April 3, 2012: NASA surveilled the world, which was destructing us but now this is being dismantled because of faith in me


Summary of the script today

1st April: I showed a “too risky behaviour” on the Internet, which made the Universe and the spirit of my mother bleed

  • We see the end of creation coming now doing the final clean up. As my new self, I will become everything of not only this Universe but all of our new “endless Universes”.
  • I looked at a website including a beautiful lady, which contained both “alright pictures” and “pictures crossing my sexual rules” and even though I only wanted to look at the first category, I could not avoid briefly seeing the others, which made me receive much pain to my right angle symbolising destructions of the Universe and first when I directly from the spirits of my mother and father received warnings, I decided to stop this “risky behaviour”, which also had switched on darkness making the Universe and the spirit of my mother bleed and it closed the door to life inside of darkness, which was first re-opened when I stopped my behaviour and started working on this script again.
  • Short stories of Helena and Søren Pind inspired to play an April fools game pretending to be sweethearts (inspiration given because of my “risky behaviour”) but also for “the Son” being very close to come home, TV makes people stupid (!), instead of moaning that you cannot “it is about practise, practise and then practise even more” and Michael Hardinger has now completely vanished as a Facebook friend symbolising my wrong behaviour making it impossible to bring out more life from darkness, but he may return one of the next days after I have corrected my wrongdoing?

2nd April: NASA surveilled the world, which was destructing us but now this is being dismantled because of faith in me

  • We are continuing work to “pay rent” for everyone to make sure that all life inside of darkness will receive a new home, and it is the New World still in progress towards me, which is making it possible to find and recover everything – and the New World is now so close that it is almost breaking through.
  • Part of NASA’s purpose was also to carry out surveillance of the world making it possible for U.S. and “friends” to listen in to everything which is said. This “spy network” was also close to eliminate all life violating the universal principle of freedom and it is now about to being removed because of greater faith in me. The “evil world” did not want to eliminate the world and has now started to work together with me
  • I decided to overcome tiredness and have an active afternoon swimming at the swimming hall to bring more energy, which was “longed for”, and I received MUCH darkness and was told that it takes time to dismantle the darkness, which took no time to get on. We are now continuing to save the last life inside of the worst darkness, which we did not believe existed, instead of being destructed as the last part of our old selves.
  • Short stories of a military coup and hunger of Mali, which the world does not care about, be CONSISTENT not changing opinion from one day to the next, deliriants to “make people slow” are also included in pesticides, money is NOT the motivational factor of people, CREATION is (!), people not accepting my invitations to connect via the Internet because of “misunderstandings”, children and freedom are the most important to protect, mental diseases are not “diseases”, the chairman of the Danish Parliament Mogens Lykketoft does NOT like my replies to his postings, the Saxo Bank professional cycling team survived an attack to be eliminated symbolising my survival and as many else I was happy seeing that Aung San Suu Kyi won a landslide victory in Burma hailing for a new era.

3rd April: ”There was only one who could stop the secret government, this is also how I have designed you/myself”

  • Dreaming of stopping darkness in an impossible game, my clairvoyant friend Georgie telling my mother that I will change the world, bring normal life to everyone and that I am “divinely inspired”, my family and friends are still very SAD because of me, my old friend Jack is also inside of the worst darkness bringing me sufferings, I am very close to dying as my old self and was about to lose remaining life inside of darkness for crossing my own rules, but all life are still inside of there for me to continue working on to bring with us.
  • Darkness was forcing me to my knees today but so far I am continuing my journey still dragging up the GIANT crocodile of darkness (the secret government of USA) after the hole of darkness because of my “risky behaviour” has now been closed and the spirit of my mother has accepted my promise not to repeat this herewith opening up to receive more life from inside of darkness.
  • There was only one who could stop them (the secret government), this is also how I have designed you/myself to release myself from inside of here”.
  • We are cleaning the inner driving wheel of the Old World from darkness, which was used by darkness trying to eliminate Jews at World War II and later by the secret government of USA, and “in the future, everything will be done via the force of thought, which could not be done without the work this evening”.
  • Short stories of the Socialist’s people’s party of Denmark experiencing a fight for power because of selfish, talking people not working professionally (!), and I recommended them to choose Santa Claus as their new leader (!), Brian is tired as 10 on a scale of 10 symbolising my tiredness, my sister and Karen keeps changing from wanting to see me and not, which is “emotionally hard” for them, I encourage politicians and the world not to be sensitive and reject when the meaning of “national symbols” of today will be changed or removed as part of our New World and the word “moi” from Søren Pind brought me the understanding that the world is ready for me (through Obama) to overtake world government with the spirit of my mother becoming the TRUE leader of the Universe, and a visionary and successful CEO of Danish business life stopped because my old colleague from Fair, Margit, brought him “wrong stories” about me.


1st April: I showed a “too risky behaviour” on the Internet, which made the Universe and the spirit of my mother bleed

We see the end of creation coming now doing the final clean up

I worked during the night to update and upload the last part of my script yesterday, which I did at 05.30, and here is some information of the night and the morning.

I was told and felt “there is baby on its way here and also here etc.”, which is about my new self, who will become everything of not only this Universe but all of our new “endless Universes” and yes it will “not be boring”.

I was shown a man emptying a large paper sack putting up red berries and about to put up beetroots in the supermarket, and he said “don’t mind me”, and he is simply continuing to work letting in more new life and yes this man is “me” – in a greater meaning than ever before – and the red is for suffering.

I was told that the reason why I now feel signs of the New World about to break through is because we now can see an end to creation, which is to go through the last darkness and also here with the feeling to save every little thing.

I was also shown God doing the final clean up at the bar removing a few plastic glasses and ashtrays (!), and we will see if more will become “visible” over the coming days and maybe weeks.

And I was told “we did not have to “push” you to work”, which is because I decided to keep on always until I had finished.

Besides from doing the last part of my script of yesterday I also included the new chapter “The secret government of USA played God destructing the code of life via genetic manipulation and deliriants added to food/drinks” at my Signs III page based upon my script of yesterday, and I also did a few precisions/additions to the chapters “Become servants of the world bringing the unvarnished TRUTH to the world” and “Stop hanging out people negatively – use wrongdoings as objective teachings to mankind” at my Media & Politicians site reflecting some of my writings from March and I was glad to see that this chapter was already of good quality, so it was only small, but nevertheless good precisions and also additions I did, and finally I did the summary to my book of March and yes made my home “perfect” before leaving in the morning to town.

