March 28, 2012: The secret government of USA, the greatest darkness of all, is giving up freeing “the great Buddha”


Summary of the script today

27th March: “We found a new way of the beginning of life”, which is “a quantum leap for mankind

  • I was extremely tired without energy because of my cold, which really is much deeper than a cold because it includes the side effects of John’s cancer “treatment” and the STRONGEST sneezes I have ever had, which means “the strongest sufferings of the Universe to help me through this mass of darkness. New worlds are still connecting with me with the help of the spirit of my mother, who is doing “the finest work I have ever done”. Belgium if a hole country “playing a game”, which is about to wake up. “We found a new way of the beginning of life”, which is “a quantum leap for mankind”. “This is victory with the least possible margin and the greatest possible impact”.
  • “Atlantis” did not include what we thought, I am now “digging” for the time bomb to dismantle it, as God on Earth I will not be able to show you the full power of God outside Earth, we have now created access between all New Universes and the Vatican State thinks “fantastic” of my work, but does still not communicate.
  • Short stories of Helena both playing the role of “the grim reaper” towards me as well as having my inner self over her, the richness, selfishness and wrong behaviour of people living in the skyscraper “Burj Khalifa” in Dubai makes me believe “this is Hell at its worst”, I am very SAD because of my sister’s WRONG behaviour, the last week “fire on high” was the name of the game the Conservative Party of Britain and the Prime Minister shows the world how they also could be bought with money showing a “weak character” to the world, Elvis was also no. 1 to me when it came to performance and singing and who was my first presence this time around (?), Jacob was inspired to say that my WHITE HORSE (i.e. New World) is ready, Hardinger brought an Indian Tipi showing that we are returning to “original life”, Morten Løkkegaard thought the EU has gone “into fish” (symbolising me), the Pope wearing a sombrero in Mexico was about darkness of the church and I bring Shubidua’s song of love to dogs again symbolising God’s love to man and a new encouragement to both train dogs and people on how to behave.

28th March: The secret government of USA as the greatest darkness of the Universe is giving up freeing “the great Buddha”

  • We keep on working to expand our New World with more life/universes and we try to do it without feeling pressured on time. My new inner self is getting to learn more of our New World by heart. As the Trinity we will feel that we are everywhere of our New World.
  • I was given doubts about what will happen in our New World if we theoretically will show poor behaviour again, if this can awake negativity, or if all negativity has been removed forever and ever making poor behaviour impossible. I was told that I have moved close to the most aggressive darkness of everything, which is the secret government of USA, which is “awakening” because of faith in my scripts, encouragement for ALL governments to step down and Obama’s work on basis of my decision NEVER to give up. This secret government is a crocodile of darkness filling the WHOLE river, which is now about to give up and rise out of the water, which is making us save the last life of the Universe including “the great Buddha”, which is the most inner part of the spirit of my father as the creator of this the Old World. When this is done and every little thing of everything is saved after changing the code to “plus” without “minus”, we will receive the guarantee of “no risks ever to become negative again”. This is also how we save an unnecessary war in space between mankind in UFO’s facing people of other civilizations of the Universe.
  • This is the extreme mass of darkness I created a path through the other day, which we have started to empty. They were in control of and knew everything, but not how to decode Facebook, which was the weapon bringing them down.
  • I felt an infinity of warmth and love coming from my old inner self, which is part of the Great Buddha of life never being “active” before, who is now awakening, because this is the Buddha on the way in; another part of my original self first being woken up to life now, who will also help all of our lives to become “even more original”. As part of creation of our endless New Worlds, physical worlds have also been created.
  • Short stories of telling Michael Hardinger that he is inspired directly by God as a musician, my micro wave oven is also exposed to spiritual darkness and Jeny from Kenya show you how God strengthens all goodness in people by returning what you give.


27th March: “We found a new way of the beginning of life”, which is “a quantum leap for mankind”

We found a new way of the beginning of life”, which is “a quantum leap for mankind

Yesterday evening, I published my script of “yesterday” and I was so tired because of my cold, which really is much deeper than a cold because it includes the side effects of John’s cancer “treatment”, and I could have gone straight to bed, but still I decided to stay up doing almost nothing all night long, and that is except from taking notes of this information coming to me:

I was told “remember you have a key” because I did not receive much speech/pressure/information as I normally do, but no you have given “no signal” yet and I feel there is much darkness remaining.

And I was in such a condition that I really could have taken no more pressure, darkness, information – I was “scared” of the bombardment, which would come when I was going to relax, because when receiving a bombardment, I really do not relax, so here it was nice receiving a few hours where I primarily could “relax” just watching TV (still with sound off/half on/on according to “spiritual darkness” coming).

