March 26, 2012: All new God’s have started to connect with me at the castle of my innerself overtaken from darkness


Summary of the script today

25th March: I am walking the impossible road through the most disgusting darkness, which wants to give me a FATAL heart attack

  • I was told that I am already the most analyzed person of the world ever. I was given 1-2 days to finish the work on my website before I will connect with our New World and new self – it is going to happen but it is really going to happen now?
  • I am walking an impossible road inside the deepest darkness, which I can only do because of self-confidence, sacrifices of the Universe, writing about the worst evilness of China, Russia and USA, and telling my family/friends etc. that their gossip was killing me, and if I did not, darkness would be stronger than I giving me a fatal heart attack killing my old self, which then would make my new self take over my body, but I have decided that I will NEVER give up – also because inside of this the worst darkness, are the largest gold lumps of life, and NEVER MEANS NEVER here.
  • Dreaming of rescuing the absolutely last life hidden inside of darkness of the Source, Niklas and Tobias are providing energy for my work too, a risk of life suffocating still being inside of the “wrong” side of the inner core, I am now doing my absolutely last work of the Old World, I was given the name of Diane Sawyer, the anchor of “World News” of ABC, and I sent her a message and was told that she is helping me to influence the world in the right direction.
  • It is difficult to keep alive as my old self and I ask remaining life inside of darkness to JUMP for rescue if necessary
  • Short stories of what doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger, encouraging the leader of the Conservative Party to wake up Ogier the Dane on Kronborg Castle (symbolising me) when they “cannot find out themselves”, sending a message to Prince Charles via Anders from Red Cross saying that I understand and appreciate his and his mothers support but will not be able to “meet” him tomorrow in Helsingør, General Electric sent life dangerous medication to market to make money – what happened to world moral (?), the stork parents are still working to produce my new self as their new child, it is NOT forbidden for Muslims to understand that it was the Devil and NOT God “allowing” men to rape women obliging the victim to marry her assailant, receiving more support from a believer and using Helena as an example showing you the necessity to change attitude in order to read and understand my scripts, if necessary with the use of “disciplinary schools”.

26th March: All new God’s have started to connect with me at the castle of my innerself overtaken from darkness

  • I received much darkness during night and was told that the world could not go under after Hitler because this was not my third try/return this time, which I understand my presence is now.
  • The last part of the spirit of my mother entered and became part of me. I am inside an impenetrable mass of darkness having cut a path to the castle of darkness, which I have overtaken and swithed on the lights, and all new God’s of the Universe have now starting to connect with me here. Communication of all our New Universes has now been installed, and we continue working to wipe out the last snakes around the crank of our New World.
  • I had a terrible sleep because I take on side effects on John’s cancer “treatment”
  • The other day Danske Bank offered me to evaluate a possible cancellation of my debt when sending in budget etc, which I did today asking the bank to approve that I send “survival help” to Kenya every month and still to cancel my debt! Will the bank be able to show a good example to the world with the message being that those who can do without, NOT to collect debts from those who cannot do without.


25th March: Walking the impossible road through disgusting darkness, which wants to give me a FATAL heart attack

Updating my website – the front page and New World Order

I used a couple of hours during the night to update the front page of my website with this new chapter based upon recent information/creation mentioned in recent scripts:

The greatest discovery/creation ever: We have created endless life and Universes outside our Old World all connected to the same Source and Trinity of God

In March 2012, I had gone through most darkness of our Old World arriving to the absolutely inner, soft core of Old God, and since I still denied to let darkness overtake me deciding on its agenda of destruction (of the last part of Old God self), the finishing touch of our combined New World came with the greatest discovery EVER, which is “a new sea shell, a new way of life, an endless creation going on and on and on and on”, which is a new automatic “reproduction facility” of God producing much more new life in a much more energy efficient way at the same time also solving the Gordian knot of “how to make room for all of this life” by creating room to give everyone a plane each instead of everyone sitting closely together in one plane as I was told. The Trinity was ENTUSIASTIC of joy when bringing me this news.

