March 24, 2012: There is still only ONE SOURCE/GOD, who you will see in endless variations of endless Universes


Summary of the script today

23rd March: There is still only ONE SOURCE/GOD, who you will see in endless variations of endless Universes

  • If I stopped working now, our New God’s and New Worlds would “crash” down to me. Darkness has been sent with me outside the Source using it to make all of this new life inside “nothing” to come alive. Darkness is at its strongest point maybe ever making it extremely difficult for me to continue working.
  • I saw that the acknowledged clairvoyant Steen Kofoed had written an old note about what “gossip” does to people (“the work influence you can expose another person to” because “gossip is dark thinking, which creep into other people’s mind”), and it inspired to write a message to my family/friends etc. telling them that their wrong gossip and negative feelings about me almost killed me, them and made the world go under, and I heard NOTHING from no one and that is except from my new Facebook friend Jette, who did not “run screaming away”, but will now read my website in order to understand :-).
  • We are now turning around and connecting all of our endless new God’s and worlds to me as the anchor inside the Source providing energy for everyone. There is still only ONE GOD via the Trinity but you will see me/us in endless variations everywhere, which will each receive “a set of us”.
  • Dreaming of New Worlds taking out insurance with me, i.e. to connect with me at the Source, the risk of losing someone because of darkness working when I am sleeping, my scripts will be read by an “incredible amount of people”, New Worlds attach to me in high speed, more threats of my “old nightmare” while doing difficult work and there is still more life to be transferred into our BIG New World.
  • Meshack told me that he is doing better health wise but still he is balancing between hell and heaven struggling to make a living for his family when there is no income and no job to be found, and struggling to stay alive to live a life not worth living as millions of others because of a selfish world.
  • At the final show of X-factor inspired speech spoke about our many New Worlds, Blachman said with his words “GOD LOVES YOU, YOU ARE MY CHILDREN ALL OF YOU”, I am alive as my new self (and about to open up my eyes as my new self) because of the hard work I did, it is not always that people want to receive my love (!) including the Mayor of Helsingør not understanding me (!), when I will wake up as my new self, it will make the world “go wild”, I had no fear to tell the world straight out about its WRONG behaviour, communication and work, Blachman brought energy to me when addressing millions of Danes every Friday on TV in order to create, which we thank this “small country” for, break down your inner borders and develop to your maximum potential, PLEASE PRIORITIZE GOOD COMMUNICATION not speaking about yourself all of the time. Finally Ida won X-factor singing the beautiful Coldplay song PARADISE as the last song of the show, because this is where my suffering travel via train, aeroplane and cycle brought us all.
  • Short stories of evilness of Danish Communes forcing people to accept dangerous and WRONG “treatments” to receive welfare, Henry Kissinger was “the man of evil above all” in charge of the secret government of USA, examples of violent children with the WORST language because of lack of teachings of good behaviour, I am thinking of FREEDOM coming to Burma and Aung San Suu Kyi, people will normally NOT take people calling them WIMPS seriously, but do the world understand that this is OBJECTIVELY what you were when you “could not” speak about me publically (?) and Helena returned as my Facebook friend with the use of “magic” asking what to do when she does not believe in religion nor politics and I told her that the convenient answer is to turn to me!

24th March: The world is awakening from its mass psychosis not being able to tell the truth

  • Dreaming of continuing my school/journey, my Swedish friend Anna Karin is being cleaned because of me, collecting energy from darkness, I am using an impossible road via my mother which is only open because I am stronger than darkness blocking it, doing my last work updating my website and giving a protective layer to New Worlds is difficult to do, I am totally exposed to my “old nightmare” but don’t experience it because I have decided that I don’t want to.
  • The heart of my new self is about to be installed, which is the spirit of my mother, i.e. our New World
  • Short stories of me still being a “zombie”, the world awakening from its mass psychosis not being able to tell the truth, Selvet wrote that you do have to tear away the self-created veil hiding God from you (!), and Flemming Østergaard used Facebook to update his family/friends etc. on what he has been doing, which is a very good way to use Facebook 🙂 and we have created MANY Ferraris of our New World of endless Universes.


23rd March: There is still only ONE SOURCE/GOD, who you will see in endless variations of endless Universes

Darkness has been sent with me outside the Source using it to make all of this new life inside “nothing” to come alive

Right after publishing my script “yesterday” I was told “we love you for this too” and I still feel more life entering me, and I decided to stop here not starting work to update my website here and there, and because I will NOT work so hard that it kills myself, so I will make these updates when I have energy to do so, and there is NO plan for when this will happen other than “whenever I get a chance” and still not easy to fight negative voices now at the same time as working including an “almost freezing computer” – this is how it has been ALWAYS on this computer – but today surprisingly enough NOT a “crazy monitor continuing to blink at me”.

When publishing my script, I “could not” get the link to Microsoft Messenger to work (bringing a posting of my script) even though it is established a long time ago, and even when I “successfully” connected it twice again, and updated my script it kept on disconnecting, which is what it did very often in 2010 and 2011, which is a symbol of my aunt, Inge, not believing in me, so Inge you don’t believe that I will be strong enough to make the Old World resign, or have you come in doubts about who I am again (?), and yes I was told because of influence of my father, and again I don’t know what is truth or deception, but the truth is that this is what happened and what I was told.

I was shown a dark flying monster around me and I was asked “how can there continue being darkness” (?) and yes when I am outside the metal container and am not attacked to darkness anymore (?), and I don’t know but I will probably receive the answer later today or tomorrow (?) and maybe because we are simply now floating together with “darkness” outside the Source making everything of nothing into something, which was impossible to do, and yes this is my best answer today, so this is what I believe we are doing.