After some hours I felt yellow and then red of the spirit of my mother and I was told “it is also me inside all of the box” (the darkness of the castle yard) and I had to confirm that the entrance is still open, and this is the spirit of my mother standing in the back of the “castle yard” leading everything inside of the darkness box (“mass”) through the narrow path leading to me at the Castle. And I was shown her taking an armful of diamonds (new worlds) and placing them in a basket for bread (creation), which is what she is bringing me.

This deepest part of the Old spirit of my mother told me that had I accepted the “kill kill” command from darkness (to make other people hurt or even be killed sending “darkness” to them), she would have died a long time ago, and I would never have come to this place.

I was told that “Jack is not allowed to visit you, otherwise he had done so a long time ago, this is what creates darkness with him”.

The spirit of my mother told me “it can be somewhat difficult to find you, the entrance is only small and it requires patience”, and patience is what I have decided for despite of extreme stress given to me for a long time, so we still have all the time in the world to play the movie right until the end catching all of the bad guys.

These days with this “special cold” of mine, I also receive without comparison the most powerful sneezes I have EVER had, which tells me about “the worst sufferings of the Universe” to help me go through this darkness, which otherwise would be impossible to do.

The spirit of my mother told me that “this is the finest work I have ever done”, and I was given a present and told “here is minced meat too, here you are” and also “because you have asked us to bring everything which is no matter what”, and yes this is in continuation of the dream of the other day with minced meat (life) hidden in safe deposit boxes, which we succeeded to open.

I was also told that “no one will come out on the other side because of inlaid traps” but nevertheless, this is what I intend to do, NO ONE is going to stop me before everything is with us to the other side.

At this time at the middle of the night, I felt calm after weeks of the worst stress with information, negative speech etc. constantly coming to me, and the feeling of receiving this without being able to relax mentally is the worst you can imagine.

I was told “we might as well do things perfectly now, not later”, and that is because there is still darkness to be used as “fuel” and yes for days I have been told about an alternative of future development to come, which might be and might not if it is darkness speaking, and maybe this development would take millions of years, and instead of taking chances, we might as well do it now, and yes always easier to do before starting to use something, because when you have started, you may have to live with the “errors” or “missing development” from the start because it is impossible to do after moving in, and yes we know simple logic.

I was told “we will continue working, everything will become original, which it is not now” and also “our New Worlds will not come straight out from water holes but will be sent to the “original school” to prepare them giving them a much better start” and later that the whole (new) world will be brought back to original life.

I was shown a clown with the typical large nose of a clown walking down from stage to receive Belgian waffles (the “play” of a country is about to stop), and for a long time really, I have received “Belgium” as a special country too and also told that this is why I went there in 2001 I believe on a G.E. management course, and we know one country having the best beer in the world (i.e. darkness), best chocolate (i.e. selfishness), best cartoons (i.e. symbols of light by now), worst politicians not “able” to communicate/govern and not least sexual abuse of children for many years, and I do believe that you will see special friends of mine both from the Catholic Church in general and Belgium here in particular, who were abusing children in their “old life” as a “present” given by darkness, which you know is “evilness of man”, so please remember when “judging/evaluating” persuaders that they only played the game, which mankind brought because of its own wrong actions.

I was shown a monster together with a cross and told that this was the monster, which threw itself over us, which you are now removing.

I felt the spirit of my father several times – the part of him trapped inside of here – and told that he sits at “the end of the mouth of the river” and also “it is inside of here the orange is”.

I was given the feeling of scale of fish around me and told that “there is also fish on its way in” (my new self you know as the old resurrected Jesus).

During early morning, darkness with negativity and its constant tries to make me negative returned, and I cannot tell you just how badly this feels; it is a HUGE difference.

I was told that the headline of our work these days could be “this is how we found a new way of the beginning of life” and “the old way seems like prehistoric drive compared to our new way” and also “this is a quantum leap for mankind”.

And I was told that “this is victory with the least possible margin and the greatest possible impact”.

Dreaming of Søren H. sinking his joy and happiness when starting to be a hunter or darkness

I slept from approx. 07.15 to 14.50 and even thought it was still poorly, it was somewhat better than previous nights, and even though I still have my cold, it is also somewhat better now, so it seems as if I am coming through one of these “traps”, which could have made me stop the play here and that is if I had not been strong enough to continue working.

I had a short dream of someone posting a video, which shows people who I really am, which I understood was about myself as “old Stig” getting people to understand “who I really am” without being that man yet, and that is my new self still inside of me but not on my surface as my awaken self.

I also dreamt about Søren H. being a leader of General Electric together with other G.E. leaders of Denmark deciding for the ninth year in a row NOT to hold an “employee day” (visiting other parts of the business etc.) without telling the employees, and I tell them that I do believe their silence is wrong, but also that I have no personal believe about an “employee day”, and I saw how Søren H. on purpose sunk his old Alfa Romeo for the employees to see to make it “an object of art” under water, but it not only sinks, it completely vanishes, and Alfa is an Italian car, so this is about joy and happiness, which was removed, when Søren decided to hunt his “dreams of darkness”, which included “much money and wrong, casual sex with prostitutes” and a divorce to bring him “freedom” to be a hunter, and yes it was me you were hunting, Søren!