I showed a “too risky behaviour” on the Internet, which made the Universe and the spirit of my mother bleed

When I had time – which is when I had finished working – yesterday and also this morning I looked at a few websites including a beautiful lady where some pictures were fine according to my basic sexual rules of what you can show in public and some were not (however not of the worst kind but still exposing the sex of people, which is NOT according to my rules, and I am thinking of “to show people naturally as when they appear publically in for example bath rooms of swimming halls is fine, but do NOT expose your private parts directly and unnaturally in public), and I had decided only to look at those which were fine, but could not entirely avoid from briefly looking at the others, and it was enough to later give me 5-6 very painful sudden pains to my right angle (physical destructions of the Universe), so I am sorry my friends of the Universe suffering because of this, I did not mean any harm, and I thought that I had found a way according to my own rules, but I had not and I was told several times by a serious spirit of my father when going to town, but I thought this was part of a game (because I had NO interest in pictures not fulfilling my own rules) and finally I had to receive a serious warning from the spirit of my mother telling me that if I did not stop, damage would happen to our spiritual world and that is “for good”, and I was given pain to my left angle symbolising this, and this is what it took to make me understand, this is how it is, I took a “too high risk”, which I should not have done – and I wonder if this was “solid darkness” motivating me to do what was wrong.

At the library I converted my book of March from word to PDF-format and later I looked at a few of my monthly books and saw that they contain between 500,000 and almost 1,000,000 characters each and the book of March is the longest of all with 247 pages, but I believe January has a little bit more characters, and later I uploaded it to Scribd here including this introduction:

“We did the greatest creation EVER; automatic creation of endless new life and parallel God’s/Universes all linked to me. I asked the Old World to step down to our New World, and fought evilness of China, Russia and the secret government of USA destructing the code of life via genetic manipulation and deliriants added to food/drinks.”

For several hours, I continued receiving both a negative voice, and I keep having to say “wrong” to everything it says and sometimes it is 10 times every minute – other times less – but here it was constantly and I continued receiving visions, which was STRONGLY about sex, and it made me as tired of this game as ever before, and this was because my “risky” use of the Internet had woken up darkness, which was returned to me very directly here, and I was shown the spirit of my mother in red playing Helena, where a snake converted into a sausage, which woke up (I saw the end of it lifting from the pan) and I was told that it started to do a stranglehold but then nothing more, and I had to reject her from coming closer to me, and it made me sad that what I had done had caused pain to the Universe and to the spirit of my mother.

And I was shown and told that it is like switching on the dark man and that is everywhere, and that it means that I can throw fish at a dark carriage wanting to save life from inside of it, but I will not hit it, and also that for new life on its way in, this is like seeing their feet disappear, but I also received the feeling that this is where they have a defence, which is “to extract energy from others”, which is what happened with destructions of the Universe and also “withdrawal of energy from family/friends etc.” as I understood.

Later I was told that we will now try to re-establish the door (for life inside of darkness to enter to me), and I was shown and told that “you were about to install a small bomb in the train, which we now remove”.

And during this I truly received extremely negative speech and visions not giving me any calm, and then I received periods of half minutes with almost calm, which I understood as a temptation to cut off the last darkness to give me calm, but no, this is not what I wish. My wish is still to get every little thing with me, which is “no matter what”.

I was told that the spirit of my mother had to bleed for my actions, and I apologised for being too “risky” in what I did – and later I was told that if I had decided to stop when first hearing the spirit of my father trying to make me understand, which he used a couple of hours to do when I decided to be “deaf” thinking I did nothing wrong, I would not have made the world and the spirit of my mother bleed, and yes it is always easy to be wise and sad after the event.

During the afternoon I watched TV trying to motivate myself to write this “not long” script of today, but I was truly “dead meat” and by 15.00, I was “completely destroyed”, which surprised me because I thought I would be able to stay awake until this evening, and I decided that I needed to have at least a nap, which I then did until 17.00, and when I woke up, I was again surprised that I was still feeling “completely destroyed”, and I could see no other option than to sleep now, so I went to bed and slept all the way until 02.00, and it seems as if my spiritual connection was “disconnected” because I received no dreams I could remember other than a feeling of writing and arranging scripts also including videos making me happy, so this is what I continued doing after waking up now being able to write the script of today – and before standing up, I continued laying for a while in the bed, where I felt fish all over me including a desire for tuna salad, and I understood that only by continuing to work, I will stay in contact with darkness, and yes “no matter what” is to say that I am prepared to suffer myself to bring every little thing of “everything still inside of darkness” with me, because I want everything to survive and yes using all tools of God including resurrection and “magic” turning back time etc. and that is when needed.

When I am doing the writing of this script, I get feelings – but no direct information – that this is indeed what will make me re-connect with and continue to transfer life from darkness.

And let me also say that my mother’s inflamed toe recovered a few weeks ago (we had removed all darkness of the world as this symbolised), but she still suffers from an inflamed finger, and this is also darkness remaining with “life inside of this inflammation/darkness”, which we are still bringing out, and yes I do mean every little thing, and I here feel Falck again, and yes much darkness coming from them to help me stay inside of this darkness.

Later I was shown a closet being dragged from darkness towards me, and I was also shown the closet as a person of light and being “dragged” is the right word, because I feel that darkness is pulling the other way, and yes when you do what is wrong yourself, Stig, it is impossible to move more from darkness, but when you turn around on a plate, we will continue serving you as your “loyal waiters” and here I feel that this is what my LTO friends and “others” having faith in me help me doing (moving life towards me), and it is still with their faith that we are saving the world, and that is “LTO more than any other”, so there you have the importance of my dear friends.

The voice continued later when I heard it saying “we only want life with ….” and I understood that this is the same force, which made Hitler and Nazi-Germany prefer “Aryans”, and I could only say “no, I want all life” and of course I have to be stronger than darkness still working against me, and that is quite strong you know.

Later I received new strong sudden pains to my right angle, and I understood that this was to undo the disconnection made by darkness earlier, and I also felt much happiness inside of this feeling, which may be true but it may also be a play of darkness – and let me say again; this is the most disgusting feeling of everything making me straight on my edge, bringing me “fear” and that is also fear of reacting to this strong pain with much negativity, which I have to avoid and yes this is what is the strongest of all to make me become negative, but no, not once (yet). And it was followed up when I heard “we are no long in a sausage wagon” (forcing the spirit of my mother to play my girlfriend!), and yes the speech is “incredible strong to make me return” and yes incredible strong commenting on almost everything trying to force me to do what is not right (not just words, but the feeling of a “physical power”), and is this really how strongly the world still opposes me?

Finally at 06.00 “tomorrow” I had finished writing the script of today, which was not easy to do balancing on the edge and yes really of continuing my “life saving mission”, which is what it ended up with me deciding to do.

Receiving feedback from David – but still no communication from John and why don’t you smile to the world?

I was happy to receive this feedback from David after sending money to the team, to see that it matters to them and also that the other team members are fine, which apparently also includes John, and I can see that John is active on Facebook getting more friends and add information in there, but apparently John has “no time” to communicate with me, and I wonder why you have decided to “block” me, John (?), or is it because you “cannot” motivate yourself to write, and prefer to call instead (?), and yes I really don’t know, but it makes me sad not to be hearing from you.