I saw a UFO flying around Earth and was told “if you stopped now, we would feel like crashing down”, and I was also told how impossible it is to reject and not to break down to the incredible amount of darkness sent to me now, and on my mind this night was the option to stop receiving not more life but to take a break if necessary where you are welcome to continue speaking but I will decide what to write down, which does not mean that you are NOT welcome because the gates are still open, and yes the pressure is to make me say when and if I do not receive information, the gate till be closed, but I have decided that I can take a break if needed, and STILL there is open to you and we know this is not as easy as it sounds with darkness wanting me to do the opposite and so it is still here.

And darkness is trying to overtake the strong role from me telling me what to do, which it will – at least if the game allows it– if I give in to it and I keep receiving the words tempting me to day ”yes, yes I will do as you say” together with taking the attitude of being “less worth” and “you decide”, but NO this is not how we play here, you are just a voice, which however is among the STRONGEST I have ever met, but still you are ONLY a voice – and people should know just how STRONG this voice is and how “impossible” it is to fight back.

I continued receiving the strongest sexual visions/speech, so creation is still at its highest with darkness sent to me from secret governments and the official world, which seems still to resist me and at least some of you, and I can only tell you to REVERSE to me because you have NO OTHER CHOISE, it is as easy as that!

There is still only ONE SOURCE/GOD, who you will see in endless variations of endless Universes

During the night I received some information, which I decided to write down as follows.

I was shown a castle with a long entrance road and a gate and I was told that “we would rather prefer not to break down the gate because it would hurt us all”, which is the same as “crashing down” – if I should not be able to work now – in order for our New Worlds to connect with me as the castle.

I was shown a room containing genuine carpets all over – both floor and walls – and I was shown how it is turned around while I looked at it, and I was shown two people speaking while I could not stop chasing rats myself at the same time feeling strong sexual temptations, and I decided to let it happen with a feeling of self confidence telling myself that “darkness cannot harm me”.

I was told “you are about to make the snake into something which was not there including communication, we are WILDLY enthusiastic” and later that we will not only become one Universe with endless life and worlds within this Universe, but an infinity of Universes all having endless life and worlds within each Universe, this is what is being created these days, this is why we call it the greatest creation ever made.

I was shown and told that at one and the same time there is no resistance with everything being blue (of me) and darkness, which we spread out everywhere (“the thin jet of beer”), which is the fuel making EVERYTHING come alive.

I was told ”and at the end it is time to do the roof above this creation” and I was shown a very long greenhouse with flowers and I cannot remember when writing this but probably with the roof about to be installed, and this looks like the last piece of this creation being made, and we will see how long it will take.

I was looking up from a large cylinder hole in the ground where I saw light and I was told that “you can almost look out through darkness, which is used for creation everywhere as long as the eye has the ability to see, which is endless” and I received the feeling that not much is remaining.

I was watching TV with the sound now working most of the time and not a minority of the time as yesterday and most days before it, and simply because I have decided to say that I will continue working instead of the opposite (which both makes my old self and the sound work!), and I felt and saw how the signal to turn up or down the volume – just as a remote control – was spiritually sent from the right side of me, including darkness of my mother making the sound turn down (“paralysing” the TV!) and darkness as in “anxiety”.

I was told “isn’t this just what we say that we are almost at home” and again I felt that we are “extremely close” and yes it might be right and the opposite, so therefore I continue doing my best to focus on long term work, which is really “impossible” to do now, when hours feel like an eternity to come through because of much pain.

I was shown chicken everywhere belch out darkness activating life, which was showing me that the creation is a process done by all New Worlds, and darkness helping us to do this work is also coming from “old contacts” of LinkedIn, which I activated recently bringing my postings there too.

I was shown a powerful light and told that I will be the Source of all God’s and worlds – this is how powerful the Source is now.

At 07.00 TV2 news – also sending on TV2 – experienced “technical problems” when NO SOUND came out (!), and after some time, I checked the other channels, and yes this time it was NOT my TV having “technical problems”, it was simply to show TV2 and everyone else that this is how “technical problems” on my TV work when spiritual darkness intervene, which is what caused the “technical problems” of TV2 news too, and I heard one host saying after the sound returned that “we will re-start the whole store”, and yes this is what we will, re-start the whole world :-).

I was shown and told that if I should “give up” now, I would cut off the top of my own tree (creation) to help all other worlds.

I felt the spirit of my mother sharing herself everywhere and I was told that there is ONE GOD via the Trinity, which will follow the same principle of “parts of the Trinity being installed inside each new world made by new creators inside of this Universe”, which was creation made “a couple of months ago”, and here it is expanded to all new Universes and worlds inside each Universe, which is the same as saying that there is still only ONE GOD via the Trinity, but you will see me/us in endless variations everywhere and “we will be busy, but cannot wait” as I was told :-).

Just before going to bed I was shown parents bringing me to my baptism in Church, and I felt that I still have darkness inside of me.

Later in the day I was shown children being taken down from the tree, which is about New Worlds arriving gently without crashing.

I was also shown a glass bowl pouring out the absolutely last drops of orange juice, which is what we use for this creation without losing a single drop of it.

I was shown an incredible strong light bulb about to turn around and to enter and plug into the Source, which is about me being installed.

And I was shown the rocket of darkness returning after having been “everywhere” at our endless New Universes.