Later in March 2012 I was told more of this creation: “We are about to develop a road full of Gods and worlds, which will be allowed to develop differently but all having the same Source”, “this is the greatest creation ever made” – and this is because we keep meeting life, which are “editions of me” (“Old God”) outside the Source (of our Old World), which we bring alive as new Gods (parts of me) and parallel universes by adding a portion of fuel/energy of darkness from our Old World. We are creating life out of “something”, which was not there before.

Thus, in our New World, we will not only become one Universe with endless life and worlds (made by man as new creators) within this Universe; we will become an infinity of different Universes all having endless life and different worlds within each Universe, but we will still only be One Source and One God via the Trinity, who you will see in endless variations matching each Universe/World – this is why we call it the greatest creation ever made.

We succeeded to save EVERY LITTLE THING ever made of the Old World (and previous worlds before this), and everything, which ever could be made when looking outside our Old World. This is what our most wildest dreams were made of and this is the true story of events and the logic, which I hope will be apparent for everyone.

I also updated my page on the New World Order with more precise information following the chapter “THE OLD WORLD HAS ACTED GROSSLY IRRESPONSIBLE – STEP DOWN TO OUR NEW WORLD GOVERNMENT!” from my script of the 20th March 2012.

I have decided to read these two pages in full once more tomorrow to see if everything still fits together as a big picture and not only the details, and I may also have a few comments to one of my other sides and then to update my document of the Commune harrassing me on Scribd, and when I am satisfied with this, I am done really.

My monitor decided to blink much again a shorter period during the night because of darkness coming in.

I am walking the impossible road through the most disgusting darkness, which wants to give me a FATAL heart attack

Some notes from the night:

I was told some details of my past, and told that these are examples, which have been examined by the world with the conclusion that I am already the most analyzed person of the world ever!

I heard “we cannot deliver this apple with the orange inside of it before he is done, no”, and that was to say that I need to finish my work first and you do remember that the apple is our New World and the orange is our Old World (?) now inside of the new.

I was told “you have 1-2 days to complete your work, I cannot hold back much longer, then the heart will come”, and I said “fine by me if this also means the end of darkness and ONLY if this is what it means”, and still I feel quite nervous about what is going to happen but I am given some UNDERTONES here telling me that it’s going to happen no matter what, Feargal & Co. :-).

And the most disgusting darkness – I simply feel that it is deeper, more disgusting/rotten than anything before it – kept coming to me also trying to make me scared and transfer feelings of being scared not least to me because of what I wrote about Henry Kissinger being the most evil man in history (!) but again I decided not to be intimidated shaking these voices and feelings off me.

I was told something I did not intend to or want to write, but still here it is. I was told that Obama’s life was saved because of me because if I had broken down to darkness letting its agenda be my agenda, my thoughts of negativity would have spread making the world a true Hell, which would include to make “certain people” kill Obama because of him being a “treat” (as previous Presidents before him), and I was told that this would also have made these people ask my old friend Jack’s department of the armed forces of Denmark to kill me, and we know I was also told that super-powers have the means to look through my windows (probably via satellite), so hi there, how are you (?), don’t you believe you should shut off your equipment because I really don’t like to be monitored by you.