And when looking at your picture of your Facebook profile, I can hardly recognise you because you do not smile too on pictures contrary to how I remember you from real life almost always smiling and showing happiness inside of you (despite of your sufferings), and may I recommend you (and all of your kindred spirits) to show the world how you truly are, and that is to smile and show happiness on pictures, and I hope this will motivate you to update your picture (?) – and the same goes with Elijah when I now look at his Facebook profile, and yes Elijah, you never came around to accept me as a Facebook friend (?), and if you look at “friend requests” next to the Facebook logo in the top left corner, you should be able to see my pending invitation sent to you sent maybe 6 or 12 months ago (?), and yes David is also not smiling on pictures, I just checked, and why is that, my friends (?), are you scared of the camera (?) and it is such a shame because when you don’t show yourselves on camera as you are in the real world, you will easily get people here think that you are “very dull” or even “dangerous” (!) and yes just by looking at your pictures almost looking like “police profile pictures of criminals” (!), and you know how it is here when people cannot control their negative thinking, it does not take much to get them started and to get them convinced that this is what you are, “dangerous” (!) and yes just by looking at pictures, and then people do not even have to know you to know that this is how it is, this is how strong the Devil is!

Thank you David for continuing to do the right thing, which is to communicate :-).

Here is his short email.

Dear Stig,

Thank you for the cash help. I am sorry I was not able to write to you yesterday. I was moving around trying to sort out my self with my portion of the help among other activities. I can breath for a while now as I face April. All the other team members are fine. I was able to spare part of my help to sent my small brother to school. Thank you a lot and God bless you.

Have a good day.

Will write more later within the week.


Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Today was the day of April fools jokes, which all media are full of, and many people have decided to joke with their family/friends etc. too trying to convince them of what is not true, and generally I like these “silly” jokes, and here was another of these, which however had a deeper meaning, and it was when Helena decided to say that “finally, there was also a man for me”, and yes she had to “admit” that it is Søren Pind, and Søren played along telling her that she would come over his knee one day, which she looked forward too (!), and even though this was only a “joke”, I was told that this is a game, which was setup because of my risky behaviour on the Internet, and Søren is here symbolising me because Helena had to “decide” for someone, and yes instead of me, it became Søren, who she knows she can make jokes with.

  • After Helena’s joke, Søren decided to bring the same joke to his friends saying that he is in an “open relationship”, which made Rikke say “Gods, how modern you are”, and here it was to say that this is what the world may think I am as you know, I do NOT approve of “open relationships” with more partners at the same time, and Helena was “willing” to play the game also here as another Queen (!) telling Søren that “we will have to discuss this” because she wants him for herself, and it also made her say with inspiration that she looks forward to seeing him in THE CITY OF SMILES, which is the nick name of Århus, the 2nd largest city in Denmark, where she lives and “Århus” is also an old symbol of our New World too, and she continued saying that “the fatted calf has been killed”, which is really to say that the spirit of my mother is happy for her Son to return home, which is now “very close”.

  • And my return – now speaking as my new self through darkness to my right (this is how it is) – was confirmed, when Helena later enjoyed “newly smoked rainbow trout, warm scrambled eggs and chives” making her “a little closes to Heaven”, which is what “fish” symbolising me will make people do :-).

  • Brian has been sick a few days making him watch much TV with the conclusion being that TV “makes people stupid” because of reality shows etc., and yes just my words as it appears from my page on Media & Politicians, which the world can do MUCH better in our New World.

  • Søren commented on a posting of one of his liberal colleagues, who said to his girls “yes, but it does not help to moan over things you cannot. It is about practise, practise and then practise even more” and he even felt himself that he ought to take this medicine some day (!), and it made Søren conclude “those new acknowledgements in the age of 40”, and I decided to include this because it is really my saying of “never give up” and that is for everyone ALWAYS to have a strong will power not giving up and ALWAYS to do your best, and I wonder if what Martin said is true in relation to himself giving up too easily when not “bothering” to do your best work, Martin (?), and it is suddenly the case for almost all I have ever met, and yes “almost all” when I think back on all colleagues I have had over the years, which I am sometimes encouraged to do, and yes what about this work place (?), and this work place (?) and so on – did anyone work at your level (?) and yes trying to make me understand how I use my potential skills compared to others, and that is to make myself understand that what I do here doing my scripts is “impossible” to do, and yes when comparing myself and my skills/endurance to all I have ever worked with, and when I do this, it is still difficult for me to acknowledge that I do anything special, which I don’t believe I do, but it is more to say that many other people do not do their absolute best and that is except from “a small elite within each industry”, and yes I do believe this is true.

  • Today Michael Hardinger is “completely invisible”, which I understood as a sign saying that I cannot bring more life from inside of darkness anymore because of my risky behaviour starting yesterday and continuing this morning until I stopped, and maybe Michael will return as a friend tomorrow or at least one of the next days after this game of spiritual darkness – however realistic it is – will end when I have decided to continue playing the game saving everything, which ever could be.

  • I was “happy” receiving a nice email from my sister inviting me – together with the family including my mother and John – on Easter lunch on Monday at their home, which you know is not in Sweden, and yes I accepted of course and this is how this turned out, not easy …. :-).


2nd April: NASA surveilled the world, which was destructing us but now this is being dismantled because of faith in me

Our New World is continuing its progress towards me saving more life and almost breaking through

After finishing my script of “yesterday”, I had a LONG and BORING day to look forward to with probably only little work to do and to see if I can stay up all day until the evening trying to come back to a normal day rhythm and yes also thinking of starting to swim again, which I may decide to do later including a long cycling, which is always good to do to bring energy.

I was told by the spirit of my mother “you cannot imagine how happy I am to be out again” (of the “sausage wagon”) and to give you a couple of examples of what I am told, I hear directly after this a voice telling me and wanting me to agree “don’t feel too sure about this” and “I will decide what to do” (“to take care of you”) etc., and always with much strength, and yes it is still much easier to agree with than to oppose and yes every second is still a Hell with an outside force trying to overtake my brain/mind with darkness, and you do know by now that this outside force is my family/friends etc. acting wrongly, who are designed to represent the whole world acting wrongly (?), and yes for how long have I told you meeting nothing else than “no understanding/interest/reply” (?) and so it is.

I heard “my mother feared that we would not be able to pay the rent, but don’t worry, my children, we will make sure that all rent will be paid”, and yes this is to life inside of darkness still not born to reassure that there will also be a new home for them.

I continued receiving pretty strong heartburn and also pain to my behind and a constant “fight” on whether or not life is “allowed” to live, which it is “no matter what” and that is no matter how much darkness goes against me, and it is with the force of our New World moving forward that we will continue finding more darkness on our way, and I saw how a silver drill penetrated a small room of darkness not being larger than an “air pocket”.

Later I was told that a feeling of pride for me not giving up at any point is starting to spread herewith replacing the previous feeling of people crying because I became “crazy”, and yes it was NOT easy for my nearest family/friends etc. to understand, and probably is still not for several.