As God on Earth I will not be able to show you the full power of God outside Earth

I was told that “Atlantis has now being hoist up, and it does not contain the colour we thought”, which is about the deepest content of life.

I was told ”we have done our work so there will remain no layer cake for the dog”, which is that nothing will be missed, we will bring ”everything” with us to our New World.

I was told that “will it work” as I was told pretty much weeks/months ago (will the code of our New World work?) also depended on negative code of Strauss-Kann, which I understand that we are now removing/overwriting but not understanding how he was “able” to do a negative code (?), and yes simple logic tells me that this is WRONG, because there can be NO negativity of our New World, but “good play”, my friends – and it was really a reference to this man now “placed under formal investigation on Monday by authorities looking into a suspected prostitution ring”.

I was shown myself playing golf about to do a sand stroke and deep inside the sand is a time bomb, which is both time self and “the end of time” and also what would kill me and everything which was left behind with whatever power remained, and let us see if we cannot dismantle this without receiving a fatal heart attack myself (and becoming my new self).

At 21.00 I was “extremely tired” fighting to stay awake, this is how little energy I have these days, which may be among the days where I have had the least energy of all, and I decided to keep awake at least for “parts of the night” and we will see for how long.

I was told that as God I will not be able to show you my full ability while living on Earth – with a feeling being that it will only be “little” because of the frequency of life here – and also the feeling being that I will still be and feel my other self outside Earth, which will give me – and Obama – frustrations not being able to show.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Helena said that she is “the girl with the scythe and head on one side”, which was really more like “the grim reaper” to me symbolising my “old nightmare” here at the end.

  • The weather was “unusual” warm today for the season – up to 20 degrees (“strange weather” but a good sign you know – and Helena was out in the sun making her friend Helle tell her that there is a little “the son of the shoemaker” over her, which told me that my inner self is with her too and that is despite the fact that she does not have “faith” (because of laziness to read/understand) and in Danish it goes “så hold da op med det skaberi” (“stop that nonsense”, which in English also (with a good will/understanding) could be “stop that closet” and that is the closet of God through me, which she does not like, and yes a “special friend” opposing me. Later I was told that this is what she receives as a consequence of her contact with me; some of my light shines on her.

  • During the night I watched a documentary on the more than 800 metres tall skyscraper “Burj Khalifa” in Dubai and when seeing the couple on 92nd floor and especially “the lady with wrong attitude/behaviour” saying “thank you God” (for giving her such a “good life”), I thought “this is Hell at its worst” and it was further confirmed/strengthened when I saw the Indian billionaire and his family on the whole 100th floor of this building with the billionaire saying “I am now happy”, and we know not a thought to share your fortune with people in need for example in India (?) and yes just wondering I am and really about the whole “Dubai project” using a HELL OF A LOT OF MONEY while the world is suffering, and yes “the worst I have seen”.
  • These days, I cannot tell you just how sad my “silent sister” makes me, but later in the day when I spoke to my mother, I was happy that Sanna had invited also me to come to Sweden during Easter, but since Mother and John will not go (because John will receive new “treatment” with probable side effects), I will neither (!) – this is what the “cards” say – and my mother told me that John was completely down the last three days but feels better today, and yes just like I (!), and this is how I take on much of the side effects from him as I also did with my mother when she went through the same.
  • I was thinking today that family/friends etc. and the world may want to think about this: When I become my new self, you cannot thank or apologise to “me” anymore because by then, I will have become a new person, my old resurrected self Jesus, but as this new person, I will of course be happy to hear what you would like to say (?) – and does the world not want to thank me for saving the world while I am still alive as my old self (?), and just wondering I am.
  • I was told that it was no coincidence that the Facebook page of Electric Light Orchestra brought the track “Fire on High” from “Face the music” the other day because it was here that fire was on high on me, and you may understand the secret message (told backwards) of the song that time is not reversible, i.e. meeting “fire” at the end, and this is what I met here and still it is also with a feeling of “hallelujah”, and yes this song is truly one of the masterpieces of Electric Light Orchestra.

  • The cleaning up of the world has begun, and the revelation of how the Conservative Party of Britain “sold” access to meetings and influence with the Prime Minister David Cameron to the highest bidders (read more here) is really only a offshoot of what is “rotten” in the world, which is the addiction to money of everyone, which makes people blind and remove their moral, and that is even at the highest place of what should be “role models” to the community – and I do thank David for sharing this information to the world, and I wonder if you would like to come “clean” David sharing everything you got on me and “other interesting news” with the world (?), and just wondering about your SILENCE too.