Telling my family/friends etc. that their gossip and negative feelings was darkness almost killing me, them and everyone

At 08.00 this morning when I just wanted to check Facebook before going to bed, I saw the old post below by Steen about what “gossip” does to people (“the work influence you can expose another person to” because “gossip is dark thinking, which creep into other people’s mind”) and it made me decide to write my message below to my family/friends etc. telling people that their WRONG gossip about me being “sick” and (extreme) negative thoughts of me is what was “this close” to make me, them and the world go under, and I understood that this was “good to bring” both to make more understand bringing more faith and energy to me and also even more darkness and I was thinking much about my sister and mother here because my sister influenced my mother against me and neither my sister nor my mother “wanted” to understand how much this hurt me, because they believed that they did not because “we don’t want to harm you” but nevertheless, this is what you unwillingly did, you were killing me and mostly you mother because of your “great importance” being the one you are and had you “known” (listened to and understood me) you would NEVER have done what you did. It was my own family/friends etc., who were the darkness being “immensely close” to killing me, this is why I was – and still am (!) – a “zombie” for years, but looking at the bright side, this was needed to save the world (!), no one was hurt and I bear NO GRUDGES to anyone, and I do love you mother and all of my family/friends and that is “more than I can say”.

When I was working on my message, I received a déjà vue about writing this exact thing to my own family/friends etc. telling them that they were my/our potential killers, and then I knew that the right thing for me to do was to write my best instead of writing a quick note, which is what I first thought that I would do and yes another example of doing your best, and not your fastest – and I should really have included “politicians and media” too in the listing of people sending “killing darkness” to me.

I also decided to bring my message to my family/friends etc. to Steen and his large group of “5,000 friends” to make them read and understand my example to document his note, and I also thought that most people will quickly read his posting and NOT read the replies from others including mine because they are “too busy” to bring their own replies, and this is how most of Steen’s friends “could not” discover me, but what about you, Steen, did you “discover me” (?) but without telling me?

And how much feedback did I receive from my own family/friends etc. (?), and yes ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, but probably there are people out there “thinking of me”, and I received the feeling of my old class friend Christina several times, who is one of them, and then I was happy to receive an email from my new Facebook friend Jette, who apparently did not become scared of my message or the message the other day about our New World – not easy to know when people do not tell – so this is what she said that she did not “run away screaming”, and I thanked her and encouraged her to read my website to understand even better, which she was kind to say that she will :-).

Dreaming of New Worlds connecting with me at the Source with great speed

Finally at 09.15 I went to bed and continued sleeping until 17.15 including a few dreams too:

  • I had a dream difficult to remember but I stood below a staircase checking the interest of people and I believe who is visiting my website, which does not tell me. My old friend Lars G. arrives to hold a speech.
  • I am sleeping and feel how one is sticking me, but not seriously. A young woman makes an order for a Falck coverage (insurance), which I will take care of later, and one reminds me to bring the ball, which I do and it makes me say “I challenge everyone to play the labyrinth play”. I meet an Australian, who has an endless amount of money, who wants to insure his new racer car with me, everyone has to take out insurance with me, and I think that I will “maybe” insure it, but I know that I will. My business partner tells me the details of the car insurance cover, which he remembers, and I still do not remember it by heart after having read about all insurance recently, but I know where to get access to information when I need it.
    • Even though I have a “terrible balance” between my left and right side of my body – made up by the spirits of my mother and father respectively – for example when playing drums, I was “outstanding” as a boy playing this labyrinth game because I decided that I wanted to be “the best”, this is really how it is here, the birth gift I have been given (!) – and the Australian is an example of one of our New Worlds taking out “insurance” with me, which is simply to connect to me inside of the Source. I do believe that as my new inner self – the resurrected old Jesus – I have now read all code of the world, but I still cannot remember it by heart, and when it comes to work in the future, you will probably remember much of your work by heart because your passion for quality will make you, and what you cannot remember, you will have access to read.
  • I woke up to Back to Back’s song “en som dig” (“one like you” and the lyrics “når jeg sidder alene for mig selv med alt det jeg ikke nåede, nej, men hvis du forstod hvad jeg forlod”, which is about ”if you understood what I left” and that is for two people to leave, and maybe a ”warning” about not giving up to leave any information, and we know I have NO plans of this, but still as yesterday, I will NOT kill myself doing this work, I will continue working but not to my death, which is the stress and tempo you bring me and I know that this is because this is what the world brings me, and yes I am in charge, I will accept NO loss of life and that is NO MATTER WHAT and try to find my best balance coming through these impossible days without breaking down.

When writing these lines at 01.45, I receive “the worst” heart flicker including wrong heart beats, which is truly the worst, and NO I AM NOT GOING TO INCREASE MY WORK SPEED OR AMBITIONS of how much to do this night, where I will NOT do the minutes of X-factor and also NOT the additions to my website with new information even though this is what you “force” me to do, and simply because I will NOT break down – and behind this very realistic game on life and death is an unspoken understanding between the actors playing through this darkness and myself that this is how it is, this is what it takes to come home the best way, and yes but only because I decide to be strong and fearless of darkness knowing that I am protected and only receive sufferings until my extreme edge.

  • I am attending a business meeting with the subject being “launch of a Danish comic strip”, and a lady presents a budget where she calculates on basis of an incredible large amount of people, who will read it. I am smoking at the meeting, and people ask me to stop, which I do.
    • In the dream I thought the budget was unrealistic, and when writing down the note, I thought that this is about my scripts being read by “many”, so it is not that unrealistic you know :-).
  • I am in London, dancing and also baking medals, and I see how British people do backward parks of their traditional English cars in high speed, which makes me think that it is a pleasure watching.
    • London is still the home of God, and I am baking medals to a big gold medal (!) creating these new worlds/cars, which enter in high speed, and have you seen these cars driving forwards, doing a handbrake turn and parking in high speed (?), this is what the dream showed.
  • I am walking together first with Angela and later another woman, and people believe we are lovers, which we are not. I am on my way to a party at 18.00 together with fine lawyers etc., which makes me nervous, do I have enough business cards on me (?), and something about it is almost impossible to return to my group, I run and Morten J’s car is almost running me down and I do magic tricks.
    • The ladies are darkness of my “old nightmare” and what people of Fair thought about me and Angela, and me and other female colleagues, but I was not together with any as lovers. This party with lawyers, will have to be the work on pension cases with lawyers and accountants from Kim S., which I have had lying for a long time, and yes it also says that the work is not very easy to do with darkness trying to run me down.
    • I woke up to the same lyrics from the song by Back to Back as before, which are “threats” about losing someone, but no, this is not included in my plans, my friends.
  • I also heard “baby, baby, let me sleep on it” by Meat Loaf, which both was to say that sleeping is what makes this work difficult – letting out darkness – at the same time as this is one of the other of the “handful” of the greatest rock songs of the world by Meat Loaf and Jim Steinman, and I received 6-7 loud hiccups saying that the world is still sacrificing to bring me energy to sleep.

