shown a couple lovemaking passionately and was told “this is the greatest creation ever made”, and I replied that I did not want to see visions like this.

I understood that these are “parallel worlds” being created and I had to ignore my own sceptic thoughts – guess from where – about whether or not it is a good idea to create several ( “endless”) editions of me and everyone else (and do I get a weak feeling here of a VERY old dream of one edition meeting another living in another world and yes I do believe I do) and yes “if this is how the cards are laid, let it be” and I also had to ignore the thought about “how much pain/sacrifices can this world take to do all of this creation” and the temptation to stop creation to save this world, and simply to keep my decision “as long as there is darkness, I will continue until the extreme end”.

I was shown that most of the cinema – which started with a line of cows at the top row – is now filled up with people (“Gods”) at the same time as I was shown the force of the New World breaking through, which I understood is what is making us enter this “never exploited area” before and that is without destroying it.

I was told that the actors playing my game are now the people I meet inside of this darkness, and these are all new editions of me, who cannot bear darkness/life and keep tempting me to stop this game.

I was told that the more life/information, which is saved, the more we help from here to dig out more life/information, and this is from our New World and this is “a giant amount of darkness every day”.

I was shown first a snake opening and then a pipe inside of which I see a train driving with an incredible speed at the same time as I feel an incredible physical pressure on me coming from the outside, which has the potential to break me, but I have decided to say that “I LOVE IT”, and yes still feeling Niclas from the meditation group here, so do you feel me too, Niclas and keep quiet about it?

I was told “yes, you will believe it is a lie that there can be life inside of those snakes, but there is”, and I understood that this is life included in the darkness of nothing outside the Source where we are using the recipe of original creation to conceive this life.

I was told that this is because we went to the extreme end and “we have all what the heart can desire and we have it for an infinity” and again “why then continue the game” and we know because there is more darkness, therefore!

I was shown a very thin jet of beer and told that “an infinity of information receives a thin jet of beer to become alive” and I was told that the Russian Oligopol helps to bring me darkness, and you are NOT happy about losing your more than extravagant and wrong lifestyle replacing it with my gift of life without sufferings and TRUE happiness?

I was told “if you were an empty atomic reactor, which could not blow up, where would you hide” (?), and I was told the answer “outside, is what we thought”, so this is from where we are making new “editions of me” come alive.

I was told that it is now not a question of life or dead because nothing can die outside of the container (the old “metal container” or “atomic reactor” mentioned above) but in what condition we will arrive, and it made me think that for days I have been given visions and feelings of people, which only have been given to me “half”, so I “feel” who they are but “cannot” bring out the memory of whom it is.

I was shown life inside a compartment room of an aeroplane and when I tried to shut the room, it was impossible to shut and I was told “we have made a world where no one can avoid to enter, it is more a question of how they enter”.

I was told that “my role (as Stig) was to collect keys and I now have more than 100 percent”, which is really to confirm that we managed to save EVERY LITTLE THING of the Old World – and all worlds before it – and we are now saving “everything which was never made”.

Did I ever bring EVERY LITTLE THING in my scripts (?), and if not, this is a very good opportunity to bring this “my favourite Jeff song” – however “lift me up” is on the same level (!) – so here it is.

And saving more than 100% is also why my Top 100 list is more than 100 and at the moment it is 138 artists (as I published a couple a day ago), which simply could not be taken out, and yes it may become 150 before it is entirely finished, and now it is only small adjustments to this list, and running additions to my other lists when I get inspired.

During the night I continued receiving a constant negative talk, which is still about sexual temptations/offerings, I turn down, to stop the game, to return negativity to darkness sending it and to be negative about everyone and everything I think of or see, and “wrong, wrong, wrong” is still the words I say the most, which I am sure Martin, Dave and Andy – and the world – will understand.

I was told that the constant fear of sexual offenders to be revealed is so great that it is also an important factor creating energy to save the world – and I do know this feeling myself from when I did what was WRONG to do, and that is “cold sweat and a physical feeling of constant anxiety”, and yes I am thinking of people abusing children of watching videos of abuse of children (as you know my reader that I have never done myself).

After some hours of pretty much darkness/speech, at the end of the night, the pain lifted, which almost made me think “is something wrong – can I now no longer enter darkness” (?), and if I was in doubt, it was completely removed when I later thought intimately of Karen, where I received the STRONGEST darkness just around me and strangely enough, inside of this immensely strong darkness, which wanted me to think of everyone else than Karen (which would be wrong in my situation) was, was the spirit of my father’s mother – and we know there is PLENTY of darkness, and I can only think that much of this is coming to me from the official world not “happy” about my message the other day?