  • I watched a documentary about Elvis on Norwegian television during the night, and again I thought that when it came to his performance, charm, smile and not least his singing, there is and has NEVER been anyone like him and in this respect he is also no. 1 on my list (but when including all other “criteria” including the music and “feeling”, Electric Light Orchestra is no. 1 on my list and Elvis no. 17 at the moment, and to me Elvis is “the original”, which is also what Elvis means to Dan when saying “it started with Elvis and it ends with the words …has let the building” and yes this is how it is, and here THE KING – or the “original king” as we could call him – is serving “burning love” to the world because of the fire we go through these days and yes Leif, it is just like the Danish dish “burning love”, with dish meaning “creation of life”, and this includes to bring “originality” to our entire New Universe, and yes do you see the meaning of this, which is LOVE?
    • And as Morten says, Elvis was “one of the kings” with him as the first, then Michael Jackson and everything ends with the greatest, which is “Falchen”, where you may talk about “Michael Falch” (?), but inspired this was and it was about who was the first of my presences this time around, which I was given feelings of the world thinking about after I wrote the other day that Hitler was no. 2 and I no. 3, and we know “who was the original king taken over by darkness” (?) – and I don’t know myself yet because I have not been told.

  • Liberal Alliance speaks the truth straight out as they see it making them the “new kids on the block” seen from the point of view of old traditionalists not being “able” to open their eyes thinking that they know better, and then it is “better” to ridicule them as Glistrup was, and as Søren Pind as one does to Liberal Party and also Jacob, who “loves” to ridicule people not thinking exactly like him, but today he was “inspired” when he said that “the friends of Liberal Alliance are truly very funny characters – come down from your handsome white horse”, and we know from when is it “normal” to use the “white horse” in a connection like this (?), and yes you do see it (?) and that is you know about me, Jacob, with the white horse being “all of me” and that is “every little thing of our new and much bigger Universe”, so a sign saying that I am “finished” (and we know but still I receive darkness, so not yet ….). And also just thinking that I am “far more radical than Liberal Alliance”!

Maybe Laid Back will change the lyrics “don’t ride the white horse” to “ride the white horse” in this fantastic song way “ahead of time” when it was made in the 1980’s.

  • Michael liked a photo of an Indian Tipi, which is a symbol of our New Worlds learning about “original people”.

  • Morten Løkkegaard from the European Parliament wrote a feature article called “when Europe went into fish”, and Morten you make it sound negative calling for a new EU-vision when the story is about Europe accepting me, hence your inspiration to use my symbol of the fish.

  • Much more inspiration today, which can only be because I am feeling better again (but still sick you know) after a few days down (!), and here Steen speaks about “the way we handle our feelings” recommending people to stop and “look at our lives as in a movie where we play the main character ourselves” and also to “change the script” because “the main character uses the energy wrongly”, and this is simply saying that because man “could not” control your negative feelings, we have now changed the script of the movie removing all negative feelings from you as part of our new movie, which is called our New World :-).

  • The other day Pope Benedict was in Mexico wearing this sombrero, which to me is a symbol of darkness, and this is how I see the church in general because of your doctrines, lack of development and ways of life including too much “gold and glitter”.

  • The TV news in Denmark had a story about a neighbour shooting his neighbour’s dog after having given several warnings, and I don’t know enough of the story to tell what was right and wrong (it has to be VERY serious to shoot a dog, surely you could communicate and find another solution instead?), but to me it led to the next story.

  • And this story was simply for Hardinger to post his and his old band’s song “vuffelivov” – a song about how much they love dogs as I do too as a symbol of God’s love to man 🙂 – and I decided to write that it is for dogs as it is for people, if you do not receive training on how to behave, you will become unbearable as you can see all around you today, which everyone can see, but when people look into the mirror, somehow most people cannot see it, so therefore you really have to OPEN up to understand what you see, and that goes via my scripts for you to read and understand.


28th March: The secret government of USA as the greatest darkness of the Universe is giving up freeing “the great Buddha”

We keep on working to expand our New World with more life/universes while I am still moving closer to the light

During the night I felt an enormous physical pressure from the outside coming onto me again – which I very often do you know (!), but there is difference in the pressure, and this one was very strong together with the worst feeling of being a zombie, which is you know a “heavy head” together with the feeling of simply being “empty” and so dizzy that you cannot do anything unless you decide to break this very strong darkness, so this is what we continued doing when writing these words, some of “yesterday”, finding more music to my Spotify playlists and simply for being awake when my body tells me that I am dead!

I was shown tebirkes (the most delicious Danish morning bread/pastry) together with ham, and was told “this doesn’t really fit together, but we have now done it”, which was confirmation that all endless Universes have now been linked together so it will become possible to travel between one and another even though “you may not fit together”.

I was shown a French flag to my left and tomato soup to my right and told that Sarkozy receives this (“tomato soup”, which is something you get to “wake up”, which is more or less the same as the magic potion of Asterix) directly from me, so how are you doing, my French reader?