  • I am living in a new apartment with my mother, I have the first floor, where there is plenty of room as I have always dreamt about, there is a little bit untidy both on first floor and a little in the kitchen, but not much. I have 6 friends sleeping over, and there is room for even more friends to sleep there, I am about to set up my mobile phone, and I know that Elijah and Tina are on their way here at 13.00.
    • What we have on the 1st floor is really life and information, which is about to be brought down to my mother on the ground floor to become part of her world – and Elijah and Tina may be looking forward to our reunion in continuation of the script the other day as I am too.

Meshack is struggling to stay alive as millions of others because of a selfish world

When sending my script to Kenya ”yesterday”, I also wrote this:

Dear all,

Thank you so much David and not least you Elijah for your very kind and warm emails/photos. As you can see from the script of the 21st, much of it is about you, and it also says that I would not be able to continue doing my work without your support and without you being alive, and this is ALSO why I cannot thank you enough for what you have done showing all your strength to NEVER GIVE UP as Elijah also writes, and this goes to all of you, even though you should be able to communicate more with me, which is your old weakness my friends – except you, David – and as example now I do not know how Meshack and John and their families are doing because they don’t tell me and yes I do think about you, so will you please communicate at least once a month to keep our contact, which should NOT be impossible to you if only you decide to do so because if you can communicate with others, you can with me too (?) also helping to send healing energy to me, which I need to survive, and yes this is how it is, there is more to be read in the script below.

Take care.

I was happy that this also ”motivated” Meshack to communicate with me even though he is in great struggles as you can see from his email below, and I am happy to see that he is better but it makes me VERY SAD to see some of the friendliest people you can imagine hurting so much that they are living a life, which is not worth living, this is how awful it is to have nothing, no income and (almost) no chance to find work, and this is how MILLIONS of people find themselves every single day STRUGGLING to maintain a life, which is not worth living, and yes my “dear rich world”, this is with your approval and instead of TRULY helping people suffering the most, you continue to spend maybe 0.5-1% of your GDP and the rest on yourselves, where you should give maybe HALF of it away until the world would become equal, but “impossible” for a SELFISH world to do.

Thank you very much Meshack for communicating – I am sad that you are still struggling, which I do too, and it is not funny for you, and I tell you that it is also not funny for me, but together we will come through when neither of us give up, and this is NOT on my mind, and also not on yours. I look forward to our reunion “not that far from now”.

Take care and all my best to everyone :-).

Here is his email:

Hi there my friend, am still alive and balancing between hell and heaven to see which can explain my situation i am going through.I am doing well health wise with my family but really strugling to eke a living which coupled with my debts has not made my life easy in this earth.

Have been trying to find some work to do to earn a living and be able to cater for my daily bread for my family but this has been impossible to find the job. I am still with you and i cannot forget what you have done to us.

May the Lord be with you.


I received EXTREME darkness when visiting my mother/John thus also enormous amounts of new life

I noticed that my monitor decided to blink somewhat today, but not much, and not long after I woke up, I went to dinner with my mother and John, which was both a good dinner (a larger chicken than normal symbolising our larger New World compared to everything of the old!) and nice company as always.

John is doing well even though he is feeling side effects of his treatment and my mother felt warm with “40 degrees in fever”, which was actually how I felt myself with the feeling of potential sickness just underneath my skin, which was not nice, but it was NOTHING compared to the ENOURMOUS pressure of darkness sent to me a couple of hours, which is among the strongest I have had keeping me on my extreme edge from “losing it”, which I thought I could do at any minute, but I made it through the evening also feeling tired not knowing how to be able to stay awake during night writing these lines, but I came through this evening too, and for how long can I keep doing this (?), and yes I have NO plans to stop, so bring it on my friends, and yes more darkness including life. I also had a “heavy head” all evening – and later during the night – which is a clear sign to me of still being a “zombie”, because you are without being, a dreadful feeling.

I told my mother about spiritual darkness turning the volume up and down on my TV, which may not be easy to understand when you don’t feel, see and experience the same as I, but it should be trustworthy when I say that this is how it is – I only tell the truth (!) – but still not easy to understand when my mother did not hear three very loud noises from within the wall she was sitting next to in the TV- room and we don’t talk about cracking sounds here, it was more like a deep rumble, and the light of the bathroom also switched on and off a couple of times, which was visible from where we were sitting, but no, my mother did not notice, and I did not want to ask her “did you hear/see this” because she did not.

The darkness came on so strongly as mentioned that it was ”impossible” and it also included the strong feelings GIVEN to me – this is NOT how I am but what I was given – that I did not like to talk and also not to listen to my mother when we watched X-factor, and “by chance” my mother was in a very good mood to speak, which she then did, and I decided to be stronger than the darkness making her every word a pain to me to receive and respond to, but when I did it, it absorbed ENORMOUS AMOUNTS of darkness, and please understand my mother, that these are FEELINGS given to me by darkness, and darkness is what my family/friends etc. send me without understanding it and that may be until today that is.