Dreaming of coming a long way with new creation, but we are still not finished

I went to bed at 08.00 again – difficult/impossible to change my day rhythm at the moment – and slept until 16.00 receiving a few dreams too:

  • My mother and John drive me home, they are going on the train, and something about “how to pay the lease”, a Falck station and my mother’s large dog being very interested in me.
    • My mother and John are helping me with the love they bring me, which at the same time is their continuous train journey (of sufferings) to the other side, the lease is a question about how to receive energy for my continuous work and Falck apparently “thinking” of me again.
  • I have written a more than 100 pages long report, and have almost finished it, and I bring Pernille and Kim S. my preliminary report, which is nicely arranged with a ring back holding it, and still Pernille tells me “you could have done this better” but Kim knows when seeing it that I have done my absolutely best, and I see myself that I am not finished with some of the pages including yellow emphasizing.
    • This is the work of “the rest of creation” so far, and both Pernille and Kim are right, I have done my best, but I am not finished yet – and the yellow is the mark of the spirit of my mother.

Having the greatest difficulties to keep working, which however is what brings my mother flowers

I had 1-2 other dreams, which are not included here because I cannot remember them and my notes are of too poor quality, and it ANNOYS me much, but this is how it is.

I woke up to “God give me strength” by Elvis Costello and Burt Bacharach, which I kept on receiving again and again and again, which crosses the limit of patience of “all people”, which would make them shout “STOP IT”, and this is what I am still often experiencing, but instead of fighting with darkness, I have decided to outlast it, and yes let it come as much as you want – but I don’t want to see/experience what is categorised as my “old nightmare” and we know Stig, NONE of my scripts are “categorised”, which is and has been impossible for me to do, but maybe there are some “librarians” out there not only wanting to do but really doing this exercise for me, and yes thank you and why don’t you bring your information about me online (?) and just wondering here.

After a quick tour to town buying a little using some of my last little money of the month – where I felt physically completely broken down with the feeling “I don’t have energy to get home”, which is still how it is here – I had to start writing the script today, and trust me, I am so “overwhelmed with flowers” as the spirit of my mother tells me here and that is because I keep working despite of receiving the greatest disgust to work these days including a strong throw up feeling – and yes my behind hurts just to sit on this chair for MANY hours and my hands and arms are still not “recovered” from the “almost partial paralysation” after hard work, which is also what you are not yet after my message to you, Peter Mogensen?

I was told that if I was to stop working now, it would have the consequence to “lose information of life” but not life itself (?), but I do believe this is inline with information given to me during the night.

I was told “do you know why you have “loved the nightlife” lately” and given the answer “because you have turned everything upside down” and I do believe that this is now what we will reverse and that is “if you are up for it” as I am asked, and yes “bring it on” (!) and of course only “light” because this is ALL we want to bring on here and nothing else.

This evening I continued to receive the “kill, kill” command, so it seems that darkness has not yet understood that it cannot kill me – and a message I received a couple of days ago, which was repeated here is that if I should decide to stop the game now, we would “hurry to bring all of my remaining self inside”, but not he message is still “we have good time, do your absolutely best work” and yes I see the next one being kiss and we know let him enter too, and that was one more God with one more world, and this is how quickly things go here now.

The secret government of the world believed protected from the world, but NOT from God because of my work!

I took a break of about one hour to have a late dinner and by chance also to watch the VERY INSPIRED “Natholdet” (“the Night Team”) live on Danish TV2 this evening and today the host, Anders, had invited BRIAN MØRK by all people (yes, the one who threw me out as a subscriber a few weeks ago thinking that I had to be crazy!) as his guest star and when writing this, I am here given STRONG feelings of diarrhoea and “fear” and told that this is the amount of darkness brought to me by “secret governments”, which is what this story is about and also “aren’t you afraid, Stig”, and no, I have decided NOT to be afraid, even though the natural feeling is to be “very afraid”!

It started when the host Anders told Brian “Mørk, the stage is set” (!), and this is really what it was because we now had to carry out the play we have planned, and they had truly planned it carefully – sadly I cannot show you any pictures or videos because TV2 is a pay channel keeping its secrets (!) to paying subscribers, and yes two meanings here – and they had drawn up several items on a white board (a crocodile, a chicken, flamingo plate etc.) asking Brian, before a video clip would be shown, to guess the events of the clip when a crocodile had to be removed from a cage, and he was asked “would you like to move a crocodile” (?) and he said “are you CRAZY” (!) and yes this is about what Brian thought of me – and spoke/laughed of me, Brian (?) – and also because it is not very easy to “move a crocodile”, which is “darkness of the world” you know, and it continued with Anders saying something like “Brian, with your sick mind, if you hit reality, I will give you many mugs” and “sick mind” is to say that the roles were turned around with me being normal and the world including Brian being crazy without the world being “able” to see it, and it was also a spiritual message saying “MUCH LOVE” because these mugs are COFFEE mugs symbolising this – I was a given a DIRECT feeling telling me – and that is because of what we have achieved when “moving the crocodile”.