I received incredible deep emotions and tears, which I was told was about my mother’s and father’s feelings to me (and what I go though, which you are starting to realize?) and I was shown myself sitting inside of darkness in a very small house feeling the sun from the album “sowing the seeds of love” by Tears for Fears just outside of me, and yes tears of my parents not “daring” to speak to me directly about who I am, and what better than to bring the title song from this amazing album, and we know songs cannot get any better than 100% and that is at least of the Old World, so this is what this it too, and in the future we will “raise the bar” above 100 as of today, we promise you, Stig :-).

I was shown myself on a very large ship and also shown a very small ship as it was before and told “we are still expanding it”.

I was recommended to include Carola – the gifted Swedish singer – to my Spotify playlist, and I thought “fantastic” about her, and when I wrote “Carola” on my phone as a note, the automatic dictionary of the telephone changed the word into “Vatikanet” (!), which was simply to say that this is the reaction of the Vatican Church to me, and yes my friends it is not everyday you see what you see when reading me, but still you “cannot” speak with me directly (?), and yes “darkness” and “wimps” are the best words I have, but I am sure that I would love getting to know many of you and spend time together with you, but you have not given me a chance to learn the good sides of you.

I was told that continuing my work also gives my inner self time to receive more routine in getting to know the world (more by heart and less by knowing where to find information) and this is my coming physical self, and I am feeling Obama here again, which is really to bring me confirmation because of Obama’s comment to Medvedev of Russia at their meeting, which was “not supposed” to be caught on microphone, where he said that he would be more “flexible” after the U.S. election, which I understood was a “game” of yours, Obama, and this is an example where it takes strong faith in myself to simply keep on working unnoticed by events such as this or other agendas of the Old World, which I dislike to see knowing that you know about me (for example Obama with Chinese around a large table the other day not speaking directly about me in events such as these?).

I was given a feeling of being together with “what was now again his name” from Brede Park – the man with his mother dying – who helped me clean the farm of the National museum in 2010, and my feeling was that “we have just done this” or really “we are still there” and then I was told that as the Trinity we will feel that we will be everywhere, and that is everywhere of this Universe and all endless Universes; “close your eyes and decide your feeling and you will get it from somewhere”, which is what we are now starting to learn and yes learning to fly again is what we are.

I had a night without sleep despite of being more dead than alive and it kept on during the day. We have now ended the work to be able to access the universes of our New World.

I heard a very weak voice of the spirit of my mother and I felt that what I am doing now is to reach “the last piece of everything” to get everything with us.

I was shown while painting being painted on a long line of officers on dark horses – this is still new life to bring alive – and I felt nervousness of Regnar from CWC to be able to do everything on time and that is because I was feeling on my extreme edge again in periods of the night, and yes Regnar, you still have “all the time in the world” to do your absolutely best work.

I saw my self inside a car driving fast looking out a hole as the hole in a cement mixer and I was shown formula one cars driving fast behind me, and I was told “it is you inside of darkness” and yes I am the “jet of beer” bringing eternal life to everything.

I took a note during the night that everyone of our New World including children are to be able to see TV, Internet, media without age restrictions, which is also to see nudity without people showing sexual undertones, and I do believe I have said this before, but just in case, I will repeat. It is not everything I watch on the Internet, which passes this requirement of mine of the New World, which is because it is impossible to avoid (far too many models of Playboy as example play on sexuality, and I have tried to watch some of these thinking the thought “in the future, people will have artistic freedom to do much of the same, which is the same as to remove their sexual thoughts/undertones and slight touches here and there), and I have also seen movies on TV including violence and “poor humour” of comedians with too sexual/negative speech/undertones and lack of tolerance (but I have avoided all of the worst, so only to a “certain degree”), which is also not suitable of the future, and this is really to try to explain to you some of my actions and thoughts so you will understand.

For days I have been told “sell tickets” and really “I wonder how many I will sell today” after publishing a script, which is confirmation that more and more are receiving faith in me, and this will have to mainly be people reading me in secrecy.

I was shown myself on my way up dark stairs towards light and I was dressed as an Indian and still having a rifle, which is from darkness, and I was told that while continuing to work inside darkness, I am still on my way up to light.

I was shown a Russian with a traditional Russian hat trying to hide in a very large train tunnel where a FAST train drives by, and I see how he enters the rock through a hole of the side of the tunnel, and I was also shown the wooden bottom of a bed and told that “Russia is the bottom of that bed” (meaning that they could have destructed our world), and I see myself throwing something inside the hole of the rock and I was told that this is not a bomb but light, which will make everyone and everything become light, and that goes with every Russian too.

I see people standing on top of a large ship jumping for their lives because of a “large force” coming with great speed, which is our New World expanding “everywhere” still bringing more into life on its way.