After returning home from my mother and John at approximately 23.00, I continued reading updates on Facebook and to write this script excluding the chapter on X-factor until 04.55 “tomorrow morning”, and I was happy with the work I had done so far, and yes doing X-factor after sleeping, and the updates to my website “when I get a chance” and that is NOT now, because now I will relax NOT to kill myself.

X-factor: “GOD LOVES YOU, YOU ARE MY CHILDREN” – we are reaching PARADISE after our journey

Finally at 19.35 “tomorrow” I was ready to start writing this chapter on X-factor and when I was seeing it live on TV, I did not experience as much inspired speech as usual but maybe I will understand better when listening to it again now, so will this take 5-6 hours to do (?) and maybe even longer if my work efficiency because of my cold and feeling “not fresh” will decrease (?), and we will see, and I am at least glad that this is the last show making this the last minutes of this for now, and forever I do believe, and when starting to write this, I receive physical pain to my behind (which lasted the whole evening) just telling me that my family/friends etc. and the world are sending me more “lovely darkness/suffering” as building stones.

And it started here with the very good host Lise asking Pernille “how many butterflies to you have in your stomach” (?), which was really a very good and inspired question to ask because we have now MANY BUTTERFLIES here and that is not of nervousness but of New Worlds, which is what this was about, and Pernille simply said that she was looking forward to a giant party this evening, and we know “nothing very inspired over this” and yes it is just a matter of “a direct feeling” or “knowing” to me, which more or less is the same, and there was “nothing special” about these words, so let us continue until I reach some inspired words, and it came with Blachman right after and first he praised Lise, the host, for her very fine work – a natural talent she is – and then it came when Blachman decided to stand up and face the huge crowd of 15,000 people at this the final show and say with his arms spread into the air “Blachman loves you, you are my children all of you”, which was the same as saying “GOD LOVES YOU, YOU ARE MY CHILDREN ALL OF YOU” and that is because Blachman is “another part of me” as you will remember by now.


The next inspired words first came here after Ida’s first performance when Pernille said “it has simply been a giant gift to me that I have been allowed to meet you as a singer because you are …, it is very rare to have a singer, who is so finished and so genuine, you simply have the whole package to me, Ida, you are everything and you are because you can only be yourself “ and the gift Pernille speaks about is my new self, who is “finished” being everything which is, bringing the New World of our endless Universes as the gift to her as another part of the spirit of my mother.

After Sveinur’s performance, Pernille said here that “you have worked hard to reach here where you are tonight, you have worked hard, and I just want to say a thousand, thousand congratulations for standing here this evening”, which was to say that only because I decided to work hard, I am alive as my new self, whom I am “about to” open up the eyes of, and it continued when Blachman told him that “you have much love to give which we all have but it is not always that people want to receive this love, but it seems as if people are fooled and the Mayor and everyone else are also fooled” and I here felt Kim S’ wife Pernille (who does not receive my love not believing in me and making Kim oppose me), and here he says that people are “fooled” including the Mayor – what a thing to say on X-factor if it is not connected with me (!) – which is therefore about the Mayor of Helsingør Johannes Hecht-Nielsen in relation to me, and I did not understand Blachman at this point, did this mean that the Mayor understands or do not understand me (?), and I was given the answer when Lise asked Sveinur if standing in front of 15,000 people could give him “one butterfly in the stomach”, and when Sveinur said “yes, but it disappeared when the gate was opened”, I was given the direct feeling that the Mayor of Helsingør was not convinced by me – and the butterfly of our New World – when I “opened the gate to him”, which was my email to the entire leadership of the Commune, so poor Johannes apparently still does not know that he will be seen as a fool to the world both because of how he cheated to come to power and his reactions in relation to me.

I thought that Line song very well in her first two songs and also that she had succeeded to get elements of “sensitivity” into her singing, which I liked much, which Blachman also noticed and that is even better than I, which he said here and he continued saying about her that “we have had the best travel …, and I don’t know if we have had the most wild development, but something came RIGHT there”, which was also about my development when growing up as my new self “becoming more and more day by day” because I as my physical and hurting Stig decided to continue my work/travel, and Thomas will you please stop using the F-word and other swearing, it does NOT sound nice to listen to.

Shortly thereafter Lise asked Line herehave you ever dreamt secretly about shouting “what’s up, Herning” (Herning is where this final show was held), which she then did making the crowd “go wild”, and what this was about was to say that this is what we are looking forward to when I will wake up as my new self, which will make the world “go wild”.

After the first TV show of this evening, the verdict of the entire season was to be found in the follow up TV show a little bit later in the evening, where Pernille here was asked to summarise the season, and she said “it has been characterised with a headline of us three (judges) called “no fear”, no fear to say things as they are and no fear to be present in all of this circus as it is”, and this was to say that I have had no fear to tell The Naked Truth about people and the world of today living in “the circus”, which is darkness you know.

It was followed by Blachman saying that “I constantly get surprised about myself”, which will have to be about what we are and have created and also “we have been TOGETHER all of us around this and this is a collective admission and a need to be together, and it may be in lack of something better, but we have been together between 20 and 21 every single Friday”, which was really to say that GOD IS YOU AND YOU ARE GOD and together as ONE, we have created our New World, which is the energy Blachman brought to me through these shows to yes create our New World – and “in lack of something better” is really because people of today prioritize passive entertainment, and in our New World I don’t foresee as many people sitting at home a Friday evening watching TV, because this is when you want to be together with people having dinner, watching theatre, music etc. in town or simply to have a nice evening together with friends smiling, laughing and living and of course COMMUNICATING, which is what life is designed for :-).