And then Brian looked at the white board thinking “what am I to do here” and maybe you felt as if you did not have “inspiration” to say something funny (?) – the “worst” for a comedian and yes because I thought he was not very funny (!) – and somehow he was still VERY inspired when he decided to stick a pole all the way through the chicken, which was a symbol of how darkness had pierced through the light of me holding me in a prison of darkness against my wish and I was told that “this is now all over, otherwise we would not have come here”.

And he used the flamingo plate to protect himself from being seen and I was told that this was a symbol of secret governments believing to be protected against the world EXCEPT from God (because of my scripts!), and then they showed the TV clip about how they used the chicken as bait to tempt the crocodile out, and to protect me lying underneath the flamingo plate for the crocodile to walk on top of to get out (!) and to have the crocodile hunt the chicken until it was attacked and caught itself, and this is what the crocodile of both secret governments and the entire world were, caught by me, with “crocodile” being “darkness” and the chicken being “creation” as the “bait”, and yes we played with our “survival”, this was about “to be or not to be”, and we still ARE and that is better than ever (just behind the curtain of darkness).

During this TV-show I was also given a VERY STRONG feeling of relief and “whew, I am finally done with my work”, and this might be what we are approaching, but I do believe this is darkness trying to make a fool out of me again and we know this is the second time you bring me inspiration to bring the song “what a fool believes”, so here it is, and yes what “a fool believes” is what most of my scripts are full of with people “misunderstanding” me simply for being “fools” not able to LISTEN/UNDERSTAND and WORK PROPERLY and here it will have to be about the secret government too, and here speaking solely of the U.S. of the kind without knowing how other countries have “organised” their deceptions and we know how long did it take for you to understand that I am ME and that you have to take THE FALL (?) and yes please tell the world my friends, and yes people of “strong inner voices” don’t give up easily, and I feel Obama too, and yes “what did they temp you with, my friend”?

After this “play”, the next play started when Anders asked Brian about his sir name “mørk” (“dark”) and whether or not he is “the prince of darkness” (!), and he had found three clips of people named the same as they do, for example an ornithologist named “pigeon” as middle name, and yes it was truly “funny” and the “most funny” is that it was not only funny, it was TRUE, because Brian was a “prince of darkness” attacking me grossly, but of course he had no idea of just how much I suffered while he was laughing, and this is what also made me incredible TIRED, which the next clip showed, when TV2 News had “caught” the journalist Olav Christensen simply sleeping on Live TV – yes, “much inspiration” here (!) – and they also laughed of “poor research work” by TV2 news, which is simply a message for the media to improve bringing The Naked Truth and QUALITY work not guessing but knowing the facts about what you bring.

Anders said “Brian, you can win a cup” and again Brian said “are you CRAZY” as his reply, and yes he was a STRONG opponent of darkness!

(And I also keep sneezing from time to time).

Afterwards he was given six ”crazy” job titles having to guess the occupation of three women, and he got the first right by guessing “outhouse employee”, and I felt the spirit of my mother speaking through Brian here and “outhouse” was a reference to our old outhouse in Snekkersten, thus another symbol of darkness.

He also got the next one right by guessing “cat enthusiast” as I was thinking too (!), which is really about “loving light” or we could say “doing the right things”, and Anders was impressed – not many who are “inspired” to guess two out of two correct with this many options (like hitting two sixes with a dice in a row) – saying something like “if you guess all three, you will get the entire easel” (of the white board) and here the easel was a symbol of the entire world (the frame including the picture of everyone), and when looking at the last woman, I thought that she had to be a “flower healer”, and “funny enough”, this is also what Brian guessed (!), but she was not (!), and I was told that “this is how close darkness was to destroying everything” but because of my work, darkness was dismantled, and yes also darkness of secret governments.

The show ended with the two speaking of sausages, which is an old symbol of my “old nightmare”, and it made Brian say that he was afraid of “crapping his pants” (don’t like the first word) and the spirit of my mother told me that “this is what I was afraid of” with this symbol simply meaning the end of the world.