And there was more darkness when I was told that “you shouldn’t be here, there is no entrance here” (the soft core inside of the centre of the fruit and that is of the Old World via the spirit of my mother, you see?) and I was told that my sneezing these days due to my cold is because of much sacrifice of the world helping to bring me energy to walk this road, which “impossible work” these days way above my normal work load limit also does including to write about the darkness of China and Russia and lately also USA because this is the darkness, which pushed me to the abyss, which at the same time has become the place of my rebirth, and my message yesterday to my family/friends etc. including Steen Kofoed and other clairvoyants was also about “daring”, and had I not done these things without darkness of China, Russia and USA defeating me, I was told that there would be “no way out” of this road (and my life) and I would have to break down as the result, which would be to “kill me” (my old self) as I was told by an actor smiling inside of darkness, and this is the darkness opposing me, the worst darkness given to China, Russia and USA as examples and darkness given to me with a STRONG temptation to return the darkness from where it comes, but this would be to kill the life inside of it, so that I cannot and WILL NOT do because it would also mean to accept being evil myself, and I was literally feeling this darkness approaching me with the intend to kill me – impossible to avoid, or what Sarkozy (?) as I was told as if he knows that I don’t stand a chance (!) – so this is the darkness with me now also including sexual abuse/temptations, this is the darkness, which would cut the last lifeline of darkness self to me by killing me/itself and that is to give me the one fatal heart attack, which I have feared so many years, and then to wake up as my new self, but just to get this killing heart attack has helped me to decide that I WILL NEVER GIVE UP, darkness is NOT going to kill me, I am going to absorb all of it with the help of the world and also because this is what includes the last and most important “gold lumps” and when “everybody knows” this (of the official world), it is no problem to sleep poorly etc., Leonard :-).

When I was working with the new additions to my website, I was shown a racing car again and again crossing the goal line including blinks (as in a game) indicating that the game has been prolonged, and yes we will see if this is for more than 1-2 days really.

From inside of darkness the spirit of my mother handed me a key telling me “you will only get this once, and you will lock your self in and you will decide yourself when”, and yes the question is if I will be able to do this at the right time, and the right time is when there is no more darkness, which is when I have asked you to give me a clear message, which I am not able to misunderstand so it is really a co-operation and YES I do count on you being able to do this, this is my game, and yes normally I am helped to follow the road of God when I do my best, which I have decided to continue doing, so what I understand here is a game including nervousness given to me is really only this, a game.

During the night feeling this disgusting darkness, I had to tell myself that this is just to enter an new, higher level and to get used to this darkness until all of it is over, and I was also feeling orange in between this darkness together with a voice, which almost could not keep its happiness back, so I do believe we should be able to work this out.

I saw myself in the light kitchen of one house with an octopus standing around the corner to the next house, which is dark and all close to my, and yes we will connect all New Worlds to create access for everyone to enter everywhere, and later I saw new light being set up and told that this is required to do, and we know what is a would of endless worlds is you cannot see and visit for yourself, and yes of course this also includes spiritual communication my friends :-).

Dreaming of rescuing the absolutely last life hidden inside darkness of the Source

I had a new poor sleep from approx. 08.00 to 16.00, and I am still cold/warm and also impatient, which is impossible to shake off the first couple of hours making it a hell writing this script too, but there is not other way out than this, and a few dreams too:

  • I am working at Danske Bank, Freeport, where customers have minced meat hidden in safe deposit boxes, there are long queues in front of the tills, there is no till on the 1st floor, and I have poor conscience that my Dankort (debit card) is not working.
    • Danske Bank provides energy, which is what EVERYONE WANTS here, we are finding “hidden life” as part of our last work of creation and on the 1st floor where we are looking, there is NO energy, which is why I don’t feel my best these days to be frank with you.
  • Something about a nervous football player, but it goes fine, and later prices on houses rattle down, and I feel Niklas and Tobias owning these houses, but they trust in me, and we have just carried out a fantastic saving action in Sweden, which I feel we have also done several times before.
    • It seems like Niklas and Tobias are providing energy for us too with prices of houses going down, i.e. losing energy of themselves, and we have saved more original life, which is about joy and happiness.
  • Something about a company working on one side of a cream puff, which critically needs to move to the other side of the cream putt, otherwise it will go bankrupt.
    • This is about turning around the inner part of the core inside of the fruit, and yes I don’t want anything to go bankrupt, which is the same as suffocation due to lack of air/energy, so I do hope the light will work this out too when I continue working.
  • I saw Facebook messages in symbolic language saying that this is now the absolutely last work of the Old World now, and I was told to send the reply “Diane Sawyer” as reply to one of these postings.
    • When I received the name Diane Sawyer, I believed that I had heard it before, but I had no idea if a living person of today would have this name or if it was the name of a fictional character of the world or simply this dream, but when writing this, I looked it up on the Internet, and discovered that the name belongs to the anchor of “World News” on ABC in the U.S. (I do like that “looks” and age of especially women are NOT the “criteria’s” when deciding who to host TV news as example), so when God directed me to you, I thought that you may be a “special friend” of God and also that I might as well subscribe to your Facebook page and to send you a message, so this is what I did and that was together with “the look of love”, favourite music of mine from when I was a teenager, and I don’t know what stories you have already prepared on me, but I get the feeling here of “thank you for helping me to influence the world”, so this is why ♥♥♥.