Blachman decided to be BRAVE once again – this is what it requires every single time for him, for Obama and myself as examples, it doesn’t come easy to us because “just how far can we go when we address people in public without being misunderstood” (?) so THANK YOU Thomas for continuing to speak also these words “thank you Denmark, I love this small country, thank you for bothering to listen to me, thank you because I was allowed to raise your children. This is a small country, but if this small country today is to be a big country, we have to break down the inner borders, I have shown you how to do it, keep doing it, and if all parents out there have nothing good to give to your children, keep your fingers away from your children, give them a chance to develop”, and the first part was a thank you for us being together – to bring energy to create (!) – and breaking down the inner borders is what he has spoken of letting people show themselves as they are and to develop people to their maximum, and this is also what I have written of.

And then it was time for Ida to sing her third song of the evening called “I can be”, which was a song she has written herself (!), and I really liked this song and her performance very much, and I told my mother that “this can really become a radio hit”, and I was also thinking of Dan Rachlin here not thinking that this “can be”?

Afterwards Pernille said here that “this text you have written for this number is so saying, it is so wild that you are so strongly yourself and tonight you are simply an angel, Ida”, and I don’t get the same amount of help/inspiration as I normally do, so I cannot tell you more than what her lyrics are about, which to me is saying PLEASE PRIORITIZE GOOD COMMUNICATION not speaking about yourself all of the time, which makes other people sad (in the long run) – here are parts of the lyrics:

I could really use a place to go where no one looks or stares, Getting tired of always talking about the things you want to say, I can’t hear myself with your hands on my ears but you don’t care, but you don’t care.

Not long thereafter it was time to announce the winner, and from around the middle of the show I thought that Ida would win, Line become no. 2 and Sveinur no. 3, and this is exactly how it became. Ida had a “divine talent” as Blachman said in a previous show, and I was happy that Denmark was able to take the right decision in the end – just like when Kim Wagner won in “the Voice” on TV2 some weeks ago, so here is Ida and her beautiful voice again singing the beautiful song of Paradise by Coldplay, which is simply because this is where all of our now VERY BIG Universe is going, to our new Paradise.

And I will also bring it here with Coldplay, and even though Ida and the X-factor band does a GREAT job, there is nothing like the original, and this is what you can see when the singer of the band Chris Martin plays God on his journey via train, aeroplane and cycle towards Paradise, which he reaches at the end with beautiful music together with the band, and yes just like I did via my suffering journey using train, aeroplane and cycle as symbols mentioned many times in my scripts to reach Paradise on the other side for all of us – and by the way the elephant of the video symbolises me as God.

Finally I was happy about what Cutfather said earlier in the show, which was that the Danish X-factor show has received attention from abroad for being creative and playing songs, which the rest of the world do not play when it simply plays the same “mainstream music”, and I do like HIT-MUSIC, but I do not like the world to play the same music everywhere, I love VARIATION, which this was to show you, and yes neither/or but both/and and so it is.

And to DR1: This was truly an AMAZING live show to watch also because of the outstanding quality you made out of it with the stage, light, graphics, clothes etc.

We know I played the two shows on the website of DR1, listened to what was said again and wrote this chapter, and there was indeed not as much inspired speech as for a long time making me finish this chapter already at 22.35 “tomorrow” and maybe it was to help me get all the way ashore without “losing it”.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I was happy seeing this update from Anders from Red Cross from Myanmar/Burma – he goes on many EXPENSIVE journeys this man in order to “watch and consider” and we know NOT THE WAY TO DO IT (to be replaced with help from people to people to get a normal life!) – and that is because posters of Aung San Suu Kyi are now ordinary to see, and I am thinking of FREEDOM here too.

  • I read this thread via Brian, which is about a Commune refusing to give a woman welfare because she has not accepted elektro shock “treatments” for her depression (!), which made Ryan write that this is GROTESQUE also wondering when this movie (deciding “social losers” to be exterminated!) will become true and Unni write that “this injustice is so systematic, the evilness is so open, the agenda so sinister that even a hard sneeze like I stand as paralysed over the black abyss of man”, which is really what this is and Jan was inspired by the movie to write below “How do we get rid of the others …???. It sounds a little like Henry Kissingers message … “Get rid of the useless eaters”…!!!” and when I saw this inspired message, I understood that these writings about the evilness of Danish Communes also includes a secret message of Henry Kissinger and I was told that the most important here is Kissinger, yes who wanted to use the atomic bomb in Vietnam, which did not explode (?), and yes let us present the man of evil above all, Henry Kissinger, the man standing behind Nixon and the man in charge of the secret government, and we know, I have thought about Kissinger as the man who used to be the top man of the “MJ12” or the secret government of USA, but who is in charge today (?), and yes looking forward to meeting you all when you have been decoded for darkness.

  • Michael brought this article from Berlingske about violent children in kindergarten using the worst words imaginable as part of their “normal behaviour” (!!!), and June asked if three is any telling the “young people” that their behaviour is unacceptable, maybe the parents to start with, or … no …?, and Michael said with inspiration that the parents also had to “get one on the hat” (!) because of their careless attitude and you know that “hat” is darkness, and Karsten says one keyword, which is that this is sadly part of the price when handing over children to kindergarten etc. WHO CANNOT RAISE CHILDREN (!!!), and Erik added that “some parents cannot manage to teach their kids the most usual rules of good behaviour” and yes when the parents and kindergarten/school cannot teach people to be “good people”, you decided to raise EVIL PEOPLE instead, and yes I have written about this MANY times before, but it starts with teaching children EVERYWHERE they are from a small age about “good behaviour” and had the Old World been “skilled” to do this, you would never have created an evil world, but you “could not”?

  • It continued here where Larry said “good we don’t have these problems in Danalund”, which is a youth house I don’t know about but Michael does and he is VERY positive about what they do – so maybe a teaching for the world hidden here, and yes I do not have energy to dig it out myself more than this – and it made Michael tell Larry that “you ought to be Knight of the Dannebrog (the Danish flag) with lovage and elephant trunks” (!) because they have saved hundreds of children – and I wonder if they do something like what Mogens Frohn-Nielsen did on Fulton (?) and yes the “elephant trunks” were about me :-).