And the show was REALLY inspired today, because it had decided this time to end the show by bringing the beautiful song A NEW WORLD IN THE MORNING by Roger Whittaker, which is what we will now meet and yes because light was stronger than darkness, and that’s it really – and I was thinking that I have heard and seen the phrase “a new beginning” a couple of times these days and today it was on the TV sport news bringing an item of a football player of Køge with exactly this headline “a new beginning”, which what we will all do at our New World, to start all over again.

After returning shortly before midnight to write the chapter above and most of the short stories below, I must say that my tiredness and “disgust” to write is truly its highest ever making the script today even more difficult to write than the other days, and I do hope it will become better over the coming days, because otherwise there might come one day where I will not “be able” to write, and I don’t want to miss just one day because it will probably be almost impossible to get back to the rhythm doing this impossible work.

This feeling lasted until approx. 02.30 and I was told that it is also about the fear of my mother because I go up against the whole official world, and my dear mother, they have known about me for a long time, the only “trouble” is that you have not known and again THERE IS NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT and that is “as usual”, but this is how she is born, and yes with EXTREME feelings of anxiety as “no one else” symbolising the fear of the world going under, do you see, mother?

Finally by 03.45 I had written and also published the script and I had hoped to be able to look at 4-5 possible small amendments/additions to my website with information I have received in scripts over the past couple of weeks, but it will NOT be tonight, I am too exhausted.

Today I was given the word/country “Hungary” several times, so I am also on your mind, my friends?

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Søren here experiences the same as I, which is that when he speaks the truth, even “sensible people … becomes mad when pointing this out” – I know the feeling Søren, trust me (!) – and here it is about the government of Helle Thorning Schmidt in 2011 (and other examples before her) not keeping the promise you made before election, and Søren is OF COURSE right that it is VITAL to keep your promises, but Søren & Co. may like to DIG DEEPER and instead of just attacking, to tell the public what is the reason why this is “impossible” for Helle Thorning Schmidt to do, and when you do this, my friends, you will get to learn the truth – this is all I ask of you. Don’t hit each other in the heads with a bat without DOING YOUR BEST TO UNDERSTAND THE TRUTH because if you do not this is truly “bat out of Hell”.
    • Marianne loves Søren to “say things straight out” and that is a good thing, you see (?), which you will also learn about me one of these days.

So here is one of the greatest rock songs in history – and Meat/Jim have made a handful of these – and by the way, it also means “LOVE” to the Danish Parliament :-).

  • Michael Hardinger keeps being influenced from politicians and media writing negatively about the Danish Government without writing the truth behind it – poor behaviour and communication of selfish people thinking and only working to promote “mine” instead of “ours” without TRULY listening/understanding/helping (!) (I am thinking of the old Carlsberg commercial with Ulf Pilgaard about mine/our beer here) – and he brings quotes of papers giving Helle Thorning Schmidt and the Government “fail marks” and then he says “it got to creak tremendously in the floor boards on the halls of Ministers”, and yes this is a symbol of the IMMENSE darkness brought to us (the government and me), which instead of destroying the floor is creating the floor/foundation of our New World of “endless parallel Universes”, do you see, Michael?

  • And some days Michael posts “ten” new messages – other days like it is not that many as my day is today – and this one is about “Darth Vader is finally scared” and yes symbolising the secret government losing power, and I wonder how many “politicians” of previous “official governments”, who are part of the secret government (?) – what did you answer when you received the offer and why, Uffe (?) – and yes you might as well tell me because there is NOTHING you can do to “escape”, I told you so!

  • Søren is also still very active with his pen (!) and here he says “how the arm with the pen can reach all the way to the paper down from hammock, it ….”, and yes this was SPOT ON, Søren, because it is just telling that these days it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to continue writing my scripts, and that is the feeling at least, but after a couple of hours as now, it always go better, but I tell you, the first couple of hours are truly “bat out of Hell” here too …. :-).
    • Thomas believed that no one than Søren could “set the pictures in so clear frames”, and PICTURES is about “scoring a goal”, which is to save us all from the Judgment, this was HIS inspiration, and Lizeth actually believee that “the sun shines on TV”, this is what she said (!) and this is what makes me “completely finished here” (in terms of no energy) as she also said (!) – the light shines on darkness of the world (!) – and yes a true A-ha experience for you, Søren & Co. (?), and this song by A-ha has ranked as one of my true favourites of theirs since seeing it the first time now more than 25 years ago, and yes I long the song AND the art of the video, “what energy” and “listen to the guitar”!!!