  • The law firm previously known as Kromann & Münter at one corner of the Town Hall Square of Copenhagen has changed name and also location now to another corner of the same square, and I am inside their new offices with another and I meet one of the senior partners in the hall, who looks at me and recognises me but without remembering from where, so he asks “who are you” (?) and I tell him that “I was the one arranging your pension scheme”.
    • This will have to be about the old cases, which Kim left for me, which has brought me poor conscience for many years not to have finished working on, and here it seems that I am indeed now finished with this work, which I did “not want to do”, but now it is done, and that includes to move the office of this the worst darkness ever – symbolised by lawyers (!) – to a place in the sun of our New World too :-).

Normally I am given songs, but when waking up, I was simply encouraged to play ”Music for the masses” by Depeche Mode, which is the title of their 1987-album, and from this, I will play one of my favourite songs of theirs NEVER LET ME DOWN AGAIN, which is simply my message to “the masses” and that is in order to take care of eternal life from now on and the rest of our life really and yes again and again and again ….. :-).

It is difficult to keep alive as my old self and I ask remaining life inside of darkness to JUMP for rescue if necessary

I truly had difficulties working again this afternoon and evening – but maybe I will decide and be able to keep my night off working, we will see – and I was told “where is the stamp, I do believe I put it here somewhere, have you seen it, and yes there it is made of gold and only little darkness to the right of it”, and yes that is our gold in case we need it – for us to JUMP to – because you have decided that you don’t want any of us to suffocate.

I was shown the inner core of an orange and saw is turning around, this is what we are doing now, and this is “the impossible road of my mother”, the deepest inside of our Old World.

And I felt the spirit of my mother inside there, which is also inside of me really, and I felt her tongue as my tongue, which was a tongue of a reptile about to wake up, and I am shown myself walking up the stairs to the castle as I was shown the other day with the long avenue in front of it and a gate at the end, and this is what I do believe is the absolutely last part of my old self on my way inside of me and that is without “crashing down”.

I had my TV switched on while working, and most of the time, the sound was gone or “distorted” at a low level, which is saying “difficult to keep alive as my old self” – and later in the evening after some hours, it was working fine again almost the same as what I do after a few hours of work, and yes despite of the fact that I feel “completely to the rats” as they say here – do you say the same in English when you cannot feel any lower?

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I saw this drawing on Facebook, which to me is very true also these days.

  • The leader of the Conservative Party – still alive after its “catastrophic course for years” – my “old friend” Lars Barfoed was inspired today when he posted this message with a link to his feature article in Berlingske, where he speaks about reducing the cash help – as they normally do instead of HOW TO TRULY HELP PEOPLE TO GET WORK (!!!) – and he says that even if “we find gold under Kronborg, I will still believe that more of the Danish community is to give, and less to receive”, and there is nothing wrong with this principle, only the way you WRONGLY do it (!), and I could not help telling him that I would rather concentre to find gold (i.e. “creation”) underneath Kronborg and to wake up Ogier the Dane to deep to help out the nation, which you know is a symbol of waking up my new self, and yes “because you could not find out” as I told him, and eeehhhh “no answer” from you too, Lars (?) and yes a weak heart is what I have here, “thank you” Lars & Co.