I took a long bath where I was first shown Stalin and then the Yalta Conference in 1945 (together with Roosevelt and Churchill) and I was told that this conference was also about to result in an atomic bomb to be released, and first I thought that it had to be the Soviet Union wanting to release it, but then I checked the Internet where I saw that they first invented their bomb in 1949 meaning that Roosevelt or maybe Churchill was close to send a bomb to the Soviet Union as “one of their own” and yes much acting underneath the surface of not only this but many “conferences”.

I was also told – in continuation of my “risky behaviour” – that darkness would not have had enough strength to destroy me.

I was told that people in general have greater faith in me – also thinking of the world here – but when you keep doing what is wrong to do (behaviour and work!) you are still sending me darkness (as long as there is darkness), and I was told that my sister still does not like to be used as example of poor behaviour in my scripts, which is wrong (her attitude that is) and therefore still sending me darkness and very much “sexual sufferings” too including uncomfortable “approaches” of the spirit of my mother in disguise, and I was also given one of the best and most famous songs of David Bowie, which is “life of Mars” and told that this song could also have been included in the chapter of my sister in me memo “my sufferings” and really because it was my sister leading me to David Bowie and this was the first song by David Bowie, which I got to learn through her in the 1970’s, so please remember this when reading “my sufferings”, which is that I will ALWAYS connect this BEAUTIFUL song and “break through” video with my sister – and “break through” continued coming to me as if the New World is about to “break through” and yes “it cannot be long now” as I am told and I give my answer “until the last darkness is converted to light, and it may take as long as it takes” with the use of “magic” to hold you back, my friends.

I was also told that “the CEO of McDonald’s doesn’t know yet, it is on a lower level”, which is about the addition of deliriants to their burgers.

I was shown a small hole in the road and that we are stopping to take out cobweb from the inside, and I was told “this is what we now use time on, nothing else”, and it made me wonder, and not long after I was shown empty beer bottles spinning around a transport belt at a brewery, and I was asked “what about all the empty beer bottles, are they not to receive a gold etiquette” (?) and I saw them receiving this etiquette, which was to say that we are also still receiving more God’s and New Worlds transforming from the darkness of “beer” into creation of “gold”.

I was also shown MANY “half visions” where I could not get a full understanding of what I was shown, and I decided NOT to write down examples of this, and I thought that this could be because of the effect of the U.S. genetic manipulation of people, which makes the code of life incomplete on the other side.

NASA surveilled the world, which was destructing us but now this is being dismantled because of faith in me

I was given the name of NASA, and I saw a fighter taking off from an aircraft carrier giving me two feelings, first that I am doing reconnaissance of the U.S. secret government and secondly that NASA is surveilling the world as part of their purpose too, and I was given the word DAC standing for “digital to analogue converter” and I was told that it is also “digital audio control”, I was shown zeroes and ones, and told that “my signals are not the only signals spreading around the world” and that “NASA can listen in to everything”, and I was thinking “how did they find Osama Bin Laden” and at the same time I was given “voice recognition” as the answer, and I was told “and then it is not space shuttles, which you care the most for” (!), and I was told nothing more but it made me think of satellites with sensitive digital equipment and also the Echelon spy-network and apparently NASA & Co. are able to listen in to every single conversation worldwide, which also corresponds to some of my readings when I was working on my Signs III website (which I did not include, but I read about it in connection with how the government are following and also directly exposing people “they don’t like” for “psychic terror” of the worst kind, which includes to listen in to everything which is said).

I was told that it is all of this spy-network, which is now about to being removed, which feels like dark pegs being taken out of the sun, i.e. from the light itself, which is the natural consequence of a greater faith in me – this makes people start doing the right things – and I was told that this surveillance network was also very close to destroy us all because it violates the Universal principle of freedom.

When writing this, I am given ENORMOUS feelings of wanting to give up now – the very direct/negative pressure coming to me from the outside makes me feel like ”I cannot take it anymore” and really the same feelings as when I was given STRONG feelings ALWAYS to stop running when I ran, which is a feeling “impossible” to break and that is at least forever, but for now I will decide to continue, my friends, so pack up your goods and get ready to come home ALL OF YOU :-). (I was also given praise by another voice for not having given up during my journey).

Later I was told “how would you react when giving up your dreams of world control/domination” and yes show negativity, which is simply what is being sent to me here.

The “evil world” did not want to eliminate the world and has now started to work together with me

When I washed my hair closing my eyes, I was given the exceptionally strong feeling and vision of the kitchen of Tony’s Pizzeria in Helsingør being “all close up to me” and we speak of centimetres from my body and I was shown a helicopter on top of this kitchen and was told what I was a story from previously today that it is the continuous progress of the New World towards me, which is lifting us all up.

I was also shown a small clothing store and that it will close if I do not provide more energy for example by cycling to the swimming hall, which I am not very motivated to do when writing these lines at 12.30 starting to feel tired again, but we will see if I will make it there when it re-opens to the public at 14.30 this afternoon.

I was shown floating plasma symbolising the worst darkness, which is, and on top of this a King’s crown and I was told that this is possible to do because “these are two different things of the same”.

I was given the vision of Inger Støjberg, MP of the Danish Parliament for the Liberal Party and Employment Minister until 2011, and I wonder why I receive a vision of you so many times, Inger, and is it because of your relief to be free for my “difficult case” in the Ministry (?) – now overtaken by Mette Frederiksen – or are you simply sharing “the secret” about me with others?

Later I still felt strong darkness inside of me wanting to say and do the worst, and yes I do hope we will make everything go up nicely, which is to convert the absolute last darkness at the same time as the New World will shine through, this is the goal.

I was shown a large number of rescue people on board a carrier dragging a dead elephant towards me “up to God” (I was placed on top of the carrier) and “here it is” as I was told, and this is connected with “greater faith” in me, which is the world, which does not want to kill the world, and now that it knows the effect of its actions, it has started to co-operate with me, and I feel Obama here too, and I was also told that this is also why my mother is “listening and understanding” me better, and now we really have to continue until this elephant will be able to stand up too, and that may be all life of the elephant of God, which was killed through genetic manipulation.

Dismantling the darkness, which was about to overtake and destruct the remaining parts of the spirit of my mother and me

After 14.00 I decided to cycle to town first to get some money and from there my plan was to continue cycling to the swimming hall almost 5 kilometres out, not miles Mike (!), but in town I felt that my back tire had punctured – ALWAYS my back tire, not even once my front tire (!) – and what to do then (?), just walk home (?), and no I decided first to deliver the cycle for repair (will take two days), and then to take the bus to the swimming hall, and this is how I got to swim, and later also to shop at Aldi supermarket there, and to take the bus back home.