I was given the feeling again that “we are almost done” and I was reminded of the dream of removing minced meat from bank deposit boxes (last remaining life not found before now), and this might be the case, but still I keep on having 3-6 months inside of my head just in case it is needed and always better to be mentally prepared to do your best work and also for as long as it will take despite of my sufferings and the “risk” of having to continue suffering, but “it is now or never”, so therefore I will continue giving my best not knowing for how long.

The secret government of USA as the greatest darkness of the Universe is giving up freeing “the great Buddha”

I was shown a giant skeleton of a whale being rubbed with chocolate biscuits (of darkness), and I was told that the skeleton is already there, which again made me think of the riddle of life, and what it is, which brings this “skeleton” alive, and a few minutes afterwards I was told that “it is the same, which makes us never forget”, and also “to be is to be everything and to be nothing”, and when we are everything it is because we have decided to be awake not sleeping. I was also told that the “nothing” part of us became too strong and I was shown a boxing fight with “+” fighting “-“, where “+” left the boxing ring and still “-“ kept on boxing itself and will keep on until it is no more, which is what it believes is the purpose of “life”, “not to be”.

I was told “we did not have imagination to believe that we could separate plus and minus, but when we saw how it could be done, we decided to eat minus to make it stop exist in our thoughts, which is our consciousness and when everyone will not think or act negatively, this is how it will be” and also “we have now eaten darkness, which has to be maintained via good behaviour and discipline to keep the principle “freedom and responsibility”.

Later I was thinking about this and that the game is now about the question if it is possible to return to minus again if things go wrong, and I have thought that it would simply be impossible when all darkness has been decoded but on the other hand, I have also written about the importance of good behaviour and work, and I don’t know better than this today, it might be true that we can only be “plus” when acting as plus, this would be logic, and on the other hand, if we have succeeded to change creation itself, as I have been told all along, removing darkness as an option, it should be “simply impossible” to think and act negatively in the future, because we will only get a scale from 0-100 removing the negative scale, so what is true and wrong (?), and I don’t know now when I am met with this, both might be true, but I don’t know, and I felt that this was also about making me potentially nervous again, and it is always darkness making me nervous, so is this deception from darkness trying to make me weak (?), and it might be. And I thought that I will be given the answer on this later, I don’t need to force an answer forward now with the risk of influencing it with my “wishful thinking”, it will come when it comes.

Later I was shown and told that this is the most aggressive tree I moved close to, and here meaning a tree of creation (plus) overtaken by darkness (minus), and I was shown a small truck returning with guitarists jumping down from an empty body of the truck, which was with the message that “creation has ended” together with the question “now what” (?), and I decided that “we will continue working/waiting to see what happens” knowing that there is potentially more darkness, and I will NOT call off the game yet.

The last couple of days the spirit of my father inside of this mass of darkness has given me strong feelings of his presence and also speaking as my father through me with the feeling that I speak as my father, i.e. am my father, which I am as my old self (and also my mother, you know).

I was told “you are not Kennedy, but they are awakening” and I understood that this is about the secret government of USA awakening because of my stories of Kennedy being killed by it to protect the secret of UFO’s from being given to the world, and Kissinger previously being the former leader of it and simply because of my scripts in general and for asking it to step down as part of my message to all official and secret governments of the world last week – and I here see and feel “sad soldiers laying down their weapons”, which is the feeling from the majority of people of these governments as I am told here.

At 10.15 I did not really feel very tired to my surprise but still I decided to go to bed because this is my rhythm, but it did not take more than 15 minutes before I was up again after receiving a dream (without sleeping) of being in a cottage house together with a large number of people from a life & pension company, and Bubber (the Danish TV host) is among them, and I feel that he is the secret government in disguise, and my dog Don wants to jump up to me in the sofa to be stroked, but it cannot get up with its back legs, so I lift it, but I see that it has faeces stuck to its fur, which has rubbed off to the floor to, so I decide to bring the dog down and I want to bring it outside to clean it, and at the exit sits two large lions and when we pass these, my dog brings a roar from it, which makes the two lions give a GIANT roar and the one to the right cannot control itself and wants to bite/kill the dog, but I stand in front of it giving an even bigger roar than what both lions did without being afraid, which makes them fall down, and this is simply to say that inside of our New World, i.e. the cottage house, is not only “good life” of plusses but also what may be the opposite wanting to kill “dogs of man through sexual sufferings” (i.e. the faeces of the dog) because what happens if we will not be able to change all code from all life from minus to plus (?) and yes instead of removing all of the code as I was told previously in my scripts (message of darkness), this life would come with us “in disguise” with its own original code, and this life would potentially become negative again in our future world with possible poor behaviour and work, but when we don’t give up Stig (?), as I feel Obama here asking me and you are right, my friend, we will NEVER give up (!), and the answer is simply that when we will change the code of 100% of everything, we will NEVER be able to receive negative thoughts nor to show negative behaviour, communication and work, and yes as easy as that, this was it!