  • Anders from Red Cross is really using money of the Devil instead of TRULY helping people in distress (!) now flying to one of the capitals of the Devil, Geneva (!), which caused me my worst pain of all in 2009 when I visited the city (!), but here he says that he is going to meet Prince Charles tomorrow, and yes the Prince – or should I say “Charly” with a smile, Charles (?) – and Camilla are in Denmark these days, and tomorrow also brings them to my local castle of Kronborg and yes A WALK IN THE OLD STREETS OF HELSINGØR and I was told that this was the Queen wanting to send this act of support to me – thank you very much, Lizzy :-), and I can also say your right names, Elisabeth and Charles 🙂 – and because of my wrong day rhythm I will probably not be “able” to meet you in the streets, Charles, but I am thinking of you and appreciating what you do, thank you – and I sent a message to Charles and Camilla below when asking Anders to send my regards and say that I will probably not be able to meet them, but I do hope you will love the old parts of Helsingør as I do too – and maybe Ogier the Dane will wake up at the time of your visit, and at least “my rebirth is coming very close these days” :-).

  • BT brought this article about a “medication” produced by GE Healthcare, which they launched even though they – according to the article – knew that it would be life dangerous to some patients, and I was just thinking about the “unique values” of the General Electric group as I also worked for from 1998-2002 believing that they were really “better than the rest”, but it looked good on paper, and when you could make money, your values were not as important when it came to the point (?) and it did not even matter that a few hundreds or maybe thousands of people died while satisfying your GREED and hunt for new and better careers (?), and just wondering I am what happened to the moral of the world?

  • Kenneth was together with Signe on “Stock weave road”, which made him say with a smile “and it is here they weave together storks”, but Signe said she had not seen any, and Kenneth said that they are probably doing his behind closed curtains, which made them smile, and yes me too, because this is what is happening when I am still being “produced” by my two parent storks for closed curtains, because I have decided that I don’t want to experience my “old nightmare”, which what this was also about :-).

  • The wise Lykke – she was also a role model for her professionalism and knowledge of the European Union before becoming a politician, the best in the country and maybe even in Europe (?) – and here she says that she is in Morocco attending a sympathy demonstration for a 16 year old girl, who with the support of the law (!) was raped and forced to marry the assailant, which made her commit suicide a few months afterwards using rat poison (!), and I told her to bring my regards to the people “down there” asking them if they believe that what they are doing is the wish of the Devil or God (?) and that it is NOT forbidden to use COMMON SENSE because I am of course all on the side of the sympathy demonstration, and yes another example of MASS psychosis of an entire population, and I was told “thank you also for doing this” when bringing and writing this story too, and yes the religion of Islam is NOT my work, but the work of the Devil.

  • Lykke also brought this video from the demonstration.

  • I was happy when Jette gave me more support when saying that she has read more of me and tells me that resistance makes strong – tell me about it (!) – and I thanked her saying that this is what I have asked people to do for more than two years, to do like her (!), to be open and read and understand, this is how friends are, and therefore I also sent HUG for her :-).

  • I was told that Helena was thinking of my reply to her yesterday morning, and today she decided to write back that just the words “New World” smell strange to her, and she does not believe in anything which is not documented through thorough research (!), and I told her the answer that the condition to believe is to understand and it requires for her to read me as committed as the novel the other day to understand, but no, this is “impossible” for her to do, so therefore she said that she “wont have any of that” and she referred to “faith” (!), and we know I told her that it is of course up to her, but my philosophy is the answer to her question of what to believe in when she does not believe in religion or politics, and at the same time this is also a request for the world not to be better-knowing without knowing and on this WRONG foundation decide not to read me, because it is a requirement for everyone to read my scripts carefully in order to enter our New World, i.e. to survive, and yes Helena just to underline this, really. And as you can see, Jette decided to back me up too, but it did not help much because Helena thought Jette was too “lecturing”, and this is what Helena really needs, to be lectured and preferably to do this herself, and let me say that it is IRRESPONSIBLE BEHAVIOUR if people decide NOT to read my scripts and that is NOT to start/finish reading within a “reasonable amount of time” and you can only be FREE if you are responsible, and if you are not responsible, people will have to teach you how to become responsible, and yes we are back to Mogens Frohn and the Fulton disciplinary (kind of) school IF REQUIRED (and I am told that this inspiration to do this comes from Obama, thank you my friend :-)).