While I was swimming I received the worst negative voice, which I really do for every breath I take, every thought I think and every thing I see and yes my friends CONSTANTLY, which is truly not a nice situation to be in but this is how it is, and this voice when swimming the first half was even stronger, so I knew it was about passing a limit not going into this speech and darkness but continue ignoring it, telling it that it is “wrong” or “I don’t have an opinion about this”, which is really also something I say THOUSANDS of times instead of having to “discuss” this or that – and to be “caught” by decisions I cannot remember – and yes “let the light decide” is still also among the “favourites”, but besides from this, I was told that “we did not believe there was life here at the last part of Hell” and that is just before we will break through to the other side, and this journey of mine is really like going around a 360 degree wheel where I am now about to meet the light of me when passing the 360/0 degree mark, which is the same as breaking through to our New World from the back side of it.

I was also shown people drinking coffee (i.e. “warm feelings”) from a VERY large cup containing these people themselves, where the cup broke because of the bomb I placed, and then I was told that no one came for us – no “dark men” (!) – and what we are doing now is to replace the light bulb of the headlight of a car, which is not there (the bulb!) and that is to “get everything with us”.

I was told that what “he” tried – the darkness of me – was to build up Helena (the cover of the spirit of my mother), but that it takes some time preparing and by then, I had stopped my wrong behaviour making it too late for “him”. I saw the horn of the Devil being dismantled again and told that this is the same horn as the horn of the Unicorn and the “look” of it depends on my decisions and behaviour.

I was encouraged to write what I have been told earlier – yesterday I believe – which is that the spirit of my mother told me that nothing was physically destroyed of the Universe as I thought (after the very painful hurting to my right angle), but that it was handled by soaking out energy of the Universe, and I was also told that if I continued my “risky behaviour”, what would be destroyed would be saved “behind me”, and I was shown an elephant (i.e. God) sitting down on a plate where the destroyed parts of me would be covered by the elephant, and the question is if this would be accessible later (?), and better not to take any chances and do everything now.

I was told that it takes a long time to remove the war paint after it took “no time” to get on, and I was told that it would destroy the spirit of my mother (the remaining parts of her) and also myself as physical Stig to be replaced by my new self, and I was shown my old friend and colleague Paul with MUCH darkness, which he is sending to me and also that he does not realize that this is what he does because of his wrong behaviour, misunderstandings and “gossip” of me, and I was also told that this is necessary as part of the darkness I am going through.

I was told that had I continued my wrong behaviour, darkness would simply have rolled in over me without a chance for me to withstand it thus making me take decisions I would normally not take, and I said “never” (!) and yes I would fight it with everything I had, but it just might be true. Finally I was shown the spirit of my mother bringing forward a LARGE pot again symbolising more life to be saved.

I also noticed a couple of nice looking ladies on the street and in the swimming hall looking straight at me with an “interested look”, which is some time ago I have noticed this, and yes despite of my big size, and I know that it is darkness working with their minds to make them act like this, and yes seen it many times before not least in Kenya in 2009, and yes I miss the company, nearness and support of a girlfriend as much today as I did then, and also in 2006 and yes in fact most of my life, and eeehhh Karen, where are you (?), why did you decide to walk away from our TRUE love (?) and where are you today (?), and yes just wondering I am, and MISUNDERSTANDINGS is what comes to me also from here.

Later I was EXTREMELY tired and around 20.00 when I could not keep my eyes open in the sofa, I “woke up” with a shock with what felt like a heart attack.

I was told the name “Debbie” several times with the understanding that this means “growing faith/understanding” in me at Gjensidige Insurance, which used to be Fair Insurance in Denmark, and yes Debbie was one of those leaving me as a Facebook friend when she had had enough of me was it in 2011 or even before?

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Anders from Red Cross says that the 2nd largest town of Mali has now been overtaken by rebels and also that the world does not see this military coup and hunger in this forgotten country, and we know the old story of ignorance, selfishness and carelessness once again, and as Leif says, “but half of Denmark are trouble over the killing of a dog”, and this killing of a dog may be more symbolic than what I thought because it really means “loss of life”, but we know “resurrection” is always a good tool to have on your side in this “game”, and it also says very framing how the world reacts to small and big stories, and another case where media and governments simply “don’t care” and another disgrace it is!

  • Helena quoted one saying “yesterday you did like that, today you say like this” and concluded that when you are woman, this is simply how it is, and yes we know the idea is really to be CONSISTENT – as a head rule – not changing your belief/saying from one day to the next for example because of “mood swings” etc. and that is even when you are a woman!

  • This “kirlian” picture from Selvet shown the life of as mushroom organically grown and one, which has been sprayed with pesticides, and the question when looking at this, is very simple “what do you prefer” (?), and why is it then that most of the industry sprays with pesticides and this is what people buy (?) and yes it is cheaper – money again prioritised higher than life self (!) – and I am also here very directly given the idea of the Devil “what if we could include deliriants this way to the world” and yes “you have seen nothing yet, Stig” of the ingenuity of the Devilish American secret government and by the way, I have kept on hearing “you are making fun of the secret government” and that is for it to give up to a simple human being as I, but glad I am that you decide to disarm instead of “present arms”, and don’t worry, you will not be unemployed in our New World because of this.
    • And when looking at these mushrooms it is really like looking at the darkness of the world covering the light of the Source self, and when darkness gets so strong that the light cannot shine through any longer (or has been transformed to darkness – just like my own family/friends etc. did to me), it kills life and the world, as easy as that, but I do prefer the light of the Source to be FREE sending out light every where to our New World as you can see from the picture to the left, so this is what we will get.

  • Apparently a new discussion of what to pay politicians are starting and here Søren says that the Prime Minister receive less than the permanent secretary of the Church Ministry and he says “if you pay peanuts – you get monkeys”, which is the old argument also of politicians as it was with DONG Energy, the financial sector etc. all using MONEY as the “motivational factor”, and yes this is what gives you MONKEYS, Søren, and that is the Devil self because they more you want, the more you please him and not God, and what about starting to spread the word of our New World Order where EVERYONE will get the same pay, and where it is CREATION, which is the motivational power and that is build on the individual skills of people (?), and yes Mark “proposes” to give politicians bonus depending on how many long termed sick people, receivers of cash help, pensioners and other “expensive people”, which they can commit suicide, because “we have become a country caring more about economy than people”, and then he says “God protects Denmark ….. vomit”, and let me help you here, Mark, it was “The Devil protects Denmark” and this is why you became sick, and that is because this was the road you chose instead of the road of God, do you see – you have your FREE WILL, and you decided for the Devil, and not me.