  • The last few months, the Danish Government have shown “a play for the gallery” with “the gallery” being the world – yes, you are “superstars” my friends, don’t you like it (?) – and this play was to “negotiate” a new “ENERGY DEAL” achieving a “broad agreement” including the opposition, and it made all politicians “happy” celebrating the result as a “victory”, and yes Villy said below that it both “benefit the climate” and “create thousands of new jobs” and yes this is really what he said (!!!) – and a “GREEN DEAL” is now how you “market” this – or excuse me DECEIVE the Danish population making Denmark “self-sufficient” with renewable energy in 2050, and we know Villy & Co. how could you put a good face on this instead of simply telling the truth to people as I told you and especially after my message the other day (?), WE DO NOT NEED TO PRODUCE ENERGY, BECAUSE WE ARE LIVING INSIDE ENERGY, which simply can be converted to whatever “energy” you need through FAITH – as UFO’s do – and yes it is as easy as that, I told you so!

  • Villy is not the only actor, Lars Løkke is a very fine one of the kind too and here he is presenting the “strong prints”, which the liberal party received in the negotiations making the agreement two billion DKK cheaper than the Government had suggested (!) – what a win, Lars (do you “feel” the irony?) – but you concluded that “unfortunately it became somewhat more expensive to be Dane, which is impossible with the Government we have” and we know, ARE YOU COMPLETELY DEAF, Lars, or have you simply decided to play another act without taking my encouragements to speak the truth seriously?

  • Here you can see a graph showing the cost of energy in Denmark compared to many other countries and yes Denmark is the most expensive place to produce energy already, and all of these expenses are TOTALLY UNNECESSARY and only to keep up the Old World Order!!!

  • And Anders from Liberal Alliance told you the “name of the game” of the Government wanting to get 3-4 billion extra from the Danes, and when this is the goal, you will start negotiations asking for 6 billion, and then “giving in after tough negotiations” to receive the planned 3-4 billion (!), and yes do you understand why I do NOT like “politics” of selfish people cheating, lying and bringing other people down instead of understanding and TRULY working together?

  • Ralf – another famous political commentator – said that the media was QUICK to determine that the murderer in Toulose, France, was a right wing extremists (as I showed you), but he was an extremist Islamist – and this is one for the media NOT to guess, but to KNOW the details and facts about what you write and that is also to NEVER use “anonymous sources” – everyone having something to say should do this showing your face, and yes I do NOT like “anonymous informers” as we today see everywhere telling “gossip”/”secrets” about your neighbour or colleague to tax authorities or a company. STAND FORWARD AS A MAN and NOT as a coward (!) and here I am thinking of the one cheating on me to the police in Kenya in 2009, COWARD is what you are!

  • This is the screen of Fox news telling about the “madman of Toulouse” with EVERYTHING on the screen being wrong – is this really what happened or a “set up” (?) – and nevertheless it underlines my point telling the media to do QUALITY WORK only reporting what you know are facts, and NOT what you “guess” happened and not to work too quickly producing errors like you see here – this is sadly how they work today INFLUENCING populations with their ignorance, laziness but still better-knowing voice, and where do you get it the best, and yes FOX news with FOX being the Devil self.

  • Today my Spotify programme was back to normal only showing my Facebook friends – and a playlist I had subscribed to myself – on my right pane, and yes quite a difference since yesterday, you see?

  • Stinne, an old Fair colleague and “one of the pretty of the kind” was to Egypt too – people have a lot of money here preferring to spend it on “luxury holidays” for themselves instead of saving a child or two in Africa (!) – and here she was inspired by Kim some time ago showing how small the Pyramid containing the Old World was, so she decided to do the same “stunt” showing how small the Sphinx is by kissing it, which also shows you more temptations of my “old nightmare” and yes so it is.

  • My mother’s very good friend, Käte, was also “inspired” today when she “started by setting up a new TV …. a whole cinema” and yes I do understand, Käte, because as mentioned today, this is what we are doing at the moment (full of new Gods/Universes), and how do we do this (?) and yes as she said “received a lovely visit by my son who fixed my lamp and closet” and yes this is what I did (my spiritual inner self fixing the light of the world and the closet, which you do know is “the toolbox of God”?), and because of this as you say “then I had to show myself from my gastronomical side” followed by a “hihi”, which is you know also an old symbol of mine of “women flirting” and here my “old nightmare” and the last part was symbolic speech of creating new life of the best quality (being gastronomical) and doing so when continuing to receive and that is really to reject my “old nightmare” of darkness, and this is how inspiration is when it works the best, you believe you are saying something else, and then you are really speaking in a language, which I understand.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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