  • The following thread from Søren from yesterday developed today when Søren Holm said that Søren was right in his description of Liberal Alliance being a “protest party” like Fremskridtspartiet (“the progress party” of Mogens Glistrup, who was the man before me in the 1970’s preparing the world to understand that a society WITHOUT taxes – as included in the New World Order – is possible!) and “protest party” is the same as saying “we don’t take you seriously because you are only negative and not practical” and then he gives the example when saying that “the prick above the I was set, when Ole Birk started shouting WIMPS” and yes do you see the inspiration coming here too at 04.10 (I see red Ferraris of New Worlds arriving simply for deciding also to finish this script and yes the chapter on X-factor will be written “tomorrow” after sleep) and what this is about is people who do NOT respect a man telling them that they are WIMPS (!) and that is even when this is what they are (!), and this may be what parts of the Old World “could not” accept about me when telling you the truth straight out that you are WIMPS when you don’t DARE to speak publically about me (!), and yes OBJECTIVELY that is because I could not find a word describing your attitude better, and does this make me lose credibility in your mind because “no one speaks like this” (?), well I do when telling you the truth straight out (!), and Søren said that “one day we have to do more, the next less” and “but then there is Messia – I am sorry, Samuelsen” (the party leader of Liberal Alliance) and eeehhhh, Søren “are you talking to me” (?) because is “Messia” the same as “Messias/Messiah” in your dictionary (?) and just wondering of course.

  • Today Helena was back as my friend on Facebook (!), and I wonder if it was her leaving me or simply spiritual darkness doing the same with her as I experienced with Michael Hardinger, which was to remove them as friends because they are important to me (?), and today she was disappointed with the red government saying that “I do not neither believe in religion or politics, where do you then go” (?) and Søren Pind is also here (!), so he decided to encourage her to vote for on his party, Venstre – the Liberal Party – and I decided to encourage her to read my website as committed as she read her last book – I did not want to tell her that I was back due to ”magic” because what if it was “magic” in the first place removing her as a Facebook friend (?) – because this is very conveniently the answer to her question because I am NOT about religion nor politics but about ONE PHILOSOPHY with FREEDOM for all people in a New World without inequality, poverty and sufferings, and yes “what is there to think about” (?), and yes “start reading” is the answer and not the opposite as what people WRONGLY did, and I do hope that reading me is what she will decide to do.

  • I was happy to see my sister back on my website for the first time in a long time (since I wrote about it the last time, I believe)– according to my counter she has not visited my site the last 28 days – and surely she decided to read my latest script (?), but no, she decided to read the script of the 10th called “Rasmus Seebach was sad missing his father as a symbol of my sadness of part of my father dying” and why was this, Sanna (?), and why did you decide to stop reading me (?), was it because of misunderstandings and “uncontrollable, negative feelings” in relation to me (?) – which was transferred to me as darkness/sufferings too – and yes “what do I know” when you do not communicate with me?


24th March: The world is awakening from its mass psychosis not being able to tell the truth

Dreaming of using an impossible road via my mother which is only open because I am stronger than darkness

After finishing my script “yesterday” I was told that “no one will be able to understand how you could survive this” and I was shown a helicopter half broken turning around in a lane collecting the last few cows (new Gods), and I was also shown the absolutely last road I am following as a funnel going up hill and narrowing in, there is “no space” here.

I “slept” from approx. 08.00 to 16.00, but it was VERY POOR sleep where I received a VERY DRY mouth the many times I was woken up during the night and also much coughing as John has at the moment, and I did not tell that when I was that John had to go through “treatments”, I was told the word “blood donor”, and my mother did not need to receive new blood when she had her “treatments”, which John so far has not too, and yes I have decided to help my mother and also John with “the best that I got”, that is why (“healing”), which means that I take on their sufferings myself on top of my other sufferings. Some dreams too:

  • I was at a party at a school together with business men, and I was asked “what do you do here, Stig”, and I replied that “I attend school here”.
    • So continuing my journey/school right until the end.
  • Something about a party with Swedish people and if I don’t walk with them, I will not come down to the water but be removed.
    • Continuing the journey requires “water” as in “sufferings”.
  • I am attending a gathering where I am not invited, and I see three Swedes winning three holidays for immediate departure. My Swedish friend Anna Karin eats raspberries in Africa, which however is not raspberries but detergent, which gives her stomach pain.
    • It seems that my old friend Anna Karin is reading at least my Facebook postings, which is cleaning her and bringing her sufferings too – but NO communication from her either.
  • I woke up to the lyrics “’Cause I-I-I-I-I’m feelin’ blue” from the excellent “Black if black” by Los Bravos, and “blue” is how I feel in my lonely life without being depressed.