  • When I stopped working for GE Insurance in 2002, I remember how the HR-manager of GE Capital Bank, Ayoe, was very kind and “heartfelt” really encouraging us to keep in contact, which we then never did, but the other day I saw her on LinkedIn and decided to send her an invitation to connect, and a few days ago I saw her visit my profile but WITHOUT accepting my invitation, and yes this makes me as sad to see as when people decide to leave me, and in the same category comes Bent Michael, one of the best friends of Hans, my sister’s husband, whom I decided – after being encouraged to do so – to become a Facebook friend because we have ALWAYS had fantastic conversations when we have met maybe every 5th or 10th year, which I am sure that he will agree with me in (no one being as interested in you work as me, Bent Michael?), but no, I have NOT heard from him, and of course he might be busy and come back later, or else it is simply “talk talk” about me between Hans and Bent Michael making him decide NOT to answer me because I am “crazy”, or what, Hans (?), and if you do not think so today, it should be easy for you to tell Bent Michael (?) herewith motivating him to treat me as he did before hearing the “bad news” about me.
  • Brian brought a new video of “mental diseases” here saying that “mental diseases” are not diseases, and that the most important is to protect our children and freedom, which he of course is right in (!), and when Heidi asks if she can “borrow” the video, Brian replies “sure, knowledge has to be shared as if it was free sweet from a sweet store”, and later I was given “half disgusting visions” of what this was about, which you do remember when “sweet” is involved, and yes “sexual abuse of children” and it is a taboo everywhere also “close to me” as you will know.

Here is the video first with this introduction:

CCHR’s co-founder, Professor of Psychiatry Emeritus, Dr. Thomas Szasz, has been challenging his own profession for decades, calling psychiatry a “pseudoscience.” Szasz has probably “…done more than any other man to alert the American public to the potential dangers of an excessively psychiatrized society,” according to Edwin Shurr in the Atlantic Monthly. http://www.cchrint.org

  • Mogens Lykketoft, the chairman of the Danish Parliament, wrote below that he with an old colleague visited the previous Prime Minister Anker Jørgensen, now almost 90 years old but still following politics, and I decided that I would “like” his posting, but when I tried I received the first error message below making me think “that was strange”, and “alright, I will post a reply instead”, and when I tried doing that, I received the second error message below and you can see how my reply looked like in the post below, it had obviously not been accepted, but when I opened Mogens’ Facebook wall, I was able to both “like” and post my reply without problems, and this “play for the game” only shows me that Mogens DO NOT LIKE my previous replies to some of your postings (?), and yes isn’t it funny that you continue to play the game and when you don’t support/communicate with me directly, you are actors of the Devil, and this is simply what this shows – welcome to the play once again, Mogens, and eeehhhh you did nothing wrong (?), and what about passivity instead of bring brave showing the world where the closest stands (?) and just wondering I am as usual.

  • Another symbol of whether or not I would be strong enough to survive continuing my journey is the survival of Bjarne Riis’ professional cycling team. First UCI decided to cut down Contador for “doping” and afterwards they tried to get rid of the whole Saxo Bank cycling team, but they survived keeping their licence, just like I.

  • As so many others, I was happy to see Aung San Suu Kyi win the election of Burma and we do “hope this will be the beginning of a new era” indeed :-). Read the story below here.


3rd April: ”There was only one who could stop the secret government, this is also how I have designed you/myself”

Dreaming of playing and winning an impossible game over darkness, which could not kill life inside of darkness

At approx. 21.00 yesterday evening, I went to bed being “destroyed” once again and I slept – but not “good enough” to make me fresh – until 05.30 including these dreams:

  • I am playing billiard together with a number of other people. This is a special game where people receive three red balls which they standing at one end of the table are to throw trying to stop five red balls coming from the opposite direction, and this is impossible for all other to do including Fuggi in front of me, who does not hit anything, and as the last, I succeed throwing and hitting four of the balls coming against me and make them fall into hole, and I also hit the fifth one, which is very close to fall into hole too, and I write down the results using a blue pen on a whiteboard, which is to hang at the café, but the text is not clear and I receive help from others.
    • This will have to be about stopping the balls of darkness, which is impossible to do, but it seems as if I stopped them all, and we just have to push the last ball into hole too.
    • I woke up to “through the barricades” with Spandau Ballet with the lyrics “And we made our love on wasteland And through the barricades”, and I was told “also because of Fuggi”.

  • I am with my old English clairvoyant friend, Georgie, visiting my mother, and Georgie starts telling my mother about me speaking out loud the words of the spiritual world given to her directly, and I ask my mother to listen and understand that this is the spiritual world speaking directly to her, and Georgie speaks about Danish pastry, and I see many pieces of pastry telling her that it means “sexual frustrations” to me (because of my mother’s raise of me), and Georgie tells my mother very precisely about me, and she sees a kitchen were some have and some do not and tells the meaning of this (I will bring normal life to the world), and my mother asks “this will mean a complete political replacement of the world”, which I confirm that it does, and then my mother asks me “are you God” and I ask her to wait with the big question until the end, and my mother asks Georgie what she says to this, and Georgie speaks of me being “divinely inspired” and also that some became even better than expected, but we still need to do the last bit.
    • I believe Renee has spoken to Georgie about me recently after Renee “could not” accept me as a Facebook friend and even to send me a reply, and I cannot tell you just how sad their misunderstandings and spiritual deceptions against me makes me feel, Georgie could be “my best friend”, and here she tells my mother that I will change the world, replace politics and bring normal life to the world and that I am “divinely inspired”, which is what you might call it being God (inside of me), and I cannot remember the details of the last part where we still have a bit to do, but it cannot be anything else than doing the last great exertion, which it TRULY is, to save every little thing, and my mother, can you have any doubts by now about me when receiving dreams like this (?), and just wondering I am.

    • Let me also say that as my new self, I will still also be my old self, who survived my journey, and as a consequence, as my new self I will be able to accept your apologies for misbehaving and mistreating my old self, and this goes out to Renee and Georgie too. I was told that Georgie received spiritual words of me like a “shark” (darkness) etc., which is solely because of her own wrong behaviour towards me in 2006 prioritizing to receive my last money for a “course” instead of my friendship, and she should know better because she was told that I was “divinely inspired” being “someone special” (as you can hear in her clairvoyant reading of me here) as I was told is also the meaning of this dream.
  • Half awake I was told that ”fixing the last part of the bathroom” is the meaning of “wrong code”, and I was shown Paul Simon presenting me as Mr. Bojangles, which is a sad song as you will understand and still I do believe it is my favourite jazz song of all, with such an amazing feeling and singing of Sammy David Jr. that this song to me is one of the greatest in music history, and when I look at him singing this song now again, it is impossible to keep back extreme feelings and tears, which are still brought to me by my family and friends feeling SAD about me, and yes I wish they would feel HAPPY instead because this is a much better feeling to bring me, my dear family and friends.