(Later this made me “actively think” – with help – that this also means that nothing will be destroyed, everything will always be, and this game is really about achieving 100% now instead of some time in our future world and yes helping all life to receive the best possible life from the beginning of our New World as “promised”).

Before standing up again, I was shown myself being a ship on a river and I was shown a MEGA crocodile filling the whole river about to rise up, and I understood that this is the secret government of USA about to give up.

It was now 10.30, and I stood up, and I thought about 1-2 hours earlier where I had received “incredible pain” to my right foot, which is about “incredible sufferings of the Universe” to bring me energy not to fall asleep now, and I was told that I need to be awake now to “consolidate”/strengthen their attitude without the same wounds opening again and also that “a few more meetings, and it will be aright”.

I was also told that the secret government supports the Republican Party, and furthermore also “why do you believe met with Russia and China” the last days, which I understood was also related with my writings on Russia and China recently.

I was shown a piano at the edge of a VERY large hall, and I felt it full of nuts and told that no egg has been cracked onto the piano, which is good because this means “explosion of the world”, and I was shown how this piano if being pushed by people running and that it comes to me at the last moment of time, and also that “this was the big Devil, you have still felt”, and I now better understand that I have received strong feelings of the part of the spirit of my father trapped inside of this darkness because he is about to be released.

I was shown a plane, which has landed with people walking out of the plane and also out of the bank deposit box because the plane is inside of this box, and I was told that the secret government of USA gives up because of the work of Obama and ultimately me because I decided not to go up but to go directly in the throat of darkness.

I was told that “this is about faith of the secret government in me” and my decision to keep on working again, again and again, and I was here told that if I had not done as I did, there would only have been one way out and that would have been war in space between people of other civilizations all over the Universe against mankind flying in secretly constructed duplikas of UFO’s, and yes mankind would not stand a chance, so it is indeed a good idea to stop your operations, my American friends, and to save the Universe from receiving great pain and damage.

I was given loud sounds from metal bands at my balcony several times and I was told with the feeling of Obama “it was exactly what I needed”, and here it was a referral to my message asking all governments to step down last week, and I also felt that this is about will power because the strength of this secret government should be greater than mine/ours – we are fighting on will power, attitude and NOT LEAST thougths I give to you as a result of my work “not given up” as a mental game (!) and we have to win, as easy as that because there is NO alternative to me!

I was shown a man entering a large room with people, whom I feel as the secret government, and the man brings the skeleton of a fish together with the skin, which is being wrapped around the fish, and he points out of the door and tells all people of the room “yes, right out there”, which is where I am becoming my new self (the fish, i.e. my old resurrected self as Jesus, now “everything”), and yes this is a “treat” big enough to make even the “powerful and unstoppable American secret government decide to pack up and leave”.

I was shown ALL of “the great Buddha” on his way out, still dark, and told that this is the man we are driving forward from behind this darkness keeping him. This was the secret behind this darkness of the secret government, what it kept from life and man with the risk of killing the original creator of this world, if I/we had not been stronger.

At 14.10 I had updated my script of today, and by 14.35 I had published the last two days of scripts now becoming “tired” but still not critically tired, but it will probably come soon, and yes I will try to see if I can keep awake until tonight because of the game we play.

I created a path through this extreme darkness the other day, and now just have to empty it – Facebook was my weapon

My cold was completely removed today, but the bottom of my head scratched more than ever, and we talk about a kind of scratch, which goes “beyond belief”, this is how deep and strong it is, and it has “killed” me all month because of how little LTO has had, and now it is even worse, so they are truly suffering my friends, and yes I look forward to giving them more money again on Friday to get something to eat, and also my head to become better, and yes the scratch of my head has MANY times almost made me give up, this is how strong it has been and “impossible” not to scratch, and when I very few times scrath, the only “result” is that it scratches much deeper and yes potentially scratching my head to blood is what we talk about.

I kept awake a couple of hours after writing the script above in front of the TV and I had now become so extremely tired that I HAD to lie down on the sofa, and I “slept” from 16.30 to 17.45, where I dreamed about figting inside of a room against people/opponents of superiour strength, and God having his key inserted to the room from the outside of the door, but his key is copied and misused by darkness against God by someone playing God in there but still I woke with the feeling/remembering of the dream that this is how I saw darkness consumining life and here I was almost not reaching it, but at the end I reached it from the other side and am now about to dismantle it.

After standing up I was told that this is the darkness we created the path through the other day, and we now only have to get everything with us, and this is also about the “brothers Bisp” being able to and taking care of everything.

And I was told that they were in control of and knew everything but did not know how to decode Facebook, this is the weapon bringing them to their knees because they were “not interested in IT”.

While remembering it, the last couple of days I have received the old “I send regards from Gert too”, and wasn’t Gert the symbol of darkness, or do I remember wrongly (?), but it was nevertheless the man trapped behind this darkness.