  • I have become fat quickly and I see a version of my CV I did in 1997, which has been send to me as if it was a collection including a mandatory meeting with Nordea Bank, and I ask them about the purpose of this meeting, but instead of having a concentrated meeting, her colleagues keep entering her open door not respecting our meeting, and one brings her some sweet, and I tell her that I do not like disturbances. Søren I. (from DanskeBank-Pension) says that he has received a new job as a teacher of the Insurance High School after he first will visit the premises of the Liberal Party Venstre, and I tell that he received this job even though he knows nothing of pension schemes, and I am told that “you have become fat”.
    • What is this about (?), is the bank to say that I collect energy from darkness (?), and Søren I. is a connection on LinkedIn seeing my updates there also effecting him, and yes it would be sad to say that he was very professionally skilled in pension schemes when we worked together in DanskeBank-Pension from 1988-91, but he was a very good talker, and he “acted” as the expert towards branches of Danske Bank and companies, which is WRONG you know.
  • Dronningens Tværgade (“the Queen’s cross road”) has been blocked, but still we are able to drive under the bar, but at the end of the road we meet the police giving us a fine, and when I say we cannot pay, they put forward a tong, which they want to use clipping the wall of my nose, and first I say no, but then again I open up and say “WIMPS”, and I see that they were only threatening me not having the courage to do this, and the tong changes into tape.
    • It seems that we are using a road going via my mother, which is “impossible” to go through because her faith in me is not high enough, but even though it is “impossible” we manage to come through here because of my own faith and decision to be stronger than darkness.
  • I am together with my old school friend Allan and someone famous about to come a protective layer on a number of large plates inside a yard in the inner city of Copenhagen, it is very difficult to do the last part of layer, and when I am shortly outside on Town Hall Square, I find myself naked, and I keep my hands in front of my private parts running back to the yard, and the famous person wants to buy a watch.
    • This is to protect our New Worlds, and the difficult last layer is to do the last update of my website here and there, which I will NOT do today, because besides from writing this script, I am also to do the minutes of the X-factor show, which is not very easy to do, but also not very difficult when I just decide to do it, which is really the difficult part, but as long as I am in my rhythm, I can keep doing this work. I am naked here because I am totally exposed to my “old nightmare” but when I have decided NOT to receive it, this is how we play the game.
  • I am a new employee in a company, where I only wear a pair of orange sport shorts and no shirt, and I am told to dress better also to allow me serve customers, and I believe that this has to be some kind of mistake, because I have many clean shirts – all of them blue – which I only have to iron, but the iron is busy.
    • I am still living as my old self, but will soon wear my blue shirts as my new self.

The heart of my new self is about to be installed, which is the spirit of my mother, i.e. our New World

I was really not feeling fresh when standing up and furthermore my warm feeling of yesterday has almost developed into a cold today where I am sneezing pretty much, so not the best conditions to work, but we know we will continue, and yes still with the attitude of “three months” despite everything.

I was shown a harbour full of fisher boats – me – and one last schooner out on sea half way lifted up from underneath the sea, which is to say that this is now the last New World we are doing.

The other day I was encouraged to write that “the weather is very nice for the season” and that is “rarely nice for the season”, but I did not because it was only based on the weather forecast showing bright sun for the following days with temperatures of 15 degrees or above, and instead here in Helsingør we have had fog the most of the time and COLD weather with approx. 5 degrees, which is simply to say that the sun and LIGHT is shining all around me, but I am myself suffering inside the last fog, i.e. darkness.

After writing the script of today I used the rest of the evening to write the chapter on X-factor of yesterday, and I was shown and told while during this that “we are bringing your heart and the heart is your mother” with my mother being the Holy Spirit of our New World, i.e. our New World, and I was then shown for five seconds the most yellow colour nuance as I have ever seen on my monitor with yellow being the colour of the spirit of my mother, and when being “everything”, as my new self, the Son I am part of the Trinity with the spirits of my mother and father being part of me too.

And a few hours after writing the paragraph above, Hardinger could not help to help the story by telling that “Darth Vader had received a new heart” and he uses Darth Vader in relation to darkness of Dick Cheney, and this is symbolic the heart of my mother on its way to me 🙂 – and when writing this, I have a VERY nervous almost a physically shaking heart.

I was shown a small red, bicycle on three wheels for children with the saddle being fixed and brushed off and I know that this bicycle to me symbolises “children” and I was told it is because “We will also get a Son” and that will have to be Karen and I, and yes she believes it is too late to get a new child, but we’ve only first begun, really :-).

Ending the day with these short stories including “the world is awakening from its mass psychosis not being able to tell the truth”.

  • Michael shared this link with the Zombies, which is really what I still am, and I don’t feel it as much when sitting down working, but when I cycle to town or visit my mother, I feel that I have NO energy.

  • Selvet brought this wise message, which they may start learning from themselves in relation to me.

  • Dan brought a link to a story of his criticizing Pernille and Blachman from X-factor – why don’t you focus on doing both hit music and other kind of music and let everything be based on quality instead of arguing, Dan, which it seems to me that you are “born to do” for the sake of arguing – and you do believe that people is content with “poor quality” of X-factor (I do believe that Ida as a winner shows the opposite) and then you use “the emperor’s new clothes” as a metaphor to underline this, when the emperor seems to wear clothes, which EVERYONE can see that he is not, but still no one DARES to tell him, which makes everyone shout in the same choir how beautiful the non-existing clothes is, and first when children start to say “but he wears nothing”, the whole population understands and yes wake up from the mass psychosis, which it has been under with the Devil pushing them down, and this is simply what this is about – the world is awakening together with me and my message for you to speak what you see and hear, to speak The Naked Truth and to do it openly, directly and honestly just like the end of this fairytale. THE EMPEROR’S NEW CLOTHES is also a very beautiful song by Elton John as you can hear here.

  • Stig R. shared a photo showing a lot of Ferrari’s and the photo says that these are DONG employees blocking the entrance because of the dismissal of the CEO, but to me, these are Ferraris of our New World all receiving energy from the Source.

  • Flemming – the business executive and mentor – wrote about his “exciting life”, travel to New York, business meetings and the Skanderborg music festival, and I thought that this is a very good way to use Facebook – to update your family/friends etc. on your life, so this is what I told him.

  • Finally at 23.30 I published the script of today with an increasing cold, difficult work making me feel like throwing up, but still not as difficult as the days before today – and yes I have a night in front of me, where I should be able to do at least some of the additions to my website, we will see.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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  1. Jette Uhlott says:

    amazing… how can you work so hard? You must need rest, too. 🙂

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