  • Here came a line of messages first with Simon not understanding why Clement, the “sharp journalist” on TV invites guests, when he does not listen – and yes VERY GOOD question, Simon, do you LISTEN yourself (?), and Selvet brought the BEAUTIFUL and symbolic song by Sebastian about the light now (almost) breaking out, and Jette asked the Parliament to wake up from their hibernation to start hearing all of the people speaking and yes for example to LISTEN to me and to COMMUNICATE with me, and Helena thought that Anders from Liberal Alliance was “on top” in Clement’s TV show this evening making her say “one should almost believe he was happy”, and “almost happy” is what we are here just before the launch of our New World, and “almost happy” can ONLY be about one of my favourite songs by TV2, which may also be to say that Helena cannot get me out of her head because of the lyrics of the song and yes you know also including temptations of my “old nightmare” and “this is how there is so much” as we say in Danish, so there two extra songs here at the end of the day.

I decided to publish this script already today at 23.40 thinking that I am on my extreme edge not knowing for how long I can and will keep up being my old self – and we will see if I can do most of the rest of my agenda now, I am really not feeling well, but it should not take that long, maybe 1-2 hours to finish.


26th March: All new God’s have started to connect with me at the castle of my innerself overtaken from darkness

The world could not go under after Hitler because this was not my third try/return as it is now

After publishing the script of yesterday, I was told by the voice of the spirits of my mother and father inside of this last darkness that “We are then not to go under because of “sexual abuse/temptations I could not resist”, and I made the last part of the sentence “able to publish it here” because the language was as the Devil wakening up.

I held a break until 01.30 being completely destroyed with “strong heart attacks” and a voice telling darkness on its way in ”stop coming” to “protect me” but this is darkness with the opposite agenda than what it says, and only by continuing WITH faith to take in darkness and that God is prtotecting me, I can follow this road, and yes we know “just do the opposite of what comes natural to you” is the road of God, and quite simple to follow really, it just takes not to be a wimp.

One of the things on my agenda was to add a section to my document on Scribd of the Commune harrassing me, but I could not find the Word-document, only the PDF – I’m not perfect, but normally I don’t lose a full document – and instead I tried to find some free PDF-editors to use, but NO, the results were NOT good and I did not want to use much time to download the original Adobe PDF program with a key because I know this takes a long time to do, so I ended up including the “Breivik-attack” and my email to the MP and member of the City Council, Hans Andersen, to “release me” in the introduction to the document on Scribd, which was “not perfect” but acceptable.

I did the second read of my front page and page on New World Order and did some changes to the latter.

I wrote a note that before I am done, we will first need to have established access everywhere between all Universes and make sure that all life will be found and converted to the other side in order for it to breath, and I am actually done with my work but will continue doing small edits here and there as long as I am “me”, and yes I FEEL GOOD ABOUT THE WORK I HAVE DONE under the circumstances.

I was told that the reason why the world did not go under after darkness had overtaken me as Hitler was that this was not my third return this time, and as with everything, I have three tries before darkness overtake me, and I do understand from the messages I have been given through my journey this time that the world would have gone if I had not been stronger than darkness, so this can only be my third time returning this time around, and if Hitler was my second, who was I when returning the first time also being overtaken by darkness (?), and was it connected with World War I or do we have to go further back (?), and this is one of those questions, which will hang in the air for some time, and who knows (?), we will see.

All new God’s of the Universe have started to connect with me at the castle of my innerself overtaken from darkness

I was shown that we have reached the end of the roll including the fire tube, all of the tube has been rolled out, which will have to be “everything which is” to put out darkness.

And I was shown and felt that we are losening the absolutely last darkness from its anchor, I felt how it was about to let me go, almost feeling like Heaven (17), and later how darkness including the last part of the spirit of my mother was laid over and inside of me.