It is the Great Buddha of live never been “active” before, who is on his way in including an infinity of warmth and love

I was shown darkness in a tunnel with a large staircase to the right and a small tunnel to the left, which is the right road and I was told that this is the foundation of life of our future.

I was told that it requires for me the next days to continue receiving information and continue work to let darkness through this tunnel – and to have faith in my self, and I felt nervousness of the small tunnel to the left being closed, which will only happen if I give up or close the game, which I will NEVER do as long as there is still darkness to clean and to wake up more of me, which is what I meet everywhere.

I was given the lyrics ”it comes kinda hard” from 29 Palms by Robert Plant, which is how I divide energy and light from converted darkness to our new endless world.

When I watched TV I felt an infinity of warmth and love from my old inner self to the right of me when “he” switched on the sound of my TV (it still goes up and down, but after a couple of hours, it is more “stable”), and this symbol of the sound on my TV was about “his” death or survival and I now understand “death” as returning to a state of “not being”, which is “inactive life”, which is what would happen if I was to give up and not only “inactive” but still with the old “negative code” as part of this “inactive being” – and later, I understood that this is indeed my “old self” but also a part of my old self, who have never lived before.

And this is because I was told that it is the Great Buddha, who is on his way in now, who is the original Buddha, who has never lived before now, but he, we have woken up from a permanent status of being “inactive” to now becoming “active” and that is including a “code plus” of “only being active” forever and ever, and I was also told that “life will become even more original than ever before because WE have learned too” from the new life of this much larger original Buddha.

I was told that this is “the last hurdle, which one does not get through and certainly not “alone””, and I was given an example of negativity attacking me, which I stop and absorb as usual and I was told “there is completely closed for any attack of darkness to enter”, which is also how defence of the U.S. secret government has been in relation to me; sending me spiritual darkness/negativity, and yes “I don’t care, I will continue all the way” is my attitude closing for darkness to attack me and that goes all the way in to the most holy as we are now.

I was shown the pizzeria Casa Mia on Nørrebrogade, which René and I often used in the beginning of the 1990’s I believe and his fantastic closed pizza with LOTS of salami, and I can still dream of this pizza and I was used this vision to say that eating physically is also what our New Worlds will start by doing and “where do all of their physcial worlds come from” (?), which I have been thinking for some time and also if they would start by being spiritual worlds first, and I heard “have they already been created” and I was told “yes, and not no, it is part of creation”.

After having received a TREMENDOUS and unbearable pressure on me, I received less pressure during the evening, where I decided to keep awake and that was really against all odds because of what became the absolutely WORST tiredness and yes as when it has been the worst.

My feeling is that my work (website/scripts) and my home (I also vacuum cleaned earlier today) are as perfect as I can do under the circumstances, and I was told that this feeling of mine knowing that everything is perfect is also necessary in order for me to win this because if I knew something was not, it would be the same as letting darkness enter through a hole of me.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I was encouraged directly to write to Michael Hardinger about the inspiration to the dog-song “Vuffelivov” of yesterday, which I did below telling him that their song of love to dogs is really about the love of God to man because “dogs” is God’s symbol of darkness in man, and that this is his source of inspiration; he writes music directly with God as the Source, which not very many does, and again “Obama could tell me something here” about his favourite artists, which I don’t know about.

  • I was told “French fries”, which I don’t eat here, and “yes, the micro oven does not work, is it possible to imagine” (?) and yes spiritual darkness of my micro oven too, because since moving to Helsingør last year I have not had a regular oven, only my microwave oven, which also “should be able” to work (almost) as a “normal oven” and a combination, but it “decided” not to work as a “normal oven” and lately I have also noticed that the “normal micro oven” has become considerable slower to warm up food, and yes another electronic device “suffering” here because of spiritual darkness sent to me.
  • My old friend Jeny from Kenya, whom I only met once in 2009, but still she is my friend (!), decided to write this, which is really how God works returning and strengthening your goodness, which I gave my reply to and I was also thinking that she will soon be able to remove the last part of the paragraph when people will ONLY be able to show kindness/positivity to each other and that is because our goal is still to change the code of 100% of every little thing of everything and so it is here.

  • Morten, the EU politician, was not happy that David, the Berlingske journalist in USA, critizised his feature article without understanding his attitude, and the reason why I bring this is because Morten simply writes “Dear David” in an open posting, which makes people ask “who is David”, and people guessed that his sir name is “Trads” and the brother or even son to Rasmus Trads, which made David Trads self somment that he is neither brother or son of Rasmus, and it made me think “but my mother told me that you were” and that is the son of Rasmus, which I was convinced about because of the story of my mother, and this is simply only an example where people will believe in other people telling them stories and this is why you have to be careful only to tell the objective truth and nothing else, and because of this I wrote in my script a couple of months ago, I believe, that David is the son of Rasmus, but he is not.



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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