  • I am on holiday together with Jack, he is bathing a full day, I wake up late and speak to his mother, who is confused about me, Jack has decided to visit friends without me even though we are on holiday together, I see how a very large quantity of dry-cured ham hangs outside and I decide to take two full bags of these with me (only a very small part of the total lot), and on my way home I say goodbye to Jack’s family, who are very kind to me and I borrow the toilet and notice that the door is hanged on the wrong side of the opening of the wall.
    • I am bringing life out of darkness these days, and here it is ham being life – still much to bring out – and Jack is inside of this darkness, and the toilet door hanging wrongly is to say that he is also bringing me sexual sufferings, and yes “thank you” Jack for letting me inside of this darkness too.
  • I have left all of my luggage – very much also including a large bottle or orange juice and a lamp – at a storage room at the New York central station, I have the key and have just entered a pair of running shoes too, and I wonder why I don’t wear any clothes, which embarrasses me and I think about taking some from my luggage to put on, and I meet a lady there, she sees that I also have placed a Swedish CD and ask what it is, I tell her that it is Swedish pop music, which makes her think that I am Swedish, and then she speaks Swedish to me, and I understand that she has been working in Sweden from where she learned the language, and I ask her of her plans, which includes to lay down for one hour, and I tell her that I could use the same making us agree to do just that, but I regret because I realise that this is against my rules (not to have sex on your first date, but get to learn and love each other first), and afterwards I see myself walking the central station covering my private parts and another naked man in front of me goes to the men’s room, and suddenly I realise that I don’t have the key for my luggage anymore, and when I return to the storage room, I see that the door is open and that all luggage has been made a mess of but everything is still there. I am on my way home, I know which platform my train will leave from, but I first have to bring more luggage from the city where I was on holiday, and I notice outside in New York that their Town Hall is so high that it is higher than the clouds covering the top of it.
    • The luggage is the rest of “endless God’s and life” inside of darkness, and New York is the WORST of its kind, wearing no clothes is to be close to not living and no pants are “sexual sufferings”, which here is because I crossed my own rules of sexual conduct being “too risky” here symbolised by focusing on sex with the lady of the dream instead of her as a person, and this behaviour could have destroyed life inside of darkness, but everything is still there, and from here, it is “simply” to bring it home.
    • I woke up to “I should have known better” by the Beatles, which is with “loving regards” in relation to my mistake.

Darkness forced me to my knees but so far I am continuing my journey still dragging up the GIANT crocodile of darkness

This morning when waking up, darkness including negative speech etc. returned to me again with very STRONG pressure almost forcing me to my knees and I was still tired despite of my sleep making me start the day by being on my extreme edge and still together with an incredible tiredness of playing this game of suffering, but I will keep on as long as I can still with the goal to be stronger than anything brought to me – and just ENCOURAGED to think that my mother’s husband John will receive a new “treatment” this week, which will probably give me three days in extreme Hell once again, and yes I am NOT looking forward to it.

I was shown the river with birds at the river bank and that I am still dragging up the largest imaginable crocodile, which is you know of the secret government of USA, and this is what is causing me extreme sufferings at the moment.

I was shown a Dom Perignon Champagne being opened and only a small piece of glass at the top breaks off, and that is if I am to stop the game, which I am closer to today than at any time before, but let us see if my old “good habits” aren’t enough to keep me floating over water also today and yes let’s hang on to what we got, and to continue day by day first to the 12th April and then the rest of April, and that is still the goal here, but not very easy to tell the truth – and I am thinking that if I should not be able to do my best bringing every little thing with me myself, I do hope that you will do the second best alternative using a “recovery plan” to bring every little thing anyway.

I did the last part of the script of yesterday and the script of today so far including the first three short stories this morning and published the last three days of scripts at 10.10 knowing that there will come an update later.

There was only one who could stop them (the secret government), this is also how I have designed you/myself”

Later I was told that “we are on our way back to the high level (of transferral of life from darkness) and this is what hurts now”, and I received a couple of comments that there is no more life inside of here to be transferred with one of them being a vision where I was shown a balloon being blown up and “there is nothing inside of here” and yes “you keep asking  us to look over and over” and yes, my dear friends, until you are sure that there is no more, and we know when digging deeper day after day, there will be new levels to uncover, and new life and yes we know you, you know us – you are on your way back – and this is how we work “perfectly” together, and yes I am given visions of people “following” me through Facebook and now LinkedIn, who are helping on this process.

I was shown and told “I am the smallest man in the world leaving the largest shark” and this was indeed what I saw when this very small man left out through the mouth of a GIANT shark, and this small man is the remaining part of the spirit of my father and the shark is the darkness of man through the secret government.

I was shown my self inside the big dark ship and not only inside of it but standing up in the middle with the ship sticking out on the front and back side of me, and this ship is again the secret government, and I was told “there are ramifications to Arabia, but we will probably not get time here ….

I was told ”there was only one who could stop them (the secret government), this is also how I have designed you/myself to release myself from inside of here” and I was shown my inner self now big as the ship being red and I was told “I could almost embrace you”, and first I received “fear” of not to do this because of the red symbolising darkness, but I overruled the fear saying “you are welcome” and yes you and me both is the same and probably “here and there” is better :-).

I was told by the spirit of my father that the spirit of my mother would not accept more transferrals of life because of my “risky behaviour”, and “she will have to be made good again” as I was told, and I was shown remaining darkness inside a room, where part of a wall was opened with this darkness sticking out its arm, and I was told “we will just shut this hole again”.

As part of the game of survival I keep on saying ”no one is to die” and ”I will NOT allow you” and then I felt the spirit of my mother and I promised not to repeat my “risky behaviour” and I was told by her “alright, we will try again”, and yes she is the mother of our New World and the Holy Spirit of it, so no creation and transferral of more life from darkness without her, and also “now you only have to get the last part of the ship” and “this was the dying elephant”.

Around 14.00 I was “almost” extremely tired again, and even though it was only “almost”, this is still NOT a nice feeling.

I was told “from here it will become more easy” but later I was told that “what will come will become even worse if possible; it is about how to light yourself off without lighting yourself off” and I believe these were the words, and it is about how I will stop being my old self without “blowing” up because of the power of remaining darkness, and all I know right now is that the foundation for me to continue working and living as my old self is “very thin”, John will receive new treatment probably bringing me even deeper down and they have promised a cold Easter here at the end of this week, so it will probably not be very nice, but my will power is still the same, but can I?

I was told that “one watch after the other has broken” (the time of darkness lifted because of light) and I felt from my right “this has been going on too long” and from my left I received the opposite message including “it was well done to set time out of force”.

I used my absolutely last energy updating this script by 17.50 and I received a “thank you” for doing so from the spirit of my mother’s mother, who is still with me (at my right side).

In the future, everything will be done via the force of thought, which could not be done without the work this evening”

During the evening I was shown and told that there will be set no lifeboats from the ship, which also would have been necessary if negative talk had started overtaken me.

I was told about the Nazi’s of World War II that they believed they could completely eliminate Jews by gassing them – not “only” kill them, but eliminate their souls too – in their pursue to create a “New World”, which of course was wrong and I was told that this is the Devil, which I am still avoiding.