I was told that my girlfriends Camilla and Henriette and also smoking came from “me” inside of this darkness trying to make it impossible for me to enter here, which requires a pureness like no one else, and I felt that I don’t possess the pureness as Stig because I am just a man “on good and bad”, but I told myself that all of the badness I possess comes to me from outside, which has nothing to do with me, and cleaned from this and when deciding not to enter this badness/darkness, I am pure enough.

I felt this part of the spirit of my mother and she told me that one thing is to feel “you” from outside, it is something else becoming part of you with the feeling “am I crazy” (her), and I felt how her red face of suffering became part of me.

I was told that I am now inside of this impenetrable mass of darkness, and again we are going to bring everything with us, and I was told that it is a condition to end the creation of our new endless Universes to bring all of this darkness.

Later I was shown that a small path has been cut through this mass leading to the castle, and this was the hardest work to do, and I saw darkness of people everywhere on both sides of the path in front of the castle and I was told that it is not as difficult to transport all of this darkness into the castle when the path first has been made, and I understood that this castle belonged to and was overtaken by the Devil.

I saw the spirit of my mother in a white dress swinging outside and she asked “am I to make flowers again”.

I was shown a make up table in the bedroom at the castle, and a married couple – of the spirits of my mother and father – being thrown into a glass bowl of water and I was told “this is how to become a bomb” (darkness of man forcing the spirits of my mother and father).

I was shown a dark horse-drawn carriage driving up to the castle with a light switched on in the window, and I was shown a dark man of the carriage encouraging another person of the carriage to come along, but this person remained sitting on the carriage, and the man entered the castle himself, and I was told “this is the castle where you have switched on the light” and I was shown how the man walked up the front stairs of the castle with lights being switched on on both sides of the stairs, and I saw how one cow (new God) after the other was pulled up to me.

I was told that “we are following the colour to meet you” and I was shown myself with many colours and also the top of a wind mill being cleaned, which is about the Source being cleaned.

I was shown a mill from Öland in Sweden producing MUCH flower filling a large sack to the top, and I was told that it is first now that all of this new life is entering me.

I was also shown a goods train arriving with lots of people jumping out from darkness inside the trains, and I felt an endless number of trains behind this at a giant shunting waiting to enter.

I was shown a vision of silver in the form of a web-camera on top of my shelves in the living room, and I was told that this has been installed and it has a full view of everything, and we are now inserting everything of the last life inside of this, and this “silver” is the accumulated spirit of my mother of our New World including all parts of the Old World too.

During the night I had to keep saying “free access” hundreds of times to be stronger than darkness, which tried to keep shutting down the access, and it also included heart pain given to me, and I am still sick with a pretty strong cold feeling warm all over taking out even more energy of me also making me extremely tired during the night, and darkness tried to tempt me to stop with “no heart pain” as the result, but NO, this is NOT how we play here.

I was shown a stadium where there is no more football field, which has been dismantled and now dogs are running around the running track around the old field, which is what we are working on now, i.e. outside the Old World.

All new God’s of the Universe have started to connect with me at the castle of my innerself overtaken from darkness

I was told “communication has now been installed” and I felt myself inside an aeroplane receiving this ok-signal from the right wing.

I was shown a large, round and endless silo with life all around it – almost as in one of the “new” Starwars movies, where I remember such a view (?) – and in the middle is an endless crank with snakes on it about to being wiped out, this is our New World including endless Universes.

I was shown a submarine with giant rockets understanding that this was the power inside of here, which could have destroyed the world and also “we did not know that there was life everywhere”, which it also had power to activate.

During the night, the darkness was very strong trying to make me nervous once again that we have not saved everything yet, but I decided to “don’t care” because I will not give up and that is even though I am balancing on my edge, and I also thought that it was probably darkness making me more nervous than what was reality, but we came through this night too.

I was also told that this could not be done without my mother’s husband John going through cancer “treatment” of darkness bringing us much darkness, and I was told that the old elite of Soviet Union still has a goal to receate the Union, which I also understood as darkness coming to me.

I had a terrible sleep because I take on side effects on John’s cancer “treatment”

I went to bed at 06.50 being “completely destroyed” and was looking forward to get some sleep, but I do believe – as I am also told here – that it is the effects of John receiving chemotherapy that I am taking on me to make it easier for him to come throuhg and yes to use this darkness as another tool helping to create, and I received VERY POOR sleep and at 12.30, I had to stand up when I was “woken” for I don’t know which number of time, and I decided to write the script of today even though this felt like impossible to do because of how I felt including “a strong cold” still inside of me, and yes everything part of “the game”, and this is how to look at the bright side, and I had short dreams of salamis made by private people judged by an expert that they need more storage and will first be ready in December, and also John’s daughter Mette, who would (still) like to have crusty rolls with me, and we know this is about my “old nightmare”.

I would have liked to go to town and if I felt fresh enough and was awake, I would also have liked to cycle to town to meet Prince Charles walking in the streets, but I was “sleeping” and felt “too weak/sick” to go to town today even though I have no more breakfast.

After writing the script of today, I was completely destroyed and I tried to watch TV for some time, but I decided to take a nap, if I was allowed and that is even though I was told “you need to be awake for five hours now” and I thought it this was necessary, I would probably not be allowed to sleep, but I slept a couple of hours on the sofay, and dreamt of a brutal axe-murderer, but also about John Cleese, so both bad and good, and the rest of the evening, I was truly still “completely destroyed”, and I can only think that this is John’s “treatment” that I am taking on me making me completely without energy as I also was when my mother went through the same 1-2 years ago, and even though it is bad now, it was a “nightmare” back then worse than most of what I have gone through.

Most of the day I did not receive any or “not much” spiritual speech – it is as if the work continues behind my conscious self – but I felt alone with no family/friends etc. (except from my mother/John) or any of the world “wanting” or “daring” to speak to me, which made me VERY sad today, and not even when publishing my script of yesterday with receiving a potentially “fatal heart attack”, and on the surface at least, these were feelings also leading to “doubts in my self” and “will our New World come as I have experienced and written that it will” and when I receive these feelings, it is simply because these are feelings send to me by my family/friends etc. when not reading and understanding still making many sceptical, and yes “thank you” for your laziness and sceptical attitude also helping on my “heart attack” and yes I was told that even Steen Kofoed does what he recommends others to avoid doing, which is to gossip about me without knowing when he does not read me.

I have also been told that if my family would have decided to start meditate, they would also have opened up to spiritual communication eventually confirming my story, but “no, this was not even considered”.

For those who can do without, do NOT collect debts from those who cannot do without

The other day I received this reply from Danske Bank asking me to send tax statements and budget in order for the bank to evaluate a possible cancellation of my debt (of a total of DKK 72.093 including interest).

Today I sent this email to the bank including the required information, and I told them that the decisive factor for the bank would be if they will accept my transfer of “survival help” to Kenya (normally of) DKK 2,800 per month, or if they will “not care” and solely speculate in money, and my message to the world is really for those who can do without, to NOT collect debts from those who cannot do without, and I do hope Danske Bank will show a “true heart” to the world, but if they do, this will have to be the first time, this happens?

You can see my bank postings here, budget here and tax statement 2011 here.

I have dediced not to pay for content insurance and license fees for Danish national radio/TV, and it will be “exciting” to see if the bank will remember that you “normally” have expenses for this, and also more expenses for both food, telephone and transport compared to what I have – or if they will go for “as much as they can get as possible”?

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • There was only one story story of today, which did not even include inspired speech – it seems as if “inspired speech” has decreased staring with the final of X-factor the other day – and here Brian speaks of the 21st December 2012, which is the end of the Mayan Calendar, and he says “some are destructive in the understanding, other look at it with great expectation” (the end of the world or a new beginning, really?), and yes Brian is “wiser than most”, but also he was not “able” to read and understand my website and even my Facebook postings because if he had, he would have known the answer to this question.

  • This was the view from my apartment this morning when the sun stood up.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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