I was shown the spirit of my mother in the kitchen receiving a new bag of goods asking “is this for me” (?), and I felt myself on my way out the jaw of the shark, and I was told “it is now that the super sport car will come” and “this is the driving wheel, which was also used by Nazi’s and the secret government, which now has started appearing” after cleaning it from darkness, and I was told that “in the future, everything will be done via the force of thought, which could not be done without the work this evening”.

I was told “it is like freeing the Jews from around this wheel, and you can include Poles, Russians and all other victims too”.

For a long time I have not been looking for UFO’s on the sky, but this evening a very bright UFO decided to pass my windows very close and at a very low altitude, and it gave me several feelings/visions when it first of all was only showing bright light, which continued to blink and it was in a form like a punch machine and I was given a vision of my mother at the same time making me understand that my mother is “putting the papers in order” and “the papers” are my writings and “in order” is inside of her mind and that is simply to understand me, and at the same time the UFO was also blinking like when you take pictures quickly, which is about “saving life to our New World” and finally it was also to tell me of “surveillance” of me from the U.S. – and others too (?) – looking into my windows from “advanced satellites” and maybe even “manmade UFO’s” (?), and yes how many times did I ask you to stop MONITORING me (?), and I still mean it, stop every little thing of your WRONG monitoring and control of people!

And when writing this chapter I am also encouraged to add Andy Gibb to my Spotify playlists, which I continue doing when I have a little time and energy to do so, and which song to choose and yes of course “shadow dancing” here symbolising the “shadow cabinet” of the secret government of USA – and yes it would have been amazing to have four brothers together at Bee Gees and not only the three eldest.

I was shown a hole being made into ”the basement underneath me” and told that “they were here; those who are about to be saved”.

And just for the record, for days I have received repetitions of what I have experienced, seen on TV etc. and been told that what I experience in this phase is “important”.

Around 20.00 I was again extremely tired having to cross my limit and try to stay awake for a couple of hours more trying to hold on to a normal day rhythm, and I kept it going until just after 22.00.

I was also encouraged to prepare a poem for Karen (her birthday coming up the 12th April and yes then it will 8 years ago I received my first revelation), which is NOT what I do best because I don’t have the gift with words like Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, C.V. Jørgensen or Steffen Brandt, not being able to write as creative and fine as they do, but I may be able to figure out something, and I was told that this is also to restore faith of Karen in me, which she has lost.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • One of the parties in government in Denmark, the Socialist’s people’s party with Villy Søvndal as chairman, is in a great political storm at the moment losing many voters and a fight for power with people wanting Villy out – talk about narrow-minded, selfish people not working carefully/professionally/objectively but for their own “interests”(!) – and when Berlingske today asked for a new third challenger for vice chairman, Kristian below suggested with a smile Lars Barfoed, the chairman of the Conservative Party, and I followed up by suggesting Santa Claus, which is both to say that you are behaving like spoiled children fighting to be right at the same time as it is to say that you will indeed receive new leadership, and yes Santa is “moi”, and this goes for you too Nicolas :-).

  • Brian is still sick lying down for one week now where it only normally takes him ”one day”, and on a scale of 10, he hits 10 now of tiredness because of being sick, and yes Brian, I do believe as Sonny writes below that there is something you have to learn from this, and what about reading and understanding me and coming back to me, which you promised me to do, but you were “too busy” with your own success instead of helping me out, which I really could use (?), and yes SELFISHNESS from this man too and that is even though he “should be able” to understand me, do you see now, Brian? – And you may understand when I tell you that I am “tired” and Lars Løkke may remember how it felt like when he was “tired” and still had to lead the Copenhagen Climate Conference in 2009?

  • I was told about how hard it is for my sister and Karen to first judge me out, then in and vice versa over and over again, and that is you know extreme feelings of love and hate they show me, and when it comes to hate, it is simply coming from themselves because I am not the reason of their hate, they are themselves, I just wrote the truth – and yes this extreme hate is what they brought me, but “who cares about this”?
  • This bullet point is part of my update published late this afternoon with the bullet points above posted this morning and it is about Søren Pind and my new Facebook friend, Søren Espersen from the right-wing Danish People’s Party, belonging to the part of Danes, who simply CANNOT accept a proposal from the Danish Social Liberal Party to lift the monopoly to only flag with the Danish flag in Denmark, and for many this is a “national symbol” as strong as the Danish Queen, which you are NOT to touch (!), and yes in our New World there will be no country “Denmark” (or any other!) and neither no queen as we know today (!) so what about being TRULY liberal to accept flagging with all kind of flags (?) and yes you will have a common cultural background in the future, and you will value both your own as well as all other’s cultural backgrounds (and for me you are free to choose/keep a flag if you want this to symbolise your “cultural background”), and to Søren & Søren I would like to say that we really do not like bans here, and I thought you were LIBERAL (?), and yes it is NOT forbidden to think, and that is also to help me on this one, because this is about feelings too when changing the world of today including “national symbols” – and if you look at some of the comments of people to this proposal, you can see the population divided between truly liberal people accepting this proposal of freedom without problems and “national” people who cannot, and yes it should NOT be difficult to agree on FREEDOM?

  • Here is one of Søren Pind’s good colleagues from the Liberal Party, Martin, who says that he has experienced many occasions where he would have liked to flag with the U.S., British or Spanish flag, so he is a liberal in this question, which makes Søren say below that it will be exciting what he will vote when the proposal comes (if he will go against the “party line”) to which Martin laughs and says “you know of any how it is to be set on place” (which Anders Fogh, the previous Prime Minister often did with Søren) to which Søren replies “argument of party discipline? Moi”, and yes the “MOI” is the key word here and it is a referral to my “challenge” to run for vice chairman for the Socialist’s people’s party where I used the same word, which I do hope and also am told here that you took with a smile as it was ALSO meant, and of course also the message that I am welcome to take over the government of the world, which is “moi” (through Obama), and yes I feel the spirit of my mother here, who will become the TRUE leader of the world and yes think BIG, the Universe, my friends, as I have written before, and this means LOVE and UNDERSTANDING instead of the opposite as I see with all of you everywhere today, which truly makes me sad to see.

  • The very successful CEO of the Danish luxury supermarket chain Irma, Alfred Josefsen, “decided” to stop suddenly as the CEO after 13 years because he would not accept the decision of the owner COOP (an even larger chain of supermarkets) to move the head office of Irma to COOP, and yes “do you really stop as the CEO after 13 years because you “don’t like” the removal of your head office” and yes apparently when others decide to take his “freedom” from him, and when I saw this on the news this evening, I was told “wrong/negative talk of Margit to Alfred and the Irma management about me”, which is now hitting him back like this and I was told a “dismissal”, but it “sounds better” that you took your own clothes and left (?), and yes Margit was the HR-manager in Fair insurance where I worked together with her from 2002 to 2007, and afterwards she became the HR-manager for Irma, and yes I do understand that Margit is a “special friend” and that Alfred is too because he “stood out” as a visionary business leader of Denmark.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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